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Becoming the Exception

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editor’s note: As I  put  together  this  issue,  I  am  humbled  by  how  much  love  I’ve  been  getting  from  all   over  the  world.  Thank  you  so  much  for  all  your  emails  and  kind  words  and  please  b e   patient  if  I  haven’t  replied  your  email.     In  the  past  few  weeks  I’ve  spoken  to  so  many  dynamic  women  from  all  over  the  world  and   the  furthest  was  probably  M innesota.  While  I  se  tin  my  light-­‐cotton  dress  in  the  warm   tropics,  Cassi  was  dealing  with  loads  of  snow.  Same  moment,  but  what  different  worlds.   This  journey  so  far  has  b een  an  exciting  one.  Reading  all  your  stories,  I’m  just  amazed  at   some  of  the  challenges  each  and  every  one  of  you  have  had  in  your  life  and  how  with   great  courage  and  determination  you  have  overcome  them.     As  we  move  to  February,  I  h ope  you’ve  been  having  a  great  year  so  far.  January  has  been  a   roller-­‐coaster  ride  for  me  (and  I  promise  I’ll  give  you  details  another  day)  but  I’m  thankful   for  all  the  trials  and  tribulations,  as  after  reading  all  your  stories,  I  know  I  can  only  emerge   stronger  than  before.     So  if  you  have  a  story  you’d  like  to  share  and  inspire  women,  we’d  like  to  hear  from  you.   Drop  us  an  email  at  and  b e  part  of  the  spicy  family.     Wishing  you  a  blessed  and  joyous  2016.     Begin  again;  Live  again;  Love  again.  


“Many think  faith  is  how  you  think.  But,  I’m  here  to  tell  you   that  faith  is  all  about  what  you  do.  Faith  is  a  verb.”  

With more  than  20  years  of  experience  teaching,  training,  designing,  developing,  and  managing  high-­‐end  learning   solutions  and  programs  and  15  years  experience  developing  high-­‐performance  teams,  Carla  Downing  has  a  well-­‐ established  record  of  results.  Her  company,  Downing  Interactive  helps  organizations  of  all  sizes  improve  the   performance  of  their  employees  using  innovative  eLearning  solutions.  


Carla's leadership  approach  combines  her  exceptional  communication  skills  as  well  as  her  experience  as  an  athlete,   a  member  of  the  military,  and  several  years  teaching  in  higher  education.  She  knows  h ow  to  facilitate  excellence   and  h er  outcomes,  solutions,  and  teams  regularly  surpass  expectations.  Carla  holds  an  M S.  Ed  in  Workforce   Education  &  Development,  and  a  doctorate  in  Curriculum  &  Instruction  (Instructional  Design/Technology)  from   Southern  Illinois  University  Carbondale.  

becoming the exception: by Carla Downing When I  was  a  little  girl  I  used  to   hear  adults  say  that  time  passes   faster  as  we  get  older.  This   seemed  ridiculous  to  me  as  a   child.  After  all,  time  is  time;  and   clocks  and  calendars  work  the   same  no  matter  our  age,  right?     Wrong!  I’m  now  only  a  year  from   being  50  years  old  and  I  can  tell   you  that  time  does  indeed  seem   to  move  faster  as  we  age.  M onths   go  by  like  weeks  and  the  seasons   seem  to  roll  around  faster  with   each  decade.  I  have  jokingly  said   in  recent  years  that  it  feels  like  I’m   living  in  dog  years  and  racking  up   7  years  of  life  for  every  year  lived.   On  some  days  this  feels  like  a   wonderful  gift  that  allows  me  to     move  forward  through  life  lessons  more  quickly.  On  other  days  it  feels  like  life  is  dragging  by  while  I  try  to   figure  out  which  way  is  up.   Whichever  type  of  day  I’m  h aving  I  find  myself  circling  around  to  feelings  of  joy  and  gratitude.  I’m  grateful   because  I’ve  managed  to  squeeze  a  lot  of  life  into  these  49  years.  Lots  of  up  and  downs.  Lots  of  lessons.  Lots   of  tears  and  lots  of  laughter.  Through  it  all,  I  have  found  my  way  to  a  set  of  circumstances  that  I  feel  proud  to   call  my  life.  Right  now,  my  life  is  a  unique  combination  of  managing  four  generations  and  building  a  business   that  allows  me  to  share  my  expertise.  When  I’m  not  busy  enjoying  time  with  my  husband,  sons,  daughter-­‐in-­‐ law,  grandkids,  and  extended  family;  my  professional  energy  is  focused  on  building  my  business,  volunteering   in  local  schools,  and  seeing  the  world  when  opportunity  for  travel  arises.    

c a r l a t h e n a n d n o w : People  who  know  me  now  have  no  idea  that  I  have  lived  through  spousal  abuse,  homelessness,  poverty,  as   well  as  other  assorted  situations  resulting  from  low  self-­‐esteem,  poor  choices  I’ve  made  all  on  my  own  and   occasionally  the  poor  choices  of  others.  All  people  see  is  the  woman  I  am  today;  the  woman  who  learned   from  her  mistakes  and  chose  to  change.  I  can’t  share  in  a  single  article  how  I  went  about  making  the  changes   necessary  to  go  from  where  I  was  to  where  I  am  today.  But,  I  can  share  the  TOP  SIX  things  that  I  h ad  to  learn   before  I  could  make  those  changes.  Or  to  word  it  differently—the  lessons  I  learned  that  brought  about  the   changes  required  to  achieve  the  life  I  wanted  for  my  family  and  I.  


The Four Generations: My husband and I help care for my parents; manage our household, which includes our 13-year old son; we provide help to my older son and his wife while they are working and in school; and we help with their kids, our grandkids. 6


m y t o p 6 l i f e l e s s o n s : 1.  NEVER  Spend  Time  On  Regret   As  I  stated,  I’ve  been  through  some  tough  situations  in  life.  And   while  I  could  spend  my  time  lamenting  youth  lost  or  mistakes   made;  a  while  b ack  I  made  a  conscious  choice  to  live  my  life   focused  on  my  dreams  and  intentions  rather  than  regret.  Any   time  spent  on  regret  is  wasted.  If  you  want  to  build  a  good  life   there  is  no  room  for  wasted  time.  Each  and  every  day  should  b e   well  invested  in  order  to  take  you  closer  to  your  goals.  No   regret.   2.  Focus  On  Being  Your  Best  You   Many  people  spend  their  time  trying  to  prove  that  they  are   worthy  of  acceptance,  love,  happiness,  promotion,  or  money.  I   think  it’s  better  for  me  to  pursue  my  life  being  the  best  possible   version  of  myself  possible.  I  don’  t  compete  with  others  and  I   don’t  focus  on  having  certain  things.  Don’t  get  me  wrong,  I   enjoy  having  nice  things—they  just  aren’t  the  goal  or  focus   anymore.  I  realized  a  while  back  that  if  I’m  focused  on  being  the   best  version  of  me  that  I  can  be  I  am  much  happier.  It’s   confusing  to  some  people  because  they  assume  because  of  my   perceived  success  that  I  am  very  competitive.  But  rather  than   compete  with  others  I  choose  to  focus  on  the  things  that  make   be  a  better  person;  a  better  wife;  a  better  mother,  a  better   business  woman  and  so  on  than  I  was  last  month  or  last  year.   Being  the  best  Carla  I  can  be  has  proven  to  be  a  much  better   way  of  achieving  success  than  competing  with  others.     3.  Becoming  Is  the  Key   Becoming  is  a  way  of  achieving  that  is  powerful  beyond  belief.   Becoming  is  the  next  step  after  you  are  good  at  being  your  b est   you  rather  than  competing  with  others.  It’s  not  a  tough  way  of   operating;  nothing  I’m  sharing  here  in  this  list  of  lessons  is  hard,   but  it  is  a  powerful  way  of  operating.  Here  are  some  tips  for   operating  in  this  manner  as  well  as  examples  of  what  it  means   to  use  becoming  as  the  key  to  your  ideal  life.   •

I needed  a  life  that  allowed  me  to  have  flexible  hours,   so  I  transitioned  from  having  a  career  in  which  I  was   leading  a  team  to  becoming  a  business  owner.   I  wanted  to  travel  more  extensively,  so  I  am  studying  to   become  multilingual.  

