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JUNE 2011

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A father carries pictures where his money used to be. Author Unknown

Is Your Business Sitting on a Fortune? Why do we need a Lasting Power of Attorney? King Amongst Coaches Beautiful Hair Whatever Your Age What Do you Want From your Accountant? Film Reviews Priest & Thor Fruity Chicken Curry Keep Fit at Work 2

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City Break - Dublin Pest Control A Bird’s Eye View Do Women Really Flirt to Get Let Off a Ticket? Get a Pay Rise & Pay Less Tax? Save on Your Payroll Turn Your Dream into a Job Muffin Tops & V.P.L’s Go Away 3

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Please read the following article... 5

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DID YOU KNOW YOUR BUSINESS COULD BE SITTING ON A FORTUNE? Many businesses are sitting on a small fortune which they are completely unaware of worth thousands of pounds to the owner. The money is tied up in the building and can be unlocked with a simple tax claim. What Are Capital Allowances? Capital allowances are tax relief on capital expenditure on qualifying machinery or plant and on certain types of buildings or structures that can be set off against taxable profits. Expenditure can be incurred either by way of the acquisition, construction or refurbishment of a property. Capital allowances can also be claimed on: Patents, know-how, dredging, intellectual property rights and goodwill. You can also claim then on cleaning up sites like old petrol stations, asbestos removal and on some ‘green’ energy systems. All commercial property, of whatever age or Specification, may have an element of capital allowances contained within them. How much depends on cost and how much has been spent on it. Some examples what you can claim for are shown below: •

Heating and air conditioning installations • Fire fighting equipment • Sanitary fittings • Carpets • Lifts and escalators

To Qualify; you need to be able to answer yes to the following questions: •

Are you a taxpayer? Company, Individual, or partnership • Is the property classified as commercial? (e.g. factory, shop, office ,warehouse, hotel, pub, care-home, nursing-home, vets, doctors or dentists surgery etc.) • Was the purchase price at least £150,000? ( or have you spent that in refurbishment) The Question You Should Be Asking Yourself Is: Why Hasn’t My Accountant Claimed Already? Accountants may claim some capital allowances for items that are moveable and have an invoice, for example office furniture and computers. However, some things are attached to a building, CCTV, fire escapes, fire alarms, signs, lights, even items such as lift shafts and swimming pools are all items which are both fixed and moveable. Many accountants don’t differentiate between accounting treatment and tax treatment for these items. In most major building work payment is by stage payments. These just state how much has been spent; they don’t describe how it was spent, so your accountant will not know. This means that there could be thousands of pounds unclaimed! The Good News: There is no time limit to claims.


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Are You Buying or Selling A Property?

Reduction or elimination of future taxes (up to 20 years is possible).

How much will it cost? Our fees are based on success, this means that if we cannot find a valid claim it will not cost you anything See table below:

If you are selling a property unless the proper piece of tax law is correctly applied you, as a seller, could lose thousands of pounds or even be fined by Note: How much of the tax figure you can get back the revenue. immediately depends on how much tax you have If you are buying a building then you could claim paid or are likely to pay. We will work with your back thousands of pounds reducing the purchase accountant to maximise this. price considerably. Capital Gains Tax:

For more information please:

Under the ruling Ref :TCGA 1992.S 41 (1) any capital gain on the items claimed under Capital Allowances must be disregarded. Effectively allowing you to claim twice!

Call 01233 640985 or 07789 885611 Fax: 0844 443 2402

Why you should contact us:


A successful claim could mean any, or all of the following:

Email us at:

A tax refund for past years (normally limited to the last 2 or 3 years) • Reduction or elimination of your current tax liabilities (ie this year) •

Building Value £850,000 £850,000


Capital Allowance Claim 170,000 Lower End 255,000 Upper End

Please visit us at: Website:

You Get

You Get

You Pay

Tax 20%

Tax 40%

Our fee 4%



£6,800 + vat



£10,200 + vat

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AZOUMA RESTAURANT 4 Church Street, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 1NH

To Book Call: 01227 760076 Serving Authentic Mediterranean & Arabian Cuisine Visit the NEW LOOK & taste the NEW MENU Christmas Bookings are being taken COUPON OFFER 1




STUDENT NIGHT Every Wed from 5pm

(Student ID required)



10% Discount for all takeaways

(Student ID required)

Buy 1 meal, get 2nd half price from set menu


Why Not Come and Enjoy Our Excellent Buffet Lunch Large Selection Eat All You Want

Just £6.95

PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST Fully Qualified & Approved Driving Instructors Medway Towns, Swale & Gravesham Areas IC T S A T N ITH FA W ER N F F O P O U O C THIS

Quote Ref: KCOFFER2


01634 302623 8

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• • •

Old wiring repaired or renewed New extensions fitted Broadband connections resolved

Call Dave (Ex-BT Engineer) Tel: 01622 850075 . Mob: 07708 876423 Making Lasting Power of Attorneys, June Exclusive Offer Advanced £50 OFF a single service Directives, Wills & Trusts

£125 OFF a pair of different services

CALL: 0845 643 5686

Easy and Affordable for All

Cannot be used with any other special or ongoing promotion. 9

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Don’t Take In A Stranger Whilst You Are Gone. More than half of us are likely to lose the ability to make decisions at some stage in our lives: • • • • • • •

Emergency decisions during an operation Alzheimer's Car accident Work place injury Stroke Mental health issues Old age

