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Dossier Manufacturers think outside the box Fuel The big question: petrol or diesel? Technology Manufacturers think outside the box



DISCOVERY SPORT À PARTIR DE 34.300 € TVAC Le nouveau Discovery Sport est le SUV le plus polyvalent au monde. Il est également parfait pour les entreprises ayant le goût de l’aventure. Il vous offre une configuration intelligente avec 5+2 sièges en gradin, un large espace de chargement de 1.698 litres et jusqu’à sept ports USB. Quant aux technologies de pointe, Terrain Response et sa boite automatique à 9 vitesses, ils garantissent à chaque trajet un confort à toute épreuve.

GARANTIE 3 ANS ou 100.000 km LAND ROVER ASSISTANCE 3 ANS ou 100.000 km ATN À PARTIR DE 117 € nets / mois1

Avec des émissions aussi faibles en CO2 que 123 g/km grâce au nouveau moteur diesel lngenium, le nouveau Discovery Sport se présente comme le choix le plus judicieux pour votre flotte.

4,7 - 8,3 L/100 KM – 123 - 197 G/KM CO2 Sur base d’un taux d’imposition de 53,5 %. Ce montant imposable pour l’employeur avec une voiture de société en tant qu’« avantages de toute nature » (ATN) ne tient pas compte d’éventuelles options supplémentaires. Ces données, valables au 1er octobre 2016, sont fournies à titre purement informatif et ne peuvent faire l’objet d’un remboursement de notre part. Prix catalogues recommandés au 01/11/2016. Modèles illustrés avec options et / ou accessoires. Information environnementale [AR du 19/03/04] : Donnons priorité à la sécurité. Toute utilisation du véhicule « hors piste » doit se faire dans le respect des règles de circulation et de la nature. (1)

Intentions Editorial 3

editorial The world of the car is part of a larger puzzle called ‘mobility’. And it won't have escaped your attention that the pieces of this puzzle don't always fall into place. Mobility is therefore a complex subject, especially when new pieces are constantly being added: from car sharing and semi or full-mobility budgets to the ever-changing tax system. There are just as many solutions as there are opinions. Unfortunately, there is currently no specific national or regional mobility plan on the table, let alone any semblance of consensus. It seems as if the company car is always used in every federal government budget to fill in the deficit. It's hardly an ideal scenario, because the business world is currently in more need of stability than ever before. That's also why LeasePlan is preparing itself for tomorrow. Because when it comes to the future of mobility, it's our ambition to shape this together with you. Even though the direction is still unclear, there should be options available. More than ever, we want to be the mobility partner you can depend on. That's why we continue to build on our expertise to ensure we can be of added value to you, now and in the future. Today, we are on the eve of the automotive event of the year. This time it will be a Motor Show with the focus on petrol-­ driven models. This alternative to diesel is becoming increasingly interesting for both employers and employees. How do we know that? Because we've done our homework and we’re thinking outside the box. And of course we want to share that knowledge with you. Let me conclude by wishing you a wonderful and above all a very mobile 2017!

Johan Portier Managing Director LeasePlan Belgium

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22 Eco InSites Consulting car fleet goes green


25 Technology Manufacturers think outside the box

Let s do business.

Offre de lancement

Peinture m tallis e offerte

La nouvelle Kia Optima Sportswagon. Faites-le mieux. Faites-le avec du flair. Profitez maintenant d une offre de lancement exceptionnelle sur la version Business Lounge avec, entre autres, un syst me de navigation int gr avec 7 ans de mise jour de la cartographie gratuite, les services TomTom Live, une cam ra de recul, Bluetooth, les technologie d conomies de carburant ISG start/stop et videmment la garantie d usine unique de 7 ans de Kia. Profitez galement de la peinture m tallis e offerte ! D couvrez la nouvelle Kia Optima Sportswagon sur ou aupr s de votre concessionnaire Kia agr et profitez de conditions salon exceptionnelles.

(1) 7 ans de garantie ou 150.000 km (selon la premi re limite atteinte, sans limite de kilom trage pendant les 3 premi res ann es). (2) L offre de 7 ans de mise jour des cartes concerne toute Kia achet e depuis le 01.03.2013 chez Kia Motors Belgium via l interm diaire d un concessionnaire Kia agr en Belgique ou au Grand-Duch de Luxembourg quip e d un terminal LG navigation mont en usine par Kia, pendant une p riode de 7 ans depuis l achat de la voiture, jusqu la mise jour annuelle de la cartographie (jusqu douze mois) par tout concessionnaire Kia agr ou r parateur Kia dans l Union Europ enne (seulement sur rendez-vous).

