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SPICE |December 2015|

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editor’s note: How quickly  time  flies  and  here  we  are  nearing  the  end  of  2015.  December  is  one  of  the   favourite  times  of  the  year  for  me  as  Christmas  approaches.  I’m  not  a  Christian  but   growing  up  in  Singapore  where  we  celebrate  so  many  festivals,  Christmas  time  brings  that   magical  feeling  that  I  used  to  read  in  all  the  fairy-­‐tales  as  a  little  girl.  I  love  the  Christmas   decorations  along  b usy  Orchard  Road  and  the  Christmas  carols  on  the  good  old  Gold  90.5   radio  station.  Just  that  magical  feeling.     In  this  issue  I’m  proud  to  share  with  you  stories  of  women  from  Australia,  Philippines  and   United  States.  Yes  we’re  truly  global!  As  I  read  each  story  and  look  at  the  pictures  and  the   stories  behind  those  picture,  I  feel  recharged  and  get  sparks  of  new  ideas.     From  cooking  to  handbags  to  knitting  and  travelling,  we  give  you  stories  of  women  who   believed  in  themselves,  overcame  challenges  and  made  a  decision  to  live  with  passion.   While  some  are  still  on  their  journey,  the  fire  is  still  burning.     So  if  you  have  a  story  you’d  like  to  share  and  inspire  women,  we’d  like  to  hear  from  you.   Drop  us  an  email  at  magazine@oneasiacoach.com  and  b e  part  of  the  spicy  family.     Wishing  you  a  joyful  year  end  as  you  countdown  to  the  start  of  2016  and  new  possibilities.     Begin  again;  Live  again;  Love  again.  

Editor, A  Dash  of  Spice  


Monique Radjadin-­‐Fiorello,  48  years,  lives  in  New  York.  She  h as   lived  in  a  few  countries  throughout  her  life.  She  was  born  in   Indonesia  to  a  big  family.  When  she  was  14  years  old  she  moved   to  Singapore  to  live  with  her  older  sister  who  was  married  and  h ad   2  children.  She  finished  high  school  in  Singapore  and  moved  to   New  York  to  pursue  her  Bachelor’s  degree.  She  graduated  from   Baruch  College  in  New  York,  Cum  Laude,  with  BBA  degree.  Initially   her  desire  was  to  go  back  to  Indonesia  and  work  for  her  father   who  owned  a  successful  business  but    decided  to  stay  and  live  as  a   New  Yorker.  She  has  worked  in  various  companies  from  Investor   Relations  to  h igh  end  Jewellery  Company.  Her  dream  was  always   to  have  her  own  business.    Married  now  with  2  children  and    was   helping  run  her  husband’s  business,  until  recently  when  she   decided  to  venture  out  and  start  living  her  d ream  of  owning  her   own  business.  Along  with  her  sister  Ingrid  (on  the  left  in  the   picture),  they  started  a  high-­‐end  handbag  line,  Radjadin.                                                                                                                                                                                

never stop believing in yourself: When I  was  young  someone  asked  me  what  I  want   to  be  when  I  grow  up,  my  answer  was  to  be  a   doctor.  Somehow  something  changed  along  the   way,  I  saw  my  father’s  business  and  life  style,  and  I   liked  it.  Something  about  it  intrigued  me.  However,   life  has  a  way  of  putting  you  in  places  where  your   dream  is  harder  to  reach.   Being  a  wife  and  a  mother  there  is  never  enough   time  in  the  day  for  EVERYTHING,  let  alone  thinking   about  your  dream.  However,  even  though  I  am  a   mother  I  have  managed  over  the  years  to  work  for   my  husband’s  business  from  home.  One  day  I  was   doing  my  routine  housework  and  stumbled  upon  a   beautiful  Batik  handbag  that  was  given  to  me  as  a   gift.  I  looked  at  it  and  realized  that  the  design  was   beautiful  but  the  material  was  torn  at  the  edges   and,  an  idea  came  to  me.  Why  don’t  I  make  the   Batik  design  on  more  durable  material  like  a  leather   or  coated  canvas.  High-­‐end  handbags  like  Louis   Vuitton  and  Gucci  came  to  mind.  My  quest  to  make   the  Batik  handbag  with  a  New  York  twist  had  begun.       I  was  not  alone  in  the  journey;  I  had  my  sister,   Ingrid  Cimmino,  who  shared  the  same  idea  and  we  


started going  to  tradeshows  in  New  York  and  visited   handbag  manufacturers  here  in  New  York.    

chasing my dream: Between being  a  busy  mom,  running  kids  to  practice,   and  h ousehold  errands  that  never  end,  I  managed  to   get  a  prototype  of  the  bag  ready.  The  vision  of  my   handbag  business  was  to  make  them  in  New  York.   Make  it  durable  so  that  it  can  be  used  daily.  Once  the   prototype  was  built  I  started  promoting  the  bags.     Before  going  to  the  public  I  wanted  to  show  my  bags  to   family  and  friends  who  could  give  me  feedback.  I  had   brought  the  handbags  to  London  to  show  them  to  my   nephew  and  my  niece  and  their  friends  who  are  under   30  years  old.  The  feedback  was  very  encouraging.   Minor  changes  to  the  style  of  the  bags  were  made  to   appeal  the  younger  crowds.   In  mean  time,  New  York  has  a  lot  of  platforms  for  new   comers  in  the  fashion  industry  to  show  their  creation.     I  managed  to  show  my  two  handbags  to  a  famous   store  in  New  York  City,  Henry  Bendel,  an  American   upscale  women's  specialty  store.  They  were  impressed   and  wanted  my  bags  in  their  store  but  required me  to

