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irshare The solution to rigid commercial airline schedules, long queues and limited space, without the full expense of a private jet.

Airshare Our Airshare Airshare Airshare


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Kitchen design quality | lasting value | a discrete and personal service Designing and installing perfect bulthaup kitchens for discerning clients across the South and the Channel Islands.

bulthaup by Stewart Carr design 1 The Broadway. Winchester. Hampshire. SO23 9BE T. 01962 849000. 2

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Amelia Earhart


Vacation Location


Aurora Borealis




Goodwood Revival




Passport to Style








Making Tracks



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Rolex Sydney Hobart Race


St Moritz snowy

An out of this world yacht


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The Most Elegant Four-Door Sports Cars the need to move away from their origins in order to


We send our congratulations to Craig Strike and his team at the brand new Porsche dealership in Portsmouth. The official opening was held on September 13th and was attended by Porsche GB Managing Director Chris Craft.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Introducing Manhattan Skytime

Manhattan Skytime is a modern solution to private jet travel

+44 (0)1252375500 hourly rate. As a Manhattan Skytime customer you deal directly

Jet Share programme.


“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.� Ernest Hemingway

Winter sun w i t h D u t y Fr e e Pa r a d i s e



elicious turquoise water as clear as polished glass glittering as the sunlight dances on the surface, stretches of brilliant white sandy beaches, home to exotic wildlife and precious protected sealife. Well I’m certainly not describing the little island of the United Kingdom, yet we can lay claim to the peaceful British Overseas Territory of the stunning Cayman Islands. Three perfect little islands that lay 480 miles south of Miami. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman

Cayman Brac

wrecks off the coast but the most recent one being a

Little Cayman


Tax Paradise Free The Cayman Islands are situated 480 miles south of Miami, 150 miles south of Cuba and 180 miles northwest of Jamaica. It has long been the pinnacle for tax free investments and is one of the worlds leading Offshore Financial Services Centres (OFC), making this one of the wealthiest places in the world.


Regardless of wealth, no-one on the islands pays income or corporation tax. There are only 2 taxes applied in the Cayman Islands:

from the UK), a Legislative Assembly, and a Cabinet.

common law and colonial and local statutes.

o The United Democratic Party (UDP) o People’s Progressive Movement (PPM)

Yacht and Aircraft Registration Advantages

are available worldwide


hilst every food that is derived from nature (rather than processed and packaged) might be considered a ‘Superfood’. Expert Vicki Edgson, a leading UK nutritionist looks at some that stand tall above the rest, for their nutritionally- packed content.


Figs and Dates

Seaweed these two fruits are considered some of the best natural and believed to be the only food left in the sea which has

Mango and Papaya

used in their green state to sweeten




Vicki Edgson, Leading UK Nutritionist,


Cashew and Brazil Nuts

adulterated by the mass market


Coconut – Water, Milk and Oil

buckwheat most often served in blinis with caviar or


Ultimate Long Range Air Travel

Picturing a private jet usually conjures up images of the relatively small “Learjet� but for some, this is simply not enough. We investigate the giants of the business jet market, suitable for those whose vocabulary does not include the word compromise and who need space, comfort and range. Of course they also need more than $60 million burning a hole in their pocket.


20% more height

Airbus ACJ Family Boeing BBJ Embraer Lineage


Gulfstream G650

Benefitting fr design, the A the flexibility t and cargo vo

Bombardier Global Express

320 omfort, ment.

Gulfstream G550

65% wider

Range (nm)

Cruising Speed (kts)

Cabin Height (m)

Cabin Width (m)

Cabin Length (m)

Cabin Volume (m3)

Triumph Sprint GT. All round entertainment

JOHN WALKER & SONS VOYAGER Immersing luxury consumers in a world of quality craftsmanship, heritage and modern innovation, and the launch of the new triple malt JOHN WALKER & SONS ODYSSEY. John Walker & Sons Voyager is a literal reproduction of an epic journey, which evokes the nautical and game-changing heritage of John Walker & Sons. Setting sail from Shanghai in September 2012, the docking at nine key ports of call and capturing the essence of a true odyssey.


Eurozone Interests Time to Seek Advice?

Kayleigh Driscoll of FTT Currency lends some advice on this current topic.