4,2 - 4,4 l/100 km

110 - 116 g/km

6 Intentions News

news The latest

by LeasePlan

Panasonic calls on LeasePlan for cafeteria plan Panasonic Energy Belgium, a company that makes all sorts of bat-

This is the main reason we were facing a ‘mobility problem’. But another

teries, has called on LeasePlan to help implement a flexible rewards

reason was of course the fact that a company car continues to enjoy tax

plan, or “cafeteria plan”.

benefits.” Jo turned to LeasePlan for the practical side of setting up such a mobility

The battery manufacturer currently has 350 employees, including

plan. “We had good experiences with this leasing company for our

55 office staff and 295 workers on the shop floor. Until recently, no

directors’ lease cars. But they also came up with the most competitive

employees other than the directors were entitled to a company car.

proposal, so the decision was easy,” he explains. To ensure it would all

However, since the implementation of this cafeteria plan, the number of

go like clockwork, Panasonic decided to join forces with a single dealer

vehicles in the Panasonic fleet has increased dramatically, as Jo Paredis,

and consequently a single manufacturer. “In short, we decided on the

HR Manager of the Tessenderlo-based company, explains: “We already

Volkswagen group, which gave us the choice between VW, Audi and

leased ten company cars through LeasePlan for our directors. As a result

Škoda. We opted for Garage Verellen in Geel for practical reasons, as it’s

of our mobility plan, that number has greatly increased, by 84 cars to be

located quite close to our own company.”


The implementation of the cafeteria plan went smoothly. “Our employ-

The mobility plan came as an initiative from the workforce. “We were

ees were able to choose from 15 models: from an Audi A3 to a Škoda

asked by a number of employees whether it was possible to have the

Octavia. They were also able to choose the colour of the car and opt for

use of a company car. We responded by incorporating this into a mobil-

a tow bar. Once we knew how many people were interested, we worked

ity plan, for a number of reasons. Our company is located in a business

out a complete ordering procedure together with LeasePlan and Garage

park next to the motorway between Hasselt and Antwerp, which means

Verellen. This was very important, given the size of the order.” And this

it’s quite difficult to get here by public transport. And on top of that, the

proved beneficial to all concerned, because the whole procedure took

public transport service is not geared to accommodate our shift system.

just a year to complete.


Puissant, efficace, élégant et doté de technologies uniques en matière de communication : le tout nouveau Ford Kuga a tout, y compris un moteur diesel 1.5 TDCi hyper économique, un design audacieux et un écran tactile SYNC 3 évolué. Surfez sur

ATN net* à partir de





Ford Kuga ST-Line avec options et accessoires.

4,4-7,4 L/100 KM.

115-171 G/KM CO2.

Les chiffres de consommation et d’émission s’appliquent aux véhicules avec les pneus de série, comme décrit dans les équipements de série. Des pneus optionnels peuvent engendrer d’autres valeurs d’émission de CO2 et de consommation. Pour plus d’informations, renseignez-vous auprès de votre distributeur Ford et rendez-vous sur notre site *Basé sur Ford New Kuga Trend 1.5i Ecoboost FWD 120 cv. Le calcul de l’Avantage net mensuel se fonde sur le taux maximal de précompte professionnel de 53,5%. Ces valeurs sont données à titre purement indicatif et n’engagent pas la responsabilité de Ford Motor Company SA en cas de différence entre l’Avantage indiqué et l’Avantage finalement obtenu. Spécifications du véhicule affiché non représentatives. Donnons la priorité à la sécurité. Informations environnementales [A.R. 19/03/2004]:

8 Intentions News

Let us know! Do you have any suggestions or feel that LeasePlan can improve in any area? If so, please send an e-mail to

Low emission zone Antwerp (Belgium) As of 1 February 2017, the entire city centre of Antwerp and part of Linkeroever will become a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The most polluting cars, older diesel-powered cars and very old petrol-powered cars, will no longer be welcome in the city as of this date. Whether a car may enter the LEZ depends on its Euro norm. This norm - a figure in the range of 1 to 6 - in principle is indicated on your car's registration documents (under environmental category "milieuklasse"). The higher the figure, the less polluting your car. More information on / en / lez.

Super 95 gives way to E10 fuel

Make your life easier with My LeasePlan

Since 1 January 2017, it has no longer been possible

Thanks to My LeasePlan, you can use the booking tool to make an appointment to have

to fill up with Euro Super 95 at Belgian petrol stations.

your vehicle serviced. But My LeasePlan has so much more to offer! Here are just some

This fuel has been replaced by E10, a mixture that con-

of the possibilities:

tains 10 per cent bioethanol. Anyone visiting a Belgian petrol station since the start of this year can search in vain for the Super 95 nozzle.

• Updating your mileage: in order to keep track of and report properly on the vehicle's usage, it’s important to pass on your mileage regularly;

This is because it has been replaced by E10, which con-

• Checking your contract and the services included;

tains 10 per cent bioethanol. The new fuel is in line with

• Replacing your fuel card or retrieving your PIN code;

EU energy policy, which requires member states to use

• Downloading documents: authentication for resident’s parking permit, purchase

10 per cent renewable energy by 2020. Petrol stations, however, are not under any obligation to replace Super 95 with E10, though at least 8.5 per cent of their total

order for periodic motor-vehicle test, etc.; • Locating summer and winter tyres: this tool helps you locate the tyre centre where your summer and winter tyres are stored.

petrol volume must consist of E10. In general, nine out of ten petrol cars are adapted

If you still don’t have access to My LeasePlan,

to run on 95 E10. You can check the compatibility

please contact us at or on 078 150 600.

of your vehicle at / nl (in Dutch) or / fr (in French). For more information, visit or call 0800 120 33.

Be sure to check your driver's details now and again via My LeasePlan and make changes where necessary!