have a  collection  and  I  only  have  two   handbags  types.  But  that  was  good   enough  for  my  sister  and  I  to  realize   that  we  are  on  to  something.     Next  thing  I  knew,  I  was  approached  by   a  French  public  relations  person  who   wanted  to  promote  my  handbags  in   Paris.  There  was  an  event  in  Paris   where  we  could  showcase  our  p roduct   line  and  also  obtain  feedback  from  the   Parisians.  During  the  event,  a   representative  from  Marie  Claire  Paris   division  came  to  our  b ooth.  They  liked   what  they  saw  and  wanted  to  promote                                      At  the  Paris  fashion  show  with  translator  and  spokesperson  Nabawiya  Ibrahima.   us  in  Saint  Tropez  the  following   summer.  It  was  clear  to  me  that  we  had   of  York,  thee  are  new  Duchesses  in  town.”  For  some  of  us  who     to  start  producing  the  bags  quickly.   recognize  the  batik  d esign  we  use,  the  design  “Batik  Parang”   Another  event  that  we  p articipated  in   was  the  New  York  Trade  Show.  The   timing  was  not  right  for  us.  We  had   good  feedback  but  the  market  was  not   ready  for  our  Batik  design.  However   one  good  lead  for  us  was  QVC,  one  of   the  biggest  home  shopping  networks  in   the  U.S.  They  are  always  ready  for   something  n ew  in  the  market.  I  also   met  a  lot  of  good  potential  buyers.  

Instead of  feeling  sorry  about   the  job,  I  realized  that  this  is   my  time  now  to  shine.    


the birth of Radjadin: My  sister  and  I  thought  that  in  honour   of  my  father,  we  would  name  our   handbag  line  “RADJADIN”,  his  name.  He   was  born  of  royalty  in  one  of  the  islands   in  Indonesia.  That  made  my  sister  and  I,   princesses.  We  used  to  joke  with  our   friends  and  said,  “Move  over  Duchess    

represents the  prohibited  motif  reserved  for  the  royal   courts  of  Yogyakarta  and  Surakarta.  Some  Parang  were  worn   exclusively  by  the  King.  Even  though  my  father  was  not  from  the   same  island,  but  the  design  is  reserved  for  royalty.      

the challenges: The  first  challenge  we  had  was  money.  We  had  invested  so  much   on  the  Research  and  Development  of  the  b ags  that  we  had  very   little  b udget  for  production.  Thanks  to  our  family  and  close  friends   that  turned  into  investors  to  our  little  company,  we  got  some   financial  help.  We  continued  to  produce  our  handbags  but  another   challenge  arose.  The  material  that  we  thought  was  good  enough   for  the  bags,  created  problems.  Thank  goodness  we  have  found   new  suppliers  that  were  able  to  help  us.  One  of  the  suppliers  is   here  in  New  York  that  I  feel  so  blessed  that  we  have  everything   now  in  our  home  town.    

the game-changer that’s creating a buzz: In  mid-­‐2015,  my  mother  who  had  been  sick  for  a  while,  passed   away.  I  went  back  to  Indonesia  for  her  funeral.  My  sister,  Ingrid,   was  there  too  and  she  was  wearing  one  of  our  handbags.  To  our   surprise  a  lot  of  people  liked  the  handbag.  They  wanted  to  buy  the   handbag  on  the  spot.  That  was  a  game  changer  for  us.  We  decided   to  do  a  Trunk  S how  in  Jakarta.  A  date  has  yet  to  be  determined,  but   it  will  certainly  happen  in early  2016.


my time to shine: Every  step  of  my  journey  has  been   coloured  by  special  challenges,     including  losing  my  job  with  my   husband’s  business  due  to  the   downturn  in  that  business.  Instead  of   feeling  sorry  about  the  job,  I  realized   that  this  is  my  time  now  to  shine.     Over  the  past  years  I  have  put  a  lot  of   work,  dedication  and  investment  into   my  dream.  

Monqiue’s two  precious  boys,  her  little  munchkins.  

I expect  that,  starting  in  2016,   I  would  reap  the  benefits  of   what  I  put  in  to  my  dream.   Not  only  financial,  but  also   the  satisfaction  of  knowing   that  I  was  able  to  achieve  a   lifelong  dream  of  owning  my   own  business.    

Additionally as  my  handbags  b ecome   known  and  accepted  in  America,  I  will   have  the  satisfaction  of  sharing  part  of   my  beautiful  h eritage  United  States.   I  was  living  the  stereotypical  life  of  a   “suburban”  wife  and  mother  and   never  in  my  wildest  dreams  would  I   have  imagined  being  a  designer  and   attending  fashion  and  trade  shows  in   New  York  and  Paris.    

So ladies,  don’t  hold  back  and   don’t  ever,  ever  give  up  on   your  dreams  and  never  stop   believing  in  yourself.  


The Radjadin  collection.

To get  in  touch  with  M onique  and  find  out  how  you  can   get  your  h ands  on  the  Radjadin  collection,  you  can   contact  her  at:     Website:  http://www.radjadin.com/     Facebook:     www.facebook.com/Radjadin-­‐New-­‐York-­‐Batik-­‐ 718339058247761/?fref=ts     Email:  Monique@rdlfashion.com   LinkedIn:  Monique  Fiorello   Twitter  @RadjadinNY    


the coach: Why you BREAK your New Year’s Resolution “" Humans have  high  positive  self-­‐ regard  in  that  we  think  that  we   are  above  average  and  better   than  most  of  our  peers.  

Why don’t  we  then  follow  through   with  our  resolutions  and  feel  only  a   slight  twinge  of  remorse  and  n ot   consumed  b y  guilt,  year  after  year?

resolutions, we  tend  to  take  risks  and   make  claims  to  doing  things  which  are   a  stretch,  something  outside  of  our   comfort  zone  or  even  unfamiliar.  And   we  make  this  claims  at  the  year-­‐end   parties  and  n ow  everyone  knows  and   everyone  is  watching  us  to  see  if  we   can  commit  to  the  resolution.  

