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All prices, illustrations and content quoted are correct at the time of going to press and are subject to alteration without notice. For full bibliographical details of all books, please go to our website: Front and back cover image taken from Abandoned Places 3 ISBN 9789401404525. © Lannoo Publishers, Tielt 2012 © Henk Van Rensbergen, 2012. See page 2 for full details.


Terry O’Neill Terry O’Neill. Introduction by Dylan Jones

• The ultimate record of the work of a worldclass photographer

• The special edition includes a collectable Terry O'Neill silver gelatin print of Brigitte Bardot (France, 1971). This print has never been exhibited and is only available to purchasers of the special edition

“Terry O’Neill rates rightly as one of the best photographers in the world. He captures something special” Sir Michael Caine Terry O’Neill is one of the world’s most celebrated and collected photographers. No one has captured the frontline of fame so broadly - and for so long. For more than 50 years, he has photographed rock stars and presidents, royals and movie stars, at work, at play, in private. He pioneered backstage reportage photography with the likes of Frank Sinatra, David Bowie, Sir Elton John and Chuck Berry and his work comprises a vital chronicle of rock and roll history. Now, for the first time, an exhaustive cataloguing of his archive conducted over the last three years has revisited more than 2 million negatives and has unearthed unseen images that escaped the eye over a career spanning 53 years. O’Neill’s use of 35mm cameras on film sets and the early pop music shows of the ‘60s opened up a new visual art form using photojournalism, to revolutionise formal portraiture. His work captured the iconic, candid, and unguarded moments of the famous and the notorious - from Ava Gardner to Amy Winehouse, from Churchill to Nelson Mandela, from the earliest photographs of young emerging bands such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace. O’ Neill spent more than 30 years photographing Frank Sinatra, amassing a unique archive of more than 3,000 Sinatra negatives. Add to that the magazine covers, album sleeves, film poster and fashion shoots of 1,000 stars, and Terry O’Neill comprises the most compelling and epic catalogue of the age of celebrity.

ACC Editions ISBN: 9781851496921 325 x 275mm. 352 pp. 175 col., 175 b.&w. April 2013 £55.00 Hardback ISBN: 9781851496938 Special edition; signed and numbered, limited to 300 copies £499.00 Hardback

2 PHOTOGRAPHY Abandoned Places 3 Henk van Rensbergen

• Showcases the beauty of decay in a hypnotic series of photographs; a unique photography project and a cult success

• documents this unique project, and attracts thousands of visitors

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401404525 230 x 300mm. 192 pp. 100 col., 60 b.&w. January 2013 £33.00 Hardback

Urban Explorer and photographer Henk Van Rensbergen continues his search for abandoned buildings worldwide: picturesque palazzos and mansions in Italy, an abandoned theatre and a surrealistic shopping mall in the USA, a forgotten hospital, dilapidated hotels and a never-opened amusement park in the Dominican Republic, an abandoned airport terminal in Curaçao... For the first time Van Rensbergen also went to Asia and photographed Love Hotels, a magnificent limestone mine in the middle of a typhoon, and many more outstanding places. Locations featured include: Poland, Mexico, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, Caribbean, Japan, USA, France. Text in English & Dutch. Henk van Rensbergen is a pilot. Born in Brussels in 1968, he has professionally been a pilot since the age of 22. Everywhere he goes, he looks for abandoned hospitals, buildings in decay and modern ruins. His images capture the transiency of the modern world. Also available: Abandoned Places 2 ISBN: 9789020990836

Devoted Jan Locus Christianity has over 2 billion followers, all living with their religion in their own personal, culturally and regionally influenced way. For more than 15 years, Jan Locus has photographed the many faces of Christianity. Pilgrims in Compostela, Christians in Africa and India, passionate believers in Mexico, devoted Irishmen influenced by war - Jan Locus portrays the variety of lifestyle in astonishing black and white photographs. This is a truly unique book with a contemporary look towards religion, rites and devotion. Text in English & Dutch.

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401404570 260 x 210mm. 224 pp. 200 b.&w. January 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Jan Locus lives and works in Brussels. He works for different newspapers and magazines but he also focuses on personal, artistic projects. In 2010 he was rewarded with the Nikon Press Award for Garbage City, a photo report on waste collectors or ‘Zabbaleen’ in Cairo.


Amazing Africa Pascal Maitre, Edited by Lois Lammerhuber Contributions from Jean-Luc Marty and Michael Stührenberg

• Presents the highlights of 30 years’ photographic work by one of the most extraordinary photographers of our time

For 30 years, and with deep journalistic passion, French photographer Pascal Maitre has put the continent of Africa on his agenda. His watchful and incorruptible eye has found fascinating, captivating images in places where political and social upheaval have shaken the world. The pictures were published in prestigious magazines such as GEO, Paris Match, L’Express, Stern and National Geographic. Maitre’s subtle use of angle, light, contrast and colour, touchingly documents Africa, full of magic and fascination, with a deep respect for the African people. Text in English, German & French. Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753411 333 x 240mm. 348 pp. 147 col. January 2013 £60.00 Hardback

Contents: Landscape; Tradition; Religion; Environment; Economy; Displacement; War and Victims; Women; Urbanisation and Dwellings; Children; Night Over Africa.

Out of Focus Pinhole Cameras and their Pictures Peter Olpe. Introduction by Klaus Honnef

• Presents the creative photography resulting from Peter Olpe’s infamous pinhole cameras

Peter Olpe has been manufacturing customised pinhole cameras since 1978. In 2012 he donated 90 of his cameras to the Swiss Camera Museum in Vevey. In images and texts the book Out of Focus presents these cameras and, in addition, tells the story of the author’s ever-changing interests in pinhole photography - a written documentation of Peter Olpe’s work as a designer, photographer, illustrator and teacher.

Niggli ISBN: 9783721208511 225 x 195mm. 432 pp. 850 col. February 2013 £53.00 Paperback

Furthermore, the creative work of 36 photographers is presented, all of whom Peter Olpe invited to take photos with one of his pinhole cameras in a kind of ‘art barter’. His offer was simple. If the resulting images were of a quality to be used in the book and the exhibition in Vevey, the camera would pass into the possession of the artist. During the project, Olpe designed many unique tailor-made cameras for the artists - and just as many diverse and surprising photographs were created using them. Text in English, French & German.

4 PHOTOGRAPHY Kite’s Eye View India Between Earth and Sky Nicolas Chorier

• Unique and spectacular views of the wonders of India, as seen from the air, using cameras carried by kite

Aerial photography is prohibited in India. It can only be done with permission from various government agencies. It is for this reason that there are hardly any substantial books on India from the air. For the first time, Nicolas Chorier achieves this feat by using the fascinating technique of kite photography (taking aerial pictures by using a kite to lift the camera). Roli Books ISBN: 9788174368638 239 x 279mm. 192 pp. 172 col. March 2013 £19.95 Hardback

This book showcases the finest work of the French photographer, who has been shooting in India for many years. Seen here are unique and spectacular views of the wonders of India; jewels such as Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Nagaur Fort, Pushkar, Chittorgarh, Taj Mahal, Hampi, Mamallapuram and the beaches and backwaters of Kerala. Accompanying the pictures is the photographer’s anecdotal take on his India odyssey. For anyone who loves India and its rich heritage, this lavish book is a sumptuous treat for the eyes.

Rare Rajasthan Rajesh Bedi. Text by Gillian Wright

• A compilation of stunning images illustrating the cultural diversity and landscapes of Rajasthan

• From one of India’s greatest photographers - this is his life’s work on the subject • Features numerous aerial images taken from hot air balloon rides With unique photographs taken from a hot air balloon, this is a medley of aerial view images showcasing the cultural diversity of Rajasthan; social norms, decorations, prayers and rituals, and the beautiful landscapes of Rajasthan. Each picture tells a story, capturing an emotion, which goes unnoticed in the real world. This book is a series of tales woven around Rajasthan and photographed by an award-winning running photographer; offering much more than just deserts and architecture. Roli Books ISBN: 9788174368867 284 x 388mm. 208 pp. 100 col. June 2013 £34.95 Hardback

One of India’s biggest names in the genre of wildlife photography, Rajesh Bedi has worked towards portraying and conserving wildlife. He also shoots other subjects in his effort to document Indian heritage. Rajesh was the cinematographer of Child Prostitutes for a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which was awarded the ‘Emmy’.


Couture Dogs of New York Paul Nathan and Nadine Rubin Nathan

• A coffee table book that offers dog lovers more than just portraits of dogs. Couture Dogs of New York takes the reader on a voyeuristic journey into the New York ‘Doggie World’ showing them dogs at home with their owners, dogs dressed to kill out and about at events around the city, and dogs in couture outfits posing in the studio like fashion models

Pelluceo ISBN: 9780985136819 254 x 203 mm. 160 pp. 131 col. £24.95 Hardback

Photographer Paul Nathan has documented New York’s best-dressed dogs, their owners, and the couturiers who design their made-to-order outfits. While socialising with the four-legged, Nathan attended ‘pawties’, ‘puptials,’ and ‘barkmitzvahs’. He photographed married dogs who get around in yellow cabs wearing matching outfits and visited the homes of doggie moms and dads with walk-in closets for their ‘fur children’ filled with enough designer outfits to rival any New York fashionista. And finally he chose fifteen of the most fashionable dogs to invite to his studio along with their favourite couture outfits to pose for this book. The result is a giddily glamorous romp through New York’s ‘Doggie World’ where the city’s most fashionable mutts get dressed to the nines - even if it’s just for a walk around the block.

Generation Ink Williamsburg, Brooklyn Photography by Paul Nathan; Text by Nadine Rubin Nathan A short stroll up Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, reveals a veritable walking art gallery with flesh as medium. Hipsters sit on the stoops of brownstones or on the benches outside cafés and restaurants showing off their ink. Others whizz by on their fixed gear bicycles flashing heavily detailed designs on calves or messages on knuckles. In nearby McCarren Park, young women loll about on the grass in bikinis. Many show off full back pieces, chest pieces, or sleeves - sometimes all three. Their male friends have equally elaborate etchings on arms, legs and torso…

Pelluceo ISBN: 9780985136802 254 x 203 mm. 104 pp. 55 b&w £19.95 Hardback

This is Generation Ink, the generation of 20-somethings who regard tattoos as a form of self-expression and a memento of personal freedom. Photographed in Williamsburg by Paul Nathan, this collection of black and white studio portraits is an unsentimental snapshot of a moment in time. Featuring an essay by Nadine Rubin Nathan.


Fashion Textiles Now Janet Prescott

• Covers all types of fashion textiles, from traditional to hi-tech to recycled

• Engagingly written to appeal to the novice or the specialist

Before the beautifully tailored men’s suit or the exquisite gown appears on the catwalk or in the store, the most important element comes into play - the place where fashion starts - the fabric. But how much do we actually know about the textiles we are wearing and does it matter? The textile industry is active all over the globe. Behind the catwalks there is a whole hidden system which combines industry, glamour, high finance and above all, design. It encompasses haute couture and tailoring for the elite to handmade craft fabric made on traditional looms and the everyday clothing we buy in our favourite shops. This book, written by textiles expert Janet Prescott, is a guide to all types of fashion fabrics from the traditional tweeds to luxury fabrics containing lapis lazuli and diamonds to the newest hi-tech textiles as well as recycled and eco fabrics. Do you know whether your underwear is made of crab shells? Could you be wearing milk and coffee? Can your Tshirt stop you from getting skin cancer? These are just a few of the intriguing questions the author addresses in her book. With information on where each fabric comes from, how it is made and its properties, Fashion Textiles Now provides a complete guide to fashion textiles. Whether you are a student or professional in fashion, textiles, design or merchandising, a costume designer or curator, this book is for you.

Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126351 270 x 210mm. 176 pp. 150 col. February 2013 £24.95 Hardback


As Seen in Blitz Fashioning Eighties Style Iain R. Webb

• 1980s fashion and culture, as seen on the •

deeply influential pages of BLITZ, the pioneering ‘80s style magazine A wealth of stunning visuals, text and interviews from the time, plus new commentaries from over 100 key players

In London at the start of the 1980s, three new style magazines emerged to define an era. It was a time of change: after Punk, before the digital age, and at the dawn of a hedonistic club scene that saw the birth of the New Romantics. On the pages of BLITZ, The Face and i-D, a new breed of young iconoclasts hoped to inspire revolution. As BLITZ magazine’s fashion editor from 1982-87, Iain R. Webb was at the centre of this world. His images manipulated fashion to explore ideas of transformation, beauty, glamour and sex. The magazine’s arresting, subversive fashion pages, and its profiles of disparate designers and creative types, let the imagination run free. Lavishly presented here are over 100 BLITZ fashion stories, with previously-unseen archive content, original images and tearsheets. A separate section features original BLITZ interviews with the key designers, and there is also a vast amount of completely new material: Iain R. Webb has gathered the memories of those involved into a gripping oral history of an under-documented time. The cast of characters and contributors includes Leigh Bowery, Amanda Cazalet, Boy George, Princess Julia, Nick Knight, David LaChapelle, Paul Morley and Anna Piaggi. Featured designers include Bodymap, Judy Blame, Dean Bright, Comme Des Garçons, Jasper Conran, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Katharine Hamnett, Hermès, Pam Hogg, Marc Jacobs, Stephen Jones, Calvin Klein, Andrew Logan, Issey Miyake, Franco Moschino, Rifat Ozbek, Antony Price, Vivienne Westwood, and many, many more.

ACC Editions ISBN: 9781851497232 300 x 230 mm. 272 pp. 150 col. 100 b&w April 2013 £35.00 Hardback


Madame Grès Sculptural Fashion Olivier Saillard

• A remarkable couturier, with a career spanning

half a century, Madame Alix Grès (1903-1993) was known for using delicate pleats which turned ordinary fabric into Grecian-style sculptures. This is the first monograph of her extraordinary work Accompanies an exhibition at the MoMu Fashion Museum, Province of Antwerp from September 2012 - February 2013

Madame Grès launched her design house under the name Grès in Paris in 1942. Formally trained as a sculptress, she produced haute couture designs for an array of fashionable women, including the Duchess of Windsor, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Dolores del Río. Her signature was cut-outs on gowns that made exposed skin part of the design, yet still had a classical, sophisticated feel. She was renowned for being the last of the haute couture houses to establish a ready-to-wear line. Olivier Saillard is currently director of Galliera, the Paris Museum of Fashion. A renowned fashion historian, he has been the curator of many successful exhibitions. He published A History of the Bathing Suit and more recently An Ideal History of Contemporary Fashion in which he gathered and analysed the most important fashion shows from 1970 to today. Furthermore, Olivier Saillard has been the graduated guest of the Villa Kujuyama in Japan. He is completing poetic work in the form of performances at every haute couture fashion week that present the garment, as the main topic of a sensitive and reflective work.

Hannibal Publishing ISBN: 9789491376276 250 x 200mm. 216 pp. 100 col., 100 b.&w. January 2013 £40.00 Hardback


Lucienne Day In the Spirit of the Age Andrew Casey

• In-depth study of a key major British textile designer and ceramicist

This is the first in depth study to look at all aspects of the work of Lucienne Day, bringing together her work in textiles, wallpaper, carpets and ceramics from both Britain and Europe. Andrew Casey has uncovered new research and unpublished material from the Lucienne Day Archives and the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation, and has interviewed members of her family including her daughter, her design associates, members of her staff and specialist museum curators in the UK and overseas. Lucienne Day is perhaps best celebrated for her work in textile design, but her work in carpet designs, wallpaper and ceramics was just as influential, and the book features an extensive range of illustrations, archive photography and for the first time examples of her own original art work for both textiles and carpet designs as well as pattern book illustrations for her ceramic designs. Andrew Casey is an expert in post-war design, particularly ceramics, and is the author of several books including Susie Cooper: Pioneer of Modern Design (ACC, 2002) and Art Deco Ceramics (ACC, 2008). Also available in the Textile Design series: Zandra Rhodes: Textile Revolution: Medals, Wiggles and Pop 1961-1971 ISBN: 9781851496488 Shirley Craven and Hull Traders: Revolutionary Fabrics and Furniture 1957-1980 ISBN: 9781851496082 Jacqueline Groag: Textile & Pattern Design: Wiener Werkstätte to American Modern ISBN: 9781851495900 Artists’ Textiles 1940-1976 ISBN: 9781851496297

ACC Editions ISBN: 9781851497270 270 x 215mm. 224 pp. 125 col., 50 b.&w. June 2013 £29.95 Paperback with flaps

10 FASHION & TEXTILES Futurotextiles 3 Surprising Textiles, Design & Art Caroline David Created in 2006 by lille3000, Futurotextiles 3 is an exhibition mixing science, technology and art with textiles, taking us on a journey of discovery through the world of textiles and its astonishing diversity. New materials, ultra-light textiles, textile innovations and staggering lacework take centre stage in this edition. This book is the sequel to the first comprehensive catalogue Futurotextiel: Surprising Textiles, Design & Art released in 2008. Text in English & French.

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564221 220 x 170mm. 176 pp. 200 col. January 2013 £22.50 Hardback

Costumes and Textiles of Awadh From the Era of Nawabs to Modern Times Sushama Swarup Awadh has historically been among the most important regions in India, and holds a vital position with respect to the development of Indian fashion. As such, fashion and history are not mutually distinct, but rather intricately intertwined. This book takes a fascinating journey, connecting dates and events to the evolution of costumes, textiles, colours, motifs and ornamentations from the eighteenth century up to present-day India. It recaptures the ambience of the Nawabi Era and the British Raj in Awadh, and makes them relevant for contemporary times.

Couture Graphique From Label to Total Look José Teunissen This magnificent book shows the development that the big fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have undergone over the last 30 years. Since the eighties of the past century, every fashion house has had its own art director. This has shifted focus from pure clothing towards a ‘Total Look’: a clear visual style that reflects the image of the fashion brand. This development has made fashion accessible for a much larger audience. Graphic design, architecture, shop design, websites and movies create the total image of a brand. Fashion is everywhere, making Couture Graphique a magnificent, visual book.

Roli Books ISBN: 9788174368911 279 x 228mm. 160 pp. 500 col. February 2013 £19.95 Hardback

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789089895561 270 x 210mm. 196 pp. 180 col. January 2013 £30.00 Paperback


Secondhand & Vintage... Series The popularity of secondhand and vintage shopping reflects our interest in exploring more eco-friendly consuming and also satisfies our ongoing fascination with objects that have a history.

books - all you need to do is scan the QR with a smart phone and you’ll be forwarded to a map of the desired district, which includes not just the shops mentioned in the book, but more!

The first part of each book is organised into sections by type of object. All the key information you need to know (address, contact details, website and opening hours) is provided along with a brief description of the shop or stall. The second part of the book is organised by area so if you are in a particular neighbourhood you can visit any of the shops. Each district has a useful map and a QR so that you can connect to interactive maps specially created for the

There are interviews with some of the shop owners and a special chapter devoted to the city’s hidden gems, as well as a list of places to grab a coffee or a bite to eat in each neighbourhood when you need a break from shopping. Whether you live in the city or are just visiting, the books in the Secondhand & Vintage series provide everything you need to know. It is not about buying cheaply, but about affording more!

Secondhand & Vintage New York Debra Johnston Cobb The culture of thriftiness runs deep in New Yorkers. The immigrants of the Lower East Side knew about hand-me-downs, mending and making-do, pushcarts and the rag-and-bone pickers; in 1921 the actress Fanny Brice sang about “Secondhand Rose” in the Ziegfeld Follies. Covering Manhattan plus Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn, Secondhand & Vintage New York is an insider’s guide to the best shops and markets in the city.

Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126344 200 x 144mm. 160 pp. 120 col. February 2013 £8.95 Paperback

Secondhand & Vintage Paris

Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126290 200 x 144mm. 160 pp. 100 col. February 2013 £8.95 Paperback

Natasha Edwards From the bouquinistes along the banks of the Seine to the lively flea markets dotted around the city, secondhand and vintage is a part of Paris. Covering the breadth of the city, this new volume in the popular series provides an insider’s guide to the best shops and markets for almost anything you would want to buy.