10 Intentions Take it easy

Getting safely through the winter It's that time of the year again: Old Man Winter is back. Good preparation is always the best solution, so Intentions has identified the key points to help you drive through the winter safely.

Your car Before you leave Check the level of coolant in your vehicle. • Normally, the coolant should last the car's lifetime, but checking it regularly certainly can't hurt. • Check it only when the engine is cold. • You can check the level of coolant by means of the marks on the transparent coolant expansion tank. • Topping up should only be done with the recommended coolant as indicated in the handbook, or ask your garage to do this.

Check the tread depth on your tyres and your tyre pressure. • You can check the tread depth using a one-euro coin. If the outer

See … Of course, good visibility is always important for safe driving, but during the winter months this can be impeded by ice or snow on your windows. • The best weapons against this are an ice scraper and de-icer spray. • Never pour hot water on your windows: this can damage the glass. • Remove ice from the whole windscreen and not just a small area for yourself. • Regularly clean the inside of your windows. • Only drive off when the entire windscreen is clear.

 …and be seen

gold edge of the coin remains visible when checking the tread

While driving in poor weather conditions, seeing

depth, this indicates that the tread is not deep enough and your

other road users at a distance is hugely beneficial.

tyre is in urgent need of replacement.

So make sure you are also visible to others!

• Check the tyre pressure when your tyres are ‘cold’. Almost every petrol station has a pressure gauge these days. • Use the tyre pressure recommended by the car manufacturer. You can find this on the door frame or on the fuel filler flap.

• Remove snow and ice from all the lights and number plates. • Every vehicle should be equipped with a high visibility vest for the driver, but you should also keep in mind the passengers travelling

The legal minimum tyre tread depth must not be less than

with you. This will ensure that you – and your loved ones – will be visible to other road users

1.6 mm. In actual fact, however, it is advisable to replace

if your car is involved in an accident or has

the tyre when the tread depth is less than 2.5 mm! *

broken down.

A high visibility vest increases your * Source: Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI)

visibility by 600 %! *

Your driving style Prepare yourself well • Plan your journey and check how busy the roads are. • This can help you avoid any surprises. • You can find all the latest traffic information at

Concentrate • Avoid very loud music in the car, so you can hear what is going on around you on the road. • Concentrate only on the road and don't get distracted by smartphones, etc. or • Remember that bridges and crossings are the first roads to freeze. • So be sure to reduce your speed.

Adapt your driving style Wintry weather can often bring surprises on the road. A layer of snow or ice can easily cause you to lose control of the car, which is why it's important to adapt your driving style to the current weather conditions.

42 % of drivers use their mobile phones while driving! *

• This will give you more time to notice any icy

• Drive more slowly • Don't accelerate when making a turn • Apply the brakes gently • Double the distance between you and the car


in front • Don't use the cruise control in such conditions • Use a low gear for optimum traction, especially when going uphill.

Your braking distance on a wet road surface is 50 % longer than on a dry road surface! *

Avoid unforeseen costs due to water damage The Belgian weather can be completely unpredicta-

sucking it in and causing the engine to seize.

you cannot see either the road itself or the road-

ble. Unlike damage caused by hail, not all damage

If this happens and the engine stalls, under

side, you should not continue but should stop the

resulting from flooding is covered by insurance.

no circumstances should it be started again.

car and / or turn around. If you can't turn around,

LeasePlan would therefore like to spell out the possible consequences of this for lease cars.

• A vehicle that is parked in a flooded area must not be started either, even if the water has already receded.

If motorists encounter flooding while driving, they should adhere to the following guidelines: • When driving your vehicle through water,

turn off the engine immediately. In short: a vehicle that has entered the water must be towed away in order to avoid substantial addi-

The depth of tread on a new tyre is about 8 mm.

tional damage. Even if you can see the edge of the

If you drive through water or a puddle where the

road, it is not recommended to drive into a puddle

you can create a backwash. This is certainly

water level is higher than the depth of tread, it

where the water level is higher than the depth

the case when the front bumper touches the

is very likely that you will have an accident as a

of tread on your tyres. If you decide to continue

water, but the effect can also occur earlier.

result of aquaplaning.

regardless of these guidelines, your insurance will

The water is pushed forward ahead of your

It’s better to avoid situations like these, of course.

not cover any ensuing damage.

vehicle, increasing the risk of the air intake

That's why LeasePlan recommends that, where

12 Intentions Dossier

Guided tour of the Motor Show Soon all the waiting will be over: the Brussels Expo will open its doors from 14 to 22 January for the 95th edition of the Motor Show. If you can't wait to sample the innovations that are lying in store for you, just follow our guide …

Hall 4 In addition to the Peugeot 3008, the French carmaker will also present the new 5008 to the general public. With its SUV look, the 5008 has grown by 11 centimetres (to 4.64 metres). In other words, this seven-seater will offer even more space.

