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Report of Gifts 2011–2012

Board of Trustees O F FI C ERS

Herbert G. Chorbajian C H A IRM A N

Bridget-ann Hart ’80 V I C E C H A IR

Christopher Mitiguy T RE A SU RE R


Matthew J. Bette Raymond A. Bleser ’81 Robert S. Busch Richard H. Daffner ’63 Kandyce J. Daley ’74 Francis J. DiLascia ’54 Geno J. Germano, Jr. ’83 Rocco F. Giruzzi, Jr. ’58 Zachary I. Hanan ’63 Hugh A. Johnson Jeanette S. Lamb ’57 Joseph M. Lapetina Thomas O. Maggs Marion T. Morton ’84 T RUS T EE S EM ERITI

Michael F. Bette Kenneth M. Nirenburg C A BIN E T M EM BERS

James J. Gozzo, Ph.D. P RE SID E N T

John Denio, M.B.A. IN T E RIM P R O V O S T

Vicki DiLorenzo V I C E P RE SID E N T IN S T I T U T I O N A L A D VA N C E M E N T

Angela Dominelli, Ph.D. IN T E RIM D E A N A N D A S S O C I AT E V I C E P RE SID E N T O F IN S T I T U T I O N A L E F F EC T I V E N E S S



Pamela Smith C HIE F T EC H N O L O GY O F F I C E R


Shaker Mousa, Ph.D. V I C E P R O V O S T F O R RE S E A R C H A N D C H A IRM A N O F P H A RM A C EU T I C A L RE S E A R C H IN S T I T U T E

Michael A. Sass S P EC I A L A S SIS TA N T T O T H E P RE SID E N T

Michele Vien V I C E P RE SID E N T O F F IN A N C E


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is committed to graduating the best health care minds in the world, with an array of degree programs designed to help students succeed in pharmacy and other health related fields.

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Annually, members of the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences community make gifts in a variety of ways, in support of our students and numerous initiatives which advance the mission of the College. These symbols of generosity are gratefully appreciated and accepted in the name of our current endowment / scholarship funds or in honor / memory of a loved. Gifts are also often made in honor of special occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and more. The Office of Institutional Advancement, in the preparation of this Annual Report of Gifts, strives for accuracy and completeness in acknowledging our donors and reporting gifts. In advance, we apologize for any error or omission in the following report and kindly requests corrections be made to us. Additionally, to ensure you continue to receive ACPHS publications, event invitations, and classmate correspondence, please submit changes in employment and contact information to us toll-free at 888.203.8010, 518.694.7393, or Thank you for your continued support – it is vital to our students and progression of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.



LEGEND * Deceased ~ Employee # Parent of current Student + Trustee

Donors by Giving Societies Bronze Circle $100,000 + Anonymous Charlotte Helprin * Chairman’s Circle $50,000–$99,999 Thomas D’Ambra Paul Davis Geno J. Germano ’83 + and Theresa B. Germano ’86 James J. Gozzo ~ Bridget-ann Hart ’80 + Kinney Drugs Foundation, Inc. Charles W. Owens ’54 The Estate of Dr. William F. O’Brien Trustee’s Circle $25,000–$49,999 Adel Abdelmalek and Mervat Abdelmalek # Raymond A. Bleser ’81 + Nicholas Chervinsky ’65 and Nancy F. Chervinsky ’65 Reeder D. Gates ’68 and Sally S. Gates ’68 Gary D. Hall ’57 James J. Hunter Susan N. Layne ’61 Rite Aid Corporation Samantha Schwall ’99 President’s Circle $10,000–$24,999 American Pharmacists Association Audio Video Corporation Robert A. Blum ’83 and Bonnie B. Blum ’83 # Herbert G. Chorbajian + CVS/Caremark David and Candace Weir Foundation Envision Architects PC Edward A. Fausel ’59 and Dorothy M. Fausel ’62 Jane W. Fox ’68 Larry Friedland ’60 Janitronics Building Services Melvyn Masters ’55

Kevin McCarthy and Paula McCarthy Fouad Morkos + Marion T. Morton ’84 + Shaker A. Mousa ~ MVP Health Services Corporation Gregory Notaro ’92 and Mary Lou Notaro ’91 James Notaro ’84 Novartis U.S. Foundation David M. Oles ’76 Julius A. Pasquariello ’83 Pepsi Helen Polenz Michael Reilly Frank A. Reiss ’89 * Serge S. Shishik ’95 and Holly J. Shishik ’94 TD Bank Tech Valley Communications Trustco Bank Gino and Willi Turchi Vascular Vision Pharmaceuticals Co Walgreens William Mansfield Circle $5,000–$9,999 Abbott Laboratories James P. Byrnes ’66 Thomas E. Byrnes ’57 Compass Group Richard H. Daffner ’63 + Kandyce J. Daley ’74 + John J. Denio ~ Richard Gochman Tiffany Gutierrez ~ Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC Kinney Drugs, Inc James Miller ’65 and Janina K. Miller ’65 David J. Muller ’73 Allen L. Rivlin ’62 Andrew Robison Robison Family Foundation Rose and Kiernan, Inc. Robert M. Toomajian ’62 United Therapeutics Corporation Carolyn White

Willis Tucker Circle $2,500–$4,999 Acabay Frank Avason ’94 AXA Advisors, LLC Bette & Cring, LLC John A. Bottiroli ’61 Donald R. Charles ’67 J. Gordon Dailey ’57 Lucy DeNuzzo Vicki A. DiLorenzo ~ Peter L. Fallon ’74 Follett Higher Education Group Gilbert Fudin ’53 Jeffrey Fudin ’81 GlaxoSmithKline, Inc. Gail Goodman Snitkoff ~ Richard F. Isele ’49 Hugh A. Johnson + Kinney Drugs, Inc. Joseph M. Lapetina + Susan M. Learned ’91 A. Frank Mauro ’71 Anne Mayotte ’11 Timothy J. Noonan ’66 Vincent A. Pigula ’74 James J. Roome ’79 Sam Greco Construction, Inc. Thomas M. Sands ’66 Michael A. Sass ~ and Pamela Sass Donald Seifert ’58 Elinor W. Smith ’62 Greg R. Stanley ’98 and Michelle M. Stanley ’98 Larry G. Tabor ’88 Target Stores Technical Building Services Alan Tubbs ’54 Wal*Mart Founder’s Society $1,881–$2,499 Atef Besada and Mervat Besada # Joyce Bollinger Mehdi Boroujerdi ~ Lucille Cerro




Richard A. Cognetti ’69 Angela C. Dominelli ’78 ~ Rocco F. Giruzzi ’58 + Barry A. Paraizo ’69 and Linda S. Paraizo ’70 Howard A. Rubinger ’63 Michele Vien ~ Archibald McClure Circle $1,000–$1,880 Alesco Advisors, LLC Susan Andrews Scott W. Brown ’54 BST Advisory Network, LLC Michael J. Buckley ~ Paul Pagnotta ’92 and Jennifer Cerulli ’93 ~ Gilbert Chorbajian ~ Marie Collins David P. Demagistris ’77 Lisa DeNuzzo Albert L. DiDonna ’65 Francis J. DiLascia + Henry Galler Gregory P. George ’71 and Barbara H. George ’72 Robert A. Hamilton ’77 ~ Zachary I. Hanan ’63 + R. Gary Hollenbeck ’72 and Olesia A. Hollenbeck ’75 James R. Hopsicker ’91 and Dawn G. Hopsicker ’92 Mark A. Hunter ’98 Richard Kajjouni and Rosemary Kajjouni ~ Michael P. Kane ’84~ and Teresa H. Kane ’84~ Gerald Katzman ~ Richard Komulainen ~ Anthony E. Laiacona ’76 Josie Leighton James D. Little ’60 Thomas O. Maggs + Mary Lou S. Mancini Ralph T. Mancini ’59 and Mary Lou S. Mancini ’60 Robert F. McGaugh ’57 Jacqueline P. Merrick ’66 Adel Metyas and Odait Metyas # Carla Miller Stephen B. Morgan ’70 John Morone ’63 National Business Equipment & Supply Maryann Naylor Kenneth M. Nirenberg NYBDC Charitable Foundation Omnicare, Inc./Royal Care Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. RBC Capital Markets Richard A. Rubin ’61 Robert M. Santimaw ’61 David M. Sellis ’72 John Sowek Troy D. Spaulding ’85 # Supervalu Inc Scott M. Terrillion ’85 Scott Thompson ’11 Time Warner of Albany, N.Y. Patricia G. Tompkins ~ M. Elyse Wheeler ~ Patricia S. Wilson ’83 Roudolph W. Zaky and Hanna Zaky #

Benefactor Circle $250–$999 Accent Commercial Furniture, Inc. Action Window Cleaning Co., Inc. Cheryl Aiken ’02 Albany Elevator, Inc. Albany Medical Center Robert J. Alessi ’82 Michael P. Allen Allen’s Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Allied Waste Services #964 American Chemical & Equipment Co. James L. Anderson ~ Anonymous Sara Asif ’11 Anne E. Astemborski ’85 Alfred A. Austin ’97 Avonda Air Systems P. Edgar Badgley ’57 Darrell S. Barber ’78 Debra L. Barber ’88 Daniel W. Barnes ’58 Brian W. Bartle ’62 Jolene R. Bates ’81 Judith M. Beaulac ’72 Lena A. Beeson ’89 Elke M. Blaetz ’92 Raymond J. Blake ’51 Steven L. Blakeslee ’68 Alan Blum ’69 Kathleen M. Bonnier ’91 Holly M. Bonsignore ’82 Mark Botti ’11 Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer ’87 Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company Marijeanne Broadwell ~ Fred E. Brundige ’77 Brian A. Bruyns ’96 and Stacy Bruyns ’96 J. Michael Burns ’77 and Joan M. Burns ’78 Business Partners Forms & Systems Inc Cardinal Health Cardinal Health Foundation Karen A. Certo ’85 Chicago Title Insurance Company Robert F. Clark ’76 and Glynis P. Clark ’75 Elliot Cohen ’58 Colden Corporation Colonie Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Timothy C. Colyer ’65 Paul F. Consroe ’66 David R. Corina ’52 Selig D. Corman ’58 Philip W. Cornell ’69 Richard T. Cornell ’65 Russell D. Cranston ’69 Joanne Criscione-McTague ’76 William M. Cronin Everett D. Cronizer ’87 Crouse Hospital D & B Acoustical Corp. Casey DiMarco ~ Kenneth P. Drabik ’74 Barbara Dumond William J. Dwyer ’60 E.M. Cahill Company Edward Jones Financial Advisor George M. Ehrmann ’54 Frederick A. Ellis ’75 Deanna Ennello-Butler ~ John N. Erb ’66 James G. Evans ’65 Excel Systems Inc.


