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Managing Brand Optics

Chapter Member of the Year Awards

Member Spotlight: Coca Sevilla

october 2014


AICI BOARD OF DIRECTORS President – Jane Seaman, AICI CIP President Elect– Cynthia Bronson, AICI CIP Past President – Kimberly Law, AICI CIP Secretary – Lucy Liang, AICI CIP Treasurer – Joanne Rae, AICI CIP VP Certification – Delby Bragais, AICI CIP VP Chapter Relations – Riet M. de Vlieger, AICI CIP VP Education – Keiko Nagao, AICI FLC VP Member Communications – Coca Sevilla, AICI FLC VP Conference Cecilia Stoeckicht, AICI CIP VP Fund Development – Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP VP International Relations – Valerie Antoinette Berset-Price, AICI FLC VP Marketing – Hildeberto Martínez, AICI FLC VP Membership Development– Melissa Sugulas, AICI FLC Executive Director – Andrew Shelp AICI HEADQUARTERS 1000 Westgate Drive, Ste. 252 St. Paul, MN 55114-1067 Phone: 651-290-7468 Fax: 651-290-2266 Comments about the magazine?


Branding. Marketing. After nearly two decades in brand development and marketing, I believe you can’t really disentangle the two. You must market your brand, and a strong brand will market you. “Branding” alone is not sufficient, and marketing efforts without thoughtful brand management are wasteful at best, and potentially catastrophic. This issue we are featuring the launch of the new AICI Brandbook, a tool which will serve both to strengthen brand and facilitate marketing. If there is a distinction between branding and marketing, it might be this: while marketing is informed by and responsive to audience, effective branding must come from within, tied to core values and identity, expressing what the brand “stands for.” AICI Global stands for serving you,AICI’s membership. I could not step into these editorial shoes were it not for the clear path laid by those before me:Thea Wood,AICI FLC and Magoe Johnson,AICI CIP, and also the many editors of Image Update, AICI Global’s predecessor, over the years. AICI stands for the highest of standards, and I am both inspired and awed (yet not daunted!) at the challenge of meeting those expectations. My deep thanks go to former Editor-in-Chief,Thea Wood, and Coca Sevilla,VP Member Communications, for guiding me in this transition. We’ve included even more online resources for you in this issue, and you can expect that to increase over time. I invite you to consider the theme of our upcoming issue,“Staying Connected,” and share with me strategies that you’ve used in your own consulting practice to communicate with clients, prospects and resources.You can email your tips to creative strategies will be featured and credited in the January 2015 issue. We all are grappling with the pace of living in the digital age: social connections are now heavily focused on email, social media and, yes, the reliability of our internet connection.Time compresses. Expectations rise. Sometimes, I think, we just need to “lighten up.”As a special treat, I’ve hidden an “Easter egg” for you within the links of this issue. I trust you’ll enjoy it! Proud To Be AICI! Susan Hesselgrave Editor-in-Chief The Association of Image Consultants International | 3

Publication Credits

Issue 8 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Susan Hesselgrave MANAGING EDITOR Thea Wood, AICI FLC VP COMMUNICATIONS Coca Sevilla, AICI FLC VP FUND DEVELOPMENT (Advertising) Imogen Lamport, AIC CIP FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP Susan Hesselgrave Debra Lindquist, MA, AICI CIP Carla Mathis, AICI CIM Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI FLC Charles Robinson Jane Seaman, AICI CIP Carolina D.Tan Thea Wood, AICI FLC PROOFREADER Bernie Burson, AICI FLC AICI GLOBAL is produced quarterly by Association of Image Consultants International, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants. AICI GLOBAL promotes AICI’s ideas, activities, interests and goals to its members. Responsibility is not assumed for the opinions of writers or other articles. AICI GLOBAL does not endorse or guarantee the products and services it advertises. 2014© Association of Image Consultants International. All rights reserved. No part of this online publication may be duplicated or reproduced without permission from the publisher. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of information included in the magazine at the time of publication, the publisher shall not be liable for damages arising from errors or omissions.


4 | October 2014 magazine


Appearance & Style Daydream Believer Pantone® Fashion Spring 2015 Color Report........................... 7 What’s Your Brand..................................................................... 8

Inside This Issue





Business Visual Branding: Making It Solid.............................................. 10 Six Books About Visual Branding............................................ 12 Times Have Changed............................................................... 13 Image Impact – Visual Branding........................................... 15



Feature The Aici Brandbook:The Power Of Co-Branding..............16 An Interview With Arturo Leon.........................................20 Aici: Growing An Organization, Evolving A Brand............. 22



Communications & Etiquette Managing the Optics of Your Brand........................................ 26



Between Us President’s Letter..................................................................... 28 Member Spotlight – Coca Sevilla............................................ 30 Upcoming Events.................................................................... 32 2014 Chapter Member Of The Year Awards........................... 33 2013-2014 Philanthropy Awards............................................. 36

The Association of Image Consultants International | 5

6 | October 2014 magazine




Pantone® Fashion Spring 2015 Color Report by Thea Wood, AICI FLC

After a year of bold color combinations that energized and excited, designers are taking on a more ethereal color approach this coming spring, and there’s something for everyone.

Credit: PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2015, sketch by Dennis Basso.

“Soft cool hues blended with subtle warm tones create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute®.. For image consultants, this is great news.The spring palettes will offer something for any skin tone, and play upon high and low color contrasts like an Aquamarine paired with a Marsala.The theme feels like we’re getting back to nature, a peaceful, calming environment that balances our hectic daily lives. Spring prints emphasize that feeling with a kaleidoscope of florals and butterflies. Draping, curved lines, as well as feminine details accent the mood. See the Pantone® Fashion Spring 2015 Color Report for the full palette and sketches from top designers. A “Pairs Well With” section suggests color combos for each hue for the most modern stylings. Thea Wood, AICI FLC, is an image consultant based in Austin, Texas, and serves as managing editor for AICI Global. She is the co-author of Socially Smart and Savvy.

