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Ad Astra Lifestyle Spring/Summer 2011 I am very pleased to welcome you to our launch issue of the Ad Astra Lifestyle magazine, which is principally produced for our customers, both Elements members and Advantage clients. In this magazine we showcase the broad spectrum At Ad Astra we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with an uncompromising level of service for their bespoke of this publication. We cover a wide selection of luxury lifestyle articles and features to inform, interest and inspire our readers. As in everything we do we are responsive to the needs and wants of our customers, and hence we welcome your views and suggestions for topics to be covered in future issues. Time is something we just can’t get enough of and it seems imagination at the turn of the last century, we now take for granted in our everyday life. The car is a great example of this and some of the biggest names in motoring are just celebrating their centenary such as Ford and Rolls Royce. I do hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we have enjoyed producing it. Peter Coyle

AD ASTRA LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE OFFICE Editor Peter Coyle Deputy Editor Rebecca Edwards Creative Director James Baker 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour, Portsmouth, P06 3EZ Tel: +44(0)2392 704370 Email: Website: PRINT Printed in the UK by The Magazine Printing Company ADVERTISING For advertising enquires in future editions of Ad Astra Lifestyle please contact: CONTRIBUTORS Our thanks goes out to all those who have helped us to compile such an interesting read through their generous contribution to this issue of Lifestyle: Charlie Bettison, Bombardier Aerospace, Elite Helicopters, Theo Fennell, Front Row PR, Goodwood, Outsauce Design, Oyster Yachts, Rob House, O’Connor Publicity, Princess Yachts, Scaevola Travel, Austin Vince. © Copyright Ad Astra (UK) Ltd 2011 No part of this magazine may be reproduced without the prior permission from the publisher. Ad Astra (UK) Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for errors or omissions.



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Individual Focus In this issue we talk to the jeweller Theo Fennell


Brand New A taster of what’s new from some of the most famous luxury brands


Aviation Flying through the world of private aviation


Motoring Driving down the road of success


Yachting Sailing through the waves of change


Property Living at home from home


Vacation Location In this issue we showcase the Maldives


Making a Difference Bringing new hope to the children of Grabouw


Responsible Living Green cars does not mean slow cars

Features 21

Capturing the Essence The photography of Charlie Bettison


Elite Helicopters Our trusted supplier talks about helicopter operations


Goodwood Not just the home of Festival of Speed, Revival and Glorious


Zilov Gap Motorcycling across some of the most remote regions of Siberia


MAKING TIME AND MONEY GO FURTHER Time has become a commodity that it is in limited supply and is hence very precious. Like other precious commodities, time should not be wasted and yet in many everyday things time is frittered away. One example of this is the dwell time at an

ensures that the time taken for security and immigration is an absolute minimum. Additionally, the aircraft is for their exclusive use and hence they can continue to work on board in privacy and without interruption. Delays and cancellations caused by industrial action and ash clouds are currently in sharp focus. Airlines that are subjected to strikes have issued statements saying

only are these security checks time consuming they are also becoming more ‘intrusive’ after the operations, however professional that rely heavily on these introduction of full body scanners, which are able to see through clothing - including underwear. Many professionals are now counting the cost of these wasted hours in the airport and are doing something about it. Private aviation is being used more frequently to overcome the frustration and time wasted with commercial departure lounge is lost billable revenue, and are turning

in the larger airlines is at an all time low. million in the 12 month period through to September 2010, according to the data tracked by the Federal Aviation Administration. A similar trend is being seen in Europe years.

their own schedule and travel between the airports of their are much more convenient to the ultimate destination. The dedicated facilities for private aircraft passengers


Corporations are moving away from outright aircraft ownership and are moving towards options that provides suits their needs for each individual trip.



How does it feel to be on board a yacht capable of sailing the world’s oceans? Take the helm of an Oyster 575 and you will soon find out. Due in no small part to world renowned yacht designer Rob Humphreys, his pure hull lines ensure the 575 is a fast, comfortable passage maker. Add a sleek deck saloon and spacious cockpit with twin wheels and suddenly you are elevated to a place no other yacht in its class can take you. To discover a world of difference, from 46 to 125 feet, please call +44 (0)1473 695005 or email us at SAIL | BROKERAGE | CHARTER | REFIT



LUXURY? Like beauty, luxury appears to be in the eye of the beholder. But has the word luxury lost its exclusive meaning in an effort to make the ordinary seem special? These days luxury is

The state of great comfort and extravagant living: uxury has always been seen as aspirational - something special and expensive with an air of the unobtainable. Traditionally, they were those commodities that would separate the individual from the masses. They were the items that would enhance the individual’s image to and wine. Now the word is applied without prejudice in need of clever marketing, it can be seen on basic items such as biscuits, ice cream and washing detergent. The outlook on luxury changed particularly after the Second World War, when people were reacting to the tragedy and the devastation caused by the symbolized a perfect world where everything was chic and extremely beautiful. Coco Chanel was a truly iconic fashion designer during these times described luxury as ‘A necessity that begins where necessity ends’.



Theo Fennell is acknowledged as one of today’s premier design led jewellers. His unique jewellery and silverware are distinctive and inspirational. His style combines modern design with classical tradition making it instantly recognisable. His attention to detail and ability to interpret grand design on a miniature scale has helped to establish the company as a force for innovative and superbly made jewellery and silverware worldwide. The son of an army family, Theo Fennell was educated at Eton and then studied art at York and later the Byam working as an apprentice designer at the wonderfully Dickensian silversmiths, Edward Barnard, established in the 17th Century. When a customer brought in a silver Morning, Diana”, Theo was struck by this witty and romantic gesture, and quite taken with the idea of the glamorous and intoxicated Diana. Such an unusual and compelling item reinforced his belief that jewellery and silverware could be irreverent as well as beautiful, could tell a story and should, above all, give a renewed thrill of pleasure every time it was looked at.

be followed by similar international boutiques, giving the company an international name. Intelligent, witty design, quirky ideas and superb craftsmanship are the cornerstones of Theo’s philosophy and, to ensure the highest quality, he insists that the majority of his jewellery and silver is made by craftsmen he has worked with for many years. Theo Fennell’s workshop is situated above the Fulham incredibly talented team of designers and craftsmen take great pride in being involved in every phase, so that the Theo Fennell vision is realised to the last detail. The completely self-contained workshop is home to a large team of brilliant craftsmen, and is next to Theo’s design studios. It is one of the very few workshops left to do its own mounting, engraving, setting and smithing, and one of only a handful attached to its retail shop. Some of the craftsmen have been with Theo for nearly 30 years, however, he also believes in nurturing young talent and currently has two apprentices training in his workshop to keep this great British craft alive. The workshop still uses many original tools, some over 100 years old. beautiful and rare materials that gives romance and prominence to proper jewellery and silver. Jewellery should be personal and life-enhancing” says Theo Fennell. Theo Fennell has designed across a broad spectrum, from the most classically austere of pieces to bejewelled eye for detail that has made his name. His creations are marked by their quirkiness and charm, but above all, by their form. Theo believes jewellery should be talismanic and timeless, not a sign of fashion.

After working at Edward Barnard, and with the help of a largish silver commission, Theo established a small workshop in Hatton Garden designing and creating Fulham Road with the founding of his eponymous of England’s most famous department stores, including Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, later these would


Theo’s passion for invention, craftsmanship and originality remain the ethos of the business. Theo Fennell is about more than just jewellery and silver. It is about the personal touch - a unique approach to every piece that passes through the workshops. The ultimate in luxury and indulgence and extraordinary imagination has created unrivalled and inspiring collections. It can be glamorous, it can be theatrical, it can be classic and austere even, but dull, never!