Peugeot 5008

On the opposite side, Citroën will train the spotlight on the funky C3. The basic model features a three-cylinder 1,199 cm³ petrol engine (68, 82 and 110 HP). But there are also two BlueHDi engines delivering 75 and 100 HP. Hall 4 is also the stage for the biggest boy in the compact range (4.5 metres): the eye-catching 10th generation Honda Civic, with the most boot space among the C-segment cars! Kia has two firsts on show. The Optima SW (estate) is 4.86 metres long and is equipped with the 141 HP 1.7 CRDi engine, while the all-new Niro is a crossover that is being intro-

Citroën C3

duced to the market with a hybrid engine.

Hall 5 Jeep is showing its full range with numerous special series, while Fiat Professional is spotlighting the Fullback pick-up truck and the Talento. At Fiat the 2017 models of the 500X and Panda are flanked by the entire Tipo family (Sedan, Hatchback and Station Wagon). Despite the facelift to the MiTo and the Giulietta, the Giulia will be the one eaHonda Civic

ger to shine. The new Alfa model reverts back to rear-wheel drive. The Giulia is a saloon with great potential! Visitors to the Renault stand will be able to get acquainted with the new Scénic and Grand Scénic. However, most eyes will be on the Koleos: with its 2,710 mm wheelbase and a total length of 4,670 mm, it's the largest SUV in its segment. With Dacia, the focus will once again be on the restyling of the established models: the Sandero, the Sandero Stepway, the Logan and the Logan MVC.

Kia Optima SW

Occupying a place a little higher in the firmament is the E-Class Mercedes-Benz, with

Renault Koleos

Fiat Panda

Mercedes E-Klasse break

Ford Kuga

Hyundai H350

its sloping roofline giving it a more dynamic look than its predecessor. It's also the first time we’ll see the appearance of a few extra seats, enabling the E-Class – surprisingly – to carry seven passengers. smart has introduced the Electric Drive principle to its full range of new cars (the fortwo, forfour and fortwo cabrio). Land Rover Discovery

Hall 6 We make a quick call at the Ford stand, where we bump into the redesigned Kuga, fitted with the 1.5 TDCI basic engine (120 HP and 115 g CO2 emission). The Kuga is joined by the Vignale range and the Transit / Transit Custom. Receiving its world premiere in Brussels is the Hyundai H350 with a double cabin and space for six people. Also in the spotlight will be the i10, sporting a facelift. However, when it comes to attracting attention, both models will have to contend with the five-

Tesla Model X

door version of the i30. It's the first Hyundai with the 1.4 T-GDI petrol engine under its bonnet (140 HP). The new Land Rover Discovery continues to boast space for seven passengers. One innovative feature is the ability to fold down the seats via your smartphone. And another original touch can be found in the Falcon doors on the Tesla Model X! At Mazda, all eyes will be on the Mazda 3, which will now be powered by a 1.5 105 HP engine (99 g CO2 / km emission). The Mazda 6, which has undergone some redesigning, will also get its fair share of attention.

Mazda 6

Volvo continues to work on its S90 and V90: a saloon and an estate, which share the same chassis as the XC90 SUV. The 150 HP D3 engine (166 g CO2 emission) also looks very promising.

Volvo V90

BMW 5 Series

Lexus IS300h

Hall 7 Visitors to Hall 7 will be treated to a European premiere: the BMW 5 series that is taking Opel Ampera-e

a sly peek in the direction of the 7 series. For the launch, the BMW 5 series is available in two petrol-engine models (the 252 HP 530i and the 340 HP 540i) and in two diesel-engine models (the 190 HP 520d and the 265 HP 530d). But that's not all: MINI is also unveiling a European premiere with a new Countryman model, the S E ALL4 plug-in hybrid. The Countryman is the largest model the carmaker has produced in its 57-year history. Opposite the MINI stand we see the Lexus with its IS 300h Dynamic Line. The model comes with new headlights, a larger air intake, a redesigned grille and the launch of the Safety System+ programme.

Nissan Micra

In addition to the Zafira and the Mokka X, the Ampera-e also gets to shine on the Opel stand. This 100 % electric car with five seats can easily drive 500 kilometres without having to be recharged. Visitors to the Nissan stand will get their first look at the new NV-300, although it will probably be the new Micra that causes a real stir. This Belgian newcomer has grown 17 cm to 4 metres and is offered with a choice of two engines: a 1.5 diesel engine or a 0.9 three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. Both have a capacity of 90 HP.

Toyota C-HR

Hall 9 Toyota is presenting four Belgian premieres: the Prius plug-in hybrid, the Pro-Ace, the Hilux and especially the C-HR, a hybrid crossover with a 1.8 petrol engine in combination with batteries and the electric motor of the Prius and Grand Prius+ (122 HP and 85 g CO2 / km emission). Suzuki is going for nostalgia. The Ignis is being reintroduced as the name for the A-segment crossover and has a length of 3.7 metres.

Suzuki Ignis


Renault SCENIC La family car, nouvelle génération

à partir de

17.769 €

hTVA (1)

ATN net à partir de 56 €/mois (2) Jusqu’à 90% de déductibilité fiscale 3,9 - 5,8 L/100 KM. 100 - 129 G CO2/KM.

