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Moms Who Do It at Home: The Full Story! By Erin Schoen Marsh

We feature 5 local boss mamas in our print edition, and include spotlights on 5 more online! Read stories of wit, wisdom and laughs from local moms who run their own businesses.

Fall Festivities Round Up By Emily Remaklus

While many events have been cancelled or put on hold, there is still plenty of outdoor fall fun in the Toledo area!

Toledo Corn Mazes By Erin Holden

Toledo area corn mazes — outdoor, active and fun for the whole family — listed here. The Padgett family: Piper, Oliver, toddler Penn, and husband David. Photo by Heather Meyer.


If the mom in your life is “impossible to buy for,” get a headstart on your holiday gift giving with this self-care package for mom! Give her time to pamper herself by treating her skin to Vedic Botanicals Radiance Face Cream, a blend of herbs that maintain youthful radiance ($18), and spritzing with Balancing Body Mist Mosel Blend ($22). Once she’s feeling beautiful and fresh, she can don her new silver “mom” necklace with pink topaz from Isabelle Grace ($59)! Congratulations to Tracey Ankenbrandt, winner of our August Skincare Bundle, and Ricky Cicco, winner of our September/October Back to School Giveaway! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for upcoming giveaways.


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1. Fall Festivities Roundup 2. Corn Maze Roundup 2020 3. Not-Too-Spooky Flicks ON THE COVER Erin Marten, a midwife opening nonprofit Solace Health, pictured with her husband, David Kim, and kids Marley (11) and Arrow (8) Snyder and Evangeline Kim (18 months). Photo courtesy: Erin Marten.

www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •


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What gift will always make you happy?

10 Reasons to Spend the Holidays at Home Celebrating as a family unit By Erin Schoen Marsh

I’ve heard many people lament that the holidays will look different this year with social distancing and COVID-19. While I feel for all of those who will be missing out on much-needed time with loved ones, part of me (admittedly) is looking forward to holidays with just my immediate family. What could possibly be good about holiday celebrations during quarantine? Here are 10 tongue-in-cheek reasons to spend the holidays alone as a family unit: 1

No waking at the crack of dawn to stick a turkey in the oven.


Speaking of turkey— not mandatory.


No awkward small talk with distant relatives.

Publisher/Editor in Chief

Collette Jacobs (cjacobs@toledoparent.com) OUR THREE KIDS ALL AT HOME AT THE SAME TIME.

October 23 November 21

Scorpio children are wise, compassionate and intuitive, with a tendency to keep to themselves, or to be slow to open up. This late autumn season, their minds will be looking for ways to understand the complex world around them, so be prepared for some outside-of-the-box questions. Don’t be afraid to discuss the world with them in an honest and upfront manner. As they begin to see the world that exists, far and near, take them exploring at a local park and then come home to virtually explore a faraway city using one of the many virtual tours offered by Google Maps.

Kids Astrology By Kimmie Rose


No watching every little comment that comes out of your mouth in order to not offend. 5

10 Perfectly acceptable to nap in the middle of the day.

If you’re an eternal optimist like me (or a secret introvert) and have made a mental list of your own with reasons to rejoice this holiday season, I’d love to hear from you. Comment at toledoparent.com to make our readers smile! Tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth, Erin Schoen Marsh, Toledo Parent Editor

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Bra? Optional.

No need to divvy up the leftovers. Mashed potato pancakes for days!



Actually, why even cook? We ordered our Christmas meal to carry out last year and it far exceeded any ham or roast.



Assignment Editor Erin Marsh

Graphic Design

Fancy holiday plates…or paper products? Your choice!

8 No one to secretly judge when you unbutton your pants after dinner (or just save yourself the trouble and stay in your pajamas).

Mark I. Jacobs (mjacobs@toledoparent.com) MORE SUPPORT FROM ADVERTISERS.

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November 22 December 21

Sagittarian kids love to change their minds on a whim, but their adventurous spirits makes those frequent changes endearing. Their thirst for knowledge and desire to explore their surroundings makes them a joy to be around. This time of year, as the holidays draw closer, Saigttarian kids will want to visit family members and close family friends. While they are always curious beings, autumn has them wanting to know more about their inner workings and their origins. It’s an ideal time to visit family, pull out old photos, share fun stories from the past and create new ones. Sagittarian kids crave security, and those connections will give them a sense of belonging.

• November/December 2020 • www.toledoparent.com

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Show & Tell: Toledo families shared how they wrapped up their summers and started school. Have a family photo from around T-town that you want to share in TAP? Email them to toledoparenteditor@adamsstreetpublishing.com to enter to win a gift certificate to a local eatery. Katie and daughter Roz (left) with BFFs Heather and daughter Ella

First day of virtual college and first day of kindergarten for the Lyons

Nevaeh Banks (7) and her nephew, Dezmond Bryant Murphy (4mos), at Wildwood Metropark

Paisley and Brodie Sund enjoy the views on the Maumee River

Elijah’s first day of homeschool!

Ella Ibanez’s first day of school

Kim Yi’s daughter jumps for joy to be back in school!

ElliottHenry’s firstime at the beach!

www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •


By Erin Schoen Marsh

Virtual Programs at Imagination Station Support Remote Learning Imagination Station has gotten creative and designed new educational programming to meet the evolving needs of teachers, parents and students utilizing remote learning options this year. From field trips to explosive demonstrations, Toledo’s science center is offering a variety of in-person and virtual programs to explore. With expert guidance from an Extreme Scientist, students can dive into the world of weather, create their own greeting cards, tinker with circuits, learn about genetics and get creative with computer coding. Registration and more information at imaginationstationtoledo.org.

Toledo Public Schools and the Metroparks Announce New Partnership

A brilliant toy train for the child at heart One of the Hayes Presidential Library’s most popular annual traditions returns on Saturday, November 28 when The Hayes Train Special, a spectacular model train set featuring an intricate and beautiful Victorian theme, will open for the holidays. Visitors can take in the remarkable detail of the set and actually get a chance to interact with it by manipulating the train’s movement. The exhibit is free for Hayes members and comes with the price of admission for non-members. $5 for kids, $13 for adults.Open through Saturday, January 3. Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums, Spiegel Grove, Fremont. 419-332-2081. rbhayes.org —JM

A new trail will connect Toledo Public School Hawkins Elementary and Toledo Botanical Garden, which became part of Metroparks Toledo three years ago. The park system has maintained and enhanced the garden beds and made numerous other improvements, such as adding the long-anticipated children’s discovery play area. As a result, visitation to the Garden has doubled in that time. The collaboration between TPS and the Metroparks will include opportunities to create new experiences for Metroparks visitors as well as students at Hawkins and the Natural Science Technology Center, as both schools are adjacent to TBG.

NDA Decorates 1000 Rocks to Spread Kindness Notre Dame Academy students, staff and sisters decorated 1000 rocks, donated by Sandman Sales Yard, with messages of hope. Students met virtually to decorate the rocks, and they then brought them to the NDA prayer garden to be blessed before taking them out into the community. The goal of the project is to spread kindness throughout the Toledo community with the inspiring messages. Money raised from t-shirt sales were donated to Ronald McDonald House.

West Side Montessori Celebrates 45 Years West Side Montessori was founded as a Montessori preschool in 1975 by Lynn Fisher. Classes were originally held in a church sanctuary before the school had a dedicated location. The school now resides on Bancroft St., with the “keystone building” housing a gymnasium, art and music rooms, and a safe room that can hold over 400 people and withstand an EF5 tornado. Founder Lynn Fisher remained the Head of School until she retired in 2019, and Jennifer Schoepf, a longtime West Side Montessori teacher and administrator, subsequently assumed the role of Head of School.


The school reopened both campuses this year and remains one of the only schools in the area that is open for inperson learning, five days a week for all students. The Toledo Campus made use of its 37 acres with additional outdoor classroom space and areas for students to safely congregate while maintaining social distance. This fall, the inaugural year of The Fisher Outdoor Education Program, named for Lynn Fisher and her late husband, Roger, represents the realization of Lynn’s ultimate vision for the school: to have a formal curriculum that emphasizes the connection between the classroom and

• November/December 2020 • www.toledoparent.com

nature, an essential component of traditional Montessori education. West Side, one of only seven accredited Montessori schools in the state of Ohio, is one of the largest Montessori schools in the country.

tween the lines

advice for parents with children 10-16

Teaching Teens Mindfulness By Emily Remaklus

New business adds colorful signs to yards

For a colorful and fun way to celebrate a big event, Jodi Aiken, along with her sister Abbi Tauber, the Northwest Ohio franchisee of Sign Greeters, have a new business that specializes in yard signs for customers who have something to celebrate. “They’re yard greetings for any occasion – from birthdays to anniversaries to ‘welcome back to school’ — anything you can think of to celebrate any occasion,” Jodi said. For more information or to place an order, visit signgreeters. com/greeter/toledo-yard-greetings. -JM