“Soft cool hues blended with subtle warm tones” The Association of Image Consultants International | 7


“Personal branding” is all about proclaiming the “you” of you. Don’t be mistaken for anyone else – make your visual brand consistently and artfully you. “Personal branding” can sound like impersonal marketing jargon.The term seems to objectify a living, breathing and unique person, as though someone were a product to be put on a shelf for purchase.There is so much more to a human being than their “brand.”Yet we invariably come up with some idea of who a person is when we see him or her. In fact, it is comforting to recognize our favorite entertainers in their signature look. We count on Dolly Parton to wear her wigs and glitzy clothes and George Clooney to be the clean-cut handsome guy in his khakis, polo shirts, or perfectly tailored tux. How disappointed we would be to see him dressed like Elton John. There is value in brand recognition when shopping. It saves time and you know what you are buying, every time. Farmer John’s sausage is tasty-greasy, every time. I would be disappointed if suddenly the grease and spices were removed. I probably wouldn’t buy it again. I couldn’t depend on it. A question then, is, can we depend on how you look? Is there a consistent visual message you are sending? Are you recognizable as you? Do you have a personal brand? Looking at most people walking down the street, the majority blend into an unrecognizable, indistinct blur, wearing clothes that don’t get them arrested, but also don’t give any clue as to who they really are. 8 | October 2014 magazine

What’s Your Brand? By Carla Mathis, AICI CIM

Iconic figures throughout history became iconic by dressing for who they were. (Think Jacqueline Onassis, Grace Kelly or Katherine Hepburn.) Each had an evolving, yet ever-consistent personal style statement. Personal style is all about personal visual integrity: pulling from fashion only what supports your lifestyle, your goals, your body and your personality. Personal visual integrity insures that when we see you walking down the street we have an idea of who you are, and most importantly, what we are going to experience of you when we meet. Generic packaging doesn’t tell us anything. Adopting a cookie-cutter rendition of some fashion magazine’s dictates of this season’s “look” doesn’t define, it disguises. We want to know your idea of who you are.Your personal style is the visual expression of your “brand.” “Personal branding” is all about proclaiming the “you” of you. Don’t be mistaken for anyone else -- make your visual brand consistently and artfully you. Carla Mathis, AICI CIM, is the founder of the Body Beautiful Institute, providing training for image consultants, and co-authored The Triumph of Individual Style.



Consultant Day November 23, 2014 The Annual Global Celebration of the Image Industry by Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI FLC

AICI, the global sponsor of International Image Consultant Day, November 23, was accepted in July to Chase’s Calendar of Events (a publication since 1957 of McGraw-Hill). It is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative references available on special events, holidays, federal and state observances, historic anniversaries and more. Join the celebration held annually and celebrated globally. Order your copy for your personal or AICI chapter library today. The hashtag #ImageDay will be used when sharing information about the day to honor the science and acumen of everyone serving in the image industry. Cheers to image consultants around the globe, let’s all celebrate in style!

The Association of Image Consultants International | 9



MAKING IT SOLID By Carolina D. Tan

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” or so we were told as children. As customers though, we often evaluate a company by how their brand looks. What do we mean when we refer to visual branding? It is the appearance, the visual representation of you and your business, which may include: · Store appearance · Personal appearance · Product displays, merchandising · Business cards · Brochures, catalogs · Fliers · Additional marketing materials, such as promotional gifts · Social media profiles · Company photos (people, products, etc.) · Website · Logo.

“Entrepreneur, you are your brand. Your website, business card, and how you walk and talk is your brand.” –Onyi Anyado To stand out from the competition, there must be no conflict between our brand’s message and our brand presentation, because our goals (and branding’s purpose) are to: · Capture and keep customer attention; · Build a positive brand reputation; · Sell our products and services; · Provide a memorable identification experience with our clients and establish brand recognition and loyalty. A company’s economic health, present and future, is dependent on brand strength. It is therefore imperative to create an image that best represents you and your company. In addition to visual branding, other aspects of building a powerful brand include storytelling, client psychology, and marketing techniques.To survive professionally, we have to be unique and of value in the eyes of our clients. What is your “value proposition,” what do you stand for? Do you over-deliver in customer service? Customize your service to each client? How are you different from your competition?

10 | October 2014 magazine

Credit: Autoallee BMW

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity” –Philip Kotler Consider the enduring brand BMW (Bavarian Motor Works).The company name “BMW” is synonymous in the public’s mind with their brand essence, “Sheer Driving Pleasure.” BMW’s history began in aviation, and its logo stays true to those roots.The logo colors of blue and white represent the Bavaria State flag, and the logo design evokes the image of a propeller in motion against the blue sky.Today, it is a widely recognized symbol of the luxury automobile. Visual branding is critical in other aspects besides a logo. For BMW, its automobile design detail of the “double kidney” grille is a memorable feature that unmistakably identifies the vehicle as a BMW. BMW’s visual brand is carefully protected.The logo’s integrity is never compromised and it is never associated with situations or products that might have a negative impact on how the brand is perceived. BMW maintains to this day its leadership brand position in the luxury automotive segment, standing firm for the highest quality, mobility and dynamism. It’s not easy to achieve that level of brand recognition. There are many considerations in effective visual branding and logo design. Expert graphic design is well worth the investment. As we know, color is an emotion influencer, and the design itself should be original and memorable. How important is visual branding? Essential. It’s not the only thing that matters, of course, but it speaks volumes about the nature and quality of what your brand stands for. Can your potential clients see themselves in the image of your brand? Do they feel enhanced by associating themselves with your brand (or will they prefer to “wear” a more prestigious label)? We are all ambassadors of the importance of appearance and presentation as image consultants. Quality and consistency in our brand’s appearance will reinforce that core value and make us memorable.

Carolina D. Tan worked with BMW Philippines from 2005 – 2007, handling the expatriate market. She is the founder and president of Enhance Your Image Training Consultancy and a member of the AICI Philippine Chapter. The Association of Image Consultants International | 11


Click on the links below to purchase any of these books through AICI’s affiliate program with By doing so, you’ll contribute to AICI’s non-profit programs. Thank you for your support.

From Amazon

Six Books About Visual Branding

The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio

H Why visual storytelling? · The human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. · Web posts with visuals drive up to 180% more engagement than those without. · Viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos. Filled with thought-provoking examples from leading companies, The Power of Visual Storytelling explains how to grow your business and strengthen your brand by leveraging photos, videos, infographics, presentations, and other rich media.

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, 2nd Edition by David Air


In Logo Design Love, graphic designer David Airey shows you how to develop an iconic brand identity from start to finish, using client case studies from renowned designers. In the process, he reveals how designers create effective briefs, generate ideas, charge for their work, and collaborate with clients. Topics covered include: · Best practices for extending a logo into a complete brand identity system · Why one logo is more effective than another · How to create your own iconic designs · What sets some designers above the rest

Branding Basics for Small Finding Brand: The Brand Book Business, 2nd Edition: How to Create an Irresistible Brand Tutorial By Tisha R. Oehmen on Any Budget HHHHH by Maria Ross In Finding Brand, Tisha Oehmen teaches you, step-by-step, HHHHH Marketing expert Maria Ross shares real-life examples and expert interviews to show how organizations of any size can create a winning brand.The secret is starting with a strong Brand Strategy, which goes far beyond a logo. Effective branding is not about how much money you spend but on how clearly and consistently you communicate the right message through everything you do.This book reveals a simple ten-question process to build a strong brand strategy and bring it to life.

