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OCT 2019


REAPING YOUR OWN REWARDS David James - CEO Hi Adaptive, I wanted to use the global call and newsletter as a reminder of what we’re trying to build within Adaptive. Why we have built the paths we have within the company, why we have built the director levels, why we built the principal consultant role, why we built a system where we push people into challenging positions at such an early stage in their careers, and how we have built a global business working in the fastest industries on the planet with such a fresh team!

It is because we have and will continue to build entrepreneurs in every area of this business. 

Remember what an entrepreneur does.

They solve problems, come up with ideas and with solutions. They get things done and don't let obstacles get in their way, they find challenges interesting, and they are optimists. They push themselves to perform; they have a vision, don’t cut corners, control situations and don’t blame others. They are tough, disciplined, and passionate. 

That is why we want an entrepreneurial spirit in the business!

Your desks are your businesses. They are an extension and a reflection of you and your personality as a business professional.     .

It’s a reflection of the way you deal with clients, candidates, and


processes. The way you set about your day, the way you approach your goals, the way you brand and present yourself. The ideas you implement, your strategy, your work ethic and your professionalism. You make decisions every hour and every day that dictate how your business develops, the speed at which it develops, and how unique

Company & divisional sales Newcomers, anniversaries & promotions

and successful it becomes.  

Special mention

Every day you decide not to run your business to the best of your ability will be reflected in what you create.

Office travel & visits

I’m not just talking about whether your business hits revenue targets. I set myself targets that I occasionally miss, but I ensure the foundation is strong. We must always push the business forward, every day, week and month, creating opportunities through action and KPIs’, making changes when things aren’t working or can be improved. Most importantly, the business must always be growing.  

Getting to know Paul & Jenna Social events New New York office!

For example, if you have a business where you struggle to get 3-4

Global trip update

CVs out in a week, then you have to question whether you are running a successful business. You need to make changes to allow your business always to be able to send 6-8 CVs out a week. You need to find and implement the solution to make this happen. Look at your business and ask yourself, is this is a fair reflection of me. If not, change it. See what you can construct. There are no rules on creativity or building something, it takes vision and implementation.     If you are entrepreneurial, providing solutions for clients and candidates, you are creating sales and branding yourself, being better than the competition pushing yourself when things don't go your way, and giving it everything, then expect an enjoyable journey. Expect high bonuses and financial success. Expect continued growth. Expect to impress. Expect to be respected, to develop daily, and most importantly to feel empowered.    Embrace the whole experience. It pays back so much. Don't waste your talent, start now running the best business you can, and solving the problems your business has in achieving your vision. See how good an entrepreneur you are. Run something you are truly proud of and together, we will run a world leader.

Competition winners

GLOBAL SALES With a monthly target of $556,000 Adaptive booked $370,005 to close the month at 66%, finishing with a shortfall of $185,995. We had 10 consultants achieve 100% (or more) of their sales target, with a handful pushing themselves to the limit and going over 150%. Company wide we crushed our Reverse Market KPI, 107%, which led to 35 signed contracts and 194 jobs being added. This strong activity in October will hopefully lend itself to impressive outcomes in the coming months.


of our global sales target achieved in October 2019 billing $370,005.

For November we are chasing a target of $544,000 and are currently sitting at 41% having billed $225,400 in the first week and a half. A strong start, with great potential for great success!


Here's a snapshot of our priority metrics for August 2019

Total Sales: $370,005 (66%)

First Interviews: 470 (84%)

Reverse Markets 3676 (107%)

ADAPTIVE DIGITAL The team collectively billed $117,200 against a target of $172,000 - a shortfall of $54,837. They added 52 new jobs, signed 9 new terms of business and secured 129 first interviews. A big well done to the London office who crushed their business development, over 100% on RCMs (144%) and signed contracts (103%). Excited to see what these new clients and roles hold for the rest of Q4!

1207 reverse markets sent out by AD, hitting 79% of quota in October 2019.


Well done to some key contributors for this month!

Dana Penzkofer $21,959 billed

Hollie Barry 18 first interviews

Adam Gibbs 367 reverse markets

ADAPTIVE GLOBALIZATION With a monthly target of  $118,000 Adaptive Globalization booked $56,500 coming in at 47% of their monthly target. The team made some headway in terms of Business Development, signing 7 new contracts and adding 71 new jobs to our books, reaching over 105% and 124% on those fronts, respectively.

124% The AG team exceeded target signed contracts this month, adding 11 new clients to Adaptive!

London worked diligently toward BD adding 43 jobs independently, and New York hit 122% of their CV quota. Special note on Michele, who fearlessly leads AG Berlin, and hit up to 300% on his individual KPIs this past month!


Well done to some key contributors for this month!

Michele Cerioni 3 signed contracts & $20,822 in sales

Alexandra Dunham 70 CVs out

Alex Ross-Scott 24 jobs added

ADAPTIVE LIFE SCIENCE Adaptive Life Science billed $34,000 of their $35,000 target, coming in at 97% of their sales quota. They worked diligently toward business development, sending out 372 Reverse Markets, achieving 202% of their quota. This generated a signed contract with Lindera, and a placement that quickly followed.

202% of their RM quota achieved, working to build out the Life Sciences this past month

A huge shoutout to Rebecca on that placement, which had a 16 day turn around from contact to offer, beautifully showcasing the value of a strong CV!


Well done to some key contributors for this month!

Martin Larkin $28,800 in sales

Rebecca Woodfield 225 Reverse Markets

ADAPTIVE TECH With a monthly target of $238,000 Adaptive Tech booked $138,043 to close the month at 58% of quota. Three of our consultants managed to close over $20k in deals individually throughout the month. Big shout out to Kendal, Beau and Paul Caffrey.   Adaptive Tech also made 237 first interviews, signed 12 new terms of business and sent out 529 CVs!  

