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student SURVIVAL GUIDE 2011





The University of Michigan Museum of Art provides world-class art, film and events

Art in Ann Arbor

Explore, explore, explore by Louis Meldman

Welcome, students, new and old. My best advice to you is to check out the art scene here in town. It’s a pleasure in itself, a great first (and free) date, and a way to meet fun and friendly people – just like us! Look up and around: there’s something for everyone. I was tasked to point out five highlights of Ann Arbor Art, and I am only too happy to do so in no particular order. Number One: The University of Michigan art museums and galleries. The UM Museum of Art on State Street has a mind-blowing


  september 2011 


permanent collection and hosts cuttingedge exhibitions from around the world. Practically across State Street is the Kelsey Museum, home to the U’s amazing archeological treasures. The two venues have recently made seventy million dollars worth of expansions, and seeing these new additions is a pleasure in itself. If you walk around campus you’ll see amazing architecture, perhaps most notably by Albert Kahn, and outdoor sculpture, including my favorite fountain, next to the Michigan League,

by Carl Milles of Cranbrook fame. If you’re on North Campus, drop in to the School of Art and Design. It has two galleries of its own, and you can peek in on ongoing classes. Number Two: Ann Arbor has outstanding private art galleries and private studios that are a joy to visit. On Main Street, within a few steps of each other, are the Clay Gallery, WSG Gallery, the Selo/Shevel Gallery, and 16 Hands. Around the corner on Liberty is the venerable Ann Arbor Arts Center, closing in on its centenary year in business. October hosts the annual ArtWalk, when sixty venues, including private home studios, in Washtenaw County open their doors to everyone. Number Three (the best kept secret): Drive out to the Dharma Center on West Liberty, a mile and a half west of Zeeb. There they have the world’s largest Buddhist mural, painted by the artistic genius Rob Davis. In addition there is an incredible “stupa,” or reliquary, “Sunday Morning in Deep Waters” and a new hut of mirrors. This is a sculpture by Carl Milles real (American) Buddhist compound, and they couldn’t be nicer

16 Hands Art Gallery, left, and the Clay Gallery are two of the great venues downtown



Get comfortable in a rich local music scene by Jeff Milo

Listen—I don’t know how much you’ve heard. Most of it’s on the Internet; you can find the bands, the labels, the venues, but unless you get out there, to the edge of the stage(s), with lovingly bludgeoned ear drums and spilt beer upon your Converse, then all you’ll have to go on is the lore. Get out there and just start asking. Curiosity; meeting the musicians here can induce an admiration and pride for the arts community. And that’s the thing — many are so appreciatively possessed by it they’re ready to make you into a substantial cultural stakeholder; here, the scene and its contributors will engage (and absorb) you. Who’s playing tonight? — becomes: I’m headin’ to see a show, who wants to come? — becomes: Do you wanna start a band?

Where to start:

Through Ypsilanti: where, down in Depot Town, you can see some of the best homegrown rock, pop, punk and electronica the scene has to offer: 1.) Woodruff’s (already (in)famous and ripe with new legends after being open just one full year). Go there and ask about the Elbow Room and certainly ask about Mittenfest. Stop in on weeknights and experience Absolute Beginners, a smorgasbord DJ night (spun by local musicians) featuring stylish/dorky jams from a range of eras, be it 80’s new wave, 60’s garage or 70’s punk. Slide into 2.) Café Ollie Slide in and scope out the

Chris Bathgate performs at Woodruff’s on Nov. 4th



Ypsi Music Shelf to keep up on your neighbor’s newest releases (often DIY or via our healthy network of underground labels). 3. Then to Ann Arbor, where Continued on pg. 5 / september 2011   3


and more hospitable. Call first to see when they’re having visitors: 734.663.3842. Four: Performance art! Art and Design has some of the world’s greatest performance artists. The most important summer happening in America is the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, which always features performance art extraordinaire. Kids, you want real performance art? Go outside the Michigan Stadium on game day. Buy a ticket at a deep discount near kickoff time. Have you ever seen 110,000 people at one glance? Go blue! Five, do a day trip. In one hour you can visit world-class Cranbrook, The Detroit Institute of Arts, or the Toledo Museum of Art. I’m not kidding. Trust me. These are places that would be right at home in Paris, France. Stay gold, kids!




