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HOLIDAY CLOSURE Adelaide PHN Office will be closed 20 Dec 2018 - 4 Jan 2019

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Highlights 2017-18 2017/18 ANNUAL REPORT HIGHLIGHTS Running total of over






Primary Mental Health OVER




Alcohol & Other Drugs

Primary Health Care Support PRACTICE SUPPORT



primary health care enquiries supported



Aboriginal Health

visits to primary health care providers






primary health care provider visits


community and provider events

41,028 28% care coordination services

CTG clients

new referrals

We collaborate with over



10,026 83%

support worker services

HEALTH PROFESSIONALS regularly via our publications


PERSONAL INTERACTIONS with our community


A MESSAGE FROM OUR It does feel a bit strange writing my end of calendar year, Christmas message in early November – being one of those that defends Christmas starts in December! However as always, it’s a great time to reflect on how quickly the months and years go by and concurrently on how much we have achieved as we draw to the close of our fourth calendar year and three and a half years of operation! Individually and collectively we pay attention to the things we didn’t get done and the things we could have done better – an excellent process if used for internal reflection and learning. I always think we should and absolutely MUST focus on spending more time recognising, praising and reflecting on what we, and others, have done well and how we want to improve, expand and repeat those successes. The Christmas period brings with it a sense of peace, a celebration of family and friends and thanks for what we have. We also know that this is not the case for everyone, there are many in our community who can’t share these sentiments and individually and collectively we need to remember and support those people too. To support that concept I would, once again, like to take this time (and space!) to most sincerely thank each and every one of you for the part YOU


play, individually and collectively in helping to improve the health outcomes of our community and to improve the personal experience of our service sector. Adelaide Primary Health Network (PHN) is very proud of the role we play in facilitating and encouraging collaboration, integration and innovation. We HAVE with your help, brought our stakeholders together, at every level – the people who access our services, the people who provide them, the families, carers and friends who care for those that need assistance and those that have the privilege of running the many organisations that we partner with. Our metropolitan community has sat with us, listened to us and provided us with in depth feedback, ideas, inspiration, passion and commitment. You have provided us with the pillars and themes for our Strategic Plan, you provide us with thoughtful analysis of what could be done better or differently, you continue to remind us that it is the person that needs to be at the centre of our focus – not dollars. You have wholeheartedly embraced the “quality and effectiveness

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before efficiency” mantra that is, if you concentrate your focus on quality and effectiveness then efficiency (or return on investment, cost….) will naturally flow. You patiently (despite frustrations!) listen to us and work with us to build the capacity of the services you provide, to consider different ways of doing things, to collaborate, form networks and communities of practice and integrate the many great services we have. You continue to uphold our determined focus on person reported experiences and outcomes as the ONLY measure that is a true indicator of change and success! With all of the fabulous collaboration, networking, communities of practice, feedback and input -together we have co-designed and, in some cases, coresourced innovative service solutions to address our identified priority areas

of need. Check out our Annual Report and our highlights page on our website for all the fabulous activity that is underway! So collaboratively we have implemented 64 new primary health care services this year for an overall tally of 160 services which is further testament to the benefit we are providing to our community. Of course I also need to once again, sincerely thank our Adelaide PHN team (our staff and Board) for their loyalty, commitment, dedication, expertise and passion. Without each of you and your individual and collective, collaborative and passionate input – we would not have been able to achieve, and reflect on, the successes we have had! I know I speak for each and everyone of our Adelaide PHN team when I say – Have a happy and joyful Christmas break, reflect and enjoy time with your loved ones – we look forward to a bright and shiny 2019 and continuing to work with you in to the future! Warm regards Deb



As of 1 October 2018, anyone within the Adelaide Metropolitan area who is seeking access to mental health support via phone and web chat has been able to contact the Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS). LETSS is delivered by Links to Wellbeing and funded by Adelaide PHN. The service is designed to provide information on mental health topics and support people with mental health challenges, as well as their carers, family and friends to navigate the mental health system. The service is being delivered by experienced peer workers between the hours of 5:00pm – 11:30pm, 365 days a year. Anyone accessing the service can choose to remain anonymous. The trained peer workers have a personal lived experience of recovery and managing challenges to their mental health or caring for someone with mental health challenges. They will draw on this experience of recovery in providing non-clinical support and understanding of the caller’s unique experience. A unique aspect of the LETSS is the follow up and wellbeing check service. Scheduled follow ups and wellbeing checks can be arranged for individuals after they have been discharged from the hospital or other mental health services. Peer workers are also able to provide follow ups to facilitate connection to services. Access to the service via • free-call number: 1800 013 755 • web-chat from the Links to Wellbeing website Links and more information: E | P | 1800 013 755 W |