Carla and  her  husband  

I wanted  to  be  a  better  wife,  mother,   and  grandmother;  so  I  rearranged  my   life  to  become  more  available  (more   time,  more  emotional  bandwidth,   more  healthful  living).   I  wanted  to  do  work  I  enjoyed,  so  I   chose  to  get  the  education  and   experience  required  to  become  an   expert  in  my  field.  

Too many  people  focus  on  what   they  want  rather  than  what  it   takes  to  achieve  what  they   want.  Figure  out  what  you   want.  Then  determine  what  you   have  to  become  to  achieve   what  you  want.    

4. Think  Of  Faith  As  A  Verb     No  matter  what  your  beliefs,  religion,  or   philosophy—practice  your  faith.  Now,  I  don’t   mean  this  is  the  traditional  manner  in  which   this  phrase  is  used.  When  I  say  practice  your   faith  I  mean  it  in  a  much  more  practical  


manner—put your  faith  into  practice.  Think  of  faith  as  a   verb  and  DO  it.     I  mentioned  that  I  manage  four  generations.  That’s  the   only  way  I  know  to  label  what  I  do.  My  husband  and  I   help  care  for  my  parents;  manage  our  household,  which   includes  our  13-­‐year  old  son;  we  provide  help  to  my  son   and  h is  wife  while  they  are  working  and  in  school;  and   we  help  with  their  kids,  our  grandkids.  In  addition,  my   husband  has  a  1.5-­‐hour  commute  to  his  job  (each  way).   One  day  I  faced  the  realization  that  I  needed  complete   flexibility  over  my  schedule  if  I  was  going  to  h ave  a  career   and  b e  able  to  help  my  family.  At  the  time,  I  was  making   a  six-­‐figure  salary  and  leading  a  team  of  very  talented   people.  I  had  no  idea  how  I  was  going  to  go  about   changing  my  life  to  be  what  I  needed  but  I  knew  it  had  to   happen  if  I  wanted  to  be  healthy  and  do  all  of  these  other   things.   That  very  day  I  started  filtering  every  decision  I  had  to   make  through  that  realization.  I  started  positioning   myself  in any  and  every  way  possible  so  that  one  day  I   would  be  well  positioned.  I  had  no  guarantees  that  I   would  achieve  this.  I  had  never  seen  a  family  member   pursue  anything  like  this.  But  I  knew  what  I  needed  and   more  powerfully—what  I  wanted.  So,  I  decided  to  use  my   faith  and  begin  aligning  actions  to  my thoughts.   5.  Do  One  Thing  A  Day   Some  of  you  have  probably  noticed  that  many  items  on   this  list  are  action  oriented.  It’s  true;  I’m  a  big  fan  of   taking  responsibility  for  the  life  you  want  to  live  and   making  it  happen.  Doing  one  thing  a  day  is  a  great   strategy  for  building  your  ideal  life.     One  Thing  A  Day  is  all  about  consistency.  Once  you   decide  what  you  want  your  life  to  look  like,  you  need  to   do  something  each  day  toward  making  that  happen.  It   doesn’t  have  to  be  a  huge  something—just  something   that  moves  you  a  step  closer  to  your  goal.  This  will  keep   you  focused  on  your  goal  from  day  to  day  and  make  you   feel  good  about  your  progress.  It’s  amazing  how  these   little  steps  add  u p  to  significant  progress.    


Carla and  her  son  

6. Call  Do  Overs  As  Often  As  You  Need  To  Do  So   Remember  playing  games  as  a  kid  and  being  able   to  call  do  overs  when  you  messed  up  and  wanted   to  start  over?  Well  even  as  an  adult,  when  you   mess  up,  or  p erform  p oorly,  or  want  to  redirect   your  life,  don’t  ever  hesitate  to  call  do  overs!  It’s   still  your  right  to  do  so.  As  kids  we  readily  accept   this  as  an  option  and  call  do  overs  regularly  as  we   play  and  build  and  learn.  We  say,  “hey  I  messed   up  and  I  want  to  start  over  again  and  do  a  better   job.”  But,  somehow  as  we  age  we  assume  the  loss   of  this  right.  I’m  here  to  tell  you  that  every  year,   every  quarter,  every  month,  every  week,  every   day,  every  hour,  every  minute,  every  breath  is  a   chance  to  start  over.  Don’t  settle  for  an  average   outcome  when  you  can  call  do  overs  and  improve   your  performance.   Anyone  over  the  age  of  30  will  tell  you  that  life  is   one  big  challenge  after  another.  How  we  handle   those  challenges  is  the  difference  between  living   as  most  do,  or  being  an  exception  to  the  rule.   About  20  years  ago  I  chose  to  become  an   exception.  While  no  one’s  life  is  p erfect,  I  can   truly  say  that  I’m  living  the  life  I  want.  There  are   many  more  lessons  I  could  share  with  you.  But,   these  six  are  a  great  start  to  building  the  life  you   want  and  being  able  to  continue  building  through   the  different  seasons  of  life  so  that  once  you  find   happiness  you  can  live  there  long  term.  

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the coach: A  frantic  email  with  the  subject  that  reads  “OMG!!  I  Have  No  Pictures  Of  Myself”  is  the  last  thing  an  editor  wants  to   hear  but  these  were  the  very  words  that  were  the  inspiration  for  this  month’s  article.  My  biggest  d ilemma  when  I  get   such  and  email  or  very  few  workable  photos  is,  “how  am  I  going  to  tell  me  creative  team  that  we  don’t  have  a  picture   for  the  cover  of  this  month’s  issue?”    Thanking  the  Gods  of  Technology  &  Social  Media  (I’m  sure  there  is  one),  I   become  an  FB  CSI  as  I  pry  into  the  Facebook  photo  history,  scrutinising  all  the  pictures  (which  can  come  up  to  a  grand   total  of  5000  per  edition).  After  this  recent  email,  I  started  thinking  about  what  this  writer  said  that  she  has  always   been  the  one  in  the  family,  capturing  the  moments  of  her  family’s  life  being  their  “witness”  but  not  vice  versa.    spot  is  –  for  some  strange  reason  it’s   almost  always  on  their  bed  or  lap-­‐top!     As  I  pry  their  photo  book,  looking  for  a   solo  picture,  I  have  little  to  choose   from.  Hidden  among  the  100s  of   photo,  one  will  emerge  as  a  potential,   but  alas,  there’ll  be  an  arm  or  ear   missing!  S ometimes  I  see  so  little   of  the  person  but  more  of  the   beach,  sky  or  even  the  beach   towel  and  h at.     I  know  that  there  has  been  so  much   flak  floating  around  online  about   how  people  are  becoming  more   narcissistic  and  taking  pictures  of   themselves  and  posting  them  on   social  media.  So  women  shy  away   form  taking  pictures  of  themselves,   to  not  appear  self-­‐centred  or   worse,  shallow!  But  taking  pictures   of  their  children,  husband,   grandkids,  dogs  or  cats,  now  that’s   okay  because  it’s  for  someone  else.     My  work  as  the  FB  photo  CSI   detective  reveals  so  much  about   women.  Through  their  pictures  I   see  their  lives  –  their  daily  the   antics  their  little  kids  or  grandkids   get  up  to,  the  birthday  celebration   for  mum,  dad,  husband,  or   boyfriend.  I  even  know  their   routines,  where  the  cat’s  favourite    

