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Energy Efficient Heating Technology advancements in the last few years have led to a wide range of energy efficient boilers to meet the needs of industrial and commercial facilities. With boiler life being approximately 25 years, it is essential to consider the long term fuel and maintenance costs along with initial capital when buying or retrofitting. Fuel costs for a new high efficiency model can be up to 40% lower than for a traditional boiler. Therefore, over a 25 year life span great savings will be made by replacing an existing boiler. Vinci Energies can offer a complete package from boiler selection and sizing, pipe work modifications, control strategies and installation techniques. This is complemented by comprehensive maintenance packages delivered through our fully trained and accredited engineering teams.

Case Studies

Boiler Replacement Programme Eton College

Social Housing Upgrade Merthyr Valley Homes

Eton College is one of the most famous and prestigious public schools in the world dating back to 1440 and comprises academic, sporting and residential facilities.

Merthyr Valley Homes is the social landlord for over 4300 homes in Merthyr Tydfil and the surrounding area.

For a number of years, Vinci Energies has been a key partner in the sustainability programme for Eton College. As part of the programme we have successfully replaced a number of obsolete systems for new high efficiency boilers including all associated pipe work and controls optimising maintenance and reducing energy costs. (£) Value Of Saving

£20,000 per annum

(kWh) Saving

666,667 kWh per annum

CO2 Reduction

122,666 kg

Equivalent Trees

123 Trees

Within the planned repairs and modernisation works for the client, Vinci Energies regularly installs energy efficient boiler systems in domestic dwellings. This provides financial benefits with reduced energy consumption to the tenant and reduces maintenance costs for Merthyr Valley Homes. Typical savings per household can be up to £275 (estimated figure) along with considerable cuts in CO2 emissions. (£) Value Of Saving

£14,575 (based on 53 properties) per annum

(kWh) Saving

485,833 kWh per annum

CO2 Reduction

89,393 kg

Equivalent Trees

89 Trees

Energy Efficient Lighting Consuming an estimated 20% of all electricity generated in the UK, lighting is a major source of energy usage. Often lighting is old and inefficient and simply operating for longer periods than actually required. By installing high frequency luminaires, photocells, passive infra red sensors or a combination of the above, lighting systems operate more effectively. Furthermore, it is a requirement under the current building regulations for properties to utilise energy efficient luminaires. Upgrading your lighting system will deliver significant energy savings as well as providing health & safety and environmental benefits coupled with lower maintenance costs. Vinci Energies can provide a full survey, design, installation & commissioning offering to suit all applications. Designs are created utilising specific software packages and in accordance with CIBSE codes of practice.

Case Studies

SMART Lighting - Jaguar Cars, Logistics Warehouse

Energy Efficient Lighting Merthyr Tydfil CBC, Civic Centre

Jaguar Cars plant at Castle Bromwich manufactures the prestigious XF, XJ and XK models.

The Civic Centre in Merthyr Tydfil provides a diverse range of services for the benefit of the local community.

Appointed as Main Contractors, Vinci Energies provided an energy saving lighting scheme to renew and improve the lighting system within the logistics warehouse. By utilising the latest SMART luminaire technology incorporating; PIR, photo cells and high efficiency ballasts within the fitting, Vinci Energies provided a 75% reduction in both CO2 emissions and energy costs.

An innovative design for the lighting refurbishment of the Civic Centre won Vinci Energies this contract to supply and install an energy saving solution based on usage profiles and incorporating a control network including Passive Infra Red sensors and local override switching. The system provided delivers 51% saving over the original with additional benefits of increasing lamp life and decreasing maintenance costs.

(£) Value Of Saving

£104,112 per annum

(£) Value Of Saving

£3,104 per annum

(kWh) Saving

1,156,800 kWh per annum

(kWh) Saving

25,872 kWh per annum

CO2 Reduction

629,299 kg

CO2 Reduction

14,074 kg

Equivalent Trees

629 Trees

Equivalent Trees

14 Trees

Energy Metering As legislation such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Part L of the building regulations becomes more onerous, organisations increasingly need to be more aware of their energy consumption and cost. Detailed analysis of your energy usage is essential in the creation of your energy management strategy for the future. To achieve this goal organisations need a metering solution that monitors trends, areas of high consumption and will allow the development and analysis of usable data. Vinci Energies can assist you in providing impartial advice on the different systems available that are at the forefront of technology, whilst keeping the principles and operation simple. We will then develop detailed designs and provide implementation and commissioning services, all tailored to suit your particular facility.

