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Volume 2, Issue 1


Volume 2, Issue 1



4 Chairman’s Corner 5

Principles of Community Development

To collectively promote quality affordable housing and community economic development in Arkansas.


For Every Dream, There’s “HOPE”


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Member news

10 Save The Date for June! 11 2012 Meeting Information 12 Executive Committee/ Contact Info The 2011 Annual Report is available online at docs/2011_achange_annual_report2.pdf/1

You can read it online or print from there.

If you would like a hard copy mailed to you, please contact Debra at or call 501-766-3941.


Volume 2, Issue 1

TIME FOR ACHANGE! Ahhh February…..that wonderful time of the year when love is in the air, and candy is everywhere. We all scurry around, trying to find that perfect gift for that significant person in our lives, hoping against hope that our offering will let that person know just how important he or she is to us. So it was, that in February, I, with the help of the Education and Training and Membership and Marketing Committee, set out to make our February 14, meeting memorable for everyone. I wanted both members and potential members to feel important. The work that you do is valuable to so many people across the state of Arkansas, and generally, you are the unheralded soldiers of affordable housing. You quietly go about your work, not expecting recognition or thanks. In front of each chair at the meeting, we placed a special Valentine’s card that said:

“In residences all over the state, people who received your assistance

are living in safe affordable places. Children are coming home to an environment where they can study and thrive. Someone is putting a key in a door and smiling with the pride of homeownership. Your involvement made those smiles possible. Thank you for putting your heart into what you do everyday. You are the heart of ACHANGE.”

Happy 2012 to everyone. It’s “Time for ACHANGE”. Wouldn’t you agree?

Debra Banks Program Manager 3

Volume 2, Issue 1


is the most powerful force on earth.” - Merlin

We love our members! This February we chose to show appreciation to our members by providing a few gifts. Framed membership certificates as well as lapel pins and annual reports are available for all our members. If you did not get yours at the February meeting, please call Debra. Membership at ACHANGE comes with benefits: 

Engaging and information-packed bi-monthly meetings

Opportunities to advocate for public policy changes and improvements

Utilization of our collective voices to promote the housing needs of families in Arkansas

Funding opportunities

Scholarships to national trainings

Awards and recognition to our membership

High quality annual training on topics that effect our members

The opportunity to network with organizations that are doing great things in Arkansas As you can see, our members are important to us. If you are not a member, do not delay another day. Get an application from You will finally feel the love the rest of us feel!

Karen Phillips ACHANGE Board President 4

Volume 2, Issue 1

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPLES OF GOOD PRACTICE: Pt. 5: Strategizing for Long-Term Sustainability

The fifth component of the Community Development Principles of Good Practice is to "Be

open to using the full range of action strategies to work toward the long-term sustainability and well being of the community.” “Man is so made that once anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish” (Jean de la Fontaine). De la Fontaine, a 17th century French poet, was a very astute observer of the results that can be accomplished when human beings open themselves up to possibilities. Rather than saying it can’t be done, those whose souls have been fired, will explore every opportunity and pursue the knowledge necessary to make it happen. People who work in the affordable housing arena are open to any and all possibilities. Everyday they put together the strategies that will help them to turn an empty lot into a home for one family or many families, and help those families qualify to occupy that developed piece of property. You understand that by doing so, you help to stabilize a neighborhood and positively impact the economy of that community. Affordable housing is important to long-term sustainability and community well-being. Creating thriving neighborhoods is hard work, and no one is more suited to do that job than those agencies that have devoted their existences to providing safe and affordable housing. The new realities of upcoming federal and state budgets may mean that agencies will have to be more creative in getting the job done. Every possibility will have to be explored, but who is better at that than you? If there is a way, affordable housing providers will find it.


Volume 2, Issue 1

For Every Dream, there’s New ACHANGE member, HOPE Credit Union) is a financial institution, community development intermediary and policy center that provides affordable financial services; leverages private, public and philanthropic resources; and engages in policy analysis in order to fulfill its mission of strengthening communities, building assets, and improving lives in economically distressed parts of the Mid South. Since 1994, HOPE’s efforts have generated over $1.6 billion in financing and benefited more than 90,000 individuals in the Delta, Katrina-affected areas and other distressed communities throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. HOPE has a demonstrated track record of success in the following areas: • Business Lending: Loans for small- & medium-sized businesses ♦ New Markets Tax Credit financing ♦ Public agency guarantees and credit enhancements ♦ Financing for nonprofits, community facilities, health care, child care and other community infrastructure ♦ Loan participations • Housing Finance: Single family mortgages ♦ Low-Income Housing Tax Credit debt and equity ♦ Development of rental and owner-occupied housing • Retail Financial Services: Transaction products such as checking accounts, online banking, credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards ♦ Savings products including Individual Development Accounts, IRAs ♦ Secured and unsecured consumer loans for automobiles, home equity, payday alternative loans • Intermediary Services: Financial counseling such as foreclosure mitigation, homebuyer education, VITA ♦ Affordable housing development ♦ Loan fund administration ♦ Project design and management 

Policy Analysis and Advocacy: Family Economic Self Sufficiency ♦ Responsible Financial Services ♦ Budget and Tax Equity

If you’d like to learn more, contact Program Officer Wonder Lowe at 501-490-0312 or email her at 6

Volume 2, Issue 1

7TH ANNUAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICE AWARDS NOMINATION BALLOT Recognizing the contributions of individuals, organizations and companies in improving the quality of life of low wealth families and communities across Arkansas

Nominations can be submitted electronically at http:// For a printed copy of the nomination form, contact Debra at or call 501-766-3941.


