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ACHIEVE 2012 AIESEC Norway is getting ready for ACHIEVE 2012! ————————————

ACHIEVE 2012 Oslo 19-22.04

77 delegates

2 MC teams


Alumni event

Ambition creation

EB elect preparation Final sprint


ACHIEVE 2012 AWARDS We are very proud and excited to open the applications for the awards in ACHIEVE’12: LEADERSHIP AWARD & BEST PROJECT AWARD !!! Here you can find the application package that will guide you through the process [link]. Please read it carefully.

We want to celebrate the best of the best, so make your LC proud and submit your application to and . The application deadline is 9th April, 20:00 GMT+1. GOOD LUCK to all the applicants, Changing the Game MC

AGENDA Main 3 Objectives:


1.EB elect preparation:  EB elect understand global AIESEC structure and their role in relation to this [AI role/ MC/LCP/EBs/LC VPs/their role in this]  EB elect understand their role in the conference and in the planning process 2.Ambition creation& focus areas:  Everyone involved [ members, EBs, PMs] understand the planning process and their role there  Internal and external input to planning  Input from all members of AIESEC Norway given to the consolidation team 3.Final Sprint Excitement :  All the members of AIESEC Norway feel exited , motivated and engaged towards one common purpuse.

Our Chair: Miran MCP AISEC Croatia

Agenda manager: Dasha Conference manager: Stava OCP : Frida Hosting LC: AIESEC UiO

Theme of the conference

PROJECT UPDATES GCDP ICX UiO raised the 15 applications for Active Summer Project! It will be exciting to see who will apply and come to Norway to arrange an amazing summer camp for children connected to asylum centers and organizations! In Trondheim the members are also working a lot with Active Summer and they have now ensured accommodation for the participants in the project!

Global Volunteer (internship sales) In Global Volunteer Project UiO realized a Luisa from Colombia that is now working in the organization/institution Solsetra. UiB have attended a meeting with a Folkehøgskole and we are excited to see the outcome!

GIP ICX In March a lot of exciting things happened in GIP ICX. All the GIP ICX teams in AIESEC Norway have been selling internships to the companies. NHH managed to raise 2 TNs in one week with two different companies, Vizrt and Brik Teknologier. One of the TNs has already been matched, Vizrt selected Adam from Canada to start internship at their company. NHH became a winner of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SELL with 58 points! Results of the other LCs: UiO: 18 TRO: 10 BI: 0

Congratulations NHH!!! MC has been also working hard and raised 6 TNs last 2 weeks (SocialCee, RUBRIKK, Digia, CFEngine)! 2 of the previous TNs were matched: Ion from Romania was selected by RUBRIKK and already started his internship and Geily from Estonia will come to work at Alcatel Lucent in April.

OGX In all LCs, OGX is hot with promotion, raising and matching going on. Promotion results [2 waves of promotion]: GCDP: AIESEC UiB: 32 AF [ Congratulations!!!UiB overachieved their application goal!!!] AIESEC NHH: 22 AF [ Congratulation!!! NHH achieved their goal!!!] AIESEC UiO: 28 AF AIESEC Trondheim: 11 AF AIESEC BI: 11 AF GIP: AIESEC NHH: 27 AF [ Congratulations!!! NHH overachieved their application goal!!!] AIESEC Trondheim: 8 AF [Congratulations!!! Trondheim achieved their application goal!!!] AIESEC BI: 8 AF AIESEC UiO: 20 AF AIESEC UiB: 4 AF EP contracts signed in March and beginning of April: BI: 1 Trondheim: 3 UiO: 8 NHH: 21 UiB: 5 Congratulations to AIESEC NHH for achieved their raising goal in GCDP with 13 EPs raised, and overachieved the GIP raising goal with 10 EPs raised out of the initial goal of 7! AIESEC UiB has raised their first 5 EPs on the platform. In terms of matching, UiO has already matched 5 EPs, and NHH have 3 matched to China. Great job by all of the LCs! We currently have 44 EPs on available on, and even more to come. Our task now is to match these people and give them an unforgettable experience for the summer.

RECOGNITION FROM THE COUNTRY AIESEC NHH for achieving their raising goals in both GIP and GCDP OGX AIESEC UiB for overachieving their application goal in GCDP OGX

NEWS FROM THE COUNTRY LEADERSHIP AIESEC UiB – Has an amazing LCP elect, Runar!!! Congrats and good luck in the new term!

Newly elected MC and LCP team had an amazing time in Greece representing AIESEC Norway at EuroXPro 2012!

EB elections AIESEC UiB opened first round applications for VPs and we are waiting for the results right before Easter. AIESEC UiO – Ana has received brave applicants for the second round and she is in the process of deciding who will join her and Waqas (VPF elect) in the EB team for the term 12-13. We will find out on the 2nd of April. AIESEC NHH – we have the second round opened, they got 2 brave applicants that will go through the VoC and interviews in the following week. Before Easter we will find out will Øyvind choose to join Kathrine (VP GIP ICX), Caroline (VP COM) and Frøya (VPF). AIESEC BI – Johannes will open the first round of applications in the beginning of April and before we start ACHIEVE we will know who will be part of the EB team in BI. The application deadline is 10th April and VoC will be on the 11th. Let’s wish the candidates good luck ! AIESEC Trondheim – opened round two for their members now and we are waiting to see who will step up and lead AIESEC Trondheim together with Vegard, Lina (VPF), Espen (VP ICX GIP).

MC Norway 2012.13. Third round

MC elect team of Norway is searching for a brave individual for the position of MC VP Business Development! Application package is here. Deadline to apply: 25.04.2012 Who will join Elisabeth, Rita, Niels, Mihai, Camilla, Karolina ? Soon we will find out:)

News from AIESEC Global Partner Hult is an American Business School offering one year master degrees at five campus locations around the world, offering an unrivalled international and practical learning environment. Students have the option to live in up to three study locations during their degree, and will also conduct a practical and company based final project at the end of the year. Hult offers the following Master programs: Masters of International Business Master of Finance Master of International Marketing Master of Social Entrepreneurship Our campuses are located in Boston, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Dubai. All the campuses are centrally located and state of the art designed for education. As an AIESEC member, you are also granted a 10% scholarship on the tuition fees. Our spring application deadline is May 6th. If you are interested please contact: Graeme Tong Director of Recruiting Email: Tel: +44 7977 523 227


AIESEC Norway is extremely proud to have one more Norwegian representative in AIESEC International team 2012.13— Andreas! We congratulate you and wish you the best on your next exciting adventure, Andreas!

AIESEC International 12-13 team selection updates: President: Florent Meiyi/Mainland of China, AIESEC International Vice Presidents: Finance: Rolf Schmachtenberg/Norway, AIESEC International Research and Innovation: Michaela Schedlingova/Czech Republic, AIESEC International Organisational Development: Juan Carlos Pena Puertas/Colombia, AIESEC International Business Development: Maria Mercedes Rodriguez/Puerto Rico, AIESEC International Information Management: Junior Mendonca/Brazil Marketing: Peter Gallivan/Canada Product Development: Steve Sparrow/United Kingdom Mate Scharnitzky/Hungary Entity Development: Maggie Ma/Mainland of China Teodoros Koloveros/Greece Hadeer Shalaby/Egypt, Lebanon Femi Adebayo/Nigeria Chiara Pizzol/Italy Firnando Sirait/Indonesia

Business Development Managers: Katrina Oropel/United States Antonio Lobo/Oman Nakul Asija/India, United Kingdom Andreas Sung Unstad/Norway Public Relations Manager: Crisette Arcilla/The Philippines, Mainland of China

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