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Las Vegas – June 13-14, 2005 _______________________________________________________________

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Welcome to Affiliate Summit 2005 Thank you for joining us at the Riviera Hotel & Casino for Affiliate Summit 2005. We created the Affiliate Summit conferences because this industry has a communication and education deficit. We saw a great need for people to have an open and realistic discussion about the performance marketing space. We wanted to create an event where top minds in affiliate, e-mail and search engine marketing could discuss relevant topics and have everyone work together on an exchange of ideas where we all learn from each other. This event was started up to provide a professional forum for marketing managers and key decision makers to get together with leading industry experts. In addition, we realize that every dollar in your budget is vital, and through this event, we hope to provide you with the tools you will need to put more money toward your bottom line. But affiliate marketing is dead, right? That’s what we hear from the pundits every so often. If we were to believe those eulogies that are trotted out every quarter, affiliate marketing would have been history in the early part of this century. But the reality is that affiliate marketing is thriving. Just ask the more than 150 people that were on the waitlist for this conference. There are 525 of us here today (up from 230 last year), some of which paid upwards of $2,000 to attend, because they understand that this is not a trend, it’s a strong channel. We have tried to craft an agenda that is educational, insightful, inspirational and entertaining. It is our hope that we have succeeded on all accounts, and that you walk away with an action plan that will make your company more successful. Take advantage of the people and resources here – there are boundless education and networking opportunities for the taking at Affiliate Summit 2005. Missy Ward & Shawn Collins

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Affiliate Summit 2005 Agenda Sunday, June 12 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Capri 109/110) Conference Check-in Pick up your attendee bag, name-tag, etc. 7:00 PM -10:00 PM Affiliate Summit Kick-Off Party with Location: The Peppermill (Right Next to the Riviera) - 2985 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Monday, June 13 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Grande B) Coffee Station Coffee station open through noon. 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Capri 109/110) Conference Check-in Pick up your attendee bag, name-tag, etc. 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM (Grande A) Introduction to Affiliate Summit 2005 Emcee Corey Newhouse, Division Vice President of Direct Response Marketing & Publishing at Endai Worldwide 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM (Grande A) Keynote Address and Q&A Day 1 Keynote Speaker: Declan Dunn, CEO & Founder, Dunn Direct Group and lead generation guru. 10:15 PM to 10:30 PM Break 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM (Grande C) Panel: Affiliates Bidding on Trademarks •

Peter Figueredo, CEO and Co-Founder, NETexponent (Moderator)

Gary Kibel, Attorney, Law Firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP

Beth Kirsch, Senior Marketing Manager, Audible

David Lewis, Founder, 77Blue

Carolyn Tang, Affiliate Manager, Orbitz

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The ever evolving affiliate-search landscape creates challenging issues for merchants. One of the hottest topics facing an online merchant is whether to allow affiliates to bid on its trademark. This panel will explore the economic, business and legal issues around trademark bidding. Some examples of issues to be addressed are: •

Can an affiliate program fit into a merchant’s overall branding and marketing efforts in search?

For trademark terms, how much of the SERP do merchants truly control?

What unintended consequences emerge from banned affiliates from bidding on trademark terms?

What are the reasons to never let an affiliate bid on a brand?

What are the legal issues surrounding trademark bidding?

How are the legal issues changing with decisions such as the Geico v. Google case?

The knowledgeable panelists represent various and opposing opinions on these issues and the discussion promises to be lively. 10:30 AM to 11:15 AM (Grande D) Presentation: Affiliate Marketing Best Practices Put to the Test •

Rachel Honoway, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, KowaBunga! Technologies

Affiliate Marketing experts are always touting "best practices" and advising that merchants and affiliates use specific strategies and techniques to improve their affiliate program revenues and earnings. But - what strategies actually do work? And what results can you expect by implementing them? We put several best practices to the test using two real, live working businesses. We try: •

Direct linking

Specific landing pages

Holiday/seasonal linking material

Press releases

And more

Through this session, we'll share our successes, including real statistics and any lessons we learn along the way. 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Grande B) Exhibit Hall Open

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11:15 AM to 12:00 PM (Grande C) Presentation: Partner Marketing for the Long-Term •

Ola Edvardsson, CEO, Performancy, Inc.

In his first major public affiliate marketing speech since 2002, Ola Edvardsson returns with brand new cross-over material. This session is applicable to both advertisers and publishers looking to improve their results. You will learn: The five most overlooked Strategies to Generate Long-term Profits From Affiliate and Partner Channels, the art of channel management: Lessons learned from offline partner marketing channels. Why is there still room for new publishers and advertisers to create virtual real estate empires from scratch? 2005 Update: What is currently working in terms of traffic and conversion strategies. 11:15 AM to 12:00 PM (Grande D) Presentation: Analytics for the Confluence of Affiliate Marketing, Search & Offline Media Channels •

John Hoge, Vice-President,

As affiliate marketing continues to grow as a channel, it often runs into conflict with other marketing channels and ventures. Understanding how this works - or doesn't - is crucial to running an affiliate program that isn't just about claiming revenue, but about generating profits. 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (Entire Top of the Riv) Luncheon/Luncheon Address •

Stephen Messer, Chairman & CEO, LinkShare Corporation

1:00 PM to 1:45 PM (Grande C) Presentation: How to Make Google YOUR Affiliate •

Brad Fallon, Founder, SEO Research

Too many Web site owners, search engine optimization seems like an impossibly complex fool's game. Amid constantly changing algorithms and conflicting advice, how can you learn what do to (and almost importantly, what NOT to do) to get high search engine rankings? Simply...ask Brad. As the host of Search Engine Radio and the creator of Stomping the Search Engines, Brad has taught thousands to get high rankings. In this session, he'll teach you, too. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced SEO, you won't want to miss this session! Brad explains the nuts and bolts of search engine optimization in an understandable and entertaining way. If you to get loads of free traffic Google, Yahoo & MSN, don't miss this session. Learn to make Google YOUR master affiliate! 1:00 PM to 1:45 PM (Grande D) Panel: What Affiliates Want •

Linda Woods, President, PartnerCentric (Moderator)

Rosalind Gardner, Author, The Super Affiliate Handbook

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Amy Lehman, Account Manager, Commission Junction

Brian Marcus, Director of Partner Services, Performics

Nassim Nazemi, Director of Web site Content,

Hector Salcedo, Senior Sales Manager,

Pedro Sostre, Creative Director, Sostre & Associates

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM (Grande B) Coffee Station 1:45 PM to 2:30 PM (Grande C) Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers •

Joshua Baer, CEO, UnsubCentral (Moderator)

Chuck Lasker, Owner, DoublePlus New Media Marketing

Frank Ouimette, President, Ouimette Communications

Steven Richter, Partner, Law Firm of Goodman & Richter, LLP

Nicole Russell, Founder, Editor and Publisher, Freebie Jeebies

Sue Sharp, Affiliate Manager, 1-800-Patches

1:45 PM to 2:30 PM (Grande D) Presentation: How’s Your Outfield? Affiliate marketing may be your star pitcher, but diversified channels will increase your wins •

John Ferber, Chief Product Officer,

Utilizing diverse advertising channels is critical to maximizing campaign performance - and easier than you think. In this session, you’ll learn the basics and benefits of online advertising tactics such as paid search listing, web-based promotions and e-mail remarketing; how to combine them most effectively with your affiliate programs; and how to create a multi-channel strategy that really gets results. 2:30 PM to 3:15 PM (Grande C) Panel: Recruiting Affiliates •

Mark Romanelli, DirectTrack Manager, Direct Response Technologies (Moderator)

Liz Gazer, Affiliate Manager,

Bret Grow, Vice President, Ouimette Communications

Liz Lloyd, Director of Strategic Development, YFDirect

Dan Murray, Internet Marketing Strategist, Ravenwood Marketing

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2:30 PM to 3:15 PM (Grande D) Presentation: Privacy Issues with Online Communications •

John Federman, President and CEO, Dotomi

Finding the most effective method of communication is not an easy task for marketers, especially when privacy concerns threaten to undermine consumer confidence in any form of personalized online communication. While studies have shown that consumers increasingly to receive relevant information targeted to their personal preferences and unique interests, how can marketers ensure their customers that personalized communication does not compromise their privacy? The practice of tracking a consumer's activity online to determine their interests has resulted in a backlash and created legal headaches for online marketers. To build loyalty, marketers must do a better job of fostering a relationship based on mutual respect, not intrusiveness. Ultimately this means giving consumers greater control to determine their own online experience, resulting in more customer confidence in all future communication with that marketer. Satisfied and confident consumers breed successful campaigns, and a critical part of that happiness derives from their confidence in the campaign's privacy policy. In this workshop, Dotomi President and CEO John Federman will discuss the current state of online marketing and how marketers can best communicate with their customers effectively and unobtrusively while respecting their privacy. 3:15 PM to 3:30 PM Break 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM (Grande C) Panel: The Art of the Data Feed •

Ian Lee, Internet Marketing Strategist, (Moderator)

Larry Adams, Product Manager, Performics

Connie Berg, Founder,

Deborah Carney, Founder,

David Cusimano, President, Cusimano.Com Corporation

David Delisle, Founder and CEO, WebBloom Designs, Inc.

Michael Stark, President,

3:30 PM to 4:15 PM (Grande D) Presentation: Affiliate Marketing / Interactive Advertising and the Law •

Gary Kibel, Attorney, Law Firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP

This session will address legal issues that affect affiliate marketers and all online businesses. Topics will include contracts with business partners and online terms and conditions; privacy/security laws and best practices; adware/spyware litigation and legislation; Can-Spam Act; Federal Trade Commission advertising regulations; fraudulent business practices and remedies for relief; intellectual property issues; plus other issues.

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4:15 PM to 5:00 PM (Grande A) Presentation: Affiliate Marketing and the Complex Search Landscape •

Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman,

Affiliate marketers and affiliates have a complex search landscape to contend with on both the PPC and organic side. The engines are changing their rules, and marketers must reevaluate their strategies. The risks of a non-optimal strategy are higher now than ever. •

Are web-services the right solution?

Should marketers encourage affiliate keyword arbitrage?

What are the likely reactions within the affiliate marketplace to an engine or marketer rule change?

