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Frontage Real Estate Group


Law Offices of Gabe Giwa & Associates; Blue Dream Logistics

World Events 25

The War in Ukraine: The Facts, The People, and The Sunflower


Ukraine: A Strategic Nation

About Us


Unfiltered Perspectives of the Ukrainian Crisis


Magazine Team





Owner’s Insight

Afrovibes TV Show


Majority – All-In-One Mobile Banking for Africans

Health and Wellness 11

Reach Your Peak!; 5 tips when travelling They Don't Tell You!


Houston Holistic Health Clinic!


Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident



7 tips to relieve anxiety - exit strategies when stressed


Black Excellence


Get behind a Good One with Lil’ Flip


Himprovement by Kamani; Laid & Coolin; Let’s talk about it with Noku

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Science Technology 6




The Afrobeats Movement: We've Come a Long Way Fam!


Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Makes History


The honorable Teta Banks speaks on Women Empowerment


A Man of Dignity


Spring into Fashion with a Renewed Mind


5 Inflfluential African American Leaders


How to get a Summer Body: Workout & Diet Tips


Top 10 African Musicians impacting the World


Texas RxSolutions and Compounding Pharmacy


Marijuana, Money and Racism


Had I Known Love


Pharmaceutical Drugs Vs Holistic Remedies


The Art of Delivering More: Buckwyld 'n' Breathless Wows Fans



Great Spirits, Wine & Brews


New Record Label, Lahor Music To Operate In Texas, USA And Nigeria; Lahor Mental Health Outreach, Inc.



The Golden Lefty: Josue Zurdo Morales


Van Gogh

Spotlight 16

Featured Model - Maura Nicole Elskamp


Spotlight Leon Robinson


So You Are Thinking About Law School ehh…?; Featured Artist


African Comedian Basketmouth Signs Music Deal With Empire

Finance 23

The Importance of a Diverse Investment Portfolio

Is America Your Country?


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CONTRIBUTORS Ysabelle “Ysa” Abraham is passionate about empowerment, motivation and encouragement. She is a motivational speaker, life coach and a mental health advocate, with her non-profit The Mental Health Hub. She loves to work with youth especially to equip them with the tools they need to succeed in life. She was born and raised in London, England and now lives in Houston, Texas. Ysa has enjoyed working on the first Afrovibes TV and Radio magazine and hopes that the readers are entertained by the rich content! She is also Head of Business, Global for Afrovibes Entertainment and a TV Host of The Spotlight and Sippin’ Substance.

Cara “Soleil Soleil X” White is a recording artist who specializes in creating musical art for listeners to expand their mindsets and implement more love in every moment. As the Creative Director, Soleil delights in visual design, marketing, project management and process improvement techniques. It is her mission to partner with community business owners and help cultivate lasting equality, diversity, and inclusion in order to experience constant growth. As the creator and host of The Fashion Corner on Afrovibes TV, it is Soleil's goal to inspire healthy living through the use of fashion, education, and many different art forms. Join us as we shine light on positive habits and lifestyle tips and tricks, and stay tuned for uplifting music to help you along your journey!

Matthew Curran is a graduate of University of Houston in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in media production. He has a background in media such as positions in video editor, writer, videographer, and producer. He created mostly documentary and promotional video content for nonprofit organizations. He also has some background in creative writing having knowledge of screenplays. While he does nonfiction content, he has a major interest in pop culture, history, mythology, theology, philosophy, and other soft power-based topics. He also has a preference in writing such topics.

Tim Martin a proud, native Texan, and Veteran of the US Army, is the owner of Timothy Productions, with his other half, Country Singer, Sheila Ann, as well as Primestock Realty. Tim has been a licensed Real Estate Broker, for fourteen years. His primary focus is on the Ranch and Luxury Home market. When he is not selling Real Estate, Tim spends time working on Producing Content through his production company, Timothy Productions. Tim produced the music Video for the song Sign of the Times, and was awarded the Outstanding Music Video of 2018, at the Bose Fame Awards in Las Vegas. Tim also produced and directed the 2019 H-TOWN AWARD SHOW, at the Revention Center, downtown Houston, Texas. Timothy Productions is currently in pre-production on a new concept for the Rodeo World, along with Afrovibes TV and, The Mental Health Hub.

Sharon C. Jenkins is the owner of The Master Communicator’s Writing Services (TMCWS). TMCWS provides writing, editing, publishing, marketing support and coaching services to small businesses, nonprofits and authors. TMCWS has provided services to clients nationwide for the last seven years, and recognized for her fierce love for all things literary. Sharon is also a best-selling and award-winning author, a blogger. She is an Army veteran, has a post-graduate degree from Oral Roberts University, and is a proud grandmother of five adorable grandchildren.


Science & Technology

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Are You Your Authentic self? As most entrepreneurs would agree, creativity is key - thinking outside the box and not waiting on others to fully endorse you is a must! Follow your gut’s feeling and you will be surprised at what you could accomplish.

Philip Balonwu Afrovibes Entertainment Group LLC. Owner and CEO

In 2016, I wanted to shine a light on black culture across the world through Radio. I chose an online streaming platform approach to showcase content instantly without any controls and regulations. This was against the norm as most people preferred the traditional AM and FM stations for their entertainment. Not only did I have to assume content, I had to prove the value of online streaming as listeners were not adept to consuming music in this way. As we grew from Radio to Television to Magazine, our online platform grew as did our supporters. In the same breath, the world went online given the unfortunate events in 2020. Taking the risk to go against the grain and pursue Radio on a custom app have allowed Afrovibes Entertainment grow in a multitude of ways. You have to wander off the beaten path to find a path less traveled. You have to work longer hours than the rest of the world to ensure you make your mark. I encourage you to find your path as you have a unique gift and a story to share. I look forward to reading your story someday.

Thanks for your continued support as we continue to keep you entertained through our various outlets.




Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. - Oscar de la Renta



Spring into Fashion with a Renewed Mind REINVENT YOUR WARDROBE As we continue along this journey of life, it is imperative that we embrace the “new normal” and discover healthy ways to implement excitement into our daily routines. What better way to do this other than fashion!?

BE YOU! BE BOLD! AND BEAUTIFUL! Spring is always a great time to revamp your environments along with cleansing your wardrobe selections. It is important to dedicate some time and effort to actively go through each piece, assess your feelings towards the items, and decide if they are “keepers” or if it is time to say “goodbye!”

FASHION TIPS: ● Be patient with your unique process. Whether it relates to your hair, nails, wardrobe, or every day life, patience is key! ● We are ever-evolving beings, allow your style to evolve and elevate with you! ● Confidence goes with any outfit! ● Sneakers, heels, flats, or barefoot on the beach, take some time to take care of your feet! ● Mix up your patterns with neutral selections incorporating pops of color through earrings or shoes. ● Take charge with bold colors! ● Check your scent and maintain your personal hygiene in order to improve your health and prevent diseases. ● Keep your shoes fresh and wear appropriate foot attire for each occasion. ● Make sure your hair is presentable. (Neat lines go a long way) ● Spend money on accessories that appreciate with time (Ex: watches, cufflinks, glasses frames, etc.) ● Take pride in your appearance. Basic care routines are crucial in “Living Your Best Life!”

Express yourself, uniquely, in every form. Cara “Soleil Soleil X” White





Workout & Diet Tips

It’s that time of the year! Getting that summer body is easier than you think! Follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to that perfect body that will get everyone’s attention.

Step 1 STAY HYDRATED Get an infuser water bottle! With this, you can make your own flavored water with fruit which will encourage you to drink way more! Drink around 2 - 4 liters per day. This is a safe amount and certainly enough to maintain a good level of hydration. If you’re quite active, then you should stick to the higher end of that amount. Fresh fruits like oranges, watermelon, strawberries, lemons, blueberries, etc. work extremely well, giving you plenty of choices that can satiate your palate and thirst.

Step 2 SUMMER BODY DIET Nutrition accounts for 80% of your progress when getting yourself in shape, leaving exercise at only 20%. This shocks most people but it's so true. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t dedicate time to a workout routine, it means that nutrition is the main focus, and honing down on it will deliver the most impact.

Step 3 SUMMER BODY WORKOUT HIIT High-intensity interval training is something you have to incorporate into your workout routine if you haven’t already. It’s been a trending form of training for a number of years now and has been for a good reason. A one hundred percent effort is applied through quick bursts of intense exercises. Here are a few body weight workouts you can do anywhere and easily incorporate into your routine: ● ● ● ● ●

30 Push ups 30 Jump Squats 30 Burpees 40 Mountain Climbers 50 Sit ups

Step 4 GET SOME SLEEP! The process of losing weight and/or getting in shape gets significantly difficult without getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep. Being sleep deprived causes two hormones that impact hunger to be released: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin allows the brain to know when you are hungry. It's released in your stomach in high amounts when you are hungry and lower amounts when you have eaten. Leptin is released from your fat cells which allows the brain to know when you are satisfied. In regards to sleep deprivation, our bodies create less leptin but more ghrelin than usual which causes a spike in appetite.

As you can tell, this isn’t great news if you’re trying to get in shape. Nonetheless, if you make a good effort to go to bed early you’ll be in the clear and that summer body is just around the corner.

Health & Wellness


REACH YOUR PEAK! It’s easy to get tied to the path you are set on, Because up until now, it's been what got you through. Things can be extremely unpredictable, it can be tough to push on, To keep fighting, paving your way, pushing yourself through. All of a sudden, it seems you have to ABANDON what you know, You have to RE-flect, to RE-assess and to RE-group. Take a second, take a breath, take it slow, You don’t want to be stuck forever in the same loop. Ask - How did I get here? Now, where do I go? I thought I was headed to the top of the mountain. I am not where I should be, that much I know, But I’m not lost, I can change course, I am my OWN captain. Things can change, move, be predictable, I have learned there are many ways to the top. I can, I will, I know that I am more than able, TO reach my goals, TO push the needle, now I CANNOT stop! It may not be straight, it may come through unexpected ways. It may be hard, it may take longer than expected. But one thing's for sure, YOU will make a way, To reach your goals, your PEAK - accept it!