Also available in the series: Secondhand & Vintage London ISBN 9781908126191 Secondhand & Vintage Berlin ISBN 9781908126177

12 DECORATIVE ARTS AFTERMATH of art jewellery André Gali and Petra Hölscher, Edited by Hege Henriksen A creative and ground-breaking assessment of the role and potential of contemporary art jewellery in the early twenty-first century, this is a cooperation based on exchanges between four jewellery artists from Oslo, and four from Munich, initiated by the Norwegian artist Sigurd Bronger. Artists include: Sigurd Bronger, Norway, Norman Weber, Denmark, Lisa Walker, New Zealand/Denmark, Reinhold Ziegler, Norway, Stefan Heuser, Denmark, Runa Vethal Stølen, Norway, Eunmi Chun, Korea/ Denmark, Ingeborg Resell Elieson, Norway. Text in English, German & Norwegian.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903791 200 x 200mm. 80 pp. 50 col. January 2013 £20.00 Hardback

• Accompanies an exhibition at the Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway, from the 18th January to 17th February 2013, and then in Munich, Germany, during the International Handicraft Fair in March 2013

From the Coolest Corner Nordic Jewellery Liesbeth den Besten, Jorunn Veiteberg, Love Jönsson, Widar Halén, Päivi Ruutiainen From the Coolest Corner - Nordic Jewellery presents groundbreaking and fresh jewellery from Northern Europe, a comprehensive selection of current works by artists from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States. The best and most innovative Scandinavian art jewellery is also presented. The project presented in this publication challenges stereotypical notions of Northern European art jewellery. Text in English, Norwegian & Swedish.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903739 250 x 230mm. 248 pp. 180 col. January 2013 £35.00 Hardback

• Considers the significance, strategies and trends of Nordic art jewellery in the early twenty-first century

Otto Künzli. The Book Edited by Florian Hufnagl and Die Neue Sammlung The International Design Museum Munich

The Swiss artist Otto Künzli has revolutionised modern art jewellery, and is one of the most influential European jewellery artists of today. This book presents, for the first time, Otto Künzli’s highly diverse oeuvre. It includes hundreds of jewellery objects as well as interdisciplinary conceptual works from the artist’s various creative phases. An extraordinary artist’s book designed in close collaboration with Otto Künzli and Die Neue Sammlung The International Design Museum Munich.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903838 270 x 205mm. 550 pp. 500 col., 500 b.&w. April 2013 £49.50 Hardback


Italian Liberty Style Irene de Guttry and Maria Paola Maino

• A rich portfolio of images provides a straightforward visual introduction to ‘Liberty Style’

• Special inserts are dedicated to key figures in the historical period discussed •

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866481195 315 x 232mm. 120 pp. 86 col., 15 b.&w. January 2013 £28.00 Hardback

(artists, artisans, manufactory founders, musicians, scientists, etc.), or to iconic objects that revolutionised the arts Part of a new series that’s a rich encyclopaedia on the history of the decorative arts in Italy, Europe and the United States, comprising a wealth of information never before published on the subject

The first volume in the series on Twentieth-Century Decorative and Applied Arts is dedicated to what is known in Italy as ‘Stile Liberty’, or Liberty style. Flowers, ribbons, garlands, dragonflies, butterflies and graceful young women dancing, followed by a host of curvilinear, sinuous and spiralling forms: this was Liberty, the new style that at the dawn of the twentieth century, by creating a rupture with traditional artistic forms, spread throughout Europe. Although the movement was short-lived, the First International Exposition of Modern Decorative Arts held in Turin in 1902 showed that it numbered excellent interpreters in every single field. Chini’s ceramic works, furniture designed by Quarti and Basile, Mazzucotelli’s wrought iron objects, glass-work by Buffa and Cambellotti: pieces that are now much sought after by private collectors and museums.

Art Nouveau Between Modernism and Romantic Nationalism; 20th Century Decorative Arts Matteo Fochessati

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866481201 315 x 232mm. 120 pp. 90 col., 15 b.&w. January 2013 £28.00 Hardback

Nurtured by the aesthetic-social critique undertaken by the British Arts and Crafts Movement, Art Nouveau contrasted the heaviness of mechanical production with the ingenious elegance of forms inspired by pure and alluring lines, based on plant forms. Enlivened by nostalgic fin de siècle decadence, the movement’s unique style was built upon the transposition of industrial materials and techniques into the pristine elegance of the vernacular handicraft tradition. The wealth of images in this, the second volume in the Twentieth-Century Decorative and Applied Arts series, illustrates the artists’ approach, and the objects themselves, as well as the birth and evolution of Art Nouveau in the countries that contributed most to the success of this new aesthetic - France, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, United States, etc. Contents: The Legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement; Fin-de-siècle Decadentism; The Invention of the Modern; Vernacular Expression between Identifying Spirit and Romantic Nationalism; Japonisme; The Forms of Nature; Towards the Total Artwork; Catalan Modernismo; The Lesson of Horta and van de Velde; The French Way; The 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris; Focus on: The Paris Métro, Tassel House.

14 DECORATIVE ARTS Gallé Lamps Alastair Duncan and Georges de Bartha

• A comprehensive survey of the glass lamps designed by a towering figure of the Art Nouveau era

Although renowned for his work as a verrier, lamps did not form a significant part of Gallé’s repertoire in glass until immediately prior to 1900. Indeed, only in the last few years of his life does it appear that he realised the full aesthetic potential of opalescent glass viewed by transmitted light. In an Art Nouveau context, Gallé’s creations reached their apogee between 1900 and his death in 1904, a brief period during which he adapted the shape of much of his glassware to its theme. Vases decorated with lilies became lily-shaped in a marriage of form and function.

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851496716 300 x 237mm. 250 pp. 500 col. June 2013 £50.00 Hardback

This comprehensive volume catalogues the full range of light fixtures produced by the Gallé cristallerie, from those made during his lifetime to those manufactured for more than twenty-five years after his death. Including table, bedside, hanging and wall models, Gallé Lamps reveals the extraordinary variety of thematic shade-and-base combinations introduced by the firm: butterflies, moths, dragonflies, swallows and eagles hover, flutter, glide or swoop over flora and mountain vistas in a seemingly endless interplay of Nature’s decorative motifs. This volume is a companion to Gallé Furniture ISBN: 9781851496624.

Great British Wine Accessories 1550-1900 Robin Butler. Edited by Noel Riley

• Highly informative and copiously illustrated overview of 350 years of wine “A mouth-watering masterpiece visually and textually, this is vintage Butler and has to be counted as the definitive book on the subject.” John Bly Great British Wine Accessories 1550-1900 covers all domestic wine accessories from corkscrews and bin labels to coasters and decanters - and so much more besides during the period of its title. While there are monographs on decanters, corkscrews and other disciplines within the subject, this book not only gives a good overview of these areas, but also sets the whole subject in context. The easy style of writing belies the indepth knowledge imparted within this book.

Brown & Brown Books ISBN: 9780956349804 320 x 245mm. 288 pp. 1000 col., 10 b.&w. March 2013 £65.00 Paperback, slipcase

Contents: Bottles; Bin Labels; Corkscrews; Tasters; Coolers and Cisterns; Wine Funnels; Decanters and Carafes; Wine Jugs; Wine Labels; Coasters and Decanter Trolleys; Glasses Goblets & Cups Misc; Fakes & Problems. Robin Butler has been an antiques dealer and lecturer since 1963. This is his fourth book. Robin has made antique wine accessories a separate subject within the antiques world, following his exhibition in 1978 as part of the BADA 60 festival of exhibitions. His Internet business, Butler’s Antiques solely deals in antique wine accessories.


Living Rooms Trends & Tradition Piet Swimberghe, Photographed by Jan Verlinde

• Beautiful, stylish, contemporary spaces to live and work

• A large-format coffee table book including nearly 300 photographs

• A new book in the same internationally successful series as Interiors Country & City, ISBN: 9789020979459 and Quiet Living, ISBN: 9789020992021 and by the same authors as the best-selling Vintage Style, ISBN: 9789020985863

A brand new interiors book, by Piet Swimberghe and Jan Velinde, showcasing beautiful living spaces. Contents of the book include: Fornasetti; Sixties; Gallery; Country; Mollino; Box; Rock & Roll; Vintage; Collector; Vintage House; Loft; Gustavian; City Flat; Stylish; Art Collector; Fifties & Contemporary; Pure; Artistic; Studio Lo; Green; Intimate; Pop Art; Remodeled; Amsterdam; Attic; New York; London; Vide Grenier; Art Nouveau; Eclectic; Warm; Folly; Vintage & Country; Cosy; Sand Hill; Bronze; Contemporary. Text in English, French & Dutch. Art historian Piet Swimberghe and photographer Jan Verlinde work for numerous magazines such as Elle Living, Coté Ouest, MTC and Weekend Knack. They have produced books on architecture, design and interiors and written many articles for European interior magazines. For this book, they were granted permission to have a look inside the houses of numerous designers, artists and collectors.

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401404273 280 x 250mm. 288 pp. 288 col. January 2013 £40.00 Hardback


Encyclopaedia of Curtains All you’ll need to know about making curtains Catherine Merrick and Rebecca Day

• All you’ll ever need to know about making

curtains including professional skills and techniques direct from a professional curtainmaking workroom Second edition of an indispensable classic completely revised and rewritten containing both a new layout and a combination of stepby-step instructions to help you make beautiful curtains and soft furnishings

Catherine Merrick and Rebecca Day are delighted to present a completely revised edition of the Encyclopaedia of Curtains. They have continued to learn and further develop their curtain-making skills since the first edition was published in 1996, and now want to share their new learnings with you. Curtain making encompasses many different skills and this book has been carefully designed to show you the professional curtain-maker’s secrets, which will help you to make beautiful curtains and softfurnishings. Sewing skills and make-up techniques have been outlined step by step, with full colour photographs and detailed diagrams, to allow you to learn the skills of a professional curtain-maker and apply them to an infinite number of curtain styles and designs. This revised edition of the Encyclopaedia of Curtains contains everything you’ll ever need to know about making curtains. Catherine Merrick and Rebecca Day run the well-known Merrick & Day curtain workroom in North Lincolnshire, making curtains for interior designers. They run regular courses on curtain making and have distilled their years of knowledge into nine authoritative books on curtains, curtain design and curtain making.

Merrick & Day Publishing ISBN: 9780953526765 284 x 240mm. 384 pp. 810 col., 540 b.&w. June 2013; 2nd edition £35.00 Hardback


Interior Life Gert Voorjans Gert Voorjans

• Highly original and beautifully designed • Bound in a stunning Japanese binding with ten colourful bookmark ribbons Interior Life shows the sources of inspiration of eclectic star designer Gert Voorjans, and contains numerous clippings and mood boards. Fabrics in petit point or toile de Jouy, Neo Gothic constructions, blue elephants, baroque pillars, Japanese images of the floating world and Chinese furniture all play a part, resulting in interiors full of surprises that always reflect Gert Voorjans’ stubbornly independent style. Voorjans continually strives for a combination of antique interiors with unexpected modern elements. Contents include: My World, Floors, Marble & Tiles, Colours & Wallpapers, Screens, Doors & Windows, Chimneys, Ironwork, Ceilings, Projects. Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401400565 375 x 260mm. 252 pp. 280 col. January 2013 £90.00 Hardback

Gert Voorjans studied architecture in Hasselt, art history in Siena and took classes at Sotheby’s in London. After having worked as the chief decorator of Dries Van Noten for ten years, he started his own design studio in Antwerp. He received assignments from all over the World: a penthouse in London, an embassy in Madrid, flats in New York, houses for rock ‘n’ roll legends and shops in Tokyo.

The Great Houses of Cayetana, Duchess of Alba Naty Abascal, Photographs by Ricardo Labougle, Text by Rafael Manzano This publication, which features 220 large-format photographs, offers us a visual tour of the houses that belong to the Duchess of Alba in Madrid (The Liria Palace), Seville (The Palace of Las Dueñas), Salamanca (The Palace of Monterrey), Ibiza and San Sebastián. Born in 1926, the goddaughter of Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, the Duchess of Alba holds the world record for the most aristocratic titles. Indeed, her full name is Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva and she is a duchess 7 times over, a countess 19 times and a marquesa 23 times.

Ediciones El Viso ISBN: 9788494032554 300 x 240mm. 224 pp. 200 col., 20 b.&w. February 2013 £49.95 Hardback

The 86-year-old noble is head of the 530-year-old House of Alba. It is said she could walk from the northern tip of Spain to the southernmost point without leaving her native lands. In 1947, the Duchess married Don Pedro Luis Martinez de Irujo y Artacoz. The wedding was considered to be the last great feudal wedding in Spain and attracted the attention of the international media. The Duchess has been the subject of much media attention in her native Spain, and is admired for her eccentric and bohemian fashion sense. A famed beauty in her youth, she once famously declared that her style icon was “myself ”.

18 INTERIOR DESIGN Building and Renovating with Reclaimed Materials Wim Pauwels

• New insights and new reports on the use of reclaimed materials in today’s architecture and interior design

• Over 200 photographs of the stunning interiors that have been created from these materials

The beauty of using antique building materials is the immediate effects that they have on interiors; they provide timeless and inimitable style to new as well as renovated homes. Reclaimed wooden floors, old terracotta tiles, traditional Burgundy slabs, old roof tiling, antique fireplaces… all of these items slide perfectly into both contemporary and classic surroundings.

Beta-Plus Publishing ISBN: 9789089441447 290 x 280mm. 200 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £47.50 Hardback

This title showcases the best examples of the partnership between the old and the new, through stunning and inspirational photographs. Text in English, French & Dutch. Also available: The 100 Best Projects with Reclaimed Materials ISBN: 9789089441133 Building with Reclaimed Materials ISBN: 9789077213735

The New Living Kitchen Wim Pauwels

• Twenty new reports on timeless and contemporary kitchen design • Over 200 beautiful photographs of stunning interiors In recent years, the kitchen has undergone a metamorphosis. Kitchens take pride of place in the home, serving many purposes; it is an imminently practical space symbolising both hospitality and lifestyle. This new book prints stunning examples of kitchen projects.

Beta-Plus Publishing ISBN: 9789089441430 290 x 280mm. 200 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £47.50 Hardback

Wim Pauwels, founder and managing director of Beta-Plus Publishing, began putting out a series of books in 1997 about architecture and interior design. So far the company has published more than 250 titles dedicated to certain themes, plus monographs of architects and interior designers, manuals and yearbooks about timeless and contemporary architecture and interiors. For each book he enlists the assistance of authoritative specialists for the introductory texts and photograph captions. Also available: The 100 Best Kitchens & Dining Rooms ISBN: 9789089441119 Home Inspirations ISBN: 9789089441416


Designing with Black Architecture & Interiors Stephen Crafti

• Daring, dramatic and full of inspirational ideas

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704853 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. March 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Stephen Crafti has always been drawn to black houses, irrespective of the materials they are constructed in, be they zinc, timber or simply painted. Unlike most houses, which scream for attention, black houses sit quietly, accentuating the often-verdant landscape. There is also a sense of calm and tranquillity with a black home. Crafti doesn’t live in a black house, but he recently upgraded a 1930’s home. ‘Everything I touched was changed to black, from the timber fences to the timber floorboards’. He even added black curtains and planted black bearded irises in his garden. Using black seemed to unify disparate elements in and around his home. While there are numerous black features in Crafti’s home, his ideal scenario would be to live in a contemporary black house, with black furniture and black walls. And maybe even a garden filled with black plants. This book, showcasing black houses, is the starting point to this goal and will be organised according to the following themes: Black Exteriors; Living in Black; Details of Black; Kitchens & Dining in Black; and In Black And White.

Out There Design, Art, Travel, Shopping Maria Gabriela Brito

• An exclusive visual tour of eight New York City apartments designed by the author

• Includes an extensive Address Book with descriptions of over 100 favourite shops, galleries, and hotels around the world

Welcome to the vibrant world of Maria Gabriela Brito, the New Yorkbased interior designer, tastemaker, and authority on mixing contemporary art with home decoration. Venezuelan-born and Harvard-educated, Brito has demystified the art of art collecting, with the objective of creating stunning, unique, and personal spaces.

Pointed Leaf Press ISBN: 9781938461033 304 x 228mm. 158 pp. 200 col., 50 b.&w. April 2013 £35.00 Hardback

A fascinating look into Brito’s personal experiences, and an insider’s guide to designing interiors and developing an art collection, Out There: Design, Art, Travel, Shopping presents with insight, humour, and flair the inspirations behind Brito’s work and interests. Featuring highlights of her favourite contemporary artists, photographs of eight New York City apartments that she designed, and an extensive Address Book of Brito’s favourite galleries, shops, and hotels worldwide, Out There is a fresh and exclusive look behind the scenes of a passionate and exciting new design authority.

20 INTERIOR DESIGN Haute Spaces: Bars & Clubs Edited by Rachel Koh Haute Spaces: Bars & Clubs features some extraordinary bars - from ‘Minibar Amsterdam’, in Amsterdam, where guests are greeted by a receptionist and given a key to their own, personal, fully-stocked minibar, to ‘The Lost Angel’, in London, where patrons are treated to a nostalgic atmosphere, where the design, which includes an illuminated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, and a red telephone box, is a nod to everything British. The book includes venues in The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, China, Cyprus, Norway, The UK, Greece, Japan, China, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, and The USA.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814286244 290 x 232mm. 320 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £44.00 Hardback

Haute Spaces: Hotels Edited by Rachel Koh Haute Spaces: Hotels showcases some truly breathtaking hotels and resorts from around the world, such as The Limes Hotel in Brisbane, Australia, decorated almost entirely in black and white, which includes an open-air, roof-top bar and cinema; and the Mountain Lodge in Are, Sweden, a unique hotel in the Scandinavian mountains, constructed in wood and natural stone. Other locations of hotels and resorts featured in the book include the Maldives, The UK, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, China, Norway, Canada and Belgium.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814286268 290 x 232mm. 320 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £44.00 Hardback

Haute Spaces: Restaurants Edited by Rachel Koh Haute Spaces: Restaurants features a stunning array of eateries from all over the world, including China, Australia, Spain, The USA, France, Norway, The UK, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and Belgium. This book, like the others in the outstanding Haute Spaces series, is a must for designers and artists in interior design and architecture and contains high quality colour photos, floor plans, design concepts, and highlighted descriptions of outstanding elements which provide inspiration and technical understanding for each project.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814286251 290 x 232mm. 320 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £44.00 Hardback

INTERIOR DESIGN 21 Haute Spaces: Exhibitions Edited by Rachel Koh Haute Spaces: Exhibitions reveals extraordinary exhibition spaces, including museums and galleries, exhibition booths and trade-fair stands, from locations all over the world, such as Germany, Sweden, The UK, Austria, Italy, China, Spain, Thailand, Australia, UAE, Japan, The USA, France, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Sweden. Particular attention was paid to the artistic styles of the interior elements including wall decorations, furnishings, lighting, colours, materials, and textures.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814286237 290 x 232mm. 320 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £44.00 Hardback

Haute Spaces: Residences Edited by Rachel Koh Haute Spaces: Residences includes houses, apartments, villas and even a log cabin. Each project is accompanied by beautiful colour photographs, floor plans, and a concise description of what the designer wished to accomplish. The outstanding interiors here are results of an artistic selection process. The locations of the projects include: China, Australia, Latvia, Canada, The USA, Japan, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands.

Piet Boon Joyce Huisman

• Three fantastic luxury interior design titles together in a wonderfully luxurious boxset

• Piet Boon is one of the most talked about modern designers in Europe and beyond

• Both styling and photography are overwhelming and memorable

Two incredibly successful titles - Piet Boon and Piet Boon 2 - and the latest book Piet Boon III all together in one luxurious box: more than 600 pages containing the most famous interior design projects of this world-renowned designer.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814286275 290 x 232mm. 320 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £44.00 Hardback

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789089894717 300 x 300 mm 632 pp. 600 col. March 2013 £190.00 3 vols, hardback, slipcase


21st Century Architecture: Courtyards Contemporary Outdoor Spaces Stephen Crafti

• Presents a variety of courtyard gardens, from densely planted to minimalist, with a common theme of suitability for 21st-century living

Following the success of IMAGES’ bestselling title Courtyards for Modern Living by Stephen Crafti, which featured modern courtyard designs from Australia and New Zealand, we decided to expand on this popular concept by compiling a new book with a more global focus. 21st Century Architecture: Courtyards will feature 50 stunning courtyard and terrace designs from around the world. This new hardcover coffee-table book on courtyards will also be the latest volume in IMAGES’ sought-after 21st Century Architecture series. It will feature a diverse and inspiring collection of residential courtyard gardens and terraces, both external and internal. These are outdoor spaces that have been thoughtfully designed as extensions of everyday living spaces in order to maximise their use and aesthetic benefits year-round. The projects cover a broad range of styles, sizes and budgets. There are courtyards built around feature trees, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and outdoor kitchens and lounges. Also featured are beautiful interior courtyards resembling oversized terrariums, which act as light wells and provide natural cross ventilation, creating a tranquil atmosphere inside. There is also a focus on courtyards where water takes centre stage, in the form of ponds, plunge pools, lap pools, fountains and other water features. Also included are courtyards with innovative shading devices to mitigate harsh sunlight, as well as sustainable garden designs and drought-tolerant plantings.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705126 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. April 2013 £25.00 Hardback


Innovative Homes New Directions in Residential Design Avi Friedman

• A timely, thought-provoking, and highly

informative book on architectural designs that meet the need for a new ethical and sustainable approach to architecture Innovative Homes addresses a growing demand for books on houses that are smaller in scale, have less impact on the land, and utilise ecofriendly technology and materials

Written by a world expert in the field, Innovative Homes offers information on contemporary design concepts and illustrates them with examples of truly outstanding designs. Current modes of dwelling design are facing challenges of both philosophy and form. Approaches that have prevailed in past decades no longer sustain new demands and require innovative rethinking. The need for a new outlook is propelled by fundamental changes to the environment, economy, and society. Design for passive solar gain, solar-powered homes, minimising a dwelling’s physical footprint, Net-Zero residences, and preserving a site’s natural assets are some of the strategies that the architects and builders featured in this book are integrating into their thought processes and design practices. Locations include: Santiago, Chile; Maleny, Queensland, Australia; Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; West Hollywood, California, USA; Matosinhos, Portugal; Lumino, Switzerland; Venice, California, USA; Devin, Slovakia; Curacavi, Chile; Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada; Middlebury, Vermont, USA; Toronto, Canada; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Sisga, Cundinamarca, Colombia; Sag Harbour, New York, USA; Burgundy, France; Bariloche, Argentina; Pittwater, New South Wales, Australia; Colina, Chile; Greater Asheville, North Carolina, USA; Jermanice, Czech Republic; Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan; Orleans, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704921 254 x 254 mm. 224 pp. 400 col. February 2013 £35.00 Hardback

24 ARCHITECTURE Pure Indulgence

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704679 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. June 2013 £35.00 Hardback

The World’s Most Luxurious Hotels Edited by Driss Fatih From all-inclusive resorts to exclusive boutique hotels; and from spa and golf escapes to stately historic accommodations; the world’s best hotels have one thing in common - a proven dedication to the finer points of hospitality and a commitment to absolute luxury in all its forms. Having stood the test of time, or having met or exceeded the expectations of their discerning clientele, the hotels represented in Pure Indulgence are exceptional in their architecture, atmosphere and attention to detail. Also available: Pure Luxury ISBN: 9781864704969

• Moving away from ‘hip’ and ‘quirky’ hotel experiences, this book features only hotels with a history of offering truly luxurious accommodation and an unparalleled quality of service and surroundings

Beach House Living The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704426 254 x 254mm. 296 pp. 500 col. April 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Edited by Driss Fatih Seaside architecture is often stunning in its integration of form and function. The projects contained in this book are both inspirational and a wonderful reference for architects and designers. From the cutting-edge sustainable design of Truro House in Cape Cod, to the cubed modernist form of the Las Arenas beach house in Lima to the Tropical Treehouse in Australia’s idyllic Port Douglas, the exquisite coastal houses collected together in Beach House Living will have you yearning for a beachside lifestyle. With large full colour photography accompanied by detailed floor plans and project text, this book is both an object of beauty and a source of inspiration.

