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Issue 17 路 January 2012





The Official Magazine of Affiliate Summit


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Seven Precursors of Affiliate Marketing Failure by Geno Prussakov 路 Page 10

Three Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content by Deborah Carney 路 Page 12

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· Issue 17 · January 2012

The Official Magazine of Affiliate Summit · Issue 17 · January 2012

Table of Contents 3.

All About the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program


Making the Most of Sub ID Tracking


Affiliate Marketing: The Forgotten Piece


Work With Affiliate Managers for Higher Payouts

by Doug Davis


How to Maximize Your Blog's Affiliate Revenue

by Ryan Healy


Seven Precursors of Affiliate Marketing Failure

by Geno Prussakov


Three Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content

by Deborah Carney


Increase Your Productivity with These Ten Tips

by Matt McWilliams


Optimize Your Exposure with Review Sites

by Bonnie Rogers


History of Affiliate Summit

by Shawn Collins


Primer on Private Labeling

by Eric Almquist


Diary of Switching Affiliate Networks


Is Your Business Backed Up and Mobile?

by Shawn Collins


Affiliate Tips to Fight Affiliate Fraud

by Brett Bumeter


Seven Strategies for Intelligent Commission Setting


11 Ways I Drive Traffic to Sites

by Shawn Collins


Four Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Podcasting

by Dave Jackson


First Impressions as an Affiliate Marketer


Thank You Affiliate Summit West 2012 Top Sponsors


Affiliate Summit West 2012 Agenda


Keynote Bios


Speaker Bios


People to Follow on Twitter


Caesars Palace Las Vegas Map

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Missy Ward

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Editor’s Note

Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Windfall by Missy Ward


nternet ad revenues rose 23% to a record $14.9 billion in

The amplified adoption of affiliate marketing by ad-

the first half of 2011, according to the Interactive Adver-

vertisers and affiliates is responsible for its enormous

tising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC

growth. In fact, affiliate marketing is forecasted to grow to

US). This is twice the rate of growth during the same time

$4 billion by 2014, according to Forrester Research.

frame last year and with staggering increases such as these, we have to ask ourselves why?

The Growth of Affiliate Summit As I write this article, Affiliate Summit West 2012 is

Assessing the Economic Condition One of the strongest contributing factors in the growth of online ad revenues is the weak US economy. Since the mar-

projected to achieve its largest attendance with over 5,000 affiliates, advertisers, networks and service providers converging at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

ket crash in late 2008, just about every single industry has

The increased implementation of affiliate marketing

struggled with weak sales figures and lagging growth rates

into advertiser’s customer acquisition plans coupled with

and has turned to additional ad spends to garner more sales.

the bolstering of the industry’s impression overall are con-

A second contributing factor to the explosive growth of

tributing factors to Affiliate Summit’s success.

online marketing is the fact that consumers now spend an

Conversely, it’s with great pride that we look upon

average of 13 hours per week online, which is approximately

each Affiliate Summit event and meetup, every FeedFront

the same amount of time they spend watching television.

Magazine issue and all GeekCast.fm podcasts as a plat-

Advertisers with products and services to sell would be re-

form to inspire the growth of our industry overall.

miss if they didn’t leverage that fact. The Future of Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Proves Recession Resilient In the wake of budget constrictions and ROI scrutiny, smart advertisers have embraced affiliate marketing because of its inherent benefit of only paying when a specific

As consumers spend more time online and as the economy continues to bounce back, it is certain that the U.S. Internet marketing sector will continue to grow. Additionally, through continued innovation, acquisitions and as more online content creators integrate af-

action is achieved. Additionally, affiliate marketing offers advertisers a

filiate marketing in their monetization plans, there leaves

way to explore other customer acquisition channels, as

little to no doubt that affiliate marketing is poised for ex-

affiliates are quick to jump on emerging advertising plat-

pansive growth as well.

forms such as mobile, social media, as well as offline activities like print and coupons.


Affiliate marketing is an exciting and lucrative space to be in right now. Will you be joining us in 2012? [FF]

Missy Ward is the Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine and blogs on MissyWard.com.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

All About the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program by Daniel M. Clark


ince 2008, the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program has helped first-time attendees ease into the bustle

record; it can be nerve-wracking for a first-timer to jump into a crowd of four or five thousand! As the new coordinator of the Affiliate Summit West New-

Daniel M. Clark

of Affiliate Summit. Each show breaks an attendance

comer Program, I’d like to present an overview of the program and an invitation to join us at the next Affiliate Summit.

What They’re Saying...

Eligible newcomers are matched with veteran volun-

“I really enjoy watching the connections develop be-

teers in the weeks before each conference, and each party

tween first time attendees and veterans. Being able to

is expected to bring a little something to the table.

share insight about attending Affiliate Summit and the

We like the pair to have a phone or Skype call of at

countless opportunities available from participating at the

least 15 minutes before the conference begins. Email is

show is what this program is all about. I always love hear-

okay, too. The idea is for the newcomer and veteran to

ing about the successes that result from these experienc-

get to know each other, and for the veteran to offer some

es.” – Jen Goode, Affiliate Summit East Newcomer Program

advice about what to bring to Affiliate Summit if the new-

Coordinator, JGoodeDesigns.com

comer needs that kind of information.

“I’ve been on both sides of the Newcomer Program:

While we don’t expect the newcomer to shadow the

newcomer and veteran. If you’re a first-timer, a veteran

veteran throughout the conference, we encourage the pair to

will be able to give you tips on how to get the most out

hang out periodically during the event. We have an event on

of Affiliate Summit and get you introduced to the right

the Sunday evening that all Newcomer Program participants

people to grow your business. It’s a great program and

are welcome to attend.

I advise everyone eligible to take advantage of it.” – Eric

It’s a mixer, and we have soft drinks and snacks of

Nagel, Pinnacle Award Winner, EricNagel.com

some kind. This is a massive opportunity for newcomers to meet people who have been a part of the industry for

Let’s Get Together!

years; it’s also great for veterans to get to know some of

If you have yet to attend your first Affiliate Summit

the people that will be helping Affiliate Summit continue to

and are making plans for the next one, sign up for the

grow and add value for everyone involved.

Newcomer Program. If you’re a veteran of the conference,

To thank the volunteers who take the time to offer advice and insight to the newcomers, we ask that the newcomer treat his or her veteran to a meal at the conference. Veterans also receive a link back to their site from AffiliateSummit.com.

we’d love to have you as a volunteer. Sign up at AffiliateSummit.com/Newcomer. See you next time! Please note: this is not a business consulting or mentoring program. [FF]

Daniel M. Clark is a podcasting consultant and coordinates the Newcomer Program for Summit West.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Making the Most of Sub ID Tracking Laura Miller

by Laura Miller

In order to truly take your optimization techniques to the next level, you need to provide your sources with the details of those performance metrics.


f you are a performance-based advertiser, you should

This allows your partners to look for trends. If a source

have the capability of sub ID tracking, but are you mak-

is unprofitable and has results that are horribly lower than

ing the most of it? If you do not have sub ID tracking,

the other sources, then your partner knows to avoid pub-

well, that should be your top priority.

lishers with similar sources.

This is an essential tool to fully optimize your online

If a source is falling just under your target metric,

marketing efforts. It allows you to segment your campaign

then your partner can evaluate that traffic source and de-

results by each traffic source. This does not mean simply

termine if they can enable him/her to make some adjust-

segmenting the data from each network in which your of-

ments that will quickly turn it into a profitable source.

fer is promoted, but taking the extra step of segmenting

This could be done by tweaking some language on a jump

the data from each source within each of those networks.

page, swapping out an image and/or adjusting a slogan to

For those of you who have sub ID tracking, then you

better fit your campaign.

are already familiar with the benefits of being able to ana-

This is imperative for taking full advantage of all your

lyze clicks, leads and overall ROI by sub ID. You can evalu-

traffic sources. If you simply make hasty eliminations and

ate each sub ID based on your own individual metrics – the

remove all publishers that fall under your target metric,

metrics you must hit to be profitable.

you will very likely remove sources that can quickly adjust

For a lead gen offer, it might be that a certain per-

to becoming solid long-term partners.

centage of those leads must convert into a sale. If it is a

On the flipside, you should evaluate the profitable

sale offer, it might be that the average sale amount for

sources in the same detailed manner. If you have room

those customers must exceed a certain minimum pur-

to bump their payouts, you most definitely should. These

chase amount. Most retention-based offers typically need

are your golden partners, and you should do everything to

a certain average retention rate. So it does not matter what

keep them. [FF]

your metric is, it only matters that you are evaluating it by each individual sub ID. By now, most of you are probably thinking, great, we already do that. Congratulations, you passed PerformanceBased Marketing 101. Now, what do you do with that information? Do you simply send the sub ID’s that do not back out to your network and ask them to remove those? And ask them to scale the sub ID’s that are profitable? Although that is an important next step, it is primitive.


Laura is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Clickbooth.com and oversees top advertiser relationships.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Affiliate Marketing: The Forgotten Piece by Jennifer Myers Ward


Jennifer Myers Ward

ow exciting, you are launching an affiliate marketing program! You start by laying out all the pieces for a successful program. You offer the best com-

mission structure available and a competitive cookie duration. You map out the top products, create exciting promotions, design effective banners and text links and recruit top targeted affiliates. And once this is done, you have all

hints for possible problem areas. Then take the time to

of the puzzle pieces in place to create a successful affiliate

review your site. Sometimes this is best done by external

marketing program, right?

parties as they are not as immersed in the website as you


are and don’t have the same level of familiarity. You will

You have forgotten a key element. Actually, it will be

want to review key areas on your site such as:

the foundation for your success: the website. There is this popular misconception that all a merchant needs to get involved in affiliate marketing is a website. Yes,

»» Homepage layout. Is it clear and easy to understand at a glance what you are selling?

clearly you will need a website and, heck, even some prod»» Navigation and site search. Is it easy

ucts to sell on it too. However, it goes beyond that. Think about it this way. If you were trying to sell your

to find what you are looking for?

house, you would hire a real estate agent, advertise it in the paper, create a listing online and so on. You would take

»» Content pages and layout. Do content

all of the steps necessary to drive qualified buyers to your

pages contain the information neces-

house, right? But imagine for a moment what would happen

sary to make the sale and present it in

if they showed up and there was a hole in your roof, the

an attractive, easy-to-read manner?

kitchen was missing appliances, the toilet was leaking and the yard was overgrown with weeds. I am guessing no mat-

»» Checkout: The most important part

ter how many qualified customers you brought in, it would

of the sale process. Is your checkout

be very unlikely that you would ever get that house to sell.

short, easy to follow and secure?

Affiliate marketing is exactly the same. It is a very effective vehicle for driving qualified traffic; however, the

Problems in any one of these areas can directly affect

success of that traffic is dependent on the quality of the

your site conversion rate and thus the effectiveness of

website the customer is lead to. In order to best assess

your affiliate marketing program.

your website’s quality and usability, you should conduct a

your external marketing efforts, such as affiliate market-

quick internal audit. First, start with your web analytics as a guide to see where you stand in terms of conversion and to provide


Remember, before you can evaluate the success of ing, you need to be sure your “house” is in order. Happy cleaning! [FF]

Jennifer is the founder of ebove & beyond and is a 15-year online marketing veteran

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Work With Affiliate Managers for Higher Payouts by Doug Davis Working for a CPA Network, my job is to work with advertisers and affiliates to ensure both parties are profitable. Throughout my experience, producing high quality traffic is one of the best ways for affiliates to set themselves up for a long lasting high payout.


Doug Davis

As a high quality affiliate, it is essential for you to find an affiliate manager that is willing to go to bat for you and negotiate those higher payouts. First, get approval to run a sought after campaign.

ver the past ten years, advertisers using the CPA

When working with your affiliate manager, don’t give away

(cost-per-action) business model have dealt with

trade secrets, but be as transparent as possible when

countless headaches and spent significant resourc-

sharing how you plan to market the offer.

es dealing with fraud and poor quality. Recently, emerging

The better an advertiser understands how you plan to

technologies have made it easier for advertisers to tight-

generate leads; the more willing they will be to test your

en up their metrics and evaluate traffic on a much more

traffic. Another advantage to disclosing this information is

granular level.

that the advertiser will sometimes suggest techniques that

In the early days of CPA advertising, it was hard for

could help with your conversions.

advertisers to determine which affiliates were sending

Testing the offer is only half the battle, so don't get

high quality or low quality traffic. So they would set the

caught up with getting the highest possible payout right

payout somewhere in the middle, thus penalizing those

away. Once the advertiser knows your traffic quality, that's

affiliates with quality traffic and rewarding affiliates send-

when the real payout negotiations usually begin. Research-

ing bad traffic.

ing the campaign you are running and understanding the

In some cases, the poor quality leads would outweigh the good quality leads and the advertiser would inactivate

products and services in the advertiser’s offer puts you in a far better position to negotiate the worth of a lead.

the offer all together. Advertisers would do their best to

There have even been instances where an affiliate makes

mitigate this bad traffic by putting restrictions on their

a suggestion to an advertiser about improving the flow of

campaigns, such as email only or search only, but by doing

their offer, dramatically increasing profits for both parties.

so they could potentially lose out on profitable and high

In the end, we all want higher payouts and sustainable profits. The CPA marketplace is getting more com-

quality traffic sources. Now that advertisers are better able to measure their campaigns’ success on an affiliate by affiliate basis, it's

petitive, so be sure to work with advertisers and promote campaigns that are catered to your marketing methods.

much easier for them to adjust their payouts accordingly.

Working with an affiliate manager you trust and pro-

This is great news for all affiliates...at least high quality

moting a product or service you believe in will be para-


mount to your success. [FF]


Doug Davis is Director of Affiliate Relations at affiliate.com, a division of Media Breakaway, LLC.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

How to Maximize Your Blog's Affiliate Revenue by Ryan Healy


Ryan Healy

s a blogger, I’m interested in earning as much revenue as I can from the affiliate products and services I promote. With that in mind, I'll explain how

I maximize affiliate revenue on my blog. Now, as tempting as it is to let the same affiliate ads

Check Number of Clicks and Sales Monthly

run for months at a time, I don’t do this. If your experi-

Every four to six weeks, I examine results. I’m able to

ence is anything like mine, then you know not all products

do this fairly quickly because I use LinkTrackr to track all

you promote will sell equally well. Some will sell better;

my affiliate links. This lets me see which products are get-

some won’t sell at all; and occasionally an entire affiliate

ting the most attention during specific periods of time (the

program will disappear.

last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or longer).

The key is to monitor results on a regular basis. Track

After checking number of clicks, I then login to each

number of clicks, which indicate your blog readers’ level of in-

affiliate program to check sales results. I’m almost always

terest, and number of sales for each affiliate product you pro-

surprised by what I find.

mote. Cut the non-performers and promote the profit-makers.

Some programs have produced far more than I expected: low number of clicks, but big commissions. Other

Use an Ad Rotator to Minimize Placement Bias Obviously, ads placed higher on the page will get

programs are the opposite: high number of clicks, but no sales.

more attention than those that are placed lower. So the

In the case of the former, I consider how I can increase

best approach is to promote a variety of products using

the number of clicks to that product or program. With the

an ad rotator. I use a simple PHP script to rotate ads in

latter, I try swapping out the non-performing product for

between blog posts.

something similar, but with a better sales process, or I may

Since the ads are rotated randomly, each ad appears

drop it altogether.

in a variety of positions on the page. This means the num-

Most surprising of all are the affiliate programs that

ber of clicks and sales are a good indicator of what’s work-

have been shut down. I remember one company let their

ing and what’s not.