5 TIPS WHEN TRAVELLING THEY DON'T TELL YOU! 1. Wear Your Heaviest and Bulkiest!

I know this sounds weird but wearing your heaviest or bulkiest shoes or coat is the one of the best ways to save space in your suitcase. Everyone loves to take options when they travel - so to save space, dress your heaviest and bulkiest!

2. Tune in and watch the weather channel!

Always check the weather of your destination before you finally leave! Chances are that you booked your flights weeks or months in advance and predicted the weather. So if you booked your July trip in early January, you probably assumed that the weather in Mexico (for example) is sunny and beautiful... little did you know that now in July, it is looking to be one of the coldest and windiest weekend in a while! Be prepared!

3. 'Pre- do' as much as you can!

Do as much as you can online to save money! We normally pay for the ticket and hotel online but also remember to check-in online, pay for the place you wish to park your car during your trip, and pay for your rental car if you plan to rent. Try and plan and pay for as much as you can in advance so you don't feel like you're spending sooo much on your trip! Spread it out!

4. Don't Let Rush Hour Ruin your Trip!

Is your departure time on a weekday... around 9am or 5pm? Or are you flying during a busy season for airports.. like the summertime, or New Years? If it is, did you account for traffic when getting to the airport? Don't let rush hour ruin your trip. Be pro-active and if you leave during this time, try and check on a weekday, during rush hour how long it would actually take you to reach the airport... not the night before at 1am! Likewise, if you are traveling on Christmas Eve, leave maybe an extra hour early to be safe. You don't want to be that guy running to catch their flight!

5. Don't plan too much out!

Leave some time to see what happens during your travels! Planning is good.. plan to swim with the Dolphins in Florida or see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but don't over-plan. Trust me, you'll have fun wherever you're going if you have a great company and an open mind ! Cheers to that! By Ysa Abraham, co-founder of The Mental Health Hub non-profit organization, motivational speaker and life coach Website: | Instagram: @lifeofysaa


Afrovibes TV & Radio





MARIJUANA Money and Racism Opinion Piece


“One under its influence is devoid of fear and as reckless of consequences or results. There are instances where the drug crazed victim has been placed in jail, but in many cases, officers have been compelled to slay the fiend in order to save their own lives. ... A large percentage of the crimes committed are by men saturated with the drug... Most Mexicans in this section are addicted to the habit, and it is a growing habit among Americans.”, Deputy Stanley Good, El Paso, Texas. 1914


“When some beet field peon takes a few rares of this stuff, he thinks he has just been elected president of Mexico, so he starts out to execute all his political enemies. I understand that once in Butte, where the Mexicans often go for the winter, they stage imaginary bullfights in the ‘BOWER OF ROSES’ or put on tournaments for the favor of ‘Spanish Roses’ after a couple whiffs of Marijuana.” Dr. Fred Fulsher, at the 1929 Montana Legislative Session to discuss Marijuana Prohibition.


“Marijuana is the most violence causing drug in the history of mankind.”


“Reefer makes Darkies think they’re as good as white men.”


“There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.”


“The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is effect on the degenerate races.” Harry J. Ainslinger, Founder and director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, now called the DEA. Early 1930 to 1962. These five quotes are just a few of his.

For a moment, I considered writing an article consisting only of quotes from the early 1900’s and calling it comedy. This was the time when those quoted above, and others like them, were pushing for legislation creating the first marijuana laws. At first glance, the ridiculousness of these comments was almost comical. They became less comical the more I read these comments, and then I understood how much of these laws were based in racist ideology rather than science. There were some who jumped on the bandwagon such as Dr. Oscar Dowling. On August 21, 1920, he advised the Governor of Louisiana of the increasing availability of marihuana, (For reference, this spelling is used by white Americans to associate the drug with the Mexican population) a "powerful narcotic, causing exhilaration, intoxication, delirious hallucinations, and its subsequent action, drowsiness and stupor.” Dr. Dowling also wrote to the Surgeon General of the United States for help in making Marijuana illegal. Four months later, Dr. Dowling was forced to close his New Orleans Morphine clinics. In his desire to make the natural plant exclusive from the public to gain the upper-hand, prohibition ironically came at his expense.



I could not find anywhere valid science that proves marijuana is harmful; however, I found some interesting tidbits about marijuana. First written about in 2727 BC, marijuana as well as hemp has been known for their thousands of uses. In the mid 1600s, American colonists were mandated by the King of England to grow at least 100 pounds of the plant per year. For thousands of years, medical practitioners have touted its many uses in treatment for pain relief, nausea, Parkinson’s Disease, and hundreds more. My 77-year old mother swears of the relief from arthritis she gets rubbing CBD on her legs daily, which allows her to be a badass teacher throughout the year. I have discussed these findings for medical purposes with many politicians on a local, state, and Federal level, as I was the Public Information Officer for my local Republican Party for many years. The general answer from them all is “your evidence is mostly anecdotal, and we can’t rely on that, “ which means in their terms, there’s no true science behind it. Until two years ago, I was unsure how to argue against that, but that has changed since Covid came on the Market. The phrase “What the heck are you saying,” is how I start my response to them now. “You guys”, (remember, most of my circle is Republican) “are proudly pushing horse wormers for treatment of a deadly virus”, (my friend owns a feed store, he can’t keep this stuff on the shelf.). I also ask, “And what about Hydroxychloroquine? You guys all jumped on that bandwagon because a doctor in New York told you he cured 500 people of Covid, with it. Even then, he admitted that he tested none of them for Covid before or after treating them.” Of course, they ask me if I can prove these treatments don’t work. My quick answer is “I don’t know, but I am not the one being a hypocrite. You guys are keeping a natural substance from the public that was made illegal, partially because someone in the Federal Government was afraid a white woman might give a black man a smooch. You all choose that rationale over the many peer reviewed scientific studies done in the last ten years.” Now that I typically have them angry, I add, just for my own benefit, “Please Mr. Politician, tell me how this is not stupid?” Eighteen states, plus Guam and Washington DC have legalized recreational and Medical Marijuana. Another 15 States have legalized only Medical Marijuana. Texas has very limited Medical Marijuana use. I expect we will be the last state to fully legalize, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence of the last few years. “Cannabis has immunomodulatory [capable of regulating immune functions] properties and effects upon excitotoxicity [process by which neurons are damaged] that suggest that it might have a disease-modifying role in ALS [amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease” as said by Jacob Kaufman, MD, Department of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania. Peer Reviewed Study. Raphael J. Braga, MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, in a May 2014 Peer Reviewed study found that, “The objective of the present study was to compare clinical and neurocognitive measures in individuals with bipolar disorder with a history of cannabis use disorder (CUD) versus those without a history of CUD… Results from our analysis suggest that subjects with bipolar disorder and history of CUDs demonstrate significantly better neurocognitive performance, particularly on measures of attention, processing speed, and working memory…” The studies go on and on. Our Politicians push Horse Wormer and Bleach in our blood to cure a deadly virus only to ignore true scientific research of Marijuana. It is said that money can be “the root of all evil”. I say it is evil to block this proven and natural substance from the people. Money is a big part of it today. After all, how can big Pharma push their Narcotics and Opiates, if the public is able to relieve their pain with Marijuana and Hemp? Money was a concern to some in the earliest days of the Illegalization of Marijuana. William Randolph Hearst was more than happy to publish racist propaganda of the early 20th century to make Hemp and Marijuana illegal. After all, he did own millions of acres of timber that he used to make paper for his media empire. He could not risk a Hemp Farmer making paper for less money. He, like big Pharma today, puts money before people. If we truly want the stigma of Racism to leave our shores ,it is time that we quit with the laws our forefathers implemented through racist views. It is time for change. To those who tell me I am pushing ‘WOKE’ views, I say, “Kiss my still sexy, 54-year-old backside. I am pushing Truth and the Truth doesn’t really care what you think”.

Tim Martin

Award Winning Producer, Writer, Director.



FEATURED MODEL Maura Nicole Elskamp - Afrovibes TV Host & Model

She is a Afrovibes TV host of original show Sex, Science and Strippers. She is both a marine biologist and a model. The ocean has always been a key part of her life and she has been working with an organization to help keep populations sustainable. While Maura was in her undergraduate degree, she found a love for modeling and the way she is able to bring photographers and designers art to life.



To see more of Maura, check out her show with her co-host Rylea on Afrovibes TV on Roku, Amazon, our app and our website!




LEON ROBINSON by Ysa Abraham & Matthew Curran

Leon Robinson is a renowned and prolific actor and singer notable for his roles such as David Ruffin in The Temptations, J.T. Matthews in The Five Heartbeats, and Derice Bannock in Cool Runnings. He is also the lead of his own band known as Leon and the Peoples, and he won numerous reggae based awards like the International Reggae and World Music Award and the Joe Higgs Reggae Awards. He also has a background in theater acting headlining multiple tours in different theaters. Also, Leon Robinson has been on television, movies and theater in other roles such as the NBC series, Midnight Caller, Madonna’s controversial music video, “Like a Prayer,” All the Right Moves, where he was part of the cast along with Tom Cruise, Flamingo Kid with Matt Dillon, Michael Mann films like the Band of the Hand and Colors, as well as others like the film, Above the Rim, which he was with Tupac Shakur. His latest project is A Day to Die, a film about a disgraced parole officer that has to commit a series of drug heists on behalf of a gang leader to pay a debt he owes. A recent interview with host, Ysa Abraham, showcases him and his motivations of why he pursued an acting career. Leon would mention that he went to an all boys Catholic preparatory academy. Despite not having a drama department, he managed to get into athletics in high school and received a basketball scholarship for a university. It was around this time that a film student reached to him and asked him to be in his movie. He agreed and felt very comfortable at the set. He then switched his major to drama and studied theater, guiding him into acting since then. He said it felt natural and comfortable getting into acting, despite not having it as a calling beforehand. Leon compares the film business as shopping for clothes. If one shops for clothes and they put on something, then they know it fits them right there. Leon mentions that he treats his job as work since there is so much preparation involved in getting into character, memorizing lines, working long hours on set and so on. He treats acting as a serious craft that requires a lot of effort. He also mentions that his best role is really up to his audience, since he believes he acts out the characters for the audience not just for himself.