And if  there  is  someone  who  knows   about  getting  flak  for  taking  p ictures   of  the  self,  is  none  other  than  moi.       My  nephews  and  nieces  shudder   everytime  I  whip  out  my  mobile   phone,  rolling  their  eyes  and   exclaiming,  “oh  no!  not  again!”  or   “Seriously,  must  you  take  that   picture???????”   The  adults  are  less  expressive  but   their  silence  says  it  all.  They  don’t  get   it,  the  need  to  take  so  many  pictures   of  me  –  me  eating,  me  sitting,  me   exercising,  me  drinking  wine,  me   picking  flowers.  How  can  one  b e  so   focused  on  me?  Well,  I’m  always   looking  at  people  so  how  is  it  wrong    

The adults are less expressive but their silence says it all.

witness your life Gonna have a little chat with husband being a witness to my life like I am for his.

Words of  a  Contributor  

for me  to  want  to  see  me  for  a     change?  Hey,  I  don’t  walk  with  a   mirror  attached  to  me.  I  see  more  of   you  then  I  see  of  me.  So  yes,  I  like   taking  photos  of  myself  and  while  I’m   living  and  experiencing  life,  in  this   fast  paced  world,  I  sometimes  forget.   So  a  picture  b rings  me  to  a  time  in   the  past  –  mostly  happy  memories   but  sometimes  not.  But  hey,  I  have   those  memories.  So  go  ahead  and   witness  your  life;  if  no  one  else  does,   there  is  a  timer  function  on  your  

Rachpal has  designed  an  online   coaching  programme  for   women  in  transition.    For  a   FREE  CONSULTATION,  write  to   her  at  or   visit  her  website  at  



spice up your life

the art of henna…… by Primal Shergill Being the  only  child,  I’ve  always  been  taught  to  be  independent  and  to  work  towards  my  dreams.  The  moment  I  have    I  grew  to  appreciate  the  simplest  of  things,  especially  those  that  are  handmade,  as  it  gives  a  personalised  touch. something  in  mind,  I  would  be  determined  to  achieve  it.  And  so  I  wanted  to  live  my  passion  in  a  way  where  people   would  recognize  my  work.     Though  my  field  of  study  was  related  to  science,  art  has  always  b een  a  big  p art  of  me.  I’m  told  that  as  a  child,  I  would   doodle  every  now  and  then  and  create  things,  it  could  be  anything  like  cards,  friendship  bands  or  beadwork.  I  always   had  this  mindset  that  if  someone  else  is  able  to  do  it  or  make  it,  why  not  me?  And  with  that,  I  grew  to  appreciate  the   simplest  of  things,  especially  those  that  are  h andmade,  as  it  gives  a  personalised  touch.  

the lure  of  henna  art   Like  any  other  girl,  whenever  it  came  to  Diwali  or  any  festive  occasion,  I  would  rush  to  get  in  line  to  get  my  h enna   done.  And  I  would  always  admire  the  way  those  artists  would  create  all  those  lovely  designs.  However,  one  trip  to   Jaipur  brought  a  deeper  level  of  appreciation  and  love  for  h enna  art,  where  I  came  across  a  handicapped  man  drawing   henna  so  p atiently  and  beautifully  despite  his  limitations.  That  was  when  I  decided  that  I  wanted  to  learn  this  art  that   was  so  rich  in  culture.  I  had  feeling  in  me  that  words  cannot  explain;  I  finally  found  my  passion  –  my  love  for  creating   through  henna  art.  


from passion  to  business     As  I  was  still  at  school,  henna  art  was  just  a  hobby  I  dabbled  in  during  my  free  time.  I  would  d oodle  designs  every  now   and  then.  I  had  a  p ool  of  happy  guinea  pigs  in  my  family  who  bravely  allowed  me  to  experiment  my  designs  on  them.         I  never  really  saw  it  as  a  business  but  my  family  and  friends  urged  me  to  give  it  a  thought.     One  day  it  clicked!  “Yes,  I  have  an  education  and  will  be  working  in  time  to  come,  but  that’s  what  everyone  does.  And   so  what  makes  me  different?  Just  working  and  leading  a  routine  lifestyle  isn’t  going  to  b e  something  that  I  would  look   forward  to.  I’ve  got  to  do  more  to  survive  n ot  just  financially  but  also  survive  in  the  outside  world.  I  want  to  be   different,  I  want  to  achieve,  I  wanted  to  be  remembered  for  my  work  as  an  artist,  I  want  to  grow  and  learn,  to  discover   myself  and  face  downfalls  and  rise  from  there,  to  see  how  far  I  can  strive”.  With  that  Henna  Cottage  was  born.      

I grew to appreciate the simplest of things, especially those that are handmade, as it gives a personalised touch.

” i’m a  business  owner!!     Suddenly  it  dawned  upon  me  that  I  had  started  my  very  first  b usiness  and  I  knew  absolutely  nothing  about  how  to   run  a  business.  After  all,  I  was  at  University  studying  science  and  not  even  in  a  business  course!  How  am  I  going  to   market  myself?  How  much  should  I  charge?  I  am  blessed  with  family  and  friends  who  by  word-­‐of-­‐mouth,  shared  my   new  venture  (yes,  nothing  beats  the  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  marketing  I  tell  you).  Then  of  course  we  have  social  media  was   another  great  marketing  and  eventually  my  pool  of  clients  grew  over  the  years.  It’s  been  almost  four  years  now  and   I’m  confident  enough  to  say  that  seizing  every  opportunity  -­‐  be  it  b ig  or  small  and  facing  every  challenge  that  has   come  along  my  way  has  brought  me  this  far.     Henna  art  made  me  realize  that  there  aren’t  any  limitations  when  it  comes  to  art  and  what  we  do.  With  that,  I  didn’t   just  stop  at  body  art.  I  embraced  creativity  by  going  a  step  further  and  started  doing  henna  designs  on  candles,  cards,   bookmarks,  frames,  cakes,  pots  or  anything  that  inspired  me.  What  an  exciting  n ew  world  I  was  exposed  working  in   bazaars,  taking  p art  in  henna  d esign  competitions  and  even  hosting  events!   The  best  thing  about  henna  art  has  been  meeting  different  people  from  all  walks  of  life,  especially  women  who  are   about  to  start  a  new  journey  and  chapter  in  their  lives.  There’s  really  something  so  beautiful  about  this  art,  where   you  lose  yourself  in  an  art  piece  and  stain  your  hands,  just  to  beautify  someone  else’s.  Over  time,  I  realized  that   creating  designs  with  my  hands  was  indeed  a  gift  that  no  one  could  ever  take  away  from  me.  I  was  taught  many   valuable  lessons  on  this  journey,  lessons  no  amount  of  money  could  have  taught  me.    