1ShoppingCart account expire. Neither the shopping cart nor the affiliate links worked any more. I stopped promoting them immediately. Of course, I would never have known which affiliate programs were worthwhile if I hadn’t taken the trouble to find out. Now, by closely monitoring my results, I’m able to shift traffic away from affiliate programs that don’t perform to affiliate programs that pay well. I strongly recommend that you do the same. [FF]

Ryan Healy is a freelance copywriter. He blogs about business and direct marketing at www.RyanHealy.com.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

by Geno Prussakov


et’s face the fact – people fail in affiliate marketing;

Geno Prussakov

Seven Precursors of Affiliate Marketing Failure and it is only fair to admit that this does happen. It is equally important, however, to understand why affili-

continually fertilize, water, weed. Unless you’re actively

ate marketing campaigns fail, and what could be done to

engaged in these beyond-the-planting activities, you’ll

prevent the failure.

neither see the bloom, nor the crops.

So, let me take a stab at outlining the typical reasons that can predict trouble: four for merchants, and three for affiliates.

With merchants the overall problem can often be summarized in two words: mismanaged programs. Now, let’s get to affiliates:

Merchants/Advertisers 1. Having unrealistic expectations – From expectations


of quick super-affiliate recruitment (and a consequent

1. Not playing without the ball – Failure to devote time

boom in sales) to anticipations that investments into start-

to thorough due diligence and education (prior to investing

ing a program on a larger network will immediately yield

effort and especially money!) is frequently the determinant

result to a myriad of other misconceptions in between,

of whether the campaign will be a success and a failure. Do-

advertisers are often being mislead by unrealistic, and fre-

ing homework is fundamental to growth and success.

quently ungrounded, expectations.

2. Faking it – Tony Robbins is known for saying that

2. Managing affiliates – Leave your “managerial” ap-

“passion is the genesis of genius.” Einstein quantified the

proach elsewhere. The key to success is in managing the

latter for us in his: “genius is 1% talent and 99% percent

program, not these born-to-be-free marketers who have

hard work.” There is no way to fake neither passion, nor

chosen to invest their time, effort and money into promot-

hard work. If you don’t have aptitude for either of these,

ing you on performance basis.

invest your time elsewhere.

3. Expecting something for nothing – Yes, affiliate marketing is performance marketing; meaning that you

3. Not diversifying – Never put all your eggs in one basket. When it drops, you lose everything.

pay only for the actions you’ve agreed to pay for. But this

The problem with affiliates often lays in the misalignment

does not mean that it doesn’t require any investment. As

of hopes, goals, expectations and realities of what really works.

any marketing campaign, it does.

Finally, regardless of whether you are involved in af-

4. Engaging “cruise control” – Regardless of what you

filiate marketing as a merchant, or as an affiliate, it is good

may have read on- or offline, it is impossible to develop

to keep William Foster’s words in mind. He once pointed

a successful affiliate program if you’re cruising without an

out that “quality is never an accident” but “is always the

all-encompassing assistance from a human being (some-

result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction

thing also known as an “autopiloted approach”). Another

and skillful execution.”

illustration to consider comes from gardening. As a good gardener, you shouldn’t focus on planting only, but must


Things are exactly the same way with quality resultsoriented affiliate marketing. [FF]

Geno Prussakov is an international speaker, book author, blogger, affiliate marketing consultant and program manager.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Three Ways to Repurpose Your Existing Content by Deborah Carney Deborah Carney

Podcasts There are a number of podcast directories, as well as iTunes, where you can submit podcasts. Don’t be afraid of podcasting. It is simple to do, so just try it out to see if you are comfortable with the medium.


ou have a great blog or website you have been

There are free programs to record your audio on your

building for several years, and you wonder if there

computer. The most popular free program is Audacity. Cre-

is another way to present your content or share the

ating a podcast of your own existing material can be as

experiences you have had over the years.

easy as reading it into a microphone on your computer.

We all have knowledge we can share, but some people aren’t making the most of the content they have al-

Videos If you aren’t creating videos, you should be. No matter

ready created. With the ease of video sharing, plus the breakdown of barriers to self publishing, there is a world of people you can reach by repurposing your existing content.

what your content is, you can create a slideshow, PowerPoint, and narrate, or put to music. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and among teens, it is the number one search engine. Videos

Here are some options:

may seem like more work, but they will get your content eBooks

in front of people that probably won’t see it otherwise.

You can create a collection of your best blog posts or articles you have written, and compile them into an eBook

If you are creating videos, then you can get them transcribed and create eBooks out of them.

that you post for people with Kindles and Nooks to read.

This is just the beginning of what you can do to repur-

This is an additional audience that you probably would not

pose content you have already created. Evergreen content

reach through your blog or website.

can be recreated in many formats and get you and your

Instead of writing a 75,000 word book, create small-

site exposure that you only got from search engines. [FF]

er, focused books on specific topics, and create a series where you charge less per title, yet make more overall. Photographers and artists need to realize that now all the readers have color options, and that all the Kindle apps for devices show books in color. Now you can combine your art and photography with commentary about the topic of the photographs, or with poetry or other short stories to make a valuable book. Podcasters can get their recordings transcribed; there are a number of good services out there for around $1 per minute. You can then add information to the notes, add a resources page, and you now have an eBook ready to be published.


Deborah is a podcaster, blogger, photographer who helps people share content in exciting new ways.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

by Matt McWilliams

Matt McWilliams

Increase Your Productivity with These Ten Tips

4. Turn your email off for most of the day. Set three or four times on your calendar and check your email at those


times. Meanwhile, you won’t be constantly distracted by

f you’re looking for a magic “productivity pill” this article is not for you. These tips are based on my own personal battles

working from home, slacking off, and finding ways to stay focused and accomplish more. Here are ten tips I’ve learned that will make anyone, affiliate or otherwise, more productive. 1. Accept that you will never accomplish everything in one day that you want. Get comfortable with leaving your desk with work to do.

emails all day. 5. Schedule frequent breaks. Get away from your work periodically throughout the day to refresh your mind and body. 6. Write out a to-do list each night. In my experience 15 minutes making a to-do list saves up to two hours the following day. Don’t make this a never-ending list though. Only list what you plan to do that day. Keep another list for long-term projects. 7. Schedule a monthly “Task Snowball Day.” A Task

2. Set a start and stop time for working each day. You

Snowball Day should be scheduled on a day when you

may not have set “work hours” like most of the world, but

have no deadlines. Simply take your long-term project list

you cannot work 24 hours a day. Pick a time to start and

and list them in the order of time needed to do them,

end each work day and stick to them.

forgetting importance. Start with the shortest one, then

3. Put family, personal, and social time on your calendar. What’s more important to you: work or family and

the next, and so on. On Task Snowball Day, I’ll get through 10-25 projects! That’s encouraging.

friends? If you said work, you’re weird. You’re in the 0.2%

8. Get more sleep.

of Americans who say that. That 0.2% ends up with heart

9. Exercise. If all you do is 15 minutes daily it helps.

problems, no friends and dies a lonely death at an early

Use your breaks to move around. If you’re on the phone,

age. So schedule the time with your friends and family. Put

walk around. Do some pushups or bodyweight squats or

it on your calendar and stick to it.

walk up and down the stairs for two minutes. And don’t forget your diet, as well. What you eat plays a big role in how productive you are. 10. Use separate work areas. I do computer work on one desk and everything non-computer related at another desk. It keeps me more focused on the task at hand. I wouldn’t try to do all of these things at once. Pick one, do that for a couple of weeks, then another one. Do some research on your own. Read a book or two on the subject. I recommend Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” and “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. [FF]

Matt McWilliams is the 2010 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Affiliate Manager of the Year.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Optimize Your Exposure with Review Sites by Bonnie Rogers


thoroughly enjoy working with review-type sites as an Bonnie Rogers

affiliate manager. Review sites typically display a product or service description and then rank them amongst

competitors with a detailed description of the company selling these items. Some sites concentrate on just one niche and others

them keep their site fresh and relevant by being a proac-

review every product and service imaginable. As long as the review site is ethical and cares about

tive resource for the brand you manage.

the quality of information they produce, I love them. Not

Keep these affiliates in the loop about any upgrades,

only do they deliver top-notch customers that tend to stick

new services or improvements. Stay connected through

around, but also the managers of high performing review

newsletters featuring the latest details, as well as one-on-

sites have proven to be readily available to communicate

one communications. Be available to answer any questions, take calls,

with me on a regular basis.

schedule live demos or send samples. Working with Review Sites »» Inform reviewers of the latest updates or

Can Improve Your Sales When you have a fresh company profile and review, website visitors are getting an accurate picture of your

changes. Offer them a sample, demo or an extended free trial so they can see for themselves.

products and services. This will not only lead to better conversion rates, but may also increase sales if your re-

»» Automate updates by asking if you can sub-

viewer gives you a higher ranking as a result of your latest

scribe them to your company newsletters.

update. Since these sites have many products and brand pages to maintain, their hands can be quite full. You can help

»» Offer suggestions on product testing methods, such as using third party tools rather than using another competitor as a baseline. This is especially important for software. Although you want to be represented properly and fairly, in the end it is their site and not yours. The last thing you want to do is annoy affiliates. Stay in touch, but don’t be a stalker. Be helpful, yet respectful. Don’t bribe them and encourage adherence to the FTC endorsement guidelines. Then be sure to genuinely thank affiliates for delivering sales and working as hard as they do. [FF]


Bonnie Rogers is an online marketing professional with 9 years’ experience.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

History of Affiliate Summit by Shawn Collins Following the momentum of the first Vegas show, the pair ran another one in January 2006, where the crowd doubled again. As Affiliate Summit was growing, Shawn and Missy remained the faces of the show and always encouraged feedback. With each successive conference, they Shawn Collins

tweaked elements to improve them even more. As they led up to the July 2006 show in Orlando, they incorporated various value-adds, such as a social network and free video of the educational sessions to conference attendees. The Affiliate Summit 2006 East conference also


ust nine years ago, when people thought about affili-

featured the biggest crowd and exhibit hall to date.

ate marketing conferences, it was generally a negative

In January 2007, Affiliate Summit returned to Las Ve-

connotation. At the time, the reigning conference was

gas and surpassed the 2,000 attendee mark, as well as

Affiliate Force, an annual cruise around the Caribbean. Shawn Collins and Missy Ward helped to coordinate those conferences, but they thought there were ways it

another increase in the size of the exhibit hall. This conference also marked the first time Affiliate Summit held an industry awards show.

could be done better. To make a long story short, Shawn

Then in July 2007, Affiliate Summit took place in Mi-

and Missy offered their opinions and were dismissed. So

ami, and this edition of the conference was the largest U.S.

they decided to create an alternative shortly after the April

east coast Affiliate Summit to date. Next up was the eighth overall and first international

2003 edition of Affiliate Force. The first Affiliate Summit took place in November 2003

Affiliate Summit in London in September 2007, followed by

in New York City. The goal was to differentiate from other

a return to Las Vegas in a big way – over 2,900 attendees.

conferences by focusing on content and networking. The

In the summer of 2008, FeedFront magazine, the of-

first Affiliate Summit introduced Speed Networking, as well

ficial magazine of Affiliate Summit, was launched. We headed to Boston on August 10-12, 2008 for another

as an agenda heavy on the hot issues of the day in affiliate marketing.

record-breaking east coast show that had 2,341 attendees,

The first Affiliate Summit had 200 attendees, and it grew by about 15% for the next show in June 2004. Though skeptical of the cruise ship as a conference venue, they The cruise conference was a sell-out, but the venue was not scalable, so they went on land after that one. After two somewhat basic shows with a single educational track, they evolved to have two tracks and an exhibit hall in June 2005 in Las Vegas. This time around, Shawn and Missy grew the attendance from 230 on the boat to a crowd of 550.


Phillip Kidwell, Corey Newhouse and Shawn Collins

gave it a shot with their approach.

Shawn is a Co-founder of Affiliate Summit and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, and you can follow him @affiliatetip on Twitter.

路 Issue 17 路 January 2012

January 2011 at the Wynn Las Vegas. Once again, a new record crowd attended with 4,627 affiliate marketers at the conference. As the economy has continued to struggle and unemployment has increased, Affiliate Summit East 2011 in August 2011 in New York City marked another record for Affiliate Summit East with 3,943 attendees. That brings us up to January 2012 in Las Vegas for AfFredrick Marckini

filiate Summit West 2012, and the first time we've broken 5,000 attendees. This is an exciting landmark for us and everybody in the affiliate marketing space. Thank you for your past, present and future support. [FF] and we launched our first in a series of one day niche events in New York City on October 5, 2008, where we limited attendees to 300. And Affiliate Summit continued the trend of growth in 2009 in both Las Vegas and New York City, despite the recession and overall fragile economic climate. for attendee numbers with 4,125. Affiliate Summit East returned to New York City in August 2010 and this conference marked the biggest Affiliate Summit East with 3,527 attendees. In September 2010, the first Affiliate Summit unConference took place in Orlando with a capacity crowd of 150. This was followed by Affiliate Summit West 2011 in

Missy Ward and Her Son, Chase

Then in January 2010, Affiliate Summit hit a new high


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Primer on Private Labeling by Eric Almquist

An advantage here is the visitor remains seamlessly on the affiliate’s domain, reducing friction in the sales process. This can lead to trust and increased conversions. With digital products and in the public records niche in particular, a large portion of revenue comes post-sale in the member’s area. Affiliates are given customization Eric Almquist

options for price points and products included in the mem-


ber’s area. Depending on the agreement, private label affiliates receive a portion of this revenue, transforming the relationship into a true partnership as opposed to an affiliate

rivate labeling refers to the practice of reselling a

relationship. The vendor provides payment processing and

brand or entering into a co-branded agreement with

customer support, leaving only marketing up to the affiliate.

a vendor. There are a many variations, but I will

Increased interest in private labeling may be attrib-

share a few common ones. White label mostly refers to the sale of physical products such as herbal supplements, equipment and beauty products. This practice is prolific offline, think supermarket brand merchandise like vitamins and hand soap. These are tangible items made by one company, sold to another, and repackaged. They can also be found on-

uted to the reaction to changes in Google AdWords Policy regarding landing page quality. Many believe Google is out to get affiliates, but I don’t think this is the case. Black hat marketers have cast a shadow over the industry, thus putting it under the microscope. Thin affiliate sites linking to offers with a bad reputation are a surefire way to suspension.

line. One example is engaging in a drop shipping agree-

So, an option is to scrap the bridge page or squeeze

ment where the affiliate will run a site independently and

page and build your own brand on your domain with API

once the order is completed and information passed, the

data and unique content to compliment. A private label

supplier will be responsible for fulfillment. Some refer to

can be the foundation for an authority site with staying

this as a third party white label.

power on Google AdWords for a long time.

PLR or private label rights have to do with the licensing of content, software, and videos. Internet marketers pay a fee to the original creator to use as they wish.

Remember, no affiliate links, no redirection, and no pop ups. If you’re interested in starting an online business

A private label site mostly refers to online based prod-

without the hassle of applying for a business license, de-

ucts, such as dating, floral, web hosting, travel, and public

veloping a product, and integrating a payment gateway,

records. The vendors for these large distribution networks

this could be the solution for you. Setup is free, so it’s a

provide robust APIs to support the private label develop-

great opportunity to make money online selling a product

ment on the front end.

you believe in. [FF]


Eric Almquist is Program Manager at InfoPay Affiliate Network.

¡ Issue 17 ¡ January 2012

Diary of Switching Affiliate Networks Courtney Turner

by Courtney Turner

Month 4: With new promotions in place and a steady increase in the number of affiliates, we focused on out-


reach. By the end of the fourth month, we had more than ffiliate marketing is an important channel for ac-

1,000 affiliates — a sizeable increase from the few hundred

quiring new customers at Aquasana, where I am a

affiliates on the prior system.

Marketing Manager.

Month 5: In the fifth month, we began to look longer

In February 2011, driven by our need to increase cus-

term, defining our strategic goals and diving into the affili-

tomer acquisition, we decided to switch affiliate networks.

ate network tools more, in order to plan and achieve goals

Here is a look into the first six months of that transition.

of reporting and increasing affiliate partnerships.

