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Falls Prevention Awareness

SEPTEMBER 2021 AGING & DISABILITY  RESOURCE CENTER  [ADRC] 721 Oxford Avenue Room 1130 Eau Claire WI 54703 Monday Ͳ Friday  8:00 am Ͳ 4:30 pm 715.839.4735  1.888.338.4636  !y: use Relay (711) 


Falls are the most common cause of traumac brain injury. Falls among older adults are common, costly and preventable.  x One out of every five fallscauses an injury, such as broken bones or a head injury. x

Each year at least 300,000 older people arehospitalized for hip fractures.


More than95% of hip fractures are caused by fallingͶusually by falling sideways.


Women fall more o(en than men and account forthreeͲquarters of all hip fractures.

          Falls are a threat to the health and independence of older adults. However, falls are not a normal part of aging. Here is the good news! There are proven ways to reduce falls. 

Website and Social Media What you can do to prevent falls:

Find a good balance and exercise program, like Stepping On or Tai Chi Fundaments. Talk to your doctor about falls risks and prevenon. Ask for an assessment of your risk of falling. Share your history of recent falls. Review your medicaons with your pharmacist or doctor. Make sure side effects aren’t increasing your risk of falling. Take medicaons only as prescribed. Get your vision and hearing checked annually and update your eyeglasses. Keep your home safe. Talk to your family for their support in taking simple steps to stay safe. 

Visit these websites for more informaon  on falls prevenon:

Keep on Your FeetͶPrevenng Older Adult Falls | CDC  h7ps://ͲadultͲfalls/index.html  h7ps://Ͳadults/health/prevenon/fallsͲ prevenon



ADRC Director Linda S.

ADRC Manager Lisa R. 

Prevenon  Coordinator Deb B.

Demena Care Specialist Lisa W. 

Elder Benefit Specialist Jessica S.

Accountant Kelli W. 

Administrave Associate Heather C. 

ADRC Manager Betsy H. 

Kitchen Manager Sheryl S.

Elder Benefit Specialist Leda J.

Disability Benefit  Disability Benefit  Specialist Specialist Jim C. Melissa W.

Resource  Specialist Lindi E.

Resource Specialist Molly Y. 

Resource  Specialist Brianna W.

Opons  Counselor Dana G.

Opons  Counselor Sue O.

Opons  Counselor Liz N.

Opons  Counselor Jenna B. 

Opons  Counselor Dawnelle E.

Opons  Counselor Jen S.

Opons  Counselor Andrea R. 

ADRC Van  Driver Dave O. 

Meal Site  Worker Carmelita H. 

Cook Gilda H. 

Cook Aaron P. 

Meal Delivery  Driver Gordy G.

Meal Delivery  Driver Doug S. 

Meal Delivery Driver Norm B. 

Meal Delivery  Driver Kris B.

Webex “Meet & Greet” Want to learn how to get connected to Webex video conferencing to parcipate in interacve workshops, presentaons, or meengs? In this oneͲhour session, you will learn how to: x Join meeng on your browser or installed App x Mute/unmute your microphone x Turn on/off your video x Change view opon x Use the Chat feature x Pracce brainstorming x Use Breakout room (oponal) 

WHEN: Tuesday, September 28   1:00 Ͳ 2:00 pm    or   Thursday, October 21   10:00 Ͳ 11:00 am  REGISTER: Call the ADRC at 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 or go to at least one week prior. 

This will be held virtually, via Webex; parcipants will receive further info before the event.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 101

Diversity: Learning about other cultureshelps us understand different perspecves within the world in which we live. It helps dispel negave stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. People from diverse cultures contribute language skills, new ways of thinking, new knowledge, and different experiences.   Equity ensures everyone has access to the same treatment, opportunies, and advancement. Equity aims to idenfy and eliminate barriers that prevent the full parcipaon of some groups.   Inclusion isa state of being valued, respected and supported. It's about focusing on the needs of every individual and ensuring the right condions are in place for each person to achieve his or her full potenal. 

ADRC/Government  Center Update


Skip the Trip! While our offices are open, we can  provide most services over the phone so we encourage you to call ahead. Call: 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735  Email: adrc@co.eauͲ Website:  (new & improved content!) There is also a black, secure  dropbox to the left of the front doors (on Oxford Ave) that items are retrieved from twice a day and delivered by hand to the correct person/department.


The Health Department closed their COVIDͲ19 Call Center on June 18th. People with COVIDͲ 19 related ques ons can call the Eau Claire CityͲCounty Health Department at 715Ͳ839Ͳ 4718 or visit   The State of Wisconsin also has a call center to help Wisconsinites find vaccine loca ons, answer medical ques ons related to the COVIDͲ19 vaccine, and assist with registra on for the Health Department COVID 19 clinic. Wisconsinites can call 1Ͳ844Ͳ684Ͳ1064 for personal assistance with their vaccine related ques ons. 