No single recommendation will be right for every marketer, but this session will cover the strategic process as well as factors to consider when re-mas and tactics. All affiliate marketers should take every predictable factor into account when making decisions about strategy and execution. 5:00 PM (Grande A) First Day Wrap Up 5:00 PM -7:30 PM Profit in Paradise with PartnerWeekly! Come join the PartnerWeekly team for a Hawaiian Happy Hour! Enjoy a great networking environment with the look and feel of paradise! FREE top shelf drinks, gourmet food and a chance to win great prizes! Location: Riviera Hotel & Casino - Capri Room 102 Please RSVP at

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Tuesday, June 14 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Grande B) Coffee Station Coffee station open through noon. 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM (Grande A) Introduction to Affiliate Summit 2005, Day 2 Emcee Corey Newhouse, Division Vice President of Direct Response Marketing & Publishing at Endai Worldwide 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM (Grande A) Speed Networking 10:15 AM to 11:00 AM Coffee/Networking Break 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Grande B) Exhibit Hall Open 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Grande A) Keynote Address and Q&A Day 2 Keynote Speaker: Fredrick Marckini, CEO & Founder, iProspect 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (Grande E/F) Luncheon/Luncheon Address: A Few Good Affiliates •

Pete Neumann, VP of Corporate Development, FindWhat

Insights from a PPC veteran and industry leader on what it takes to be an exceptional affiliate partner and what you should expect in return. 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM (Grande B) Coffee Station 1:30 PM to 2:15 PM (Grande C) Presentation: Affiliate Marketing Analytics •

Steven Denton, Senior Vice President, Sales, LinkShare

With analytics tools, both merchants and affiliates can truly begin to harness the power of the tremendous data accumulated through their participation in affiliate marketing. Bringing affiliate marketing analytics together with Web site analytics from companies such as Omniture and WebSideStory bring yet another layer of insight that will allow both merchants and affiliates to truly optimize revenue. As Stephen Messer points out - with one piece of data, you might find out that an affiliate was driving a significant volume of unprofitable sales. You might decide to terminate that affiliate. But with more data, you might find out that consumers were using stackable coupons on your site, so it's really a problem that needs to be fixed by the merchant.

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Moreover, you might find out that consumers visited 4 other affiliate sites before transacting through this affiliate, so if the affiliate is terminated, all those unprofitable sales would have just shifted to the next affiliate, and the next affiliate, and so on, while the merchant continues 'duck hunting' on the initial one piece of data. This session will discuss how analytics can be applied from both merchant and affiliate perspectives to gain insights and reveal actionable steps to optimize revenue. 1:30 PM to 2:15 PM (Grande D) Panel: Google and Affiliate Marketing •

Rob Key, President and CEO, Converseon (Moderator)

Mike Allen, Founder and President,

Michael Cartwright, Marketing Specialist, HSN

Joel Comm, Mayor,

Peter Hershberg, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Reprise Media

2:15 PM to 3:15 PM (Grande C) Panel: Marketing with Blogs and RSS •

Jeff Molander, CEO, Molander & Associates (Moderator)

Torsten Jacobi, CEO, Creative Weblogging Ltd.

Beth Korte, Owner, Computer Money Makers and Savers

Jim Kukral, Director of Emarketing/Brand Manager, KowaBunga! Technologies

Wayne Porter, Editor,

What are these blogs everyone keeps talking about? You may not have one, but you've been told you need one. Find out what they are, and how they can help your business. 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM (Grande D) Presentation: Good, Better and Best Mailing Practices from an ISP's Perspective •

Kelly Molloy, Consultant, ISP Relations

Steven Richter, Partner, Law Firm of Goodman & Richter, LLP

Lindsey Anne Wegrzyn, JD, Operations Legal Analyst, EarthLink, Inc.

Strategies to get your e-mail delivered. 3:15 PM to 3:30 PM Break

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3:30 PM to 4:15 PM (Grande C) Presentation: Managing Your Brand Online: Insights for the Affiliate Network •

Todd Crawford, Vice President of Sales, Commission Junction

One of the biggest challenges facing the growing sphere of online marketers is their inability to monitor the use of their own brands across third-party networks. Brand appropriation and misuse is an increasing problem - and the Internet is an awfully large space to monitor. Join Todd Crawford from Commission Junction as he shares strategic best practices and the latest technologies for managing appropriate brand use and monitoring adherence to program guidelines. In short, learn how to stay in control of your brand in the online world. 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM (Grande D) Panel: Big Affiliate Programs vs. Small, Controlled Affiliate Programs •

Brian Littleton, Founder and CEO, (Moderator)

Jamie Birch, Partner Marketing Manager, Coldwater Creek

John Hobson, Affiliate Manager,

Andy Newlin, eBusiness Development Coordinator,

4:15 PM to 5:30 PM (Grande A) Rotating Roundtables There will be a series of roundtable discussions hosted by experts on different topics. The leaders of each topic will run an energetic ten minute discussion and then move on, so you will have a chance to interact with experts on a number of topics in a short period of time. The Advantages of Multiple Brand Affiliate Portals •

Johanna Martinez, Affiliate Network Manager, Sportingbet Plc

More and more companies are now opting for different brand strategies for multiple products or services in search for brand equity and global reach. When done properly this approach facilitates a more predictable income stream, increases cash flow by increasing market share and reduces promotional costs. Whether these companies choose to run a “Single brand identity” or a “Family name” strategy one fact remains true: They all need sustainable acquisition resources. Affiliates represent the "most effective", based exclusively on "pure performance", selling force around the world. Pairing up with multiple brand networks will present some important advantages for both the advertisers and the affiliates. To the affiliates: 1. Matching up with brands that best fit their traffic. 2. Increased online presence, and 3. Cashing in on a significant piece of the advertiser’s income stream. To the advertisers:

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1. Matching up with sites that drive in quality traffic to their door step. 2. Effective partnerships to increase brand exposure, brand positioning and market share, and 3. Successful customer acquisition practices. Affiliate Marketing Success Story •

Zac Johnson, Owner, MoneyReign, Inc

The story of a one man company that has excelled as an affiliate, merchant and now as a CPA network. Global Business = Global Payments •

Brian Littleton, Founder and CEO,

Peter Sampson, VP Business Development, Chexx Inc

Strengthening currencies, expansion of the Eurozone and hungry consumer bases in developing regions, represent growth opportunities to companies positioned to market internationally. But how do you negotiate regional terrains to attract foreign partners? As with attracting domestic partners, it pays to be sensitive to their cultural and societal norms. For example, how do they prefer to pay, or be paid? Attend this session and you will discover a world of online, electronic and paper based payment instruments. You leave with better insight as to what your options are when it comes to the most important part of your global initiatives – payments. Search Engine Optimization - You ask questions, you get answers! •

Wil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive

I recently put this project together due to the LARGE amount of misinformation out there regarding search engine marketing it is just ridiculous the things people hear and believe to be true. It is developed to be a Q&A session, as I have found that very often when attending SEO conferences 90% of what is being told to me I already know, meaning I sit in a conference for 3 hours to get maybe 25 minutes of thought provoking insights. This program is developed to have users submit questions prior to the conference then the top 20-30 question types get answered with TRUE dialog, most conferences do not have enough dialog leaving people with more unanswered questions then they came with, I'd like to change that. I developed this program purely due to the fact that I got so sick of the misinformation out there and shady practices being used, in my 6 years I have seen so much, and now that search is hot we have a lot of people who don't know the industry disseminating highly false information that people believe and run with. Web site Conversion Rate Tuning •

Tim Ash, President,

Want to attract the best super-affiliates? There is only one way to do this - make them the most money from the traffic that they are directing to your Web site. However, if you raise

Copyright © 2005 Affiliate Summit. All rights reserved.

your payout percentages to attract super-affiliates, you are cutting into your own profits. There is a better way: improve the conversion rate of your Web site. You may have the highest payout percentages in your industry, but the poor conversion rate of your Web site may actually mean that your affiliates are making less money with you than your competitors. Simple improvements to your site can often result in double or triple digit improvements to your conversion rate. By improving your site you will increase the payoff from all of your own marketing activities, including your affiliate program. You will increase revenues and everyone will make more money - without changing your payout structure. In this informative session we will discuss the aspects of your Web site that can be improved: design, colors, sales copy, offers and page flow. You will learn how to apply basic testing techniques immediately, and also learn about the most sophisticated approaches available to get the best results. These techniques apply equally to e-commerce sites, as well as lead-generation sites where the desired action is a form-fill. Bring your questions and an open mind. What Makes or Breaks an Affiliate Network •

Scott Rewick, General Manager, YFDirect

This session will provide affiliate marketers with Scott's Top Ten of what makes or breaks an affiliate network. Successful affiliate networks, more than any one thing, over-communicate with their publishers. Publishers are the ones sticking their necks out and show a willingness to run campaigns on a Cost Per Action basis. At the end of the day, they want compelling offers (ones that convert) and they want to get paid. The great networks work extra hard to make sure they maximize the chances that a particular campaign will work for a particular publisher, by careful selection and a good understanding of conversion rates. Getting paid quickly is icing on the cake. 6:00 PM - ? (Sunset Station Casino) The Vegas All-Nighter Party sponsored by CPA Empire, Direct Response Technologies, Vayan Marketing Group and •

6 PM – 8 PM: Free Buffet

8 PM - 9 PM: Blackjack Tournament (over $2000 will be given away)

9 PM - 1 AM: The Vegas All-Nighter at Club M (every attendee will get $50 in “Fun Chips”) up to $20,000 aggregate

1 AM - ??: The Gaudi Bar

Location: Sunset Station Casino – Transportation will be provided.

