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Random Drug Testing in Sylvania Schools

What are the guidelines when it comes to random drug testing in Sylvania schools? What do parents think?

by Susan Gibney FREE NOVE MBE

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SPEC AL S guide Local reso urces for




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to November Winner

Megan Zietek

Visit to enter. On the cover Emma, 3, Sophia, 6 Photo by Nicole Slovak

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Letter from the EDITOR

Adams Street Publishing Co.

Highs and Lows of the Holidays

Best gift you’ve ever given?

The holiday season can be tricky. Spending time with family can be fantastic, but if anyone knows how to push buttons, it’s those near and dear to us. Holidays are also the time we reflect on, and miss, the loved ones who are no longer with us to celebrate the joy of the season.

Publisher/Editor in Chief

Collette Jacobs ( MY CHILDREN.

Co-publisher/Chief Financial Officer


Whether you’re spending the season alone or surrounded by your loving/overwhelming family, this month is the time to reflect on 2019, make plans for 2020 and practice gratitude. As a species, we are programmed to focus on the negative in our lives as a survival tactic, but studies show that if we practice gratitude, we become more content. It’s not wealth, beauty or the perfect physique that creates’s being thankful. Exercising mindfulness and enjoying the great outdoors are also markers for happiness, and being present when you’re outdoors can improve your emotional state. My personal goal this Christmas is to purchase as many gifts as possible from local Toledo vendors. That won’t be as simple as clicking “buy now” on Amazon, but it sets a precedent for my kids: supporting small businesses is important and buying local is more meaningful than an overpriced Ryan’s Toy Review egg. Plus, it cuts down on shipping waste, which helps our environment.


Assignment Editor Erin Marsh ( A GLASS-BLOWN URN MADE BY BAKER O’BRIEN.

We have so many small businesses in Toledo that it is impossible to include them all, but check out our Holiday Gift Guide for ideas on buying locally. Holiday Happenings is a great list of Toledo area events, and our columns will surely pull on your heartstrings this month. Happy reading! With gratitude,

Associate Editor Athena Cocoves ( VIP TICKET FOR MY MOM TO THE ARTS COMMISSION’S FUNDRAISER. Calendar Sarah Emily ( FAMILY VACATION. Web Guru Courtney Probert ( TOO MANY TO COUNT; I’M A GREAT GIFT-GIVER. Contributing Writers Kimberly Feldkamp, Susan Gibney, Joy Hajjar, Erin Marsh, Lindsey Melden, Kimmie Rose, Dina Sobhan


Erin Schoen Marsh

Toledo Parent Assignment Editor

Sales Coordinator/Classifieds Jenny Leach ( PLANE TICKETS TO MOM FOR MUCH NEEDED TRIP!! Sales Bonnie Hunter ( A HANDMADE DOLL HOUSE. Suzanne Bell ( TO MY SON, A DOG.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Adams Street Publishing.

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KIDS HOROSCOPE Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

No Entry Fee!

By Kimmie Rose

With over 80 state of the art games you won’t find another arcade like this!

Laser Tag & Battle Blasters

$99 Birthday Special!!!

Challenge Friends to a game of Laser Tag or Battle Blasters in our state of the art battle arena!

SPIN! Bumper Cars

Check out our Playzone Plus Package Private Room – $250

Have a Blast on our Spinning Bumper Cars.

Darlene Euler ( A MEMORIAL OF MY MOTHER TO MY FATHER. Production Manager Imani Lateef ( TICKETS TO MY WIFE’S FIRST OSU FOOTBALL GAME. Senior Designer Leah Foley ( A PUPPY.

Laser tag

Arcade Games



Toledo’s Premier Family Fun Center!

Limit 1 coupon per guest. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer expires soon.


Sagittarian kids are fun and adventurous, and they are prone to changing their minds often. This month they will want to visit family members and close family friends. Something inside of them is wanting to know more about themselves and their origins. It’s an ideal time to visit family, pull out old family photos, share fun stories from the past, and even create new ones. Sagittarian kids also crave security, and this will surely give them a sense of belonging.

& So Much More!

Graphic Design Anita Tipton ( A COUPLE TRIPS TO WARM PLACES. Kelli Miller ( AIR FRYER? Norwin Lopez ( A PORTABLE TELEVISION.


Accounting Robin Armstrong ( TICKETS TO CONCERTS. Distribution Hanna Wagner ( FAMILY PICTURES TO MY MOM.

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recycle this paper For our children's future ...

Send your most loved photos to

treasurer Lorinda “Ms. Hogg” McCalebb, club

Earl “Tabono” Mack, club picking out th e uniforms anprdesident, belts.

Keeping Kids Warm

After The Toledo Buffalo Soldiers presented uniforms to girls at The Ella P. Stewart Academy and belts for the boys at MLK Academy, they heard some kids attended school without coats in 20 degrees. They promptly purchased coats and returned the following day.

Norah, 2, Maumee

Brynleigh, 9, Bexley, 6, Bostyn, 3, Rossford



Free monthly home-book delivery Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) is expanding to Oregon City Schools. DPIL is a free, monthly home-book delivery program for children up to 5-years-old with a goal to increase reading comprehension rates and prepare children for kindergarten. For more information on the program and its area affiliates, visit

Toledo’s Christmas Weed lives on in print

You Are Beautiful If you attended Momentum 2019, you might have noticed the eight-foot, double-sided sculpture reminiscent of a sticker that is Matt Hoffman’s “You Are Beautiful,” which is the message on display on one side. The other side says, “You Are Doing Great.” Don’t we all need to hear these messages of positivity from time-to-time? Hoffman clearly thinks so. Luckily, for those of us in the Toledo area, the sculpture’s permanent home is now in International Park, where you can check it out while at The Docks or see it from across the river in Promenade Park. Learn more about the sculpture at

St. Ursula Academy brings innovative piano lab to campus

Local bestselling children’s book authors Nick Rokicki and Joe Kelley have immortalized the short-lived holiday attraction with their newest children’s book, The Christmas Weed. Available on Amazon and, the authors have also released a video reading of the book on YouTube to teach people about Toledo and the community that made the Christmas Weed famous. Join the authors for a reading Saturday, December 14 at Franklin Park Mall

St. Ursula Academy invested in its fine arts curriculum by adding a state-of-the-art piano lab, available to students grades 6-12 for a variety of music-related courses. The lab, 11 Yamaha Digital Pianos (10 for students, one for a teacher), connects all pianos through headsets, which allows students to work individually, in pairs or in groups, mirroring setups offered in university music departments and select high schools around the country.





5215 MONROE ST. SUITE 4 TOLEDO, OH 419-517-1030 6

• December 2019 •


A $250.00 VALUE! Tummy wrap, vibration therapy and sauna. Only 10 available appointments per week. Doctor Supervised weight loss program

Jason Peisley, D.C.

(1st time patients only and must complete consult to receive the package.)