Euro Mortgages – What are my Options?

Planning on selling your property overseas?

Euro Investments – When to Sell? so you might have been watching the value of your


Amelia Earhart T

hroughout the history of mankind, there have been many inspirational people. There are some that do small things that inspire a collection of people, others, that do great things that inspire many people. Then, there are a select few, that do incredible things that inspire an entire population.

that would allow women to achieve the same feats as

On June 1st 1937, Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan departed from Miami and began the 29,000-mile journey. By June 29, when they landed in Lae, New Guinea, all but 7,000 miles had been completed. Frequently inaccurate their next hop--to Howland Island--was by far the most challenging. Located 2,556 miles from Lae in the midhalf mile wide. Every unessential item was removed from the plane to make room for additional fuel, which gave Earhart approximately 274 extra miles. The U.S. Coast Guard cutter Itasca, their radio contact, was stationed just offshore of Howland Island. Two other U.S. ships, ordered to burn every light on board, were positioned along the Earhart said. At 10am local time, zero Greenwich time on July 2, the pair took off. Despite favorable weather reports, showers. This made Noonan’s premier method of

glory than men for get more notoriety

the ITASCA to take bearings on her. The ITASCA sent her a steady stream of transmissions but she could not hear them. Her radio transmissions, irregular through must be on you, but we cannot see you. Fuel is running

fateful crash her Lockheed an adventure to


from Earhart. A $4million search and rescue was launched spanning a search area of 250,000 square miles of ocean. On July 19th the US government reluctantly called off the search. However, in memory of Amelia, a lighthouse was constructed on Howland Island in 1938.

Captured by the Japanese? An American spy? Ran out of fuel crashing into the ocean? Became castaways on an island before perishing‌.? ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean is also not

Artefacts have been found on the island that they believe

failed to note the errors made by the coastguard to

Aviation Public Relations

today and they hold tightly to their famous historic

one day we can lay to rest all the theories and

she rose to 14,000 feet 20hrs 40min (Fokker F7, Friendship)

July 7-8, 1933 - Broke her previous transcontinental

June 25, 1930 - Set women’s speed record for 100 kilometers with no load, and with a load of 500 kilograms

January 11, 1935 - First person to solo the 2,408-mile

July 5, 1930 - Set speed record for of 181.18mph over a 3K course April 8, 1931 - Set woman’s autogiro altitude record with 18,415 feet (in a Pitcairn autogiro)

wrote For The Fun of It about her journey 24

a two-way radio

The 99s – Inspiring Women Pilots Since 1929 With thousands of members across the globe their headquarters are based in

our unique history and sharing our


THE WORLD’S MOST REFINED AND CAPABLE LUXURY SUV World’s first SUV with a lightweight all-aluminium monocoque body structure Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK nd ro v e r . co m

The Yacht’s Bell B ell Helicopter showcased its corporate 429 helicopter on the helipad of the 220 ft (67.15m) Sea Axe fast yacht support Vessel Garçon 4 Ace, at the Monaco Yacht Show this year. This is the support Ace, and is designed to carry all the super yacht’s toys, helicopter, tenders, fuel and even extra personnel.


This elegant iPad case doubles as a clutch handbag and is handcrafted from luxurious Italian calf leather with a soft suede lining.

Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights conjure up an array of emotions when you marvel this phenomenal natural event; Mother Nature really is at her best when she hosts this natural light display.

occurs every 11 years so while a sighting cannot be

Arctic Eagle Luxury Cruise Lifestyle has been chatting to Lofoten &

everything for you including transfers and

The Midnight Sun Golf Cruise A three day cruise allowing for an afternoon


The Islands of the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights The Middle of the World’s most beautiful Archipelago – Lofoten and Vesterålen.

The Journey to Race at Goodwood Revival


he tension was building with the anticipation of the Goodwood Revival weekend for Harry Sherrard as he waited for his opportunity to race in the St Mary’s Trophy. So how does a successful employment lawyer and amateur racer get to race in this exclusive event?

One of the many criteria to achieve entry to the race is the requirement for the second driver to be a

the story of how he had worked in iron ore mines in

fast with a straight that was so long I was unable to use

Mary’s Trophy log onto and read the race reports.