• A lushly presented collection of over 50 of the world’s best beach houses

Louis I. Kahn - Silence and Light The Lecture at ETH Zurich, February 12, 1969 Edited by Alessandro Vassela Louis I. Kahn is unarguably one of the most eminent and influential figures of 20th-century architecture. On 12 February 1969, Kahn gave a lecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, entitled Silence and Light. This bookmakes this text available again in its original version, for the first time ever also in Kahn’s own voice on audio-CD. It includes a full-length transcript of the Zürich lecture. Kahn’s sketches drawn while speaking and number of previously unpublished images of the architect lecturing complement the text. Text in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027180 260 x 160mm. 160 pp. 50 b.&w. March 2013 £32.00 Hardback with free CD


Soviet Modernism 1955-1991 An Unknown History Edited by Architekturzentrum Wien Az W

• A unique documentation of modern Soviet architecture, presenting the findings of the first ever comprehensive research on the topic carried out

• Published by the renowned Architekturzentrum Wien Az W, The Vienna Centre of Architecture, where the exhibtion Soviet Modernism 1955-1991 from November 2012 to February 2013

While Constructivism and Stalinist architecture are familiar to a specialist audience, knowledge of postwar Soviet Modernism in architecture is very limited. Much of the former Eastern Bloc's architecture is regarded as monotonous and uninteresting. Yet a closer look reveals that hardly any linear development of a formal architectural vocabulary can be ascertained. A research project undertaken by the Architekturzentrum Wien Az W explores the architecture of the 14 former Soviet republics between the 1950s and the end of the Soviet Union in 1991. It is the first ever attempt to provide a comprehensive inventory and contextualisation of this second modern movement, tracing local particularities and singular evolutionary processes and also the signatures of individual architects. In its main section the new book Soviet Modernism 1955-1991 presents the 14 republics in four chapters: Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Each country is covered by a factsheet including a concise historical overview, a research and travel report and a scholarly essay. Additional essays investigate Soviet urban planning and large-scale housing programs and typologies of large Soviet cities. A catalogue raisonné of around 400 important buildings and a bibliography complete the book..

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027142 290 x 245mm. 360 pp. 634 col., 388 b.&w. January 2013 £42.00 Hardback

26 ARCHITECTURE Modern Lux Housing Modern Lux Housing features unique site-specific designs that blend contemporary notions of sustainability with eye catching forms and supremely livable spaces. The houses in this book have all the elements of modern living, unique building structures and stylish interior designs. The homes featured here reflect modern ideas and artful solutions to differing sets of problems: an urban environment in which the buildable area is restricted, to rural environments, where distant vistas of the horizon and exterior landscape are the driving force behind its form.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814394000 286 x 286mm. 408 pp. 1000 col. January 2013 £66.00 Hardback

Radical Renovations Inspiring Architectural Makeovers Beth Browne Radical Renovations presents more than fifty outstanding examples of adaptive reuse in residential and commercial architecture, wherein existing buildings have been dramatically transformed with truly stunning results. For many of these remarkable remodels the architects have utilised the principles of environmentally sustainable development. In locations as diverse as Japan, the UK, Spain, Australia, the USA and Italy, each radical renovation project breathes new life and function into an existing structure often in astonishingly innovative ways.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704907 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. January 2013 £35.00 Hardback

• Showcases architectural transformations from around the world, including a variety of design styles, building types, briefs and budgets

Rural Modern Rural Residential Architecture Russell Abraham Modernism crashed into the American consciousness right after the Second World War. While it offered a new design paradigm that would transform the urban landscape, modernism was a slow burn for residential architects. A group of innovative architects in the USA took Bauhaus modernism and gave it a vernacular face. Russell Abraham dubs this style ‘rural modernism’ - a modern aesthetic with a vernacular palette. The result of several ingenious ideas blended together to create a contemporary, sustainable and highly liveable architecture, these houses respect the past while looking forward to the future.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704877 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. April 2013 £35.00 Hardback

• Rural Modern is beautifully presented with stunning photography, and explores the use of sustainable design and building practices, which have long been fundamental to rural architecture

DESIGN 27 Fabulous Furniture Alice Chen. Edited by Karena Xu

• Charting the designs of eighty international furniture designers, this is an essential reference tool

Furniture represents love, warmth and comfort, some people like simple, refined and elegant, some people like classical and romantic, some like avant-garde fashion; clean house, comfortable sofa, beautiful, delicate table shelf and so on. Fabulous Furniture is the book that will show you the most direct way to introduce these soulful touches to your home.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789881973559 290 x 245mm. 272 pp. January 2013 £43.00 Hardback

Paper Works Wang Shaoqiang Paper is the place of our life designs: our first diary entries, letters sent within an envelope, our school reports, certificates, professional and personal contracts, wedding invitations, birth and death announcements; paper holds memories or eternity. In Paper Works a new dimension of paper is brought to the surface - a dimension which adds to the poetic nature of the medium. The artists featured on these paper pages show us how the lightness, fragility, and transience of a single sheet of paper can, through these artists’ visions, reveal another world that is full of possibilities.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814394109 228 x 185mm. 256 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £34.00 Paperback with flaps

For Those About to Power Abdul Vas The first monograph by Abdul Vas, For Those About to Power, surveys most of the work that the artist has created during his dedication to AC/DC, the Australian rock group. The paintings, drawings, collages, and murals that Vas has produced over a decade are the result of his submersion into a subculture whose nonlinear, hallucinatory aesthetic seems an attempt to mimic AC/DC’s entirely subjective and frenzied universe of contemporary mythology characterised by rebellion, pleasure, and power.

T. F. Editores ISBN: 9788415253525 260 x 200mm. 208 pp. February 2013 £20.00 Hardback

28 CARS Motoring’s Finest

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716517383 220 x 350mm. 352 pp. 400 col. June 2013 £115.00 Hardback

Rolls Royce and Bentley from the Seeger Collection Peter Müller Bentley and Rolls-Royce - there is one word that sums up the whole nimbus of myths and associations that surrounds these luxury car brands: ‘passion’. The passion of the designers and constructors as well as that of the aficionados, owners and collectors. Through numerous pictures and detailed texts this book presents 25 Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars from the Seeger Collection in Liechtenstein. This fascinating book portrays history, innovations in design and technology, as well as outstanding creations of the closely connected brands.

• Pays homage to unparalleled automobile craftsmanship and will attract not only car enthusiasts but a wide audience

• The heart of the collection is a complete series of all Phantom models starting with the Phantom I from 1925 up to the most recent model

AMG 45 The Story - The Cars

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768834940 308 x 280mm. 474 pp. 178 col. January 2013 £55.00 Hardback, slipcase

Clauspeter Becker, Markus Bolsinger, Michael Clauss, Frank Mühling, Hans Schilder and Achim Peitzmeier AMG: The Story - The Cars comprises no fewer than 474 pages and provides all the essential information on exactly 117 AMG models: the technical specifications, the driving experience, the visuals. Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher have opened their private archives for this detailed and affectionate story of the company they co-founded and have helped to shape this work.

• This book encapsulates every AMG series production model ever made

• Published for AMG’s 45th anniversary

Aston Martin Power, Beauty and Soul David Dowsey For nearly a century now the Aston Martin name has been synonymous with performance, style and sophistication. In Aston Martin: Power, Beauty and Soul, author David Dowsey explores the colourful history of Aston Martin. With lush full-colour photography and detailed illustrations, comprehensive specifications of every model from the early DB right up to the V8 Vantage Roadster, and production statistics and racing results, Aston Martin: Power, Beauty and Soul is an indispensable reference for motor enthusiasts and a book that truly does justice to the Aston Martin name.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704242 300 x 233mm. 352 pp. 400 col. January 2013 £29.99 Hardback


Design by Mercedes Benz Edited by Markus Bolsinger

• A visual tour through 120 years of Mercedes-Benz automobile design Mercedes-Benz has been making design history for over 120 years. No other brand has launched as many dream machines; many of them have become style icons. Superb photographs of exemplary motor cars provide a visual tour through the annals of automotive design - a tour that reveals the huge contribution of great stylists and designers.

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768825375 310 x 272mm. 256 pp. 16 col., 11 b.&w. January 2013 £59.99 Hardback

Contents: Automotive Visions; SL: Sport Light Design Icons; The Peter Pfeiffer: 1999 to 2008; Radiator Line-Up; The Age Of The Coach: Up to 1910; S-Class: Special Class Design Icons; The Car Becomes A Car: 1910 to 1950; The Friedrich Geiger Era: 1950 to 1975; Advanced Design International: Journeys To The Day After Tomorrow; The Bruno Sacco Era: 1975 To 1999; A Second Look: Successful Models And Their Alternatives; The Inner Life Of The Designer: The Eternal Battle For Form; Visions Of The Future: Showcars Show The Way; Heritage And Present.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Edited by Markus Bolsinger The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing has set new standards. It is best in class and increases the standing of the Mercedes-AMG brand, thanks to its charisma. Two years after the commercial launching of the contemporary legend, the roadster is added to the fascinating SLS AMG cosmos. With the coupé, roadster, GT3, and e-cell, AMG has succeeded in creating a quartet of dream machines. The genes of Mercedes-AMG are in every variant. Contents: On Sports Cars; Full Throttle Into The Future; Dream Machines; SLS AMG Design; Open Mind; SLS AMG E-Cell; The Chairman; The Destination Is The Goal; Particle Accelerator; Project Ultralight; The Job Of His Life; From Flagship To Dream Car; Life As Art; Silver Arrow Reloaded; The Asphalt. Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768833707 267 x 373mm. 160 pp. 85 col. January 2013 £55.00 Hardback, slipcase

30 CARS Jacky Ickx Pierre Van Vliet

• Presenting the twenty-four defining moments of Jacky Ickx’s motorsport career, written by sports journalist Pierre Van Vliet

• Exclusive photography from the best archives and photo collections in the world • Introduction by five-times Tour de France winner Eddy Merckx

Cannibal Publishing ISBN: 9789491376146 295 x 245mm. 240 pp. 60 col., 100 b.&w. January 2013 £42.00 Hardback

Jacky Ickx’s early racing exploits marked him as a man to watch. His sporting ambition and brilliance have made him one of the most respected drivers of the twentieth century. He achieved an impressive list of victories throughout his career; a career that is one of the richest in the history of motorsport: two times vice world champion in Formula 1, winner of eight Grands Prix, six-times winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, two-time world endurance champion, victories in Paris-Dakar and the American Can-Am championship. This stunning book brings to life twenty-four defining moments in Ickx’s career, many illustrated with previously unpublished images.

Jeep The Adventure Never Stops Juergen Zoelter, Markus Bolsinger

• Fascinating photographs tell the stirring history of Jeep - on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the brand

The 70th birthday of the Jeep brand is a testament of great tradition and expertise in sustained success. Fascinating photographs from the family album tell the stirring history of Jeep. It takes a look into the future and shows what Jeep customers can expect in the future of the iconic brand. The Grand Cherokee is the beacon of the Jeep brand. For the anniversary, it has been remastered and the portrait in this book clearly demonstrates that the standard set by Jeep in the premium SUV segment remains very high indeed. Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768833073 275 x 295mm. 144 pp. 111 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback, slipcase

Contents: Forward - Grand Cherokee Westward - Jack London Europe Turin America - Detroit Dress Code - Form and Function Concept Cars Hidden treasure Asia - Tibet Africa - Namibia, Botswana, Zambia Specials Essay.


Nash, Nevinson, Spencer, Gertler, Carrington, Bomberg A Crisis of Brilliance 1908-1923 David Boyd Haycock with essays by Frances Spalding and Alexandra Harris

• Includes contributions by Frances Spalding, the

leading art historian and biographer of the Bloomsbury Group, and by Alexandra Harris, whose Romantic Moderns won the Guardian First Book award in 2010 Accompanies an exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery, curated by the author, which opens in June 2013

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857598186 280 x 240mm. 176 pp. 110 col. June 2013 £25.00 Paperback

David Bomberg, Dora Carrington, Mark Gertler, Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson and Stanley Spencer - six of the most important and distinctive British artists of the twentieth century - had all been students together at the Slade School of Art in London. They formed part of what their drawing teacher, Henry Tonks, described as the school’s last ‘crisis of brilliance’. For young British artists working in the years immediately before the Great War it was an exciting and demanding time as various Modernist movements fought for precedence: Primitivism, Futurism, Cubism, Vorticism and Expressionism. Each of the six artists found their own distinctive response. David Boyd Haycock’s group biography, A Crisis of Brilliance, was published to much acclaim in 2009. Jenny Uglow wrote in her review in the Guardian, ‘We should call for a joint exhibition of [their] work, to complement the moving portrayal of their lives in this engrossing and enjoyable book.’ This book marks the fulfilment of that wish. It features Haycock’s selection of 70 works, ranging from their early student drawings, watercolours and oil paintings, to the first great mature works that they made during and immediately after the Great War of 1914-18.

C.R.W. Nevinson, Spiral Descent, pastel on paper, c.1917, Private Collection, London. John Currie, Some Later Primitives with Madame Tisceron, tempera on canvas, 1912, Image courtesy of The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent. Mark Gertler, Gilbert Cannan and his Mill, oil on canvas, 1916, WA1968.24 © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.

32 ART REFERENCE Aldeburgh A Portrait Tim Coates A look at the history, culture and personalities of this famous Suffolk town, through archive photographs, maps, portraits and contemporary paintings. Tim Coates’ accessible text takes the reader from the earliest accounts of Roman occupation, through the development of maritime trading links (and the associated piracy) to the prosperous Tudor era when the famous Moot Hall was built, to the industrial expansion of the Victorians and the development of the town as an upmarket holiday resort.

ISBN: 9781851496075 Antique Collectors’ Club 240 x 170mm. 240 pp. 180 col. 40 b&w. June 2013 £35.00 Hardback

The book also examines the lives of several of the sons and daughters of Aldeburgh, namely George Crabbe, the 19th-century poet whose evocative verses (in particular Peter Grimes) inspired Benjamin Britten; also the Garrett family, whose best known members were perhaps Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (the first woman doctor) and Millicent Garrett (later Fawcett) who was a leading campaigner for women’s suffrage. The cultural heritage of the town is covered in depth, as many writers and thinkers lived and worked in the town, such as HG Wells, JM Barrie, Thomas Hardy, and, more recently, Ruth Rendell. The most famous resident of the town was Benjamin Britten, who, with the tenor Peter Pears, founded the Aldeburgh Festival, and developed the Garrett family’s old industrial site into the Snape Maltings music centre, with two concert halls and a music school.

Dartmouth An Enchanted Place Joslin Fiennes Painting and sculpture, poetry and adventure, the present and the past, the local and the cosmopolitan, all belong to this exploration of the Dartmouth area. Extraordinary natural beauty is captured in art going back to the 17th century; a multi-layered and often glorious past is discovered behind modesty today. At the end of the road, the area is a springboard to a highway by sea, and modern yachtsmen sail off in the wake of kings and pilgrims, crusaders and explorers, emigrants and invasion forces.

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851497263 305 x 245mm. 264 pp. 124 col. 68 b.&w. May 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Much of the cultural heritage uncovered in this book is surprising and new. John Masefield, Robert Graves, Flora Thompson and Nevil Shute as well as Agatha Christie were inspired by the Dart; with Queen Victoria came the Prince of Wales and his friends who spawned little-known local inventors of marine engines, motor-cars and gliders. The book displays Lucien Pissarro’s pastoral vision and publishes for the first time delicate sketches by Turner; it explores how the same stretch of the Dart inspired the pre-Christian vision behind Bridget McCrum’s minimalist modern sculpture and Graves’ writing on the same mythology. Dartmouth is all about looking again at this quiet coastal area - through the eyes of the artists who dress it up and the voices of the historians and writers who write it down. It is about the people who made a unique place and those who have preserved it.


John Piper Design Brian Webb, Peyton Skipwith Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851497287 220 x 145mm. 96 pp. 100 col., 20 b.&w. April 2013 £12.50 Hardback

• An excellent introduction to the career of John Piper, the celebrated twentieth-century painter and designer

This, the newest title in the highly acclaimed Design Series focuses on the work of John Piper (1903 - 1992). Piper remains something of an enigma: an antiquarian who was among the pioneers of non-representational art in Britain; an abstract painter who drew his inspiration from the paintings of Turner and mediaeval stained glass; and a romantic with a penchant for geometric design. Despite, in formal terms, coming to art late, Piper became one of the most diverse designers of his generation. Up until the 1951 Festival of Britain, his work had been almost entirely graphic. Indeed much of his design particularly for the theatre, murals, mosaics, textiles and tapestries - was to remain graphics based. However, Piper was also to enter into rewarding partnerships with Patrick Reyntiens, David Wasley and Joseph Nuttgens designing stained glass; with Geoffrey Eastop in ceramics; and, most explosively of all, with Ron Lancaster and John Deeker, for some of the greatest pyrotechnic displays that Britain has witnessed since the 18th century. Commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee in 1940, Piper’s two paintings of the ruins of Coventry’s St Michael’s Cathedral, along with his St Mary-le-Port, Bristol are among the most iconic images of World War II. However, mediaeval stained glass was perhaps Piper’s most enduring passion; the slabs of glass, the leading and the richness of colour of these windows, were to provide a fundamental source of inspiration not only for his paintings and designs for stained glass, both figurative and abstract, but also for work in other media.

Also available in the Design Series:

Claud Lovat Fraser 9781851496631 £12.50

Edward Bawden and Eric Ravilious 9781851495009 £12.50

Paul Nash and John Nash 9781851495191 £12.50

34 ART REFERENCE Masterpieces of Russian Stage Design 1880-1930 John E. Bowlt, Nina D. Lobanov-Rostovsky, Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky and Olga Shaumyan Masterpieces of Russian Stage Design 1880-1930 examines the LobanovRostovsky collection of stage design, in turn outlining the history of modern Russian art: one of the most important interludes within the cultural renaissance of the early twentieth century. Unique in size, scope, and composition, the collection is unequalled; artists include celebrities such as Bakst, Benois, Goncharova, Larionov, Malevich, Popova, Rodchenko, and Tatlin as well as less familiar names such as Anisfeld, Lissim, Remisoff, and Soudeikine.

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851496884 300 x 230mm. 424 pp. 243 col. 14 b&w. January 2013 £49.50 Hardback

This volume (the first of a two-part set) includes over 200 colour illustrations of selected designs as well as an introduction, interview, indices (to artists, theatre companies, and primary productions), a glossary of terms, and a comprehensive bibliography for the visual and performing arts in Russia. From Neo-Nationalism and Symbolism through Cubo-Futurism and Suprematism to Constructivism and Socialist Realism, Masterpieces of Russian Stage Design guides the reader through the movements, styles, productions and projects that attracted many of Russia’s early twentiethcentury artists to the stage.

Encyclopedia of Russian Stage Design 1880-1930 John E. Bowlt, Nina D. Lobanov-Rostovsky, Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky and Olga Shaumyan Why collect Russian stage designs? Why write about them? Answers may vary, but surely a primary response must be that, quite simply, Russian stage designs are immensely pleasing to the eye. They vibrate, and scintillate with colour, texture, and movement. Furthermore, through their daring inventions, Russian artists of the first thirty years of the 20th century transformed, profoundly and permanently, our perception of stage design and hence of the theatre. They belonged to an extraordinarily creative generation of impresarios, dancers, actors, patrons, and critics who inspired or at least made a major contribution to the international renaissance of the art of the stage, and in particular areas, e.g. the teaching and performing of ballet, their influence is still present today. Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851497195 300 x 230mm. 500 pp. 1200 col. June 2013 £75.00 Hardback

Each work presented here is documented as fully as possible, and includes curatorial data, provenance index, and references to relevant published sources, exhibitions; and variants such as copies and preliminary drawings. The catalogue raisonné addresses the issues of attribution, identification of stage production, and date of execution and adduces evidence in the form of bibliographical, archival, and photographic data, expert opinion, and circumstantial evidence in order to support assumptions and conclusions.


William Bouguereau Damien Bartoli with Frederick C. Ross

• A luxury two-volume set in a slipcase, which includes all of Bougereau’s known paintings as well as a comprehensive biography

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851496129 300 x 237mm. 888 pp. 972 col. 278 b.&w. Reprinting June 2013 £195.00 2 vols, slipcase

William Bouguereau (1825-1905) was a highly important and influential French academic painter, who taught a long succession of gifted students, primarily at the private Académie Julien in Paris. Bouguereau wanted to become a serious history painter and his efforts paid off in 1850 when he won the much coveted Prix de Rome (meaning that the French government paid him to stay in Rome and study art). After his studies in Italy, he established his reputation in Paris as a premier history painter, portraitist, and decorator of churches during the 1850s and 1860s. He was elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1876 and remained an important and influential member for 30 years. His large output of Salon paintings was consistently praised by critics, often purchased by the French state, and frequently reproduced in the press. He won numerous awards throughout his career and can be seen as the epitome of the French Academy.