But of  course,  starting  off  on  this  venture  was  not  smooth   sailing.  There  were  lots  of  things  to  consider  and  many   tough  decisions  that  I  had  to  make,  a  different  ballgame.  I   had  to  ensure  that  there  was  professionalism,  consistency,   time  management  and  resource  management.  Most   importantly,  was  whether  was  I  prepared  to  take  it  up  a   project  and  run  it  even  on  short  notice.    

” 12

My passion  for  henna  art  never  got  in  the  way  of  my  studies;  in  fact  it   was  a  form  of  relaxation  as  I  turned  to  drawing  whenever  I  was  stressed   with  assignments.  This  was  my  outlet  that  allowed  me  to  express  myself   freely  and  energized  me.  I  would  always  find  myself  holding  a  pen  and   doodling  during  my  free  time  or  in  the  middle  of  lectures.  


my message  for  young  artists     As  a  young  artist,  I  have  worked  towards  living  my  passion  and  if  there’s  one  thing  I’ve  ever   learnt  it  would  be  that  anyone  can  achieve  anything  and  really  anything  if  you  have  the   desire  to.  There  is  no  shortcut  to  success,  you  will  need  to  make  it  happen  and  there  is  n o   other  satisfaction  greater  than  watching  your  dreams  turn  into  reality.  The  beginning  will   always  be  tough  (you  can  bet  on  that),  along  the  way  you’ll  come  across  different  kinds  of   people,  challenges  will  always  be  there  but  if  there’s  desire  and  passion,  then  trust  me,   you’re  half  way  there.  And  those  hurdles  add  value  to  your  story.  Start  somewhere  and   appreciate  small  beginnings  for  you  never  know  where  it  will  lead  you.    

” 14

Anyone with  a  passion   strong  enough  can  do   wonders.  Honestly,   it’s  really  not  hard   living  your  passion;  all   you  need  are  the  key   ingredients  patience,   commitment,  drive,   determination  and   most  of  all  humility.  


Hi, I’m  Primal  S hergill,  24  years  old  and  a  henna  artist  for  the  past  4  years.  I  recently  graduated  with  a  Bachelor  of   Arts  (Hons)  Pharmaceutical  Management.  Besides  doing  h enna  art  for  weddings  I  also  do  henna  designs  on  candles,   cards  and  even  cakes.  Follow  these  links  to  get  in  touch  with  me.   Facebook  FanPage  :     Instagram:  Henna  Cottage   Email:    



glitter and glam

Flawless in F I V E minutes By

Harmanpreet Kaur

One of  the  pet  peeves  of  all  women  when  putting  on  m ake-­‐up  is  getting  the  foundation  right.   Some  of  you  tell  me  that  you  hate  looking  like  you’re  heading  off  to  be  a  cast  in  an  opera!   Then  there  is  always  the  problem  of  the  foundation  getting  “cakey”  or  creasing  up  on  around   your  eyes  or  your  smile  lines.    Then  comes  the  blusher  –  sometimes  its  too  dark,  sometimes   it’s  too  much.  The  of  course  there  is  the  ongoing  saga  on  whether  to  do  the  Kim  K  contouring   or  not!   Let  me  share  my  3  basic  steps  to  having  that  flawless  look  and  all  that  in  FIVE  minutes  or  less.  


STEP 1:     I  know  it  can  be  such  a  chore  looking  for  a  right  foundation  to  give  you  a  good  coverage  .Just   the  idea  of  applying  foundation  can  put  any  one  off.    Well,  fret  not  it  does  not  have  to  b e  this   tedious.   My  all  time  favourite  is  Mary  Kay  CC  Cream  (CC  means  colour  correcting)   •

Lightweight coverage  for  a  natural-­‐,  flawless-­‐looking  complexion.  

Easy out-­‐the-­‐door  option  without  that  “made-­‐up”  look.  

Minimal shades  cover  a  wide  range  of  skin  tones.  

Suitable for  all  skin  types.  

How to  apply:   • • • •

Just one  squirt  (cos  it  comes  in  a  fabulous  pump  tube)   Then  use  your  finger  and  dab  little  spots  all  over  your  face   Then  either  with  your  fingers  or  a  make-­‐up  sponge,  just  blend  all  over  your  face   Done  in  2  minutes  


STEP 2:     Now  to  have  a  little  bit  of  the  DIVA  look,  all  you  need  is  a  light  blush.   Nothing  too  loud,  cos  remember,  you’re  not  part  of  the  stage  opera.    M y   favourite  is  Mary  Kay®  Cream  Blush.  Cranberry  and  Sheer  Bliss  are  great   shades  as  they  give  you  the  fresh  look,  just  perks  up  your  face.   How  to  apply:   • • • • •

Swipe your  finger  over  it  (cos  it’s  a  cream  blush)   Smile  and  tap  the  blush  to  the  apples  of  your  cheek   It  will  look  a  little  bright  but  just  tap  and  gently  blend       If  you  feel  that  it  is  too  much,  you  can  use  a  make-­‐up  sponge  to   lightly  dab  away  the  excess   2  minutes  and  you’re  done  

STEP 3:     Finally  for  the  fresh  out  of  the  shower  look,  I  dab  on  Mary  Kay®  NouriShine™  Lip   Gloss  to  the  lips.  It  smoothens,  softens  and  the  best  part  of  all,  never  feels  sticky.   My  favourite  shades  are  Pink  Parfait  and  Fancy  Nancy.   How  to  apply:   • • •



Dab it  directly  to  the  lips   You  can  also  apply  it  over  a  lipstick   Done  in  30  seconds  

Hi, I’m  Harmanpreet  Kaur,  38  years  old,  a  career  woman  and  entrepreneur,  married  and  a  mother  to  a   bubbly  little  b oy.  Like  many  of  you,  I’m  juggling  many  roles,  which  include  a  full-­‐time  job,  an   independent  Mary  Kay  Beauty  Consultant  and  managing  my  own  online  Indian  accessories  business,   Treasure  Trove.  `   For  more  on  beauty  tips  with  Mary  Kay,  follow  me  on   Check  out  accessories  at  


food and drink:

spice, dice and splash


I get  asked  all  the  time,  “How  do  you  manage  to  cook  with  your  busy  schedule?”  It’s  been  years  now,  but  that  is  the   common  question  I  get  asked  all  the  time.  My  family  and  friends  know  that  I  ABSOLUTELY  love  to  cook  and  I’d  rather   eat  food  prepared  at  home  than  to  have  a  take-­‐away.     That’s  h ow  Fabulicious  M eals  on  Heels  was  born  four  years  ago.  I  decided  that  food  preparation  should  not  be  a   chore  and  a  woman  should  be  able  to  sashay  into  her  kitchen  with  her  6-­‐inch  h eels  on  prepare  not  just  a  healthy  and   delicious  meal  but  one  that  looks  like  it  was  from  a  gourmet  deli.  In  this  month’s  issue  I’ll  share  two  foods  that  are   often  perceived  as  snacks  and  starters  that  can  actually  be  main  meals.  Just  innovate  and  break  the  rules.  