Mark W. Fagnan ’97 John J. Faragon ’96 Christopher A. Fausel ’93 Philip K. Favreau ’87 and Barbara N. Favreau ’88 Kellie J. Fisher ’89 Frank C. Flannery ’66 Flooring Environment, Inc. Andrew Flynn ’87 ~ and Kelly Flynn ’89 Arthur L. Forman ’85 Peter S. Gage ’81 Thomas P. Garcia ’83 and Teresa M. Garcia ’83 John R. George ’81 Mark Gersten ’81 Justine M. Gilbert ’91 Thomas F. Golden ’71 and Mary Golden ’73 Golub Corporation James T. Gratch ’79 Marilyn S. Green ’57 Gale L. Gridley ’63 Frederick S. Haggerty ’50 William C. Hallenbeck ’58 and Ann S. Hallenbeck ’58 Hannaford Bros. Co. Steven B. Hansel ’85 and Joyce Hansel ’86 Robert C. Hartz ’66 Health Quest Systems, Inc. Hearing Solutions, LLC William H. Helfand Hession Electric, Inc. Hilton Garden Inn Rick N. Hogle ’76 Philip M. Hritcko ’83 Interface, Inc Susan L. Iwanowicz ~ William Jabour ~ John Savoy and Son, Inc. Bryan Jones ’11 Joseph P. Mangione, Inc. Michael B. Julius ’72 Sally A. Kay Maureen A. Keegan ’80 Martin F. Kelly ’79 Leon N. Kentner ’81 Stacy D. Keppler ’93 David M. Kile ’74 ~ and Susan M. Kile ’74 John E. Kirker ’70 Lori A. Kline ~ K-Mart Corporation David S. Knightes ’69 Stephen Kovary and Elaine Kovary # William V. Krazinski ’85 and Kathleen F. Krazinski ’84 David A. Kvancz ’79 John M. Kwasnik ’92 and Laurie J. Kwasnik ’95 Pamela Lansing ~ Whitney Lapier ’11 Ivan S. Law ’99 John P. LeGrand ’70 Francelyse Leveille ’11 Michael B. Levine ’72 Dale R. Lewis ’93 Megan Llewellyn ’11 Thomas L. Long ’65 Karen Lynch ~ Arthur J. Macarios ’57 Joseph D. Manley ’93 and Heather A. Manley ’97 Jay R. Marshall ’87 Mary Beth Marten ’03 and Terly A. Romeo ’03

Nicolina M. Martini ’79 Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital John F. McCarthy ’58 Sean F. McCarthy ’83 John T. McDonald ’85 Judith M. McDonald ’89 Daniel McGraw ~ Patrick S. McGraw ~ James McLaughlin ’82 and Marian E. McLaughlin ’82 Ronald W. McLean ’51 Medco Health Solutions Angelo A. Mercurio ’51 Metro Resources, LLC Emerson S. Metzler ’95 Glenn A. Meyer ’84 Richard M. Meyers David Miller ’80 Doris Miller ’52 Henry C. Miller ’74 and Nancy Phillips ’74 Kenneth W. Miller Milliman Consultants & Actuaries Edward P. Molloy ’62 Jack A. Monakey ’53 MSI Arthur W. Muldoon ’72 Martha Naber ’86 Thomas H. Neely ’71 Ellen Nesbitt Niagara National Inc. J. Sean O’Brien ’88 and Mary Beth O’Brien ’88 Barbara J. Olchek ’69 Patricia F. Osowick Darren J. Palmer ’99 Mark S. Palmer ’82 and Karla M. Palmer ’91 Philip R. Palumbo ’66 Amar Patel ’11 Christopher Perseo ’09 Katherine F. Petrone ’59 Pharmacists Society of NYS Nancy Phillips Wallace B. Pickworth ’69 Jean M. Pinson ’86 Therese I. Poirier ’77 Eugene R. Ponessa ’53 Carol R. Powell ’60 Darren M. Pynn ’88 RBM Guardian Fire Protection, Inc. Michael Reddick ’11 Ira H. Rheingold ’60 Gregg W. Richmond ’72 Nathan Rogers ’11 John E. Romeo ’86 Linda J. Ronk ’73 Jack Rosenblum ’65 Angelo J. Ruperto ’84 Gary M. Sanges ’73 Saxton Signcorp Robert C. Schmitt ’52 Judith A. Schmonsky ~ Donald F. Scullion ’67 Catherine Sell ’11 Lawrence K. Shanley ’66 Leonard G. Sherwood ’56 David R. Stachnik ’77 William L. Sliter ’66 and Alice M. Sliter ’66 Judith A. Smith ’96 Nancy W. Snyder ’51 Regina G. Snyder ’47 Sherry L. Sorrentino ’88 Dexter B. Spaulding ’58

St. Joseph’s Hospital David R. Stachnik ’77 # Stanley R. Stankes ’50 Patrick J. Steed ’67 William R. Steed ’57 Bruce A. Stewart ’55 Robert M. Stote ’60 Aimee F. Strang ’95 Lewis W. Sturgess ’53 Jeffrey Suppon ’11 John V. Tagliaferri ’69 Laura G. Tepper ’52 Barbara Thurston ’63 Tidy Titans, LLC Robert Tompkins and Marian Tompkins # Tracey J. Toner ’95 Tops Markets, LLC Berman Tsun ’07 TurfLinks, Inc. Tamara H. Turner ’88 U.S. Army Health Care Unifirst Corp Elwin E. VanValkenburg ’52 Valerie A. Vashio ’81 Frances Verderame Frank A. Viviani ’58 Doris R. Voigt ’69 John D. Wakefield ’70 and Maria T. Wakefield ’70 Terri L. Wank ’89 John T. Ward ’76 Shelby R. Wears ’06 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Richard A. Weinstein ’77 Casey Wilbert ’11 Korey H. Willard ’80 Eleanor S. Williams ’54 Mark L. Williams ’58 Michael D. Willson ’83 Ronald Winchell Barry F. Wishengrad ’61 Rolf Zakariassen ’79 and Beverly J. Zakariassen ’79 David Zdunczyk Friends Circle $1–$249 John K. Adamchick ’08 Marilyn J. Adams Olapeju G. Aderinwale ’10 Maryjane Aiello ’78 Stephen Ainlay Jacqueline A. Aldershoff ’85 Thomas W. Algozzine ’93 Amanda L. Allen ’98 Robin J. Alteri ’84 Robert Altshul ’60 Nick G. Anagnost ’57 Lee A. Anderson ’66 Sidney C. Anderson ’87 Olajide J. Animasaun ’07 Anonymous (3) Joan Anzola ’77 Frank S. Aprilano ’57 David Arata and Pamela Arata # Donald A. Argay ’69 Daniel M. Astry ’77 Georges Awadalla ’10 Awards By Walsh’s Myron J. Bach ’48 Maria O. Bachynsky ’67 John Baechle and Patricia Baechle # Elaine M. Bailey ’85

James C. Ball ’80 William A. Banovic ’68 Richard K. Barber ’58 Joseph M. Barbuto ’00 Marc S. Barclay ’78 G. Wesley Barnard ’58 Sarah E. Barnes ’02 James Bartz and Deborah Bartz # Lisa A. Baumander ’94 Lonnie Bechard and Helen Bechard # Alan F. Beck ’73 Betsy A. Beecher ’96 David J. Bendyk ’83 Steven H. Berkowitz ’75 Charles J. Bernas ’57 Alan M. Bernstein ’92 and Cory A. Bernstein ’92 Cory A. Bernstein Kathleen Bibbo ’80 Eileen Bidell ’85 Scott Blumberg and Teresa Blumberg # Richard C. Blunden ’86 # Peter Bogardus and Maureen Bogardus # Marissa Boice ’10 David S. Bombard ’83 and Anne L. Bombard ’87 Gwendolyn Bondi ~ Lisa E. Bonner ’80 Heather Borriello ’94 Milad Bosta and Sherin Bosta # Catherine M. Boudreau ’76 Christine M. Bovo ’95 Pamela M. Bowers ’89 John E. Boylan ’57 Joseph W. Boyne ’95 Kevin Bradley and Mary Bradley # Marion E. Bradley ’84 David C. Brands ’68 James P. Branshaw ’96 Joseph L. Breton ’99 Paul W. Breuer and Teresa Breuer # Jeffrey Brewer ~ Robert G. Brockley ’77 Tammy Brown ’89 Stanley T. Brownstein ’50 William C. Buck ’66 Erin M. Buckley ’97 Seymour L. Budoff ’58 Nicole A. Bulmer ’04 Deborah E. Burbank Jeffrey P. Burbank ’92 and Deborah E. Burbank ’94 Joseph R. Burgess ’72 Roseanne T. Burke ’82 Gene W. Burns and Julie K. Burns ’82 Jon P. Bushnell ’71 Donald H. Butlien ’52 * Jennifer L. Byrne ’96 Walter E. Byrne ’59 Kevin Callaghan # Mariangela K. Capozzi ’86 Frank Capristo ’70 Suzanne E. Caravella ’84 John Carbone and Patricia Carbone # Cheryl F. Carey ’86 Anne T. Carlisto ’85 Mary L. Carney ’66 Wesley A. Carroll ’73 Robert A. Carter ~ Koth M. Cassavaugh ’98 Marissa Cavaretta ’10 William A. Cetnar ’63 Laurel S. Champlin ’97




Amy R. Cherkosly ’88 Walter Cherniak ’52 and June F. Cherniak ’55 Anthony Chiffy ’60 Albert G. Chmura ’69 Nicole M. Chudacik ’07 Gina Ciampino ’11 Richard F. Cimildoro ’68 Rosemary Cimino # Esten Coan ’52 Richard Coessens ’63 Lois A. Cogovan ’63 Gary R. Coloton ’66 and Norma Jean W. Coloton ’70 Ralph N. Comanzo ’58 Edwin L. Comins ’54 Lois J. Conklin ’53 Christopher Connell ~ Mark E. Connelly ’78 Jeanne M. Cook ’93 Mary E. Coolidge ’93 Frank Coppola and Colette Coppola # Samuel A. Coppola ’55 Denise M. Corbett ~ Jill M. Corbett ’89 Nicole D. Corbett ’86 Joseph A. Cordaro ’90 Jeffrey P. Cornish ’82 Stephen C. Corson ’79 Thomas A. Corwin ’83 Susan M. Couture ’93 John J. Coyle ’76 Vincent A. Cozzarelli ’61 Robert J. Craner ’70 Russell D. Cranston ’69 George H. Crittenden ’69 John L. Croce ’84 and Karen J. Croce ’84 Richard L. Culver ’52 Kathleen M. Curran ’86 Karen A. Dabkowski ’06 Susan D. Dahm ’66 David J. Dalton ’76 Peter D’Amigo ’12 Christine M. Daniel ’97 Regina V. Dascher ’92 Kurt Daubenschmidt and Ellen Daubenschmidt # Jolee R. Dawidowicz ’82 Joseph M. De Vito ’82 Ronald J. DeBellis ~ Bonny K. Decastro ’94 Anne H. Decker ’58 Maia T. Decker ’02 Diane F. DeGroff ’67 John Della Badia and Rita Della Badia # Joseph DeRuosi # John Desieno ’79 Diane L. DeSorbo ’91 Carla A. Desrosiers ’85 Robert Dicenzo ’99 James M. DiDonna ’68 Thomas Diehl and Janice Diehl # Christopher J. DiLascia ’83 Michael J. Dillon ’78 Patricia DiMuria ~ Victoria R. Dingman ’94 Elena DiSisto ’11 Elizabeth Dixon ~ Dai T. Do ’98 Thomas Dosch and Virginia Dosch # Linda L. Drew ’70 Marie Marhan Dropkin ’82 James W. Duffy ’81 Susann L. Dugo ’68