Brand Essence: Using Sense, Symbol and Story to Design Brand Identity by Neil Gains


In Brand EsSense, branding expert Neil Gains shows both the science and the practical applications of how a two-sense product can become a five-sense phenomenon. Drawing on the latest sensory branding research, the book shows how brands can link storytelling archetypes and symbolism to customer experience, to enhance a brand’s overall success.

12 | October 2014 magazine

how to explore and craft your brand, write your brand book, share it with key stakeholders, and to use it to protect your brand.

Color Nation: The Power of Color in Business and Leadership by Linda Marsden Thomas, AICI CIP


In Color Nation, image consultant Linda Thomas examines color as a powerful tool to achieve effective personal branding.“Colors will give you the edge that could be the difference between closing a deal or not,” she maintains. Colors attract attention, and each color carries a different message.This book explains how to “speak” with color in a way that telegraphs and reinforces your message with your audience.


Times Have

Changed by Debra Lindquist MA, AICI CIP

There was a time when you could start a business with quality stationary, a business card and a flier explaining your services. At that time, small businesses didn’t talk about branding. “Branding” meant the Morton Salt girl carrying her umbrella,“When It Rains, It Pours®,” didn’t it? Branding was assumed to be the province and tool of large companies. Not so today.Technology has changed the need for branding… for businesses of all sizes. Social media allows entrepreneurs to connect with a worldwide audience. Business owners now must consider the power of their brand as one of their most important and strategic assets. One of the challenges all businesses face is the creation of a unique, distinct identity. As image consultants, we’ve probably all heard a variation of “My cousin does what you do.” Effective branding – both core message and brand expression – is key to differentiation.

Debra Lindquist, MA, AICI CIP, is the innovator and owner of Color Profiles, a color design system that has been in existence since 1974. In 2007, she received the prestigious Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence award (IMMIE) awarded by AICI. The Association of Image Consultants International | 13

14 | October 2014 magazine



Visual Branding By Charles Robinson, VP of Branding, Image Impact International

When you see these three images what are the first companies that came to mind?

Today, in a world awash with words, you will find that the “word only” approach is no longer enough to ensure your brand’s success. In order to stick in the mind of today’s audience you need visual branding. But then the question arises:“How can we get our audience to remember our names with just an iconic image, like Nike or Coca-Cola, using no words?” The answer is to work jointly with the “word” or “phrase” you have chosen along with a compelling visual that can be replicated consistently. As VP of Branding for Image Impact International (a philanthropic nonprofit that looks to inspire, involve and impact the next generation to compete in the new global economy), visual branding is constantly on my mind. I am always asking myself how can we, as an organization, grow our brand to the point where our customers can see our image and think of us. There are two simple ways to enhance your visual branding: consistency, and being data driven.

Be Consistent: It starts with a strong visual statement and being consistent with it.That means consistency with logo and product photos in all the platforms you are posting your visual content. “Change might drive fashion but it doesn’t drive your brand, consistency does.” (VanAuken, CEO of Ford).Think about finding one thing that can define your brand: a color, an accessory, a tagline, and go with it.

Be Data Driven: Know what content works and doesn’t work with your audience. Monitor the content that gets a reaction. Maybe folks are sharing your articles or photos on their Twitter pages, Facebook, etc.That’s a fantastic indicator of which components of your visual brand are doing the best job.Take a survey to see what people in your industry are wanting to see. This will also keep you relevant with the content you share and your customers will associate your consistent brand with quality info. The best thing about visual branding is that you don’t have to use many words to reach your audience or create a compelling story because a picture is worth a thousand words. Want to add to this story? Let us know via comments on our Facebook page or send me an email (I love emails!) 99% of you who read this will know the names of these three companies: 1. Facebook 2. Coca-Cola 3. Nike The Association of Image Consultants International | 15


THE AICI BRANDBOOK: The Power of Co-Branding by Thea Wood, AICI FLC

AICI members consistently state two objectives they want to achieve: 1. Convey their outstanding professional skills and value as certified image consultants to attract clients. 2. Keep marketing costs down. AICI wants to support its members in those efforts, as well as grow the association’s reputation and visibility as the industry leader for image consultants worldwide. After more than a year of strategizing, designing and executing, AICI members now have free access to professionally designed AICI graphics for online and print materials by way of the new AICI Brandbook. “By logging in at, you have the ability to download and use the graphics and applications in your own personal and chapter campaigns. It’s no longer necessary to get them from a graphic designer because we have already created them for you.You are free to adapt them to your language and they give your business presence and support by having attractive, professional graphics,” explains Coca Sevilla, VP Member Communications of the AICI International Board.

16 | October 2014 magazine

Marketing your business in conjunction with an international industry brand can be powerful in closing a deal with clients. Having free access to the graphics is a benefit for AICI members. Cobranding is used frequently in the corporate world, as seen in co-branded campaigns by American Airlines and Visa. Or Ford and Eddie Bauer. It can work for AICI and its members, too. Sevilla conceived the Brandbook project when she was voted onto the international board. It initially started as a standardization guideline to help her perform her AICI officer duties.“Furthermore, I noticed that it was important to have a complete guide that both our chapters and members could use to promote their events and generate a more standardized image for AICI.” The greatest challenge was the approval process. Each created graphic required separate approval. Previously, any vice president from the AICI International Board – be it conference, education, or member communications – all had to individually submit new graphics ideas and go through an international board vote before it could be used.This took a lot of time.The new standardized files give the

Building the Brandbook was an incremental process.