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SAVE THE DATE Adelaide PHN and Country SA PHN are proud to present




Integration, Innovation, Collaboration in Primary Health

COLLABORATION Friday 14 & Saturday 15 June 2019 Adelaide Convention Centre

25–74 years old

CERVICAL screening




A simple test could save your life. Talk to your GP about cancer screening today.

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Adelaide PHN has teamed up with Country SA PHN, Cancer Council SA and SA Health to launch a new campaign which encourages South Australians to get screened and get on with living. This campaign aims to raise awareness about screening, influence attitudes towards screening and encourage South Australians to have a conversation with their GP about cancer screening – a key influencer in the uptake of screening behaviours. The campaign was launched on 28 October 2018 across South Australian radio, newspapers and social media.

BEHIND THE CAMPAIGN... CANCER SCREENING Early detection of cancer improves health outcomes, reduces overall costs to the health system and – most importantly – saves lives. For women diagnosed with breast cancer, the risk of death was 42% lower among those diagnosed through screening versus those who had never screened. 90% of all bowel cancers can be successfully treated if caught early, and recent Cancer Council research shows that through a combination of the new Cervical Screening Test and the HPV vaccination, cervical cancer is set...



A simple test could save your life. Talk to your GP about cancer screening today.

25–74 years old

CERVICAL screening







A simple test could save your life. Talk to your GP about cancer screening today.

50–74 years old







50–74 years old screening



A simple test could save your life. Talk to your GP about cancer screening today.

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...BEHIND THE CAMPAIGN be virtually eradicated in Australia by 2035.

joined together to invest in a state-wide promotional campaign.

Despite this, many of us are still putting off routine cancer screening. In 2015-2016, less than half of eligible people completed their free, athome bowel screening test, around a third of eligible women didn’t have a mammogram and 40 percent of eligible women didn’t have a Cervical Screening Test.

The partners worked with James Rickard - writer and creative director of the infamous Barossa Be Consumed video - to design the campaign concepts, video, and promotional plan.

It’s statistics like this that highlight just how important changing our screening behaviours are, and is why we’re launching this new campaign encouraging South Australians to take advantage of the free screening tests available to them.

Promotion of cancer screening is often framed negatively and fatalistically – “If you don’t get screened, you could die”.

A NEW APPROACH The campaign was brought about by a partnership between Adelaide PHN, Country SA PHN, and Cancer Council SA. This campaign marks the first time that the partner organisations have

Together, the team wanted to take a new approach to cancer screening messaging.

Get Screened and Get on with Living’s message focuses on the positive – reframing cancer screening as something to not be feared and delayed, but instead as an achievable task that once accomplished means people can focus on celebrating life.



Dr John Cross / The Honourable Stephen Wade, Minister for Health and Wellbeing awarding runner up Primary Health Care Award to Trojan’s Trek

Welcome to Country / Executive Management, The Honourable Stephen Wade Minister for Health and Wellbeing and Board Member Nick Vlachoulis

Adelaide PHN’s Community Advisory Council Members

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On 20 October 2018, close to 200 staff, stakeholders and community members joined together at Adelaide PHN’s Annual Dinner. Held at The Pullman, the night was a time to network as well as reflect on our achievements over the last year and celebrate the great work of our commissioned service providers. Sincere thanks to Global Health - our Platinum sponsors for the evening.


PRIMARY HEALTH CARE AWARDS Adelaide PHN’s Primary Health Care Awards are designed to celebrate outstanding achievement by our commissioned service providers in improving the health and wellbeing of our community across the Adelaide metropolitan region.


IMPROVING ACCESS & EQUITY FIRST PRIZE | CASSA For their collaborative working relationship with the Flinders Wellbeing Centre which has increased capacity to deliver group programs and individual support to client’s in a spacious and welcoming location in the Northern suburbs. The program demonstrates exemplary culturally appropriate service delivery by using innovative approaches to coordinate care by working closely with its partners to best meet the needs of the community.

