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8 Happy 4th of July

Why We Celebrate the 4th of July

MONTHLY FEATURES 6 Veterans Benefits

4th of July: A Time to Celebrate and Remember

7 Legal Matters

Facing Expensive Long-Term Care? You Can Remain Independent!

10 Social Security

Three Ways To Achieve Independence with Social Security Access Social Security’s Retirement Benefits Online

13 How important is Freedom?

Freedom! The Importance of Maintaining Independence for Seniors

14 Healthy Living for the Soul

Monarch Wings’ Dedication at Sensory Butterfly Gardens

16 We Mustache You A Question ??

Are You Doing Enough for Your Skin This Summer?

18 It’s About Love

Top 10 Tips for a Happy Relationship!

21 Vacation Spotlight

Welcome to the World Again!

23 Herbal Health

How Hemp Oil Can Help You

24 Relax & Play Brain Games

Sudoku and Crossword Puzzle

27 Favorite Family Recipes 4th of July with a Twist

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Items for Sale, Industry Jobs, Services, and More

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Resource Directory of Trusted Providers

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Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


FOUNDERS/OWNERS Priscilla & Bruce Kincaid CO-FOUNDER Janet Dixon MANAGING EDITOR Priscilla Kincaid, RN, BSN, MBA

One of the most important things that we have learned as we make our way through the pandemic is that you can always count on family, whether it’s the one you were born into or the one you chose to live life with. Making memories, laughing, and sharing life with them is the glue that holds us together and provides us with a strong, unbreakable support system. Family helps us appreciate all we have and all we are thankful for, even in the hardest of times. With that, we say “let freedom ring!” Happy 4th of July to you and your family. This year is a significant one for us all. Many people are starting to return to their pre-COVID activities. The iconic pastimes, from watching fireworks fill the night sky to enjoying the smells of the food cooking on the BBQ, help us all usher in the joy of summer as we celebrate this holiday. Let’s make new memories that will last a lifetime. This month’s issue is a great one. As we continue our series into the summer months, our team of Senior Living experts continues to share their knowledge with you. In this issue, you will find answers to many questions that are on your mind. When do you know it’s the right time to ask for assistance? When should you discuss your living arrangements? Are you financially prepared for retirement? As the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lifestyle continues, we asked Amanda from Roseborough Travel to share how the way we travel has changed with us. In her article, she sheds light on the new policies, protocols, and procedures that will help make our summer travels as joyful as we remember. As our magazine grows, we become more and more excited to get to know our readers and share events with you. As the Fall months can be seen on the horizon, we are excited to announce our 2021 Fall Festival. This event, co-sponsored by our sister company Aging Tree, will take place on Saturday, September 18. Stay tuned for more information. You won’t want to miss this event! We hope that your July is full of family, fun, and memories. Be happy, healthy, and safe, and enjoy the Fourth of July! From our family to yours,

Priscilla & Bruce Kincaid, Founders/Owners


Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

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Something to Remember this 4th of July Regarding Veterans

For some, the 4th of July brings to mind the smell of burgers on the grill or the celebratory fireworks lighting up the night sky. But for some Veterans, typical Independence Day celebrations include reminders that trigger uneasiness and discomfort. Below are a few pointers to help make this 4th of July enjoyable for all—especially those who have served our country in the military.

For Veterans: Planning Ahead

1. You can let your family and friends know if something makes you feel uncomfortable. Recognizing your triggers ahead of time can help avoid bigger problems down the road. Common symptoms experienced around July 4th may include: • Light sensitivity to fireworks and sparklers, especially at night • Sound irritability from fireworks and ceremonial gun and cannon fire • Uneasiness or feeling on edge in crowds • Flashbacks due to sounds or smells 2. Check out stories from other Veterans who found treatment for light or noise irritation at https://www. maketheconnection.net/symptoms/noise-lightirritation/. 3. Practice a few self-help tips or relaxation exercises to relieve feelings of uneasiness.

For Friends or Family: Paying Attention

1. If you are hosting a 4th of July party or picnic, you can ask ahead of time if any Veterans you invite have difficulty around the holiday. It doesn’t hurt to ask. 2. Consider safe alternatives to your typical Independence Day celebrations. For example, if a Veteran friend or family member is alarmed by the loud sound of fireworks, you can suggest that your group use sparklers instead.

Patriotic Things to do on the Fourth of July

• Fly the American Flag • Send deployed soldiers letters and care packages • Wear red, white, and blue • Purchase a flag flown over the capital • Print the American Flag • Volunteer to help our veterans • Take a trip to a special fort, park, or monument near you.

HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Raymond Allen Jr., U.S. Army SFC (RET.) Volusia County Veterans Services 123 West Indiana Avenue DeLand, Florida 32720 Phone: 386-740-5102 Fax: 386-740-5101 www.TheEyeSpecialists.com EYE EXAMS CATARACT SURGERY


1592 South SR-15-A | DeLand, FL 32720


Other Offices in: Lake Mary, Orange City, Orlando, New Smyrna Beach, and Ormond Beach


Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


Long-term care involves a loss of personal and financial autonomy. But proper planning can help you retain your financial independence, while also reducing or eliminating stress for your loved ones. In Florida, nursing homes cost about $9,500 per month. Most people end up paying out of their savings, and when they run out, Medicaid picks up the cost. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Medicaid rules require that one be “impoverished” before Medicaid will pay for some or all of one’s care. And if you voluntarily “impoverish” yourself within 5 years of applying for Medicaid, you probably won’t be eligible. So, what to do? You should plan to protect your assets for you, your spouse, or your children. This way, when you do need long-term care, and most over 65 years of age will, you

LEGAL MATTERS could qualify for Medicaid benefits without losing your life’s savings. The best way to plan is to create a “Medicaid Asset Protection Trust.” While this type of trust can’t be revoked, it can be canceled or changed in many respects. In most cases, this type of trust is drafted so that the income is payable to you, but the principal cannot be given directly to you or your spouse. However, the principal can be given to anyone that you choose. So, the funds in the trust are protected, and you can use the income for your living expenses. At your death, the principal is paid to your loved ones and/or charity. The assets in the trust are not counted by Medicaid when determining whether you are “impoverished.” But this strategy will work best if the trust receives your assets at least five years before applying for benefits. So, plan NOW to protect your assets! Scott Selis, Elder Law Attorney, estate planning, probate, long-term care, government benefits, (Medicaid, Veteran’s benefits). Scott was Assistant Chair of Florida Bar’s Elder Law section, and Elder Law Attorney of the Year 2016.

