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OK, tell me, what’s so great about Jesus?

No meaning Bertrand Russell (twentieth century philosopher and mathematician): ‘The world is simply there. There is no explanation. The whole universe is “just one of those things”. . . . After I die I rot. End of story.’

Meaning LIFEs t o r i e s 34

You know what, before I came to know Jesus personally I probably would have asked the same question. Now that I have had, and continually do have, personal encounters with him, I know that without him in my life I would be empty, lost and unfulfilled. You see, Jesus is a real person. If you think about all the beautiful, charismatic and wonderful individuals that you have met, that you may know, or that you may wish to know, Jesus is all of these things and more. His love reaches out far beyond the ‘unlovable’. No matter who you are, or where you’ve been, Jesus will always love you! And if you give him the chance he will transform you into the best that you can be! Eileen Philip, London

Roger Penrose (twentieth/twenty-first century scientist who works with Stephen Hawking): ‘The chances of the universe coming into existence by accident – of being an accident – are 1 in 10, raised to the power of 123. The resultant number would be so large that it exceeds the number of particles in the presently known universe.’

Point to ponder E. P. Hubble, of the Hubble Telescope, has provided evidence – that almost everyone accepts – of an expanding universe. He formulated the ‘anthropic principle’ in which he lists the preconditions for the existence of human life. If the Earth were just a little nearer to the sun, all the water would boil away and

soon there would be no water. If it were a little further from the sun, the water would freeze. Our bodies will only function within a certain range of temperatures. Get a little closer: we burn up. Get a little further away: we freeze up. Hubble stated: ‘Had the first act that launched the universe been a trillionth of a trillionth faster or slower – there would have been no universe.’ Astronomer Fred Hoyle began his career believing that life had no meaning and that the universe came into existence by accident. After a lifetime’s study he concluded: ‘The possibility of our world coming about by chance is the same as a Boeing 747 emerging from a typhoon hitting a junkyard.’ Scientists have discovered order, natural laws and design in the universe. So, the BIG question: Are we here by design or by chance? Well, what do you think? Send your thoughts to: The Editor, magazine, The Stanborough Press, Alma Park, Grantham, NG31 9SL. Email:


LIFEi s s u e s

Having tried many different avenues in the pursuit of happiness, I am still left with the conclusion that Jesus is the only true way to personal fulfilment. Before getting to know Jesus I was always somehow left feeling empty and lonely, even after receiving accolades at work and enjoying the company of many friends. I can remember sitting in a restaurant surrounded by people I knew, yet still feeling somehow alone. When I heard about the main message of the Bible, and saw how Jesus might be relevant to my life, I felt like I had nothing to lose, so I gave him a chance. I haven’t looked back since. I know that there is a purpose to my life. Jesus has never disappointed me and even when I’m by myself I know that I’m not alone. Jeff Couzins, Middlesbrough