Most people think that their parents, spouse or adult child would be able to administer their affairs. But without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) none of them would have a legal right to take charge. Your friends or family will want to help but to do so legally they will have to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your “Deputy” (a restricted version of the Attorney you could have appointed under an LPA). This could prove to be expensive and time consuming. You should also be aware that the Court of Protection will not know if your friends or family can be trusted so they are


more likely to appoint a professional stranger to be sure they do not choose the wrong person. In this situation and often in good faith someone you know may dispute the Court of Protection appointment. But they are unlikely to be aware it is you that will end up paying all of those legal costs. Those costs could start at a couple of thousand pounds but easily end up being tens of thousands of pounds. If someone who does not have your interests at heart takes over that could be a personal disaster. But what really can be a financial disaster is that the Court of Protection will in the absence of a good candidate for the role of your “Deputy” appoint a solicitor to do everything for you. Just imagine paying £180 to £300 an hour for a solicitor to pay your bills, make your decisions and come to see you to check up on you. If that doesn’t cost £10,000 a year you will be very lucky. So why not make an LPA today? An LPA is a legal document which allows another person or persons to manage your finances (Lasting Power of Attorney Property and Affairs) or health and welfare (Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare). LPAs allow you to decide, in advance, who will look after your financial affairs or deal with health and welfare decisions for you. If you do not have LPAs in place then it is up to the Court of Protection

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to make those decisions for you until such time as it a new home for you or to select a care home, or appoints a “Deputy” to manage money and care staff. It also allows the LPA attorneys to deal welfare matters for you. with medical staff as if they were you. The only reservation is that the attorney has to be As you can imagine, that is a slow and expensive specifically given authority to refuse life sustaining process and the Court of Protection may not treatment on your behalf – and not everyone will appoint the person you would have chosen to look choose to do that. Religious issues also come after your interest – indeed, if there is any under the Health and Welfare LPA. That said argument, they may well appoint a solicitor (at your Attorneys are always required to consult you and to expense) to run your life. Is that what you want for give great weight to your views if it is possible to yourself? ascertain them. This LPA cannot be used unless it has been registered and you have lost mental LPA Property and Financial Affairs capacity. However, once this LPA qualifies to be used the Attorneys are effectively acting as if they This LPA is intended to cover things like paying are you. bills, managing bank accounts, signing contracts, paying care fees – broadly anything to do with Do not regret yesterday. Why fear tomorrow. money. It can actually be used once it is registered Act today. even if you could still manage your own finances so potentially it should be drawn up to specifically yWill are LPA specialists and believe that the avoid this. However, if you completely trust your documents you need to protect your interests nominated Attorneys (the people you appoint to should be easily accessible and affordable for all. manage things) then you should not do this so that You can call them on 0845 6435686. they will not have the aggravation of having to Kent Coupons have negotiated a very special prove that you have lost mental capacity. deal on their fixed prices for readers so make sure you quote KCMAY when you contact them. LPA Health and Welfare In general this LPA will allow the attorney to choose LPAs are crucial for everyone over 18.


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A King Amongst Coaches... People often come to coaching when they have reached a cross-roads and don’t know which way to turn, or when they know where they want to be, but don’t know how to get there. We work with business people who have been wrestling with getting things done for many months and who don’t see how they can achieve their goals. We support companies whilst abolishing the worry and energy-draining stress, to make a plan come to life. Your experience of being coached by King Associates will be refreshing and rewarding.

of their life/work/relationships leaving them with a greater sense of happiness”. Our aim is to deliver what you want, when you need it. We will create bespoke coaching solutions and each client would be met to determine their need and agree terms and conditions. It is still true today, that your people are your greatest asset you can recognise their worth and reward their hard work through many of the support services King Associates can offer. Just a few examples of the areas we work with you in: Assisting businesses who need an HR structure in place, from recruitment, through induction training, management development systems, retirement and succession planning to redundancy. Email: Tel: 01622 743735 Businesses that are expanding and do not currently have the structures in place to support the growth. Email: Tel: 01622 743735 Organisations going through, or about to enter, a period of rapid change. Email: Tel: 07711 281584

As a coach and NLP practitioner with CIPD qualifications Alison has the ability to lead and motivate individuals or teams through changes to meet their ultimate goal. If your company is about to embark on or requires additional support in your business initiatives, on a full or part time basis then please give King Associates a call to discuss. 07711 281584 or email:

ONGOING SUPPORT Once we have worked together on a project and know your business well, it is possible for you to retain our services with a low-cost monthly fee.

Alison writes;” I have coached many people from all walks of life. All of them are professional achievers within their careers or entrepreneurs. At one time, two out of three of them became MDs of their organisation within 1 year of coaching and all of them have gained clarity on what they want out


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Beautiful Hair whatever your age Women have always known that hair becomes more difficult to style and maintain with age, but experts now confirm that it does indeed age along with our skin and bodies. Whenever hair is neglected or abused its strength starts to decline, no matter what your age. However, ageing hair is far more delicate and needs a little extra tender loving care. Hair actually starts to age after the age of 25. Each strand shrinks 10 per cent in diameter and may become duller due to loss of the colour pigment melanin. Just like prematurely aged skin, hair can also be prematurely aged by abuse and misuse of chemicals and heat styling tools. Signs include weakness or brittleness, dryness, flaking scalp, split ends and an extra fine and frizzy texture. Ageing hair needs to be strengthened and moisturised by the right combination of products. This can be easily achieved with a daily care regime as well as the right haircut. Celebrity New York hair designer Philip Pelusi recommends that ageing hair be cut and styled a little differently. He says softer, loose curls or waves make anyone appear younger, whereas sharp angles and severe shapes will have the opposite effect. Pelusi also suggests that ageing hair looks at its best when treated to softer, slightly lighter hair