Rachpal Kaur  Tulsi   19

Lasagne in  A  Skillet     (Over  the  Stove,  no  Bake)   Ingredients:     2  cans  of  chopped  tomatoes   2  tablespoons  tomato  paste   one  big  onion,  chopped   10  cloves  of  garlic,  chopped   5  small  red  chillies,  chopped  OR   2  teaspoons  red  chilli  flakes   500  g  minced  chicken  (optional)   200  g  cheddar  cheese   200  g  mozzarella  cheese   100  g  parmesan  cheese   Enough  oil  to  cover  the  base  of  the  skillet  generously   Salt  &  Oregano  to  your  liking     6  Lasagne  sheets     Method:   • Soak  the  lasagne  sheets  in  hot  water  for  10   minutes.  Then  cut  each  sheet  into  3  equal  parts.   This  makes  it  easier  to  do  layering  as  most  skillets   are  round.  Soaking  helps  to  speed  the  cooking   process  when  you’re  busy.   • While  that  is  soaking,  heat  the  oil  in  the  skillet  and   sauté  the  garlic  and  onions.  Use  a  heavy  base   skillet  so  that  the  sauce  doesn’t  stick  after  the   layering  process  –  the  equivalent  to  baking.   • Add  the  minced  chicken  and  stir  till  cook.  Usually   about  10  minutes.   • Add  the  tomatoes,  chillies  and  salt  and  cook  till  the   sauce  thickens  and  oil  surfaces.     Layering:   • Remove  ¾  of  the  sauce  from  the  skillet.   • Spread  the  remaining  sauce  evenly  on  the  base.   • Layer  with  6  segments  of  lasagne  sheets  (look  at   main  picture,  the  extreme  left).   • Then  put  another  ¼  of  the  sauce,  sprinkle  the   cheddar  and  mozzarella  cheeses  and  the  sheets   and  repeat  till  you’re  left  with  a  sauce  layer.   • Sprinkle  the  remaining  cheeses.   • Cover  the  skillet  with  a  heavy  lid  and  cook  over   medium  hear  for  20  to  25  minutes.  


Variation: • You  can  use  any  meat  in  place  of  chicken.   • For  a  vegetarian  version,  you  can  add  chopped   zucchinis  and  carrots.   • I  haven’t  tried  it  with  a  cream  sauce,  so  if  you  do  and   it’s  successful,  let  me  know.  We’ll  share  it  on  this   page.     Serves:   • This  serves  as  a  light  meal  for  six  people  or  a  main   meal  for  4  very  hungry  people.   • I  just  had  to  add  I  love  this  recipe  cos  the  cheese  is   not  hard  and  chewy  like  when  you  bake  the  lasagne.       Accompaniment:   Roasted  Vegetable  Salad   1  red  capsicum   1  green  capsicum   1  yellow  capsicum   2  medium  sized  b rinjals/eggplants/aubergines   1  medium  sized  onion   1  tablespoon  cooking  oil   2  tablespoons  olive  oil   Salt  &  Oregano  to  taste     Method:   • You  can  roast  the  vegetables  in  the  oven  or  air-­‐fryer   for    10-­‐15  minutes  on  medium  heat.   • You  can  also  do  a  quick  roast  in  a  frying  pan.     • I  usually  start  with  eggplants  and  then  I  add  in  all  the   rest.   • Sprinkle  some  salt  and  oregano.   • Drizzle  the  olive  oil.   • Serve  with  lasagne.    

money mine:

common cents

YOU SPENT $700 on WHAT??? Yes, that  was  my  first  question  when  I  found  out  that  a  student  had  bought  a  Mont  Blanc  pen  for  $780!  Are  you  crazy?   Why  would  you  spend  so  much  on  a  pen?  Okay,  so  you’re  student  and  take  lots  of  n otes  in  class.  I’ve  been  a  student  too   and  I  took  perfectly  good  notes  with  my  pen  that  cost  me  no  more  than  50  cents  which,  in  today’s  context  would  cost   about  $1.50.  In  fact.  I’ve  not  had  to  buy  a  pen  in  years  as  I  collect  p ens  from  the  h otels  I  stay  at  on  my  travels  or  during   seminars.  So  I  cannot  fathom  how  a  full-­‐time  student  could  spend  that  much  money  on  a  pen!    

priorities and  consequences:   The  two  biggest  issues  for  me  are  priorities  and  lack  of  consideration  for  the  long-­‐term  consequences.  As  a  20-­‐year  old     full  time  student,  there  are  many  d ifferent  expenses  that  one  has  –  books,  printing  notes,  binding  reports  for  projects.     In  addition  to  school  related  costs,  there  are  other  living  expenses  like  meals,  medical  and  in  some  cases,  rent.  And  what   about  insurance?  If  she  had  saved  that  money  for  a  year,  she  could  have  u sed  it  to  pay  towards  an  endowment  policy     for  which  she  could  see  the  returns  in  10  or  15  years.     In  the  past  few  years  that  I’ve  been  a  coach,  what  I’ve  observed  is  that  both  men  and  women  whether  old  or  young   make  rash  decisions  when  it  comes  to  that  little  extra  money  that  they  have  put  aside.  Call  me  conservative  b ut  unless   you  earn  more  than  $100,000  a  year,  have  no  loans  to  pay  off,  have  your  own  property  and  h ave  at  least  one  year   emergency  savings,  you  have  no  business  spending  so  much  money  on  buying  luxury  items.  

status symbol:   Sadly,  more  often  than  not,  buying  that  luxury  item  is  a  symbol  of  status.  People  confuse  their  sense  of  worth  through   the  things  they  own.  Time  to  re-­‐think  that  model.  It’s  time  to  have  a  new  conversation  with  yourself.  The  expensive  or   luxury  things  you  own  don’t  define  you  as  a  person.  It  is  pointless  having  expensive  things  surrounding  you  when  the   inner  pain  persists  and  puts  you  in  bigger  financial  dire  straits.  So  the  next  time  you’re  spending  on  something  beyond   your  means,  stop  and  ask  yourself,  “What’s  the  inner  conversation  of  lack  that  I’m  having?”  


health and fitness:

live life to the fullest

Your Body’s Whispers My dream  since  childhood  of  living  in  Australia  had   finally  happened.  Our  new  house  was  built  and  we   were  settling  our  children  and  us  into  our  new  life.  We   went  to  the  bank  one  day  and  were  asked  if  we  would   like  to  see  a  financial  advisor  as  we  had  money  that   could  be  working  for  us.  Over  the  coming  weeks  we   saw  the  financial  advisor  quite  a  few  times  and  based   on  his  p rofessional  advice  we  ended  up  p utting  our   money  in  the  stock  market  and  because  of  the  tax   benefits  suggested  by  him,  we  borrowed  a  huge   amount  of  money  to  put  in  there  as  well.     From  corporate  work  in  London  to  a  part  time  job  but   it  was  proving  much  harder  for my  husband  to  find   work  but  the  advisor told  u s  that  we  would  be  making   enough  money  each  month  from  the  stock  market  and   it  would  take  the  pressure  off  of  my  husband  looking   for  work.       Who  could  have  predicted  the  2008  global  financial   crisis?  Long  story  short,  the  money  we  invested   plummeted  and  over  the  next  few  months  we  started   to  realise  we  were  in  big  trouble.  This  went  on  for   months  and  we  started  receiving  letters  from  the  


bank telling  us  that  if  we  didn’t  make  payments   towards  the  loan  we  could  lose  our  home.  This   situation  was  affecting  us  very  badly,  I  was  really   worried  about  my  husband’s  state  of  mind  and  he   would  also  get  terrible tension  headaches.  We  had   gone  from  being  very  financially  secure  to  potentially   losing  everything.      

I felt  it  was  my  fault  as  I  had  been  the  one   who  had  wanted  to  move  to  Australia  and   my  husband  had  left  an  excellent  job  in   the  UK  so  we  could  emigrate  and  now,  he   couldn’t  get  work.  