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


When I volunteered to write an article on the Fourth of July, I was thrilled. I am a big history buff and immediately thought that this was going to be a great opportunity to write a short story on one of our nation’s biggest and most celebrated holidays. So, when I started writing, the historical facts were flowing and it was going great but something was missing. I decided that I would ask my friends and neighbors why they thought we celebrated the Fourth of July. So, I went down to my local grocery store and went into reporter mode. I didn’t

The United States actually declared independence from England on July 2, 1776. The Declaration was published in newspapers on July 4. Only two men, Charles Thompson, and John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The other 54 signed it throughout the next month. The average age of the signers of the Declaration was 45.

Americans will eat 150,000,000 hot dogs on the 4th of July. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence on a laptop. It was a wooden writing desk that fit over his lap. In 1778, George Washington helped his soldiers celebrate Independence Day by giving them a double ration of rum. The tradition of celebrating the Fourth with fireworks dates back to 1777. Americans spend over $1B on fireworks each 4th of July.

On the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson died at the age of 82. His friend, John Adams died at the age of 90. His last words were “Thomas Jefferson still survives.” He was mistaken. Jefferson died five hours earlier.


Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

want to be creepy but I needed some true opinions for the story so I began approaching people that looked familiar with my rehearsed “Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you but I’m writing an article on the Fourth of July. Why do you think we celebrate this holiday?” What I found out was amazing, alarming, and entertaining. Many people were pretty close and said it was a celebration of America winning the Revolutionary War. Others got into the deep history of the holiday. Some said it was to celebrate the day George Washington beat the redcoats. Others said it was a day to get together with friends, bar-b-que, and light off fireworks. Someone even thought it was a “made up” day so the stores could sell food and fireworks. But thankfully, most people said that it was to celebrate the birth of the United States. I picked up some groceries and headed home with a clear mission in my head. I decided that I was going to try to explain why we really celebrated the Fourth of July. We all know the story of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims and why the early settlers of the New World back in the 1600s and early 1700s came here. Some came for religious freedom. Some came for adventure. Some came for a new and better life. We also know that the countries where many of these people came from wanted to colonize the land and expand their empires. Two of these countries were England and France. Throughout the early, to mid-1700s England and France were in a race to become the most powerful country in the world and particularly in North America. So much so, that they went to war. After England won the French and Indian War in 1763, they became the dominant European power in the New World. Unfortunately for the people that helped them win, their colonists, this victory came at a hefty price. From 1763 to 1775, England tightened its’ grip on their colonists by imposing unfair taxes and laws on them without allowing them to be represented in Parliament. Tensions rose and by 1775, some but not all of the colonists wanted to be free from England’s rule. Hostilities soon broke out.

When the initial battles of the Revolutionary War broke out in April 1775 at Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill, few colonists desired complete independence from England. The war was mostly in the north and the leaders were considered to be radicals and troublemakers. But, by the middle of 1776, public sentiment towards England changed. England’s grasp tightened on all of the colonies. Now, most colonists, northern and southern alike, wanted independence. On June 7, 1776, the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia. Today, it is known as Independence Hall. A representative from Virginia named Richard Henry Lee proposed that the colonies declare their independence from England. After a long and heated debate, the Continental Congress agreed to form a committee to draft a formal document justifying their break from England. Five men, (Thomas Jefferson from Virginia, John Adams from Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin from Pennsylvania, Roger Sherman from Connecticut, and Robert Livingston from New York) met in secret to draft what is considered to be one of the most important documents in the history of the United States and the world. The men, particularly Jefferson, worked tirelessly to find the perfect words upon which a nation would be born. On July 2, 1776, after reviewing the document, the Continental Congress met and unanimously voted to declare independence from England. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress formally adopted The Declaration of Independence and declared that day a formal day of independence. So today, 245 years later, while we out eating our hamburgers and hot dogs and watching fireworks with our family and friends, let’s also remember the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers and be thankful that we are also celebrating the Birth of our Nation, The United States of America!


Sun, Jul 4, 10–11 am | Main Street The Marine Corps League Daytona Colors Will Lead the Parade.

Daytona Beach Bandshell

Sat, Jul 3, 7:15–10 pm | 70 Boardwalk, Bandshell There will be fireworks at the Daytona Beach Bandshell following the summer concert.

DEBARY DeBary Freedom Fest

Sun, Jul 4, 4–11 pm | Gemini Springs Park Live music, kid zone, games, prizes, local vendors and local restaurants.

DELAND Firecracker Festival

Sat, Jul 3, 6–9:45 pm | Earl Brown Park 6th Annual 4th of July Celebration with music, fireworks, food and fun!

DELTONA All-American Celebration

Sun, July 4, 6–9 pm | Dewey O. Boster Sports Complex Live music, entertainment, games, food and a whole lot of fun.

EDGEWATER EDGEfest 4th of July Celebration Sun, Jul 4, 6–10 pm | Hawks Park Live music, fireworks, food and fun!

LAKE HELEN 4th of July Parade & Celebration

Sun, July 4, 4–9 pm | Black Park Parade begins at 4 pm. Food, fireworks, music, and fun!

NEW SMYRNA BEACH 4th of July Celebration

Sun, Jul 4, 4 – 10 pm | Riverside Park Gourmet food trucks, live music, and a brilliant fireworks display.

ORANGE CITY Fireworks & Fun

Sat, July 3, 5 – 9:30 pm | Valentine Park Live music, food and general vendors, a kids zone, and fireworks.

ORMOND BEACH Independence Day Celebration

Sun, Jul 4, 8–9:30 pm | Rockefeller Gardens Food, fun, festive music and fireworks!!!

PORT ORANGE 4th of July Spectacular

Sun, Jul 4, 5:30 – 9 pm | City Center Park Live music, a kids zone, food trucks, a beer garden, classic car show, and of course fireworks!

PIERSON 11th Annual July 4th Family Fun Celebration Sat, Jul 3, 4–9 pm | Chipper Jones Ballfield Games, food, fun, and fireworks.