Managing adolescent anxiety Calm the Crisis, led by Sarah Schwartz, a teacher with 15 years experience educating children with special learning needs, offers educational and behavioral consulting to assist parents in interpreting their child(ren)’s behavior while teaching skills to communicate in a more appropriate way. As anxiety becomes more prevalent in young children, early detection is key, and strategies to help children learn to manage their anxiety is essential to lifelong health. Calm the Crisis uses kindness, empathy, intuition and expertise to help clients solve their “crisis” through the use of practical tools to ease anxiety and teach self-regulation. 2727 N. Holland Sylvania Suite H,, 419-351-5855,



The nominations are in. and voting has begun.

Rossford is home to a new comic book shop. The Nexus 419, recently opened at 690 Dixie Hwy. near Glenwood Rd. and Rossford High School, sells comic books, graphic novels, toys, board games, anime and more. Owner Kyle Northrop previously owned the now-closed Seann’s Anime and Comics. 11am-5pm, Sunday-Monday. 10am-7pm, Tuesday-Saturday. 419-720-9544.

THE RACE IS ON. They can’t win without you. GO TO • December 2019 •


EXCEPTIONAL FAMILIES for parents of children with special needs

Motherhood with Depression Coping strategies for mental health By Dina Sobhan

Nobody said motherhood would be easy. But, little did I know how hard it would actually be. I imagine there are some mothers who find getting up at 5am, making fabulously healthy 3-course meals, and juggling successful careers with a thriving family life to be a breeze. For me, the idea of achieving those things seems impossible. I suffer from depression, which sometimes makes even the simplest of things seem impossible. A lifelong battle I have struggled with depression all my life. At 19, I started taking antidepressants and sought therapy, all with varying degrees of success. I was at a low point in my life when I met my husband. A whirlwind romance led to marriage within a month and pregnancy almost immediately, which I thought would be the answer to all my problems.

At the urging of my husband, I went off my medication during pregnancy. While happy hormones buoyed me through the 9 months of pregnancy, the postpartum tune was a different story. I was overcome with anxiety every time my baby cried, and the simple tasks like giving him a bath or cutting his nails filled me with trepidation. Fast forward to my second pregnancy, during which I stayed on my meds and things were radically different. I actually enjoyed being a mother without being paralyzed by fear at every turn. Everyday struggles While I adore my children, depression prevents me from always enjoying them. I frequently find myself getting impatient with them for taking too long to get dressed or to put on their shoes. On a daily basis, I get annoyed by their inability to pick up their toys or when they leave their clothes scattered all over the floor. I fly off the handle and yell at them for menial things, only to feel guilt-ridden afterwards.

How I cope beyond medication Besides taking antidepressants daily, I recently found a therapist at Toledo Counseling and Mental Health who understands me and makes me feel heard. I make it a point to go as often as possible to yoga for an hour of uninterrupted “me” time for body and mind. The person who helped me the most when I moved to Toledo 4 years ago is energy healer Tobie Saad. As an Advanced Crystalline Consciousness Technique (TM) Practitioner, she helped me overcome repetitive patterns and emotional wounds, allowing me to experience calm with a change in perspective.

Better days Parenting is not easy for anyone, and those with mental health issues have added hurdles. While there are days that I find it hard to cope, and not even the laughter of my children can penetrate the darkness around me, more often I have moments when I feel joy in the simple things. I keep reminding myself that, as important as it is to acknowledge my illness, it is more important to keep pushing forward to ensure a happier life for my family. *Editor’s Note: Interested in yoga but not sure where to start? Check out our sister publication, Toledo City Paper, for a round-up of yoga studios in the 419: feature/yoga-in-the-419/



WHY WE DON’T FORCE KIDS TO SHARE You may be surprised to hear that sharing is not an expectation in the Montessori classroom. Everything belongs to the class, but a child is never asked to stop working with an activity because someone else would like to use it. A child chooses an activity and decides to use it alone or with others for as long as he would like. The other children respect their decision and learn to wait patiently.

that time, but will be available later.

Waiting patiently is an important life skill. Montessori classrooms purposely have just one of most materials so that children learn to wait, choose something else to work on, and then return when the material is available.

There is nothing wrong with sharing, it is a beautiful idea and important concept. The problem is, it’s really vague. It can be confusing and frustrating to a young child. Giving a child guidelines for respecting others space and belongings helps him navigate.

Instead of asking a child to share, if someone is working with something, it is not available at

How do we teach a child to be respectful of

Toledo Campus

7115 W. Bancroft St. Toledo, OH 43615


In our culture today, a child is expected to share on demand and give up toys or activities as soon as another child becomes interested in them. Imagine if you were working on a project on your laptop and suddenly you had to stop your work because someone else wanted your computer.

Perrysburg Campus 13587 Roachton Rd. Perrysburg, OH 43551

another child’s work and develop patience? Use language like, “I notice that the material is being used right now, but as soon as the other child is finished, you can choose it. Let’s find another activity while we wait.” This language reassures the child he will have a chance to use the material and redirects him to another activity in a positive way. Next, if your child is using an activity and another child is interested in it, ask your child if the other child may join them. Respect your child’s decision and assure the other child he will have a turn as soon as the material is available. Through these teachable moments children learn to respect others and develop patience and self-control. These are critical skills they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Written by Jen Schoepf Head of School

West Side Montessori

• December 2019 •

Holiday Gift Guide


Bowinkles specializes in designer clothing and accessories for babies, girls, and boys with unique ideas unavailable anywhere else. Bowinkles, located in downtown Sylvania, was founded in 2016 by mother-daughter duo Jane Wurth and Stephanie Pilgrim, delivering the latest children’s fashion from all over the world to this neck of the woods. 5627 Main St., Sylvania.

Shop small and support local this season By Erin Marsh

While ordering holiday presents online certainly saves time, toys purchased over the internet lack the charm and durability of handmade gifts. Holiday shopping locally provides an opportunity to support Toledo-area small businesses. Here is a list of one-of-a-kind items from local businesses to help with your shopping selections.


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift, pop into the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) Museum Store, which features a diverse selection of unique merchandise and specialty gifts inspired by TMA’s world famous collection. The Store also carries exclusive items developed in tandem with the TMA Glass Pavilion Hot Shop. Gifts available include fine art books and supplies, seasonal items and decor, TMA apparel, prints and postcards derived from the TMA collection, stunning jewelry, delightful educational toys and books for children, and more. Members receive a 10% discount (excluding original art).


Rock the holidays this year with the gift of music at Toledo’s Forté Music School, which offers one-on-one music lessons for all ages and all abilities. An experienced faculty and a wide range of lesson times allows you to fit music lessons at Forté into even the tightest of schedules. With a wide variety of gift certificates available, you’re sure to find whatever meets your needs, and your budget. 3208 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo.