Pamela A. Dunn ’07 Tania M. Durante ’91 Mary T. Durma ’76 Michael D. Duteau ’92 Real J. Duteau ’69 Steven Duvall ’11 Frederick Eames and Barbara Eames # Jill W. Edd ’81 Mark T. Edgerly ’91 James P. Edson ’97 Robert S. Edson ’65 Celia F. Epstein ’61 Bernard G. Ettinger ’71 David E. Etz ’83 and Mary A. Etz ’83 Mary A. Etz David Every ’81 Pat Faragon ’56 Michael A. Farina ’88 Andrew J. Farrell ’84 Theresa A. Faul ’94 Debra B. Feinberg ’81 Leslie P. Felpel ’61 Kristen D. Felthousen ~ Michael R. Fernandez ’91 and Michele M. Fernandez ’90 Kevin J. Fessler ’99 Warren D. Ficke ’59 Jocelyn R. Fiederer ’80 Steven Fiero ’84 and Karen B. Fiero ’86 William M. Fiero ’78 Suzanne A. Figary ’87 Richard C. Finkle ’74 James J. Finn ’68 Eric Fioravanti and Judith Fioravanti # Jacqueline L. Fiori ’88 Jeffrey P. Firlik ’74 Joseph A. Fiscella ’53 Kenneth H. Fish ’61 Darb M. Fitzgerald Scott E. Fitzgerald and Sheri Fitzgerald Shanna A. Fitzpatrick ’89 William B. Fizette ’51 Derek E. Fluty ’94 and Amy M. Fluty ’94 James L. Fluty ’93 and Lisa A. Fluty ’94 Thomas F. Flynn ’56 John E. Foley ’64 Maureen Foley ’63 John D. Forman ’52 Stephen Forrest # Julie-Ann Fortran ’89 Shirley J. Fourman ’77 James Francese ’52 Krista A. Francis ’99 Jay M. Frank ’63 Mary Lou M. Fredette ’66 Betty B. Frink ’49 Gregory A. Fuller ’79 William J. Furman ’71 Suzanne J. Gaetano ’68 Robert P. Galer ’92 and Julie M. Galer ’93 Frances M. Gallagher ’60 Vincent A. Galletta ’73 and Kathleen M. Galletta ’73 James E. Gannon ’55 Christopher L. Gardiner ’06 Julia L. Gardiner ’04 Christine L. Garfinkel ’88 Tammy V. Garrett ’86 Geraldine K. Gates ’80 L. Thomas Geiser ’92 and Maureen A. Geiser ’92 Hardev Gill and Ravinder Gill # Joan D. Giombetti ’61 Ronald A. Giordano ’63


Thomas Giovinazzo ’10 Mariesa L. Giso ’99 Michael Gladfelter and Pamela Gladfelter # Steve Glogowski and Tracey Glogowski # Mildred I. Goldberg Charles W. Goldsmith ’55 Barry Goldstein ’58 William Gonz ’56 Ronald B. Goodspeed ’69 Susan B. Gordon ’86 Laurie A. Govel ’92 Jacie L. Govendo ’01 Martin E. Green ’61 Martin J. Green ~ Robert Greene ’09 Sean P. Greene ’00 Edwin P. Greenman ’84 Rachel A. Gregg ’04 David A. Grella ’75 Gary L. Grella ’80 Edward J. Griffin and Kim M. Griffin # Scott Griffin ’95 and Charlene L. Griffin ’95 Vincent M. Grimaldi ’62 Joseph P. Guarino ’74 John J. Guokas ’62 Christine T. Haack ’76 Walter G. Hagues ’62 Theodore J. Hahn ’72 and Kathleen M. Hahn ’72 Wayne W. Halayko ’80 Eldon R. Hall ’75 Lyle B. Hall ’77 Elizabeth J. Hamilton-Scanlon ’56 William Hammer ’09 Thomas C. Hanley ’48 Teresa M. Hardy ’95 Marie R. Hare ’49 James E. Harrington ’54 Jacqueline Harris ~ Charles A. Harsanyi ’61 Sema E. Hart ’83 William V. Hastings ’62 Bruce D. Hatch ’79 Kathleen M. Hayes ’81 Daniel P. Healy ’82 Patricia L. Healy ’95 Paul G. Held ’83 Frank A. Hempstead ’58 Christopher A. Henderson ’83 Pamela L. Henderson ’82 Robert R. Henion ’67 Lorraine G. Herkenham ’81 Flory G. Herman ’79 Laurence S. Herman ’69 Rebecca M. Hilborn ’95 Daniel J. Hind ’06 and Kimberly M. Hind ’06 Deborah U. Hinkley Robert O. Hitchcock ’54 Allison A. Hoff ’95 Miriam L. Hogle ’55 Eugene A. Hoh ’61 Christopher T. Horning ’96 Bruce L. Hotchkiss ’83 Lisa M. Houk ’80 Diana C. House ’86 Jason M. Howard ’08 Patrick E. Howlett ’71 and Patricia A. Howlett ’69 Kenneth A. Hoyt ’96 James P. Hranek ’73 Charles H. Hudson ’62 Alesa M. Hughto ’81

Cynthia Hunt ~ Lori Hunt ’89 Kenneth W. Hunter ’59 Nancy H. Huntington ’89 Mark L. Hylwa ’79 and Christie H. Hylwa ’80 Nilar Iorio Anita B. Israel ’68 Judy J. Izard ’93 David S. Jackson ’66 Harold Jaffee ’51 Nicole M. Janiszewski ’02 Sarah A. Jawaid ’04 John Jezak ’10 and Jennifer Jezak ’10 Alison M. Johnson ’06 Colleen T. Johnson ’92 Gary P. Johnson ’71 and Bessie P. Johnson ’72 Janet M. Johnson ’82 Richard L. Johnson ’67 Martha J. Jolly ’80 Kelly A. Jones ’95 Edgar L. Jorolemon ’60 Barbara J. Joyce ’87 Wallace C. Kahan ’52 Irmgard S. Kaiser ’48 David G. Kaminsky ’75 Sylvia M. Kaminsky ’69 Thomas Kanarsky and Catherine Kanarsky # Ben Keezer ~ Vicki S. Kelsey ’66 Ellen J. Kenney ’95 David A. Keyser ’76 James C. Killeen ’68 Amie Kim ’09 Walter D. Kinnin ’60 Jeffrey J. Kirkby ’91 James J. Kitts ’66 Lorena J. Klaes ’88 Gary Kleinberg and Phyllis Kleinberg # Lester R. Kleinman ’59 Jessica L. Klingaman ’96 Anne M. Klupa ’71 Robert A. Klupa ’71 Margaret Klutts ’09 Allison Knotts ~ Mathew Kochupurackal and Lissy Kochupurackal # Stephanie Kohan ’09 Bertram L. Kohn ’60 Deborah B. Komoroski ’78 Bruce Kost ’58 Melvyn M. Kost ’54 Srividya Kotapati ’01 Janine C. Kozak ’90 Arthur Kramer ’59 and Jeannie Kramer ’59 Stephen J. Kwasnik ’90 Joan L. LaFolette ’78 Paul G. Lakomski ’92 and Mary Jo G. Lakomski ’92 Lisa R. LaLoggia ’92 Rose E. Lang ’69 David O. Lange ’89 and Jean A. Lange ’90 Lisa Langer ’10 Salvatore J. Lanzafame ’55 Mark P. Laurin ’80 Peter Lavigne and Michelle Lavigne # John O. Lawatsch ’88 and Diane M. Lawatsch ’88 Michael S. Leake ’01 Sharon A. Leary ’75 Robert M. Ledgerwood ’76 Jenifer A. Lee ’01

Lai Wah Lee ’97 Steven Leggett ’09 Phylle Lentz ~ Theresa Leo ’10 William Leroy ’65 Bradley Levay ’10 David W. Lewis ’78 Larry A. Lewis and Tamera Anne Lewis # William J. Libera ’77 Bertram Lieberman Allen J. Lieberoff ’59 William J. Lincourt ’55 Daniel Linehan and Sharon Linehan # Leonard C. Lipkin Mary Jo List ’79 William R. Little ’52 Paul G. Litynski ’77 Dawen Liu and Gloria Liu # Henry G. Lobl ’68 Robert J. Locke ’72 Maria J. Lockwood ’93 Robert Loibl and Ann Marie Loibl # Enrique Lopez ~ Sandra F. Lory ’65 Linda J. Lovejoy ’62 Chai Luan Low ’74 Theresa J. Lubowski ’85 Kathleen Lull # Debbie Reutter Lussier ~ Wayne A. Mabb ’70 Peter W. MacArthur ’78 Erica L. Maceira ’07 Evan D. MacEwan ’65 Joseph W. MacFarland ’56 Maryanne Mackey ’84 Eric J. MacLaughlin ’96 Wendy M. Macuga ’84 James Magera ’09 Leo E. Maggy ’58 Joseph A. Maiello ’77 Robert Makofske ’93 Ted Malahias ’82 Debra L. Malinoff ’95 Elizabeth M. Maney ’80 Paul Mangione ’88 Melissa M. Manning ’99 Melissa L. Mannino ’92 Jessica M. Marchese ’94 Marie Marhan Dropkin ’82 James Marmar ’69 Julieanne C. Marra ’94 Richard A. Marra ’60 Deanna A. Marsh ’04 Bruce D. Martin ’55 John P. Martin ’69 Melvin Martin ’69 Sue E. Martin ’82 Joseph N. Marzo ’80 Michael M. Mascitelli ’89 Debra S. Masel ’77 Lisa A. Mason ’83 James A. Mastrianni ’80 Paul M. Matala ’71 Victoria Matos ’08 Vincent N. Matteo ’71 Raymond D. Matthews ’89 Ronald G. Matthews ’59 Constance S. Matthys ’80 Julie C. Maxik ’86 Lester E. Maxik ’52 Peter May and Frances May # Edward J. Mc Nulty ’67 Randee Mcardle~ Sheila McCaffrey ~