Month 1: The first month was dedicated to updat-

We looked into the extra services the network offers,

ing legal terms and conditions including a privacy policy,

like recruitment and program optimization, to really lean

commission structure and state requirements. Once those

on their expertise. We engaged their recruitment services

were in place, the next step was defining the immediate

later in the year, which helped us achieve some of our

and long-term revenue goals and the timeframe for transi-

more strategic goals.

tioning affiliates to the new program.

Month 6: We became fully immersed in our network

Month 2: Within six weeks, 98 percent of our top af-

by attending their networking event, where we were able

filiates were on the new system and we were able to shut

to meet face-to-face with affiliates and brainstorm promo-

down the old program by the end of the second month. At

tions, content and new channels, including social media.

this point, there were fewer migration questions from the

We also met with other advertisers and agencies and

legacy affiliates and more activity, which proved a smooth

learned how to get more from our investments in perfor-

transition. In addition, there was also a noticeable increase

mance marketing.

in the number of new affiliates joining the program. Month 3: Once the transition was complete, we began experimenting with new creative to attract more affiliates.

Based on the success we experienced, here are three tips for advertisers getting started or transitioning to a new network:

The new system made it easier to manage creative and automate the expiration process, both of which allowed us

1. Establish terms and conditions out of the gate.

to launch site-wide promotions and include the affiliates in the action. In addition, affiliates could access banners, discount

2. Dedicate time to mastering tools that will make you more productive.

codes and offers. This helped keep creative up to date on publisher sites, which was important for smaller and less tech-savvy affiliates.


3. Have a focused, segmented communications strategy to build long-term relationships with affiliates. Courtney Turner is a Marketing Manager at Aquasana.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Is Your Business Backed Up and Mobile? by Shawn Collins


ack in September 2011, I had to make a quick decision about what I needed to run my business, be-

to a nearby wildfire. Since I work from home, everything to do with my work is based there.

Shawn Collins

cause I was forced to evacuate from my home, due

Fortunately, I’ve been a little crazy about having my files backed up and accessible in multiple places, and pretty much everything I do is web-based.

I also use Jungle Disk and SOS Online Backup to back-

So, as I fled my house, I was able to focus on my fam-

up new files. These are also set to make an incremental

ily and dogs, as I needed minimal items from my office to

backup each evening. Jungle Disk becomes a virtual drive

continue working.

on my computer(s), so I can access those files from any-

I grabbed my laptop, phone, and chargers. I also picked up my iPod and iPad, but those were not essential.

where, and SOS Online Backup can be accessed online, as well as through my phone and iPad.

How did I set it up, so I could access everything I needed?

Plus, I’ve got a lot of vital, current business files on

Well, a few years ago I switched over to Google Apps

Dropbox.com, which is a sync’d folder on each computer

accounts for Gmail. This enables me to manage the Affili-

where I have it installed.

ate Summit email server easily and there is tons of space

I use another online backup service, Mozy, for my

(25GB of email storage per employee). So, no issues with

wife’s computer, so her files, photos, and videos are

email access and locally installed software.

backed up offsite.

Pretty much all of my sites are on WordPress these days, so they are not dependent on local software. And for my files, I do four different things to backup my data. Not

Having all of this redundancy makes me comfortable. Some people might call it paranoid, but it’s a modest fee to know my data is safe. And when I was forced to

only for my various documents,

evacuate, I didn’t miss a beat.

but also my archives of podcasts,

The same goes for whenever I

photos, videos, etc. for Affiliate

travel – I can access everything

Summit, and other projects.

I need and never have to freak

I have an HP SimpleSave 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive that is set to automatically backup any new files nightly.

out about lack of access. If you had to flee your office right now, would you be able to keep your business running?

Shawn is a Co-founder of Affiliate Summit and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, and you can follow him @affiliatetip on Twitter.


Affiliate Tips to Fight Affiliate Fraud by Brett Bumeter


fter reading Geno Prussakov’s article, “7 Ways to

Brett Bumeter

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Watch for Sudden Traffic Losses or Conversion Declines It might not be you or a Panda update. It might be a fraudster or people scraping or hacking your site.

Detect & Prevent Affiliate Fraud” (feedfront.com/ fraud), I initially thought, 'This isn't for me. I'm an

affiliate, not an affiliate manager.’

»» If you see negative changes, investigate. Don't cave to a cheater; protect your source

When I find great tools in my niche, I evangelize and

of revenue. Try CloudFlare (cloudflare.com)

cover them in depth. Sometimes I'm first on the bandwag-

for free to block spammy visitors, including

on, and unfortunately the people late to the game don't

scrapers, botnets, zombies, and hackers.

always follow the rules. They typo squat, infringe on trademarks, and break

»» If you lose ground in one program, circle your wagons and check them all.

the affiliate Terms of Service (TOS) in other ways. Affiliates

An affiliate fraudster may not

lose out if the affiliate manager misses the foul.

stop at stealing your peaches,

Some of Geno’s tips could help affiliates regain SERP (Search Engine Result Placement) position lost to rule breakers or rekindle efforts on products with sabotaged affiliate earnings. Here are some tips to keep a business honest...

but take your apples and oranges too. »» Capitalism and Fraud do not mix. Ingenious affiliates do thrive, but merchants and affiliate managers set rules to keep programs profitable and safe. If a fraudster

Losing SERPs to Typo Squatters? Report them to your affiliate manager. Cite the TOS

can't abide by a business partner's conditions, then the relationship should terminate.

violation and get a screen shot for evidence. If they are an outsourced affiliate manager and unresponsive; send the same info straight to the merchant next.

Going Nuclear Fraudsters are probably breaking other, bigger rules,

Don't ignore competition creeping up behind you ei-

as well. If appropriate, send a cease and desist; report

ther. Look for cheaters creeping up the SERPs below you.

them for a DMCA violation; or hit the big red button and

Don't let a fraudster follow on your bumper only to pass

turn them into Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer at Google.

you next Cyber Monday. Act now.

Go to feedfront.com/spamreport -you must have a Google account to report sites.

Bad Neighborhoods? Scope out the other sites your competitor uses. If they

Affiliate Industry Fraud Taboo Exists

break the rules in one area, they may do it elsewhere too.

Finally, this topic is taboo with affiliate managers. They

If you enable the affiliate manager to clean up the dirty

avoid talking about this publicly. No affiliate manager I spoke

house and show them where to continue cleaning a dirty

with would go on the record to discuss this topic. They court

neighborhood, the whack-a-mole game will get unplugged.

affiliates after all, but the taboo needs to end soon too.

Brett H. Bumeter, ll.m. works from a wifi fishing dock on Lake Wylie.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Matt Swan

Seven Strategies for Intelligent Commission Setting by Matt Swan


common but critical question among advertisers is

bring the desired results. Typically, a majority of sales

“what commission should I pay affiliates?” Unfor-

generated through an affiliate program are delivered by

tunately, there isn’t a simple answer, and imple-

a small number of affiliates. Motivating these strong per-

menting an effective commission structure requires care-

formers can be very different from mobilizing mid-tier and

ful consideration.

long tail affiliates comprising the rest of the campaign.

1. Consider the price of other online marketing options

6. Motivating top tier vs. long tail

Compared to other media, the affiliate channel often

To engage strong performers, 1:1 negotiations could en-

stands out as a cost effective way of generating additional

courage affiliates to invest more time and drive more reve-

sales. Revise spending based on your goals, projections,

nue. For this method to work, it’s imperative to set the base

and the return on investment from each channel.

commission rate at a level that allows room for negotiation.

2. Identify industry standards and competitive rates

Negotiating rates can also be more beneficial than set-

Consider payment models that are common in your

ting commission tiers, as they tend not to motivate the top af-

industry. For example, finance programs generally pay a

filiates. Similarly, unachievable tiers can de-motivate long tail

flat rate, while retail and travel often pay a % of the sale.

affiliates. Instead, mobilize long tail affiliates with customized

Also, know the competitive landscape. If similar compa-

rates for achieving sales targets and increasing visibility.

nies offer better rates, affiliates may give your program

7. Strategy based on affiliate type

less exposure or avoid it altogether. 3. Understand the relationship between commission

Reach more potential customers by implementing a strategy that considers the needs of each affiliate type – in-

and Earnings Per Click (EPC)

cluding content, PPC, comparison shopping, mobile, incen-

Many affiliates choose programs based on EPC – a value

tive, email, coupon sites and more. Each segment should

calculated from commission payout and the conversion rate

involve a different approach to maximize performance.

of your website. Often overlooked as a key priority, a well op-

For example, coupon sites often deliver high sales

timized and usable site with high conversion rates will allow

volumes. When issuing a code, it’s possible to offer lower

for more flexibility when determining commission payout.

commission to offset the loss on margins. If your program

4. Align payout with your objectives

accepts PPC affiliates, make sure that commission covers

If new customers provide added value, set a preferential

click costs plus profit margin.

rate for affiliates able to generate new customer sales. Simi-

Flexibility and understanding what motivates differ-

larly, if certain products carry a greater margin, set the com-

ent affiliate types is key to intelligently setting commis-

mission to reward affiliates that sell higher margin products.

sion structures for affiliate programs. This knowledge will

5. Recognize that the key to engaging affiliates is flexibility

ultimately lead to greater engagement with affiliates and

A “one size fits all” commission won’t necessarily


an increase in branding, traffic and revenue. Matt Swan is a Client Strategist at Affiliate Window and buy.at..

· Issue 17 · January 2012

11 Ways I Drive Traffic to Sites


Shawn Collins

by Shawn Collins

ust because you build it doesn’t mean they will come.

»» YouTube Descriptions

Actually, they probably won’t come. In addition to creating a quality site, you also have

»» Meetup.com Perks

to dedicate time to driving traffic from a variety of sources. In chapter seven of ExtraMoneyAnswer.com, my free

»» LinkedIn Applications

online book for getting started as an affiliate, I go through my eleven key sources for driving traffic to affiliate sites.

»» Paper.li

»» Site Scrapers and Syndicators

»» Flickr Links

»» NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

»» StumbleUpon

»» Twitter Tools »» AWeber RSS to Email

»» Podcasting »» Facebook Ads These are in no particular order, and I didn’t include organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, etc., as I would encourage you to focus on creating quality content, and the search engines will find you. Get details on how I work with all of these traffic sources at feedfront.com/traffic.

Shawn is a Co-founder of Affiliate Summit and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, and you can follow him @affiliatetip on Twitter.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Dave Jackson

Four Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Podcasting by Dave Jackson


ne of the ways you can earn money with a podcast

duce. When I talk about a product, I tell my listeners to go

is through affiliate marketing. However, you obvi-

to mywebsite.com/product. This URL is easy to remember

ously can't state an affiliate link in your podcast.

and promotes my brand.

They are long, ugly, and impossible to remember.

Third, you can also make easy to remember links for

The other problem is while some people listen to

each episode. If you talk about tools in episode 72, you can

podcasts on a computer at home or work, many listeners

set up a redirect to yourwebsite.com/72 to direct people

consume podcasts in the car, on a treadmill, or walking

to that episode. You need to remember that your content

the dog. Generally speaking, they are miles away from a

won't always be on the front page as people may consume

mouse and keyboard.

this content years from now. While it may be easy to find

To solve this problem I have a few suggestions:

today, it may not be so easy to find six months from now.

First, if you know affiliate links will be the primary

Fourth, never forget the list. Some people still prefer

source for your podcast monetization, never give out a

to be notified about new podcast episodes via email. With

website URL - even those that are not affiliate links. The

this in mind, many email providers have features that turn

phrase could be as simple as "We've got links to these in

your RSS feed into an email message.

our show notes at yourwebsite.com."

When you create a blog post, it is transformed into an

By being consistent, this becomes the standard practice for the podcast. Your audience doesn't expect to hear

email message. This is an easy way to get your affiliate link right in front of the target audience.

URLs because it's not something you do. If you want your audience to visit your website, you need to give them a reason. Get something visual going. If you talk about a piece of software, tell the audience, "If you want to see this in action, I've got a video demonstrating it on my website." While you don't want an audio podcast to be filled with visual references, if you've enticed people about the product they may want to see what it looks like. Second, I realize that some feel the need to give out website addresses. In this case you can use an affiliate cloaking tool such as the Pretty Link plugin for Wordpress. Now when you talk about a product you can say something like, "For more information on this product, go to yourwebsite.com/productname. I do a version of this with a weight loss podcast I pro-


Dave Jackson runs the School of Podcasting and is the author of “More Podcast Money”.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

First Impressions as an Affiliate Marketer by Merianna Neely


n every teaching position that I’ve held, I’ve had to learn something new. I’ve had to prepare for a new grade level or a new subject or a new culture. Actually, that’s what affiliate marketing is. It’s learn-

ing on your feet. It’s risky, and at times unpredictable. You have to monitor and adjust daily just like teachers do. My initial experience with marketing was in classroom with twenty-five third graders. I started my marketing campaign on the first day of and books.” I figured saying loves three times would dramatically increase the likelihood of receiving these lovely items as Christmas, teacher appreciation day, or birthday gifts.

Merianna Neely

school by saying, “And Ms. Neely loves, loves, loves coffee

This wasn’t an effective campaign. My museum of interesting teacher gifts is a testament to that. But I did learn that marketing is more effective when the focus is centered around two or three key ideas presented. For example, if I boiled my History 5 class down to two takeaways I wanted students to leave my class with, they would be the importance of relevant, reliable resources, and history doesn’t happen in isolation. What if we turned the tables? What if instead of being the target of so many marketing campaigns (boxed curriculum, standardized prep books, quick pay off affiliate programs), we began to market for ourselves? And what if that marketing were so successful that people started seeing that teaching and marketing weren’t mutually exclusive fields, but rather could live in a symbiotic relationship where both would benefit?


Merianna Neely is currently a teacher without a classroom.

路 Issue 17 路 January 2012

Thank You Affiliate Summit West 2012 Top Sponsors Diamond Sponsor Titanium Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Affiliate Summit West 2012

Show Agenda



Saturday, January 7 Early Registration

Location: Registration Area Time: 4:00pm – 8:00pm Come by Saturday evening to pick up your badge and attendee bag so you can enter immediately at 10:00am on Sunday when the show opens!



