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SPICE |January 2016|

QUEEN Magical Maldives

Say NO to Resolutions


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editor’s note: This was  probably  one  of  the  longest  I’ve  spent  editing  an  issue.  I  wanted  it  to  be  special   for  all  the  women  (and  a  man)  who  had  shared  their  stories  and  for  the  readers,  I  too   wanted  you  to  have  that  special  feeling  as  you  wrap  up  2015.     It  has  been  a  good  year  for  me  –  there  were  challenges  at  many  levels  but  a  lot  of  good   came  out  from  these  challenges.  As  I  go  into  2016,  I  know  some  of  these  challenges  will   follow  me  and  probably  linger  a  little  too  long  like  the  unwelcomed  guest,  but  hey,  what’s   life  without  a  little  dash  of  spice,  right?     As  you  toast  goodbye  to  2015  and  usher  in  2016,  I  wish  you  all  the  best  in  the  New  Year.   Believe  in  yourself,  believe  in  your  power  and  most  importantly,  love  yourself.     So  if  you  have  a  story  you’d  like  to  share  and  inspire  women,  we’d  like  to  hear  from  you.   Drop  us  an  email  at  magazine@oneasiacoach.com  and  b e  part  of  the  spicy  family.     Wishing  you  a  blessed  and  joyous  2016.     Begin  again;  Live  again;  Love  again.  

Editor, A  Dash  of  Spice    


Vanithadevi Saravanamuttu,  40  years,  is  from  Singapore.  She  is  married  to   her  sweetheart  whom  she  met  when  she  was  16-­‐years  old  and  they  have   two  children;  a  princess  aged  15  and  a  p rince  aged  13.  She  is  the  Founder   and  Director  of  Style  Etiquette  Pte  Ltd.  Her  journey  into  the  fashion  and   etiquette  arena  happened  after  she  won  the  Mrs  India  (Singapore)  title  in   2013.  Since  then  she  has  won  many  more  beauty  awards,  Asia  Pacific  Queen   of  Substance  2014  (  Diamond  Award  –  to  recognise  successful  individual   woman  who  is  outstanding  and  famous  in  her  particular  industry)  and  this   was  followed  by  Queen  of  Substance  2015  (Emerald  Award    -­‐  to  recognise   successful  woman  who  is  an  outstanding  Entrepreneur  and  Leader  in  the   area  of  Business.  Besides  running  her  household  and  a  business,  Vanitha  also   gives  back  to  the  community  she  serves.  She  is  a  Certified  Beauty  &  Style   Coach,  a  Registered  Etiquette  Trainer  and  an  Executive    Committee  Member   of  the  Young  Entrepreneur  Network  (YEN)  with  the  S ingapore  Indian   Chamber  of  Commerce  and  Industry.  


the 9 to 5 employee to entrepreneur: As a  highly  motivated  and  optimistic  person,  I  have   worked  my  way  up  in  both  personal  and  p rofessional   life.  Being  a  realist,  I  have  taken  the  challenges  of  life   well.  I  h ave  managed  to  cope  with  struggles  in  a   calm  and  collected  manner.    With  the  demanding   increase  in  financial  freedom  and  projecting  a   positive  reputation,  I  had  to  wear  several  hats  to   maintain  a  favourable  positionin  society.     I  remembered  I  barely  had  $1000  in  bank  to  start  my   business.  The  financial  turmoil  my  family  had  to  go   through  with  just  my  husband  being  the  sole   breadwinner  and  the  struggles  and  sacrifices  to  get   my    customers/clients.    

t h e d a u g h t e r : I  come  from  a  family  that  is  deeply  rooted  in   traditions  and  filial  piety.    Being  the  only  girl  child   among  my  three  brothers,  I  was  and  am  still   considered  the  apple  of  my  parents’  eyes.  Brought   up  by  a  firm  mother  and  a  tender  father,  I  learnt   along  the  way  to  have  a  good  counter  balance  of   handling  situations  that  life  presents.    My  childhood     brings  me  to  the  memory  lane  of  growing  up  with  a   an  extended  family.  I  grew  up  with  my  great   grandparents  together  with  a  whole  lot  of  cousins.     My  parents  gave  me  my  very  first  responsibility  of   looking  after  my  3  mth  old  baby  brother  while  they   were  out  to  work.  At  the  age  of  4,  I  tasted  my  first   responsibility.  Nevertheless  I  was  a  pampered   daughter;  hahaha...  never  learnt  to  cook,  wash   clothes  or  anything...  .  Beneath  the  p ampering,  my   parents  definitely  taught  me  the  values  which  will   bring  me  ahead  in  my  life  as  a  better  human  being,   student,  friend,  sibling,  wife,  mum  and  friend.  


My personal  experience   within  my  two  years  of   entering  into   entrepreneurship  has   taught  me  that  it  takes   enormous    hard  work,   and  sheer  bit  of  luck  to   excel  in  what  you  do.      

” my father, my inspiration: Undoubtedly my  late  father  has  been  my  greatest  inspiration.  The  lessons  he  went  through  with  me,  in  terms  of  education  to  hard  facts  of  life.  One   important  lesson  I  hold  close  to  my  heart:  be  an  independent  woman.  My  dad  may  not  have  been  rich  is  cash,  property  and  education  but  he  was  filthy  rich   in  words  of  true  life  experience.  Through  him  I  saw  the  glimpse  of  how  it  would  be  to  be  successful  and  afford  the  things  that  I  wanted.    Till  now,  I  seek  his   blessings  prior  to  every  step  I  take  in  my  life,  both  personally  and  professionally   Success  to  me  means  being  able  to  understand  what  are  your  priorities,  ambitions  and  goals;  how  well  you  have  achieved  your  goals  and  dreams;  getting   tremendous    satisfaction,  happiness  and  a  sense  of  fulfilment  to  attain  that  taste  of  success;  the  willingness  to  embrace  every  failure  that  I  meet  as  every   encounter  brought  me  a  step  closer  to  success  and  finally,  the  courage  to  begin  the  will  to  finish.   It  never  ceases  to  amaze  me  how  much  time  people  waste  searching  endlessly  for  magic  shortcuts  to  entrepreneurial  success  and  fulfilment  when  the  only   real  path  is  staring  right  in  the  face.  My  personal  experience  within  my  two  years  of  entering  into  entrepreneurship  has  taught  me  that  it  takes  enormous     hard  work,  and  sheer  bit  of  luck  to  excel  in  what  you  do.      