Call the ADRC of Eau Claire County at  715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 if you need help ge5ng a vaccine in your home because  ge5ng out is too difficult.


Driving Re!rement

Jane Mahoney Caregiver Support Specialist Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources

 Being able to drive is more than just geLng where you want to go. It is a symbol of freedom, independence and selfͲsufficiency. But it is important to consider what happens when declining vision, medicaon sideͲeffects or a degenerave condion means your loved one is no longer safe to drive. Transioning from driver to nonͲdriver is a difficult decision. Planning ahead can alleviate some anxiety.  Just like people plan for rerement when they leave the workforce, Driving Rerement is planning for a me when driving is no longer safe. It is a proacve move that gives a person control over how to live life outside the driver’s seat and avoids having to take away their keys.  Discussing driving rerement with the person you are (or will be) caring for while the person sll drives will make the transion from driver to rider easier. Consider the following points as you help your loved one map out a driving rerement.  Start by learning what transportaon opons are available by talking to friends, health care providers and the ADRC. Find details about how to ulize them.   Make a list of the person’s transportaon needs and alternave ways to meet those needs. In addion to public transportaon opons they might be able to order things through the mail, use a delivery service, walk, bike or ask family or friends for rides. Include family members and friends in the conversaon as you develop the plan and don’t forget to include social acvies.  Once the transportaon plan is in place, encourage your loved one to start trying out new transportaon methods right away. Go with them as they ride the bus, help them make an online order or walk with

them to a nearby store. This will help to reduce stress and increase confidence.   The next step is to determine when it is me to stop driving. The following are some warning signs of unsafe driving.  x Abrupt lane changes, braking or accelerang x Confusion at exits or turns x Delayed responses to unexpected situaons x Lack of a7enon to traffic signs or pedestrians x Increased agitaon or irritaon while driving x Vehicle crashes or near misses  There is usually not a specific day when you know it is me to stop driving. Decisions should be based on driving behavior over a period of me, not just a single incident. Because ming can be unclear, have agreed upon measures in place ʹ a driving contract, regular review by family, compleon of a driving assessment, or a discussion with a physician ʹ to help determine the balance between a person’s desire to drive with the need for safety.  When it is me to put the driving rerement plan into acon be posive and opmisc. Review the transportaon plan and make adjustments as needed. Even when change is unwanted, people have the ability to adapt and thrive. Plan to visit them frequently and be sure that transportaon is available to meet their social needs as well.   Get the conversaon started about planning a driving rerement to prevent a more difficult scenario in the future. Download the publicaon through HarOord Insurance on We Need to Talk: Family Conversaons with Older Drivers at h7ps://ͲmarketͲ excellence/familyͲconversaonsͲwithͲolderͲdrivers or check out to help you find the balance between maintaining independence and ensuring safety, for you, your family and your community.

Calling All Gardeners! Produce Dona!ons  Accepted

A7enon gardeners, do you wish there were a place you could donate your extra garden produce?

The Senior Nutrion Program kitchen would love to have it. Please drop off your clean fruits, vegetables and herbs to the Fall Creek Kitchen, 344 W. Lincoln Ave, Fall Creek or ADRC Office, 721 Oxford Ave Rm 1130, Eau Claire MondayͲFriday 8:00 Ͳ3:00 PM. The beauful produce will be used in menus for Senior Dining and Meals on Wheels and would be a great addion to our own fresh produce. 

Thank you! Happy gardening!

2021 Medicare & You 


Aging & Disability Resource Center Elder Benefit Specialists present free seminars open to anyone new to Medicare, currently on Medicare, caregivers and families.  Register at or call  The Aging & Disability Resource Center of  Eau Claire County  715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 • 1Ͳ888Ͳ338Ͳ4636  6y: use Relay (711) adrc@co.eauͲ  

September presenta9ons:  

Friday September 10, 2021 at 1:00 pm  (Virtual via WebEx)  Wednesday September 22, 2021 at 10:00am (In Person Ͳ Eau Claire County Gov’t Center. Masks and distancing required) 

“It’s my life and they respect that.” Local long-term care supports and services delivered with a focus on Life. Defined by you. Define db Life. y

u. yo

Contact Alex Nicholas to place an ad today! or (800) 950-9952 x2538

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •



Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI A 4C 02-1023


ADRC Van Schedule September 2021

Would you like to go on one of our scheduled trips at no cost? ADRC Van has room for one wheelchair and 3 addional individuals.  The van is available for seniors 60+ and adults with disabilies living in Eau Claire County.  Contact Dave, Transportaon Coordinator, to schedule a ride: 715Ͳ225Ͳ0975 Monday





