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Anchor Awards

Congratulations to This Year's Honorees

David Harding MBE

Gregory M. Purdy

Captain Remy Vyzelman

Hear from ACMF Scholarship Recipients A Royal Story

The Legacy of LEADERSHIP: The Power of PARTNERSHIP

Reimagining A Safe, Secure and Sustainable Caribbean Maritime Transportation System








2019 Anchor Awards

Letter from the President & Executive Director

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Letter from the President & Executive Director


ur hearts go out to the people of The Bahamas, especially residents of Freeport and Abaco Island, who experienced the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian a month ago. We extend our deepest appreciation to Royal Caribbean and other members of the shipping industry in providing critical and life-saving relief to thousands of families. It is this kind of leadership and partnership, so well exemplified by our honorees, that we once Geneive Brown Metzger, LLD Hon again celebrate this year. Under the theme, “The Legacy of Leadership & The Power of Partnership”, we pay tribute to David Harding MBE, past president of the Caribbean Shipping Association and former Chairman of Barbados Port Inc.; Captain Remy Vyzelman, Chairman of Integra Marine Services—both of whom represent over a century of work and leadership in the Caribbean maritime sector; and Gregory Purdy, Senior Vice President, Operations at Royal Caribbean International, an iconic global brand and exemplary corporate leader. This year has been one of milestone achievements for the ACMF. Notably, the ACMF/RCI partnership has enabled us to fund several scholarships for Bahamian students. We look forward to branching out to other Caribbean islands under this initiative in the coming year. In addition, we've funded the construction of a lecture hall in the name of one of our donors, Roland Malins-Smith, and launched the Fern Khan Grant with awards to students from Jamaica and St. Vincent & the Grenadines, thanks to board member Fern Khan and our donors. We can't thank our partners, donors, board and advisory board and friends enough for making all this possible. A special acknowledgment to the Honorary Gala Chair and my mentor, Roland Malins-Smith. Learning from him has been an honor and a pleasure. Enjoy the gala and God bless you.

6 Message: Roland Malins-Smith, Honorary Gala Chair 7 Message: Juan Carlos Croston, President, Caribbean Shipping Association 8 Gala Program 10 HONOREE PROFILES: David Harding MBE Gregory M. Purdy Captain Remy Vyzelman 13 Message: Emerson Alleyne, Gala Co-Chair 14 ACMF Impact 20 Article: A Royal Story 22 Article: Reimagining a Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Caribbean Maritime Transportation System and a Workforce to Make it Happen 24 Article: The Caribbean's Share In The Global Cargo Industry Is Growing Rapidly 26 Article: The ACMF Anchor Awards: A Tradition in the Making 28 Article: U.S. and Caribbean Lead the Way... 37 Caribbean Maritime University: At A Glance 40 Article: Education is Way Forward

American Caribbean Maritime Foundation

43 Scholarship Recipients: Notes of Gratitude 49 Charity Buzz Auction



2019 Anchor Awards




Dr. Roland Malins-Smith Honorary Gala Chair


he goal of providing opportunity in the maritime field to young people in the Caribbean is dear to me, and I admire people who work hard to achieve that goal. The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) is a valuable asset, a foundation put together at great expense and sacrifice by its founder, Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger, and board of directors. The ACMF's core objective is to improve lives, and there is no greater mission than that. As great, are the many donors, supporters and friends who are part of this mission and who commit resources of money and time to this cause. As Honorary Gala Chair, I am privileged to be part of the family and to support the ACMF. I am amazed by what the foundation has been able to accomplish in just three short years and I share their vision to

grow the organization and to have even greater impact in the years to come. I often told my staff this story: There was a little town out in the Midwest which was in drought, no rain for months. The people decided to go to church one Sunday to pray for rain. Would you believe, only one little girl brought an umbrella. She had faith that it would rain. If you want it to rain, you must bring your umbrella. Prepare yourself for success. The ACMF is prepared and we invite your support. My heartfelt congratulations to the honorees, David Harding MBE, Gregory Purdy, and Remy Vyzelman. Thanks for the tremendous legacy and leadership that you represent. Please enjoy the gala and thanks for your support.

Dr. Roland Malins-Smith is founder and retired president of SeaFreight Lines, Ltd.


2019 Anchor Awards



Juan Carlos Croston

President, Caribbean Shipping Association


he Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) recognizes the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) as providing a vital link between our past and present for the protection and advancement of shipping into the future. How are they doing this? One remarkable way is through the ACMF Anchor Awards that honours outstanding leaders in the maritime sector in the Caribbean and uses the proceeds to support maritime education and facilities at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) located in Jamaica, the regional maritime training institution for the Caribbean. In the words of Dr Brown Metzger: “These (Anchor) honourees represent the best of the industry and the hopes and dreams of our future mariners and port professionals”. Students on ACMF scholarships also attend the Anchor Awards where they can learn from their seniors while developing networking and even mentorship relationships. The CSA congratulates the 2019 Honorees, three giants of the region’s shipping community, who are to be presented with Anchor Awards: David Harding MBE, Past President of the CSA; Gregory Purdy, Senior Vice President of Operations for Royal Caribbean International; and Captain Remy Vyzelman, Chairman of Integra Marine and Freight Services and active member CSA’s Port Awards Committee and a former General Council member. The Caribbean Shipping Association also has a Scholarship Programme that assists students of the CMU and welcomes the significant contribution that the ACMF is making in this regard. Anchor Awardee and CSA Honouree Roland Malins-Smith, says of this initiative: “The maritime sector has the potential to transform economics across the region and we must do all we can to support the development of future mariners, port operators and industry professionals”. Maritime industry professionals were given a moving insight into what scholarships such as those offered by the CSA and the AMCF mean for students of the CMU. There was hardly a dry eye among the 340 participants at the 48th Annual General Meeting of the CSA in 2018 when Horatio McLean, a third-year student at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), related his compelling story of perseverance and

achievement. Horatio, a resident of the Marie Atkins Night Shelter (for the homeless), told the meeting of shipping professionals how much the CSA Monica Silvera Scholarship meant to him as he pursues his degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the CMU in Kingston, Jamaica. “It is not where you are coming from but where you are going,” the maritime scholar told his audience, adding that “for me it is not only about getting my education but I also want to contribute to the development of the maritime industry in the Region in a major way either as the leader or a part of a group leading that charge.” Testimonials such as Horatio’s show the tremendous impact the ACMF and the CSA have in providing real opportunities for specialized training in maritime sector-related areas. All members of the Caribbean maritime industry are encouraged to give full support to these initiatives that provide such a vital link between our past and present for the protection and advancement of shipping.