j o u r n e y f r o m e m p l o y e e t o e n t r e p r e n e u r : At  the  age  of  20,  I  started  working  in  a  multi-­‐national  company.  I  have  a  rich  and  vast  corporate  experience  of  17  years  but  I  was  getting  into  that  frustrated   and  monotonous  mode  when  I  longed  for  that  new  me.  I  wanted  to  do  what  I  really  wanted  to  do,  follow  my  passion.  At  that  point,  I  knew  nothing  could    


keep me  going  in  that  office  job  –  no  promotion,  higher  salary,  change  of  new   management  –  nothing  could  hold  me  down  in  corporate  anymore.  I  was   screaming  loud  in  me  that  I  had  to  leave  that  career.  I  soul  searched  for  a  long   time.  I  had  many  questions  running  in  my  head  for  almost  one  year.  Finally,   with  my  husband’s  support,  I  made  that  big  move.  In  May  2013,  I  quit  the  job   which,  was  paying  me  my  four  figure  salary,  business  trips  and  bearing  all  my   education  expenses.  I  gave  it  all  up  to  follow  my  heart.     Almost  everyone  who  knew  me  then  were  really  surprised  by  my  move.    Yes       I  had  always  been  a  very  contented  employee.  Everyday  I  look  forward  to   going  to  work.  I  totally  loved  what  I  was  doing.  Seeing  me  move  and  puttin  on   my    entrepreneurship  shoes,  I  got  mixed  reactions  -­‐  some  of  them  scolded,   ridiculed,  mocked  while  others  praised  and  congratulated  me.  I  had  so  many   comments  that  almost  tore  me  apart.  The  very  first  person  was  my  own   Mum.  She  chided  me  rather  harshly  on  my  decision.  I  didn’t  get  much  good   support  initially.  But  as  time  moved  on,  my  consistency,  perseverance  and  my   relationship  with  people  built  up  my  confidence  that  I  too  can  be  my  own   boss.  What  started  off  as  my  passion  is  now  my  profit  making  business.         Style  Essence  started  with  three  partners  has  now  become  Style  Etiquette  Pte   Ltd  in  April  2014.  My  very  own  business  which  helps  many  to   Create.Define.Refine.  How  exciting!!  It’s  been  almost  2  years  since  I  started   my  company.  Style  Etiquette  is  not  just  about  fashion,  colours  or  etiquette.  Its   a  one  stop  place  where  both  women  and  men,  young  and  old  can  feel   connected  to  being  and  accepting  who  they  really  are.  I  inspire  to  bring  the   beauty  from  within.  The  importance  of  accepting  personal  grooming,   professional  image,  basic  social  etiquette  are  necessities  of  attaining  success   both  professionally  and  personally.      

t h e q u e e n i n m e : A  stepping  stone  to  my  entrepreneurship  is  my  winning  Mrs  India  Singapore   2013  in  February.  My  title,  my  crown,  my  fame  became  my  business   trademarks.       I  built  trust,  rapport  and  communication  with  the  business  world.  Using  my   newfound  fame,  recognition,  crown,  I  decided  to  mould  my  own  destiny.  A   new  role  took  over  me;  Alpha  Female.  It  is  a  role  that  epitomizes  the  mastery   of  balancing  feminity  with  strength  and  power  to  excel  in  a  male  dominated   environment.  I  desired  to  be  the  kind  of  woman  who  is  secure  and  assertive  in   attaining  her  goals  and  dreams.    

t h e w i f e a n d m u m i n m e : I  have  been  married  now  for  16  years  and  I  have  undergone  the  challenges  of   life  well,  working  through  all  obstacles  with  passion  and  strength.  Undeniably,   of  all  the  hats  I  wear  the  most  rewarding  is  motherhood.  To  me  being  a  mum   has  brought  a  kaleidoscope  of  emotions  simultaneously  -­‐    fear,  worry,  angst,   pride  and  determination  among  others.  I  see  motherhood  as  a  holiest  service   assumed  by  mankind.  Motherhood  enables  me  to  lead  by  example  the  virtues   of  life  in  most  humbling  form.   My  vision  as  a  person  and  as  a  professional  goes  hand  in  hand.  Style  Etiquette   will  continue  to  strive  to  make  an  ineradicable  mark  in  the  lives,  both   professionally  and  personally  to  all  my  clients.

Hi, I’m  Vanitha  aka  Vanz,  The  Queen  of  Style,  Image  and   Etiquette.  To  know  more  about  what  I  do,  you  can   follow  me  on  social  media  or  drop  me  an  email.    FB:  https://www.facebook.com/Vanzstyle/?fref=ts   EM:  vanzstyle.etiquette@gmail.com     WS:  http://www.vanzstyletiquette.com/      



the coach: Commitment is the NEW resolution

New Year’s  Resolution  –  A   promise  that  you  make  to   yourself  to  start  doing   something  good  or  stop  doing   something  bad  on  the  first  day   of  new  year.  

You will  remember  in  the  last   issue  I  had  written  that  humans  

” ”

Commitment –  a  willingness  to   give  your  time  and  energy  to   something  that  you  believe  in,   or  a  promise  or  a  firm  decision   to  do  something.  

weren’t designed  to  keep  resolutions;   basically  telling  you  to  stop  wasting   your  time  with  the  annual  tradition  of   making  New  Year’s  Resolution.  And   yes,  my  views  haven’t  changed  the   slightest.  

A resolution  is  only  done  on  the  first   day  of  the  year,  so  if  you  missed   making  that  promise  to  yourself,  then   you’ll  have  to  wait  a  whole  year.  Now   what  a  bummer  that  is,  isn’t  it?   Another  365  days  b efore  you  can   make  another  promise  to  yourself.  

I can  sense  the  anxiety  already  as  you   think,  “how  am  I  going  to  go  into  2016   Come  on  in  Commitment!     without  a  resolution  or  two?  What   will  I  be  toasting  to  this  year?”   Commitment  involves  will  –  a  strong   determination  coupled  with  a  clear   Fear  not,  as  I  have  the  perfect  solution   purpose  for  something  that  you       for  you.  I  say,  “move  over  resolutions   believe  in  and  that  is  compelling.   and  come  on  in  COMMITMENT.”   Is  there  a  difference  between  the   two?  Well,  I  looked  up  the   trusted  Cambridge  online   dictionary  for  the  definitions.    


Commitment is  as  if  you  are   getting  married  to  yourself.  