Sunday, January 8

Publishing is going through change but where it is now and what practical ethical steps can publishers take to increase revenue while improving content. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Content monetization »» Murray Newlands, Founder, Influence People (Twitter @murraynewlands) (Moderator) »» John Chow, Editor In Chief, TTZ Media, Inc. (Twitter @JohnChow) »» Ian Fernando, One of the Best, DotCom Evolutions (Twitter @ianternet) »» Steve Hall, Publisher, Adrants (Twitter @stevehall) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

25 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Booth Setup

Location: Octavious Ballroom Exhibitor Move In: 8:00am – 6:00pm


Location: Registration Area Time: 8:00am – 6:00pm

First Timers Guide for Affiliate Summit

Location: Augustus I Time: 10:00am – 10:45am Advice for people attending the Affiliate Summit conference for the first time. »» Shawn Collins, Co-founder, Affiliate Summit (Twitter @affiliatetip) (This Session is Open to all Pass Holders)

The Future of Content Monetization and Publishing

Session 1a Location: Augustus I Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm


Session 1b Location: Augustus V Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm Top 25 things webmasters should look at when building a site or evaluating their website performance. Attendees will leave with actionable items to improve their sites with easy to implement steps. Experience level: Beginner Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Newbies »» Vincent O’Hare, Owner, Vincent O’Hare Consulting (Twitter @vinnyohare) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

CPA Phone Calls – Local Advertising Opportunity

Session 1c Location: Emperors I Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm Online and Mobile Affiliate networks are represented new opportunities to tap into the $21.7B local advertising market with automatically distributed ad inventory powered by CPA Phone Calls.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Experience level: Advanced Target audience: Networks Niche/vertical: Pay-Per-Call »» Carl Holmquist, Founder, Freespee (Twitter @Freespee) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

How to Quadruple Revenue Using Existing Traffic

Session 1d Location: Emperors II Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm Learn strategies to explode your conversion rates, including 5 easy ways to increase conversion, 3 ways to monetize blogs, 4 ways to clear costly clutter, and 7 ways to make more money. Experience level: Beginners Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Monetization

»» Mike Allen, Chief Executive Shopper, ShoppingBargains.com, LLC (Twitter @mta1) »» Tim Ash, CEO, SiteTuners (Twitter @tim_ash) »» Jennifer Myers Ward, CEO, ebove & beyond, inc. (Twitter @jenmyersward) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Blogger Room

Location: Salerno Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm The Blogger’s Lounge is an area reserved for credentialed bloggers/press to grab some desk space, blog, interview, relax and network. Heather Smith will be the BlogMistress of the Affiliate Summit Blogger’s Lounge, where she’ll be acting as liaison between Affiliate Summit and the press and bloggers attending the show. »» Heather Smith, Blogger, Beautiful British Columbia (Twitter @heatherinbc)

»» Timothy Kerber, CEO, MemberGate Solutions, Inc (Moderator)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Meet Market

Location: Forum Ballroom Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm Exhibitor Move In: 9:00am – 12:00pm Affiliate Summit kicks off with an extended session of structured, face to face networking. Merchants will have tables set to meet with affiliates to discuss their affiliate programs and cut deals. Vendors that cater to affiliates and merchants will also have tables to share information about their products and services. Each table is a meeting spot for teaching, learning, closing deals, creating partnerships and finding new opportunities.

A visually-rich presentation detailing the 5 industry players, 7 popular affiliate models, 5 tips for choosing profitable topics, 5 web development strategies and 10 tips to get on the fast track. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Training »» James Martell, President, Net Guides Publishing Inc. (Twitter @JamesMartell) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Are Your Affiliates Adding Value? Top Sponsor Meeting Room

Location: Sorrento Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm The Top Sponsor Meeting Room is an area reserved for top sponsors to conduct meetings and get some work done. There will be tables, coffee and WiFi in the room. Admittance limited to Titanium, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors and their invited guests only.

Increasing Website Revenue by Driving Social Behaviors

Session 2a Location: Augustus I Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm Social media has changed how consumers research purchasing decisions (it’s not just Google search now). This session shows how affiliates can create & leverage social behaviors to increase revenue. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Social »» Oliver Roup, CEO, VigLink (Twitter @oroup) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Making Money With Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Session 2b Location: Augustus V Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Session 2c Location: Emperors I Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm This session will help you determine if your affiliates are adding value to your company or poaching sales from your site through adware, PPC, SEO, email, coupons, and more. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Theft »» Adam Riemer, President, Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. (Twitter @Rollerblader) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

SEO – Ask the Pros

Session 2d Location: Emperors II Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm Get a full-spectrum view of cutting-edge thinking and have your own opportunity to ask for SEO advice from some of the most respected and trusted search engine optimizers in the business. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Other Niche/vertical: Search Engine Optimization »» Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay, Inc. (Twitter @bruceclayinc) (Moderator) »» Stephan Spencer, Principal, Koshkonong LLC (Twitter @sspencer) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Snack Break

Location: Neopolitan Ballroom I – IV Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Link Building – The Reality in Practice

Session 3c Location: Emperors I Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Link building concepts, ideas and methods from the traditional whitehat tactics to the dark shadows of blackhat.

Effectively Monetizing Traffic with Daily Deals

Session 3a Location: Augustus I Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Daily deals have exploded for affiliates over the last year. Learn from the advertiser perspective to the affiliate view to the stats and tracking surrounding daily deals. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers, Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Daily deals »» Scott Ginsberg, Director, Publisher Development, Commission Junction (Moderator) »» Peter Hamilton, Partner/CMO, HasOffers (Twitter @PeterHamilton) »» Carolyn Kmet, Director of Affiliate Marketing, Groupon.com (Twitter @catango) »» Rafael Zelik, Marketing Director/Partner, affiliaXe Ltd (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Community, Conversation, Conversion – Social Tips You Need

Session 3b Location: Augustus V Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm A clearly defined social strategy is integral to your success. Learn to set goals, identify key metrics, increase your market funnel, and turn micro-conversions into qualified marketable leads. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers, Networks Niche/vertical: Social media »» Justin Rondeau, Director of Marketing, TemplateZone (Twitter @jtrondeau) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Link building »» Robert Adler, President, The Link Builders, LLC (Twitter @Bofu2U) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Recruiting Non-Traditional Value Added Affiliates

Session 3d Location: Emperors II Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Getting low values affiliates to join you program is easy. We’ll give you examples of outside the box recruiting ideas to find non-traditional affiliates to add value and drive incremental sales. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Recruiting »» Robert Glazer, Founder, Accelertion Partners (Twitter @affiliatemgr) (Moderator) »» Angel Djambazov, OPM, Custom Tailored Marketing (Twitter @djambazov) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

SEO Clinic

Session 4a Location: Augustus I Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm The SEO Clinic is back! Have your website reviewed by four respected industry veterans to get tips and tricks for improving your organic search engine optimization efforts. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers, Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: SEO


· Issue 17 · January 2012

»» Rae Hoffman-Dolan, CEO, Sugarrae (Twitter @sugarrae) (Moderator) »» Michael Gray, President, Atlas Web Service (Twitter @graywolf) »» Kenny Hyder, Founder, Hyder Media (Twitter @kennyhyder) »» Michael Martin, Senior SEO Strategist, Covario Inc. (Twitter @googleandblog) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Affiliate Improv!

Session 4b Location: Augustus V Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm Four industry veterans brainstorm marketing ideas for items/services with audience participation. Ideas to actionable solutions in one fun, lively hour. Come get your creative juices flowing! Experience level: Beginner Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Education »» Daniel M. Clark, Founder, QAQN (Twitter @QAQN) (Moderator) »» Mike Buechele, Chief Performance Marketer, Adalytical (Twitter @mikebuechele) »» Trisha Lyn Fawver, Client Services Manager, For Me To Coupon (Twitter @TrishaLyn) »» Eric Souza, Director, Delta Leads (Twitter @ECSouza) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Performance Tracking Technologies

Session 4c Location: Emperors I Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm In this session, Todd will detail the various methods for tracking performance-based relationships and outline the pros and cons of each tracking method. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers, Merchants/ Advertisers Niche/vertical: Tracking »» Todd Crawford, Co-Founder, Impact Radius (Twitter @toddcrawford) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


The Growing Potential of Diversification and Innovation

Session 4d Location: Emperors II Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm Take a closer look at how top advertisers and publishers invest in innovation and diversify their performance marketing “portfolio”. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Diversification »» Penny Stevens, Account Manager, Google Affiliate Network (Moderator) »» Michael Herrera, VP, Affiliate Marketing, Citibank »» Howard Schaffer, VP of Business Development, Offers.com Published by Vertive, LLC (Twitter @howardschaffer) (This Session is Open to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Affiliate/Merchant Networking

Location: Neopolitan Ballroom III, IV Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm As you enter the room, you will drop your business card in the Bingo Networking box. You will then be given a bingo card where you will write your name in the center square. Next, you circulate with everyone throughout the room. To complete the bingo card, you will need to meet 24 other people, collect their business cards and have them write their names in the open squares. Then, we will call off the names on the business cards that everyone dropped in the Bingo Networking box when they arrived. Regular bingo rules apply thereafter. The winner is the first person with five names in a row, either across, down or diagonally. In addition to the prize for the winner of Bingo Networking, everybody that participates will walk away a winner, because everyone will be making new contacts while playing the game. (Open to all attendees registered as Affiliates or Merchants)

Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program Meetup

Location: Neopolitan Ballroom III, IV Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm »» Daniel M. Clark, Founder, QAQN (Twitter @QAQN) (Open to all attendees enrolled in the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program)

· Issue 17 · January 2012

ShareASale Presents the “Under the Stars” Party

Blogger Room

Location: Chateau Nightclub, Inside Paris Hotel Time: 8:00pm – 12:00am

Location: Salerno Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Join ShareASale at the Chateau Nightclub inside the Paris Hotel for our “Under the Stars” Party. We’ll be providing an open bar, desserts, dancing and more! All you will need is your invitation which can be picked up at the ShareASale Meet Market Table on Sunday afternoon. The party and open bar starts at 8pm and runs until Midnight – so make sure to get there early to take advantage of the great networking opportunity! Chateau Nightclub is located inside of the Paris Hotel, south of Flamingo Road on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Blogger’s Lounge is an area reserved for credentialed bloggers/press to grab some desk space, blog, interview, relax and network. Heather Smith will be the BlogMistress of the Affiliate Summit Blogger’s Lounge, where she’ll be acting as liaison between Affiliate Summit and the press and bloggers attending the show. »» Heather Smith, Blogger, Beautiful British Columbia (Twitter @heatherinbc)

Coffee Service



Monday, January 9 Registration

Location: Registration Area Time: 7:30am – 5:00pm

Location: Forum Ballroom Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm and 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Exhibit Hall

Location: Octavious Ballroom Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm (Exhibitors may set up beginning at 9:00am.)

Early Bird Whiteboarding

Opening Remarks & Keynote

Location: Emperors II Time: 8:00am – 9:00am

Location: Augustus II, IV, VI Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Are you an early bird? Nothing to do before breakfast? Want free coffee? Bring your sites to this open session and get advice on usability, SEO, conversions and revenue streams. »» Eric Nagel, President, Eric Nagel & Associates, Inc (Twitter @ericnagel)

»» Sarah Beeskow, Sr. Manager of Merchant Development, Client Services Department, ShareASale (Twitter @sarah_bees) »» Jon Spoelstra, Author, Marketing Outrageously Redux (This Session is Open to All Pass Holders)

(This Session is Open to all Pass Holders)

Top Sponsor Meeting Room Continental Breakfast

Location: Forum Ballroom Time: 9:00am – 10:00am (Breakfast is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders with Breakfast Tickets Only)

Location: Sorrento Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm The Top Sponsor Meeting Room is an area reserved for top sponsors to conduct meetings and get some work done. There will be tables, coffee and WiFi in the room. Admittance limited to Titanium, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors and their invited guests only.


路 Issue 17 路 January 2012


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Mastermind Groups Exposed: Success in Affiliate Marketing

Session 5a Location: Augustus I Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm Although Mastermind Groups sound complicated and mysterious, they are an easy way to network with other Internet marketers regularly to grow your business. Learn why and how to start your own. Experience level: Beginner Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Mastermind »» Eric Nagel, President, Eric Nagel & Associates, Inc. (Twitter @ericnagel) (Moderator) »» Todd Farmer, CEO, PerformStreet Media (Twitter @toddfarmer) »» Tricia Meyer, Owner, Sunshine Rewards (Twitter @sunshinetricia) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Advanced Retargeting Tactics

Session 5b Location: Augustus V Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm I’ll cover what retargeting is, how to segment and sequence retargeting, as well as how you use this as a cheap testing vehicle, a branding campaign, and a bottom-line gain to your returns. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Paid Marketing

Target audience: Networks Niche/vertical: Finance »» Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP (Twitter @GaryKibel_law) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Advanced Affiliate Program Management & Analysis

Session 5d Location: Emperors II Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm What is parasitism and channel cannibalization? What KPIs and metrics are important to analyze? How can competitive intelligence help you grow the program? We’ll tackle these & other vital questions. Experience level: Intermediate, Advanced Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers, Networks Niche/vertical: Affiliate program management »» Geno Prussakov, CEO, AM Navigator LLC (Twitter @ePrussakov) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


Location: Forum Ballroom Time: 12:30pm – 1:45pm (Lunch is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders With Lunch Tickets Only)

Killer Email and Social List Building Techniques

»» Joanna Lord, Director of Customer Acquisition & Engagement, SEOmoz (Twitter @joannalord) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Exit Strategies for Interactive Companies

Session 5c Location: Emperors I Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm Interactive companies undoubtedly speculate about their preferred exit strategy. When to sell; when to make acquisitions; when to engage in strategic relationships. Experience level: Intermediate

Session 6a Location: Augustus I Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm We’ll explore proven ways to optimize your marketing with email, from forms and autoresponders to social media and landing pages. These tactics and tips will help you grow your lists and profits. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Email »» Hunter Boyle, Sr. Business Development Manager, AWeber (Twitter @hunterboyle) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Affiliates Under Fire: Next Steps, Best Practices

Session 6b Location: Augustus V Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Recent FTC cases showed it will act against anyone imitating news sites or making false ad claims online. This session will help you review compliance and avoid federal/ state law enforcement actions. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Compliance »» Tom Cohn, Of Counsel, Venable LLP (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Stop Doing it Wrong

affiliates’ earning potential and in turn growing the merchant’s business. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Communication »» Rooshina Modi, Senior Manager, Online Marketing, Barnes & Noble (Twitter @rooshina) (Moderator) »» Dannielle Brantley, Senior Marketing Manager, LinkShare Corporation »» Sylvia Cintrón, Afffiliate Marketing, AREA203 DIGITAL (Twitter @sylviacintron) »» Stephanie Laughon, Account Executive, ShopAtHome. com (Twitter @stephlaughon) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

12 Out-Of-The-Box Affiliate Promotions

Session 6c Location: Emperors I Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Session 7a Location: Augustus I Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Consumers drowning in false claims & spam are wary. Quality brands hesitate to invest in affiliates. Panelists will engage in open discussion with insights on why it pays more to sell with integrity.

Inspire affiliate loyalty with unique, out-of-the-box affiliate bonus campaigns. Discuss the development, implementation, and analysis of these promotions!

Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Integrity »» Kim Salvino, Head of Publishers, buy.at US (Twitter @kim_salvino) (Moderator) »» Liz Gazer, CEO/Consultant, Growthspurt Media (Twitter @lizgazer) »» Erik Hom, Sr. Director, Business Development, Nextag (Twitter @Route53) »» Eric Schwarzer, President, Allspun (Twitter @schwarzer)

Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Promotional »» Lindsey Savoie, Merchant Development Manager, ShareASale.com (Moderator) »» Jamie Reardon, Digital Marketing, LifeLock »» Jared Saunders, Affiliate Program Manager, Jenson USA (Twitter @TurboJared) »» Missy Ward, Co-Founder, Affiliate Summit, Inc. (Twitter @missyward) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

(This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Digital Curation: What it Means to Affiliates The Importance of Effective Communication Flow

Session 6d Location: Emperors II Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Merchants will learn the art of communicating and building strong relationships with publishers, to maximize the


Session 7b Location: Augustus V Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm As consumers of content online, we know that there is simply too much of it. How do we know we’re reading the best information? That’s the role of a curator, and many of us are curators already.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Experience level: Beginner Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Content »» Scott Jangro, President, MechMedia, Inc. (Twitter @jangro) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Affiliate Marketing’s Role in Media Plans

Session 7c Location: Emperors I Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm A panel discussion on where Affiliate Marketing fits in most Media Plans. We’ll discuss perception versus reality in regards to value and accountability when compared to other marketing and metrics. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Online media »» Paul Schroader, President, PS Web Solutions, Inc. (Twitter @pswebs) (Moderator) »» Brad Brewster, Creative Director, Bent Media (Twitter @BentMedia) »» Chris Kramer, Founding Partner, NetX (Twitter @ChrismKramer)

Ask the Experts Roundtable Discussions

Location: Neopolitan Ballroom III, IV Time: 5:00pm – 6:00pm Ask the Experts Roundtable Discussions will be an opportunity for merchants, networks and affiliates to ask questions about various specialties and issues. Hand picked experts will handle topics in their specialty, and conduct chats, answer questions and share opinions during this networking and education session. »» AdWords Triage & Treatment – PPC Emergency Room – Miles Olson, President, Hoot Interactive »» Are You FTC Compliant? – Bill Rothbard, Attorney, Law Offices of William I. Rothbard »» How Students Will Change Affiliate Marketing – Merianna Neely, Teacher Affiliate, Meriannaneely.com (Twitter @meriannaneely) »» Leverage Social Media to Explode Dating Niches – Heather Havenwood, Owner, Only Date Younger Women.com »» Making Money as a Software Affiliate – Cristian Miculi, Affiliate Network Coordinator, Avangate (Twitter @affiliatedoc) »» Rehab – 12 Steps to a Better Program – Karen Garcia, CEO, GTO Management (Twitter @karengarcia) »» The Untapped Small Business Affiliate Opportunity – Don Campbell, President, Expand2Web (Twitter @doncampbell) »» Writing Off SEO Before It’s Dead? – Emily Leach, SEO Strategist, SEO Strategy Group (Twitter @emilyleach)

(This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only) (This Session is Open to All Pass Holders)

Seven Secret Strategies for Enterpreneurial Success

Session 7d Location: Emperors II Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm Having built and sold two businesses and worked with 100s of entrepreneurs, Dush gives you the 7 key secrets to building successful sustainable businesses. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Strategy

Affiliate Karaoke

Location: Neopolitan III-IV Time: 9:00pm – Midnight Back by popular demand! Affiliate Karaoke is the ultimate stage that will give your amazing (or not so amazing) voice a chance to be heard. Channel your inner Astro or Susan Boyle and head on over for your chance at affiliate marketing stardom. (This Event is Open to All Pass Holders)

»» Dush Ramachandran, President, The Net Momentum Corp (Twitter @DushR) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

MaxBounty Presents The Affiliate Ball

Location: Crown Theater located at the Rio Time: 9.30pm – Whenever Must have a party pass (available at the Meet Market) or an Affiliate Summit badge to get in. The Affiliate Ball provides legendary recording artists to perform as our guests network and blow off steam in the best atmosphere possible. A HUGE name artist will be performing this year with lots of surprise guests.

