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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director’s Message


e are looking at one year since the world changed. As we have learned to do business with restrictions and guidelines, we have also realized the strength of community and local support. You have heeded the call of “support local.” Some of our businesses had their best day with the November Small Business Saturday! We ask that you continue to support our friends and neighbors who own these businesses. Have we turned the corner? I sure hope so. New businesses are moving into Downtown Oxford, including LCH, Sweet Cakes Supplies, It’s SO Lola’s, an expanded Toot Sweets and a second location for Sonny Bea’s Florist. We are planning for events to come back. Will they look the same? We will


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

see with state guidelines, but we are anxious to gather again! Stay tuned for information on Movies in the Park, our Everyday Hero 5K Run, Education and Scholarship Golf Tournament and Halloween Parade. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy this issue of the Oxfordian. We are proud to spotlight the Southern Chester County EMS and those front line workers that continue to keep our community safe. We bring you the story of the third generation of the Nowland family to lead Nowland Associates. Enjoy learning a bit more about The Ugly Mutt. We remember Barry Hostetter and the power of friendship and the impact of a life well led. Our Annual Awards Dinner looked

different this year. Traditionally we surprise the Business, Organization and Citizen of the Year at a lovely gala-styled dinner. We transitioned the “dinner” to a traveling surprise party! Members of the Board of Directors surprised the staff of Oxford Plumbing and Heating, our Business of the Year and Clarissa Sherrow, our Citizen of the Year as we brought the celebration to them. The Rotary Club of Oxford, the Organization of the Year, was surprised at their virtual March meeting as the announcement was made. Although we celebrated them differently this year, we continue to be inspired by their dedication to our community! Learn more about each in the stories in this edition. Be sure to see the celebration photos on our website (OxfordPA.org

and our social media). As of press time, our restaurants, venues and gyms have had some restrictions lifted. They are not back to 100%, but are on a path to more fully open. It is still so important to support ALL our local businesses. It is our friends and neighbors who own these establishments, pouring their heart into them everyday. There are such good things happening in our community and we are proud to represent the businesses that are a key component to that success. #LoveLocal Christine Grove Executive Director Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce

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Oxfordian Spring/Summer 2021




MEDIC 94 jumps into action to cope with COVID-19











Oxford Plumbing and Heating, Rotary Club of Oxford, Clarissa Sherrow

Over 250 vehicles drove by the home of Barry Hostetter to show their love and support for the longtime Oxford businessman and community leader.

Union Fire Company No. 1

A family journey now in its third generation

keeps it’s dedicated, loyal following with quality food and good service

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Medic 94 jumps into action CEO Bob Hotchkiss is optimistic about the arrival of vaccines


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

By Chris Barber Contributing Writer


or the past 37 years, Medic 94 – Southern Chester County EMS – has been sprinting into action to save the lives of victims of accidents and sudden illnesses. Operating as an emergency room on wheels out of the Jennersville Hospital building, it responds to calls for victims in need of advanced life support resulting from incidents like bad car crashes or heart attacks. Medic 94 is not an ambulance company, but its crew works in concert with the ambulances that arrive to provide emergency treatment. Members of its highly trained crew often depart the Medic 94 vehicle at the scene to accompany the patient to the hospital in the ambulance. With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic a year ago, Medic 94 had another task and CEO Bob Hotchkiss was inundated with supplementary

ion to cope with COVID-19 information, directives and safety instructions on how to deal with the virus from health agencies at the federal, state and local level. He and his 17-member staff set about to comply with the information, as well as making alterations in their own protocols with the equipment they had on hand or could get at a low cost from local stores. Sometimes that was as simple as ordering a new batch of face masks or protective gloves. Other times, however, it involved getting inventive with equipment management. He said the guidance for things like obtaining surgical gowns, masks and gloves was easy to accomplish because they had some of those things stored away from past episodes of influenza and other threatened epidemics. Sometimes that had to get creative. He mentioned, for example, purchasing things like umbrella holders to store stethoscopes, paper bags to segregate devices that had been used to treat patients and wristbands

for the staff to indicate that they had undergone daily sanitizing. “We had a lot of PPE (personal protective equipment) stored here for several years. We had things that had been put aside so we were able to hit the ground running. The supply chain never impacted us,” Hotchkiss said. Overall, when it came to obtaining, storing or handling the new equipment or using it, the crew had frequent meetings and engaged in what he called “Medic 94-izing.” Dealing with the contagion of a new disease coming on the scene in March 2020 was another matter. At the beginning of the pandemic, Hotchkiss said, he and his staff had to meet and evaluate protocols at least twice a week, because the medical community was still sifting through an abundance of information – some helpful, some not—to evaluate what practices would work and what would not. Over time, medical providers worldwide

learned more about the disease and how to respond to it. The need for weekly meetings was eased. One year later, the staff has adopted the skills for safer gear prep for calls and increased their knowledge of vital signs that may or may not point to the presence of COVID-19 in patients. “At first, when the call was for upper respiratory disease, they put on the gowns. It’s so widespread now that they take precautions for every call,” Hotchkiss said. Just recently, the arrival and development of vaccines to prevent or reduce the severity of the disease has added another component to the tasks and body of knowledge that Medic 94 has encountered. “By August, we were updating maybe once a month. We are now working on things from the fall. As we are all vaccinated, things may change,” Hotchkiss said. Because the Medic 94 crew is a Continued on Page 10

Photography by Jim Coarse / Moonloop Photography

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Medic 94 Continued from Page 9 first-responder operation, all of Hotchkiss’ team members were vaccinated. That vaccination was carried out for his group by Penn Medicine in Penn and at Chester County Hospital. He said the Chester County Health Department was very conscientious in making sure all the county first responders were vaccinated. The reactions to their shots varied. Hotchkiss himself got hit with headache, fatigue and flu-like symptoms the day after his second shot. Then, he said, they went away the next day as suddenly as they had arrived. Many on his crew reported fatigue for a day. Others outside his team have reported everything from a four-day reaction to nothing. An interesting observation he made was relating the distribution of the vaccines to the general public and people’s ability to get the shots. He said southern Chester County is in the nexus of three states: Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, Continued on Page 12


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Medic 94 Continued from Page 10 and each state has different regulations on who gets it in what order. This has resulted in people looking around to places within easy driving distance among the three states, navigating the geography and evaluating the varied requirements to be on the list – and in what order. When he was asked about social media chatter or some segments of the public who don’t want the vaccine or who don’t even believe the virus is real, he said, “Oh, it’s real.” He added that he knows plenty of people who have or who have had COVID-19, and even those within his own team. For some people, he said, they hardly feel it and just recover in a couple days. For others, it is a death sentence, even among some younger first responders he knows of within the state of Pennsylvania. As far as public acknowledgment of the virus as a serious threat, though, he said he sees increasing acceptance area-wide. “I think since the beginning people’s feelings changed as they have known people who died. Pretty much everybody knows somebody who was affected. I know guy in his 60s, he and his wife got it and he died – no health issues and no [pre-existing] problems. It’s a little more real to people,” Hotchkiss explained. He said that there are those who have not had symptoms and may think they are safe, but that is a danger. “A lot of people carry this asymptomatically, but you gave it to someone who got it. … that’s why we have the masks and the social distancing. [continuing],” he said. Continued on Page 14


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Medic 94 Continued from Page 12 What does the future hold for the spread of COVID-19 here and elsewhere? Hotchkiss said he is optimistic that with widespread vaccination and herd immunity, life will return to normal, but the recovery will take time. As an example, he said that Jennersville Hospital in January was treating about 20 patients for COVID, and now it is down to three. As the incidence of the virus diminishes, he believes, precautions may gradually relax, especially among folks working together among people they know. “I think masking is going to be encouraged but not required,” he said. “Like in the same office things will relax a little. I think that’s going to be the natural thing.” Regarding when life will be back to normal, he said neither he nor anyone Continued on Page 18


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46


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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Medic 94 Continued from Page 14 can tell the future. He said when the restaurants, athletic events, schools, stores and institutions reopen, especially with the warm spring weather, there will be a huge coming out of customers. He cited public fatigue with the isolation people have been experiencing in the past year; people want to get out and participate in events. Additionally, he said, people have lost loved ones during the pandemic have not been able to mark their passing with funerals or other ceremonies. They will be lined up to honor – and even finally grieve -- loved ones with ceremonies, funerals and get-togethers. “In this pandemic, they have not even been allowed to grieve,” he explained. “They need the chance to grieve.” Meanwhile, along with the rescues and the medical cautions, Medic 94 and Hotchkiss are living with the constant need to finance their operation and grow, Continued on Page 20

At Je ennersville Hospital, our highly skilled surgeons use the most advanced techniques including minimally invasive procedures that minimize pain and shorten the recovery time. Together, with their experienced staff, they deliver the most advanced surgical care, close to home.

Minimally invasive surgery close to home 18

Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

To learn more about our comprehensive surgical program, visit TowerHealth.org/Surgery.

Medic 94 Continued from Page 18 depending heavily on the contributions of local municipalities. Hotchkiss said 2019 was a difficult year for contributions, but that response turned around in 2020. “We have been amazed at the amount of community support for us: food, PPE, phone calls, letters, cards. This year’s fund drive was the best we ever had. The generosity of the community is just amazing,” he said. He also has another capital project on the horizon for which he is seeking $180,000, of which $40,000 has already been collected. That is for four telecommuting units. They function as portable cardiac monitors/defib units and can connect the medic unit with the hospital to which the patient is headed. When the medic unit shows up, the responder takes the vital signs and even a snapshot of the victim and sends it along to the hospital. That way the emergency room physicians at the receiving facility can jump right into action to treat the victim and save more lives. Hotchkiss said these units, called Philips Tempus Pro, will be presented in a demonstration to the public on April 18. Stay tuned for more information.


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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McComsey Automotive: It’s a family tradition By Betsy Brewer Brantner Contributing Writer Jeremy McComsey, owner and mechanic at McComsey Automotive in Oxford, comes from a long line of mechanics and entrepreneurs.

Many local people still remember his grandfather who had a garage and a store in Hickory Hill for many years until his retirement in the 1980s. McComsey worked at the Brian Hoskins Ford dealership for many years. Then, in 2014, he went to work at Pinno Pontiac in

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography Tom Mendenhall with The McComsey’s, Lauren, Jeremy, Kirk and Brooklyn.