Peace of mind Teenagers today face stressors and anxiety-inducing challenges that did not exist a few decades ago. And now, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant changes in attending and participating in school, those challenges are exacerbated. Although schools do their best to provide children and adolescents with coping skills, the important skill of mindfulness is a difficult fit for digital, test-centered school curriculums. The importance of mindfulness According to Jenn McCullough, a certified mindfulness educator with Toledo Mindfulness Institute (TMI toledomindfulnessinstitute.com), “Mindfulness as a practice is about noticing not only what’s around you, but to be yourself...and to be present.” Being mindful helps to create a sense of peace, which in turn allows one to better cope with difficult emotions and stress. Additionally, mindfulness helps plant the seeds of compassion and empathy. Mindfulness can be practiced in a variety of ways: mindful breathing, which focuses on various breathing techniques and reflection; mindful movement, such as yoga; mindful walking;

and mindful eating. Another practice McCullough teaches is “kindfulness,” which is the offering of kind sentiments to yourself, people you know well, people you don’t know so well, and people who are difficult to deal with. Workshops and camps to practice mindfulness The Toledo Mindfulness Institute offered its first Mindfulness Camp for Teens at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo last summer and is currently offering Mindfulness for Home Learning through online courses for both parents and kids. The courses teach mindfulness techniques to improve focus and deal with difficult emotions while allowing students to develop a sense of community with other participants. Local Toledo area schools, including Sylvania Northview High School, Perrysburg High School and Bowsher High School, are also using mindfulness classes and/or yoga as an alternative to detention. This alternative allows students to develop coping skills which can lead them to better, and more productively, handle stressful situations.

It can be challenging for families when a child begins exhibiting behavioral problems. But how can you cope? A Peace of Mind Wellness Center focuses on the mental health of schoolage children while also providing counseling for families. Helping kids learn how to manage their anger, communicate better, engage with their peers, gain self control and attain peace of mind is the mission of the Center. Through counseling and treatment, A Peace of Mind gives both children and parents the tools they need to navigate difficult times. A Peace of Mind Wellness, 5734 Douglas Rd. 419-7241500. apeaceofmindwellness.com —EH

Children’s Discovery Center Launches New Outdoor Classroom

Children’s Discovery Center launched its newly renovated Outdoor Classroom for Discovery School Kindergarten classes at its Waterville location. What began as an addition to enhance learning opportunities for students in 2019 has transformed into a new opportunity, ideal for current COVID-19 guidelines, in a safe environment for children to discover and explore outdoors. The Outdoor Classroom encourages hands-on learning by utilizing the space to practice various educational skills. Currently, all kindergarten classes at Children’s Discovery Center’s Waterville location use the classroom on a daily basis. Learn more at childrensdiscoverycenters.com or by calling (419) 867-8570.

Something for Everyone!


Call today for class info! Fall Class schedule on our website. Class Schedules, pricing & info found online!


www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •


Moms Home

Who Do it


Juggling motherhood and business during COVID By Erin Schoen Marsh

It’s a well-known story: women put aside their hopes and dreams, including in the employment arena, to raise a family. As men, statistically, are paid more than women — women make 81.6 cents to the dollar according to the 2018 US Census Bureau — men’s careers historically take precedence in heterosexual relationships. This oftentimes leaves women struggling to juggle work, household duties and child-rearing. For women who run their own businesses, this juggling act was the norm before the coronavirus pandemic, and it has only gotten worse now that the resources which moms relied on have been affected, including house cleaners, nannies/grandparents, daycares, playdates and even a typical school day. Among heterosexual couples where both partners work, women are now performing 70% more childcare and, on average, women spend 15 hours more on domestic labor each week than their male counterparts. It’s no surprise that women are exhausted-- and that mental health issues for moms are on the rise. These local moms reveal their secrets to maneuvering through it all.

Boochy Mama

Personalized, hand-stamped jewelry and gifts 501-749-5917. ticklebugjewelry.com Lisa Tremblay, founder/owner

»Lisa created TBJ in 2014 after the birth of her 3rd

What is Boochy Mama? Boochy Mama brews and distributes botanically-inspired kombucha, tinctures and tonics. The popular kombucha brand started as a passion project.

» Stacy explains, “I was brewing kombucha at home

Ben Cohen and Stacy Jurich and their son Isaiah (7mos)

How is COVID + new motherhood + running a business? Stacy exclaims, “Usually our days are divided by nap times! Some days I’ll run to my shop or to a meeting before the morning nap, come home and [exchange] baby duty with my husband, and then work from the computer during nap 2, and some days, nap 3. My mom helps out a couple days a week, so I have longer stretches to get my work completed. I have a weekly bike ride on my schedule and try to do a rollerblading and stroller-pushing session at Swan Creek Metropark once a week as well. Having a baby has fine tuned my organization and scheduling!”

Quick Q&A with Stacy:

What are your favorite Toledo restaurants? Tandoor, Koreana and Sidon. Your life in 5 words or less? Respecting the ebb and flow. 8

Tickle Bug Jewelry What is Tickle Bug Jewelry? TBJ is an online specialty shop that creates personalized, hand-stamped jewelry and gifts to keep loved ones close.

Botanically inspired small batch kombucha 130 10th St. 567-318-2240. boochymama.com Stacy Jurich, owner/founder

for myself and to share a healthy drink that I loved with friends and family. That scaled up over the course of a few years, and then in 2015 during a trip to San Francisco, I decided that I would take it to the next level by brewing in a commercial kitchen and selling it wholesale. Three months after that, I had officially incorporated my business and secured a rental space.”

A few of Lisa's hand-shaped jewelry items

• November/December 2020 • www.toledoparent.com

son. She explains, “I needed something that was all mine...I think a lot of mamas can relate. I had been a stay-at-home mom for 9 years, at that point, and knew that I would have another 5 years until my youngest was in kindergarten. I needed a creative outlet, a way to contribute to our household finances, and a challenge that could allow me to grow as a person yet still be heavily involved in the day-to-day lives of my kids and my husband. Now I get all of that plus more: creating little treasures with the names of my customer’s children or special dates that remind them of what matters most in this crazy world.” How is COVID + parenting + running your own business? “Oh boy,” begins Lisa. “My three boys just started back to ‘school,’ which looks very different right now due to COVID….So right now, my oldest, who is a freshman, is up in his room on a Google meet, my middle son, 6th grade, is at the kitchen table on his Google meet, and my youngest, 1st grade, just finished up his work. As a work-athome mom, I am so blessed to be able to work in my home studio while keeping one ear on what the boys are supposed to be doing. It’s a challenge, but we are making the best of it.”

Quick Q&A with Lisa:

Favorite Toledo restaurant? Rumors and My Way Bistro Favorite place to go as a family? We love exploring all of our Toledo Area Metroparks! Your life in 5 words or less? Family. Coffee. Dreamer. Personal Chauffeur.

Solace Health and Community Outreach Center Nonprofit offering reproductive and mental health care + social services Erin Martin, founder/owner/midwife What is Solace Health? Solace Health and Community Outreach Center, which is still in the works, will be a wraparound service that provides maternity and reproductive health care, mental health care, and social services for Toledo's most marginalized women.

»Erin, who is a midwife, explains why she is

embarking on founding this new nonprofit: “I am starting this business because in our country, and even in Toledo, there is a desperate need to address maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates. We know that there are huge disparities in these outcomes for women and babies of color, and especially Black women and babies. The systemic racism and implicit biases that we see playing out in our streets, our businesses and our schools is also rampant in our healthcare system.” Her goal is to establish a maternity and reproductive health center that combines mental health care, social service coordination, education, and wellness for those who need it the most. “I want to create a place where people feel safe no matter who they are,” emphasizes Erin, “and that is run by a diverse community of professionals who are committed to providing culturally appropriate,

respectful, and thorough care. I feel called to use my resources, education, privilege, and connections to play an active role in the movement for reproductive and birth justice.” How is COVID + parenting + founding a nonprofit? Erin recently resigned from her position as a full-time midwife in order to focus on developing Solace Health. She laughs, “But my older kids are doing remote learning for school right now and I have a 15-month-old, so the days are mostly chaos!” She spends nap time planning, writing, emailing and making phone calls. While the kids’ schooling or overall wellbeing takes front seat, Erin spends her evenings working.

Quick Q&A with Erin:

Favorite Toledo restaurant? Sidon. 100%. Favorite place to go as a family? We love the Metroparks, especially Side Cut and Wildwood.

»Rebecca stumbled upon her business by accident. When she was researching natural ways of living during her first pregnancy, she became intrigued by herbalism and that we all carried the ability to find wellness solutions with the use of plants and their varied forms. Rebecca adds, “I loved that botanicals had been used by others for hundreds of years with great success.”

Newborn and motherhood photographer Tiana Lashae, founder/owner/photographer

»Tiana laughs, “You know how everyone thinks

their baby is the cutest? Yeah, that was me!” Infatuated with her adorable baby boy, Tiana was inspired to pick up her camera and start shooting. Between full-time work, motherhood and graduating from college, Tiana still managed to begin her own photography business in 2015. Tiana expounds, “As I had more children and [became] a bonus mama to 2 more, it became so much more than photos, especially for my youngest son, who was born at 1lb 14oz and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. His birth, along with the real life experiences of being a mom, ultimately helped me to center my business around motherhood.” Tiana felt supported by “the way the community rallied” for her and her family during that vulnerable time, and she subsequently dedicated herself to helping other families document “the small details we often forget.”