Continued on P. 10



Visit us at: 6725 W. Central Ave. or give us a call at (419) 720-6901

Mon-Thurs: 11am-7pm | Fri: 11am-8pm | Sat: 10am-8pm | Closed Sunday • December 2019 •


Continued from P. 9

The Coffee Lover

The Yogi in Your Life

There’s no shortage of locally brewed coffee in Toledo these days. Buy a bag of fresh coffee or a gift card from one of our local coffee stops: Maddie & Bella Roasters, Sip Coffee, Flying Rhino Coffee, Iron Bean Coffee Company, Black Kite, or Chandler’s Cafe.

Love leggings but still want to support local? Pop into The Yogaja Shop in Cricket West to buy your favorite brands— Alo, Spiritual Gangster, Beyond Yoga— while still shopping small. The Yogaja Shop also carries sustainable items like steel straws, reusable produce bags and more.


There’s nothing like enjoying the candy from yesteryear to bring you back to the past and the simple pleasures of childhood. Why not share that with your little ones? Boyd’s Retro Candy has classics that are still readily available today, such as Pez, candy corn, and jawbreakers, along with items you may not have seen since you were a kid: Atomic Fireballs, Bit-O-Honey Chews, NikL-Nips wax bottles, Smarties candy necklaces, and more. And for that loved one in your life you’ve been begging to quit smoking? Candy cigarettes will make everyone chuckle. 954 Phillips Ave., Toledo.


Peruse the many games for people of all ages at Checkmate Games and Hobbies! Clients love the knowledgeable staff, who do their best to know the plethora of games that Checkmate carries so they can make accurate recommendations, helping you find the next game you or your child will love. If you’re searching high and low for a particular game, even if Checkmate doesn’t carry it, they can order it for you. For the gamers on your holiday list, you need look no further than Checkmate, located in the St. James Plaza. 6725 Central Ave, Toledo. (419) 720-6901. 5627 Main St, Sylvania, Ohio 43560 (567) 455-5939 |

merry& bright visit bowinkles for

holiday fashions & gifts!


• December 2019 •

bowinkles_1-8 1219.indd 1

11/14/19 11:41 AM

Toledo Proud

The proud Toledoan on your list will love anything and everything from Jupmode. If they don’t already own the renowned “You will do better in Toledo” shirt, that’s a sure-fire winner for those who love Toledo, those living here or those missing T-town.

Enjoy Holiday Shopping while the kids have holiday fun at the loft! Holiday Themed Yoga Hour, Craft, Play & Special Showing of Elf!

December 23 / 9am-3pm / Open Arms Yoga Loft / $45 Day Camp Open Arms Wellness | 2300 Navarre Ave #204, Oregon, OH | (419) 720-8604

Oh what fun it is to dance in our winter program class!


Looking for a special gift for the overworked loved one in your life? A gift certificate to Open Arms Wellness Center provides the recipient with all the amenities people want but oftentimes don’t allow themselves. Choose from a multitude of therapeutic massage options, including relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, fertility, Ashiatsu, lymphatic drainage, Reflexology, and more. Pamper the skin with Aesthetics: facials, waxing, peels, or an herbal foot soak. Or treat the entire body with infrared sauna, yoga and more! Open Arms aims to provide you with the ultimate wellness escape without leaving NW Ohio. 2300 Navarre Ave. Ste. 204, Oregon.

NEW! 12-24 month class. Parent Participation. Dancing and Motor Skills.

January 3rd

Classes Start

January 6th


Classes for ages 2 and up Use of Tap and Ballet Shoes with registration. Personal and Rewarding Recitals. Performances outside of the dance center.




Why Choose The Forté Music School?


Winter Registration



29 Years Teaching of Dance

Toledo’s largest music school: • More instructors • More studios • More opportunities!

SAVE Sign up for Music Lessons and receive a


Registration Expires: 1/15/20


Gift Certificates Available • December 2019 •


HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS Toledo finds its holiday spirit By Emily Remaklus


Children’s Wonderland

Lights Before Christmas

Sunday-Thursday, 3-8pm Friday-Saturday, 3-9pm Toledo Zoo 2 Hippo Way, 419-385-4040 The famous Toledo Zoo’s Lights Before Christmas is an award-winning light display that is known throughout the country. Enjoy lights skillfully strewn all over the zoo, holiday snacks, dancing trees, visits with Santa, and, of course, the zoo animals. Non-member prices are $19 for adults and $16 for children. Members get unlimited weekday visits and one free weekend visit. Through December 31.

Nite Lites

Sunday-Thursday, 5:30-9pm Friday-Saturday, 5:30-10pm Michigan International Speedway 12626 U.S. 12, Brooklyn, MI 517-937-6426 Stay nice and toasty in your warm car while driving through the amazing Christmas light show at the Michigan International Speedway. On select days, enjoy the Winter Wonderland, visits from Santa and live reindeer. Cost for a single car is $25. Through December 31.

North Pole Express

Friday-Saturday, 5:30-9:30pm Sunday, 5:30-8:30pm Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation 12505 County Road 99 Findlay 419-423-2995 The Polar Express comes to life with the chance to ride the North Pole Express. The train ride takes riders through the beautiful winter scenery and is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit. $4 for adults and $3 for children. Through January 5, 2020.

Hensville Lights

5pm-12am St. Clair St. between Washington/Monroe in downtown Toledo A trip to downtown Toledo will light up your day with 200,000 lights along St. Clair St. and a dancing light show in Hensville Park. See the beautifully decorated Hensville Park Christmas tree, a great background for pictures. Through January 5, 2020.


11am-8pm, December 6-23 11am-2pm, December 24 Tam-O-Shanter 7060 Sylvania Ave., Sylvania 419-882-1500 childrens-wonderland A tradition for many years in the Toledo area, Children’s Wonderland brings generations together with its beautiful holiday displays. Wander through the holiday exhibits, ride a child-sized train and snap a picture with Santa. Visit the website for times of special daily performances and attractions.

DON’T MISS THESE EVENTS… Miracle on Main Street

December 6-7 Downtown Sylvania 419-885-8381 miracle-on-main-street A weekend of holiday fun is scheduled in downtown Sylvania, including a holiday market of handmade and local crafts, a silent auction, the Elfin’ Brew Hop, a tree lighting ceremony, and a Saturday night holiday parade. Kids 2+ $6, adults $8, seniors $6.

Holiday Lantern Tour

December 6-7, 4-8:30pm Sauder Village 22611 St. Route 2, Archbold 1-800-590-9755 Bring a little history into the holidays with a trip to Sauder Village. Learn about American Christmas Holiday Traditions throughout history starting with the Witmer-Roth Home from the 1850s. The tour also includes crafts, cookies, and carols. Holiday Lantern Tours occur every half hour and last about an hour and 45 minutes. Reservations are required. Non-members $13/adult, $7/children. Members: $11/ adult, $6/children

The Toledo area has the holiday spirit in full swing this month. Parades, festivals and live performances are just some of the fun events happening this month throughout the city. Get in the holiday mood with these classic Toledo traditions and exciting new events.