And the  very  thought  that  you  are   being  observed,  frightens  you  and  you   don’t  know  what  to  do  or  how  to  go   Another,  logical  explanation  from   How  quickly  the  year  has  passed.  Very   social  psychology:  that  the  self-­‐serving   about  doing  it.  Once  again,  social   psychology  to  the  rescue  –  what  you   bias  kicks  in.  Individuals  will  take   soon  we’ll  be  ushering  in  2016  with   experience  every  January  is  called   credit  for  any  good  d eeds  or   much  fanfare  and  resolutions,  which   outcomes  and  for  anything  adverse  or   social  inhibition,  where  the  ability  to   we  know  will  have  the  maximum   perform  an  unfamiliar  task  diminishes   lifespan  of  seven  d ays.  Yet,  every  year   unachieved  outcome,  we  will  blame   external  circumstances  that  got  in  our   when  there  is  an  audience  or  people   we  make  resolutions  in  the  hope  to   way.  So  a  common  lament  could  be  “I   observing  you.   become  better  human  beings.   wanted  to  start  running  three  times  a   Resolutions,  defined  as  the  firm   So  go  forth,  enjoy  the  year-­‐end   decision  to  do  or  not  do  something.  S o   week,  but  everytime  I  p ut  on  my   celebrations,  make  the  resolutions   shoes,  it  started  to  rain”  or  “You  know   why  then  do  we  hastily  make  and   and  b reak  them  in  January  cos  it’s  not   how  it  is,  I’ve  got  to  fix  the  meals  and   break  resolutions?     your  fault.  Humans  weren’t  designed   clean  the  house.”  Shamelessly  we   for  resolutions.   According  to  social  psychologists,   blame  everyone  else,  the  world,  the   humans  have  high  positive  self-­‐regard   dog,  the  cat,  the  weather  –  anything   Rachpal  has  designed  an  online   in  that  we  think  that  we  are  above   but  ourselves.     coaching  programme  for   average  and  better  than  most  of  our   women  in  transition.    For  a   Alright,  so  you’ve  been  caught.  Fret   peers.  Hence,  when  we  make   FREE  CONSULTATION,  write  to   not.  There’s  another  reason  that  we   resolutions  we  are  supporting  our   her  at   don’t   f ollow   t hrough   a nd   p erhaps   t his   more@oneasiacoach.com  or   belief  that  we  are  committed  to  being   visit  her  website  at   one   i s   n ot   e ntirely   y our   f ault.   Y ou   s ee,   better  than  others  as  we  recognise  a   www.oneasiacoach.com   most  of  the  time,  when  making   gap  in  us  and  we  will  fix  it.  



spice up your life

interests/hobbies: I started  knitting  more  than  ten   years  ago  when  I  went  through  a   very  difficult  time  in  my  life.  What  it   did  was  it  gave  me  rest  and  to  get   through  that  time  in  a  good  way  –   the  beginning  of  a  love  affair  and   passion  that  would  last.  It  also   helped  me  to  turn  the  potentially   severe  season  of  my  life  into  a   fruitful  time  and  allowed  me  to   realise  something  I  was  only   dreaming  about.  I  designed  and   made  unique  pieces  of  throw  rugs,   cushion  covers,  neck  scarfs,  baby   blankets  as  gifts  to  family  and   friends  over  the  next  few  years  on   special  occasions.  The  desire  to   create  something  beautiful  and  the   love  for  designing  and  challenging   myself  continued  to  grow  and   finally  in  2013,  I  stepped  out  in  faith   and  labeled  my  work.  Hence   NAtdesigns  was  born.  However  I   had  to  change  the  label  to  NAt   Bydesign  as  the  original  label  was  in   use  by  an  American  business.  But  as   my  passion  grew,  my  thoughts   became  more  concrete  and  so  did   my  plans.  

my transition journey:


Small Beginnings NAt ByDesign by Natalie Paul

the struggles/challenges  take  and  you  can  never  predict  what  will   happen  just  around  the  corner  –  losing  your  job/income,  family   issues,  sickness,  hospitalisation  and  so  on.  Endless  challenges  it   seems  b efore  you  realise  your  dream,  move  along  in  a  rhythm  and   start  to  enjoy  the  fruit  of  your  labour.    

One thing  I  realise  is  that  anything   you  do,  you  have  to  commit  to  the   process  no  matter  how  long  or  hard    

At times  it  also  meant  I  had  to  deal  with  opinionated  people  who   never  challenged  or  pushed  themselves  to  reach  for  their  dreams  or   goals  and  are  frustrated  with  everything  in  their  lives.  The  undue   criticisms  or  personal  attacks,  they  are  never  helpful.  If  you  can   picture  it,  all  these  things  coming  in  waves  or  all  at  once  and  at    

different intervals,  and  you  wonder  when   it  all  will  end.  But  I  never  gave  up  and   continued  to  accept  new  projects  and   incorporate  new  ideas,  doing  what  I  can   during  those  seasons.  I  acknowledge  that   my  faith  has  a  lot  to  do  with  it  and   breaking  barriers,  self-­‐doubt  are  part  and   parcel  of  the  process.  And  the   encouragement  of  loved  ones  and   friends  are  so  valuable  in  such  times.  

a bigger dream: The  dream  is  not  just  about  running  a   business  relying  solely  on  the  income   from  the  business,  but  humbly  I  desire  to   be  involved  in  projects  with  children.  Call   it  humanitarian  or  missions,  for  me  the   mission  is  to  finance,  reach,  enable,  train   and  strengthen  those  who  are   marginalised  in  some  way  or  other.  (But   that's  a  story  for  another  day.)        

Do not  despise  small  beginnings   (because  it  has  begun)  but  do   not  give  up  either.

I was  commissioned  by  a  young  mother  to  design  and  make  a   baby  blanket  for  her  “very  classy”  friend  who  has  a  taste  for   Chanel  and  winter  in  her  country  was  very  cold.  I  like  that!  She   accepted  my  proposal,  the  colours  and  materials  were  carefully   picked  and  the  design  more  so  for  the  mom-­‐to-­‐be’s  taste.  Both   my  client  and  her  friend  loved  the  final  product  called  1  Cor  13   LOVE,  made  of  100%  Australian  baby  wool.  This  baby  blanket   flew  across  the  world  to  another  country  to  welcome  a   newborn.  How  exciting!  