  september 2011 



The Ark welcomes Fleet Foxes to the stage on Thursday, Sept. 29th MUSIC continued from pg. 3 Liberty Street’s a live wire complete with its own Robot Repair store and where you can school yourself on dusty seminal soul grooves via the Ann Arbor Soul Club, every first Friday at the Blind Pig. Not only will the Pig provide more of a hip-hop answer to Ypsi’s rock and punk, it’s also where you can see bigger touring bands (from Royce Da 5’9” to Talib Kweli). 4.) Ann Arbor’s also a bit of a mecca for fine folk music — check classy/quaint institutions like The

Ark, often graced by songwriters of high regard,

from Mavis Staples to newer treasures like Fleet Foxes.   
Hoof it around to our various, valiantly surviving 5.) Record Shops, wherein I still believe tomorrow’s great songwriters (and bands) are incubating – Wazoo, Encore, Underground Sounds. And forget Spotify – all you need is broadcasts, 24-7, by your fellow students, via 88.3 WCBN.



Taking to the stage Ann Arbor’s wide world of theater by Sandor Slomovits

Of course, when Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage…” he wasn’t referring to Ann Arbor and its surroundings, but the plethora of theaters and thespians in our midst make the phrase an apt description of our area. On almost any night, or afternoon — as you like it — we have a great many theater experiences available locally. Besides the unusually high quality shows presented by all our high schools, and the near professional level productions mounted by Eastern Michigan University’s Theater Department, and the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theatre & Dance, we also have community theater organizations, amateur theater groups, semi-professional and professional theater companies contributing to the cultural life of our communities. The crown jewel in the tiara of theater offerings in our area is the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea. Founded by famed actor and Chelsea native Jeff Daniels, it compares favorably, in every aspect, with any small theater you’ll find in New York or Chicago. Employing primarily Equity actors and directors, and mounting four new American plays or classics every season, the Rose boasts nearly 300 shows every year. Their next season starts with a reprise of one of their most popular plays, Jeff Daniels’ Escanaba in Da Moonlight.

The Performance Network brings professional theater fresh from Broadway The University Musical Society brings world-class actors and international theater companies to Ann Arbor’s Power Center. Their season opens with John Malkovich, appearing in a modern theatrical opera, The Infernal Comedy.

Continued on pg. 6 / september 2011   5



THEATRE continued from pg. 5 The Performance Network is Ann Arbor’s professional theater. Located downtown, the company presents musicals, comedies and dramas fresh from Broadway. Their season kicks off with the Michigan premiere of Time Stands Still, the 2010 Tony nominee for Best Play, by Donald Margulies. Dexter’s Encore Theatre presents classic American musicals, and employs a mix of professional actors and talented locals. They’ll open with The Light in the Piazza, with music and lyrics by Adam Guettel, Richard Rodger’s grandson. Community theater is very well represented by the Ann Arbor Civic Theater, which will begin with the musical, Avenue Q. The Burns Park Players only present one classic American musical every year, but their productions are always top notch, and their proceeds go to support local schools.

Several small theater companies, the Blackbird Theatre, the Penny Seats Theater Company, the New Theatre Project, and PTD Productions, provide opportunities for thespians and audiences to experience less commercially viable, experimental or new works. (My apologies in advance to any I’ve missed.) I’ll end with one more favorite: Shakespeare in the Arb, every weekend in June, is simply the best way to enjoy the Bard.

Making history

San’s favorite places to see a play locally: Purple Rose Theatre Shakespeare in the Arb The Power Center The Performance Network The Arthur Miller Theater (at UofM)


Ann Arbor Film Festival turns 50 by Scott Recker

Every film junkie dreams of making the trek to Sundance, but one of the oldest running experimental film festivals is right here in Ann Arbor — and this year it turns 50. The Ann Arbor FIlm Festival spans six days, presents 40 programs and screens more than 180 films from over 20 countries — all while providing $18,000 in cash awards and serving as a qualifier for Academy Award nominations. This year’s festival, which takes place March 27-April 1, 2012, is expected to be bigger than ever.