I would  lie  awake  at  night  for  hours  feeling  the  energy   building  in  my  chest  and  filling  my  body  with  anger   and  fear.  I  never  got  up,  I  just  got  used  to  lying  there,   angry,  agitated  and  scared.  I  was  irritable,  emotional   and  I  couldn’t  think  straight.  We  didn’t  tell  any  of  our   family  or  friends  what  was  going  on,  we  just  kept  it   between  us.  Thankfully,  over  the  year,  we  got  out  of   the  financial  situation  that  we  were  in.    

the body whisperer: I started  learning  about  Law  of  Attraction  and  my   spiritual  journey  h ad  begun  and  during  this  journey  I   met  this  amazing  dog  called  Ella.   Ella  was  a  Seeing  Eye  dog  and  had  just  had  her  toe   amputated  due  to  cancer  and  she  could  no  longer   work.  We  were  told  she  probably  had  3  weeks  to  live   and  my  heart  melted.  I  asked  if  we  could  keep  her  and   I  did  healing  courses  and  studied  a  variety  of  healing   modalities  and  practised  on  her.  She  was  my  perfect   patient  and  her  health  started  to  improve.  She  had  a   sparkle  in  h er  eye  and  more  energy  again  and  that  was   in  2011  and  she  is  still  with  us  today.   Whilst  practicing  with  Ella  my  h usband  had  an   accident;  a  corrugated  iron  slid  off  a  chicken  coop  we   were  dismantling  and  went  through  a  vein  and  artery   in  the  crease  of  his  arm.  Luckily  the  person  we  were   with  was  an  emergency  nurse  at  our  local  hospital  and   he  saved  his  life.  He  had  to  have  stitches  inside  and   out  and  when  we  got  home  I  asked  him  if  I  could   practice  my  healing  techniques  on  him.  During  the   session  the  heat  from  my  hands  got  intense  and  he   asked  me  to  stop.  Over  the  next  few  weeks  I  did  some   more  sessions  on  him  and  the  scar  that  looked  awful   became  so  tiny  we  could  hardly  see  it.   Going  through  what  happened  to  us  I  realised  that   everything  that  happens  to  us  in  life  is  a  story  and  how   the  energy  from  that  story  can  b uild  in  our  body  and   create  chronic  pain,  disease  or  stress  within  us.  When   we  let  go  of  the  story,  the  pain  and  disease  is  released   and  our  body  can  become  h ealthy  again.  I  am  sure      

that if  I  had  not  taken  the  opportunity  to  start  on  this   spiritual  path  when  I  did  and  let  go  of  the  fear  and  anger  of   losing  our  money,  the  energy  within  me  would  have   caused  an  illness  or  disease.   Working  as  a  Body  Whisperer  I  know  your  body  is  talking   to  you  all  the  time  through  your  thoughts,  feelings  or  pain   and  most  of  the  time  it  is  not  heard.  Your  b ody  is  like  your   very  own  tarot  reader  and  gives  you  answers  to  situations   you  are  facing.   Fears  frustration,  rejection  and  overwhelm  are  another   thing  that  can  keep  you  stuck  and  doing  what  you  truly   want  to  be  doing,  but  by  learning  how  to  deal  with  these   emotions  quickly  you  can  do  what  you  love  without  them   holding  you  back.     It  is  not  an  easy  journey  I  admit  but  learning  what  I  have   and  d oing  healings  and  teaching  like  I  do  now  is  a  massive   difference  to  where  I  used  to  be  like  suffering  alone  and   attracting  more  and  more  situations  that  kept  that  feeling   of  loneliness  inside  me.  I  am  still  learning  everyday  how  to   improve  and  not  let  my  fears  run  my  life  b ut  I  know  we   have  all  come  here  together  to  learn  and  grow  and  h elp   each  other  with  the  gifts  and  skills  we  have.     We  are  unique  and  can  make  a  difference  in  our  world  and   that’s  why  I  love  what  I  do.  I  love  helping  people  who  have   got  lost  on  their  p ath  and  need  help  to  get  back  on  it.  Their   body  is  showing  them  that  they  have  blocks  and  fears   holding  them  back.  The  time  to  start  is  now.  Don’t  wait   another  day  to  make  a  difference.  You  don’t  n eed  to  b e   superwoman  or  have  everything  perfect.  You  just  need  to   get  clear  on  what  your  path  is  so  that  you  can  go  ahead   and  show  the  way  for  others.    

Hello, I’m  Anne  Harris,  a  Body  Whisperer  and  I  believe  that  you  don’t  always   need  to  keep  taking  medication  to  h eal.  The  reason  the  pain  is  there  is   because  you  need  to  remove  the  blockage,  change  your  thoughts  and  what   you  are  d oing,  so  your  b ody  stops  telling  you  that  you  are  not  living  the  life   you  are  meant  too.  You  can  follow  me  on  social  media  or  drop  me  an  email  if   you’d  like  to  learn  more  and  work  with  me.  

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Quick Guide to 3 Common Ailments by Ann  Harris     Here  is  a  quick  guide  if  you  suffer  from  headaches,  fatigue  or  digestive  issues.  There  is  a  lot  more  information  than   this  for  each  symptom  and  it  depends  on  your  individual  circumstances  with  what  your  body  is  trying  to  express.  


Headaches are  caused  if  you  are  feeling  stressed,  overwhelmed  or  tired.  Maybe   you’re  thinking  too  much,  being  judgmental  of  yourself  and  others  and  not   trusting  what  is  happening  around  you.  You  may  feel  limited  or  restricted  in  what   you  want  to  do  or  maybe  you  are  looking  after  others  so  you  don’t  have  to  look   after  yourself  and  what  you  really  want.  You  may  doubt  what  your  capable   of  and  h ave  a  fear  of  failing.  You  may  want  to  appear  that  you  are  successful  but   things  that  happened  in  the  past  where  you  didn't  achieve  exactly  what  you   wanted  have  left  you  feeling  powerless.  Maybe  you  are  always  trying  to  push   hard  to  achieve  many  things  and  you  feel  like  you  are  not  good  enough.    

Digestive problems  /  Indigestion  are  generally  caused  if  you  have   trouble  trying  to  let  go  of  past  or  current  events.  Maybe  you  feel  like   you  don’t  have  any  strength  in  a  situation  or  are  critical  of  yourself  or   the  situation.  M aybe  you  didn’t  receive  much  love  when  you  were   younger  and  you  are  holding  onto  anger,  resentment  or  rejection.   You  may  find  it  very  h ard  to  forgive  yourself  and  others.  You  might  be   opinionated  or  insecure  and  have  u nrealistic  expectations.  

Fatigue 24

Digestive Problems/ Indigestion

Fatigue can  b e  caused  by  your  body  always  thinking  it  needs  to  be  on  guard  and   therefore  any  rest  you  get  goes  straight  to  keeping  your  body  in  fight  or  flight   mode  and  so  you  never  feel  refreshed  and  energised.  You  may  be  stressed  and   overworking.  Fatigue  can  also  be  caused  because  of  being  disappointed  and   overwhelmed  or  using  it  as  an  excuse  because  you  don’t  have  very  good   boundaries  and  can’t  easily  say  No.  