1 Open date call to schedule trip.

2 Open date call to schedule trip.

3 No Van Service today.

6 No Van  Service: Labor Day!

7 Open date call to schedule trip.

8 Open date call to schedule trip.

9 Open date call to schedule trip.

10 St Johns Apartment Walmart trip. Pickup at 10a.

13 Open date call to schedule trip.

14 Open date call to schedule trip.

15 Open date call to schedule trip.

16 Open date call to schedule trip.

17 Open date call to schedule trip.

20 Open date call to schedule trip.

21 Open date call to schedule trip.

22 Open date call to schedule trip.

23 Open date call to schedule trip.

24 St Johns Apartment Woodmans trip. Pickup at 10a.

27 Open date call to schedule trip.

28 Open date call to schedule trip.

29 Open date call to schedule trip.

30 Open date call to schedule trip.



Senior Congregate Dining

All meal sites are now open for sit down dining.: St. John’s Heritage Apartments, Augusta Senior & Community Center, Fairchild Community Center and LE Phillips Senior Center. *If you do not feel comfortable eang at the meal site, you will sll have the Grab and Go opon. Please let us know which you’ll be doing when you  make your reservaon.  LE Phillips Senior Center Evening Meal, please call the office by the Friday before at 3:00 PM to make your reservaon. Please be sure to indicate if you will be dining in or taking it to go. Meals are available on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm.  MENU: September 14thͲ Beef Stew, Biscuits, Waldorf Salad, Fruit, Dessert September 28thͲ Baked Cod w/ Lemon Caper Sauce, Baked Potatoes, Cucumber & Onion Salad, Fresh Bread, Lemon Dessert  Augusta Senior Center Monday Ͳ Friday, call 715Ͳ286Ͳ2953 to make your reservaon by noon the previous day. Please indicate when making your reservaon if you will be dining in or taking out. St. John’s Apartments MondayͲFriday call 715Ͳ839Ͳ4886 to make your reservaon by 1:00 the day prior. Please indicate at the me of your reservaon if you’ll be dining in or taking out. St. John’s serves MondayͲFriday at 11:00 AM  Fairchild Community Center meals every Wednesday at 12:00 PM. Call 715Ͳ839Ͳ4886 to make your reservaon by Tuesday at 1:00 PM. Please indicate if you will be dining in or taking out when making your reservaon.  *Wednesday’s Salad are only available to  Congregate Dining Sites. 

2021  Walk to End  Alzheimer’s  Disease Chippewa Valley 

Walk to End Alzheimer's is full of flowers, each carried by someone commi7ed to raising funds and awareness for a breakthrough in the fight against Alzheimer's and all other demena. Held annually in more than 600 communies naonwide, the Alzheimer’s Associaon Walk to End Alzheimer’s ® is the world’s largest fundraiser for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. This inspiring event calls on parcipants of all ages and abilies to join the fight against the disease.  Plans are moving forward to host the Walk to End Alzheimer’s® in person. The health and safety of parcipants, staff, and volunteers is of top priority and opons to parcipate online and in your neighborhood will connue to be offered. 

Register at: h6p:// Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021 Time: 8:30 AM ʹ Event Opens  9:45 AMͲ Opening Ceremony  10:00 AMͲ Walk to begin  Locaon: UWECͲ Zorn Arena 121 Garfield Avenue   *Event loca on is subject to change due to health and safety guidelines.  Eau Claire, WI 54701 

Congregant Dining Event:

We are having a presentaon at St. Johns Heritage  Apartments on September 27th @ 11:30 AM following the  congregate meal by Jeff Kersten, Agency Liaison for the Bureau of Consumer Protecon within the Wisconsin  Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protecon. He will be speaking about Identy The(: Protect and Prevent.


Luther Lakeside Apartments 1412 Whipple Street

• 1 bedroom HUD sudsidized units for persons 62+ • Rent is 30% gross income w/utility allowance • Elevator & coin laundry on-site • Emergency pull stations in each apartment • Across from Mayo Hospital • Near Senior Center (715) 834-3411

In-Homecare By Angels®


We Care Every Day, In Every Way • • • • •

FUNERAL & CREMATION SERVICES 814 First Ave. 1405 N. Clairemont Ave. Eau Claire, WI 54703 Eau Claire, WI 54703


Dressing Assistance Medication Reminders Light Housekeeping Friendly Companionship Respite Care for Families

715-598-1750 •


Proudly Serving Families at 2 locations

Bathing/Grooming Assistance • Assistance with Walking • Errands & Shopping • Meal Preparation • Flexible Hourly Care •

LSS builds vibrant, healthy communities through supports and relationships to improve the places we live, work and play.

Each Visiting Angels agency is independently owned and operated.

Are you concerned about the risks of residential care

Need To Get To The Senior Center?

Quick & Easy Connections Try the bus! Give this ad to your bus driver to receive a free day pass. Call Our Office At 715-839-5111

Appeal to Heaven Independent Nurses’ Network Connects you with a private nurse who arranges and manages just the care you need to remain safe at home, independent, and in control.

