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M eet the author At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with chronic glandular fever, the precursor of chronic fatigue. Doctors told me there was no cure, except for taking enough rest and avoiding stress altogether. As an active young woman and soon-to-be journalist, this was no option. So I began researching how I could heal myself by adjusting my diet.

When I discovered raw food, it literally changed my life. Finally I could enjoy my favorite sweet treats and comfort foods without feeling guilty or tired afterwards! Raw food helped me to regain the energy I thought I had lost, heal my digestive tract, and stop calorie counting once and for all. Together with my partner Simon Matthys I decided to travel to California in order to become a certified raw food chef. During this 3-month trip I founded J ulie’s L ifestyle, a plant-based culinary blog where I share weekly recipes & healthy lifestyle tips. After graduating from the renowned Living Light Culinary Institute, Simon & I started our own food business offering raw food culinary workshops and raw & vegan catering. After the success of our pure food pop-up restaurant Essence Cuisine in 2014, At the beginning of 2015, we launched Belgium’s first raw vegan product line A LL GOOD. healthy gluten & sugar free snacks such as granola, crackers & cookies. I believe in the power of whole, real, natural food. Now I want to invite you to try the raw & vegan lifestyle too!

My first cookbook Julie Natuurlijk takes you through the best ingredients and methods for preparing delicious and easy raw & vegan meals. It contains 60 gluten and refined-sugar-free plant-based recipes with gorgeous full-color photographs that will have your mouth watering, and tons of practical tips on incorporating raw foods into your daily diet. You might be surprised how a small change in your eating habits will have a huge impact on your energy, weight and mood! But be careful, you might experience the following symptoms: • A sudden burst of energy • A flatter belly (take out that skinny jeans!) • A natural feeling of joy and pleasure • Beautiful glowing skin • And much more!

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â&#x20AC;˘ This tropical green smoothie will stay fresh for 2 days in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator. You can easily prepare it at night and take it with you to work the next morning. â&#x20AC;˘ Want to make this smoothie even more refreshing? Add a piece of cucumber or a small handful of fresh mint. â&#x20AC;˘ Maca powder is derived from the maca root, a powerful ancient plant from the high Andes of Peru. It is a great source of vitamin B, C and E, zinc, iron, phosphor, calcium and magnesium. It can help you to have more energy, balance your hormones and deal with stress more effectively. â&#x20AC;˘ Try to rotate the type of leafy greens you use in green smoothies and juices. This way your body will beneďŹ t from different vitamins and minerals every day. The possibilities are endless: spinach, chard, collard greens, kale, lettuce, radish greens, endive, carrot greens, mint, basil, parsleyâ&#x20AC;Ś


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â&#x20AC;˘ The dressing will stay fresh for at least 1 month in a glass jar in the refrigerator. If you store the tabbouleh and the dressing in separate containers, the salad will stay fresh for at least 2 days in the fridge. â&#x20AC;˘ Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like the taste of raw cauliďŹ&#x201A;ower? You can replace it with cooked quinoa or other ďŹ nely chopped â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;whiteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; vegetables such as parsnip or parsley root.


Vegan and raw  
Vegan and raw