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American Community Schools of Athens A Premiere International Institution

Stefanos Gialamas, Ph.D.


Communities are Changing

4 New social, political, economic, and cultural trends 4 Movement of people seeking better economic opportunities 4 Technology is integrated in daily life 4 Globalization

Educational Institutions Must Change They must embrace, foster and promote creative and critical thinking innovative teaching and learning methodologies integration of technology civic responsibilities leadership by example

The Culture of the Institution Students Faculty and Staff Leader of the Institution

Educational Programs & Support Services Facilities Community

ACS Athens Vision Establish ACS Athens as a premiere international school embracing the American educational philosophy, values and principles.

What Does It Mean? „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „


High quality curriculum reflecting the needs of society Inspired faculty Outstanding technology infrastructure Excellent facilities Superb library holdings and services Rich co-curricular and extra-curricular activities Superior services for students and the ACS Athens community Exceptional learning environment promoting professional behavior by students, faculty and staff Exemplary leadership

High Quality, Diverse Curriculum Reflecting the Needs of the Society „ „ „


„ „ „

Offering curriculum accredited by professional organizations Integrating technology in the curriculum Providing opportunities to students for taking additional courses via other avenues Emphasizing the importance of mathematics and science in the curriculum Integrating writing across the curriculum Emphasizing leadership in the curriculum Enhancing curriculum with physical education components

Inspired Faculty „


„ „

„ „ „

Holding excellent academic and teaching credentials Demonstrating effectiveness in teaching and learning Engaging in professional growth and development Integrating technology in the teaching and learning enterprise Exhibiting professional attitude Inspiring students to succeed Commitment to a community of learners

Outstanding Technology Infrastructure

„ „ „ „ „ „

Appropriate hardware Teaching and learning tools Course management tools User friendly communication tools Instructional technology Wireless campus

Excellent Facilities „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

Classrooms Labs Learning Centers Eating Facilities Athletic Facilities Libraries Student Service Offices Offices in general Parking

Libraries „ „ „ „ „

Books Journals Other Learning Materials Subscriptions Technology

Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities „ „ „

Innovative programs Qualified advisors Student Life

Student and Parent Services „ „ „ „ „ „

Guidance Personal counseling College placement Conflict resolution Parent advising Services to parents in general

Professional Behavior by Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration „ „ „

Appropriate student behavior Appropriate dress code Appropriate faculty, staff and administration behavior

Exemplary Leadership „


Adopt a leadership philosophy as a partnership between the director, administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, and the board, with bounded flexibility. Director leads by example.

ACS Athens 2005-2009


Organizational Restructure Ö

Office of Enrollment Management, Community and Public Relations „ „ „ „ „

Enrollment Management Public and Community Relations Admissions Alumni Relations Communications

Organizational Restructure „

Three Schools – Three Principals Elementary School Principal Middle School Principal Academy Principal


Office of Academic and Student Affairs Guidance and Counseling College Placement Student Life and Discipline Innovative Summer Programs

Organizational Restructure Optimal Match Learning Center „ „ „

Elementary School Middle School Academy

Office of Athletic Activities „ „ „

Physical Education programs across all schools After school and weekend athletic activities Summer athletic activities

Enhancing the Curriculum January 2006-September 2007 „




Faculty on a volunteer basis (across departments and schools) will enhance their courses with web-based course software. Faculty will develop electronic course shells using the Blackboard Course Management Tool. Shells will include course syllabus, homework assignments, quizzes, tests, applications, reading materials, discussion topics, grade book with grades available to students and parents. Faculty via their electronic course shells will engage students in team discussions, submissions of their work electronically and communicate with students from other institutions within NESA. Mathematics, sciences, business, and economics courses will be enhanced with simulation software.

Enhancing the Curriculum September 2006-June 2007 „



All faculty from the Academy will be developing at least one course shell. Volunteer faculty from Middle school will develop their course shell. Volunteer faculty from elementary school will develop course shell.

Enhancing the Curriculum September 2007-June 2008 „



All faculty from the Academy will develop their course shells. All faculty from Middle School will develop their course shells. All faculty from Elementary School will develop their course shell.