Leon’s observations about the film industry in America is that it has changed a lot for black and brown people, since the times of his early career. He would be the only black man in movies he was in back then. He knows there is still a lot of improvement to be made in the industry, but Leon noticed the many roles available for people of color that have been more than decades past. Leon looks to his father for inspiration. His father mentions the following: As long as you believe in who you are, opportunities will come. Leon admits if he is not the best in anything he knows he still is the best in being himself.

Be sure to check out the full of interview of Leon Robinson on Afrovibes TV platform: Afrovibes Roku TV channel Afrovibes Amazon FireTV channel Afrovibes TV and Radio app Afrovibes TV website:



Black Excellence

The Afrobeats Movement: We've Come a Long Way Fam!

Written by Efe Omorogbe

One of my minor but regular irritations these days is the unavoidable online encounters with the sometimes hilarious, sometimes annoying bants by younger members of the Afribeats nation. As the culture grows and numerous deserving talents make inroads into the global music industry, a section of fans appear to be infected by the e-syndrome known as "vawulence", brought about by an e-virus which causes sufferers to believe that they can only celebrate the winning strides of their faves by denigrating otherwise impressive achievements of others, especially perceived rivals. The notion that one person's win is a lift for the entire culture is foreign to these fans and it's not very difficult to understand why. Most of them belong to the generation of privilege. For a guy whose initiation into the world of music fandom coincided with the timing of a Chris Brown feature on a Davido hit single and a Tekno's feature in Beyonce's "The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack album, it is easy to believe the mainstream has always been next door. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A lot has changed. In twenty short years, a whole lot has changed and there's the promise of bigger things to come. Just a couple of years ago, Nigerian talents created equally fantastic music but found it extremely difficult to showcase and monetize it. A North American or European tour for the hottest Naija pop acts was mainly anchored on a string of small banquet hall shows in mainly backwater locations, parlour parties and African clubs. The circuit was as far removed from the mainstream (venues and players) as the NPFL is from the EPL.

Black Excellence


The boom we're witnessing today is occasioned by an auspicious convergence of cultural renaissance, tech disruption, tenacious stakeholder action, consistently improving quality and irrepressible content. The import of this current reality is never lost on an OG. Young guns can be forgiven for taking small wins for granted but me and my generation of pathfinders do not have that luxury. How could we? Who dash monkey banana? When we put out our first record at Now Muzik, a maxi-single titled "Slick Like Dat" by the underground rap fiend Slick, back in '94, we only had it in cassette. Indie push, no budget, no influential co-signs, we couldn't muster the necessary impact. We kept on moving. It was a similar experience for many others. It was hard for everyone.

Most of the major labels had closed shop, radio stations and clubs generally allotted less than ten percent of spin time to local content and what has now evolved into the immensely popular Afrobeats was in some powerful quarters treated as pathetic byproduct of youthful exuberance unworthy of serious attention. It wasn't that the Nigerian music industry had always been comatose. Quite the contrary. The timing of our entry couldn't have been worse. There was a well developed and thriving music industry in the 60s, 70s and mid 80s - the era of the vinyl - before the second and third waves of tech disruption that was the cassette and later the CD as sound carrier of choice changed the game for the worse. The easier it became to replicate and mass produce records, the easier it became to pirate releases. With deteriorating economic conditions, repressive military dictatorship, non-existent antipiracy enforcement apparatus and a deeply entrenched culture of colonial mentality, the odds were stacked sky high against the creators and promoters of the sound of young Nigeria but the tougher it hit the harder we fought. Brick by brick we built, step by step we, the indefatigable soldiers of the culture, trudged on until the 'nonsense start to make sense'. There were a few epochal moments when I experienced the shift, felt the tide change for real. Let me share this one publicly for the first time. The nightly mob of sellers, buyers and commuters was steadily thinning out but I was smack at Pen Cinema, Agege, Lagos so I conveniently swirled around the now extinct roundabout and headed back to Victoria Island. It was past 11 pm on a week night late 2016, a regular work day until that late call from a Europe based associate spiked things to historical proportions. The guy, head of a division of a major record company reached out and gave me a task. A pretty simple task. "Sit down with the talent, make the offer to him directly and get his feedback". For whatever reason, the exec who has been trying to close this deal needed to be sure the cold shoulder he was getting was direct signal from the artiste himself and not from his team and since I can reach the dude one-on-one, on short notice, that meeting could provide either a chance to get his consent or to get confirmation that he was indeed, uninterested. For me, this was a special night. Not just because there was a handsome brokerage fee to earn if the deal went through but because it was further evidence how well the movement had grown. It was quite exciting and gratifying.

I sped through Ikeja on my way to Eko Hotel sighting some of the spots where artistes and Alaba marketers had held meetings less than a decade earlier. Meetings where distribution rights were traded for sums ranging from N5m to N20m full and final payments and we walked away feeling like Neymar. Between 2006 and 2016, N20m would have been about N40m and that was virtually all a hot artist and his or her label could realistically expect to earn from direct music sales. It's important to note that this one-off payment was usually expected to cover the cost of promo and at least two standard music videos. Fast forward to this epic night in 2016. There I was on an elevator ride to the tenth floor on the swanky Eko Hotel Signature wing musing about this juicy offer I was about to make this young Naija-born, Naija-bred and Naija-based music star. I smiled to myself as I thought of how a few which years prior he may have been blown away by stories of N5m payments from Alaba marketers. I arrived at the door. One soft knock and the door was open. The meeting was brief. Pleasantries were short. It was past midnight already. I put the offer on the table and rightly expected it to crack under the weight of the figure in question.

"No recording, packaging or promo costs included. 100% artiste royalty advance", I quipped. He looked me in the eye, deadpan. "The offer is $1m ... aka N260m!" I declared. Wizkid smiled, thanked me SINCERELY and turned it down.



Had I Known Love Written by: Lin Lane

Had I known love, flowers would have bloomed in Spring I would have danced when hearing whippoorwills sing But in my heart no seeds of love were sown No one brought bouquets or called me his own I wear no wedding ring I could not soar above clouds on love's wing There were no strong arms to which I could cling In my heart, Cupid's arrow would have flown Had I known love I was never a Queen, beside her King No seductive words pulled at my heart string It beats like others; not made of stone My laments are a pitiable drone My eyes would not glisten, my hands not wring Had I known love


The Importance of a Diverse Investment Portfolio


Having a well-diversified portfolio can help mitigate the negative impact of short-term volatility or minor swings in the market. Yes, diversifying your investment portfolio is an effective protective measure, but it can make it difficult to generate large returns especially in the short-term. Determining how diversified a client’s portfolio should be is a common topic of discussion for professionals in the investment advisory space. When the client has a clear understanding of their risk tolerance, time horizon, and an effective method to analyze their investable assets, this in return will greatly assist the client in finding the most suitable level of diversification. In this article, we will discuss four main topics that greatly impact a diversified portfolio: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Asset Selection Risk Exposure Opportunity Cost Maintenance Cost

Asset Selection Having your investments widely diversified, allows you to disperse your money through a broad range of assets including: securities such as stocks or bonds, or alternative investments such as real estate, commodities, private equity, venture capital, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), etc. In future articles, we will go into the pros and cons of the aforementioned asset classes and pertinent topics of consideration when incorporating them into your portfolio. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses regarding risk and reward. Maintaining your holdings in different asset classes will help to create a balanced portfolio that will gain value in the long run.

Risk Exposure Diversifying your investments helps minimize your exposure to the market because you’re not concentrated in one particular asset class or market sector. For example, investing in the S&P 500 which has 11 non equally weighted sectors versus investing solely in the US tech sector would be a simple example of diversifying your portfolio. In future articles, we will go into the benefits of each sector and different investment strategies that can be leveraged based on macroeconomic factors. Reducing your risk exposure through diversification can help reduce the amount of money loss in your portfolio but there is still a chance that loss can be incurred especially if the entire market is declining.

Opportunity Cost Having a diversified portfolio reduces the probability of a significant return from a sector that you may be invested in. Going back to the prior example in the Risk Exposure section, if all of the holdings were invested in the U.S. tech sector opposed to the S&P 500, the concentrated position could result in a higher return on the investment. However, the likelihood of drawdown or the amount that could be lost increases as well. It’s important for the investor to have a clear understanding of market conditions to make an informed decision on where to allocate their capital in an asset class or market sector.

Low Maintenance The amount of time that would be required to manage a well-diversified portfolio will be much less compared to that of a concentrated position. The US energy sector, specifically the exploration and production of oil and gas is the most volatile asset class in the S&P 500. Having your capital allocated there will increase the level of unpredictability and rapid change to the upside or downside depending on market conditions. For those who have a lower risk tolerance or may not have the time to babysit their investment, this would not be an ideal scenario. It’s important that an investor knows themselves as this will have a significant impact on their investment strategy.

Written by Adams Ahmadu Financial Consultant




As the worldwide pandemic continues, the world has become hyper focused on disease prevention. Although the focus for recent times has been COVID, there are various diseases that affect us all at alarming rates. As we mature, microscopic tumors develop in our bodies at an alarming rate. Our bodies can be protected by natural defenses through a process called angiogenesis. The good news is that certain foods such as soy and broccoli can help stimulate angiogenesis and can also help our bodies to fight cancer. In addition, maintaining physical health can also help to avoid diseases and boost our immune systems. Pharmaceutical or conventional medicine and holistic medicine are two main ways of addressing health concerns. Conventional medicine is often reactive rather than addressing concerns before they arise. When illnesses occur, doctors evaluate patients to determine a diagnosis.

Treatments usually include pharmaceutical interventions or drugs, radiation, and or surgery. Unfortunately, all of those options are usually filled with side effects. Also, many pharmaceutical drugs have been detrimental to patient’s bodies and in the case of opioids, can be addictive. On the other hand, holistic medicine is based on the philosophy that our bodies are capable of healing themselves. Holistic treatments such as home remedies, lifestyle and dietary changes, massage therapy, and aromatherapy are just a few methods that are found to be less invasive, effective, and therapeutic if use consistently. In conclusion, conventional medicine is absolutely necessary in response to emergency situation as prescribed by medical practitioners. However, the benefits of holistic medicine is that the possibilities are limitless and allow us all to take directive steps to live our best, healthy life!