Artisan botanical products + energy work 5650 W Central Ave., Suite D. 419-318-9005. AxiomLux.com Rebecca Ahern, founder/owner What is Axiom Lux? Axiom Lux provides holistic wellness solutions for mind, body and spirit.

Motherhood Portraits by Tiana Lashae What is Motherhood Portraits by Tiana Lashae? Tiana Lashae, owner and sole photographer of Motherhood Portraits, creates and preserves real and raw moments of motherhood and beyond for families in the Toledo area.

Axiom Lux

How is COVID + parenting + running your own business? Tiana exclaims, “With my husband working out of state these days, it’s just me and the gang!” Her kids are 9, 4 and 2, and she is homeschooling them all. “With all the differences in age,” she explains, “we are working through balancing activities so that my oldest, who has ADHD, can focus at least 15-20 minutes at a time without being interrupted. It’s a challenge, but we are making the best out of it.” “We try to keep things as simple and easy as possible,” she adds, “and to be honest, I pick my battles.” She sets aside time during the quiet moments, like reading and nap time, to catch up on photo editing, sending emails, answering inquiries, and other business.

Quick Q&A with Tiana:

Favorite Toledo restaurant? Home Slice Pizza, their Italian salad is the bomb! Your life in 5 words or less? I am Black and proud! #BLM

How is COVID + parenting + running your own business? After the morning routine, Rebecca drops her two boys off at school and heads to Axiom Lux. Sometimes she meets clients there, and other days she simply “holds space for the shop to be a safe place to land for anyone that wants to stop by and browse.” She works on Axiom Lux social media and the website, while squeezing in time to make products, plan classes and create events--all before 11AM when she heads back to school to pick up her youngest for lunch and (maybe) a nap. If she has more work to do, she tries to fit it in amidst the nighttime routine with her children at home.

Quick Q&A with Rebecca:

Favorite Toledo restaurant? Element 112 -- they go above and beyond with dietary restrictions! Your life in 5 words or less? Crazy beautiful adventures walking each other home.

www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •



National Alliance On Mental Illness Greater Toledo 2753 Central Ave. #1 419-243-1119 | namitoledo.org

Special Needs

NAMI Greater Toledo is well known for their support of individuals and families affected by mental illness. Right now, acting out of an abundance of caution during COVID-19, the organization is offering virtual support sessions in lieu of in-person visits to their location. These sessions include assistance for children and adolescents who are dealing with mental health struggles, teaching them healthy coping strategies. NAMI is also an excellent resource for parents and siblings of young people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and other issues. The support NAMI provides is an important asset to many families in the Greater Toledo area.


Resources to help children thrive By Erin Holden

For many parents, it is overwhelming to locate relevant resources to help children with special needs. Choosing different forms of education, supplemental programs, physical and cognitive therapy, behavioral help and addressing other needs can be difficult and daunting. From opportunities to socialize to top-notch education to state-of-the-art sensory therapies, this list serves to get you thinking about ways to help your kids learn and feel their best.

Brain Bright Therapy

5412-1 Monroe St., Toledo 419-279-9576 | brainbrighttherapy.com Helping their clients to decrease symptoms of sensory disorders, ADHD, anxiety and many other challenges, Brain Bright Therapy has a wealth of tools to help them excel. Beginning with a free consult and basic OT neuro assessment, the program plan includes coordination exercises to stimulate and balance the nervous system, as well as Interactive Metronome (IM), FITLIGHT training, and the use of concentrated oxygen. Online testimonials show that these therapies have helped people of all ages with their focus, comprehension, communication, memory, anxiety and sensory processing. Visit their website to use assessment tools that could help determine if their programs are a good fit for your family.


• November/December 2020 • www.toledoparent.com


Sunshine Communities 7223 Maumee Western Rd., Maumee 419-865-0251 | sunshine.org

Parents of children with special needs will find a wide range of support from Sunshine Communities, an organization that offers occupational, behavioral, speech and physical therapies. Along with a gym, their Maumee campus has a multi-sensory room and accessible pool to provide exercise and intellectual stimulation. Staff members at Sunshine are trained and qualified to provide care for your child throughout the day while helping them achieve their goals. A scheduled visit to the Maumee campus could also include Sunshine Acres, a therapeutic experience complete with llamas, miniature horses, donkeys and other farm animals. The whole community is filled with beneficial experiences, creating an encouraging environment to interact with others, which are a valuable part of the learning process. Cont. on P.12

www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •





Harmony Chiropractic Center, Inc. 5800 Monroe St., Sylvania 419-517-5055 | besttoledochiropractor.com

Harmony Chiropractic Center offers both chiropractic adjustments and neurological assessments among its many treatment options. The latter is an invaluable, unique resource for many conditions, which include those related to physical trauma, but also Tourette’s Syndrome, Autism, AD/HD and dyslexia. Through brain-based exercises, this therapy can vastly improve nervous system imbalances. Because of his expertise in chiropractic neurology coupled with empathy for his patients, Dr. Bryan Royer has made a great impact on the lives of those he treat.

Summit Academy Schools

301 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo 419-243-1815 | summitacademies.org/schools/toledo-summit-academy




A tuition-free, non-profit school that specializes in AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders and similar special needs, Toledo’s Summit Academy provides a comprehensive approach for students. Each classroom has two teachers, one of which is an intervention specialist, making it easier for each child to get the one-on-one attention they need for an enriching education. The Academy provides a teacher/student mentoring program and a positive behavior intervention system to help students fully engage in their learning experience. These programs, coupled with a range of specialists on staff (occupational and speech therapists, a literacy coordinator and a licensed social worker) make Summit Academy Schools a celebrated choice for students with special needs.

• November/December 2020 • www.toledoparent.com


Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities 1154 Larc Ln., Toledo 419-381-7300 | www.lucasdd.org

Parents who are concerned about their child’s development can receive a free evaluation and assessment by utilizing age appropriate developmental checklists. The checklists look at many developmental milestones including eating, sleeping, talking, hearing, playing and interacting with others. Julie Esparza, Children’s Department Director, explains, “Waiting could mean your child falls farther behind.” In addition to initial evaluation, Early Intervention Developmental Specialists can provide ongoing assessment to eligible children, conduct parent/child playgroups for social interaction, and help your child transition to preschool. The checklists and more information can be found online at lucasdd.org.

The Ability Center

5605 Monroe St., Sylvania 419-885-5733 | abilitycenter.org The Ability Center offers multiple programs designed to increase independence for people with disabilities of all ages. Specifically for youth, they match kids and young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities with therapy dogs. These dogs provide support and companionship while meeting therapeutic goals including improving speech, coordination, social skills, and reducing anxiety. Ramps are also available for youth with physical disabilities through the Center’s Home Accessibility Program. Additionally, The Ability Center has a Youth and Transition Program that supports independent living through life skills training, one-on-one goal development and assistive technology. Topics include employment preparation, independent living, cooking and nutrition, financial management, personal safety, self-advocacy, sex education, social skills, leadership development and volunteering.

ADHD HELPED WITH BRAIN-BASED TREATMENTS ADHD studies shows the potential efficacy of new multi-model hemispheric based program in boosting academic and cognitive performance of children who exhibit symptoms of neurobehavioral disorders such as Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Major improvements were made in reading spelling, mathematical reasoning, listening comprehension, written and oral expression.


Specializing in the Treatment of the following Neurological Conditions: • • • • • • • •

ADHD Autism Spectrum Disorders Post-Concussion Syndrome Head Injuries Post-Traumatic Headaches Migraines Vertigo/Dizziness Numbness/Tingling

5800 Monroe St A11, Sylvania, OH 43560 (419)517-5055 | HarmonyChiro.com



RESERVE SPACE NOW!! Call 419.244.9859 or Email Sales@AdamsStreetPublishing.com

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You have a choice.

for parents of children with special needs

Parker (6), enjoying his iPad from Tech for REC copy

Assistive Technology Program Ability Center launches new initiative By Erin Holden

One of the goals of the Ability Center of Greater Toledo (ACT) is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to live independently. ACT’s most recent initiative is designed to accomplish that through the use of technology for all ages with an Assistive Technology Program. Through the use of various modifications and technologies, this program offers disability-adapted means of recreation, opportunities for education/employment and community engagement. This includes tools for play that can help kids with disabilities to socialize and learn new hands-on skills. Tools for clients For someone with a disability to take advantage of this program, they must first become a client with ACT before establishing independent living goals which will allow the program to choose tools to best help accomplish those goals. Some of these tools include adaptive technology that can be loaned out for up to 90 days, free of charge, a feature made possible by a grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. “It is important to understand that a wide range of items— both low and high tech— can be considered assistive technology (AT),” says ACT Youth Recreation Coordinator Sarah Heldmann. “Individuals should be paired with technology to enhance their own abilities or to provide alternative options to accomplish a task.”