And yes,  as  ridiculous  as  it  may  sound,   it  is  like  getting  married,  for  where   else  do  we  often  hear  about   commitment  than  in  a  marriage?     When  making  a  commitment,  it  is  a   conscious  and  calculated  decision  on   how  you  will  use  your  time  and   energy.  Unlike  a  resolution  which  can   be  made  in  a  quick  flash,  a   commitment  would  mean  setting  time   aside  and  thinking  through  what  you   want  2016  to  be  for  you  and  what  will   you  need  to  do  differently  from  2015.   The  beauty  of  commitments  –  you  can   make  them  several  times  a  year.  Every   single  time  something  changes  in  your   life,  you  can  up  the  ante  and  make  a   new  commitment.   So  what  will  I  be  committing  to  in   2016?  I’ll  be  making  my  list  of  10   things  I  will  “SAY  NO”;  things  that  do   not  propel  me  to  my  mission.  So   what’s  your  2016  commitment?   Rachpal  has  designed  an  online   coaching  programme  for   women  in  transition.    For  a   FREE  CONSULTATION,  write  to   her  at   more@oneasiacoach.com  or   visit  her  website  at   www.oneasiacoach.com  


spice up your life


Charmed by Music by Ugene See Perhaps you  might  be  wondering  what  is  a  guy  doing,  writing  for  a  women’s  magazine  designed  for  “women  to  inspire   women”?    When  I  read  the  first  issue,  I  was  excited  to  share  my  story  of  how  music,  my  passion,  has  brought  much   needed  break  from  unpleasantness  feelings  while  I  completed  my  d egree  in  counselling.  Though  I  am  still  studying,                   I  teach  music  part-­‐time  and  many  of  my  clients  are  women  and  h ence,  I  hope  that  through  my  writing,  you  can  learn   how  music  can  bring  you  much  n eeded  solace  in  the  crazy  mayhem.   In  my  conversations  with  my  women  clients,  I  found  out  about  the  struggles  that  women,  especially  mothers,  tend  to   have  -­‐  a  dilemma  about  their  identity,  which  may  cause  distress.  Some  may  be  wondering  how  they  should  b e   addressed,  what  can  they  do  to  be  a  good  wife,  mother  and  daughter.  With  so  many  identities  to  juggle,  many  women   tend  to  feel  overwhelmed  and  this  might  affect  their  daily  lives,  both  at  home  and/or  at  work,  which  might  lead  to   mild  depression.  According  to  a  Singhealth  report,  depression  is  more  common  in  the  married  than  the  never-­‐married   women.  In  males,  the  single,  d ivorced  and  widowed  are  more  likely  to  be  depressed.    


the dilemma for the modern day woman: In  today’s  fast-­‐paced  society,  women’s  status  and  values  have  changed  from  those  of  yesteryears;  women   make-­‐up  a  sizeable  number  of  the  workforce,  which  allow  them  to  execute  their  rights  and  powers  during   work.  However,  there  are  still  many  women  who  have  to  work  at  h ome  d ue  to  their  spouse  or  some  other   reasons  that  need  them  to  be  a  stay-­‐at-­‐home  Mums  or  working-­‐from-­‐home  Mums.  Whether  working  at   home  or  in  the  office,  many  start  feeling  the  monotony  take  over  as  they  have  the  same  routine  over  and   over  again,  year  after  year.  Quite  often,  the  women  tell  me  that  they  start  focusing  on  their  physical  health,   by  joining  an  exercise  group,  gym  or  yoga.  However,  many  could  not  maintain  this  exercise  routine  in  their   everyday  life  as  they  had  their  own  busy  schedule  and  multiple  roles  to  juggle.  And  then,  the  cycle  repeats   and  the  stress  sets  in.      

Playing a  musical  instrument  is  an   expression  of  one’s  unique  identity.

the charm of music: Contrary  to  popular  belief,  you  can  learn  to  play  a  musical  instrument  at  any  age.  Unlike  physical  exercise   which  strenuous  or  you  get  sweaty,  music  is  a  stress-­‐reliever  that  is  able  to  bring  out  the  feminine  elegance   and  b oost  level  of  confidence.  It  allows  one  to  express  various  emotions  to  further  understand  oneself  and   finally,  it  is  also  an  excellent  way  to  create  bonds  with  family  members  when  you  h ave  an  evening  of  music   and  song  (I  was  going  to  say  around  the  fireplace,  but  we  d o  live  in  the  tropics).     Another  big  draw  for  women  is  that  they  can  practice  music  in  the  comfort  of  their  own  h omes  at  a  time  of   their  convenience.  When  learning  a  musical  instrument,  it  is  not  just  about  the  technical  knowledge  of   knowing  how  to  play  the  instrument,  b ut  also  understanding  the  composition  of  each  piece.  This  is  where   each  person’s  individual  personality  shines  through.     Learning  to  play  a  musical  instrument  allows  one  to  express  one’s  emotions  and  allows  one  to  better   understand  the  self.  Each  musical  instrument  is  an  expression  of  the  self,  from  the  selection  and  the  music   one  plays.  Learning  to  play  a  musical  instrument  is  no  longer  just  a  p ast  time  for  the  affluent  or  a  young   person,  but  a  hobby  that  anyone  can  pick  up  at  any  time  in  their  lives.    

Interest/Hobbies Contributor: Ugene See I  have  been  learning  music  since  I  was  14  years  old  and  h ave  been  teaching  for   the  past  three  years.  Here’s  how  you  can  get  in  touch  with  me  if  you  wish  to  take   up  music  lessons:     Email:  ugene_845@hotmail.com   Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ugene.see   Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ugene.ugene/    



glitter and glam


Quickie Cleanse for the busy woman By Harmanpreet Kaur

Cleansing is  perhaps  the  easiest,  least  expensive  and  most   important  element  of  maintaining  healthy  skin.  It  is  the   building  block  of  a  healthy  skincare  regime.  Cleansing   removes  excess  oil  and  impurities  from  your  skin  and  helps   improve  its  health  and  radiance.  Cleansing  also  helps  prepare   your  skin  for  the  other  steps  in  your  skincare  program.    



Magic tools Here is  my  basic  skincare  routine  that  works  effectively  for  busy   super  mum’s  like  me.  

Mary  Kay  makeup  remover   Mary  Kay  Skinvigorate  Cleansing  Brush   Mary  Kay  3-­‐1  in  cleanser  

STEP 1:     Initial  cleansing  can  only  be  effective  after  removing  any   traces  of  makeup  and  d irt.  I  use  the  Mary  Kay  Make  up   remover.  It’s  so  easy  to  use.  Just  apply  it  over  your  face   to  gently  remove  eye  makeup,  including  waterproof   mascara.  And  what  I  love  about  it  most  is  that  it  does  not   leave  skin  feeling  greasy.  It’s  so  effective  that  I  use  it  to   remove  all  my  makeup.    