Volume 2, Issue 1

NEWS HUD comment period open for Public Housing Agency (PHA) 5-Year and Annual Plan Proposal The purpose of the plan is to provide a framework for local accountability and an easily identifiable source by which public housing residents, participants in the tenant-based assistance program, and other members of the public may locate basic PHA policies, rules and requirements concerning the PHA’s operations, programs and services. PHAs are required to submit annual and 5-Year Plans to HUD as required by DEADLINE TO section 5A of the United States Housing Act of 1937 (42 COMMENT U.S.C. 1437c–1). The proposed information collection requirement will be submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35, as amended). The Department is soliciting public comments on the subject proposal.

The comment period ends April 3, 2012. To read the Federal Register information, click here to read.

MORTGAGE SETTLEMENT NEWS Arkansas was a part of the historic settlement between Attorneys General in 49 states and the five largest mortgage lenders in the nation. The settlement will provide long-term reform to mortgage servicing practices and create a system for monitoring and enforcing the new standards. The settlement will provide more than $25 billion in relief nationwide to distressed borrowers and direct payments to states and the federal government-including nearly $40 million for Arkansas.

To learn more about how this settlement will affect Arkansas, be sure to attend the April 10, 2012, meeting. Representatives from the Attorney General’s office will be one of the special guest presenters for the month. 8

Volume 2, Issue 1

MEMBER NEWS!!! NEW AND RENEWING MEMBERS NEW MEMBERS PDC Companies, Little Rock RENEWING MEMBERS Crawford-Sebastian County Community Development Council, Inc., Fort Smith Universal Housing Development Corporation, Russellville

CHANGES!!! Two of our member organizations have recently had a few changes of their own, changes that both feel more accurately reflect their missions and visions.

Metropolitan Housing Alliance is the new name of the Little Rock Housing Authority. The new name and new logo reflect the geographic outreach and goals of the organization—to promote and develop a brighter future for the communities it serves. The new name tells residents, partners and community members that the Alliance is dedicated to developing more opportunities and more partnerships as it spreads across a larger geographic area. MHA is committed to “Giving Every Street a Neighborhood, Making Every House a Home”. For more information on the Metropolitan Housing Alliance, click here.

The Southern Good Faith Fund and Southern Bancorp Capital Partners have united common vision of reducing poverty, decreasing unemployment, and increasing educational attainment in targeted communities. The new streamlined organization, known as Southern Bancorp Community Partners, will enhance impact in those communities. For more information on Southern Bancorp Community Partners, click here.


Volume 2, Issue 1


June 19-22, 2012 Tickets go on sale and registration begins on

April 16th!

ACHANGE cordially invites you to attend a week of activities in celebration of National Homeownership Month!

JUNE 19 2012 Community Development Service Awards Celebrate the outstanding contributions of community leaders, development professionals and individuals in the fields of community and economic development.

JUNE 20 Public Policy Symposium Join concerned citizens and community economic development professionals as they discuss trends and the ties that should bind housing and economic development in Arkansas communities.

JUNE 21-22 Community Development Training Conference Strengthen your organization’s capacity, enhance and obtain new development skills and increase your productivity at this two day conference offering classes specifically designed for existing and potential CHDOs, foreclosure counselors, homebuyer educators, and managers of nonprofit organizations. 10

Volume 2, Issue 1

2012 MEETING SCHEDULE 4/10/2012 

Scheduled Mortgage Settlement Information from the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office The Arkansas Community Foundation

ACHANGE IN ACTION 2012 started off in a big way. The first meeting of the year was well-attended and provided members and guests with useful information and a wonderful opportunity to network. Presenters for the February meeting

ACHANGE member Michael Jackson

Natalie Jonkhout, Hugh Rowden, and Michelle Grier of Wells Fargo.

These are only a few of the persons in attendance for February.

________ Visited the Member’s Forum lately? Now, you can post topics for discussion. Get a discussion started today! If you need password assistance, just email Debra at 11

Volume 2, Issue 1

ACHANGE Executive Committee Board Chairman—Karen Phillips 1st Vice Chairman—Susan Forte 2nd Vice Chairman—George Holcomb Secretary— Frances Newsome Treasurer—Cathy Carlock Associate At-Large Board Member—Martie North At-Large Board Member—Darryl Swinton Program Manager—Debra Banks Committee Chairs Education and Training Committee Chairman—Roma Isom Finance Committee Chairman—Cathy Carlock Membership & Marketing Committee Chairman—George Holcomb Public Policy Committee Chairman—Darryl Swinton Resource Development Chairman—Charles Vann Ad-hoc Committee Chairman—Martie North

At ACHANGE, your membership matters. Come grow along with us!

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Follow ACHANGE on Twitter by clicking the logo or by clicking here! 12

ACHANGE February newsletter  

This is the February 2012 newsletter of ACHANGE, the Arkansas Coalition of Housing and Neighborhood Growth for Empowerment

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