Writers Edition 2012: Jonathan Swift – Author of Gulliver’s Travels Barrel: Made of black lacquer, decorated with multi-layered inlays reminiscent of the ropes that were used to bind Gulliver at the beach of Lilliput Island. Cap: Precious black resin, shaped like Gulliver’s tricorn, bearing the signature of Jonathan Swift. Clip: Platinum-plated, depicting the staircase the mayor of Lilliput had to climb to be able to talk to Gulliver. Nib: Rhodium-plated, 18K gold, decorated with an elaborate engraving showing the imperial army of Lilliput marching between Gulliver’s legs.

Two sticks or none? We got together with a Snowboarder and a skier and put some questions to them, at times the debates got heated and it was clear they were passionate about their chosen route of snow fun – we have edited their answers appropriately!

Which is easier to learn, skiing or snowboarding?

boarding you are going down the mountain sideways

because then you Is one prone to more accidents than the other? Andrew

fall over a lot more and will have a very sore behind

bindings on a board you could do some

the brakes on really Do you need a different type of snow for a better performance?

can get crossed and would say you have a hurting yourself on a

elbow while on a board but managed to ski the following Which is faster?

Which is more expensive to do? I would say they are roughly the same but

What is easier to get around on? but boarders have to

Which can you do more tricks on? of having to take one foot out of the bindings to get

Do you have to ski before you board?

Rolex Sydney Hobart race is certainly one of the leading ocean races in the world. This offshore race organised by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) provides a tough test and challenge for skippers, tacticians and crews alike and a great opportunity for spectators. COMMON GROUND




Sydney Start

Hobart Finish


ROLEX SYDNEY HOBART 2012 SYDNEY, Australia 26 December 2012





Rolex Sydney Hobart 2011 - logo

Ech: no


A&F/Evenements/2011/Voile/Logo/SydneyHobart11_sans logo.eps

Travel Tech Today’s traveller whether on business or pleasure needn’t be without all the latest mod cons - we have the latest techy round up!


in 150 countries and is suitable for use


PocketGuide you interesting stories and facts Once downloaded you don’t

£75 from Tumi.



If you like to read

American bookseller launches its services across

automatically organise and forward all your have your itinerary in one


SSHHHH… NO NOISE PLEASE harmonic distortion to less £200

makes sure audio signals are channeled directly into




Gifts for him

DRIVE IN STYLE forces to create the ultimate lightweight

automobile yet sits comfortably within the



as a reminder that the watch is celebrating a



WOMEN’S BUSINESS once you’ve seen these designer clutch

DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND is detachable and the set is made to

Adorned with the most stunning

Designed and created in the United Kingdom by Fred & Ginger, using 100% French Silk satin. Stunning detachable diamond jewellery designed and created by Diabloms Fine Jewellery.


ST MORITZ Nestling in the high lying valley of Engadin in the south east corner of Switzerland, St. Moritz is one of the most scintillating and luxurious winter sports resorts anywhere in the world. With Engadin (Samedan) Airport just 5 kilometres away, it is also one of the most accessible.

m above sea level of handling most from glider and

scenery so stunningly beautiful that it could have been

in winter they would be able to enjoy the mild sunshine

crowd it continues to accelerate until it is racing to the

enjoy being unusually close to the horses and their




Press Release New York

ss Release New York

For Immediate Release

New York | +1 212 606 7176 | Lauren Gioia | | Dan Abernethy | |

For Immediate Rel

Sotheby’s to offer Dan Abernethy | Great Champagnes Direct from| the Cellars of the House of Krug

New York | +1 212 606 7176 | Lauren Gioia | |

Sotheby’s to offer Great Champagnes Direct from the Cellars of the House of Krug To Be Sold In New York On 1 December 2012

To Be Sold In New York On 1 December 2012

Sotheby’s is delighted to announce the sale of Finest and Rarest Wine Featuring Treasures Direct from the House of Krug on 1 December 2012 in New York. This selection of Champagnes has never previously left Krug’s cellars in Reims where all the wines have been stored since production. This is the largest auction offering direct from Krug since it was founded in 1843. The sale spans nearly 40 years of Krug with Champagne from legendary vintages such as 1961, 1979 and 1982. Among the highlights from the sale are