William Bouguereau His Life and Works Damien Bartoli with Frederick C. Ross

• A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive biography of French academic painter William Bouguereau

• Explores the relevance of his life and work during a period which embodied the Classical ‘Tradition’

William Bouguereau (1825-1905) was perhaps the most renowned, lauded and loved artist of the day. He led a life whose artistic integrity, artistic accomplishments, personal morality and professional ethics set a standard for the world of art and letters. His originality and creativity was matched by a genius level of technical excellence. This volume explores the relevance of Bouguereau’s life and work.

ISBN: 9781851497331 Antique Collectors' Club 300 x 237mm. 400 pp. 400 col. 130 b&w. June 2013 £65.00 Hardback

Originally published as volume one in the two-volume boxset, alongside the catalogue raisonné, this biography has over 500 illustrations, including 350 colour plates, and 180 photographs of the artist, his friends, colleagues, family and professional duties and events. Published in conjunction with the Art Renewal Center.

36 ART REFERENCE The Louvre Nude Paintings Jean Galard, Lois Lammerhuber, Edited by Catherine Belanger

• Volume 1 of the Le Louvre Nu/The Louvre Nude series, dealing with the naked body in paintings

• Nudity, sensuality and sexuality in the Louvre paintings translated into a fantastic and surprising photographic concept

• The alluring design of the book stems from the wish to create a box suggestive of some artistic secret; covered in black silk, with a ribbon recalling lingerie, it reveals on opening a silky burgundy interior, reminiscent of a boudoir, in which the book is softly resting

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753091 320 x 240mm. 192 pp. 162 col. January 2013 £55.00 Paperback, slipcase

The idea for this book, and its companion volume, The Louvre Nude Sculptures was born in the course of a visit through the Louvre, when Catherine Belanger ventured to call the Louvre ‘the biggest brothel in the world’. Jointly, with author Jean Galard and photographer Lois Lammerhuber, she selected key paintings spanning five centuries to illustrate the fascinating art of depicting nudity and the artists’ struggle for acceptance of the nude in art and society. Lois Lammerhuber resorts to these ‘models’ to translate them into the language of fashion, nude and advertising photography, reading their body language and interaction in a way reminiscent of artists like Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Horst P. Horst or Herb Ritts - sensual and unexpected. Text in English & French.

The Louvre Nude Sculptures Jean Galard, Lois Lammerhuber, Edited by Catherine Belanger

• Volume 2 of the Le Louvre Nu/The Louvre Nude series, dedicated to the naked body in sculpture

• One of the best and most important collections of sculpture in the biggest and • •

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753121 320 x 240mm. 192 pp. 162 col. January 2013 £55.00 Paperback, slipcase

most famous museum in the world, an exceptional photographic interpretation in 162 sensational pictures, a tribute to sensuality in art The ideal gift book for art lovers, a sophisticated and surprising approach to nudity and sensuality in major sculptures of the Louvre The sophisticated design of the book, reminiscent of bronze and referring to the haptic character of sculpture, makes the book itself a sculptural work of art

In this stunning book, key works illustrate the artistic approach and the representation of the nude in the Western world from 7th century BC to 1897. Lois Lammerhuber detaches the nudity, sensuality and sexuality of the sculptures from the context of their artistic intention, conceiving them as ‘material’ in a fictional photography studio and recreating them in his photographs. The images are accompanied by Jean Galard’s reflections on this approach from an art-historical and philosophical angle. Text in English & French.

ART REFERENCE 37 The Springtime of the Renaissance Sculpture and the Arts in Florence 1400-60 Edited by Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi and Marc Bormand Published to accompany an exhibition in Italy, this book charts masterpieces of sculpture; ancient art from the 13th and 14th centuries. It then looks into the assimilation of Gothic style of French origin, and follows development and influences from monumental sculptures by the likes of Donatello, Ghiberti, Nanni di Banco and Michelozzo, paintings by artists such as Masaccio, Paolo Uccello, Andrea del Castagno and Filippo Lippi, and the impact on the political and spiritual mood of the city. Two hundred stunning images bring the exhibition to life.

Mandragora ISBN: 9788874611867 290 x 245mm. 560 pp. 200 col. April 2013 £40.00 Paperback

• Accompanies the exhibition The Springtime of the Renaissance: Sculpture and the Arts in Florence 1400-1460 held at Palazzo Strozzi, from March - August 2013, moving on to the Musée du Louvre, from September 2013 to January 2014

Bramantino A Renaissance Painter in Milan Giovanni Agosti and Jacopo Stoppa Born in Bergamo and documented since 1480, Bramantino died in Milan in 1530. Bramantino was always up to date with the most innovative art, but, at the same time, developing his own style, somewhat abstract and ripe with mysterious iconographies. Bramantino: A Renaissance Painter in Milan sets forth a new chronology, emphasising his pivotal role in Lombard Renaissance. The book also discusses the twelve tapestries known as the Trivulzio Months, as well as the recent sensational discovery of new frescoes in the Castle of Voghera.

Masterpieces of Orientalist Art The Shafik Gabr Collection Shafik Gabr started his collection of Orientalist art in 1993 by acquiring a painting by Ludwig Deutsch. His collection contains a large number of works by the famed Austrian artist as well as some of the finest examples of the greatest masters of Orientalism such as Jean-Léon Gérôme, Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Gustav Bauernfeind and many others. The Shafik Gabr Collection is impressive in its richness and variety. It includes masterpieces by some of the major 19th- and 20th-century Orientalists found in private hands today and demonstrates the owner's appreciation of differences as well as similarities in European visions of the versatile and diverse Orient.

Officina Libraria ISBN: 9788897737032 240 x 220mm. 176 pp. 114 col. February 2013 £29.00 Hardback

• This is the first book in English on Bramantino. Beautifully illustrated with many details; Mauro Magliani, one of the best art photographers in Italy, was commissioned for the photography

M. Shafik Gabr 275 x 250 mm. 476 pp. 377 col ISBN: 9781905377657 Paperback, slipcase £125.00 ISBN: 9781905377640 Hardback, slipcase £150.00 ISBN: 9782867701924 Hardback, deluxe edition, slipcased in silk, numbered £250.00

38 ART REFERENCE George Clausen and the Picture of English Rural Life Professor Kenneth McConkey In telling the story of Clausen’s life and career, McConkey unveils an artist of unusual integrity and singleness of purpose. At no time in his career of sixty years did Clausen settle into a formula and produce what he knew to be popular. It was an insatiable fascination with the play and influence of light on form and structure that kept Clausen at his easel and which he passed on in his celebrated lectures at The Royal Academy. In this book, Clausen emerges as an artist of real and substantial achievement.

Atelier Books ISBN: 9781873830123 280 x 230mm. 240 pp. 300 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

• The first major publication, incorporating many years of research, on one of the most important British artists

Picasso and the Mysteries of Life La Vie William H. Robinson Few artistic moments are as instantly recognisable as Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period, and from it La Vie (Life) has emerged as the culminating masterpiece. This book not only examines La Vie’s history and physical structure in unprecedented detail but also uses the painting as the touchstone for exploring a broad array of issues vital to modernist culture of the 19th and 20th centuries. Picasso and the Mysteries of Life uses new scientific studies of La Vie to examine the artist’s working method and the painting’s enigmatic subject.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804212 216 x 216mm. 176 pp. 200 col. January 2013 £15.00 Paperback

• Published on the occasion of the exhibition Picasso La Vie and the Mysteries of Life held at the Cleveland Museum of Art, December 2012 - April 2013 and then at the Picasso Museum, Barcelona, from October 2013 - January 2014

Master Drawings Michelangelo to Moore Jon Whiteley & Catherine Whistler The collection of drawings in the Ashmolean is one of the greatest treasures of the University of Oxford. It began spectacularly in 1843 when a group of drawings by Raphael and Michelangelo was bought by subscription. Following their arrival in Oxford, their fame attracted a number of gifts and bequests of drawings and watercolours by Dürer, Claude Lorraine, Brueghel, J. M. W Turner and many others. The exhibition this book accompanies, to be held at the Ashmolean, Oxford, from 16 May - 8 September 2013, includes many of the finest drawings in Oxford.

Ashmolean Museum ISBN: 9781854442789 280 x 220mm. 160 pp. 100 col. June 2013 £20.00 Paperback

ART REFERENCE 39 Searching for the Seventies The DOCUMERICA Photography Project Bruce I. Bustard. Foreword by Bill Ruckelshaus Revisit the 1970s through 100 remarkable colour photographs taken for the Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERICA project. These images, chosen from 22,000 files in the National Archives of the United States, highlight the fashions, trends, problems, and achievements of the decade. Drawing inspiration from the depression-era Farm Security Administration (FSA) photography project, DOCUMERICA photographers created a portrait of America in the early to mid-1970s featuring small Midwestern towns, barrios in the Southwest, and coal mining communities in Appalachia.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804151 280 x 240mm. 144 pp. 120 col. March 2013 £20.00 Hardback

• Features over 100 colour photographs from the US Environmental Protection agency’s DOCUMERICA project, taken between 1972 and 1978

Paper Art Edited by Karen Xu Over the past few years a somewhat new movement in the art and design world has emerged, using paper as its central core. While some artists have worked for many years in this field, a whole new generation of artists have joined their ranks. This book explores some of the best artists in this field, from around the world, delving into an amazingly diverse selection of works and showing us many of their most favourite, unique artworks. The book illustrates an incredible level of creativity through the use of paper and showcases some truly exceptional art work.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789881574206 270 x 210mm. 488 pp. 800 col. January 2013 £63.50 2 volumes, paperback, slipcase

Sketching Basics One Point Perspective Joy Cheng and Lee Min Kok Watch your sketches take on a life of their own with the help of Sketching Basics: One Point Perspective. Master the art of producing quality one point perspective sketches via detailed, easy-to-learn sketching methods and step-by-step illustrations. Artists at all levels will find this book invaluable in honing basic art techniques and enhancing sketching skills used in various arts and design fields, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, multimedia and the applied arts. Also available: Sketching Masterclass ISBN: 9789812459350

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814394277 257 x 189mm. 216 pp. 150 col., 150 b.&w. January 2013 £21.90 Paperback with flaps

40 ART REFERENCE Landscape Landscript

Ashmolean Museum ISBN: 9781854442697 280 x 220mm. 200 pp. 150 col. February 2013 £25.00 Paperback

Nature as Language in the Art of Xu Bing Shelagh Vainker and Xu Bing This book presents brand new works by the innovative and highly-regarded contemporary Chinese artist Xu Bing. Focusing on the importance of the written word, Landscape Landscript offers a unique approach to crossing Chinese tradition with Western influences. Xu Bing is a Chinese-born artist, resident in the United States since 1990. He currently resides in Beijing, where he serves as the vice-president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

• Accompanies an exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, from 28 February to 19 May 2013

Thai Magic Tattoos The Art and Influence of Sak Yant

River Books ISBN: 9786167339214 280 x 215mm. 200 pp. 67 col. 93 b.&w. February 2013 £19.95 Paperback

Isabel Azevedo Drouyer Photography by Rene Drouyer For centuries, Buddhist monks, using magical incantations and spells, have been covering people’s bodies with indelible ink marks in the belief that they will attract luck, wealth, and blessings, and provide protection against evil spirits. Known in Thailand as Sak Yant, these ancient tattoos are today experiencing a revival in popularity. Filled with large-format photographs, this book provides a unique window into their world, and in doing so illustrates one of the last living examples of authentic traditional tattooing.

New Street Art Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126511 210 x 210mm. 272 pp. 275 col. February 2013 £19.95 Paperback

Claude Crommelin (aka Claudelondon) Street art is part of every cityscape. The street art scene in London is one of the most vibrant in the world attracting not only local artists, but also artists from other countries. Street art galleries are popping up everywhere and attracting lots of visitors. This book will cover over 150 artists and include around 275 photos. While including some of the more established street artists such as Eine, Invader, Banksy, Roa, David Walker and Swoon, the author also includes some of the new generation of street artists like Stik, Public Spirit, Xylo, Elbow Toe, Ludo, T. Wat among others who create wonderful quirky pieces that deserve a wider audience.

• Documents 150 street artists actively producing work right now

• Photographs by renowned photographer Claudelondon • Includes new artists as well as some better known street artists


LHC Large Hadron Collider Peter Ginter, Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Franzobel, Edited by Lois Lammerhuber, Contributions from Barbara Warmbein

• Provides unique glimpses into one of the most

fascinating scientific adventures of mankind. It shows how the Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle accelerator in the world, really works Unique, monumental photographs by Peter Ginter, one of the world’s best photographers, taken through more than 15 years, invite the viewer to comprehend the largest and most complex machine ever invented by man

The Large Hadron Collider is the largest particle accelerator in the world; a 27kilometre ring of superconducting magnets in a tunnel 100m beneath the Franco-Swiss border at the CERN research laboratory. It was built to answer the most fundamental question of our universe: where do we come from? Peter Ginter, one of the world’s leading photographers, acclaimed author Franzobel and Rolf-Dieter Heuer, Director General of CERN, tackle the subject of this largest and most complex machine ever imagined by man, the ‘World Machine’, a huge underground particle physics experiment, which will offer science insights into the beginnings of our universe. Unique and amazing photographs make the invisible visible. Peter Ginter has documented the making of the LHC over more than 15 years, not only at CERN, but also by visiting locations across the world where significant contributions have been made to the construction of the LHC. The book was published in scientific, editorial and artistic collaboration with CERN and UNESCO. Text in English, German & French.

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753282 310 x 290mm. 264 pp. 142 col. January 2013 £65.00 Hardback, slipcase

42 SCIENCE Meteorites Witnesses of the Origin of the Solar System Franz Brandstätter, Ludovic Ferrière and Christian Köberl

• Recounts the history of meteorite research, including the exciting story of •

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753435 210 x 210mm. 272 pp. 247 col. 41 b.&w. January 2013 £32.50 Hardback

meteorites from the Moon and Mars, and what happens when huge meteorites, - asteroids - collide with Earth Written by Christian Köberl, one of the most eminent experts on meteorite impact craters

Stones that fall from the sky have been known for millennia, but only during the past 200 years was their extraterrestrial origin confirmed. Today scientists know that meteorites, these inconspicuous gray or brown rocks, are the only witnesses of the origin of the solar system (and the Earth) available to us. Their composition provides invaluable information on the origin of the chemical elements, as well as when and how our planetary system formed. This book recounts the history of meteorite research, tells us how and where to find and identify them, their classification and composition, including the exciting story of meteorites from the Moon and Mars, and what happens when huge meteorites, the asteroids, collide with the Earth. Plentiful colour illustrations come from the huge meteorite collection at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, which is also the oldest in the world. Text in English & German.

Exploring the Weather Brian Clegg

• Clear explanations of the complex and fascinating subject of meteorology from a respected popular science writer

• Covers all forms of weather, from the everyday to the extreme, all around the world

Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126436 245 x 190mm. 176 pp. 130 col. 10 b.&w. February 2013 £19.95 Hardback

We always complain about the weather no matter if it is hot and sunny or wet and cold. But weather can all too easily make the difference between plenty and famine, survival and death. Technically the term ‘weather’ refers to the condition of the atmosphere in a particular place and time as opposed to climate, which refers to the overall tendency of an area. So while today the weather might be hot and sunny, the climatic tendency may actually be cool and wet. This fascinating book covers all aspects of the weather from the beauty of clouds, auroras and sunsets to the aweinspiring and often terrifying tornadoes, typhoons and lightning storms that affect many parts of our Earth. The author guides you through the process of forecasting weather, what causes various weather conditions, the impact of solar flares, the threat of climate change and finally urges us to look again at the wonder surrounding us. Clearly written and extensively illustrated, this book is for students, for amateur meteorologists or for anyone who wants to learn more about the weather that affects us all.


Pure and Special Festive Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Vidhu Mittal

• Easy-to-use recipes for gourmet Indian food • A step-by-step guide with illustrations make for an extremely user-friendly book

• Features a comprehensive list of Indian vegetarian recipes - ideal for any special occasion, festival, or party

After the global success of the award winning Pure & Simple: Homemade Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, celebrated cookbook author Vidhu Mittal delves deeper into the nuances of Indian vegetarian food in her new book, Pure & Special: Festive Indian Vegetarian Cuisine. Pure & Special is a collection of recipes that elevates the food lover to the next level of vegetarian cooking. A mix of traditional, festive dishes, contemporary favourites, and innovative renditions, each recipe extols the variety and virtue of vegetables in Indian cooking. Continuing in the tradition of the previous book, Pure & Special has easy-tofollow recipes with step-by-step photographs for each dish. Every recipe carries useful tips and special notes from the author, explaining the uniqueness of each dish. Ingredient descriptions and helpful menu suggestions make this book a must have for both the beginner as well as the seasoned cook. Contents: Introduction; Discover Spices; Know Your Vegetables, Fruits & Nuts; Goodness of Lentils; Drinks, Soups, & Salads; Snacks & Starters; Main Course; Rice & Breads; Accompaniments; Desserts; Cooking Processes; High Tea Menus; Festive Menus; Index. Vidhu Mittal is a well-known culinary expert based in Delhi, India. She has been conducting cookery classes for over fifteen years, besides making regular contributions to magazines and certain websites. Mital graduated with Home Science as her major.

Roli Books ISBN: 9788174369024 279 x 288mm. 224 pp. 1000 col. March 2013 £19.95 Hardback

44 FOOD & DRINK Wine Visionaries The People Behind South African Wines Gerard de Villiers, Thomas Ernst, Alain Proust and Harald Bresselschmidt When emotion combines with expertise, when the profession becomes a passion, when the best climate and passionate idealists meet, when architecture and plant construction constitute an exciting field of special goodness and quality, then top wines are created, and they lie far ahead in international tasting events! This volume explores the fifteen best wine-growing estates and fifteen outstanding recipes from the kitchen of a top chef as well as breath-taking photos: this is the passion for the art of winemaking! Text in English and German.

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768833790 240 x 300mm. 160 pp. 200 col. March 2013 £34.99 Hardback, slipcase

Italian Wines 2013 Gambero Rosso Italian Wines 2013 is the world’s most complete guide to quality Italian wines. The guide is organised in a very simple, clear and functional way. First, there is a section that identifies the winery; then, the entry tells the story of the winery and the territory where it is situated. Finally, the guide describes the wines, which are evaluated by the celebrated method of Bicchieri, or glasses, ranging from one to a maximum of Tre Bicchieri. The guide also pays special attention to wineries that are sensitive to the environment and to achieving naturalness in their products.

Gambero Rosso ISBN: 9781890142223 225 x 110mm. 928 pp. January 2013 £23.00 Paperback

Peñín Guide to Spanish Wine 2013 Edited by PI&ERRE The Peñín Guide to Spanish Wine 2013 is the most widely-read Spanish wine guide and the most international reference book on Spanish Wine with ratings on 9,800 wines and information about 2,000 wineries. The book includes the latest vintages and brands ready for release in 2013 and boasts the most comprehensive and widest range of tastings and evaluations, from entry level wines right through to the most sophisticated wines available on the market today.

Grupo Peñín ISBN: 9788495203885 210 x 148 mm. 1,000 pp. January 2013 £25.00 Paperback


Reine Sammut Mediterranean Cuisine Text by Anne Garabedian. Photographs by Jean-Philippe Garabedian An authentic Provençal cooking class, as if you were really there! Twelve cooking classes, using twelve fresh products, creating menus with asparagus, cuttlefish, octopus & squid, purple artichoke, mussels, spices, zucchini, tomatoes, sardines, potatoes, cooking in foil, stuffings, and a menu for a special occasion. Reine Sammut takes us into her kitchen and her living space, introduces us to her favourite products and suppliers. For each recipe she shows us the main steps, the tips and techniques. Reine Sammut arrived in Provence when she was 14. She really started loving and preparing Provençal food when she met her husband and his family and started to discover the rest of the Mediterranean: Tunisia, Malta, Sicily. She started to work at the Fenière de Lourmarin alongside Claudette, her husband’s mother. Little by little she acquired the knowledge and techniques to be able to cook fish, couscous, pastries… Claudette can pass the restaurant to her daughter-in-law. Every Thursday Reine opens her kitchen and gives cooking lessons at the Cour de la Ferme. Apparently her cooking classes are a powerful antidepressant! Anne Garabedian was born in the kitchen (figuratively speaking!). Her grandfather was a pastry-chef and when she was 10 she was already discovering and copying out her great grandmother’s recipes. Very early on, she tried all sorts of sweet recipes and tested them out on her family, with some successful and some less so. Much later she learned how to make taramasalata, sweet bread, ravioli: they were her first cooking lessons and her first reportages. Jean-Philippe Garabedian is a photographer and a cook. During the cooking classes he manages to overcome his desire to take up a whisk or a ladle and hold onto his camera lens instead…

Editions du Chêne ISBN: 9782812307447 250 x 195mm. 256 pp. 350 col. January 2013 £25.00 Hardback

46 FOOD & DRINK Fruity Pastry Kris Goegebeur An apple is an apple… Or is it? Kris Goegebeur shows that there is more to fruit than one would think. Whoever believes that there are only sweet apples and sour apples, will be proven terribly wrong. And not only when it comes to apples; pears, cherries, walnuts, plums and many more are presented in their most versatile and seductive ways. But Fruity Pastry does more than provide recipes and (background) information about fruit. Food pairing specialist Bernard Lahousse approaches fruit in a scientific way and gives a thorough analysis of every extract and essence possible.