Enhancing the Curriculum Beginning the 2006-2007 Academic Year „




All incoming students will be evaluated in mathematics and English before they register. Mathematics courses at Middle School and the Academy will be offered in 3 levels: advanced, standard and remedial. A mathematics and science after-school tutoring center will be in place. A comprehensive after-school SAT preparation program will be in place.

Enhancing the Curriculum Beginning the 2006-2007 Academic Year

„ „

Introducing AP courses to Senior students Introducing online courses to high school students via a USA based online virtual high school (for example the courses via the Illinois Virtual High School Program)

New Faculty Recruiting Recruiting New Faculty Members We are offering an early retirement package to eligible ACS faculty (effective July 1, 2006) and thus additional faculty openings might occur. Recruit faculty from USA and in particular Greek –Americans Recruit USA college faculty who are on sabbatical and are interested in teaching one or two courses at ACS. (First professor from USA will be teaching mathematics the 2006 fall semester.)

Faculty Development For the next three academic years we will be focusing on “Teaching and Learning Utilizing Technology.� In-house workshops Local conferences and workshops International workshops and conferences Online training Faculty visiting other institutions

Institute For Creative and Critical Thinking 2006 youth summer program “Mathematics, Creative and Critical Thinking and Leadership� (Dr. Edward Burger Chair, Mathematics Department, Williams College and Dr. Stefanos Gialamas, Director, ACS) Summer college courses offered by USA, UK and Dutch universities at ACS Online high school courses offered to ACS students during the academic year and also during the summer time

Institute For Creative and Critical Thinking Exchange programs with other international schools. (We already have an invitation from New Delhi, India for a one-month exchange program.) Short educational programs in cooperation with the European Space Agency. (We have started the ground work for collaboration.)

Technology Infrastructure Academic Year 2005-2006 „




A new computer lab will be ready before the end of November 2005. 10 lap tops will be available for the use of faculty who will be working on developing course shells during the 2006 spring semester. One smart board will be available for training and presentations. 20 DVD players and a DVD burner will be purchased by the end of November 2005.

Technology Infrastructure Academic Year 2008-2009 „ „ „ „ „

„ „

The entire campus will be wireless. 375 computers will be available to students. All incoming IB students will have a lap top. All science labs will have simulation lab software. All mathematics labs will have high-quality mathematics software. All labs will have smart boards. All faculty will have a lap top.

Facilities Academic Year 2005-2006 „ „ „

Completed the construction of IB offices Completed the College Counseling wing Construction of eating place for Elementary School

Facilities Academic Year 2006-2007 „


Completing the construction of the Optimal Match Learning Center with an Elementary School location and a Middle School/High School location Completing the remodeling of the Middle School

Facilities Academic Year 2007-2008 „

Completing the remodeling of the Academy building

Libraries Academic Year 2005-2006 „


Developing a 3-year plan for enhancing library material Beginning the solicitation of donated books and other library needs Academic Years 2006-2009


Implementing the plan

Enrollment Management, Community and Public Relations Academic Year 2005-2006 Developing strong relationships with „ USA Embassy families „ Greek-American, Greek-Australians, and Greek-Canadian organizations „ The Greek Orthodox churches in USA and Canada „ Other embassies, international companies and organizations „ Greek high schools and Greek public officials

Continuation Academic Year 2006-2009 „

„ „

Promoting ACS via innovative educational partnerships with universities in USA and Europe Promoting ACS via athletic and cultural activities Promoting ACS via the engagement of high-quality programs reflecting the civic responsibility of a premiere school

Communication Academic Year 2005-2008 „

„ „ „

Establish three types of communication within the ACS community: electronic, printed (letters, newspapers) and website Alumni relations Community relations Dynamic website

In Summary Academic Years 2006-2009 ACS Athens will be increasing student enrollment by 10% every academic year and thus by the academic year 2009-2010 We will have 900 students

ACS Athens

A Community of Learners

ACS Athens Vision - 2005-06  

ACS Athens Vision - 2005-06

ACS Athens Vision - 2005-06  

ACS Athens Vision - 2005-06