RUNNER UP PRIZE | headspace Port Adelaide For their work in creating a suite of free resources for a youth-specific Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills group for young people with emerging Borderline Personality Disorder. The program addresses systemic and structural barriers to care for people living with BPD, while also using innovative and person centered approaches to coordinate care and support clients.


INTEGRATION & COLLABORATION FIRST PRIZE | Links to Wellbeing For their work in establishing partnerships with the homelessness sector to create an innovate approach to providing low intensity mental health services to people currently or recently experiencing homelessness. The program demonstrated an effective partnership by working across systems, sectors and services, streamlining referral processes and sharing of resources, while focused on person centered outcomes.

RUNNER UP PRIZE | SAHMRI For their Aboriginal Chronic Disease Consortium Coordination Centre. Their Consortium is a partnership of government and non-government organisations and agencies which envisages reducing the impact of chronic disease experienced by Aboriginal people in South Australia through the delivery of collaborative, wellcoordinated, evidence-based strategies. The Consortium facilitates health system improvements while at the same time placing emphasis on the empowerment of the Aboriginal community.

The Honourable Stephen Wade, Minister for Health and Wellbeing awarding a Primary Health Care Award to Links to Wellbeing (top) and Developing Minds (bottom left) CASSA with their Primary Health Care Award

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HEALTH PROMOTION & EARLY INTERVENTION FIRST PRIZE | Developing Minds For their Calm Kids Central Program - an online resource for children with emotional, social and behavioural challenges, their families and the professionals who work with them. This program uses multipronged, multi-media approach to engage with children and their parents by providing tools, information, education and support, including animated videos, online tools, video courses and increased access to child psychology.

RUNNER UP PRIZE | TROJAN’S TREK FOUNDATION For their six day live-in peer outdoor support therapy (POST) course to assist male and female veterans who have been adversely affected by their service. The Trojan’s Trek program demonstrates an innovate and complementary service to traditional interventions which supports and empowers individuals to make positive life decisions and to be a connected and resilient member of the community




From Burton in our north to Reynella in the south, the 18 Adelaide PHN Health Care Home (HCH) practices are leading the country in terms of engagement and patient enrolment. Of all national HCH enrolments, 23% are from the Adelaide PHN region; a testament to how diligently these practices have worked to investigate this trial model of care. As enrolments increase both practices and patients the people at the centre of health care - are reporting very positive feedback.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT THIS MODEL OF CARE? HCH offers a model of care that is designed to fit with the constraints and pressures of a person’s life and health status, rather than trying to dictate how a patient should fit the health system. The HCH model aims to increase access, flexibility, and coordination of care. A practical example is the introduction of shared electronic care plans viewed and contributed to by all members of a person’s care team. Another example is email communication with practices in relation to routine care needs - from ongoing scripting, a phone service monitored by the HCH team and regular phone calls from the practice to patients in need of monitoring.

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WE ASKED A PARTICIPATING PRACTICE MANAGER HOW THEY THOUGHT THE TRIAL WAS GOING & THIS IS WHAT HE SAID... Two of our practices (Reynella Family Care and McIntyre Medical Centre) enrolled as a HCH provider in February 2018. Whilst there was commitment toward the program, the process of designing the work flow and internal procedures were slow. We enrolled our first patient in July, a good five moths after signing-up for the pilot. After confidence levels grew, we enrolled over 300 patients across both practices within eight weeks. We now have nine doctors enrolling patients and are enthused with the prospect of being able to extend additional care initiatives to patients. We have three group care initiatives that are being run with the support of the HCH funding model and all very well received. Patients appreciate the VIP attention. The two practices have designed a ‘key card’ with a hot line number and dedicated email address - this enhanced level of access is appreciated. The enhanced role of the nurses and medical assistants in the care of HCH patients has proved to be an impetus to greater staff engagement and desire to increase personal skills and competencies. We are continuing to refine our processes as we progress and remain optimistic as to the desired outcomes of the pilot project.” Kevin Gray, Chief Operations Officer and Business Development Manager, Australian Family Care Group