STEP 2:     Removing  the  make-­‐up  is  not  the  end.  Finding  and   using  a  good  cleanser  is  just  as  important.    Mary  Kay   3-­‐in-­‐1  cleanser  is  my  all  time  favourite.  It  lathers  well   and  washes  away  excess  oil  that  leaves  my  skin   feeling  thoroughly  cleansed.  It  exfoliates  as  well  and   it’s  so  gentle  that  I  use  it  daily.  


STEP 3:     Washing  your  face  with  hands  does  not  prove  to  be  as  effective  with  this   miracle  tool,  the  Mary  K ay  Skinvigorate  Cleansing  Brush.  It  has  just  too   many  good  benefits  that  you  just  can’t  ignore.  While  it  enhances  and   provides  deeper  cleansing  and  leaving  skin  smooth,  more  importantly,  it  is   easy  to  operate  and  store.  Absolutely  easy  to  bring  on  your  travels  too!   Another  benefit  is  that  it  is  so  versatile,  you  can  use  it  at  your  sink  or  in  the   shower  and  it  ensures  you  get  all  of  your  makeup  off  each  night.    

Fashion and Beauty Contributor: Harmanpreet Kaur Hi, I’m  Harmanpreet  Kaur,  38  years  old,  a  career  woman  and   entrepreneur,  married  and  a  mother  to  a  bubbly  little  boy.  Like   many  of  you,  I’m  juggling  many  roles,  which  include  a  full-­‐time   job,  an  independent  Mary  Kay  Beauty  Consultant  and  managing   my  own  online  Indian  accessories  business,  Treasure  Trove.     For  more  on  beauty  tips  with  Mary  Kay,  follow  me  on   https://www.instagram.com/mk_sangsaara    



food and drink:

spice, dice and splash

I get  asked  all  the  time,  “How  do  you  manage  to  cook  with  your  busy  schedule?”  It’s  been  years  now,  but  that  is  the   common  question  I  get  asked  all  the  time.  My  family  and  friends  know  that  I  ABSOLUTELY  love  to  cook  and  I’d  rather  eat   food  prepared  at  home  than  to  have  a  take-­‐away.     That’s  h ow  Fabulicious  M eals  on  Heels  was  born  four  years  ago.  I  decided  that  food  preparation  should  not  be  a  chore   and  a  woman  should  be  able  to  sashay  into  her  kitchen  with  her  6-­‐inch  h eels  and  prepare  n ot  just  a  healthy  and  delicious   meal  but  one  that  looks  like  it  was  from  a  gourmet  deli.  In  this  month’s  issue  I’ll  share  two  foods  that  are  often  p erceived   as  snacks  and  starters  that  can  actually  be  main  meals.  Just  innovate  and  break  the  rules.  

Rachpal Kaur  Tulsi  


Bruschetta Ingredients:  For  garlic  Toast   10  slices  of  bread  (baguette,  ciabatta   or  Panini  are  my  favourites.  BUT  if  you   only  have  the  square  slices,  just  use   them.  Remember,  break  the  rules.)   2  crushed  garlics  (I  like  to  make  it  a   fine  paste)   3  tablespoons  of  butter   Salt  to  your  liking  (you  can  omit  this   but  I  like  mine  slightly  salty)     Method:   • Mix  the  butter,  garlic  and  salt.   • Slather  the  slices  of  bread  with   the  garlic  butter  mix.   • Toast  the  bread  for  about  5  -­‐8   minutes  till  it  is  crisp  (not  burnt).   Sometimes  I  just  lay  the  bread   down  on  a  hot  frying  pan  till   golden  brown.     • Set  aside.  (You  can  also  toast  the   bread  once  all  your  toppings  are   ready  if  you  like  the  bread  to  be  a   little  warm  when  serving.)     Variation:   • Yes  you  can  always  have  onion   bread.  Just  add  about  ¼  on  an   onion  in  place  of  garlic.   •

Yes you  can  always  add  some  chilli   or  spices  to  the  mix  to  make  it   more  exciting.  

Oh yes,  and  cheese  works   perfectly  too.  You  can  slather  on   some  cottage  cheese,  or  cream   cheese.  My  favourite  is  some  goat   cheese  as  it  slightly  sour  and   super  salty.  

Method:   Traditional  Tomato  and  Olive  Oil:   • 4  medium  sized  tomatoes.  Dice  the   tomatoes  into  1  cm  cubes  (I  prefer  the   slightly  firmer  ones  as  they  are  easier  to   handle  and  are  n ot  slushy).   • 1  chopped  garlic   • ½  chopped  onion   • 1  tablespoon  chopped  fresh  coriander,   oregano,  basil  or  parsley  (if  you  only  have   the  dried  h erbs,  just  use  about  ½  teaspoon.   And  don’t  get  too  hung-­‐up  on  getting  the   right  herb.  Use  what  you  have  in  your   pantry  or  refrigerator).   • Salt  to  your  liking.   • A  dash  of  pepper.   • Mix  all  the  ingredients  and  spread  it  on  the   toasts.   • Drizzle  some  olive  oil.     Variation:   • 2  tomatoes  and  1  avocado.   • 2  tomatoes  and  some  smoked  salmon.  You   can  roughly  chop  the  smoked  salmon  or  just   place  the  slices  on  the  base  and  then  spread   the  tomatoes.   • 1  mango  and  1  avocado.  Diced.  Add  1   tablespoon  of  chopped  onions,  some   crushed  garlic  and  1  chopped  red  chilli  or   red  chilli  flakes.  This  is  a  fiery  one.  And  this   will  go  very  well  with  some  diced  garlic   prawns.     Serves:   • This  serves  as  a  light  meal  for  four  people  or   a  main  meal  for  2  very  hungry  people.     Tip:   • I  usually  make  triple  the  quantity  of  the  mix   so  that  I  can  use  it  for  at  least  2  more  meals   in  the  week  or  as  a  salad  with  grilled  meat.  



Hearty Soups  

Ingredients: Any  of  the  following  sets  of   vegetables.  If  combining  vegetables,   just  adjust  the  quantity.  I  like  to  use   potatoes  to  thicken  the  soup.  You   can  replace  them  with  tapioca.     1. 4  carrots  &  2  potatoes   2. 500  grams  p umpkin  &  2   potatoes   3. 500  grams  of  broccoli  &  2   potatoes   1  to  1.5  litres  boiling  water     2  chopped  garlic   1  chopped  onion   2  inches  chopped  ginger   (sometimes  I  add  more)   2  tablespoons  oil     2  tablespoons  butter   Salt  and  pepper  to  taste.  