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Affiliate Summit 2005 Exhibitors (booth 1) conducts strategic direct-response and brand marketing campaigns that guarantee bottom-line results for our clients. From web ads to search listings, we offer diverse tactical tools, innovative thinking and the most expansive reach in the industry. Direct Response Technologies, Inc. (booth 2) is a technology and media company, in business since 1994. We provide technology tools to enable clients to track and manage their online media on a private label basis and we provide media reach. We own and power DirectTrack, KeywordMax,,,, and PartnerCentric (booth 3) offers a complete turnkey affiliate program management solution. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with account managers located throughout the United States; we offer a unique team approach to every account. You get at least four professionals, with different areas of expertise, guiding your affiliate marketing program to higher revenues. AdDrive (booth 4) is a performance based online advertising network focused on serving the needs of its clients. Our experienced team specializes in deploying direct response campaigns to online e-mail and web publishers. AdDrive delivers a variety of exclusive, high yielding ad campaigns to publishers while focusing on cultivating high volume and premium quality leads for advertisers. CommissionSoup (booth 5) provides e-business marketing solutions through our performance-based affiliate marketing network. With a variety of online programs to market and cutting-edge technology, marketers are sure to find the programs and options to make their marketing efforts a success. Become a partner today and experience the benefits of working with CommissionSoup! Team Fan Shop (booth 6) offers a top-notch affiliate program with generous commissions, a co-branded fan shop, a dedicated account manager, real-time reporting, tools, resources,

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and more. Become a part of the exciting sports world by selling officially licensed team gear for the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and even NASCAR. YFDirect (booth 7) is a leading affiliate network specializing in custom programs for online publishers. Our ability to deliver the most exclusive performance-based marketing offers in web, e-mail, and search along with our personalized approach has made us a preferred partner for our publishers. Located in Mountain View, CA, YFDirect is a wholly owned subsidiary of Netblue. LeadClick Media, Inc. (booth 8) is a pioneer in performance-based, cost per action marketing solutions. We invest several million dollars a quarter in online advertising purchases that translate into fatter bottom lines for our clients., a subsidiary, is a private ad network offering cutting edge technology and top offer payouts. PrimaryAds (booth 9) is a leading affiliate marketing network made up of many online advertisers and publishers that focuses on the increasingly popular cost-per-action model. Because of this model, our advertisers can easily measure their return on investment. More importantly, we guarantee affiliates/publishers, which include e-mailers, search marketers, and Web sites, that they can make more money with our network. (booth 10), the #1 advertiser on the Internet, is a one-stop destination for consumers to research, compare and lower all their monthly bills - for free. offers savings via more than 400 service providers and across 18 categories - most notably Consumer Lending. For more information regarding marketing opportunities, contact Jeff Gordon at The Biz Opp Network (booth 11) is the leader in pay for performance biz opp offers. Many of these offers are our own in-house exclusive offers which mean higher payouts on some of the best converting biz opp offers available! We do whatever it takes to make sure our affiliates are successful. Make MONEY with ReferBack (booth 12). We pay out more than $1,500,000 in monthly commissions. Whether you own a corporate Web site, or are looking for a way of earning extra income, partner with us to tap into the $9 billion plus online gambling industry. USA toll-free: 1877 261 0785 E-mail: COPEAC (booth 13), a division of Intermark Media, is the industry's newest affiliate network. COPEAC is taking affiliates to new heights with exciting offers, real time reporting, online payment tracking, simple creative and suppression downloads, and unparalleled benefits. For more information, please e-mail or call Anthony at 631719-1250 X3996. KowaBunga! (booth 14), part of the Think Partnership family, creates online marketing products and services for the performance marketing industry. Together with top-notch customer service, an expansive and dynamic network and world-class tracking and

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conversion tools, KowaBunga! enables clients to increase revenues, drive traffic across multiple channels, create partnerships and measure success. (booth 15) is the affiliate network you should be a party of. Giving away over $170,000 in cash and prizes including a 2006 Porsche Boxster S during 2005. has the highest payouts and the desire to earn your business. Let show what an affiliate network should be like.

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Affiliate Summit 2005 Speakers Larry Adams, Product Manager, Performics Panel: The Art of the Data Feed Larry Adams joined Performics as a Product Manager in February, 2004. He is responsible for product strategy and execution for affiliate and data feed services. Prior to joining Performics, Larry held several senior technical roles where he led and contributed to the design and development of engineering, commerce and Internet systems for firms such as Harley-Davidson, Emusic/, Accenture, The City Colleges of Chicago, and Bernina. Larry attended Carnegie-Mellon University where he received a BS in Industrial Management and an MS in Information Systems. Mike Allen, Founder and President, Panel: Google and Affiliate Marketing, LLC was created in February 1999 to help shoppers quickly and conveniently find the hundreds of shopping discounts available only to web-savvy consumers. was originally a part-time "hobby site" with a listing of stores and their online coupons; however, over time it morphed into an online shopping destination and source of coupon codes for both consumers and businesses. At the end of 2003, founder Mike Allen left his job at the Mississippi State University Extension Service to manage full time. In early 2004, was completely redesigned from a static, manually updated html site to a dynamically database-driven site powered by ColdFusion. Data functions were automated to provide greater accuracy and a new interface and internal search engine provided greater access to coupons and promotions. After the redesign work, was expanded to include more than 1000 stores. Planned for release in mid 2005 are several new features including RSS integration, coupon forums, opt-in e-mail notification of new coupons and bargains, and a sister site dedicated to UK shopping bargains. Tim Ash, President, Roundtable: Web site Conversion Rate Tuning Tim Ash is the President and co-founder of SiteTuners. During his 20 year involvement with the Internet, Tim has worked with American Express, Sony Music, American Honda, COMP USA, Harcourt Brace & Co., Universal Studios, Eaton, Guidant, TrizecHahn Centers, SAIC, Pyxis, and B.F. Goodrich Aerospace to develop successful Internet initiatives. Before joining Epic Sky he co-founded Future Focus; an Internet business accelerator. Prior to that, he worked in a variety of management and technical roles at SAIC, HNC (now a division of Fair Isaac), NCR, and the U.S. Navy. He received his B.S. in computer engineering and cognitive science from UC San Diego "with highest distinction". Tim also completed his M.S. and C.Phil. degrees during his PhD. studies in computer science at UCSD. Joshua Baer, CEO, UnsubCentral Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers

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Since 1996, Mr. Baer has played a leading role in shaping e-mail marketing solutions and best practices. As Chair of the ESPC Technology Committee, Joshua has his finger on the pulse of e-mail authentication, accreditation and reputation services in addition to in-depth knowledge of emerging standards such as Sender ID Framework and Domain Keys. He recently authored a testing tool whereby companies can easily check compliance with authentication standards. In his roles with ESPC and as a contributing analyst with Ferris Research, he has authored documents and white papers on authentication and reputation systems. An active participant on the speaking circuit, he has been a keynote speaker or a panelist in such forums as the E-mail Technology Conference, INBOX and the IAPP/TRUSTe Symposium. Connie Berg, Founder, Panel: The Art of the Data Feed Connie Berg is the founder of, also known as mom to her 2 kids, the treat lady to her 2 cats, and "Yes Dear" to her husband. Connie started in 1998 as a hobby for her personal use and it quickly became a popular online coupon and shopping destination on the web. Having no prior experience with the internet, Connie taught herself and used her marketing skills learned while attending the University Of Minnesota to create a successful community of bargain minded shoppers. In 2003 she hired her programmer, also known as Super Nate, full time to help her create more functionality and add super cool features to FlamingoWorld. She also hired her husband full time to keep the home office clean and keep her coffee cup always filled. Through the years Connie has attended many affiliate marketing functions and is very active in the affiliate community fighting unethical affiliates and practices. Connie is the recipient of the 2004 First Annual LinkShare Golden Link award for Performance Marketing's Most Vocal Advocate. Deborah Carney, Founder, Panel: The Art of the Data Feed Deborah Carney has been involved in affiliate marketing for several years and in the last 18 months has used datafeeds and link cloaking software to go from making a little bit each month to making enough to live on. As a full time affiliate marketer, she is dedicated to opening new markets and finding new ways to present products to the public, making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for on the internet. Michael Cartwright, Marketing Specialist, HSN Panel: Google and Affiliate Marketing Mike is currently the Affiliate Marketing Specialist for, online division of the Home Shopping Network. In his role he helps manage the Affiliate Program, also overseeing all comparison shopping engine relationships for the company. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, and has previously worked in marketing for two startup .COM companies in the south Florida area. Shawn Collins, CEO, Shawn Collins Consulting Affiliate Summit Organizer Shawn has been an affiliate since 1997, and an affiliate manager since 1998. As the CEO of Shawn Collins Consulting, Shawn and his team manage affiliate programs on an outsourced

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basis. In addition to the affiliate management services, other properties of Shawn Collins Consulting include Affiliate Summit, as well as,,,, and His book, "Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants" is the best selling book in the space, and it is considered to be required reading by affiliate managers. He recently published the AffStat 2005 Report, a research, analysis, and benchmarking report for the affiliate marketing industry. The data in the AffStat series is widely quoted by trade publications, including Internet Retailer and Jupitermedia properties. Joel Comm, Mayor, Panel: Google and Affiliate Marketing Joel is an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for 20 years. In 1995, he launched, a family-friendly portal to the web which enjoys thousands of visitors each day. He is one-half of the brain trust behind, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and now goes by the name Yahoo! Games. Since then, Joel's company, InfoMedia, Inc., has launched over a dozen web sites, including the popular bargain-hunting shopping site, (coupon codes), (parental control) and Family First. He is an expert in Google Adsense and has authored a best-selling ebook on the topic. Todd Crawford, Vice President of Sales, Commission Junction Presentation: Managing Your Brand Online: Insights for the Affiliate Network As vice president of sales Todd Crawford directs the sales team and is responsible for increasing Commission Junction's market share and driving new revenues. His responsibilities also include overseeing the development of agency relationships and evaluating business development opportunities. Todd Crawford first joined Commission Junction in 1998 as vice president of sales, and during his tenure at Commission Junction he has held positions as vice president strategic initiatives and vice president business development, in addition to managing operations in the United Kingdom. Crawford has extensive experience in online performance marketing and speaks often at industry conferences and marketing events. David Cusimano, President, Cusimano.Com Corporation Panel: The Art of the Data Feed David is the president of Cusimano.Com Corporation, a software company in Toronto (Canada) specializing in the development of affiliate software tools. Cusimano.Com Corporation is an affiliate of several merchants, some for over 5 years. The software tools created by David's company work with well known internet merchants including,,,,,,,,,, and David engineered and developed the company's new DySE(tm) technology. DySE allows affiliates to easily and quickly transform merchants' datafeeds into live web pages. With David's attention to support, the company now has several hundred affiliates using the company's software tools. Prior to developing affiliate tools, David designed commercial Web sites when he started his internet consulting company in 1995. Prior to that, David was a senior programmer and manager at Aironet Canada, an early developer of wireless networking hardware, now part of Cisco Systems.