  september 2011 


“We are anticipating our biggest audience, by far, not just locally, but people coming in from all over the country,” says AAFF Executive Director Donald Harrison. While the six days will highlight the current movers and shakers of independent film, the festival will also pay tribute to its past, with retro films scattered through the entire duration of the schedule. “The 50th is a great opportunity to connect our rich history in independent film with what is at the


forefront of independent film,” Harrison says. The festival has shown work from a myriad of influential filmmakers, including the early work of famous notables such as Gus Van Sant, George Lucas and Andy Warhol, making the fest a great opportunity to see what the next big name film has to offer without having to travel. To make sure this year is the biggest, best and most hyped up, there will be a Retrospective Screening

Series leading up to the anniversary. Every month a different event at the Michigan Theater will bring audiences back to a special place and time in the AAFF’s history. So, if you’re unfamiliar with the festival, get involved — attend, volunteer, ask questions. Just don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Ann Arbor Film Festival 308 1/2 S. State St. 734-995-5356

AAFF 50th Retrospective Screening Series Thursday, September 22           7:30 PM Screening #1: Featuring Alice Anne Parker (Anne Severson)’s 1971 film Near the Big Chakra. Severson will participate in a live interview with Holly Hughes following the screening. Thursday, October 20              7:30PM Screening #2: Archival films guest curated and presented by Mark Toscano of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Eat, drink and be merry

A guide to Ann Arbor’s restaurants and nightlife by Nick Roumel

Wednesday, January 25              7PM Screening #4: Archival films presented by guest curator, 48th AAFF juror and film scholar Irina Leimbacher Wednesday, February 22              7PM Screening #5: Robert Gardner’s 1986 feature documentary, Forest of Bliss.




Wednesday, November 30          7PM Screening #3: A program of historic films guest curated and presented by filmmaker David Gatten

All showings at the Michigan Theater

PHOTO CREDIT: Pierre Wickramirachi

Asking me to write about UM student hangouts is akin to asking your dad to rate hip-hop artists. “You mean the kids don’t go to Dooley’s and the Pretzel Bell anymore?” So I had to enlist a top-secret panel of current UM students to give me the true lowdown. First, the cheap restaurants. In the South U area, try Panchero’s especially for their meat and vegetarian quesadillas; the “delicious” Maize and Blue Deli; the venerable Brown Jug; Za’s for pasta and pizza; and, for excellent bi bim bop, Rich JC. A shout was also given to Back Room Pizza, especially for their cheap slices served right out the take-away window, just in time for the after-bar crowd. On Monroe Street, Dominick’s is a funky hangout with a little of everything, a favorite of the nearby business

and law students, and a great place for group get-togethers. On South State Street, praise was given to Rod’s Diner, Mr. Spots, Pizza Bob’s (especially for their chipatis), Quickie Burger, and Oriental Express, which “is not too shady and will cater to special orders.” Also on South State is the original BTB, which is “super cheap with huge portions,” and further up Packard, Mr. Pizza a.k.a. “Mr. Cheesy.” Further north on State, Amer’s (in the Union and by Nickel’s Arcade) features good deli food and the yummy “Yogurt Rush” with abundant toppings. Totoro edges Sushi. com for good sushi; and Silvio’s, which came out on top in last year’s Current “Pizza Odyssey,” is recommended for

Continued on pg. 8 / september 2011   7


organic pizza and pasta. Here also are two popular chains, Five Guys for greasy, satisfying burgers and fries, and Noodles & Co. for its eclectic, healthy, pasta and salad choices. For group gettogethers, Pizza House was also at the top of the list, along with Ashley’s and Sava’s on North State, which also got mention for casual dates. Confided one source, “If you have a boyfriend who doesn’t like sushi or Sava’s lentil burgers, go to Red Hawk so he can feed his football player beefiness.” Venturing towards town, one would be remiss to neglect Blimpy Burger Blimpy Burger, famous from “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” Further west, N. Fifth Avenue twin restaurants Jerusalem Garden (amazing falafel) and the vegetarian Indian buffet Earthen Jar are good choices, and Le Dog on Liberty – Ann Arbor’s unique gourmet hot-dog stand – is known for its soups, including an impressive lobster bisque. For dates or weekend get-togethers, try our local brewpubs Arbor Brewing and Grizzly Peak. Food shopping is a bit sparse, but By the Pound in South Main Market offers cheap bulk food; White Market on William is the oldest independent grocer on campus; and the Michigan Union “U-Go” store is handy in a pinch, with PHOTO CREDIT: Pierre Wickramirachi