Method: • Choose  either  set  1,  2  or  3.  Peel  the   vegetables  and  dice  them  to  about   2  inches  cubes.   • Heat  oil  and  butter  in  a  deep  p ot.     • Sauté  the  onion,  garlic  and  ginger   till  fragrant  and  light  golden-­‐brown.   • Add  in  the  chopped  vegetables  and   sauté  for  a  few  more  minutes.     • Add  in  the  boiling  water.  I  usually   add  1  litre  first.  Only  if  it  is  too   thick,  I  add  in  more.   • Stir  in  the  salt  and  p epper.   • Let  it  cook  for  about  20  to  30   minutes  or  until  vegetables  are   cooked  and  soft.   • I  use  a  hand-­‐blender  to  puree  the   vegetables.   • Let  it  cook  for  another  5  minutes.   • Add  more  salt  or  pepper  if  needed.  

Variation: • You  can  add  2  tomatoes  to   sets  1  &  2  to  make  it   tangier.   • If  you  are  not  too   concerned  about  calories,   then  add  ½  cup  of  cream  to   any  of  the  sets.  (My   favourite…..yumm.)     Tips:   • I  make  triple  the  quantity   and  freeze  in  2  separate   portions  for  later  use.   • I  sometimes  use  one  of  the   portions  as  a  pasta  sauce  or   to  cook  casserole.  

common cents


money mine:

Saving is the new SEXY How much  money  is  enough?  For  each  and  everyone  of  us,  that  amount  is  different,   unique  as  a  fingerprint.  Seek  and  celebrate  all  that  you  can  create,  then  you  will  have  all   that  you  are  meant  to  have.  That  will  be  enough.  When  it  comes  to  every  financial   decision  you  will  make  for  the  rest  of  your  life,  you  will  choose  correctly  if  you   go  with  your  first  instinctual  response.  That  answer  will  always  be  right  for  you,   the  one  that  will  empower  you  to  make  money  for  yourself.  

Suze Orman  



Know where  your  money  goes.  One  of  the  biggest  money  mistakes  is  not  knowing  how  much  you  spend  or  what  you’re   spending  on.  Do  you  have  any  idea  how  much  you  spend  on  your  utilities,  mobile  phone,  internet,  cable  TV,  groceries   and  eating  out?  Do  your  bills  get  automatically  deducted  from  your  bank  every  month  that  you’ve  stopped  looking  at   your  bills?  I’ve  chosen  NOT  to  have  the  payment  of  bills  automated.  I  open  all  my  bills  every  month  to  confirm  the   charges  are  accurate  and  that  no  additional  charges  have  been  imposed.  Or  perhaps  I  had  signed  up  for  a  particular   facility  that  I  now  no  longer  need.  Sometimes,  I  might  have  accumulated  reward  points  that  I  can  use  to  offset  my  bill   charges.  Know  your  bills.  Know  what  you  are  paying  for.

What goes,  what  stays?  Look  at  your  bills  from  the  last  6  months.  Some  are  fixed  (like  cable  TV  and  home  Internet)  and   some  will  fluctuate  (mobile  phone,  utilities).  Calculate  how  much  you  spend  on  coffees  and  meals  everyday  and  on   groceries  and  other  household  goods.  Draw  up  a  simple  chart  so  that  you  have  a  visual  representation  of  your  spending.   Look  at  the  bills  and  determine  if  all  the  facilities  are  needed  or  is  there  something  that  can  be  removed?  For  example,   since  most  of  my  communication  is  via  email  or  WhatsApp,  I  seldom  have  long  phone  conversations,  which  makes  the   call  waiting  facility  redundant.  Another  example  of  something  that  I  could  readily  forgo  was  buying  bottled  water,  which   would  cost  about  $1.    Instead  I  carry  a  water  bottle  and  refill  it  wherever  I  go.  Be  critical  and  hard  on  yourself.  Get  rid  of   any  expenditure  that  is  not  needed.  

4 3


Steps to SEXY

Shop at  home  first.  Yes,  you  heard  me  right.  If  you  snoop  around  your  cupboard  right  now,  you  will  find  many  things  that   you’ve  bought  and  stashed  away  that  you  have  forgotten  about.  What’s  in  the  pantry  that  you  bought  months  ago  and   not  eaten?  Some  cans  of  tuna  or  nuts  or  biscuits  or  beans?  How  about  looking  in  your  wardrobe  before  the  next   shopping  trip  for  more  clothes?  I’m  amazed  at  the  packets  of  pasta,  lentils  and  cans  of  tuna,  sardines  and  baked  beans   that  I  have  stashed  away  in  the  pantry.  So  before  you  go  spending  on  anything,  look  around  the  house.    

Have a  budget  and  stick  to  it.  This  is  the  final  step  and  perhaps  the  one  that  will  make  or  break  your  sexy.  Now  that  you  know   how  much  you  pay  on  bills,  how  much  you  spend  on  groceries  and  household,  your  spending  on  transport  and  take-­‐away  meals,   set  a  budget.  If  you  have  done  steps  1  and  2  correctly,  by  now  you  will  only  be  spending  on  absolute  necessities.  Draw  up  a   budget  with  a  10%  buffer.  So  if  you  your  budget  comes  up  to  $500,  a  10%  buffer  would  mean  that  you  will  have  an  extra  $50   should  anything  crop  up.  And  in  the  event  you  don’t  spend  that  money,  you  can  add  to  your  “Go  Crazy”  fund  –  money  that  you   put  aside  to  give  yourself  a  treat  once  in  a  while.  So  ladies,  get  your  sexy  back.  Start  growing  your  money.  