A Christmas Carol

Soothing Santa

December 6-8 The Valentine Theatre 410 Adams St., 419-242-3490 This classic holiday story of Ebeneezer Scrooge’s transformation from a curmudgeon to a loving man is a Christmas holiday tradition. A Christmas Carol will leave the whole family feeling joyful, grateful and ready to celebrate the season. Tickets start at $29.

December 8 &15, 8-10am Franklin Park Mall Macy’s Court 5001 Monroe St., Santa​​welcomes children​​of all ages and abilities! Soothing Santa invites families with special needs to enjoy a sensoryfriendly​​environment to experience the time-honored tradition of visiting with Santa. Enjoy extra time with Santa, free train rides, holiday games and more. Reservations are required; event is free.

Mini Explorers’ Club Explores Snow

Pancakes with Santa

December 7, 1-2:15pm Imagination Station 1 Discovery Way, Toledo 419-244-2674 Bring your littlest scientists (3-5 years old) to Imagination Station to learn all about snow. The program focuses on sparking the curiosity of young scientists with STEAM activities. Kiddos and parents will enjoy story time, activities, a snack and free play time. For those who can’t make it to the Saturday session, the program will also take place on Tuesdays throughout December. Member $5/workshop; nonmembers $7.

Christmas at the Peristyle

December 7, 3pm Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle 2445 Monroe St. 419-246-8000 Enjoy the music of the holidays with a concert at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle. The show will include performances by the Toledo Opera Chorus and the Toledo Symphony. Join in with holiday sing-a-longs, and be sure to say hello to Santa.

Holidays in the Manor House

December 7-15 10am-8pm, Saturday-Sundays Wildwood Preserve 5100 W. Central Ave., 419-407-9700 For a fun and free family event, check out the Manor House in Wildwood Metropark. This beautiful and historic home has 32 holiday displays that visitors can see on a self-guided tour. Stop by the welcome tent for holiday goodies!

Fort Meigs Holiday Open House

December 8, 1-4pm Fort Meigs 29100 W. River Rd., Perrysburg For another free seasonal event, pop over to Fort Meigs for a holiday celebration. Decorate cookies, make holiday crafts, listen to holiday music, visit Santa, and learn some handy skills, like leatherworking, tinsmithing and spinning.

• December 2019 •

December 14, 9:30-11:30am The Legacy by Arthur Hills 7677 US 223, Ottawa Lake, MI 734-854-1101 Eat yummy pancakes and sausage, create holiday crafts, play holiday-themed games like “Pin the carrot on Frosty,” and, of course, visit with Santa, straight in from the North Pole! Call to register. Kids under 2 are free, ages 3-4 are $5, and 5 and up are $10.

Toledo Ballet’s Nutcracker

December 14-15 2pm & 7pm, Saturday 2pm, Sunday Stranahan Theater 4645 Heatherdowns Blvd., 419-246-8000 The incredible story of The Nutcracker comes to life with the Toledo Ballet’s annual performance. The combination of effortless dancing, gorgeous scenery, and the classic score performed by the Toledo Symphony makes for a wonderful afternoon or evening at the theatre. Tickets start at $34.

Jingle Bell Run Toledo

December 14, 8-11am The Shops at Fallen Timbers 614-362-7370 For some fitness fun, join the Jingle Bell Run, one of the largest holiday-themed 5Ks around. The money raised goes to helping The Arthritis Foundation. Break out those ugly Christmas sweaters and show your Christmas spirit as you run for a cause.

A Night In Bethlehem

December 14-15, 1-4:30pm Hope Lutheran Church 2201 Secor Rd. 419-536-8383 Experience first century Bethlehem at Hope Lutheran Church! Take in the sights, smells and sounds of the bustling marketplace, complete with authentic shops staffed with artisans and live animals. And did you hear the exciting news? A baby has been born! Admission is free with “no strings attached.”

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Musical

December 21, 7:30pm The Stranahan Theater 4645 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo, OH. 43614 419-381-8851 toledo/elfontheshelf/ For the first time ever, the story of The Elf on the Shelf comes to life onstage in a brand new musical adaptation. The Christmas musical tells the tale of the top Scout Elf who works to bring together a struggling family by helping them discover the Christmas spirit. Tickets start at $34.

Chanukah Celebration

TMA’s The Great Art Escape

December 26-January 1, 10am-4pm 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000 great-art-escape The Toledo Museum of Art is hosting their Great Art Escape at the end of this month. This family event introduces kids to various art forms: enjoy watching dances from different cultures, listen to Dutch organ concerts, meet visiting artists and observe glass blowing demonstrations. Plus, participate in workshops, yoga and family center activities. Free with some ticketed activities.

Noon Year’s Eve

December 31, 11am-1pm Toledo Zoo 2 Hippo Way, Toledo 419-385-4040 2020 is on its way and The Toledo Zoo offers the perfect way for the little ones to ring in the new year with Noon Year’s Eve. Join the crowd as the recycling ball is raised, confetti falls, toasts are made with apple juice, and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’ Visitors will also enjoy ice carving demonstrations, animal feedings and the Ice Slide.

December 22, 5-8pm Franklin Park Mall Food Court 5001 Monroe St. To celebrate the 2019 Chanukah season, Chabad House of Toledo invites the community to a celebration of light and Chanukah joy. A Menorah Lighting Ceremony will give honor to Toledo leaders following holiday crafts and activities.

Come receive the greatest gift of all... Jesus Christ! It’s FREE. No strings attached. Come between 1 and 4:30 pm and experience first century Bethlehem. Take in the sights, smells and sounds of the bustling marketplace, complete with authentic shops staffed with artisans and live animals. And, did you hear the exciting news? A Baby has been born.

Life changes. We’ll be there.®

Caputo Agency 419/537-5588 • December 2019 •



• December 2019 •

Abdelraof and Eman with their children Ibrahim, Yousef and Juan.


Ramadan with the Alagha family

Around the World

Food is love, and that truth is evident in the Arab culture. Ramadan, a holy month of fasting, introspection and prayer for Muslims, has changing dates every year. Fasting, abstaining from food or drink during daylight hours, is coupled with doing good deeds and not gossiping. Over this period of time, the Alagha family decorates their house with laterns and crescents as the “new moon” marks the start of Ramadan. They also invite people over to their house to break the fast, pray at the mosque (Taraweeh), and give to families in need, following the principle of Zakat, one of the five pilars of Islam.

Sharing family recipes and cultural traditions By Joy Hajjar

Food is the ingredient that binds us together, and that is especially true during the holidays. No matter the celebration, religion, region or culture, food is always at the center. Local Toledo families share how their special holiday meals bring them together, creating memories, traditions and full bellies.