»» Eric Nagel, President, Eric Nagel & Associates, Inc (Twitter @ericnagel) (This Session is Open to all Pass Holders)


Location: Registration Area Time: 8:00am – 3:00pm

Blogger Room



Tuesday, January 10 Early Bird Whiteboarding

Location: Emperors II Time: 8:00am – 9:00am Are you an early bird? Nothing to do before breakfast? Want free coffee? Bring your sites to this open session and get advice on usability, SEO, conversions and revenue streams.


Location: Salerno Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm The Blogger’s Lounge is an area reserved for credentialed bloggers/press to grab some desk space, blog, interview, relax and network. Heather Smith will be the BlogMistress of the Affiliate Summit Blogger’s Lounge, where she’ll be acting as liaison between Affiliate Summit and the press and bloggers attending the show. »» Heather Smith, Blogger, Beautiful British Columbia (Twitter @heatherinbc)

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Continental Breakfast

Location: Milano Ballroom Time: 9:00am – 10:00am (Breakfast is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders with Breakfast Tickets Only)

Coffee Service

Location: Milano Ballroom Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm and 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Exhibit Hall

Location: Octavious Ballroom Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm (Exhibitors may set up beginning at 9:00am.)

Pinnacle Awards & Keynote

Location: Augustus II, IV, VI Time: 10:00am – 11:15am The sixth annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards will be presented prior to the keynote. These awards recognize exceptional performance in affiliate marketing. »» Sarah Beeskow, Sr. Manager of Merchant Development, Client Services Department, ShareASale (Twitter @sarah_bees) »» Eric (ET The Hip Hop Preacher) Thomas, Author, The Secret to Success (Twitter @Ericthomasbtc) (This Session is Open to All Pass Holders)

Top Sponsor Meeting Room

Location: Sorrento Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm The Top Sponsor Meeting Room is an area reserved for top sponsors to conduct meetings and get some work done. There will be tables, coffee and WiFi in the room. Admittance limited to Titanium, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors and their invited guests only.

Does Your Affiliate Program Have the Juice?

Session 8a Location: Augustus I Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm We will review programs randomly or by suggestions to identify strengths and weaknesses. Merchants will learn what affiliates are looking for and affiliates will learn how to find the right merchants. Experience level: Beginner Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Merchant Reviews »» Greg Hoffman, President, Greg Hoffman Consulting (Twitter @akagorilla) (Moderator) »» Jeremy Palmer, President, Quit Your Day Job (Twitter @jeremypalmer) »» Wade Tonkin, Affiliate Manager, Fanatics LLC (Twitter @affile8warrior) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Driving Inbound Calls from Mobile Search

Session 8b Location: Augustus V Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm More than 15% of searches take place on mobile. You’re losing money if you aren’t driving calls from mobile search. A panel of mobile experts will cover how you can get in on the action and earn more. Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers, Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Mobile »» Jason Spievak, CEO, RingRevenue, Inc. (Twitter @ringrevenue) (Moderator) »» Eric Evans, Director, HyperTarget Marketing »» Eric Flottmann, Founder, MobileLeads »» Adam Viener, Chairman & Founder, IMWAVE, INC. (Twitter @AdamViener) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Partnering for Profits – Joint Ventures Uncovered!

Affiliate Marketing in the Age of Social Media

Session 8c Location: Emperors I Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Session 9a Location: Augustus I Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

In today’s market, it’s virtually impossible to be an expert at everything. Learn ways to partner with others and use the relationships you already have to free up your time and make more money.

A few years ago, affiliate marketing was all about building a Web site or launching a blog and gaining readership. Today it’s all about Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. What are the NEW best practices?

Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Joint venture »» Beau Blackwell, Client Knowledge Guru, ClickBank (Twitter @beaublackwell) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

How to Make B2sB Profitable

Experience level: Beginner Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Social media »» Dave Taylor, Blogger, Ask Dave Taylor.com (Twitter @DaveTaylor) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Advanced Affiliate Recruitment Strategies

Session 8d Location: Emperors II Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm

Session 9b Location: Augustus V Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Strategies for lead generation, B2sB product promotion, messaging and customer outreach, plus top 10 things affiliates can do to earn in B2sB.

Advanced techniques that Affiliate Managers can use to recruit affiliates into their program.

Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: B2B »» Gary Allen, Partner, FRWD (Twitter @garylsallen) (Moderator) »» George Hansen, Director of Sales, Digital River – oneNetworkDirect »» Marty Marion, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Deluxe Corp (Twitter @MJMDeluxe) »» Sherry Tingley, Owner, CouponDealing.com (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)


Location: Milano Ballroom Time: 12:30pm – 1:45pm (Lunch is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders With Lunch Tickets Only)

Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Recruitment »» Michael Nunez, CEO, AffiliateManager.com (Twitter @MikeNunez) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

Go Mobile or Go Home!

Session 9c Location: Emperors I Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm 2012 is the year of mobile. From mobile apps to mobile sites to mobile advertising to QR codes to pay-per-call, there is a lot going on in mobile. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers, Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Mobile »» Marty M. Fahncke, President, FawnKey and Associates (Twitter @FawnKey) (Moderator)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

»» Don Batsford, Jr., Partner, 31 Media (Twitter @batsford) »» Ruth Ann Cooper, CEO/President, Mobile Zoom »» David Lewis, VP, Business Development, Majoobi (Twitter @thedavidlewis)

Merchants/Advertisers Niche/vertical: Credit cards »» John Monarch, President, Monarch Holdings LLC (Twitter @papajohn56)

(This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only) (This Session is Open to Platinum and Diamond Pass Holders Only)

How Credit Card Processing Impacts Conversion Rate

Session 9d Location: Emperors II Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Your merchant processing might be holding back the true potential of your affiliate program. Learn how to increase conversions with better banking, fraud control, and small checkout tips. Experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers,

Closing Keynote

Location: Augustus II, IV, VI Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm »» Sarah Beeskow, Sr. Manager of Merchant Development, Client Services Department, ShareASale (Twitter @sarah_bees) »» Jeremy Schoemaker, President, ShoeMoney Capital (Twitter @shoemoney) (This Session is Open to All Pass Holders)


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Jeremy Schoemaker Jeremy’s skills have led him on a wild ride swinging from unemployment to an 8 figure income in only a few years. Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker is one of the most successful internet marketers of our time. He has proven his skills online in the PPC community, time and again in affiliate marketing, and is legendary for his $133,000 Google AdSense check. In 2007 Jeremy launched the AuctionAds advertising network and added more than 25,000 Jeremy Schoemaker

affiliates in a mere 4 months of operation who generated millions a month in revenue. Whether its his blog or any of his companies ShoeMoney has proven that he has the dedication, drive, and at times the audacity to get the job done.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Jon Spoelstra Jon Spoelstra’s reputation as one of the most innovative and successful sports marketers is well earned. He has demonstrated this at every stop in his career: »» Mandalay Baseball Properties. As president and managing director of Mandalay Baseball Properties, LLC for eleven years, Jon created the most profitable minor league baseball teams ever. Mandalay owned/operated seven minor league teams. One of the teams, the Dayton Dragons, Jon Spoelstra

set a record that had never been achieved before—it sold out every ticket to every game during a season. The Dragons have now sold every ticket to every game for eleven straight seasons. 2011. It is a sequel to Marketing Outrageously »» New Jersey Nets. As president and COO of the

which became a Wall Street Journal best-seller. Ice

Nets for three years, Jon dramatically in-

to the Eskimos, a general marketing book based

creased ticket and sponsorship sales. During

on his sports marketing strategies, was published

his tenure, the team set its all-time atten-

by HarperCollins in June, 1997. The book is a lively

dance record. Sellouts at Meadowlands Arena

blueprint on how to take any product that isn’t

increased from zero to 25. Local sponsorship

the best in its field and jump-start sales and

sales went up from $400,000 to $7,000,000.

profits. It became a top seller in Japan. Success Is Just One Wish Away—a motivational book on how

»» SRO Partners. Jon was founder and chairman

anybody can develop a passion for their job and

of SRO Partners, a sports marketing consult-

life—was published by DelStar Books in June, 1999.

ing firm that works with teams in the NBA,

Jon’s fiction book, Red Chaser, was published in

NHL, MLB and teams in Japan and Spain.

December, 2009. Jon was the focus of what was perhaps the strangest

»» Portland Trail Blazers. In the 11 years with

trade in sports history. Portland was in need of a

the Blazers as Senior VP/General Manager,

guard to fill a hole created by injury. The guard that

Jon helped make the front office a model for

the Blazers wanted was the starting point guard

all team sports. During his time there, there

for Indiana Pacers. The compensation to the Pacers

was never a game that wasn’t sold out.

wasn’t a player, but one week of Spoelstra’s time. Jon played a key role in the restructuring of the

He has written five books. His newest book, Marketing Outrageously Redux, How To Increase Your Revenues By Staggering Amounts, was released in February,


Pacers front office during that time frame. Jon was a judge at the Miss America contest in September, 2003.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Eric Thomas YouTube sensation Eric Thomas has taken the attention of students, athletes, educators and corporate execs of all ages, interests, and backgrounds hostage with his energetic and heartfelt messages of hope, persistence, and moving beyond your circumstances. The Detroit native’s understanding of the importance of education and the obstacles that hinder its pursuit remains unparalleled by colleagues in his field and enables him to connect with his audience on a more intimate level. Eric grew up in an environment that worked to challenge his educational and social beliefs and was forced to learn to cope and manage the stressors of life without Eric Thomas

the guidance or counsel of his biological father. Having followed the generational path of high school drop outs in his own family, Eric transitioned from being hopeless and homeless to being an iconic figure

He has committed his life to speaking across the country to

of the process of success and the determination it

enlighten others of the importance of education, the

takes to obtain it.

access it provides, and the way to the American dream.

Robert Adler

Robert Adler is a link building individual from Baltimore, MD that has been in the affiliate space for about 6 years. He runs campaigns organically for CPA, CPS, and eCommerce.

Gary Allen

Gary has developed market-leading technology and earned a reputation for excellence in technology development by building some of the industry’s most effective media tools, including ConnectCommerce and i-Search, now part of DoubleClick’s DART suite, and AdGooroo’s unique competitive intelligence tools: SEM Insight, Natural Rankings Monitoring and Trademark Monitoring. Among Gary’s leadership roles in eCommerce and online marketing, he

served as CTO at Performics, a leading affiliate marketing consultancy. Gary is also the former CEO of AdGooroo and served 30 of the world’s top 50 search agencies and major brand advertisers for whom he defined success metrics and extracted actionable findings from competitive search data.

Mike Allen

Mike Allen founded Shopping-Bargains.com in February 1999 and currently serves as President and “Chief Executive Shopper.” Designed to be everything you need to save money online, Shopping-Bargains.com was a finalist for the LinkShare Golden Link Merchant’s Choice Award in 2005 and the LinkShare Golden Link Advertiser’s Choice Award in 2008. Mike received the Affiliate of the Year award at the 3rd Annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards in 2009. In addition, Shopping-Bargains was inducted into


· Issue 17 · January 2012

the Mississippi BBB’s Business Integrity Circle of Honor in 2007. Mike attends most affiliate marketing industry conferences and has presented at Affiliate Summit, BlogWorld and several affiliate network conferences. Mike has served on a variety of industry and business advisory boards and in 2010 was elected to a two-year term on the Commission Junction Publisher Advisory Board. He also blogs and periodically writes for various print publications.

as Director of Member Services and Broadcast Coordinator for the implementation of Michigan’s Amber Alert program. She holds a Bachelor degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Master degree in Organizational Communication from Michigan State University and studied Visual Communication in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tim Ash

Beau is an Internet marketing jack-of-all-trades who has experience in nearly every facet of online marketing. He has an extensive background in affiliate marketing, ecommerce, SEO, PPC advertising, social media and more. He is currently the in-house Internet marketing expert and social media manager for ClickBank. His favorite part of the job is learning the latest “ninja” tricks and tools used by top Internet marketers and sharing them with others.

Tim Ash is author of the bestselling book Landing Page Optimization, and CEO of SiteTuners, a firm that specializes in improving website conversion rates through landing page diagnosis and redesign, conversion consulting, a/b-split and multivariate test plan creation, and client training/mentoring. Since 2002, SiteTuners has improved conversion rates for over 850 clients large and small, including Canon, Google, Expedia, CBS, Sony Music, Facebook, Nestle, Verizon Wireless, Texas Instruments, Cisco, and Coach. Tim is a highly-regarded keynote and conference presenter, and the chairperson of Conversion Conference – the first worldwide conference series focused on improving online conversions. He has published hundreds of articles about website usability, best practices in landing page design, tactics to improve website conversion rates, and is the host of the Landing Page Optimization podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm.

Don Batsford, Jr

Don has been a full time online marketer since 1999. For the past six years Don has been a principal with 31 Media, an online customer acquisition and consulting firm specializing in search, social and mobile marketing. 31 Media builds, maintains and grows marketing campaigns for companies ranging from fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial start ups. Previously, Don was in business development at Commission Junction, a ValueClick company. Don was also the co-founder of AskFor, a shopping technology and data management start-up. Don received his Masters of Business Administration from Clarkson University and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Saint Michael’s College.

Sarah Beeskow

Sarah Beeskow is the Sr. Manager of Merchant Development for ShareASale.com’s Client Services Department. She joined ShareASale in 2005 and is responsible for providing strategic guidance and educational resources to Merchant partners that can be used to optimize and grow their affiliate program. Prior to joining ShareASale Sarah spent seven years at the Michigan Association of Broadcasters


Beau Blackwell

Hunter Boyle

Hunter Boyle is the Senior Business Development Manager for AWeber, a leading email and social media service provider. As a multichannel content marketer and optimization strategist, Hunter brings 15 years of experience to his role leading AWeber’s affiliate and partnership initiatives. His track record of ROI gains for clients and brands includes a 575% email sales increase and affiliate program launch for 1800Hotels, and growing social media reach by 1,400% and lead-gen webinars by 185% for MarketingExperiments. With a dual background in journalism and marketing, his work as an editor, speaker and trainer has helped thousands of marketers optimize their own efforts.