“Furthermore, I noticed that it was important to have a complete guide that both our chapters and members could use to promote their events and generate a more standardized image for AICI.”

entire organization the ability to adapt it to specific events or needs, without additional approvals and wait times. Building the Brandbook was an incremental process. Sevilla’s team started with digital banners for the weekly and monthly bulletins, and then moved on to graphics for teleclasses and webinars. Next came the graphics for International Image Consultant Day, followed by the certification graphics for FLC, CIP and CIM.“As time went on, graphic campaigns to promote different projects were developed, such as philanthropy, Proud to be AICI, and the 2015 AICI Global Conference in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, we complemented all of this with the basic identity package for the Brandbook: letterhead, business cards, electronic signatures, certificates, awards and other elements,” says Sevilla. Sevilla credits Jane Seaman, president of the AICI International Board, for her big picture vision and support throughout the process. Andrew Shelp, of Ewald Consulting, was crucial in facilitating the process. Cindy Ann Peterson, former international secretary, rallied for a high-impact campaign launch. Download website, social media and print graphics under the “Chapter Resources” section on (member log-in required). You can access the Brandbook’s basic package (documents, business cards, etc.) from Thea Wood, AICI FLC, is an image consultant based in Austin, Texas, and serves as managing editor for AICI Global. She is the co-author of Socially Smart and Savvy.

The Association of Image Consultants International |17

Executive Presence System


The Gold Standard for Corporate Training

Image Consultants

“Join my proven Executive Presence System Licensee Program and enter the lucrative world of corporate training.” – Diane Craig If you’ve always dreamed of acquiring the skills and strategies to become a high-flyer in the profitable corporate world then Diane Craig’s exclusive Executive Presence System Licensee Program is for you. For many years Diane, acclaimed for her Executive Presence Training System, has been successfully coaching key employees and leaders – from new recruits to C-suite executives. Her remarkable system combines leadership, communication and engagement expertise in a powerful mix that leads to continuous upward mobility. The core of Diane’s system is her conviction: “Executive Presence is neither exclusive nor elusive.TM It can be learned.”

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This is a limited opportunity To ensure Licensees have exclusive rights within North American and international territories, we cap the number of candidates. This means that the offer to become an Executive Presence System Licensee is a limited opportunity. Don’t miss out. Take the next step and start your career-changing journey today.

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and guide you on a one-to-one basis. “FromI coach start to finish, I walk you through proven strategies and formulas to ensure you master the confidence and skills to become an authoritative, successful Executive Presence Licensee.

Diane Craig

President & Founder

The Association of Image Consultants International | 19


An Interview with ARTURO LEÓN Interviewed by Coca Sevilla, AICI FLC and Susan Hesselgrave

Q: How did you get involved as the lead designer for the AICI Brandbook?

Even if you are beginning with a tiny office, it’s important to imagine that some day your corporate identity could cover the wall of a building or appear in an airport, and it needs to look good.

A: I began collaborating with Coca Sevilla when she was VP Marketing for AICI Mexico City Chapter, developing graphics for the chapter’s local use. When Coca was appointed VP Communications for AICI globally, we began working on international applications. Q: What design goals were you trying to achieve? What message did you want the designs to communicate? A:The first objective was to create consistency over all the association’s graphic applications. Both in printed and digital media, we wanted to create a set of colors, fonts, images, etc., which would form a basic identity that users could immediately identify as AICI. For the mid- and long-term, we want to create, through campaigns and additional applications, a definite brand personality that helps to produce a sense of belonging among AICI members. Q: I’m curious to hear about your creative process on this project.  How did you interpret and express those ideas in these new visual elements?  A: Every organization or business has a set of central ideas or concepts, which are fundamental for expressing the messages that identify them with the user or target audience. In AICI’s case, one of the central points was to create a sense of identity among members, and therefore most of the initial concepts are simply based on directly showing the different topics that image consultancy covers, both at the personal and professional levels.  Q: Is it your recommendation to all your clients to develop from the beginning a visual brand language (brand identity, advertising, web, signage, etc.)? Or is this best developed incrementally, as the client’s business evolves?  A:This depends on each individual case. AICI already had an institutional logo to

20 | October 2014 magazine

identify it, but due to the organization’s growth, it was necessary to standardize its use and create new visual communication concepts to compliment its application. In general with businesses, it is best to begin with the greatest number of visual tools possible. It is also very important to consider possible future applications, even if they are not developed right away. Even if you are beginning with a tiny office, it’s important to imagine that some day your corporate identity could cover the wall of a building or appear in an airport, and it needs to look good. Q: When a new client comes to you for visual branding, what do you expect the client to provide in terms of input or preparation for that work? A: In order to project an adequate graphic identity, the company’s services and products must be clearly defined, as well as where the company wants to go, and who it wants to reach. Often companies just float along, without any real destination, creating and eliminating services based on the monthly report. In order to generate a successful identity, one must first set a course with the end user in mind.

Q: What are the “must-have” visual brand elements for a successful business launch in today’s wired environment? A:There will always be elements that can improve your identity. In the past you could say that a logo and letterhead was enough, and later printed publicity was the next step. Nowadays, digital media and social networks are another piece of the puzzle. We also used to say that graphic identities lasted for decades and it was true, but now they wear out more quickly, making it necessary to constantly renovate or update the image. Q: Is there anything else that occurs to you, in terms of visual branding or working effectively with a graphic designer, that you would like to share with our AICI members? A: One of the determining factors for the success of any business is the general design. In the specific case of graphic design, it is important to create an interdisciplinary collaboration of people from marketing and business to make sure that the applications are not only esthetically pleasing but also fulfill the objectives of each project.This will really help the development and positioning of the brand.

We also used to say that graphic identities lasted for decades and it was true, but now they wear out more quickly, making it necessary to constantly renovate or update the image.

Arturo León is an independent graphic designer based in Puebla, Mexico. He specializes in branding and identity design but also is a lover of web design and motion graphics. The Association of Image Consultants International | 21


AICI: Growing an Organization, Evolving a Brand

by Susan Hesselgrave

“The heart of successful marketing is creating a strong brand identity with immediate impact and recognition. Over time (and it does take time), a company, its products or services, becomes known and accepted in the marketplace and builds credibility, sales and media acceptance.” —Marketing AICI, A Historical Perspective, p.2

1989 -1990:

The Merger

The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) developed from the merger of AFIC (Association of Fashion and Image Consultants) and AIC (Association of Image Consultants) in 1990, choosing as its motto,“The premier international image association.”This motto was fitting, because AICI was a merger of the two oldest image associations, had the largest membership, and was dedicated to being first and best. THE MERGER COMMITTEE

The Visionaries • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lisa Cunningham (AFIC) Lynn Farris (AIC) Dominique Isbecque (AFIC) Carole Jackson (AFIC) Jeane Johnson (AIC) Coralyn Lundell (AIC) Jennifer Maxwell Morris (AFIC) Angie Michael (AFIC) Diane Parente (AIC) Alyce Parsons (AIC) Jean Patton (AFIC) Carol Stone (AIC) Sue Weinman (AIC)

“As I recall, the whole thing (AICI -

The Source for Image Professionals. Education. Experience. Excellence.) came to me as I was lying down, resting my eyes. I like to think of it as Divine Inspiration. I liked “The Source” because it can be interpreted two ways: as a resource for image consultants and as a way to find an image consultant.” —Bernie Burson

22 | October 2014 magazine



A Bridge to the Future – San Francisco

From Local to International

The brand identity of AICI was given its first 21st century makeover by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of AICI (AICI SFBA). SFBA Chapter President Katherine Wurzburg was committed to raising the visibility of the chapters’ members and the AICI brand. She identified the need to simplify the explanation of image consulting and spearheaded the message of “The ABC’s of Image: Appearance, Behavior and Communication.”