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The Facts, The People, and The Sunflower by Sharon C. Jenkins

The FACTS Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. On that day, Russian forces aggressively infiltrated Ukrainian major cities such as the capital Kyiv, Sumy, Berdyansk, Chernihiv, Odessa, and Kharkiv. As of March 10, 2022, there have been 564 deaths of civilians (41 of them children). A shocking result of this war is the unimaginable humanitarian crisis that has pushed over 1.5 million refugees into the neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. In 2020, Russia had a military spending budget of 62 billion (U.S.) dollars, the fourth largest in the world, compared to the six billion dollar budget spent by Ukraine. The U.S. military sent 350 million dollars of weapons to Ukraine. Europe’s humanitarian assistance came in the form of 190 million dollars and the Central and Eastern European Countries (Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia) sent ammunition to Ukraine. The governments of Venezuela, Belarus, Iran, Cuba, Syria, and Myanmar support Russia. As a result, western countries, such as the United States, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, (all members of the European Union) imposed financial sanctions on Russia and individuals affiliated with the government and the war, which included restricting airspace, and trade efforts. Germany has halted the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. China and India took a neutral stance on the war. Albania, Australia, Canada, Japan, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan opted to sanction Russia.

The PEOPLE When war grips the heart of a country’s people, their pain can be felt around the world. After two long grueling years of a worldwide pandemic whose death toll just recently passed the six million mark, war is an inappropriate response to the already sickened soul of humanity. But is there ever an opportune time for war? No, but it’s certainly not after a worldwide pandemic. Bravery without sacrifice is often cowardice in disguise. The posture of the Ukrainian people as their country faces one of the most heartless attacks on humanity the world has ever known is admirable. Having an immense amount of courage is required to get back up after being pushed down. That is why the bounce back power of the Ukrainian people is a testament in itself. To seek normalcy during an aggressive invasion takes an commendable amount of resiliency. They have an incredible unwavering faith in their country and what it stands for even in the middle of an unprovoked war. A few weeks ago, their lives may have mirrored your own. They bear the very face of all humanity. The only difference is their geography and their response to the surrounding war. Mark Neville in his article in The New Yorker titled, In Ukraine, Daily Life in the Face of War says, “What I find most remarkable is the resilience of the people there…, As a photographer, I’ve been in many places where people are going through incredible trauma. They would reach out to me for help, for money, to get them out, and I would say, ‘The only way I can help is to take your picture and tell your story.’ But with Ukrainians, and with some of the many of hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced, no one—not one—has asked me for anything. The only thing they want is to sit me down and tell me what’s happened to them.” Heroes are not measured by the size of their guns, their ability to stand during great destruction and still come out on the other side of it all is a more accurate gage. Win or lose, the Ukrainian people’s resilience will leave its mark on the earth for the history books to record.

The SUNFLOWER On February 24th, the day this unprovoked war began, a local woman in Henychesk went viral after voraciously attacking a Russian soldier in the street. After a few choice words, she waved a handful of sunflower seeds at him and said: “Take these seeds and put them in your pockets, so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.” That is why the sunflower seed has become a worldwide symbol of solidarity with Ukraine. Not only is it the national flower, but it has the remarkable ability to endure climatic hardship and survive, always tilting its face towards the sun. It endures because it always does. The people have spoken, and their war stories will be told long after the inhumanity of this war has diminished. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s historic I Have a Dream speech, “Let freedom ring…” Let it ring as the people of Ukraine pour out the truth about man’s blatant inhumanity to man, and may their experiences liberate the world from the possibility of unmitigated war becoming a normal occurrence. And finally, may the sunflower’s endurance be a constant reminder of the horrendous price paid by the Ukrainian people to share them.


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The devil must deceive individuals before he can destroy them. All problems cannot be solved with guns, bombs, and militarism. All international problems can be solved through spiritual understanding and diplomatic channels and round-table discussions; whereby there are no heads, because God is the Spiritual Head: “As it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Hebrews 9: 27). Because: “God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.” (Psalm 7: 11). Take heed, world community: “The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish.” (Proverbs 14: 11). Someone please fly with haste and inform Putin and his Oligarchs that if you live by guns and bombs, you die by guns and bombs. Heed these words of Jesus to his beloved disciple Peter: “Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” (Matthew 26: 52). For we all know, and if you do not know, you definitely ought to know, because there is no excuse for not knowing: “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13: 8). Every peace-loving individual ought to shout this from the highest mountain tops around the world, because: “There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord.” (Proverbs 21: 30).

America, on January 6th, 2021, we were spiritually and physically undressed before the world because of our ungodly hypocrisy. To be a good leader an individual must know how to spiritually follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Thus, effective leaders are wise in the spiritual precepts of GOD. Will somebody please tell these spiritual precepts to Christian Right Evangelicals, The GOP, and White Nationalists and reiterate to them that the constitution is inclusive; not exclusive that is only for White Privilege: something for nothing simply because of skin-color.

Ukraine from 1918-1920 experienced a brief period of independence. At one point, portions of Ukraine were ruled by Poland, Romania, the Czechoslovakian Republic, in-between World Wars I and II, and thereafter Ukraine became a part of The Soviet Socialist Republic. Thus, we know that Putin’s war in Ukraine will profoundly alter Geopolitics and world stability. Threats of nuclear war are clear indicators of what was wrong with Putin’s unwise choice invasion of Ukraine. Nuclear weapons are simply for deterrence; not for military use, unless a leader is suicidal (MAD-MAN). Unfortunately, Putin is both. Thus, too many leaders and influential individuals believe that everything must be solved utilizing guns, bombs, violence and death. On the other hand, Ukrainians are telling the world-community that no physical weapons of war formed against them will make them submit to White Privilege Autocracy, and we know that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. No doubt about it, there is a war going on between Putin’s ears, because Putin is a peacebreaker, not a peacemaker. Unfortunately, even amid ungodly-untold suffering the world-community is witnessing a 1619-mindset against Africans: shame, shame, shame. We know that there are Christians in Ukraine because of the manner in which many are handling the level of untold suffering heap upon their nation; therefore: “It is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted the good word of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, and have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,”. (Hebrews 6: 4). If the truth be told, on the other hand, Russians and the Putin Autocracy Regime of Oligarchs with their over exaggerated opinion of themselves: “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful: but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” (Romans 1: 21-22). Human existence is about fearing and honoring God, because individuals can only kill the body; not the soul. Thus: “The fear of the Lord is instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility.” (Proverbs 15: 33). Amen.

Dr. Bobby E. Mills is a college professor and author. As an accomplished college professor and public sector worker, born-again Christian Bobby E. Mills strives to live according to the fruits of the Spirit. He earned his bachelor’s degree in theology from Colgate Rochester-Crozer Divinity School and his doctorate in sociology from Syracuse University. His previous book, Corporate Christianity: How Double-Minded Pastors are Hi-jacking Christianity describes the problems that ensue when pastors put money before God. Mills has also written and published numerous articles concerning the pressing social ills confronting American society. Mills currently lives in Texas and occasionally travels as a keynote speaker. He can be reached at

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Unfiltered Perspectives of the Ukrainian Crisis Mykola Volkivskyi is the former Advisor to Chairman of the Committee of Ukrainian Parliament 2014-2021 and a political expert. Alumnus - The New Security Leaders program (organized by the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, the German Marshall Fund of the United States). President of The First International Ukrainian Foundation of Development.

The war, open military invasion of Russia with the participation of Belarus did not come as a surprise to the world various variations of scenarios and dates were emphasized by high-ranking officials, intelligence officers, analysts, and journalists. And after 2 weeks of heroic resistance by the Ukrainian people, the reasons for this war, the Kremlin's plans, and the "horizon of events" for all members of the international community are still unclear. I don't think the obvious should be ruled out: Putin's action was a painful mistake that he and all of Russia were warned about in advance. Thanks to coordinated work, the whole country knew about the terrible consequences it would experience due to the president's whims. When looking for reasons, we should mention 1) far-fetched - Western world policy, NATO training, anti-Russian policy in Ukraine, etc. All these are ideological statements and provocations. However, there are real reasons 2): strengthening and modernization of Ukraine's armed forces through systematic policy and support of partners (today Ukrainian forces are better in many concerns than Russian), Moscow's lack of prospects in normalizing relations with the world without stopping escalation in Ukraine and President Zelensky's successful policy - prospects of joining the EU, NATO, peaceful return of certain areas of Donetsk, Luhansk regions and Crimea. The last three reasons were a trigger for Putin, who understood that Kyiv's success in at least one direction meant the end of Putin's clan in Russia. The impossibility of imperialist control over Kyiv means the weakness of Moscow, the direct fault of their quasi-president.


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Today it is too early to talk about the duration of the war or its further scale, but after 14 days of fierce fighting, we can draw intermediate conclusions. 1. The destruction of Ukraine's military infrastructure has not taken place, all armed groups continue to fight, no encirclement/defeat of Ukrainian forces have taken place. 2. The supply of defense weapons by the West means that the dynamics of losses of the Russian and Belarusian armies will continue. Today, the estimates are as follows: 13,000 aggressors killed, more than 30,000 enemies defeated, several hundred prisoners, more than 300 tanks destroyed, more than 1,100 armored vehicles, more than 80 helicopters, and 49 Russian planes are eliminated. Before that, 3 more enemy ships and a division of Iskander missile systems, many losses among officers, Chechens groups, and others. 3. Kyiv has retained the army, control over all key areas, conducted a strategic defense operation with an operational fire retreat, and inflicted a complex fire defeat. 4. Civilians are involved in the struggle - enlist in the territorial defense, actively prepare means to counter the enemy, report on the movement of enemy columns, carry out sabotage activities, conduct actions to demoralize the enemy. 5.

Counter-offensive actions of the Ukrainian army are observed in many directions, progress has been made in several directions.

6. Mass evidence of captivity, escape from the scene of hostilities in residential areas, forests, etc.; intentional combustion of fuel and others. The fighting spirit of the Russians is at a low level. 7.