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Available assistive technology Some of the assistive technology aids available for loan are sensory, ergonomic, academic and environmental, as well as items to help with daily living, communication and computer access. Items for these purposes can be rented out as needed, and they can also be a great way for a parent to test out a rented item before purchasing that item themselves. One goal for many people with disabilities is to engage in recreational activities, and many of the items available for loan, like switch-adapted toys and other leisure items, meet this need. Many children with disabilities might be hesitant to engage in play due to lack of motivation, previous negative experiences when trying to play with toys, or because they are physically unable to engage with a toy. The Assistive Technology Program aims to overcome those common hurdles. “A child may be cognitively able to participate in a card game with their peers but may be physically unable to hold or place cards on the table,” Heldmann says. “Through play, children learn social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. Increasing access to assistive technology for youth with disabilities to foster play and leisure exploration will help them integrate into the culture at home, school and in the community.” To help ACT expand this program, you can make a donation through their website, by mail, or by drop-off. Ability Center of Greater Toledo, 5605 Monroe St., Sylvania. 419-885-5733. abilitycenter.org


OPEN HOUSE GUIDE 2020 THE MARITIME ACADEMY OF TOLEDO 803 Water St., Toledo 419-244-9999 | maritimeacademy.us Open House: Contact to schedule a tour The Maritime Academy of Toledo helps students in grades 6-12 develop the skills they need for the next stage of their lives. The academy has a strong focus around nautical/maritime-themed studies; however, like any middle school and high school, this academy also focuses on all core content and standards for Ohio’s public schools. Students graduating from the academy are leaders, innovative, and have strong character. Additionally, graduates can leave the academy with credentials to attend a traditional four-year college, start a career on a commercial vessel, earn a spot with the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York, go through an officer training program, or attend a state maritime academy for undergraduate and graduate programs leading to mariner careers. These are all results of the first state-approved Maritime Career Tech Education Program in the United States. Additional programs include a culinary and hospitality program, and apprenticeships for building trade work. This academy is a great fit for a student who learns well with hands-on activities.


One of the biggest decisions a parent makes concerns their children’s education. Many local educational options stand out as unique. We created this guide to spotlight them. Whether your child has an interest in nautical-themed studies or could benefit from a focus on the arts or technology, these schools are definitely worth looking into. Each of school is open to tours for parents, a perfect chance for you to see their day-to-day operations in action. Depending on the age of your child, you might want to look into these offerings!

ILEAD SPRING MEADOWS 1615 Timberwolf Dr., Holland 419-491-7423 | ileadspringmeadows.org Open House: Check the website to schedule a tour. iLEAD stands for international, leadership, entrepreneurial development, arts, and design thinking, the primary focuses of this public charter school. Any child in Kindergarten-8th grade in the Toledo area can attend iLEAD as there are no district boundaries. The school is a tuition-free public community school that follows common core standards and participates in state testing; however, the approach to meeting these standards is very different from many public schools. iLEAD focuses on Project Based Learning (PBL) which allows learners to apply content standards through their own discovery and research which they then can apply to various projects. Learners take ownership of their education with the guidance of highly qualified facilitators. Also unique to the school are the multi-age classes where children of different grades work together in a shared space. This allows children to receive more individualized attention while helping them build social skills. Working, busy parents and guardians will also appreciate the school’s before and after school care options.

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WEST SIDE MONTESSORI Perrysburg: 13587 Roachton Rd. | 419-874-9385 Toledo: 7115 W. Bancroft St. | 419-866-1931 Montessoritoledo.org Open House: Contact to schedule a tour. Montessori is a child-centered education approach where the students take ownership and a lead role in their education. A lot of the methods include self-directed activity, collaborative play and hands-on learning. West Side Montessori works on nurturing the whole child by creating a school environment that focuses just as much on the heart of the child as it does on challenging the child’s intellect. Along with core academics, the school also believes in the importance of outdoor education, the arts, physical education and technology education for the growth of each child. The school has very impressive student to teacher ratios ranging from 4:1 – 12:1 depending on the age group. Students from as young as toddlers up to 8th grade can enroll in West Side Montessori. Extracurricular activities are also offered and include a variety of options such as karate, soccer, chorus and gardening.

ST. URSULA ACADEMY 4025 Indian Rd., Toledo 419-531-1693 | toledosua.org Visit our website for opportunities to learn more. St. Ursula Academy is Toledo’s oldest all-female Catholic college prep school for girls from 6th grade to 12th grade. With more than 560 students enrolled, the school still has an impressive 11:1 student-to-teacher ratio, which means much more individualized attention for students. The ultimate mission of the school is to ensure that the young women embrace their own possibilities, explore new passions, grow in their faith, and become leaders in school and the community. The school has 20 Advanced Placement courses and 18 honors courses to challenge students and provide them with the possibility of earning college credits while in high school. Additionally, the school provides a one-of-a-kind “best fit” College Quest program, where students work throughout high school to find the best college for them. In addition to academics, the school has 13 varsity sports and a distinguished fine arts and performing arts program.

TOLEDO PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1609 N. Summit St., Toledo 419-671-0001 | tps.org Open House: Contact to schedule a tour. Serving more than 22,000 students, Toledo Public Schools is host to two preschools, 40 elementary schools and nine high schools, making it the fourth largest school district in Ohio. Since Dr. Romulus Durant became superintendent in 2013, Toledo Public Schools has seen consistent growth in both enrollment and graduation rates. TPS offers numerous advanced placement courses, aerospace and natural science instruction, leadership and college prep courses of study, engineering and science technology tracks along with STEMM focus in elementary schools, designed to challenge students and prepare them for the world after graduation. With over 1800 teachers and over 4000 employees as a whole, TPS is the Glass City’s fifth largest employer.


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Free Virtual Learning Resources ThatByKids Will Love Erin Schoen Marsh




„„ „„ „„ One of the benefits of children learning from home is that parents can control the curriculum. You can adjust each activity to best suit the needs and interests of your child to provide optimal learning and fun. As long as your child is learning the necessary skills, how you cover the subject matter if up to YOU. We’ve compiled a list of virtual resources that will both entertain and educate your kids, giving you options as you navigate this brave new world of homeschooling. Don’t want to fight your kid to complete another math worksheet? Check out the games on CoolMath. Does your child hate drawing but love history? Take a virtual and interactive tour of the British Museum of the World, which teaches art from a historical perspective. The options are endless!

„„ „„ „„

The Toledo Museum of Art offers TMA At Home, full of ideas for familyfriendly art projects. toledomuseum.org Toledo local, Andrew Martin Magician, hosts weekday magic shows at 10AM on Facebook live. andrewmartinmagic.com Children’s Theatre Workshop (CTW) has adapted some of their programs to a new online format, offering several online-only theatre classes for existing and new students. ctwtoledo.org Take a trip to Paris, France and visit the Louvre with free online tours in English. louvre.fr/en Virtually meander the iconic Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and all its artwork with a virtual Google tour. artsandculture.google.com Similar to the Guggenheim virtual tour, virtually explore the Boston’s Children Museum with an embedded Google tour of each floor. bostonchildrensmuseum.org Expose the kids to their first streaming opera from one of the most famous opera houses in the world: The Metropolitan Opera. metopera.org University of Toledo Theatre and Film faculty, Dr. Matt Foss, translates his play “Faithful Friends: An Adaptation of the Two Gentlemen of Verona,” to the online world, creating an interactive theatre learning experience for elementary students. rb.gy/yzyzae


„„ „„ „„ „„ „„ „„

Join Imagination Station Toledo for Stay at Home Science experiments that entertain and educate. imaginationstationtoledo.org/ Directions Credit Union is offering a free online financial literacy program designed for educators and parents, covering topics such as understanding debt, charitable giving, bankruptcy, investing, and teaching that money is a limited resource. directionscu.org Experience the SciDome at Home and watch solar superstorms. Hosted by The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology. attheworks.org Visit the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama as you follow along with Flipped Lifestyle in a YouTube video. rb.gy/yzyzae


„„ „„ „„ „„

Access the real surface of Mars as recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover. accessmars.withgoogle.com

Sign up for PBS KIDS (pbskids.org) daily newsletter for connection questions that are geared toward one of the PBS shows of the day, as well as educational game suggestions from PBS GAMES (pbskids.org/ games). Episodes are on live TV and online. Starfall offers interactive games on math, reading, music, and seasonal learning from pre-k through third grade. starfall.com/h/ The Hayes Presidential website has been updated regularly with fun and engaging activities that will keep the kids entertained and learning. From cooking to history to literacy, this website has it all. rbhayes.org UpgradedPoints lists 100 world-famous places for kids to virtually tour, such as LEGOLAND, the Colosseum in Rome, the National Aquarium and more. upgradedpoints.com/best-virtual-tours-for-kids-and-students

As CoolMath.com knows, there is no better way to trick kids into learning than with games.