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David has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, and has over 25 years of programming experience. David Delisle, Founder and CEO, WebBloom Designs Inc. Panel: The Art of the Data Feed David Delisle is the founder and CEO of WebBloom Designs Inc. (, a vibrant Marketing company rooted in the heart of Victoria, British Columbia. Seeing a need for a team approach to the development and deployment of corporate Web sites, he established the company in 2001. He is an active member in the Affiliate Marketing community and challenges ideas and trends in an effort to continually drive this evolving medium. Through his current experience as a super Affiliate, as well as his past knowledge as an Affiliate Manager, he is able to offer a unique perspective to many of the new issues arising in Affiliate Marketing. This perspective is further strengthened through his expertise as a computer programmer, web developer, and Search Engine Optimization expert. His passion for Online Marketing started at the early age of 12 when he started a Bulletin Board Service (BBS); an early version of a Web site and many years before the World Wide Web. This was his first encounter with the potential marketing power of the Internet, as he found himself easily communicating with people from all walks of life. Later, he completed a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Business and found himself working for Abebooks, which has become the most important virtual supplier of used books in the world. During his time as Online Marketing Manger at Abebooks, he was able to swell their multi-million dollar Affiliate program by over 500% in his first year. David currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia where he is wired to the web 24/7. Steven Denton, Senior Vice President, Sales, LinkShare Presentation: Affiliate Marketing Analytics In his role at LinkShare, Steven Denton is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic sales plan, as well as directing the company's national sales management team. Prior to joining LinkShare, Mr. Denton spent nine years with FedEx Corporate Services, most recently as Managing Director of Sales for the New York/New Jersey region where he doubled revenues and transformed his territory from the company's smallest to largest revenue producer. Mr. Denton's other experience includes leadership positions at The Times-Mirror Company and PepsiCo. Denton received an Executive MBA from Duquesne Business School and a BS, cum laude, from Shepherd College. Declan Dunn, CEO & Founder, Dunn Direct Group Keynote Speaker Declan Dunn is founder of Dunn Direct Group, which focuses on Internet marketing for companies large and small. Before founding it last year, he served as CEO for ADNet International. He also has served as CEO of Inetdesign, handling multimedia design and development. He has authored five books on Internet commerce. Dunn received his master's degree in instructional technology, developing projects on the Internet since its infancy. Ola Edvardsson, CEO, Performancy Inc Presentation: Partner Marketing for the Long-Term

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Ola Edvardsson is the CEO and Founder of Performancy. Clients ranging from small Internet start-ups that survived "the dot-com era" to Fortune 100 corporations turn to Ola for successful strategies and hands-on advice and coaching. Ola has among other things: Helped a Fortune 500 firm increase new customers by 700% across four business units in one year through online acquisition strategy work; Taken a leading financial services company’s new channel from start-up to more than 20% of all new consumer lending acquisition in the United States; Trained hundreds of corporations and thousands of webmasters since 1999 on affiliate programs and performance-based marketing through his educational publications; and addressed audiences in the United States, Europe and Asia on the on the topic of performance-based marketing at venues ranging from Internet World to private high-end seminars. Originally from Sweden, he resides in the metro Detroit area with his wife Julia. Brad Fallon, Founder, SEO Research Presentation: How to Make Google YOUR Affiliate Brad Fallon is the founder of SEO Research, LLC, a research laboratory dedicated to pure and applied research in the area of search engine optimization. He is the founder and host of Search Engine Radio, the only radio show 100% devoted to search engine marketing. It can be heard at In 2004, Brad created the best-selling course entitled "Stomping the Search Engines," a 10 CD recorded seminar on search engine optimization. "The Stomper" has helped hundreds of web site owners to get higher rankings in the organic (free) search results of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Brad is also the author of "Creating Customers Out of Thin Air: Secrets of Online Marketing for Offline Businesses" and he consults with clients of all sizes, helping them to apply his interactive marketing strategies with an emphasis on Search Engine Marketing. He earned a degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 1990 and graduated second in his class from the University of Florida College of Law in 1997. His main hobby is “Google Crushing” – sitting in front of a computer studying Google search results. Although he may be a computer geek, he comes up #1 on Google if you search “coolest guy on the planet.” So he can’t be too boring! To see for yourself, tune into SEO Radio every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. Pacific and noon Eastern, and learn about Google crushing for fun and profit. John Federman, President and CEO, Dotomi Presentation: Privacy Issues with Online Communications As President and CEO of Dotomi, John’s career has included leadership roles as a publishing executive and several CEO positions at successful companies in the advertising industry. John is a recognized thought leader in tech marketplaces, and has been quoted in Advertising Age, AdWeek, The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Business 2.0, BusinessWeek, CBS MarketWatch, CNET, San Francisco Chronicle and other top publications. In addition, he is a frequent speaker at industry events, such as AD:TECH, Jupiter’s Online Advertising Conference and InternetWorld. Prior to Dotomi, John was the CEO of Newmediary, which was sold to CNET Networks in 2002. John also was the CEO of CMGI’s Adsmart, which was sold to Engage for $437 million in 2000. As part of a 12-year career at Ziff-Davis, John was Publisher of PC Week. He also held several marketing and sales roles within the company, such as Associate Publisher and Advertising Director of PC Week and the East Coast Advertising Director of Corporate Computing.

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John Ferber, Chief Product Officer, Presentation: How’s Your Outfield? Affiliate marketing may be your star pitcher, but diversified channels will increase your wins As co-founder and chief product officer of, John Ferber is in charge of all technologies, technology development, and new product development for the company. John has established himself as an icon in the web publisher’s online communities and serves as a valuable creative, marketing, and technical resource to all of’s clients. A technical prodigy from childhood, John developed and marketed the first Internet multi-player video game. John quickly moved into the ad-serving and ROI tracking and measurement arena with the development of Click-Tracker, a custom-designed web visitor and sales tracking software. With over one billion ads served and $75 million in e-commerce sales, John’s Click-Tracker software laid the foundation for’s core technology, AdLearnsm. AdLearn is the only technology to automatically track and place advertisements in real-time. AdLearn utilizes mathematical calculations to "learn" about an advertiser's campaign and constantly and electronically adjusts it to meet a specific objective such as interest or traffic. In 2000, John and his brother Scott were named the Maryland Ernst & Young e-business Entrepreneurs of the Year and was rated the fastest-growing new media company by Dun & Bradstreet and Entrepreneur Magazine.'s revenues have grown from $11 million the first year of operation to $48 million in 2000, and the company currently employs over 200 people. Peter Figueredo, CEO and Co-Founder, NETexponent Panel: Affiliates Bidding on Trademarks As the CEO and Co-Founder of NETexponent ( Peter leads the company's strategic growth through his innovative thinking and extensive experience in the field of online direct marketing. Prior to co-founding NETexponent his online direct marketing experience comes from working at interactive agencies such as Mass Transit Interactive, as the EVP Director of Performance Marketing, and i-traffic, currently a division of During his several years at i-traffic. Peter held the title of Director and helped to establish and grow their Affiliate Marketing Services division. At a time when affiliate marketing was relatively unknown Peter was building and managing affiliate programs for clients such as, Doubleday's,, Disney,, and others. Earlier work at Nielsen Media Research, allowed Peter to lend his analytical skills to the creation of the Nielsen NetRatings Web site ranking product. Peter holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Villanova University. Peter co-founded NETexponent in order to provide clients with best of breed services in online customer acquisition. NETexponent is an online direct marketing agency that builds custom partnership networks for efficiency driven advertisers. Their suite of services includes Affiliate Marketing Management, Media Partnerships, Creative Development, Search Marketing, and Brand Stewardship. Through these services Peter and his team are able to deliver their clients with a high volume of valuable customers at an efficient rate. Current clients they provide these services to include; The New York Times, Financial Times, Verizon DSL,, etc. A prominent voice in the direct marketing industry, Peter frequently speaks at conferences, is a regular columnist for Target Marketing Magazine, is featured in The DM News Video Production "Effective Search Marketing", and co-chairs the Performance Based Marketing

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Council for the Association of Interactive Marketing (AIM), a division of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Rosalind Gardner, Author, The Super Affiliate Handbook Panel: What Affiliates Want Rosalind Gardner's success with affiliate marketing on the Internet is positive proof that ANYONE can succeed in an Internet business. She'd been working as an air traffic controller for almost twenty years, and the crazy schedules had started to seriously affect her health. She knew she had to leave the job before it killed her. In 1997 after seeing a banner ad for the One and Only dating service offering webmasters a chance to make money with their web sites, she KNEW she had to give it a try. The rest, as they say, is history. With nothing other than an intense desire to leave her job, she proved that business and/or web design experience weren't necessary to succeed on the 'Net. In 2000, well supported by her various online businesses, she left her job. Her book, 'The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online' has been the #1 Best-Seller in Clickbank's B2B category since a week after its publication, and Rosalind is now recognized around the as a leading authority in affiliate marketing. In addition to writing and consulting, Rosalind regularly speaks at Internet marketing conferences, and most recently appeared at Yanik Silver's "Underground Seminar" in Washington, D.C. and Ken McCarthy's "System Seminar" in Chicago. Liz Gazer, Affiliate Manager Panel: Recruiting Affiliates Liz Gazer is the outspoken Affiliate Manager and Marketing Specialist for With a background in business, marketing, & communications, Liz has applied a combination of dynamic skill sets to accomplish exciting growth through's Affiliate program. Accountable for the overall health & well being of this all-powerful advertising channel, Liz performs a careful balancing act in everything CJ-related, from strategy through to execution. Demonstrating a willful combination of both business & creative abilities, Liz has effectively grown the Affiliate Marketing program by leaps and bounds. Using a variety of mediums Liz places special emphasis on building real Advertiser-Publisher relationships, and excels at achieving performance based results through positive reinforcement. With genuine interest in Affiliate success at heart, Liz Gazer truly is the Affiliate-Friendly Manager. Working hard to always inspire innovation and excellence in the team, Liz is an Affiliate force to be reckoned with, whether working to get the team up and moving, or to keep them running full speed ahead. Bret Grow, Vice President, Ouimette Communications Panel: Recruiting Affiliates Bret Grow is Co-founder and Vice President of Ouimette Communications Inc. (, a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to common internet problems. Bret designed and co-developed LinkMo (, a unique transaction-based affiliate network. Bret also designed and co-developed (, a 100% Spam-free e-mail service. He is currently working with industry leaders on implementing an internet advertiser verification and scoring system which promises to bring greater integrity to affiliate marketing. Bret has earned a B.S. in

