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2007 Š indie label magazine. august 2007 / vol 1 issue 3

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Tercera Vizion

(3rd Vizion)

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Dean James, grasps the heart & soul of listeners p. 4 August_Tercera Vizion_Cover.indd1 1

Se7en spits his game to Indie Label readers p. 5

Standard of living, having a blast in NY p.14 7/17/2007 10:34:05 PM

august ‘07




R&B / Hip Hop / Pop


Show Me What U Got Take My Breath Away


La Porte, TX


Head Trauma Records

(Las Vegas, NV)


princ rto rican ess 


Ulissa Martinez has fined tuned looks, confidence, charisma, elegance, and voice. She’s working with one of Houston’s hottest up and coming producers, Bruce Takara (created hooks/tracks for Paul Wall, K Ruger, Chamillionaire and others). “When I am going through something, I put it down on paper.”

Which companies developed the CD in 1980?

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7/17/2007 10:34:28 PM

jerry rodriguez :: bass guitarist :: editor :: photo | M Rey Rodriguez

| Mike Jones Editor Oops! :: photo oter


the publisher............ kyla staten editor......................... gerardo rodriguez graphic artist(s)....... danielle miles kyla staten reporter.................... cornel grant, keno sims writer(s) .................. John Barraza Patrick “PJ” Davis, sales manager ......... audrio mock contributors............., black cotton works, keno sims, street anthem, inc.,torre catalano

Cover Photo Alexander Espriella



august ‘07

Seriously, an interview is just like a performance, one never knows who is listening, who is watching, or who is writing. Yes, it is very important to make time to speak to the media as well

as the fans. As I stated in our last issue, we all become the audience of another. Meeting you may be the most awesome event of a certain individual’s life. It may be the story that they will tell their own grand children. One never knows how they are going to affect or motivate someone. As far as a writer is concerned, I think Eminem said it best, “How much damage can you do with a pen?” Sometimes, that depends on you.

One of the best deals about this gig is that I get to meet many of the artists in this magazine. I have a tremendous appreciation and respect for just about every style of music out there. Quite frankly, it doesn’t end with music. It continues on to just about anything that falls into the category of this thing called “THE ARTS”. So naturally, I am a “fan” of many of the artists that I have met and spoken with. I truly appreciate the time and effort they set aside from their busy schedule to speak to little ‘ol me. And fellas, The Puerto Rican Princess, oh, how I wish you could have been with me in that coffee house for that interview. Everybody was staring at me. Well, they were actually staring at her. But I can pretend, right? hehe… I WAS THE KING OF THE WORLD!!


Meet and Greet.

Legal stuff should go here. However, we just want you to know that Indie Label Magazine is created to expose independent bands, artists and business. Any and everything in this magazine is for Y’all. If you see some stuff you don’t like... You can’t blame Indie Label Magazine. Just remember, we will not print stuff for Major Labels or material that may be offensive. This is a KAMITRI eWorld Resource, Inc. publication and it is made with pride by Texan Americans. 2007 © Indie Label Magazine.

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(877) 40-INDIE | (877) 404-6343 What is the world’s best-selling music instrument?

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7/17/2007 10:34:42 PM

:ndielabel august ‘07

National Recording Artist now residing in Houston, Texas by way of Los Angeles and Atlanta is currently writing, arranging, programming & producing a majority of his 4th solo project “Love Takes Time”. Saxophonist, Dean James stands firm behind his obligation to appeal to his listening audience. This is evident by the sounds of his 3rd solo project released under Silhouette Records, “Brighter Days.” His hit single, “Say Yes” climbed to #18 on the top 50 Smooth Jazz Charts. Look people, my words do very little justice in explaining his incredible sound and songs. hear it for yourself. –jerry rodriguez :