Juan Carlos Croston



Anchor Awards 2019 GALA PROGRAM

New York Yacht Club, New York City Friday, October 11, 2019 6 Pm – 10 Pm Master of Ceremonies: C. A. Hudson, CEO, HudsonAnalytix

WELCOME Dr. Roland Malins-Smith, Honorary Gala Chair Geneive Brown Metzger, LLD Hon, President, ACMF

INVOCATION Rev. David M. Rider, President and Executive Director, Seamen's Church Institute

GREETINGS Hon. Robert Montague Minister of Transport and Mining (Government of Jamaica) Juan Carlos Croston, President, Caribbean Shipping Association


DINNER IS SERVED HOPE FUND AUCTION Hugh Hildesley MBE, Vice Chairman, Sotheby's

TRIBUTE TO THE HONOREES David Harding MBE, Past President, Barbados Port Inc. & Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association Gregory M. Purdy, Senior Vice President, Marine Operations, Royal Caribbean International Captain Remy Vyzelman, Chairman, Integra Marine & Freight Services

VOTE OF THANKS Karren Dunkley, EdD, Gala Committee Chair & ACMF Board Secretary 8

2019 Anchor Awards



David Harding MBE Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association Past President, Shipping Association of Barbados Former Chairman, Barbados Port Inc.


Shipping Executive and a Master Stevedore with over forty-five years in the Maritime Industry, David Harding started his shipping career with DaCosta & Musson Ltd. in 1967 attending to the “FEDERAL PALM” and “FEDERAL MAPLE”—the two ships gifted to the W.I Federation by the Canadian Government which were to become an integrated cargo and passenger service dedicated to the region. Harding later joined the Regional Office of Booker McConnell of Liverpool as operations manager of the new start up Booker Carifta Service where he gained much experience in working for a ship owning company. During the early years, he attended several training seminars and had extensive stevedoring training enabling him to be listed as a resource specialist in stevedoring by the Caribbean Shipping Association. In 1988, Mr. Harding started Sea Freight Agencies (Barbados) Ltd. and with a dedicated staff, supplied service to some of the major shipping lines calling Barbados, and handled the majority of the Large Parcel Project Cargo into Barbados. For many years he provided personalized Port Captain service to Break Bulk carriers taking oil well supplies and drilling equipment to Galeota Point in Trinidad for the Offshore Drilling base there. Mr. Harding is a Founding Member of the Shipping Association of Barbados and served 3 three year terms as President with twenty-five years on the Committee of Management. He served for over ten years as Director of the Barbados Port Authority (now Barbados Port Inc.), and later as its Chairman. A sustained record of service to the community, to business, and to his country, includes service as General Council of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and


2019 Anchor Awards

Industry, and Honorary Consul of The Republic of Chile in Barbados. In 2013, he was honored by Chile with El Orden de O’Higgins a high National Honor for non-Chileans in recognition for the service given to the Chilean Government. An Honorary Rotarian following many years of active service, Mr. Harding was honored with the Rotary's international recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow. In 2012, for service given to the Maritime Industry in Barbados and the wider Caribbean Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 honored him in Her Jubilee Year with the Order of Member of the British Empire – MBE.


Gregory M. Purdy SVP Marine Operations, Royal Caribbean International


regory M. Purdy is Senior Vice President of Marine Operations for Royal Caribbean International, leading the marine teams of the brand’s 26 cruise ships operating all over the world. He joined the Royal Caribbean International brand in 2001 to manage the company’s marine safety training program. Following the events of 9/11, he led the corporation’s efforts to review and further enhance fleet operational security. His responsibilities grew to encompass fleet compliance assurance for the company’s marine safety, security and environmental programs. In 2008, he was promoted to Vice President of Global Security and Maritime Safety for the parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. In 2009, he was appointed to Vice President of Marine Operations for Celebrity Cruises until 2012 when he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations overseeing both Marine and Hotel Operations. In 2015, he assumed responsibilities back within the Royal Caribbean International brand as the Senior Vice President of Marine Operations where he is responsible for the safe operation of the fleet, including the world’s largest cruise ships. Over his career, he’s led the introduction of 8 new ships and several major ship renovations. Prior to joining Royal Caribbean, he served 15 years in the U.S. Coast Guard where he specialized in shipboard operations and fleet management. As well, his experience includes ship command. Purdy is a graduate of the U. S. Coast Guard Academy where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He also earned a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. He

serves on the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Greater Miami and the Seafarers’ House at Port Everglades. He and his wife, Anne, have two children and reside in Miami-Dade County, Florida.


Honoree Captain Remy Vyzelman President and CEO, Integra Marine & Freight Services


aptain Remy Vyzelman is a leading figure in the Caribbean maritime industry with 53 years of experience, including having drafted legislation to establish the Maritime Authority Suriname. He is President and former CEO of Integra Marine & Freight services, founder and past CEO of Integra Port Services and Suriname Port Services—the latter two now Dubai Port World Paramaribo since acquisition by Dubai Port World. He started in 1966 as an apprentice hydrographer and eventually received his Masters’ License at the Higher Merchant Marine Academy, Amsterdam. After becoming Captain, Remy returned to Suriname and was in charge of Hydrography, Channel Marking, Shipping Inspection, and was Acting Chief Pilot. He spent 18 years with Alcoa Steamship Company Suriname and Suriname Aluminum Company in management positions, and later founded Integra Marine and Freight Services (IMFS) in 1995. IMFS constructed a terminal for industrial and dangerous cargo, and in 2007 the terminal operations were separated in Integra Port Services (IPS). Various international operators bid for a majority stake in IPS, and DP World was chosen mainly because of its plans to further invest in human capital, a goal that has always been a priority for Remy. Captain Vyzelman was instrumental in the execution of the renovation, extension and modernization of the Paramaribo Terminal—lending his expertise in a number of areas, including drafting the terminal layout. He has served on boards in Suriname and the Caribbean, including the Suriname Business Association and the Caribbean Shipping Association, and has spoken at maritime events in the Caribbean, USA and Europe. Captain Vyzelman was decorated by the Government of Suriname in 2005 and 2011 for his contribution to stabilizing the Suriname economy and personal sacrifices he has made to the country.