Michael McCarthy and Tracy McCarthy # Joseph M. McDonald Thomas E. McElroy ’73 Michael W. McEntarfer ’73 and Deirdre K. McEntarfer ’77 Lynn K. McKinnon ’88 Sandra L. McLoud ’92 Barbara L. McNiff ’75 Ronald C. Menard ’61 Julianne Messia ~ Peter Miceli and Nora Miceli # Angela D. Miczek ’85 Roxie J. Miles ’70 Frederick G. Miller ’81 Michael T. Miller ’97 and Katy-Erin Miller ’91 John J. Millett ’53 Margaret Minarski Dipak K. Mistry ’02 and Amee J. Doshi ’05 Eileen Molloy ~ Melvin Mones ’51 Kathleen Montague ~ Carmen A. Montante ’74 Timothy Morgan and Cynthia Morgan # Kevin Morrell and Debra Morrell # Margaret E. Morris ’94 John R. Morrison and Martha B. Morrison # Kathleen Morse ’78 Edward L. Moses ’72 Francis J. Mosher ’80 Lori A. Mosher ’89 Lawrence M. Mosse ’53 Joseph G. Mount ’52 Caitlin Mowers ’11 Philip P. Moyer ’70 Mary E. Murphy ’48 Anita N. Murray ’82 David M. Murray ’74 Joan E. Murray ’62 Scott W. Murray ’86 Jill K. Natalie ’02 Krista M. Nelson ’94 Nancy S. Newkirk ’76 Linda A. Nichols ’89 Albert V. Nicolella ’59 Andrew E. Nielsen ’51 Mark Noffey and Susan Noffey # Harry P. Norman ’61 Thomas V. Oathout ’63 and Ann D. Oathout ’58 David F. O’Connell ’67 Jacqueline S. Oetinger ’02 Gerard Ogden and Anne Fusco Ogden # Mary E. O’Hanlon ’65 Francis E. O’Hearn ’63 Sally Olech ’59 Colleen H. O’Malley ’81 Brian J. O’Neil ’86 Jeffery W. Opal ’84 Cathy M. Osborne ’85 Frederick R. O’Toole ’58 Lynda M. Overstrom ’89 Michelle M. Owens ’99 Patricia A. Pafundi ’72 Deborah L. Page ’81 Michele Pallotta ’77 Christopher G. Palmer ’86 and Lisa A. Palmer ’85 Ann M. Parillo ’57 Nicole M. Parrish ’89 Erica Pascale ’10 Pragna B. Patel ’06 Earl W. Pease ’79 William E. Peck ’90




Carolyn A. Peebles ’85 Ellen Peil # Michael Perhach ’75 David K. Perkins ’75 and Lorraine D. Perkins ’72 Douglas F. Perryman ’84 Bonnie T. Peters ’84 William A. Petersen ’52 Brenda L. Petrie ’00 Mani Philipose and Susan Philipose # Cynthia F. Phillips ’72 Frank M. Piacente ’72 Frank J. Piccirillo ’57 Frederick G. Pickles ’52 Margaret L. Pierce ’74 Anne K. Pierson ’51 Robert J. Plitnick ’90 Mark E. Pochal ’82 Mary Beth C. Poland ’75 P. Ronald Pollack ’63 Robert S. Pomerantz ’58 James S. Poore ’91 and Nancy N. Poore ’92 Dominick J. Porco ’75 and Ingeborg S. Porco ’77 David G. Potter ’89 Susan M. Poupore ’91 Kimberly L. Premo ’98 Joseph M. Procopio and Anna L. Procopio # Jack A. Pross ’67 Irene T. Przylucki ’80 James H. Purcell ’84 Michelle M. Purdy ’00 Thomas Ramich # John Ramoska ~ Arthur A. Ramsey ’62 Nancy J. Randall ’91 Michael J. Reff ’90 David Regimbald and Tracy Regimbald # Mark A. Riegelhaupt ’79 Kevin Rivenburg ~ John J. Rivolta ’54 Edmond A. Robert ’49 Richard D. Robertello ’84 Andrea L. Roberts ’79 Thomas W. Robinson ’81 Gregory Rodzevik and Rose Rodzevik # Maryann R. Roefaro ’81 Shawn K. Roggie ’03 Jeannette M. Rogowski ’67 Laura A. Roman ’83 Ronald V. Romano ’96 and Brandi L. Romano ’96 Linda E. Rosenthal ’77 Mathew M. Rosinski ’95 Craig Ross and Joanna Ross # John Ross ~ Daniel Rubinson ’52 Gail A. Rubinstein ’91 John P. Ryan ’88 Peter J. Ryan ’65 and Karen M. Ryan ’68 Diane B. Sacco ’75 Cynthia S. Sadauskas ’87 Jeffrey Sanderson and Karen Sanderson # Herbert V. Savage ’51 Thomas A. Saxby ’85 Vincent L. Scavo ’79 and Melody W. Scavo ’79 Robert Schmidt ’83 William Schmitt and Barbara Schmitt # Christie M. Scofield ’98 Jeremy M. Scott ’98 Elena M. Scrivo ’89 Martin Scully ’51

Harold W. Seitz ’51 James L. Senese ’77 Hyun S. Seo ’93 James H. Serour ’72 Jerome B. Shapiro ’52 Charles A. Sharkey ’72 John J. Sheeley ’63 William E. Sheeley ’68 and Maryann M. Sheeley ’70 Elizabeth V. Sheldon ’50 Kimberly A. Sherin ’84 Jay A. Sherline ’63 John F. Sherman ’49 William G. Shields ’84 Melvyn L. Shindler ’59 Mark J. Shores ’03 James T. Shott ’53 Richard E. Siegrist ’79 and Jean E. Siegrist ’79 Richard A. Sillato ’99 and Tanya S. Sillato ’99 David Silverhart ’51 Lawrence Simek and Polly Hoye # Mark S. Simkins ’86 Robert G. Single ’69 Louis Sisto ’09 Andrew R. Smith and Mary Frances Smith # Christopher R. Smith ’94 Dale E. Smith ’79 John C. Smith ’61 Steven R. Smith ’79 and Kathleen R. Smith ’77 Susan E. Smith ’94 Linford A. Snyder ’51 and Nancy W. Snyder ’51 Otelo Solis and Emyrose Solis # Robert H. Solomon ’62 Stephen Souky ~ Barbara A. Sowinski ’76 Patrick Spado ’78 Karen S. Spano ’81 Michele Sprague ~ Mary J. St. Hilaire ’95 Steven St. Onge ’09 Michael A. Stearns ’78 Konnie Steele ~ Maria C. Steinbach ’79 Nancy Ann M. Stellato ’81 Edgar V. Stevens ’67 Laura A. Stevens ’93 Matthew Stever ~ Charles E. Stewart ’52 Jennifer Stone ’99 Amanda M. Sugrue ’99 A. D. Sullivan ’66 Kelly C. Sullivan ’01 Kevin Swarczewski and Irene Frasier # Garen Szablewski ’81 Amber B. Szalay ’05 Frank A. Szczerba and Brenda A. Szczerba # David E. Talarico ’62 Frank Tamburello and Alina Tamburello # Norton W. Taylor ’49 David M. Tenero ’83 Jennifer Thibert ’10 Robert E. Thiess ’53 Robert W. Thorpe ’51 Leila M. Tibi-Scherl ’02 Tracey L. Torrey ’98 Terrence T. Towers ’68 Theodore P. Trapeni ’91


Kurt E. Trautmann ’73 and Carol G. Trautmann ’72 Tri City ValleyCats Thomas Tricozzi and Rosita Tricozzi # Darren M. Triller ’89 and Anne E. Triller ’89 Nancy Trips ’88 Edward J. Trnka ’59 Craig E. Tynan ~ Edward A. Ullmann ’73 David E. Urban ’74 Suzette P. Usher ’68 Kevin D. Valade ’93 Mary Anne K. Valenti ’71 Robert H. Van Vlack ’52 Gordon VanDebogart ’52 Elmer P. Vandenburgh ’56 David E. VanValkenburg ’81 Nathaniel W. Varnum ’01 and Christine M. Varnum ’99 Ryan P. Venter ~ and Christy Venter ~ Anthony Vilardi and Lee B. Vilardi # David A. Viscusi ~ Laura Voght ’11 Geraldine M. Voss ’01 David Wade and Linda Wade # Joseph M. Waltz ’91 Tamara Wanchisen ’93 Kathleen L. Wantuch ~ Rachel Ward ’08 Donna E. Warren ’77 Susan E. Waterman ’77 Robert J. Waugh ’02 Donald D. Weinstein ’51 Harold L. Weisberg ’55 Gretchen S. Welge ’78 Frederick L. Wendt ’67 Bob West ’52 Michael Wexler ’67 C. Michael White ’95 and Laura R. White ’95 Daniel White and Dianne White # Mary E. White ’90 Ronald L. Wilcox ’62 Sheila Winnowski ’64 Kristen M. Winters ’91 Leo A. Wisniewski ’72 Jean M. Witkowski ’93 Helen T. Wolek ’87 David K. Wolfe ’88 Michelle Wolny ’10 Paula Wong ’09 Christine M. Wood ’78 Wayne F. Woodcock ’57 Edward J. Wortley ’61 and Karen A. Wortley ’63 Russell A. Yandon ’75 Mary Yates ’64 Daria F. Yuschak ’84 Frank Zappa and Jennifer Zappa # Michael Zebrowski ’81 and Kim M. Zebrowski ’81 Giuseppe Zeolla Richard J. Zeppieri ’82 Paul S. Zimmons ’63 Karen M. Ziomek ’77 Lois C. Zuill ’60 Raymond Zywot ’62

Francis J. O’Brien Society Estate and Planned Gifts Alan Blum ’69 Lucille Cerro Donald R. Charles ’67 Elliot Cohen ’58 John Cote’70 and Lynne Cote ’69 Kandyce J. Daley ’74 Edward J. Enos ’84 and Maureen Enos ’84 Mark W. Fagnan ’97 Warren D. Ficke ’59 Richard F. Isele ’49 David S. Knightes ’69 Chester Koblantz Susan N. Layne ’61 Bruce D. Martin ’55 Robert F. McGaugh ’57 Roxie J. Miles ’70 Marion T. Morton ’84 Arthur W. Muldoon ’72 Kenneth Nirenberg Charles W. Owens ’54 Katherine F. Petrone ’59 Eugene R. Ponessa ’53 Allen Rosenshine Regina G. Snyder ’47 Shirley C. Stolarski ’74 Norton W. Taylor ’49 Robert M. Toomajian ’62 Gino Turchi and Willie Turchi Robert H. Van Vlack ’52