colour with varying tones. Dark, solid shades must be avoided. Hair colour also needs to complement skin and eye colour, so a consultation with a skilled salon colourist is advisable. Pelusi offers his top 10 anti-ageing tips for hair. 1. Use products specifically designed to rejuvenate ageing hair. Dove Pro-Age shampoo and conditioner is specifically made for ageing hair, but your hairdresser can tailor-make a hair care regime for you. Follow the regime consistently for best results. 2. Treat your hair to regular salon hair and scalp treatments for deep, intense conditioning. 3. Supply nutrients to your hair through a healthy diet and supplements of essential fatty acids. Hair is definitely a reflection of inner health. 4. Drink plenty of water to keep skin and hair hydrated. 5. Exercise helps maintain a healthy blood flow to the scalp. This will help encourage healthy hair growth. 6. Maintain a relaxation programme to keep stress at bay. Stress can take its toll on the health of your hair and skin. 7. Get plenty of rest. Proper sleep is very important to maintain the health of the entire body, including the hair. 8. Keep the scalp in its optimum healthy state. A healthy scalp means healthy hair. 9. Treat wet hair with tender loving care. Apply a detangling product before combing it and use a wide toothed comb only. Never brush wet hair as it will break. 10. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to reduce friction on the hair, which can cause breakage. Hair starts to age from the age of 25!

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Just 2 of the Reasons to use us: 1st) We have years of experience running our own company’s, so we fully understand what you need from an accountant. 2nd) Diverse client range from £20k to several £m turnover Call us now on: 01233 664650 ~ Visit us at:

10% OFF Any Accounting Work or Personal Tax Returns With This Coupon


Contact Lisa on: 01634 307004


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What Do You Want Out Of Your Accountant?

How About 10% Discount? Unlike most accountants, YPS Accounting Services Ltd have two major advantages over most accounting practices. 1st. All the senior staff within the company has experience of running other businesses other than just an accounting practice. This means that they understand how to explain things in plain language, and they know what the figures really mean. Indeed, they still do run and manage other successful companies. 2nd . We have a diverse range of businesses from small sole traders with turnovers of £20,000 to £30,000 right up to companies turning over several million pounds. A recent survey was carried out in which clients were asked about their accountants; the results were: • • •

Most clients felt that their accountants never told them anything that might help them in their business. Most clients hated being billed by the hour as they had no control of the bill. Most clients wanted to pay less tax, but their accountants did not talk to them during the year and suggest ways in which they could do so.

But the biggest single complaint was: the only people who understood what the accountant said; was other accountants! So we promise: We will treat you fairly, we talk to you in plain language, and we will do what we can to help you make your business more effective and profitable. We will fix our fees at the beginning of your business year, we will both know how much it is going to be and we will give you the opportunity to pay by instalments to help your cashflow. We will tell how you to reduce your bill by simple means, putting sales invoices in number or date order for example. By keeping your bank statements in order and reconciling them. Plain, commonsense things that will make your life easier, simpler and less expensive. Don’t worry, when you become a client we will give you a list. We will talk to you on a regular basis and at least once before your year end accounts are due, so that you can declare dividends or bonuses. We will tell you how to protect yourself from a tax investigation that could go back several years and cost you thousands of pounds. But as an added reason to give us a call we are offering 10% Off any accounting work or personal tax returns resulting from redeeming our downloadable coupon at:

Call Mark on 01233 664650 or email Mark@ 15 Please Mention Across Kent When You Call Our Advertisers

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Review: Priest (Rating: 15)

Starring: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Maggie Q, Cam Gigandet, Lily Collins

Once again teaming up with Paul Bettany in the lead role, Stewart this time foregoes the zombies of Legion Director: in favour of vampires, which Priest (Bettany) must hunt Scott Stewart ( Legion ) down after hundreds of years of fighting led mankind into a post-apocalyptic world, holed up in walled cities run by the Church, where the priests are reduced to a life of physical labour. But as ever, things aren't quite that cut and dried as a race of vampires led by Priest's old friend (Urban) kidnaps his niece, Lucy (Lily Collins), and Priest must team up with Lucy's boyfriend Hicks (Gigandet) to save her, but with a twist: he vows to kill her if he discovers she's already been turned. Naturally, he's had to break his vows to the church to set off on his mission, and so they send a team including a Warrior Princess (Maggie Q) to bring him back to the fold. Priest is stylishly produced and designed with some nice ideas and decently-done action scenes, but understandably flat performances from Bettany and Maggie Q abound as they struggle with a tired script that fails to flesh out their characters with any degree of personality or likability. Stewart could have gone far here, exploring possible themes of faith crises and the idea of rebelling against the church as supreme governor, but instead chooses a straight Cowboys and Indians type affair as Priest fights off one CGI vampire after another. Ultimately disappointing and dull despite the occasional interesting chase scene on a jet bike, Priest falls flat thanks to uninteresting directing, lack of tension and one-dimensional characters. Not half as entertaining or thought-provoking as it could have been.


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Review: Thor (Rating: 12)

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddlestone, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan Skarsgard

Kenneth Branagh directs an entertaining adventure based on the Marvel comic book superhero, in which Director: Chris Hemsworth (ex Home and Away) takes on the mantle of Norse God Thor, about to be crowned king by Kenneth Branagh his father Odin (Hopkins). But as always, it's never that simple, as Thor's jealous brother Loki (Hiddleston) manages to talk him into a war with the Frost Giants, resulting in punishment of epic proportions by their father and banishment to Earth. Stripped of all his superpowers, Thor lands in New Mexico and befriends a pair of scientists - Jane (Portman) and Erik (Skarsgard) and their assistant Darcy, while Loki schemes to become king in his absence. But not content with that, he also sends a robot to battle Thor while he's powerless - talk about kicking a man when he's down. The danger with comic fantasy is always the chance of the characters becoming parodies of themselves but that's not evident here: a top-notch performance from Hemsworth turns Thor into a likeable bloke for whom you can't help but root, not to mention his chemistry with co-star Portman. The ever-brilliant Hopkins is excellent as Odin, while Hiddleston manages to inject a touch of humanity into Loki, turning him from the panto villain he could so easily have been into a complex and almost tragic character. But there are two real stars here: firstly, Branagh, who hits exactly the right notes with his direction, successfully combining action, drama, romance, fantasy and humour, and secondly, the excellent script, which gives each character the chance to come into their own - there are no bit-parts here. Thor could well be the best comic book movie since Iron Man . Absorbing, witty, and well-told, it could even impress the non-comic book fans.