FOOD continued from pg. 7

Arbor Brewing Company a mini farmer’s market in harvest months. For the best uninterrupted laptop time to low expenditure ratio, try Espresso Royale on N. State or Main, and Café Ambrosia on Maynard, featuring super cheap chai tea. Student nightlife in the South U area centers around Rick’s, “a bit sketchy but people seem to end up there,” Good Time Charley’s, and the “Blue Leprechaun,” affectionately known as “Blep’s.” Near State Street, Scorekeepers is the draw for the frat and sorority crowd, and I have only sued them once in my legal career. Perhaps I’m just bitter because they changed the name from “Dooley’s.”

Beer is good.

L L The Wolverines A B T O O F are back Counterpunt

by Nick Roumel Resurrecting “Punt-Counterpunt” after a three-year hiatus leaves me scrambling to keep up with all the changes. We’ve moved on from Lloyd Carr, through an embarrassing three-year period where there was no UM football, to the starry-eyed optimism that has accompanied the hiring of “Michigan Man” Brady Hoke, who, as of this writing, has yet to lose a game. In addition, while the Big 10 conference has moved from 11 teams to 12 it is still called the Big 10, showing that we should perhaps not be so arrogant about our alleged scholastic superiority to other conferences. Let’s do a quick review to catch up with all the changes, shall we? BIG TEN CONFERENCE – Adding Nebraska to this Midwest conference stretches the geographical scope of


  september 2011 


the Big 10 to nearly 1100 miles from its easternmost school, Penn State, to Lincoln, Nebraska. The conference has divided its 12 members into two divisions of six teams each. These divisions are called “Leaders” and “Legends,” which was the brainchild of a highly paid international consulting firm, which also designed a new logo equally as lame as the division names. Unfittingly, Michigan is in the “Legends” division, which will require a change of the lyrics of the fight song from “leaders and the best.” The Michigan Wolverines resume football after a threeyear break, during which it renovated its stadium and engaged in an extensive search for Lloyd Carr’s predecessor. In the meantime, players practiced on their own, which unfortunately resulted in a finding that they violated NCAA rules. Rumors also abounded of a shifty-eyed hillbilly lurking around the athletic complex, absconding with millions of dollars from the athletic program. Michigan hopes to return to glory in the 2011

PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of U-M Photo Services


join Michigan in the Legends division, along with Nebraska and Michigan State. The Indiana Hoosiers, Purdue Boilermakers, and Illinois “Fighting Illini” will be in the Leaders division, with Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Penn State. Of these “also-ran” teams, Iowa and Northwestern will show the most promise. How will Michigan fare? Excitement is back for Michigan football. With electrifying Denard Robinson leading the offense, and a defense that can only get better, Michigan is a sure bet to return to competitive level that marked its recent history until the retirement of Hall of Fame coach Lloyd Carr. Visitors to the Big House will also like the increased noise level, thanks to the better acoustics afforded by the new construction, and astounding 85-foot wide video screens at each end of the stadium. However, I cannot offer as much optimism for the future of “Punt-Counterpunt.” My counterpart “Punt,” a.k.a. Ken “Sky” Walker, declined to offer his own view of the upcoming season, although he boasted “I’m still a better writer than you.” Such delusional grandeur is not so fitting for a proven hack writer, but for any football fan before the first snap of a new season, hope is a thing with leather.