2019 Anchor Awards


Emerson Alleyne

Executive Vice President, Shipping Association of Barbados Gala Co-Chair


elcome to the 2019 American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) Anchor Awards Gala. This year we celebrate the incredible work of the organization and three giants at the center of the maritime industry in the Caribbean. Under the leadership of ACMF President and Founder, Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger, and in collaboration with many sponsors, partners and friends, the ACMF continues to positively impact the lives of over five thousand cadets at Caribbean Maritime University each year. The organizational outreach across the region to identify scholarship recipients is noteworthy and speaks to the regional focus of the ACMF. The Shipping Association of Barbados is proud to join the ACMF as a sponsor in support of its mission and in recognizing David Harding, former Chairman of Barbados Port, Inc. and past president of the Caribbean Shipping Association; Gregory Purdy, Senior Vice President, Operations, Royal Caribbean International; and Remy Vyzelman,

President of Integra Marine and Freight Services. These three magnates represent a tradition of leadership excellence and innovation to advance maritime initiatives and endeavors. Funds raised at this year’s ACMF 2019 gala directly benefit critical scholarship and infrastructure initiatives to ensure access and equity for students who are historically marginalized, under-served and disenfranchised in the Caribbean community. The future of the maritime sector in the Caribbean is of concern to all of us, and it depends on our ability to produce highly skilled, and critical thinking professionals to contribute to the growth and development of a thriving Caribbean economy. We look forward to a memorable evening of delectable food, luxurious ambiance, and fantastic friends here at the New York Yacht Club. Thank you for supporting the ACMF as we prepare and empower the next generation of maritime professionals and practitioners.

Emerson Alleyne


ACMF Impact


hrough the generosity of our partners and friends, the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) is able to fulfill its mission of “Transforming lives and alleviating poverty through maritime education and community development.” Since 2018, we have been able to commit $220,250 ($29,733,750 Jamaican) to scholarships, grants, and the construction of classrooms. Our scholarship recipients are highly motivated and they are selected by the ACMF Scholarship Committee. We receive many applications for each of our scholarships, and awards are made typically in the spring and summer of each year. Current scholarship and grant recipients are from The Bahamas, Jamaica, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. In the 2020 academic year, we will be focusing on students from Haiti, Jamaica, Suriname and Turks & Caicos. We depend on academic partners throughout the region to assist in identifying applicants, who are selected based on academic performance and compelling financial need. “We are proud of these young people, who are doing very well academically,” says Jan Ivarsson, Chair, ACMF Scholarship Committee. “Our goal is to raise the bar each year in terms of the number of scholarships, grant awards, and academic partners across the Caribbean. These scholarships, for many of our awardees, are the difference between having a future and not having one,” he says.


2019 Anchor Awards

SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS ACMF/JWN Foundation Scholarship Glenardo Simpson (Jamaica)


ACMF/Royal Caribbean International Scholarship Awarded in the 2018/2019 academic year Shante Pearson (Bahamas) Tre'von Ferguson (Bahamas)

$13,000 $13,000

Awarded in the 2019/2020 academic year Dane Dean (Bahamas) Trinity Brown (Bahamas) Dale Roye (Bahamas) Additional awardees

$13,000 $13,000 $13,000 $26,000

Fern Khan Grant James Foster (Jamaica) Athena Tené Francis (Jamaica) Jenelle Hinds (Jamaica) Horatio McLean (Jamaica) Oshane Kamal Swaby (Jamaica) Andre Theobalds (St. Vincent & the Grenadines) Construction

Roland Malins-Smith Lecture Theatre

$ 750 $ 1,000 $ 750 $ 1,000 $ 750 $ 1,000




2019 Anchor Awards

Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger President & Executive Director American Caribbean Maritime Foundation and

2019 Anchor Award Honorees

With Best Wishes James and Manuela Goren Developers of Holland Estates, Trelawny, Jamaica






2019 Anchor Awards





The Power of Partnership:

for maritime professionals in the company and we really want to do all we can to support maritime professionals.”

A Royal Story

What it meant to the students


ike members of a royal guard, Bahamian students Shante Pearson and Tre'von Ferguson, boarded Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Symphony of the Sea, docked at Prince George Wharf, Nassau, The Bahamas, in January 2019. The occasion was the launch of the Royal Caribbean International (RCI)/American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) partnership, and send-off of the first Bahamian scholarship recipients under the partnership. Shante and Tre'von, graduates of the LJM Maritime Academy, will complete Bachelors of Marine Transportation degrees at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) based in Kingston, Jamaica. Gregory Purdy, Senior Vice President, Operations at Royal Caribbean International, host of the event, welcomed the scholarships recipients and their families, Dr. Brenda Cleare, President of the LJM Maritime Academy in The Bahamas, and other dignitaries to RCI's newest vessel, Symphony of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship. “We have a real commitment to people at Royal Caribbean,” said Greg Purdy. “We have a great amount of respect

The students dressed in full formal maritime whites, shared what the scholarship meant to them. “My father, he is a product of The Royal Bahamas Defense Force. I was always on boats. From then I said that I wanted to have a career on the sea,” Shante said. “This scholarship means a lot. It’s an opportunity for me to finish my studies and make it to my ultimate goal which is to be a captain of a cruise ship.” Tre’von Ferguson recalled an early attraction to the sea instilled in him by his late uncle who was a fisherman and longingly looking out at ships pulling in an out of the Grand Bahama Container Port whenever he would accompany his mother to her office. “I am ecstatic for the opportunity,” said Tre'von who got a chance to perch in the captain’s chair during a behind the scenes tour of the ship. “I sat in the captain’s chair where I felt tremendous pressure but I’m actually looking forward to feeling that pressure someday.“

LJMMA Partners With the ACMF The LJM Maritime Academy (LJMMA) named in honor of His Excellency Lowell J. Mortimer, OD, OBE, the major benefactor of the institution to date, was Continued on p. 39

Getting the Feel of It: Symphony of the Seas Captain Ramen Yovchev (centre) gives Royal Caribbean International scholarship recipients Shante Pearson and Tre’von Ferguson an opportunity to sit in the captain’s chair, a position they both hope to fill one day. (Photography by Cay Focus Photography for DP&A.)