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health and fitness:

Kickstart to a



by Emma Blake

It’s the  last  day  of  the  year  and  everyone  is  reflecting  back   on  the  year  they  have  had  and  the  resolutions  that  they   made  the  previous  year.    Staying  fit,  healthy  and  losing   weight  has  always  been  at  the  top  of  everyone’s  New  Year’s   Resolution  list.  Holistic Health  is  also  becoming  more  and   more  popular  with  more  people  making  New  Year’s   Resolutions  to  spend  more time  outdoors  amongst  nature,   meditate  more  and  take  up  Yoga.     So  what  is  the  answer  to  sticking  to  our  N ew  Year’s   Resolutions?  Easy,  scrap  the  resolutions  and  change  our    

thinking and  behaviour  towards  why  we  want  to  lose  those   few  kilos  or  change  our  lifestyle  and  change  the  goals   themselves  to  make  them  more  achievable.     Small  achievable  goals  is  a  must.  If  you  are  wanting  to  lose   20kg  in  year  then  break  this  down  into  smaller  goals  of  2   weeks,  6  weeks,  12  weeks  etc.  When  setting  smaller  goals   we  can  see  that  we  are  reaching  them  and  we  feel empowered  and  motivated.     Write  your  goal  into  a  “vision”  that  benefits  you  and  also  


those close  to  you.  For  example  if  your  goal  is  “to  lose  weight”   rewrite  it  as  “I  want  to  lose  weight  so  I  have  more  energy  to   spend  time  with  my  family.”  Also  keep  a  visual  reminder  of   your  goal  somewhere  whether  it’s  an  inspiration  quote  in   your  purse,  a  picture  of  a  fun  memory  with  your  family  on   your  phone  or  on  the  fridge.     Think  about  what  you  will  GAIN  from  your  lifestyle  change.   When  setting  goals  we  tend  to  say  or  write  them  in  the   negative  ie.  “I  will  lose  weight”.  Think  more  about  the   benefits  of  making  these  changes  such  as  “When  I  lose  weight   I  will  have  more  energy  to  spend  with  my  family  and  will  be   healthier  from  the  inside  out.”  Stop  thinking  about  losing  the   weight  and  focus  on  how  good  you  are  going  to  feel.   Changing  your  lifestyle  to  a  more  healthier  one  will  improve   your  immune  system,  improve  your  energy  levels  and  your   general  well  being  of  the  body,  mind  and  soul.  Positive   thoughts  create  Positive  results.     To  create  lasting  healthy  habits  we  must  take  baby  steps.  Just   like  setting  small  achievable  goals  we  also  need  to  change  our   habits  slowly.  Cutting  out  all  the  bad foods/habits  in  one  hit   is  one  of  the  reasons  why  stray  from  our  goals.  Start  by   cutting  out  1-­‐2  bad  foods/habits  a  day  so  your  body  gets  used   to  you  not  having  these  and  plan  your  meals  and  exercise   routine  for  the  week  ahead.    

Write your   goal   into   a   “vision”   that   benefits  you  and  also  those  close  to  you.  

” ”

Stop thinking  about  losing   the  weight   and   focus  on  how  good  you  are  going  to  feel.  

Remember to  reward  yourself  with  some   pampering  or  “me”  time.  It  is  so  important  for   us  to  reward  ourselves  when  we  reach  each   small  goal.  We  hold  the  key  to  our  success  so  it   is  important  to  allow  ourselves  to  tap  into  our   potential  and  to  give  ourselves  recognition   when  we  have  done  so.    

We hold  the  key  to  our  success   so  it  is  important  to  allow   ourselves  to  tap  into  our   potential  and  to  give  ourselves.  

Henry Ford once said …..

Whether you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.

” Hi, I’m  Emma  Blake,  a  personal  trainer  and  wellness  coach  whose  aim  is  to  work  with  my   clients  to  overcome  their  struggles  when  it  comes  to  living  a  healthy  lifestyle.  I’m  a  single  mum   of  a  15-­‐year  old  daughter  and  sporty  9  –year  old  son.   Here’s  how  you  can  get  in  touch  with  me  for  a  consultation  on  your  weight-­‐loss  or  wellness:   Facebook  link:  https://www.facebook.com/Body-­‐Mind-­‐Soul-­‐Wellness-­‐628900180585733/     Email:  em@bodymindsoulwellness.com.au       Instagram:  https://instagram.com/bodymindsoulwellness/    


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seeds of inspiration:

Contributed by Emma Blake 21


living simply to simply live


SIMPLY FLOWERS Anyone who  knows  me,  will  know  that  I  don’t  like  receiving  flowers.  There  was  one  year  my   husband  forgot  my  birthday  and  in  a  fit  of  anger  I  went  off  to  spend  the  day  with  Mum.  Upon  my   return,  lo  and  behold,  there  on  the  dining  table  was  a  bouquet  of  roses.  Instead  of  the  romantic   movie  ending  you  would  expect,  with  kisses  and  all,  I  was  so  upset  with  him  for  wasting  $40  on  the   bouquet  that  I  k new  was  going  to  whither  in  two  days  in  this  tropical  climate.  That  was  the  last  time   he  bought  me  flowers.   But  before  you  judge  me,  let  me  say  I  actually  do  love  having  flowers  in  the  home;  just  not  the   expensive  floral  arrangements.  I  usually  go  to  the  market  and  I  buy  some  stalks  of  orchids  or  lilies  as   these  last  for  at  least  a  week  to  ten  days.  And  buying  them  from  the  markets  is  a  lot  cheaper.    


So the  next  time  you’re  in  the  market,  take  a  peek  at  the  flower  shop.  Flowers  that  are  in  season   will  always  be  cheaper.  Hence,  my  top  choice  of  orchids  is  perfect  in  this  climate.  And  they  are  easy   to  tend  to,  needing  a  change  of  water  only  twice  at  most.  So  as  we  sail  into  2016,  may  I  wish  you   many  happy  moments  with  flowers.  

the spicy route


travel : Magical Maldives

In the Deep End by Shabnam Manan There’s  always  a  few  moments  at  dusk  when  the  sky  turns  shades  of  red,  purple  and  world  seems  to  exhale  out  of  the  sky.  I  am   learning  to  breath  alongside  it.  I  am  learning  to  soften  into  the  in-­‐betweens,  to  be  content  with  not  knowing  and  yet  to  be  excited  in   the  knowing.  To  innately  understand,  to  believe  in  dreams  in  a  society,  which  is,  so  bent  on  making  us  accept  the  reality.     The  past  is  a  great  teacher  but  the  future  is  our  master.  When  I  was  approached  to  write  about  what  it  felt  like  travelling  ALONE  or  a   single  mum,  at  first  thought  it  seemed  exciting.  I  suddenly  saw  the  dream  I  was  carrying  in  my  eye  and  heart  for  so  many  years   coming  alive  and  leaping  out  of  my  head.  The  dream,  which  I  felt  grow  with  me  to  become  a  travel  writer  suddenly  started  to  take   shape  and  seemed  like  it  really  is  possible.   Then  it  hit  me,  who  would  want  to  listen  to  the  sob  story  of  twice-­‐divorced  women  who  struggled  for  acceptance  not  just  within  the   family  but  outside  in  the  real  world?  My  little  water  bubble  burst  for  a  moment  and  it  seemed  to  present  such  a  sombre  and   lackluster  picture.  What  can  I  write  about  that  will  capture  the  imagination  and  senses  of  the  audience  reading  this.    D id  I  want  to  be   part  of  the  travel  writer  troop  who  spun  a  beautiful  cob  of  words  and  metaphors  appealing  to  the  ambrosia  of  senses?  Or  did  I  want   to  chart  my  own  course  wanting  to  be  me?   Then  the  song  rained  down  on  me  “when  I  just  a  little  girl,  my  mother  asked  me  what  will  I  be?  Will  I  be  pretty,  will  I  be  rich,  here’s   what  she  said  to  me”.  I  coughed  for  a  bit  and  hitting  my  head  at  the  thought  of  a  cheesy  old  song!  Such  is  the  plight  of  a  “wanna-­‐be”   aspiring  travel  writer!  