The first pre-dawn meal of the day during Ramadan is called “suhoor.” Usually very early in the morning, the meal is typically something light like yogurt, vegetables or fruits. Each day’s fast is broken with a meal known as “iftar.” Traditionally, a date is eaten to break the fast. It is followed by sides of soup, salad and samosas and several main dishes. Many Palestinians stick to traditional dishes such as molukhiyah and Qidra rice, which consists of rice, spices, and either chicken or beef. Finally, Ramadan desserts include: Qatayif, a sweet mini pancake filled with cream and nuts; Kanafe, fine semolina dough topped with cheese and sugar syrup; baklava, layers of filo dough, butter, chopped nuts and sweet sugar syrup; and rice pudding. For the Alagha qidra, a meat and rice dish recipe, go to Ramadan for the year 2020 starts at sunset on April 23 and ends at sundown on May 23.

Diwali with the Brown family

Celebrating the triumph of good over evil and light overcoming darkness, Diwali is a five-day festival of lights observed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists around the world. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year with quite a celebration! Dr. Aparna Brown, who grew up in India, experienced all the festivities as a child: women in colorful attire, henna on hands and feet, homes decorated with oil lamps and sidewalks with “rangoli,” ancient colorful art from natural substances. Aparna shares this tradition with her community by helping to host a Diwali party at the elementary school every year. The celebration is centered around partaking in a feast of mainly traditional Indian foods, like biryani, naan and curry, with one of her favorite dishes, pongal (a popular rice dish made with milk and sugar). They finish the meal with sweets or “mithai.” Another favorite activity is lighting the fireworks after dark! wn with Dr. Aparna and Chris Bro ra. No and a Tar daughters

Binding Families Together Holidays around the world create lasting memories and traditions, while binding families together and giving solace and comfort with fellowship and food. While

Dr. Brown’s favorite dish, pongal or lentils and rice, is available online at Diwali 2020 will be on November 14.

Continued on P. 16 each of these families have different beliefs, they all honor their beliefs and their loved ones through tradition. Celebrating tradition blends the past with the present and the future. Regardless of

what specific foods you eat or customs you observe, let your holidays be a time for special moments of tenderness with the important people in your life. • Decemberr 2019 •


Continued from P. 15 Jeff, Tracey, Molly, Jamie, Ryan Joyce ds and Nicole Ebersole in the San Juan Islan

Traditional American Christmas with the Joyce Family Christmas Eve starts around 3pm at a relative’s house, and everyone brings part of the meal, including ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, roasted Brussels sprouts, cranberry relish and some family favorites: holiday ribbon gelatin (red white and green) and Uncle Mike’s cashew salad.

Cousins exchange presents, handmade gifts are passed around (matching t-shirts for all 14 grandchildren), Christmas cookies are gobbled by the handfuls and everyone enjoys a family tradition: cinnamon rolls from a recipe passed down through generations. The evening ends with mass at 9PM, as their faith is central to the celebration. On Christmas day, the celebrating happens all over again, switching to the other side of their extended family, where the Joyces enjoy more food, presents, and love.

For the recipe to the famous Joyce family cinnamon rolls, visit us at! Christmas is celebrated on December 25.

David and Rachel Chernow with daughters Hannah and Sophia

Hanukkah with the Chernow family Rachel Chernow is a trained chef and cooking instructor and her husband, David, is executive chef at Zia’s and soon will be making the move to Real Seafood. Rachel explains the meaning of Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights: “In our house, we light the Chanukiah, which is a menorah with nine places to hold candles. Each night the main candle helps to light a new candle. We say two blessings each night. The holiday is celebrated for eight nights.” Frying foods in oil is symbolic because, historically, the Jews had to fight to reclaim their religion and their temple in Jerusalem, and after winning the fight, there was only enough oil to light the eternal flame for one night. The small amount of oil lasted for eight days and eight nights— a miracle. Potato pancakes (“latkes” in Yiddish), eaten with sour cream or applesauce, are a traditional Hanukkah meal, and the Chernow family tries to make potato latkes at least twice during the holiday (with busy schedules, they sometimes use hash browns to save time instead of grating the potatoes). Another traditional dish is “sufganiyot,” a classic jelly donut. The Chernow potato latke recipe is simple: grate potatoes (about two cups), add 3 eggs, salt to taste, and flour to thicken. Blend all ingredients, make patties, and fry them in a pan with oil. Hanukkah is December 22-30, 2019. 16

• December 2019 •

healthy kids

Healthy Holiday Help

Tips to keep germs away By Emily Remaklus

‘Tis the season for colds, flu, and strep throat. Don’t let the winter germs ruin your holiday season! Check out these tips and tricks to stay healthy during the holidays. Keep that immune system strong. Be sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Trading in some of your Christmas cookies for fruits and veggies will also help to boost your immune system. For even more immunity support, or for those kiddos who don’t like their veggies, daily vitamins are a great option. Be aware of germs traveling. Public transportation and hotels can be a breeding ground for germs. Bring hand sanitizer, use it regularly, and keep your hands away from your face. When staying in a hotel, it’s not a bad idea to bring some Lysol or Clorox wipes to disinfect light switches, remotes, door knobs, and other items that might not be cleaned often but get touched plenty. Be cautious at holiday parties. As fun as parties can be, keep in mind that the shared utensils at the punch bowl or at the buffet have been touched by everyone before you. Using your own utensils is an easy solution, or even just a quick use of hand sanitizer before you dig in can help kill those germs. Make time for the family. The holidays are such a busy time that we often forget to relax. Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of holiday readiness and enjoy some relaxing time at home as a family. Going for a walk, reading, or watching a holiday movie can help with mental and emotional health. Sharing isn’t always caring. When the kids are sick, it’s best to keep them home, and this also goes for you! If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t be tempted to tough it out and continue on with your holiday planning. Take a day to recover and you’ll be back to your holiday fun in no time. • December 2019 •


CALL TODAY TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A PRIVATE TOUR OF SCC! S.T.E.A.M. activities naturally a part of our day! It’s who we are!

26+ Years of Excellence in Early Childhood Education & Care FIND US!

SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR TODAY! • Degreed, Experienced Professional Teachers who build meaningful relationships with your child! • Morning & Afternoon Sessions/Early & Extended Care • Accredited by the NAEYC, & awarded SUTQ 5-Star by the State of Ohio

3421 TALMADGE RD. • TOLEDO, OHIO (419) 537-1122 •


H m eal ed th ica tip lp s ro fro fe m ss lo io ca na l ls




RESERVE SPACE NOW!! Call 734.668.4044 or Email


• December 2019 •






NEXT DOOR 112 5735 Main St., Sylvania 419-517-1104 Mon-Sat: 11a.m.-10p.m. Closed Sunday

NEXT DOOR 112: THE LITTLE SISTER Low-key sibling to Element 112


By Karen Zickes

My “birthday week” was a great excuse to take it up a notch for dinner out on the town, while I wasn’t looking to break the bank with my crew. Those boys can eat these days and they don’t concern themselves with the fact that momma’s on a budget! With those goals, it seemed that Next Door 112, the newish restaurant in downtown Sylvania, might be just what I was looking for. The casual sister of Element 112 Element 112 opened in downtown Sylvania in the fall of 2012. Described by owner and chef Chris Nixon, it is a place “for your big moments in life,” using chef-inspired food throughout the meal to enhance the experience. Though Chef Nixon was raised in Sylvania, he spent many years away, working in some of the top restaurants in New York City and Denmark. He knows a thing or two about creating a wonderful dining experience. At the end of 2018, Nixon opened a second restaurant, Next Door 112, literally right next door to Element 112. They even share the same entrance and bar. Nixon describes Next Door as a “restaurant with a homey, relaxed atmosphere,” with a goal to create a place to take a break from the norm for an hour or so and enjoy a nice meal. It’s casual and you can come as you are, yet the minimalistic and slightly modern atmosphere takes it up a notch from ordinary dining establishments, and it comes with BIG flavors.

Small menu with a variety According to Chef Nixon, his menus for both restaurants follow seasonality but, sometimes because he has the urge, he changes it up. The “Drop Your France” burger, a menu staple, is loaded with melted Swiss cheese, beurre blanc, which in French means “white butter,” and caramelized onions. My oldest son enjoyed it to the last bite. Despite a small menu, the evening we visited, three salads and several types of soups were offered. They always offer cheese and sourdough toast, with the cheese selection rotating regularly. As for entrees, other than the burger, there were options for fish, pasta, flatbread, Brussels sprouts and another sandwich. Unless you’re very picky, you will find something on the menu to suit you, and that includes some wonderful desserts, including a vegan creme brulee.

Bring the family! Even with the wonderful atmosphere and delectable eats, this is also a place to stop in with your kids. Chef Nixon has two young children himself and he designed this restaurant to be a place where families can feel welcome. Not only that, but little ones 10 and under eat for $1 on Mondays. Their kid menu is $4-$5 and includes linguini alfredo, lil’ burger, grilled cheese and baked chicken.

Kid friendly: Yes. To avoid wait: Arrive early or make reservations. Noise level: Moderate. Bathroom amenities: No changing station. High chairs? Yes. Kids’ menu: Yes and only $1 on Mondays. Allergies? Be sure to alert your servers to that precautions can be taken in the kitchen.

I was supposed to be sharing my entrée with my friend, but somehow, I ate most of it and still devoured some of his. The roasted salmon with creamy polenta and roasted corn salsa was packed with amazing flavor. His Gemelli pasta was made with garlic cream, kale, and pecorino (a family of hard Italian sheep’s milk cheeses) and he garnished it with shrimp. My youngest ordered the flatbread, which included chimichurri (a condiment originating in Argentina), pickled onions and pecorino among other things. The presentation of everything was a treat in and of itself.

Anything. Delivered. Anytime.

Daily Specials on Facebook!

Bottom Line:

Whether it’s date night, dinner out with the family, or meeting up with friends, Next Door 112 is perfect for any occasion. They have recently opened for lunch, too. The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable and the food is as delectable as you would expect from the sister restaurant Element 112. Not only are children welcome but they eat for a buck on Mondays. • December 2019 •




Create & Coloornatest! winter scene...C Create y o own Win ur ter Wonder land sce ne! Contest open age gro to two Children ups: ages and 7-11 2-6

Child’s Name: ______________________________________________________________ Age: ______________

Phone: ________________________________________________

Parent’s name: _____________________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________ City: ________________________


• December 2019 •

Get coloring! Contest winners will receive a family 4 pack of tickets to Children’s Wonderland which runs Dec. 7-24th at Sylvania, Tam-O-Shanter. Entries must be received by December 8th. Winners announced December 11th. Mail completed entries to Adams Street Publishing ­— 1120 Adams, Toledo, 43604 Attn: Coloring Contest. More details and extra coloring pages available at All entries will be displayed at Childrens Wonderland after judging.

{December 2019} All calendar events are subject to change, cancellation and limited size. Calling ahead for confirmation is recommended.



Kids’ Cooking Club - This holiday edition of the Cooking Club, hosted by instructor Rachel Chernow, invites students in grades 4-6 to learn more about cooking, baking and presentation while creating holiday goodies. $40. 3-4pm. Mondays, 12.2 & 12.9. Ottawa Hills Elementary Kitchen, 3602 Indian Rd., Ottawa Hills. 419-536-8329.

Dinosaur Adventure - Visit the Seagate Center Saturday and Sunday for Dinosaur Adventure featuring realistic dinosaur models that seem to come alive. Activities include dino rides, an obstacle course, Jurassic Jeeps and more! $18$20. Additional charges for activities and rides. 9am-8pm. And 9am-7pm. Sunday, 12.8. Seagate Center, 401 Jefferson Ave. 419-255-3300.

Pet Photos with Santa - This pets only picture session with Santa should be fun for the whole family. Doggie costumes encouraged! Prices vary. 6-8pm. Franklin Park Mall, 5001 Monroe St. 419-473-3317. franklinparkmall

Visit with Mr. & Mrs. Claus Kids can get their pictures taken with the one and only Santa Claus followed by the holiday film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” at 1pm. 10am-12:30pm. Wildwood Ward Pavilion, 5100 Central Ave. 419-407-9700. Free

4 WEDNESDAY Toddler Trails - Take a morning stroll at Wildwood with other families and a Metropark guide. Register in advance. $2. Wildwood, 5100 Central Ave. 419-407-9700. Kindergarten Cooking Club Thist Kindergarten edition of the Cooking Club invites young children to learn more about the kitchen and creating holiday treats. $40. 3-4pm. Wednesday, 12.4 & 12.11. Ottawa Hills Elementary Kitchen, 3602 Indian Rd., Ottawa Hills. 419-536-8329.

5 THURSDAY Painting for Kids - Kids ages 8-14 will create a colorful “fox in the snow” acrylic painting. Register in advance. $15. 5-7pm. 577 Foundation, 577 E. Front St., Perrysburg. 419-874-4174.

6 FRIDAY 6th Wood County Hospital Holiday Sale - Support the Hospital by picking up something sweet. 6am-6pm. Wood County Hospital, 950 W. Wooster St., Bowling Green. woodcountyhospital Free Deck the Halls for History This silent auction, hosted by the Sylvania Historical Village invites visitors to bid for unique gift baskets, artwork, family events and more during this two-day silent auction. Proceeds benefit ongoing educational programing. Visit the space to see the auction items. 5-8pm. Friday, 12.6. Noon-5pm. Saturday, 12.7. Sylvania Historical Village, 5717 Main St., Sylvania. 419-517-5533. Free TMA Art Crawl - Bring your young child 18 months & under for Art Crawl. After a guided tour of the galleries, children will get messy with an art project hosted by the Family Center at the Museum. $7-$10. 6-pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000.