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Oxford until he purchased the property at 11 E. Lancaster Ave. in the Borough of Oxford. “We do light auto repair, brakes and tire inspections and oil changes,” he explained. “I love working in Oxford. It’s great doing business in your hometown and following in your family’s footsteps.” McComsey is one of the mechanics at his establishment. The other is another local guy by the name of Tom Mendenhall. Both pride themselves on their workmanship. Like many other local businesses, the pandemic slowed things down a bit. In the beginning, people weren’t driving as much, but eventually it picked up and they even got some new customers. “Many of our customers are from Ware Village,” McComsey said. “I think we are very convenient for them since they are right across the street. But we will also pick them up and take them home. We try to make things easy for them. We don’t

work Saturdays so we try harder through the week to accommodate our customers.” When asked what makes their garage stand out from others, McComsey said, “Our workmanship and our honesty. When you are part of the community, you are doing work for your friends. I have grown up in this community and I do business in the community. I treat them like I want to be treated: honest and fair.” He added, “I think we are doing great. We do about 100 state inspections a month and a lot of oil changes. I also tell people, if they are thinking about buying a car, bring it here first and we will check it out for them.” It is a family business. His wife is the bookkeeper. He works as the mechanic and handles the front. Although he was mostly in the back working on cars before, he likes the mix of mechanic work and the duties of an entrepreneur. “I was in the back when I worked for

other people,” he said. “But I like being out front too. I grew up in Oxford and went to school here. I have friends and family here. I love this town and I love living in a small town. I’ve never left and I don’t plan on leaving. I bought a house on the road I grew up on.” He also believes in supporting Oxford. “I believe in keeping the money in Oxford. We shop local. This year at Christmas all the presents came from the town. We went up and down the street. And I see a lot of other local business owners coming to my shop,” he explained. “I think this year it was more important than ever to shop local.” McComsey Automotive is located right beside the shopping district at 11 E. Lancaster Ave. across from the Oxford Presbyterian Church. Call them at 610467-1330. Drop the car off and have lunch at one of the fine eateries within walking distance. Tell them Jeremy sent you.

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Oxford Plumbing and Heating Serving the Community for 70 Years By Betsy Brewer Brantner Contributing Writer


xford Plumbing and Heating (OPH) has served the Oxford community and the surrounding areas for 70 years. Plumbing has changed so much since Wayne Edgington started the business in 1951 after returning from having served in World War II. The original business was located in Oxford. Ron Edgington joined his father in the

business after he returned from Vietnam. OPH outgrew the location and purchased the current property at 350 Limestone Road In 1980. As the business grew, a third generation of the family joined. Ryan Edgington remembered when he stepped up the plate in this third generation business. “My dad didn’t really encourage me to take over the business. He really didn’t want me to. He thought I could do something bigger and better,” Ryan

explained. “I worked there during the summers when I was growing up. I really loved working there then and liked all the guys that worked there. Then when my dad got close to retiring, he brought me in and now I’m buying him out.” Edgington was working as a sales and marketing person when his dad brought him in. “I liked working in marketing and sales, but it didn’t really feel like it was what I was meant to do,” he said.

Photography by Jim Coarse / Moonloop Photography


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Although, his father had a stroke, Ryan said his dad is still going strong. “They both built a strong foundation for me,” Edgington said of his father and grandfather. “It felt natural to join the business because I lived it. I enjoy working with our customers and employees. I’m more comfortable with the business end of things and I let the pros handle the technical part of the company. My employees have been with us for a while and I really enjoy working with them.” Edgington, who lives in West Grove, loves doing business in Oxford and the surrounding area. Most of his employees live locally, which he feels is a real plus for the business. Customers still call that remember his grandfather and father. Edgington loves the small town feel. He and his wife are very familiar with the Oxford area. His wife Jane worked for Oxford Mainstreet, involving herself with First Fridays and the Connective Festival. Edgington said he even bought a mascot costume just for First Fridays, but sadly the pandemic has put a hold on that event. The costume sits in a bag in their

conference room, just waiting for things to go back to normal. OPH has been a member of the Oxford Chamber of Commerce for as long as Edgington can remember. His company has supported many organizations and events in the Oxford area for years. He is proud to support the Lighthouse Youth Center, SILO (Serving Inspiring and Loving Others), Neighborhood Services Center, Wreaths Across America and the recent Connective Festival. The company’s reach also extends beyond Oxford. They lend their support to Family Promise of Southern Chester County, Hearts of Hope, Avon Grove Little League, Avon Grove Wildcats, and several other charitable organizations in Kennett Square, including the YMCA. OPH has always believed in making a difference in the community. Edgington says he sees a lot of changes in the Oxford area. “The area has changed so much from the farming community it once was, but it still feels like you are in the country,” he said. “I have mixed emotions about losing the farms. We visit developments that I

remember as farms. I remember going to Sunset Park and a whole other atmosphere. The town has grown so much. And I am so excited to see the direction it is going. We are so blessed we don’t really have to drive far to visit our customers. We do work for Ware Presbyterian Homes and they have certainly grown. We are primarily residential but we do some commercial work as well.” Residential work is the bread and butter for OPH, but that has changed so much over the years. The company does HVAC, plumbing, water heaters, pumps, indoor air quality and an entire line of indoor comfort products like humidifiers, air purifiers and water treatment. Even though the pandemic changed a lot, Edgington still sees a lot of good in the world and in his community. “I admit technology has changed a lot and we keep up with that at OPH, but we never lose sight of our beginnings,” he said. “We are more concerned with the value of our work than the dollar that we make. We Continued on Page 26

is now

We strive to be the most - loved bank that allows our families, customers and communities to prosper. Serving individuals, businesses, non-profits and municipalities (610) 932-7756

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Oxford Plumbing and Heating Continued from Page 25 are always going to be honest. We aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes but we are quick to correct them. My grandfather did things a certain way, and my father had his own way of doing things, but we all know nothing is more important than how we treat our customers. That is one thing that has not changed through the years.” He added, “When you have been in business for 70 years, you have a responsibility to the community and your family to continue the tradition of caring for others. We have to keep up with things that are changing in our lives and our world. Everyone is concerned with global warming and it is part of our responsibility to provide energy efficient products, and to keep educating our employees to deal with the new upgrades in energy conservation. Our products continue to be more user friendly for the customer’s convenience. We don’t deal as much with oil, and as we know everything is becoming more

computerized, so our employees are constantly going out for more training. We are an authorized dealer of Carrier products and our employees have to be certified. That requires a specific number of hours each year.” The pandemic also made some changes in how they do business. “We had to adapt to required safety precautions. I think that is good for all of us. We want everyone to be safe, for our customers and our employees,” he said. “We have to understand cleanliness is more important than ever. We also have to realize more people work from home, so we have to respect that as well,” He added, “We have an increase in calls, since more people are home, so we schedule our appointments for their convenience.” Edgington, who describes himself as a positive person, says he has found some good things that have come out

of the pandemic. “Personally, it is nice to rediscover things we stopped doing. We are doing more hiking, fishing, and just being together. I’m all about family. I try to have work/life balance and encourage my employees to do that as well,” he said. As far as the next generation, his children ages 14 and 11 have shown an interest in the business as well. “I have a great family. If my children get into it, great. If they do, I hope they take it to the next level. And I hope they have the same love of community and love for supporting the community as the generations that have come before,” Edgington said. “We have a great customer base and I believe if we keep doing the right thing, good things will happen.” Edgington invited people to check out his website at: calloxford.com, or you can reach Oxford Plumbing and Heating by calling 610-932-9503.

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Oxford Rotary Club supports the community in a variety of ways By Betsy Brewer Brantner Contributing Writer Carey Bresler, the director of the Oxford Public Library, is following in the tradition of other librarians in the community by

being involved with the Oxford Rotary Club, an organization that exists to serve the community. “It seems to be a tradition of librarians to join the Rotary Club, so I joined,” Bresler explained. “I was asked by past president

Jahan Sheikholeslam, and I’m very glad I did. I’m proud to be a part of such a community organization. Their recent project was one that has really changed the community.” Continued on Page 28

Members of the Rotary Club of Oxford.


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Oxford Rotary Continued from Page 27 Bresler recently became president of the Oxford Rotary Club, and was delighted to help with the latest project. The Oxford Rotary Foundation, Inc. has been involved with many community projects through the years, but their recent project in Oxford was very special. In an effort to make every family feel that they are a part of the community, the Oxford Rotary Club took on a major initiative in soliciting funds to revitalize the Oxford Memorial Park playground into one that is inclusive and welcoming to all. Inclusive playgrounds make a fundamental statement about how a community values meaningful play experiences for children of all abilities. There are seven principles of Inclusive Play Design: Be Fair; Be Included; Be Smart; Be Independent; Be Safe; Be Active; Be Comfortable. Inclusive playgrounds increase the “play-ability,” or inclusion, of diverse abilities, age,

race, gender, ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status. Inclusive playgrounds also educate children about similarities and differences of others while they learn how children of all abilities can play together. The design of inclusive environments is a critical first step to providing the foundation for inclusive play to occur. When children of all abilities freely play with each other both independently and by choice, then it will be apparent that the efforts have been successful. Parents have been delighted with the playground in Oxford since it allows their entire family to enjoy an outing, even if one of their children may have some physical challenges. Bresler, who spends many of her hours as a librarian working with the public, knows all too well the importance of inclusivity when implementing any library

events. The library has for years held many programs in the Oxford Memorial Park and the fact that they now have an inclusive playground just adds even more to their programs. The Rotary Club did most of the fundraising for the inclusive playground, raising over $30,000. A hefty portion of that amount came from a very generous local woman named Barbara Ross. Besides the inclusive playground, the Rotary Club also sponsors the Rotary Club at Lincoln University called Rotaract. The Rotaract Club brings together people from ages 18 to 30 to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and serve the community. Rotary also sponsors and honors the Rotary Seniors of the Month at the high school. These seniors are recognized Continued on Page 30





Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46


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Oxford Rotary Continued from Page 28 by the Rotary for their academic and extracurricular achievements. The Rotary is proud to support and financially assist the student exchange program through the Outbound Student Program. Currently they have a student, who is a junior studying in Germany. Over the years, there have been numerous international students living and studying in Oxford. There is a good chance that many of those good citizens out on the weekends cleaning the highways might also be a member of Rotary. Rotary has sponsored Boy Scout Troop 13 for many years, donating funds to them from various fundraising efforts. They also donate funds to local Eagle Scout Projects. The Rotary also donates funds to many local organizations like the Lighthouse Youth Center, Neighborhood Services Center, the Greenstone Presbyterian


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Church’s Backpack Give-away. Proceeds from their annual crabfest were donated to a program called Enchanted Theatre which will be coming to Oxford Schools. Bresler said the pandemic has been a stumbling block for them, but they persevere and are currently working on a pop-up lending library, which is a child-focused library. It is an Eagle Scout Project that will have small, pop-up lending libraries built throughout town. The first one of these will be located at the Oxford Arts Alliance. The plan to do as many as funds allow. “Rotary is always looking for new members and anyone is welcome to come to a meeting, Bresler said. “Our goal is to bring people together from a variety of backgrounds. We are focused on making our community safer, and better by doing service projects. Our goal is to give back to the community. If you are looking at

doing something for your community, this is a good place to join.” The Rotary Club is very involved on the global level doing clean water projects, literacy programs and improving the planets’ environment. Right now, Rotary has been instrumental in eradicating polio. They are always assisting in local events, helping where needed. In the past, they have assisted with the Connective Festival and the annual Oxford Car Show. “I have learned how much you can accomplish if you have a group of people, working toward a common goal,” Bresler said. They are planning another Crabfest at the Wellwood, with a silent auction in the near future. If you are interested in finding our more about the Oxford Rotary Club, call Carey Bresler at 610-932-9625.

