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GIP Programme

What is GIP

A Global Internship Programme (GIP) experience is an opportunity for a young person to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by living a cross-cultural professional development experience.

What is to work with GIP for YOU (personal benefits)

UpGrade How it was?

Reflection: -Target -Region -Message -Selection -Matching -Team experience -Process ( project based, was it good?)

GIP vision in my LC 2012

ďƒ From the project to the programme

GIP in AIESEC Norway

LC market target What kind of student do we have? Backgrounds: • Business Administration  •Accounting •Finance •Economics •Human Resources •Law •Marketing •Communication & Journalism

Corporate Community Engagement Event Management  Industrial Management  Introduction to Management Project Management  Crisis Management  Hotel + Restaurant Management International Management  Organization Management + Planning Transportation / Distribution Management

Focus region/countries

TOP Countries on the Trends in Q2

Which regions can be interesting for the Norwegian students in GIP?

Latin America



The way of promotion Ongoing

What does it mean: •Ongoing opportunities for students to apply •Ongoing promotion •Ongoing selection •Ongoing support with matching •Team structure

Message What is value of GIP for the Norwegian business students? Which message can be attractive for the Norwegian business students?

Professional experience

Job Description Department the intern will be working Job Description1

Job Description2

Job Description3 Job Description4

Job Description5

Job Description6

HR, Business University This intern will be attached to the UBS Business University team in Singapore, working alongside regional program specialists in the design and execution of programs and events in the region. Provide fresh perspectives on current key talent development initiatives particularly, customizing existing programs to be more impactful to the GEN X and GEN Y learning needs. Manage the onboarding process and end-to-end travel management of the UBS Graduate Training Program. Organize and manage local key talent initiatives (such as the UBS Graduate Training Program) and their associated momentum events. Conduct feasibility studies and perform research on implementing new learning methodologies in the current UBS learning offerings. Organize internal teambuilding events to foster collaboration and communication among the members of the APAC UBS Business University.

Artemisia Colombia COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA Job Description Department the intern will be working Job Description1 Job Description2 Job Description3

International Marketing As a Growth Business Associate (GBA), you will support the decision making process with knowledge, abilities and data generation; Implement management resources from Information; Propose and plan execution strategies of importation, exportation, selling and international marketing activities Follow-up, analize and lead customers, providers and allies relations Organize and manage the logistics, storage and distribution of international products; Manage exportation operation deals before public administration

Job Description4

Work with the team to convoke international buyers to business rounds Execution of the International Buyers Plan agreement to business rounds.

Job Description5

Plan, organize, create and train a national network of women to sell quinoa. Elaborate and promote the convocation to promote national and international events. Technology and communication to improve internal and external processes Promote the product in social media (Amazon, Alibaba, etc)

Job Description6 Measurable results expected from the intern Preparation required from the intern before arrival

Execution of actions, including legal, to the planning of action politics to the development of business rounds. Number of convocations realized Satisfaction of company-clients To have solid knowledge on e-business, CRMs, ERP, social media and marketing intelligence to strategically suply the demand for new markets and internal consumers.

Channels of promotion What did you use before? Which channels we can explore? How to use these channels?

Selection Selection

Understand TNs in the database Focus on: -Motivation of EP -Personal qualities of EP (competencies, skills) -Work experience

Select the BEST people! Look into examples

Matching support CV tips ML tips Constant updating about new opportunities Ensuring that EP is searching for opportunities (tracking) ďƒ  put a matching timeline

Be a buddy for your EPs=)

GIP OGX team structure

My XP sharing

What do you need to perform?

Lets ROCK in GIP OGX! Vision to be added


Intro to GIP