MEMBERSHIP UPDATES A WARM WELCOME August 2018 was an exciting time for the Adelaide PHN’s Membership with ten new members taking up positions on the Clinical Council and 13 on the Community Advisory Councils. Adelaide PHN welcomes all new members and is excited by the diversity of skills and perspectives they will bring to our membership groups. We would like to acknowledge all continuing members for their ongoing contribution to our organisation and we look forward to working with you in the coming year. Northern Clinical Council Dr Jaiveer Krishnan . Dr Deepa Taranath . Keyvan Abak Central Clinical Council Amanda Shields . Fiona Fallo . Mel Ottaway Southern Clinical Councils Casey Franchi . Julie Peacock . Meredith Woolsey . Jeanette Stott Northern Community Advisory Council Elias Kabura . Chloe Seager . Nicole Bowering . Lynn Charlesworth Sonia Mangelson . Leanne Gaupin Central Community Advisory Council Anthony Sangster . Grant Dolejs . Cameron Carroll . Sue Gilby Southern Community Advisory Council Sue Jarrad . Jiamin Xu . Tricia Dame

GOODBYE Special thanks go to the following members whose terms on our Councils have now concluded. Their commitment and contributions have certainly been valued by Adelaide PHN. Sincere thanks to: Dr Richard Johns . Chris Wigg . Debra Rowett Jacqui Lance . Jana Isemonger . Simone Hunter

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A NEW ABORIGINAL CAC Adelaide PHN has commenced the Aboriginal Community Advisory Council (CAC) for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people residing in metropolitan Adelaide. Thursday 25 October 2018 marked the first meeting of this council. We are delighted to welcome members Tanya Hunter, Frank Wanganeen, Rodney O’Brien, Jacob Keeler, Clinton Bennell, BriannahMarie Kemp, Patricia Waria-Read and Susan Dixon. The role of the Aboriginal CAC is to enable broad representation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members in the Adelaide PHN region, and provide a community perspective to the Adelaide PHN Board. CACs support Adelaide PHN to develop local strategies to improve the health care system for community members and facilitate effective primary health care provision. A central role of the group will be to provide advice and assistance in the development of our community engagement framework. We look forward to working with the group and are grateful for their participation as we grow our engagement with community and deepen our understanding of issues which impact their health and wellbeing.

COLLABORATION HUBS As part of our formal membership groups, Adelaide PHN facilitates a Health Priority Network (HPN). The HPN is a mechanism to connect health professionals with each other and with the PHN. In August, the HPN came together around three important topic areas (referred to as hubs) - Mental Health, Health Literacy and Reconciliation. The Reconciliation Hub focussed on building and encouraging relationships across the primary health sector to support reconciliation activities. The session started with participants taking time to reflect and consider historical impacts on local and national reconciliation before moving on to the sharing of reconciliation activity experiences. This Hub will re-form in November 2018 to enable further sharing of ideas around organisational and worker level action to support Reconciliation activities. The Health Literacy Hub looked at building the capacity of participants to support their organisation to become more health literate. Those involved explored the attributes that contribute to making a health literate organisation and considered actions that

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Photo | The Reconciliation Hub in full swing

could lead to positive changes. This Hub will reform within six months to consider a new localised tool currently being developed by Adelaide PHN titled ‘A Checklist for Health Literate Organisations’, which is based on a resource developed by North Coast PHN. During the Mental Health Hub, participants took the opportunity to identify one measurable action that each member organisation could take to improve care coordination, integration and navigation of mental health services. Those involved agreed that developing a Charter and/ or Integrated Referral Standards was the preferred area of focus in the immediate future. Adelaide PHN will soon take this concept to the SA Mental Health Commission to identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

FIND OUT MORE For more information about Adelaide PHN’s membership please visit our website at:

QUARTLERY UPDATE Further information on Adelaide PHN activities can be found in the Quarterly Update (November).

PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT CONSULTATIONS Adelaide PHN has recently conducted community consultations, including two surveys to inform how we design the National Psychosocial Support (NPS) measure for the Adelaide region. The NPS measure provides funding for people whose lives are severely affected by a mental illness to achieve their personal goals. It is designed for people who are not more appropriately supported through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It will help those who will benefit from support with relationships, social activities, everyday tasks, accessing services and achieving personal goals, ensuring these people don’t miss out on crucial support. The consultations aimed to: • discover the challenges and issues involved in using and accessing effective and culturally appropriate support services. • determine what are the most important type of support services for clients and why and how they should be delivered.