The second  set  was  called  LOV  after  the  surname  of  the   parents  to  be  who  owned  a  café.  Hence  the  beanie  and   mittens  were  coffee  brown.  The  beanie  had  a  handmade   coffee  cup  and  the  word  LOVe  sewn  in,  and  a  stream  of   golden  aroma  twirls  around  the  beanie  rising  up  from   the  coffee  cup.  


getting real: I  am  giving  myself  ample  time  with   realistic  steps.  I'm  currently  thinking   through/planning  for  the  timing  and   considering  the  best  mode  of  sell-­‐ point  with  low  overheads  and  best   reach.  These  aspects  of  the  business   are  crucial  for  its  success.    And   despite  the  small  b eginnings,  my   motto  is,  "Do  not  despise  small   beginnings  (because  it  has  begun)  but   do  not  give  up  either".     I'm  still  working  full-­‐time  as  an   Executive  Assistant  and  completing   my  assignments  toward  a  certificate   to  teach  English  to  foreign  students,   amongst  other  commitments  and   activities.   With  this  in  mind,  developing   discipline,  the  need  to  enlarge  my   capacity,  exercise  and  time-­‐outs,  eat   well,  focus  on  the  right  things  and   maintaining  healthy  relationships,   and  reaching  out  to  others  while   letting  go  of  negative  ones  have   become  a  priority.  My  focus  is  honed   in  so  much  more.  

This set  was  called  ANTARTIC  BLUE.  The   inspiration  came  from  a  day  in  Brisbane   where  we  had  a  very  cold  front  but  the   sky  was  the  deepest  blue  I’ve  ever  seen,   and  the  day  so  beautiful  and  crisp.  The   beanie  and  mittens  were  inspired  by   the  cold  front,  with  the  deepest  blue   yarn  and  whitest  white,  trimmings.  

winter 2015 collection: I had  some  wonderful  projects  this  year  from  May  to  August,  my   most  challenging  and  successful  year  yet,  with  commissioned   pieces/projects  I  designed  and  produced.  They  are  all  carefully   handmade.  The  concepts,  colours  and  materials  were  important   in  delivering  the  feel  and  capture  the  imagination  of  the  client.   This  collection  was  made  from  100%  Australian  cotton.     Commissioned  pieces  allow  me  to  get  to  know  my  clients  and   what  they  are  after.  It  gives  me  the  opportunity  to  propose  my   concept,  material  use  and  colour  scheme  in  light  of  their  own   stories.  It  brings  them  along  the  journey  from  conception  to  final   product.  There’s  a  sense  of  anticipation  and  excitement  for  the   client/s  because  in  some  ways,  they  are  involved  in  the  product.   So  the  whole  process  is  not  just  about  selling  what  I've  made  in   mass  without  thought.  It’s  about  the  gift(s)  that  are  meaningful.   As  a  result,  the  response  has  been  fantastic.  

the future - pre-made NAt ByDesigns: The  long-­‐term  plan  is  to  design  and  produce  unique  pre-­‐made   products  for  sale  in  the  winter  season  as  well  as  continue  to   produce  commission  pieces.  The  intention  for  the  pre-­‐made   products  is  that  they  will  be  made  available  online  for  those       who  are  looking  for  a  special  gift.     You  can  follow  me  on  NAt  Bydesigns  -­‐  Facebook  at   https://www.facebook.com/NAtbyDesign/   and  send  m e  a  message  in  the  Inbox  or  send  me an email at natalieap@gmail.com.



glitter and glam


Sensuous Scarves Growing up  in  a  Singapore  and  in  a  Punjabi  household,  scarves  were  a  common  dress  item  for  the   women.  The  Punjabis  call  it  chunni  or  dupatta  and  even  have  songs  that  have  become  etched  in  our   memories.  There’s  the  evergreen  one  by  the  UK  group  Alaap,  Chunni  Udh  Udh  Gayi,  the  lover’s   lament  of  his  sleepless  nights  as  the  memory  of  her  scarf  gently  blown  away  by  the  wind  and  her   long  pony-­‐tail  comes  undone  and  her  luscious  mane  falls  over  her  shoulders.  And  there  is  the   upbeat  one  by  Surjit  Bindrakhia,  Dupatta  Tera  Sat  Rang  Da,  again,  the  lover’s  lament  of  how  her   beauty  was  shielded  from  his  gaze  by  her  seven  coloured  dupatta.  The  older  Malay  women  in  the   neighbourhood  always  h ad  scarves,  the  selendang,  covering  their  h ead  when  they  went  out.  Unlike   the  chunnis  that  were  about  2  metres  long  and  almost  1  metre  wide,  the  selendang  was  a  square   scarf,  folded  into  a  triangle  and  knotted  u nder  the  chin.   From  Asia  to  Europe,  the  scarf  is  adorned  not  just  as  an  accessory  but  also  as  part  of  a  cultural  or   religious  d ress  code  for  modest  dressing.  As  society  evolved,  the  scarves  began  to  have  multiple   uses;  mothers  use  it  as  sling  to  hold  the  babies  while  the  did  work  around  the  house  or  farm,  nicely   coiled  into  a  disc  and  placed  on  the  head  to  support  pots,  and  now,  as  accessories  to  perk  up  an   otherwise  plain  outfit  for  work  or  the  night  out.     One  of  my  essential  travel  companion  is  a  scarf  as  I  never  know  when  the  temperature  changes  or   when  I’ll  n eed  to  cover  myself  to  suit  a  dress-­‐code.  So  here  are  some  of  my  tips  on  picking  scarves.    


I like  the  soft  cottons  in  single  shades.  The   softness  of  the  fabric  moulds  your  body  and   stays  in  place.  Soft  enough  to  provide  some   warmth  on  a  chilly  d ay.  Soft  cottons  are  easy   to  lug  around  as  you  can  just  twist  and   throw  in  the  bag  or  tie  to  your  handbag.   Single  shades  are  great  to  go  with  a  printed   outfit  and  are  easy  to  match  with  most   outfits  whether  for  work  or  a  day  out.  