2019 Anchor Awards

is Proud to Support the

American Caribbean Maritime Foundation and its

2019 Annual Anchor Awards

Robert E. O’Connor

New York Office Managing Partner ACMF General Counsel P: 212-551-7794 E: 21 PENNSYLVANIA • NEW YORK • NEW JERSEY • DELAWARE • WWW.MMWR.COM 27


Robert O'Connor, Esq.,

Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads (New York)


Christopher Bovell, Esq. Dunn Cox (Jamaica)

For their pro bono services as our General Counsel

Reimagining a Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Caribbean Maritime Transportation System and a Workforce to Make it Happen by ADM Thad Allen, U. S. Coast Guard (ret.), the 23rd Commandant of the U. S. Coast Guard Senior Executive Advisor, Hudson Analytix

Despite the disruption and political upheaval associated with BREXIT and populist movements, there is little reason to believe that globalism and maritime trade will significantly diminish in any way. In the global commons and associated supply chains, technology has become the driver with diverse possibilities from autonomous vessels to locally produced parts through 3D printing. That said, transport of bulk materials will remain a maritime focus as will containerized shipping. In the Caribbean Basin an added driver is the expansion of the Panama Canal. Nations will be challenged to manage their exclusive economic zones (EEZ) to address both threats and opportunities. Strategically, Caribbean nations face three mandates to position themselves to manage risk and seize opportunities – safety, security, and stewardship. Maritime transportation systems and associated port infrastructures must be safe and in conformance with international treaties and conventions. Security in a digital age has moved well beyond physical security and loss prevention. Cyber security is an issue for shipping, ports, transportation infrastructure, commercial firms and government. Stewardship encompasses the responsible oversight, use, and protection of the environment and resources within the EEZ. The key is to integrate these three strategic demands into a coherent 22

2019 Anchor Awards

national maritime strategy. For the Caribbean, national maritime strategies are de facto national security strategies because they focus on elements of national power and essential national interests. To that end, full implementation of the Cartagena Convention, development of MARPOL mandated port reception facilities, implementation of integrated physical and cyber security measures, and management of marine resources all become critical. Cruise ship visits and tourism require it. Reliable and resilient supply chains require it. Sustainability of the rare and precious natural resources of the diverse island nations require it. Looking ahead, the development of a professional class of maritime professionals dedicated to the joined goals of safety, security and stewardship should become a high priority for the region. It is the best way to ensure the future for generations that follow ADM Thad Allen, U. S. Coast Guard (ret.), the and create well paid jobs as 23rd Commandant of the technology transforms current U. S. Coast Guard Senior Executive Advisor, Hudson workforce demands. Analytix

KND Consulting, LLC

is proud to support the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation. Congratulations to the 2019 Anchor Award Honorees

David Harding MBE Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association

Gregory M. Purdy SVP, Marine Operations Royal Caribbean International

Captain Remy Vyzelman President & CEO, Integra Marine and Freight Services

Internationally Recognized Experts in: Organizational Development • Organizational Leadership Performance • Excellence • Executive Coaching Karren Dunkley, Ed.D, Principal/CEO


Reprinted with permission from

The Caribbean's Share In The Global Cargo Industry Is Growing Rapidly Daphne Ewing-Chow, Contributor

Saint Catherine, Jamaica - March 19 2019: Cargo shipping containers and container cranes at the Port of Kingston, Jamaica's shipping and maritime logistics hub. GETTY


he widening of the Panama Canal in 2016 had a profound effect on the Caribbean cargo shipping industry, placing it at a strategic crossroads to better serve North America, impacting container trade flows and imports and putting an imperative on the region to maintain its global competitiveness as one of the major waterways in the world. The Caribbean’s dense network of global linkages, fostered by its advantageous location at the crossroads of East-West and North-South maritime routes, has presented the region with numerous opportunities, particularly as a transhipment hub. Jamaica’s Kingston Container Terminal and Bahamas’ Free Port are both global hub port terminals, serviced by global container lines connecting three or more continents. Kingston Wharves, Jamaica and Point Lisas in Port of Spain, Trinidad are leaders of the regional hub ports, serving as gateways to the Eastern and South-


2019 Anchor Awards

ern Caribbean and the Caribbean rim of South America, connecting it to North, Central and South America, the Far East and Europe. The Bahamas is the third leading flag state in the world, with a total value of $79,551 million in registered vessels in 2018— higher than Norway or the United States. As a motion of confidence in the Bahamas, the Freeport Container Port has to date received approximately $3 billion from Chinese backers who expect to benefit from heightened shipping through the region as well as an overall boost in trade between China and the Caribbean due to the expansion of the canal. According to a report produced by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, China “views the Caribbean as strategically important by virtue of its proximity to the United States and major maritime trade routes and infrastructure, such as the Panama Canal and the region’s many ports.”