A Connoisseur’s World The Austrian Biosphere Reserves, Environments, Animals, Plants, Men Günter Köck, Martha Umhack, Lois Lammerhuber Contributions from Georg Grabherr The recipe: take seven biosphere reserves, regional recipes with natural local products, a pinch of rather rare herbs and spices, have it mixed and prepared by young, ambitious soon-to-be cooks from a vocational school, presented in just the right light by a renowned photographer, annotated by expert biologists, and finally served on fine art paper as the world’s first biosphere reserve cookery book! Text in English & German.

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401402361 230 x 270mm. 224 pp. 120 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753329 280 x 210mm. 96 pp. 82 col., 7 b.&w. January 2013 £22.90 Hardback

Mas is More 360˚ ‘t Zilte Viki Geunes The MAS is a ground-breaking museum that tells the story of the people, the past, present and future of the city of Antwerp and the world. The MAS is much more than just a museum. It is a new city centre; a new meeting place where there is always something to see and do. Mas is More shows the unique collaboration between the MAS and chef Viki Geunes. Viki Guenes’ acclaimed restaurant is moving from its current location into the MAS. This new location of the ‘t Zilte restaurant takes visitors to unprecedented heights, figuratively and literally!

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401403856 250 x 310mm. 192 pp. 180 col. January 2013 £50.00 Hardback

• Viki Geunes shows what impact his new workplace has on his repertoire. For this well-known food designer and outstanding composer of tastes, working on top of the most talked-about and identifiable building in Antwerp (the new MAS museum) offers a unique artistic platform


Hedgehog in the Fog Sergey Kozlov and Yuri Norstein. Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova

• This beautiful book is based on a world-famous animation

• In 2003, an international film jury in Tokyo • •

declared Hedgehog in the Fog to be the best animated film of all time Showcases colourful high-quality illustrations from an award-winning artist Sure to delight children of all ages

“I’ve loved the films of Yuri Norstein for years now. I first saw ‘Hedgehog in the Fog’ as a film student in the early 1980s and became instantly enchanted. Like many I was immediately drawn into his sensual world by the richness of the aural and visual landscapes he creates.” Nick Park Hedgehog in the Fog is an international bestseller which has already been published in many languages. The book is based on Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches for the awardwinning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. It is about the adventures of the philosophical little Hedgehog on his way to meet with his friend Bear. Along the way Hedgehog enters into a mysterious fog in which he encounters a horse, a dog, an owl, and a fish. Sergey Kozlov is a famous Russian children’s writer, poet, and author of many books, songs and screenplays for children. He is the laureate of Russian literature awards. Yuri Norstein is a distinguished Russian animator and director, the creator of memorable and award-winning films. For his contributions to art, Norstein received the Order of Arts and Letters (France, 1991), and the Order of the Rising Sun (Japan, 2004), as well as many Russian state and independent awards. Francesca Yarbusova is an award-winning artist, the wife and collaborator of Yuri Norstein.

Rovakada Publishing ISBN: 9780984586707 305 x 215mm. 48 pp. 48 col. January 2013 £12.95 Hardback

48 CHILDREN’S BOOKS Edward Lear’s Alphabet of Nonsense Edward Lear

• Published to mark the 200th birthday of Edward Lear • The illustrations are facsimiles of the original 1860 document recently acquired by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Ashmolean Museum Publications ISBN: 9781854442710 297 x 185mm. 60 pp. 26 col. January 2013 £10.00 Hardback

Edward Lear, born in 1812, was a British artist, illustrator, author, and poet, renowned today primarily for his literary nonsense, in poetry and prose, and especially his limericks. Lear seems to have begun making nonsense alphabets in the mid-1850s, usually for children of his friends and acquaintances. The present alphabet was created for Ruth Decie. It is one of the most charming of all Lear’s alphabets, typically drawn on sheets of blue writing paper backed with linen. The alphabet was bequeathed to the Ashmolean by a descendant of Ruth Decie, James Farquharson, who died in December 2011. This beautiful facsimile features a short introduction about Edward Lear, written by the Ashmolean curator, Colin Harrison. Following this is a replica of each page of the original publication featuring the letters of the alphabet with the short poem underneath each drawing. This is accompanied by each poem again, this time written in a more accessible font so that children may read this too. The Ashmolean have utilised this recent acquisition to recreate a stunning classic.

All Aboard with Joanna! Kathrin Schärer All Aboard with Joanna! begins by inviting young readers into the fantastical world of creating books by showing a black and white sketch of the artist’s work table as she faces the blank page. The reader can then follow the interaction between the fictional character, the little pig Joanna, and the artist. A train and its numerous passengers become the setting for this beautifully illustrated narrative. As the story unfolds, Joanna has many requests to make to her creator: from her clothing (that she would prefer to be stripey), to catching up with another train to see who could possibly be inside it. By the end of this delightful story where the author even teases Joanna - drawing a big bad wolf and a huge monster! - Joanna is finally content when she gets the right companion to spend the rest of the trip with. Officina Libraria - LO Editions ISBN: 9788897737094 293 x 238mm. 34 pp. 34 col. March 2013 £10.99 Hardback

Born in Basel in 1969, Kathrin Schärer has studied as an art teacher at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Basel, Switzerland. She teaches at a school for children with speech impairments, in addition to working as a freelance illustrator. She has published over a dozen picture books to great acclaim and her works have been translated into several languages. She has also teamed up with Lorenz Pauli to produce joint works. In 2012 she was shortlisted for the Hans Christian Andersen Award.


The Fox and the Hare Vladimir Dal. Illustrations by Francesca Yarbusova

• This beautiful book is based on an award-winning animation • Showcases colourful high-quality illustrations from an award-winning artist • Russian folktale retold by Vladimir Dal, the genre of the folktale lends itself to repetitive vocabulary - a good early reading strategy

The Fox and the Hare is a Russian folktale retold by Vladimir Dal. This book is based on Francesca Yarbusova’s sketches for the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. This beautiful tale is a simple story about the insidious Fox who takes over the Little Hare’s house when the fox’s own palace of ice melts in the Spring. After enlisting the help of several animals, still the ferocious fox remains in the Little Hare’s house. Is there anyone who can help him? Rovakada Publishing ISBN: 9780984586714 305 x 215mm. 48 pp. 48 col. January 2013 £12.95 Hardback

Vladimir Dal (Dahl) was one of the greatest Russian language lexicographers. During his lifetime he compiled and documented the oral history of the region that was later published in Russian and became part of modern folklore.

Mishmash Korney Chukovsky. Illustrations by Francesca Yarbusova

• A rhyming poem about mischievous animals, a fun, enjoyable read for young children

• Showcases colourful high-quality illustrations from an award-winning illustrator Mishmash is a narrative poem about a funny mix up that happens amongst a group of animals. These animals refuse to stick to their own conventional sounds and take on the sounds of other animals instead. Here you will find kittens that ‘oink’ like pigs and ducklings that ‘ribbit’ like frogs! A truly delightful tale of animal mischief.

Rovakada Publishing ISBN: 9780984586745 305 x 215mm. 32 pp. 32 col. January 2013 £12.95 Hardback

Korney Chukovsky (1882 - 1969) was a renowned Russian writer, poet, translator, influential literary critic and essayist. He wrote his first children’s poem, ‘The Crocodile’ (1916) at the age of 34. Since that time he was primarily known for his children’s stories, both in poetry and prose. Subsequently, they were adapted for theatre, animated and live-action films, opera and ballet. With more than 300 million copies printed and translated into 87 languages, Korney Chukovsky is one of the most published Russian authors. Chukovsky was a prolific translator, having translated English writers such as Walt Whitman, Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain into Russian, among others.

50 PHOTOGRAPHY Annelies Strba My Life Dreams John Hutchinson and Ildegarda Scheidegger Annelies Strba is undoubtedly one of the most significant and interesting contemporary photography and video artists. From 1997 Strba started using only the video camera, isolating individual film stills as artistic prints and independent works of art. She is moving towards ‘fantastical images’ with her current work. Her group of works entitled My Life Dreams, a composition inspired by the world of artificially created stories, appears as the pinnacle of her work so far. Text in English & German.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903807 215 x 320mm. 244 pp. 150 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

• A comprehensive documentation of the body of works My Life Dreams by the Swiss artist Annelies Strba

Power Book Space and Energy Luca Zanier, Bill Kouwenhoven and André Küttel Photographer Luca Zanier casts a look behind the curtains of the energy industry. His images open the doors to hidden universes, usually inaccessible to the public, highly protected as they are against accidents and terrorism. Abandoned worlds of concrete and steel reveal themselves to us, cathedrals of the modern age, temples of an energy-devouring society that radiate a cold logic. His images of imposing halls, endless corridors, massive floodgates and cryptic signs are as intimidating as they are fascinating.

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716517437 370 x 270mm. 112 pp. 37 col. February 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Moments Robert Bösch

• Beautiful and unique photography from world-renowned photographer Robert Bösch

Born in Switzerland, Robert Bösch ranks among the most celebrated landscape photographers in the world. This book presents a selection of his most striking photographs, taken in the course of his numerous journeys across all seven continents. The images show not only that the extreme conditions of the Himalayas or Patagonia offer remarkable motifs, but that unique locations can be discovered right in one’s own backyard. Text in English & German.

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716517550 320 x 240mm. 184 pp. 80 col. February 2013 £45.00 Hardback


Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789089895509 360 x 240mm. 192 pp. 180 col. May 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Rodrigo Otazu and Pieter Henket Every year, there is a huge party in San Luis, Argentina. Thousands of Brazilians are invited to the city to organise a show for the ‘Carnaval de Rio’. This year, Rodrigo Otazu was the artistic leader of this festival. To photograph it, he has contacted Pieter Henket, one of the ‘hottest’ photographers of the moment. The beautiful photography from Pieter Henket allows the reader to join the party and shows the people behind the show. Combined with the impressive Argentinean landscapes, this book will be a unique document. Text in English & Dutch.

Narco Estado Drug Violence in Mexico

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401404075 245 x 225mm. 144 pp. 120 col. January 2013 £25.00 Flexibind

Teun Voeten, with contributions by American anthropologist Howard Campbell and Mexican novelist Javier Valdez Càrdenas. War photographer Teun Voeten has investigated the dark side of Mexican society: murder, violence, criminality and mafia practices. Over the past 5 years, over 50,000 people have been killed in the Mexican drugs war, and with over 3,100 casualties each year, Ciudad Juarez is the most violent city in the world. This book is poignant, distressing, and harsh, and will leave no reader untouched.

• An utterly intriguing photography book documenting drug violence in Mexico

Smoking Kids Frieke Janssens Two years ago, Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens came across a video of a two-year-old Indonesian child chain smoking, totalling, on average, two packs a day. Recognising the many socio-cultural differences between the East and the West, the artist’s plan to confront the Western viewer with such conflicting, surreal images grew and she departed on her new artistic mission. Smoking Kids is the title of Frieke Janssens’ photographic project. Fifteen children aged between four and nine pose in a startling adult way in front of the camera, each seemingly smoking a cigarette, cigar or pipe (which in reality has been skilfully Photoshopped into place).

Luster ISBN: 9789460581113 190 x 215mm. 38 pp. 15 col. February 2013 £16.00 inc. VAT Paperback, 15 postcards

• A highly controversial photography project that depicts children smoking, with the intention of highlighting the boundaries between aesthetic success and moral distress

52 PHOTOGRAPHY Bombay Then and Mumbai Now Jim Masselos and Naresh Fernandes Bombay is a city always on the move. Enriched with in-depth historical research and exclusive photographs, Bombay: Then documents the transformation of the once ‘insignificant cluster of islets’ into one of the most exciting spots for cultural exchange in South Asia. Mumbai has moved from being Bombay to Bambai to Mumbai in four centuries. Mumbai: Now brings this shape-shifting, elusive city to you - from the stories of the first Goan migrants to the lives of native Koli fishermen; from the tradition of dabbawalas to that of ‘cutting’ chai; in a series of beautiful, moving pictures that capture the many moods and faces of Mumbai.

Roli Books ISBN: 9788174365729 292 x 292mm. 240 pp. 90 col., 135 b.&w. March 2013 £34.95 Hardback

India Then and Now Vir Sanghvi and Rudrangshu Mukherjee Discover the majesty and sweep of India’s rich cultural and historical heritage. Featured in this exquisite book are rare and never-seen-before vintage photographs from some of the finest collections across the world - in the section India Then. The vibrant and ever-changing cultural landscape of India is featured in a series of photographs, showcasing the multifaceted, kaleidoscopic present. The timeless past lives amidst fast-paced, cutting-edge change. Modernity and tradition co-exist in the most endearing and surprising of places. India Now is a visual feast of contemporary India.

Roli Books ISBN: 9788174363978 305 x 305mm. 274 pp. 110 col., 120 b.&w. March 2013 £34.95 Hardback

Witness to Life and Freedom Margaret Bourke - White in India and Pakistan

Roli Books ISBN: 9788174366993 177 x 228mm. 144 pp. 115 col. March 2013 £9.95 Hardback

Pramod Kapoor, Foreword by Gopalkrishna Gandhi, Essay by Vicki Goldberg Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) was a pioneering American photojournalist. As staff photographer for the popular Life Magazine, she captured some of the defining moments of the twentieth century. Some of Margaret’s most celebrated photographs were taken in India and Pakistan in 1947-48. She was eyewitness to the migration of millions and the mayhem of communal violence that accompanied the subcontinent’s partition into two independent nations. This body of work forms the focus of this book.

• Bourke-White was the first female war-correspondent and a famous American photojournalist for Life Magazine

• Great for history scholars as it provides visual material on a period where most of the material found is written

• An important, rare visual resource for history scholars of the period

PHOTOGRAPHY 53 Through Irish Eyes A Visual Companion to Angela McCourt’s Ireland Foreword by Malachy McCourt Angela’s Ashes is one of the greatest memoirs of our age, as author Frank McCourt recounts a childhood of poverty and pain in Limerick, Ireland, during the 1930s and ‘40s. Through a beautifully curated collection of archival photographs presented alongside detailed captions and literary quotes, Through Irish Eyes shows us a world that few who did not live it have ever known. We are shown a way of life that no longer exists, but is forever captured in these unsentimental images of the Irish way, its people and their struggles, and their small and hardwrought joys.

Glitterati Incorporated ISBN: 9780985169671 260 x 248mm. 64 pp. 66 b.&w. February 2013 £19.95 Hardback

• The only photography book to document the world of Limerick, Ireland, as lived by families during the time of the McCourts

For My Daughters Poetry by Dorothy Darling Kerper, Photographs by Dorothy Kerper Monnelly Renowned photographer Dorothy Monnelly discovered a box of her mother’s poems in the attic of their home. Those poems are presented here in a sequence that follows her mother’s life - from memories of childhood on through maturity, marriage, children and struggles with breast cancer. Her mother left these poems as her “creative” legacy for her daughters. They are shown here to evidence a dialogue between a mother and a daughter - each pursuing their own art forms.

Hudson Hills Press ISBN: 9781555953874 229 x 254 mm. 72 pp. 35 b&w. February 2013 £19.50 Hardback

• A beautiful pairing of a mother’s poetry, written for her daughters, with photographs inspired by the poems, taken by her daughter, Dorothy Monnelly

The Eye of the Photographer The Story of Photography The Eye of the Photographer is a new, thematically ordered history of photography, illustrated with photos of the FoMu in Antwerp, one of the most important photography museums in Europe. With works by Eduard Baldus, Francis Frith, Edward Muybridge, August Sander, Stephen Shore, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray, William Klein, Claude Cahun, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Irving Penn, Weegee, Robert Doisneau and others, The Eye of the Photographer illustrates how photographers work. Why does a photographer make that one particular photo? What evokes such strong emotions when looking at a picture? Text in English & Dutch.

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401405041 260 x 210mm. 256 pp. 100 col., 100 b.&w. January 2013 £30.00 Flexibind

54 DECORATIVE ARTS Munsteiner - The Young Generation Tom & Jutta Munsteiner Wilhelm Lindemann This richly illustrated book presents a comprehensive overview of Tom and Jutta Munsteiner’s artistic creations. It provides not only a deep insight into the crystalline world of gemstones, but also shows that crystals have lost nothing of their centuries-old fascination as an artistic material. Text in English & German.

Goldsmith’s Art 5000 years of Jewelry and Hollowware Hermann Schadt Goldsmiths’ Art is the first comprehensive presentation of 5000 years of goldsmiths’ art with numerous examples covering jewellery, vessels, and utensils. This book describes and analyses the major styles and interrelationships in the historical developments over the last 5000 years.

Nature Transformed French Art Nouveau Horn Jewelry Jessica Goldring. Essay by Janet Zapata Macklowe Gallery has published a lavishly illustrated catalogue, Nature Transformed, as documentation of its groundbreaking 2012 exhibition of French Art Nouveau horn jewellery. The jewellery exhibited consisted largely of pendants, hung from silk cords with coloured beads, brooches, and hair ornaments, as well as decorative accessories including letter openers.

English Posies and Posy Rings Joan Evans Posy rings are an important and avidly collected form of antique jewellery. They derive their name from the word ‘poesy’ meaning short rhyme, as the rings were engraved with rhyming messages. The inscriptions are often in elaborate scripts, decorated with enamel. They were popular from the late mediaeval period onwards and were used to communicate sentiments of friendship, loyalty and most frequently love.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903746 295 x 240mm. 224 pp. 225 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783925369537 265 x 195mm. 240 pp. 300 col., 64 b.&w. January 2013 £20.00 Hardback

Macklowe Gallery Press ISBN: 9780985429409 250 x 228mm. 90 pp. 78 col., 3 b.&w. January 2013 £22.50 Paperback

Wartski Limited ISBN: 9781851497188 226 x 150mm. 148 pp. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

DECORATIVE ARTS 55 Russian Decorative Arts Cynthia Coleman Sparke Russian Decorative Arts offers an introductory guide to porcelain, glass, silver, Tula work and other base metals, orders and decorations, jewellery, objects of virtue, Fabergé, lapidary, woodwork and walrus ivory. Each topic is covered in an illustrated chapter introducing the techniques, its specific Russian characteristics and an overview of the principle makers.

A Guide to Collecting Affordable Antique Furniture Caroline Wheater This guide tells you how to go about buying items of antique furniture that will become part of your home. Special chapters cover the furniture ‘top 10’ with descriptions of what to look for, images of popular styles and periods as well as investment pieces. A final chapter with an international diary of antique events rounds out this useful guide.

Bibliography of Glass: From the Earliest Times to the Present Bibliographie du verre / Bibliographie über Glas / Bibliografie over glas Willy Van den Bossche

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851497225 300 x 237mm 304 pp. 300 col. May 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126337 220 x 170mm. 192 pp. 150 col. February 2013 £19.95 Paperback

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851497218 305 x 220mm. 347 pp. January 2013 £65.00 Hardback

An exceptional work of reference, Bibliography of Glass is a compilation of 3,500 selected books on glass and glassmaking. User friendly, the book features 450 museums from all around the world and will be valid for decades. Text in English, German, French & Dutch.

A History of Eighteenth-Century German Porcelain The Warda Stevens Stout Collection Text by Christina Nelson, Essay by Letitia Roberts This book is a descriptive catalogue of the Dixon Gallery in Memphis’ remarkable holdings considered to be among the most important in the world. The book is also one of the first in English to describe the artisans, aesthetics, social and political intrigue, financial arrangements, and courtly ambitions that resided in the porcelain factories.

Hudson Hills Press ISBN: 9781555953881 305 x 250mm. 568 pp. 636 col. April 2013 £60.00 Hardback

56 DECORATIVE ARTS Stradivarius Charles Beare, Peter Beare and Jon Whiteley Antonio Stradivari is, perhaps, the only maker of violins who ranks alongside Van Gogh and Turner as an artist. This book accompanies a Stradivarius exhibition - the first of its kind in the UK - at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It will include 30 instruments, representative of Stradivari’s range and output, alongside exceedingly rare examples of stringed instruments other than those of the violin family.

The Invention of Glory Afonso V and the Pastrana Tapestries Miguel Ángel de Bunes Ibarra Commissioned in the 1470s most likely by Afonso V, King of Portugal, the Pastrana Tapestries are a group of 4 towering (12 by 36 feet each) tapestries memorialising his conquest of the Moroccan cities of Asilah and Tangier. This beautiful book showcases the recently restored tapestries, among the finest mediaeval examples in the world.

Armes à Feu Catalogue de Musée d’art et d’histoire, Genéve José A. Godoy This reference works presents over 300 pieces belonging to the Musée d’art et d’histoire in Geneva, which span from 1700 to 1835. The book illustrates a great diversity of firearms: rifles, muskets, arquebuses, grenade launchers, rampart muskets. Handguns are also well represented, as well as all the accessories needed to use firearms: powder flasks, pouches, and bayonets. Text in French.

Manju Netsuke from the collection of the Ashmolean Museum Joyce Seaman Manju netsuke have never been the subject of a book on netsuke. Many books ignore them completely; this catalogue will throw light on the differences between the manju and other better-known types of netsuke. It accompanies an exhibition of many of the pieces in this collection alongside woodblock prints from the Ashmolean Museum’s collection which illustrate the same legends and subjects.

Ashmolean Museum ISBN: 9781854442772 £40.00 Hardback ISBN: 9781854442758 £25.00 Paperback 280 x 220mm. 200 pp. 140 col. June 2013

Ediciones El Viso ISBN: 9788495241849 305 x 245mm. 104 pp. 67 col. 1 b.&w. January 2013 £40.00 Hardback

Officina Libraria ISBN: 9788889854693 310 x 265mm. 352 pp. 24 col. 1500 b.&w. February 2013 £55.00 Hardback

Ashmolean Museum ISBN: 9781854442796 280 x 220mm. 200 pp. 200 col. June 2013 £25.00 Paperback

DECORATIVE ARTS 57 Infinite Place The Ceramic Art of Wayne Higby Edited by Peter Held Accompanying a major retrospective exhibition at ASU Art Museum, Arizona State University, in Spring 2013, this book is an essential part of the narrative of Wayne Higby’s retrospective exhibition - focusing on the concept of the artist scholar. It documents his ceramic work with over 150 images of 50 seminal works and gives context to the story behind the artwork.