Due to the impossibility of success in any of the areas, the enemy army began to carry out targeted acts of terrorism shooting residential areas of cities, airstrikes on children's hospitals and maternity hospitals, shooting civilians during evacuations in green corridors, massacres (organized shootings) of participants in the war for Ukraine since 2014, means prohibited by international agreements (unconventional weapons) - vacuum bombs; taken under siege of the city; the world is being blackmailed by shelling nuclear facilities, including the Zaporizhzhya NPP and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

That is why we do not see any prospects for the end of the war on the part of Russia - Ukraine and other countries have begun to sue against criminals led by Putin in The Hague tribunal. Negotiations between the countries are deliberately sabotaged by the Russians unacceptable demands are made that Ukraine cannot fulfill, even if we lose, which is not due to the position of the whole nation and great success on the front. The international process has been undermined by the Russians, Russia is experiencing significant social changes, and Putin's stay in the bunker in the Altai region speaks volumes about his confidence. We expect that in the coming weeks, important changes may take place in the world - a very long transition of power in Russia, which is ripe. Ukraine continues to need assistance with closing the skies (or handing over the air and missile defense systems), assistance with aircraft, lethal weapons and shells, humanitarian aid, financial support, and a tough stance against Russia. We hope to receive reparations to rebuild the country as soon as possible, including through the arrest of banking accounts of Russian criminals who have caused such a great tragedy in the heart of Europe. I believe that by joint decisive steps we will be able to stop the war in the coming months by fully restoring territorial integrity - with Donbas and Crimea. It is more important than ever for the world to continue to stand with us and force Russia to retreat, recognizing defeat and repenting - as Germany did almost 80 years ago. Russia is committing genocide and must be held accountable immediately.

Mykola Volkivskyi can be reached at

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James Hartman is a political consultant based in Louisiana (USA) and has worked in Central Europe (Czech Republic) and Western Africa (Nigeria). In the short term, the impact on economies around the globe will be felt both by governments and average citizens. U.S. President Joe Biden's restrictions on the importation of Russian oil will certainly impact fuel prices in America, which are already skyrocketing. I am concerned for the impact on Europe if Putin uses Russia's contribution of about one-third of Europe's natural gas. In that vein, however, Putin must be cautious about his own economy, which is significantly imperiled by U.S. and NATO sanctions. Clearly, the world is a dangerous place right now. Putin's fallacious justifications for this war underscore his willingness to threaten global security including, especially, among nuclear powers. China is watching the world's response, as President Xi wants Taiwan; if Putin can annex an entire country without consequence, how will the dominoes fall? The situation changes daily, if not hourly.

James Hartman can be contacted at

William S. Bike, senior vice president, Central Park Communications, and author of the book Winning Political Campaigns. The cause of the war: Putin wants to recreate the Soviet Union. Had Donald Trump won a second term as President and pulled the United States out of NATO as he discussed doing, Putin not only would have attacked Ukraine but the old Soviet and now independent republics of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, and probably the old Soviet satellite Poland as well. So while he couldn’t attack those other republics because NATO would have been forced to defend, Putin attacked Ukraine anyway, figuring the West would fail to react. After all, it didn’t react when Russia cyber-meddled in the Brexit vote in the UK, and it didn’t react when Russia cyber-meddled in the American Presidential election of 2016. But Putin badly miscalculated, and suddenly the West and the rest of the world are united in a way not seen since the beginning of the Cold War in the late 1940s. Projected outcome: Ukraine War is likely to be Russia’s Vietnam. Continuing military operations, with continuing resistance by Ukrainians. Domestically in Russia, a worsening economy as military spending reduces spending on domestic needs. Indictment of Putin by the International Criminal Court as a war criminal. And worldwide pariah status for Russia that has not been seen since the aftermath of the Bolshevik revolution in the late nineteen-teens and 1920s. Effect on the West: The Western world is acting in concert and staying united. It is quickly finding replacements for Russian oil, Russian gas, and Russian goods. There also will be less discord in the West as Russian hackers’ influence on Western social media wanes—that is already happening. Gasoline prices will fall when sanctions against Venezuelan oil are lifted and when the United States ramps up its own production and urges Saudi Arabia to do the same. The old Cold War alliance, which had been fractured and in tatters since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, will return to a degree not seen since the 1950s.

William S. Bike joined Central Park Communications in 1995 as vice president and was promoted to senior vice president in 2003. He is a historical expert and pundit with decades of experience as a journalist and governmental liaison for various organizations. See more about William S. Bike at


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Are You Constantly Sick and Don’t Know Why?

Better Health Naturally ”

At Houston Holistic Health Clinic, we strive to make our patients better. We offer many testing options. A Hair Trace Metal Analysis Test will show what toxic and trace metals are in your system. A deficiency in these metals is a major cause of disease. If certain foods are making you sick, a food allergy test will test for 96 different foods. Houston Holistic will see all patients, all insurances and payments are accepted. Dr. Grace Chukwu is a licensed practitioner specializing in Holistic Primary Care and Neuropathy with 15 years of experience in holistic medicine. Dr. Chukwu is also experienced in nutrition supplements, homeopathy, and non-invasive screenings. Her main goal is to find underlying causes and create wellness plans to help heal her patients. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes prevention-methods and promotion of optimal health through the use of natural therapies. Her patients have obtained results through the successful implementation of her practices.

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KETANJI BROWN JACKSON Makes History By Christiana Giwa

After 233 years, President Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the first African American woman on the Supreme Court. “For too long, our government, our courts haven’t looked like America,” Biden said. Out of 115 justices nominated to the court, 108 justices have been white men, five justices have been women, and only two justices are African American men. Biden made a campaign promise to nominate an African American woman to the Supreme Court. Jackson was a staff reporter and researcher for Time Magazine and graduated from Harvard Law school with honors. She served as a law clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer from 1999 to 2000. She was then nominated by President Obama to the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. In 2021, she was nominated by President Biden to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C circuit. Biden wants Jackson to be confirmed no later than Easter. She only needs 51 votes to be confirmed by the Senate.



The Art of Delivering More: Buckwyld 'n' Breathless Wows Fans By Meth E. Kulus

When Buckwyld n Breathless: #TheBAADExperience was announced on January 3, 2022, quite a number of fans and industry players expressed excitement. First, the event, Nigeria's premiere fully-scripted concert brand was making a post covid-19 return and secondly, everyone's favorite celebrity couple, Banky W and Adesua were headlining. Beloved and respected as they are, a large number of fans weren't quite sure what to expect from the couple as co-headliners. Granted, Banky W could exit his businessman/director/producer/pastor/politician mode, adorn his R&B heartthrob garb and go on to deliver a dozen plus hits from his impressive catalog but what exactly would Adesua be doing? OK. She's one of Nollywood's most bankable leading ladies and also a respected thespian but BnB is a music concert, isn't it? "How would this play out?", not a few rightly wondered. Fans caught a glimpse of the spectacle to come when two days to the eagerly anticipated concert, Adesua dropped the Cobhams Asuquo-produced single "So Natural". One spin of the jam communicated clearly that this was not a novelty indulgence or another star actor trying to sing. Susu indeed can sing and the track was banging like a clay pot of hot banga soup.

Like Voltron, the pieces came together - Cobhams as music director, Banky and Adesua as writers, Kenneth Uphopho as director, Edi Lawani as technical director, Mike "Boss DNMT" Igbelabo and Bunmi Olunloyo as choreographers, Mai Atafo as costume designer, Lolu Durojaiye as AV director, Helen Abutu as producer and Efe Omorogbe as creative director/executive producer. Supported by a team of best-in-class resources in every department Buckwyld Media in collaboration with EME and BAAD Media Productions made good on its big promise to deliver a concert unlike anything the fans had experienced before.

After an opening which in the BnB tradition showcased a selection of acts to seriously watch out for namely Maytronomy, Dayyo, Syemca and Eleesha, host Andre Blaze introduced the sensational Timi Dakolo and the rest was sheer magic. Banky W and Adesua supported by MI, Waje and Skales gave the audience a hybrid musical/concert experience to savor and cherish for a long time to come.

Efe Omorogbe states. " Banky and Adesua were an absolute joy to work with. Consummate professionals whose commitment to excellent results inspired everyone. The most gratifying thing about delivering a well-received BnB production is usually the biggest challenge. What next? How does one touch or top that? Banky and Adesua have further raised the bar. The challenge of topping #TheBAADExperience is daunting but it's one we relish. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way."

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Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident Brought to you by: Bestway Healthcare

When you are involved in an auto accident, your body has been put through maneuvers that it would not experience in any other way. It is not unusual to sustain whiplash or misalignments anywhere along your neck or back. Sometimes the pain is felt almost immediately, but it can also begin later once your adrenaline levels have normalized. Whether or not you notice pain or discomfort, it isn't a bad idea to seek chiropractic care. There are many ways in which chiropractic care can prove beneficial after a car accident.

Inflammation Reduction - It is a natural response for your body to become inflamed after an auto accident in response to muscle and ligament stretching and tears. If you are feeling sore and achy, inflammation may be to blame. Chiropractic care can realign the spinal so it can release natural anti-inflammatory substances that can ease your documents.

Whiplash - If you are experiencing dizziness, headaches, soreness, nausea, or discomfort in your neck or elsewhere in your back, there is a good chance you have whiplash. These symptoms do not always show up immediately, and if you begin treatment promptly, you could save yourself from the worst of it.

Pain Reduction - Chiropractic care is not just about spinal misalignments. Treatments can also release hormones that will reduce the pain you are feeling throughout your body, not just your back and neck.

Avoid Long-Term Issues - It is not uncommon to avoid seeking medical care after an auto accident when you are not experiencing intense pain, but you should know that minor injuries can lead to long-term chronic pain and other issues. The best way to prevent this from happening is to be seen by a chiropractor.