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Information Technology and has extensive experience in web development, graphics design, and affiliate management. Peter Hershberg, Managing Partner and co-Founder, Reprise Media Panel: Google and Affiliate Marketing As Managing Partner and co-Founder, Peter is responsible for overseeing the technology, sales, client services, media, and product marketing of the entire organization. Prior to cofounding Reprise Media with Joshua Stylman in 2003, Peter spent over ten years in the interactive space in series of consulting and management roles, specializing in technology and media. Peter served as vice president of Strategic Development at Ask Jeeves, a leading search engine. In this role, he created long-term strategies and functioned as a key decision maker in the company's new business ventures. Peter also held a role as the company's vice president of Consumer Sales and was responsible for the conceptualization and execution of Ask Jeeves' e-commerce strategy. Under his stewardship, the company's monthly e-commerce revenues grew by 1500% in 2001. While at Ask Jeeves, Peter developed one of the earliest forms of what is widely known today as "paid inclusion." Under the structure he initiated, client pages were allowed to appear as answers to users' questions for the first time, providing a direct call to action for users along with a cost effective and measurable solution for marketers. Before joining Ask Jeeves, Peter was cofounder and CEO of Rotomedia, Inc., a boutique consulting and advertising firm for web marketers and publishers, which was acquired by Ask Jeeves in April 1999. He began his career as a Project Manager for the Internet Consulting Group after graduating with a BBA from Pace University. A Vice-Chairman of Rosie O'Donnell's For All Kids Foundation since 2001, Peter is training for his second New York City Marathon and his first World Series of Poker. John Hoge, Vice-President, Presentation: Analytics for the Confluence of Affiliate Marketing, Search & Offline Media Channels John Hoge, VP of, is responsible for all areas of internet marketing, including html/css design, usability, testing, SQL server development & asp/ middleware programming. Marketing tasks for the site include affiliate marketing management, algorithmic and paid search campaign management, and the evaluation of the interface of traditional print and radio campaigns with catalog and ecommerce marketing. Sea Eagle has been online since 1996, and now earns 80% of B2C revenue through ecommerce channels. Rachel Honoway, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, KowaBunga! Technologies Presentation: Case Study for Rachel Honoway is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for KowaBunga! Technologies, a leading Affiliate Tracking and Management Solution Provider. Rachel has a BBA in Marketing and has been actively involved in online marketing since 1996 and in affiliate marketing since its early beginnings in 1997. Along with several articles on affiliate marketing, Rachel authored “The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder”, an ebook guide to creating a successful affiliate marketing strategy. Torsten Jacobi, CEO, Creative Weblogging Ltd.

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Panel: Marketing with Blogs Torsten Jacobi is a serial entrepreneur. Torsten has set up Newtron in 1999 a SRM company with operations in Europe, US, Asia. He is also founder of Europe based EuroVenturePartners. Torsten's latest start-up is Creative Weblogging a network of 30+ premium weblogs serving daily fresh content. Rob Key, President and CEO, Converseon Panel: Google and Affiliate Marketing Formerly head of the Innovations Group at a division of Young & Rubicam and member of the board, Rob founded Converseon in 2001 to provide new, innovative communication solutions designed to help companies meet their business objectives in a digital environment. Today, Converseon is well recognized as a rapidly growing, innovative digital marketing agency with a stable of top clients, including Hilton Hotels, Mikasa, IDT, Coldwell Banker, among many others. Rob's twenty years of experience spans public relations, reputation management, search marketing, affiliate marketing and online media/advertising, which has convinced him that markets clearly are “conversations” that require new ways of communicating. He has been involved in digital marketing since 1995. Rob is a frequent speaker at a range of leading industry conferences, including Affiliate Summit and Jupiter Media's Search Engine Strategies Conferences (SES), to help evangelize his message of creative communications innovation. He can be reached at Gary Kibel, Attorney, Law Firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP Panel: Affiliates Bidding on Trademarks Presentation: Affiliate Marketing / Interactive Advertising and the Law Gary Kibel is an attorney with the law firm of Davis & Gilbert LLP in New York. He practices in the areas of Advertising/Marketing, New Media/Technology, Intellectual Property and Corporate law. Gary regularly counsels clients with respect to advertising and technology issues such as interactive advertising; customer, client and vendor contracts; software and content licensing; compliance with CAN-SPAM, FTC regulations and other laws affecting interactive businesses; wireless services; cybersquatting; privacy and security; joint ventures; and copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. Gary also advises multinational, national and local advertising and public relations agencies with respect to claim substantiation, false advertising, sponsorship agreements and the licensing of creative materials. Prior to becoming an attorney, Gary was an information systems analyst with Merrill Lynch & Co. Davis & Gilbert represents many of the country's leading advertising, marketing, promotions and public relations agencies, in addition to prominent technology companies, marketers, and Internet and advertising trade associations. Beth Kirsch, Senior Marketing Manager, Audible Panel: Affiliates Bidding on Trademarks Beth Kirsch directs the online paid media, search, and affiliate marketing channels for Audible and runs the Affiliate Manager Boot Camp with Shawn Collins. She is focused on high-impact, low cost pay for performance marketing programs that drive significant sales. Prior to moving into e-commerce, Beth worked in politics lobbying for national environmental groups, such as the National Wildlife Federation working on various campaigns including the

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Ancient Forests of the Pacific Northwest. She also worked for Democratic Party candidates including Bill Clinton and a few US Senate Candidates. Beth is a graduate of Hampshire College with a degree in environmental economics. Beth Korte, Owner, Computer Money Makers and Savers Panel: Marketing with Blogs Beth Korte (Known as PieMomma by her members and subscribers) is the owner and creator of The Computer Money Makers and Savers Web site, The Piepoints Reward Program and The Today's Finds Newsletter and Blog. Happily married and the busy mother of five, Beth also assists her husband with running the family business the Hiddenite Family Campground in Hiddenite, NC. Even with a menagerie of horses, goats, pigs, bunnies and assorted dogs, cats and kids, she makes sure to find time every day to update her popular Web sites. Encouraged by friends who loved the bargain hunter’s online shopping tips and free samples, the Today’s Finds newsletter was launched in 1997. The Computer Money Makers and Savers and Piepoint Rewards Web sites were soon added offering Web site visitors additional incentives and money saving tips. Jim Kukral, Director of Emarketing/Brand Manager, KowaBunga! Technologies Panel: Marketing with Blogs Jim Kukral has been blogging since early 2001 in one form or another. Visit his archive at the (search for old blog examples. He has designed, written, project managed or constructed over 1500 Web sites during his career. In 1996, Kukral got his start at Mozes Cleveland & Company, one of the very first new media firms in existence, where he helped clients such as Ernst & Young, Progressive Auto and Sherwin Williams dive into the Internet frontier head first building some of the Web's first enterprise level Web sites and applications. 1999 brought out his entrepreneurial spirit, and he became part-owner of a 'dot-com' Internet firm named VendorTech, that focused on enabling manufacturers to use the web. Since 2002, Kukral has served as the Director of Emarketing/Brand Manager for KowaBunga! Technologies, makers of various online marketing software, most notably My Affiliate Program (MyAP). His love of writing, combined with his experience in the online marketing world has lead Kukral to professional writing contracts with respected online magazines such as and He has also been published in MarketingProfs and Revenue Magazine. Kukral has also written an ebook entitled 'Blogs To Riches - A step-by-step guide to Blogging Your Way To Riches'. Ahead of its time in early 2003, the book offers information, tips and tricks about how to setup a basic blog, and then use it to earn a profit, mostly through affiliate marketing techniques. Chuck Lasker, Owner, DoublePlus New Media Marketing Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers As the owner of DoublePlus New Media Marketing, Chuck Lasker has been helping individuals and businesses utilize the New Media of the Internet for personal and professional success since 1994. DoublePlus specializes in Web Site Design and Marketing, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Training, and Affiliate Marketing.

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Ian Lee, Internet Marketing Strategist, Panel: The Art of the Data Feed As the Internet Marketing Strategist and Affiliate Manager for and EYI, Inc., Ian is an integral part of the marketing and business development teams where he develops and executes the corporate marketing plan. In addition, Ian is active in online marketing communities where he has established trusted contacts with seasoned affiliate managers and affiliates. He brings innovative Internet marketing perspectives from a merchant as well as an affiliate's point of view. Ian sits on the Board of Directors for the International Internet Marketing Association, a non-profit organization providing Internet Marketing support and certification to professionals worldwide. In addition, Ian has provided online initiative services to the Canadian Federal Government as well as the University of British Columbia. Ian received his Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees from the University of British Columbia. Kevin Lee, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Presentation: Affiliate Marketing and the Complex Search Landscape Kevin Lee Co-Founder & Executive Chairman is an acknowledged search engine marketing expert. Kevin has translated his search expertise into proven PPC search success strategies and Did-it's proprietary Maestro search campaign technology. The technology and strategies combine to give Did-it clients a dramatic advantage in the paid search marketplace. Kevin's weekly column for JupiterMedia's ClickZ is read by thousands as are his contributions to Catalog Age Magazine and DMNews. Kevin is a founding board member of SEMPO, serves on the Search Council for the Association for Interactive Marketing, and the IAB Search Committee. Kevin is regularly quoted by the news media including the Wall St. Journal, Business Week, New York Times, CNET, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News, DMNEWS and Catalog Age. Dozens of industry conferences invite Kevin to share his knowledge and expertise. Kevin's opinion is also valued by industry analysts and the investment community. Kevin earned an MBA from Yale School of Management in 1992. Amy Lehman, Account Manager, Commission Junction Panel: What Affiliates Want Amy is an Account Manager at Commission Junction, and was awarded Account Manager of the Year for 2004. She has seven years of experience in online advertising including: affiliate program management, direct marketing, search, e-mail and lead generation. Her experience with top tier advertisers features clients such as UPromise, Travelocity, BMG Music, Booksonline, Netflix, ShopNBC, TigerDirect, Discover Card and David Lewis, Founder, 77Blue Panel: Affiliates Bidding on Trademarks After joining / Overture in 1999, David Lewis spent two and a half years in business development, with a mission to convince American and European Internet executives that paid search was the wave of the future and not the work of the devil. Today David is trying to professionalize affiliate marketing and paid search as the founder of 77Blue, an operator of private label shopping portals and coupon sites on the Web. 77Blue works with over 1,000 merchants across a wide range of industries in three countries and