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021




Keeping you informed about our benefits and services is important to us. Preparing for retirement is one of the most significant decisions you can make and we’re here to help. A great place to start is our retirement portal at www.ssa.gov/benefits/retirement. Our website has helped millions of people get ready for and apply for Social Security retirement benefits. On our site, you can: • Find the information you need, quickly and easily. • Learn about the benefits. • Be better prepared to apply for retirement benefits online. • Create your personal my Social Security account to manage your retirement benefits. Our retirement benefits portal is easy to use, whether you are ready to learn about, apply for, or manage your retirement benefits. You’ll find the portal pleasing to the eye, informative, and optimized for mobile devices.

Visit our retirement benefits portal today at www.ssa.gov/benefits/retirement to “Learn,” “Apply,” and “Manage” your retirement benefits. While you’re there, subscribe to receive retirement information and updates.


In this section, you can learn how Social Security works, who’s eligible for retirement benefits, and what to consider before applying. Read on to understand how Social Security fits into your retirement plan. • How Retirement Benefits Work • Planning For Retirement • Deciding When To Start Retirement Benefits • What Else Affects Your Retirement Benefits


This page will guide you through the process of applying for retirement benefits when you’re ready to take that step. Our online application is a convenient way to apply on your own schedule, without an appointment. You can also apply by phone or by appointment at a Social Security office. • Before You Apply • How To Apply • Once You’ve Applied


We have resources to save you time on important retirement tasks and keep you in control of your Social Security account benefits through a free my Social Security account. • Understand Your Benefits • Inform Us Of Changes • Use Our Resources And Services To Stay In Control • Keep Your Information Secure

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Welcome to Freedom Oaks Assisted Living Country Waterfront Living for Seniors Assisted Living Facility AL134581

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Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

We offer a holistic approach to a heathly lifestyle designed to keep you feeling at home. We are a 10 bed facility. We keep a small unit home that keeps the ratio from aide to resident low.


FreedomOaks@gmx.com 579 Jonson Lake Rd., DeLeon Springs, FL 32130


THREE WAYS TO ACHIEVE INDEPENDENCE WITH SOCIAL SECURITY Celebrating our nation’s independence every year on July 4 is a point of joy and pride. For more than 85 years, our programs have helped provide financial independence to millions of hardworking people. We have three useful online tools to help you achieve the financial independence you deserve in retirement.

my Social Security You’re in control of the many services available online through my Social Security. Creating a secure account will help you conduct Social Security business from home or on the go. With your personal my Social Security account, you can: • Request a replacement Social Security card (in one of the 45 eligible states and the District of Columbia). • Review your earnings history. • Get personalized retirement benefit estimates. • Check the status of your Social Security application or appeal. If you already receive benefits, you can also: • Request a replacement Social Security card (in one of the 45 eligible states and the District of Columbia). • Get a benefit verification letter or proof of income letter. • Set up or change your direct deposit. • Change your address. • Request a replacement Medicare card. • Get a Social Security1099 form (SSA-1099).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your full retirement age? How do you apply for Social Security retirement benefits? Do you have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits? Discover the answers to your Social Security-related questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page at www.ssa.gov/faq.



terrybsells.com | 386.801.9300

Social Security’s Official Blog

Stay informed about our latest news, retirement planning tips, and other helpful information. Our blog at blog.ssa. gov features messages direct from our Commissioner, as well as information from other experts. You can sign up to get an email each time a new blog is available, so you won’t miss new postings. From the blog, you can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, where you can watch our informational videos. Don’t forget to share these resources with your family and friends and encourage them to join us. With so many services and helpful information available online, we are here for you when your schedule allows. Be sure to tell friends and family about all they can do with us from anywhere at www.ssa.gov. Harry Martinez, Social Security District Manager www.ssa.gov Phone: 1-866-964-7396



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Aging Tree & Aging Times Magazine Presents

1st Annual

Connecting Seniors with Senior Services

SATURDAY 18TH OF SEPTEMBER For Sponsership and Vendor Booth Information for the Festival Contact Janet Dixon at 386-717-6267 or email at janet.agingtimes@gmail.com



How important is freedom? Just ask someone who has had theirs taken away. Freedom is critical to our wellbeing. No matter our age, we all strive for and enjoy independence. From the time we are born, our parents teach us how to care for ourselves until we reach adulthood. Then we begin the process of teaching our own children the value of doing things for themselves. Success, happiness, and other life achievements are often the result of doing things on our own. Independence is instilled in us throughout life – and the desire to be independent does not diminish with age. If anything, it becomes more important to seniors. The importance of being independent is twofold for seniors. Independence is sometimes the only thing seniors may feel they can control as certain aspects of their life change with age. Additionally, maintaining independence promotes a sense of achievement that for many seniors generates a great sense of self-worth and well-being.

“Freedom is the Oxygen of the Soul.” - Moshe Dayan

Often, seniors are able to live independently with little or no help at all. However, some need assistance due to physical or mental limitations that come with aging. In these cases, living home alone does not become a lost cause. Home health care companies help seniors maintain independence for as long as possible. Caregivers assist clients in activities of daily living, such as grocery shopping, light cleaning, cooking, and other activities that enable seniors to live at home independently.

Some seniors are able to help with house cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and other duties. And you should encourage them to do so. Above and beyond performing household tasks together, you should engage in other activities with senior loved ones, such as playing games, going for walks, eating meals together, or simply engaging seniors in lively conversations. Seniors living alone should be involved in their own care because it fosters a sense of purpose. This facilitates feelings of accomplishment and maintains the very essence of independence for which seniors strive. For many seniors, the goal of independence—with a little help—can be achieved.

We understand that in order to maintain true levels of independence, it is important for seniors to be involved in their own care. When assisting seniors, don’t come in and perform all their duties. Instead, we recommend a technique called interactive caregiving. This means involving seniors in daily activities and duties, dependent on the senior’s capabilities.

Beth Douglas is an experienced marketing communications professional who is passionate about promoting quality, compassionate senior healthcare. She is a contributing writer and independent contractor with Douglas Design & Marketing.

Come experience our vibrant senior living community in DeLand. Good Samaritan Society – Florida Lutheran 450 N McDonald Ave • DeLand, FL 32724 All faiths or beliefs are welcome. © 2021 The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society. All rights reserved. Assisted Living Facility #AL5455.