Reprinted with permission from

In 2016, Jamaica received a comparable nod of conPresident and executive director of the American Caribfidence from the CMA CGM Group, one of the world’s bean Maritime Foundation, Geneive Brown-Metzger, echoes leading container transportation and shipping companies, the need to “develop a cadre of maritime professionals and when it developed its hub in Kingston. CMA CGM joined workers in port management, logistics, engineering, and othpartners such as Zim Integrated Shipping, Seaboard Maer maritime service areas,” in order to overcome stumbling rine and Maersk Line, among many others. blocks that often result in the outsourcing of management As a gateway to one of the world’s primary maritime and decision making to outside interests. routes, and with the continued development of technolo“The old proverb, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a gy and infrastructure, the region is expected to play an inday; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,’ cannot creasingly important role in global logistics— the planning, be more profound than in the Caribbean where its waterorganizing, management, and implementation of cargo ways are at the centre of the global economy and on which and supply in shipping. the economic growth of the Caribbean and livelihoods of a Having opened a Global Auto Logistics Centre in 2017 large number of its people potentially rest. Too often mega and a Total Logistics Facility in 2018, Jamaica has been industries in the region are controlled by foreigners because, making progress in quite frankly, we don’t establishing itself as have enough trained and a major logistics hub. folks to work in the As a gateway to one of the world’s primary skilled According to the Jasector,” she explains. maica Information Ports must also overmaritime routes, and with the continued Service, “The Govcome time and structurernment’s logistics development of technology and infrastructure, al inefficiencies resulting project aims to posifrom sharing limited wathe region is expected to play an increasingly tion Jamaica as the ter space with the cruise fourth global logistics industry. Given the reimportant role in global logistics." connecting point, gion’s reliance on tourcomparable to Singaism, cruise ships are pore, Dubai and Rotterdam, to help transform the econotypically prioritized over cargo vessels for limited berthing my and create jobs.” space. This has caused cargo vessels to perform load and Kingston Wharves Limited recently collaborated with discharge operations after regular working hours, resulting the Caribbean Maritime University to further its logistics in delays and added overtime costs, which are then passed capabilities, a development that promises to increase the on to local consumers. port’s annual traffic and give it a larger share in the global The Cargo Shipping Industry serves a vital economic logistics trade, which is projected to be worth more than function— an estimated 90% of the world’s trade is car$16,400 billion by 2026. ried by sea, and the volume of overseas trade is projected Stakeholders are also making efforts to overcome marto increase to 19 billion tons by 2030. The Caribbean is at ket inefficiencies bred by limited economies of scale, such the ideal juncture to benefit from this growth. as port dues, tariffs, insurance premiums and other over-inAccording to an article in The Journal of Transport Geflated expenses that are a function of small size and lack of ography, the Caribbean region has yet to capitalize on the decision-making power. full economic potential of the New Panamax Era—growth Grenadian, Roland Malins-Smith, Founder of Seafreight in Caribbean transhipment is expected to pick up between Line Ltd. (acquired by Crowley in 2015) indicates that the 2020 and 2025 when larger ships, which cannot be efficientregion needs to be more involved in the industry from a ly handled by US East Coast ports, will be deployed. decision-making capacity. With 351 ports, 16 oil refineries, 51 tanker terminals and “We cannot rely fully on outside interests, particularly over 15 different types of ships transiting, the Caribbean is from an intraregional perspective. We have both the means a marine area that is growing in global relevance and is in and the capacity— we need to be more self-sufficient,” a convenient position to capitalize on economic and trade Malins-Smith advises, drawing on nearly fifty years of exexpansion as well as steep increases in both maritime and perience in the regional shipping industry. inland waterway transport volumes.



2019 Anchor Awards

The ACMF ANCHOR AWARDS: A Tradition in the Making


he Caribbean has a centuries old maritime shipping history, including efforts to develop the regional shipping industry ever since the formation of the West Indies Federation in 1958. The expansion of the Panama Canal is now expected to drive a new phase for the development of shipping in the Caribbean. The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation and the Anchor Awards are inspired by this history and, as well, by the pivotal role that shipping plays in the region's economy today. A tradition in the making, and spirited by a drive for excellence, the Anchor Award trophy and annual Anchor Awards gala, are a fitting tribute to the distinguished leaders and icons in the Caribbean maritime industry—those who have built the sector, and the current generation who drive the sector forward as a nucleus for growth and prosperity. For all the honor that comes with receiving an Anchor Award, it is also true that the recipients themselves honor the ACMF with their generous support and commitment to the young people and future mariners served by our foundation. The Anchor Awards gala is held in the fall at the Historic New York Yacht Club in midtown Manhattan, a felicitous setting for our celebration. Established in 1902 and more than a hundred years later, the Club is home to one of the finest collections of silver yachting trophies as well as a world-renowned collection of America's Cup models. Open only to members and friends of members, the Club is made available to the ACMF through the generosity of one of its members. The trophy, conceptualized by the ACMF founder, is designed by Jacques Frances, who holds a Master's Degree of Fine Arts. Our unique trophy stands among those Jacques has designed for non-profit organizations, celebrities, dignitaries, the fashion industry, Fortune 500 companies, and TV networks. The honorees, donors, guests, trophy, and venue, reflect the excellence the ACMF strives to achieve in its work and our regard for, and appreciation of, our honorees. As a U.S. non-profit organization supporting maritime students across the Caribbean, leadership is key. A dedicated and engaged board, two general counselors—one in New York and the other in Jamaica—and an advisory board of professionals, provide the stewardship that inspires the confidence of our donors, partners and friends. The ACMF is inspired by the stalwarts in the Caribbean maritime sector and the students we serve. The Anchor Awards gala is for you.


US and the Caribbean Lead the Way on Prevention of Ship-source Pollution Prevention and Enforcement by Michelle Otero Valdés, B.C.S., Partner, CHALOS & CO As a new decade approaches, the world continues to become more environmentally conscious than ever before. IMO 2020 is set to take effect on January 1, 2020 with the world-wide goal of reducing air pollution by limiting the maximum sulphur content in fuel emissions to no more than 0.50%. Of course, around the Caribbean, the U.S. Emissions Control Area (ECA) has been actively reducing maximum sulphur content since 2010 and has been at 0.10% since 2015. The U.S. Coast Guard has made it clear that ensuring compliance with MARPOL Annex VI sulphur limitations is a top priority for the agency. In April of 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice , with the assistance of the US Coast Guard, prosecuted the first ever Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) case for a MARPOL VI violation and associated record-keeping offenses. Specifically, a vessel was found to have been burning non-compliant fuel in the ECA while trading between the U.S. Virgin Islands, British

Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, and other Caribbean islands. In addition, crew members serving onboard had forged bunker receipts and documentation to conceal both the source of the non-compliant fuel and its actual sulphur content. In addition to obtaining several convictions, an Environmental Compliance Plan focusing on ensuring MARPOL Annex VI compliance, as well as compliance with U.S. laws and regulations, has been developed. As the IMO 2020 sulphur regulations come into force and vessels are required to comply with these stricter emissions standards, it is reasonable to expect the world will continue to follow the lead set by the Caribbean in Michelle Otero Valdés, ensuring the protection of the B.C.S., Partner, CHALOS & CO environment.