:nd How do you name your songs? james (Laughs out loud) You know what? I get that so often! My theory is this; Musicians, we are totally different animals. We are creative creatures, emotional creatures, and you know man, each title… they are more from the heart. :nd Who do you have recording with you? james Let put it this way, my second CD, “Intimacy”(1997), I had everybody on it. I had Paul Jackson Jr., Nathan East, Bobby Lyle, Larry Dunn of Earth Wind and Fire, Paulina De Costa, Luis Conte (percussions), Neil Stubenhaus. :nd Those are some SERIOUS cats, that is kind of like spoiling you. james Yeah, you know, from a business perspective, it was more of a marketing ploy. Gerald McCauley (George Benson’s nephew) got all these heavy weights in on the project, so that kinda stirred up some interest. The one person that I am still actively communicating with is Paul Jackson Jr. :nd Where did you record in Houston? james Studio 7303. :nd Who would you like to share the stage with? james Well, Jaco Pastorius is definitely one person that I would have LOVED to have shared the stage with. Man, right now, in this genre of music (jazz)… I mean, I’ve shared the stage with Joe Sample, but I would LOVE to go on the road with him. He was one of the first jazz pianist that I listened to.



“My formula is to write compositions that grasps the heart and soul of every listener and for them to be able to experience my musical gift.“

:nd What was it like sharing the stage with Nelson Rangel? james Oh yeah, Nelson Ranjell. It was beautiful! He is one of my favorite horn players. I mean growing up, I used to listen to David Sandborn… that is all they played David’s music, Grover Washington Jr., and Ronnie Laws. These were radio stations based out of the bay area in San Francisco.

What is the total global sales of pre-recorded music?

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7/17/2007 10:34:45 PM



Spits Game to Indie Label Readers

One of the most visible poetic artists in the Greater Houston area is providing entertainment with a intellectual twist through the literary art of spoken word. Se7en, continues to raise the bar with the longest and one of the largest poetry sets in the nation (Poetry Lounge Houston).

august ‘07

We caught up with Se7en and picked his brain so that we could see what makes this prolific entertainer tick and what influences his day to day life. :nd What’s the inspiration behind your poetry? Se7en Experience and things that shake me to the core. :nd How realistic is it these days to pursue a career in poetry full-time? Se7en Any dream is realistic if you truly commit to it. You have to realize that its not going to be easy. :nd What type of hard work goes on behind the scenes to make a poetry spot like Poetry Lounge Houston run for 6 years? Se7en If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would say its the professional relationships amongst my crew and I that make the poetry lounge go down. :nd Make Me Laugh/Make Me Cry how has this spoken word changed your life? Se7en Now I’m finding out that children as well as adults enjoy my poetry. When children come up to me and say my poems, it really makes me conscious about what I am saying on the mic. Se7en: The harder you grind the harder you shine... bottom line. :nd 7.7.07 a once in a lifetime day, and you hosted your one man show, what was going through your mind when you planned this festive event? Se7en It was tough. GOD had to have a hand in it because the city just opened up for me. People showed me a lot of love as far as sponsorships and promoters.

:nd Who are some people that you have drawn from to make your dreams and goals in the spoken word community alive? Se7en Tosha Terry, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, India Arie. Locally, the gentlemen that inspire me most, Marcus Wiley, K-Rino, Pastor Rudy Rasmus, Pastor Terrance Johnson, Keilen Faroque. :nd What’s your assessment of the Houston Poetry scene compared to sets across the country? Se7en We are by far one of the most entrepreneurial sets in the nation. I think we have corporate issues like turnover and burnout. We haven’t been able to create a platform large enough for poets to support their families by doing spoken word. We are aggressively working towards that goal. We are also one of the most diverse sets where talent is concerned. Every week we are growing by leaps and bounds. –Patrick “PJ” Davis : :: photo | rm photography In what year was the term “disc jockey” was first used?

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7/17/2007 10:34:50 PM

al soon!