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Green Curry Thai Restaurant 4-5 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2NA

Tel: 01227 455888 INTRODUCING AN ALL NEW EXTENSIVE EAT ALL YOU CAN MENU £14.50 per person We cook traditional and authentic Thai food using fresh ingredients. 18


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Restaurant & Bar

*LUNCH* Monday - Saturday

£6.50 Children under 10

Tel: 01303 227356 Visit our website at: TAKEAWAY SERVICE AVAILABLE


£4.00 Take Away

£3.90 (12:00noon - 5:00pm )

*DINNER* Monday - Thursday

£9.50 Friday - Saturday


£10.50 Children under 10

£6.00 Singaporean

Take Away

£4.90 (5:30pm - 10:30pm)



SUNDAY SPECIAL WHOLE DAY £8.50 Children under 10

Over 50 exotic Oriental dishes plus Indian curry dishes

We are open 7 days a week Including Bank Holidays

£5.00 Take Away

£5.00 Menu f or dinner and all day Sunday includes Crispy Ducks, King Prawns, Squid etc

(12:00noon - 10:30pm )

FREE DELIVERY For orders over £10.00 within 3 miles radius 10% DISCOUNT UPON COLLECTION 20

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Fruity Chicken Curry It's hard to beat a nice spicy curry, and this one contains fruit for extra zing and a touch of sweetness. Simple and delicious, this dish takes less than half an hour from start to finish - that's quicker than a trip to the takeaway! Add more or less curry powder depending on how spicy you like it. INGREDIENTS


25g Butter

1. Melt the butter in a heavy frying pan over a medium heat. Brown the chicken for approximately 7 minutes and then remove from the pan and set aside.

2 Chicken breast fillets, cut into small cubes 1 Onion, sliced 4 Garlic cloves, crushed 3 tbsp curry powder (to taste) Half an apple, cored and cut into cubes 1 Stick of celery, chopped Half a red pepper, chopped

2. SautĂŠ the onion and garlic in the pan for about 5 minutes and add the curry powder. Stir well. 3. Return the chicken to the mixture and add the apple, celery, peppers, sultanas and stock. Add salt to taste. 4. Cover and simmer on a low heat for 15 minutes until the sauce thickens.

75g Sultanas

5. Serve immediately with boiled rice or naan bread.

500ml Chicken stock

6. Enjoy!

Salt to taste


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Fit at Work realizes that healthy and happy employees are more competent in the workplace. The effect of an unhealthy and sedentary workforce can detract from your profit margin. The key is to give your company the edge by making your employees feel valued. Encouraging Fitness and regular massage demonstrates concern for employees well being which in turn pays off. Our team of experienced professionals will visit your workplace at a time that suits you to meet the needs of your staff and at the end of each visit everyone is left smiling!

CORPORATE FITNESS Fit at Work travel to your office or event and conduct an exercise regime that is sure to leave your employees happy. If you have limited space we can take a group outside and work there. The bottom line is there is no excuse not to exercise! We offer a variety of packages that are specifically tailored for your individual needs. Outlined are some examples of classes that have proved popular with other companies.

Circuit Training • • • • • • •


Aerobic and Step classes Yoga/Pilates Running Club Military Fitness in the park Keiser Cycle Zumba Dance classes

Benefits of fitness in the workplace • • • • • • • •

Employees are less likely to get sick More energy throughout the day More self confidence Less stressed Increased concentration Positive attitude due to release of endorphins Fit employees take on a more leadership role because of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A fit individual tends to make a good leader. Physically able to take on the demands of the job

CORPORATE MASSAGE Whether you are holding an Event or you just want to pamper your employees in their place of work. We guarantee everyone will be left feeling de-stressed and revitalized. Our team of massage therapists will come to you offering a 10 minute massage to each person. We are not intrusive as we can work at the desk or set up in a small area where people can approach us. All massage is done through the clothing so no one is left feeling embarrassed. By doing this you really are offering great perks to your job description and placing value on every member of your team. This is going to make them more pro-active for your company. Everybody comes out a winner!

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0844 588 7611

We also offer ½ hour massages, (Sports or Relaxation) which are done in a room with oils. This is the ultimate relaxation package.

Benefits of massage in the workplace •

• • •

Offers something new and different which then gives your company the edge Increased employee morale Lowers work related stress Happy employees are more productive in work and can take on more Employees feel valued and are grateful for this benefit

TEAM BUILDING FITNESS WORKSHOPS We understand the importance that teamwork plays within your company. If a link is missing within the team then this can affect everyone within the company. We have devised fitness-base workshops that get everyone singing from the same sheet. They range from employees learning a salsa routine and putting it to practice, Military days at the park, Martial Art Combat right the way through to workshops providing information on Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. The importance of all these workshops is that they can’t be done alone. The team needs to pull together to complete the task, which provides teamwork that flows on into daily practice at work. For more information or for your personalized plan please contact:

Katie Pelzman on 07507045799 23

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Mention Across Kent or Kent Coupons to receive this special offer