Sasha Dolls Edited by Steffan Biffiger Sasha Dolls have been popular for decades with children and mothers worldwide. This is the first book on Sasha Morgenthaler and her famous dolls extraordinary creations that stand out through their unique facial features, their subtle humour and carefully crafted limbs and clothes. The picture section of the book brings the dolls to life. Text in English & German.

The Schuco Saga 100 Years Replete with Marvels Andreas A. Berse Schuco; for collectors and fans today the name is tantamount to fascinating and high-quality model cars. The Schuco-Saga looks back on 100 years of success and change and presents innumerable marvels in miniature. The story, endowed with many unpublished pictures, is illustrated by a kaleidoscope of the most appealing products of the unique Schuco history.

Appraising Art: The Definitive Guide All About Appraising the Fine and Decorative Arts Aleya Lehmann Bench et al This comprehensive and encyclopaedic handbook covers a vast range of topics, from appraisal procedures, methodology, and considerations to guidelines for appraising specifically selected fine and decorative art. An incredible, thoughtful, and allencompassing scope of subject matter, compiled by the Appraisers Association of America, is defined and expertly explained.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903845 300 x 240mm. 200 pp. 150 col. March 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716516331 290 x 290mm. 120 pp. 125 col. June 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768835541 240 x 210mm. 160 pp. 170 col., 65 b.&w. January 2013 £24.99 Hardback

Hudson Hills Press ISBN: 9781555953799 220 x 270mm. 400 pp. 50 col. February 2013 £65.00 Paperback

58 INTERIOR DESIGN Contemporary Living in Russia Wim Pauwels Contemporary Living in Russia presents a series of stunning interior design projects, accompanied by detailed commentary. It showcases the very best of contemporary interior design in Russia, and is illustrated with over 200 beautiful colour photographs of stunning interiors.

The Natural Home Dwellings at ease with themselves and their surroundings Nathalie Taverne & Anna Lambert This book proves that choosing a green way of life, also when decorating your home, doesn’t have to mean that one has to give in regarding quality and aesthetics. The houses in The Natural Home are all inhabited by people with a big love for their natural surroundings and it also treats the own character of different kinds of “fair trade” building materials and interior elements, such as wood, stone, glass or recycled materials.

On Show Exhibition and Fair Design On Show: Exhibition and Fair Design showcases a collection of remarkable exhibition spaces and booths. Spanning the globe, readers can expect to discover unique and well-designed exhibitions. An exhibition is known to be one of the most important approaches that artists and businessmen adopt to appeal to the public and to advertise their work therefore, exhibitions have to be very eye catching. This book aims to inspire all designers when designing exhibitions of different campaigns.

Beta-Plus Publishing ISBN: 9789089441454 340 x 270mm. 220 pp. 200 col. April 2013 £70.00 Hardback

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789089890795 300 x 245mm. 240 pp. 220 col. Price reduction £30.00 Hardback

• A wide-ranging contemporary style guide to interiors, using sustainable materials and approaches throughout

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814394017 290 x 230mm. 272 pp. 400 col. January 2013 £43.80 Hardback

ARCHITECTURE 59 Purpose Built Homes Specialised Spaces for Residential Architecture Edited by The Images Publishing Group Purpose Built Homes presents a fascinating collection of houses that were custom designed for a very particular purpose - to showcase an object such as a vintage car - or to accommodate specialised spaces or needs, such as a recording studio. The book is a compendium of unique houses where the design was driven by the owner’s particular passion or requirements. Featuring detailed plans, diagrams and photography, this book offers inspiration and practical details on how to seamlessly incorporate specialised spaces for work, creativity and leisure into otherwise fully functioning and visually stunning family homes.

Tall Buildings of China Edited by Georges Binder This breathtaking new compilation showcases the latest tall buildings in China, including the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and emerging super-cities in the provinces. Georges Binder, one of the world’s most accomplished tall buildings experts, examines the best in contemporary design, the technology that makes them possible, and pairs them with beautiful imagery. These skyscrapers are a fitting symbol of China’s new-found prosperity, ambition and architectural flair.

Chicagoisms The City as Catalyst for Architectural Speculation Edited by Alexander Eisenschmidt & Jonathan Mekinda Chicago has long captured global imagination as a place of tall, shining buildings rising from the fog, the playground for many great architects - from Mies van der Rohe to Frank Lloyd Wright - and a surprising epicentre for modern construction and building techniques. Chicagoisms examines Chicago’s role as a catalyst for international developments and the city’s influence to international discourse, and is the first publication to cover this aspect of Chicago’s architectural history.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705119 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. July 2013 £35.00 Hardback

• Detailed plans and photography reveal how architects are seamlessly integrating customised spaces for work or leisure into contemporary house designs

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704129 300 x 223mm. 224 pp. 400 col. July 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027159 270 x 210mm. 192 pp. 90 col. 50 b.&w. May 2013 £30.00 Hardback

60 ARCHITECTURE Architectural Moments Bruno Erpicum Erpicum’s twenty-five years of experience allows him to work in varying fields - residences, commercial buildings, as well as museums and galleries. This is the second monograph on the work of this outstanding firm, published by Beta-Plus. Architectural Moments features projects in Ibiza, France, Belgium and portugal, amongst others.

California Homes Studio William Hefner William Hefner This latest addition to IMAGES’ Master Architect Series showcases seven exquisite residential projects by master architect William Hefner, whose Los-Angelesbased architectural firm has been designing residential, commercial and retail properties for nearly two decades.

California Luxury Living A Private Tour John Finton California Luxury Living: A Private Tour is a visual exploration of world-renowned builder John Finton’s most outstanding houses. More than just houses, many of these estates are complete with bowling alleys, vineyards, polo fields, movie theatres and more. Among the firm’s are captains of industry and international business executives, along with a bevy of A-list celebrities.

Blue Sky Living The Architecture of Helliwell & Smith Edited with an introduction by Trevor Boddy Blue Sky was born out of the ferment of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Blue Sky’s work proves that even in the 21st century, Arts and Craft style can work on the West Coast. The projects contained in this book are inspirational and humane: the work of Helliwell and Smith is deeply involved with the ecology and topography of southern British Columbia and their projects underscore the dramatic interweave of sea, forest and rock.

Beta Plus Publishing ISBN: 9789089441522 340 x 270mm. 192 pp. January 2013 £70.00 Hardback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704273 300 x 223mm. 336 pp. 400 col. February 2013 £45.00 Hardback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704396 280 x 280mm. 278 pp. 500 col. January 2013 £35.00 Hardback

• The world’s most luxurious homes captured in exquisite detail across over 278 spectacular full colour pages

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704815 300 x 223mm. 148 pp. 300 col. February 2013 £25.00 Hardback

ARCHITECTURE 61 Remote Luxury II Top Resorts Down Under Edited by The Images Publishing Group Remote Luxury II: Top Resorts Down Under is the ultimate guide to getting away from it all in Australia and New Zealand. This beautifully photographed publication takes you on a visual journey through the most remote of these idyllic getaways, from luxurious lodges in the outback to sustainable eco resorts in rainforests and sleek retreats by the sea. Whether your taste veers towards the champagne lifestyle and total luxury or the quieter, more tucked away hideaways that offer solitude. With each resort shown in full colour and described in detail, Remote Luxury is sure to enthral and delight.

Global Hotel Design Alleb Hong. Edited by Jim He What makes a hotel “top of the world”? The answers might include exquisite linens, museum-quality furniture, stunning surroundings, and of course, impeccable standards and exacting attention to detail. This collection of the world’s very best lodgings profiles the ultimate across the globe. Much more than just the usual hotel picture books, this title introduces many striking and unusual new establishments of recent vintage. From trendy city business hotels to innovative elegant boutique hotels, the modern and sleek lodgings within will appeal to all who wish to keep up with the latest in hospitality chic.

Francesco Coppola Architect Eclecticism Francesco Coppola Francesco Coppola has always been an architect with wide-ranging interests: from architecture to communication, graphic arts and design. His interdisciplinary approach has resulted in a diverse body of work. Francesco Coppola Architect explores Coppola’s work as a design and brand consultant with some of the world’s leading ceramic companies and his wide portfolio of industrial and product design such as furniture, lamps, tiles, mosaics and patented new systems of prefabrication for homes and displays.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705072 254 x 254mm. 224 pp. 400 col. June 2013 £39.95 Hardback

• A stunning guide to the experiences at and the architecture of sought-after resort destinations in Australia and New Zealand

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789881973504 310 x 240mm. 592 pp. 1500 col. January 2013 £170.00 Hardback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705010 300 x 223mm. 224 pp. 400 col. May 2013 £50.00 Hardback

62 ARCHITECTURE CCDI Design Group Interaction with a Changing World CCDI Design Group China Construction Design International (CCDI) is one of Asia’s premier architectural firms. Among CCDI’s completed projects are office towers, sports arenas, residential complexes and cultural centres, as well as many large-scale planning projects. All projects are based on the firm’s core principles of integrated design.

C.Y. Lee & Partners Architects & Planners C.Y. Lee Many would say that no one uses space and imagination in their architectural work quite like ChuYuan Lee. This monograph is one that truly stands apart from all those that have come before it. The architecture produced by C.Y. Lee & Partners is grander is scale and visual impact than regularly seen. This book is a complete joy to read.

DDG One World, One Firm Design Development Group This new monograph features the most extraordinary projects yet in Design Development Group’s vast portfolio, which includes exciting new retail and entertainment concepts; first-class hotel, leisure, and resort facilities; unique office and residential designs; town/leisure centres and large mixed-use destinations offering a wide range of elements and activities.

NAGA The Master Architect Series NAGA NAGA is a Boston and Dubai-based architecture and design firm, dedicated to contemporary design through a digital manufacturing process. This monograph features stunning photographs of NAGA’s most significant and award-winning projects designed and built by the firm since its inception - supplemented by sketches, plans, elevations and detail drawings that illustrate the evolution and process of each design.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704617 340 x 245mm. 264 pp. 400 col. May 2013 £50.00 Hardback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781876907105 300 x 300mm. 368 pp. 400 col. April 2013 £50.00 Hardback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704686 235 x 235mm. 256 pp. 400 col. May 2013 £50.00 Hardback

• This beautifully illustrated volume celebrates DDG’s novel ability to integrate multiple disciplines

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704976 235 x 235mm. 256 pp. 400 col. July 2013 £50.00 Hardback

• Explores the outstanding body of work by NAGA architects - where talented design teams come from diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds to create truly impressive architecture

ARCHITECTURE 63 The Office Building of the Future Pickard Chilton In 2012, a team of architectural, interiors, sustainability, engineering, and construction experts identified trends and opportunities for incorporation into the design of an Office Building of the Future for the year 2030. The award-winning work culminates in a case study which integrates new thinking about the workplace, building systems, sustainability, and modularity to accommodate a limitless range of building program types and scales.

Exemplary Buildings Success Stories from Brussels Bernard Deprez and Jean Cech A review of the fifth call for architectural projects, by the Brussels Environmental Agency. Each project must be beautiful, practical and economical, while at the same time being incredibly sustainable. This book charts the incredible success stories that were submitted to the project.

Eat Live Work - CCS Architecture Monograph Cass Calder Smith Known for creating projects with exceptional results, CCS Architects specialise in the buildings where we eat, live and work. This book explores opportunities of potential and expresses them at a scale appropriate to each project. The work is firmly based in the modernist idiom, where innovation and creativity are balanced by common sense and experience.

Knapkiewicz & Fickert. Housing Edited by Axel Simon Kaschka Knapkiewicz and Axel Fickert have gained great recognition since establishing their studio in 1992. Their housing projects especially have set new standards. Knapkiewicz & Fickert. Housing is the first comprehensive book on their work in this field. Documented are twenty built and unrealised projects of two decades. Each is described in a short text and richly illustrated with photographs, renderings, drawings and plans. Text in English & German.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705027 356 x 267mm. 164 pp. 300 col. January 2013 £40.00 Hardback

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9782873868000 247 x 247mm. 232 pp. 200 col. January 2013 £28.00 Paperback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704884 235 x 235mm. 256 pp. 400 col. July 2013 £50.00 Hardback

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027128 260 x 195mm. 264 pp. 110 col., 163 b.&w. January 2013 £50.00 Hardback

64 ARCHITECTURE Barents Lessons Teaching and Research in Architecture Edited by Harry Gugger, Nancy Couling, Aurélie Blanchard Barents Lessons gives an insight into an architectural research project at laba (Laboratory Basel), a satellite studio affiliated to the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL). The task was to analyse the region from a distance, and to carry out in-depth local fieldwork. The book is illustrated with graphics developed for the publication. Text in English & German.

Graft in Architecture Recreating Spaces Jin-Ho Park ‘Graft’ in architecture refers to any designs added to existing or neglected structures, reinvigorating tired spaces with new life. This book highlights four projects and the process involved in grafting, from conception to fabrication, along with plans, drawings, and photos detailing every aspect and consideration, demonstrating the benefits graft in architecture can bring to any space.

Architecture & Perception Jörg Kurt Grütter Experiencing architecture means seeing architecture. Certain aspects and contexts of the perception of architecture can best be explained by means of images. This is the idea upon which this book is based. Jörg Kurt Grütter has divided selected structural details into individual chapters. The reader can discover analogies as well as contradictions and view the photos completely independent of the texts.

Crafting Architecture Sports Center Sargans Edited by Thomas Hildebrand The exhaustion of our planet’s natural resources poses an essential challenge for architecture. The Sports Center Sargans by blue architects and Ruprecht Architekten demonstrates that sustainable architecture can achieve design excellence. The architects combine tradition and craftsmanship with modern techniques of production, creating a forward-looking yet locally rooted architecture. Text in English & German.

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027173 310 x 230mm. 156 pp. 210 col., 150 b.&w. January 2013 £35.00 Paperback

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705140 245 x 190mm. 204 pp. 400 col. January 2013 £20.00 Flexibind

Niggli ISBN: 9783721208313 280 x 280mm. 280 pp. 150 col. January 2013 £51.00 Hardback

Niggli ISBN: 9783721208412 275 x 220mm. 112 pp. 64 col. January 2013 £28.00 Hardback

ARCHITECTURE 65 Positions 5 Interviews with Fretton, Kolatan, Bründler, Lim, Schmidt Edited by Peter Staub This book of interviews is a compilation of differing attitudes and approaches to architecture. In conversations conducted with lecturers at the University of Liechtenstein, Sulan Kolatan, Tony Fretton, Andreas Bründler, CJ Lim, and André Schmidt talk about their architectural work. Text in English & German.

Ineffable Architecture, Computation and the Inexpressible Edited by Bradley Horn Ineffable documents a timely debate surrounding the use of computational tools in architecture and their effect on the nature of human expression. A distinguished group of architects, educators, and theoreticians discuss the potential benefits as well as the perils associated with the recent turn to ever increasing computational complexity in contemporary design culture.

Expression Architecture and the Arts. A Pedagogical Interaction Edited Lluís Mateo and Florian Sauter Expression is based on a program at ETH Zurich investigating the topic “architecture and art”. Essays, interviews and students’ projects document the findings in three fields of art: film, literature and visual arts. The book shows the influence these fields can have on architectural thought and design, revealing the knowledge to be gained from combining arts and architecture.

The Middle East Territory, City, Architecture Edited Lluís Mateo and Florian Sauter The Middle East describes this region from a contemporary architectural perspective. This new book aims to describe the manifold facets of the Middle East. Contributors are practicing architects, renowned academics, artists and experts from the region. All material in the book has been produced exclusively for this program and is published here for the first time.

Niggli ISBN: 9783721207934 210 x 160mm. 192 pp. 60 col. February 2013 £32.00 Paperback

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789881512550 235 x 185mm. 248 pp. 260 col. January 2013 £46.00 Hardback, boxed

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027043 220 x 170mm. 128 pp. 64 col., 48 b.&w. January 2013 £25.00 Paperback

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027166 220 x 170mm. 256 pp. 140 col., 50 b.&w. May 2013 £32.00 Hardback

66 ARCHITECTURE Park Books ISBN: 9783906027067 220 x 320mm. 128 pp. 6 col., 82 b.&w. January 2013 £50.00 Hardback

Central Switzerland. A Metropolis Edited by Bund Schweizer Architekten Central Switzerland, the region around Lake Lucerne, is praised worldwide for the prettiness of its landscape and the dramatic mountain scenery. Yet little is known internationally about the region’s 20th-century architecture. Photographer Guido Baselgia has created a vast series of photographs documenting this scarcely published architectural world. Included are private and public buildings, residential as well as industrial structures.

Swiss Housing Projects by Felix Partners Interdisciplinary approaches to architecture Peter Felix and Rahel M. Felix Felix Partners is made up of Peter and Rahel Felix - he is an architect; she is a designer and marketing planner. They believe that architecture and business go hand in hand. Thus, the book, using their recent projects (both built and not built), makes clear their core concept that architecture and design should encompass the entire value chain of a construction project.

Best of Austria Architecture 2010/11 Edited by Architekturzentrum Wien Az W An up-to-date survey of contemporary architecture and building culture in Austria, including around 160 projects, all presented in concise text, images and plans. It features work by international firms such as David Chipperfield and UNStudio. A comprehensive essay offers an analysis of Austrian architecture from an external perspective. Text in English & German.

Great Houses of New York, 1880-1940 Volume 2 Michael C. Kathrens In this, the second volume to focus on the great New York City town houses, Michael Kathrens continues to explore residences, both celebrated and less well known, including the art- and treasure-filled houses of Henry O. Havermayer and Jeannette Dwight Bliss, and architect Ernest Flagg’s own house that once stood at 109 E. 40th Street. A companion volume to Great Houses of New York 1880-1930 ISBN: 978092649434.

• Presents little known 20th-century architecture of a worldfamous Swiss region

• Striking images by the renowned Swiss photographer Guido Baselgia

Niggli ISBN: 9783721208535 267 x 224mm. 336 pp. 200 col. January 2013 £59.00 Hardback

Park Books ISBN: 9783906027111 290 x 220mm. 272 pp. 275 col., 193 b.&w. January 2013 £40.00 Hardback

Acanthus Press LLC ISBN: 9780926494800 304 x 228mm. 336 pp. 30 col., 300 b.&w. April 2013 £49.95 Hardback

DESIGN 67 Design Forward Creative Strategy at the Core of Sustainable Innovation Edited by Hartmut Esslinger For Hartmut Esslinger - one of the most influential designers and thinkers, as well as the founder of frog design - design has always been a key strategic discipline, which he has practised successfully in cooperation with companies such as Wega, Louis Vuitton, Sony, SAP and especially Apple, collaborating directly with Steve Jobs. Therefore in this book he sets out to establish a wide range of creative innovators as top executives, who are equally influential and occupy leading positions in economics, education and politics.

Iconic Posters - Poster Icons René Gauch Among the variety of printed matters, the poster is the visual designer’s supreme discipline. It is a tradition for many museums, interested in cultivating a smart, artistic image, to present themselves through sophisticated posters. To René Gauch, the personal and spontaneous compliments from museum visitors and colleagues and the memories they take home are more important than national or international awards. The exhibitions advertised are long over, but the posters remain with us as witnesses of a whole era. Text in English, Italian & German.

Concept and Design Konzept und Entwurf Edited by Pálffy Editions Throughout history, the plurality of architectural concepts and practices has seldom been as manifested as it is today. What may appear, from an external, culturally pessimistic perspective, as a lack of orientation, is in reality the driving force and the centre of architectural action. This books presents the teaching method of András Pálffy, professor of architecture at Vienna University of Technology, through the use of numerous photos, maps and texts. Text in English & German.

Arnoldsche Art Publisher ISBN: 9783897903814 240 x 185mm. 300 pp. 100 col. January 2013 £25.00 Flexibind

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716517529 245 x 165mm. 192 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £40.00 Hardback

Niggli ISBN: 9783721207637 310 x 215mm. 440 pp. 1050 col. February 2013 £32.00 Paperback

68 DESIGN Logos & Marks in Japan Vol. 2 Alpha Planning Logos & Marks in Japan Vol. 2 showcases hundreds of logos and marks created by Japanese designers and design companies, providing ideas and inspiration for graphic designers. The projects illustrated in this book demonstrate the infinite potential when combining letters and images, creating logos that help to personify a brand, product or service. Text in English & Japanese.

More Mall Edited by Iris Huang This volume features sixty-one architecturally stunning shopping malls from around the world, including: The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai; Bluewater, Kent; Liverpool One; ION Orchard, Singapore; Crystals, Las Vegas; iSquare, Hong Kong; K:fem, Stockholm; Bruun’s Gallery, Denmark; Hamburger Meile and The Mall of Kuwait.

Azur Corporation ISBN: 9784568504965 297 x 255mm. 504 pp. 1000 col. March 2013 £55.00 Hardback

Azur Corporation ISBN: 9789881889362 285 x 245mm. 328 pp. 500 col. Reprinting March 2013 £50.00 Hardback

Select Booth Design Alpha Planning Fully illustrated in colour throughout, Select Booth Design documents more than seventy booths including those to display stationery, construction materials, electrical equipment, cars and motorcycles. It presents a strong, diverse selection of ideas for booth and display design. Text in English & Japanese.

Azur Corporation ISBN: 9784568505061 297 x 225mm. 288 pp. 1000 col. March 2013 £50.00 Hardback

Top Space & Art 2 Spatial and Graphic Design for Events and Exhibitions This book showcases examples of where structure meets graphic design, turning any venue into an outstanding and eye-catching space. Featuring interiors and exteriors of restaurants, shops, offices, exhibition spaces and public buildings, Top Space & Art 2 includes the work of some of the most respected names in contemporary architecture and design, such as Pierluigi Piu, and displays projects from all over the world.