Colours and  prints  can  add  some  excitement   to  your  wardrobe.  Know  your  style;  I  prefer   the  earth  tones  as  opposed  to  psychedelic   colours.  The  designs  and  p rints  should  be   proportionate  with  your  b uilt.  So  if  you’re   smaller  built,  you  might  opt  for  tinier  prints   while  a  taller  person  would  do  more  justice   with  larger  prints  and  designs.  

Love, love,  love  scarves  with  embellishments   and  little  trinkets.  They’re  fun  and  just  add   that  dash  of  spice  to  make  your  outfit  look   more  interesting.  I  usually  go  for  trinkets   that  are  at  the  b orders  rather  than  all  over   as  it  makes  it  easier  to  d rape  the  scarf  and   style  it.    

So are  shawls  scarves?  Oh  well,  I’m  putting   them  down  as  my  favourite.  Pashmina  and   woollen  shawls  are  slightly  heavier  and   definitely  keep  you  snug.  Absolutely  a  must   for  travelling  –  the  airports  and  planes  can   get  awfully  chilly.  Love  the  more  solid   structure  of  the  heavier  fabric  and  excellent   to  match  with  your  work  outfits.  



spice, dice and splash

food and drink: Christmas Special

the rebel chef: Hello again  and  in  this  issue,  I’m  sharing  two   of  my  favourite  recipes  for  the  season.   Growing  up  in  Singapore,  there  were   celebrations  throughout  the  year;  beginning   with  New  Year,  then  Chinese  New  Year,   followed  by  Easter,  then  Vesak  Day  ,  then   Hari  Raya  (Eid),  Deepavali  and  finally,   Christmas.  Needless  to  say  it  was  endless   tucking  into  yummy  delicacies.     It  is  perhaps  this  early  cross-­‐cultural   culinary  influence  that  I  often  modify   recipes  to  create  what  is  now  popularly   known  as  “fusion”  recipes.  In  this  issue  I’ll   share  a  tandoori  recipe  that  you  can  do   with  a  turkey  or  chicken  and  my  all  time   favourite  for  the  season,  fruit-­‐cake.     With  my  passion  for  cooking,  it  is  not   surprising  that  I  met  the  love  of  my  life,  Bir,   who  is  a  chef  and  has  his  own  restaurant.   And  yes,  that  was  a  gigantic  birthday  cake   that  he  got  me;  enough  to  feed  a  village.  

To enjoy  more  American  and  Indian  cuisine,  join  Satwant  and  Bir  at  their  flagship  restaurant  in   Woodinville,  the  wine  valley  of  Washington.  There’s  also  bar  music  and  karaoke  for  the  music  lovers.   Indian  Palace  Restaurant     13330  NE  175th  Street  Woodinville,  Seattle     WA  98072     Tel:  425  483  6888     www.indianpalacecuisine.com    


tandoori chicken with biryani stuffing 14

Tandoori Chicken  with  Briyani   Stuffing   Garnish  and  Serving:   Method:   Ingredients  for  Tandoori  Chicken:   • Serves  8.   For  Tandoori  Chicken:   1  whole  chicken    (large)     • Make  incisions  on  the  thigh,  breast   • As  this  is  a  central  dish,  I  like   Pre-­‐marinade  ingredients:   to  do  it  it  up  a  little.   and  d rumsticks  –  2  each.   3  tablespoons  chilli  paste   • Use  a  big  dish.  Place  the   • Mix  all  the  ingredients  for  the  pre-­‐ 2  tablespoons  ginger  paste   chicken  in  the  centre  and  add   marinade  and  rub  this  paste  into  the   6  tablespoons  garlic  paste   the  remaining  rice  around  it.   chicken.  Set  aside  for  an  hour.   4  tablespoons  lemon  juice   You  can  put  some  slices  of   • Mix  the  ingredients  for  the  marinade.     Salt  (adjust  to  your  taste)   tomatoes,  radish,  onions  and   Marinade:   • Coat  the  chicken  with  the  marinade.   coriander.   1  tablespoon  cumin  powder   Be  sure  to  rub  the  inner  parts  on  the   • If  you  find  this  dish  too  spicy,   2  tablespoons  garam  masala  (or  curry   chicken  as  well.  Set  side  in  the   you  can  serve  it  with  some   powder)   refrigerator  overnight  or  for  at  least   plain  yoghurt.   3  tablespoons  ginger  paste   5  hours.   3  tablespoons  chilli  paste   • Pre-­‐heat  the  oven  to  175°C  (350°F).   • I  like  to  serve  it  with  an  “acar”   like  salad  made  with  chopped   • Roast  the  chicken  for  20  minutes  and   a  few  strands  of  saffron   then  baste  with  butter.   cucumbers,  diced  onions,   2  cups  of  yoghurt   • Repeat   t he   p rocess   u ntil   c hicken   i s   d one,   pineapple  cubes  and  chopped   2  tablespoons  thickened  cream   which   i s   a pproximately   1   t o   1 ½   h ours.   chilli  (chilli  being  optional).   Salt  (adjust  to  your  taste)   • When   t he   c hicken   i s   a lmost   d one,   Squeeze  some  lemon  juice  and   Basting:   remove  from  oven  and  add  half  the   you  get  a  sweet  and  tangy   ½  cup  butter   biryani  rice  stuffing  and  continue  to  bake   salad.   until  chicken  is  cooked.   Ingredients  for  Briyani  Rice:       4  cups  of  basmati  rice     For  Briyani  Rice:   3  ½  to  4  cups  water     • Heat  up  the  butter  or  ghee  in  a  pan   6  tablespoons  butter  or  ghee   and  q uickly  fry  the  cardamoms,   10  green  cardamoms   cloves,  cinnamon  and  cumin  seeds   10  cloves   just  for  a  few  seconds.  Take  it  off  the   1  tablespoon  cumin  seeds   heat  and  set  aside.   2  cinnamon  sticks   • In  a  pot  or  rice  cooker,  add  the  rice,   2  bay  leaves   water,  rose  water,  bay  leaves  and   ½  teaspoon  of  saffron  powder   cream  and  give  it  a  quick  stir  to  give   ½  cup  cream   it  an  even  mix.     5  tablespoons  rose  water   • Add  in  the  fried  ingredient  and  cook   ½  cup  raisins   the  rice.   ½  cup  almonds  (roasted  and  halved)   • Once  rice  is  cooked,  add  the  rains,   ½  cup  roasted  cashews   almonds  and  cashews.  Fluff  the  rice   gently  with  a  fork  to  ensure  they   don’t  stick.  