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Bobby E. Mills, PhD


ometimes in order to rightly answer a question an individual must both psycho-analyze the question and the questioner. In this circumstance both are the same. In order to effectively answer the question; we must return to America’s historic beginning. Therefore, ask indigenous Native Americans is America their country? The obvious answer is a resounding: YES! However, if we examine the historical record of what happened to Native Americans it is an abomination. Therefore, the country belongs to those who have control of the country utilizing guns, more guns and whatever weaponry is in vogue. Let’s briefly revisit 1619 when Blacks were brought to America as slaves regardless of the circumstances. In 1860-1863 America was engaged in a brutal-bloody Civil War between the free states and the slave-holding states, north versus the south, the union verses the confederacy, and the Yankees versus the Rebels. Thank God Almighty the Union won and occupied the Confederate states. No doubt about it, the infrastructure of America was built on the backs of slave labor, and even after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation Blacks were never free, because President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth making certain that Blacks did not receive reparations. Vice President Andrew Johnson a southerner became President, and immediately began to remove Union soldiers from the South, and later instituted the Black Codes denying Black their Human and Civil Rights. In the twenty-first century, American Blacks are still not first-class citizens, because in a democracy Human Rights, Civil Rights and Voting Rights are the same! Sadly, too many Americans are attempting to change democracy into Russian-style White Privilege Autocracy: something for nothing. Thus, even White autocracy is not for all Whites; Russia is the perfect example. Since we have the historical facts concerning America’s checkered historical sins: let’s spiritually attempt to answer the question: Is America Your Country? Obviously, it is for most White Americans, but not for all Whites. Christian Right Evangelicals, The GOP and White Nationalists want America to become a White Privilege Oriented Autocracy by any means necessary. The world is witnessing the devilish horrors of Russian-style White Autocracy against a very young fledgling Ukrainian-style Democracy. Thank God Ukrainians are standing on Godly ground even unto death. Unfortunately, we have too many White Privilege Oriented Autocrats in America standing on devilish ground attempting to play God. I cannot speak for all Blacks, but I can honestly say that most Blacks love America, because we know no other country. All Blacks know that their ancestral origin is the continent of Africa, but they cannot trace their ancestral history to a particular nation-state. Yet, most White Americans return to their native ancestral homelands, and are proud of their native land. While, on the other hand, America is the native homeland of Blacks, because America is all Blacks really know as a homeland. Question: is America our country? The answer is a formidable YES! Because Blacks basically built America’s infrastructure, fought gallantly in every war on American as well as foreign soil. Black love America and by the grace and mercy of God we will change and challenge America to honor and live-up to its constitutional creed. However, Blacks will not be fools for America, because: “Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favor.” (Proverbs 14:9). Thus: “As it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” (1 Cornithians 2: 9). Amen!

Black Excellence



The Honorable Teta Banks, Ed.D. serves as President of The International Forum, Executive Member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, and the Immediate Past Chair of the United Nations Association of the United States of America. She is the first person of African descent to serve as Chair of UNA-USA in the organization’s 75 year history, and the first and only woman of African descent to serve on the World Federation Board. Dr. Banks is a diplomat, educator, and human rights advocate who was educated at several universities including Oxford University. She serves as consultant to the embassy of the Republic of Liberia and is a former Consul General of Liberia. She also has served on the faculties and administrations of various universities, including Howard University, Rutgers University, Spelman College, and Prairie View A&M University of Texas. Banks' educational training and experiences have impacted on how she formulates decision-making and critical issues. She would mention how she approaches situations, especially one that can be heated by going into a situation from an inquisitive standpoint. She said it was important to come to a place of understanding and then capitalize any opportunities to make meaningful change after a connection is made. Teta Banks would recall a story of how she met a white Afrikaaner colleague during her time in an international program, while the apartheid era was going on. She approached him amicably, making some good discussions with him that eventually the connection was made to the point that his views changed and even helped Banks’ mother get airlifted out of South Africa after a conflict erupted. Dr. Banks also used these skills as an advisor to the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission to assist the country move from war-torn status to progress.


he Honorable Teta Banks was asked if she would get to the point of retiring. She responded that it is in her lifeblood to continue to grow and contribute in ways that benefit other individuals, communities, and nations. She believes if one enjoys what they are doing they should continue doing it. She continues to assist historically Black colleges and universities and also advocates for many African communities whether they are from the continent, the Caribbean, or the Americas to continue making connections with each to make a difference for the African Diaspora community as a whole. She believes in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, "What affects one directly, affects all indirectly. We are inextricably bound together."




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GET BEHIND A GOOD ONE WITH LIL’ FLIP The people want it, the rest of the country knows it, why is Texas not listening. Lil Flip wants to know, and he knows that you want to know. Lil Flip will find out, for you and with you. And he, along with Afrovibes TV, will film it all. 33 states have listened to the people. Lil Flip wants to know why Texas won’t listen. He wants to know why the Federal Government won’t listen. And he wants to know what happened to “Of the People, For the people, and By the People”. And he knows that you want to know. The show will be called “Get Behind a Good One”. The cause is a good one. Lil Flip knows that the time has come for celebrities, like himself, to use their platforms to get behind this good cause. He knows that it is time for his platform to be used, as a powerful tool, to fight for you. He is ready to take on the establishment and do what is best for you all. “Get Behind a Good One” will feature Lil Flip, hosting the politicians that are not listening to you, as well as the activists and politicians who are working for you. He will ask the tough questions and demand true and transparent answers to your questions. Lil Flip will ensure you are given the truth. No more ignoring the people. No more unfair legislation. No more hiding behind closed doors. Lil Flip is going to bring it all out.

LIL’FLIP, time for it all to stop. AMERICAN


Marijuana is a natural substance. Marijuana is not a “Gateway Drug”. Marijuana is not “The Devil”. Marijuana does not cause anger; it does not cause fights. THC does not cause death from overdoses. Marijuana should not be a reason for humans to languish in prison, simply for having a natural substance. It is

As a matter of fact, the only cause of any negative effects for the public of Marijuana is throughout government forcing you, the people, to use underground sources to access the thing that, by all rights, you should have access to. You can buy cigarettes in any store. They kill, Marijuana doesn’t. You can buy alcohol in any store. It kills. Marijuana doesn’t. You can buy processed food in any store, they kill, Marijuana doesn’t. It is time to stop the double standards. It is time to take this fight to the next level. Lil Flip is ready to do this. Lil Flip will do this. “Get Behind a Good One” is coming soon to Afrovibes Television. Produced by Award Winning Producer, Tim Martin, along with Afrovibes Television and starring platinum selling artist, Lil Flip. Join us, get the answers you deserve!

Spotlighting New TV Shows

Afrovibes TV Show


HIMPROVEMENT BY KAMANI Himprovement is an hour-long show where Kamani Randall interviews a different guest every week. Together, they discuss crucial topics for young men, including mental health, personal development, masculinity, culture, financial literacy, success, and dating. This informative show is thought-provoking, yet relatable as Kamani and his guests have indepth discussions about the topics that are not talked about enough amongst young men. The Host Kamani is a finance analyst who does his best to live an authentic and productive lifestyle while helping others to do the same. He graduated from Texas A&M University - College Station with a BBA in Finance, and founded Himprovement LLC., a life and financial coaching business geared towards helping young men live the life that they desire.

LAID & COOLIN Houston’s New favorite Duo Laid and Coolin Records is now streaming on Afrovibes and Radio. Laid and Coolin Records focuses on tips in the music industry, pop culture, and modern conversation all around the world. Based in Texas, TV hosts Maddie and Pluto started funding all of their own productions such as music videos, shows and photo shoots and have established a good following on social media. Laid and Coolin Records has collaborated with underground artists from the south and has performed around the city. If you are looking for information on how to start your own music business, or more tips on networking and growing in the entertainment industry, watch Laid and Coolin Records on Afrovibes and Radio.

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT WITH NOKU Noku is the host of the show, Let’s Talk About It. The show is where we shed light on topics that people might not talk about in the open. Some examples are side pieces, being single and childless at the age of 40, Christians vs. humanity and much more! Noku’s ambition is that this creates a safe platform where people feel accepted. Noku was born in South Africa and later moved to Houston, TX where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Technical Management. As a creative, Noku was able to release 14 songs which can be found on all digital platforms, she has a jewelry line, an insurance legacy building platform, and also has her hand in property ownership.



Kelvin Osaz’s philosophy is simple:

Clients Come First!

My pledge is to be in constant communication with my clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process and giving excellent real estate service to each client. Kelvin believes that if a client is not left with an amazing experience, he hasn’t done his job. He believes that success is not measured through the achievements or awards that he has earned, but through the satisfaction of his clients. Please contact Kelvin Osaz to buy, sell, or invest in real estate today for residential and commercial!!! - Kelvin Osaz

(713) 456-2041 (832) 274-9104


So You Are Thinking About Law School ehh…? By Christopher Agboli


If you’re reading this then, at the very least, you’re contemplating going to law school. Before you take that next step, consider the following advice:

1. Read fictional and non-fictional books. This sounds silly, but in law school you will read a lot. As an attorney you will read a lot. My advice is to create a habit of reading for leisure. Too many attorneys only read for legal reasons, however, reading both fictional and non-fictional books will allow your brain to be sharper when digesting legal material.

2. Take a writing class. In undergrad, work on your writing. Legal writing is unique and you will learn how to do the same in law school, however, do not leave undergrad without being a confident writer.

3. Do NOT shy away from Math Courses. What? I know, it sounds strange, but math and legal writing go hand in hand. To be an effective legal writer, as in math, you will have to learn to “show your work.” Again, do not focus on how to become a legal writer before law school, rather taking math courses will prepare your mind for what is to come.


OCK otherwise known as OVER CAST KIDDS. They are a collective of artist, singers, producers, and sound engineers. The collective consists of 4 artist ONIK (27), CHUY THA KIDD (22), AMBIENT (25) JADA COLE (22). The collective came together through the power of Uber/ Lyft and Onik’s networking skills. Chuy tha Kidd and Onik met in 2019 as he was one of onik’s passengers in a very short 5-minute ride. The two hit it off and have been making music and growing together ever since. Fast forward to 2022 and onik meets ambient the engineer, producer, and artist (A man of many talents) and a few months after the infamous Jada Cole was added due to her outgoing personality and wavy vocals. The collective started performing under OCK In January of 2022 and have been making a hard-hitting name for themselves amongst the Houston underground rap scene.