Exp 09/30/21

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Call 715-379-7889. We will come to you. Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI B 4C 02-1023


September 2021 Meals on Wheels & Senior Dining Menu

iSt. John’s Apts | 815 Chapin Street, Eau Claire| Monʹ Fri Serve Time: 11:15 am | 715Ͳ839Ͳ4886 iAugusta Senior Center | 616 W Washington St, Augusta | Monʹ Fri Serve Time: 11:30 am | 715Ͳ286Ͳ2953 iL.E. Phillips Senior Center | 1616 Bellinger St, Eau Claire| 2nd & 4th Tues Serve Time: 5:00 pm |715Ͳ839Ͳ4886 iFairchild Community Center | 121 Farmer St, Fairchild | Every Wednesday Serve Time: 12:00 pm | 715Ͳ839Ͳ4886 *Salad’s only available at the “Grab and Go” sites. Please make your meal reservations by 1:00 pm one business day in advance . All meals are served with 1% milk. Meals subject to change without notice. Monday Note: The signs indicate the number of carbs in a meal. ^ = ½ carb * = 1 carb *^ = 1 ½ carb

Wednesday  1 Pulled Pork Sandwich  Whole Grain Bun* Pickles Pasta Salad with Veggies* Baked Beans* Lemon Bars* 7 Lemon Pepper Cod 8 Turkey Tetrazzini w/Lemon Bu5er Sauce w/ Linguini & Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom* Spinach & Cheddar* Baby Carrots* Mixed Veggies^ Cabbage Salad Whole Grain Bread* Mandarin Orange Fresh Fruit Cake*

Thursday 2 Lasagna Bake with Rigatoni Pasta* Zucchini & Mushrooms Steamed Broccoli Applesauce* Garlic Bread*

Friday 3 Roast Beef Sliders w/French Fried Onions*, Whole Grain Buns (2) & Provolone Cheese, Green Beans, Baby Bullet Potatoes*, Fresh Fruit^

9 Baked Ham w/ Pineapple Chunks^ Au Gra9n Potatoes* Baked Beans* Whole Grain Bread* Oatmeal Raisin Cookie* 

 Mushroom & Swiss  10 Burger/Pickles Whole Grain Bun* Romaine/Tomato/Mayo MacͲnͲCheese* Steamed Broccoli Fresh Fruit^

13 Chicken Pa5y Sandwich w/ Marinara & Mozzarella & Bun*, Cheesy Hash Browns* with Onion, Breads9ck* Parmesan Cauliflower Fresh Fruit^

14 Turkey Meatloaf^ Yukon Mashed Potatoes* Creamed Spinach^ Whole Grain Bread* Marble Cake* 

15 French Dip w/Au Jus, Hoagie Bun* Steamed Corn* Cucumber/Carrot* Tomato & Ranch Dip^ Pistachio Pudding* 

16 Baked Chicken with a Mexican Flare Spanish Rice* Refried Beans* Side Salad/French^ Mexican Churro* Spiced Apples  

 17 Beef Hot Dog , Bun*, Pickles/Mustard Packet Roasted Yukon w/Onion Potatoes* Cabin Baked Beans* Fresh Fruit^

20 Breaded Pork Chop^  Scallop Potatoes* California Blend^ Dinner Roll* Fresh Fruit^

21 Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole w/Ham And Bow Tie Pasta* Green Peas* Fruited JellͲO^

 Tuna Salad with 23 24 Beef Tips with A slice of Cheddar,  Mushrooms over Whole Grain Bun* Mashed Potatoes* Mixed Green Salad with Carrot Coins* Tomatoes/Cucumber Banana Nut Muffin* Ranch Dressing Fresh Fruit^  Fresh Fruit* 

27  Brat’s and Kraut  Whole Grain Bun* Baked Beans* Green Beans Fruit Juice*

28 Turkey Melt Sandwich w/ Caramelized Onions Whole Grain Bun* Provolone Mashed Potatoes* Grilled Zucchini & Tomatoes Oreo Fluff* 

 Honey Glazed 22 Chicken Wings^ Potato Salad w/Egg* Baked Beans* Whole Grain Dinner Roll* Strawberries  29 Beef S9r Fry w/ Broccoli/Pepper/Water Chestnuts/Carrots & Mushrooms^ Brown Rice* Veggie Egg Roll* Fortune Cookie* Rice Pudding*

  **Labor Day** Closed  


 30 Chicken Breast w/Lemon Herb Sauce Whole Grain Couscous* Roasted Brussel Sprouts^ Blueberry Cobbler*

 Salads 9/1: Waldorf Salad 9/8 : Chef Salad 9/15: Tuna w/Fresh Greens  9/22: Fresh Fruit & Co5age Cheese 9/29: BLT Salad


There is sll me  to apply for a  Senior Farmers’  Market Voucher! Please contact ADRC at  715.839.4735 for applicaon details.  Eligible seniors can receive $25 vouchers to be used at any approved farmer’s market vendor in the State of Wisconsin.  Harvest season is here! Now is a great me to apply.  Can be used unl Oct 31! 