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utilizes trademark bidding in cooperation with many of these merchants. You can read David's views regarding trademark bidding and other topics at Revenews. Brian Littleton, Founder and CEO, Panel: Big Affiliate Programs vs. Small, Controlled Affiliate Programs Roundtable: Global Business = Global Payments As the founder and CEO of ShareASale, Brian has connected thousands of merchants and affiliates alike, ensuring mutual profitability while preserving the sprit and core values of the affiliate marketing industry. Since 2000, his leadership and vision have helped shape the industry into what it is today. ShareASale currently supports over 1,300 small- to mediumsized merchants, and works with its clients, both on the advertising and publishing end, to maximize their individual potential. Liz Lloyd, Director of Strategic Development, YFDirect Panel: Recruiting Affiliates Liz Lloyd is the Director of Strategic Development for YFDirect, the affiliate division of online direct marketing company, Netblue. In this role, Lloyd is responsible for overseeing all strategic business alliances in new and expanding markets as well as heading up all partner marketing operations for YFDirect’s current affiliate base. Additionally, Lloyd is the International columnist for iMedia, covering multicultural and international online marketing strategies for companies such as Coca Cola, Yahoo!, and Ford Motors. Lloyd has been highlighted in numerous publications such as the New York Times and AdWeek, as well as in academic curriculums for international marketing classes. Previous to Netblue/YFDirect, Lloyd was the Director of Marketing for opt-in e-mail provider, NetCreations, in New York City. Prior to NetCreations, Lloyd was responsible for the PR department of ValueClick, Inc. Lloyd has also served on the Public Relations Committee and the Chief Marketing Officer Council of the Internet Advertising Bureau headquartered in New York City. Lloyd holds credentials from both Saint Mary’s College and the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. However, Lloyd holds the highest credential as a world renowned purveyor of champagne and fine sparkling wines. Fredrick Marckini, CEO & Founder, iProspect Keynote Speaker Fredrick Marckini is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iProspect. He is recognized as a leading expert in the field of search engine marketing and has authored three of the SEM industry's most respected books including the ground-breaking, Secrets To Achieving Top-10 Positions (1997), Achieving Top-10 Rankings in Internet Search Engines (1998), and Search Engine Positioning (2001) - considered by most the "bible" of the industry. Mr. Marckini is considered one of the pioneers of search engine marketing and writes a regular column for the online version of CMO Magazine covering a variety of marketing issues, including search. Mr. Marckini is a frequent speaker at industry conferences around the country including: Search Engine Strategies, Internet World, AD:Tech, Frost & Sullivan, Affiliate Summit and the eMarketing Association Conference. He has written bylined articles for Search Engine Watch, BtoB Magazine, DM News, ClickZ and numerous other publications. Marckini has been quoted in a variety of media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times, Washington Post, CMO Magazine,

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Financial Times of London, Inc., Investors and Business Daily, Internet Retailer, National Public Radio, and others. Mr. Marckini serves on the Search Committee for the Interactive Advertising Bureau and was a founding Board Member of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). Mr. Marckini earned a bachelors degree from Franciscan University in Ohio. Brian Marcus, Director of Partner Services, Performics Panel: What Affiliates Want Brian Marcus is the Director of Partner Services for Performics, a division of DoubleClick. Prior to joining Performics, Brian led the e-commerce group at JC Whitney, a direct marketer specializing in Automotive Accessories, where he was responsible for its Web site and customer acquisition programs such as Affiliate, Search, and E-mail. Augmenting his online perspective is his extensive off-line experience, where he served as Director of Marketing at two Chicago-based technology companies. Throughout his career, Brian has consulted in a variety of industries including consumer products, telecom, office products, energy, and transportation. Mr. Marcus holds a BA from Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA) and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Johanna Martinez, Affiliate Network Manager, Sportingbet Plc Roundtable: The Advantages of Multiple Brand Affiliate Portals Graduated top Honors from East Ridge High School in Chattanooga, TN. Obtained a PR Major with a Marketing Minor in the Universidad Latina in San Jose, Costa Rica. Served as Customer Service and VIP Manager for 3 years (September 2000-September 2003) before being assigned Marketing roles. 2005 represents my 3rd year of Affiliate Marketing experience, at Sportingbet Plc where I’m currently in charge of running all Affiliate Network practices for their US Division. Most recent achievement was to help develop Sportingbet's own Affiliate Brand flag and affiliate network for the North American Division: Have attended several Customer Service, Leadership and Marketing seminars, the most recent one was Jupiter Media’s SEO Conference in Toronto, Canada in October 2004. Participated as an Exhibitor at the CAC held in Las Vegas in September 2004. Stephen Messer, Chairman & CEO, LinkShare Corporation Luncheon Address Stephen Messer is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LinkShare. Since founding LinkShare in 1996, Mr. Messer has lead the company's efforts to create a unique pay for performance network that helps businesses minimize customer acquisition costs and maximize their online revenue-generating potential. Under Mr. Messer's leadership, LinkShare was recognized by Deloitte and Touche for the last two consecutive years as the number one fastest growing technology company in the New York region. LinkShare was also awarded the Best Affiliate Network Provider in 2002 by ABestWeb, a leading resource for affiliate marketing. Mr. Messer was awarded the Best Service to the Industry award, recognizing his extraordinary achievements and contributions in the creation and development of the affiliate marketing industry. One of the few marketing service providers to have weathered the dotcom fallout, LinkShare today is profitable and counts Fortune 500 and other leading companies among its clients. Prior to founding LinkShare, Mr. Messer was

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the Assistant Director of the Columbia University Institute of Tele-Information (CITI), where he produced and directed many studies on cyber-communications and telecommunications. He continues to serve as an Affiliated Research Fellow at the Institute. Mr. Messer also worked with the Department of State during the 49th General Assembly of the United Nations in the Sixth Committee and Security Council. Mr. Messer holds a Juris Doctorate from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lafayette University in Pennsylvania. He is admitted to practice law in New York and is a member of the Federal Communications Bar Association. Mr. Messer is currently active in the Internet community, serving on the board of the Association for Interactive Media (AIM), a division of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Mr. Messer also sits on the boards of other venture-backed companies, such as Vente (formerly WFSDirect). Mr. Messer is a Limited Partner in many venture capital companies and sits on the advisory board of Industry Ventures, a provider of capital and strategy to early stage companies in the software and services companies. As one of the earliest developers of the Internet as a business application, as well as a vocal advocate of the Internet, Mr. Messer has been quoted in many newspapers and other publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Nikkei, and Internet Retailer Magazine, and he has appeared on national business programs such as CNBC, CNNfn, and the Fox News channel. Mr. Messer has also spoken at major industry events, such as the DMA, Internet World, and Harvard University CyberSymposium, and appeared as a guest speaker at prestigious business schools such as Columbia Business School, New York University's Stern School of Business, and Wharton. Jeff Molander, CEO, Molander & Associates Panel: Marketing with Blogs and RSS Molander recently took his company in a new direction... expanding into media publishing and production of "knowledge products" that help e-commerce managers and decisionmakers scale their most valuable resource: time. A prominent blogger, his analysis and recommendations serve to build business cases for investment in a variety of online performance marketing and advertising strategies. The company's clients include start-up ventures and established firms ranging from multi-channel retailers, catalogers, service marketers and agencies to entrepreneurs, investors, analysts and others seeking to invest in performance marketing and advertising strategies. In 1997 he founded the consulting practice as a provider of custom business development and market analysis services. Joining then client Perfomics Inc. in 1999, he helped found and grow the company which was ultimately acquired by DoubleClick in 2004. At Performics he served as Vice President/Sales & Marketing and was instrumental in taking the company from concept to start-up and finally on to an operational company. Molander brings over 16 years of business development experience to the table and has served clients ranging from multi-channel retailers like Neiman Marcus, Pacific Sunwear and Eastman Kodak to direct marketers like Blair Corporation to CPG companies like Kraft Foods, Purina and Proctor & Gamble. Molander is a regular, sought-after speaker at a variety of marketing trade conferences and academic functions including the Direct Marketing Association, the National Retail Federation /, the American Marketing Association and the AffiliateForce & Affiliate Summit Conferences. He has been published in a variety of news, advertising, marketing

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and digital communications journals including Business 2.0, Inc. Magazine and MarketingSherpa. Kelly Molloy, Consultant, ISP Relations Presentation: Good, Better and Best Mailing Practices from an ISP's Perspective Kelly Molloy has been involved in the e-mail anti-abuse community since 1998. She was the Senior Project Manager for MAPS RBL+, and has worked as privacy and compliance manager for large e-mail service bureaus. Currently, Kelly is a consultant, assisting clients with a full range of anti-abuse and privacy projects. She lives in Orlando, Florida. Dan Murray, Internet Marketing Strategist, Ravenwood Marketing Panel: Recruiting Affiliates Dan Murray ( is Internet Marketing Strategist and Founder of Ravenwood Marketing, Inc. (, a performance-based Internet marketing firm. Ravenwood does high-volume PPC keyword bidding and organic SEO as a super affiliate. In 2004, the firm was named the fastest growing private company in Colorado's Boulder and Broomfield counties, and earned over $1 million in affiliate commissions in December. Ravenwood Marketing specializes in helping companies acquire new customers from Internet search engines and only gets paid on performance when a sale is made. The company has shown over two billion targeted ads on search engines since 2002 and helped clients make millions of dollars in online sales. Dan has worked in the Internet marketing industry for ten years in a variety of marketing positions ranging from Web site design to e-mail marketing and online lead generation. He holds a degree in engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a Master's degree in applied statistics from Rutgers. Dan founded the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group in 1994 and continues to lead the organization today, which has grown to over 6000 members. Nassim Nazemi, Director of Web site Content, Panel: What Affiliates Want Nassim Nazemi joined the team in 1999, while a student at Northwestern University. She has been with the Evanston, Illinois-based company continuously since that time. Having experienced both the heights of the "dotcom boom" and the difficult times which followed, Ms. Nazemi has survived by adapting to the needs of the company, and building skills along the way. Over the years, Ms. Nazemi has assumed a variety of duties within the Marketing department at, most recently Director of Web site Content. Ms. Nazemi's duties at currently include expanding and maintaining the network of merchants, which has witnessed over 500% growth during her tenure. She is also responsible for producing all electronic marketing communications for the company. Ms. Nazemi also played a major role in creating page and content architecture during the most recent redesign of the Web site, and continues to be responsible for overseeing all Web site content on a daily basis. enables consumers to raise money for their favorite charities, simply by shopping online at nearly 600 participating stores. Over 200,000 shoppers and over 25,000 charities are currently participating in the iGive program, with the goal of "changing online shopping for good." Nassim Nazemi is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Northwestern University. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