THE POWER AND VIBRATION OF THE RADAR NUMBER DOM PÉRIGNON VINTAGE 2002 “A highly concentrated vintage, Dom Pérignon 2002 expresses all the power of grapes picked at the peak of their maturity, while going far beyond the character of the year, enhancing its natural richness and – by making it vibrate in undulating waves – lending it extra precision and depth. Dom Pérignon 2002 is a magnetic, still-elusive wine that fully reveals the dual nature of Dom Pérignon”.

interspersed with regular cloudy and rainy spells. The unexpectedly perfect weather just before the harvest compensated for the heavy rains of late August and early September. The vines were in good health, and the dehydration of the grape berries helped them reach new heights of ripeness. The harvest began between September 12

up into preserved lemon and dried fruits, the whole rounded off by darker smoky and toasted qualities. The presence of the wine on the palate is immediately captivating. Paradoxically concentrated yet creamy, it is energetic and warm in the mouth, focusing on the fruit, then gradually taking on more profound bass notes. The whole holds its note perfectly, intensively, with just a subtle, elegant hint of underlying bitterness.



Left: Carra jacket in Red and Chamomile blouse in White Right: Holly Cap and Bracken jacket in Galway River Centre Top: Shannon rugby shirt in Navy/Sail White/Red Centre Middle: Madeira and Menorca deck shoes in assorted colours Centre Bottom: Alpaca Socks in Sky and Baby Pink with Galway Boots in Brown and Walnut

Details of Dubarry stockists at

UK Show Circuit Sales and Customer Service Dubarry of Ireland, Broadstone Manor Barns, Old Chalford, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5QL Telephone: 01608 677622 Email: *Key Regional Stockists carry the most comprehensive selection of the Dubarry range. DUBARRY and DUBARRY & SHIELD DEVICE are registered trademarks of Dubarry Shoemakers Limited.

Where will you go in yours?


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Bath &Body For three centuries Fortnum & Mason have been known for its ability to bring the worlds best food to its busy, central store in Piccadilly. What makes Fortnum and Mason so desirable is its ability to source fresh food from as close to these isles as possible, ensuring its quintessentially British reputation remains true. However, this year sees the introduction of Fortnum and Mason much anticipated launch of their brand new exclusive bath and body range. Guaranteeing to revitalise and pamper your skin. The signature fragrance blends the sparkling effervescence of woody sweetness of Juniper Berry. The decadent new collection perfectly balances and encapsulates traditional glamour and Made exclusively in England, the collection of gorgeous scented soaps, silky hand and body lotions and refreshing hand and body washes embody the glamour and heritage of Fortnum & Mason past and present. Presented beautifully with chandelier motifs on the packaging, it is guaranteed to sit perfectly on any dressing table.




CELEBRITY SPOT in 1954 in London by master shoemaker Mehmet Kurdash. He had a dream to make glamorous handmade shoes and named the company after his muse, movie icon Gina Lollobrigida. The stunning styling and imaginative use of cut, colour, leathers, fabrics and striking detail has caught the eye of the fashionista and has become the latest must have indulgence of the fashions elite. Gina footwear has been gracing the feet of supermodels and leading actresses as well as high society celebrities, royal families and an ever-growing following of international stars. Gina’s popularity amongst the highest echelons of society is helped by the brother’s renowned discretion. Amongst their public ambassadors are Madonna, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta Jones. Whilst it is acknowledged that Sophie Rhys Jones had her shoes made by Gina for her wedding to Prince Edward; Clemence Poesy wore Ginas classic court shoe ‘Chloe’ for the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Gildas while Anna Friel was spotted in camel satin Gilda. Avril Lavigne wore ‘Clair’ in black satin to the BRIT awards and not forgetting Cheryl Cole who wore ‘Kyrie’ in silver on the X Factor. The list of celebrities that have worn these beautiful shoes is endless. craftsmanship of a shoe, whilst being the most sought after fashion accessory of the season. Gina remains to be the last and only British designer label creating luxury footwear in London today.



POP ART It was back in the late 1950’s when Pop Art emerged. 60 years on Pop Art is being represented by some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. The way they are expressing this artistic movement is both innovative and creative, using their fragrance bottles in the same way as Andy Warhol would once use a blank canvas.

As the summer approaches, we look at some of this season’s Pop Art inspired scents. Nina Ricci Dancing Ribbon (Limited Edition)

Carolina Herrera POP (Limited Edition)

212 POP is inspired once again by Pop Art, the fragrance features fun and bright packaging with a fresh scent, masculine blue designed to capture the male audience and girly pink to entice the females. It is the perfect recipe for summer fun, evoking elegance with a twist of urban extravagance. 212 POP for women features delicate top notes of bergamot and grapefruit that contrast with the base notes of sandalwood and musk. Whilst the mens scent, 212 Men POP begins with a top note of mint, giving way a sweet mandarin and then a woody base.

‘A Perfume is a work of art, and the object that contains it must be a masterpiece’ - Robert Ricci The Limited edition Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon draws its inspiration from the archives of the House of Ricci, and pays tribute to its three factors; fashion, art and perfume. the bottle and its box, a colour that was important in Madame Ricci’s fashion sketches. A modern, mischievous and audacious scent. The delicious top notes of raspberry, rhubarb and ginger add a spicy mood. The heart note is provided by the its perfume only when it blooms after dark. Voluptuous tuberose and the Centifolia rose accompany the heart of the scent.




ESSENCE Charlie Bettinson is a photographer who has spent much of his career travelling the world photographing spectacular cars in exotic locations. Charlie came to photography through his school art tutor, who despaired that he had little capability with both pencil and paint so handed him a camera. This provided Charlie with the creative outlet he had been looking for and he went on to study photography at university and from there he moved to London where he assisted many of the leading advertising photographers, gaining vast experience in the It becomes apparent whilst chatting to Charlie, that alongside the wide variety of advertising clients he deals with, many are private clients that lead such hectic lifestyles that they are left little time to admire the fruits of their labour. They commission Charlie to photograph their exquisite cars, yachts and jets as not only does he capture their sleek lines but also their essence. every day is different, with new challenges all the time and it can take you to some of the most weird and wonderful places all over the world�.


VOICES For Spring Summer 2011, Alfred Dunhill presents a change in communication direction focussed on celebrity brilliance. Recognized achievement is the ultimate in masculine aspiration and can only ever be attained through skill, intelligence, drive and the ability to be extraordinary. The casting for voices paid no regard to age, look, status or trend - only achievement. Sir David Frost, Broadcaster & Producer

soon as I let go, when im playing, my violin sound comes out bigger and with better clarity. I think it applies to everything: if you can just step back, get a little bit of perspective and realsie you don’t need to us as much energy, you cant get much better results. Its easy for me to get obsessive about perfecting the technical aspect of my playing, but i don’t know if you ever achieve ultimate perfection. Harland Miller, Artist & Author

The president Nixon interviews are one of my highlights. Firstly for the historic material we got. But also for the challenge. People said Nixon wouldn’t do anything that was against his interest, that he would always be self serving, and that he’d contrail any situation. But he didn’t control it. Everybody predicted that a successful interview would be impossible. And when people predict something is impossible, then you know its worth doing. Charlie Siem, Violin Virtuoso My motto is ‘release’. I have it written on my violin case, ‘release’ meaning ‘step back a little’. Because when you hone in on all the tiny details, its natural to tense


Joseph Conrad’s novel Lord Jim is about a guy who sails schooners. He’s always at the wheel, dreaming of being a hero. He gets his chance to prove his heroism but he blows it, and spends the rest of his life looking for another chance. The moral of that book is, dont hold back on to dreams of glory, be spontaneous. If you make rigid plans, it doesnt allow you for peripheral things that could be really interesting. Keep things loose and wide. Keep a little something back so you can stay impulsive. Life is very short. That’s not just a famous Beatles lyric: life is too short to get bogged down in irrelevance.