569-455-748 5/21

good-sam.com 386.736.5800 Aging Times Magazine | July 2021



MONARCH WINGS’ DEDICATION AT SENSORY BUTTERFLY GARDENS The Milkweed Circle of the Garden Club of DeLand sponsored the first Monarch Magic in the Sensory Butterfly Garden in honor of National Garden week. Attendees of all ages enjoyed the morning at Bill Dreggars Park, 230 North Stone Street in DeLand.

Miss Monarch The following poem, Miss Monarch, written for the event by yours truly, Cheryl Floyd was read during the dedication of the wings.

Hello Miss Monarch looking so pretty and graceful with your orange and black wings, soaring gracefully against the sky of blue. We are your garden friends here to help protect you. We plant milkweed where you will lay your eggs and nectar plants to give you energy and strength. Oh look! The caterpillar appears so tiny at first. It creates a window while eating the green leaves. We watch your Monarch Caterpillar grow right before our eyes. Predators like wasps and lizards dart in and out all around the leaves of green; but your little one tucked under a leaf eats and eats and eats. Grow and grow caterpillar. Go! You can do it. Leaf by leaf, as you increase in size and arrive at your final stage; you hang upside-down and form a J. Do you wonder what to do or just know the job for you? You change into a chrysalis so green adorned with gold jewel flecks. We wait and watch in wonder. You wait and change, until that moment when you start to emerge. With anticipation we see you appear with wings unfurling. This beautiful monarch butterfly brings all such joy, whether girl or boy. Flap your orange and black wings and fly, fly butterfly fly.


Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

The event included a ribbon cutting ceremony dedicating the new Monarch Wings created by local artist, Carissa Paige. The wings offer a fun backdrop for photos in the garden that has been planted to attract butterflies. In addition to milkweed for the Monarch’s larval food, there are also host plants for Swallowtails, Sulphurs, Gulf Fritillaries, and the Zebra Longwing, our state butterfly. Mayor Robert Apgar read the Monarch City USA proclamation and cut the Monarch Wings’ ribbon with Carissa Paige. Marshal Rawson, president of the Garden Club of DeLand, welcomed those in attendance and Karen Hall, chairperson of the Sensory Butterfly Garden, was the chief organizer and emcee for the event. Enthusiastic garden club members provided entertaining and educational information for those in attendance.

new to Medicare?

I can help you get Medicare ready. Are you turning 65 or new to Medicare?

I can help you get Medicare ready.

Call a licensed Humanaagent. sales agent.

Call a licensed Humana sales agent. Call a licensed Humana sales

MARIA PEREZ-CONDE 386-316-7079 (TTY: 711) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. En español? Llame al 386-316-7079 (TTY: 711) MPEREZ-CONDE@HUMANA.COM

MARIA PEREZ-CONDE 386-316-7079 (TTY: 711) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p En español? Llame al 386-31 MPEREZ-CONDE@HUMANA.C

MARIA PEREZ-CONDE 386-316-7079 (TTY: 711) Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. En español? Llame al 386-316-7079 (TTY: 711) MPEREZ-CONDE@HUMANA.COM



Representatives of The Burgess Museum and Volusia Water Alliance were also on hand to and added to the event. There are so many ways we can contribute to our community that aides in our own Healthy Living for the Soul. When we give, we receive a hundred fold. Finding a place to make a difference for others helps us to transform and soar like on the wings of a butterfly. Enjoy the photos contributed by Milkweed member, Kitty Allen. If you would like to be a part of a team that makes garden magic happen visit gardenclubofdeland. org. Applications for making your garden a Monarch Sanctuary are available on the site. Posts and more photos for this event located at The Garden Club of DeLand on Facebook. Photo Credits: Kitty Allen

Cheryl Floyd, Speaker/Storyteller and Heal your Life® Coach. Cheryl Floyd is a graduate of East Tennessee State University’s Master Storytelling program. Her career includes over thirty years in education, publishing, life coaching, public speaking, and storytelling. www.cherylfloyd.com

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ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH FOR YOUR SKIN THIS SUMMER? One of the great things about aging is, for many, the slow release of responsibilities you collected in middle age. Your children are off creating their own lives, perhaps you’ve entered the land of retirement (or are staring it down on the horizon). In all, aging brings many people a renewed sense of freedom. As summer looms and we are all spending more time enjoying the Florida sunshine. We can’t think of any feeling freer than sitting on the beach with the breeze in your hair looking out across the vast ocean, spending time outside with your loved ones, or traveling the world exploring new, exotic places. And with all of that freedom comes a great deal of responsibility to take care of yourself and your skin. It’s through intense self-care that you’ll be able to continue adventuring and exploring your way through the next years of your life. You know the importance of a healthy diet, lowering your stress, and getting great sleep, but are you doing enough to keep skin cancer at bay? If you’re planning on living your best wild and free life this summer, here are two very simple things you can do to stay safe in the sun.

Double Down on Your SPF

Laying out covered in baby oil may have been all the rage when you were young, but these days we’re more concerned about the health of your skin than the color of it. This may seem obvious. But in case you’re not already doing it, invest in high-quality, high SPF sunscreen and 16

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

keep it slathered on. The more you take care of your skin, the longer you can stay out in the sun.

Find Your Place in the Shade

If you’re headed to the beach, be prepared with multiple ways to cover your skin when you need a little respite from the summer sun. Grab an umbrella, a large brimmed hat, and some light clothing to keep you covered when the sun is at its strongest. These tenets are not only applicable to the hours you’re enjoying the open water. The thing about summer in Florida is that the sun is everywhere. It’s shining down on you when you work in the yard and when you walk from your car into the supermarket. Each time you make a habit of treating your skin kindly, you earn more freedom to enjoy the great outdoors in the future. This month, as we celebrate the freedom that is baked into the American spirit, let’s also remember that all of our freedoms come with responsibilities. The more committed you are to take great care of yourself this summer and all year long, the more you can enjoy your freedom with abandon for years to come. Adrienne Freeland is a freelance writer who specializes in helping business owners communicate more clearly. Using skills developed in her former career as a professional fundraiser, Adrienne collaborates with her clients to craft engaging, targeted content.