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Between the bottom of the hill and the deep blue sea..... The Coastguard The Bay St Margaret’s Bay Nr Dover CT15 6DY 01304 851019 The Coastguard Pub & Restaurant isn’t hard to find. Head for the sound of the waves lapping against the white cliffs of Dover, the delicious aroma of local produce cooking in a busy kitchen, the glint of a freshly poured ale. When the English Channel is about to wet your toes, you’ll have found us. We like to keep things simple. Our friendly, family-run establishment has a garden with bench seating for sunny days, a large alfresco terrace for year-round drinking and dining, a busy bar for cosy evenings, and a restaurant for relaxed dining. We’d love to see you soon. The Coastguard – your home by the sea. 25

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Dash to Dublin! If it’s been recently visited by both the Queen and President Obama, surely you must go and see why? Located near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast at the mouth of the River Liffey, Dublin was founded as a Viking settlement. But for much of the country's history and since medieval times, Dublin has been Ireland's primary city. Today, it is an economic, administrative and cultural centre of Ireland and has one of the fastest growing populations of any European capital city. If you are looking for a city break with a rich blend of tradition, architectural beauty and culture, then Dublin could provide the perfect short break for you. As well as being steeped in history, it has a world-famous literary history, having produced many prominent writers, including James Joyce, WB Yeats and George Bernard Shaw. There is certainly something for everyone here and

you won't need a car or a bus to get around as Dublin is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city easily explored on foot. If this sounds a little tiring, don't worry, as refreshments are always close by when walking through the city. Why not pop into Bewley's, Dublin's famous coffee shop, or visit a traditional Irish pub for a drop of the black stuff? Short breaks in Dublin would not be complete without a visit to the Dublin Writers Museum, which houses a reserve of books including rare and first editions and critical works. Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university, is well worth a visit. Housing the Book of Kells, a world-famous illuminated manuscript, transcribed by Celtic monks, the university also owns some of the most important buildings in the city. Other attractions include Dublin Castle and the famous Guinness Storehouse. Dublin city breaks take much of their charm from the easily accessible nature of the city, so enjoy a stroll through the fashionable shopping area around Grafton Street before heading through the beautiful St Stephen's Green park at the top of the street. The city's cultural heart, Temple Bar, is filled with street performers, quirky shops and a range of bars and eateries that are not to be missed on weekend breaks in Dublin. Entertainment is something that Dublin can easily provide. There is a vibrant nightlife and Dublin is reputedly one of the most youthful cities in Europe As in the rest of Ireland, there are pubs right across the city centre. The area around St Stephen's Green - especially Harcourt Street, Camden Street, Wexford Street and Leeson Street is a centre for some of the most popular nightclubs and pubs. Choose from theatre-land culture or traditional bars that provide regular live music, such as Buskers and the Ha'penny Bridge Inn. Or if relaxation is what you're after, why not take an open-top bus tour to see more of this wonderful city and rest your weary legs? In Dublin you will find that the level of accommodation varies from budget hotels through to four-star and five-star luxury. Online travel agent Cresta Holidays ( offers a wide range of city break deals starting at ÂŁ125 for two nights.


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Picture caption: Fancy a pint of Guinness? Bridge over the river Liffey. Temple Bar at night. Green Post Box.


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By Dave Green NBC Bird and Pest Solutions is a national pest control company, unique in its customer focused structure. All local branches are individually owned which means that the service is provided by local people with local knowledge who better understand their needs and have a vested interest in ensuring they receive the highest standard of service. Working locally is also cost effective, not only reducing costs but also reducing business and personal carbon footprint. Alongside this, all branches are also managed and supported by the national head office team that boasts a wealth of industry experts.

using a variety of different methods, from scaring, netting and spikes. We are renowned for using birds of prey as a method of gull and pigeon control, naturally deterring them from their nest sites. We are pioneering a new method of rodent control using non-toxic baits. If and when we see evidence of rats or mice consuming this we then introduce toxic baits, we also directly bait harbourages and deny access to the rodent where possible making the treatment more efficient and much quicker. Once the problem has been removed we then return to non toxic monitoring.

This enables me to provide a consistently high level of service to all clients including those with multiple sites across the UK. Using environmental methods of pest control is not only good for the environment but is good for public relations and raising the awareness of the need for change. NBC is the UK's largest bird control specialist


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Marketing is very important to myself and NBC as a whole to encourage companies that are suffering in these difficult times to take this opportunity to make changes and think of the future. NBC is an outstanding business in many ways, not only because we give our customers what they need and not what is just given but showing them our care and commitment is fore most. I opened my branch in August 2008, and have already won many prestigious contracts resulting in satisfied customers. However i have done this on my own with only the support from Head office and now need to invest heavily in tangible, competitive marketing and training of a new member of staff. Growing a successful business is difficult especially in the current climate, however if i can show local people and businesses that their workplace and the environment can work together we will all have a better future.

NBC The Natural Choice


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Do Women Really Flirt Away Fines? There's nothing worse than returning to your car after a hard day at work to find a parking fine stuck to the window, or being pulled over for failing to notice a buses-only sign. Not surprisingly, rather than face paying out some ladies use their womanly wiles to avoid a hefty fine or penalty points. Men might mock women's driving skills but when it comes to slipping out of speeding fines and worming our way round irate traffic wardens, you have to admit that women have got men licked. Feminism may have come along way but when it comes down fine dodging, one in four of us would bat our eyelashes or reveal a bit too much cleavage if we thought it would get us off the hook with a traffic warden or policeman, according to a recent YouGov survey for car insurance firm Diva. Women might statistically be the safest behind the wheel but they display considerably less self-control than men when it comes to getting themselves out of sticky situations with the authorities. However, it seems to be the younger female drivers who are most likely to flash a bit of cleavage or flirt with the officer. In the survey of 2,181 women drivers, car insurance provider Diva found that 34 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds said