Informations environnementales. [A.R. 19.03.2004] sur

(1) Nouveau Renault SCENIC Energy LIFE TCe 115. Prix catalogue conseillé de base et sans option hTVA au 01/09/2016. (2) Basé sur Nouveau Renault SCENIC LIFE Energy dCi 95 sans options, contribution nette mensuelle sur l’ Avantage de Toute Nature (ATN) à payer par un employé utilisateur d’un véhicule de société, sur base du taux maximal de précompte professionnel de 53,5%; ces valeurs sont communiquées à titre purement informatif et n’engagent pas la responsabilité de Renault Belgique Luxembourg S.A. en cas de différence entre l’avantage communiqué et l’avantage réellement obtenu. Annonceur : Renault Belgique Luxembourg S.A. ,21 Boulevard de la Plaine, 1050 Bruxelles, RPM Bruxelles - TVA BE403.463.679.

Renault préconise

Volkswagen Golf

Isuzu D-Max

Audi A5 Sportback

On the Isuzu stand, we find the D-Max, with a new 1.9 D engine replacing the 2.5 version. The car might be 60 kg lighter, but it can still boast 164 HP under its bonnet.

Hall 11 The new Audi Q5 and A4 Avant g-tron will need to come out fighting to keep the A5 Sportback out of the spotlight. This model is no less than 22 % more fuel-efficient than before. The 2.0 TDI Ultra is undoubtedly the strongest weapon in the A5 arsenal to provoke a response from the fleet market. SKODA Kodiaq

The Škoda Octavia has had a facelift. But the Czech carmaker has also turned up with the all-new Kodiaq SUV. This 4.7-metre long debutant can be powered by five different engines, ranging from 125 to 190 HP. On the other side of the Hall, SEAT is introducing the newly revamped Leon, which will provide company for the Ateca. One eye-catching feature of the new Leon is its slightly larger grille. Under the bonnet lurks a 1.0 TSI, a three-cylinder 115 HP turbocharged petrol engine. The capacity of the 1.6 TDI has risen from 110 to 115 HP. The Volkswagen Golf has undergone a touch of rejuvenation, both in the interior (Virtual Cockpit) and under the bonnet (with the new 1.5 four-cylinder petrol engine and safety



From Sunday 14 to Sunday 22 January 2017


Brussels Expo

Opening times

From 11:00 to 19:00 on weekdays From 10:00 to 19:00 at the weekend Late opening until 22:00 on Monday 16 and Friday 20 January


€ 15 at the pay desk, € 13.25 online (20 % extra discount for tickets for Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 January)

features). There's also news about the e-Golf: the driving range has risen to 300 km.

LA NOUVELLE VOLVO V90 L’INNOVATION À LA SUÉDOISE Nous sommes particulièrement fiers que la nouvelle Volvo V90 ait été plébiscitée par la presse automobile. Il est vrai que nous avons mis tout notre cœur pour créer un break qui associe au mieux le luxe, le confort et la pureté du design suédois. Un break dont les performances n’ont rien à envier à sa sobriété et où la technologie est toujours à portée de main grâce à l’écran central intuitif. Mais le plus important pour nous est naturellement de savoir comment vous allez l’apprécier. Venez vite l’essayer et dites-nous ce que vous pensez de la nouvelle Volvo V90. L A NOUVELLE VOLVO V90. DÉCOUVRE Z-L A CHE Z VOTRE DISTRIBUTEUR. CONTRIBUTION MENSUELLE NET TE SUR L’ATN : 135,98 €/MOIS *

4,5 - 7,4 L/100 KM I 119 - 169 G CO2/KM Informations environnementales (A.R. 19/03/2004) : Visuel présenté à titre d’illustration. *Estimation de la contribution mensuelle nette que l’employé devra réellement payer pour l’avantage de toute nature sur base du taux d’imposition maximum de 53,5 % (135,98 € pour une Volvo V90 D3 manuelle Kinetic).

18 Intentions Fuel

The big question: petrol or diesel?

Because of their fuel efficiency and ever lower levels of CO2 emissions, diesel cars were for many years the most popular choice for lease drivers, but have been losing ground in recent times. Since excise duties on diesel and petrol have become more uniform, diesel cars have lost some of their price advantage.

The image of diesel cars has been seriously dented by a growing

This involved LeasePlan comparing the various petrol and diesel

awareness of the high emissions of harmful particulates and the

versions as much as possible on the basis of engine power. The first

dieselgate scandal of 2015. Nevertheless, choosing the right type of

finding to emerge from the study was that the turning point had clear-

fuel or drive remains a difficult issue. When does petrol become more

ly shifted in favour of petrol cars compared to previous years. In other

advantageous than diesel, and vice versa? Or, in other words, what is

words, the number of kilometres that a petrol car can clock up annual-

the turning point in the choice of fuel?

ly before it becomes more expensive than driving a diesel car has

Turning point

those employees who record a low mileage.

increased. A petrol car is therefore preferable to the diesel version for

The essence of the fuel turning point is to determine the mileage at which one type of fuel results in lower running costs (the monthly

The second finding was that the turning point varies for each car

lease costs, taking into account taxes and fiscal deductions) than

segment and that, even within the segments, the results between

the other type. It's almost impossible to speak of a single general

the various makes and models are different. The turning point in the

turning point. This is because it would entail having to compare cars

small city car segment, for example, is considerably higher than in

directly with one another to determine a clear turning point, which is

the luxury car segment. One explanation could be that increasing

technically impossible.

numbers of fuel-efficient petrol models are being introduced in these smaller segments.