GES Florida Insured LLC

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Dr. J. Roger Accardi Pharm. D., C.P.h. President The Tiffany Centre 2583 S. Volusia Avenue Orange City, Florida 32763 (386) 774-5800 (386) 801-4011 Cell (386) 774-5656 Fax www.accardipharmacyrx.com AccardiPharmacy2583@gmail.com

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Ask me how to pay for Adult Day Care Services with Medicaid Long Term Care. Ana Rosa Randolph, M.S., R.D., L.D., Administrator

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We fix Well & City Water, Residential & Commercial, Whole House Filtration, Drinking Water, Corrosion Control, Hardness & Iron Removal, Chemical Contaminant Removal


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Aging Times Magazine | July 2021




Feelings need to be expressed. Let your loved one know how you feel and be able to talk things out in a productive, loving way. Don’t assume that your thoughts and feelings are known. Express yourselves and be willing to listen and respond in kind.

4. Don’t go to bed angry.

This is a timeless expression but still holds true today. Even if you’ve had a disagreement, a tough day at work, conflicts over parenting or finances... no matter what, try your best to overcome your differences by the time you go to bed for the night. Many times, by morning, the magnitude of those issues will be lessened.

5. Have date nights, especially if you have kids.

Parenting can take its toll on a marriage. Fatigue and stress can sometimes make us forget to take time out for romance. Find a sitter to take care of the kids for a night and remember to reconnect and rekindle the flame that brought you together. Quality time is important.

6. Allow each other to do their own thing.

Senior Circle recently held an online event called “It’s About Love” to learn the love stories of several senior women with remarkable love stories to tell. They shared stories of perseverance, humor, and dedication to their spouses, no matter what. When asked if they have any words of advice for young couples starting out, these are some of the tips they had to offer.

1. Take one day at a time.

Whatever comes up, just go with it. Stick with it. Don’t give up. There is a great deal to be said for persistence and determination. Sometimes you have to just be willing to make a commitment and realize that the greatest journey starts with a single step.... every day.

2. You have to have a sense of humor.

Laughter is a great diffuser. When you feel yourself getting caught up in day-to-day stress or feel the tension mounting, try to remember not to take yourselves too seriously. Finding humor and being able to laugh along the way is so important. 18

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

Respect for each other is paramount to establishing a healthy relationship. If one partner is demanding too much time from the other, or not allowing them to have time for their hobbies, interests, or perhaps friends, this can breed resentment. Let your spouse have their independence. Try not to be too dependent on someone else.

7. Respect differences.

You do not need to be a carbon copy of your significant other. The differences between you can make your relationship more interesting. Learn from each other. Perhaps even try each other’s hobbies. This can be a learning experience and lead you to discover experiences you would not have otherwise had. Enjoy it!

8. Accept each other for who you are.

Don’t try to change your significant other. There is a reason why you were drawn to them. Embrace who they are and approach the relationship with an open mind. Acceptance does not mean you should have to tolerate things that are hurtful to you but realize that love sometimes means making some compromises.

Hearing Healthcare Centers offers a personalized program of "Total Hearing Care" by a Caring Specialist, with over 28 years of experience.

Lisa Jones, BC-HIS Helping People Hear Better for 20 Years

• Ear Cleaning & Wax Removal • Hearing Aid Sales, Fittings & Programming Services • Hearing Screenings & Comprehensive Tests

Royal Oaks Professional Center 190 Treemonte Dr., Orange City (behind Big Lots Plaza)

• All Brand Repairs


We Provide Better Hearing, Not Just Hearing Aids. Call for Your Appointment

386-837-4849 9. Find common ground.

Core values are important. They are the principles for how you will live your life and set the course for the direction of your relationship. Seek commonalities and build on them. Make plans together. Common goals can be exciting and unifying.

10. Love is a two-way street. There should be give and take on both sides.

Give a little. Take a little. Like the song says, we need to be mindful not only of our own needs but the needs of our significant other. Asking questions about their needs, listening, and then taking action to respond to fill their needs will make them feel important and valued in the relationship. Love is truly an art. Each couple will have a different journey and a unique set of challenges. But when we manage to navigate its course and learn lessons from it, what an amazing and beautiful thing Love can be! Beth Douglas is an experienced marketing communications professional who is passionate about promoting quality, compassionate senior healthcare. She is a contributing writer and independent contractor with Douglas Design & Marketing.

Put Your Feet In Our Hands Providing Leg, Foot & Ankle Care for Over 25 Years Wound Care • Sports Injuries • Reconstructive Foot Surgery Laser Treatment for Pain Management Call Us Before Spending Thousands at the Emergency Room or Wound Care Center

Ingrown Nails • Arch and Heel Pain • Fractures Bunions • Hammer Toes • Diabetic Foot Disorders Corns & Calluses • Neuromas • Diabetic Ulcerations Skin Cancer of Legs & Feet • Varicose & Spider Veins Fat Pad Replacement • Pillows for Your Feet

ROY ROTHMAN, DPM Diplomat, American Board of Podiatrist Surgery • Board Certified in Foot Surgery & Wound Care • Fellow, American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons • Fellow, American Professional Wound Care Association Voted Best Podiatrist, West Volusia by Readers of News Journal Voted One of America’s Best Podiatrist, 2006-2013 by Consumers’ Research Council of America


Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm 2836 Enterprise Rd., Ste 2, DeBary, Florida (Adjacent to Orange City Nursing)

Serving Volusia & Seminole Counties • Most Insurance Accepted

www.RothmanDPM.com Connect With Us Search for Roy Rothman, DPM,PA

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


Specialist in

Aging at Home

No Place Like Home-Maker Companion Services will assist in managing daily activities with specialized elderly companion care. We match our caregivers specifically to the needs of the individual.