Panthers Circle Athletics Program Supporters John K. Adamchick ’08 Nick Anagnost ’57 Awards By Walsh’s Brian Bruyns ’96 and Stacy Bruyns ’96 Koth M. Cassavaugh ’98 William M. Cronin John Denio ~ and Margaret Denio Robert Dicenzo ’99 ~ Krista A. Francis ’99 Geno J. Germano ’83 + and Theresa Germano ’86 Robert Greene ’09 Wayne W. Halayko ’80 Anmari Hanrahan ’98 Daniel Hind ’06 and Kimberly Hind ’06 James Hopsicker ’91 and Dawn Hopsicker ’92 # Jason M. Howard ’08 Nilar Iorio ’89 Bryan Jones ’11 Stacy D. Keppler ’93 Kinney Drugs, Inc. Richard Komulainen ~ John P. LeGrand ’70 Michael B. Levine ’72 Richard A. Marra ’60 Randee McArdle ~ Daniel McGraw ~ Patrick S. McGraw ~ Amy Murphy ’00 Jacqueline S. Oetinger ’02 Pepsi Pfizer, Inc. Michael Reddick ’11 Rose and Kiernan, Inc. Dennis Samuel ’10 Martin Scully ’51 Lawrence Simek and Polly Hoye # Greg Stanley ’98 and Michelle Stanley ’98 Larry G. Tabor ’88 Craig E. Tynan ~ Ryan P. Venter ~

Recent Graduate Circle Gifts made by graduates of the last five years (2008–2012) John K. Adamchick ’08 Olapeju G. Aderinwale ’10 Sara Asif ’11 Georges Awadalla ’10 Marissa Boice ’10 Mark Botti ’11 Marissa Cavaretta ’10 Gina Ciampino ’11 Jeffrey Correll ’11 Peter D’Amigo ’12 Andrew W. Dack ’10 Elena DiSisto ’11 Steven Duvall ’11 Thomas Giovinazzo ’10 Robert Greene ’09 William Hammer ’09 Jason M. Howard ’08 Truong Huynh ’11 Jennifer Jezak ’10 John Jezak ’10 Bryan Jones ’11 Amie Kim ’09 Margaret Klutts ’09 Stephanie Kohan ’09 Lisa Langer ’10 Whitney Lapier Steven Leggett ’09 Theresa Leo ’10 Bradley Levay ’10 Francelyse Leveille ’11 Megan Llewellyn James Magera ’09 Victoria Matos ’08




10 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 A C P H S R E P O R T O F G I F T S

Class Giving 1944 Class Size: 4 # of Donors: 1 % of Participates: 25.00% Mildred Israel Goldberg 1947 Class Size: 14 # of Donors: 1 % of Participates: 7.14 % Regina Snyder 1948 Class Size: 18 # of Donors: 4 % of Participates: 22.22% Total Gift: $260 Myron J. Bach Thomas C. Hanley Irmgard Schuler Kaiser Mary Murphy 1949 Class Size: 33 # of Donors: 6 % of Participates: 18.18% Total Gift: $ 4,408.24 Betty Blount Frink Marie Robert Hare Richard F. Isele Edmond A. Robert John F. Sherman Norton W. Taylor 1950 Class Size: 41 # of Donors: 4 % of Participates: 9.76% Total Gift: $630 Stanley T. Brownstein Frederick S. Haggerty Elizabeth Sheldon Stanley R. Stankes 1951 Class Size: 46 # of Donors: 16 % of Participates: 34.78% Total Gift: $2,410 Raymond J. Blake William B. Fizette Harold Jaffee Ronald W. McLean Angelo A. Mercurio Melvin Mones Andrew E. Nielsen Anne Keeler Pierson Herbert V. Savage Martin Scully Harold W. Seitz David Silverhart Nancy Ward Snyder Linford A. Snyder # Robert W. Thorpe Donald D. Weinstein

1952 Class Size: 52 # of Donors: 22 % of Participates: 42.31% Total Gift: $3,160 Walter Cherniak Esten Coan David R. Corina Richard L. Culver John D. Forman James Francese Wallace C. Kahan William R. Little Lester E. Maxik Doris Einstein Miller Joseph G. Mount William A. Petersen Frederick G. Pickles Daniel Rubinson Robert C. Schmitt Jerome B. Shapiro Charles E. Stewart Laura Grode Tepper Robert H. Van Vlack Gordon VanDebogart Elwin E. VanValkenburg Bob West 1953 Class Size: 40 # of Donors: 8 % of Participates: 20.00% Total Gift: $1,625 Joseph A. Fiscella Gilbert Fudin Jack A. Monakey Lawrence M. Mosse Eugene R. Ponessa James T. Shott Lewis W. Sturgess Robert E. Thiess 1954 Class Size: 49 # of Donors: 10 % of Participates: 20.41% Total Gift: $31,090.73 Scott W. Brown Edwin L. Comins Francis J. DiLascia George M. Ehrmann James E. Harrington Robert O. Hitchcock Melvyn M. Kost Charles W. Owens Alan Tubbs Eleanor Sager Williams 1955 Class Size: 37 # of Donors: 11 % of Participates: 29.73% Total Gift: $2,058.34 June Favreau Cherniak Samuel A. Coppola James E. Gannon Charles W. Goldsmith Miriam Belote Hogle Salvatore J. Lanzafame William J. Lincourt

Bruce D. Martin Melvyn Masters Bruce A. Stewart Harold L. Weisberg 1956 Class Size: 46 # of Donors: 7 % of Participates: 15.22% Total Gift: $750 Pat Faragon Thomas F. Flynn William Gonz Elizabeth Jennings HamiltonScanlon Joseph W. MacFarland Leonard G. Sherwood Elmer P. Vandenburgh 1957 Class Size: 52 # of Donors: 15 % of Participates: 28.85% Total Gift: $41,261.40 Nick G. Anagnost Frank S. Aprilano P. Edgar Badgley Charles J. Bernas John E. Boylan Thomas E. Byrnes J. Gordon Dailey Marilyn Shearer Green Gary D. Hall Arthur J. Macarios Robert F. McGaugh Ann Parillo Frank J. Piccirillo William R. Steed Wayne F. Woodcock 1958 Class Size: 59 # of Donors: 22 % of Participates: 37.29% Total Gift: $9,055 Richard K. Barber G. Wesley Barnard Daniel W. Barnes Seymour L. Budoff Elliot Cohen Ralph N. Comanzo Selig D. Corman Anne Hamann Decker Rocco F. Giruzzi Barry Goldstein Ann Cantor Hallenbeck William C. Hallenbeck Frank A. Hempstead Bruce Kost Leo E. Maggy John F. McCarthy Frederick R. O’Toole Ann Didomenicantonio Oathout Robert S. Pomerantz Donald Seifert Frank A. Viviani Mark L. Williams


1959 Class Size: 60 # of Donors: 12 % of Participates: 20.00% Total Gift: $7,600 Walter E. Byrne Edward A. Fausel Warren D. Ficke Kenneth W. Hunter Lester R. Kleinman Arthur Kramer Allen J. Lieberoff Ralph T. Mancini Sally Grube Olech Katherine Zobel Petrone Melvyn L. Shindler Edward J. Trnka 1960 Class Size: 56 # of Donors: 15 % of Participates: 26.79% Total Gift: $14,915 Robert Altshul Anthony Chiffy William J. Dwyer Larry Friedland Frances Jastrzebski Gallagher Edgar L. Jorolemon Walter D. Kinnin Bertram L. Kohn James D. Little Mary Lou Schipp Mancini Richard A. Marra Carol Van Dyk Powell Ira H. Rheingold Robert M. Stote Lois Cassidy Zuill 1961 Class Size: 67 # of Donors: 15 % of Participates: 22.39% Total Gift: $11,522.80 John A. Bottiroli Celia Feiner Epstein Leslie P. Felpel Kenneth H. Fish Joan Dipasquale Giombetti Martin E. Green Eugene A. Hoh Susan Nicholson Layne Ronald C. Menard Harry P. Norman Richard A. Rubin Robert M. Santimaw John C. Smith Barry F. Wishengrad Edward J. Wortley 1962 Class Size: 67 # of Donors: 18 % of Participates: 26.87% Total Gift: $11,370 Brian W. Bartle Dorothy McGregor Fausel Vincent M. Grimaldi John J. Guokas Walter G. Hagues



1966 Class Size: 77 # of Donors: 22 % of Participates: 28.57% Total Gift: $15,737.28 Lee A. Anderson William C. Buck James P. Byrnes Mary Rigosu Carney Gary R. Coloton Paul F. Consroe Susan Dahm John N. Erb Frank C. Flannery Mary Lou Masucci Fredette Robert C. Hartz David S. Jackson Vicki Smith Kelsey James J. Kitts Jacqueline Pagano Merrick Timothy J. Noonan Philip R. Palumbo Thomas M. Sands Lawrence K. Shanley William L. Sliter Alice McMorrow Sliter A. Daniel Sullivan

1969 Class Size: 86 # of Donors: 22 % of Participates: 25.58% Total Gift: $8,891 Donald A. Argay Alan Blum Albert G. Chmura Richard A. Cognetti Philip W. Cornell Russell D. Cranston George H. Crittenden Real J. Duteau Ronald B. Goodspeed Laurence S. Herman Patricia Moore Howlett Sylvia M. Kaminsky David S. Knightes Rose Zobel Lang James Marmar Melvin Martin John P. Martin Barbara Romanow Olchek Barry A. Paraizo Wallace B. Pickworth Robert G. Single John V. Tagliaferri

1964 Class Size: 15 # of Donors: 3 % of Participates: 20.00% Total Gift: $330 John E. Foley Sheila Neary Winnowski Mary Eagle Yates

1967 Class Size: 74 # of Donors: 14 % of Participates: 18.92% Total Gift: $4,290 Maria Oksana Bachynsky Donald R. Charles Diane Prudhomme DeGroff Robert R. Henion Richard L. Johnson Edward J. Mc Nulty David F. O’Connell Jack A. Pross Jeannette Choiniere Rogowski Donald F. Scullion Patrick J. Steed Edgar V. Stevens Frederick L. Wendt Michael Wexler

1970 Class Size: 73 # of Donors: 9 % of Participates: 2.33% Total Gift: $3,619 Frank Capristo Robert J. Craner Linda Lee Drew John Edward Kirker John P. LeGrand Wayne A. Mabb Roxie Moss Miles Linda Schweikhart Paraizo Maryann Muscato Sheeley

1965 Class Size: 85 # of Donors: 17 % of Participates: 20.00% Total Gift: $25,480 Nicholas Chervinsky Nancy Fuda Chervinsky Timothy C. Colyer Richard T. Cornell Albert L. DiDonna Robert S. Edson James G. Evans William Leroy Thomas L. Long Sandra Frasier Lory Evan D. MacEwan Janina Krepa Miller James Miller Mary O’Hanlon Jack Rosenblum Peter J. Ryan Ronald Winchell