they would consider giving a traffic warden the come on to avoid a hefty fine. Younger women might be brazen behind the wheel but it seems mature motorists have more driving decorum, with 61 per cent of over 45-year-olds refusing to even consider flirting if caught flouting the law. However Diva believes your flirting prowess is less to do with your age and much more to do with where you come from, as bold Northern ladies are even more likely to turn on the charms when caught for speeding or a parking ticket than their more demure southern counterparts according to the survey. The brazen women of Yorkshire displayed the most temptress tendencies with 25 per cent saying they'd turn on the charm if faced with potential penalty points, while a more timid seven per cent of Londoners admitted to already having had a go at charming their way out of trouble. Head of Diva Kaye Sutcliffe says: "Diva is car insurance designed specifically for women and we wanted to delve into a diva's mind and see what makes us girls tick. At Diva we think women are better drivers, which is why we have negotiated such excellent rates for women. But I'm not sure guys realise just how shrewd women are when it comes to getting themselves out of trouble. Flirting is just one more device divas deploy to get what they want behind the wheel." So who knows? Maybe a beaming smile and puppy dog eyes could save you from that next parking ticket or penalty points!

Picture caption: Women drivers use their feminine wiles to escape fines and penalty points.

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Writing Your Will ………. it couldn’t be any easier A will is probably the most important legal document you’ll ever own, and yet more than 60% of adults in the UK die without one. If a will is drafted correctly, it could save a great deal of tax for your beneficiaries; it could protect the family home against long-term care fees; it could protect the inheritance of the children of a former marriage; it could avoid loss of state benefits for a disabled person. So why do so many people keep putting it off? The reasons commonly given are cost, the inconvenience of having to visit the solicitor’s office, and the problems of understanding all the legal jargon. Here at Sterling Wills Ltd., we publish our fees on our website ( so there are no nasty surprises; we include a home visit as part of the service, at no extra cost, and we explain everything in plain English, all of which adds up to a very good reason for not putting it off any longer. Anything you tell us will be in the strictest confidence; no information will be passed to any third party. We are members of the Society of Will Writers and we adhere to the Society’s Code of Practice.


Managing Director Ronald Bateman makes this pledge: ‘We have a number of priorities in the way we do business, such as observing the highest ethical and professional standards, fair dealing, protecting all personal data – the list is a long one. But top of the list is customer satisfaction, closely followed by value-for-money, and we’ll never be complacent about those two goals, because all the others then fall into place. After all, there’s no better form of advertising than a satisfied customer.’ However simple or complex you requirements may be, our Consultant will ask all the relevant questions and present you with the appropriate options. For example, you may wish to protect 50% of the family home against long-term care fees; this would require trusts to be included in the wills. Or let’s say you need discretionary trusts in your wills; these can serve a number of purposes, such as protecting a disabled person from losing state benefits because he or she inherits a large sum. If the inheritance is held by the trustees so that they can release funds as and when they’re needed, the state benefits will not be lost. And, most importantly, we don’t sell; we simply offer a solution to your own individual needs and we let you choose. PLEASE CALL US ON 0845 4900324 or email to arrange an appointment or for further information.

Sterling W ills Ltd. Ltd .

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How A Pay Rise Can Help You Pay Less Tax As an Employer does money seem tight for you? As an employee do you wish you had a few more pounds each week? As an employer one of the biggest costs is that of payroll, everything over £139 per week attracts an extra tax of 13.8% which is uncapped; this means that some-one on a wage of £500 per week actually costs you an additional £49.81 per week just to employ. Now we have a solution that could allow your staff to take home more money and could significantly reduce the amount of money that you pay in taxes. The example below should help make it clearer. Current YPS Solutions Position Wage Wage £500 £500 Tax & NI Tax & NI £116.12 £ 44.78 Take home pay Take home pay £383.88 £ 455.22 Employers NI 49.81

Employers NI 11.86 Per person, per week


Potential Saving

71.34 per week 37.95 per week Over £1,973 per person per year Saved

This particular idea is ideal for construction workers, security guards, scaffolding workers and anyone who travels to different locations to carry out their work, especially if they have to make their own way there at their own expense. Our scheme means that both the employee and the company can benefit. We have clearly defined allowances, a simple process for getting them and a real benefit to offer both employees and employers. The scheme is suitable for people earning over £20,540 per annum; this is equal to £10.68 per hour, £400 per week or £1,733 per month. If you earn less than this amount you are unlikely to gain any real benefit from this scheme and if you earn more than £46,000 per year (£884 per week) we have other more suitable ideas for you. Even if you are currently a CIS worker in the construction industry this scheme could still make sense for you. Instead of overpaying tax each week and having to claim it back at the year end this scheme lets you pay tax as you go. No more worries about tax bills in January and July, no more bills from your accountant and for employers less risk of a tax investigation or fines.

Just call Howard or Mark on: 01233 644650 to find out more.