Feels like


• First Month rent FREE • • • • • • •

Flexible rent options Located behind Sacred Heart Hospital Optional noon meal on site Heat, water, sewer & garbage included Discount meals at Scared Heart Hospital Storage in apartment & basement Beauty salon, library and recreation room

We Offer: • Income Based Rent • No Asset Limit • One-Bedroom Apts. • Pets Allowed With Restrictions • Secured Building/Security Entrance • Emergency Call System • Coin-Operated Laundry Facilities • Tenant Driven Activities • Community Room • Cable Ready Outlets • Air Conditioners Provided • Garbage & Water Included • Elevator Service • On-Site Maintenance • Off Street Private Parking

HUD Subsidized Rent for Persons with Low Income 55 or Over OR Persons with Disabilities

300 William St. Eau Claire, WI 54703 For Applications, Contact the Housing Authority of the City of Eau Claire (715) 839-4943

Tours Available Call for an Appointment (715) 839-8154 Handicapped Accessible Apartments Available

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Subsidized HousingWe - One Bedroom Apartments Offer: • Income Based Rents • No Asset Limits • Rents Based on 30% of Income • Heat, Garbage, Water and Sewer included • Tenant Driven Activities • Emergency Pull Stations in Every Apartment with Direct Link to City Fire and Ambulance • On-Site Manager and Maintenance • Coin Operated Laundry Facilities • Bus Stop Nearby • Card Access Security Entrances • Off Street Private Parking • Vending Machines • Pets Allowed With Restrictions • On-Site Beauty Salon • Community Room • Air Conditioners Provided Handicapped Accessible Apartments Available

HUD Subsidized Rent for Persons with Low Income 55 or Over OR Persons with Disabilities

901 S. Farwell St. • Eau Claire, WI 54701 For Applications, Contact the Housing Authority of the City of Eau Claire (715) 839-4943

Tours Available Call for an Appointment

(715) 839-8602

Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI C 4C 02-1023


ADRC Prevention and Health Promotion Workshops 

Stepping On (InͲperson) can help you avoid a dangerous and costly fall so you can keep doing the things you

love to do. In just 7 weeks, you will learn: Strength and balance exercises you can adapt to your individual level; to idenfy and remove or avoid fall hazards both inside and outside your home; how vision, hearing, medicaon, and footwear affect your risk of falling; to get back on your feet the right way if you do fall.  WHEN: Wednesdays, 1:00 Ͳ 3:00 pm   September 15 Ͳ October 27, 2021 WHERE: Grace Lutheran Church (2nd Avenue entrance), Eau Claire 

StrongBodies™ Informaon Session for new par cipants

Strength training is especially important as we age. Being physically acve and socially connected are both essenal for health and wellͲbeing. The StrongBodies™ program provides a safe environment for older adults to improve both strength and balance with a fun group of peers. Learn more in this free orientaon and sign up for classes.  WHEN: Thursday, September 2, 2021    10:00 Ͳ 11:15 am REGISTER: Call the ADRC at 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 or go to at least one week prior.  StrongBodies™ 10Ͳweek workshops, classes meet twice weekly for one hour each.  Virtual: Mondays & Wednesdays, October 4 Ͳ December 13, 2021 at 8:30 am, 11:15 am, and Tuesdays & Thursdays, October 5 Ͳ December 14, 2021 at 8:30 am  InͲperson: Mondays & Wednesdays, 4:30 pm (Chapel Heights UMS), 5:00 pm (Dove HealthcareͲWest) Repeat parcipants must complete a ReͲenrollment Consent Form to sign up by September 20. There is a fee for repeat parcipants. Scholarships available. Download form at, email adrc@co.eauͲ or call the ADRC at 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 to request a form by mail. 

StrongBodies Program feedback:

“I learned so many things that I can use going forward!I have severe joint degeneraon in my knees and hips that effected my exercising. I found the weights the best part of the class on the upper body and will connue those acvies. I use the balance exercises and toe and heel li(s for strength. So I will be able to connue with modificaons.Thank you for the great help in moving me forward!” 

Living Well with Chronic Condions (virtual) Ͳ Recently updated!

Living with arthris, cancer, heart disease, or another onͲgoing health problem can be physically, emoonally and financially draining. Taking care of yourself is important. And you can! But you need the tools and knowledge to help you.Living Well can show you the way. It focuses on skills to be7er manage your health and wellͲbeing. Meets once a week for six weeks. Topics include: MindͲBody Connecon, Sleep, Pain, Fague, Dealing with Emoons, Making Decisions, ProblemͲsolving, Be7er Breathing, Communicaon skills, Physical acvity, Exercise, Relaxaon, Healthy Food Choices, Medicaon Usage, Depression, Posive Thinking, Weight Management, Working with Health Care Professionals and Organizaons. WHEN:  Tuesdays, 1:00 Ͳ 3:30 pm   October 5 Ͳ November 9, 2021


Webex “Join mee*ng” link and instruc*ons will be sent via email.