Sinfully Rich  Fruit  Cake   Ingredients:   ½  cup  pitted  prunes   1  ½  cups  sultanas   1  ½  cups  currants   ½  cup  freshly  squeezed  orange  juice   ½  cup  brandy   125g  butter   ½  cup  brown  sugar   3  eggs   ¼  cup  h ot  water   ¼  cup  p lum  jam   1  cup  p lain  flour   ¾  cup  self-­‐raising  flour   1  teaspoon  ground  cinnamon   ½  teaspoon  mixed  spice   ½  teaspoon  ground  nutmeg   1½  cups  glace  cherries   1½  cups  dates   2  cups  coarsely  chopped  walnuts  


Method:   • Combine  prunes,  sultanas  and   currants  in  a  bowl  and  mix  in   orange  juice  and  brandy.  Let   stand  overnight.  This  mixture  can   also  be  soaked  for  up  to  2  weeks.   • Grease  a  deep  23cm  round  cake   tin  with  3  layers  of  baking  paper.   • Cream  butter  and  sugar  until  it  is   just  combined  and  then  add  the   eggs  quickly,  one  at  a  time  and   beating  the  mixture  between   each  addition.     • Stir  in  the  hot  water  and  jam.   • Sift  in  the  dry  ingredients.   • Drain  the  prune  mixture  BUT   reserve  the  liquid.   • Add  the  prunes,  cherries,  dates   and  walnuts  to  the  cake  mixture.  

• • • •

• •

Spread cake  mixture  into  the   prepared  pan.   Heat  the  oven  to  about  150°C.   Bake  in  the  slow  oven  for   about  2  hours.   Brush  reserved  liquid  over  the   cake  when  it  is  b aked,  cover   and  leave  to  cool.   You  can  top  it  off  with  some   glace  cherries.   I  usually  leave  it  overnight   before  I  cut  it  as  it  is  more   compact  and  will  n ot  crumble   easily.  

common cents


money mine:

Building your Emergency Fund. By now,  you  all  know  what  a  big  fan  I  am  on  Suze  Orman  for  the  financial  advice  she  gives  out.   So  far,  none  of  her  advise  has  gone  wrong  for  me  and  in  this  issue  I  want  to  share  about  how  to   go  about  getting  your  emergency  fund  started.  This  year  I’ve  had  two  clients  who  have  h ad   struggles  with  their  finances  and  neither  of  them  had  an  emergency  fund,  which  should  be   about  6  months  of  your  income.  As  a  result,  everytime  there  was  a  problem,  they  would  spend   on  the  credit  card  and  just  incur  high  interest  rates  or  borrow  from  family  and  friends.     As  we  approach  the  end  of  2015  here  are  FOUR  tips  to  how  you  can  get  an  emergency  fund   started  if  you  haven’t  already  started  one.        



Set aside  10%  of  your  income  every  month  for  the  emergency  fund.  You  will  need   to  build  a  fund  of  at  least  6  months  of  your  current  earning  power.  The  10%  is   based  on  your  total  income  before  any  tax,  pension  or  provident  fund   deductions.  The  idea  is  that,  should  you  not  have  a  job,  you  should  have  at  least   6  months  of  savings  to  help  you  pull  through  as  it  is  estimated  that  it  takes  up  to   6  to  8  months  to  find  a  new  job  or  set-­‐up  a  business.    

Earning just  enough  to  get  by  and  you  can’t  put  aside  the  10%?  Find  ways   to  cut  down  your  expenditure  every  month.  Start  by  looking  at  your   spending  habits:  food,  clothes,  coffee,  shoes,  make-­‐up.  Where  can  you   cut  down?  What  can  you  forgo?  Preparing  food  from  home  and  making   your  own  cup  of  coffee  and  tea  can  save  you  u p  to  $10  a  day.    


Put the  money  in  an  account  that  is  not  linked  to  any  debit,  credit  or  ATM   cards.  If  it  easily  accessible,  there  will  always  be  the  temptation  to  spend.   Hence,  it  should  be  as  inconvenient  as  possible  to  withdraw  the  money   because  the  aim  is  to  allow  it  time  to  grow  and  build  up  for  the  emergency   should  you  lose  your  job.  Be  clear  what  an  emergency  situation  is.  Flying  off   to  your  best  friend’s  destination  wedding  is  NOT  an  emergency!  

Finally, learn  to  say  NO.  If  you  cannot  afford  to  go  out  with  your  friends,  tell   them.  Suggest  potluck  gatherings  instead.  Stop  buying  and  giving  presents.  This   festive  season,  if  you  cannot  afford  to  participate  in  gift  exchanges,  tell  your   family  and  friends.  What  other  ways  can  you  show  your  love  and  appreciation   to  one  another?  Perhaps  it  is  time  to  start  a  new  tradition  –  a  no-­‐buying-­‐gift   season  and  have  a  give-­‐my-­‐love  season.  