Case Studies

EM&T - Arvin Meritor, Cwmbran

AMR - JLR Technical Academy

Manufacturing heavy duty braking systems, Arvin Meritor’s factory in South Wales has a high usage of energy.

The Jaguar Land Rover Academy located in Warwick is used to train the Jaguar Cars, Land Rover UK and international dealer networks.

Vinci Energies provided a tailor made automatic meter reading solution which allows instantaneous viewing of electricity consumption. The solution incorporates meters in each HV sub station, LV switch panels and in areas of high energy use. This has enabled the Client to analyse their energy usage by area and create a strategy to reduce their CO2 output and energy bills. The client subsequently implemented localised energy billing internally and reduced its standing charge with the local REC. The ability to monitor the accuracy of incoming bills has achieved a 10% saving of ÂŁ86,000 per annum.

Vinci Energies secured the electrical installation works for the new academy building. The building incorporates energy saving equipment delivering CO2 saving in excess of 275 tonnes annually. As part of the installation a new metering system has been incorporated on to the main and sub main distribution network feeding back into the BMS system. The installation was completed within programme and in coordination with the Client and other trades.

Variable Speed Drives Electric motors consume over 65% of the energy used within industry and commerce, many of these motors will be operating at inefficient levels. Designed to cover worst case scenarios, for example; in pump and fan applications flow is adjusted by means of mechanical damping. These inefficiencies can be overcome by the installation of Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) to your existing equipment, therefore introducing significant savings in your energy consumption and maintenance costs. Vinci Energies can provide a detailed analysis of your systems including selection of the correct VSD for your application, identifying energy savings and detailed payback expectations. Installed as part of a feedback loop or stand alone system VSD’s can be implemented and commissioned with minimal disruption to client operations.

Case Studies

Variable Speed Drives Aston Martin

Variable Speed Drives (HVAC) BMW Hams Hall

The Aston Martin global headquarters based at Gaydon, Warwickshire is the home to the award wining Vantage, DB9 and DBS models.

BMW Plant Hams Hall is the international centre of competence for the production of four-cylinder petrol engines for both BMW and MINI.

Vinci Energies successfully demonstrated electricity consumption reductions of 30% with the installation of variable speed drive systems for heat pump applications. These are now viewed as in integral component in Aston Martin’s CO2 and energy reduction strategy.

Vinci Energies has installed Variable Speed Drives to numerous HVAC equipment applications on the plant. The installation has achieved a minimum 10% saving on all seventeen items of plant with further savings expected through an on going modulation and speed reduction programme.

(£) Value Of Saving

£1,800 per annum

(kWh) Saving

20,000 kWh per annum

CO2 Reduction

10,600 kg

Equivalent Trees

10.6 Trees

Energy Review & Audits The escalating cost and consumption of energy in recent years, coupled with a commitment for sustainability means that the importance of identifying energy losses is paramount. This has brought with it the need for companies to better understand their energy costs and budgets. Energy efficiency audits can be an essential tool to help determine the most effective way to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Vinci Energies provide professional audits to help clients control their energy management and improve their consumption.

The key steps for success: Energy Evaluation


Review current energy usage

On going action plan

Review energy billing and demand requirements

Monitoring, Maintaining & Improving

Benchmark your organisation against your industry standards

Identification and selection of capital investment items

Usage trends Out of hour’s analysis Provide an overview of current plant energy usage

Reporting Display Energy Certificates and advisory reports

Action Plan

Energy Performance Certificates

Metering & measurement recommendations Recommended actions: - Behavioural change

- Low cost “instant fix” solutions

- Value for money investments

Payback expectations (Return On Investment)

More energy efficient

A+ A 0-25 B 26-50 C 51-75 D 76-100 E 101-125 F 126-150 Gover 150 Less energy efficient

Energy Efficiency  

Energy Efficiency Solutions with Case Studies