1968 Class Size: 87 # of Donors: 17 % of Participates: 19.54% Total Gift: $26,740 William A. Banovic Steven L. Blakeslee David C. Brands Richard F. Cimildoro James M. DiDonna Susann Wintle Dugo James J. Finn Jane Wells Fox Suzanne Goodrich Gaetano Sally Snow Gates Reeder D. Gates Anita Israel James C. Killeen Henry G. Lobl William E. Sheeley Terrence T. Towers Suzette Palmer Usher

William V. Hastings Charles H. Hudson Linda Conover Lovejoy Edward P. Molloy Joan Gurnee Murray Arthur A. Ramsey Allen L. Rivlin Elinor Woodcock Smith Robert H. Solomon David E. Talarico Robert M. Toomajian Ronald L. Wilcox Raymond Zywot 1963 Class Size: 84 # of Donors: 19 % of Participates: 22.62% Total Gift: $10,981 William A. Cetnar Richard Coessens Lois Cogovan Richard H. Daffner Maureen Foley Jay M. Frank Ronald A. Giordano Gale L. Gridley Zachary I. Hanan John Morone Francis E. O’Hearn Thomas V. Oathout P. Ronald Pollack Howard A. Rubinger John J. Sheeley Jay A. Sherline Barbara Cote Thurston Karen Phelps Wortley Paul S. Zimmons

12 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 A C P H S R E P O R T O F G I F T S

1971 Class Size: 75 # of Donors: 13 % of Participates: 19.33% Total Gift: $4,905 Jon P. Bushnell Bernard G. Ettinger William J. Furman Gregory P. George Thomas F. Golden Patrick E. Howlett Anne Morris Klupa Robert A. Klupa Paul M. Matala Vincent N. Matteo A. Frank Mauro Thomas H. Neely Mary Anne Koval Valenti 1972 Class Size: 79 # of Donors: 18 % of Participates: 22.78% Total Gift: $5,670 Judith Michela Beaulac Barbara Holleran George Theodore J. Hahn R. Gary Hollenbeck Michael B. Julius Michael B. Levine Robert J. Locke

Arthur W. Muldoon Patricia Pafundi Lorraine Dye Perkins Cynthia Fix Phillips Frank M. Piacente Gregg W. Richmond David M. Sellis James H. Serour Charles A. Sharkey Carol Graham Trautmann Leo A. Wisniewski 1973 Class Size: 71 # of Donors: 12 % of Participates: 16.90% Total Gift: $6,110 Alan F. Beck Wesley A. Carroll Kathleen Carpenter Galletta Vincent A. Galletta James P. Hranek Thomas E. McElroy Michael W. McEntarfer David J. Muller Linda Williams Ronk Gary M. Sanges Kurt E. Trautmann Edward A. Ullmann 1974 Class Size: 84 # of Donors: 14 % of Participates: 16.67% Total Gift: $11,330 Kandyce Jones Daley Kenneth P. Drabik Peter L. Fallon Richard C. Finkle Jeffrey P. Firlik Joseph P. Guarino David M. Kile Susan Malone Kile Carmen A. Montante David M. Murray Nancy Phillips Vincent A. Pigula David E. Urban 1975 Class Size: 106 # of Donors: 13 % of Participates: 12.26% Total Gift: $2,635 Steven H. Berkowitz Glynis Price Clark Frederick A. Ellis David A. Grella Eldon R. Hall Olesia Melnitschenko Hollenbeck Sharon Maloney Leary Barbara Lenard McNiff David K. Perkins Mary Beth Considine Poland Dominick J. Porco Diane Bramkamp Sacco Russell A. Yandon

1976 Class Size: 101 # of Donors: 12 % of Participates: 11.88% Total Gift: $12,385 Catherine Dufort Boudreau Robert F. Clark John J. Coyle Joanne Criscione CriscioneMcTague David J. Dalton Christine Turner Haack Rick N. Hogle David A. Keyser Anthony E. Laiacona Robert M. Ledgerwood David M. Oles John T. Ward 1977 Class Size: 107 # of Donors: 23 % of Participates: 21.50% Total Gift: $5,335 Daniel M. Astry Robert G. Brockley J. Michael Burns David P. Demagistris Shirley Fourman Lyle B. Hall Robert A. Hamilton Deborah Underhill Hinkley William J. Libera Paul G. Litynski Joseph A. Maiello Debra Shoemaker Masel Deirdre Killelea McEntarfer Michele Pallotta Therese Poirier Linda Eyer Rosenthal James L. Senese Kathleen Riley Smith David R. Stachnik Donna Warren Susan Waterman Richard A. Weinstein Karen Malsan Ziomek 1978 Class Size: 111 # of Donors: 13 % of Participates: 11.71% Total Gift: $3,155.16 Maryjane Ferazzoli Aiello Marc S. Barclay Joan Dilaura Burns Mark E. Connelly Michael J. Dillon Angela Pasquariello Dominelli William M. Fiero Deborah Battaglia Komoroski David W. Lewis Peter W. MacArthur Kathleen Tornatore Morse Patrick Spado Christine Andryszczyk Wood 1979 Class Size: 124 # of Donors: 22 % of Participates: 17.74% Total Gift: $3,695 Anonymous Stephen C. Corson John Desieno

Gregory A. Fuller James T. Gratch Bruce D. Hatch Flory Wishnoff Herman Mark L. Hylwa Martin F. Kelly David A. Kvancz Mary Jo List Nicolina Martini Earl W. Pease Mark A. Riegelhaupt Andrea Renaker Roberts James J. Roome Vincent L. Scavo Jean Schweigert Siegrist Richard E. Siegrist Steven R. Smith Dale E. Smith Maria Poleto Steinbach 1980 Class Size: 113 # of Donors: 21 % of Participates: 18.58% Total Gift: $5,850 James C. Ball Kathleen Bibbo Lisa Edmunds Bonner Jocelyn Scott Fiederer Geraldine Vandresar Gates Gary L. Grella Wayne W. Halayko Bridget-ann Murphy Hart Lisa Houk Christie Hayes Hylwa Martha Jolly Maureen Keegan Mark P. Laurin Elizabeth Hockenbury Maney Joseph N. Marzo James A. Mastrianni Constance Trinkl Matthys David Miller Francis J. Mosher Irene Tobin Przylucki Korey H. Willard 1981 Class Size: 119 # of Donors: 25 % of Participates: 20.02% Total Gift: $4,385 Jolene Bates James W. Duffy Jill Walpole Edd David Every Debra Benza Feinberg Jeffrey Fudin Peter S. Gage John R. George Mark Gersten Kathleen Zwick Hayes Lorraine Gadomski Herkenham Alesa Raymond Hughto Leon N. Kentner Frederick G. Miller Colleen O’Malley Deborah Alamo Page Thomas W. Robinson Maryann Roefaro Karen Best Spano Nancy Ann Colacicco Stellato Garen Szablewski David E. VanValkenburg Valerie Vashio

Michael Zebrowski Kim Bailey Zebrowski 1982 Class Size: 116 # of Donors: 18 % of Participates: 15.52% Total Gift: $2,165 Robert J. Alessi Holly Galick Bonsignore Roseanne Thomas Burke Julie Kurpil Burns Jolee Rogers Dawidowicz Joseph M. De Vito Marie Marhan Dropkin Daniel P. Healy Pamela Henderson Janet Ostrowski Johnson Ted Malahias Sue E. Martin Marian Hawrylchak McLaughlin James McLaughlin Anita Nolin Murray Mark S. Palmer Mark E. Pochal Richard J. Zeppieri 1983 Class Size: 104 # of Donors: 24 % of Participates: 23.08% Total Gift: $29,212.62 Anonymous David J. Bendyk Bonnie Bauer Blum Robert A. Blum David S. Bombard Thomas A. Corwin Mary Brown Etz David E. Etz Thomas P. Garcia Teresa Green Garcia Geno J. Germano Sema Erdag Hart Paul G. Held Christopher A. Henderson Bruce L. Hotchkiss Philip M. Hritcko Lisa Baker Mason Sean F. McCarthy Julius A. Pasquariello Laura Romanelli Roman Robert Schmidt David M. Tenero Michael D. Willson Patricia Neugebauer Wilson 1984 Class Size: 110 # of Donors: 22 % of Participates: 20.00% Total Gift: $15,563 Robin Alteri Marion Ebert Bradley Suzanne Iovino Caravella John L. Croce Karen Snyder Croce Andrew J. Farrell Steven Fiero Michael P. Kane Kathleen Farrell Krazinski Maryanne Mackin Mackey Glenn A. Meyer Marion Tovey Morton 2011–2012

James Notaro Jeffery W. Opal Douglas F. Perryman Bonnie T. Peters James H. Purcell Richard D. Robertello Angelo J. Ruperto Kimberly Sherin William G. Shields Daria Fedones Yuschak 1985 Class Size: 116 # of Donors: 18 % of Participates: 15.52% Total Gift: $4,875 Jacqueline Miranda Aldershoff Anne Astemborski Elaine Bailey Anne Carlisto Karen Certo Carla Sohacki Desrosiers Arthur L. Forman Steven B. Hansel William V. Krazinski Theresa Lubowski John T. McDonald Angela Miczek Cathy Osborne Lisa Hance Palmer Carolyn Touchton Peebles Thomas A. Saxby Troy D. Spaulding Scott M. Terrillion 1986 Class Size: 128 # of Donors: 16 % of Participates: 12.50% Total Gift: $2,490 Richard C. Blunden Mariangela Kustyn Capozzi Cheryl Frawley Carey Nicole Dinallo Corbett Tammy Vinson Garrett Susan Sussman Gordon Joyce Hughston Hansel Diana House Julie Chang Maxik Scott W. Murray Martha Naber Brian J. O’Neil Christopher G. Palmer Jean Merrigan Pinson John E. Romeo Mark S. Simkins 1987 Class Size: 130 # of Donors: 10 % of Participates: 7.69% Total Gift: $2,175 Sidney C. Anderson Anne LaFountain Bombard Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer Everett D. Cronizer Philip K. Favreau Suzanne Arnold Figary Barbara Gadomski Joyce Jay R. Marshall Cynthia Sadauskas Helen Melsopp Wolek