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health and fitness:

It’s 01  December  2015.  In  30  days,  we’ll  be   ushering  in  the  New  Year.  But  before  that,   there  are  the  countless  year-­‐end  parties  –  the   office  lunch,  the  tea  with  besties,  dinners  and   drinks  with  colleagues,  more  lunches  and   dinners  with  the  family  and  of  course  the  big   countdown  party.     But  before  you  get  carried  away  and  indulge,   may  I  make  a  suggestion?  Cover  all  your   mirrors  in  the  house  with  a  cloth.  Because  if   you  don’t,  the  next  30  days  of  December  will   be  guilt-­‐ridden  where  every  curve  and  bulge   will  be  misery  in  the  making  while  every   mouthful  will  not  be  fairly  judged  nor  savoured.   You  will  be  running  around  frantically  trying  to   lose  the  few  inches  off  the  waistline  while   munching  on  the  cookies  and  fried  chicken.     The  “I  wish”  laments  will  start  and  another  year   will  go  by.  Another  year  has  gone  by.  

slow down, pause, breath: Being  miserable  and  lamenting  on  what  could   have  been  will  not  serve  you.  I’m  going  to  hazard   a  guess  here  that  you  h ave  been  rushing  around   the  whole  year  trying  to  meet  your  work  goals  and   your  family’s  needs  that  you  pushed  your  health   and  well-­‐being  to  the  last?  So  now  your  body  is  all   achy  and  the  odd  bulge  in  the  wrong  part  of  the   body  (as  if  there  ever  was  a  right  part).  Pushing   yourself  is  only  going  to  make  it  worse  so  don’t   wait  for  January  to  make  those  changes  in  your   life.  Start  now.     Slow  down  –  walk  a  little  slower,  chew  a  little   slower,  sip  a  little  slower.   Pause  –  feel  your  body.  Feel  the  anger,  feel  the   frustration,  feel  the  sadness,  feel  the  overwhelm.   Breathe  –  close  your  eyes.  Take  a  deep  b reath.  As   you  breathe  out,  release  the  trapped  emotions.       Only  THREE  easy  steps  to  a  healthier  you.  




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living simply to simply live



Live now... As I  looked  at  back  this  year,  I  have  many  regrets.  There  were  many  things  I  wanted  to  accomplish  this  year   but  alas,  as  we  approached  the  end  of  2015,  many  of  the  boxes  are  still  unchecked.  I  had  p lanned  for  a  few   hiking  trips  this  year  and  I  did  none;  I  had  planned  trips  the  beach  and  probably  only  had  two  to  three;  I  had   planned  to  lose  some  weight  for  h ealth  reasons,  and  that  too  hasn’t  happened;  I  had  planned  to  complete   writing  my  book  and  well,  you  know  how  this  one  ends  too.  I  will  b e  lying  to  you  if  I  said  that  it’s  okay  and   that  everything  happened  for  a  reason.  I  feel  sad  that  another  year  has  gone  by  and  another  wish  list  will  be   crushed  and  a  n ew  one  drawn.  I  am  disappointed.  As  I  sit  here  and  lament  I  know  the  cause  of  it  all  –  that  I   had  b een  living  either  in  the  past  or  for  the  future  instead  of  living  now.  My  conversation  has  been  about   how  things  used  to  be  or  waiting  for  something  better  to  happen  and  in  doing  so  I  missed  my  chance  to  live   in  the  present.  I  h ad  missed  the  chances  to  go  for  the  evening  stroll  as  I  waited  for  the  perfect  sunset.     Am  I  going  to  make  drastic  changes  and  start  living  now?  Chances  are,  NO.  I  know  that  I  will  still  compare   with  the  past  and  wish  for  a  better  tomorrow.  But  what’s  different  is  that  I  now  know.  With  baby  steps  I  will   start  being  more  aware  of  my  feelings  and  my  actions.  Everyday  from  now,  with  baby  steps,  I  will  start   appreciating  the  sights,  sounds  and  scents  around  me.  But  I  know  I’m  a  dreamer.  I  will  always  b e.      


the spicy route


travel :

The Turtle  Island  in  Guimaras  which  is   known  to  be  the  sanctuary  of  sea  turtles   or  pawikan.  It  is  located  in  the  Western   Visayas  region  of  the  Philippines.  

The Secret Jewel of the East by Rachel Reynoso During my  childhood  days,  I  was  very  much  fascinated  with  the  diverse  stunning  places  here  in  the   Philippines  and  abroad.  I  never  thought  that  I  could  visit  p laces  in  Luzon,  Visayas  and  Mindanao.  These  are   the  three  main  geographical  d ivisions  of  my  beloved  country.  Way  back  in  March  2011,  I  joined  Navteq,  one   of  the  leading  mapping  company  that  operates  around  the  globe  and  the  start  of  exploring  the  beautiful   places  I  just  used  to  dream  of  before.  As  a  Geographic  Analyst  I  mapped  different  places  in  Philippines  and   every  work  trip  became  a  potential  for  future  h oliday  destination  with  my  family  and  buddy.  

choosing my next destination: I have  a  bucket  list  of  places  to  visit.  So  when  I  choose  a  place  to  wander,  it  must  be  on  that  list  of  places   that  I  always  dream  of;  places  that  will  help  me  renew  myself  and  be  refreshed  when  I  got  back  to  the   normal  routine  of  my  life  h ere  in  M anila.  I  b ook  tickets  advance  so  that  airfare  is  way  cheaper  than  usual.  I   also  book  hotels  that  have  excellent  ambiance  and  which  can  make  me  feel  more  relaxed.    


Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. It  is   located  in  the  town  of  Laguna  province.   The  only  underground  cemetery  in  the   Philippines.  It  has  been  declared  as  a   National  Historical  Landmark  since  1973.   You  can  go  6ft.  under  to  see  the  main   feature  of  the  cemetery:  the  catacomb   that  was  arranged  on  four  walls.  Flash   photography  is  prohibited.  

why i have the #wanderlust: Gratification of   new   experiences.   While   there   are   all   sorts   of   experiences   surrounding   us   each   day,   there   are   so   many   things   that   you   can   only   do   when   traveling;   like   walking   on   the   stunning   beach  of   Boracay  until  the  sunset   comes,   experience   the   perfect   tropical   holiday   surrounded   by   an   abundance   of   pristine   beaches   that   lend   a   breathtaking   view   of   the   horizon   at   Pearl   Farm   in   Davao.   It   will   absolutely   leave   a   heavenly   imprint   in   the   memory.   Zip   lining   through   Asia’s   longest   zipline   at   Dahilayan   Adventure   Park   in   Bukidnon.   Climbing   up   with   spelunking   in   the   rocky   mountain   of  Ugong   Rock   in  Palawan;  it’s   like   no   turning   back   because   it   is   really   hard   going  up  to  the  top!  Witnessing  different  kind   of   festivals   in   every   places   like   the   Ati-­‐atihan   Festival   in   Ilo-­‐Ilo.   Indulging   with   delicious   local   dishes   served   on   bamboo   dining   tables   with   the   sparkling   waterfalls   as   a   backdrop   with   clear   spring   water   running   over   your   feet   at   Villa  Escudero  in  San  Pablo,  Laguna…  the  list  of   such  experiences  could  go  on  and  on.  