Dannielle Brantley

Dannielle Brantley has over 10 years of experience in the internet and performance-based marketing industry. In her previous position as National Promotions Manager at Own Your Power Communications, Miss Brantley managed a team of 5 volunteers and creating geo-targeted campaigns to increase event attendance for OYP events and seminars. Dannielle was responsible for increasing the awareness of each company’s events and seminars and “letting people know we exist.” In her current role as Senior Marketing Manager, she oversees the day-to-day management of the Lead Gen business and is responsible for devising digital marketing strategies that will generate leads and ultimately, revenue, for top online advertisers within, but not limited to, the following verticals: Financial Services, Insurance, Education, Home Improvement & Legal. Dannielle has been an integral part of the adoption and growth of the Pay-Per-Call channel within the LinkShare Network and has realized an average MOM revenue growth of 67% for that channel in 2010. Miss Brantley has a BS in Business Psychology from Polytechnic University

· Issue 17 · January 2012

and an MBA in Media Management from the Metropolitan College of NY. She is MRA Certified in Market Research and is currently working towards a Digital Certificate in Marketing from the New York University Continuing Education Program.

Brad Brewster

Brad founded Bent Media, an interactive media boutique, in 1992. He has developed interactive user experiences for some of the most well-known and well-loved brands in the world. He involves himself in all aspects of e-commerce, online brand identity, web development and online media. Some of the brands Brad works with include: Land’s End, Tabasco, Oreck, Smoothie King and Zatarain’s.

Mike Buechele

Mike has been in the online advertising industry since the late 1990’s, working with the biggest companies in adserving and digital media, including DoubleClick and ADTECH. He co-hosts a few podcasts and loves networking. He’s currently building a consulting and performance marketing business.

Don Campbell

Don Campbell is President of Expand2Web, which provides tools and training to help businesses succeed online.

Prior to founding Expand2Web in January 2008, Don was a Technology Evangelist for Microsoft, where he helped partners adopt new Microsoft technologies and presented to C-Level executives at Fortune 500 companies. Don was also a Group Program Manager at Interwoven, where he built a $5M product line and was a key early employee. Interwoven grew to 1,000 employees and went IPO in 2000. Don lives in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose California with is lovely wife and two daughters.

John Chow

John Chow, a damn fine person, friend of the community, Ultimate Fighting Championship contestant, member of the Save the Whales Foundation, the man who controls the black market on baby seal pelts and member of the “probably yo’ daddy” foundation.

Sylvia Cintrón

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sylvia is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience. She has proven competencies in managing complex teams and formulating long-term strategic account plans for business-to business, business-to-consumer and nonprofit organizations. She currently oversees the Affiliate


· Issue 17 · January 2012

team at AREA203 Digital, leading them to more effective marketing projects and positioning the agency’s affiliate team as one of the top performing affiliate management teams nationwide.

Daniel M. Clark

Daniel M. Clark is a podcast production consultant and the founder of QAQN, a collection of informative and entertaining podcasts. A resident of the internet since 1992, he either is or has been: a t-shirt designer, an art reviewer, a system administrator, a video game designer and programmer, a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a podcaster, a space cowboy, and a gangster of love. He has, in fact, gotten his lovin’ on the run. Mostly what Daniel is right now is a work-at-home dad, raising two kids, ages 6 and 3 with his wife, Angela. Daniel has written articles for FeedFront magazine and Blogworld.com. He publishes a variety of podcasts at QAQN.com, including Inside Internet Marketing, his most frequently downloaded show. Daniel’s first Affiliate Summit was East 2006 and he has been a speaker at four Summits since 2008.

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay is a professional search engine optimization international consultant, speaker and instructor. He was interviewed by Wired magazine in its 2004 feature “The Complete Guide to Googlemania!” and cited by USA Today in its article “Gunning for search engines” from August 20, 2003. He was selected as the search engine optimization expert by NHK World TV in their 1-hour award winning special “Google’s Deep Impact”, translated and distributed internationally. His website is referenced to by NARA – ALIC – User’s Guide to the Internet at The National Archives as resource for “Web Site Promotion Tactics and Tools”. Clay is the CEO of the search engine marketing firm Bruce Clay, Inc. which he founded in 1996. He is active with industry organizations such as: SEMPO as a 2009 seated Board of Directors member, IMC USA, Web Analytics Association, American Marketing Association, IIMA – International Internet Marketing Association and the California Chamber of Commerce.

Thomas A. Cohn

Tom Cohn, of counsel in Venable’s NY office, advises clients on compliance with FTC and state consumer regulations and industry self-regulation programs, and represents clients during investigations and enforcement actions. His clients include a variety of online and offline advertisers and marketers, and his practice covers all federal and state consumer protection and privacy laws and regulations. Mr. Cohn draws on experience gained during


his 17-year tenure at FTC, where he was Regional Director and Assistant Regional Director for the Northeast Region, legal advisor to the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection and a litigator in the Division of Marketing Practices. As FTC Northeast Regional Director, Mr. Cohn supervised all professional and support staff and led multiagency enforcement efforts against anticompetitive, unfair and/or deceptive practices. Mr. Cohn is a graduate of Yale College and Boston University School of Law.

Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins has been an affiliate marketer since 1997 with a number of active affiliate projects, and a decade of affiliate management under his belt. He is a Cofounder of Affiliate Summit, the leading global conference and tradeshow for the affiliate marketing industry and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine. He authored the book Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants, and was an editor and contributor to Internet Marketing from the Real Experts. Also, he publishes the annual AffStat affiliate marketing benchmark reports. Shawn blogs daily on affiliate marketing at Affiliate Tip and co-hosts the weekly Affiliate Thing podcast on GeekCast.fm. Additionally, Shawn has been quoted in numerous publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Internet Retailer, Inc. Magazine, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Ruth Ann Cooper

Ruth is a serial entrepreneur with extensive start-up experience. Cooper has more than 18 years of experience in business development, channel sales and general management roles with companies in the wireless and software communications industry. Prior to launching Mobile Zoom, As Vice President at Single Touch Interactive, worldwide leader in mobile messaging and mobile dial codes servicing the likes of Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Hy-Vee, MTV, and Cover girl. Prior to her tenure at STI, she was Director of Channel Marketing for SEVEN Networks, white label email provider for OEMs and deployed across wireless carriers worldwide. Ruth has built three successful start-ups from the ground up.

Todd Crawford

A recognizable veteran, Todd Crawford brings to Impact Radius a passion for performance advertising and a commitment to its growth. As a co-founder, he evangelizes the opportunities presented by a multi-channel approach to the performance model. Prior to Impact Radius, he served as vice president of sales and business development for Digital River’s affiliate network, oneNetworkDirect. Todd also contributed to the founding team at Commission Junction in

· Issue 17 · January 2012

1998 and led its business and sales development efforts as vice president for more than seven years. In 2007, Todd won the Affiliate Marketing Legend Award at the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards in Las Vegas. He holds a bachelor of arts at the University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities.

Angel Djambazov

Born in Bulgaria, Angel Djambazov has spent his professional career in the fields of journalism and online marketing. In his journalistic career he worked as an editor on several newspapers and was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Wyoming Homes and Living Magazine. Later his career path led to online marketing where while working at OnlineShoes he earned the Affiliate Manager of the Year (2006) award at the Affiliate Summit, and In-house Manager of the Year (2006) award by ABestWeb. In 2007 Angel started Custom Tailored Marketing and became the OPM for Jones Soda for which he won his second Affiliate Manger of the Year (2009) award at Affiliate Summit. Angel also is the lead evangelist for PopShops.com which was awarded Best Affiliate Tool (2007 & 2008) award by ABestWeb. In 2010 he won his third Pinnacle Award from Affiliate Summit for Affiliate Marketing Advocate of the Year. He also is the Managing Editor for ReveNews.com.

Eric Evans

Eric Evans has nearly a decade of experience working in each of the 8 arms of online marketing – PPC, SEO, Web Design, Social Media, Mobile, Directory Listings, Analytics and Call Tracking, Web Video, and Application Development.

Marty Fahncke

Marty M. Fahncke has been successfully executing multichannel direct response marketing campaign for nearly 25 years. Marty brings a unique and proven track record of success to his audiences and clients. Having been involved in marketing campaigns that have generated over one BILLION dollars in sales, Marty has seen what works… and what doesn’t. As President of FawnKey & Associates, a consulting and project management firm, Marty has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients using direct response television, the telephone, and the internet. As a Professional Speaker, Marty presents to audiences across the country on topics related to internet marketing, personal branding, social media, affiliate marketing, direct response television and more. Read more about Marty M. Fahncke at the blog “My Perspective”, which can be found at http://www.MartyFahncke.com.

Todd Farmer

Todd Farmer, an internet marketing veteran, started his first internet company, Kowabunga! Marketing, in 1996, pro-

viding Affiliate Marketing Tracking & Management Software (MyAffiliateProgram), Outsourced Affiliate Program Management (Team Affiliate), Email Marketing Software (Extractor Pro, Optin Pro), and the Affiliate Network (Kolimbo). After selling Kowabunga in 2005 and completing a 3 year employment agreement with the acquiring company, Todd started his new consulting and media firm, PerformStreet Media, where he helps companies leverage his years of experience growing his internet businesses, with high level, profitable internet marketing strategies and guidance. Todd’s current projects include MyContentPro.com, AffiliateMarketingPlan. com, and a number of B2B projects dedicated to teaching internet marketers best practices and strategies in: Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Membership Sites, and Blogging for passion & profit.

Trisha Lyn Fawver

Trisha is the Client Services Manager with For Me To Coupon, an automated affiliate coupon feed, assisting clients, managing a variety of projects, and running social media. Trisha began as an in-house affiliate manager in 2006, grew their affiliate program exponentially, and moved on to the life of an outsourced program manager at industry-leading firms managing a variety of affiliate programs. Trisha co-hosts a podcast on the GeekCast.fm network, Affiliate Marketing Fanatics, with Mike Buechele. She has spoken at essential conferences such as Affiliate Summit, Social Media Marketing Summit, and Affiliate Convention. She blogs about her adventures in social media and affiliate marketing at TrishaLyn.com, and periodically contributes articles for FeedFront Magazine.

Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando is an influential blogger and affiliate marketer. His views and insights have been seen all over the Internet as he provides useful tools and tips on online marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and related topics. His blog, IanFernando.com, is geared to providing substantive advice to the up and coming online entrepreneur. Ian is an aggressive Internet marketer. He has utilize the power of the internet to become an influential and respected blogger and affiliate marketer. Ian is an ‘out of the box’ thinker and is an example of a successful entrepreneur that has made and continuous to make money online.

Eric Flottmann

Eric Flottmann has been generating leads on the Internet since 2004. During that time he has been a media buyer, business developer, systems architect, business intelligence director and operations officer. Most recently, he is one of the founders of MobileLeads.com; a mobile


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Growthspurt Media, an agency specializing in Affiliate Marketing and offering a range of marketing & media services to clients in search of targeted brand, traffic & revenue growth online. In the business since ’04, Liz has been nominated for industry awards including Best Affiliate Manager, Best New OPM & Most Improved Affiliate program – for a health/wellness merchant whose non-performing program she rebuilt to experience exponential year-overyear growth. Passionate about education & advocacy as the industry continues to evolve, Liz has contributed to content at MerchantABCS.com, written for trade publications like FeedFront magazine & appeared on internet talk shows like Internet Marketing LIVE on QAQN.com and on WebMaster Radio. Liz leads the Toronto Affiliate Summit community, hosting monthly meetings that bring advertisers, publishers & agencies together for networking & discussion. For more info visit GrowthspurtMedia.com.

Scott Ginsberg

affiliate network that specializes in generating short form data leads and inbound phone calls for advertisers in several verticals.

Karen Garcia

Karen Garcia is a co-founder and CEO at GTO Management, an outsourced affiliate program management company. Karen has twelve years of experience in e-commerce and marketing beginning in 1999 with the development and management of the affiliate program for Shari’s Berries as well as their e-mail and print advertisement channels and SEO and SEM campaigns. Karen has consulted on and profitably managed dozens of affiliate programs on many different network platforms ranging from large national brands such as National Geographic and MediFast to niche merchants like BowlingShirt.com and MakeBeer.net as well as the conference, Blog World Expo. In 2009, she was nominated for an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Marketing Advocate and the GTO-managed BowlingShirt.com program was nominated for Exceptional Merchant against industry heavyweights Amazon and eBay. She was awarded the 2009 ShareASale “Pay It Forward” Award for Industry Advocate for her work on the Advertising Tax issue.

Liz Gazer

Liz Gazer is an Affiliate Management Consultant with


Scott Ginsberg manages all facets of publisher development including overseeing the recruitment of new publishers to optimizing with the top publishers in the Commission Junction network. Scott joined Commission Junction right after the merger with BeFree in 2004 and has been responsible for strategically growing relationships both on the publisher and advertiser side of the business. Prior to Commission Junction, Scott was a Strategic Account Manager at Yahoo and previously worked at Carat Interactive as a Media Planner. He has his bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts with a focus on Marketing.

Robert Glazer

Robert is the founder of Acceleration Partners. He is a serial entrepreneur and customer acquisition specialist with an exceptional track record of growing revenue and profits for early to mid-stage consumer product and services companies. He has an extensive background in affiliate marketing, strategy, and business development with an emphasis on company formation, financing, and revenue growth. He has helped launch, manage or audit more than 15 affiliate programs and his company manages more than $20m in annual affiliate program revenue. Experienced in taking new ideas from concept to execution, Robert has served as an adviser and consultant to numerous early and growth-stage businesses, many of which have ranked on the Inc 5000’s list of fastest growing companies. Robert serves on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters Massachusetts Bay, the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation, and the Boston chapter of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization).

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Michael Gray

Michael Gray has worked in the internet world since 1998, when he became Webmaster for a major retailer in New York. He developed their website strategy and grew their online sales from $100,000 to over $25 million in annual website sales. Michael then moved into affiliate marketing and started his own consulting firm. Michael has worked with many businesses to develop and implement their Social Media Strategy. He also specializes in blog development and Search Engine Optimizations for businesses of all sizes. Michael has been a speaker at Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, SEOClass and SMX. He is also moderator at Sphinn and Webmaster World. Michael is President of Atlas Web Service, located in Long Island, New York.

Steve Hall

George Hansen

George Hansen joined Digital River in 2006 as a Business Manager for oneNetworkDirect, where he has currently excelled to the role of Director of Sales and Business Development. His role has been to grow oneNetworkDirect through product innovation, affiliate recruitment, and expanding merchant relationships. George is a seasoned technology sales executive with over 15 years of experience, selling across the some of the most recognized brands in the world, including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, AMD, and Seagate among others. Mr. Hansen has successfully led several technology sales teams, and earned such esteemed awards including Intel marketing company of the year.

Heather Havenwood

Steve Hall has done time in media, account management and new business at, among others, Leo Burnett, Starcom/ Mediavest, BlackSheep Marketing, and Bozell, where he managed marketing budgets for both consumer and business-tobusiness clients including Reebok, Sperry Topsider, Monster. com, Tyco, Marriott Hotels and Marshmallow Fluff. Steve has written about and spoken for industry associations on topics such as the advertising’s role in consumer-controlled media, the integration of public relations and advertising, the future convergence of media, the rise of social media and the decline of traditional media. Along with publishing Adrants, Steve co-founded MarketingVOX, an online marketing publication and, in early 2007, founded the advertising social networking site, AdGabber. Additionally, Steve published and edited the Yahoo! Scene blog and currently contributes a column about advertising to Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket.