REVEALING THE NEW JAGUAR F-TYPE The two-seater, convertible sports car represents a return to the company’s heartland, focusing on performance, agility and driver involvement. It encompasses some of the most beautiful, thrilling and desirable cars ever car from Jaguar since the iconic E-type was launched more than 50 years ago.

one’ layout of the asymmetric

commitment to sustainability with more than half the content of the car coming from recycled


set in the beautiful suffolk Countryside 200 Bird mixed bag day Pheasant and Partridge Please contact to discuss joining us for a day.

sPeCIal oFFeR Fly In and shoot take a helicopter from london Blackbushe airport and fly to our estate in suffolk for a fantastic day’s shooting. the cost is for 6 people and includes: Return helicopter flight 200 mixed bag, Pheasant & Partridge Mid morning snacks of Quails eggs and Champagne exquisite gourmet 3 course lunch afternoon tea & cake Guns and Cartridges, if required loaders can be supplied, at an additional cost


ÂŁ11,995 + Vat Monday - saturday, between 15th october and 31st December 2012, subject to availability.

to book, please call 02392 160960



Hall sHoot


So that you can

enjoy the view! By Dr Sabine Donnai, Viavi Ltd

In this edition, we focus on the health challenges of seeking high altitude and extreme low temperature adventures and how to survive them! island hideaway holidays seem to have been left behind a little by the travel savvies and those looking for the

holiday of choice for those seeking something new and

tent simulates the high altitude environment and allows

local and international contact numbers is very useful

located in London Acute mountain sickness is actually more common in

sickness but research has concluded that the drugs

and some medication for the nausea and headaches 57

The Lexus Experience “Good morning sir.” Angus said as he held open the door to the Lexus RX450h. When we drove away the only noise we could hear was the crunching of the gravel on the driveway, that’s when you understand what the ‘h’ denotes - a position in the reclining black leather rear seats for the drive ahead of us. As we hit the open road the expected engine note kicked in, but this was still at a very acceptable level. The ride was extremely comfortable and it was easy to forget that we were in a vehicle designed for the off-road environment.

On arrival at Ocean Village we were greeted by our

After catching our breath we went ashore into the

we were immediately confronted by a cavalcade of

were very grateful for the reclining rear seats of the

LOA Beam Owner and Guests Crew Hull Draft Main engine Outrigger engines Tenders Displacement Speed max Fuel consumption at 13 knots. Measured Fuel consumption at 10.5 knots Measured Range at

To the stars When we learnt about this new craft being built, we knew it had to be something exciting, especially as, coincidentally, it was carrying our company name! Adastra means ‘to the stars’ and this vessel looks as though that is the job it was designed for. However, this 42.5m trimaran was designed for long range ocean voyaging.

door through the saloon window gives easy access to a

offers comfortable accommodation for nine guests and situated between the aft deck and the saloon area and

Making TrackS

Luxury Train Travel

Time is a precious commodity to us all these days and as our front cover says - it’s all about the journey, so getting there should be half the and let a private train take the strain.

What is there to do onboard?

Why travel by private train? What are the

the aristocracy and wealthy industrialists realised the

because they deliver the same or better standards to

We asked what can you really expect whilst travelling?

about the cultures and history of the country outside or live music in the bar car and a chance to enjoy dining

Tell us about the dining experience - what standard and sorts of food can one expect?

guests as well as of the countries through which the train

Putting you on the spot… do you have a favourite train or route?

“Nobody waves at planes, it’s more than a form of transport” What sort of people travel this way?

Why should our readers consider this sort of holiday option?

Round up

see the sights and make good use of the time along the

Focus on …


We asked him what was the catalyst for starting photography?

“I think the reason I got into

What is it about Motorsport that makes it your favourite?

and store some of my has always been a keen down to the track conditions

tranquility to be found and also so I was in my element in

So within photography, what is it that inspires you?

Is there a particular photographer you admire?

beginning of my real interest in has been doing so from a very many stunning images in very fortunate in that I live in

outstanding shots of Ayrton

this too is a constant source of and again I am fortunate in that

What are your aspirations? be able to make a successful

Action for Children Action for Children helps the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people break through injustice, deprivation and inequality to achieve their full potential.