season, which will be highlighted by the first true night game in Big House history, September 10 vs. Notre Dame. A pair of end zone ducats for this spectacle has been advertised on StubHub in the $9000 range. The Nebraska Cornhuskers join the Big 10 with much fanfare, already being tabbed by many to win the conference championship this season. They have a rivalry with Michigan that dates to 1998, when with much controversy, they garnered a share of the National Championship after the final bowl games. The addition of Nebraska brings another storied football program to the conference, although it does dramatically lower the conference average of university rankings. In the most recent U.S. News and World Report rating, Nebraska is at the bottom of the Big 10 with a national rank of 104, sparing Michigan State University the perennial ignominy of last place. The Michigan State Spartans have returned to football respectability under Mark D’Antonio, who has the best record of any coach in over 50 years of MSU history, far better than despised scoundrel Nick “Beelzebub” Satan, who left in 1999 for hotter climes and better times down south. The Spartans won a share of the conference championship last season and will be circling October 15 on their calendars, when the Michigan Wolverines travel to East Lansing to try and avenge an unprecedented three consecutive losses to their arch rivals. The Ohio State Buckeyes have endured NCAA investigative scrutiny and the resignation of their revered head coach, Jim Tressel, after multiple allegations of unethical conduct. Tressel remains a beloved martyr in Columbus, where fans must pin their hopes on interim coach Luke Fickell and a new quarterback. Michigan hopes to reverse its dismal recent fortunes against the Buckeyes on November 26 at the Big House. The Penn State Nittany Lions have not changed much. They are still ostensibly coached by the 84 year old Joe Paterno, in his 46th year, with as much control over the football team as Queen Elizabeth has over the British Empire. Joe no longer goes on recruiting trips or attends fundraising events, and on those rare occasions when he actually watches the game from the sidelines, he seems superfluous. Recently, during a Penn State practice, he wandered onto the field during a pass play and was bowled over by a player, resulting in a broken shoulder and fractured pelvis. Still, the Penn State system works, and the Lions remain expected to crack the national rankings this season. The Wisconsin Badgers are expected to compete for the conference championship and finish in the top ten nationally, despite an offseason of turmoil that resulted in Governor Scott Walker attempting to bust the players’ union. Still, Madison remains a favorite road trip destination, although they won’t play Michigan this season or as often in future years, as they will play in the “Leaders” division. The Rest – The Iowa Hawkeyes, Minnesota Golden Gophers, and Northwestern Wildcats / september 2011   9

MichiganMusts Provided courtesy of Michigan Alumnus magazine and the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan




No. Pull an all-nighter No. 11 Go traying in the Arb

No. 1 Attend at least one game at Michigan Stadium

No. 12 Attend the Ann Arbor Art Fairs

No. 2 Attend at least one other sporting event at Michigan

No. 13 Have dinner at the Gandy Dancer

No. 3 Run on the Wave field on North Campus No. 4 Get ice cream from Stucchi’s and Washtenaw Dairy No. 5 Explore a campus museum No. 6 Attend a student theatre production No. 7 Walk on the Block M on the Diag No. 8 Eat at Blimpy Burger



No. Skip class and hang out on the Diag It’s a warm day in early April. Frisbees appear out of nowhere, shorts come out of the closet, and it’s almost impossible to concentrate on class. Those are the signs. Follow your heart to the Diag and play hooky.

No. See a show at the Blind Pig If you haven’t been to the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor’s historic nightclub and concert venue, you might have missed “the next big thing.” Located on S. First Street, a 15-minute walk from campus, the club features live music almost every night. You never know what act at the Pig could hit it big next — the venue hosted Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and REM early in their careers.


  september 2011 

There’s a point when studying that you realize that staying up is going to be better than grabbing just a few hours sleep. Stock up on coffee and hit the books. Then prepare to crash the next day.


No. 14 Volunteer as a research study subject (even if it’s only for the money)

No. 26 Have a terrible roommate

No. 15 Get your car towed No. 16 Play an IM sport No. 18 Take a class that makes you question your major No. 19 Take a spring break trip No. 20 Stand in a long, long line to buy books No. 21 Have breakfast at Angelo’s No. 22 Play pool at the Union No. 23 Lose your M-Card No. 24 Take a road trip No. 25 Meet the people who will be your friends for life


27 \

Eat a chipati For some reason they don’t seem to be available many places outside of Ann Arbor. Get them while you can. You’ll miss them and talk whistfully about them when you’re gone.


No. Eat a fragel

No. 47 Take a walk through Nichols Arboretum

No. Lose a term paper hours before it’s due

No. 30 Run the steps at Michigan Stadium

No. 48 Attend at least one performance at Hill Auditorium

No. 31 Call your parents for money

No. 49 Study in the stacks at the Grad Library

No. 32 Spend a summer in Ann Arbor

No. 50 Learn “The Yellow and Blue”


No. Study abroad

Oh, the horror! The computer crashed, you lost the only hard copy, your roomate’s dog ate it. You can feel the excuses forming as sheer panic sets in. It’s a feeling you won’t soon forget.

. Our group is awesome. No doubt.