„„ „„ „„

Join the Toledo Zoo for live creature features, daily at 10:30AM on Facebook live. toledozoo.org Take a no-cost virtual field trip of a variety of places with Discovery Education. discoveryeducation.com Immerse yourself in Canadian farms with farm tours from farmfood360.ca


„„ „„

Virtually explore some of the main attractions at Yellowstone National Park. www.nps.gov/yell/index.htm Feel like you’re walking along the Great Wall of China thanks to a virtual tour. thechinaguide.com/ destination/great-wall-of-china

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HO L I D AY gift guide Support local, shop small, buy smart By Erin Schoen Marsh

Sure, you can order a bunch of popular toys from Amazon this holiday season— toys that your child will surely love...and then promptly forget about over time— or you can focus on buying local, supporting small businesses and surrounding your child with educational toys that will outlast the Trolls fervor. Our Holiday Gift Guide lists some of our favorite educational toys for the kids and products from local businesses for the adults on your list. With the coronavirus pandemic negatively impacting many local and small businesses, your dollars could go a long way to helping our Toledo area community.

Educational Kids Toys

FORTÉ MUSIC AND ARTS With over 35 instructors providing lessons for any instrument, for over 600 students of all ages, Forte is one of the most comprehensive music schools around. And in response to COVID-19, Forte now offers online lessons, as well. Do you have a budding musician that you want to support this holiday season? Check out the various gift certificates Forte offers. 3208 Sylvania Ave. 419-471-2100 | fortemusicandarts.com

TIGER TRIBE ACTIVITY SETS Tiger Tribe activity sets are a subtle way to introduce kids to mindfulness, get them up and moving, and inspire them to engage with the great outdoors. The Outdoor Activity Set (5+, $14) can be used to explore our Toledo Metroparks on hikes or bike rides. The Beat the Clock Set motivates kids to move and allows them to practice time and math skills. Besides coming with accessories (magnifying glass and stopwatch, respectively), the self-contained boxed sets include a book with unique ideas for things to investigate and time, as well as space to record multiple results. Available at Beacon Gift Shop (2801 Bay Park Dr., Oregon. 419-690-7510).

Twice But Nice Toledo’s Largest Children’s Quality Resale Shop Cash/Credit given for your quality baby items, toys, books, outerwear, clothing, formula, diapers, outdoor play items & equipment.

THE AMAZING T I G H T R O P E - WA L K I N G GYROBOT Oggle the astonishing powers of the gyroscope by building a robot that walks along a tightrope, using gyroscopic forces to keep its balance. Kids over 6 are able to construct the robot on their own, and you can then test the balance of the robot on its tightrope, on your finger, on a pole and dangling from a string. The kit includes parts to build the robot and experimental setups, including a frame for the tightrope. Ages 6+. $39.95. Available at Imagination Station (1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674. ImaginationStationToledo.org) and HobbyTown (5825 Monroe Street, Sylvania. 419-517-4655. hobbytown.com).

Hours may vary due to COVID - Go to our FB Page

2850 W. Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH | 419.475.7368 18

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Shop Small & Local AXIOM LUX


Axiom Lux artisan botanicals— salves, teas, and more— are affordable, locally made, and available from a small, mama-owned business. The Relaxation Salve ($10) helps calm down little ones and aids in sleep for adults. The Kiddo Pain Salve ($10) is perfect for sore muscles and growing pains. The Muscle Gel ($20), as effective as China Gel or Tiger’s Balm but made locally, is the perfect complement to your workout routine. 5650 W. Central Ave, Suite D. 419-318-9005. AxiomLux.com.

Support Jupmode plus your favorite Toledo spots, like Ye Old Durty Bird, Metroparks Toledo, Balance Pan Asian Grille and more, by buying an incredibly soft tee, tank, or sweatshirt. Jupmode tees and tanks are soft, snug but not tight, and don’t ride up. Kids’ sizes available in some styles. 2022 Adams St. 419-318-2029. Jumodesupply.com

“FOR HER BY HER” SUBSCRIPTION BOX HerHub and Women of Toledo have compiled the first local subscription box dedicated to supporting NW Ohio and SE Michigan women-owned businesses and artists. HerHub selects one artist to design the box with each quarterly subscription. The November box, which will be the first, highlights ten female business owners and seven products CONT’D ON P20



Why Choose The Forté Music School? 2020



Toledo’s largest music school: • More instructors • More studios • More opportunities!

SAVE Sign up for Music Lessons and receive a


Registration Expires: 1/15/21


Gift Certificates Available

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Shop Small & Local CONTINUED

F LY I N G R H I N O COFFEE For 15 years, Flying Rhino has been one of the area’s great stops for coffee lovers. Offering ethically-sourced specialty coffees from around the world, all roasted, packaged and brewed by experts right in downtown Toledo. Add in the selection of chocolate and smoothies available and it’s clear why this little coffee shop has become a go-to destination for many Toledoans. Give the gift of Rhino! 201 Morris St., Suite G. 419-378-1798. flyingrhinocoffee.com

I M A G I N AT I O N S TAT I O N SCIENCE2GO! For all the fun, educational toys you can imagine, visit Science2Go!, which now offers online shopping. New Science Mystery Boxes offer a range of hands-on science activities that will get anyone excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Other toys include Make Your Own Mermaid, reusable sticker scenes, YOU’niverse Unicorn Poop, and more! 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674. ImaginationStationToledo.org

THE MUSEUM STORE Want to inspire the young artist in your life this holiday? The Toledo Museum of Art’s Museum Store has plenty of gifts that will thrill and stimulate young minds. Toys based off of famous artists, books to educate and entertain, decor for their room and more are all available. Orders placed through the TMA website or via phone can be picked up curbside this year, too. And if you want a little something for yourself, check out the limited edition Winterberries Ornament or TMA Goblet! The Toledo Museum of Art 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000 | tmastore.org


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Making Toledo Better Chris McBrayer creates community among young people By Josephine Schreiber

Teacher, coach, pastor, parent: Each title plays a significant role in a child’s life. Most people take on just one or two of these responsibilities, but that isn’t the case for Chris McBrayer. McBrayer carries all four of these titles, inspiring young men and women in Toledo on a regular basis. When he isn’t teaching, coaching, preaching, or parenting, McBrayer runs the Male Empowerment (ME) Summit every Sunday from 5-7pm. The group meets in a parking lot on the corner of Bancroft St. and Franklin Ave. to learn various life skills. The ME Summit has also recently branched out to include young women as well. Inspiring youth through mentorship “The goal is to get people to see that your life is much better when you have a purpose,” McBrayer said. He also believes his work helps youth to learn to positively contribute to their community. The ME Summit is McBrayer’s way of giving back to the community that helped shape him into the man he is today. “I was a bad kid going nowhere fast,” McBrayer explains. “People from church would see me walking and pick me up.” They told him that as long as he was with them, they knew he wasn’t getting into trouble. The ME Summit teaches young men and women value through hands-on workshops. It’s also part of a larger organization, 1DayBetter, founded by McBrayer to help individuals become “one day better in every part of their lives.” “It’s my mantra and my encouragement to individuals to strive to be better than yesterday,” he said. “As long as you win today, you’re one day better.” McBrayer wears a lot of hats in the community. He’s also a husband and father. McBrayer and his family enjoy giving to their community throughout the year. A dream come true At a recent ME CPR Summit, attendees learned the basics of how to administer CPR, enabling them to save someone else’s life, therefore adding more value to their own. McBrayer hopes the ME

Chris McBrayer is husband to Shareese and father to Cason (8) and Caylee (4).

Wit & Wisdom What’s your favorite activity to do with your family? Movie night. What is your favorite book to read to your kids? The Bible. I love reading narrative Bible stories to my kids. Best holiday memory from when you were a kid? Christmas or Thanksgiving because it’s the time to give and the time to give thanks.

Brandon McNeil (mentor) with J’Sean Woodson (attendee), learning how to iron. proper equipment for each week’s topic. A wishlist is posted weekly on the ME Summit Facebook page and monetary donations are also accepted. Whether you’re a young person looking for value or an older person looking to help, this is a rain or shine program and is open to anyone who wants to show up. The ME

Summit is a 10-week long program, and previous workshops have included boxing, self-defense, CPR, yard work, and learning to tie a tie. For more information, visit the ME Summit or WE Summit Facebook pages or 1DayBetter.org.

What’s your go-to activity when you have a few minutes to yourself? Meditation, prayer and worship. Describe your life in five words or less. God has truly blessed me. What is your favorite Toledo hangout? Scott High School (McBrayer is the head football coach for the Scott Bulldogs). Describe Toledo in a sentence. The City of Hope. Summit will teach young people to care about themselves and others. “Life is better when you have a purpose,” he said. “When you see that someone else cares about you, you care about others.” Getting involved Anyone interested in volunteering with the ME Summit can fill out a form available on the 1DayBetter.org website. For those who are interested but unsure of when they can commit, McBrayer encourages, “Just show up.” The Summit relies on donations from the public to supply attendees with the

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Come thrive with us!