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Pete Neumann, VP of Corporate Development, FindWhat Luncheon Address When Pete Neumann joined in April 2000 as vice president of business development, he was already a well-established member of the Internet search community having headed up business development for both the MetaCrawler and Dogpile metasearch engines. From August 1999 to April 2000, Pete served as the manager of business development, search and directory of Go2Net Inc., which was subsequently acquired by InfoSpace, a leading Internet network that provides consumer services, business services, and enabling services. Prior to joining Go2Net Inc., he was in business development and OEM sales for Design Intelligence, Inc., a publishing software development company later acquired by Microsoft. Corey Newhouse, Division Vice President, Direct Response Marketing & Publishing, Endai Worldwide Master of Ceremonies Corey Newhouse is the Division Vice President, Direct Response Marketing & Publishing at Endai Worldwide, a leader in marketing technology and services. His roles include leading both, one of the oldest loyalty sites on the Web, and the ProfitCenter Network, a new CPA network launched in May of 2005. Prior to being named Division VP in November of 2004, Corey held the title of Director & Chief Hitchhiker for Established in 1997 and resurrected in 2003, FreeRide rewards its members with points (called "Tokens") for shopping, taking surveys, reading e-mail and browsing the site. These Tokens can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise and more. Prior to joining FreeRide, Corey ran, the online arm of direct marketing giant Media Solution Services. There he established the affiliate program, created and implemented the search engine marketing strategy and created online partnerships with Fortune 500 banks and financial institutions. He designed and built online testing models, created successful e-mail marketing programs and established a Canadian sister site In 1999, Corey began his Internet career by founding the marketing department at start-up, an e-commerce site that delivered city-specific food, clothing and souvenirs nationwide. Having no idea what CPM stood for, he braved the waters of the dot-com boom & bust and learned the ropes of the Web in real time. Although Citystuff did not ultimately survive (RIP), its legacy lives on in his spirit. Corey's prior careers include 7 years in the music business doing radio promotion for record labels including MCA, Jive, and TVT and as an entrepreneur in the commercial maintenance sector. He graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in Economics and a Masters in Cynicism. He is a car fanatic and loves to skeet shoot. Andy Newlin, eBusiness Development Coordinator, Panel: Big Affiliate Programs vs. Small, Controlled Affiliate Programs Andy Newlin holds M.S. in eBusiness and B.S. in Marketing degrees from the University of Wyoming, with specializations in International Business and International Studies. In his role as the eBusiness Development Coordinator at Sierra Trading Post, he manages the affiliate program, web analytics, organic search, strategic alliances, and all new web initiatives. He has taken an aggressive stance on the growth and marketing of the affiliate program, and

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has helped to shape the program into a strong, legitimate, and recurring revenue vehicle for affiliates and Sierra Trading Post alike. Frank Ouimette, President, Ouimette Communications Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers Frank Ouimette is Co-founder and President of Ouimette Communications Inc. (, a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to common internet problems. Frank has extensive experience in programming. Using Microsoft technologies, he programmed and co-developed LinkMo (, a unique transaction-based affiliate network, MailboxMail (, a 100% Spam-free e-mail service and is currently architecting and developing an industry-wide internet advertiser verification and scoring system. Frank earned a B.S. in the Management of Information Systems and was the CTO for a large direct mailing enterprise until he become a proponent of strong anti-Spam systems. Scott Rewick, General Manager, YFDirect Roundtable: What Makes or Breaks an Affiliate Network With an extensive background in both online media and direct marketing, Scott Rewick is the Vice President of Business Development for the YFDirect Trust Network. In this role, Scott is responsible for the development of all strategic affiliate marketing opportunities and alliances. Prior to The YFDirect Trust Network, Scott was Vice President of Business Development at MetaReward, a developer of tools and technologies for performance-based online marketing. Scott also held various business development and marketing positions at RemarQ Communities, Inc., Genuity, and Cable & Wireless. Scott received his BS from the University of Southern California. Wil Reynolds, Associate, SEER Interactive Roundtable: Search Engine Optimization - You ask questions, you get answers! Over the past 6 years, Wil Reynolds has dedicated himself to helping companies of all sizes get the highest payback possible on their web investments using search engine marketing and web analytics. He’s not completely satisfied until he reaches this goal for each and every client … He’s often quoted as saying: “It is time to make the web live up to its hype!” Wil has strategically developed and implemented sophisticated search engine marketing campaigns for more than 100 web sites some with large firms, namely: Mercedes Benz USA, WWE (Formerly WWF), HotJobs, Barnes & Noble, Disney, AON and a host of other small to medium-sized firms, nationwide. Analytics is another of Wil’s passions, a well implemented analytics campaign helps to alleviate much of the guesswork (and spin) involved in determining the effectiveness of online and offline marketing, PR and advertising campaigns, to make the web live up to its hype you have to have hard fast numbers to determine success and shortfalls. Steven Richter, Partner, Law Firm of Goodman & Richter, LLP Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers Presentation: Good, Better and Best Mailing Practices from an ISP's Perspective Mr. Richter received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Pace University (New York City) in 1969 and graduated from Newport University Law School in

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1993. From 1971 to 1973, Mr. Richter obtained his Certified Public Accountant license and was associated with the Norfolk, Virginia office of Peat, Marwick & Mitchell, CPA's. He was a tax supervisor in that office, specializing in assisting attorneys involved in civil and criminal tax controversy and litigation, including fraud and non-filer compliance. From 1973 through 1993, Mr. Richter practiced public accounting for his own accounting firm, specializing in business formation, civil and criminal tax controversy and litigation. In 1985, he formed a land development and custom home construction company which operated in three states, and was responsible for the production and marketing of more than 1,500 homes. In 2001, Mr. Richter became very involved in the development and growth of Internet based businesses and currently serves as general counsel to small, mid-sized and large Internet based businesses. Mr. Richter is a partner in the law firm of Goodman & Richter, LLP, which concentrates in Internet law, civil and criminal tax controversy, employment law and business litigation. Mr. Richter has represented clients before the California Superior and Appellate Courts, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. District, Bankruptcy and Tax Courts and the Appellate Division of the Internal Revenue Service. He has published articles and made presentations pertaining to Internet law, civil and criminal tax controversy, accounting malpractice, and litigation. He is a member of the Tax Sections of the State Bar of California (Tax Litigation and Procedure Committee), which he is currently the vice chair of, and the San Diego County Bar Association Tax Section, of which he was the Chairman. Mr. Richter is admitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. Tax Court, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the U.S. District Courts of Colorado and Texas, the Eastern, Northern and Southern Districts of California, U.S. District Court and all California State courts. Mr. Richter served as a San Diego County Deputy District Attorney in a pro bono capacity. Mr. Richter served several years on the editorial staff of San Diego Lawyer Magazine. Mr. Richter has one son and resides with his wife in Point Loma, San Diego, California. He and his wife are avid sailors and enjoy racing and cruising. Mark Romanelli, DirectTrack Manager, Direct Response Technologies Panel: Recruiting Affiliates Mark Romanelli manages the DirectTrack™ division of Direct Response Technologies, Inc. DirectTrack™ is the leading Affiliate Network software provider, powering over 90 Advertising and CPA Networks worldwide. Mark has a BA in Marketing and has been working with Merchants and Affiliate Networks for nearly four years. He regularly consults with both new and well-established advertisers on building and maintaining a successful affiliate program. In addition to being the driving force behind the product development and marketing for DirectTrack™, Mark frequently contributes articles to a variety of interactive marketing newsletters. Nicole Russell, Founder, Editor and Publisher, Freebie Jeebies Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers Nicole Russell is the founder, editor and publisher of Freebie Jeebies. She holds an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences. She has been involved in affiliate marketing since 1999. She also publishes a daily newsletter which includes household tips, bargain shopping, free offers, contests & more. Nicole lives with her husband, 2 children, 2 Yorkshire Terriers, 4 cats, & 1 Rabbit in Wilmington, Delaware. Her hobbies include crafts, amateur Archaeology, & coin collecting.

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Hector Salcedo, Senior Sales Manager, Panel: What Affiliates Want Hector Salcedo is the Senior Sales Manager at, an incentive-based shopping portal. He has been with Ebates since 2001 and is primarily responsible for securing, developing and maintaining strong relationships with advertisers. Mr. Salcedo was previously the Online Traffic Manager at Ebates. Peter Sampson, VP Business Development, Chexx Inc Roundtable: Global Business = Global Payments Peter Sampson is the VP Business Development for Chexx Inc. Chexx offers International Cheques and International ACH payments. Peter has held a variety of Business Development positions for nearly 20 years. He travels extensively throughout North America and Europe with his current role. Peter is a Sessional Marketing Instructor at Canada's largest Polytechnic, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and has an MBA from Royal Roads University. Sue Sharp, Affiliate Manager, 1-800-Patches Panel: The Effects of CAN-SPAM on Affiliate Marketers Sue Sharp graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Speech Pathology & Audiology. After extensive work experience in the medical and legal fields, she started working in the e-commerce arena at 1-800-Patches, Inc. in 2003. First, as an outside salesperson and product developer, she began working in affiliate sales late 2003 and, shortly thereafter, became the LinkShare Affiliate Manager. Sue has had extensive experience in dealing with affiliate needs, and developing new online marketing and sales techniques. Sue has a wide-ranging knowledge of managing and monitoring e-mail, banner, optimization and click campaigns. She currently oversees over 400 affiliates, helping them to achieve a maximum ROI. Pedro Sostre, Creative Director, Sostre & Associates Panel: What Affiliates Want Pedro Sostre is an accomplished designer, marketer, and entrepreneur. He serves as principle and creative director of Sostre & Associates, an Internet consulting, design, and development firm. In his professional career he has worked with CBS Sportsline, the NFL, BMW Motorcycles, Reebok, Motorola and others. He has also been quoted in articles on,, and Michael Stark, President, Panel: The Art of the Data Feed Michael K. Stark President & Owner, & since January 1999. Licensed Realtor, Metro Realty, Newport Beach, CA Board of Directors of the MLS Committee, (Multiple Listing Service), of Orange County Association of Realtors, Newport Beach. Member, California Association of Realtors. Member, National Association of Realtors. Member, Real Estate Investment Association of California. Married: Celebrating 12 year anniversary. Child: Son, 4 years old Resident of Newport Beach, CA Even though I am a Realtor, I have always firmly believed that all people deserve the right to know how