REGISTER: Call the Aging & Disability Resource Center at 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 or go to at least one week prior.

Prevention and Health Promotion Workshops (cont.)


Mind Over Ma:er: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder (InͲperson) ThreeͲsession workshop designed to give women the tools they need to take control of symptoms. It provides informaon and group acvies along with simple exercises and dietary changes to pracce at home. Even if you do not have leakage symptoms now, it is never too early or too late to think about bladder and bowel health. WHERE: Eau Claire County  WHEN:  Wednesdays, 2:00 Ͳ 4:00 pm   Courthouse, Room   October 13, 27 & November 10, 2021    1301 & 1302 

Stand Up, Move More (virtual) Ͳ NEW PROGRAM!

The couch may be comfy, but spending too much me siLng is bad for your health.Time toStand Up & Move More!Research shows that excessive sedentary behavior (or 'siLng me') has been linked to serious health consequences. The Stand Up & Move More program gives you strategies to do just that Ͳ stand up and move more! The program is designed specifically for older adults who sit more than six hours per day.You’ll learn in a group with your peers and help each other idenfy strategies to stand up more o(en and for longer periods of me throughout the day. Stand Up has been researched and proven to reduce siLng me by 68 minutes per day. WHEN:  Thursdays, 10:00 amͲ 12:00 pm   October 28 Ͳ November 18 + December 16, 2021 VIRTUAL: Webex “Join mee*ng” link and instruc*ons will be sent via email.


A local REALTOR® with heart and knowledge.


For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI D 4C 02-1023



For more informaon and program flyer, check out the ADRC calendar events  at   Memory Connecons Cafe The café offers a comfortable way for people with memory problems and their care partners to have fun and socialize with others.  10:00 ʹ 11:30 am, Tuesday, September14, 2021 Chippewa Valley Museum, 1204 E. ½ Moon, Eau Claire For more informaon, contact Lisa at 715Ͳ839Ͳ 4750 or lisa.wells@co.eauͲ  Coffee Group for Men  Connecons and coffee for men caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other type  of demena. 11:00 am, Wednesdays, September 1 and September 15, 2021 3712 Gables Court, Eau Claire For more informaon, contact Bob at 414Ͳ378Ͳ 2114 or   Early Stage Memory Loss Support Group  This support group is for people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or other demenas and their caregivers.  1:30 ʹ 3:00 pm, Wednesday, September 29, 2021 Lake Street Methodist Church, 337 Lake Street, Eau Claire For more informaon, contact Lisa at 715Ͳ839Ͳ 4750 or lisa.wells@co.eauͲ  MiddleͲLate Stage Alzheimer’s/Demena Caregiver Support Group This support group is for people caring for a person in the middleͲlate stages of Alzheimer’s disease or other demenas.  1:30 ʹ 3:00 pm, Thursday, September 9, 2021 Porter Place, 914 Porter Avenue, Eau Claire  For more informaon, contact Lisa at 715Ͳ839Ͳ 4750 or lisa.wells@co.eauͲ   Lewy Body Demena Support Group  This support group is for people caring for a person living with Lewy Body Demena.

6:00Ͳ8:00 pm, Wednesday, September 8, 2021 Porter Place, 914 Porter Avenue, Eau Claire For more informaon contact Janell at or Amy at 

 Stand in the Light Memory Choir Fall/Winter Semester People in the early to midͲstages of memory loss, their care partners, and singing volunteers come together to share their love of music. No musical experience is necessary to parcipate. Rehearsal are held hybrid ʹ inͲperson and virtual. Vaccinaon required. 10:00 ʹ 11:00 am Thursdays, August 19 ʹ November 18, 2021 For more informaon call 715Ͳ210Ͳ4165 or 

Eau Claire Caregiver Café 1st Tuesday of each Month 9 to 10:30 A.M. Locaon: The French Press 2823 London Rd, Eau Claire  What is a Caregiver Café? The caregiver café is an informal gathering place where caregivers can drop in,  relax and connect with others while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea and delicious pastries made fresh by The French Press. An ADRC staff person is available to provide information and assistance regarding resources available in our community. Everything is provided so just show up! What Can You Expect? x Social connecon with others x Peer Support x An informal and relaxed environment x Reduced Stress x Refreshments x Respite services are available. Please contact the ADRC if respite is needed. 