Clarissa Sherrow: Giving Back To Oxford By Betsy Brewer Brantner Contributing Writer


veryone knows Clarissa Monger Sherrow in Oxford. She seems to pop up everywhere, the first one to raise her hand to volunteer. Many people, knew her parents, Clarence Monger and her late mother Donnie Monger, who were wellrespected local entrepreneurs. Sherrow spoke recently about how her parents inspired her to give back to the community she loves so dearly. Continued on Page 32

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Clarissa Sherrow Continued from Page 31 “I retired in 2005 and my goal at that time was to give back to the community,” she said. “All my life, I watched my mom and dad do that so many times. When they owned the Oxford Hotel, I remember they would help families whose lives had been turned upside down by fire. They would pick people up and let them stay at the hotel at no charge.” Sherrow has been involved in so many organizations it’s hard to count all of them. Her husband Larry was also Chief of the local fire company where they both were actively involved. Most recently, she serves on the board of the Oxford Arts Alliance. She is a gifted artist and crafter so that is an easy fit. She volunteers her time helping SILO( (Serving, Inspiring and Loving Others) with the monthly meals they served before the pandemic. She loved teaching crafts to the participants at the meals. “One of the first things I did was teach

knitting at the Oxford Senior Center,” she said. She has also taught craft classes to the seniors at the Oxford Senior Center and at Ware Presbyterian Village. Her love for veterans doesn’t go unnoticed and is one of the reasons she has chaired the Wreaths Across America effort in Oxford, raising funds for the wreaths and working tirelessly behind the scenes to organize and clean up after the event. She has also organized the annual veterans’ breakfast. “We couldn’t have the veterans’ breakfast last year and I really missed that,” she said. “I love that. It’s good to do something to make the veterans smile. They like to talk about their service and I love to hear their stories. That is so rewarding. And we also love getting emails from people thanking us for the breakfast or Wreaths Across America. It is nice to remind people that these brave

veterans have not been forgotten.” She admitted the pandemic has presented her with some challenges in the past year, such as the usual fundraising events for Wreaths Across America, but she said, “the community still came forward and supported us in that event either with funding or by showing up at the laying of the wreaths. That is one of the things I like the most about this small community. They are always willing to help in any way.” She is already planning the 2021 Wreaths Across America and hoping to hold the annual Veterans Breakfast. She is always looking for volunteers to help her with both events. Admittedly trying to lay low during the pandemic, she has still safely worked with those needing rides to medical appointments, including the Amish community. She also distributed COVID-19 flyers to the Amish. Continued on Page 34

NEW FOR THIS SEASON! Installing Christmas Lights for the 2021 SEASON. For more information please call, text or email 610-842-1683 hlls@zoominternet.net


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Landscaping • Lawn Mowing • Tree Sales • Tree Installation • Mulching • Aeration Fertilization • Sodded Lawns • Seeding • Over Seeding • Retaining Walls • Paver Sidewalks • Patios Southern Chester County, Delaware and the Surrounding Areas HowellsLawnandLandscape.com • hlls@zoominternet.net • 610.842.1683 or 484-748-4312 *Additional work available upon request


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Clarissa Sherrow Continued from Page 32

Sherrow was also responsible for delivering nearly 3,000 masks to the local community which included the local fire companies and police. The community was quick to donate fabric and she solicited the help of others to sew masks. She secured funding for N95 masks which were donated to local nurses. Of course one of her favorite things is volunteering for animal rescue organizations. A devoted Dalmatian fan and owner, she often helps locate missing pets or find homes for pets—both cats and dogs. She has chaired Relay for Life, worked on the Advisor Committee for the American Cancer Society for two years, and participated in the Chester County Point to Point Count of the homeless. Sherrow is always looking for someone to help, whether its delivering two box


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

trucks of paper products from the Phillies to the Little League for distribution to local organizations, or helping someone that has been evicted locating furniture and a new place to live. And, of course, when her son was little she helped every organization that he was involved in. She says she loves this small, close-knit town and helping wherever she is needed. “We have a great community here tucked away in southern Chester County,” she said. “We have a lot to offer here. I know a lot of people here who need help but they don’t like to ask. I think they are too proud. But everyone has bad times and I would never judge anyone. Of course lately we have had a lot of job loss, sickness and just plain bad luck. It is hard for me to see people that need help. Sometimes you have to pick and choose. And sometimes there are those that you can’t help. I try to

think with my brain and my heart. Every organization needs volunteers. And I admit it gives me a great feeling to help someone and to make people smile.” Sherrow has a few ups and downs of her own. She has a family member that has been ill since November who isn’t fairing so well right now. And the love of her life, her husband Larry, was in a car wreck recently, but she finds that volunteering and helping others actually helps her through her own problems. She is hoping to impress it upon others that volunteering is important. She says it is very important to teach that to the next generations. “Children really need to learn how important it is to help others,” she said. If anyone would like to be a volunteer, Sherrow is always looking for a few good volunteers. Give her a call at 484-645-4513.

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Oxford Area Neighborhood Services Center celebrates 50 years of service to the community this year Oxford Area Neighborhood Services Center (NSC) is celebrating 50 years of service to the community this year. We are looking forward to a year of reflection over the last 50 years; the ways we have grown, the lessons we have learned, and how those have shaped where we are today. It is a great time for us to plan forward through the next 50 years as we continue to serve the greater Oxford community, and to do so in more innovative and exciting ways. We are proud to have been able to serve Oxford as long as we have and are eagerly anticipating doing so for many years to come. As the COVID conversation has shifted to the procurement of vaccines, here at NSC we are still walking with people through the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many who were already struggling to make ends meet, the crisis of the pandemic pushed them over the edge and made it more difficult for them to keep up with their continuing expenses. Many people have come to NSC for help since the beginning of the pandemic, and we have been able to help by providing financial assistance with their rent, utilities, or other necessary expenses. We have also helped people through our Food Cupboard by providing food to help sustain their families with nutritious meals during their time of struggle. We are proud to be a safety net for those who find themselves without one in their time of greatest need.


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Oxford Area Neighborhood Services Center located at 35 North Third Street, Oxford, PA.

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The Nail Station

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Contributing Writer Even during a pandemic, people want to feel good about their appearance. Beautiful nails are a part of that and you can get the best at The Nail Station. The Nail Station opened Aug. 20, 2020, at 322 Hodgson St. in Oxford. Partners Mala Chheng and Bob Berkowitz were looking for a site for a nail salon for a long time before they found the building in Oxford. The building has a long and varied history, including time as a gas station, a bookstore, consignment shop and a tanning salon. “We were looking for a couple of years before we found this. We actually gave up for a while,” Berkowitz said. “We have a friend who lives in Nottingham. We

came out here and just fell in love with Oxford, it’s a cute little town where everybody knows everybody. I like being a part of that.” That initial decision to open The Nail Station in Oxford came before COVID19 hit. By the time renovations were made and the shop was ready to open, regulations permitted these businesses to operate at 50 percent capacity. Patrons are asked to call in advance to ensure space is available. When state restrictions are lifted, more chairs will be available and the waiting room will be opened. The Nail Station now is a relaxing, appealing spot. “It’s pretty, it’s bright, and it just looks like you’re going to a day spa,” Berkowitz said. Berkowitz has a background in real

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

estate and restaurants, while Chheng provides the nail care expertise. She has been in the field for almost 20 years and has previously managed nail salons. “One of the reasons I partnered with Mala, she’s a perfectionist,” Berkowitz said. Services provided at The Nail Station include manicures of all kinds in natural and artificial nails, three levels of pedicures, and waxing. Soon to come are microblading and eyelash extensions. For one-of-a-kind nails, the nail technicians can provide original, free hand nail art. In addition, the shop has recently ordered a machine that can reproduce any photo you bring in as a decal small enough to fit on a nail. “We keep up with the latest things that come out,” Chheng said. “There’s always some kind of new design or new

technique to do nails. We’ll go back to take classes for it.” “We always get the latest products,” Berkowitz added. “For Halloween, we had glow-in-the-dark nail polish.” Services are available for both men and women of all ages, from youngsters to seniors. For those who have never visited a nail salon before, The Nail Salon technicians are able to help clients through the process. Along with the high standards, prices are generally below other area nail salons, ensuring you get the best value every time you visit. “We do quality, not quantity. We take out time, we don’t rush, and we don’t overlap appointments,” Chheng said. All equipment is sanitized according to Pennsylvania Cosmetology Bureau standards. “We are dedicated to

providing a clean environment and excellent customer service to every client who walks into the salon,” Chheng said. Berkowitz and Chheng would like everyone to know about The Nail Station and the range of services they offer. “We’re here to serve the community. We just want people to know that we’re here,” Berkowitz said. The Nail Station is normally open Mondays through Fridays 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. through 6 p.m and Sundays 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Last appointments are taken 30 minutes prior to closing. For more information and a full list of available services, visit the website at www.oxfordnailstation. com. For appointments call 610-467-1300.

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Remembering Barry Hostetter Photography by Jim Coarse / Moonloop Photography

What would make a farmer pause during the height of harvest? The answer is simple: friendship. On Oct. 18, 2020, over 250 vehicles, mostly farm tractors and trucks, drove by the home of Barry Hostetter to show their love and support for the longtime Oxford businessman and community leader. Barry, who was born and raised in Oxford, who graduated from Oxford Area High School and continued to help run his family’s grain business, was battling late-stage pancreatic cancer. The idea of a prayer ride was conceived by Buzz Tyson, friend and executive director of the Lighthouse Youth Center. Barry served on the Lighthouse board for over 30 years. The community of farmers, local leaders and friends waved and shared positive messages for their friend, Barry. Within three weeks, Barry passed away at home with his loving family. Goodbyes are always hard, but during the Covid-19 restrictions, they are even harder. Barry not only provided for his family, but uplifted our community through his unwavering volunteering spirit. We asked community members and friends to share their memories of Barry as we celebrate a life well lived. Barry Hostetter was the epitome of a friend and encourager to a community. Barry’s heart was full of good leadership and that was because he truly loved people. He “loved his neighbors.” His life ended so dramatically and emphatically that his spirit lives on in a beautiful way. It is as if God wanted to underline the testimony of Barry’s life for the good of all of us, that we would live more of a life of outward focus. In memory and honor of Barry, we should