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2019 Anchor Awards



2019 Anchor Awards


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David Harding Remy Vyzelman Gregory Purdy We appreciate your important contributions to the Caribbean maritime industry.

ports and shipping advisors – strategic planning – market forecasting – operations – M&A – due diligence


2019 Anchor Awards


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2019 Anchor Awards

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2019 Anchor Awards

2019 Annual

Anchor Awards Dinner

Gregory M. Purdy Senior VP Marine Operations Royal Caribbean International

Cost of tuition annually: $4,000 (with housing $6,500)





ecognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as the premier maritime training institution in the English-Speaking Caribbean, the Caribbean Maritime University is also: • Globally certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO 9001:2015 certification) • Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT, UK) • Accredited by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) • The recipient of institutional accreditation from the Accreditation Services for Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) It is the named centre for regional maritime training, education and consultancy by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and is an important partner in the building of human capacity for the sustainability of the maritime and related sectors.

Named scholarships are available to full four-year tuition donors. Donors may choose to be involved in the scholarship selection process. CMU's mission is aligned with Jamaica's maritime transport priorities, sustainable aspirations and with the region's developmental goals. CMU has grown exponentially from a few hundred students and approximately 50 staff in 2006 to over 5,000 students and 400 staff in 2019. There are 25 core programmes offered at the university including 15 four-year Bachelor degrees, 7 Master of Science degrees, one Associate Degree and one Diploma as well as one Doctoral programme. These cover areas of study, such as Logistics, Tourism, engineering, customs processes, freight forwarding and immigration, security administration and management among other related areas. There are six (6) Centres of Excellence, namely: • FESTO Authorized and Certified Training (FACT) Centre • Maritime Training Centre (MTC) • Centre for Digital Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing (CDIAM) • Centre for Security, Counter Terrorism and NonProliferation (CSCTN) • Centre for Innovation and the Blue Economy • Centre for Global Supply Chains The institution attained university status on September 28, 2017. More than 85 percent of CMU graduates are employed, become entrepreneurs or commence terminal degrees, within six months or less of graduation. CMU training is aligned with industry needs in the cargo and cruise sectors, as well as in land-based supporting services such as port and customs operations and management, engineering, security and supply chain management. The CMU Spartans (the university's cheerleading team) is the only Caribbean team to have won a major tittle in two consecutive years at both the 2017 and 2018 World University Cheerleading Cup Championships, held in the United States. Mandarin is taught as a second language at the CMU to strengthen the partnership between the university and other universities such as a Shanghai Maritime University in the People's Republic of China. The CMU began as the Jamaica Maritime Training Institute in 1980 with 30 students, a collaboration between the governments of Jamaica and Norway.



2019 Anchor Awards

A Royal Story, continued from p. 20 established and incorporated in December 2011 to educate young Bahamian for seafaring careers. “This [was] an historic moment for The Bahamas as well as for the LJM Maritime Academy, said LJM Maritime Academy President, Dr. Brendamae Cleare. Continuing, she said “Thanks to Royal Caribbean and the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation. The Foundation actually contacted us initially to make sure that our students could do this and we are thankful and grateful to them. Our students are the ambassadors of LJM Maritime to CMU and we know that they will shine.”

Royal's Commitment to the Caribbean Speaking of Royal's long term commitment to the Caribbean, Purdy said, ”with our relationship and partnership with the wider Caribbean and specifically with The Bahamas, we see that we need to make significant investments to also make The Bahamas and Caribbean a part of that future picture. We feel that everyone should have the chance to be a part of this industry.” He continues, “The Bahamas is the country’s most visited by our guests so we see this as a very important destination and we see that there is a need to help with the country’s economic growth.” Echoing a real concern by the ACMF and many in the maritime sector in the Caribbean, Purdy comments that the Caribbean hosts almost 40% of the world’s cruise deployment and yet represents less than 7% of employment. “So I’m really happy for this opportunity with Royal Caribbean because it now gives an amazing opportunity for Caribbean people to be moving up to the levels of captains and chief engineers”, Purdy said proudly.

Donors Arawak Port Development Shipping Association of Barbados Broward County Port Everglades Margaret Rose Brown Geneive Brown Metzger, LLD Hon Beverly's Home Care Caribbean Shipping Association Chalos & Co, PC Crowley Maritime Corporation Lawrence Delevin Karren Dunkley, EdD Farkas Media Fidelity Charitable Trust Charles F. Goodrich James and Manuela Goren David Harding MBE Dennis Hawthorne Hudson Analytix Integra Marine & Freight Services NV James Dudley Luce Foundation Jan Ivarsson and Susie De Rafelo JWN Foundation Fern Khan Donald Locke Laparkan Trading Limited Roland and Loretta Malins-Smith Ann Marcus Tiemen Meester Mercator International Monarch Yachts Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads NAMEPA National Shipping Agencies, Inc. Network for Good New York Harbor Foundation Beverly Nichols Orpheus Jets & Yachts Paradise Express Port Everglades Association Port of Palm Beach Rhona Ramsay Royal Caribbean International Saltchuk Seafarer's Mission House Seafreight/Crowley Seven Seas Insurance Company, Inc. Errol B. and Paula W. Taylor Tropical Shipping United Building Maintenance Corporation


Reprinted with permission from Caribbean Maritime Magazine


‘Education is way forward’ Jamaican-born high flyer is a worthy ambassador for Caribbean skills and expertise The parable of the child of humble origins who rises on the favourable tide of loving parents and the opportunity for a good education to a life of great accomplishment is a well-worn tale – but real-life examples can be truly inspiring. Pictured: Dr Geneive Brown Metzger with the Jamaican Prime Minister, the Hon. Andrew Holness, and Michael Bayley, chief executive of Royal Caribbean International.