Caretaker Corner By Jim Alf

I can drive! No, you can’t! When a person’s demena makes driving unsafe, it is o(en very difficult to convince that person to give up the keys. I’ve heard many stories of the struggles to get a person with demena out of the driver’s seat. It was easy for me because Karen came home from grocery shopping one day, parked in the garage and said, “I’m not driving anymore.” But for others, that is usually not the case. Unless something drasc happens ʹ an accident, a violaon or the driver becomes lost and has to have help geLng home ʹ that driver will not willingly quit driving. Men have told me their wives called to say they cannot find the car in a parking lot or remember how to get home, but sll insist they are good drivers. Then the keys are hidden or the car is disabled, hidden or sold. All anger provoking acons. Before the situaon becomes a soul sapping, interminable family fracas it is wise to get outside help.  The person with demena will feel much more qualified and empowered to argue with a family member than with a person who has authority. The family physician is a good place to begin. A tacOul doctor familiar with the situaon might give a simple memory test, then say something like, “I’m sure you feel you are sll a good driver, but just to sasfy everyone let’s get a driving test to prove it.” Then there will be contact with DMV personnel who won’t back down if the test is failed. Guess who gets the blame then. When that happens it’s the caregiver’s job is to be on the paent’s side, to sympathize and solve the transportaon problem by being the nicest chauffer in the world. Being an ally is much more pleasant than being the enemy.   

Jim Alf invites personal experience stories to answer the queson: Should any person be expected to caretake a person who has subjected him/her to long term mistreatment? Responses will be welcomed at or 715Ͳ514Ͳ1840.

Connec!ng Eau Claire: Social Isola!on Project Update

 Connecng Eau Claire is a new social isolaon project started by the ADRC. The program connects  volunteers with individuals within our community for friendly conversaon over the phone.   We know there are many individuals within our community that are secluded in their homes for a variety of reasons. The COVIDͲ19 Pandemic has only made that worse. Connecng Eau Claire is a simple way for someone to spend some me talking about days of old, movies, books, current events, or any other topic that comes to mind.   We currently have 5 volunteers making phone calls. If you would like to be added to our list, call the ADRC at 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735 to learn more about the program. Volunteers do not provide medical advice,  financial advice, or any specific service. It is simply a friendly chat now and then.   Contact the ADRC MondayͲFriday between 8:00 am ʹ 4:30 pm to learn more about the opportunity.  

*We are not currently seeking addi9onal volunteers.


Vehicle Modifica!on  Grant Available

Do you have a vehicle that needs modifica9ons for accessibility?   Are you short on the funds to pay for the work to be complete? 


Contact the ADRC at 715Ͳ839Ͳ4735, we may be able to help pay for those modifica*ons.   The Vehicle Modifica*on Grant has money available, up to $10,000, to make a vehicle accessible for adults over the age of 60, adults (18Ͳ59) that have a disability, or their caregivers. This may also help with the purchase of a new/used modified vehicle. Applica*ons are reviewed and granted based on funding availability. Must be an Eau Claire County Resident to qualify. 

Contact Alex Nicholas to place an ad today! or (800) 950-9952 x2538

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI E 4C 02-1023


Contact Alex Nicholas to place an ad today! or (800) 950-9952 x2538

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WHEN YOU’RE WITH US, YOU’RE FAMILY! Prairie Pointe Rehabilitation Suites • State-of-the-art therapy gym • On-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy • Relaxing fireside spa and concierge care


River Pines Long-Term Concierge Care • The area’s best skilled nursing center • A home-like environment with private suites and all private showers Visit Our Website |

Contact Us For More Information | (715) 598-7800 |

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI F 4C 02-1023


Virtual Dementia Education Programs 0MlvU_S"alpTwMmp9UmIa_mU_¬0MipM^HMl‚€‚

Program Descriptions

Dementia Friends Wisconsin DFW is for anyone interested in making a positive  difference in the lives of people living with dementia.   Powerful Tools for Caregivers A 6Ǧweek (once a week) educational workshop for  people who are taking care of a family member or friend  designed to support the family caregiver and improve his or her wellǦbeing.   Boost Your Brain and Memory Class A unique program that takes on a holistic approach to  improving brain health in older adults. Participants will learn new habits to maintain cognitive health while al‐ so practicing new skills for better memory  performance.  Savvy Caregiver Class Proven curriculum grounded in research, this  educational series is designed to teach strategies and practical realǦworld skills that helps to reduce stress, both in the caregiver and person living with dementia.   Dementia 101 A power point presentation packed with information on what dementia is and how it affects those living with it;  provides suggestions and tips for ways to communi‐ cate with a person living with dementia to enhance  interactions and minimize anxiety.   Ask a Dementia Care Specialist An opportunity to ask questions from a Dementia Care Specialist and hear from other caregivers on  dementiaǦrelated concerns.    Coordinated by the  Demena Care Specialists Serving: Barron, Burne, Chippewa, Douglas, Dunn,  Eau Claire, Iron, Pepin, Polk, St. Croix, and  Washburn counes

Program Schedule Dementia Friends Information Session Friday, September 10th, Noon Ǧ 1:00 pm Lisa Wells, 715Ǧ839Ǧ4734 