Courtesy Photos


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

all take a piece of his spirit with us. Barry was one who would reach across the table to appreciate someone different. He would lift the spirits of a struggling friend with a word of encouragement, give people the gift of a big smile, and always look for the good in the world around us. You know, the one thing Barry didn’t like to do… was say good bye May we all be more interested in hello’s than goodbyes. Live on brother Barry! Ed Herr Lighthouse Youth Center Board Barry always had a great smile. Always complimenting everyone. What a great man! Always enjoyed his company. Pat Curran Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Fox & Roach Realtors Friends since childhood

on the opposing team. And when Barry stepped up to the plate he had that big friendly smile on his face, looked at a pitch or two and then hit it out of the park. He was a consistent home run hitter on the field,with his family, his work, his church and his community. The way he welcomed, encouraged and loved everybody I can honestly say he was a home run hitter in the game of life! Dennis Byrne I have known Barry as far back as his elementary school days. The one thing I especially remember about Barry was how he always greeted everyone with a big smile. His contagious laugh would always make others around him laugh

also. He never hesitated to share his faith and love for the Lord with people both young and old. His work with the Lighthouse Youth Center was a true example of this. The Barry Hostetter Prayer Parade was a beautiful testimony to the person he was and I was thankful to be able to be a part of it and witness all the love his community had for him and his family. I will especially miss seeing him on the golf course, where he always made me and others feel good about their shot, no matter how good or bad it was. Barry was a true and loyal friend and I am honored to have known him. Tom Watterson Continued on Page 42

“Barry Hostetter was one of a kind! I was blessed to serve with Barry on the Lighthouse Youth Center Board for many years. His smile radiated his love for The Lord and for the youth coming into the Lighthouse. He was humble, kind, filled with grace, hardworking, fiercely devoted to his family, his friends, and his Lord. He leaves behind an amazing legacy of faith. I will be forever grateful for his impact on my life.” Kathy Book Lighthouse Youth Center Board Member I have so many memories of Barry a man whom I truly loved and owe my faith in Jesus Christ to. Thanks to the path he showed me I will spend eternity in heaven with him. I played church league softball with Barry in the 80’s. I was a horrible player. He was amazing. And he never stopped encouraging me or anyone on our team or

Courtesy Photos

Above: John Hostetter, Dennis Byrne, Barry and Wilmer Hostetter Below: Barry and Patrick Curran

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Remembering Barry Hostetter Continued from Page 41 We have fond memories of Barry and Monica that go back to our high school days in this small community since we had the opportunity to attend high school together and often shared in athletic events. It has been evident during all that has happened to Barry how blessed we are to live in a community that supports their own, which has been evident and especially so witnessing the Prayer Parade to support Barry. Then later having our children attend school together and play in various sports together, from little league baseball games to high school basketball games. Barry was a huge fan of all and was always supporting and encouraging our boys playing basketball and we spent years following girls’ basketball as our daughters played together from elementary through high school. During all of these years it was evident that Barry had a Godgiven gift of encouragement. He would


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

encourage players on our teams and even on the other teams. He would never hesitate to even encourage some of the referees to maybe call a game a little better, and always with a smile and laugh. His gift of encouragement was special though because he not only provided encouragement after a win or a loss but did so with an expectation that he only wanted you to reach your full potential – to never sell yourself short. Then the next game or so, he would remind the player that he knew they could do it all along. His support was unconditional but always with a sense of expectation for even better. And it seems this God-given ability to provide encouragement with expectations of great things continued even when his circumstances seemed much worse after his diagnosis. Allison would share stories of how, even with his own suffering, he would sense that others were having troubles and would ask to pray with them, to encourage them, and expect that his prayers would be answered. She shared one instance when leaving the hospital that he went back in to pray with a nurse

he felt was struggling with some difficult life situations. That he recognized this need and prayed with her, expecting God to answer her prayers, despite his own difficult circumstances. His gift to look beyond his own circumstances, his own pain, and continue to provide a smile, a shoulder nudge, and deep belly laugh, and unconditional encouragement with great expectations was truly a gift from God that we can all learn from and will miss until we see him again. Thank you Barry for sharing this gift. Bob and Tracy Herb Continued on Page 44

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Remembering Barry Hostetter Continued from Page 42 Memories that come to mind when thinking of Barry first was in the spring of 2019 when I was helping with the Lighthouse Youth Center fundraising banquet. It was the first time I had seen Barry in a couple of years but it was like we never skipped a beat. Before I went up to say hello, I saw him serving attendees of the banquet with the biggest smile. Every table that he went up to was filled with joy when they saw him. He knew everyone by name and had them laughing by the time he left their table. When I

finally got a second to go say hi, since he was a popular man that night, he greeted me with his shoulder nudge and laugh just like he always did after a basketball game in high school. I played basketball with his daughter for several years. Barry was at every game, not only cheering his daughter on, but all his daughters! Our basketball team was more than just a couple of girls that were together for a season, we were family. We played year round, traveled all over the place and Barry was there for all of it. He knew exactly what to say after every game to congratulate us on a win or to cheer us up after a tough loss. He would even remind you of that embarrassing air ball or bank shot that you had! The best were the

rides to summer league in the famous red truck. He knew every word to the songs we played, always let us stop for food, and made sure we laughed a lot. Barry was always a fun time, but it was not just that fun feeling with him; you always felt safe, cared for, and supported. He never judged others; he never put you down, never even looked mad or sad. He was just Barry—a true man of God! There was no one like him and that memory I will carry forever. Now that I have a son, I hope to be that parent that shows those feelings toward him and his teammates one day. Thank you, Barry, for helping to make me a better person. Karly Herb Belford

Providing quality companion animal Veterinary care!


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

I wouldn’t know where to start to share a story about Barry, as he has been one of my best friends for 25 years. Especially as he was the one in 1995 to call me at my house phone and say “Buzz, how would you like to come to Oxford?” Barry was one of my biggest encouragers in Oxford. From calling me on the phone in 1995 and asking me to move to Oxford and work at the Lighthouse Youth Center. To telling me, “It’s going to be alright” when we had a leaking roof at the Lighthouse. Barry’s enthusiasm to help others, especially Lighthouse children, was evident by his volunteerism in our beloved Oxford Community. Buzz D. Tyson, Executive Director Lighthouse Youth Center

There are so many fond memories of times spent with Barry. No matter the occasion, it’s always good to come home and stop by the Hostetters. Without fail, Barry would always ask, “How is your family?” and recall something we had previously shared together. While a small gesture, it was a constant, and a simple reminder that helped define coming home. Barry cared deeply for the people of Oxford. He was unwavering in his faith, loyalty to family, and his heart for others. Barry lived life to the fullest and got the most out of every day. Anyone that knew him always wanted a little more time with Barry. Doug Fowler Continued on Page 46

Courtesy photo

Barry, Buzz Tyson and Ed Herr at groundbreaking of the new Lighthouse Youth Center.

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Remembering Barry Hostetter Continued from Page 45 I grew up with the Hostetter family as our families were friends and we both attended MT Vernon Mennonite Church. Barry was always positive, always upbeat and always looking for the good in others; unless he was on the wrestling mat. All his competitiveness was taken to the mat. Octorara often wrestled Oxford and I remember his matches were always fun to watch. And he mostly won. As we both married and raised families, Marilyn and I enjoyed every minute spent with Barry and Monica, either at local activities, PA Holstein Conventions or other ag events. Their friendship was special and laughter was always there. Barry had a huge heart for helping others and his kindness was contagious. Duane Hershey I have had the good fortune to know Barry for nearly 8 years. My weekly gathering with Barry and our mutual friend Andy Smith of Oxford was always a fun discussion over many topics. We discussed our faith, families, West Chester


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

basketball, wrestling, Army football, the Eagles, Phillies and even politics. I know that I will always be thankful to Barry for inviting me to share a table one morning for coffee. That day led to 8 years of having the privilege to observe his kindness toward his friend of over 25 years, Andy Smith. Andy refers to Barry as “the best” and “my best buddy” Andy dearly misses Barry. Jim Dubinsky Land Analysts Barry has been a constant figure in my life for as long as I can remember. I have fond childhood memories of Barry and Monica at the softball field and many social events throughout my life. As an adult, my husband Joel and I and our two boys were blessed to be treated like we were part of the Hostetter family. Barry would sometimes include our children when he did things with his own grandchildren - like the time he took our son Damien to a Phillies game and spoiled him like he was his own grandson. Barry was always at our children’s wrestling matches, football games and baseball games and could be counted on to let the refs know when they had missed a call. It is Barry’s welcoming smile and warm laugh that I will miss the most. In one second, a smile from Barry would make me and

Courtesy Photo

Barry with Andy Smith

my family feel like we were surrounded by family and with love. I will forever be grateful that my family and I were able to experience God’s love through Barry. Dawn Huston Hernandez Cheryl and I have had the privilege of knowing Barry and Monica for over 45 years. I was introduced to OAHS wrestling by Monica’s dad, Doc Bering. Barry was part of the ‘murderers row’ lineup and Monica was a cheerleader. Over the ensuing years, our friendship continued through softball, high school sports involving the entire Hostetter clan and watching our grandchildren wrestle, play football and baseball. Cheryl and I will cherish our memories of Barry as a loving husband, dad and grandfather, loyal and dependable friend, compassionate community leader, gifted athlete, sports enthusiast and ardent spectator, and most importantly as a saved-by-grace child of God who demonstrated how to live a life of faith even during the worst of circumstances. We will miss him! Dave and Cheryl Huston

It is difficult to find the appropriate words to describe or honor our special friend – Barry Hostetter. He really was in a class all by himself! Barry had a bubbly personality, was always smiling and looking on the “bright side of life.” It was our pleasure to know him. Barry was one of Howard’s first students when he began teaching and what a wonderful relationship our family has had with him over the years. He and Monica only lived about two miles from us. We were fortunate to see him often when he stopped by our farm to check on his beautiful cattle - Hereford mothers and their calves - that were kept in our pasture. We loved to see him come; and he soon became like a member of our family. He was so special and made us feel special too. We miss him greatly! Barry’s greatest love was his family – his wife and children and especially his grandchildren. There was no obstacle that could not be overcome when Barry set out to do something special for his “loved ones.” And he was always planning on doing something special for them. Barry was a Christian man who served

not only in his church but also for many years on the Lighthouse Youth Center Board of Directors helping and giving guidance and encouragement to the youth of Oxford. Our lives and all who knew Barry have been enlightened and influenced by this very special person. He will be forever missed here on earth; however our loss is Heaven’s gain. – Howard and Janet Robinson “I always felt better after spending time with Barry” Ben S Beiler Beiler Campbell Realtors In Isaiah 32:8 The Bible speaks of a liberal man, a free spirit man that is made free by the Spirit of God and whose doctrine is that of Free Grace. Barry established Gods free grace on earth and his Godliness was enjoyed by many! He considered himself as equal through the Grace of God and a friend. I considered Barry as a brother in Jesus Christ. Barry was a man of God! Ronald Summers Continued on Page 48

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Offering you a wide range of nail and waxing services for men and women. We offer a classy and luxurious atmosphere for all of our clients. 322 Hodgson St, Oxford, Pa 19363