It’s OHN re


‘The Other Piece’ the debut album from



out now! download available


Two Words Records studio booking 832.473.1334

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7/17/2007 10:35:11 PM


Shout Out

Kelvin McClendon & Higher Praise A Worship Experience Like No Other. Live in Concert Near You. Booking: 832-971-8259

The fanatics (see upcoming issue)

to Ms. Ingr

id B.

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7/17/2007 10:35:24 PM

Much Luv

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ston From Hou

7/17/2007 10:35:41 PM


August_Tercera Vizion_Cover.indd9 9

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7/17/2007 10:35:54 PM

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7/17/2007 10:36:05 PM



Se7en Se7en hosts Poetry Lounge Houston every Sunday at the Shadow Bar Downtown (213 Milam) @ 6PM

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t goexpose Multi-Platinum producer, John “JAB” Broussard

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:ndiepro 7/17/2007 10:36:28 PM

:ndielabel august ‘07

Tercera Vizion


n o i z i V

The mixture of music with memory continues to emanate. Let’s face it, we live in a Hip Hop nation and there is no turning back. It has compelled young people of all races to search for excitement, artistic fulfillment and even a sense of identity by incorporating their own cultural gusto. But when the variety of Latin influenced beats and rhythms met Hip Hop, you got a Tercera Vizion. El Faraon - The Pharaoh (Dominican American) and Andrie Iglesias (Colombian American), and their fully independent approach to business and creativity are proving it. As co-founders of their own Indie Label, Psychic Tiger Records, they have both partnered up as music producers, composers, songwriters, and artists. People from all races and countries have embraced their new formula for shaking hips and enchanting hearts. :nd Tell me about Tercera Vizion. tv Tercera Vizion is an Urban Latino and Dance Hall Fusion that can be somewhat creative. :nd What is the response you’e getting? tv It’s move your body move your mind! :nd How long ago did you guys get this started? tv Tercera Vizion was actually construed about three years ago. We won together at the John Lennon International Song Writing Contest in the Latin category. After winning with our song “ESO” we basically embarked on our Latin career.

:nd I found you guys on mySpace. What appealed to me most was your look. Then I checked out that video you guys have called, “Ruby Rosa”. Then I said, “If we could get rid of those two guys we will be all right.” Those girls are HOT! tv Yeah, I am sure all the guys think that. (Laughs) 12 August_Tercera Vizion_Cover.indd12 12

ale) Pick ::

her’s (fem The Publis



7/17/2007 10:36:33 PM


:: :: :: photo :: alexander espriella | :nd I am kidding. Are you guys producing for other acts? tv Yes, we have two groups that we are really excited about. One is called “Thunder Buuush” and the other is “Monk-Ra”.

:nd Are they also songwriters or are they under your guidance? tv Yeah, they are under our guidance and our label. Psychic Tiger Records. But we are actually, the aliases under those two acts. We are producing multi-genre music.

august ‘07

:nd That is kind of like our magazine. We just want to expose Independent Artist and Labels. tv That is hot! :nd To me, it sounds like you are getting influences from all genres and incorporating them into what you guys love. tv Yeah, I actually worked with Paco de Lucia, in Mexico.

Tercera Vizion

:nd What do you pride yourself on? tv We value our flexibility in our music and our production. We have a buffet of Urban Latino. Originality is the key. So we try to push that versatility across all those genres. We are basically grabbing the essential rhythms of Salsa, Reggae, and Dance Hall that make your body move by itself and then you tell yourself, “Hey, you know, I kinda like this stuff.” :nd So, who do you listen to? tv We listen to Timbaland, Most Def, The Roots, old school Celia Cruz. We have a well-rounded music collection in the car. :nd When you are producing a song, where does the inspiration come from? tv Attacking a specific genre. But we do it with our flavor and our style. –jerry rodriguez :

