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Volume 2, Issue 4

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Volume 2, Issue 4



Time for ACHANGE!


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To collectively promote quality affordable housing and community 6 economic development in Arkansas.

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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICE AWARDS 2012 JUNE 19, 2012 It was a wonderful evening, and if you missed it, you are in luck! Just click this link and share in the joy of the evening! 2012 Community Development Service Awards Video

Volume 2, Issue 4

TIME FOR ACHANGE! After much preparation, long days, long evenings and the death of many trees, the day finally arrived. On June 19, ACHANGE’s Community Development Week was officially under way. For four days, the center of the ACHANGE universe was the Hilton Metro Center. It was a wonderful time, and despite any previous worries, it was a success. Here are a few lessons that I learned from the past 6 months: 1. I love my manicurist Anna! Every time I broke a nail, she fixed it. I also love my mom for introducing me to Anna. They both rock! 2. There is always time for Zumba. No matter how hard you are working, you have to continue to take time for yourself. If you don’t, you may become a danger to yourself and others before the event is over. If you don’t like Zumba, do what makes you smile. 3. Like butter is to Paula Deen, a “spreadsheet is your friend”. I will endeavor, however, to make that thing even friendlier, or I will have to do more Zumba. 4. Giving people the option of paying by credit card or PayPal took away some of the effort of invoicing and saved a few tree limbs. How’s that for “greener green”? 5. Sharing the pain means sharing the gain. The committees and the board worked hard to ensure that Community Development Week not only happened, but that someone was there to see it. This event is their success, and I hope that they are all proud. 6. Lastly, I learned that I can survive on six hours of sleep or less—just not forever. By the time the weekend rolled around (also known as Friday night), this was me. Without such a supportive group, it could have been worse. That’s why it’s time for ACHANGE. Together, we get it done!

Volume 2, Issue 4

CHAIRMAN’S CORNER THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS I'm enjoying the sweet smell of success. Community Development Week went very well with great speakers, great attendees, and great dialogue between the two. I must admit that I had very little to do with the success, especially in comparison to those two who spearheaded the efforts, Martie North and Debra Banks. We also must thank the public policy committee members and their chair, Daryl Swinton, for an amazing, well-rounded public policy symposium. The board members and every committee of ACHANGE had their part and did it well. Also, we could not have been successful without the huge support from our sponsors. Thank you! We can truly say, "This year, ACHANGE is doing great things." It isn't over yet either! We still have another 6 months to go! Our next membership meeting is August 14th. Put it on your schedule and be an integral part of helping families have decent, safe, affordable housing. It isn't just a wish. It is a goal, and ACHANGE has a plan to help you get there.

Karen Phillips ACHANGE Board Chair      

Volume 2, Issue 4

Building a Stronger Nonprofit Foundation Pt. 3: Making the Most of Your Capital When someone mentions capital, the first thought is usually of money. Finances are not the only capital that your organization should be maximizing. There are four other types that can help produce program and financial results. 1. Human Capital: Staff and Volunteer Management Do you have a system in place that addresses your organization’s needs in recruiting, hiring, training, evaluation, compensation and recruitment? Does your employee handbook clearly explain policies, employee benefits and legal compliance? If your organization uses volunteers, is there a system in place that screens potential volunteers, recruitment, training, retention and recognition? 2. Information Capital: Systems and Infrastructure Do you have systems in place that collect financial and program data and that allow you to track information on your clients, donors and volunteers? What type of network does your organization have in place for employee communication? Do you have a website, and does it communicate basic information about your organization? 3. Organizational Capital: Innovation Do your current processes embrace effectiveness and efficiency? Does your organization strive to gather information on best practices and share that information with staff? Are continuous learning and idea generation part of the strategy for growth? 4. Organizational Capital: Collaboration Does your organization view collaboration as a good thing? Are you working with other nonprofits, networks, governmental organizations and other businesses in order to leverage your resources and increase your impact? If you are doing these things, you are making the most of your capital. If you are not, now might be the time to make some changes.

Want to learn more? Read more on the Diamond Standards by visiting the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence’s website at and clicking on the Diamond Standards tab. 5 

Volume 2, Issue 4


Volume 2, Issue 4

HouseAboutIt is sponsoring the 3rd annual Small City 3rd Annual Small City Economic Leadership & Empowerment Summit

Economic Leadership and Empowerment Summit On June 27, 2012. For more information, visit

Training Scheduled for July July 12 & July 26 Mobilize Your Board to Raise Funds, pts. 1 & 2 July 17 QuickBooks Intermediate Level Training For more information, visit

The 2012 Community Development Institute will begin on August 6 and end on August 10, 2012. For more information on the institute, visit

The 2012 Low Income Advocates Leadership & Community Development Conference is scheduled for September 20-21, 2012. Look for details soon at  7 

Volume 2, Issue 4

THANKS TO THESE ACHANGE HEROES!!! THEIR HEROIC EFFORTS HELPED CDW 2012 TO BE SUCCESSFUL! The Board of Directors Karen Phillips Susan Forte George Holcomb Frances Newsome Cathy Carlock Darryl Swinton Martie North Membership and Marketing & Resource Development These two committees worked jointly to create the promotional and sponsorship packages that enabled the week to happen! Kudos to you all for a great collaborative effort! Awards Committee This committee worked diligently on the nomination process and on all things related to the Service Awards, including decorating the event area. Public Policy Committee This committee worked tirelessly to put together the program and identify those persons who could provide a unique perspective on the state of affordable housing in Arkansas. Education and Training Committee Thanks to a group of people who surveyed, reviewed and chose the annual training subject. They also work on meeting topics throughout the year. A special thanks to Chair Roma Isom for doing whatever was needed—fundraising, recruiting, labor—to get the job done. UALR Institute on Economic Advancement We were fortunate to engage the services of Terre McLendon, Vaughan Wingfield and Facilitator extraordinaire Jim Feldt. Thank you for all your hard work. Southern Bancorp Community Partners Thanks to Meredith Covington for helping us get our message out there.

Arkansas Community Development Society

Community Development Institute

University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension’s Breakthrough Solutions Thank you for getting the message about the conference out there! 8 

Volume 2, Issue 4

ACHANGE Executive Committee Board Chairman—Karen Phillips 1st Vice Chairman—Susan Forte 2nd Vice Chairman—George Holcomb Secretary— Frances Newsome Treasurer—Cathy Carlock Associate At-Large Board Member—Martie North At-Large Board Member—Darryl Swinton

Program Manager—Debra Banks Committee Chairs Education and Training Committee Chairman—Roma Isom Finance Committee Chairman—Cathy Carlock Membership & Marketing Committee Chairman—George Holcomb Public Policy Committee Chairman—Darryl Swinton Resource Development Chairman—Charles Vann Ad-hoc Committee Chairman—Martie North

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