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Care & Services ✓ Bathing & Dressing Assistance ✓ Walking Assistance ✓ Meal Preparation/Diet monitoring ✓ Light Housekeeping ✓ Errands and Shopping ✓ Medication Reminders ✓ Companionship ✓ Respite Care for Family Caregivers ✓ 24-Hour Care is Available ✓ Temporary or Long Term Care

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As the world re-opens by leaps and bounds, we’re seeing a huge surge in the travel industry. We went from a year and a half of cancellations, suspensions, and rebooking after rebooking to looking at all new travel planning. To those of us working in the travel industry, it’s amazing to see, but what does it mean to you, the traveler? Limited Availability

Cruise lines, tour companies, airlines, and resorts have all changed their protocols, max capacity limits, and schedules over the last year and a half. Now that there’s a resurgence in travel, one would think the same schedules would be available and ready to be filled, but that’s simply not the case. In fact, late planners have been left with very limited options. Because flight crews are only beginning to come back to work fully, the flight schedules aren’t back to what they used to be yet, and we foresee this being a concern for at least the next several months. Since COVID, most of the Car Rental facilities sold their fleets. They’ll take at least until this Fall/Winter to get back to full capacity, but until then travelers looking to rent a car may find themselves in a pinch. Resorts in the Caribbean and many hotels throughout the US are running at a reduced capacity and they are remaining nearly sold out on a regular basis. What about cruises and river cruises? Same story. Many of those who were on suspended voyages have gained value in future cruise credits and now are ready to start sailing ASAP. Additionally, ships are planning to run on limited capacity at startup. So what does that do to availability? You guessed it, limits everything. As travel advisors, we not only stayed busy throughout the pandemic making changes for our existing clients, but we’ve increased our travel planning tenfold since everyone is now ready to get out and move again. We even have started working for the DIY’ers of the travel bunch. Many who dabbled in travel planning on their own via websites like Orbitz or Kayak have found

great value in what we do when they had issues with cancellations and re-bookings and not receiving refunds. We’ve gained the confidence and business of even the biggest and best DIY’ers.

Price Changes

Early in the pandemic we heard every other traveler say they’ll wait to re-book because the cruise lines, airlines, and hotels will be begging them to come back and offering rock bottom pricing. But that’s not what’s happening. Sure, they can’t wait to see you back again and honestly value your loyalty to your preferred brand,

continued on page 22

Your Dream Vacation is Our Priority. 140 East Indiana Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724 386-734-7245 • www.roseboroughtravel.com • info@roseboroughtravel.com Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


continued from page 21

but rather than seeing a price drop, we’re seeing a larger increase in cost than any other year. We also see these prices going up over the next few years. So, if you were to ask us how to stay more affordable, plan several months in advance. This will allow you to take advantage of early payment discounts and look at value vs. cost.

Delays in Turnaround Time

Even the most automated vendors and travel suppliers have been bogged down by re-bookings and new requests. What would have taken 10 minutes to do in years past sometimes takes 24-48 hours now to confirm. Even on Orbitz and Kayak. Many of the calls we’ve received from those who’ve used these online travel agencies ended up calling us because though they’d been sent an invoice promptly, they were canceled out of their same booking only days before departure because there was no availability. From a travel agent perspective, we don’t confirm a booking until we verify availability. We won’t send you a confirmation until the booking is complete.

New Protocols

If you’re planning to visit another country or even another state, it’s important to check out their current protocols when booking, a week before departure, and then also the day before you’re traveling. Though it seems like a lot, keeping up on the protocols will make your trip that much smoother. Countries are changing rules and protocol often, and you will be denied entry if you do not abide by their rules of PCR, vaccination, travel authorizations, antigen testing, and all the time frames associated with them. Be sure to do your own research and follow all rules the country puts on you.

Does any of this mean you should give up on travel for the time being? Heck no!

Get back out there and explore the world! All this means is everything needs to be planned accordingly, and if your first option isn’t available, be open to looking for alternatives. Don’t stress with the resurgence of travel. We’re here to help. Amanda Vallone is the co-owner of Roseborough Travel Agency in DeLand. She is passionate about helping people experience the world around them. She was awarded and or recognized for the 40 under 40, President’s Excellence in Business, Future Leaders in Travel, Best Travel Advisor, and Best of the Best awards over the last 10 years.


We Specialize in Medicare Supplement Plans

CARMEN DUFFY Insurance Broker

386-315-4846 22

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


Are you looking for less stress? Less pain? Better sleep? Maybe even to regulate blood sugar levels? Hemp oil could be your answer. Before we tell you our recommendation, let’s take a look at a system in our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ESC has two main types of receptors: CB1 and CB2. Activation of these receptors can affect: • Sleep Cycles and Energy • Addiction and Pain • Learning and Memory • Inflammation • Heart Health and More Did you know our bodies produce cannabinoids? It’s true! These cannabinoids bind to our receptors and taking an activated hemp oil product can show major improvements to our sleep, pain levels, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, and blood flow. But not all hemp oil is created equal and most only absorb about 5-10% meaning your money is wasted. After all, what good is a product that you can’t absorb?

using nanotechnology to produce a nanodroplet with the size of 10-15 nanometers, ensuring the highest degree of absorption possible (about 95%). Scientific studies show REMEDY can show a reduction in inflammation–four times greater than the generic hemp oil meaning you get the most benefit for your money. If those results aren’t impressive enough, Gemini stands behind REMEDY offering customers a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you are suffering from poor sleep to chronic pain or from a multitude of other conditions that take your body away from homeostasis you owe it to yourself to give REMEDY a try. You really do have NOTHING to lose. FEEL THE DIFFERENCE WITH REMEDY! Freedom Health & Wellness Joe Hubbes Gemini Independent Distributor (386) 320-9688 www.geminiinfo.com/USA

With eight registered patents (four on inflammation alone) Gemini’s REMEDY stands out above all others,

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021






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The goal of Sudoku is to fill in a 9x9 grid with digits so that each column, row, and 3x3 section contain the numbers between 1 to 9. At the beginning of the game, the 9x9 grid will have some of the squares filled in. Your job is to use logic to fill in the missing digits and complete the grid. Don’t forget, a move is incorrect if: • Any row contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9 • Any column contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9 • Any 3x3 grid contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9




8 4








8 2


Sudoku is a fun puzzle game once you get the hang of it. At the same time, learning to play Sudoku can be a bit intimidating for beginners. So, if you are a complete beginner, here are a few Sudoku tips that you can use to improve your Sudoku skills. Tip 1: Look for rows, columns of 3x3 sections that contain 5 or more numbers. Work through the remaining empty cells, trying the numbers that have not been used. In many cases, you will find numbers that can only be placed in one position considering the other numbers that are already in its row, column, and 3×3 grid. Tip 2: Break the grid up visually into 3 columns and 3 rows. Each large column will have 3, 3x3 grids and each row will have 3, 3x3 grids. Now, look for columns or grids that have 2 of the same number. Logically, there must be a 3rd copy of the same number in the only remaining 9-cell section. Look at each of the remaining 9 positions and see if you can find the location of the missing number.