Ad Astra has its roots in aviation, and in fact the company’s name is borrowed from the Royal Air Force motto “Per Ardua Ad Astra” which means “Through Endeavour to the Stars.” We like to think that the same motto is appropriate for what we do. Although the aviation operations of Ad Astra are quite different to those of the RAF, we do adopt similar high standards and meticulous

and do it regularly. However, for the vast majority that is is prohibitive both from the initial purchase price through to the cost of ownership. Therefore, employing the available assets through one of our possession programmes is the ultimate solution.

There is a great misconception that business aviation is all opulence and excessive luxury, the fact is that it is just a small part of the industry. Like most things, business aviation has suffered the impact of the economic downturn, Through the Economic Downturn”. Notwithstanding this, the convenience and speed compared to commercial aviation still makes it extremely popular. Many of our professional customers recognise the value of their time, and hence prefer to pay for the convenience of speedy point-to-point travel. Many of our journeys use the more cost effective air taxis that operate out of smaller regional We are often asked that if business aviation is such a good solution, then perhaps they should buy their own aircraft. That would be a great solution if they always go to the same place with the same number of passengers

Ad Astra Aircraft Fleet selected to meet the highest safety standards from operators we know and trust. We select the equipment individually for each and every trip to ensure that it is the most suitable available. We have an extensive checklist, that includes distance to destination, closest of course the passengers’ level of comfort requirements. This ensures that we always meet and frequently exceed passenger expectations. The range available is too large to list, as we draw on worldwide availability. Accordingly, we have categorised taxis through to global jets equipped to the highest possible standard.





Short to medium range, low speed, medium capacity, for


Short to medium range, medium speed, low capacity, for


Medium range, medium to high speed, low to medium


Medium range, high speed, medium capacity, for medium


Medium to long range, medium to high speed, medium to


Long range, high speed, medium to high capacity, for


Two new jets join the Bombardier Global Family zones,

Corporate aviation leader Bombardier Aerospace recently large business jet category by introducing two new jets, Global 7000 aircraft: Featuring the Global 7000 and Global a spacious four-zone cabin, this 8000 aircraft. Bombardier’s aircraft sets the benchmark for a now uniquely covers the large, ultra long-range category with four aircraft models, the Global 5000, Global Express XRS, Global 7000 and Global 8000 jets. innovation, ongoing investment in product development strategy and strength as the industry leader are key contributors to our overall success,” Global aircraft platform gained instant worldwide recognition for design and performance when it was aircraft have since become renowned as the industry’s most advanced jets. By extending this great aircraft family, we are once again offering a business jet travel experience that is unmatched and ahead of its time.” examples of Bombardier’s foresight and visionary thinking. The Global our customers the ability to reach more destinations non-stop than ever before, delivering unprecedented


new category of large business jets. Passengers will enjoy 20 per cent more living space than the cabin of the current industry leader. The aircraft will have a high-speed cruise and a range of 7,300 nm (13,520 km). York-Dubai or Beijing-Washington non-stop with 10 passengers. Entry into service is scheduled for 2016. Global 8000 aircraft: Flying farther than any other business jet, the Global three-zone cabin and an impressive range of 7,900 nm (14,631 km). It will connect Sydney-Los Angeles, Hong Kong-New York and Mumbai-New York non-stop with eight passengers. Entry into service is scheduled for 2017. Cabin features common to both new aircraft include: maximum natural light through new enlarged windows, cent more surface per window than on current Global aircraft; a generous baggage suite that is accessible equipped with berthable seating; a spacious galley with optimized meal preparation and storage possibilities; an innovative approach to cabin




options that bring the comforts of home to the aircraft environment.


Flying Through the Economic Downturn Over the recent decade we have seen a huge rise in the number of private jets being manufactured. Although the economic crisis has affected the number of private jets being sold in the last few years, the industry is hoping that 2012 will be a turn around year, yet this is anything but guaranteed. With the global travel industry slowly recovering from a recession many would expect private jet travel to be one of the last sectors to bounce back. But from our discussions with the manufacturers it appears that the larger aircrafts still seem to be seeing good sales, but move. One reason for this decrease in sales of smaller jets is due to the good stock of used aircrafts available at very attractive prices, providing the buyer with excellent close to those of mid 1997. Looking at the charter market, another indicator of increasing and now stand at an average of 12 days. During the down turn there was a shift to last minute planning, from the forward planning that was seen before the recession. Increased price competitiveness from private jet operators and wider availability of air taxis or very light jets has also lowered the cost of private travel, and for a group travelling together, private charter can now be surprisingly cost effective per head, even comparable

It appears that we are beginning to see a recovery from the depressed levels of 2009 but these are still well below the peak achieved in 2007.


Take control at Goodwood Escape the crowded world below for an exhilarating adventure in the skies. Take flight over one of the most picturesque destinations in the UK in our state-of-the-art Cessna Skyhawk aircraft and embark on the thrilling journey to obtain your Private Pilot’s Licence. Goodwood offers all the sporting opportunities you would expect from a quintessentially English estate.

The only limit to this experience is you For more information call +44 (0)1243 755066 and quote ADFLY 29

ELITE H E L I C O P T E R S Time is money!

Time spent of the time that a car journey would

meetings or attend events is time wasted and time that can never be recovered. Increasingly, helicopters are becoming as much an essential tool of the trade to busy business people and celebrities as they are to the Police and the North Sea Oil industry. It is not necessarily the glamour and excitement that helicopters bring with them but their versatility and convenience. Helicopters are not car parks as well as heliports and airports. Stepping out of the house or hotel front door into the helicopter, being airborne within minutes and


take has its appeal when time is of the essence. The glamour and the excitement can be important when it comes to Corporate Hospitality. Entertaining guests at a major event is an essential part of winning business in guests remember their hospitality for the right reasons. Flying them in by helicopter means that they will not remember their day for the length of time it took to get out of the car park, but they will remember it for the quality itself. Many of the major events such as Royal Ascot, the Epsom Derby, the British Grand Prix and even the Glastonbury Festival have their own dedicated heliports to enable participants and guests to get in and out the event quickly and stylishly.

It is not only visitors and sponsors that a horse racing meeting you will often be rubbing shoulders with jockeys and trainers as they move on to their next race. Formula 1 drivers usually leave Silverstone by helicopter, and the easiest way for rock stars to get to and from the major festivals is by air. It is no coincidence that so many of them have taken the trouble to learn They have experienced the aircraft from the passenger seat and get the urge to sit in the pilot’s seat! There are increasing numbers of rock stars, TV & Radio presenters and sportsmen who are joining the ranks of business people and private individuals who enjoy the personal challenge of seen the advantages of being able quickly and conveniently.



Fords involvement in motorsport is over a century The year is 1970, and to celebrate the one millionth Ford old, it was over 100 years ago that Henry Ford Cortina produced for export, this model took to the skies become one of the worlds largest organisations. To celebrate the centenary of Ford of Britain in 2011 the company is exploring its photo archive to reveal rarely seen images. The images comes from a time before computer generates strapped it to a helicopter.


over Ford’s Dagenham site. Just two hours later this rare two door 1600E Ford Cortina Mkll was with its new owner in Ostend, Belgium.

In two decades the Cortina range sold 4.3 million models and was Britain’s best selling car for 10 of its 20 years on sale; it was in second places for eight years and in third for the remaining two.

... and today the new Ferrari FF being delivered by helicopter.