Join a student group

No. 34 Go to a movie at the Michigan and State theaters No. 35 Visit the Exhibit Museum of Natural History. No. 36 Take a date to dinner on Main StreeT

There are more than 700 student organizations on campus, so one is bound to fit your interests, hobbies, political, social or religious beliefs. The hard part is finding just one or two to focus on.

No. 38 Make an emergency room visit at U-M Hospital

No. 39 Vote in an MSA election No. 41 Look at the stars from Angell Hall Observatory No. 42 Switch majors


Take it from those who didn’t: You can afford to be away from Ann Arbor for a semester and you won’t regret it

For you veteran Wolverines, we want you to share your own “Michigan Must.” Visit currentmagazine on Friday, September 9 and comment on our post asking you the most important thing to do before graduation. Trust us, the prize is well worth your time!

No. 43 Skate at Yost Arena No. 44 Explore Kerrytown and the Farmer’s Market No. 45 Eat at Zingerman’s


No. Kiss someone under the Engineering Arch / september 2011   11



No. 29 Enjoy sangria on the porch at Dominick’s on a summer day


best of washtenaw county



READERS’ CHOICE Washtenaw County is a special little bubble in Michigan, providing some of the finest talent in business, the arts, entertainment and the service industry. And, from this sea of creativity and passion, Current's readers have chosen their favorites—a diverse group of highly innovative souls, who have tirelessly worked to steer the county in the hardworking, creative direction that makes us all proud. LOCAL COLOR Local Non-Profit Huron Valley Humane Society 3100 Cherry Hill Rd., Ann Arbor 734-662-5585 Runner up: Food Gatherers Company to Work for University of Michigan 503 Thompson St., Ann Arbor 734-764-1817 Runner up: Google

Furniture Store Three Chairs 208 S Ashley St., Ann Arbor 734-665-2795 Runner up: Tyner Furniture

Place to See Someone Famous Zingerman’s 610-640 Phoenix Dr., Ann Arbor 888-636-8162 Runner up: Arbor Brewing Company SHOPPING AND SERVICES Green-oriented Business Green Pawz Pet Supply 211 N Maple Rd., Ann Arbor 734-222-9622 Runner up: Scrap Box


  september 2011 

Shopping Center Briarwood Shopping Center 100 Briarwood Circle, Ann Arbor 734-761-9550 aspx?id=1231 Runner up: Westgate Shopping Center

Hardware Store Stadium Hardware 2177 W Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor 734-663-8704 Runner up: Barnes Ace Hardware Natural Food Store People’s Food Coop 216 N 4th Ave., Ann Arbor 734-994-9174 Runner up: Arbor Farms


Produce Market The Produce Station 1629 S State St., Ann Arbor 734-663-7848 Runner up: Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market

Independent Bookstore Nicola’s Books 2603 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor 734-662-0600 Runner up: Dawn Treader Book Shop

Supermarket Busch’s Fresh Food Market 2240 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-998-2666 Runner up: Plum Market

Used Bookstore Dawn Treader Book Shop 514 E Liberty, Ann Arbor 734-995-1008 Runner up: West Side Book Shop

Party/Wine Store Main Party Store 201 N Main St., Ann Arbor 734-769-1515 Runner up: Beer Depot

Comic Book Store Vault of Midnight 219 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-998-1413 Runner up: Fun 4 All

Apartment Complex Aspen Chase 2960 International Dr., Ypsilanti 734-434-0297 Runner up: Arbor Landings

Gift Shop Middle Earth Gifts 1209 S University Ave. #2, Ann Arbor 734-769-1488 Runner up: Hallmark

Florist Tom Thompson Flowers 504 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-665-4222 Runner up: Belinda’s Floral Design and Gift Most Trustworthy Auto Repair Main Street Motors 906 N Main St., Ann Arbor 734-663-5544 Runner up: Mike’s Auto Shop Bicycle Shop Two Wheel Tango 3162 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor 734-528-3030 Runner up: Great Lakes Cycling

Art Supply Store Michigan Book and Supply 317 S State St., Ann Arbor 734-665-4990 Runner up: Ulrich’s Bookstore Outdoor Store/Gear REI 970 W Eisenhower Pkwy., Ann Arbor 734-827-1938 Runner up: Bivouac Non-Chain Music Store Encore Recordings 417 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-662-6776 Runner up: Wazoo Records