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Photo | Group work at a recent Enzyme Workshop

The consultations and engagement with the sector will inform Adelaide PHN’s needs assessment for the NPS measure and future commissioning of services. Adelaide PHN will continue working with key partners to help address the implementation of the NPS measure in a flexible and carefully planned way, which complements continuing and new State investment in psychosocial support and does not duplicate support available from existing programs, including those transitioning to the NDIS. If you have any further enquiries, please contact Ismael Lara at Adelaide PHN on 8219 5900.



Adelaide PHN wishes to congratulation our Service and Clinical Governance Sub Committee member, Dr Paul Scown who was awarded the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association’s (AHHA) 2018 Sidney Sax medal at the 42nd IHF World Hospital Congress gala dinner in Brisbane in October. The medal is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and improvement of the Australian healthcare system in the field of health services policy, organisation, delivery and research. The award recognises Dr Scown’s lifetime commitment to the development and improvement of the Australian healthcare system to the benefit of all Australians. Find out more about AHHA at:

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Adelaide PHN’s My Health Record (MyHR) team have been busy these past eight months delivering face-to-face information sessions to community. We’ve had a lot of success, conversations and interactions while delivering information sessions to the good people of Adelaide. Since July 2018, the team has delivered 127 information sessions to local peak bodies, non-government organisations, and community groups. Accessibility has been a fous of the team; with the assistance of translators this team recently delivered a MyHR information session in English, Vietnamese and Mandarin for the Vietnamese Women’s Association.



The opt-out period for the MyHR ends 15 November 2018. If you have chosen not to opt-out, a MyHR will be automatically created for you by 31 December 2018. If you have opted out, your information will be removed during the reconciliation period and no record will be created for you. The Commonwealth Government Senate’s Inquiry into the MyHR report was released 18 October 2018 and can be accessed here.

More information about MyHR can be found at:

HEALTHPATHWAYS SOUTH AUSTRALIA The HealthPathways South Australia team has been out and about demonstrating the benefits of the online tool to clinical practice. HealthPathways is a one stop shop for all the information health professionals need including assessment, diagnostic criteria, clinical management, referral information for services and relevant patient resources. It was great to have our GP Clinical Editors Dr Muazzam Rifat, Dr Chris Moy and Dr Katrina Couchman from our metro and country regions on board at our exhibition table at the GPTEC Conference in September to talk to delegates about HealthPathways. Dr Muazzam Rifat was also invited to present on HealthPathways at the Mood Disorders Workshop – a collaboration between Adelaide PHN and SALHN Mental Health Services. Dr Rifat demonstrated the online tool for the mental health pathways that are currently in development and how this could contribute to improved integrated mood disorder pathways for people with complex and severe mood and related disorders across southern Adelaide. Dr Helena Williams (GP Clinical Editor HealthPathways SA) presented on HealthPathways at the Adelaide PHN funded CPD event run by Sonder in October 2018 on Otitis Media. Dr Williams demonstrated the Otitis Media pathway and attracted much interest in the tool. Health professionals can access this pathway now via the online portal. If you do not already have a log in register for one today.

Visit the project site at:

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GET INVOLVED UPCOMING CONSULTATIONS Consultation is a key part of the HealthPathways process where South Australian GPs, practice nurses, health professionals and service providers are invited to consult on draft clinical and service referral pathways prior to publication. Check out all upcoming consultations and register your interest in being involved for any of the pathways today (see link on previous page)!

ROUND TABLE WORKSHOP FOR GENERAL PRACTITIONERS Adelaide PHN is hosting a round table workshop facilitated by Enzyme to give GPs working in the Adelaide metropolitan region an opportunity to provide feedback. Specifically, what you want us to be doing to support general practice and how we can enhance the relationship between primary, acute and tertiary care? The workshop will follow the Enzyme methodology, to ensure that individual’s comments are not identifiable and that all feedback is kept confidential. In recognition of time and input, GPs will receive $75 payment for participation. Wednesday 21 November 2018 | 5:45pm - 8:45PM The Jarmer Room, Jarmers Kitchen, Bowden RSVP and more information at

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R ON A C TI rimary

f p ross C o t A ligh s ac n igh tivite regio h a ac aide e r ca Adel the

Media Release


15 October 2018 KNOW WHEN Think you have anxiety? People won’t judge. Take the quiz. IS TALKING CAMPAIGN Beyond Blue is encouraging people to take a quiz to check their mental health as a new survey reveals people are more accepting of anxiety conditions than many believe.