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they can better market and educate themselves in the field of real estate without having to always be dependent on an agent. Presently, there are hardly any true portals dealing exclusively with the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) market. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has stated that for sale by owner property accounts for approximately 14% of all property inventory for sale. Unfortunately, the FSBO market is probably the least served and most poorly understood of all sectors in the realm of real estate. In the 6 years, I have had my FSBO sites, the online FSBO vertical has almost wholly been ignored for its "eyeball potential" by nearly every major advertising industry segment. You'd be hard pressed to find any ad agencies focusing their client's branding, promotions, tie-ins, or rich media into the online FBSO space. Although it has been a lonely, though interesting learning curve, I believe some "wake up" will happen soon in recognizing the opportunities in the FSBO vertical. At the Inman Real Connect conference in San Francisco in July, 2004, there was a speaker at one of the seminars who stated that $9 billion was spent in fiscal 2003 for real estate promotion, advertising, and marketing. He stated that only 3% of that $9 billion was spent online, At least, there is hope for improvement as time wears on! Carolyn Tang, Affiliate Manager, Orbitz Panel: Affiliates Bidding on Trademarks In her quest for quantitative credibility, Carolyn Tang, who manages the Orbitz affiliate program, is a big believer in using metrics to justify everything from the meaning of life to the success or failure of an affiliate program. Prior to Orbitz, Carolyn has put time in managing the CollectiblesToday affiliate program and the MyPoints Shopping portal. Carolyn holds an MBA from Loyola University Chicago, with specializations in finance and economics. Additionally, her exorbitant amount of student loan debt can be attributed to a Masters of Science degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California, Berkeley. Missy Ward, Director of Marketing, CPAEmpire Affiliate Summit Organizer For over 10 years, Missy Ward has been at the helm of companies who have successfully grown their businesses through the pay-for-performance model. Currently, Missy is the Director of Marketing for CPAEmpire (, one of the largest online advertising networks. Before joining, Missy was Vice President of Partnership Marketing of eBound Strategies and President of Aluria Software, where the pay-for-performance model accounted for a substantial part of both company’s revenues. Prior to Aluria Software, Missy was Vice President of Marketing for Global Travel International ( where she was responsible for all online and offline marketing channels, public relations and membership retention – growing company revenue from $10 Million to $125 Million annually. She is currently a leading authority in pay-forperformance marketing attending conferences as a presenter, writing articles for online media and acting as industry consultant to businesses interested in starting or building their affiliate programs. Missy is also a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, the industry conference for affiliate and performance-based marketing. Lindsey Anne Wegrzyn, JD, Operations Legal Analyst, EarthLink, Inc. Presentation: Good, Better and Best Mailing Practices from an ISP's Perspective

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As an operations legal analyst for EarthLink, the nation's next-generation Internet service provider (ISP), Lindsey Anne Wegrzyn helps the company fight Spam and other forms of criminal Internet activity. Lindsey is the primary liaison between the EarthLink legal and operational teams and is responsible for developing processes and standards to gather and maintain evidence in order to prosecute Internet criminals attempting to prey upon EarthLink's customers and resources. She also facilitates efficient communications between EarthLink and law enforcement agencies to prosecute offenders. Using state and federal laws to file lawsuits against alleged spammers, seeking court orders that put them out of business, and working with law enforcement are important ways that EarthLink helps preserve the integrity of the Internet. Lindsey brings five years of corporate, tax, technology and criminal law experience to EarthLink. She earned her bachelor's degree in education from Northwestern University in 1998, followed with a JD from the Baylor University School of Law in 2001. Lindsey belongs to the State Bar Associations of Georgia and Florida. She lives in Atlanta. Linda Woods, President, PartnerCentric Panel: What Affiliates Want Linda Woods, President of PartnerCentric, Inc. and known throughout the industry as the Affiliate Goddess, has been involved with affiliate marketing practically since its inception. Starting in the late 90s as Director of Internet Marketing for a Web design firm, she moved on to then-innovative startup Commission Junction as the affiliate recruitment manager in 1999; she started her own Internet consultancy in 2000. Since then, she has helped more than 100 companies - large and small - start and manage effective affiliate programs, including the creating and serving as Director of KowaBunga Technologies' Team Affiliate outsourced management division during 2003. Affiliate Goddess transformed in early 2004 to PartnerCentric, focusing on complete turnkey Outsourced Affiliate Management Services. Linda has been a speaker at many Affiliate-related events, has written many articles on affiliate marketing, been a columnist in "Revenue" magazine, and has taught internet marketing principles at University of California at Santa Barbara. She and her team offer strategy consulting and coaching, affiliate marketing corporate training, affiliate recruitment, and total outsourced management services. Linda lives in paradise, also known as Santa Barbara, Calif., with her 7-year-old son and loves to dance, dine and travel.

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Affiliate Summit 2005 Attendees 1-800-Patches, Inc. 3GM Inc. 5 Star Affiliate Programs 77Blue Acquisis / PartnerData Adaptive Marketing ADBUMb, Inc. AdDrive Adknowledge, Inc. Adspace Interactive Adteractive, Inc. Advanta ADVFN.COM Aff. Marketers Handbook Aff. Programs Network Affiliate Directory Affiliate Fuel affiliateCREW Affinity Group, Inc. AffTrack A-LEADZ LLC Allmera Nutraceutical Almond Agency Outdoors American Auto Group Antenna Star Aptimus, Inc Audible AWSM Technology AzoogleAds Blink Ads Brand Interactive BTV Communications BUDS Inc C3 Online Marketing CallWave, Inc. Camcoocay Capital One Auto Finance Capital One Financial Carat Interactive CardScan, Inc. CareerBuilder CAS, Inc. Cathy's Concepts Chexx Inc. Chocolate Covered Company Cire Computer Productions CitiFinancial Auto Classic Closeouts* Clevermoms, LLC Clickstorm Limited Clientshop/4LowRates CoffeeAM # Collectibles Today Colorado Prime Foods Commission Junction Commission Paradise CommissionSoup Comp. Money Makers/Savers ConnectMe Consultant, ISP Relations Continental Warranty Converseon COPEAC CPA EMPIRE Creative Weblogging Inc. CruiseDirect Cusimano.Com Corporation Custom Direct LLC Davis & Gilbert LLP DCP Enterprises, LLC

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Digital River Direct Response Direct Response Publishing DirectQlick Discount Office Supplies Dish1Up* DM Contact Dotomi DoublePlus Marketing Dynamic TV Marketing Earthlink East Park Research Easy CGI eBags, Inc. Ebates eComXpo, Inc. Edmund Scientifics # eHealthInsurance e-List Marketers, Inc. EPage / AdJungle EscapeHomes/TotalMove ESI Eyeserve, inc. Fancashtic, Inc. Fastclick FastFind FatWallet Felton Media Corp FFG Focalex, Inc (Intermix) Forbes* Forsalebyowner* FREEBIE JEEBIES Frontline Direct FusionQuest GC Money Global Travel Int'l GoldenPinecone Web Design Goodman & Richter, LLP Gorilla Nation Media Gracie Media, Inc Harris Digital Publishing Healthy Living High Falls Media, LLC Hilton Hotels Corporation Home of Crazy Bag Ladies Home123 Mortgage HomeGain, Inc. Hot Rocket Marketing HotShopping Networks HSBC HSBC Auto Finance Hybrid Enterprises, LLC HydraMedia iLead Media, Inc. iMarketing Ltd. InfoMedia, Inc. InstrumentPro Integrated Media Solution Intuit iProspect ITV Direct, Inc. J.D. Power and Associates JML Investments Jumpstart Technologies Key Internet Marketing KowaBunga! Technologies Kwikcost Software Lamps Plus LeadClick Media Inc. LendingTree LLC LinkConnector LinkProfits & Partnerific LinkShare Corporation

Copyright Š 2005 Affiliate Summit. All rights reserved. M M Parks Aff. Marketing Majestic Research Corp. Marketing Associates Marris Media Master Mind Marketing Max Media Maximum Software Mbrella LLC MEA Digital MediaWhiz/R.O. Wise Meliorra LLC MetaReward Mikasa # Molander & Associates Inc. MonetizeIt MoneyReign, Inc. Moo Lah Lah MP Marketing Mr. Rebates, Inc. NameSpace Net Friendships NETexponent Shopping Net-roamer Netwhip Search Marketing Neverblue Media Inc NeverblueAds NexTag NEXTEL NI Solutions NicheWorks Night Fire Productions North American Bancard Offertrack OMNEX Control Systems OptinRealBig Orbitz and CheapTickets PartnerCentric PartnerCentric, Inc PartnerWeekly, LLC Paz Internet Media Peel Pendragon Express, Inc. Perfiliate Technologies Performancy Inc Performics Pier Media, Inc. PlattForm Post Your PPC Marketers PracticalMarkets, LLC PREMIER Bankcard PrimeQ Interactive Advert Private Leads Professional Edu. Inst. PS Web Solutions Puritan's Pride Quicken Loans R U On The R*I*G*H*T. Now Institute Ravenwood Marketing, Inc. RBC Capital Markets RBS Interactive RealBigCash, Inc. RealNetworks Referback REI Reprise Media Restoration Media, Inc. Revenue Magazine RS Media, Inc. Salem Web Network Schoolpop Screwfix Direct Scribbles Media Inc Sea Breeze Dig. Publish. SEER Interactive SEO Research Personals SF Conv. & Visitor Bureau

Copyright Š 2005 Affiliate Summit. All rights reserved., Inc. Shawn Collins Consulting Sideshow Collectibles Sierra Trading Post Site Tuners Skin Spa Therapies SL Works Smart-Buyz Inc. Sostre & Associates Spectrum Direct Speedwinds Nutrition Inc Sportingbet Plc. Spur Digital Star Decorating # Stephens Inc. Super Affiliate Handbook* Swank Martini Company Swartwout Trading Inc Swish Marketing Talk121 Target TARGUSinfo TC Financial Group Team Fan Shop, LLC TextWise The Biz Opp Network The affiliate network The Eastwood Company The Gamers' Temple The Mail Order Shoppe The Wall Street Journal* The Wall Street Journal Europe* TheBizOppNetwork Think Partnership, Inc Tornado Solutions, LLC Traffic Transac. Mktng. Partners Travelocity Trek Data Triad Financial/RoadLoans Trilegiant TurnCommerce Inc. Unleash Perf. Marketing UnsubCentral, Inc. USADATA ValueClick Media ValueCommerce VastCast Media, Inc. Vastplanet Corporation Vayan Marketing Group Vertive, Inc. Video Professor VIP Profits VSDM wave consult sl We Are Logos WebBloom Designs Webclients WebEx Communications Webroot Software, Inc. WebSourced (KowaBunga!) Webvitamins X10 Wireless Technologies Yahoo! Yahoo! HotJobs* Yahoo! Music / Musicmatch Yak Communications* YFDirect Yourloanhelper*

# Being represented at Affiliate Summit 2005 by Converseon, who is their digital marketing agency. * Being represented at Affiliate Summit 2005 by iMarketing ltd., which is their online direct marketing agency.

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Affiliate Summit 2005 Notes

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WINNER 2 OUT OF ONLY 4 AWARDS GIVEN WILSONWEB AWARD OF MERIT FOR EXCELLENCE IN AFFILIATE SOFTWARE “The MyAP program has given us a tool that has allowed us to focus on our core sales and not worry about technology. For months we used a system built into our shopping cart. It was painful and tedious to use. We never had any REAL reporting features until we started using MyAP. We find it well worth our investment and would not consider running a program with out it.” - Swank Martini

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