LeasePlan, therefore, prefers to speak of a turning-point range rather than a specific turning point. This range also indicates when it would


be cheaper to buy a petrol-driven car than a diesel, and vice versa.

As you have seen, the choice between petrol and diesel isn't straight-

However, LeasePlan also recognises that this results in a broad range

forward and depends on many factors. So to help you decide, it would

rather than a single well-defined point at which the choice can be

be advisable to consult with your fleet manager, who in turn can call


on the expertise of the designated contact person at LeasePlan.

Time for research In 2015, the federal government announced that there will be more uniformity between excise duties on diesel and petrol in the coming years. This means that excise duties will be reduced on petrol and increased on diesel. It was in response to this announcement that LeasePlan carried out a study into the turning point of petrol and diesel-powered cars.

Since LeasePlan keeps a close eye on current affairs, your leasing company is putting the spotlight on petrol-driven models in its promotions to coincide with the Brussels Motor Show. For more information, visit

BUSINESS PACK » Park Pilot à l’avant et à l’arrière » Pack Sight & Light » Radio Navi 900 IntelliLink avec

Business Pack pour

€ 550


écran couleur tactile de 8 pouces

hors TVA

Votre avantage: € 1.247,52


88-141 G/KM

information environnementale (AR 19/03/2004): *Offre valable pour les professionnels sur une Opel Astra 5 portes Edition. Renseignez-vous auprès de votre Concessionnaire Opel. Modèle présenté à titre d’illustration.



LA NOUVELLE TIPO STATION WAGON VERSION BUSINESS Avec ses lignes à la fois élégantes et sportives, la Fiat Tipo Station Wagon Business est extrêmement spacieuse et polyvalente. Elle offre non seulement de la place pour de l’ambition mais aussi un équipement standard qui offre au conducteur professionnel un maximum de fonctionnalité et du style. Optez pour le pack ECO qui vous permettra de réduire votre consommation de CO2 jusqu’à 89 g/km.

• Uconnect™ LIVE Service • Navigation avec écran tactile • Cruise Control • Aide au stationnement arrière • 550 litres capacité du coffre • Jantes en alliage 16” • Accoudoir central avant • Option Pack ECO

I L S U F F I T D E P E U P O U R A V O I R B E A U C O U P.

(L/100 KM) : 3,7-6,0

(G/KM) : 89-139

E.R. : Yann Chabert. Annonceur FCA Belgium S.A., Rue Jules Cockx 12a - 1160 Bruxelles. RPM : Bruxelles, BCE 0400.354.731. IBAN FCAB : BE86 4829 0250 6150. Informations environnementales [A.R. du 19/03/2004] : Photo fournie à titre illustratif et non contractuelle.

Intentions Safety 21

Is your child properly strapped in? According to the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI), eight out of ten parents believe their child is strapped in properly. Research, however, shows that in reality this is only the case in one out of three instances. And one in ten children is not secured at all!

A collision at a speed of 50 km / h is the same as a fall from a height of 10 metres – if your child is not strapped in.

The safety of our drivers and their passengers is paramount to LeasePlan, so this issue of Intentions gives you a number of points to look out for. What do we mean by ‘strapped in’? This depends on the size of your child:

The most common mistakes when strapping a child into a group 0+

• Up to 1 metre 35: properly secured in a child car seat that is adapted to the size and weight of the child and fitted correctly in

and group 1 car seat are the following: • The seat isn't fastened properly to the car. This occurs most

the car.

frequently with child car seats that are secured by means of the

• Above 1 metre 35: properly secured with the safety belt. For the latter category, it's important to point out that the three-point

safety belt. With seats with an ISOFIX system, it’s less common. • The safety straps on the child car seat aren't tight enough. There

safety belt needs to rest on the solid parts of the body to prevent

should be a maximum of 1 cm slack between the straps and your

internal injury. The diagonal belt must run from the shoulder over the chest to the pelvis. The hip belt must rest on the pelvis. Under no

child. • Your child's arms are outside the safety straps of the child car

circumstances must the diagonal belt be placed behind the back or

seat. Make sure that the shoulder straps are located properly

under the arm.

over your child's shoulders and that they are not twisted.

Up to 1 metre 35, the situation is a little more complex. The type of

In group 2 / 3 child car seats, your child is strapped in by means of

child car seat depends on your child's weight and stature. A good rule

a ‘normal’ safety belt. Make sure this is fastened under the lateral

of thumb is not to switch too soon to the next category, but to do so

supports and that the belt isn't twisted.

only when your child's head sticks up above the seat. The following

And, finally, make sure you set a good example by always wearing a

table provides a clear overview.

safety belt in the car – both in the front and in the rear.