In the fall of 2004, Bernie Burson submitted her tagline idea to AICI’s International Board for consideration. By November of 2004, AICI had begun the process of incorporating the tagline into the AICI brand identity. In support of the new initiatives, AICI created the first Counterpart Calls with chapters, in order to develop a unified marketing strategy for all chapters.

The chapter’s co-VP Membership, Bernie Burson, was “the source” for what would eventually become AICI’s official tagline (and an integral part of the brand identity):The Source for Image Professionals. Education. Experience. Excellence. SFBA chapter member Carole Ann Lyons helped to raise awareness of the profession and position AICI as “The Source” for image expertise locally. BERNIE BURSON AS “THE SOURCE-ERESS”


International Initiatives

Debra Lindquist, AICI CIP, then VP Marketing, created the Public Relations Committee, to focus on representing AICI in and to the media. Nationwide publicity was achieved, including in the nationally syndicated column, Dear Abby. AICI then retained Carole Ann Lyons to promote the international organization. Among the many marketing achievements marking that period, she wrote two keystone branding documents for AICI: The AICI Publicity Handbook and PR Tools and Tips to Access the Media with Positive Results.These “how-to” guides helped chapters and individual members master public relations protocol when interacting with the press and representing AICI.

The Association of Image Consultants International | 23

2006-2010: Marketing AICI Formed by International VP Marketing, Katherine Wurzburg, AICI FLC, the Marketing Committee intensively developed the AICI brand, its marketing message and international visibility. It was a herculean effort.The committee met every Monday morning… for four years. Collectively, thousands of hours were devoted to the project by its members and support staff. The committee’s goal was clear: to help AICI members grow their businesses by creating a strong AICI brand that was a reflection of the high quality services offered by certified image consultants, based on their advanced training and experience.

Accomplishments included:

The Architects and Builders The Marketing Committee: • Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP • Bernie Burson, AICI FLC • Luis Cabrera • Helena Chenn, AICI CIM • Marion Gellatly, AICI CIM • Annette Harris, AICI FLC • LynAnn King • Carole Ann Lyons • Kelly Machbitz, AICI CIP • Erin Stafford • Katherine Wurzburg, AICI FLC • Heather Tamminga (AML) and John Stashik (Premier Graphics)

• Brand Logo and Tagline • The AICI Speak with One Voice Branding Campaign

“One quantifiable result of the consistent

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AICI: A Historical Perspective, p.6)


By 2011, AICI’s fundamental marketing tools were in place. The AICI brand had been clearly identified. With the inclusion of the tagline, in addition to the defining scope of the “ABC’s” statement, the organization was well positioned, both in the marketplace and with its members.This branding work has provided a strong, memorable and unifying identity, creating a solid architecture for the growth and evolution of the organization. This effort of so many individuals over the years has produced both impressive marketing collateral and important brand equity. The AICI Brandbook carries forward this work into the next decade, with the goal of global coherence and recognition of the AICI brand. Susan Hesselgrave entered the field of image consulting in 2012, following a career in brand research and marketing. She serves as editor-in-chief for AICI Global, and is currently writing a book exploring the intersection of values, identity and personal style. 24 | October 2014 magazine

The Association of Image Consultants International | 25


Managing the Optics

of Your Brand By Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP

“I should have anticipated the optics, it’s part of the job... it matters.”

Stay on brand and avoid sending mixed messages. Constancy, clarity and authenticity are key to strong, lasting and likeable brands. 26 | October 2014 magazine

A world-famous politician stated this during a recent television interview. He was reflecting on negative public reaction around his decision to play repeated rounds of golf at the height of a grave matter of national and global concern. Though he was on vacation at the time, his actions were widely reported in the court of public opinion as being “insensitive” and “stupid.” Twitter exploded. Radio, television and newspaper journalists launched an onslaught of criticism. For this high-profile politician, the visual image, or “optics,” of him playing golf at that time proved very unfavorable to his “brand.” In today’s always-wired, everything-digital world, visual image and branding matter a great deal. Personal choices in appearance, conduct, verbal communication and body language, even if unintentional, can have considerable and lasting consequences. With the rapid speed of internet communications, anyone with access to social media can express an opinion, often with anonymity and without fear of reprisal. In a matter of seconds, public reaction can boost or ruin your reputation and personal brand. The outcome can range from personal crisis or business disaster to triumphant success or glory. For even the private citizen, dealing with public negativity can be quite impactful and have long-lasting implications for their future. Restoring calm, harmony, civility, trust and personal dignity often requires self healing and/or professional help.

The Association of Image Consultants International | 26

Online resources to assess and secure the optics of your personal brand: 360° Degree Reach: “What do people think of you?” A comprehensive assessment of how you are perceived professionally. “We believe individuals and businesses have the right to control how they look online.” Personal and corporate reputation management.

Schools, sports teams, professional organizations and businesses are wise to constantly monitor and manage their brand optics in the press and social media. Entrepreneurs, professionals and politicians who have lots of public exposure must be particularly mindful of their personal choices in conduct, communication, appearance, grooming and body language and, similarly, must advise, educate and train their clients and staff. The power of video, evidenced through television and the now ubiquitous mobile devices, instantly gives global audiences close-up views of anyone’s clothing, facial expressions, hair, nails, make-up, gestures, posture and gait, as well as vocal command, tone and pitch. With instant access to YouTube and other video-sharing platforms, imagery can quickly portray and shape public perception of personal style, brand persona, temperament, composure, communication ability and human interaction skills. With unlimited viewing and sharing, consider the impact of comments, pictures, videos and web links that are tweeted, texted, posted or streamed for a global audience. The lifespan of these visual and audible messages is another risk: some may become viral, stick around for years and greatly influence public perception, while others quickly fade away. It is a fact of the world we now live in — brand optics are constantly under scrutiny. What are the brand optics for you or your client and can they be managed? What words would a particular brand image or picture convey to an audience of colleagues, peers, vendors or clients? Whether in public or private, managing the brand optics means being constantly aware: your personal brand is potentially always “on stage.” With that perspective, does an image or action portray confidence, composure, credibility, poise, grace, trustworthiness, engagement, sensitivity or positivity? What would be the public perception of your brand? While superficial and fleeting public commentary or imagery should not be cause for obsession or paranoia, sincerely voiced views of your “public” matter, and can be helpful in shaping performance and conduct.