(3rd Vizion) August_Tercera Vizion_Cover.indd13 13

13 7/17/2007 10:36:38 PM

:ndielabel august ‘07

standard of living Start off with a half a ton of ground talented musician, add various wood, metal, plastic noisemakers, mix in some good old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears, season well with a dash of determination, bring it all together with the flesh monster of fans and you have the makings of Standard of Living. This hard-working quintet out of Buffalo, New York, are getting things done and having a blast doing it. We wanted to know more about how this recipe came about I became hooked by their catchy, infectious tunes. The buzz on the internet seems to suggest that the band is a must-see live act with a magnetism and energy unmatched in that area. –john barraza :

:nd Tell me a little about the band name and the meaning. sol Josh and Ken were flipping through the dictionary trying to get some inspiration for a name. They saw “standard of living” and it fit well. :nd What made you want to make music? sol I think the inspiration just comes from us. Then once you do it and people like it, you know the response that you get you just keep doing it. :nd Any true stories? sol There are some imaginary and then we’ve got some like our Autumn and Amherst which is basically about us hanging out and having nothing to do. :nd Who would you say is your fan base? sol We’ve got everyone up from the younger kids, the 13(s), we’ve got all of our friends from like the 18-20. Our parents, like it and bring their friends.

Waiting on

Pizza, NO T BEER



What was the was the first symphony to include trombones?

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7/17/2007 10:36:41 PM

:n s th A S to

:n s

:n s a b th

:n s a I u o th g ju p h

:n to s

:nd What would define success for you? sol We would define that as just giving an audience the best show we can give. I know a lot of people are always coming up to us and saying “you guys are dead on. You might as well be almost playing the CD right there” because the vocals going on. We’re tight with the guitars. We just wanna give everyone best live show possible. If we can do that I think we’re all happy. :nd Is there a some themes that you tend to write songs about? sol We leave all the lyrics up to Josh.

august ‘07

:nd Once the tour rolls up what next? sol I think we’d wanna remain the band as much as possible and just put out the best material we can while staying true to the music we create.

:nd Have you recorded any previous demos or tapes? sol Yeah, we actually had a full-length (CD), which was their very first CD. “The Keys That You Leave In The Heart That You Took” and we just released “Patience” a little over a year ago, which was our EP with just 5 songs on it. And currently we’ve been writing for the past 8 months and we’ve just been doing a lot of home studio demoing. Just getting that done.

:nd What are your short-term goals? sol to get signed and go on tour.

:nd How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you? sol We’ve got the piano thing going for us, which is unique to most bands. We also have a lot of of three-part harmony.


:nd In one of your mySpace videocasts you talked about your non-musician jobs. How are you able to juggle the rigors of the road? sol We’re working all morning and flying to practice at night or going to school in the morning, hitting up our jobs in the afternoon and then coming to practice at night. Even that just takes a toll on you. Those are long days. :nd Is there anything you refuse to do as a band? sol I guess none of us wanna get on stage and wear all-pink shirts! (Laughs) :nd How did you get together with your management? sol One of our local promoters put us on a show with Teddy Geiger and his management agency checked us out and they happened to like us or love us enough to sign us. So we’re on the same management as Teddy Geiger.

Josh Rabenold (vocals/piano) Ken Stiver (guitar) Dan Reedy (bass/vocals) Mike Lindstrom (drums) Clayton Cobb (guitar/vocals)

TRIVIA ANSWERS BELOW The Answers: p.2: Philips and Sony; p.3: The harmonica; p.4: More than $40 billion; P.5: 1937; p. 15: 31.3%.

? m ,

:nd Who are your musical influences? sol (Thinking) Who do we have on all the time..? Uh, Copeland, a lot of Say Anything, Jack’s Mannequin, John Mayer, Something Corporate. We would love to tour with Sherwood.

What is the US share of the world music market?

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7/17/2007 10:36:43 PM

exas ton, T



With over 65 years of music making history, find out how our award-winning production team can assist you in your next project. Call us to schedule your free preproduction meeting

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