Most Knowledgeable Music Store Herb David Guitar Studio 302 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-665-8001 Runner up: Encore Computer Service / Repair Beagle Brain 2 Nickels Arcade, Ann Arbor 734-623-9000 Runner up: Arbor Computers

Lasik Eye Surgeon TLC Eyecare and Laser Centers 2723 S State St. #220, Ann Arbor 517-782-9436 Runner up: Dr. Sensol Dentist Dr. Brian Merkel 125, Keveling Dr., Saline 734-944-2755 Runner up: Dr. Tim McIntosh Doctor Dr. Steven Thiry 3200 W Liberty Rd. Suite C, Ann Arbor 734-761-2581 Runner up: Dr. Katherine Lang Alternative Health Care Healing Hands Therapy 3300 Washtenaw Ave. #260, Ann Arbor 734-222-8515 Runner up: Ann Arbor Wellness Center

LOOKING GOOD, FEELING GORGEOUS Place to Get a Haircut Orbit Hair Design and Massage 334 1/2 S State St., Ann Arbor 734-663-0393 Runner up: Fran Coy’s Salon and Spa Yoga/Pilates Ann Arbor School of Yoga 420 W Huron St., Ann Arbor 734-663-7612 Runner up: The Yoga Space Fitness Center/ Athletic Club YMCA 400 W Washington St., Ann Arbor 734-996-9622 Runner up: Washtenaw CC

Locally Owned Women’s Boutique Vintage to Vogue 415 N 5th Ave., Ann Arbor 734-662-4592 Runner up: Adorn Me Second Hand Clothing Value World 345 N Maple Rd., Ann Arbor 734-728-4610 Runner up: The Get Up Vintage Store The Get Up 215 S State St. #3, Ann Arbor 734-327-4300 Runner up: Ann Arbor Kiwanis Shoe Store Mast Shoes 2517 Jackson Ave., Ann Arbor 734-662-8118 Runner up: Footprints

DINING AND DRINKING New Restaurant Frita Batidos 117 W Washington St., Ann Arbor 734-761-2882 Runner up: Flat Top Grill Chinese Restaurant TKWU 510 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-747-6662 Runner up: Middle Kingdom Japanese Restaurant Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi 4641 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor 734-975-0989 Runner up: Miki Japanese Restaurant Korean Restaurant Kosmo 407 N 5th Ave., Ann Arbor 734-668-4070 Runner up: Pacific Rim by Kana

cont. on pg 14

Cool Eyewear See Eyewear 308 S State St., Ann Arbor 734-622-8056 Runner up: Bennet Optometry Tattoos Lucky Monkey Tattoo 308 S Ashley St., Ann Arbor 734-623-8200 Runner up: Name Brand Tattoo Piercings Pangea Piercing 211 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor 734-929-6226 Runner up: SC Tattoo and Body Piercing Tanning Salon Untamed Tan 2084 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti 734-483-9500 Runner up: Tanfastic / september 2011   13


COOL PROS Bank or Credit Union University of Michigan Credit Union 333 E William St., Ann Arbor 734-662-8200 Runner up: Ann Arbor State Bank

Chiropractor Ann Arbor Chiropractic Wellness Center 2730 Carpenter Rd. Suite 3, Ann Arbor 734-677-0600 Runner up: TJ Spencer


Musical Instrument Store Herb David Guitar Studio 302 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-665-8001 Runner up: Shar Music

cont. from pg 13

Thai Restaurant Marnee Thai 414 S Main St. #130, Ann Arbor 734-929-9933 Runner up: No Thai Greek Restaurant Parthenon 226 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-994-1012 Runner up: Mr. Greek’s



Italian Restaurant Gratzi 326 S Main St., Ann Arbor 888-456-3463 Runner up: Argerio’s Middle Eastern Restaurant Jerusalem Garden 307 S 5th Ave., Ann Arbor 734-995-5060 Runner up: Haifa Falafel Mexican Restaurant Tios 401 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-761-6650 Runner up: Sabor Latino


  september 2011 

Local Farms Domino’s Petting Farm 1 Barnyard Bend, Ann Arbor 734-930-3188 Runner up: Sunseed Farms Deli Zingerman’s 610-640 Phoenix Dr., Ann Arbor 888-636-8162 Runner up: Amer’s Mediterranean Deli Fine Dining The Earle 121 W Washington St., Ann Arbor 734-994-0211 Runner up: The Chop House Coffehouse Sweetwaters 123 W Washington St., Ann Arbor 734-769-2331 Runner up: Espresso Royal