My journey  of  self  -­‐discovery  and  real  growth  started  2  and  half  years   ago  when  my  world  fell  apart.  The  trip  to  Maldives  seemed  to  mark   the  paradise  I  seemed  to  attain  after  walking  on  the  curvy  rock  filled   road.    It  seemed  to  bring  everything  together  and  why  the  events  had   unfolded  as  such.   I  walked  barefooted  on  the  powdery  sand  of  the  beach,  reminiscing   and  reflecting  the  events  that  unfolded.  As  pleasantly  corny  as  it   sounds,  the  name  of  the  hotel  I  stayed  was  “Paradise  Resort  and   Spa!”  Maldives  seemed  to  almost  be  an  accident  of  geography  –  a   cluster  of  dots  closely  gathered  on  the  map  in  the  middle  of  nowhere   which  seemed  to  draw  a  direct  resemblance  of  where  I  was  in  life.   Going  back  to  the  start  of  how  it  all  began,  without  a  job,  a  husband,   sense  of  heaviness  of  what  the  future  held  for  me,  a  teenage  son  to   parent  spun  me  into  frenzy.  I  hit  depression  just  around  the  time   when  Robbie  Williams’s  suicide  news  broke.  Like  many  of  such  stories   one  reads,  it  was  a  bleak  picture.  The  only  thing  that  rang  through  my   ears  then  were  the  words  of  my  then  boss    “Shab,  you  must  want  to   come  out  and  up!  Only  you  can!  It’s  up  to  you!”  Did  I  want  to  be   weighed  down  by  all  the  pain  and  the  galore  of  all  the  dark  emotions   or  have  a  JK  Rowling’s  brilliant  moment  and  hit  creative  mastery  or   simply  climb  back  up  and  emerge  victorious?   So  I  stood  up  with  all  my  might  with  tears  in  my  eyes  and  threw  out   all  my  anti  depressants  against  the  advise  of  my  well  wishers.   Working  with  a  training  consultancy  then,  I  cognitively  understood   how  the  emotions  change  and  the  transformation  these  emotions   might  bring  up  and  what  I  would  be  up  against  when  I  was  going   against  the  grain  to  rebuild  my  life.       What  I  didn’t  anticipate  was  the  brighter  and  lighter  side  of  resilience   and  the  universe  seemed  to  conspire  with  me.  It  showed  me   synchronicities,  which  I  couldn’t  explain,  brought  me  experiences  and   people,  which  seemed  to  not  only  force  me  out  of  my  shadows  but   also  helped  me  grow  and  thrive.  It’s  been  a  journey  of  connecting   with  the  love  within  me,  getting  a  glimpse  of  my  higher  self  and  really   understanding  love  though  no  definition  can  confine  the  word.    

As I  peered  through  onto  the  horizon,  I  felt   like  I  had  grown  to  become  like  the   unblemished  white  beach,  sparkling  water   and  azura  sky  in  the  tropical  setting.   Laughing  to  myself  again  at  the  silliness,  was   it  really  silliness  or  was  it  bringing  further   insights?  


My entire  trip  was  interesting  but  paradoxical.  Just  like  life  is  with   it’s  rise  and  falls,  ebb  and  flow  and  its  depth  and  surface.  There   are  two  types  of  dive  sites  in  Maldives.  The  tilla  is  a  submerged pinnacle  of  of  coral  that  comes  within  a  few  feet  of  the  surface   while  the  Kandu  is  a  pass  into  the  reef  that  due  to  tidal  changes   produces  a  lively  growth  of  corals.    

With its  abundance  of  coral  species,  the   Maldives  underwater  was  a  confusion  of   activity.  It  echoed  too  what  I  was   experiencing  in  my  head  and  around  me.  

the single female traveller: Safety  is  an  issue  for  many  single  women  who  travel.  As  much  as  I   tried  to  ignore  it  and  look  for  only  the  nice  and  pretty  packages,   our  guts  are  too  attuned  to  pick  up  such  vibes  and  I  had  a  dose  of   that  in  Maldives.  I  guess  we  don’t  talk  about  it  because  of  the  fear   of  what  other  experiences  we  will  attract.  With  its  beautiful   beaches,  its  connectedness  with  natural  elements,  fauna  and   flora,  nature  just  like  people  and  life,  also  shows  its  sharp  edges.,   that  makes  travelling  so  intriguing  and  eye  popping.   Travelling  with  my  teenage  son,  I  had  to  continuously  fumble   putting  on  hats  from  being  a  mother,  women,  MAN  (good  grief),  a   wide-­‐eyed  child  like  tourist  wanting  to  just  go  with  the  flow  and   not  worry  about  the  details.  I  saw  sides  of  me,  which  I  had  kept   hidden  for  a  long  time  or  didn’t  even  know  existed.     It  got  a  little  tiring  one  of  the  nights;  I  slept  at  7pm,  completely   oblivious  to  the  raging  storm  outside  and  with  my  son  ordering   room  service  and  gloriously  chomping  away  whilst  watching   football  on  TV.  I  woke  up  feeling  refreshed  and  raring  to  go  again   next  morning.     You  see,  Maldives  is  a  couples  destination  and  travelling  with  my   1.78m  tall  son  invited  quite  a  few  confused  but  endearing  stares.   We  played  table  tennis,  we  invited  stares,  we  listened  to  the  live   band  one  night,  invited  stares,  we  swam  in  the  sea,  we  invited   stares.  Over  and  over!  I  could  almost  feel  the  minds  around  me   going  “are  they  a  couple  or  mother  son  pair  up?  ”.  At  the  same   time,  I  was  doing  my  level  best  not  to  let  those  unnecessary   thoughts  wreak  havoc  in  my  head.  It  seems  hilarious  as  I  am   thinking  about  how  I  coped.     I  perpetually  walked  around  with  a  smile  plastered  on  my  face,   which  brought  a  fair  bit  irritation  to  my  son.  It’s  only  because  I   had  become  so  accustomed  to  seeking  out  the  positives  in  any   situation.  I  found  myself  like  a  broken  record  telling  my  son  “Son,   please  be  aware  of  the  energy  you  are  putting  out!”,  only  to  be   tested  the  moment  I  echoed  those  words.  I  found  myself  feeling   angry  when  the  front  desk folks  held  on  to  hotel  policies  too