40 2019 Anchor Awards 8


r Geneive Brown Metzger, who has done so much in recent years to attract United States investment into the Caribbean region – notably through her creation in 2015 of the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) – is a very good example of the ‘favourable tide’ parable. In her case, the high achievement that resulted from her positive childhood experiences in Jamaica has been in the sphere of diplomacy and international relations. As she told Caribbean Maritime: “I have, as they say, a strong Rolodex, so I am a connector. I either know the key person or am a degree away from him or her.” When it comes to promoting good relations between the US and the Caribbean, there’s nothing like having an expert knowledge of both places. Geneive has the key advantage of having been born in Kingston and lived there until she was 15 years

old before the family moved to a new life in the Brooklyn district of New York. She has lived and made her career in the US, but her links with the Caribbean are a core part of her professional career. “I understand the Caribbean,” she told CM. “And since I have gone to school in the US and lived many years here, I have a good understanding of both cultures and am an effective resource for investors looking at the Caribbean. I believe strongly in the power of US-Caribbean partnership and the economic, social and cultural opportunities [it can bring]”.

CIVIL RIGHTS The same instinct that has made her want to ease and improve the economic circumstances of Caribbean nationals has also led her to get involved at the sharp end of the civil rights movement, especially at the outset of her career. Geneive, who has a BA in Political

Reprinted with permission from Caribbean Maritime Magazine

PROFILE DR GENEIVE BROWN METZGER Science from City University of New York as well as a Masters from Columbia University, says. “My political science degree has served me well, as my second job out of school was at the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] Legal Defense Fund, right at the time of the 25th anniversary of the pivotal Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision. This is the decision that reversed ‘separate but equal’ and began to dismantle segregation in the US.”

ACTIVIST Before that she worked for the American Civil Liberties Union, where she and, years earlier, Ruth Bader Ginsburg – now an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court – “cut our activist teeth on the same sharpening block”. A milestone in Geneive’s career was reached in 2008 when she was appointed Jamaican Consul General in New York – a four-year posting that gave her ample opportunity to play to her strengths and enhance her skills.

“My tenure as Consul General was pivotal in my goal to improve US-Caribbean ties as it placed me squarely in the hub of geopolitical activity, investment and trade between the two regions,” she says. “It did open up my circle of relationships in the Caribbean, both diplomatically and commercially. That experience has made me realize the pivotal role of [the] maritime [industry] in the Caribbean. I also have realized how critically important it is for the Caribbean to control its own narrative and to expand it beyond the stereotypical ‘sun-sea-sand’ narrative. The region possesses impressive business, economic and viable foreign investment opportunities in energy, financial services, business process outsourcing and, of course, tourism.” In recent years, Geneive has helped to bring millions of dollars of investment into the Caribbean, including specific programs in Jamaica such as mining and waste management. As always, her instinct to open pathways to higher education has come to the fore – most strongly in her creation of

A PACKED CAREER Among the positive qualities Geneive inherited from her parents is a tremendously strong work ethic. A list of her activities and achievements in the course of her working life so far would put many an international high-flyer to shame. • In 1998 she founded the New York-based marketing communications practice Geneive Brown Associates, focusing on education and economic development, with clients in the US, the Caribbean and Africa. The firm was subsequently acquired by international PR company Ruder Finn and she became president of the Emerging Markets Division. • She served on a Washington-based think tank that led to the inaugural Global Diaspora Forum in 2011 spearheaded by then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. • She has provided consulting services across a range of disciplines including government relations and economic development. • For the past seven years she has been principal of Geneive Brown Metzger Consulting, which she founded. • Since 2015 she has been president of Gladvic Productions, which aims to promote the Caribbean brand through documentary film and video. • She has raised American awareness of Caribbean issues through the medium of radio and continues to host a weekly talk show on WVIP in New York. All this, of course, in addition to her four-year tenure as Jamaican Consul General in New York from 2008 to 2012. In terms of local community work in the US, she has served on the board of the Inter Faith Council for Action (IFCA), addressing low-income housing issues in New York; was a founding member of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry; and is on the advisory board of the St George’s Society of New York to support members of the Commonwealth who have fallen on hard times.

Geneive with the Duke of Gloucester.

A milestone in Geneive’s career was reached in 2008 when she was appointed Jamaican Consul General in New York 10

But from the point of view of the Caribbean maritime sector, her milestone achievement came in 2015 when she set up the ACMF, working closely with the CMU. The foundation has proved a successful fund-raiser for maritime scholarships, further boosted by its Anchor Awards program, with an annual ceremony in New York, which acknowledges corporate sponsors.


Reprinted with permission from Caribbean Maritime Magazine

PROFILE DR GENEIVE BROWN METZGER the ACMF, which aims to raise funds to provide scholarships for students at the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) in Kingston.

INSPIRED She says her commitment to the maritime industry was inspired by a book called ‘Dynasties of the Sea’ in which Lori Ann LaRocco “spoke of the shipping business’s long history of helping to spawn the middle class in many economies across the globe”. Alongside this, says Geneive, was “the CARICOM’s prioritization of the industry as critical for economic growth across many of their economies, particularly in light of the expansion of the Panama Canal. I saw educating future Caribbean workers and seafarers as a viable way to help

the region lift people out of poverty.” In promoting the Caribbean brand, Geneive sees the ACMF as a key achievement. “What we have created is the only fund-raising entity in the US, Caribbean or elsewhere dedicated exclusively to Caribbean maritime education,” she says. “The ACMF is a unique brand and we have achieved a lot in a short two years in support of a sector that is so pivotal to the region’s economic future. We have donated over $150,000 toward three scholarships for students from The Bahamas and Jamaica and a lecture theatre named in part in our honor. I am very much looking forward to building on this success and taking the organization to higher levels of success.”