Experience the

Goodwood Estate Home to England’s glorious horseracing and motor sport benchmark events, Goodwood and its 12,000 acres of luxurious fun provides the perfect destination for guests seeking either a day out or short break. With an abundance of exciting activities and a unique blend of sport, culture and history, Goodwood allows everyone to share and enjoy an assortment of unforgettable experiences. Flight Experiences packages. For an unforgettable aerial adventure embark

172 Skyhawk SP aircraft. These fantastic four seater aircraft are equipped with a Garmin 1000 cockpit and provide the pilot and passengers with a comfortable, safe and pleasurable way to travel. For Warbird fans, Harvard IIB aircraft just like WWII pilots did over 60 years ago. Soar through the skies over the South Coast in the historic cockpit with its evocative smell and delight in the thrill of the full-throttled roar and vibration of the engine. Horseracing Goodwood has played host to the Sport of Kings for over

weddings and entertaining, Goodwood is one of Britain’s great estates and historic homes.


The historic Glorious Festival gets off to a wonderful start with Sporting Greats Day as sporting heroes gather to celebrate a day dedicated to British sporting excellence. the 5 day Festival to enjoy the chic, relaxed and incredibly stylish atmosphere. A quintessentially English event, where champagne and strawberries are in abundance and everyone is dressed in their chicest summer fashions, it has none of the formality of a great occasion but all the glamour. Art Collection and Sculpture at Goodwood The Earl of March & Kinrara, has restored the rooms of the House to their former glory including a complete picture re-hang and rearrangement of all of the Goodwood Art and the superb English and French furniture. Formed by successive generations of the family, which includes paintings by van Dyck, Canaletto, Stubbs and Reynolds, of which portraits are especially evident and are usually of the family or of the related royal family. There are also Gobelins tapestries, eighteenth-century French and English furniture a spectacular collection of Sèvres porcelain. The Cass Sculpture Foundation is one of the country’s best kept secrets, totally unique but wonderful offering a cultural and contemplative dimension to a day on the Goodwood Estate. The displays constantly evolve to ensure a continuous and wondrous variety as pieces are transported to their new homes throughout the world.

Motorsport Goodwood Motor Circuit originally opened its gates to the war motor race meeting at a permanent venue. Goodwood Revival has established itself as the world’s most popular historic motor race meeting, and the only event of its kind to be staged in the romantic time capsule of the Fifties and Sixties. Over the last decade the Revival has entertained the huge number of racing enthusiasts with some exceptional wheel-to-wheel racing at the classic circuit. Goodwood’s other famous motor sport event, the Festival of Speed, was established in 1993 and has gone on to become the world’s largest celebration of motoring culture.

Staged every summer in the grounds of Goodwood Park, the Festival attracts the best drivers and vehicles on the planet, including most of the current Formula 1 teams, plus Le Mans winners, racing motorcycles, supercars, and much more besides. Goodwood’s Motor Circuit offers an array of petrol-fuelled young drivers programme which aims to equip young people with safe driving skills, experience the thrill of the circuit at a Track Day Experience or simply share your adrenalin-fuelled passions on a Sunday morning at the track for a Breakfast Club monthly meeting, where motor enthusiasts can admire some of the world’s most desirable and cherished vehicles.


Golf at Goodwood

Open to all golfers, whether you are looking for a membership or want to play as a visitor, Goodwood has two outstanding courses on its extensive estate. Members play at The Downs Course which covers 7104 yards and has running fairways, undulating greens and the dramatic changes of level in the Downland valleys and hills. The Park Course is open to the public for ‘play and pay’ and is an easy walking 6650 yard course that follows a route through woodlands and tree lined fairways with shots onto small greens demanding accuracy.



Selecting the right vehicle to buy is a very unique position into our lifestyle - it is practical transportation, it is a fashion statement, it is an investment, it is a sporting tool, an object of desire, it is a school bus, it is a tow truck, ... the list goes on. But because of this unique status one car will cases a stable of cars is just not enough!

to 4x4s to limousines to classics to super cars. Whatever the occasion, they always wear the right vehicle!



PORSCHE CARRERA With a power output of 408 hp, outstanding

emphasises the character of the iconic sports coupe, the new 911 Carrera GTS ascends to the pinnacle of the Carrera model series.

Carrera 4 models - including widened rear track - with a There are many more details which underline the design and technology of the GTS from other Carrera models. For instance, the GTS sits on 19-inch centre-locking RS Spyder alloy wheels, painted in black with high-gloss

that has been tuned to produce an additional 23 hp more than the 911 Carrera S, the new GTS combines the traditional 911 virtues of exceptional sporting performance, distinctive styling and day to day versatility.

and 305/35 ZR 19 tyres on the rear. Further features include the SportDesign front apron with spoiler edge painted in black, special side skirts also in black, and the Carrera GTS logotype on doors and rear lid, in black or silver depending on the body colour. The area between

Special attention was paid to the cylinder charge in the


between power- and torque-optimized geometry, whereas in a Carrera S power unit there is only one Nm is available at 4,200 rpm, 200 rpm earlier than with the Carrera S for increased low rev response. Added to this is a sports exhaust system with two dual tailpipes producing a unique sound. The outer shells of the exhaust pipes are painted in black and their inner tubes are polished on the outside and nano-coated. As standard, the Carrera GTS has a six-speed manual gearbox and the seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) is available as an option. In comparison with the Carrera S, top speed of the GTS with manual transmission rises by 2mph to 190 mph. In general, acceleration from zero to 62mph improves by 0.1 seconds; for a GTS CoupĂŠ with PDK and a Sport Chrono Package Plus in Sport Plus mode the benchmark sprint takes just 4.2 seconds.

In combination with the standard black interior colour, the centre sections of the driver and passenger sport seats are covered with black Alcantara. The sporty interior ambience is further emphasised by use of Alcantara wherever driver and passenger come into direct contact with the vehicle; such as on the rim of the new threespoke SportDesign steering wheel and on the gear lever and handbrake. Fitted to every 911 Carrera GTS is a Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), a sophisticated vehicle security package approved to Thatcham Category 5 standard, and customers will also be able to explore the potential of their new car by participating in a complimentary course at the Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone.

True to the Porsche Intelligent Performance philosophy, this additional sportiness goes hand in hand with more rational appeal: the new 911 Carrera GTS consumes no more fuel than the Carrera S in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Fuel consumption of a Carrera GTS with PDK in the NEDC is 27.7 mpg (10.2 litres/100 km) and CO2 emissions are 240 g/km. Unique within the 911 Carrera family, the GTS combines the 44 millimetre wider body of the all-wheel drive


THE DRIVING DRESS It’s not often that a car manufacturer is associated with catwalk show, but this is what happened courtesy of designers PPQ for Italian brand and event sponsor’s Alfa Romeo at the PPQ London Fashion Week Show. PPQ Design Director Amy Molyneaux showcased Alfa Romeo’s timeless sporting lines, aspirational values and iconic Cloverleaf symbol. The inspiration behind the design derived from the sporty compact Alfa MiTo Cloverleaf which dons the historic green four-leaf symbol given to high performance Alfa Romeos. A car aimed at a young, fashion-conscious audience made for the perfect muse. Amy commented ‘The driving dress is an empowering number; with the PPQ theme of Jacobean decoration and the almost ecclesiastical Cloverleaf design, so iconic with Alfa Romeo, incorporated into the high-rise arm silhouette’. ‘Alfa Romeo’s history of style and elegance within driving is a The dress which featured in PPQ’s much anticipated Fashion Show, was attended by singers Paloma Faith, Corinne BaileyRae, and TV presenter Caroline Flack, who were all chauffeured to the event in all-new Alfa Giulietta models. Head of Brand for Alfa Romeo UK, Damien Dally, said: ‘The idea of a dress inspired by Alfa Romeo featuring on a high end fashion catwalk was exciting, and a unique opportunity we were happy to explore’. ‘The understated inclusion of the iconic Alfa Romeo Cloverleaf symbol in the jewel like decorations on the black dress looks great, and perfectly encapsulates our heritage as a brand that’s both stylish and sophisticated’. The dress will now be made by the designers as a bespoke service.