Azur Corporation ISBN: 9784568504323 297 x 229mm. 280 pp. 500 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

DESIGN 69 Apassionata Heinz Aeschlimann. Artist, Businessman, Visionary Edited by Roy Oppenheim Heinz Aeschlimann has made himself a name in the art scene as an innovative artist who supplies the world of modern sculpture with new experiences. He is a trained civil engineer, an internationally known specialist for mastic asphalt, and a metal sculptor. The material he uses is sometimes bent into organically curved shapes other times it forms dynamically layered iron slabs or intersecting, interwoven components. Text in English & German.

Allgemeine Entwurfsanstalt with Trix and Robert Haussmann Furniture for Röthlisberger Kollektion Trix and Robert Haussmann et al Since 1967 Trix and Robert Haussmann have been partners at their architecture and design office. Their cooperation with the Röthlisberger carpenters, which started in 1979, yielded numerous successful experiments in artistic and handcrafted furniture. These exclusive designs are not comparable to normal household furniture from the retail store; which is why they were sold under the name /objects/, as a limited edition of 15 pieces each.

Design Biënnale Interieur 2012 The Design Biennial INTERIEUR 2012, known for its uncompromising international selection of contemporary design, has been a strong force in the field of design events since it took place for the first time in 1968. The 23rd Biennale Interieur catalogue represents the essence of the Biennial. It offers insight into the vision and ideas of the Future Primitives, essays on architects and designers, text and photos on Belgian designer of the year, Alain Gilles, and of course the products and the practical information on the top design brands represented at INTERIEUR 2012. Text in English, French & Dutch.

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716517192 290 x 250mm. 176 pp. 200 col. June 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Niggli ISBN: 9783721208184 285 x 210mm. 80 pp. 150 col. January 2013 £32.00 Hardback

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564344 222 x 190mm. 672 pp. 600 col. January 2013 £29.95 Paperback

70 LIFESTYLE Queen Elizabeth Elegance at Sea Ingo Thiel With her midnight-blue hull, brilliant-white superstructure and red funnel, the new Queen Elizabeth is another worthy representative of the Cunard Line and the long tradition of this company. Due to their extraordinarily beautiful line, both ships named Queen Elizabeth have become role models of noble elegance at sea. With magnificent photographs, Queen Elizabeth: Elegance at Sea gives a fantastic insight into life on board the second biggest luxury liner flying the Cunard flag. Cruise ship enthusiasts and all who appreciate a superior ambience will enjoy reading this book. Text in English & German.

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768833226 304 x 219mm. 128 pp. 90 col., 7 b.&w. January 2013 £24.99 Hardback, slipcase

Segeln Exclusiv The World of Superyachts Wolfgang Behnken, Leonard Prinz and Gerhard Thomssen In a multitude of exciting photos and numerous enlightening essays, Segeln Exclusiv: The World of Superyachts unites the passion for sailing with fascination for design, sports and technology. This opulent volume takes the reader from the outside all the way into the very hearts of unique sailing yachts, tells the history of yachting, presents descriptions of most coveted yachting hotspots around the globe and introduces prestigious racing yachts and regattas. Text in English & German.

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768833868 349 x 254mm. 288 pp. 281 col., 22 b.&w. January 2013 £55.00 Hardback, slipcase

The Bald Mermaid A Sheila Bridges Memoir Sheila Bridges After receiving degrees from two universities, Sheila Bridges became a wildly successful interior designer, designing homes for high-profile clients and even hosting her own television show. But, when she lost her hair due to alopecia, she lost it all. This is her story of coming to terms with what success and happiness mean to her, realising the cost of freedom, and understanding what it means to stay true to herself in the face of judgement, criticism, and expectation from family, friends, lovers, and strangers. Beautifully illustrated with personal photographs and images of Bridges’ interior designs.

Pointed Leaf Press ISBN: 9781938461057 229 x 153mm. 354 pp. 130 col. April 2013 £25.00 Hardback

ART REFERENCE 71 The Art Mysteries Series This series examines several highly regarded masterpieces in an attempt to unravel the mysteries that surround them. Through an innovative concept and a fresh approach, Art Mysteries presents an up-to-date and spectacular reading of famous paintings, investigating key clues that suggest previously unknown background information.

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866480952 215 x 156mm. 80 pp. 22 col. January 2013 £16.95 Hardback

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866481218 215 x 156mm. 80 pp. 22 col. January 2013 £16.95 Hardback

Raphael: The School of Athens

Titian: Sacred and Profane Love

Marco Carminati

Stefano Zuffi

The fresco The School of Athens in the Vatican stages a scene with 58 characters, among whom the ancient world’s most famous thinkers can be identified. This book presents the assorted theories of who’s who in the fresco and examines the secrets of the great work.

The title of the masterwork painted by Titian, Sacred and Profane Love, is of little help in solving the mystery surrounding the painting. It is unquestionably a celebration of love, but what is the relationship between the woman dressed in white and the woman who is naked?

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866481225 215 x 156mm. 80 pp. 22 col. January 2013 £16.95 Hardback

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866480969 215 x 156mm. 80 pp. 22 col. January 2013 £16.95 Hardback

Van Eyck: The Arnolfini Portrait

Veronese: The Wedding at Cana

Stefano Zuffi

Marco Carminati

What makes The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck one of the best-known works of art in the world? What mystery do we happen upon when we tiptoe into the bridal chamber? Within the modest dimensions of an “intimate” scene, the artist manages to invite us almost physically into the room.

Paolo Veronese’s dazzling painting The Wedding at Cana was commissioned to be hung in the refectory of the Benedictine monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. Veronese transforms a religious scene into a worldly event, veering from realism to the fantastical, in a virtuoso display of his own vision of art and life.

Also available: Botticelli: The Birth of Venus ISBN: 9788866480501 Velázquez: Las Meninas ISBN: 9788866480556 Leonardo: Mona Lisa ISBN: 9788866480860 Piero Della Francesca: The Montefeltro Altarpiece ISBN: 9788866480891 Bosch: The Garden of Earthly Delights ISBN: 9788866480884 Caravaggio: Stories of St Matthew ISBN: 9788866480853

72 ART REFERENCE Pompeii: The Ages of Pompeii Fabrizio Pesando Pompeii is one of the great legends of the modern world. The name immediately brings to mind the day in 79 AD when the eruption of Vesuvius put an end to the city’s life. The city already had a very long history when this occurred; the passing of ages left its imprint on the evolution not only of painting - the four Pompeian styles - but also of architecture and construction techniques. In addition to recounting the history of Pompeii, this work is designed for the precise purpose of accompanying the reader in the discovery of this variety and these traces, thus transforming their journey into a series of very interesting surprises.

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866481140 215 x 170mm. 96 pp. 50 col. January 2013 £18.90 Hardback

Pompeii: The Art of Loving Cinzia Dal Maso Does Pompeii really deserve its reputation as a city of vice ‘punished’ by the eruption for its sinful ways? The Romans had a less inhibited attitude towards sex than we do. In this respect the Pompeians were no more dissolute than any other citizens of the empire. At the same time, however, there was something very particular and odd about the city. The sheer number and variety of sexual references in Pompeii in 79 AD has no parallel in the known Roman world. The possibility that the city was something more than a simple sea port, is an intriguing hypothesis and one this book illustrates.

24 ORE Cultura ISBN: 9788866481157 215 x 170mm. 95 pp. 50 col. January 2013 £18.90 Hardback

Venus Walpurga Antl-Weiser, Anton Kern, Lois Lammerhuber The Venus of Willendorf, created 25,000 years ago, is one of the greatest archaeological finds in human history. Through his camera, Lois Lammerhuber offers the reader a close look never seen before: Venus from all sides, with a wealth of details, down to the tiniest pore of the stone. In their essays, the Venus experts of Vienna's Natural History Museum Walpurga Antl-Weiser and Anton Kern, provide a glimpse into the world of the Stone Age period.

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753084 320 x 240mm. 92 pp. 42 col. January 2013 £37.00 Hardback, slipcase

• Never before was it possible to get so close to one of the most famous statues in the world; it’s status is incomparable and its value immeasurable

ART REFERENCE 73 Musée du Louvre: Painted Shoes Margo Glantz, Lois Lammerhuber, Edited by Catherine Belanger In acclaimed photographer Lois Lammerhuber’s pictures, shod feet in the Louvre paintings reveal undreamt-of information about people. The details are not only separate works of art, but also studies on centuries of shoe fashion and an excursion into social history. Raphael, Goya, or Ingres did not produce or design footwear, but they all ‘recorded’ shoes, contributing to a history of footwear and at the same time creating fashion archives of shoes that people stepped out in between 1280 and 1863. Text in English, German, French & Spanish.

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753237 245 x 320mm. 256 pp. 160 col. January 2013 £70.00 Hardback

• The outstanding photographs in this book focus on an odd detail in a selection of the world’s most famous paintings in the largest and best known museum - they only show feet and shoes “Fascinating details of the original pictures and a social history of footwear fashion” VOGUE

Dog Painting A History of the Dog in Art William Secord William Secord explores the presentation of the dog, from its origins in Greek, Roman and later European art, to the remarkable paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries up to modern times. In this splendid work he traces the evolution of some fifty breeds, using carefully selected illustrations, ranging from depictions of hounds and sporting dogs in the field to Victorian portraits of pampered pets and highly-bred favourites. This fascinating account of most of the popular breeds provides an original and penetrating artistic record of mankind’s faithful companions.

Antique Collectors’ Club ISBN: 9781851495764 305 x 242mm. 456 pp. 555 col. Reprinting January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Blessed with this World’s Goods Treasures from the Library of the 1st Lord Fairhaven at Anglesey Abbey Mark Purcell, David Pearson and William Hale Photographs by John Hammond The library at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge, includes within it an astounding cabinet des livres, consisting of approximately 200 fine colour plate books, fine bindings, extra illustrated books and private press books. The majority of these books have never been seen in public. They have been described as among the finest copies in existence of some of the grandest books ever produced. Blessed with this World’s Goods introduces one of the most remarkable book collections of the twentieth century.

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857598261 270 x 230mm. 144 pp. 120 col. January 2013 £19.95 Paperback

74 ART REFERENCE European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art A Walking Guide Edited by Keith Christiansen and Katharine Baetjer The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds one of the most significant and best-known collections of European paintings in the world. The second of Scala’s Walking Guide series with the Metropolitan, this handy, fully illustrated book provides an accessible walking tour of the newly expanded galleries of Old Masters and 19th-century European paintings at the Museum.

Kunsthistoriches Museum Vienna The Kunstkammer Sabine Haag In December 2012, after 10 years closure for restoration, the Kunstkammer in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, will reopen. One of the most important and stunningly beautiful collections of its kind in the world, the Kunstkammer contains a vast collection of objects from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque.

Kunsthistoriches Museum Vienna Director’s Choice Sabine Haag The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna ranks among the most important European museum buildings of the 19th century. Its collections include a coin collection that is ranked one of the largest and most important in the world. Sabine Haag has selected personal highlights from across the collections of this exceptional museum.

The Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum Catalogue of Plaster Casts of Greek and Roman Sculpture R.R.R. Smith and Rune Frederiksen The Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum contains the premier collection of plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculpture in the UK. This book is its first complete and illustrated catalogue. It presents 1,000 casts of monuments from all over the ancient world, from 600 BC to AD 500, from small bronzes to iconic monuments such as the Laokoon and the Augustus of Prima Porta.

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857598193 197 x 110mm. 96 pp. May 2013 £6.50 Paperback

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857597974 274 x 196mm. 128 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £12.95 Paperback

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857597233 190 x 165mm. 112 pp. 50 col. March 2013 £12.95 Paperback

Ashmolean Museum Publications ISBN: 9781854442666 295 x 210mm. 360 pp. 1160 b.&w. January 2013 £20.00 Paperback

ART REFERENCE 75 British Drawings from the Cleveland Museum of Art Heather Lemonedes This volume is the first in a series of outstanding works from the permanent collection of works on paper at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It presents 50 highlights from the exceptional holding of British drawings, along with a small group of loans from private collections, ranging from the 18th century through the Edwardian period. Featuring works by artists such as Thomas Gainsborough, William Blake, J. M. W. Turner, and Edward Burne-Jones, this new volume represents the extraordinary range of possibility in working on paper.

Fine Lines American Drawings from the Brooklyn Museum Karen A. Sherry, Contributions by Caroline Gillaspie and Caitlin Jenkins Fine Lines: American Drawings from the Brooklyn Museum is the first survey of the Brooklyn Museum’s world-class collection of drawings. It highlights more than 100 masterworks in graphite, charcoal, pen and ink, crayon, and pastel, by some of the most important names in American art from the last three centuries; among the more than 70 artists included are John Singleton Copley, Benjamin West, Winslow Homer, William Merritt Chase, Edward Hopper, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Marsden Hartley.

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa Edited by Gerhard Wolf, Anna Rosa Calderoni Masetti, Salvatore Settis The Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa presents one of the most precious religious buildings in Genoa. Founded in either the 5th or 6th century, and later rebuilt in Romanesque style and devoted to St. Lawrence the martyr the cathedral is full of artistic treasures from the Middle Ages to the 20th century; it is a hidden treasure of Italy. This is the most complete monograph ever published on this monument, illustrating the unique architectural and artistic masterpieces in 700 colour photographs. Text in English & Italian.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804229 280 x 240mm. 152 pp. 72 col. April 2013 £29.95 Hardback

GILES ISBN: 9781907804144 254 x 210mm. 248 pp. 177 col., 15 b.&w. January 2013 £39.95 Hardback

Franco Cosimo Panini Editore ISBN: 9788857004754 310 x 240mm. 1080 pp. 700 col., 200 b.&w. January 2013 £575.00 3 vols, hardback, slipcase

76 ART REFERENCE Living Artfully At Home with Marjorie Merriweather Post Estella M. Chung Living Artfully is a beautifully illustrated account of the three magnificent homes of Marjorie Merriweather Post, one of America’s most stylish and powerful women, through the 1950s to 1970s. From 1957 onwards she lived in stately Hillwood in Washington, D.C. for spring and autumn, retreated to Camp Topridge in the Adirondacks for the summer, and enjoyed the winter season at her glamorous villa Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach. This book follows her yearly calendar and offers a vibrant and intimate picture of life in each residence - for Marjorie Post, her guests and her staff.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804137 254 x 210mm. 144 pp. 170 col. May 2013 £29.95 Hardback

Murillo. Catálogo razonado de pinturas Enrique Valdivieso/Ediciones El Viso Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, born late December 1617 was a Spanish Baroque painter. Few painters have been as highly considered as Murillo was both during his lifetime and over the centuries following his death. This is a necessary book, one that updates, completes and clarifies Murillo’s work as a whole. This volume offers an opportunity to view all of the known works produced by the painter, based on a clear and reasoned classification and a careful reproduction of each work. Text in Spanish.

Ediciones El Viso ISBN: 9788495241771 320 x 240mm. 624 pp. 465 col. February 2013 £95.00 Hardback

Foundations of a Collection The Barber Institute of Fine Arts Dr Sophie Bostock et al. This book is published to mark the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Birmingham, an exceptional cultural resource that combines one of the finest small art galleries in the world with a superb concert hall and research facilities. The book is the product of extensive new research by a team of authors, and provides a fascinating and valuable insight into the conception, birth and formative years of one of the UK’s most revered cultural institutions. It is lavishly illustrated with 120 colour and archival images, many previously unpublished.

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857598148 248 x 200mm. 160 pp. 125 col. January 2013 £16.95 Paperback

ART REFERENCE 77 The Female Gaze Women Artists Making Their World Edited by Robert Cozzolino, Essays by Glenn Adamson, Anna C. Chave and numerous others The Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women is a collection at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) of approximately 400 works of art including paintings, photographs, drawings, pastels, watercolours, collage, prints, fabric pieces, ceramics, bronze, wood, and sculpture in other media by over 150 artists. This accessibly written, fully illustrated publication includes ten new essays on women artists since the 1920s. The chief aim is to document and celebrate this unprecedented gift in PAFA’s history.

Hudson Hills Press in Association with The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts ISBN: 9781555953898 280 x 229mm. 272 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £39.50 Hardback, slipcase

• The collection includes works by artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Joan Brown, Viola Frey, Louise Nevelson, Christina Ramberg, Kiki Smith, Nancy Spero, and Beatrice Wood

Eternal Summer The Art of Edward Henry Potthast Julie Aronson This beautifully illustrated new volume highlights over 80 works by Cincinnati native, American Impressionist Edward Henry Potthast (1857-1927), celebrated for his sun-filled paintings of Americans at leisure. It covers the complete range of his art across different themes and media, from studies to finished works of art, watercolours, pastels, prints, and oil paintings. New research, supported by archival photographs and documents, puts Potthast’s paintings in the context of the art and culture of his time, including the rise of middle class leisure and tourism.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804069 279 x 229mm. 240 pp. 178 col., 30 b.&w. May 2013 £40.00 Hardback

Folinsbee Considered Kirsten M. Jensen John Fulton Folinsbee was a very successful artist virtually from the time he started painting, fresh out of school, in 1915. By the 1930s he was considered one of the leading artists of his generation along with names such as Leon Kroll and Thomas Hart Benton. By the 1950s however, Folinsbee’s career was in commercial decline and his work has been overlooked by art critics and historians through most of the rest of the 20th Century. It is as a regional (New Hope) Impressionist that he is still best known, though his transition to an Expressionist style is perhaps the most intriguing and least explored of the large body of work he created right up to his death in 1972.

Hudson Hills Press ISBN: 9781555953904 280 x 230mm. 322 pp. 419 col. February 2013 £55.00 Hardback

78 ART REFERENCE Cranford Collection Out of the House Anne Pontégnie and Mark Godfrey The Cranford Collection was founded in 1999 by Muriel and Freddy Salem, with the support of curator Andrew Renton. London had become one of the most vibrant cities for contemporary art. One of the Collection’s aims was to build a London-based collection that was reflective of the dynamic scene in London as well as of the larger international context of contemporary art. In 2005, Cranford Collection began mounting a series of installations in a domestic context, which are open for viewing by appointment. This catalogue accompanies the first exhibition of the Cranford Collection in Spain.

Mao’s Golden Mangoes and the Cultural Revolution Edited by Alfreda Murck In August 1968, the Pakistani foreign minister visited Beijing and presented Chairman Mao with a crate of mangoes. Apparently, Mao sent the mangoes as a gift to the “Worker-Peasant Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Teams”. The exotic fruit were distributed to various factories, where they were celebrated by the workers as tokens of Mao’s love and worshipped as a kind of religious relic. This is an interesting case study on how symbols are constructed by politics, exploring Chairman Mao's Mangoes’ reverberations throughout Chinese culture for years to come.

T. F. Editores ISBN: 9788415253648 300 x 240mm. 240 pp. February 2013 £30.00 Flexibind

Scheidegger & Spiess ISBN: 9783858817327 240 x 170mm. 248 pp. 100 col., 50 b.&w. March 2013 £30.00 Hardback

Bermuda National Gallery An Introduction Lisa Howie and Sophie Cressall Seven hundred miles at sea, Bermuda is a unique island with a complex history and a strong identity. Published in celebration of the Museum’s 20th anniversary, this lively, beautifully illustrated volume provides an introduction to the Bermuda National Gallery which houses Bermuda’s unique national art collection. Reflecting the island’s mixed heritage of cultures including European, African, and Caribbean influence, the book reflects Bermuda’s art history and the diversity of the island’s fascinating culture.

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857598179 242 x 216mm. 80 pp. 100 col. March 2013 £25.00 Hardback

ART REFERENCE 79 Penphopedia

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401401258 190 x 190mm. 96 pp. 90 col. January 2013 £12.50 Hardback

The world according to Maxim Piessen and Ben Goovaerts Maxim Piessen and Ben Goovaerts Penpho = Pencil + Photo. Ben Goovaerts makes amazing drawings and Maxim Piessen really knows his photography and Photoshop. Lots of young fans really love the Penphos that they produce together. This book gives us a glimpse into their lives, habits and views. Their outlook on the world is wonderfully surprising and at the same time highly recognisable. They show us that anything is possible with just a camera and a pen. The result is often hilarious.

• Featuring beautifully funny ‘penphos’, an original, surprising combination of photo and pencil drawing

• Shows you how to create this unique art form yourself and share them on

From Death to Death and Other Small Tales Masterpieces from the Gallery of Modern Art and the D. Daskalopoulos Collection Keith Hartley, Lucy Askew and Richard Flood This book brings together works from the D. Daskalopoulos Collection with key pieces from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, specifically focussing on the theme of the body. Highlighting the work of artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, Louise Bourgeois, Joseph Beuys and Marina Abramovic, the book documents the confrontations and dialogues between the two collections, and provides a rich insight into one of the most compelling and provocative themes in 20th- and 21st century visual art.

National Galleries of Scotland ISBN: 9781906270575 265 x 215mm. 176 pp. 100 col. April 2013 £15.95 Paperback

Nam June Paik Global Visionary John G. Hanhardt and Ken Hakuta Internationally recognised as the father of video art, Korean-born artist Nam June Paik (1932–2006) transformed 20th-century art. In this book, a wide selection of materials including televisions, radios, antiques, toys, cameras, announcements for exhibitions and performances, and correspondence, many from the recently acquired Nam June Paik Estate Archive, give an unprecedented view into Paik’s artworks, working practice and legacy.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804205 280 x 240mm. 216 pp. 326 col. February 2013 £35.00 Hardback

• Accompanies an exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC, from December 2012 to August 2013

80 ART REFERENCE Johan & Levi Editore ISBN: 9788860100245 245 x 290mm. 260 pp. 135 col., 11 b.&w. January 2013 £59.00 Hardback

L’Autore che credeva di esistere The Author who Thought he Existed Giulio Paolini The publication of this book, desired and designed by Giulio Paolini, coincides in a certain way with his exiting the scene. The thoughts of one of Italy’s leading actors on the twentieth-century art scene is revealed by over one hundred plates created exclusively for this book, and narrated by his intimate reflections and critical essays.