EARLY INFLUENCES Geneive would probably agree that, in her professional life, she has functioned on good terms with people from a huge variety of cultural, racial and economic backgrounds. And there is no question that a childhood full of vivid and varied influences was the ideal preparation for such a life. Her father, who worked as a master tailor, came from humble beginnings and “wasn’t an educated man” although he “craved learning”. Her mother came from a successful agricultural family who grew sugar cane and coffee. “Dad valued her gentility and ensured her manners, not his, were taught to us,” says Geneive. “Education for both of them was paramount and they saw it as a way to ensure their children accessed higher society and greater opportunity.” When the family moved to the US, both parents were “even more fixated on ensuring their children attended the best schools”.



eneive is married to Dr Stephen Metzger, an economist who attended Yale and Rice University. Having worked for many years in the oil and financial sectors, Stephen now teaches developmental economics at Fordham University in New York. They met at a children’s birthday party where Geneive was expecting to meet a blind date – a judge, in fact. “He got cold feet and didn’t attend,” she says. “But my husband, a divorced father at the time, did. He was escorting his six-year-old daughter to the party.” As well as clicking personally, they have been able to complement each other’s skills. “I draw much on his business management expertise, including in setting up the ACMF, and in my consulting work,” says Geneive. “We have co-authored articles. He has drawn on my knowledge and relationships in the diplomatic field and in the Caribbean for his developmental economics classes.” When Geneive is looking to relax and unwind, two of her girlhood passions are well to the fore. She still loves music, having learned to play the violin at Ebanks Primary School in Kingston. And of course she got the tennis bug while at St Hugh’s High School. “We own a home at the Tryall Club in Jamaica,” says Geneive. “We’d like to get there more often than we do. My husband is a great tennis player, so is one of our daughters, and keeping up with them is not easy. We both enjoy classical music, but my husband is a rabid Bob Marley and Ijahman [Levi] fan. He doesn’t do badly on the dance floor either when the music of either of these two greats fills the air.”

Aspects of British culture impacted on Geneive when she attended St Hugh’s High School for Girls in Kingston. “At the time, St Hugh’s had a mixed student population of local and British expat students,” she says. “Many of our teachers were English. I learned to play tennis at St Hugh’s. The coach made an incredible impression on me. She was from England, drove a red Mini-Minor and pulled up to school in her tennis whites, dropped of by her beatnik husband. At first I was attracted to tennis by the stylish gear and later learned to love the game.” Geneive is eternally grateful to her parents for giving her and her five siblings an excellent start through education and a loving home. “They made so many personal sacrifices for us – never owing a motor car in America or taking regular vacations. We lost Mum at 50 years to a heart attack. Brings me to tears every time I think of how hard she worked. I know that must be part of why I am so driven to help Jamaican youth looking for a better life. They would have appreciated my work and my heart to make a difference.”


2019 Anchor Awards


Geneive with her husband, Dr Stephen Metzger.

SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS: NOTES OF GRATITUDE As time passes, I continue to ponder where I would be if not for the generous opportunity gifted to me by the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF), enabling me to continue to strive towards my goal of furthering my education at the Caribbean Maritime University. My only professional aspiration, for as long as I can remember, has been to become a Master Mariner. However, in light of my financial challenges, many doubts arose as to whether I would ever be able to achieve that goal. Words do not seem adequate to express how grateful, honored and appreciative I am at having received this scholarship from the ACMF. The wealth of knowledge and understanding gained within my first semester at the Caribbean Maritime University has been enormous. Staff and fellow students alike have been extremely cordial firmly underscoring my expectation that at the end of my tenure here I will be firmly prepared for a life at sea and career within the global maritime industry. This opportunity has changed my life, placing me on the right course and for this I will forever be grateful for the scholarship that the ACMF has provided. I will continue to work hard and make the most of this blessing. When I have succeeded, I promise to give back to the community, in order to provide another individual a similar opportunity to the one you have provided to me. Thank you for everything! —Shante Pearson

The American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) is a tremendous organization that seeks to uplift , mould and create lasting lifetime opportunities for young people and the Caribbean Maritime University at large. I must express my sincere gratitude to the ACMF and J Wray And Nephew Foundation for the opportunity they have presented to me one step closer in reaching my full potential. Being a recipient of an ACMF scholarship, has afforded me a greater opportunity to acquire a tertiary education. The loss of my mother had been a major setback in my pursuit towards achieving higher education as most of the funds that were set aside for my tertiary studies

were depleted in offsetting medical expenses. They have also have afforded me with an opportunity to network - meeting with a lot of influential practitioners who can help guide me towards the right path based on the knowledge, skills-set and experience they have gained. My experience over the past academic year at the Caribbean Maritime University has been one of the most exhilarating years of my life. Academically speaking it hasn’t being a bad year for me, however I know my capabilities and I also know that there is room for improvement. Subsequently, I have garnered a burning zeal and desire to grow and develop further and pledge to continue to do my very best going forward. This enthusiasm has afforded me the opportunity to contribute my services and as such I have being rewarded with various achievements and responsibilities. I was elected as President of the Caribbean Maritime University Students’ Union - a post which requires a lot of dedication, time and patience. Also I am the outgoing VP of Debating, Public relations Officer of the CMU LEADS and Treasurer and Tutor of Truetorial - an organization that was initiated by a group of fourth-year students with the aim of helping fellow students in their weak areas. I promise to continue to do my best for the development of myself, peers, the school and the society at large. —Glenardo Simpson

Being a recipient of one of the ACMF Fern Khan Grants has come as a huge blessing to me as I come from a single-parent household located on the Eastern Caribbean Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This scholarship is helping to offset many of the costs in attending the Caribbean Maritime University. My journey has been a very rewarding one with its fair share of challenges such as housing, air travel and tuition rate. As a fourth-year student, these costs are at their maximum so this scholarship could not have been extended to me at a better time. My ultimate goal in this maritime industry is to become a captain of a cruise ship where I can make positives changes in the industry. I also use this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation for their support in aiding my development as a competent seafarer and for their continual support fostering growth at the Caribbean Maritime University. —Andre Theobalds



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2019 Anchor Awards

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Geneive Brown Metzger, LLD Hon. President, American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) Thanks the ACMF Board of Directors and Advisory Board for their stewardship and leadership and all the donors and friends who generously support our mission of “alleviating poverty and transforming lives in the Caribbean through maritime education and community development”.



2019 Anchor Awards


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