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Specially set up to offer the small to medium employer a quick, secure and simple payroll service. Our Guarantee: We Will Get Your Payroll Right, or You Don’t Pay! Call Howard or Mark on: 0844 567 9696 Email us at: Visit Our Website:


Employers Sign Up & Claim First 2 Months Payroll Solution for FREE With This Coupon

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Smart Payroll Solutions was set up to offer the small to medium employer a quick and simple payroll service. We carried out some research recently and found one employer paying over £190 per month for a payroll of just 10 people, with us it would have cost just £30 per month a saving of over £1,900 per year! Smart Payroll Solutions have trained, dedicated staff; we only work on payroll and together we have over 70 years of experience of payroll. Both the directors belong to the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals, so you can be sure that they have relevant and up to date knowledge and experience.

and we include the year end payroll processing in the price. Many accountants charge upwards of £6.00 per person with a minimum charge of £120. If you want us to work out time sheets we can do that as well. The table below shows how much it costs for us to do your payroll. For example: 1>10 11>20

£3.50 £3.00

Per payslip Per payslip



Per payslip



Per payslip

With new rules on maternity and paternity leave, sickness and pensions, getting clear unbiased We don’t charge for people joining or leaving and advice is more important than ever and we can offer we don’t charge for year end procedures. If you do all of that. not have an existing PAYE scheme we can set one up in a day for about £15.00. However by far the reason why most employers choose us is that it is simple, quick and secure. We can help you manage holidays, student loans, Many employers don’t want their staff to know how statutory deductions for employees who have to pay much everyone is earning or to have a wages clerk child maintenance, or fines. knowing how much the directors are earning, Plus as a special incentive to choose us we are especially in times of financial belt-tightening as offering a guaranteed saving: Sign up with us now. and we’ll run your payroll for the first 2 months Perhaps the biggest reason for choosing us not free of charge. Visit what we charge for, but what we don’t. Our Guarantee: We will get your payroll right, or Unlike most payroll providers we don’t charge for BACS transfers, we don’t charge for new starters, leavers or temporary staff (particularly important when you have seasonal fluctuations, Easter, Christmas etc). We don’t charge for p45’s or p60’s


you don’t pay. Call Howard or Mark on 0844 567 9696 or e-mail Or visit our website for more information.

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Turn Dreams into Job Satisfaction What did you want to be when you were growing up? If you fancied becoming an astronaut, you aren't likely to have fulfilled your dreams. However, if, like most children, you dreamed of becoming a teacher, footballer, police officer, vet, fireman, hairdresser, nurse, dancer, doctor or driver, you are far more likely to achieve your dream job. In a study of primary school children carried out by Jobcentre Plus, it was revealed that boys are most likely to aspire to sporting or "protection" professions and girls to caring or nurturing professions. One in ten boys dreams of being a footballer and seven per cent a police officer or fireman. For girls, 13 per cent would like to become a teacher and nine per cent a nurse. If you are looking to change your career, whatever your age and experience, Jobcentre Plus advisers can help you take a fresh look at how your childhood dreams can translate into career reality. They can help you assess your interests and hobbies and look at job opportunities that relate to these. Jobcentre Plus adviser Jenni Vardy says: "Many of us have childhood dreams of what we want to be when we grow up, often related to our interests, hobbies or natural skills. However, as we reach adulthood these aspirations often get forgotten or appear unattainable.


"When looking for work it is often worth considering hobbies and interests, as we are more likely to be good at something we enjoy and which comes naturally. There are often lots of opportunities which can incorporate hobbies or interests." Vardy advises: "If football is your passion, coaching training courses can be available at local football clubs, in particular for jobseekers aged 18-24, or opportunities working as a grounds person or in hospitality at a football club. "If you're interested in getting into teaching, one way might be to offer to help out at your children's school or look into becoming a classroom assistant, which can lead to a qualification. "Those who aspire to be vets could start by trying voluntary work at their local RSPCA or animal sanctuary to see what it's like before looking for a job working with animals. Jobs could range from an administrator at a veterinary surgery to being a Stable hand. "There are lots of different options available; it's just a question of thinking laterally around where your interests lie." Jobcentre Plus helped Ruth Jordan, aged 62, turn her love of cross-stitching and decoupage into a successful business.

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Jordan said: "When my arthritic condition worsened, I took up cross-stitching and decoupage as a hobby. Then I started to make greeting cards, which were very popular locally. My daughter, Catherine, suggested I could develop my interest into a small business and that's when I contacted personal adviser Ivan Wright at Broker North East, part of Jobcentre Plus, who helped me turn my hobby into a really successful business." Vardy gives some tips on what to think about when considering making your hobby your job or realising your childhood dreams. Ask yourself if a job already exists that involves your hobby, she says. It might be something that would require you to start your own business. Does the job you are thinking of require specific


qualifications? If so, don't be put off. There are many opportunities to train or retrain to obtain these. If you don't have a specific hobby, think about what you enjoy doing in your spare time. If you like spending time helping out at your children's school, you could obtain a teaching qualification to work with children. If surfing the internet and computers are your thing, consider web design or IT. Talk your thoughts through with a friend or an adviser at the Jobcentre to sound out different ideas and work out how a new job would really fit in with your life and best suit your interests. Picture caption: So you wanted to be the next Becks? Kids' dreams can lead to real jobs.

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Phone: 01227 463353 Email: . Male & female ADI instructors . Hourly, intensive and refresher lessons . All instructors are Pass Plus registered . Canterbury, Ashford, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Sandwich, Folkestone & Surrounding areas

Exclusive Exclusive OfferWith This This CouponOnly

FREEINSTALLATION WithanyNew GarageDoorOrders 38

01732843533 www.1st—

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Le Restaurant Fabrice London Road, Teynham, Sittingbourne, Kent. ME9 9P S

01795 521330 Finest French & English Cuisine Visit our Restaurant for a mouth watering treat and a thoroughly enjoyable evening out. Only Fresh Produce Served for a Gastronomic Delight

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Muffin tops and VPLs be gone Celebrities may lead the way in big fashion blunders, but even when they have a ghastly outfit on they tend to stick to the golden rules of style, such as not having a visible panty line (VPL) or showing off muffin tops in all their glory. This might not stop them from getting wasted and showing off their panties to all and sundry, but at least they start off by sticking to the rules. Muffin tops are bottom of the class: If you


squeeze your belly, however bulgy or small it might be, into a pair of trousers or a skirt that's too small, your belly has no other option but to overspill. The result is an ugly muffin top, which you can make out of the smallest of bellies if you wear the wrong size. Whenever anything cuts into your belly or even feels snug, it's too small. When trying things on, sit down to see what happens to your belly, as muffin tops are at their plumpest then. Cleavage in all the wrong places: In a similar situation, if you wear a bra that's too small, your boobs will spill over into your armpits, which isn't the kind of cleavage that blokes go for. You will also probably get ugly muffins in your back too. If you've been wearing the same bra size for years and your weight has crept up, you're probably wearing the wrong bra size. The key is to make sure your bra is the correct size around your back and that you adjust the straps to allow for more room in the cups.