Consider the following strategies to help ensure brand optics that create a positive, lasting memory: 1. Make time to be well-prepared. 2. Pay attention to those around you and your surroundings. 3. Stay on brand and avoid sending mixed messages. Constancy, clarity and authenticity are key to strong, lasting and likeable brands. 4. Never underestimate your competition. 5. Fully engage with your audience, in their language. 6. Always present your most complimentary visual appearance. 7. At all times be respectful and considerate of others. 8. Use the team approach – you cannot do it alone. 9. Use effective verbal and nonverbal communication and people skills. 10. Monitor and manage your social media presence daily.

Yasmin Anderson-Smith is a certified image professional, personal brand strategist, speaker and author who inspires her clients to achieve career distinction and embrace civility in their image and brand. Connect with Yasmin at KYMS Image International and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Association of Image Consultants International | 27

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Letter from the President Thomas J. Watson wrote,“Once an organization loses its spirit of pioneering and rests on its early work, its progress stops.” Over the past 25 years, AICI has had a powerful and pioneering influence on the many aspects of “visual impact.” In the increasingly emerging world of communication, people are more visually connected than ever before, so the time seemed right for AICI to continue its pioneering spirit and redefine its identity and visual branding. With this issue of AICI Global, we are launching the exciting new AICI Brandbook, making it available to the membership. One could say the new Brandbook is the equivalent of a “makeover,” something we all understand.The fundamentals created by our founding members remain the same, as it is an identity that has come to represent AICI’s values and professionalism. With the new Brandbook, we have just provided a new “closet” of visuals to ensure our brand remains relevant and current. The brand of an association creates an impression, a perception and a reputation in the mind of others.The definition of an association is “a group of people joined together for a purpose.” Our purpose in the entire membership having access to the new Brandbook is that, together, we can use the contents to consistently -- with one voice -- communicate globally our core message and collectively achieve the ultimate goal of branding: “To own the one feeling that motivates our prospects to act.” I encourage you all to explore and use the new AICI Brandbook, for if we are consistent in our brand, we’ll be consistent in our success. My sincerest thanks goes to Coca Sevilla, VP Member Communications, for the many hours donated, her innovation, creativity, passion and determination to complete this project. I am honored to have the privilege to work alongside such talent and dedication.

Warmest wishes to all, Jane 28 | October 2014 magazine

The Association of Image Consultants International | 28

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The Association of Image Consultants International | 29

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member spotlight: Coca Sevilla By Thea Wood, AICI FLC

“No” is not in her vocabulary; she has replaced it with “Let’s try.” –Jane Seaman, AICI CIP, International President

30 | October 2014 magazine

I had the pleasure of meeting Coca Sevilla, AICI FLC, at the 2013 International Conference in Arizona, when we sat together for a CEU course. The first word that came to mind? Magnetic. Her infectious smile, sharp mind and polished personal style draw you in — and then you witness her entrepreneurial spirit.That spirit and seemingly never-ending supply of energy is why she’s in our Member Spotlight. Little did I know that a few short months after meeting, she would become VP of Member Communications on AICI’s International Board of Directors and start working closely with me to publish the AICI Global magazine. From day one, she led with fresh ideas and operational support, thanks to her valuable experience in newspaper publishing and promotions. Coca is also in charge of AICI’s website, member bulletins and social media. She’s acutely aware of how important visual appeal is for these media and made it a priority to focus on visual media campaigns, including the AICI Brandbook (see pages 16-17). Now that the AICI Brandbook is launched, Coca will dedicate much of her time to promoting the second International Image Consultant Day, November 23, and the 2015 AICI Global Conference in Washington. Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI FLC, who served on the Executive Board from 2012 to 2014, speaks highly of Coca.“What a rock star! The visual concepts done with input from an international team of stars is no easy feat, yet Sevilla does every campaign with design finesse, savvy style, and panache. I feel personally blessed to work with her.” “In communication, any news that is not given immediately and effectively becomes outdated and unimportant,” says Coca about the challenges of her VP role.“Organizing my time -- to carry out my activities as VP Communications on the International Board of Directors, my own business, my group of collaborators, and tend to my clients and family -- is an art. Keeping balance is

“The greatest pride I have in my consulting business is transforming my clients’ lives. Image is my passion and my life, and achieving these changes for a better life give me professional satisfaction.”

Her own business, AlterEgo Agencia de Imagen, has grown into a national image and personal branding resource for politicians and business executives over the past 18 years

–Coca Sevilla, AICI FLC, VP Communications

quite a challenge, especially now that I have become president of the AICI Mexico City Chapter. Nevertheless, it’s well worth it, and I would do it all again if I had the chance.” Did I mention Coca was voted Mexico City’s 2013 Chapter Member of the Year? The board hosts successful chapter events and publishes a blog featuring chapter members’ accomplishments, events and news. As president, she’s already ensured that the new AICI Brandbook graphics are fully integrated. Her own business, AlterEgo Agencia de Imagen, has grown into a national image and personal branding resource for politicians and business executives over the past 18 years. “The world of business and politics is very interesting to me, and has therefore been my networking focus and commercial strategy for my services. I also participate in television and radio shows that are directed at these audiences, and then people look for and contact me,” she says. Thank you to Coca Sevilla for sharing her passion with AICI members and helping grow our community through strong leadership and creative skills.

