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Volume 2, Issue 2

APRIL 2012 1 

Volume 2, Issue 2



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To collectively promote quality affordable housing and community economic development in Arkansas.        


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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WEEK JUNE 19-22, 2012 For more info, contact Debra at Sheila Crowley, NLIHC  2012 Symposium Keynote  Speaker or call 501-766-3941.

Volume 2, Issue 2

TIME FOR ACHANGE! Spring is here, and growth and change is all around us. Flowers are blooming and the days are quite nice. We’re hopeful that we finally can retire the coats, the heavy jackets and the somber colors. Spring is also a time of renewal, and for those who work in the field of affordable housing, it is a time to renew our focus on those matters that can greatly affect and impact organizational sustainability. We must remain vigilant. To that end, ACHANGE, like you, is keeping an eye on the items that matter to our members. We’ve been watching the federal budget process and discussing what that could mean to our organizations. We’ve sought your input on how Arkansas’ mortgage settlement money could best be used to benefit those Arkansans of low to moderate income. I am glad that, unlike in some states, Arkansas will be spending money to assist with housing issues; in some states, the picture is not nearly as rosy. Some state associations face an uphill battle in asking that their states use the mortgage settlement for housing issues. We must also keep an eye on the future and what that holds for organizations. For some of you, that will mean taking an objective look at your organization and deciding how you can proactively strengthen it to weather any changes the future may bring. Whether that means expanding the mission or seeking additional training will be different for each organization. However, I am hopeful that it can be done, and whatever ACHANGE can do to help support you will be done. I have been reminded more often lately that life is not an easy proposition for many people, and the work that affordable housing services provide helps to alleviate some of the concerns that these individuals and families face. Your work can mean the difference between going home at the end of the day and having no idea where you are going. For that, I salute you. Strong organizations can do great things. That’s why it’s time for ACHANGE.

Debra Banks Program Manager 3 

Volume 2, Issue 2

CHAIRMAN’S CORNER HOUSING IN ARKANSAS A recent study completed by the National Low Income Housing Coalition ranked Arkansas in comparison to four other states within the southern district of Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas. While the study itself is still in draft format, there are several things that are already clearly visible from this study. Arkansas' housing stock, although more affordably priced than other states, is in a more unstable condition. Arkansas had the highest percentage of housing units with incomplete facilities in rentals and the second highest in homeownership units of the five states reviewed. We, who are literally on the frontlines of the battle, clearly see the state of housing in Arkansas and have been to these homes that lack the basic necessities of running water or any way to properly cook their family’s food. ACHANGE wants you to be able to back up your personal stories of need that you see daily with the data and facts that come from a thorough analysis of the big picture of our housing stock. This is why we have engaged UALR to prepare the “State of Affordable Housing in Arkansas” Report. The public policy symposium to be held June 20, 2012, is a must-attend for anyone wanting ammunition in the form of data and demographics that will help tell the story of the needs in our state. Not only will we have the President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition who will speak to their five-state report and findings, but ACHANGE will be unveiling our own report on housing. Furthermore, you, as frontline advocates, will have the opportunity to be the voice of those in need by participating in our town hall meeting. Safe, affordable housing is the mission of our membership; our membership is the mission of ACHANGE. We hope that you will join us during all of the Community Development Week activities. We are positive that they will be informative and impactful in your mission and work.

Karen Phillips ACHANGE Board Chair  

“Safe affordable housing is our mission.” 

Volume 2, Issue 2

HOMEBUYER EDUCATION AND HOUSING EDUCATION: Need some tools to energize your sessions?

Attention Counselors, Educators and Trainers! There is a two day NeighborWorks® America course coming to the Hilton Little Rock on June 21-22, 2012!

HO280 Sharpen Your Presentation Skills – Tips and Tools to Rejuvenate Education and Counseling Programs Are your education workshops expanding or bursting at the seams? Is your audience fully engaged? Or, are you looking for a way to market a program that appeals to a new audience in light of today’s economic conditions? Are you prepared to deliver energized education and counseling services under the NSP? Energize your education and counseling programs to meet today’s market conditions and demands. In this course designed for trainers, counselors and anyone in your organization focused on education and counseling activities, participants will receive state-of-the-art training tools and materials, and practice presentation skills. Review the methodology needed to run a high-volume, high-quality homeownership education program. Learn PowerPoint techniques and how to develop interactive learning activities.