1988 Class Size: 123 # of Donors: 18 % of Participates: 14.63% Total Gift: $5,308 Debra Valentine Barber Amy Somach Cherkosly Michael A. Farina Barbara Nuffer Favreau Jacqueline Godlewski Fiori Christine Sherman Garfinkel Lorena Scanlin Klaes John O. Lawatsch Paul Mangione Lynn Klutschkowski McKinnon J. Sean O’Brien Darren M. Pynn John P. Ryan Sherry Sorrentino Larry G. Tabor Nancy Iannotti Trips Tamara Turner David K. Wolfe 1989 Class Size: 146 # of Donors: 24 % of Participates: 16.44% Total Gift: $3,210 Lena A. Beeson Tammy Bowman Brown Jill Kaminski Corbett Kellie Hogan Fisher Shanna Aleschus Fitzpatrick Kelly Letawa Flynn Julie-Ann Serafini Fortran Lori Devich Hunt Nancy Hollister Huntington Nilar Zan Iorio David O. Lange Michael M. Mascitelli Raymond D. Matthews Judith Campion McDonald Lori Allen Mosher Linda Mazzonna Nichols Lynda Rockwell Overstrom Nicole O’Brien Parrish David G. Potter Elena Mastellone Scrivo

Anne Donnelly Triller Darren M. Triller Terri Wank 1990 Class Size: 113 # of Donors: 8 % of Participates: 7.08% Total Gift: $1,000 Joseph A. Cordaro Michele Colwell Fernandez Janine Mankouski Kozak Stephen J. Kwasnik Jean Soucy Lange William E. Peck Michael J. Reff Mary Faragon White 1991 Class Size: 139 # of Donors: 12 % of Participates: 8.63% Total Gift: $2,870 Kathleen Eccles Bonnier Diane Vaughan DeSorbo Tania Madison Durante Mark T. Edgerly Michael R. Fernandez Justine Giroux Gilbert James R. Hopsicker Jeffrey J. Kirkby Karla Bibbins Palmer Susan Lahart Poupore Nancy Hebert Randall Joseph M. Waltz 1992 Class Size: 140 # of Donors: 16 % of Participates: 11.43% Total Gift: $3,995 Alan M. Bernstein Cory Gallagher Bernstein Jeffrey P. Burbank Regina Dascher Michael D. Duteau Robert P. Galer Maureen Crowley Geiser L. Thomas Geiser

14 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 A C P H S R E P O R T O F G I F T S

Laurie Govel Dawn Gesslein Hopsicker Paul G. Lakomski Mary Jo Greene Lakomski Lisa Charbonneau LaLoggia Melissa Schleining Mannino Sandra Sparks McLoud Gregory Notaro 1993 Class Size: 120 # of Donors: 16 % of Participates: 13.33% Total Gift: $3,484.07 Thomas W. Algozzine Jennifer Cerulli Jeanne Cook Mary Dubay Coolidge Susan Schwanke Couture Christopher A. Fausel James L. Fluty Judy Izard Stacy DeTomaso Keppler Dale R. Lewis Robert Makofske Joseph D. Manley Laura Miller Stevens Kevin D. Valade Tamara Wanchisen Jean Dipardo Witkowski 1994 Class Size: 134 # of Donors: 12 % of Participates: 8.96% Total Gift: $3,833 Frank Avason Heather Carlson Borriello Deborah Eisaman Burbank Bonny Decastro Victoria Ardia Dingman Amy Furman Fluty Lisa Akromas Fluty Derek E. Fluty Chai Luan Low Jessica Len Marchese Margaret Murat Morris Krista Bachler Nelson

1995 Class Size: 123 # of Donors: 18 % of Participates: 14.63% Total Gift: $12,405 Christine Coleman Bovo Joseph W. Boyne, Charlene Kelly Griffin Scott Griffin Teresa Rourk Hardy Patricia Healy Rebecca Hilborn Allison Garcia Hoff Kelly Peploski Jones Ellen Kenney Debra Malinoff Emerson S. Metzler Serge S. Shishik Mary Plante St. Hilaire Aimee Ansari Strang Tracey Jansen Toner Laura Milch White C. Michael White 1996 Class Size: 122 # of Donors: 13 % of Participates: 10.66% Total Gift: $2,743 Marilyn Brown Adams Betsy Beecher Stacy Spaulding Bruyns Brian A. Bruyns John J. Faragon Christopher T. Horning Kenneth A. Hoyt Jessica McNally Klingaman Eric J. MacLaughlin Thomas J. Natalie Brandi Miller Romano Ronald V. Romano Judith Smith

1997 Class Size: 133 # of Donors: 8 % of Participates: 6.02% Total Gift: $1,630 Alfred A. Austin Erin Wainman Buckley Laurel Graziano Champlin Christine Wortley Daniel James P. Edson Mark W. Fagnan Heather Baker Manley Michael T. Miller 1998 Class Size: 142 # of Donors: 10 % of Participates: 7.04% Total Gift: $2,948 Amanda Parker Allen Koth M. Cassavaugh Dai Do Mark A. Hunter Kimberly Cranston Premo Christie Scofield Jeremy M. Scott Michelle Stanley Greg R. Stanley Tracey Peploski Torrey 1999 Class Size: 131 # of Donors: 12 % of Participates: 9.16% Total Gift: $8,475 Robert Dicenzo Kevin J. Fessler Krista Pahler Francis Mariesa Zadlo Giso Ivan S. Law Melissa Hays Manning Darren J. Palmer Samantha McVey Schwall Tanya Schram Sillato Richard A. Sillato Jennifer D’Andrea Stone Christine Gemerek Varnum 2000 Class Size: 116 # of Donors: 3 % of Participates: 9.16% Total Gift: $425 Joseph M. Barbuto Sean P. Greene Brenda Petrie 2001 Class Size: 110 # of Donors: 6 % of Participates: 5.45% Total Gift: $610 Jacie Govendo Srividya Chirumamilla Kotapati Michael S. Leake Jenifer Mack Lee Kelly Collins Sullivan Nathaniel W. Varnum

2002 Class Size: 145 # of Donors: 9 % of Participates: 6.21% Total Gift: $1,150 Cheryl Aiken Sarah Cooke Barnes Maia Terry Decker Nicole Janiszewski Dipak K. Mistry Jill Pitts Natalie Jacqueline Kloch Oetinger Leila Tibi Tibi-Scherl Robert J. Waugh

2009 Class Size: 236 # of Donors: 9 % of Participates: 3.81% Total Gift: $1,053 Robert Greene William Hammer Margaret Klutts Stephanie Kohan Steven Leggett Christopher Perseo Louis Sisto Steven St. Onge Paula Wong

2003 Class Size: 124 # of Donors: 4 % of Participates: 3.23% Total Gift: $825 Mary Beth Marten Shawn K. Roggie Teryl Romeo Mark J. Shores

2010 Class Size: 226 # of Donors: 10 % of Participates: 4.42% Total Gift: $1,076 Anonymous Georges Awadalla Marissa Cavaretta Thomas Giovinazzo John Jezak Theresa Leo Bradley Levay Erica Pascale Jennifer Thibert Michelle Wolny

2004 Class Size: 131 # of Donors: 3 % of Participates: 2.29% Total Gift: $250 Nicole Bulmer Julia Bartoszek Gardiner Sarah Parnapy Jawaid 2005 Class Size: 123 # of Donors: 1 % of Participates: 0.81% Amber Czechowski Szalay 2006 Class Size: 146 # of Donors: 6 % of Participates: 4.11% Total Gift: $705 Christopher L. Gardiner Daniel J. Hind Kimberly Thomas Hind Alison Wilson Johnson Pragna Patel Shelby Spriggs Wears 2007 Class Size: 147 # of Donors: 5 % of Participates: 3.40% Total Gift: $525 Olajide John Animasaun Nicole Griffiths Chudacik Pamela Dunn Erica Stephens Maceira Berman Tsun

2011 Class Size: 268 # of Donors: 17 % of Participates: 6.34% Total Gift: $9,516.49 Sara Asif Mark Botti Gina Ciampino Bryan Jones Whitney Lapier Francelyse Leveille Megan Llewellyn Anne Mayotte Caitlin Mowers Amar Patel Michael Reddick Nathan Rogers Catherine Sell Jeffrey Suppon Scott Thompson Laura Voght Casey Wilbert 2012 Class Size: 231 # of Donors: 1 % of Participates: 0.43% Peter D’Amigo

2008 Class Size: 213 # of Donors: 4 % of Participates: 1.88% Total Gift: $360 John K. Adamchick Jason M. Howard Victoria Matos Rachel Ward




In Memoriam In Memory of Paul A. Byrnes ’34 James P. Byrnes ’66 Thomas E. Byrnes ’57 In Memory of Alfred J. Collins, Jr. ’53 Alfred J. Collins ’53 Warner-Lambert Scholarship Joseph Bogdan and Anne Bogdan Marie Collins Julie-Ann Fortran ’89 Sally A. Kay Leo E. Maggy ’58 Timothy J. Noonan ’66 Mark A. Riegelhaupt ’79 Wayne F. Woodcock ’57 C.W. Wray In Memory of H. Russell Denegar ’43 H. Russell Denegar ’43 Scholarship Fund Deborah Bubela Andrew Cabrera and Janet Diego Rachel Chasse-Terebo Selig Corman ’58 Russell D. Cranston ’69 William M. Cronin Mark Devane and Laurie Devane Elizabeth Miller James Miller ’65 and Janina Miller ’65 Joseph Morrone Julius Pasquariello ’83 Linda Pescatello Bernard Shafarzek and Barbara Shafarzek Lynn Steltman Carolyn White

In Memory of Harry S. Margolius Selig D. Corman ’58 In Memory of Marilyn A. McCarthy ’54 Marilyn McCarthy ’54 Scholarship Fund Vicki A. DiLorenzo ~ Marie Hare ’49 Theodore Hahn ’72 Michael Holoboski and Mary Ann Holoboski Lynn Howard Mary A. Keefe Carol Lambert Patricia Mullin Donald and Nancy O’Brien and Family Thomas Oathout ’63 and Ann Oathout Joan Policano Lisa Policano James Reilly and Family Jack Ryan and Karen Ryan Cecelia Reardon In Memory of Robert A. Miller ’54 Carla Miller In Memory of Joseph S. Minarski ’70 Margaret Minarski In Memory of Colleen C. Monje Judith M. Beaulac ’72 In Memory of Wendy V. Muldoon ’72 Judith M. Beaulac ’72

In Memory of G. Winston Dobbins ’58 Leo E. Maggy ’58

In Memory of Francis J. O’Brien Francis J. O’Brien ’20 Alumni Scholarship Thomas F. Flynn ’56

In Memory of John Dougherty ’61 Ronald C. Menard ’61

In Memory of Julius J. Osowick ’55 Patricia F. Osowick

In Memory of Melvin S. Friedland ’58 Vicki A. DiLorenzo ~ Larry Friedland ’60 Leo E. Maggy ’58 Keith D. Stoltz Foundation Paul Sherr and Rita Sherr Edward Wortley ’61 and Karen Wortley ’63