Neglect campaign

Why is it important?

We need to raise ÂŁ17m to tackle neglect by dealing

How can you help? or by getting involved in a multitude of fundraising

Visit and see how you can get involved. With thanks to our friends at Ad Astra Lifestyle

Our vision is of a world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging, and are loved and valued; a world where they can fulfil their potential and experience the joy of life.

Ken Deeks

Lynda Till

Action for Children will continue to support, speak out for and campaign on behalf of the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people‌ for as long as it takes to make a difference to their lives.


Peter Hart is one of the world’s best-known windsurfers. He was UK making and coaching. He now runs courses across the world and has made over 30 award winning instructional DVDs in a number of sports. We talked to Peter about his sport.

emerge which seemed to combine the best elements of

What’s the lifestyle of a professional windsurfer like?

How did your passion turn into a career?

Why did you decide to move into coaching? What made you decide to compete in this sport?

invited to join an international team and was suddenly a

What do you say when asked what you do for a living now?

What’s the most pleasurable part of your job these days?

some footage and by the end of the week I may be off

in our lives to make us safe and on these courses I not and weather can combine to make great or treacherous

Travelling through time zones can really make you feel groggy and diminish the excitement of travel. Jet lag is caused by excessive tiredness and disruptions to your normal sleep pattern that occur when crossing time zones. Symptoms vary from person to person but can cause brief insomnia, irritability, upset to the digestive system, lack of concentration and disorientation in the days that follow. Symptons of jet lag increase when travelling west to east, so it is recommended to try and allow a day’s recovery for every time zone you pass through. Adjusting your bed time by one hour earlier or later

Lavender oil is a great remedy and can be used

in hotter climates as it doubles as a natural insect


Ad Astra Elements Lifestyle Enhancement



The Energy of the Wind


Through the foresight of previous generations, electric power has been brought to cities, towns, villages and almost every remote household. With it, have come the social and economic century. However, much of the infrastructure is now reaching the end of its useful life and cleaner forms of energy are needed.


which means that it will start to generate clean energy

the oil and gas industry has been dealing with for many


WINTER WARDROBE We review 3 retailers with the latest Autumn-Winter stylish looks.

BLAZING GLORY! selection of stylish and

A blend of soft new wool

navy jacket for the men has embroidered

WAX LYRICAL collection fuses feminine and masculine tailoring for a look

women is a stylish length and slim and belted

BUTTON UP! on uniformly high quality standards and comfort of

gives a slim line block to give a slimmer and traditional

twin set is youthful and slim in design and fashioned from choice to wear whilst travelling with trousers or skirts and


Luxury Travel Journals from Epica

It a li a n Le a t he r Han dm ad e a nd H a nd Cu t Pa ge s Bre ath taking, u npa ra lle le d qu a li t y

ww w. e pi ca . com


Viavi Ltd

Accommodation Aviation

Ad Astra Airshare Omega

Lordington Lavender


Jetman Shares the Skies with iconic Spitfire.

Bex, Switzerland (September 7th, 2012) - As part of a celebration of Aviation, Yves “Jetman” Rossy took to the skies with fellow “Breitling Flyer” pilot, Nigel

my wing “ UnderI am free

Yves comments:

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McLaren P1 Global debut of new McLaren ultimate supercar McLaren P1 aims to be the best driver’s car on both road and track The large adjustable ‘active’ rear wing adjusts automatically to boost downforce and optimise aerodynamics Mid-engine design that uses a carbon fibre monocoque and roof structure safety cage called MonoCage, and lightweight carbon ‘multi-purpose’ body panels

Navitimer Blue Sky Limited Edition 60th anniversary

Breitling celebrates the legendary Navitimer’s 60 years in flight. To mark the 60th anniversary of the Navitimer chronograph, the cult model among pilots and aviation enthusiasts, Breitling is introducing a 500-piece limited edition with an elegant dial in an exclusive shade of blue.

Lifestyle Magazine - Edition 5  

"It's all about the journey" The glamourous lifestyle of travelling the world on private jets and luxury yachts.

Lifestyle Magazine - Edition 5  

"It's all about the journey" The glamourous lifestyle of travelling the world on private jets and luxury yachts.