GREAT SPIRITS, WINE & BREWS TEXAS BEVERAGE INTERNATIONAL Texas Beverage International is a U.S. Company funded by entrepreneurs to import/export partners in the US. We are a group of professionals with vast experience in the global beverage market with the desire & focus to deliver a top quality product backed by top sales & marketing strategies and a reliable sales & marketing organization that will take care of our customers and consumers. We help and assist our US Military Veterans in every possible way we can everyday. We will be providing housing, employment, food, mental & physical assistance through a multitude of programs. We are currently looking at a large piece of property(s), approximately 5,000 acres unto 10,000 acres. On this property we will be building our future. This is where we will be building housing, where we will building one of the largest if not the largest sports facilities in Texas, where we will build hotels & restaurants, where we will build a 10 acres outdoor music venue, where we will build a professional fishing lake, where we will build a Wild Game Exotic Hunting Ranch, where we will build a US VETERANS Senior/Retirement Community and where we will house and create approximately 50 business for our US Military service men & women to work with.




WEEDS OF EDEN Weeds of Eden is a brand new concept here in the Houston & Texas market ! Weeds of Eden is 100% Veteran Employed. This is the greatest concept to come to Houston EVER! We are a Beergarden, a Winegarden, a Fresh Italian Deli, a Farmers Market & a Garden Nursery. This is a place of destination of any and all to come and enjoy. You can come by yourself, come with a friend or friends or just bring the whole group. Enjoy a glass of wine or glass of beer. Grab a fresh handmade sandwich or charcuterie board. You can even grab some of the fresh produce from the farmer’s market taker it to the deli and they will make you a fresh made tossed salad. This is a place that you have to come to ! This is a place that you must be at ! Come and enjoy and support your US Military Veterans !

Tim Giraud Chairman

CEO/President of Texas Beverage International.


Health & Wellness

7 TIPS TO RELIEVE ANXIETY EXIT STRATEGIES WHEN STRESSED Stress is normal. Good stress can help us be aware and alert us to danger. But stress on overdrive can become anxiety. The first step to combating stress is learning to recognize it. Below are several signs of stress that may push you into an anxiety state.

Signs of Anxiety:


Sleeplessness or sleeping more than usual






Crying for no reason


Easily agitated and/or overwhelmed


Inability to focus


Feeling a need to escape to a safe place


Extreme fatigue for even you favorite things


Chest pains, dry mouth, headaches

Now that you can recognize the signs of stress, what can you do to avoid escalating toward debilitating anxiety? Pamala J Vincent, author and speaker excited to inspire the next generation of world changers. Her website Dare to be a Badass ( shares current issue life hacks for women who want to make a difference personally and professionally. Check out her Podcast Her weekly newsletter, ‘Take Charge Tuesday’ celebrates how other women are defining their success and building their own opportunities. When we shine, we illuminate the way for others. Let’s work together to be influencers for eternity.

Health & Wellness


Be Proactive: Learn to recognize the signs of stress early as well as the approaching signs of anxiety. Use one or several of your techniques for combating anxiety. The trick is to start early.

Reach out: Build a network of people you can trust that understand not only the extent of your anxieties but that know your coping mechanisms.

Research Options: There are a wide variety of physical and mental feedback methods that can ease anxieties; research them and have a plan A and a plan B that you prefer. There are also homeopathic remedies and medications that very successfully treat the physical effects of anxiety. Research each of these options until you find the one that works for you. Get help and take a trusted confidant with you that might hear something you could miss.

Support Groups: Find a group where you can talk about your anxiety, you might just hear something new that rings true for you to use. No one understands anxiety and its complexities better than someone that’s gone through it.

Be Still: Give yourself permission to check out of situations that make you uncomfortable or host feelings of being overwhelmed. As you rest and heal, these feelings will be more manageable. Learn and practice meditation to relax the body’s reaction. Others successfully use the Meridian Tapping Method. The trick is to explore many methods of relaxing and use the one that works for you.

Exercise: Giving the body something to do with the adrenaline produced by anxiety is not only restoring but relaxing. Try a new workout class, DVD or home fitness equipment. It doesn’t take but an easy twenty minute walk to begin to release tension.

Quiet Activities: Take up painting, photography, scrapbooking, coloring, gardening, or fishing to quiet your body and mind. It’s a good idea to belong to group activities but it’s equally as important to have activities you can do alone and quiet the noise within.

Millions of people experience anxiety episodes at least one time in their life. And most of those people won’t see it coming, nor will do much about it. That lack of being invested in your health stalls your getting well. Refusing to recognize anxiety can keep you trapped and allow the stress to take over your life. Unabated stress can have farreaching physical and emotional consequences. Choosing to do something is better than doing nothing. The more you understand what’s going on the easier it will be to equip yourself with a solution.

Short-term or life-long management can prevent a melt-down and leave you in charge of you and your health. Creating a stress exit plan may go a long way to avoiding the consequences of stressful anxiety. You’ve Got This!



New Record Label, Lahor Music To Operate In Texas, USA And Nigeria Princepaul Orobosa Agbonlahor Establishes New Record Label, Lahor Music To Operate In Texas USA And Nigeria. US Based Nigerian business mogul, Princepaul Orobosa has announced the establishment of a new record label named Lahor Music to further contribute to the growth and development of Afrobeat genre of music around the world.

In his words: The possibility of young talents gaining global exposure is endless and this is what we are out to prove with Lahor Music. We are out here to discover talents that will further propel the growth of Afrobeats and integrate them effectively into a working system of international exposure as well as revenue generation. We Move!!!


MENTAL HEALTH OUTREACH, INC. Lahor Mental Health Outreach Inc. is a 501©3, nonprofit organization founded as a community organization to address the need for disaster crisis counseling. With its commitment to provide crisis intervention, case management, psychotherapy services to low-to- moderate income individuals.


832-818-0356 832-672-7162


The Golden Lefty:

Josue Zurdo Morales By John Foster A quick interview at Afrovibes TV with John Foster introduces Professional Boxer Josue Morales who at this point at the time of this article is competing for the World Boxing Council (WBC). When Foster asked Josue about the world title fight on March 24th and how important the WBC is, Josue replied that it’s one of the most Prestigious. Just in perspective, the top 4 boxing titles are IBF, WBA, WBO and the WBC. No fighter has held all four titles since Lennox Lewis in 1999 attained that accomplishment. Josue has been a fighter since his early years from 7 years old winning his first tournament in the Golden Gloves event. He has a true love for the sport of Boxing; he had his dad's guidance at the first tournament and is now aspiring for his dream title shot in the flyweight division. Josue has a new coach Jose Cubillo since the past year as well as a strong friendship with respect and positive guidance from the trainer. Josue mentioned he was confident and determined to win this 12-round World Championship fight. Josue has won 9 consecutive title fights and presently holds 10 boxing titles. He prides himself in being a smart fighter and having the talent and skills to get it done many ways in the ring. His record is 22 -11- 4. 10 of his losses were split decisions in the opponent's venue.

Morales has won the following championships: • • • • • • • • • •

ABF West Super Bantamweight Champion ABF USA Super Flyweight Champion ABF Continental Americas Super Flyweight Champion UBO Latino Super Flyweight Champion UBO International Flyweight Champion World Boxing League North American Champion World Boxing Forum Latin American Champion Pro Boxing Federation International Champion IBA International Super Flyweight IBA Intercontinental Super Flyweight Champion





Van Gogh By William Okocha


Vincent Van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Netherlands March 30, 1853. He was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who posthumously became one of the most famous and influential figures in Western Art history. From 1864 to 1875 Van Gogh traveled to Zevenbergen, London, and Paris for school and work. In 1876, Van Gogh began spending most of his time helping the poor in the town of Borinage, Belgium. In 1880 Van Gogh began taking art and painting seriously. For the next 10 years Van Gogh would go on to create hundreds of pieces, some being his most famous like Vincent's Bedroom in Arles, Self Portrait with Straw Hat, and Starry Night. However, in 1888, Van Gogh cut off a portion of his ear and committed himself to a mental asylum in Saint Rémy after an argument with an artist he saw highly of, Paul Gauguin. Shortly after this they ceased to see each other. In May 1890, Van Gogh left Saint Rémy and began contacting his brother Theo. But on July 29 of the same year, Vincent Van Gogh died of a self-inflicted gunshot. He was buried on July 30 at Auvers-sur-Oise. Van Gogh was an extremely creative man with a troubled mind dealing with mental anguish throughout his later years. The saddest thing about Van Gogh is he was not recognized until years after his death. We should look at Van Gogh’s life and start giving others their flowers before their unexpected time comes. We need to also take mental health very seriously. The phone number for the suicide hotline 800-273-8255. There is help available.


Black Excellence

A MAN OF DIGNITY By Max Jefferson

Sidney Poitier, the trailblazing black male actor who transformed mainstream racial culture forever, passed away on January 6, 2022. His story is one of a true underdog. Born of Bahamian farmers in Miami, Florida, on February 20, 1927, Poitier wasn't even expected to survive after being born three months premature. In dodging certain death as a newborn, Poitier set into motion his chosen purpose as a dignified presence in a world that was largely hostile towards black empowerment and success. Long before his iconic acting roles in films like Lilies of the Field, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, and In the Heat of the Night, Poitier struggled to make ends meet in Jim Crow America after moving back to his country of birth at the age of 15. The vicious racism that he experienced in the United States was a culture shock for the young Bahamian teenager. Moving back to New York City, after obtaining a discharge from the U.S. Army following an unpleasant stint serving at a Veteran's hospital in Long Island, New York, coincided with Poitier's rising acting aspirations. Adversity struck once more when he was turned away from the American Negro Theater because of his thick West Indian accent and speech mishaps. This reflected his general lack of basic education up to that point in his life. A determined Poitier powered through unfulfilling work, most notably as a dishwasher. However, during this grim period of Poitier's life, to his surprise he realized that he had allies who were willing to offer some help and guidance. One of which was an elderly Jewish man who committed himself to helping Poitier overcome his educational shortcomings with literacy. Such instances of random care and guidance for a struggling youth instilled profound depths of humility within Poitier.