Heather Ann, has fast become regarded as an entrepreneurial online marketing success authority. She has been a part of the online marketing Wild West since 1999. In 2006 she started, developed an online information marketing publishing company from ground zero to over 1 million in sales in less than 12 months. No list No product; she molded the ‘expert’ into a guru with affiliate relationships. She has been named by a few as the ‘Icon Creator’. She has hosted teleseminars with many top online thought leaders such as Tom Antion, Perry Belcher, Tony Blake, David Lakhani. She is currently the author of many self-help dating and relationship products such as “Dating Up”, Only Date Younger Women.com and her coming soon is “Tease Texting”. She enjoys helping info marketers create successful Affiliate Marketing & JV’s specifically in the dating &real estate niches. Heather Ann is smart, sexy, savvy and now stepping out to help others find their way through the wild west online.

Peter Hamilton

Michael Herrera

Peter joined HasOffers.com before the company launched their first product in 2009. As the first affiliate tracking software on the cloud, he worked with twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown to build a brand, reputation, and platform that quickly became a new industry standard for affiliate tracking software. In less than two years HasOffers soared to more than 8,000 accounts, tracking more than $350 million per year in affiliate payouts. In 2011, Peter led the marketing launch of MobileAppTracking.com, the world’s first unbiased tracking platform for mobile app installs. With more than six years of experience in online marketing, Peter has a skilled knowledge of SEO, Display Advertising, PPC, CRO, Retargeting, Social Ads, Social Marketing, PR, Email Marketing, Design and Usability. As CMO at HasOffers, he overseas customer acquisition and retention, partnership development, content creation, web design and brand development. Follow him on twitter: @peterhamilton

Michael is an online marketing leader with extensive experience managing multi-channel marketing programs and strategic partnerships. Michael currently oversees online acquisitions and lead generation efforts for Citi’s Consumer Businesses across affiliate marketing and partnerships. He has been with Citi since 2007 and has worked in the digital marketing space for more than 10 years—with a diverse background in various industries including publishing, automotive and hospitality. Michael holds a B.S. in Marketing from St. Francis College and an M.S. in Marketing from New York University.

Greg Hoffman

Greg Hoffman (@akagorilla) is President of GregHoffmanConsulting.com, an affiliate management agency with merchants in ShareASale, Commission Junction and Buy.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

at. GHC was voted OPM of the Year 2010 by members of ABestWeb.com. He is creator and co-host of the Affiliate Juice Podcast and the Affiliate Voices Podcast, both on GeekCast.FM. He is also the author of the free ebook, Affiliate Management for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless. His Marketing Gorilla blog serves as the affiliate resource center for all GHC merchants and affiliates. Greg has moderated 2 previous panels at Affiliate Summit and has contributed to FeedFront Magazine.

Rae Hoffman-Dolan

Ten+ years ago Rae started a small website about her son and his medical condition that became one of the first international support groups and largest website in general on the topic. It earned national media coverage and helped further medical research in the field. Investigating ways to support that site, she found affiliate marketing and became one of the most well known voices in the affiliate landscape and organic search engine optimization. Today, her current area of research is site auditing and advanced organic link development techniques relating to all of the major engines. Ms. Hoffman-Dolan is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sugarrae, Inc. Rae is a regular speaker at the PubCon conferences and a former moderator for the WebmasterWorld forums. Additionally, Rae is a regular columnist at Search Engine Land and has also spoken at various industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies and SMX. Rae was recently listed in the Invesp Top 100 Most Influential Online Marketers of 2008 and 2009 and was listed in the 50 Most Influential People In Blogging 2010 by Income Diary. Known widely in the online marketing community as Sugarrae, she is also the author of the often controversial Sugarrae blog and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of website publisher MFE Interactive and the Co-Owner and SVP of Marketing for Speedy Incorporation Service.

Carl Holmquist

Carl Holmquist, Founder & CEO, brings over 10 years of entrepreneurial telecom & software leadership experience to Freespee. He has gathered a team and raised venture capital funding for the company that has almost singlehandedly transformed the European performance advertising industry by establishing phone calls as a strategic currency to increase competitive edge and revenue growth. With his telecom background and the team with strong affiliate, mobile and local advertising experience, Freespee now leads the way in convergence of telecom, media and advertising industries. Carl holds a Master of Science degree from the Institute of Technology in Linköping, Sweden, and Institute Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.


Erik Hom

With over 15 years of experience in retail and online marketing, Erik has a long history in online partner referral marketing both as an affiliate and as a merchant. Erik has worked for online start-ups such as Reel.com and Ticketweb as well as large traditional brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Gap, and Ticketmaster. Erik specializes in helping create external partnerships that supplement and complement a company’s core business. A graduate of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and Carnegie Mellon, Erik’s background spans from investment banking to strategic consulting to ice cream. An entrepreneur at heart, Erik is the proud owner of Ben & Jerry’s franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area. Erik lives the Steve Jobs mantra: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” Currently, Erik runs Business Development for Nextag, the leading online Shopping Comparison Platform.

Kenny Hyder

Kenny Hyder has been helping businesses with their online and SEO strategies since 2004. Originally starting as an in-house SEO, Kenny eventually branched out to start his own internet marketing business. His first business was eventually bought out by a much larger internet marketing firm. Today he runs Hyder Media, servicing clients in the areas of: SEO, social media & ORM. His experience has led him to work with some of the largest brands online, including several Fortune 500 companies – helping them with their search marketing strategies. Kenny is also a speaker at some of the largest internet marketing conferences including: Pubcon, SMX, Blogworld, Affiliate Summit, & DMA.

Scott Jangro

Scott Jangro is the president and co-founder of MechMedia, Inc., a firm specializing in performance and search engine marketing since 2004. MechMedia focuses primarily on niche, retail, community websites, leveraging technology and new media to provide a valuable experience to website visitors. MechMedia is also the provider of the Shareist.com publishing platform. Prior to MechMedia, Scott served as a Director of Product Management at Be Free, Inc. and later Commission Junction, both divisions of ValueClick, Inc. from 1999 to 2004. Scott is active and vocal member of the affiliate marketing community through his blogging, writing and advocacy efforts. He is also on the Performance Marketing Association board of directors. Scott has been honored with multiple industry awards including the Affiliate Summit Affiliate Marketing Legend Award, the Best Blogger Pinnacle Award, as well as awards from ShareASale and Linkshare.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Timothy Kerber

Tim Kerber is CEO of MemberGate Solutions, Inc and is an expert concerning membership web sites. Membergate. com’s software powers thousands of sites. Tim also runs the very popular MembershipSiteOwner.com site dedicated to the topic. A highly sought after consultant and speaker, Tim has the unique ‘behind the scenes’ access to see exactly what is and isn’t working for the thousands of sites running on MemberGate.

Gary Kibel

Gary Kibel is a partner with the law firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP. He practices in the areas of New Media, Advertising/Marketing and IP law. Gary regularly counsels clients with respect to issues such as interactive advertising, search marketing, affiliate marketing, enterprise technology implementations, behavioral advertising, privacy and security, gaming, content licensing, wireless services and entertainment, joint ventures, copyrights, trademarks, corporate matters and laws affecting the Internet. Davis & Gilbert is widely regarded as the premier law firm in the U.S. representing advertising, marketing and promotions agencies, from specialized shops to the largest advertising holding companies in the world, and also represents prominent technology and entertainment companies, marketers, and advertising trade associations. Prior to becoming an attorney, Gary was an Information Systems Analyst with Merrill Lynch.

Carolyn Tang Kmet

Carolyn Tang Kmet, a.k.a. “CTanK”, is the Director of Affiliate Marketing for Groupon, a Web site that features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 markets worldwide. In this role, she was honored with the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year 2010, and the New Advertiser of the Year 2011 award from Commission Junction. Prior to joining Groupon, Kmet led the client services team at ShareASale.com, an award-winning affiliate network. Kmet has also managed affiliate programs at Orbitz, CollectiblesToday.com and MyPoints.com. She is an adjunct lecturer at the Loyola University of Chicago, where she teaches both undergraduate and MBA level e-marketing courses. Kmet earned a MBA from Loyola University Chicago, a MSJ in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, Berkeley.

Chris Kramer

Chris is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Netx, a leading performance based advertising agency based in

New York City. He oversees the Media side of Netx which includes Affiliate, Search, Display, Social Marketing, Partnerships, and Analytics. He is Google and Yahoo Certified. He’s been in the online marketing space since 1998, having worked on more than 30 blue chip clients including The New York Times, American Express, Scholastic, Financial Times, Encyclopedia Britannica, Shockwave, Wine Enthusiast, Thomson Publishing and ESPN.

Stephanie Laughon

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Stephanie is an avid Badgers and Packers fan! She left Wisconsin to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she attained a double degree in Psychology and Advertising. Stephanie Laughon has been with ShopAtHome.com for over 2 years, and is currently an Account Executive. Stephanie works on campaign optimization with her new programs, always looking for new and innovative ways to grow her merchant’s sales and acquire new customers. She has implemented successful campaigns for both large and small programs, as ShopAtHome.com continues to offer new media channels to advertise for all types of merchants. These positive ROIs can also be attributed to open communication between Stephanie and her program managers. Communication is vital in such a dynamic industry. Fostering these client relationships leads to greater opportunity and new partnerships.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Emily Leach

For more than a decade now, Emily Leach has been a pioneering force behind the top website rankings of microbusinesses and solo-preneurs in the country through both her capacities as president of her own SEO companies and as a much sought-after trainer and speaker. Her secret to success is making life count, her passion for Search Marketing and inspiring people to dream. Emily found her dynamic passion for search marketing in 2001 and has been developing relationships between business owners and their online marketing strategy ever since through public speaking, search marketing education classes, SEO consulting. She has learned over the years to always be authentic, audiences love her energy and passion for life and search marketing she brings to the industry that is rarely seen. In 2010 Emily was invited to speak from the TEDxABQ stage on the controversial topic of being genetically unemployable, inspiring people to dream and be willing to make the leap.

David Lewis

David Lewis was an affiliate publisher for a decade and now is venturing to enable stores and publishers to go mobile in minutes.

Joanna Lord

Joanna Lord is the Director of Customer Acquisition at SEOmoz.org, a leading SEO software company out of Seattle, WA. While she currently heads up SEOmoz’s paid search, affiliate, and acquisition marketing efforts, she is also a well-known social media enthusiast and frequent conference speaker. Her diverse experience in data analysis, paid search marketing, search engine optimization and content creation enables her to provide tactical acquisition strategies that work.

Marty Marion

Marty brings a seasoned perspective to the Deluxe team supported by years of industry leadership in eCommerce management, web development, and online marketing. Marty’s affiliate successes date back to his management role at Desktop Labels in 1999. Marty joined Deluxe in 2010 and has been actively engaged with all Deluxe affiliate programs. When not optimizing on emerging online strategies, Marty enjoys playing the piano, spending time with his wife and walking his dog Mel.

James Martell

Recognized as a leading expert in affiliate training, James is President of Net Guides Publishing Inc. and author of the top selling “Affiliate Marketers Handbook.” A


sought-after speaker, James has presented at Commission Junction University, Affiliate Summit, The System Seminar, Digital River Lab, and more. He is also the host and creator of both “The Affiliate Buzz” (the 1st and longest running Affiliate Industry Podcast) and “Coffee Talk,” a series of interviews with Industry Experts. James relies on outsourcing for the creation of his websites, graphics, articles, podcasts, and video in order to streamline his business, enabling him to break away from the daily grind. He credits this “autopilot” for the success and freedom he now enjoys. His latest project, the Affiliate Marketer’s “SUPER BootCamp,” is a collection of recorded lessons, hours of audio, scheduled online events-such as live Q&A sessionsand a vibrant 24/7 members only forum.

Michael Martin

Michael Martin is the Senior SEO Strategist at Covario and Owner of Mobile Martin based out of San Diego California. Michael graduated from UMass Dartmouth with a Computer Engineering degree and a minor in German plus attaining a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. In his 10+ years of Internet Marketing experience he has project managed & overseen the online marketing improvements for BlackBerry, Dell, T-Mobile, Samsung, IBM, SC Johnson, IGN as well mobile marketing news at Mobile Martin – http://www.mobilemartin.com/. Michael Martin teaches the credited SEO course at San Diego State University & previously spoken at Affiliate Summit West, Affiliate Summit East, SMX Advanced, SMX East, SMX West, SES New York, SES Chicago, SES San Diego, WordCamp LA, several PubCons, and the PMI Project Management Institute Annual Conference.

Tricia Meyer

Tricia Meyer is the owner of Sunshine Rewards, Helping Moms Connect, and other niche sites. She frequently speaks and writes about affiliate marketing topics such as monetizing blogs, affiliate and affiliate manager relationships, and the basics of affiliate marketing. She is a member of the Affiliate Summit Advisory Board, is a Feature Writer for Money Minded Moms, and is an Associate Member of the Performance Marketing Association.

Cristian Miculi

Cristian has been involved in the IT&C industry since 2005. First, for 3 years as editor at IDG Publishing Group, one of the leading technology media, events and research companies. In 2008, he joined Avangate and has since focused on the software niche. As Avangate’s Affiliate Network Coordinator, Cristian acts as the “marriage maker” between software merchants and affiliates, helping them

· Issue 17 · January 2012

generate more sales through the Avangate Affiliate Network. In this role, he provides custom advice and handson support for affiliate programs and campaigns. In his spare time, Cristian enjoys traveling and playing the piano.

Rooshina Modi

Rooshina Modi, MBA, is a Senior Manager, Internet Marketing at Barnes & Noble since 2010. Prior to joining Barnes & Noble, Rooshina has over 6+ years of experience in the internet and performance-based marketing industry, working at 1800Flowers handling, Display, SEM, Affiliate, & CSE programs for the team. She played a pivotal role in implementing and executing, Facebook Shop integration, making 1800Flowers the First-Ever retailer to have this function for their FANs in the Facebook history. In her current role, she oversees the day-to-day management of the Affiliate Program, CSE & partnership development, leading a team and responsible for driving initiatives and strategies that drive top line revenue, brand awareness, and efficiency for the BN.com. Rooshina has earned her BSC in Computer Sciences and MBA in Marketing from Adelphi University, NY. Her area of professional interest is all things Digital & Internet Marketing. During her free time, she loves to travel & do photography.

John Monarch

John Monarch is a Conversion Scientist. After graduating with his degree in Physics and Computer Science, he realized academia was not for him and made his way into Internet marketing. Since then, he has played several roles, from affiliate to affiliate manager to consultant to merchant/advertiser.

Jennifer Myers Ward

Jennifer brings over 15 years of online business and marketing experience. She has helped dozens of clients grow their online business using tools such as affiliate marketing, email marketing and website usability. She has shown proven success by increasing site conversion rates up to 4 percentage points and doubling online revenue. Before starting ebove & beyond, Jennifer was responsible for building Palm Beach Jewelry’s online business from the ground up. Under her direction, the website grew at an amazing rate boasting strong traffic numbers and record sales. Prior to working at Palm Beach Jewelry, Jennifer served as the Partnership Development Manager for Amazon.com’s UK division, Amazon. co.uk. She headed up their strategic partnership program and brought in top accounts such as Virgin, BBC and Disney. She exceeded the annual program goal and was presented with Amazon’s prestigious Door Desk Award. Jennifer holds a BA degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Eric Nagel

Eric is a programmer-turned-affiliate marketer, specializing in PPC and SEO. He’s been in the affiliate industry since 2005, and a full-time affiliate since 2008. Eric was a finalist for the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Affiliate of the Year in 2010 and won the Best Blogger Pinnacle Award in 2011.