Family Hike - Take a winter stroll with the family and a Metroparks interpreter to look for signs of animal life and their winter homes. 1-2:30pm. Westwinds, 9918 Geiser Rd., Holland. 419-407-9700. Free Christmas Memories - Visit the Historic Wolcott Village for the Museum’s Christmas Exhibit: A Vintage Christmas. The Museum space includes the Clover Leaf Depo, the Historic Monclova Church, an 1840s era School House and other historic buildings. Tours offered at 12:30 & 2:30pm. Saturdays, 12.7 & 12.14. $2.50-$6. Wolcott Heritage Center, 1035 River Rd., Maumee. 419-893-9602. wolcottheritagecenter Christmas in the Cabin Live interpreters will recreate a traditional settlers’ Christmas in the Log Cabin. This free family event is part of the Wood County Historical Museum’s Demonstration Days. 1-4pm. Wood County Historical Center & Museum, 13660 County Home Rd., Bowling Green. 419-352-0967. Free UT Youth Baseball Camp - Hosted by the University of Toledo, this day camp is open to youth ages 8-14. Students will participate in throwing, hitting, catching and fielding basics, suitable for all skill levels. $75. 10am-3pm. UT Baseball Camp, 2225 Nebraska Ave. 419-530-3097. Author Saadia Faruqi Event Gathering Volumes bookstore and MVCDS will host children’s book author Saadia Faruqi who has written stories “Yasmin Series” “A Place at the Table” “A Thousand Questions” and other popular books. 2:30pm. Maumee Valley Country Day School, 1715 S. Reynolds Rd. 419-381-1313. Free Lindsey Stirling Warmer in the Winter Tour - Genre bending pop/ electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling brings her Christmas tour to the Stranahan. The popular artist will have fans dancing in the aisles. $42.50-$88. 7-10pm. Stranahan Theater, 4645 Heatherdowns Blvd. 419-381-8851.

Miracle on Main Street Weekend

Dec. 6-7, 5PM - 11PM Historic Downtown Sylvania Head to Downtown Sylvania for a weekend of Holiday Cheer! Shop local and handmade at the First Friday Art Walk at the Mistletoe Market with over 30 vendors, and enjoy kids’ crafts and activities, as well as a silent auction, at Heritage Sylvania Historical Village.Venture to 6 locations all weekend for the Elfin’ Brew Hop fundraiser and finally, the weekend will end with a 5k run, Santa’s Little Helper Kids Dash, and a festive parade!

All-Ages Glass Art Workshops: Frosty Glass Dec. 28-29, 12PM, 1PM and 2PM Toledo Museum of Art 2445 Monroe St., Toledo

Work with the Museum’s glass instructors to create your very own frosty glass. Apply stickers and decals to a clear glass or mug that will be frosted to reveal your own unique designs, then take your creation over to the Glass Pavilion Café for a special treat. Register online at $20 members; $25 for nonmembers. Prices include one child and an accompanying adult.

LCCS Toy-a-Ton - Donate a new wrapped toy to benefit Lucas County Children Services to the toy drive event. Presents will be also be accepted at various drop-off bins located around town. Your present will benefit children ages birth to adult. Drop-off locations include: Franklin Park Mall, and area Burger Kings. 10am-2pm. Franklin Park Mall, 5001 Monroe St. 419-213-3200. Free

8 SUNDAY The Santa Claus - Watch the family film starring Tim Allen hosted by the Metroparks. 1-3pm. Wildwood Ward Pavilion, 5100 Central Ave. 419-407-9700. Free

Join us for Open House Saint Joseph Parish School is a Pre-K to 8th grade school dedicated to Catholic faith formation & academic excellence.

Sunday, January 26, 2020 from 12:30p.m. - 2p.m. Pre-school and K-5 - West Campus | Grades 6-8 - East Campus

We have a lot of exciting things happening, come check us out. Visit the classroom, meet teachers, tour the building and learn about our curriculum.

5411 Main Street, Sylvania Ohio 43560 | (419)882-6670 • December 2019 •




NAMI Family Support - Mental illness in a family affects everyone. Learn how to cope and gain resources at this support group. 7-8:30pm. NAMI Toledo, 2753 W. Central Ave. 419-243-1119. Free

12 THURSDAY Family Pottery (4-6 years) Register for this one day pottery workshop, open to any child ages 4-6 years with an adult. Shape, build and decorate and glaze ceramics during this 90 minute class. $15. 9:30-11am. 577 Foundation, 577 E. Front St., Perrysburg. 419-874-4174.

Great Performances: Rejoice Handbell Choir - The Rejoice Handbell Choir of Olivet Lutheran Church will perform a free concert in the Peristyle. 7-8pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. Free Star Wars Night at the Walleye Toledo Walleye Hockey take on the Indianapolis Fuel at the Huntington Center during Star Wars Night at the stadium. The game will feature Star Wars music, special effects and themed-games as well as costumed characters. Dress up to be part of the fun. $19-$28. 7-10pm. Huntington Center, 500 Jefferson Ave. 419- 321-5007.




Make your Blessings count Donate to Seagate Food Bank


Prancer - Visit for a free holiday film. 1-3pm. Wildwood Ward Pavilion, 5100 Central Ave. 419-407-9700. Free Gingerbread Cabin - Ages 8-14 years will decorate an edible gingerbread cabin using candy, frosting and other sweets. $8.50. Adults can attend for an additional $8.50. 10-11am. 577 Foundation, 577 E. Front St., Perrysburg. 419-874-4174. Kids Days: Victorian Christmas Discover Victorian (1830-1901) traditions with the family as children learn more about historic American Christmas traditions. $3-$5. Adults are free. 1-2pm. Hayes Presidential Museums, Spiegel Grove, Fremont. 419- 332-2081.

Wood County History Gala The Historical Center celebrates 150 years in business with a party to benefit the Museum’s exhibits and educational programming. Play birthday games to win prizes, enjoy a popcorn bar and root beer floats, live music and more. $55$60. 6-9pm. Wood County Historical Center & Museum, 13660 County Home Rd., Bowling Green. 419-352-0967. 20th Holiday Craft Show Visit Start High for the annual Holiday Craft Show, featuring handmade goods and gifts for anyone on your shopping list. Start High School, 2010 Tremainsville Rd. 10am-3pm. Start Holiday Craft Show on Free

15 SUNDAY “Arthur Christmas” - Watch a family holiday film hosted by the Metroparks. 1-3pm. Wildwood Ward Pavilion, 5100 Central Ave. 419-407-9700. Free Polar Paws & Santa Claws 5k The 5k run/walk and Kids’ Cub Run will take participants through the Zoo campus and includes admission to the Lights Before Christmas exhibit that evening. Be a spectator for $7-$10. $15-$45 to participate. 3-6pm. Toledo Zoo, 2 Hippo Way. 419-385-5721.