Life Plan  Independent Living  Assisted Living  Rehab Care  Skilled Nursing

Retirement Doesn’t Have to be Lonely 386-734-3481 24

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

























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www.freedailycrosswords.com -by Timothy E. Parker

1. Give a lift up 6. Like some transit or fire 11. Having lived many years 14. Equestrian 15. Do a make-up job? 16. “Seinfeld” uncle 17. Broken-in slippers, a well worn sofa, etc. 19. VHS successor 20. Pedal digit 21. “The Raven” writer’s monogram 22. Gig segment 23. Succeed financially 27. Bit of slalom gear 29. Costa del 30. Just makes, as a living (with“out”) 32. Son of Isaac and Rebekah 33. Suffered with 34. “Jurassic Park” mosquito preserver 36. Artist Max 39. Advil target 41. Participate in a debate 43. Europe’s tallest active volcano 44. Some impact sounds 46. Little kids 48. Be in a bad way 49. Cambodian currency 51. Poland’s Walesa 52. Bar rocks 53. North American hawk 56. Gets smaller, as a sweater 58. Mythical monster 59. -Wee Herman 60. Christmas holiday drink 61) Sine non (necessary condition) 62. Crumbly road part? 68. and downs 69. Scalawag 70. Dinner-table protector 71. Ending for many ordinal numbers 72. Jacket material, sometimes 73. Amiens is its capital


DOWN 1. “My man!” 2. Black gold 3. Not even 4. Religious divisions 5. Highway cruiser 6. Churchill’s “so few,” briefly 7. From Z 8. Small skin openings 9. Amount eaten l0. Really dislike 11. Ararat or Sinai? 12. Carpenter’s tool 13. Artful move

18. More humble 23. “Don’t give me that!” 24. Invasive household insect 25. Twenties from the ‘20s? 26. Change, as a clock 28. Reduce, as expenses 31. Female oracle 35. Cooks in the microwave 37. Small cut 38. Accounts 40. Give off, as light 42. Electronic music genre 45. Baltimore is one

47. Covers or hides 50. Remain in hiding 53. Mallet-and-ball game 54. Blow, as a volcano 55. Pigeon’s city perch 57. Block house? 63. Take to court 64. Pronominal contraction 65. Like a faint light 66. “A Nightmare on Street” 67. Bread variety

Aging Times Magazine | July 2021



Distributed to more than 450 locations throughout Volusia County. $25 per month up to 35 words, bold heading included. To submit ad email marketing.agingtree@gmail.com.


Profitable Gutter Business Two gutter machines, box truck, all reels, tools, and ladders. Owner wants to retire. Take the name and phone number and 35 years in business with all contacts.



Experienced Assistant Manager Leasing & Marketing Talents Required

Villa Grande on Saxon Apartments Independent Senior Living 62+ Orange City, FL

Send your resumé to Debby@cambridgemsi.com EOE/DFWP


The Book Nest used book store in Deltona library is open every day. Something for everyone: kids, teens, large print, paperback and hardbacks. Also DVDs and CDS. All proceeds support library programs. Deltona Library 2150 Eustace Ave, 32725, (across from City Hall)


Employers and referral partners do you need staff? Why not reach out to prospect candidates for the senior care industry through the go-to senior magazine? Post your positions today! $25 per month up to 35 words. To submit ad email marketing.agingtree@gmail.com


Magazine Distributer

Seeking a dedicated magazine distributer to support our distribution needs as we grow! Sanford, Lake Mary, and Orlando areas.


Do you have unwanted medical equipment or senior related items within your home that you need to sell? List your unwanted items with us and your listing will reach everyone throughout Volusia County. $25 per month up to 35 words. To submit ad email marketing.agingtree@gmail.com


Immediate Home-Maker Companion  With over 10 years in the industry we are e  xpanding our caregiver family. Established and well known private duty company in Volusia County is growing and looking for the most compassionate responsible caregivers possible to service clients immediately in Volusia County. Your job will be as a subcontracted caregiver to help seniors retain their independence in their home.

Call Today!

386-414-9787 AHCA LIC #234127


Aging Times Magazine | July 2021

Responsibilities may include: • Light Housekeeping • Supervision • Laundry • Transportation • Medication Reminders • Of Course Companionship

Requirements: • Valid Drivers License with Clean Driving Record • REFERENCES we can contact • Supply a clean Level 2 criminal background (will be checked) • Professional appearance • Experience with the Elderly or in the Medical Field • Home Health Aide Certification or CNA a plus but not mandatory







To celebrate the woman who sewed the first American flag, this festive alternative to a traditional burger features red peppers, white onion, and blue cheese toppings to mirror the colors of the nation. This recipe makes four burgers for your guests.

1 1/2 pounds of ground beef 4 hamburger buns 4 slices of good quality blue cheese 1 vidalia onion (peeled and sliced) 1 roasted red pepper (sliced) Mayonnaise (as desired)


1. Prepare burgers on a griddle or commercial outdoor grill according to guests’ temperature requests. 2. Toast and butter the bun. 3. Place a slice of blue cheese on the burger. (You may also use blue cheese crumbles for this recipe, though the crumbles may not melt as well as a slice will.) 4. Add sliced vidalia onions. 5. Top the burger with roasted red pepper slices. 6. Spread mayonnaise on the top half of the bun.

This delicious twist on a classic summer favorite is sure to satisfy your guests’ desire for traditional 4th of July food. Made with red, white, and blue potatoes, this 4th of July salad is the perfect accompaniment to the Betsy Ross burger.

1 pound white potatoes (peeled and chopped) 1 pound red potatoes (peeled and chopped) 1 pound blue potatoes (peeled and chopped) 1 medium red onion 1 cup sour cream 1/2 cup mayonnaise 2 teaspoon mustard 1 tablespoon dill Sprinkle of celery seed Sprinkle of apple cider vinegar


1. Boil the red and white potatoes for about 15 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork. 2. Boil the blue potatoes separately for about 10 minutes. Let them cool. 3. Mix the sour cream, mayonnaise, mustard, and dill in a separate bowl. Add the celery seed and apple cider vinegar. 4. Combine potatoes into one large bowl. 5. Pour ingredients onto potatoes, mix, and season to taste. If you would like the red, white, and blue hues of the potatoes to stand out more, use less sour cream and mayonnaise.