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Remembering Barry Hostetter Continued from Page 47 I started working at Hostetter Grain in the summer of 1987. It was my Junior year in high school. Missy Hostetter ran into my mom at the grocery store and mentioned the farm may need some help. That brief

conversation in the aisle at the Super Fresh changed my life forever. I wasn’t a stranger to work, however I really didn’t know much or anything for that matter about work on a dairy farm. Although I worked mostly with John Hostetter (pretty sure he needed more help than Barry lol), I found myself on occasion working at the main farm with Barry. I didn’t milk very often, but on one occasion Barry had me helping him so he could tend to a heifer that was calving. Milking is hard work, lots of moving parts, but Barry was so patient in helping me figure it out. I don’t remember much about milking that day, but I do remember our conversation. With all that was going on around the farm that day, Barry was way more interested in the football game I played in the previous weekend, my school work, favorite teacher, relationship struggles and on and on... I finally remember saying, shouldn’t you get back to that calf? He said, “John, life is way more important than these tasks.” I’ve never forgotten that and have tried (mostly failed) to apply these principles in my career today. Barry put Jesus first. As Bernie (his

brother) said, “have you met anyone that didn’t like Barry?” No I haven’t and I miss him deeply. But the example he set lives on each day as I attempt to put Jesus first. John Fowler We have been blessed and our lives enriched by knowing Barry for over fifty years; many of those years as neighbors. One of the early memories is when Barry’s mother, Joyce, would bring him and his three brothers to the Pepple farm on hot summer afternoons to swim in the pool. Jane helped coach Barry in dairy judging skills when he was a member of the Oxford FFA. Bob traveled with Barry innumerable times to softball games and tournaments when both played for the Hostetter Grain team. It was Barry who invited us to attend the fund-raising auction to build the new Mt. Vernon Church. Mt. Vernon has been our home church since that event in the mid-1980s. Barry lived out his faith, putting others first; his walk matched his talk. We miss his smile and his hearty laugh, but know we are so fortunate to have known Barry. Bob and Jane Pepple


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Oxford Family Dentistry 610-932-9580 OxfordSmileMakers.com

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Electric Baer Electric LLC


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Viking Power Products

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Emergency Services

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Barnsley Academy

Southern Chester County EMS, Inc.

Funeral Home

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Butler’s Home and Lawn

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Philips Florist

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Innovative Financial Results, LLC

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Construction / Contractors/ Home Repair

Cedar Knoll Builders


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Diamond State Financial Group – David Tate, CFP®

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Financial Advisors

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Lincoln University

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Jennersville Hospital Tower Health

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Break Away Farm Fitness

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Hair Salon/ Nail Salon/ Spa Services 3rd Street Parlor

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484-842-0174 Western-Chester-County. CertaPro.com

Eli Seth Matthews Leukemia Foundation

Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society

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Oxford Area Historical Association

CertaPro Painters of Western Chester County

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Core Family Practice




The Scotts Company 610-932-4200

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Optometrist Miller Eye Care

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National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum

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Leon C. Landis, Inc. 717-786-2188 LeonLandis.com

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Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach/Deedree Erlichman 610-563-8370 DeedreeErlichman@ FoxRoach.com

Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach/ Jeff Sanders 570-412-4405 JeffSanders.FoxRoach.com

Joel Brown, Beiler - Campbell

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Oxhaven Apartments 610-932-3700 OxHaven.com

Recreational Andrea’s Academy of Dance 717-529-1065 DanceAAoD.com

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Rita’s Water Ice of Oxford

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Restaurant / Specialty Food and Beverages 22 BBQ Food Truck and Catering 484-883-0990 22-BBQ.com See ad pg. 82

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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3rd Street Parlor

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Contributing Writer 3rd Street Parlor, located at 19 N. 3rd St. in Oxford, opened in 2019 to provide fresh, expert barber services to clients of all ages. Owner, operator, and manager Jesus Garcia started cutting hair when he was still in school, back in 2008. “Before I went into high school, I wanted to find what I wanted to do,” Garcia said. “I started cutting my own hair, then cutting my brother’s hair.” While at Oxford Area High School, Garcia

studied cosmetology at the Technical College High School. By the time he graduated, he had completed the hours he needed for the state licensing. He worked for a year as a student barber and was then able to pay his way through barber school. He received his barber’s license and became eligible to work independently in a barber shop. Since opening 3rd Street Parlor, Garcia has continued his education, keeping up to date with everything new in men’s hair fashions. “It’s like a new cell phone, every six months a new style comes out. As a

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

young barber, you want to keep yourself open to learn new things. If not, you’re going to fall short.” Since 3rd Street Parlor has been open, Garcia has picked up clients of all ages, from children to older gentlemen. Working with him are barbers Carey Ciccicone and Jesse Steppe. When a new client comes in, Garcia first takes time to introduce himself, get to know the client, and decide upon a style. Sometimes clients will bring in a photo of the cut they have in mind, or simply want to freshen up their current style. Occasionally women stop in for haircuts too. “We try our best to do everything we can,” Garcia said. Garcia’s favorites are the classic comb

overs, fades and beard trims. He enjoys sculpting beards, finishing with a straight edge razor to give a clean, elegant look. As an Oxford native, Garcia is happy to be able to grow his business in his hometown. “The town has been nothing but wonderful for me. Oxford is a beautiful town. It’s been great for my business and for me,” he said. Garcia wants to give back to his community and inspire young people. Once the pandemic restrictions are lifted, he hopes to again be able to talk to students at the school job fairs. “I want to set the best example, and I’ll be happy with that,” he said. “Dream it, plan it and execute it. That’s something I’ve always gone by. As long as you do those three things, anything is possible.”

His advice for any young barbers or other business owners is to ignore competition and focus on yourself. “You can’t compare yourself to anybody else,” he explained. “If you believe in yourself anything is possible.” Due to the pandemic, Garcia has had to adapt to the new regulations. The shop is limited to an appointment-only format. Garcia sees that as a good thing in one way because clients do not have to wait as they would sometimes when walk-in clients made the shop very busy. It is easy to make an appointment by going to the 3rd Street Parlor website at www.3rdstreetparlor.com and following the Booksy link. Links to make appointments are also available on the shop’s Facebook page and other social media sites.

For news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org


The Union Fire Company No. 1 celebrates 150 years. Part one: The Early Years Submitted by Gail Roberts Oxford Area Historical Association This year, Oxford’s Union Fire Company No. 1, the fourth oldest fire company in Chester County, celebrates its 150th anniversary. During the past 150 years, volunteer firefighters have made sacrifices, contributed financially to this organization and donated countless hours to help keep our community safe. Before a fire company could exist, a water supply had to be available. In 1868 the Oxford Gas and Water Company was chartered. A water works was built in 1869 with a reservoir along Limestone Road (Route 10). In 1870 the Borough purchased the water works for $30,000, a water main into Oxford with hydrants was constructed, and the first running water was piped into the Borough.

All photos courtesy

1927 Mack Pumper

Valley View

Perennial Growers Inc


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To help with the initiation of a fire company, the Burgess and Town Council bought 500 feet of hose from Philadelphia’s Washington Hose Company. Rev. John Miller Dickey went to Philadelphia and purchased an engine and hose cart from Union Fire Company No. 29. On February 6, 1871, 21 men met in the stockroom of Showalter and Mathews in the Dickey building (now BB&T) to organize a fire company. It was first known as the Oxford Fire Company of Oxford, PA but the name was changed at a later meeting to the Union Fire Company No. 1 because of the name on the equipment purchased from Philadelphia. George E. Jones, a marble dealer, was elected the first president and was also the chief engineer. He served as the chief from 1871 to 1906. The first constitution and by-laws were approved on February 23rd. Dues were 10 cents for each member. A committee was formed to meet with Borough Council to help the fledgling company find a site for a building. Apparently when the engine and hose cart first arrived, the couplings didn’t match and a crowd of onlookers was soaked when fire company members first tested the equipment. As a result, fire company members practiced with their new equipment at the Oxford Fair Grounds. A ladder truck was added in July, purchased from the Spring Garden Hose Company No. 36 of Philadelphia. There was a parade to celebrate the new fire company on July 4th. Three West Chester fire companies and the Philadelphia Union Engine Co. No. 29 came to Oxford to join the celebration. On October 31, 1872, the Union Fire Company was officially charted under state laws. The charter was issued by the Chester County Court. In 1872 Mrs. John Miller Dickey donated a lot Continued on Page 64


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

The First Firehouse on 3rd Street circa 1890’s.

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For news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org


Union Fire Company Continued from Page 62 at South Third and Broad St. The property was between Third St. and Penn Ave. Apparently, Mrs. Dickey also agreed to hold a mortgage of $300 on the property for the purpose of giving the fire company money to proceed with building an engine house. According to a book published by the Oxford Board of Trade in 1894, the first engine house was a two story 20 feet by 50 feet frame building built in 1874. The second floor was used for meetings. From the beginning, members of the fire company have had to work to obtain funding. In 1874, the company notified Borough Council that it needed a $150 appropriation, or it would take its equipment out of service. In 1878, according to fire company records, the Borough offered a $50 appropriation, and the company voted to accept that if the Borough Council would pay the interest on their property as well. According to the Oxford Board of Trade book, the Third St. building was remodeled in 1880. The book describes it as a two story structure, 27 by 55 feet. The stable was behind it, allowing the horses to be led directly into the engine house. Three horses were stabled there. An important purchase was also made in 1880; a Silsby Steam Engine was acquired from the Silsby Steam Fire Engine Co. of Seneca Falls, New York. The cost was $2,800 to be paid off in 4 years. This steamer had a capacity of discharging 375 gallons of water per minute. Representatives of the manufacturer delivered the engine and helped the fire company put it through several tests. A Board of Control was created to maintain horses for the steamer. Also in 1880, there was a series of fires started by arsons which resulted in 5 buildings being destroyed in 6 months. The 1894 Board of Trade book credits the fire company as being “instrumental in the passage of several ordinances” concerning fire prevention. One example was an ordinance preventing frame buildings from being constructed in the area around the center of town. During the time period of 1880-1895 the company joined the Fireman’s Association of the State of Pennsylvania and electric lights were installed in the fire house. On February 21, 1896, there was a fire at Henry Schwartz’s Clothing Store on Market St. at 5 in the morning. The company responded right away, but had problems with a frozen fire plug. The fire destroyed that building and spread to Niewig’s Meat Store next door. The company was able to extinguish that fire, but two firemen, Harry M. Jones and S. Vernon Ringler were on the second floor when the floor collapsed and they fell into the debris below. Luckily, they were not seriously injured. As early as 1896, fire company members were discussing the need for a new building and struggling with a shortage of funds. They approached the Borough Council with ideas such as Council building a new structure which would contain lockup cells for the Borough, and asking the Council to purchase the steamer and let the fire company maintain it. Each member of the fire company had to pay one dollar towards the coal needed for the winter. At a meeting in February of 1898, members discussed accepting plans from builders for a brick building, cost not to exceed $3,000. The company earned money by performing services such as sprinkling the race track at the fairgrounds. 64

Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

In 1899, the company had the following resolution printed in the Oxford Press: “Resolved: That with the aid of the citizens and property owners of the borough of Oxford, this company build a fire station that will be a credit to our borough and a pride to the members of this company.” They also resolved to purchase a chemical engine and to form a fire police unit. In 1899 the company investigated possible loans. When invited to participate in the West Chester Centennial Celebration, the company voted to take part in the parade and incurred expenses such as paying for the Citizens Band to provide music. Fire company members were each taxed $1.50 to pay for the expenses of participating in this celebration, and they were proud to do it. Over the years, the company would pay for the privilege of marching in many parades. In July of 1900, Chief Jones reported on an interview with John Miller Cresson