17 TUESDAY Storytime - Families will enjoy a story and craft. Support the shop with a purchase. 10-11am. Share Our Grounds, 6726 Providence St., Whitehouse. 567-246-8004. shareourgrounds Free

• December 2019 •

19 THURSDAY Art Loop Toledo: Light Up! Hop aboard the Arts Commission trolleys for $1.50 and receive unlimited rides to the many shops and restaurants participating in December’s Art Loop Toledo. From in-house specials to presentations and performances, Art Loop has a fun night in store for the family. Visit for maps and routes. 5:30-9pm. Various locations. 419-254-2787. Free $5 After 5 - Visit the Imagination Station science museum during Art Loop and receive discounted admission from after 5pm. The extended hours are perfect for after work family time. $5. 5-8pm. Imagination Station, 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674. Disney On Ice presents Dream Big - See your favorite Disney characters— from Moana to Anna, Elsa and Olaf— during this show that captures all the magic and adventure through cutting edge figure skating, glamorous costumes and stunning set designs. $15+. Showtimes vary. December 19-22. Huntington Center, 500 Jefferson Ave.,

20 FRIDAY It’s a Wonderful Life - The Frank Capra classic will be screened at the Valentine just in time for the holidays. Relive the emotional journey of George Bailey and family in 1940s small town America. $5. 7:30pm. Valentine Theatre, 410 Adams St. 419-242-2787.

Ballet Camps - Dance camps are open to ages 3-7 years and will feature instructor ‘Clara of the Nutcracker,’ arts & craft workshops, tumbling and music. Each camp is a little different so sign up for one or more dates. $35-$50. 1-4pm. Friday, 12.20 & Sunday, 12.22. Toledo Ballet, 5327 Monroe St. 419-471-0094.


27 FRIDAY Junior Naturalist Camp - Ages 5-10 are invited to join the mini-camp day hosted by the Metroparks. This one day drop-off camp will introduce students to outdoor education and nature sciences. Register. $30. 9:30am-2:30pm. The same program runs Friday, 12.30 & Tuesday 12.31. Wildwood, 5100 Central Ave. 419-407-9700. Free

Family Pottery (ages 7-17 years) Register for a pottery workshop hosted by the 577 Foundation. Open to students with an adult. Create handmade ceramics and decorate your finished work. $20. 10am-noon. 577 Foundation, 577 E. Front St., Perrysburg. 419-874-4174.

CTW Winter Workshop - Ages 7-12 years are invited to a full day of musical theatre workshops. Students will also get a chance to socialize and watch a musical movie. Register in advance. $50. 9am-5pm. Children’s Theatre Workshop, 2417 Collingwood Blvd. 419-244-5061.

Family Cooking Class - Partner up with your child for this family class, Holiday Appetizers. Create festive plates to share this season. $30-$45 per person. Noon-3pm. Foodology, 2059 W. Laskey Rd.

Family Center Visiting Artist Scrapbook and collage artist Amy Sweeney will host an activity and art demonstration at TMA. Kids will create a colorful collage using cuttings and found images. 6-7pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. Free

40th Toledo Jazz Orchestra Holiday Concert - The Jazz Orchestra will perform holiday favorites, jazz standards and big band hits. $28-$38. 8pm. Valentine Theatre, 410 Adams St. 419-242-2787.

26 THURSDAY The Great Art Escape - The annual event features free dance, theatre and musical performances along with family games and special exhibits. 10am7pm. The event runs 12.26 - 1.1 during Museum hours. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. Free Sleigh Rides Through Spiegel Grove The Historic Hayes Estate, Spiegel Grove, will offer horse-drawn ‘sleigh’ rides through the grounds. These trolly/sleigh hybrids do not need snow to carry passengers through the winter landscape. No reservations needed. $4.50-$5.50. Offered 1-4pm. Thursday, 12.26 - Tuesday, 12.31. Hayes Presidential Museums, Spiegel Grove, Fremont. 419- 332-2081.

30 MONDAY Harlem Globetrotters - Don’t miss the hilarious acrobatic basketball artists, The Harlem Globetrotters and they pumble The WashingtonGenerals. $26-$126. 2pm. Huntington Center, 500 Jefferson Ave. 419-321-5007.

Family Center Open The Family Center to Toledo Museum is open to kids and their guardians to create crafts, read story books and play games in the community play room. Stop by and see what art project is going on. Parking rates apply. Open Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10am-3pm. Fridays, 3:30-8pm. Saturdays & Sundays, Noon-5pm. Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St. 419-255-8000. Free


Painting Classes This weekly class is open to all ages and abilities. Students will create new artwork every week. No registration required. $15. 5:30-6:30pm. Awakening Minds, 317 S. Main St., Findlay. 419-302-3892.


Little Scientist Workshops This weekly workshop open to ages 3-6 years engage children to explore the world around them using simple scientific skills. Themes in October include Noisy Boxes, Delicious Digestion and Them Bones. $5-$7 plus admission. 11:30am-12:15pm. Imagination Station, 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674.


Toledo Farmers Market One of the area’s largest markets heads indoors for the winter months with shorter hours. Still, there’s no better place to pick up locally sourced veggies, meats, dairy and more. 9am-1pm. Toledo Farmers Market, 525 Market St. 419-255-6765. Think Tank Workshops These intensive workshops for kids ages 7+ will explore everything from anatomy to astronomy and beyond. $6-$8. Admission $11-$13. Imagination Station, 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674. Skate Lessons These weekly lessons are open to kids 2-13 years and includes skate rental and small drink. $5. 10:30-11am. Ohio Skate, 1370 Conant St., Maumee. 419-893-4031.

Searchable listings updated daily

Bouncy Ball New Year’s Eve Visit the science museum on New Year’s for a special bouncy ball drop celebration party. Admission varies $11-$13. 1 Discovery Way. 419-244-2674.

EVENTS MINDFUL YOGA – All levels welcome. Thurs. Oct 1st, 4:30 – 5:30. 1415 Miller Ave. (Calvary Church) 1st class is FREE! $10.00 each session


MEETING MOM2MOM For moms of all ages! Free childcare! Meets the first Wednesday of each month at Christ the Word Church in Sylvania Follow us on Facebook @mom2momtoledo


Call 419.244.9859 to sell your stuff today


Sun - Thur: 12pm to 10pm Fri & Sat: 12pm to 12am



SUN. DECEMBER 15TH Tommies asked Santa to bring Lots of Toys for all the boys & girls (limited 2 children per family) Take photos with Santa & have a FREE kids meal with purchase of Adult meal.


5201 MONROE ST. | TOLEDO, OH | (419) 517-2150 (In the same parking lot as Bed Bath & Beyond!!) • December 2019 •



Profile for Adams Street Publishing Co.

December 2019 - Toledo Parent  

Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday Happenings, Holiday Meals and more.

December 2019 - Toledo Parent  

Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday Happenings, Holiday Meals and more.

Profile for adamsst