Certificates are available for this course. If you are interested in learning more about this class, call Debra at 501-766-3941. Visit the website at by Monday, May 7, 2012, for registration information.

Volume 2, Issue 2

Building a Stronger Nonprofit Foundation Pt. 1: Is Your Mission Driving Your Work? Having worked with many nonprofit organizations over the years will provide some definite insight into what makes an organization strong. Organizations that have a clear purpose, a vision for the future and the ability to follow that purpose are strong. Conversely, organizations that realize that purpose needs to be examined from time to time and modified if necessary are also strong and ready for the future. Another word for purpose is mission. The overall mission clearly spells out why your organization exists, what it values and what future it is working towards. The programs undertaken by the organization will mirror that mission and allow the organization to create an image for itself. When is the last time that your board reviewed your mission? Is your mission still driving all that your organization does, or is it time to expand the mission to meet the current needs of your organization, your clientele and the economic climate that we all exist in? Does your organization have a clear alignment? Here are a few things to consider when assessing your mission: 1. Purpose: Mission, Vision and Values Is the mission statement a product of the organization core values? Do you have a vision statement that clearly states what your organization wants to achieve? 2. Planning and Strategy Does your organization have a strategic planning process with goals that are meant to achieve the mission? Do you have an action plan in place? 3. Programs Do your programs and services reflect the mission, vision and values? Can you show a clear connection in your planning? 4. Public Communication, Advocacy and Accountability Does your organization promote an open culture? Do you communicate regularly with your clientele and the public? Does your agency have a voice in shaping those matters that affect you, like public policy? Does your communications plan tie it all together? Want to learn more? Read more on mission by clicking here or by visiting the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence’s website at and clicking on the Diamond Standards tab. 6 

Volume 2, Issue 2

SAVE THE DATE! JUNE 19-22, 2012  












June 19, 2012 Community Development Service Awards

“The State of Affordable Housing in Arkansas” 2012 Public Policy Symposium

Keynote Speaker: Sheila Crowley, NLIHC





June 21-22, 2012 “Sharpening Your Presentation Skills” NeighborWorks® HO280 Certificates available

Limited to first 35 registrants!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, 501-766-3941 Registration opening soon! 7 

Volume 2, Issue 2

MEMBER NEWS!!! NEW AND RENEWING MEMBERS NEW MEMBERS The Alex Blackwood Memorial Foundation for HOPE, Little Rock S.E. Clark & Associates, Inc., Peoria, IL Pulaski County Housing, Little Rock Judi Sweetenburg, Little Rock RENEWING MEMBERS Jonesboro Urban Renewal &Housing Authority, Jonesboro University District Development Corp., Little Rock Lend A Hand, Fort Smith, AR Family Service Agency, North Little Rock HouseAboutIt, North Little Rock

Other News A scholarship is available from ACHANGE for the 2012 Community Development Institute (CDI) in Conway, Arkansas. CDI is an intense, information-rich experience for anyone who would like to learn more about the total community development picture. If you’d like to see the schedule for the 2012 institute, click the CDI logo! For scholarship information, contact Debra. 3rd Annual Small City Economic Leadership & Empowerment Summit

HouseAboutIt’s 3rd annual Small City Summit will take place on July 27, 2012, in Little Rock. Be on the lookout for more information as plans are finalized.

For more information on the Small City Summit, click the summit logo or call HouseAboutIt at 501-247-3674. 8 

Volume 2, Issue 2


Argenta CDC and the Vestal Garden Project

APRIL 2012 MEETING Lyn Haralson, CFPB and Jim DePriest, Attorney General’s office

2012 Fair Housing Summit ACHANGE members front and center!

Volume 2, Issue 2

ACHANGE Executive Committee Board Chairman—Karen Phillips 1st Vice Chairman—Susan Forte 2nd Vice Chairman—George Holcomb Secretary— Frances Newsome Treasurer—Cathy Carlock Associate At-Large Board Member—Martie North At-Large Board Member—Darryl Swinton Program Manager—Debra Banks Committee Chairs Education and Training Committee Chairman—Roma Isom Finance Committee Chairman—Cathy Carlock Membership & Marketing Committee Chairman—George Holcomb Public Policy Committee Chairman—Darryl Swinton Resource Development Chairman—Charles Vann Ad-hoc Committee Chairman—Martie North

At ACHANGE, your membership matters. Come grow along with us!          

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ACHANGE April Newsletter  

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