DidResearch you has know, that almost three people anxiety found that seven out of tentwo peoplein have never taken a simpleexperiencing online anxiety quiz toan assess their anxiety.believe Anxiety is theothers most common health condition Australia. condition seemental anxiety as a insign of personal weakness? The Beyondshows Blue anxiety checklist canthat be found here: however, the vast majority of people in Australia are checklist. more accepting of anxiety conditions than many believe. It replicates the clinically valid GAD-7 anxiety assessment, a quick seven-question quiz that lets you know whether you may be experiencing an anxiety condition serious enough to require professional support.

Discover what people are really thinking when it comes to anxiety at Evidence shows that perceptions of stigma remain a barrier to many people getting support when they need it.

Almost two in three people experiencing an anxiety condition believe others see anxiety as a sign of personal weakness. However, a snapshot survey of more than 800 people - commissioned by Beyond Blue - shows people in Australia are more accepting of anxiety conditions than many believe. Results show: • • •

90 percent believe an anxiety condition is a real medical illness 86 percent say they do not consider anxiety a weakness 86 percent don’t believe anxiety is something you can just snap out of.

“We know that a big barrier for people seeking support can be stigma, including personal fear and shame, yet the research tells us that when it comes to anxiety, people are far more understanding than we may think,” Beyond Blue CEO Georgie Harman said. “Anxiety is not a sign of personal weakness and most people in Australia know that,” Ms Harman said. “It is a real condition and it’s not something you can snap out of. The majority of people in Australia accept this,” Ms Harman said. “We want people experiencing to know they need not feel alone or misunderstood – that people Visit |anxiety will believe them and not judge, and want to support them. “And we want people to realise that reaching out for support shouldn’t be a source of shame.” “The Beyond Blue anxiety checklist is a great place to start and it’s on the Beyond Blue website along with a number of other resources.” Beyond Blue today launches its latest campaign to lift the veil on anxiety. Its tagline is: “What you’re thinking isn’t what they’re thinking”.

SUPPORTING PEOPLE LIVING WITH MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS will help you understand what the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is and how it can support people living with a mental health condition. If you live with a mental health condition, you may be able to get NDIS funded support if your mental health condition causes you to experience very high levels of ‘psychosocial disability’. Before understanding the NDIS it is important to understand what psychosocial disability is. Visit the website today:

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REVOLUTIONISING TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH DEMENTIA A new global study, led by the University of Melbourne, is bringing music in as medicine to treat people with dementia and depression If you know or care for someone living with dementia and want to help make this happen watch the video or learn more at the below link. Visit the website at:

How’s your mental health? Check your mental health with Beyond Blue’s online mental health checklist. Find the survey: 15 October 2018


Think you have anxiety? People

Beyond Blue is encouraging people to take a q people are more accepting of anxiety conditio

Research has found that seven out of ten peop


TINNITUS TREATMENT Affordable and accessible treatment for tinnitus sufferers - using digital technology - has been designed by an ENT specialist doctor in Adelaide.

Tinnitus is a sound you hear in the absence of an external sound source.

Tinnitus is a sound you hear in the absence of an external sound source. No one else can hear the tinnitus. It is not a condition, but rather a symptom (such as a headache) of your auditory system. As an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist, Dr John Charles Hodge has developed an affordable and accessible treatment for tinnitus sufferers and as a result, has designed a tinnitus treatment app and website. “As an ENT specialist working in Adelaide, I have over 20 years of experience as a doctor”, says Dr John Charles Hodge. “I have become increasingly frustrated over the years with the medical profession’s inability to successfully treat tinnitus, a condition that affects over 20% of the adult population”. As a result, Dr Hodge has created an app that treats tinnitus in a way that most people will be familiar with without realising. It uses a concept called neuromodulation. When a child falls over and bumps his forehead, he soon figures out that rubbing it makes the pain less severe. This is counter-intuitive but works well as the brain reacts by turning down the gain in this anatomical area for all sensory inputs, including the pain. Hence this unpleasant pain sensation dulls.