Black Excellence


Once Poitier hit his stride as a pure acting talent, and finally received the recognition that he desired through many years of hardship, he committed his career to only accepting roles that respected his view of himself as a dignified black man. Poitier understood the sacrifices that would have to be made as a result, but these sacrifices ultimately paid dividends in the 1950s with breakout films like Blackboard Jungle and The Defiant Ones. 1958's The Defiant Ones established Poitier as a movie star, earning him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, the first for any Black male. What followed was a decade of personal accolades and international notoriety for Poitier. But he did it his way. There's probably no better example of this than 1967's In the Heat of the Night. His role in the film as a Black police detective from Philadelphia who becomes involved in a murder investigation in a small Mississippi town probably best showcased Poitier's commitment to the projection of the dignified black man on the big screen, and ultimately in mainstream American culture. The iconic scene in which Poitier's character, Virgil Tibbs, retaliates after being slapped by a racist white plantation owner epitomizes the enraged heart of a Black America that was responding to the long legacy of racial marginalization and bigotry during the 1960s. Poitier was a sort of spokesperson for not just Black Americans, but also for the larger Black Diaspora. The American film industry underwent a unique evolution during this time. An industry where blackness had long been all but neglected and vilified, dating back to highly controversial films like 1915's Birth of A Nation. Poitier personally insisted on inserting the Tibbs retaliation into the film, both reflecting cinema's racial revolution of the 1960s, as well as the sense of responsibility Poitier felt that he owed to Blacks across the globe. In 1964, Poitier had become the first black person to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for the 1963 film Lilies of the Field. It would prove to be a precursor for several more achievements throughout the prominent actor's long career as not only an actor, but also as a film director, and eventually the Bahamian Ambassador to Japan. In 2009, Poitier was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. Looking back on his life, one can't deny that Poitier was made of the "right stuff". Whether it be surviving premature birth, overcoming racism and illiteracy, or transforming the perception of blackness within the American film industry. He did it all with unwavering dignity, class, and pride. A man of so much dignity should be admired and will most certainly never be forgotten.


Black Excellence

5 Influential African American Leaders

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born Micheal King Jr., on January 15th, 1929, in Atlanta,Georgia to his mother Alberta King, and his father Micheal King. Early on, he devoted his life to the Bible and believed in the Christian Duty that “we should love everyone.” Dr. King entered college at the age of 15 where many racially motivated encounters would influence him to become an activist. Dr. King was passionate about voting rights because he believed that everyone should have the right to vote. He will always be remembered for his famous “I Have a Dream'' speech on August 28, 1963, in Washington D.C.

Malcolm X Malcolm X was born on May 19th, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska to his mother Louise Little and his father Earl Little. In his early years, X had a passion to become a lawyer but was discouraged by a racist white teacher. The teacher stated that being a lawyer was not a realistic goal for an African-American, so he dropped out of high school. He later started living a life of crime through drug dealing, gambling, and robbing. He was later arrested in 1946, in prison where he began learning about the Nation of Islam, a new religious movement preaching Black resilience. He later became a leader of the Nation of Islam, and with his help the Nation of Islam took off in popularity. Malcolm X is one of the most significant leaders of the Black civil-rights movement. The motivation behind Malcolm adopting the last name X is in representation of him rejecting his former slave name.

Black Excellence

Rosa Parks Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama to Leona and James McCauley. In her childhood, she learned how to sew from her mother and later developed a passion for sewing. She had to drop out of school to take care of both her grandmother and mother after they became ill. In 1943, Parks became more active in the Civil rights movement and joined The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Parks is known for not giving up her seat to a white passenger(Montgomery Bus Boycott). Parks was the first woman to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol. On December 1, 2005, transit authorities in New York City, Washington, D.C. and other American cities symbolically left the seats behind bus drivers empty to commemorate Parks’ act of civil disobedience.

Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist and political activist. She was born enslaved in Dorchester County, Maryland, in 1822, where she later escaped. Her parents, Harriet (“Rit”) Green and Benjamin Ross, named her Araminta Ross and called her “Minty.” Her mission was to help slaves find freedom with the Underground Railroad. She made 13 missons to rescue approximately 70+ slaves. Tubman spent her later life doing philanthropy work. In January 2021, President Biden's administration announced it would speed up the design process to mint the bills honoring Tubman's legacy.

Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay on January 17, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali started his professional boxing career on October 29, 1960, when winning a six-round decision over Tunney Hunsaker. He was also a member of the Nation of Islam and decided to change his name to reject his former slave name. He was also involved with the Civil Rights movement, and refused to enlist in the Vietnam War. Ali is considered one of the greatest boxers of all time. An interesting fact that few know is that Ali starred in a Broadway musical called “Buck White.”





Bright Okpocha, born September 14, 1978 in Lagos State also known as Basketmouth ( stage name), is a comedian turned famous musician from Nigeria. When he started making music he was blending Afrobeats and hip-hop music together in his own works. However, he considered his works something that wasn’t easily understood, so he decided to go into comedy first to build the brand before trying to make music again. He tried getting back to music multiple times before deciding that recently it was time to reintroduce his music career again seeing that he felt his audience was ready to listen to it. Basketmouth got his name after years of being comedic since secondary school and university. During a performance, he and other singers were rapping, but the audience was booing them. In turn, Basketmouth had the DJ stop the music and Basketmouth played his comedic performance on the audience, which was very well-received. He even had someone come backstage who commented that he had quite the “basketmouth,” which was how he got his name.

Basketmouth is also an actor, whose film, Scorpio, is coming out soon. It is about a rich man that hooks up with different women but eventually breaks up with them until he meets a woman that leaves an impression on him. She also has the same star sign as him, which is Scorpio. Basketmouth also signed up with an American record label, Empire, for his music, which will provide more opportunities for his new project, known as Horoscopes.



GABE GIWA & ASSOCIATES The Law Offices Of Gabe Giwa & Associates was established in May of 1992, representing one of the first African owned and operated Law firms in Houston and the state of Texas. Our areas of practice consist of Immigration: -

Personal Injuries Family Business Criminal Law

In other words, we chose not to specialize in any areas of law. Since our establishment of this law firm, we have helped so many Texans in trouble. The law firm is dedicated to serving all and sundry. Our slogan is "Your problem is our business.” We give glory to God Almighty that has brought us far and he will continue to guide us and be our guardian, and see us through the remaining years of our existence.

Address: 6776 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77074

“Thanks for being a part of our success. Together we can make it,”- Attorney Giwa.

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Other locations are Pasadena, Texas (where we only attend to Immigration Clients), and the Westheimer road office in Mid City.

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Blue Dream Logistics understands that today’s businesses require dynamic and resourceful logistics partners with experience, integrity and financial stability. We provide a variety of integrated services, including Air Freight, Sea Freight, Trucking, Project Cargo, Warehousing, Container Stuffing & Securing. Our advanced technology and scalable, custom solutions leverage these capabilities to help our manufacturing, retail and ecommerce clients support their business goals. Our team of skilled and experienced analysts, administrators, auditors, dispatchers, and logistics coordinators all focus on the same, unifying goal: delivering world class services and achieving bottom-line cost savings to our customers.

And although we can’t be everything to everyone, if you have a need for specialized service, please contact us.

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Black Excellence


Miriam Makeba (1932-2008)

Angelique Kidjo

As a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, Fela Akinkulapo-Kuti was a great musician and composer who pioneered the Afrobeat music movement. Even after his passing, his music still serves as a beacon of light inspiring minds around the world. He paved the way for many artists to come, just by being an activist who fought for the greater interest of his countrymen.

=“Mama Africa” is the name that was graciously given to Miriam Makeba, a South-African singer-songwriter and all around activist. She is known for standing tall in her political views and fearlessly speaking out against apartheid as well as the overall Civil Rights movement. As the first musician to achieve world-wide popularity, Miriam Makeba is known for her powerful voice and intense impact.

Hailing from Benin, singer-songwriter and activist Angelique Kidjo is known globally for her diversity and creativity through various artforms.Pairing her unique multilingual fusion of Afrobeat, jazz, reggae, and pop with traditional African instruments, Angelique has won many Grammy awards for her impactful contributions. As the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she created the educational Batonga Foundation for the betterment of like-minded people.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Brenda Fassie

This South-African male choral group is known for their unique style of isicathamiya and mbube. Blending vocal harmonies, this group began recording in the mid-1970s, thus gaining great acclaim in their home country and internationally in 1986. Grammy awards and decades of world-touring is carried by this group to this day.

This South-African musician and dancer was nicknamed the “Queen of African Pop” due to her versatile and dynamic voice. Brenda Fassie began performing as a child in Cape Town where her rise and influence began. Openly standing up against apartheid regime, Brenda strategically fused bubblegum pop music with Zulu Jive and other local sounds.

Black Excellence


Ali Farka Toure

Youssou N’dour

King Sunny Ade

As a Malian singer and guitarist, Ali Farka Toure is known for his great contributions of African influence in American blues music. Staying true to his roots, Ali incorporated calabash and bongos with his lyrics sung in various African languages and occasionally in English. Ranked as the 76th best guitarist of all time by the Rolling Stone Magazine, Ali Farka Toure is appreciated around the world.

Award-winning Senegalese musician and songwriter Youssou N’Dour is celebrated as a global musical innovator. He serves as a key figure in the multicultural mbalax musical style, uniting various musical cultures with one another. As a political icon, Youssou N’Dour was also nominated as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and eventually served as Senegal’s Minister of Culture and Tourism. Music and politics merge as his touring continues on.

Performing a popular Nigerian musical style known as Juju, King Sunny Ade is a multi-instrumentalist hailing from Ondo. His musical style consists of a fluid, highly rhythmic traditional feel to create a multi-layered dense sound. King Sunny Ade introduced new stylistic concepts to international audiences, and remains as one of the most groundbreaking figures in Afro-pop history to this day.

Lucky Dube (1964-2007)

E.T. Mensah (1919-1996)

This famous South-African reggae artist began his musical career playing traditional Zulu mbaqanga music. Switching to Reggae in 1984, Lucky Dube was the first South African artist to have an album released under Motown in the following years. Lucky Dube won several South African Music Awards and continues to impact hearts and minds worldwide.

Emmanuel Tettey Mensah was one of the most influential Ghanaian highlife musicians. Respectfully known as “The father of modern highlife,” Mensah is widely responsible for the evolution of Ghana’s music. Pleading for indigenous rhythm to replace fading foreign music of waltz, rhumba, and more, he evolved a music type through the use of African rhythms, culture sounds, and native instruments.



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