The Bentley & Ettinger Collection Bentley has expanded its range of exclusive collectibles, calling on luxury leather partner recognized by the British royal family. In 1996 Ettinger of Ettinger to create a range of personal accessories London was appointed with a Royal Warrant to HRH the using the same hand-crafted techniques applied Price of Wales. to Bentley’s cars. Inspired by the Beluga and Hotspur interior trim colors of the Bentley Continental Supersports, the new collection of leather items in black and red leather with contrast stitching includes keyrings and carry cases for an iPad, iPhone or Blackberry.

Ettinger has recently added some of the latest Bentley upholstery hides to its range. Everything is hand made in its factory, which uses the same skills that have been handed down from generations.

Founded by Gerry Ettinger more than 70 years ago, Ettinger is still family owned and run by the founder’s eldest son, Robert Ettinger. It is one of the few British luxury leather goods companies still manufacturing in the UK. Robert comments ‘The initial collections were made from black English wacy hide on the outside and the distinctive Ettinger colour of panel hide on the inside which has been made and used by Ettinger for 75 years.





Maserati GranCabrio Sport The new Maserati that made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show will offer more driving enjoyment thanks to an improved overall vehicle dynamics, more horse power, a more responsive response. After stunning the world with the GranCabrio at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Maserati used the 2011 Geneva Motor Show to take its grand-touring convertible to a new level of performance and handling with the GranCabrio Sport. A harder-edged model to sit alongside the GranTurismo S and the Quattroporte Sport GT S, the GranCabrio speed automatic transmission. This naturally aspirated engine produces 331 kW (450 horsepower) and has 510 Nm at the peak of its rich, thick torque curve. Maserati’s Friction Reduction Program has made the GranCabrio Sport’s engine more reactive to the driver’s most-nuanced

This six-speed transmission is equipped with the superfast MC Auto Shift software and has been developed for the GranCabrio Sport directly from the transmission in the Quattroporte Sport GT S. The MC Auto Shift provides optimised gearshift response resulting in an even-greater engagement. The handling has received attention, too, with an upgrade and revision of the Skyhook active-suspension system – now with a sportier tuning – and the adoption of grooved and drilled dual-cast brake discs. Visually, the GranCabrio Sport is characterised by a more-pronounced dynamic look. This look begins at the GranCabrio’s distinctive nose with a black grille and a Trident with red accents. The headlights now have a black look with white sidemarks, while front corner splitters and the redesigned side skirts are both body coloured. The GranCabrio Sport also debuts a new body colour for Maserati: Rosso Trionfale inspired by the red Italian national colours used on 1950s racing Maseratis World Title at the wheel of a red Maserati 250F.

The top speed of the GranCabrio Sport is 177 mph.


ROLLS-ROYCE SALON PRIVÉ 2011 Spirit of Ecstasy centenary celebrations will take Three big changes occur for Salon Privé in 2011. The place at Salon Privé this year, as Rolls-Royce three-day celebration of supercars, classic cars and

The event, which takes place from 22nd to 24th June, will be held this year at Syon Park, West London, a venue that played host to more than 100 Rolls-Royce models at the end of a centenary drive through London in February. As well as modern Rolls-Royce models, heritage will be well represented, with a dedicated class in the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance. This has already attracted a 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, a 1923 Rolls-Royce Tourer and a rare 1927 Phantom I Udaipur Hunting Car. Rolls-Royce has been involved with Salon Privé since the inaugural event in 2005. Salon Privé co-founder David Bagley, explains: for its heritage and admired for its exclusivity and uncompromising approach to luxury. Salon Privé has developed to embody each of these aspects and attracts those who appreciate it.”


luxury brands relocates to the spectacular 200-acre Syon Park, the London home of His Grace, The 12th Duke of Northumberland and takes place one month earlier than previously, on 22nd – 24th June, placing it at the centre of the British summer season calendar.

This year’s Salon Privé also incorporates a brand new collector car specialists, RM Auctions. One thing that does not change is the all-inclusive approach to hospitality; each guest ticket offers full access to all areas of Salon Privé, lobster lunch, afternoon tea and unlimited complimentary Pommery champagne.


WHICH YACHT? Which Yacht for 2011 - why choose, have them all! all. The choice is not only down to power v sail or racing v luxury or numbers of berths, but its also down to location. in water, moving these vessels can be an expensive logistics nightmare. To sail across the Atlantic from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean will take the average sailing yacht the best part of 3 weeks, whereas a motor yacht will run out of fuel around Cape Verde! Transporting these vessels by ship is another alternative, but is costly


With the economic climate still unstable it is hard to believe as these are considered as wants not needs. However, many individuals either have the aspiration to experience the joys of yachting or are downsizing from the ever increasing costs of outright ownership. So why not join Ad Astra’s other yachting customers and have access to the right yacht in the right place whenever you need it.

OYSTER 885 Robert Humphreys the designer of the brand new Oyster 885, has come up with the perfect solution for those who would like to share the unmatched pleasure with the potential to recover some of the investment by chartering. ergonomically designed split cockpit - perfect for al fresco dining and relaxation whether at anchor or on passage - and her large, open deck areas, which include a fabulous ‘terrace on the sea’ with its own direct access from the sumptuous owner’s stateroom. Her accommodation is enormously spacious and beautifully expected on a yacht such as this, as well as quite a few that you might not expect. In addition to the luxurious owner’s stateroom, which features glazed panels across the upper section of the aft bulkhead, bringing in an abundance of light and enhancing the spatial qualities of the cabin, there are three very comfortable enlower saloon area, all blending seamlessly and stylishly together to provide a real home from home.

the same time the stern is relatively broad to deliver a high level of form stability and an off-wind potential that will rattle away the miles in any Trade Wind passage. With the option to specify either a deck saloon or raised saloon late 2012 and we can’t wait to sail her.



Princess Yachts occupies a special place at the lobby. Owners who enjoy cruising with larger groups, or heart of European boatbuilding. One of Britain’s those with an eye on the charter market, can opt for the model, a 31-footer, was launched in 1966 - it has always been associated with elegant, seaworthy designs, high-quality production, and superb standards of engineering. The new 32M takes Princess into the 100ft-plus realm for panache, and engineered, in the Princess tradition, to the highest seagoing standards. its spectacular owner’s suite on the main deck, with excellent views on two sides, skylights above and an equally impressive low-level bathroom forward. Down below, the full-beam VIP suite is truly imposing and there is an additional double guest cabin on the port side, and a roomy twin ensuite to starboard, reached via a central


of the giant midships VIP. The focus of the 32M is of course her huge saloon, with vast windows on each side and sliding doors leading out to a spectacular drop-down balcony to starboard, which gives the entire main deck the ambience of a swish loft apartment. The ‘M’ class heralds the dawn of a new era for Princess Yachts, and a distinct horizon for the brand and 2012 will see the arrival of the 40M, a 130 foot tri-deck vessel and production has already begun on what will be a new Also at the London show, the brand displayed an impressive line up from its world-renowned collection of motor yachts and sports cruisers ranging in size from 42ft new models during 2010 and several of these were being

The main Princess stand was also a showcase for a series of elegant design partnerships, notably with fellow LVMH stablemate Fendi, demonstrating how the in-house design team have transformed each individual Princess interior in recent years to customer’s lifestyle though than the sophisticated elegance of the exclusive evening held for VIP guests in collaboration with fellow LVMH brands Fendi, De Beers and Moet. A glamorous fashion show of Fendi’s new Spring/Summer collection was perfectly complimented by a glittering display of De Beers diamond jewellery to create an evening of unparalleled glamour. With non-stop investment in design and development, a continual striving for excellence, and exciting new super-yacht projects now well underway, Princess Yachts - a company with a globally future.