HIRING FOR FULL-TIME, PART-TIME & SUBSTITUTE POSITIONS • Christian environment • Childcare discount • Competitive wages • Paid professional development • Paid vacation, sick and holiday pay • Other staff benefits


Sylvania Mom Creates Custom Masks to Honor Her Son Trigger warning: infant loss By Aya Khalil


Brian (dad) Theodore (big brother) Brooks (baby) and Julie (mom) at Disney’s Magic Kingdom this July wearing #OscarStrong shirts and green masks remembering Oscar.

3530 Seaman Rd. Oregon, OH

419-691-6313 1134 Professional Drive Perrysburg, OH



Julie Kaser and her family were able to spend only 29 precious days with their newborn son Oscar, yet his legacy shines on. Kaser started a small business, Oscar’s Garage, in honor of her second son, Oscar, who had Trisomy 13 and died in the NICU at Toledo Children’s Hospital in 2017. Kaser said if Oscar had lived, she would have created custom items to make his life easier and more comfortable. “Since I don’t have that opportunity to use my talents for Oscar,” she explained, “I am using my gift to make handmade products for others.” Oscar’s Garage Products Kaser makes masks, lanyards and other products and sells them through her Facebook group, Oscar’s Garage & OscarStrong. The masks include fun children’s prints and characters from Peppa Pig, Frozen and Marvel. She started making the masks when the pandemic first started for healthcare workers. She recalls, “I saw a need and thought what a beautiful way to honor Oscar by making and donating masks in his memory. I posted on Facebook what I was planning to do and I began getting requests for masks from non-frontline workers, so I began making and selling masks [for anyone].” Oscar was born five weeks early, and the Kaser family did not know if he would live minutes or hours. Julie explains that they were blessed to have 29 days with him.

Mask Lanyards for back to school. Bringing joy and hope “During his time on earth he was never left. Someone was always with him in the NICU, whether that was me, my husband, or one of his grandmas. He was tiny most of his life, under five pounds, but you wouldn’t believe the joy and hope that child brought to so many that didn’t even know him,” she confesses. “Through Oscar we learned that every life is precious, regardless of an individual’s ability, and that we will be reunited again someday with Oscar in heaven.” Trisomy 13 is a genetic disorder in which the baby has three copies of chromosome 13, instead of the usual two copies in the cells of the body. It also includes a combination of birth defects. Kaser would like to tell fellow parents who have gone through an infant or pregnancy loss that they’re not alone: “Your grief is real and you are allowed to grieve. I encourage you to eventually use your pain and sadness to help others. My husband and I are better people because of Oscar.”

Kaser takes mask request orders via email at garage.oscars@gmail.com and hopes to have an Etsy shop up soon. 22

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Some Like It Hot

Bombay Kitchen: perfect for sharing By Erin Schoen Marsh

BOMBAY KITCHEN: INDIAN STREET FOOD 5228 Monroe St., Toledo 419.214.1790 Sun-Thur: 11AM-9PM Fri-Sat: 11AM-10PM bombaykitchen419.com

In a previous life, my apartment building sat catty-corner to an Indian restaurant. As a public school teacher in a big city, my income was limited, and that neighboring Indian restaurant offered an all-you-can-eat carryout buffet for $5. Filling up a styrofoam clamshell container, with as many options as could be crammed into those three sections, provided me with enough food for at least two meals. I was a regular. While the Toledo area has several phenomenal Indian restaurants, West Toledo had none prior to the opening of the Bombay Kitchen. I sorely missed the convenience of a delicious, affordable Indian meal. When the announcement was made that Bombay Kitchen would move into the space previously occupied by Amango on Monroe Street, only a short drive from my home, I was beyond excited. Rita Jassal’s reason for opening Bombay Kitchen: “I always wanted to own a food establishment, and when we came here from New York, we didn’t find any Indian restaurants in this part of town. We thought, ‘This is an opportunity to explore what people get in other parts of the country.’” While Rita and her husband Peter’s extended families have owned restaurants and the couple was “always involved on some level,” Bombay Kitchen is their first venture as restaurant owners. Peter Jassal confesses, “We are liking it, but the timing was not perfect. We opened in March 2020, and the very next day, we were closed due to coronavirus restrictions. Things were a little tough-and still are--but the local population has been very supportive.” Bombay Kitchen is a franchise, and the franchise company, Rajbhog, which means ‘royal feast,’ stuck to traditional and cultural foods, offering strictly vegetarian Indian dishes. The Toledo establishment is the first one in the entire U.S. to include traditional Indian meat dishes. Date night, quarantine style Since the start of COVID precautions last March, my husband and I have


had one date night. We rode our bikes down the University/Parks Trail with the intention of having a beer at Patron Saints Brewery and then dinner at Sidon Grille, but a flat bicycle tire when we arrived at Patron Saints put a hitch in our plans. A month later, we attempted a second date night, this time inviting our friends to our porch for a sampling of Indian food from Bombay Kitchen. Each couple ordered selected dishes with the intention of sharing. Naan can compete For appetizers, we ordered the aloo samosas, fried pockets of dough filled with peas and potatoes, as well as lamb samosas, similar pockets filled with spiced lamb. We also included papri chaat, a blend of chips, sprouts, spice, yogurt and chutney. My husband prefers the lamb samosas, and while they are delicious, I can’t get enough of the aloo peas and potatoes. Each fried pocket is the size of a fist, and there are two to each order. Ordering a curry dish to accompany the aloo samosas, could feed me for two meals. The papri chaat was new for me, but I will be adding it to my ordering rotation as I enjoyed the crispness of a salad but the spices and heartiness of a meal. We dipped garlic naan in our various curries: aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower), kofta curry (vegetarian version of meatballs with mashed beans), chicken tikka masala (marinated chicken in a curry/tomato sauce), and lamb vindaloo (spicy braised lamb dish seasoned with bold flavors). We requested a medium heat level for all of the dishes we selected, which provided just the right amount of spice for each of us (and left no residual heartburn!). Our kids are some of the world’s pickiest eaters, but they enjoyed the regular naan, white rice, and a mango lassi. Bottom Line: We ate to our hearts’ content, yet we still had enough leftover for one lunch, and the bill for 4 meals plus appetizers was reasonable and affordable. The food from Bombay Kitchen is consistently delicious, affordable, healthy and hearty. Bombay Kitchen is now hiring! They guarantee to pay over minimum wage. Stop in or email bombaykitchen419@gmail.com for details.

The Short Course Outdoor patio: On hold. Online ordering: Yes. Carryout: Yes. Delivery: DoorDash. Kids’ Menu? No, but kid-friendly options for the non-adventurous.

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What’s in a Name exhibit at Toledo Zoo Aquarium - See the nameboards of ships that traveled on the Great Lakes and learn the stories behind the name. Open through December. Free with Zoo admission. Toledo Zoo, 2 Hippo Way. 419-3854040. toledozoo.org Dia de los Muertos Art at SQACC - Ofrendas/Altars and other art in celebration of Dia de los Muertos displayed at the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center through Friday, November 13, closed Sundays. $5 donation requested. 1225 Broadway. 419-241-1655. sqacc.org


Story Time on the Steps - The Monroe Street Terrace is the site of a weekly event where creativity meets storytelling. 10:30-11am. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St., 419-2558000. toledomuseum.org Free


Dance with Dak - This bi-weekly dance program teaches a new routine to a different pop song every session. All skill levels welcome. Also on 11.17. $10. 5:306:30pm. Handmade Toledo, 1717 Adams St., 419-214-1717. handmadetoledo.com Make America Cake Again - The Eberly Center celebrates voters by giving a free cupcake to anyone who stops by with a voting sticker or absentee ballot selfie. While supplies last. 11am-1pm. University of Toledo, Tucker Hall 0168. 419-530-8570.


Lunch and Learn - The latest installment of the BG Chamber of Commerce’s virtual seminars will discuss how to create a community that is sympathetic to trauma. Free for BG Chamber investors, $10 for non-investors. Noon-1pm. 130 S. Main St., Bowling Green. Register at bgchamber.net/rsvp Virtual Homeschool Workshops Imagination Station hosts monthly events to supplement your child’s schoolwork. $125 for members for the full series, $165 for nonmembers. Ages 6-9, 10:30am-11:30am. Ages 10-13, 1:30pm-2:30pm. 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674. imaginationstationtoledo.org

Brain Break FUN - This weekly event gives your child a break from studying with a great Metropark experience, rain or shine. $15. Noon-3pm. 10001 W. Central Ave., Berkey. 419407-9700. metroparkstoledo.com


Family Game Night - Zia’s offers a variety of tabletop games to play while enjoying a family meal deal. $19.95 per adult, one child free per adult. Additional children: $5.95 each. Zia’s at the Docks, 20 Main St. 888-4563463. ziasrestaurant.com Woof Walk at Levis Commons Bring your furry friend for a weekly stroll around the Town Center to socialize with other dogs and their humans. 4-5pm. 3201 Levis Commons Blvd. 419-931-8888. shopleviscommons.com Free

Great Pumpkin Drop-Off Nov. 7, 4-9pm Bracy Gold Bison Ranch 11616 County Road 4 Swanton Facebook.com/BracyGold Donate your old pumpkins to feed the bison and bring your family to listen to The Native Heart band and eat food created by Anita Frodl, made from North American buffalo. Wagon rides through the bison pastures will be provided, weather permitting. Bring some blankets or chairs to enjoy the show! Remember to dress appropriately for the weather.