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In old days books were written by men of letters and read by the public. Nowadays books are written by the public and read by nobody. Oscar Wilde

simply read We’re all  wired  up,  alas,  the  wrong  way.  Strapped  with  mobile  devices  and  internet  everywhere  we  go.  On  the  train,   in  the  buses,  on  our  couch,  at  the  dinner  table  or  even  when  we’re  out  with  friends,  we’ve  all  b een  culprits  of  being   on  some  mobile  device.  We  read  snippets  of  news,  gossip,  advise  columns  as  we  go  about  our  day.  Snippets,  that’s   the  keyword.  We  no  longer  have  the  p atience  for  a  long  sentence,  paragraph  or  anything  that  takes  more  than  2   minutes.  Reading  something  online  for  5  minutes  feels  like  one  is  reading  a  whole  chapter  by  Charles  Dickens!  But   this  quick  acquisition  and  bombardment  of  information  overstimulates  our  sensory  system  and  is  a  major  cause  of   stress  and  slows  down  our  thinking  process.  We  no  longer  appreciate  the  poetic  sentence  that  transferred  us  to   another  realm  or  the  intricate  web  the  writer  spun  or  the  rich  characters  each  author  fondly  created.     Look  at  your  bookshelf,  go  to  the  library  or  the  second-­‐hand  bookshop;  pick  a  few  storybooks.  Even  if  it’s  a  children’s   book.  Just  for  a  few  minutes  everyday,  let  your  soul  fill  with  the  author’s  words  and  your  imagination.    


travel :

the spicy route

Seville –  beautiful  garden  in  the  Royal  Palace  

Getting the boot to Spain by Melissa Viswani I  caught  the  travel  bug  when  I  was  ten.  My  family  had  taken  the  coach  up  the  Malaysian  Peninsula  to  Southern   Thailand  for  a  two-­‐week  holiday.  I  remember  the  various  experiences,  the  food  we  ate,  the  p eople  we  met  and  that   left  a  deep  impression  in  me.  Most  importantly,  it  was  an  escape  from  everyday  life  at  home.  By  the  time  I  flew  on  an   airplane  at  fifteen,  I  knew  I  wanted  to  travel  and  experience  the  world.  And  by  the  time  I  started  working,  it  became   almost  a  compulsory  annual  exercise  to  go  somewhere  new,  somewhere  I  could  escape  for  a  while  and  come  back  all   refreshed.     For  our  annual  June  holiday  last  year,  dear  husband  and  I  had  planned  a  trip  to  Southern  Spain.  Just  six  weeks  leading   up  to  the  trip,  I  fell  and  fractured  one  of  the  metatarsal  bones  in  my  left  foot.  The  doctor  ordered  for  my  leg  to  be   wrapped  in  a  cast  and  for  me  to  rest.  At  my  follow-­‐up  review,  a  couple  of  weeks  later,  I  told  him  that  I  needed  that   cast  off  as  I  was  going  on  a  holiday.     The  doctor  asked,  ‘So  where  are  you  going  for  your  holiday?’     I  answered,  ‘Andalusia  in  South  of  Spain.’     He  replied,  ‘Andalusia  is  beautiful  but  you  will  need  to  walk  a  lot.  I  don’t  think  you  can  with  your  fractured  foot.  I  can   write  a  letter  to  the  airline  company  so  you  can  get  a  refund  for  the  air  ticket.’   I  exclaimed  in  exasperation,  ‘NO!  Its  just  a  hairline  fracture!  And  I  don’t  want  a  refund.  I  want  a  holiday.’    


to andalusia we shall go: The doctor  must  have  heard  the  plea  of   desperation  in  the  voice  of  this  intrepid   traveller  and  prescribed  a  walking  boot.    

Dear husband  and  I  also  made  sure  that  our  itinerary   was  well-­‐planned  to  avoid  as  much  uncertainty  as   possible.  And  off  we  went  to  the  Andalusia  in  Southern   Spain.  As  the  doctor  said,  there  was  a  lot  of  walking  to   be  done.  The  walking  boot  definitely  got  me  a  lot  of   stares.  But  it  also  got  some  sympathy  and  some  little   concessions  here  and  there.  I  soon  became  very   comfortable  with  it.  I  would  not  regret  making  the   decision  to  just  go!   A  little  history  about  why  Andalusia  is  special.  The  Moors   ruled  parts  of  Andalusia  for  about  seven  centuries  and   we  can  see  the  legacy  in  the  form  of  the  interesting  art   and  architecture  in  the  various  cities.    

chilling in sevilla: Seville or  Sevilla  is  the  capital  of  Andalusia.  It’s  a  laidback   city  with  lots  of  friendly  people  and  was  definitely  our   favourite  leg  of  the  trip.  Its  really  easy  to  get  to  the  main   attractions  in  Seville,  even  with  a  walking  boot.  One  of   these  is  the  huge  Seville  Cathedral  b uilt  in  the  Gothic   style.  It  is  the  third  largest  cathedral  in  the  world  and   also  contains  the  tomb  of  Spanish  explorer,  Christopher   Columbus.     Just  about  ten  minutes  of  walk  away  from  the  city  centre   is  the  popular  tourist  destination,  the  Plaza  de  España.     Dear  husband  and  I  spent  quite  a  few  hours  enjoying  the   tiled  fountains,  pavilions  and  benches  all  made  in  the   Moorish  style  and  the  Spanish  summer  sunshine.     Seville  is  also  home  to  the  Flamenco  and  bull-­‐fighting.   The  fiery,  sensual,  rhythmic  dance  mesmerized  us.  It  was   a  passionate  p erformance  by  a  pair  of  dancers  with  the   musicians  on  the  Spanish  guitar.  We  got  to  sit  at  the   front  row  and  those  were  the  best  seats  in  the  small   auditorium,  thanks  to  my  walking boot.  


After the  performance  the  beautiful  female  dancer   conducted  a  simple  dance  lessons  for  the  viewers,   which  we  sadly  had  to  miss  because  of  my  leg.   We  however  gave  bull-­‐fighting  a  miss,  although  dear   husband  really  wanted  to  catch  some  action!  When           I  found  out  that  the  bull  gets  killed  after  the  fight,  I   refused  to  watch  the  fight.  But  for  those  who  are   really  interested,  bull-­‐fighting  only  takes  place  at   certain  weeks  of  the  year  so  its  essential  to  check  that   first  before  visiting.     As  this  was  our  first  stop  in  the  trip,  we  were  hungry   for  good  and  authentic  Spanish  tapas!  Information   from  friendly  hotel  staff  and  internet  research   brought  us  to  Eslava  Tapas.  We  were  to  return  to   Eslava  for  many  meals  during  our  short  stay  in  Seville.   Some  of  our  favourite  dishes  were  the  juicy  and   plump  deep-­‐fried  anchovies  and  the  flavourful  pork   cheeks.  A  lot  of  locals  come  for  the  really   economically  priced  tapas  and  the  good  service.  

the pretty alleys of cordoba: The Spanish  cities  are  very  well  connected  by  the  rail   system.  Within  an  hour’s  train  ride,  we  reached   Cordoba.  Islamic  armies  invaded  this  city  in  the  8th   century  and  today  we  get  to  enjoy  the  remnants  of   Islamic  influences  through  its  architecture.   I  simply  loved  the  pretty  alleys.  There  was  a  photo   opportunity  at  every  turn!  The  highlight  of  this  small   city  has  to  be  the  M ezquita.  It  is  rather  apt  that  its   referred  to  as  the  Mosque-­‐Cathedral  of  Cordoba   because  what  used  to  be  a  mosque  is  today  a   cathedral.  There  are  symbols  of  both  religions  which       I  found  really  fascinating.  The  giant  cream  and  red   arches  adds  the  individuality  to  the  building.     The  royal  palace  is  another  must-­‐visit  in  Cordoba  and   what  is  most  memorable  about  the  palace  were  the   beautifully  manicured  gardens.  And  we  would  see   such  gardens  in  most  of  the  palaces  in  Andalusia.    