In s p irati ona l If you ever need inspiration in the face of adversity then look no further than the British Limbless Ex Servicemen Association - BLESMA. These brave men have lost limbs at sometime during their service lives, but typically for members of the armed services they have a can-do attitude. For these guys that means doing at least the same as the able-bodied and in many cases even more! In this instance they crew their own sailing yacht, not just on leisure cruising, but in serious ocean races. I sailed on a sister yacht in a trans-Atlantic race known as the ARC - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. The majority of the

not the BLESMA boat. They decided to head north west into the vestiges of a passing hurricane as they would get

the party in St Lucia! They are regular users of the Spirit photo shows them competing in the infamous Fastnet Race.

D t a l

H t n

ic or in fr

“Th lu ye co h ob “I M qu do



Dubarry... the headline act in country lifestyle

The iconic Galway boot from Dubarry in Brown (left) and Walnut (right) RRP £275

Having made their mark with yachtsmen and women around the world with their famous deck shoes and sailing boots, Galway-based Dubarry of Ireland is now recognised as one of the leading brands in the country lifestyle market. visit to any major Country Show or equestrian events such as Cheltenham, Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials, the Game Fair or Chelsea Flower Show, the now iconic Galway boot is de rigueur for the country set as much as a 4x4 or tweed jacket. And the word is spreading fast. Sales in Europe and increasingly North America are growing rapidly and finding fans from some unlikely quarters. “The boots... and now our country clothing collection and leather luggage have really struck a chord with the public over recent years and the popularity of all our range is increasing year on year,” comments Michael Walsh, Marketing Director for Dubarry. With a history rooted in producing performance footwear, it is not always obvious why some brands seem to capture the public’s imagination. “It’s difficult to define exactly but it’s a combination of factors,” Michael continues. “We have a reputation for performance and quality amongst the sailing and boating fraternity. Style is without doubt another factor.” An observation underlined by the fact that

they were the footwear chosen by the Green Dragon crew for the Volvo Round the World yacht race and worn offshore by many of the crews on the other yachts competing in the race. The knowledge and understanding gained from being a leading marine footwear company for many years has been taken and developed by Dubarry’s Design Director, Brian Geraghty, and his team for the country market. Performance, quality and style remain the criteria for the brand’s success. Anyone watching Glastonbury in 2009 can’t have missed the legendary Bruce Springsteen wearing his Dubarrys on stage during his acclaimed headlining performance. “Bruce Springsteen and his family are all keen riders,” continues Michael. “We attend a number of shows in the States including the Rolex Kentucky Horse Trials and The Hampton Classic show-jumping event where Bruce and his wife came on to the stand that year and bought some boots. He’d obviously heard about Glastonbury’s reputation for rain and mud and decided to go prepared... It was pretty amazing to see him up there wearing his Dubarrys.” The stand that first attracted The Boss perfectly captures the spirit of Dubarry. Unlike other stands you see at outdoor shows and events, it is like walking into somebody’s living room, with pictures and prints on the wall, well worn leather sofas, rugs and always a chilled glass of bubbly to welcome visitors. “We even have regulars now, customers that visit us every year at the numerous shows we attend,” adds Michael.

Dubarry of Ireland, Broadstone Manor Barns, Old Chalford, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5QL Phone: + 44 (0) 1608 677622 The unique Dubarry stand on the Country Lifestyle Show Circuit


M A N H AT TA N 7 3 Sunseeker International’s Flybridge Manhattan motoryacht range is renowned for packing innovation, luxury and performance into an exceptionally graceful frame. Following this same design ethos, the British company has produced the exciting all new Manhattan 73 which was sucessfully launched at the London International Boat Show. The new Manhattan 73 features a brand new hull design which allows for space to be maximised throughout and, manoeuvring system to provide greater control of the vessel when docking. The spacious interior, both in the main and lower deck levels, includes three ensuite double cabins, including a full beam midships master suite, together with a fourth twin cabin. As well as plenty of accommodation for the owner, family and guests, there is also a further option for a separate day head on the lower deck. The crew accommodation is accessed from the aft end and ensures complete privacy for guests, while the cabin offers accommodation for two with a separate head and shower compartment. The main saloon is situated on one level following right through to the helm position. It includes an adaptable entertainment space, providing ample seating and with light from the superstructure panoramic windows.


The aft deck incorporates luxurious seating, including a table with the option to convert into a ‘daybed’ come areas offering space to dine outside, or to sit back and enjoy the view. Ample sunbathing forward, wetbar, and full helm station with separate helm and co-pilot seat all area. The standard hydraulic platform make launch and recovery of a tender extremely easy, with this platform doubling as a fantastic water level deck when lowered. As with all in the Manhattan range, performance is paramount. The Manhattan 73 is expected to perform at speeds in excess of 32 knots, with the larger engine options providing the ability to cruise at an easy 25 knots.

interior design to accommodate an owner’s every desire. It’s an example of a modern, versatile and fast motoryacht which is ideal for those who enjoy those exhilarating windin-the-hair moments when out at sea.”

Home From Home When its time to get away from it all, we need somewhere special to go, and hence the increase in second homes. For most people one will maximise their use of it. But for others being able to visit various locations at various times of the year is more important. For example, some people don’t want to ski in the same resort each year, or they would like a change from the Algarve golf courses. Ad Astra has a growing portfolio of some of the most exclusive properties around the world to tempt its customers. Some of the property owners have insisted that the property must not be advertised on the internet beautiful, stylish leisure properties be it a chateau, a chalet, a villa or a farmhouse let Ad Astra show the way!


Vacation Location

56 54

In this issue we focus on the beautiful islands of the Maldives. With its 1200 islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are most people’s idea of a tropical paradise; and only 200 are inhabited - which makes for a lot of deliciously remote hideaways. From the air, most are tiny of their encircling lagoons. Powdery beaches, tranquil shallows perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and an incredible underwater world offering world-class diving are the obvious attractions. Where should I go? Rania Experience The Rania Experience is an award winning and bespoke Private Island Residence, tucked away in the middle of the Indian Ocean and completely hidden from the outside world. It is your haven for relaxation, peace and tranquillity surrounded by clear blue waters, covered with tropical plants and coconut palms. The natural beauty of the island and lagoon, which is one of its kind, has been carefully preserved and integrated with the tastefully appointed accommodation and facilities to give the entire experience a stylish yet residential private island feel. Private, professional and personal… every aspect of your stay your very own private yacht is tailor made… just for you. Imagine - from top to bottom - the island, the home, the yacht, the staff, the privacy are all yours… and only yours!

Dhonakulhi The Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi Maldives, Spa Resort & Marina is a luxury boutique resort situated on the privately-owned uninhabited virgin island of Dhonakulhi, North Maldives, Indian Ocean. Dhonakulhi is a physically large crescent-shaped island with a beach length of some 1.4 kilometers on each side, a width of 500 meters and land area of 234,000 m² – waters of the shallow waist-deep lagoon surrounding the Island stretch as far as the eye can see. The Island is unique in its reef formation, the reef system sits on having a natural channel splitting it in two distinct parts where in live and clean big mammals like manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles in between December till May and thereby forming a natural harbour for the marina. In addition to coconut trees, banana trees and lush vegetation, the Island is covered by uniquely rich dense bushy vegetation. Which celebs might I see? The stars love to explore the different island of the Maldives, particularly during our long cold winter. In fact, Last January you could have spotted Denise Van Outen, Roger Federer and Lily Allen on the beach. Actors Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans enjoyed their honeymoon on one of the Maldives secluded islands. Back in the day, our very own Katie and Peter Andre returned fresh from a visit to the Maldives, and Kate Moss and her on off beau James Hince enjoyed a romantic break last 55 February.