Dickey concerning the purchase of his building at 324 Market St which had been occupied by the H.S. Worth store. After a follow-up meeting, the company learned that Mr. Dickey valued the property at $4,500. A sale agreement was drawn up with the following terms: the company would pay Mr. Dickey $3,000 in cash and would receive a clear title to the property and the building; Mr. Dickey would receive a certificate of donation to the company of $500. One source indicates the company’s property on Third St. was transferred to Mr. Dickey as part of the agreement. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Doyle agreed to hold a $3,000 mortgage for the fire company. Six weeks later, the company opened bids for remodeling the building on Market St. Walker & Gibson was awarded the contract. In 1901, fundraising events such as a masquerade ball and rummage sale were held. The company was able to raise $2,058 towards the building fund that

year and was able to move into their new headquarters across the street from their present location. The Silsby Steamer was in poor condition by 1903 and needed repairs which would cost approximately $2,000. In January of 1904, the fire company transferred the ownership of the steamer to Borough Council who agreed to have it repaired. Five months later, it was repaired and returned to service. In 1907 the company fire police unit was founded. In 1908 the fire company held a joint fund raiser with the Oxford Citizens Band. Also in 1908, members of the company constructed a ladder wagon but had no place to house it. The ladders were stored in the apparatus room, but the wagon had to be parked outside. In 1911, the age limit for company members was lowered from 21 to 18 years. There was discussion of building a stable behind the Continued on Page 66

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Union Fire Company Continued from Page 65 fire house and bids were accepted, but that project was eventually abandoned. In 1912 a contract was awarded to Brown Brothers for building an addition on the back of the fire house. In 1918, the first motorized fire engine, a chemical and hose wagon which could pump 500 gallons per minute, was purchased from the South Bend Motor Co. Works in South Bend, Indiana. Chief Alonzo Brown was chairman of the purchasing committee. Chief Brown’s descendants still serve in the fire company; five generations of this family have been active members. After World War I, the company bought a used Autocar U.S. Mail truck which they converted into a chemical and ladder apparatus. The company called it “The Mountain Goat.” In the early years, the company only responded to fires in the Borough. On September 28, 1918, the South Bend engine was employed to respond to their first


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

fire outside of the Borough which was on the John Anderson farm in Lower Oxford Township. According to local historian Frank Peters, many fund raising fairs were held in the early years of the company’s history, and the first Fireman’s Carnival was held in 1919. The receipts totaled $5,837.02 (in today’s dollars, over $87,000). Early carnivals were held across from the Presbyterian Church and at the Marching Club Pavilion at Fifth and Lincoln Streets. In 1920 the first electric fire siren replaced a fire bell. The 50th anniversary celebration in 1921 was modest because the company was already recognizing the need to save money to purchase a new fire house. There was a banquet which 245 men attended, including charter members George Jones and S.R. Dickey. The banquet was held at the Presbyterian Church and served by members of the Research Club. In 1921, the company began to look at

the property on the north side of Market St. belonging to Mrs. Jennie Rutherford Dickey (widow of Rev. Samuel R. Dickey). The residence was valued at $21,000. In October, 1921 the company sold its south side Market St. property to C. Baker Spencer for $10,000. C.B. Spencer & Son, a hardware store, was located next to the fire house. On March 30, 1922, the mortgage for the purchase of the Dickey property was recorded at the West Chester court house in the amount of $16,000. The Dickey property needed to be renovated and an apparatus room needed to be added. D.F. and J.T. Brown Builders of Oxford were awarded a contract for the construction of the apparatus room. E.W. Gibson & Son received the contract for alterations of the existing residence. The lawn also had to be graded, sidewalks laid and shrubs planted. Twenty-nine members of the Oxford community each contributed $100 towards the building expenses, and

they were made life members of the Union Fire Company. During the renovations, equipment had to be stored in such places as sheds at the Octoraro Hotel and in the garage of the C.P. Rogers Funeral Home. Equipment was moved into the new fire house in September of 1922 and there was an open house in February of 1923. The carnival was moved to the firehouse grounds. In 1925 the fireman’s carnival celebrated the completion of the renovations. The carnival earned a profit of $10,435.05 and the company was able to pay $8,000 towards the $16,000 mortgage. Citizens of Oxford formed the Oxford Ambulance Club in 1925. Their ambulance was kept in the fire house. A significant fire occurred in October of 1925. Fire erupted in the mushroom and tenant houses at the Turner and Westcott Creamery in Glenroy. Orville Deaver and Edward Reburn were pinned under mushroom growing beds and were seriously injured. Other firefighters sustained injuries as well. In November, the company held a benefit at the Globe Theater and raised $675 for Deaver and Reburn who would never completely recover. In 1926 the company purchased a Stewart Chemical Apparatus which cost $4,195. The 1927 carnival did well Continued on Page 68 The Second Firehouse on Market Street circa 1901.

For news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org


Union Fire Company Continued from Page 67 with gross receipts of $32,000. The South Bend pumper was experiencing frequent breakdowns so the company approved the purchase of a 1927 Mack Pumping Engine for $11,000. This engine had a 157 horsepower motor and could pump 600 gallons per minute. With modified piping it could provide over 1,000 gallons per minute. Its nickname was “the Bulldog.” A housing ceremony was held for the two new acquisitions in October of 1927. Nine fire companies and bands from the area joined in the celebration. 1929 saw the installation of a new fire call system. When notified of a fire, an operator at the Bell exchange could press a button which would start the fire siren. A new Fire Police Squad was organized in 1931 with Dr. Hollis Kelly as chief. The fire company focused on fire prevention. Fire drills were held at the schools and inspections of businesses were made. Businesses were encouraged to have fire

extinguishers on hand. Fire company records show that 1933 was a difficult year due to the Depression. Money had to be routinely transferred from the savings account into the checking account to cover expenses. However, the 1934 carnival did well and in 1935 the company purchased a new Hale fire engine to replace the South Bend pumper. The Hale engine, from the Hale Fire Pump Co. of Conshohocken, cost $6636.70 and was tested at Lincoln University. In 1937 the engine room of the firehouse was enlarged and a four lane bowling alley was added at the cost of over $21,000. The debt for the bowling alley was paid off by 1940. During World War II, younger members of the company were in the service and older members carried on with firefighting. In 1942 the company provided its apparatus room for a dance for “Defense Girls” who worked in plants in the area. The annual carnival was not

held for one year during the Depression and for four years during World War II. The carnival was held again in 1946. According to Frank Peters’ records, the carnival brought in over $42,000 that year (in today’s dollars, over $562,000). Over the years the carnival featured rides, entertainment, prizes, games, parades, fire truck rides, dancing and a variety of food. Part Two of this article will appear in the next issue of the Oxfordian. Sources of information for this article came from newspaper articles and other materials in the Oxford Area Historical Association’s archives collection. Thanks to the Union Fire Company No. 1 for providing information and materials. The fire company has published a 150th Anniversary booklet which will be available on their website www. oxfordfire.com or by calling the station at 610-932-2411.

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Sonny Bea’s Florist expands

By Betsy Brewer Brantner Contributing Writer Sonny Bea’s Florist has been operating in the Oxford Square Mall, at 353 N. 3rd St., since October 2019, but is now in the process of expanding to a new location at 1 S. 3rd St.

“The location is one of the best in town. It is right in the thick of things and easily visible when you stop at the traffic light,” owner Natalie Weaver said. Weaver is a lifelong resident of Oxford. She admits she has no background in the florist industry. Her full-time job is actually working as an administrator in the medical field. She was inspired by Brad Buchannan, the former owner of Buchanan’s Buds and Blossoms. She met Buchannan and realized he was interested in selling his business. “I wasn’t really looking for a business. I was thinking more of a hobby, but then I met Brad,” Weaver explained. “After spending time with him, I decided the florist business would be a much-needed

diversion from the medical administration field I was in. You can’t have a bad day when you are selling flowers. And so I jumped in with the help of my father, Steve Howard.” She started the business in October of 2019 and the pandemic came roaring through less than six months later. Although the pandemic has changed the way everyone does business, Sonny Bea’s has been fortunate to go with the flow and actually grow their business at a time when many businesses are closing their doors. And they are thankful to the people that have generously supported them. “It was slow at first,” Weaver admitted. “With proms being cancelled, that really hurt us, but we just had to re-think how

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

we operated. We have done well on the floral side. Retail was not great. We had to increase our marketing efforts. Gradually, we began to see an increase in flower deliveries because of the pandemic. People couldn’t be with each other so they sent more flowers. We have “no contact” delivery, and curbside pick-up.” On the inside, they constantly refresh their inventory, going with the changing seasons. They did offer monthly classes with seasonal themes. They would create floral arrangements for holidays, or bring outside people in for a class on cupcake decorating. The new location will give them more room to increase their classes. They plan to increase their offerings of Mommy and Me classes with tea. And they will include classes in making wearable floral accessories, and possibly jewelrymaking sessions as well. They will always have a variety of floral arranging classes. They are excited to create a bridal suite which will give them the room they need to sit down and discuss bridal plans. They

also hope to have a more private setting to discuss funeral preparations, event planning, and other social functions. They also offer tuxedo rentals, and will continue to add to all their services as needed. The new location will be less retail than the other location, but will have more space for consulting services. Sonny Bea’s serves the area from Rising Sun, Md. to Quarryville to Kennett and locations in between. Weaver added, “We don’t have any problem traveling to other locations for weddings or events. We really love serving our clients.” They offer a wide variety of floral arrangements, plus gourmet gift baskets which can include jewelry, candles or more, and an always evolving retail space. Weaver is very impressed with her staff. “I have great designers that allow me to keep my day job,” she said. “I have five floral designers and two great shop assistants and three drivers.” Both locations are 1,200 square feet,

giving them the space they need to grow for now. “I am so excited to have a new location in the business area,” Weaver said. “I will be thrilled to be involved with First Fridays and other events that Oxford Mainstreet has planned,” Weaver said. “I love the area and the future plans for businesses. The location we are moving into is a beautiful work of art with such historic significance. I’m just thrilled with the way Oxford is growing.” Weaver thanks the town of Oxford for taking a chance on a new business. “We survived the pandemic,” Weaver said. “We are flourishing. I love that people here are willing to try new things. Having the exposure alone at the corner is more important to me than anything. I plan to continue to grow here, and hope revitalization continues in this beautiful town.” Call Sonny Bea’s Florist at 610-932-8339 or visit them online at www.sonnybeas. com.