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VPLs and knickers up your bum: Many women compare G-strings to cheese cutters, which is not a bad comparison if you're not used to having material wedges up there all day. If you can't bear the intrusion and love your big pants, choose a brief that completely covers your bottom if you want to avoid a VPL.

mistake is wearing a white bra because you're wearing a white or light coloured top. Light fabrics are naturally a little see-through, which means your underwear will shine through. This applies to knickers as well. If you're wearing light colours, put on nude underwear. If you are very dark skinned, you should wear black underwear.

Boys' short-style briefs and hipster briefs are best. These also avoid the unpleasant but necessary situation of pulling your knickers out of your bottom when walking down the street. As a bonus, they also stop a bit of wobble too.

Tripping over your trousers: You can lengthen your legs to rival those of a supermodel's if you wear slightly too long trousers with killer heels. However, if you wear long trousers with flats, it will look as if you're wearing the wrong trousers and your legs will look shrunken.

If you can wear a G-string without wincing, don't flash them off above your jeans unless you like the trailer park trash look. Get yourself some low-rise strings that stay private even when you bend down. Having them all on show: Even if you're wearing the right bra and knickers, you're not quite home free yet. Pay attention to the colour of your underwear and your clothes. The most common

As a rule, the hem of your trousers should fall 2cm down your heel, but this does cause a bit of a problem when you want to wear the same pair of trousers with both flats and heels. There's no easy answer for this other than buying two different lengths or not going from one heel extreme to another. Picture caption: Show business - not good say the fashion gurus. Some men might disagree.


Green Curry Thai Restaurant, Canterbury We feature genuine authentic Thai food, cooked with fresh ingredients, carefully prepared by over 15 years experience Thai Chef, and served with traditional Thai atmosphere. We offer large selection of a la cart menu, and Set menu from £17.95per person.

Special lunch menu


SET LUNCH £7.95 Choose one starter & one main course served with rice or one noodle dish.


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Choose one main course served with rice.

NOODLE £6.95 Choose one noodle dish.

OPEN MON-SAT Lunch: 12.00pm. - 3.00pm. Dinner: 6.00pm. - 10.30pm.

Tel: 01227 455888

Can’t Print This Coupon No Problem Simply Quote Ref: KCLEN32

Take away & Vegetarian available Private party catered for 4-5 Upper Bridge Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2NA


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Air Con


Accessories Fitting Service

Vehicle Modifications

Electrical Diagnostics

Highest Quality Work

Very Competitive Prices

Genuine Parts Used

Always a Friendly & Professional Service

Across Kent or cut out this Advert VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda Specialists

Just off J6 ~ M20

Unit 2, Gibraltar Lane, Maidstone. ME14 2NG

01622 686824

Advertising in Across Kent is EASY & VERY COST AFFECTIVE: 1. Decide what size advert you would like to book

Across Kent is Environmentally Friendly

Eighth (1/8), Quarter (1/4), Half (1/2) or Full Page 2. Decide how many issues you would like your advert in

1, 3, 6 or 12 Issues 3. Contact us and book either by Telephone, Email or Direct Online

Booking number is: 0844 588 7611 Email is: or Visit: Our rates are really low (just remember to add VAT please when working out your cost): Run of E-Paper

1 Issue

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A VAT invoice will be emailed to you. Because our rates are so low all adverts must be paid in full at time of booking or upon receipt of our invoice. Non payment in full may dela y which issue your advert goes in. (please note that with all online bookings, a receipt will be emailed to you once full payment has been made). (Notice to all Media Agencies: All rates are Net figures) (T&C’s are online)


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Based in Gillingham

THE SUMMERHOUSE SALON The Summerhouse Salon provides a private but professional setting for your beauty and personal grooming needs. All treatments are performed by myself and take place in my self contained summerhouse located in the back garden. This avoids the embarrassment many people, especially men, feel at having to walk into a salon. There are no queues or waiting around in reception areas and you don’t have to walk pass anyone else. The summerhouse is unisex and caters for both men and women and specialises in intimate waxing for both men and women. You are assured of a friendly and welcoming service and I am fully qualified and insured for all treatments. I am always open to new ideas and try to stay ahead of the latest treatments and products. I provide a range of holistic and beauty treatments that you can mix and match in any combination you would like. I look forward to helping you wit your beauty needs.

Contact Lisa Tingley on: 01634 307004 44


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6 London Road, Westerham, Kent, TN16 1BD. 65 London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1AU. 32 High Street, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1EJ. 1078-1079 Level 2, Whitgift Centre, Croydon, CR0 1UX. 37 East Street, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 3JX.

Tel: 01959 565833 Tel: 01732 455600 Tel: 01732 369721 Tel: 0208 6816601 Tel: 01308 425570

PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST With Fully Qualified & Approved Driving Instructors Medway Towns, Swale & Gravesham Areas IC T S TA TH N A I F W R E N F F O P O U O C THIS


01634 302623 45

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USE INVITE ID CODE: 2487 for an immediate £3 cashback onto your account WWW.CASHBACKCARD.COM/INVITE/2487


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