Alhambra –  view  of  the  city  

the fortress  at  granada:   Our  next  stop  was  Granada.  We  found  the  food  prices  to  be  steeper  and  we  didn’t  feel  as  laidback  here  as   in  Seville.  But  if  you  wanted  to  visit  the  Alhambra  (which  is  a  must  if  you  go  to  Andalusia),  the  red  one  and   the  Moorish  palace  and  fortress,  it  is  essential  to  come  to  Granada.  Some  tips  to  get  to  the  Alhambra   -­‐ -­‐


Book your  tickets  online.   If  you  didn’t  manage  to  do  so,  go  very  early  and  q ueue  up  for  your  tickets.  There  is  a  shuttle  service   that  goes  up  to  the  fortress  at  regular  intervals.  Enquire  with  your  hotel  about  this  b us  stop  to  get  the   shuttle  u p  the  hill.     Use  your  credit  card  to  buy  the  tickets  from  the  ticket  machines,  instead  of  at  the  counters.  No  one  was   queueing  at  the  machines.  We  only  found  out  about  these  machines  after  queueing  for  about  half  an   hour!  

We got  an  overview  of  the  whole  city  from  the  top  of  the  hill.  This  site  is  a  UNESCO  World  Heritage  Site  and   one  of  the  most  significant  sites  showcasing  Islamic  architecture  in  the  country.  We  spent  more  than  three   hours  wandering  around  the  complex,  admiring  the  gorgeous  gardens,  the  various  buildings,  decorated  and   latticed  columns,  ceilings  and  walls,  and  fountains.  The  Alhambra  has  inspired  music,  poetry,  art  and  we   definitely  saw  why  that  was  so.  


idyllic seaside city of malaga: The last  pit-­‐stop  on  our  trip  in  Andalusia  was   Malaga.  This  is  a  seaside  city  and  also  where  we   would  take  our  flight  back  home.     We  were  only  expecting  to  visit  the  Costa  Del   Sol  at  Malaga  but  were  pleasantly  surprised  to   discover  the  numerous  art  museums  and  that   the  master  of  cubism,  Pablo  Picasso,  was  born  in   Malaga!  We  thoroughly  enjoyed  the  Museo   Picasso  Malaga  and  would  recommend  it  as  a   must-­‐visit.  Other  museums  to  visit,  which  we   didn’t  have  time  to,  would  be  Centre  Pompidou   and  the  Centre  of  Contemporary  Art.    

Seville –  Plaza  de  Espana  

There are  b uses  that  run  down  the  whole  stretch  of  the  coast,  also  known  as  Costa  Del  Sol.  We  had  to  check  with  the   hotel  staff  on  where  to  get  off  at  as  there  are  various  stops  along  the  whole  stretch  where  people  are  allowed  to   swim.     Summer  was  indeed  in  full  swing.  Beach  chairs  dotted  the  whole  stretch  of  the  beach  and  families  had  come  fully   prepared  with  coolers  for  drinks,  food  and  other  paraphernalia.  If  you  are  lucky,  you  can  also  see  women  sunbathing   topless  to  get  an  even  tan!  The  locals  must  not  have  seen  anyone  with  a  walking  boot  coming  to  the  beach  as  I  got  a   lot  of  curious  looks.     My  boot  got  sandy  so  I  removed  it  and  limped  slowly  to  the  shore.  I  remember  feeling  the  cool  Mediterranean  water   as  I  submerged  d eeper  into  the  water.  I  smiled  as  I  thought  back  to  the  wonderful  experiences  in  the  trip.  At  that   moment,  I  was  thankful  that  I  could  escape  to  amazing  Andalusia  despite  the  fracture.     A  travel  junkie  whose  idea  of  a  tranquil  experience  is  jumping  out  of  a  plane  at   12,000ft  in  Queenstown  or  greeting  the  sunrise  in  a  hot  air  balloon  over  the   mystical  chimneys  in  Cappadocia,  Turkey,  Melissa  has  always  lived  to  travel.  Her   favourite  writers,  Pico  Iyer  and  Pau  Theroux  have  inspired  her  to  envision  life   beyond  the  shores  of  the  tiny  red  dot  and  after  her  own  travel  article  appeared         in  “Sports  and  Travel  Magazine”  she  has  been  fascinated  about  capturing her   experiences.     A  published  author  of  a  children’s  book,  The  Missing  Mouse,  Melissa’s  love  for   writing  and  travel  is  an  overriding  passion  that  leads  her  to  her  m any  adventures.            

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Q & A: Q

in the hot seed

This week’s  question  is  inspired  by  many  busy  women  I’ve  met  in   the  past  few  months  who  have  the  following  dilemma  :   I  want  to  entertain  my  friends  at  my  h ome  b ut  I  get  tired  h aving   to  do  all  the  p reparation  and  cleaning  after.  Would  it  be  rude  if  I   suggested  a  pot  luck?  Should  I  expect  them  to    help  with  the   cleaning  up?  


    I  love  entertaining  family  and  friends  at  home  and  I  definitely  can  relate  to  this   situation.  I  love  cooking  so  I  use  this  time  to  try  out  new  recipes  but  the  preparation  can   be  tiring.       So  is  it  rude  to  suggest  pot-­‐luck?  Well,  not  really.  Of  course,  if  it  is  the  first  time  you  are   inviting  someone  to  your  place,  it  would  seem  awkward  to  suggest  a  pot-­‐luck.  However,   with  regular  visitors  it  is  perfectly  fine  to  suggest  a  pot-­‐luck  and  even  rotate  the  homes   where  the  gathering  is  to  be  held  so  that  everyone  gets  a  chance  to  be  a  guest  or  host.       Sometimes  your  guests  might  ask  if  they  could  bring  something.  Even  if  you  say  no,  they   will  bring  something.  So  why  don’t  you  let  them  know  if  you  do  need  something?  I’m   hopeless  at  preparing  desserts  so  if  asked,  I  will  usually  tell  them  to  bring  a  dessert,   which  could  be  a  tub  of  ice-­‐cream  or  chocolates.     Expecting  your  guests  to  clean  up  seems  a  little  unreasonable.  If  you  wanted  to  host   someone  to  your  home,  then  you  need  to  be  prepared  that  it  comes  as  a  package  deal.   But  most  guests  will  offer  to  help  in  one  way  or  another.  The  problem  is  most  hosts   decline  the  offer  for  help.  So  if  your  guests  offer  to  help,  accept  it.  I  know  I  have  some   very  delicate  plates  and  glasses  which  belonged  to  my  Mum  and  are  precious  to  me.  I   either  put  those  aside  to  handle  them  myself  or  I  let  them  know.  So  far  none  of  my   guests  have  been  offended  when  I  tell  them  the  significance  of  a  glass  or  plate.     I  think  we  need  to  relax  a  little  not  put  too  much  pressure  on  what’s  right  or  wrong.  As   long  as  you’re  sincere,  I’m  sure  your  guests  will  understand.     If  you  have  a  question    on  a  life   or  work  transition,  write  to  us  at   and  we  will  feature  your   questions  and  reply  on  this  page.  


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A Dash of Spice issue February 2016  

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