For news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org


Nowland Associates: A family journey now in its third generation By Richard L. Gaw Staff Writer From the windows of the family sedan, Jeff, Jim and Giff Nowland spent several hours in their youth following the direction of where their father pointed to from the driver’s seat. For “Dale” Nowland, riding in the car with his sons gave him the chance to share the legacy and the visible reminders of

the construction company that his father Gifford and his uncle Clarence began in the 1920s, incorporated as Nowland Associates in 1942, and built to be one of the most recognizable and respected commercial construction companies in the Delaware-Maryland-Pennsylvania region. We built that project, their father would say. See that building over there? Your grandfather and great uncle helped to build that. See that structure over there? I helped

to build that back in 1965. From the windows of the car, the Nowland brothers saw how the legacy of Nowland Associates began, grew and maintained its commitment to quality. Now, several decades removed from those car rides and those visits to his father’s construction sites, Jeff, Jim and Giff Nowland are leading the family business with an integrated team of project managers, superintendents, architects,

Photography by Jim Coarse / Moonloop Photography


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Courtesy Photo

Gifford A. with sons Gifford W. and Dale circa 1974.

engineers and skilled craftsmen. “When we were all younger, our father told my brothers and me, ‘Boys, do whatever you want to do, but just don’t go into construction,’” Giff said. “And here we are the three of us, the third generation in a family business, saying the same thing to our kids. “Every day, with every decision we make, it reflects back to the legacy that has been built over the generations and decades, and the Continued on Page 74

For news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org


Nowland Associates Continued from Page 73 responsibility that comes along with that. It’s more than just the legacy of our father and grandfather and great uncle. It extends to the multi-generations of families who have worked right alongside us. At one point, we had three generations of one family from the Oxford area all

working at the same time with us.” ‘One-stop problem solver and solution maker’ In an industry that has become increasingly sub contracted, the Newarkbased Nowland Associates continues

to apply a “conception to completion” philosophy to its business model. With a staff of construction project managers, on-site superintendents, estimators, engineers, architects and skilled craftsmen, Nowland Associates offers its clients turnkey construction services that begins at

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46


site selection and extends to site development, building design, budgeting and construction, and facility maintenance. “When we talk with our clients about their needs, it is to understand what they are trying to achieve and help build them the best solution possible,” Giff said. “Because we’re a one-stop shop and the quarterback for the entire process, it allows us to look at the entire project holistically. By doing so, it Continued on Page 76 Courtesy Photos

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Nowland Associates Continued from Page 75 allows us to be both the one-stop problem solver and solution maker.” Effective communication is not the only intangible of Nowland Associates. The company has a team of on-site construction superintendents and professional project managers at every project to assure quality control and safety. In addition, its safety coordinator helps coordinate a comprehensive health and safety program for its staff. While Nowland Associates’ main office may be in Delaware, its roots are firmly rooted in the Oxford area. The Nowland brothers grew up in Chester County, attended schools in the Avon Grove School District, and Jeff and his family currently live in the Oxford Area School District. The company’s imprint in Oxford doesn’t end with its family ties. Several years ago, when the company bid on an addition to the Oxford Public Library that turned out to be over its original budget, they offered

Courtesy Photos

Oxford Public Library.

the library’s board a solution. “Because of Jeff’s relationship with a few of the library’s board members, he was able to tell them, ‘Let Nowland Associates help you out. We’ll redesign it, and simplify the structure a bit for a solution that meets your program and your

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budget,” Giff said. Subsequently, Nowland Associates took over the project, redesigned the 4,000-square-foot space to a more modified and cost-saving scale, and then constructed the new addition that opened in 2015. “Nowland Associates provided


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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

610-467-1141 307 N. 3rd St., Oxford, PA 19363

indispensable guidance on every aspect of the project, allowing the board to manage costs, while creating a space that seamlessly flows from the original building,” said Jamie Cole, president of the library’s Board of Directors. “Nowland Associates went beyond what a typical

contractor would on a project of this nature.” Just prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Nowland Associates completed the design and construction of the Waterway Church on Waterway Road, previously known as Media Mennonite

Church. The new facility is a preengineered steel building with convention frame construction, and its exterior walls are accented with manufactured stone veneer. Inside, the church now has a 500seat worship area, a children’s church, Continued on Page 78

For news, events, and information visit OxfordPA.org


Nowland Associates Continued from Page 77 fellowship room, a warming kitchen and classrooms. In the fashion that has become a way of business for Nowland Associates, the construction of the church began with a conversation. “Over the course of about five years, we met with several building committees, and we listened to their needs, and of them, their key need was that their congregation had simply outgrown their facility on Media Road,” Giff said. “Some members of the Oxford community had recommended us, and our approach was to enter this design and construction as a partnership with the church’s members and its building committee.” Over the past several years, Nowland Associates has also done extensive repairs and upgrades to the Oxford United Methodist Church, which was made possible through another local connection: Oxford resident Matt Chapman, the company’s general superintendent, is a long-time member of the church. In a note of thanks to Nowland Associates, Rev. Mark Terry, the church’s pastor, expressed his appreciation for the company’s time and effort in making improvements to the church buildings. “We appreciate your endeavors to finish the work quickly and with as little disruption as possible,” Terry wrote. “The workmanship on the [projects] is outstanding and we look forward to having the additional repairs done with the same Continued on Page 80

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Nowland Associates Continued from Page 78 efforts of quality and time.” While the imprint of Nowland Associates is easily seen in the Oxford area, it’s an imprint that touches neighboring towns and communities as well, and in the form of several structures for industries and purposes too many to name. “The most gratifying thing at the end of a project is being able to see something that is helping someone else,” Giff said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a $20 million manufacturing facility or a small renovation to someone’s house. It’s what keeps all of us coming to work every day. “For Jeff, Jim and me, there is always the overwhelming sense that this is business includes our family name, and everything that we do is representative of our family,” he added. “Our mission statement is ‘to be the first choice, and most trusted company, with whom businesses call upon for their construction needs – operated with a family atmosphere of ethics and integrity for the benefit of its employees, customers and ownership.’” To celebrate its 75th anniversary celebration in 2017, Nowland Associates gathered its staff, their families, and over 500 of their past clients and business partners at the Chateau Bu-De Winery & Vineyard, held on the Bohemia Manor Farm in Chesapeake City, Md. The choice of the location was an obvious one; the company had designed and constructed the winery’s spectacular wine-making facility and tasting room, located on the banks of the Bohemia River. Included in the many photos taken at the event were the five children of the Nowland brothers and their wives. Today, much the way it was when they were young, Jim, Jeff and Giff will often point to buildings and structures that have been designed and built by the family business, and say to their children, We built that. To learn more about Nowland Associates, visit www. nowlandassociates.com.

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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22 BBQ

By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Contributing Writer Art and Darlene Ianni bring the flavor to festivals, parties, and private events with 22 BBQ. Their mission is to create good and simple, southern-style barbecue with a family-friendly atmosphere of service. The business name comes from their West Grove-area house number – 22. The Iannis always enjoyed stopping at food trucks, so it was not a long leap to running their own. It started when Art began cooking for friends and neighbors, then he bought a bus that he worked on for a year to create just what he needed in a food truck. By 2018 they had a high grade smoker, and health department

approvals and they were ready to go on the road. Art takes care of the cooking, while Darlene mans the service window and serves as social media coordinator. Before Covid-19 restrictions went into place, 22 BBQ was a popular feature at Oxford First Fridays, local wineries and breweries and events like the Connective Festival. The food truck is most often found at festivals, but they are available for all kinds of events and parties. For those who have no room for a food truck, they also deliver prepared food. They explained, “We love to stay local. We’re here if you have a need—if you have a party or an event. We also have enjoyed pop up food truck nights in neighborhoods.” The 22 BBQ menu features pulled pork sandwiches topped with slaw, brisket sandwiches and pork or brisket tacos. Enjoy macaroni and cheese on its own or topped with your choice of brisket or pork. Other sides typically include cole slaw and chips. Additional offerings may be included to fit the location, such as baked beans, or hot chocolate to warm winter days. They are always trying new and different ways to serve smoked meats. The 22 BBQ catering menu includes all of the above plus grilled chicken quarters and baby back ribs. Art smokes the meat at home. He

describes the brisket as Texas style, while the pulled pork is cooked with a sweet rub. A wide selection of toppings and sauces are available to customize every sandwich. Pork or brisket tacos are topped with coleslaw and sauce. The response to 22 BBQ has been greater than the Iannis expected. Many times people will tell them how glad they are to have found the food truck, and that they have been wanting to try it. Once they get a taste, it becomes a fast favorite, and people want to know where they can find them again. “People would say ‘oh where will you be tomorrow’ and tomorrow will come and there they would be again. We would be feeding these families two days in a row,” Darlene Ianni said. “That’s always nice—that people try to follow you around.” As spring progresses, look for 22 BBQ at Flickerwood market days, events at Old Stone Cider in Lewisville, Kreutz Creek Vineyard in West Grove and other shopping and entertainment events in the Oxford area and beyond. To find out where 22 BBQ will be serving next, keep up with them on their Facebook page at 22bbqtruck. You can also find information on the website at www.22-bbq,com. 22 BBQ can be reached by email at 22bbqtruck@gmail.com or by calling 484-883-0990.


Art & Darlene Ianni

www.22-bbq.com • 484-883-0990 22bbqtruck@gmail.com 82

Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography

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Oxford Borough happenings During the March 1st Borough Council meeting, Oxford Borough welcomed new interim borough manager Cary Vargo. Mr. Vargo comes to us with many years of experience in the public sector, including municipal management, law enforcement, and emergency management services. He will serve as interim borough manager through the end of the year, while Borough Council works to identify a permanent candidate for the role. We are excited to welcome him to our team! In the coming months, you will continue to see activity along Borough streets as we remain focused on infrastructure projects. Earlier this year, the Borough replaced the water

main along North Second Street and is now preparing for the Streetscapes IV initiative, which will provide for street beautification and safety improvements downtown, including streetlights and areas paved for pedestrian traffic. This summer/fall will bring the water main replacement along Hodgson Street, between Fifth and Eighth Streets, and along Eighth Street, from Market to Broad Streets. The Borough has been very successful obtaining county and state grants to offset the costs of these initiatives and continues to be proactive in the pursuit of these opportunities to minimize the burden on taxpayers. The Oxford Borough Police Department

Interim Borough Manager Cary Vargo.



310 Market Street, Oxford, PA 610-467-0700

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recently benefited from technology updates. In February, the department implemented WatchGuard vehicle and body cameras which were obtained through grant funding. Additionally the department began using the CrimeWatch mobile app and website which provides alerts and updates on crimes in our community. If you would like to gain insight into upcoming projects and initiatives, have your voice heard, and are a resident of the Oxford Borough, we have opportunities on several committees. Please visit www. oxfordboro.org or call the Borough Office at 610-932-2500, option 6 for details.