Powerful Tools for Caregivers Class

Mondays, September 13th Ǧ October 18th, 1:00 Ǧ 3:00 pm Carrie Myers,  877Ǧ485Ǧ2372

 Boost Your Brain and Memory Class

Tuesdays, September 14th Ǧ November 2nd, 3:00 Ǧ 4:00 pm Carrie Myers,  877Ǧ485Ǧ2372  Thursdays, September 2nd Ǧ October 21st, 1:00 Ǧ 2:00 pm Carla Berscheit, 715Ǧ944Ǧ8091

 Savvy Caregiver Class

Wednesdays, September 22nd Ǧ October 27th, 9:00 Ǧ 11:00 am Lisa Wells, 715Ǧ839Ǧ4734 

Dementia 101

Thursday, September 16th, Noon Ǧ 1:00 pm Trisha Witham, 715Ǧ537Ǧ6225 

Ask a Dementia Care Specialist

Monday, September 20th, 10:00 Ǧ 11:30 am Lisa Wells and Carla Berscheit, 715Ǧ839Ǧ4735  Wednesday, September 22nd, 12:30 Ǧ 1:30 pm 715Ǧ381Ǧ4411


“Buried in Treasures” Workshop Star9ng in September  

A workshop based on the book “Buried in Treasures” will meet weekly beginning on Monday, September 13th at the L.E. Phillips Senior Center and end on Monday, November 22nd. The class will meet from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. The sessions will revolve around helping parcipants develop ways to solve chronic clu7er issues that may have been building for years. Discussions include how to get rid of unwanted items, and how to make decisions on treasures that are difficult to part with. This is a peer support group that helps us discover ideas and tools to make our homes more enjoyable and relaxing.  The Hoarding Coalion of Eau Claire County will cover the course fee and will provide scholarships for the “Buried in Treasures” workbook, as needed.    The class is limited to 10 parcipants. Connie Kees, a Professional Organizer and owner of Consult an Organizer LLC, will lead the group. For more informaon contact Connie at: Email: Phone/Text: 715Ͳ828Ͳ8090  View her website at h7p://

Colony Park West

Colony Park East

2818 Augusta Street • 840 W. MacArthur St. 841 Richard Drive

Stein Boulevard & Steven Lane Augusta Street

• One bedroom HUD Section 8 rental assisted apartments for persons 62+ or persons with handicap or disability • One bedroom apartments with range & refrigerator. • Rent: 30% of monthly adjusted income including all utilities except telephone and cable T.V.

Landmark Company 715-834-3411

Oakwood Hills The moment you enter Oakwood Hills, you’ll feel the relaxed grace and beauty our residents cherish daily.

Independent Living

Medicare Simplified Jeff Sauter 715-577-2641 888-880-5505

All-Inclusive Amenities & Services • Chef-Prepared, nutritious meal • Many utilities included

• No buy-in fees or long-term commitments • And much more!

Call us today at 715-552-1500 4316 Oakwood Hills Pkwy, Eau Claire

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI G 4C 02-1023


Become a  Dementia Friend

Brain & Body Group Fitness  Program

Attend a virtual Dementia An exercise program for people living with mild Friends Information  to moderate Alzheimer’s disease and related  Session to learn a little more about what it is like to dementias and their care partners live with dementia and turn that understanding into action. WHEN: Mondays and Wednesdays   September 13 Ǧ December 1, 2021 WHEN: Friday, September 10, 2021  TIME: 10:00 Ǧ 11:30 am  TIME: Noon Ǧ 1:00 pm  PLACE: Lake Street Methodist Church WHERE: Comfort of your home   337 Lake Street, Eau Claire FEE: No cost Join a growing movement of people who are    helping fellow community members living with     dementia. A little support can make a big   difference in their lives. Be a dementia friend!    To help ensure the health and safety of all   participants, CDC’s COVID safety precautions Register online at the Aging & Disability Re‐ will be followed,including  source Center of Eau Claire County, social distancing and mask wearing. 

or call 715.839.4735 or 888Ǧ338Ǧ4636

care for a lifetime Dr. Kristin Severson is a Board Certified Geriatrician Specializing in the Care of the Elderly

Diagnosing and treating age-related health conditions. Offers counseling to help prevent and manage health issues that can arise later in life including memory loss, falls, frailty, and incontinence. Assisting in managing multiple medical issues such as memory loss, incontinence, Parkinson’s disease, falls, arthritis, or polypharmacy. Help to maximize function and improve Quality of Life as one ages. Dr. Severson will also provide counseling to patients wishing to discuss end of life decisions.


PATIenTS welcome

For Appointments Call 715.839.9280 Visit

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

CA I CI C E AUE AU C LCALIARIER EMMEEDDII C ALL CCLLI NI N Aging & Disability Resource Center, Eau Claire, WI H 4C 02-1023




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