Group 0

up to 10 kg

up to about 1 year

Group 0+

up to 13 kg

between 12 and 15 months

Group 1

9-18 kg

1 to 4 years

80 - 105 cm

Group 1 / 2 / 3

9-36 kg

1 to 12 years

80 - 135 / 150 cm

Group 2 / 3

15-36 kg

between 3½ and 12 years

105 - 135 / 150 cm

40 - 85 cm

22 Intentions Eco

InSites Consulting car fleet goes green Almost 20 years ago, InSites Consulting grew out of Vlerick Business School, where all the founders had occupied academic research positions in marketing. Since then, with ‘innovation’ as the keyword, the company has aimed to be a leader in its field. And it has certainly succeeded. As one of the three most innovative market research agencies worldwide (GRIT), they help their clients to connect with their consumers anywhere in the world. When innovation is of such major importance, a green, high-tech fleet is of course not far away.

“Ever since InSites was founded, we've always strived to be a pioneer,” says Gunter Van de Velde, Fleet Manager at InSites Consulting. “However, this pioneering role doesn't stop at our core business, but goes far beyond that. It also has an effect on how we approach HR and our daily work. A green car policy is our way of taking our social responsibility.”

Digital marketplace

Increased leverage

Were employees reluctant to adopt this ‘green policy’? “We didn't

Instead of replacing its current fleet in dribs and drabs with greener

impose it on them, preferring instead the art of gentle persuasion,”

models, such as at the end of an existing lease contract, InSites

laughs the fleet manager. “The biggest objection, of course, was

decided to exchange a large number of company cars for junior

the well-known Achilles' heel of current electric cars: their limited

staff straight away with electric BMW i3s in operational leasing with

range. Although this BMW i3 is regarded as one of the best in its class

LeasePlan. Even though this meant that some contracts had to be ter-

with a range of 300 kilometres, we still had to find a solution to this

minated earlier than expected. “This also put us in a better position


to justify the investments that such a move brings and increased our leverage around the negotiating table with the leasing company, with

The answer came in the form of a digital marketplace. Gunter explains

the result that this project had a much more favourable ecological

how it works: “Drivers of an electric car can borrow a ‘traditional’


car – usually a larger diesel car – from a colleague for a maximum

After all, these investments were quite considerable. The company

these traditional cars receive some compensation. The result is a true

of 30 days a year for such things as going on holiday. The drivers of car park was equipped with no fewer than ten charging stations (two

win-win situation.”

of which were open to the public) and received a ‘green’ update.

The electric journey for InSites Consulting doesn't stop with these 11

“Prominent green parking spaces have been created that are reserved

BMW i3s. “On the contrary, this is only the first step. Our goal is to

exclusively for drivers of electric cars, and by extension for electric

ban traditionally powered vehicles from our fleet by 2020,” concludes

bikes,” explains Gunter. On top of this, charging points were also

Gunter Van de Velde. A man – and by extension a company – with a

installed where possible at the homes of these i3 drivers.

‘green’ vision: that's crystal clear.

Bonne nouvelle, vous êtes surclassé


À partir de 20.000€


ATN NET : 53€/MOIS(2)

3,9 - 4,3 L/100 KM

98 - 112 G CO2/KM


Informations environnementales (AR 19/03/2004) : Véhicule illustré: nouveau CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso Shine (option : peinture métallisée). (1) Offre HTVA pour le CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso 1.6 BlueHDi 115 S&S BVM6 Business Lounge, remise fleet déduite, réservée aux sociétés et valable du 01/11/2016 au 31/12/2016 sous réserve de modification du prix catalogue. (2) ATN net. Avantage de toute nature mensuel net, imposable à l’utilisateur d’une voiture de société. Montants indicatifs sous réserve de modifications légales. Estimation de la contribution mensuelle que l’employé devra réellement payer pour l’avantage de toute nature sur base du taux d’imposition maximum de 53,5% (53€ pour un CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso 1.6 BlueHDi 115 S&S BVM6 Business Lounge). Offre non cumulable avec toutes autres promotions en cours et valable dans les points de vente CITROËN participants. Tous les équipements sont fonction des finitions ou des options. Les véhicules illustrés peuvent présenter des différences avec les véhicules commercialisés en Belgique ou au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg. Informations complètes sur les services CITROËN chez les concessionnaires, les agents commerciaux et réparateurs agréés CITROËN de votre choix. E.R. : V. Rzasnicki, Parc de l’Alliance - Avenue de Finlande 4-8 à 1420 Braine-l’Alleud. Les prix indiqués dans ce document sont sous réserve d’erreur d’impression. F Y Y

14 - 22 JAN. 2017

Heures d’ouverture : La semaine de 11h à 19h, le weekend de 10h à 19h Nocturnes : lundi 16/01 et vendredi 20/01 de 11h à 22h B-Excursion : Train + Bus + Entrée. Plus d’infos sur

20 22.01.2017

Plus d’infos et e-tickets sur

Intentions Technology 25

Manufacturers think outside the box Saying that today's cars are intelligent is simply stating the obvious. But did you know that more and more manufacturers are using the know-how of their smart cars for other innovations?