VITAL ENERGY RETREAT As one of the UK’s foremost experts in nutrition, Vicki Edgson has helped hundreds of clients to achieve healthier, happier and fuller lives by transforming their eating habits. Yet making steps towards radical, life-enhancing change whilst simultaneously juggling life’s pressures and routine can be challenging. Enter Vicki’s brand new Vital Energy (VE) residential nutrition retreats.

What. This is THE new retreat - putting aside boot camp, weight loss and slip-slappers aiming to be skinnyminnies, this retreat gets into your head, and shows

farmlands, views across citrus and almond orchards, avocado and cacao trees - the aromas and views will lift your soul from arrival throughout the week.

When. June 4th - 11th 2011, and October 15th - 21st without the crowds or queues, and the latter to enjoy the harvest of grape, olive and other produce synonymous with the island

To Book. . For more information email

restoratively emerge a revived and energised person, for life.

Why. Because it’s high time we put down our low-cal, pre-packed, nutrient-devoid foods, and re-connect with Mother Nature and Ourselves. How. Vicki engages with her great chef to tantalise the palate, joining her guests for every shamelessly delicious morsel, and shows what real eating is all about. Exploring organic farms (picking olives and grapes and soul with wine tasting in the oldest Cantina in Ibiza. Couple that with the best yoga and Tai chi teachers on the island, cranial sacral massage to support and shift stale energy, this is the best combination of body and soul yet -inviting guests to eat well for life. Living to Eat, rather than starving to live.


On the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza, where many lives have been transformed by the power of the islands energies rooted deep within it’s red soil. Set deep in the Northern countryside, lies a private,



Asia Gardens offers a wealth of dining options with three a la carte restaurants. In addition there are plenty of places to relax with a drink during the day and after dark. The most stylish is the glittering champagne bar in the main lobby area.

Thai spa on Spain’s Mediterranean coast which Winding paths meander through the gardens and guests presents a luxurious fusion of Asian cultures. can choose to relax on rattan sun loungers by a series of Bringing the East to the West, and presenting the several running courses for different ages and levels of

Built on three levels into the foothills of the striking Sierra Cortina Mountains, Asia Gardens is set in an acre of pine forest. Its lush and fragrant gardens, which include over 60 varieties of plants and meandering water features which cascade throughout the resort, create an idyllic Asian ambiance where soothing sounds and scents combine to tranquil effect. The hotel’s Asian inspired architecture comprises a series of pyramid shaped pavilions with traditional thatched roofs that contrast with its striking red walls and verdant grounds and are offset by intricately carved wooden doorways that once graced Indian and Thai palaces. The Balinese-style guest rooms and suites are shared between three interconnecting main buildings and all enjoy a private terrace or balcony with picturesque views of the mountains, sea and gardens. On the top level of the hotel the impressive Presidential Suite includes a vast sitting room area and separate bedroom where chandeliers hang on either side of the four poster bed.


and to explore the local area. There is also a heliport and Nicklaus, all within an easy distance of the resort. The delightfully calming Thai spa offers a haven of relaxation with four private cabins where couples can unwind together and therapists are on hand to provide a series of traditional Thai massage techniques. Each of the cabins has direct access to its own private garden, as well as a petal strewn spa bath and separate shower. Two of the cabins having Tatami style beds for Thai massage wraps, hot stones and aroma massages, as well as Ayurvedic treatments, can be offered. In addition the spa has a hydrotherapy pool with outdoor swimming area and a Turkish steam bath. An exterior raised platform has a further four covered treatment pavilions where Thai massage and yoga sessions can be enjoyed by guests as they gaze across the gardens to the mountains beyond. A Jacuzzi bath in the spa garden has views across to the mountains and the sea.


THE ZILOV Up until 2004 there was no Trans Siberian motorway, the only way to get across Russia was to put your vehicle on the train at the railhead of Chernyshevsk and detraining 392 miles later at Skovorodino. This void in the road structure became known to European expeditioners as: ‘The Zilov Gap’. Austin Vince and Clive Greenhough had both attempted to cross the roadless Zilov Gap in 1995, taking them three exhausted they eventually gave up and put their bikes on the Trans-Siberian railway and completed the gap by rail. On their return to the UK they formed a dirt bike mini expedition group called The Old Millhillians Motorcycle Club.

of an Old Millhillian team riding the 10,000 miles to Chernyshevsk and re-tackling The Zilov Gap. The idea took root and Dave Greenhough, collated a six man group that he nicknamed Terra Circa.

Everything was stripped off their Suzuki DR350s, squashed into plastic bags and taken to the railway station. They scrunched their sleeping bags and Therma-rests into vinyl dry bags, bungeed them to the saddles and set off with only the clothes they stood up in and a spare inner tube. There wasn’t even a dirt track rather a scar across the hillside and being famously roadless, this part of the Nevertheless, getting lost was never an issue, all they had to do, was keep the railway in sight and they’d be OK.

Appledore, Devon 3rd - 5th june 2011



The going varied between good ‘made’ tracks and vast stretches of mud. The conundrum of the Gap was simple; if no-one ever travelled overland here, where did these occasional dirt tracks come from? The section of the Trans Siberian Railway they were shadowing runs parallel to, and only a few miles from, the northern frontier of China. In the good old days of the Cold War, fear of an incursion by Chinese commandos meant that the railway was given top level protection. Consequently, every single tunnel and bridge was garrisoned by a Red Army detail, charged with its defence. The Soviets clearly reasoned that in time of crisis the railway would be ‘knocked out’ and so military engineers linked every railside strong point with a rough track. However, bridges over the thousands of rivers weren’t required because all their military vehicles had a substantial amphibious capability. After Perestroika the soldiers were sent home, the barracks abandoned and the trail, previously maintained by Mother Russia’s sappers, was allowed to be reclaimed by Mother Nature.

With three-quarters of the Zilov Gap conquered and Terra Circa on a roll, Matt Hill’s bike snagged on some old wire discarded by a railway gang. He took a harsh tumble, blatantly couldn’t ride but laughed it off. We found a siding nearby, stopped a local freight train and got him, us and the bikes ahead to the next town, where two days later the local nurse diagnosed a broken collarbone. With completeness in mind the remaining Terra Circa back-tracked to the scene of the crash and spent the next 5 days doing the 97 miles to Skovorodino. Finally, they picked up the dirt road that the Russians call the M 27 and were home and dry, that is until a 14 tonne lorry careered out of control crushing Charlie and destroying the rear half of his bike. In 2004, almost ten years after the team’s return to their workaday lives in London, they received a phone call. A female voice introduced herself and said: motorcycling in Siberia. I work for Ewan MacGregor”.

So there they were, never quite sure where they were going, passing slit trenches and bunkers, and usually having to ford about 10 rivers a day. They were scrounging food and accommodation from the hardy Siberians they found sprinkled along the way, all of whom showed phenomenal kindness and generosity at every turn.


New Hope The rural town of Grabouw sits in one of the most verdant farming valleys of South Africa. Just one hour east of Cape Town, this bountiful area produces most of the country’s exported fruit. It also has a booming wine industry as well as providing a playground for mountain bikers and extreme sports enthusiasts who are drawn to the drama of the mountains nearby. However, this wealth of a few and behind this spectacular façade are the desperate realities of South Africa’s ongoing social problems. Over the years, Grabouw’s high demand for seasonal fruit pickers has attracted migrant workers who’ve settled in and around the town, forming squatter camps. As a consequence the town now has a population of 65,000 where to survive on less than £175 per month. Alcohol and drug abuse are rampant and crime rates, already notorious in South Africa, soar during the offseason. The known HIV infection rates of Tuberculosis and very little access to healthcare or education. In all of this it is easy to see how these people have lost hope and those hardest hit are the weakest and smallest; the children of Grabouw.