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An update from the Oxford Area Recreation Authority The Oxford Area Regional Park at 900 West Locust St. is open to the public for outdoor recreation. Come walk on the trail, play in the fields, or rent the pavilion for your private event. We ask that you follow common sense measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Please wear a mask or maintain social distancing when you may be in contact with others. It is also important for dog owners to clean up after their pets in the dog park and throughout the park. If the situation does not improve, the dog park will be closed and pets will be prohibited from everywhere in the park. The park has also had problems with off-road vehicles turfing the fields. If you see anyone damaging the park, please call 911 and report the incident to police. Although we will be unable to hold our annual Pitch Hit and Run competition or Kids to Park day this year due to the pandemic, we hope to be able to offer some community activities as conditions allow. Our thanks to the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation for their 2021 grant that has helped us restore the rain gardens at the park and install protective balards at the beautiful bridge at our Oaks Road site. In coming months, we hope to expand our Oaks Road park site with a challenging walking trail and other passive recreation opportunities, Please visit our website at https://oarapark.wixsite.com/oxfordrecreation and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Bob’s Window and Cleaning Service By Betsy Brewer Brantner Contributing Writer If you drive through the Borough of Oxford on a sunny day you may see a happy guy perched high on a ladder cleaning windows and carefully waving to people honking as they pass by. Bob Rhodes, owner of Bob’s Window and Cleaning Service has been washing windows for over 30 years. He started his local business in 1999. “It’s more than just grabbing a bucket of

water and a squeegee,” he said. “You have to know what you are doing.” Rhodes spent many years repelling off the side of high rises cleaning windows. Yes, he was one of those guys that you would see perched precariously on a scaffolding going up the side of a very high building. “I learned then and there you had to make sure you had to have everything tied down just right. There were no second chances,” he said. Rhodes entered into the extreme sport of window cleaning in order to get insurance

for his daughter. “My daughter needed surgery shortly after her birth. I desperately needed insurance to cover those expenses, so I got into window cleaning,” he remembered. Through the years he has also painted many beautiful and challenging buildings, such as the Hercules Building. That job also required him working on scaffolding to reach the vaulted ceilings. At that point he worked for Rodney Square Engineering. What most people wouldn’t even consider doing, became second nature to Rhodes.

Photo by Jim Coarse, Moonloop Photography


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

It wasn’t unusual for him to eat his lunch 13 stories up looking down. But now, he admits, he prefers eating in his truck. Eventually, he decided to start his own business. He doesn’t do high rises anymore. Now he goes no higher than four stories. “One day I just decided to start my own business,” he explained. “I bought business cards and a truck. And of course I had to have insurance. It wasn’t easy, but I persisted and it grew. I learned how to build a relationship with people and I was honest and intent on doing a good job.” He spoke fondly of Jim and Miriam Herr, founders of Herr Foods. He still works for Herr Foods today. “They really helped me when I started my business. I met Jim one day at the Wawa and handed him a business card. He told me to see his wife, because she made all

the decisions. I went to their house and gave her an estimate for cleaning their house. She told me the estimate was too low. She said I wouldn’t survive long if I didn’t charge enough. So I gave her another, higher estimate. And 20 years later I still work for Herr Foods. I’d rather give you a fair price, and keep you. I do outstanding work because I want to keep your business,” he explained. “I want to keep working and know if I’m fair and honest I will.” When asked if the pandemic slowed him down, he said that it was quite the opposite. “When I first started, people didn’t always appreciate what I did,” he said. “Now, with COVID, cleaning has become very important. Now a clean workplace saves lives. I have gone into the janitorial part of cleaning businesses, doing offices, and in the current climate

people appreciate what we do more. They know a clean office is very important during this pandemic.” Rhodes works in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. He says he probably does 90 percent of the windows in Oxford. He also does a lot of work in Kennett Square. And when he is not keeping his part of the world cleaner, he can be found singing and playing the guitar. So if you see him cleaning the windows in a town near you, listen carefully. You may hear his beautiful voice, too. If you need his services you can contact Bob Rhodes at: Bob’s Window & Cleaning Service 21 Kimble Road Nottingham, PA 19362 610-932-4418 Or email him at: bobswindowandcleaning@gmail.com

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The Ugly Mutt keeps its dedi loyal following with quality fo good service By Marcella Peyre-Ferry Contributing Writer A great staff and loyal customers are the biggest assets of The Ugly Mutt, a popular restaurant and bar in Oxford. The distinctive building at 562 Lincoln St. was built by Clifford Cheadle in 1947 as the Rose Bowl Hotel. It has been a local feature under a variety of names, including The Country Pub, The Yellow Dog, and, since

2011, The Ugly Mutt. In 2018, Krista and Shane Supplee purchased the business. Krista Supplee was a special education teacher for almost 30 years, but degenerative bone issues and back surgeries left her looking for something different. “I felt I was doing the students a disservice continuing to work there because if there were a crisis I was limited in my physical abilities,” she said. “I

decided I wanted to be in hospitality, to be around a lot of happy people.” It took the Supplees about two years of viewing multiple properties before they found The Ugly Mutt. Krista Supplee explained, “When we came to the Mutt we came back five times incognito because everyone here was so amazing. Everyone here was always laughing, always so friendly and the food was amazing. We thought this cannot be

Photography by Jim Coarse / Moonloop Photography The Supplees with some of their staff.


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

dedicated, y food and this perfect – let’s go back again. We came back five times and each experience was better than the last, so we said, ‘OK this is the place we want to purchase.’” To get the place in tip-top shape, the Supplees redid the parking lot, installed all new windows and totally renovated the 10-room hotel upstairs. This included painting walls and ceilings and replacing all the bed frames, mattresses, blinds, Continued on Page 91

Andrea Gillinger, long time employee.

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Ugly Mutt Continued from Page 91 and floors. They acquired antique bureau drawers, and redid the hotel bathroom. Despite all these renovations, The Ugly Mutt retains its reported spirit of a man in a hat who allegedly haunts the building by starting music in the middle of the night, banging doors, and is occasionally seen. The transition in ownership has been such a smooth one that patrons may not have noticed. “The staff welcomed us with open arms, taking us under their wing. They had to educate us in terms of learning the business. They made it very easy. I had worked in hospitality for many years and I also bartended,” Supplee said. “We came here to be support. The place runs itself. We have such a great staff, they make our job easy.” Through all its incarnations, some things have remained the same about the restaurant and bar. From the beginning, the food has been of a consistently high quality, with the same chef, Kathy Slauch, Continued on Page 94


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Ugly Mutt Continued from Page 92 in charge of the kitchen working alongside her son and nephew. Through four owners and more than 32 years, Slauch has been serving great food that keeps people coming back for more. “Wings are our number-one product, along with our burgers. We serve black angus burgers -that makes our burgers a lot different from other people’s burgers. They are not frozen, they are served fresh,” Slauch said. “We do boneless and bone-in wings, and we have four or five different flavors.” The Ugly Mutt offers the best in comfort food, especially soup, ribs, sandwiches and appetizers. Everything is fresh and flavorful and made to order. “If our customers come in and want something special, we’ll take care of them,” Slauch said. While the bar is closed due to COVID-19 regulations, you can enjoy a drink with your meal served at one of the tables. The Ugly Mutt has over 20 brands of bottled beer on ice for that extra cold experience. The most popular food items include jumbo wings (wing night every Monday from 4 to 9 p.m.), BBQ ribs, burgers, Cajun perogies, blackened chicken salad, and crab dip.

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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At the time of this writing, restaurant capacity is now 75 percent, but customers keep coming, and if you do not want to eat in, you can order your meal to take out. “We have been doing a lot more take-out. We have a line waiting outside,” Supplee said. “We do our best to serve them and get them in and out of here happy.” The wait staff includes lead server and new server trainer Andrea Gillinger. In addition to being a long-time server, she is also a veteran teacher in the Oxford Area School District. Between those two occupations it sometimes seems that everyone who comes into the Ugly Mutt recognizes her. “I think I know 95 percent of the customers who come in by name,” she said. “We have to be a little more creative due to Covid,” Gillinger said. “We try to keep everybody happy. We have a loyal customer base. People don’t mind waiting because they know the food is Continued on Page 96


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Ugly Mutt Continued from Page 95

going to be high quality.” The pandemic has forced some changes, including a reductions in personnel while those who are working through the situation have had to adjust to new challenges. “We have always cross-trained our new staff, which has proven to be a great deal of help since COVID19 restrictions closed the bar area,” Supplee said. “At this point, our servers can tend bar and vice versa, our cooks can wash dishes, our dishwasher can cook and clean, our cleaners also wash dishes, etc. The flexibility of our staff goes above and beyond any and all of our expectations.” The Ugly Mutt draws a wide clientele from Oxford and as far as Maryland and Delaware. “We get a little bit of everything,” Gillinger said. “We get families. Under normal circumstances, we get a lot of sports teams. It’s a little different now, but we still have a dedicated, loyal following. It’s like your traditional hometown bar, everyone knows everyone.” Looking forward, the changes the Supplees have made are helping ensure this Oxford favorite will continue to be the spot patrons love. She said, “I feel like the building has come a long way in terms of how it started and all the different faces it’s seen in terms of owners. I feel that

it’s only going to get better. We’re going to just keep up what we’re doing and get our ideas and changes for the future from what our customers and our staff tell us.” The Ugly Mutt has been involved in the community even through the Continued on Page 98

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Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Shane, Krista and their daughter Ada Mae

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Ugly Mutt Continued from Page 96 pandemic, including supporting local organizations. “We have a lot of sports groups calling up for donations, we have Lincoln University ordering from us once or twice a week for the baseball team or the track team. They have been a really good support for us,” Supplee said. “The loyalty of the community has really just touched our hearts and the fact that the staff is here sticking with us through all this has been wonderful.” Once COVID-19 restrictions ease, entertainment at the Ugly Mutt will return with bands, soloists, Jazz night karaoke and comedy night. And as the weather improves, the large deck will be open to seat up to 40 people. “That has really helped us as well. The deck is a big, happy spot for a lot of people,” Supplee said. “We’re anticipating the spring and summer as time to catch up.”


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

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Family Promise of Southern Chester County: There’s no place like home Family Promise of Southern Chester County is a community initiative that offers a unique solution to the growing problem of family homelessness in Southern Chester County. Family Promise, in partnership with local organizations, congregations and over 800 volunteers, provide families experiencing homelessness crucial basic necessities, such as meals and shelter, in addition many social services -- 365 days a year and at no cost to the families. Family Promise provides hope and stability and keeps families together while they search for sustainable housing.


Spring/Summer 2021 | Volume 46

Family Promise is guided by the core belief that every child deserves a home. Teamwork, ingenuity and flexibility are the hallmarks driving us forward, even during the most unprecedented of times. Sadly, the need for our services is growing as families living on the edge of homelessness were hard hit by the pandemic. Our “new reality” may have temporarily changed the way we serve families, but also opens the door to many new possibilities. Family Promise will walk beside our neighbors in need until every child in Southern Chester County has a home! To learn more about how you can become a member of our family of volunteers that

give generously of their time, talent and treasure, visit www.familypromisescc. org or search @familypromisescc on Facebook. Donations of all kinds are greatly appreciated. Please contact the office regarding the specific type of goods that are needed, or see our wishlist on Amazon.com. Online giving can be made by visiting our website, www. familypromisescc.org For more information, contact Liberty Breen, Development Manager, at 610444-0400 or lbreen@familypromisescc. org. Please mail checks to: Family Promise of Southern Chester County, PO Box 394, Kennett Square, PA 19348.

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