In Memory of Edward J. Pasquarella ’58 Leo E. Maggy ’58

In Memory of Katherine Glavin Charles J. Bernas ’57 In Memory of Nancy Paulin Horne ’61 Ronald C. Menard ’61 In Memory of Bruce G. Kay ’66 Philip R. Palumbo ’66 In Memory of Harold Kessler ’55 Mark A. Riegelhaupt ’79 In Memory of David M. Kile J. Sean O’Brien ’88 In Memory of Carmine Lotano ’58 Leo E. Maggy ’58 In Memory of William R. Lee Leo E. Maggy ’58

In Memory of Frank A. Reiss ’89 Andrew ’87 and Kelly ’89 Flynn In Memory of Nancy M. Shishik Nancy Shishik ’83 Scholarship Fund Marc Angelini and Rebecca Angelini Michael Barker and Family Rene Scott Bergin Steven Alsison Bissell Daniel Bobear and Kristen Bobear Ann Brady Patricia Bredenko Robert Busch and Kathleen Busch Barbara Byrns Mary Cascarano Joyce Caselnova David Catallo and Gloria Catallo Lawrence Catallo and Joanne Catallo Matthew Czyzyk and Gail Czyzyk Tara Cole Bonnie David Colomb Michael Colvin and Mary Colvin Gary DeNovio and Frances DeNovio Janet Depesa Vicki Dilorenzo ~

16 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 A C P H S R E P O R T O F G I F T S

Kathleen Doetzer James Dominelli and Angela Dominelli ’78 ~ Robert Donohue and Dana Donohue Doreen Donovan Thomas Dougan and Tonna Dougan Gary Draghi and Elizabeth Draghi Thomas Dvorsky Bob Eckert Michael T Emmons Michael Etkin and Rachel Etkin David Etz ’83 First National Oil Brokera, INC. Kellie Fisher ’89 Jeanne Flaherty Rod Fortran and Julie-Ann Fortran ’89 Dominick Gabriel and Anne Gabriel Joseph Gabriel and Lisa Gabriel Michael Gardner Thomas P. Garcia ’83 Gloria Gaudreau Sharon Geerts Rudolph Giuliani Lynn Gregory Marie Watros Griswold ’83 Betty Hamilton Charles Harris Donald Harris and Kenneth Edwards Sema E. Hart ’83 Mary Jane Horne Bruce L. Hotchkiss ’83 Patti Ide Laura Jacques Joe Kawakami John Klein and Nancy Klein Bernadette Knight Evelyn Knight Stephen Koval and Claire Koval Steven LaFay and Joanne LaFay Anthony E. Laiacona, Jr. ’76 Geri Laiacona Nicholas Laiacona and Christina Laiacona Tulis Lester and Chelsey Lester Rick Manhey and Cathy Manhey Linda Manoni and Maria Pelliccia Lisa Mason ’83 Mastrianni Family Ben Mastrianni and Megan Mastrianni Donna Mastrianni Emily Mastrianni George Mastrianni and Lynn Mastrianni Linda Mastrianni Mickey Mastrianni Serene Shishik Mastrianni Chris Marchand and Victoria Marchand Abigail Michael Mariani Lisa A. Mason ’83 Joseph McDonald and Judith McDonald Joseph Millington John Morrow and Ruth Morrow Kathi Mosier John Mullens and Barbara Mullens Koji Noma Otaro Noma Rentaro Noma Sachiro Noma Y & S Noma John Toni Opitz Kenneth Ostrowski and Michelle Ostrowski John Owens and Contance Owens Joseph Padalino ’97 and Kathryn Padalino

Julius Pasquariello ’83 Alice Parfitt Harry Patten Michael Patten Robert Phillips and Sylvia Phillips James Portalatin and Nancy Portalatin Jerry Powers and Laura Powers Dave Provost Jessica Rhude Laura Roman ’83 James Romansky and Sandra Romansky Mr. Robert Schmidt ’83 Michael Seward and Janice Seward Serge S. Shishik III ’95 Philip Marie Siciliano Beverly Signoracci Mary Slattery David Stalter and Karen Stalter Peter Stewart and Maria Stewart Sunmark Federal Credit Union David M. Tenero ’83 Jim Tucci and Sarah Tucci Mary Underhill Christine Urquhart Gene-Paul Vetter and Stephanie Vetter David Kathleen Walter Robert Weaver Carolyn White Peter Wirth’88 and Karen Wirth’88 Yedidah Yehudah In Memory of Muriel and Edward Sowek Carol Lee Sowek ’74 Memorial Scholarship Fund Susan Andrews William Cronin Philip Donnelly and Kathy Boltz Richard Finkle ’74 Maryann Naylor John Sowek Walter Tompkins and Patricia Tompkins ~ Ann Steffens Memorial Scleroderma Research Fund Rabbi Harold and Beth Berman Brian Garforth and Diane Garforth Michelle Granger Rosemary Markoff Joseph Navarro Margaret Paulsen Helen Polenz James Polenz and Adrienne Polenz Eric Richelson and Sara Richelson Dr. Lee Shapiro United Therapeutics Corporation




18 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 A C P H S R E P O R T O F G I F T S

Corporations and Foundations Abbott Laboratories John Savoy and Son, Inc. Acabay Joseph P. Mangione, Inc. Accent Commercial Furniture, Inc. K-Mart Corporation Action Window Cleaning Co., Inc. Kinney Drugs, Inc. Albany Elevator, Inc. Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital Albany Medical Center Medco Health Solutions Alesco Advisors, LLC Merck Partnership for Giving Allen’s Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Metro Resources, LLC Allied Waste Services #964 Milliman Consultants & Actuaries American Chemical & Equipment Co. MSI Amgen Foundation MVP Health Services Corporation Avonda Air Systems National Business Equipment & Supply Awards By Walsh’s Niagara National Inc. AXA Advisors, LLC Novartis U.S. Foundation Bank of America NYBDC Charitable Foundation Bette & Cring, LLC Omnicare, Inc./Royal Care Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Pepsi BST Advisory Network, LLC Pfizer, Inc. Business Partners Forms & Systems Inc. Pharmacists Society of NYS Cardinal Health Proctor and Gamble Fund Cardinal Health Foundation Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Chicago Title Insurance Company RBC Capital Markets Colden Corporation RBM Guardian Fire Protection, Inc. Colonie Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Rite Aid Corporation Compass Group Robison Family Foundation Crouse Hospital Rose and Kiernan, Inc. CVS/Caremark Sam Greco Construction, Inc. D & B Acoustical Corp. Saxton Signcorp David and Candace Weir Foundation St. Joseph’s Hospital E.M. Cahill Company Supervalu Inc. Edward Jones Financial Advisor Target Stores Eli Lilly and Company TD Bank Envision Architects PC Tech Valley Communications Excel Systems Inc. Technical Building Services Express Scripts The Estate of Dr. William F. O’Brien Flooring Environment, Inc. Tidy Titans, LLC Follett Higher Education Group Time Warner of Albany, N.Y. GE Foundation Tops Markets, LLC GlaxoSmithKline, Inc. Tri City ValleyCats Golub Corporation Trustco Bank Hannaford Bros. Co. TurfLinks, Inc. Health Quest Systems, Inc. U.S. Army Health Care Hearing Solutions, LLC Unifirst Corp Hession Electric, Inc. United Therapeutics Corporation Hilton Garden Inn Vanguard Group Foundation Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Vascular Vision Pharmaceuticals Co Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC Wal*Mart IBM Corporation Walgreens Interface, Inc. Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Janitronics Building Services Wyeth Matching Gift Program

In Kind Donations Elisabeth Garth Envision Architects PC Michael Reilly




Library Donors Chairman’s Circle $50,000+ George I. Alden Trust Herbert Chorbajian + and Linda Chorbajian James Gozzo ~ and Lorraine Gozzo Charles Owens ’54 and Higouhi Owens Janitronics Building Services Trustee’s Circle $25,000–$49,999 Adel and Mervet Abdelmalek Audio Video Corporation Raymond A. Bleser ’81 + and Valerie Bleser James P. Byrnes ’66 Thomas E. Byrnes ’57 Richard H. Daffner ’63 + Rinaldo DeNuzzo ’52 * and Lucy DeNuzzo Reeder Gates ’68 and Sally Gates ’68 Gary Hall ’57 and Doris Hall Melvyn Masters ’55 Joseph S. Rebisz ’70 Samantha Schwall ’99 Carolyn White President’s Circle $10,000–$24,999 The Bender Family Foundation Robert Blum ’83 and Bonnie Blum ’83 # Nicholas Chervinsky ’65 and Nancy Chervinsky ’65 John C. Cote ’70 and Lynne K. Cote ’69 John Denio ~ and Margaret Denio Michael DiLorenzo and Vicki DiLorenzo ~ James Dominelli and Angela Dominelli ’78 ~ Envision Architects PC Peter L. Fallon ’74 Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC Jack A. Monakey ’53 John Morone ’63 Shaker A. Mousa Gregory Notaro ’92 and Mary Lou Notaro ’91 James Notaro ’84 Wallace B. Pickworth ’69 and Hannah Pickworth TD Bank Technical Building Services Tech Valley Communications

Willis Tucker Circle $2,500–$4,999 Frank Avason ’94 Donald R. Charles, Jr. ’67 Andrew Flynn ’87 ~ and Kelly Flynn ’89 Jeffrey Fudin ’81 Gilbert Fudin ’53 Founder’s Circle $1,881–$2,499 Atef Besada and Mervat Besada Archibald McClure Circle $1,000–$1,880 Mehdi Boroujerdi ~ Michael J. Buckley ~ Deanna Ennello-Butler ~ Selig D. Corman ’58 Leonard E. Dwyer ’58 Darb M. Fitzgerald ~ Mark A. Hunter ’98 William Jabour ~ Gerald Katzman, Esq. ~ John F. McCarthy ’58 Carla Miller Katherine F. Petrone ’59 Ira H. Rheingold ’60 Thomas M. Sands ’66 John V. Tagliaferri ’69 Benefactor’s Circle $500–$999 Alan Blum ’69 Kinney Drugs, Inc. Susan L. Iwanowicz ~ Richard M. Meyers, Esq. David J. Muller ’73 David M. Sellis ’72 Aimee F. Strang ’95 ~ David Zdunczyk

William Mansfield Circle $5,000–$9,999 Jack Daley and Kandyce Daley ’74 + Bryan Fox and Jane Fox ’68 Anthony J. Graziano ’84 James Miller ’65 and Janina Miller ’65 Marion T. Morton ’84 + Howard A. Rubinger ’63 Michael Sass ~ and Pamela Sass Donald Seifert ’58 John Spanburgh ’64

20 2 0 1 1 – 2 0 1 2 A C P H S R E P O R T O F G I F T S

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106 New Scotland Avenue Albany New York 12208

Report of Gifts 2011-2012  

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Report of Gifts for 2011-2012.

Report of Gifts 2011-2012  

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Report of Gifts for 2011-2012.