Adelaide PHN Connect | Page 33

“As this tinnitus treatment is based on neuromodulation, no clinic visits are required. It involves you identifying your frequency, listening with your headphones and receiving advice from me on how well you are doing. You are also able to track your progress online. My goal is to make tinnitus treatment affordable and accessible to everyone, no matter what your personal circumstances are or where you live�. Visit the website today:


MENTAL HEALTH REDESIGN The latest news about the NALHN Community Mental Health Redesign Project is available via this newsletter. Find out how community consultation has been implemented and information about next steps including the service planning phase of this project. Click here to read more.

SA CERVIX SCREENING PROGRAM CLINIC EXTENSION GRANTS 2018/19 GUIDELINES SA Cervix Screening Program (SACSP) Clinic Extension Grants of up to $5,000 are now available. This funding is available to increase the reach of cervical screening clinics over a specified period of time, by enabling existing cervical screening providers to extend clinic hours or support outreach clinics to screen women who are overdue or who have never been screened. Please note: organisations which already receive government funding for services that include cervical screening are not eligible to apply. Applications close COB Friday 7 December 2018. View the guidelines via SA Health’s Cervical Screening Grants page or by clicking here.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM GRANTS 2018/19 GUIDELINES SA Cervix Screening Program (SACSP) Strategic Partnership grants of up to $5,000 are now available. This funding is available to plan, implement and evaluate cervical cancer education and prevention projects that target underscreened and marginalised women in the community and facilitate increased participation in cervical screening. Applications close COB Friday 7 December 2018. View the guidelines via SA Health’s Cervical Screening Grants page or by clicking here.

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NATIONAL EATING DISORDERS HELPLINE Australia’s eating disorders tele-health service, the Butterfly Foundation’s National Helpline, which receives more than 12,000 consumer contacts a year, is calling for more practitioners and services with a basic understanding of eating disorders to apply to be on their database. Eating disorders affect more than 9% of Australians in their lifetime, and the rate is increasing – resulting in greater need for health services that understand how to treat this serious mental illness. “It can be a challenge for those contacting the helpline to find practitioners that have an understanding of eating disorders, which can result in them disengaging from the help-seeking process,” said Amelia Trinick, Acting Manager, Butterfly National Helpline. “This is why the Butterfly National Helpline refers people experiencing eating disorders and their families onto health services or practitioners we have screened for a basic understanding of eating disorders,” said Ms Trinick. General Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Dietitians, Counsellors, Dentists, other clinicians and allied health practitioners from private, public and community services with a basic understanding of treating eating disorders are encouraged to find out more and apply via the website below. Visit the website and find out more at:

NATIONAL GESTATIONAL DIABETES REGISTER GP FEEDBACK SOUGHT Diabetes Australia is currently reviewing the NDSS National Gestational Diabetes Register. The Register provides diabetes screening reminders to women who have had GDM and their GP. To improve how we deliver the Register, we are seeking GP feedback. Visit the below link to complete a short survey by 16 November 2018:

TAKE A SIMPLE DRIVE TO A HEALTHIER LIFE Melbourne-based GP, Dr Roger Smith, has written an entertaining easy to read book on personal health. The book utilises a car maintenance theme to provide essential simple information for the average person looking to improve their health. Dr Smith’s book ‘Take a Simple Drive to a Healthier Life’ is available FREE for you or your patients via the iBooks app on Apple devices.

at 3pm

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Carl Crossin and the Elder Conse Carl Crossin and the Elder Conser The Heathfield High School Drum The Heathfield High School Drum C Aloysius Leeson Flamenco Dance Aloysiuskeynote Leeson speaker Flamenco Dancer Featuring Poco Tutti Professor Poco TuttiMichelle Simmons

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AUSTRALIAN Australian of the Year 2018 OF THE YEAR DATE: your seat! LUNCHEON DATE: Monday 26th November November Monday 26th Featuring keynoteTIME: speaker t the Australia Day Council TIME: 11:45am arrival for a 12pm start;

a table of 10, dual tickets

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Local job vacancies in the Primary Health Care Industry are advertised via the ‘Careers’ section of our website.

Adelaide PHN lists a large range of professionals developemnt sessions on our website under the What’s Happening tab.

This is a free service offered to health services & individuals in the Adelaide region.

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