Witchcraft & Wizardry Toledo Nov. 14, 10am-5pm cluedupp.com Get your wands ready, detectives! A spell-binding new adventure game is coming to Toledo, perfect for all mystery-solving wizards. This enchanting outdoor adventure game takes your team on a magical journey all across town. Can your team of wizards unravel the mystery and crack the case in time? Tickets available online.


1st Thursday Poetry Reading Each month’s event begins with a presentation by a featured reader followed by an open mic. 5:30-7:30pm. Gathering Volumes, 196 East South Boundary, Perrysburg. 567-336-6188. gatheringvolumes.com Free



First Friday Art Walk - Visit over 20 different art venues, restaurants and businesses in the Red Bird Arts District during this monthly walk through downtown Sylvania. 5-8pm. Downtown Sylvania. 419-517-0118. sylvaniaarts.org Free


When it’s cold share the gift of a warm smile

Great Pumpkin Drop-Off - Donate your old pumpkins to give bison a snack during the winter. Enjoy music, food and more. $3. 10am-9pm. Bracy Gold Bison Ranch, 11616 County Road 4, Swanton. 419-360-3395. facebook.com/BracyGold Holiday Craft and Gift Marketplace - Arts, crafts, gifts and more will be available from a variety of vendors over the course of this two day event. $5 for adults; children under 12 free. 10am-5pm, Saturday; 11am-4pm, Sunday. Lucas County Recreation Center, 2901 Key St., Maumee. 419-436-1457. Cloudshows.biz

MAUMEE 4413 Keystone Maumee, OH 43537 419.887.1247

L A M B E RT V I L L E 7928 Secor Rd. • P.O. Box 860 Lambertville, MI 48144 734.854.6221

S Y LVA N I A 6407 Monroe St. Sylvania, OH 43560 419.882.1017


www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •


FRIDAY 11.13

Afternoon with TMA - A virtual course that will introduce children ages 6-13 to the Toledo Museum of Art’s collection. Runs for five weeks. $80 for members, $90 for nonmembers. 10-11am, Fridays through December 11. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. toledomuseum.org Poppin’ for Purses - McLaren St. Luke’s Auxiliary is hosting an online version of the annual fundraising event, Designer Purse Bingo. Ticket includes an entry for the virtual wheel and raffle. Registration deadline Friday, Nov. 6. $30. 6pm. Virtual Event. 419-509-9387. mclaren.org


Big and Little: Paint and Play Kids and parents will learn about some of the museum’s most famous paintings, then create their own in this five-week virtual course. $80 for members, $90 for nonmembers. 10-11am, Saturdays through December 12. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. toledomuseum.org Painting with Carol - “The Swan” - Professional artist and teacher Carol Hoffman guides students through the creation of a painting. $36.05. 10:30am. Schedel Gardens, 19255 W Portage River S Rd., Elmore. 419-862-3182. Schedel-gardens.org


Book Making - Teenage students will learn simple techniques for making and illustrating their own books. Five week virtual course on Saturdays. $80 for members, $90 for non-members. 1-2:30pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. toledomuseum.org

SUNDAY 11.15

Mixed Media with Dani Herrera All ages and skill levels are welcome at this workshop that will guide you through the making of a collage. $30. 3-5:30pm. Handmade Toledo, 1717 Adams St. 419-214-1717. handmadetoledo.com


National Take A Hike Day Grab your boots and immerse yourself in nature on this mini adventure as we celebrate National Take a Hike Day by hitting the trail. Oak Openings Preserve Metropark, 4139 Girdham Road, Swanton. 419-407-9700. z metroparkstoledo.com Free


to Enpuzzlement programming. Register in advance. $10. 3:30-5pm. Eastern Community YMCA, 2960 Pickle Rd., Oregon. 419-729-8135. ymcatoledo.org ‘Tinis for Preemies - This year’s fundraiser hosted by the Perrysburg-based Graham’s Foundation will be a virtual event. $25. 5pm. Thursday, November 19. Register at grahamsfoundation.org.

FRIDAY 11.20

Beethoven’s Symphonies Nos. 1 & 5 Hear Beethoven’s First Symphony, called “a farewell to the eighteenth century,” paired with his iconic Fifth, performed by the Toledo Symphony. $19.99. 8pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-246-8000. toledosymphony.com “Lights Before Christmas” Begins The Toledo Zoo once again hosts this annual holiday event. Festivities kick-off Friday, Nov. 20. Check the zoo’s website for admission prices and more details. Toledo Zoo, 2 Hippo Way. 419-385-572. Toledozoo.org

REFIT Dance Fitness Class Faith-infused fitness course REFIT hosts this cardio dance course. $5. Routines, 2121 S. Reynolds Rd. 419-215-1521. routines.online


East Y Food Co-Op - Pickup $40 worth of groceries for only $10, every third Thursday of the month. Proceeds go

TUESDAY 11.24 Joyous Sounds of Thanksgiving The BGSU University Choral Society and Graduate Brass Quintet present a free performance titled “Joyous Sounds of Thanksgiving.” 7-8pm. First United Methodist Church, 1526 E. Wooster St., Bowling Green. 419-372-2531. events. bgsu.edu Free Turkeys, Eagles and Owls: Favorite Brookwood Birds - Learn about some of the feathered fowl that live in Brookwood Metropark at this interactive presentation. $3. 4:30-6pm. 5604 Swan Creek Dr., 419-407-9810. Metroparkstoledo.com

THURSDAY 11.26 Thanksgiving Bounty Dinner - Enjoy a seven-course meal with a modern spin on traditional holiday favorites. Maximum table size is 10 people. $115. 1-4pm. Brim House, 444 North Summit St., 419243-7664. brimhousetoledo.com


Toledo Area Parent is here to help! From library story times to local events to special holiday happenings, our online calendar offers everything you need to stay active this winter season. For stories and ideas straight to your inbox, sign up for our parent e-newsletter today! toledoparent.com

• November/December 2020 • www.toledoparent.com


Len Smith’s

LINE CLASSIFIEDS: Only $20 per month for 20 words or less. Each additional word is 40 cents each and any artwork will be $5 extra. DISPLAY CLASSIFIEDS: Display classifieds with a box may be purchased for $25 per column inch. Photos are accepted with ads for an additional $5 per photo. DEADLINES: Ad copy must be received by the 15th of the month prior to publication. PAYMENT: Payment must be received before an ad can be placed. We accept checks, cash, money orders and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard). PHONE: 419-244-9859 E-MAIL: classifieds@adamsstreetpublishing.com REFUNDS: Sorry, NO REFUNDS given. MISPRINTS: Credit toward future ads.

Toontown Tour Sunday, December 13 Maumee Indoor Theater ticketleap.com The artist who designed the iconic buildings of Toontown in Who Framed Roger Rabbit comes to Maumee for a screening of the film and a Q&A session. $15 general admission, $30 for a VIP ticket. 5pm. Maumee Indoor Theater, 601 Conant St., Maumee. 419-897-8902.


ning continuous production in the nation. $27-65. 7pm. Stranahan Theater, 4645 Heatherdowns Blvd. 419-246-8000. toledosymphony.com


Annual Tree Lighting Event Whitehouse gathers for the yearly lighting of the tree at Community of Christ Lutheran Church. Time TBA. 6517 Finzel Rd., Whitehouse. 419-877-5383. whitehouseoh.gov Free

9th Annual Christmas Bazaar Shop from a variety of Midwest vendors to grab all the last-minute gift ideas you need. Social distancing and face masks required. 10am-4pm. St. Clement Hall, 2990 Tremainsville Rd. 419-367-9765. stclementtoledo.com Free

Christmas at the Peristyle Celebrate the sounds of the season in this festive holiday pops show. Inspiring young musicians and Santa Claus himself join the TSO for all your favorites. Also performing 12.6. $19.99. 3pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419246-8000. toledosymphony.com

Holiday Gala Fundraiser - Celebrate the season with a festive gala fundraiser full of food, themed beverage tasting, silent auction, and more. $55. 6-9pm. Wood County Historical Center & Museum, 13660 County Home Rd., Bowling Green. 419-352-0967. woodcountyhistory.org

Jim Brickman: Comfort and Joy (at Home) - A portion of the proceeds from this virtual concert will go toward supporting Broadway in Toledo. $40-125. 4pm. Tickets available at jimbrickman.com/ Toledo

SUNDAY 12.13


Christmas in Point Place Tree Lighting - Due to COVID, attendees will be encouraged to stay in or near their cars for the lighting. It will also be broadcast via Facebook. 5:30-7pm. Point Place Lighthouse, 4230 N. Summit St. Search “Christmas in Point Place” on Facebook.