Thea Wood, AICI FLC, is an image consultant based in Austin,Texas, and serves as managing editor for AICI Global. She is the co-author of Socially Smart and Savvy. The Association of Image Consultants International | 31

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Upcoming Events AICI Webinars for CEU’s

Revenue Tripling Secrets: Earn Six Figures Fast Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBS October 13 & 20th 9:00 AM EDT Conventional marketing only enables you to tread water, not swim with the sharks. But during this highly interactive webinar session you’ll discover how to multiply your profits to at least a six-figure income. Sarah reveals secrets that tripled her consulting revenues in just 12 months — during the recession! For more information, visit: Revenue Tripling Secrets: Earn Six Figures Fast

Creating Confidence For Your Grown Up Clients Sue Donnelly, AICI CIP FFIPI FFSM November 4 & 11th 7:30 AM EST Sue Donnelly is passionate about enabling men and women to dress and communicate in a way that reflects who they are and what they want to say, whatever their shape, size or age. Since she turned 50, (a few years ago) she understands entirely how confidence can ebb away and how you almost have to re-discover yourself, so you no longer have to “run with the pack” but find your unique way of “showing up”. She doesn’t adhere to the “one size fits all” either in the way we dress or the way we communicate and serve the needs of our clients. For more information, visit: Creating Confidence For Your Grown Up Clients

32 | October 2014 magazine


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AICI CHAPTER MEMBER of the YEAR AWARDS Congratulations to all of the Chapter Members of the Year, 2014! Each of these individuals has been nominated by their chapters, in recognition of their exemplary contributions to their local chapter and to AICI. AICI is privileged to honor their accomplishments and service.

Chicago Chapter – Dawn Stebbing, AICI FLC Dawn Stebbing stepped into the role of chapter president last year. She played a key leadership role in unifying the chapter and establishing/maintaining our new board at the 2013 AICI International Conference in Arizona. In addition to her dedication to AICI and her commitment to grow and maintain our chapter, Dawn has a very friendly demeanor, exercising her leadership in a warm and welcoming way.

Chile-Santiago Chapter: Lilian Bustamante, AICI CIP Lilian Bustamante has been an AICI member for over twelve years. She introduced the concept of “Image Consulting” in Chile, disseminating it widely through different media, print and television, while always promoting AICI as a responsible organization where image professionals meet. In 2012, she created the Association of Image Consultants of Chile, encouraging its members to start the AICI Chile-Santiago Chapter the following year. She has led the chapter during the past year in exemplary fashion, promoting values, ethical work, and philanthropy in different institutions in Chile. Lilian’s attitude, dedication and great spirit keep this chapter going, motivating others to join and participate.

Mexico City Chapter: Monica Bravo Monica Bravo is an exceptional member of the Mexico City Chapter, and her contribution has helped to empower us as members and as a team. She brings very good initiatives to the chapter, and her professionalism has achieved great results for the image industry. 33 | October 2014 magazine

The Association of Image Consultants International | 33

New York /Tri-State Chapter: Ann-Caroline van der Ham After only six months on the chapter board, Ann-Caroline van der Ham was asked to step up as president. Over the next 18 months, she successfully led the chapter through some difficult times: the resignation of our VP Education Day, loss of members due to international redistricting, and a tough economy. Whether it was bringing food up 14 flights of stairs to the holiday party or interviewing potential speakers for Education Day, Ann-Caroline was there. Under her presidency, the chapter held its most successful event ever, when over 200 people heard David Wolfe speak on new trends. In addition, the chapter held a unique event in October 2013 on Life/Work Balance after Cancer, a difficult subject that Ann-Caroline felt was important to highlight.Throughout her presidency, she has led events, championed causes and presided over late night board meetings with grace, compassion and generosity of spirit.

Philippine Chapter: Maria Mercedes (Minette) J. Sison, AICI FLC The runaway winner for Chapter Member of the Year 2014 was Minette Sison. She has contributed most in the area of membership growth for the Philippine Chapter, successfully inviting six new members, with more joining us in the near future. She has shown dedication and commitment, serving under three chapter presidents, from a committee level all the way up to serving as the efficient Chapter Board Secretary that she currently is.This September, Minette achieved her FLC Certification, which she passed with outstanding results. She is a great role model for new members joining us, and a source of inspiration and pride for us all.

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter: Adena diTonno For the last four years, Adena diTonno has given not only countless hours of her time but as much heart as one person could give to an organization. She has been treasurer, president, and immediate past president. However, over the past year, she has gone above and beyond to plan all chapter programs, as we were short a VP of Programs. She wrote all of the social media posts for the chapter, managed the website, helped create fun valuable content for Facebook daily and created multiple videos to highlight our different chapter events. The Chapter Member of the Year award stands for the dedication, commitment, hard work, and heart and soul a member puts into AICI. Adena exemplifies all of these qualities.

Singapore Chapter: Cindy Tien Cindy Tien is an exceptional member of the Singapore Chapter, and she has made significant contributions to both the chapter and our industry’s standing. She currently serves the chapter board as VP Communications. She is a great example of dedication and professionalism for our members.

34 | October 2014 magazine

The Association of Image Consultants International | 34

Toronto Chapter: Katherine Lazaruk, AICI FLC Katherine Lazaruk has been a board member of the Toronto Chapter for four years. She is entering her fifth year as secretary, and it is hard to imagine anyone being able to fill her shoes. She is organized, creative and always ready to lend a hand. Katherine keeps our board meetings running in a timely manner, helping the board stay on track and productive. Her cheerful, positive attitude makes Katherine a pleasure to work with.

Washington DC Chapter: Yelena Jackson Yelena Jackson is an excellent role model for the Washington DC chapter and AICI. Always enthusiastic and positive, she exhibits a “can do” attitude and spirit, and inspires her fellow members of the board.Yelena served for two years as VP Communications. She consistently presented new ideas to the board to further membership and community awareness of chapter education, networking and social media programs. When the DC Chapter suffered the loss of the secretary position, she offered to draft and produce minutes during the interim. She demonstrated exemplary leadership in the development of a marketing campaign for the Washington DC 2014 Education Day. Yelena is a true team player..

2014 AICI CHAPTER MEMBER of the YEAR AWARDS Go to for articles, webstore & training info

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Karen Brunger AICI CIP

1•905•303•8636 ~ Saima Haider The Association of Image Consultants International | 35 toronto • canada

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image for a cause | AICI GIVES BACK

the 2013-2014 AICI Philanthropy awards by Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI FLC, 2012-2014 AICI International Philanthropy Chair

What is philanthropy? It is the love of humanity.Thank you to our extraordinary AICI chapters and members the Image for a Cause | AICI Gives Back projects they conducted around the globe. AICI is proud and thrilled to share their initiatives to inspire others to make a difference. Participation in Image for a Cause | AICI Gives Back occurs through both chapter and individual projects. Philanthropy is not a requirement of members, but is encouraged and applauded. Projects for Image for a Cause events are selected by AICI chapters and individual members, and are based on personal passion, community needs or educational expertise. Whatever the purpose for an Image for a Cause event, AICI recognizes the efforts and is happy to report that we have experienced a 200% increase in involvement in philanthropic projects since last year.