Merianna Neely

The relationship between schools and the marketing industry is intriguing. Schools fall for bad marketing and stuck with it until is past obsolete. Schools provide insight into the next generation of marketing that marketers would love to get their hands on, so why hasn’t a relationship formed before now? That’s where I come in. I’m a blogger, a podcaster, a seminarian, and a teacher without a classroom. I’m always interested in challenging conversations and engaging questions about teaching, marketing and how the two can come together. Follow me on Twitter @MeriannaNeely or read more at MeriannaNeely.com and teacherwithoutaclassroom.com.

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an industry-leading digital marketing advisor with a strong track record of success. He works with companies and individuals in developing and executing complete digital marketing strategies, including listening (social media monitoring tools), content marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging and more) and outreach programs.

Mike Nunez

Mike Nunez began his affiliate marketing career while taking Computer Science classes at UCF. He leveraged his newfound knowledge to launch the Wyndham Vacation Ownership affiliate program, which quickly became the highest converting lead source in the company. Mike was then recruited to launch the LastMinuteTravel.com affiliate program, where sales grew to $500,000 in 3 months. Upon realizing that affiliate management was in high demand with a low supply of quality managers, Mike co-founded AffiliateManager.com. After our first year, the firm won “Best New OPM” on the most popular affiliate forum. To better serve affiliates, Mike spearheaded the creation of BounceLinks.com, a tool to monetize user-generated content as well as streamline product level link creation. Most recently, Mike launched AffiliateRecruitment.com, a selfservice tool that allows managers to recruit relevant affiliates. Lastly, Mike has served as a member of the Linkshare and Affiliate Summit Advisory Board.


· Issue 17 · January 2012

Vinny O’Hare

Vinny O’Hare is the founder of Vincent O’Hare Consulting, (VinnyOHare.com) an internet marketing service that provides information on how to make money online with affiliate programs and contextual advertising.Started on the internet in 1999 selling on EBay and that lead to making websites for other products. Moved on to building niche content websites when everyone else was building sexy datafeed cookie cutter websites which were hit hard during the Google Florida update. He currently runs around 30 content filled websites that rank high on search engines for the niche topic of the websites. The “Prince of Content” is a long suffering Atlanta Falcons fan living in New York City.

Miles Olson

Miles Olson is the founder and president of Hoot Interactive, an online marketing agency specializing in Pay-Per-Click advertising on the Google and MSN networks. His team has been responsible for the management of over one hundred national and international campaigns for brands such as Time Warner Cable, St. Jude Medical, and Office Max Canada. His experience covers the full range of PPC media, including search, display, video, mobile, and CPM TV advertising.

Jeremy Palmer

Jeremy Palmer runs QuitYourDayJob.com, an affiliate education Web site. He initially worked part-time in the field of affiliate marketing in 2003. After six months he quit his day job to become a full-time affiliate. Today, he actively runs over 100 affiliate sites across dozens of different industries. In 2005, Jeremy received the Commission Junction Horizon Award for Innovation, and he is also recognized as a CJ Performer, Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador and Google AdWords Professional. Jeremy is a frequently featured speaker and panelist at affiliate conferences and is a regular contributor to high profile internet marketing Web sites.

Geno Prussakov

Geno Prussakov is a graduate of the University of Cambridge. He is the CEO & Founder of AM Navigator LLC. As an award-winning affiliate marketing expert and program manager, he has contributed to the online marketing success of such top brands as Forbes, Nokia, Hallmark, Warner Music, Skype, Forex Club, and hundreds of small businesses. Prussakov has also authored two books on affiliate marketing: “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing” (2007) and “Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day” (2011), which have trained thousands of marketing professionals. In 2011 for influencing “change within the industry” LinkShare named him one of Performance


Marketing’s Most Vocal Advocates, while Small Business Trends recognized him with an “honorable mention” in their 2011 Small Business Influencer initiative. He shares his knowledge through major digital marketing magazines, blogs, conference presentations, and also maintains his own blog (named Best Affiliate Blog in 2010 & 2011).

Dush Ramachandran

Dush Ramachandran is a sought after entrepreneur, speaker, business coach and radio show host. Dush is an active and vocal participant in the Internet Marketing industry, serving on the advisory boards of several industry organizations including Affiliate Summit. Most recently Dush was the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at ClickBank. Prior to that he founded, grew and sold two companies and held senior management positions with worldwide responsibilities for global technology companies.

Jamie Reardon

Jamie is the Digital Marketing Manager with LifeLock, Inc., the leader in identity theft protection services company in Tempe, AZ. Jamie began her career at CNET Networks, which was later acquired by CBS Interactive. She moved to the agency side, while still in the Bay area, and worked for an international advertising firm with some of the nation’s largest brands. Jamie’s expertise includes acquisition and retention marketing efforts, partnership marketing/content integration programs and affiliate marketing. Jamie’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to execute effective affiliate programs and publisher management initiatives to achieve business goals, as well as competitive business/market analysis, allows her to consistently contribute to the development of strategically-sound and efficient digital channel plans that are focused on driving results for both advertisers and affiliates.

Adam Riemer

Adam is the founder of Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC. (ARM). Adam has over 10 years of online marketing experience and is the trusted source for strategy, campaign creation & execution for companies from the Fortune 500 to mom & pop shops. Adam has spoken and been booked on panels internationally at various conferences & events. Some of the topics he has spoken on, and some of the services he can offer your company include; affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, CSEs, email optimization, channel development, sales funneling, online strategy, user experience & conversion rate optimization & more. Prior to starting ARM, Adam worked in house at various Inc. 500 companies. He played a key role in the strategy & the implementation of their campaigns helping them grow into multi-million dol-

· Issue 17 · January 2012

lar corporations. Adam would like to invite you to join his managed programs as well as contact him at adamr(at) adamriemer (dot) me if he can help with your marketing.

ceived his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from MIT and his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Justin Rondeau

Kim Salvino

Justin Rondeau graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2009 with a BA in Philosophy. Though Justin studied Philosophy he found his niche in marketing while doing the copy writing for TemplateZone and found great success in analyzing social media trends. Justin believes that philosophy is what has made him so successful in the marketing field because philosophy, like marketing, requires rigorous analysis and an ever evolving approach. Justin directs social media strategy and email marketing for TemplateZone and its suite of services, including High Impact Designer. His expertise on landing pages and Facebook page layouts was instrumental in shifting the product mix offered by TemplateZone, in addition to setting a new course for the company’s marketing and branding.

Bill Rothbard

Kim established the foundation of the US Account Management team in 2008 and grew the department to provide strategic guidance and revenue growth for over 70 clients. Embracing her greatest passion of recruiting and growing publisher relationships, Kim stepped into a new role as Head of Publishers in early 2011. A self-proclaimed Affiliate Evangelist, she takes great pride in providing publishers with world class service. An Affiliate Summit panelist and regular attendee, Kim is an active member of the affiliate marketing community and a self-taught industry expert. She often speaks at Affiliate Summit and PubCon, and is a published author in FeedFront Magazine and the book “Internet Marketing from the Real Experts.” Recognized for her service to the industry and strong performance, Kim’s honors include Affiliate Summit West 2010 and 2009’s Pinnacle Award Finalist for Affiliate Manager of the Year and several of ABestWeb’s “Best of” awards.

Bill Rothbard has over three decades of experience counseling advertising and marketing clients on all aspects of compliance with FTC and state consumer protection laws. His clients include a wide variety of online and offine direct response marketers. He represents clients in state, federal and self-regulatory advertising investigations and enforcement actions. He also negotiates and prepares advertising and marketing business agreements and prepares and prosecutes trademark applications. Mr. Rothbard draws on his experience as a former FTC attorney, serving in the Advertising Practices Division, as Deputy Assistant Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection, and as Attorney-Advisor to the FTC Chairman. He also served as Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Antitrust, Monopolies and Business Rights. Mr. Rothbard is a graduate of The University of Michigan and the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

Jared Saunders (aka TurboJared) joined Jenson USA in early 2007 and is currently the Affiliate Program Manager. In his role he is tasked with managing their affiliate marketing department, Building and maintaining relationships with their affiliate partners, growing familiarity of the Jenson USA brand, collaborating with vendors on marketing strategies, finding new ways to let customers interact with Jenson USA, and participating on their business development and strategy team. Previous to Jenson USA, Jared was a regional account manager for PBD West and negotiated and maintained purchasing contracts, display agreements, and handled payments between major product vendors and franchised Exxon Mobil owners. Outside of Jenson USA, Jared is a devoted husband, father of 3 (almost 4), avid cyclist, Marketing Consultant, and OPM.

Oliver Roup

Lindsey Savoie

Oliver Roup is the founder and CEO of VigLink, a service that allows online publishers to earn money from the content on their site. Previously, he was a Director at Microsoft in charge of product for various media properties including XBOX Live Video Marketplace, Zune Marketplace and MSN Entertainment. Oliver was also an early employee at Internet Radio pioneer Echo Networks and has worked for Paul Allen at Vulcan, for iPlayer at the BBC and for the Founders Fund. Oliver has issued and pending patents covering micro-transactions, media and metadata. He re-

Jared Saunders

Lindsey Savoie is a Merchant Development Manager for ShareASale.com, Inc., an industry leading Affiliate Marketing Network. On a daily basis, Lindsey works with ShareASale Merchants to ensure each has the necessary tools to run a successful affiliate program. She also helps ShareASale organize and host their annual ThinkTank Conference in May. Prior to ShareASale, she worked for a retail merchant as their Marketing Development Manager, overseeing their day-to-day product inventory and content, as well as assisting with management of the affiliate


· Issue 17 · January 2012

program. Lindsey holds a B.S. in Business and Interactive Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

Paul Schroader

Paul has been in Interactive Marketing for more than 15 years with the last 11 being spent with an emphasis in Affiliate Marketing. Since founding PS Web Solutions in 2002, some of the clients Paul has worked with include TMP Worldwide (Monster.com), Oreck, Tabasco, Logoworks, Blanchard and Company, and Blue Man Group. Paul has worked with brands both big and small in pursuit of integrating efficient online advertising techniques into existing marketing plans. He has helped build very profitable online programs for numerous clients and constantly works to stay on top of developing trends. As the President and Founder of the Rocky Mountain Affiliate Marketing Association (RMAMA), Paul has helped affiliate managers and affiliates stay current on industry issues by providing a forum for networking since 2003. Paul recognizes affiliate marketing as a tremendous opportunity for clients and marketers, allowing for an extensive online presence within a set marketing cost structure.

Eric Schwarzer

Eric G. Schwarzer has been earning a full-time income online since 2006 as an affiliate. He has written software for desktop PCs, handheld devices and websites for more years than he can count. Eric went to school for Network Engineering and graduated with honors. Currently his team is building an analytics and business intelligence tool for ClickBank vendors and is consulting with a limited number of clients on site design, monitization, SEO and automation. He enjoys writing software, solving interesting problems and drinking Canadian Rye. Eric is based out of Southern Ontario and has two young children with his wife Ange.

Eric Souza

Eric C. Souza manages Delta Leads, which produces and sells leads in different verticals. A content development specialist, Eric was an award-winning newspaper reporter before moving into marketing for a top national wholesale mortgage lender. Along with a degree in journalism, he has a degree in digital imaging, and is an expert with Photoshop and Illustrator. In his free time, he is conducting a tongue-in-cheek run for the 2012 GOP nomination. He is currently developing other sites, including WhatCanISave.com, to generate leads and promote services and products. He likes sports, photography, the MacAllan 18 neat, strong coffee and criticizing TV shows. His favorite color is “water,” he enjoys long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain. Eric is based out of San Antonio, TX, and has three young children with his wife, Emi.


Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer is an author of The Art of SEO published in October 2009 by O’Reilly and co-authored by Eric Enge, Rand Fishkin and Jessie Stricchiola. Stephan is the founder of Netconcepts. Netconcepts started out as a web design and marketing agency, but over time morphed into a leading SEO firm. Stephan, and Netconcepts, had been heavy into the science of SEO since 1999. Netconcepts was acquired in January 2010 by paid and organic search software/services agency Covario. Covario is one of those rare companies to have made it onto the Inc 500 listtwo years in a row — in 2009 and now again in 2010. Stephan is the inventor of the automated pay-for-performance natural search technology platform GravityStream, now re-branded as Organic Search Optimizer.

Jason Spievak

Prior to founding RingRevenue, Jason was a Director and Chief Financial Officer at CallWave, Inc., a voiceover-internet software and service provider. Jason led CallWave’s successful IPO in 2004 and was a member of the senior team that delivered 12 consecutive quarters of revenue growth, profitability and positive cash flow with more than 750,000 paid subscribers. Prior to CallWave, Jason was Vice President of technology M&A in Broadview’s Silicon Valley office, where he was the execution lead on more than $1.25 billion in successful transactions. Jason has also held product management roles with Nextel Communications and with Netopia, where he helped the company complete its successful IPO in 1996. Jason earned his MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University and his BA from UC Santa Barbara

Penny Stevens

Penny has about 10 years of marketing experience in both digital and offline marketing. She has been working in affiliate marketing for the last 6 years with strong expertise across all verticals, and is considered a leader in her group. She has a B.S. in Marketing from DePaul University.

Dave Taylor

Dave has been involved with the online community since 1980, including launching four startups, writing twenty business and technical books and becoming an award-winning speaker. His background is both business and technical and he’s worked with some of the biggest companies in the tech space. Currently he splits his time between his tech support blog, teaching and consulting with small to medium companies about strategic planning and online marketing.

· Issue 17 · January 2012

Sherry Tingley

In 2007 Sherry started One Click LLC, an online business that set the foundation for many affiliate and eCommerce sites. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Sherry continued to grow her expertise by attending the University of Utah where she developed HTML skills and nurtured her aptitude for web development by furthering her education in web design and programming at the New Horizons Learning Center. Sherry is a member of the “Rocky Mountain Affiliate Marketing Association” and the “E-business Owners Monthly Meet Up” in Salt Lake City. She has also presented to business owners and entrepreneurs in the NorthFront ProSeries at the Davis Applied Technology College in Utah. As a child, she grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and attended Punahou School, the alma mater of President Obama.

Wade Tonkin

Wade Tonkin has been active in the affiliate industry since 1999, working as in internal affiliate manager, outsourced affiliate manager, consultant, and sales specialist with companies like Kowabunga Technologies, Forge Business, The United Sharing Network and GTO Management before joining Fanatics LLC in November of 2010. Wade currently manages the affiliate programs for Fanatics.com, an Internet Retailer Top 100 Merchant. Wade has contributed to FeedFront Magazine, spoken at Affiliate Summit and the Internet Marketing Conference, and co-hosts the The Sports AffCast on GeekCast.FM.

Adam Viener

Adam has over 18 years of experience in the Internet marketing world. Adam co-founded one of the first Internet access companies in 1993, Cyberia. After selling Cyberia in 1998, he continued to manage the acquiring company’s direct and online marketing efforts. After leaving EarthLink, Adam joined the marketing and product development team at Network Solutions, the leading Internet domain name registrar. While there, Adam became their #4 performance marketing partner through PPC search engine advertising. Adam has extensive experience with payper-click and pay-per-call marketing with both online and mobile. Adam is well known in the performance marketing industry and currently writes for Wiseaff and ReveNews. Adam also sits on the publisher advisory boards of Commission Junction and The Google Affiliate Network.

over $325,000 in the last 4 years to fight Breast Cancer.) In addition, she’s also the Co-Publisher of Revenews.com and Revenews.org and manages multiple affiliate sites of her own. Since 1999, Missy has helped companies grow their businesses successfully using the affiliate marketing model. She hates cold weather, flavored coffee and meat. She loves wine. Lots and lots of wine. You can read more about her on MissyWard.com, her personal blog. Follow her on Twitter @missyward.

Missy Ward

Missy Ward is the Co-Founder of Affiliate Summit, FeedFront Magazine, GeekCast.fm, itsaWAHMthing.com and Founder of AffiliateMarketersGiveBack.com (which has raised


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