Breakfast Harvest Moon 5484 W Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti 734-434-8100 Runner up: North Side Grill

Food Cart Autumn Rae sweettreatsandstreetmeats Runner up: Pilar’s Tamales

Diner Fleetwood Diner 300 S Ashley St., Ann Arbor 734-995-5502 Runner up: Harvest Moon

Food Blog entertainment/fooddrink/introducingjulie-wiernik/ Runner Up: www.peoplesfoodcoop. com/pfcblog.asp

Brew Pub Arbor Brewing Company 114 E Washington St., Ann Arbor 734-213-1393 Runner up: Jolly Pumpkin Locally Produced Food Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market 315 Detroit St., Ann Arbor 734-794-6255 Runner up: Zingerman’s Roadhouse

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Annual Event Ann Arbor Street Art Fair—The Original 721 E Huron Ste 200, Ann Arbor 734-994-5260 Runner up: Top of the Park Festival Ann Arbor Summer Festival Runner up: Ann Arbor Music Festival

Sports Bar The Arena 203 E Washington St., Ann Arbor 734-222-9999 Runner up: Fraser’s Pub Bowling Alley Colonial Lanes 1950 S Industrial Highway, Ann Arbor 734-665-4474 Runner up: Belmark Lanes Gay and Lesbian Venue Aut Bar 315 Braun Court, Ann Arbor 734-994-3677 Runner up: Necto Nightclub (friday nights)

Local Album The Secret Twins Runner up: Thrill Train Band Name Invader Runner up: The Secret Twins DJ Buster Lagoise Runner up: DJ Money Folk /Country Chris Bathgate Runner up: The Ragbirds

Club to See Live Music Blind Pig 208 S 1st St., Ann Arbor 734-996-8555 Runner up: The Ark Dance Music Club Necto Nightclub 516 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-994-5835 Runner up: Blind Pig Pick-up Bar Necto Nightclub 516 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-994-5835 Runner up: Arbor Brewing Company

MEDIA Radio WCBN 88.3 Runner up: WEMU 89.1 Local Blog Damn Arbor Runner up:markmaynard. com

Runner up: UM Dance Co. Filmmaker Ronen Goldstein Runner up: David Melkljohn Movie Filmed in Ann Arbor Conviction Runner up: Cedar Rapids Movie Theater Michigan Theater 603 E Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-668-8397 Runner up: State Theater Artist Karin Wagner Coron Runner up: Tonya Shouts Place to See Local Art Washington Street Gallery 306 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-761-2287 Runner up: Ann Arbor Art Center

Museum Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum 220 E Ann St., Ann Arbor 734-995-5439 Runner up: University of Michigan Museum of Art Place to Hear Spoken Word Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room 114 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-665-2757 Runner up: Neutral Zone Fine Art Gift Shop Ann Arbor Art Center 117 W Liberty St., Ann Arbor 734-994-8004 Runner up: 16 Hands Fine Art Photographer Robin Vincent Runner up: Toko Shiki

Local Youtube Andy Ypsilanti Channel TheAndyYpsilanti Runner up: Ninja Matt Beat Boxing

ARTS Live Theater Venue Performance Network Theater 120 E Huron St., Ann Arbor 734-663-0681 Runner up: Michigan Theater

Hip-Hop Pryme Rhyme Boss PrhymeRhymeBoss Runner up: Tree City

Live Theater Troupe Tickled Fancy Burlesque Company Runner up: Performance Network Theater

Jazz Blues Heather Schwartz Runner up: First Flight Rock Band The Secret Twins Runner up: My Dear Disco

Dance Company The Ann Arbor Civic Ballet 3900 Jackson Rd. Suite 6, Ann Arbor 734-668-8066 civic.htm / september 2011   15


MUSIC New Artist Band Thrill Train Runner up: Zoumountchi

Open Mic Venue The Ark 316 S Main St., Ann Arbor 734-761-1818 Runner up: Blue Tractor


Pre-Game Hangout Packard Pub 640 Packard St., Ann Arbor 734-929-2760 Runner up: The Arena



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