Thembalitsha (meaning New Hope in Xhosa) is one of the working to support the struggling health and social services in South Africa to address these problems. In Grabouw, Thembalitsha provides a loving home for children infected or affected by HIV & AIDS and works to educate our next generation through sports-based life skills programs, teaching our children that there is hope of a brighter future if they respect themselves and each other, work together and do the right thing. If you, or your organization, would like to make a difference to these precious children and the generations onwards, get in touch and make a difference: Thembalitsha is a registered South Africa (NPO:007-490) and a registered charity in the UK (Charities Commission: advisor about how tax relief can make your investments work harder for those in need.


MAKING YOURSELF A GREENER DRIVER Automobiles emit the seconds largest quantity of carbon dioxide emissions on the planets and the need to freshen up the way we travel is long over due. From kinetic roads to remote controlled commuter convoys, new ideas are under scrutiny and many believe these concepts will aid a greener way to travel. Firstly, more commonly known as tailgating, cutting turbulence for both the leader and the follower allowing them both to go faster is the innovative idea known as platooning, a concept that unlike tailgating is legal. The European Union has commissioned a three year study into automated road trains. This involve trains that run down the highway in line behind a professional driver. When a commuter enters the highway they will signal a convoy that is heading in their direction, once located the commuter can relax and let go of the wheel as the professional driver takes control of the convoy, using a remote to guide vehicles into line.

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s are also experimenting with ways in which energy produced by a car can be converted to energy to power their checkouts. Known as kinetic roads, sainsbury’s have embedded special plates into their car parks which when driven over create the energy powering their checkouts Finally, we have all heard of electric powered cars, but vehicles are now being developed to run on nothing but compressed air. This zero-emission ‘fuel’ is believed to hold promise for future car models and is being explored around the world. Air power is proven to be an effective alternative, as mechanics have noted for years as they used pneumatic air powered tools to do heavy duty work in service shops all over the world. Rolls-Royce are also playing there part at helping to lower emissions, they are set to reveal 102EX, the Phantom Experimental Electric. This prototype test vehicle is super luxury segment and will make its UK show debut at Salon Privé this year.

Safe roads trains for the environment, the designers fuel consumption also cutting down commute time and congestion.


The Tesla electric sports car does 0 - 60 in 3.9 seconds with zero emissions

HYBRID POWER EXTENDS PORSCHE PANAMERA RANGE The Panamera S Hybrid marks the beginning of a new chapter of Porsche Intelligent Performance, as well as continuing the success story of the sporting driving dynamics and elegant travel for four passengers, the new Panamera S Hybrid combines a total power output of 380 hp (279 kW) with CO2 emissions of just 159 g/km, achieving a performance ratio of 2.39 hp per g/ CO2 that is unbeaten in the UK car market. In addition to offering 0-62mph in 6.0 seconds and a top economy of 30.4mpg Combined. These statistics position the Panamera S Hybrid as offering impressive levels of engineering solutions under the skin and the use of lower rolling resistance tyres specially-developed by Michelin. The range in purely electric mode is approximately 1.25 miles, with driving in this mode possible up to 53 mph,

exploit additional consumption reserves thanks to its socalled ‘sailing’ function. During phases when no power is required from the combustion engine, ‘sailing’ entails switching off the engine and disengaging the drivetrain at speeds of up to 103 mph. The Panamera S Hybrid is driven by the same engine combination that has already proved itself in the Cayenne Cayenne sales in the UK. The main propulsion is provided by a supercharged three-litre V6 engine delivering 333 hp (245 kW) supported by a 47 hp (34 kW) electric motor. Both power units are capable of powering the Panamera S Hybrid either alone or in combination. The electric motor also operates as a generator and a starter. Together with the separating clutch, it forms the compact hybrid module located between the combustion engine and the transmission. The electric motor is connected to a nickel metal hydride (NiMh) battery where the electrical energy recovered while braking and driving is stored. Power transmission is handled by the familiar eight-speed Tiptronic S, with a wide

hybrid drive is also the only system in the world able to



11 - 15 Royal Windsor Horse Show: Berkshire

7-16 London Boat Show 12-16 National Fine Art & Antique Show: NEC Birmingham

19 PCA Championship Contact: (770) 613 0004

June 29 - July 3 Henley Royal Regatta, Oxfordshire Contact: 01491 572153

Motor Circuit Contact: 01243 755000

22 Spanish Grand Prix


22 - 26 Chelsea Flower Fair: London

1 - 3 Goodwood Festival of Speed: Sussex Contact: 01243 755055

25 Singapore Grand Prix

2 -3 Wimbledon Finals: London



Opera Festival: Hampshire

11 Grand Military Gold Cup: Sandown Racecourse

22 May - 5 June French Open

5 - 10 RHS Hampton Court Palace International Flower Show: Surrey

Contact: 26 - 29 PGA Championship:

10 British Grand Prix

Cheltenham Racecourse Contact: 01242 513014

29 Monaco Grand Prix

13 - 17 Open Golf Championship: Turnberry Contact: 01655 331000

23 - 29 BADA Antiques & Fine Arts Fair: London

26 - 30 1st N Power Test Match: SWALEC Stadium

17 Veuve Clicqout Gold cup British open Polo: Sussex

26 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Contact:


27 Australian Grand Prix


June 2 - July 5 Garsington Opera Season: Oxford

Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre Season begins: Stratford up on Avon

June 2 - July 12 Grange Park Opera Season: Hampshire Contact: 01962 737366

July 19 - 7 August Warwick Polo Club Final

Polo Club 10 Malasian Grand Prix

24 German Grand Prix

13 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

26 - 30 Glorious Goodwood: Goodwood Racecourse Contact: 01243 755022

27 Brazilian Grand Prix

AUGUST 6 - 14 Cowes Week: isle of Wight

17 Chinese Grand Prix June 20 - July 3 Wimbledon Tennis Championships: London

SEPTEMBER 22 - 24 Salon Prive

Contact: 01534 447745

13 Royal Caledonian Ball: Grosvenor House Hotel, London


7 - 12 Cannes Boat Show Contact:+33 (0)14756 6479

24 - 26 Round the Island Race 25 - 26 Biggin Hill International Air Fair: Kent Contact: 01959 572277 25 Eaton and Harrow Cricket Match: Lords Contact: 02074 321000

NOVEMBER The Winter Festival, including Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup: Berkshire Contact: 01635 40015

Flower Show: Cardiff


9 Japanese Grand Prix

24 Cartier International Polo Final: Guards Polo club

31 Hungarian Grand Prix

30 April - 2 May Jersey Boat Show

7 - 16 The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival: Gloucestershire

16 Conan Grand Prix

12 Canadian Grand Prix

29 Royal Wedding

5 - 9 Horse of the year show: NEC Birmingham

30 Indian Grand Prix

3 - 4 Coutts International Polo weekend: Chester Racecourse Contact: 01244 304610

Polo Season begins Contact: 01302 304200

11 Italian Grand Prix

30 June - 3 July Festival of Speed: Goodwood Contact 01243 755000

24 Gaucho Polo

13 Grand Prix begins

11 Last Night of the Proms, Royal Albert Hall

21 - 22 London Sevens Rugby: Twickenham

FEBRUARY 4 RBS Six Nations Rugby International begins Contact: +353 (0) 1669 0950

European Grand Prix

9 September - 23 October Rugby World Cup Contact:

DECEMBER International Show Jumping Championships: Olympia 10 Social Season Closes in England, Scotland and Wales

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Lifestyle Magazine - Edition 1  

"It's all about the journey" The glamourous lifestyle of travelling the world on private jets and luxury yachts.

Lifestyle Magazine - Edition 1  

"It's all about the journey" The glamourous lifestyle of travelling the world on private jets and luxury yachts.