$138K in sales, leading AT to 58% of their monthly target.

New York defeated quotas, hitting 140% of their sales target and 129% of first interviews. Looking forward to seeing this continue into the next month!


Well done to some key contributors for this month!

Kendal Krawl $32,048 billed

Owain Withers 8 jobs added

Melissa Bair 59 CVs sent & 25 first interviews

SPECIAL MENTION A quick thanks to those who stood out last month! We would like to give a company-wide mention to Lynn Tang, who has worked ardently to build out Adaptive Asia. Wow, what a month for Lynn, or really what a past 8-weeks since Lynn joined us here at Adaptive. It has been such a pleasure to watch Lynn grow our business and presence in the Singapore Tech market. October was a whirlwind of a month for her. She signed her first contract on October 2, and signed her second a mere two days later. Two weeks after, she made her first placement, and again, followed it with a second within the month. Anyone in the space can attest to the commitment, strategy and acumen it takes to have consistent performance at the level of Lynn's which we saw in October. What an incredible start to her time here at Adaptive. Take a peak at her individual KPIs below, and shoot her a message if you want to learn more about how she does all she does! Congrats Lynn, looking forward to what's up next!


Here's a snapshot of her key dials from this past month...

Reverse Markets: 147 (258%)

Initial Contact: 9 (215%)

Signed Contract: 2 (285%)

First Interviews: 14 (165%)


It's time to celebrate some individuals in the company, including any anniversaries, travel, promotions and new starters!

NEW STARTERS Jenna Finnerty Joined Adaptive Tech in the San Diego office

Paul West Joined Adaptive Tech in the San Diego office

Fabian Münch Joined Adaptive Digital in the Berlin office

Adam Ball Joined Adaptive Tech in the UK office

PROMOTIONS David Abbott Promoted to Senior Consultant


David James 14 Years at Adaptive

Marek Wierzbicki 6 Years at Adaptive

Owain Withers 2 years at Adaptive

Vince Ullrich 2 years at Adaptive

Congratulations to you all!


FUTURE TRAVEL: NOVEMBER 2019 David James UK > DE David James UK > NY Ben Wattenbach: UK > NY

David James UK > SD Office

Geraldine Persand UK > DE Office

Ben Wattenbach: NY > SD Tom Newman: UK:> SD Kerry Bowden NY > SD Michael Radwan UK > NY

Denny Meier DE > UK Office

Tom Newman UK > NY Office

Kendal Krawl SD > NY Office

CJ O'Brien SD > NY Office

Vince Ullrich SD > NY Office

To find out more about our travel scheme, or how you can use your AirMiles, please speak to your manager or Director, and check out the Benefits section on Bridge.

GETTING TO KNOW: JENNA FINNERTY & PAUL WEST After welcoming four new starters to our family over the month, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know them a little bit more. Since they started on the same day and went through all their training together, it only felt right to interview them together as well!

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be? JF: my Grandpa, I'd want to know more about his immigration from Ireland and raising eight kids on his own PW: Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden from Fight Club, he is just so interesting

What would you do with a winning lottery ticket? JF: open a foster center for dogs PW: buy a personal golf course with a house on it, next to a lake

We find you in a bar, what drink are you most likely having? JF: a margarita, or anything with tequila really PW: Buffalo Trace whiskey, two rocks

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? JF: soft pink PW: sky blue What is your favorite way to relax? JF: mini-getaways/staycations and exploring PW: golf and wine

If you could eat anything for the rest of your life, what would it be? JF: pasta, with bread and olive oil on the side PW: aged filet mignon, medium rare Dream vacation destination? JF: Amalfi Coast PW: Tahitian Islands What do you love most about Adaptive? JF: the openness, creativity and freedom to make it your own PW: the hunt

Welcome to the team Paul and Jenna! We are so happy to have had you join the family this past month.

NEW YORK, NEW OFFICE New York moved into their new office this past month, wasting no time settling in and getting to work, after some celebration that is! Cheers to all of you, and here's to crushing quotas in the new location.


Our teams were just as busy out of the office as they were in, it seems.Whether it was grabbing drinks, running half-marathons, or just spending time together much fun was had by all! Check out below what we got up to across the business.


GLOBAL TRIP COMPETITION 2019 $1.75M target $1,074,659 achieved $675,341 to go Keep pushing to exceed those KPIs and close those deals. We should all be on the beach together soon!

COMPETITIONS We celebrate success on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Huge congrats to Beau, the winner for October's top biller against target, and the only person this year to spend back to back months doing so!

First place: Beau Ramirez Total billed: $28,000 (186%) Second place: Benjamin Cox Total billed: $13,805 (184%)

Third place: Kendal Krawl Total billed: $32,048 (160%)

By month ($100) January: Vince Ullrich February: Lily Mayko March: Paige Schnoebelen April: Sandro Aravena May: Jessica Gerafi June: Ben Wattenbach July: Kendal Krawl August: Jessica Gerafi September: Beau Ramirez October: Beau Ramirez By Quarter ($800 trip away) Q1: Lily Mayko Q2: Paige Schnoebelen Q3: Jessica Gerafi

Congratiulations to all of you for a great month, and a special well done to our top three billers for the month - who will top the leaderboard in November?


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October 2019 Newsletter  

Adaptive Business Group's monthly newsletter for October 2019.

October 2019 Newsletter  

Adaptive Business Group's monthly newsletter for October 2019.