Does your family have a "go-to" family recipe and a story to share? Aging Times is looking to share a family heirloom within our magazine each month and we need your families story to make it perfect! If you have a recipe to share and a story please submit via email to marketing.agingtree@gmail.com. We want to share your story and recipe with our readers! Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


Our business partners have committed to providing premium products and excellent service. When contacting a trusted provider be sure to ask for Aging Tree premium services. ADULT DAY CARE Sender Retreat 386-453-4827 www.senderretreat.com Stay for the Day 386-453-4827 www.stayforaday.org ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITIES SENIOR LIVING PARTNERS

Alliance Community 386-734-3481 www.alliancecommunity.org CERTUS Premier Memory Care Living ALF License #13245 386-473-1513 www.certrusseniorliving.com Freedom Oaks Assisted Living ALF License #134581 386-767-5556 www.freedomoaksassistedliving.com Good Samaritan Society ALF License #AL5455 386-736-5800 www.good-sam.com Summerhaven Assisted Living ALF License #11967538 386-668-3674 www.summerhavenassistedliving.com ASSISTED LIVING PLACEMENT & CARE MANAGEMENT Aging Tree 386-626-2446 www.agingtree.com

CHIROPRACTOR Rescue Care Chiropractic 386-957-4786 www.rescuecarechiro.com/ CLINICAL RESEARCH Charter Research 407-863-1000 www.charterresearch.com Omega Research Group 386-668-4202 www.omegaresearchgrp.com COMPANION SERVICES No Place Like Home - Maker Companion Services, LLC License #234127 386-414-9787


ELDER LAW ATTORNEY Akin Law 386-738-5599 www.akin-law.com Meeks & Ceely, PL Coren J. Meeks 386-734-0199 www.meeksandceely.com Selis Elder Law of Florida Scott A. Selis 866-735-3377 www.elderlawfirmfla.com The Law Firm of Astrid de Parry, P.A. Alyson G. Morelli 386-736-1223 www.delandattorney.com



Central Florida Eye Specialists 386-734-2931 www.theeyespecialists.com HEARING AIDS, SCREENINGS/ TEST, & ACCESSORIES Hearing Healthcare Centers LLC Lisa Jones, BC-HIS 386-837-4849 www.hhcfla.com HERBAL HEALTH Freedom Health & Wellness Joe Hubbes 386-320-9688 www.geminiinfo.com/USA HOME & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Allen’s Appliance Service 386-668-5441 www.allensapplianceservice.com Install Don’t Fall Jacob Wilkerson 407-496-6066 www.installdontfall.com HOME HEALTH QwestCare Home Health License #299995122 386-327-1447 www.qwestcarehealth.com

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INDEPENDENT SENIOR LIVING 55+ Villa Grande on Saxon 386-774-1234 www.villagrandeonsaxon.com INSURANCE CMD Insurance Agency Carmen Duffy 386-315-4846 GES Florida Insured LLC Gary Sturgeon 386-224-1999 www.gsflins.com Humana Maria Perez-Conde 386-316-7079 (TTY: 711) www.humana.com Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company Todd M. Myers 407-805-0441 ext. 243 www.toddmmyers.com Page Insurance Agency Taylor Smith 386-873-0272 www.pageinsuranceagency.com State Farm Amanda Agnew 386-960-7878 www.insurewithamanda.com MARKETING Douglas Design & Marketing 407-774-8108 www.douglasmarketingworks.com



Barberville Pioneer Settlement 386-749-2959 www.pioneersettlement.org

Central Florida Home Pros LLC 386-668-2626 www.cflhomepros.com

Elder Source 904-391-6699 www.myeldersource.org

Charles Rutenberg Realty Terry Bailey 386-801-9300 www.terrysells.com

Habitat for Humanity DeLand 386-734-7268 www.wvhabitat.org MainStreet DeLand Association www.mainstreetdeland.org

Charles Rutenberg Realty Linda Hannon 386-848-8904 www.lindahannon.com RHEUMATOLOGIST

West Volusia Tourism 386-734-0162 www.visitwestvolusia.com ORTHOPAEDIC PARTNERS Florida Orthopaedic Associates 386-774-2500 www.fl-ortho.net PHARMACY Accardi Pharmacy 386-774-5800 www.accardipharmacyrx.com PODIATRIST Roy Rothman, DPM 386-753-1918 www.rothmandpm.com

Florida Arthritis Center 386-668-1410 www.flrheum.com SENIOR MOVE MANAGEMENT The Senior Transition Experts LLC 386-333-8277 www.theseniortransitionexperts.com TRAVEL AGENCY Roseborough Travel Agency 386-734-7245 www.roseboroughtravel.com WATER SYSTEMS


Best Water Systems 386-943-9202 www.bestwatersystems.net

Absolute Health Professionals 386-767-5556 www.absolutehealthpro.com


Schedule Your Service Online at AllensApplianceService.com

386-668-5441 • 386-574-8433 Aging Times Magazine | July 2021


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Probate Elder Law Business Estate Planning Real Estate


Passionate about care Compassionate about people!

We provide assistance in:

Akin Law P.A. 386-738-5599 | Akin-Law.com Here to assist with your Elder Law needs!

Daily ADLs Transportation ( errands, appointments, ect...) Walking and ambulation Cognitive impairment or decline Toileting and incontinence care And more... FREE Comprehensive Assessment on all cases.


Introducing a New Way to Navigate The Golden Years As we enter our Golden Years we are provided new chapters, journeys, obstacles, and many lifestyle changes. Aging Tree is here to provide guidance and support through all of your needs. Let Aging Tree help navigate you with your needs for all things senior!

Reach Out for Your Free Consultation! 386-626-AGING (2446) | www.agingtree.com by appointment only


making memory care better


(386) 473-1513

675 Veterans Memorial Pkwy Orange City, FL 32763 Assisted Living License Facility License #13245

CERTUS Services & Amenities: Unique indoor Town Center featuring a bistro, post office, salon, theater and dementia-friendly fitness gym Licensed nursing supervision 24 hours per day Private, single-occupancy suites Hands-on daily care such as bathing, dressing, grooming and more Medication management Secured/ alarmed community Dementia trained staff


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