Sitting in the queue

It had been talked about for some time, but this year it was really

It's open to debate, however, whether this innovation will ever find

going to happen. Or at least in Japan, where the ‘Kirobo Mini’, a

its way into Japanese shops. But it's certainly an excellent market-

communication partner in the form of a cute little robot, is going on

ing stunt. Nissan, on the other hand, has developed a self-driving

sale. For only 40,000 Japanese Yen, equivalent to approximately 350

chair, so you'll never have to stand in line again. Named the ProPILOT

euros, you can purchase a friend for life. That's exactly the message

Chair, it has a sensor which ensures that every chair can follow the

that Toyota, which makes this mini-robot, is trying to put across.

one ahead of it. If the leading chair is empty, it will automatically

The Kirobo fits in your hand and when sitting is just 10 centimetres

rejoin the back of the queue. The technology incorporated into the

tall. He turns his head towards whoever is addressing him and joins

chairs is based on the system available on the latest generation of

in with some small talk (currently still only in Japanese). Of course,

Nissan's Serena Minivan, which was introduced in Japan in August

this is only possible when he's connected with your smartphone

2016. Thanks to the ProPILOT system, this car will reduce speed when

via Bluetooth and using an ingenious dedicated app. Through his

the car in front brakes and accelerate when that vehicle does too. To

built-in camera, the Kirobo Mini is able to read the facial expressions

put this ‘new’ system (new for Nissan at least) in the spotlight, the

of the people he's talking to and work out their emotional state. He

Japanese car manufacturer came up with the light-hearted campaign

then adjusts the way he speaks and moves accordingly. Toyota Motor

of the self-driving chairs. And it has turned out to be a worldwide hit,

Corporation developed this robot because the manufacturer wants

with the campaign going viral!

to exceed the expectations of its customers by presenting the car of tomorrow as an ‘irreplaceable companion’. Regardless of whether your travelling companion is a Kirobo Mini …

A ‘green-coloured’ future That Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, has green roots is something everyone on the planet must be aware of by now. But the fact that, besides designing ecological cars, he's also involved in other innovative projects is perhaps less well known. In fact, Tesla doesn't regard itself just as a car manufacturer, but rather as an energy innovation company. The best example of this is Tesla Energy, through which Tesla is stepping up its efforts to accelerate the move away from fossil fuels to a sustainable energy future. Tesla batteries will enable homes, businesses and utilities to store renewable energy so as to manage power demand, provide backup power and increase grid resilience. Tesla is already working with a number of international utility companies and other renewable energy partners to deploy storage on the grid, making it more resilient and cleaner as a whole. The Tesla Powerwall is bringing this ‘green-coloured’ future a whole lot closer. The Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to store energy at a residential level for self-consumption of solar power generation, load shifting and backup power. The Powerwall comprises Tesla’s lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system

Tesla doesn't regard itself just as a car manufacturer, but rather as an energy innovation company.

and software that responds to the signals of a photovoltaic inverter. The unit can be easily wall-mounted and is integrated with the local grid. In the event of a power failure, customers can effortlessly switch over to their own energy reserve. Unlike the gadgets from the Far East that were described above, this Powerwall unit is already available in Belgium from official Tesla dealers.

Nissan QASHQAI, il ne peut exister qu’un seul meilleur. Vous voulez le meilleur crossover pour vous et vos collaborateurs ? Avec son design audacieux, ses technologies avancées et sa conduite dynamique, le Nissan QASHQAI est prêt à relever tous vos défis.

BUSINESS, BUT NOT AS USUAL. NISSAN QASHQAI BUSINESS EDITION • Système de navigation NissanConnect • Around View Monitor avec caméras 360° • Système Nissan Safety Shield

Plus d’infos sur Modèle exposé : Nissan QASHQAI Tekna. Annonceur : Nissan Belux s.a. (Importateur), Bist 12, 2630 Aartselaar - TVA BE0838.306.068 - RPM Anvers. Photos non contractuelles. Informations environnementales : A.R. 19/03/2004 :


99 -138 G/KM

3,8 - 6,0 L/100 KM

Besoin d’essuie-glaces ?

Les éclats se fissurent plus rapidement en hiver. La réparation évite le remplacement du pare-brise. Un éclat dans le pare-brise finira tôt ou tard par se transformer en fissure, sauf si Carglass® intervient rapidement pour le réparer. Le risque de fissuration augmente en cas de froid glacial. Carglass® effectue la réparation à l’aide d’une résine transparente qui ne laisse qu’une petite trace et la vitre retrouve sa robustesse initiale. Pourquoi opter pour une réparation rapide ? L’éclat réparé ne peut plus se fissurer : vous évitez ainsi le remplacement La réparation ne prend que 45 minutes Elle est 10 fois plus écologique que le remplacement du pare-brise Chez Carglass®, vous bénéficiez en outre d’une véritable garantie à vie : Carglass® s’engage à remplacer gratuitement votre pare-brise dans l’éventualité où un éclat se fissurerait quand même.

Réservez en ligne ou via l’app gratuite (24/24-7/7)

©2016 Mercurius DM - Carglass®, Belron® et le logo sont des marques déposées de Belron S.A. et de ses filiales.

Le gel accroît le risque de bris de glace

Recevez un ticket de cinéma gratuit ! ire L’action exp

31/12/1e6! Venez vit

Essuie-glaces usés ? Faites les remplacer chez Carglass® et recevez un ticket de cinéma gratuit. Venez vite : l’action expire le 31 décembre 2016. Valable dans tous les Centres de Services Carglass® de Belgique, jusqu’à épuisement des stocks. Non cumulable avec d’autres promotions.

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