36 | October 2014 magazine

AND THE AWARD GOES TO… AICI is proud to announce the AICI Image for a Cause | AICI Gives Back Awards for AICI Philanthropy in 2013-2014.This was a difficult decision for the philanthropy committee, since we believe all the programs are worthy of praise and we are proud of all the efforts of our chapters and individual members. The 2013-2014 Outstanding Chapter Philanthropy Award for Image for a Cause | AICI Gives Back goes to the Mexico City Chapter for Tomado Conciencia, Education Day for a Cause, chapter group presentations to organizations, and donation of newborn clothing for the disadvantaged. The 2013-2014 Outstanding Individual Philanthropy Award for Image for Cause | AICI Gives Back goes to Aury Caltagirone, AICI CIP, for her UNICA International program. Also we extend special acknowledgement and recognition to the Nigeria Chapter for their first-year efforts with two programs: Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO) learn Image A.B.C.’s and Fate Foundation’s Emerging Entrepreneurs Program (EEP), both lead by Louisa Akaiso and Evelyn Femi-Paul.

2013-2014 AICI Chapter Projects A Chapter project must actively involve three or more members of the chapter. AICI Chapter events are a great way to build your chapter by bringing AICI members together, sharing a spirit of compassion with the larger community. Argentina Chapter Translation of Civility Counts White Paper – Maria Pia Estebecorena – Lead Brazil Chapter Community Image Project - Roberta Tomazini – Lead France Chapter Responsible Beauty - Maritza Desjonquères-Añazco – Lead Guadalajara Chapter The Light in the Shadow, supporting women at Puente Grande prison: self-esteem (beauty kits) and messages of hope – Danelia Leon Sahagun – Lead Guadalajara Chapter The “Minerva in Pink 2013” Lighting in Pink (representative Monument of Guadalajara), International Day for the Fight Against Breast Cancer – Danelia Leon Sahagun – Lead Guadalajara Chapter Sweet Dreams with Diapers, for orphanage of abandoned children – Danelia Leon Sahagun – Lead Malaysia Chapter Community Image Event - Evelyn C. Mee Ying, AICI FLC – Lead Mexico City Chapter Tomado Conciencia – raising 30K for the National Cancer Association of Mexico - Aury Caltagirone, AICI CIP – Lead

Nigeria Chapter Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO) learn Image A.B.C.’s – Evelyn Femi-Paul and Louisa Akaiso – Leaders Nigeria Chapter Fate Foundation’s Emerging Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) – Evelyn Femi-Paul and Louisa Akaiso – Leaders New York/Tri-State Chapter Outclass Your Competition – Shanna W. Pecoraro, AICI CIP – Lead Philippines Chapter November Hurricane Survivors with Soup Kitchen, held on International Image Consultant Day – Karen Loren Agustin-Ostrea, AICI FLC – Lead San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Mentoring young women entering the image profession – Carrie LaShell, AICI FLC – Lead San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Assisting disadvantaged women in re-entering the workforce – Carrie LaShell, AICI FLC - Lead Santiago-Chile Chapter Social Responsibilities in Senior Houses – Lilian Bustamante, AICI CIP – Lead South Central Chapter Dress for Success with Junior League – Melissa Sugulas, AICI FLC – Lead

Mexico City Chapter Education Day for a Cause - promoting the Tomado Conciencia - Aury Caltagirone, AICI CIP – Lead

South Central Chapter Dress for Success Houston - Melissa Sugulas, AICI FLC – Lead

Mexico City Chapter Chapter organized image events with teams of 7-8 members to professional associations - Aury Caltagirone, AICI CIP – Lead

Tokyo Chapter Tokyo Rehabilitation Center “Sawayaka” for 4th year – Hikaru Yoshimura, AICI FLC – Lead

Mexico City Chapter Donations of newborn outfits for the disadvantaged Aury Caltagirone, AICI CIP – Lead

Washington DC Metro Chapter Clothing Swap – Joanne Rae, AICI CIP - Lead

The Association of Image Consultants International | 37

2013-2014 AICI Individual Member Projects Participation in individual member projects has grown exponentially. In 2012-2013 we had 10 individual projects, while in 2013-2014 we had 22 individual projects! Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP Every Girl Can “SMART Image” Conference in Maryland, Canada and Jamaica – Atlanta Chapter

Diana Olson, AICI CIP Walter Hoving Home in Pasadena, California –Southern California Chapter

Carolina Bejar, AICI CIP Working with women’s jail – Guadalajara Chapter

Daniela Garcia de la Pena Armonia en to Imagen AC – Mexico City Chapter

Aury Caltagirone, AICI CIP UNICA network – Mexico City Chapter

Cindy Ann Peterson, AICI FLC Historic preservation in Old Town Alexandria – Washington DC Metro Chapter

Patrick Chun IITI – Geeks for Success Seminars – Toronto Chapter Renata Espeschit Consultoria de Imagem e Estil - Community Giving – Brazil Chapter Susan Hesselgrave Dress for Success Seattle (under the aegis of YWCA of Seattle) – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Carmina Iturriaga My New ME- Life Coach – Wellness and Nutrition Coaching – Mexico City Chapter Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP Look Good/Feel Better, Cancer Patient Makeovers – Sydney Chapter Emma Yenchee Li Create a Beautiful Smile, Create a Whole New World Beijing Chapter Cristina Lazzari L’importanza della propria imagine come strumento di cominicazaione – Italy Chapter Jane McFadden Cherie Amour Bridal Resale – Washington DC Metro Chapter

Elizabeth Rouprich Phoenix Center/WACS (Women And Children SUCCEEDING) – Atlanta Chapter Danelia Leon Sahagun Somos Diferentes - Guadalajara Chapter Eva Virginia Sevilla, AICI FLC Rotary Club - Puebla Campestra Real – Mexico City Chapter, Successful Women: Project Your Best Image Conference – Mexico City Chapter M. Cecilia Stoeckicht, AICI CIP Women Heart of New Castle County– New York/Tri-State Chapter Melissa Sugulas, AICI FLC Dress for Success – mini color analysis – South Central Chapter Sunny Wang Yan, AICi FLC Student lectures on promoting mind health and civility – Beijing Chapter Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP Mums on a Mission – Sydney Chapter

A special note of gratitude goes to Carolina Behar, AICI CIP, Zayna Mosam, AICI CIP and Coca Sevilla, AICI FLC for their help on AICI philanthropy recognition for 2013-2014.

Thank you 38 | October 2014 magazine

Start doing what you love. Become a professional image consultant with our intensive, AICI accredited classes. Take one class or all five ~ it’s up to you.

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