tightly, taking  a  wee  bit  long  to  fix  the  Wifi  in   our  hotel  room  or  when  the  cashier  chimed   back  as  I  was  making  payments  on  check  out   “Madam,  your card  is  dishonoured!”  It  hit   me,  what  power  words  can  have  over  people   and  our  emotions! Thank  God  I  had  trained  my  mind  as  far  as   possible  to  stay  calm  and  do  my  best  to   communicate  in  a  way  that  was  kind  to   another  individual  and  at  the  same  time   trying  to  assertively  getting  my  message   across  was  a  little  like  coming  out  of  my   comfort  zone.  My  hot-­‐blooded  son  would   ever  so  often  say  me  “Mummy,  you  are   being  way  too  nice!”  How  could  I explain  to   him  that  these  guys  at  the  front  desk  were   just  doing  your  job  and  someday  he’d  be   working  too?     Though  I  must  say,  it  was  indeed  a  highly   confusing  time  for  me  and  I  began  to  really   understand  what  Shakespeare  meant  when   he  coined  the  phrase  “to  be  or  not  to  be…”   While  casual  dress  and  swimsuits  are  the  order  of  the  day  in   sweltering  heat,  we  visited  a  nearby  island  in  a  more  traditional   get  up.  This  was  inhabited  by  the  locals  and  got  a  glimpse  of   those  living  below  the  poverty  line.  Here  again  I  was  confronted   with  paradoxes,  a  family  of  seven  sat  by  the  curb  as  we  entered   the  village,  greeting  us  with  warm  smiles  and  traditional  “   Assalamualaikum”.  We  instantly  felt  humbled  and  thankful  for   the  all  the  blessings  we  had  been  bestowed  as  we  walked  past   the  schools  and  mosques.  I  also  felt  an  acute  sense  of  wanting  to   help  alleviate  and  lift  their  standards  of  living  and  perhaps  offer   them  an  opportunity  to  live  a  better  life.  In  Singapore,  we  have   almost  everything,  have  we  reached  a  point  now  to  consider   helping  other  nations  who  may  require  our  expertise  to  prosper   and  offer  their  local  Maldivians  a  real  chance  to  a  better  future   and  not  just  through  the  numerous  resorts  and  hotel?   As  we  hit  the  souvenir  shops,  a  few  men  started  taunting  for   their  respective  businesses.  It  left  me  feeling  very  uncomfortable   because  just  moments  ago  I  was  hoping  to  find  a  way  to  make  a   difference  and  now  I  felt  repelled  as  one  of  the  shopkeepers  in   his  efforts  to  lure  me  in  told  me  “don’t  go  into  that  shop,  his   items  are  very  expensive  and  you  will  not  get  value  of  money”.   Though  I  can  completely  understand  his  motivations  for  staking   the  claim,  I  couldn’t  help  feeling  the  need  to  bolt  of  out  of  there.     After  a  whirl  through  the  bazaar,  we  found  time  to  rest  and  have  a  snack  at  one  of  the  boisterous  teahouses  serving  up  a  wide   array  of  snacks  and  spicy  meals.  Whether  you  like  sitting  at  the  edge  of  the  pier  watching  the  fishes,  running  along  the  beaches,   windsurfing  or  parasailing,  the  indian  Ocean  is  yours  to  enjoy.  Despite  its  isolation,  the  Maldives  buzzes  with  an  alluring  energy   that   attracts   the   curious   first   time   tourist   and   the   seasoned   traveller.   Those   in   search   of   relaxation   and   excitement   will   appreciate  all  that  Maldives  has  to  offer.  What  an  adventure;  I  certainly  intend  to  go  back  again.    



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Q & A: Q

A senior  executive  in  my  organisation  is  abusing  his  power.  He  is   having  an  affair  with  another  employee  (both  are  married)  and  he   has  even  promoted  her  and  two  of  her  teammates.  In  addition  to   that,  he  uses  company  money  to  fund  their  overseas  trips  and   expensive  meals.  He  has  fired  a  few  people  who  aired  their   differences  in  opinions  with  him  and  the  whole  organisation  is   filled  with  a  climate  of  fear  because  he  has  the  power  to  hire  and   fire.  The  management  team  is  located  in  another    country  and   trust  him  to  run  the  operations.  What  can  I  do  to  alert  them  to  his   wrongdoings?  We  are  all  scared  to  lose  our  jobs.  


    This  is  a  tough  one  as  from  what  you  have  described,  the  person  wields   substantial  power  within  the  organisation.  There  are  a  few  issues  that  we  need   to  be  clear  about  before  taking  any  action.   First,  does  the  organisation  have  any  policy  on  office  romance?  Is  it  stated  in   the  staff  handbook  or  Intranet?  If  not,  check  with  the  HR  if  such  a  policy  exists.   Next,  even  if  there  is  a  policy,  is  there  sufficient  evidence  to  prove  that  they  are   having  an  affair?  How  do  you  prove  that  an  affair  is  indeed  taking  place?   Without  concrete  evidence,  it  just  becomes  idle  gossip  and  puts  you  in  a  bad   light.  You  really  don’t  want  to  be  taking  this  on  all  by  yourself.   Thirdly,  if  you  really  feel  strongly  about  this  issue,  you  will  need  to  start   building  your  alliances  to  determine  who  has  access  to  the  management  team   overseas.  However,  before  airing  your  concerns,  I  would  advise  you  to  have   concrete  proof  on  any  wrongdoing  on  the  part  of  the  executive.  F or  example,   how  can  you  prove  that  funds  were  misappropriated?     Lastly,  my  personal  take  on  it,  office  romances  usually  end  horribly,  so  just  wait   it  out.  They  will  fumble  and  then  just  enjoy  the  free  office  soap-­‐opera.     If  you  have  a  question    on  a  life   or  work  transition,  write  to  us  at   magazine@oneasiacoach.com   and  we  will  feature  your   questions  and  reply  on  this  page.  



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