To Unwind,  Rejuvenate,  Refurbish.  I  work  hard  most   that’s  why  I  need  to  treat  myself  by  unwinding   despite  of  my  busy  schedules;  sitting  on  the  b each   while  watching  and  listening  to  the  sound  of  the   waves  crashing  on  beach  ,  refreshing  my  mind  and   keeping  me  agile  and  sharp.   To  have  a  good  time.  Celebrating  h atch  days   (birthdays),  achievements,  anniversaries  and  any     occasion  that  calls  for  a  celebration.  There  is   something  magical  about  having  a  good  time  outside   the  normal  bustle  of  our  lives.   To  Eat  New  Food.  Yeah,  sumptuous  food!  I  love  to   eat.  The  more  I  travel  the  more  dauntless  I  become   to  try  delicious  and  unique  dishes.  Everyone  is  so   delighted  about  their  food  or  local  d elicacies  in  every   place  and  they  really  enjoy  sharing  it  with  others.  We   all  know  food  brings  people  together.   To  Spend  Time  with  Family  and  Friends.  We  build   memories  when  we  travel  as  a  family  or  with  friends.   Family  getaways  are  so  valuable  for  me.  Families   need  this  time  together,  creating  good  memories  to   cherish  and  treasure  forever.


My beloved  92  years  old  granny.  This  was   her  first  time  since  birth  going  to  the  beach   and  we’  were  so  lucky  that  her  first  time  was   with  us  in  Borawan.  Borawan  is  a  beach  cove   with  white  sand  like  in  Boracay  and   surrounded  by  towering  limestone  rocks  like   in  Palawan  that  make  the  beach  isolated   from  any  access  road  from  the  town  proper   of  Padre  Burgos  in  Quezon  Province,   Philippines.  They  called  it  Borawan  because   it  is  a  combination  of  Boracay  and  Palawan.  

Labasin Lake.  Rafting  is  one  of  the  amenities   provided  by  Villa  Escudero  in  San  Pablo,   Laguna.  Native  bamboo  rafts  are  available   and  is  included  with  the  day  tour.  

Hey there!  I  am  Rachel  Reynoso.  A   happy  go  lucky  person  from  Philippines.     I  am  39  years  old,  single  and  ready  to   mingle!  As  what  I  always  say  to  all  the   people  who  ask  my  age  “I’m  always   young  at  heart  and  I  will  always  be”.  I  do   not  feel  any  pressure  at  all  when  they   ask  me  why  I  am  still  single?  I  will  just   whisper  to  them,  “No  worries…  I’m   enjoying  m y  life  being  single”.  As  the  old   adage  goes,  Life  begins  at  40!  So  I  am   looking  forward  for  my  hatch  day  next   year  and  see  what  will  be  the  most   awaited  happenings  in  store  for  me.    


Celebrating my  birthday  with  this  big  lobster  in  Josephine’s   Restaurant  located  in  Tagaytay.    I  love  to  eat!!!  I  love  seafood.  


in the hot seed

Q & A: Q

I’ve had  a  few  discussions  with  both  men  and  women  in  their   early-­‐50s  that  they  are  frustrated  at  work  because  the  job  they  do   is  routine  and  there  is  no  p rospect  for  growth  within  the   organisation.  They  need  their  job  as  they’re  not  entirely   financially  independent  and  are  afraid  that  given  the  current   economic  climate  and  competition  from  a  younger  and  more   qualified  workforce,  they  might  not  be  jobless  if  they  left  their   current  job.  What  should  they  do?  


In  times  like  this  a  magic  wand  would  help  as  I  always  hear  them  say,     “things  were  different  before  and  wish  it  was  like  the  old  times.”  Yes,  it   can  be  really  frustrating  especially  if  you’ve  been  in  the  job  and  the   organisation  for  many  years.  To  add  to  the  frustrations,  the  workplace   dynamics  have  changed  drastically  with  more  Gen  Ys  graduating  from  school   and  h ow  technology  has  become  an  integral  part  of  how  work  is  done.  I’m   taking  a  very  practical  and  conservative  approach  in  my  advise  for  anyone  in  a   similar  situation,  whatever  your  age  and  that  you  really  need  to  keep  the  job.   • Start  with  gratitude  that  you  have  this  job  and  that  it  fulfils  your  purpose   (for  example,  it  gives  you  financial  security).   • There  are  things  that  we  do  that  are  routine,  like  brushing  teeth,  folding   the  laundry,  mopping  the  floor  or  washing  dishes.  We  don’t  like  these   tasks,  but  we  have  to  do  them.       • Stop  making  work  the  central  focus  of  your  life  and  your  identity.     • Instead,  find  fulfilment  outside  the  workplace,  activities  that  bring  you  joy   and  connect  you  with  your  higher  purpose.  Perhaps  it’s  time  to  go  back  to   that  hobby  you’ve  forgotten  about  for  years  or  look  up  an  organisation   where  you  could  volunteer  your  services  during  your  free  time.       If  you  have  a  question    on  a  life   or  work  transition  ,  write  to  us  at   magazine@oneasiacoach.com   and  we  will  feature  your   questions  and  reply  on  this  page.  


‌I specialise in Transitional Transformation Coaching for women in transition; to smoothen the transition period, to give clarity and equip you with skills to move effortlessly to the next phase. My coaching philosophy is to take you from being a blunt tool to the sharpest tool in the shed‌ Rachpal Kaur Tulsi

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