Cookie Recipe Swap - Meet virtually to share stories and recipes with other bakers during the holiday season. 2pm. Wood County District Public Library, 251 N Main St., Bowling Green. 419-3525104. wcdpl.org Free

FRIDAY 12.11

Ear | Eye: Listening and Looking: Contemporary Music and Art - BGSU students in the DMA program will perform contemporary music in the Toledo Museum of Art galleries. 5:30-7pm. Virtual Event. 419-372-2531. events.bgsu.edu Free Toledo Ballet’s 80th Anniversary Nutcracker - Bring your family and experience Toledo Ballet’s 80th Anniversary Nutcracker, the longest-run-

Santa Hustle Cedar Point - The annual 5k half marathon returns to Cedar Point, including a Kids’ Dash for the little ones. $10-20 for Kids’ Dash, $45-60 for the 5k. 7:30-11:30am. 1 Cedar Point Dr., Sandusky. Register at santahustle.com.

MONDAY 12.21

Winter Solstice Walk - Celebrate the shortest day of the year and the longest night on the first day of winter as we take a walk. It only happens once a year, so don’t miss it! Oak Openings Preserve Metropark, 4139 Girdham Road, Swanton. 419-407-9700. metroparkstoledo.com Free

FOR SALE SPORTS FACE MASKS - OSU, U of M, MSU, Steelers, KC Chiefs, Browns, UT Mud Hens & More!! Over 40 other fabrics!! $5 each - Text 419-283-6544

FOR RENT BEAUTIFULLY FULLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS. No Lease No Credit Check Required! Pet Friendly w/ FREE utilities & Free cable. Earn FREE rent! Call now! 567-226-3727

Carrying a back pack can not only cause pain for the child but can change the whole spinal position.

ANNOUNCEMENTS SELL YOUR ANTIQUE OR CLASSIC CAR. Advertise with us. You choose where you want to advertise. 800-450-6631 visit macnetonline.com for details.

AUTOMOTIVE OR MISCELLANEOUS GET CASH FOR YOUR USED OR JUNK CAR TODAY. We buy all cars, trucks, and SUVs. Free pick up. Call 888368-1016.

AUTOS/CARS FOR SALE [CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!!] All Makes/Models 2002-2019! Any Condition. Running or Not. Competitive Offer! Free Towing! We’re Nationwide! Call Now: 1-888-368-1016

GENERAL SERVICES/ MISCELLANEOUS WANT FASTER & AFFORDABLE INTERNET? Get internet service today with Earthlink. Best Internet & WiFi Plans. Call us Today to Get Started. Ask about our specials! 866-396-0515

HEALTH/MEDICAL VIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 PILLS FOR $99. 100 pills for $150. FREE shipping. Money back guaranteed! 1-844-5964376

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE DISH TV $59.99 FOR 190 CHANNELS + $14.95 HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Free Installation, Smart HD DVR Included, Free Voice Remote. Some restrictions apply. 1-855-270-5098.



• Carry what is only neccessary • Organize the Backpack Properly • Get a Backpack With Padded Shoulder Straps • Use Both Straps When You Wear a Backpack • Center the Backpack Load • Tighten the Straps of the Backpack


Nyetmare Before Christmas - Nye Dance Productions’ Christmas Showcase will be filmed in advance and shown at the Maumee Indoor Theatre. 5, 6:30 and 8pm. 601 Conant St., Maumee. 419-7798879. myedanceproductions.com

FRIDAY 12.25

Holiday Walk - Celebrate the beauty and peacefulness of the season as you enjoy a walk to observe some gifts of nature. Warm up afterwards with a cup of sassafras tea. Wildwood Preserve Metropark, 5100 W. Central Ave. 419407-9700. metroparkstoledo.com Free

Off of 475, Exit 8 Dr. Shawn Brohl D.C., C.C.S.P. 6823 Spring Valley Dr. Holland, Ohio 43528 419-866-6325

www.toledoparent.com • November/December 2020 •



Students at Toledo Public Schools are embracing the future. They’re developing valuable skills, discovering exciting options and learning to thrive in a changing world. TPS offers many choices, including paths for career-minded students and those pursuing a college education.

TOLEDO TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY AEROSPACE & NATURAL SCIENCE 3301 UPTON AVE. ACADEMY OF TOLEDO TOLEDO, OH 43613 11600 W. AIRPORT SERVICE RD. SWANTON, OH 43558 419.671.3900 While in high school, TPS students Through this state-funded effort, 419.671.1700 can prepare forfocus the millions of new and students earn both high school and A Career Tech in Engineering Students at Toledo Public Schools are embracing the future. Career Tech focus growing skilled positions now available in college credit at in noseveral cost. They also Science Technologies where students havevaluable skills,Adiscovering OPPORTUNITY They’re developing exciting options aviation and aeronautics; animal and learning to thrive in a changingindustries: world. a chance toanimal earn college credits, industry accounting, science, auto ease into the college experience, IS GROWING TPS offers many choices, including paths for career-minded science and management; urban agriculture credentials and employment through internships technology, precision machining, while getting a head start on higher AT TPS students and those pursuing a college education. and agribusiness and environmental and apprenticeships, urban thanks to the business telecommunications, learning. The University of Toledo sustainability and wildlife management. The partnerships the school has with more than agriculture and dozens of partners with TPS for this program. Academy provides a project-based, cross50 local companies. other fields. curricular learning in a high-tech environment.

Career Tech

College Credit Plus

JONES LEADERSHIP ACADEMY OF BUSINESS 430 NEBRASKA AVE. TOLEDO, OH 43604 419.671.5400 With its college prep curriculum, TEC This college preparatory program for students readies students for higher learning in 7th through 12th grades focuses on college and 21st century Our STEMM readiness and 21st centurycareers. skills. Admission program focuses primarily on medicine is now open for incoming seventh, eighth and ninth grade from Toledo and and the students health care professions, surrounding areas.the support of ProMedica enjoying and the University of Toledo.

Toledo Early College High School (TEC)

TOLEDO EARLY COLLEGE 2800 WEST BANCROFT ST. TOLEDO, OH 43606 As we embark on a school year unlike any ot 419-671-4800

our history, we’re thankful for the support an

A college preparatory program for students in ofhas our community 7thparticipation through 12th grades a focus on college partners, ou readiness and 21st century Thefamilies. curriculum As always, w our students andskills. their is designed to accelerate students into college the challenges our times courses at The Universityof of Toledo where with hope in our students begin taking college courses as early as and an unwavering commitment to educatio the second semester of their 8th grade year.



Career Tech

College Credit Plus

While in high school, TPS students can prepare for the millions of new skilled positions now available in accounting, animal science, auto technology, precision machining, telecommunications, urban agriculture and dozens of other fields.

Through this state-funded effort, students earn both high school and college credit at no cost. They also ease into the college experience, while getting a head start on higher learning. The University of Toledo partners with TPS for this program.



Virtual Open House Tue, Dec. 1st - 6pm

Toledo Early College High School (TEC) CHASE STEMM ACADEMY MCKINLEY STEMM ACADEMY With its college prep curriculum, TEC

readies students for higher learning 3344 WESTLAND AVE. 600 BASSETT ST. and 21st century careers. Our STEMM TOLEDO, OH 43613 program focuses primarily on medicine TOLEDO, OH 43611 and the health care professions, 419.671.3750 419.671.6650 enjoying the support of ProMedica


and the University of Toledo.

The STEMM Academies are elementary schools geared toward students who are interested in pursuing STEMM careers or technical professions in engineering, mathematics, research or other related fields.

Career Tech

College Credit Plus

While in high school, TPS students can prepare for the millions of new skilled positions now available in accounting, animal science, auto technology, precision machining, telecommunications, urban agriculture and dozens of other fields.

Through this state-funded effort, students earn both high school and college credit at no cost. They also ease into the college experience, while getting a head start on higher learning. The University of Toledo partners with TPS for this program.

Toledo Early College High School (TEC) With its college prep curriculum, TEC readies students for higher learning and 21st century careers. Our STEMM program focuses primarily on medicine and the health care professions, enjoying the support of ProMedica and the University of Toledo.



As we embark on a school year unlike any other in

As we embark a school year unlike any other in While in high school, TPS students can prepare for on the millions of new our history, we’re thankful for the support and active skilled positions now available in accounting, animal science, participation of our community partners, our staff, auto technology, precision machining, telecommunications, urban our students and their families. As always, we’ll face the challenges of our times with hope in our hearts agriculture and dozens of other fields. and an unwavering commitment to education.







Through thishistory, state-funded students high school and our we’reeffort, thankful forearn theboth support and active collegeparticipation credit at no cost. They also ease into the college experience, of our community partners, our staff, while getting a head start on higher learning. The University of Toledo our students and their families. As always, we’ll face partners with TPS for this program.

the challenges of our times with hope in our hearts and an unwavering commitment to education.

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November 2020 - Toledo Area Parent News  

Local Mompreneurs, Holiday Gift Guide

November 2020 - Toledo Area Parent News  

Local Mompreneurs, Holiday Gift Guide

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