• A genuine work of art in the form of a book, conceived and designed by the artist

• This work was commissioned by the Musée du Louvre for its permanent collection. Paolini is the only Italian contemporary artist to have this honour

(R)EVOLUTION Albert Niemeyer Quietly, but steadily, Albert Niemeyer has been paving the road to success as an artist for over 30 years. Intrigued and fascinated by the pictorial freedom of expression in the art of Van Gogh, Dalí, Chagall, Picasso and Karel Appel, Albert Niemeyer depicts his subjects with the same stylistic liberty. Niemeyer’s vibrant works can be photorealistic, abstract expressionist or even hint at cubism and futurism. Every work is painted as if it were his first one. This typifies Niemeyer as an artist: idiosyncratic, sincere, inquiring and ever developing. Text in English & Dutch.

Herman van Nazareth Piet Boyens Graphic artist, painter, sculptor, designer of wall textiles,... the artistic achievements of Herman van Nazareth, alias of Herman van Aerden, are manifold. Van Nazareth’s abstract-expressionist imagery is unpretentious, rough and powerful, faceless but with a distinct voice. His pictorial and sculptural language is restrained and universal and goes back to the basic shapes, sometimes hinting at ethnic art. His work is internationally acclaimed and for the first time his extraordinary output has been collected in a comprehensive catalogue.

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564115 240 x 170mm. 224 pp. 160 col. February 2013 £29.95 Hardback

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058563897 330 x 240mm. 160 pp. 300 col. February 2013 £62.50 2 vols, hardback, slipcase

ART REFERENCE 81 Florian Lechner Glass, Light, Space, Sound Klaus Jörg Schönmetzler et al. The first comprehensive documentation of Florian Lechner’s work, charted through his significant works in an architectural context, free-standing glass sculptures and performances that combine glass, light, movement and sound in a state of flux. The publication illuminates the various aspects of the work of this German glass artist and creates an overall picture of his multi-layered oeuvre. Text in English & German.

Leonard Rickhard Paintings Martin Herbert and Åsmund Thorkildsen. Leonhard Rickhard is an outstanding representative of Norwegian contemporary art. Owing to his unique vision and narrative techniques, he has revitalised painting as a means of artistic expression. His artistic works occupy a unique position in Norwegian art, precisely because of their uncompromising reworking of recurring motifs. Text in English, German & Norwegian.

Narcissus Quagliata Archetypes and Visions in Light and Glass Rosa Barovier,William Warmus, Maricruz Patino et al. Very early on in Narcissus Quagliata’s artistic career, he discovered glass as the most suitable material with which to express himself. Today he is considered one of the most significant glass artists, drawing worldwide attention through his spectacular works in public spaces, such as the Taiwan Dome of Light, the largest illuminated glass ceiling in the world.

Art of Fernando Botero Juan Carlos Botero Fernando Botero (Medellín, Colombia, 1932) is the best known Latin American artist from the second half of the 20th century still active today. Coinciding with his 80th birthday, this publication pays tribute to the career of a painter, draughtsman and sculptor who has developed his own, instantly recognisable style, and who celebrates a remarkably vivid, vital reality through the exaltation of volume and colour.

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903715 240 x 220mm. 208 pp. 150 col., 100 b.&w. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903722 300 x 245mm. 312 pp. 221 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Arnoldsche Art Publishers ISBN: 9783897903784 300 x 240mm. 248 pp. 300 col. January 2013 £55.00 Hardback

Ediciones El Viso ISBN: 9788494032585 240 x 170mm. 240 pp. 100 col. 20 b&w. February 2013 £30.00 Paperback

82 ART REFERENCE Australian Aboriginal Art Collecting Aboriginal Paintings Marie Geissler This publication represents an overview of Aboriginal culture. Its focus is the two-dimensional painted surface and the contemporary work of Aboriginal artists from remote Australia. The book serves as both a collector’s reference and an historical reference on indigenous artists. As well as providing a solid grounding for anyone interested in collecting aboriginal art, the book’s second section features individual profiles of 90 highly regarded Aboriginal artists, highlighting their backgrounds, approaches and exhibitions along with examples of their work.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864704846 235 x 290mm. 252 pp. 200 col. May 2013 £50.00 Hardback

André Thomkins Lackskins Edited by Stephan Kunz and Dagmar Streckel André Thomkins is renowned as an artist treating imagery, forms and materials as well as language in playful and experimental ways. Within Thomkins’s oeuvre, his works of the 1950s in particular are characterised by a pronounced love of experimentation. He developed his Lackskins by ‘painting’ with gloss paint on water. He began manipulating floating films of paint and eventually lifted the resulting image from the water with a sheet of paper. This wonderful book is the first comprehensive presentation of these beautiful works. Text in English & German.

Scheidegger & Spiess ISBN: 9783858813640 230 x 170mm. 160 pp. 92 col., 6 b.&w. January 2013 £35.00 Paperback

Restless Ribeiro An Indian Artist in Britain Katriana Hazell This lavishly illustrated catalogue is a fitting tribute to one of the most striking, if under-valued, artists of our time. This catalogue demonstrates not only the highly original nature of Ribeiro’s work and how he experimented with new materials ahead of his time, but how he also worked tirelessly to promote Indian art, its artists and culture in Britain. Reproducing over 70 works in full colour, this book also includes contributions from those who knew Ribeiro well, private photographs, and letters from his family archive, many of which have come to light for the first time.

River Books ISBN: 9786167339283 280 x 248mm. 100 pp. 70 col. April 2013 £15.00 Paperback


Close Up 118 Premieres, Vienna State Opera, Wiener Volksoper Ioan Holender, Gert Korentschnig, Lois Lammerhuber, Karlheinz Roschitz, Heinz Sichrovsky, Wilhelm Sinkovicz and Axel Zeininger

• This book on one of the most acclaimed opera houses in the world and one of • •

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753190 320 x 240mm. 632 pp. 293 col. January 2013 £145.00 Hardback, slipcase

the longest-serving and most renowned opera directors provides glimpses of how opera really works Exciting, sensual and intriguing - the backstage stories from the world of opera, about stars from Placido Domingo to Anna Netrebko Double-spread pictures of all 118 premieres during Ioan Holender’s time as director of the Vienna State Opera and facsimile prints of the original playbills make this book an extraordinary document

On 632 pages, Ioan Holender, former director of the Vienna State Opera, recollects all 118 premieres of his term, which lasted from 1991 to 2010, relating his impressions in a very personal and intimate way. During numerous meetings with editor Lois Lammerhuber, Ioan Holender described the turbulent and moving, sometimes dramatic and sometimes joyful, course of these productions. The stories reflect Ioan Holender’s deep passion for opera and its protagonists. Axel Zeininger’s photographs provide a great variety of insights into 19 years of opera, with the stars of generations of singers, from Placido Domingo to Anna Netrebko. Text in English & German.

Creation Ring of the Nibelung for Children Matthias von Stegmann, Lois Lammerhuber, Contributions from Ioan Holender

• This book shows in stunning and intimate pictures how opera really works! This book documents the production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle for Children, from the very first sketches to the last curtain call at the premiere in the roof tent of the Vienna State Opera and illustrates the chronology of a theatre event full of magic. The texts were provided by Ioan Holender, director of the Vienna State Opera, and by Matthias von Stegmann who not only directed the German premiere and the first European performance, but also wrote the libretto and prepared a completely revised and translated German version of Wagner’s Ring Cycle for Children.

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753077 320 x 240mm. 262 pp. 159 col. January 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Photographer Lois Lammerhuber closely documented each individual stage of the production, offering viewers a look behind, above and under the stage. What does it take to make a first-rate operatic event come true from initial talks of the director with the singers, to conceiving the stage set and designing the costumes, to rehearsing the singers, the dress rehearsal and the first night itself. Text in English, German & French.

84 HISTORY A Renaissance Globemaker’s Toolbox Johannes Schöner and the Revolution of Modern Science 1475-1550 John W. Hessler The first volume in English to give context to the life and seminal work of mathematician and scientist Johannes Schöner. The survival of Schöner’s notebooks and annotations is unique in the history of cartography; not only do they show his thinking about theoretical and practical geography, but they also reveal the art of mapmaking during his lifetime.

A Renaissance Globemaker’s Toolbox & The Naming of America Boxset John W. Hessler Renowned cartographer John Hessler presents two of his beautiful titles, together in a boxset. As well as being accessible for general readers these two books will appeal to cartographers, geographers and historians, those with an interest in the history of the New World, maps and scientific development and the history of cartographic development in the 16th century.

Long Ago (and Far Away) Baron Philippe Lambert The Lambert dynasty was one of the most illustrious in Belgian history and left a great heritage to its country as a sponsor for architecture and art collections. Here, Baron Philippe Lambert tells us about the impact the dynasty had on the banking sector and how the whole family was involved in this business as well as in the development of the railroad network and European history.

Nervous Women Two Centuries of Women and their Psychiatrists Marco Carminati Are women really more sensitive to nervous disorders than men? This new book shows a curious evolution in society and psychiatry. Why did so many women in the 19th century have hysteria? Which new behaviour disorders does modern society evoke? Anna O. and Sigmund Freud, Marilyn Monroe and Ralph Greeson, Hannah Green and her psychiatrist… they all tell a unique story. Text in English, French & Dutch.

GILES ISBN: 9781907804168 191 x 229mm. 176 pp. 100 col. January 2013 £19.95 Hardback

• Offers an unprecedented insight into the history of cartographic development during the 16th century

GILES ISBN: 9781907804175 191 x 229mm. 304 pp. 137 col. January 2013 £30.00 2 vols, slipcase

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9782873868215 230 x 186mm. 304 pp. January 2013 £50.00 Hardback

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401403788 260 x 210mm. 176 pp. 100 col. January 2013 £30.00 Paperback

HISTORY 85 Hallstatt 7000 Anton Kern, Lois Lammerhuber, Stefan Maix, Rudolf Gamsjäger, Kerstin Kowarik, Hans Reschreiter and Andreas Schwab The first book to present a collection of the most spectacular finds from one of the top ten archaeological digs in the world: 7000 years of life and culture in one book: the oldest rope ever found, the oldest staircase, the oldest gloves, the oldest backpack, the oldest file, the oldest saw and the oldest company in the world. Photographer Lois Lammerhuber presents key archaeological finds in an enchanting light. Long-term director of the Hallstatt dig, Anton Kern, provides an account of his archaeological treasures. Text in English & German.

Edition Lammerhuber ISBN: 9783901753220 165 x 122mm. 468 pp. 275 col. January 2013 £39.00 Hardback

Atlas De Wit City Atlas of the Low Countries Marieke van Delft and Peter van der Krogt Atlas De Wit is a unique, historical atlas by cartographer Frederick de Wit. This facsimile contains full-size images of the beautiful, original hand-coloured cards, which are drawn in perspective. This title is completed with introductory and detailed descriptions that make this historical atlas map accessible to all lovers of history and old maps. Text in English, French & Dutch.

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401401890 535 x 355mm. 304 pp. 151 col. January 2013 £110.00 Hardback

Also available: Atlas Ferraris ISBN: 9789020992922

India Partitioned The Other Face of Freedom Mushirul Hasan The Partition of India cast its lengthy shadows on two generations of the subcontinent. Drawing on short stories, poems, satirical writings, eye-witness accounts, and interviews, these two volumes document the anguish and sense of betrayal at the freedom gained. These writings are a reminder of how partition cruelly displaced millions, divided India’s past, wrecked its civilisational rhythm and unity and left behind a seemingly constant legacy of hostility, bitterness, and rancour between the people and government of India and Pakistan.

Roli Books ISBN: 9788174369550 216 x 140mm. 596 pp. March 2013 £9.95 2 volumes, paperback, slipcase

86 TRAVEL Part of the Thailand Small Hotels series, these books offer a selection of the smallest hotels and resorts, where the number of guest rooms does not exceed 60, spread across and located in tourism provinces in Thailand. These hotels have been chosen because they’re beautiful, interesting and stylish, as well as unique, either in architecture or interior design. Not only are these books fantastic as a hotel guide handbook providing information and knowledge of each hotel, they also aid the reader in building an image of Thailand for themselves.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789812780096 192 x 165mm. 288 pp. 500 col. January 2013 £16.00 Paperback with flaps

Thailand Small Hotels: Bangkok There are an abundance of small hotels with varied styles in Bangkok. In this book, they range in size from 3 rooms to 60, and the styles vary from hip boutique hotels to renovated colonial houses. The hotels’ locations are focused in the inner city district and include: Rattanakosin & Thonburi; Silom & Sathorn; Siam, Asoke & Sukhumvit; and Chatuchak & Phayathai.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789812780102 192 x 165mm. 288 pp. 500 col. January 2013 £16.00 Paperback with flaps

Thailand Small Hotels: Phuket and Phang Nga Home of some of the world’s finest tropical natural beauty, Phuket is renowned for its long white sandy beaches, aquamarine water and vibrant local life. The rise of the tourism industry is reflected in the many kinds of accommodation, ranging from luxury hotels, high-end resorts, affordable bungalows and small boutique hotels.

Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789814286282 192 x 165mm. 288 pp. 500 col. January 2013 £16.50 Paperback with flaps

Thailand Small Hotels: Hua Hin, Cha-am and Pranburi The upper southern region of Thailand is comprised of three famous coastal holiday districts located along the Gulf of Thailand: namely Hua Hin, Pranburi, and Cha-am. The province of Prachuap Khiri Khan hosts Hua Hin and Pranburi, while Phetchaburi boasts Cha-am as its famous beach resort. Page One Publishing ISBN: 9789812780119 192 x 165mm. 288 pp. 500 col. January 2013 £16.00 Paperback with flaps

Thailand Small Hotels: Samui, Phan-Ngan, Ko Tao, Chumphon The collective 37 small hotels in Samui are the most unique small hotels, in terms of architecture, style and their amenities, located on the scenic tropical islands of Samui, Phan-ngan, Ko Tao and Chumphon, Samui is a tropical island that allows visitors to live in nature with all choices of luxury comfort.


Bruges City Guide 2013 Sophie Allegaert

• The one and only official Bruges city guide, compiled and published with the cooperation of the Bruges Tourist Board

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789401404631 192 x 123mm. 160 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £5.99 Paperback

Bruges City Guide 2013 is THE most comprehensive guide to visiting the ‘Venice of the north’; this guide contains up-to-date information on ALL places of interest, museums and attractions, and will be revised every year. The convenient address guide will help you find the best shops, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cafés and restaurants, while the fold out street map will help you get to your destination. This definitive little guide includes three atmospheric walks, as well as cycling routes, through the city, helping you discover the incredibly diverse museums, from the Groeninge Museum, featuring fine art from the 15th to the 21st century, to the Hospital Museum - two mediaeval hospital buildings in the centre of Bruges, enjoying a new lease of life as art galleries; well-known locations, such as the historic city centre - A UNESCO World Heritage Site; and picturesque, hidden alleyways. It also includes tips from locals, letting you in on the secrets that only those native to Bruges would know, and features information on cultural events. Bruges City Guide 2013 illustrates how this historic city, with its cherished architecture and artistic treasures - and its breweries and 50 or so chocolate boutiques - really does have something for everybody, whether you’re planning a day trip or a weekend getaway.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp Derek Blyth

• This book reveals the 500 most fascinating places in Antwerp; essential for visitors who want to avoid the usual tourist spots, and for residents who are keen to track down the city’s best-kept secrets

Luster ISBN: 9789460581106 180 x 125mm. 256 pp. 85 col. June 2013 £11.95 Paperback

The second book in the fabulous 500 Hidden Secrets series, this time revealing the beauty of the city of Antwerp. A practical guide to discovering Antwerp’s finest buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, neighbourhoods, parks, hotels, cafés, art, architecture and people, this fantastic guide will tell you the best places to go for good food, be it lunch, a cheap meal or fine dining as well as where to get the best coffee, the best cocktails and the coolest cafés. It will direct you to the best shops, kid’s stores, markets, boutiques and tell you where to buy the latest fashions, accessories, shoes and designer wear. The architecture of Antwerp is not forgotten as the book guides you to the most beautiful buildings, historical landmarks and parks. The 500 hidden secrets of Antwerp are listed thematically: food, drinks, shops, fashion, architecture, art, things to do with children, activities among others. Also available: The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels ISBN: 9789460580925

88 TRAVEL Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789020969504 246 x 305mm. 248 pp. 250 col. January 2013 £28.00 Hardback

Belgium, The Book The Best Aerial Photographs of Belgium Wim Robberechts Discover the diversity of a small country: the port of Antwerp, the High Fens nature reserve, the Grand Place in Brussels, the Waterloo battlefield, the Tyne Cot Cemetery, the Beloeil castle, the modern train station in Liège… Photographer Wim Robberechts shows you the beauty of Belgium. Wim Robberechts is the general manager of Wim Robberechts & Co. and specialises in aerial filming and aerial photography. Text in English, Dutch, French & German.

The Selfmade Land Culture and Evolution of Urban and Regional Planning in The Netherlands Len de Klerk, Hans van der Cammen, Gerhard Dekker and Peter Paul Witsen The Netherlands is a river delta where 16.7 million people live on just 41.000 km2 for the greater part selfmade land. A complete remake of the well-known Dutch textbook Van Grachtengordel tot Vinexwijk, which has had four reprints and sold over 10,000 copies since 2003, The Selfmade Land describes the evolution of urban and regional planning in the Netherlands since the 16th century.

• In over 250 images aerial photographer Wim Robberechts takes you for a flight above Belgium

• With interesting facts and figures and QR codes to download practical information with your smartphone

Lannoo Publishers ISBN: 9789049107017 240 x 170mm. 480 pp. 200 col. January 2013 £35.00 Flexibind

Topkapi Dr Filiz Çagman Topkapi is a beautifully produced, compelling guide to Istanbul’s most famous museum and historical site, providing a comprehensive account of the history and architecture of the palace of the Ottoman sultans and a unique view of the life and ceremony of its residents. It describes in detail the planning, architecture and history of this magnificent complex and also depicts the daily functions, complex ritual and official pageantry that characterised the multifaceted social life of the palace and its inhabitants.

Scala Publishers ISBN: 9781857597691 250 x 210mm. 128 pp. 125 col. March 2013 £14.99 Paperback

TRAVEL 89 Swiss Wilderness Max Schmid Strange stone formations, overgrown primeval forests, arctic ice floes - Max Schmid’s photographs bear witness to the fact that Switzerland is not just a land of Alpine idylls and snowy mountains. These pictures show the wild side of Switzerland, untamed nature in all its dramatic power. One might be in Australia, Greenland or some other unexplored area of the planet forgotten by humans. Sublime, bare, lush, colourful, romantic or even apocalyptic - the pictures in this volume show just how incredibly diverse the Swiss landscape can be. Text in English & German.

Globetrotter Diaries 300 Tales, Tips and Tactics for Traveling the 7 Continents Michael Clinton. Foreword by Peter Greenberg Over the course of more than 35 years, Michael Clinton has travelled the seven continents documenting his experiences in photographs. In Globetrotter Diaries, Clinton shares with us his adventures, his knowledge, and his witty reminiscences of his life on the road. This book provides the perfect companion piece to his photographic work. Here Clinton reveals himself as he learns the nature of humanity from its billions of inhabitants who make travel one of life’s greatest pastimes.

Banteay Chhmar The Last Great Forest Temple Peter D. Sharrock, Claude Jacques, Olivier Cunin and Thierry Zephir Banteay Chhmar is the second monument of ancient Cambodia’s greatest king, Jayavarman VII. This temple, built in the late 12th-Century by one of Cambodia’s most original stone carving and architectural workshops, lay in ruins for almost a thousand years. Lavishly illustrated with 300 specially-commissioned photographs this is the first book devoted to this beautiful, remarkable and important temple.

Benteli Verlag ISBN: 9783716517451 300 x 240mm. 240 pp. 200 col. February 2013 £45.00 Hardback

Glitterati Incorporated ISBN: 9780985169664 222 x 165mm. 176 pp. 50 col. January 2013 £19.95 Hardback

River Books ISBN: 9786167339207 232 x 170mm. 192 pp. 300 col. January 2013 £19.95 Paperback

90 FLORAL ART Floral Art Hiroyuki Oka Hiroyuki Oka. Photographs by Kiyokazu Nakajima Japanese floral designs often outshine other floral arrangements in perfection and symmetry. The floral designs of Hiroyuki Oka are no exception to that rule. But next to fine, detailed craftsmanship, this young floral artist is gifted with a great sense of humour and an eye for quirk. Next to some more traditional Japanese floral designs, this first monograph brims with captivating creativity, originality and witty designs destined to bring a smile to your face.

Japanese Floral Art Hideyuki Niwa Hideyuki Niwa Surrounded by flowers from a very young age, the decision to become a floral designer was an obvious one for Japanese Hideyuki Niwa. His classic, linear style and minimalist expression with careful placement of plant materials, quintessential characteristics of the Japanese aesthetic concept wabi sabi, rightfully won him the Gold Leaf in the 2012/2013 edition of Stichting Kunstboek’s prestigious International Floral Art. This beautiful monograph pays tribute to an incredible floral talent.

Villa Flora Dutch Floristry - Floriade 2012 Marcel van Dijk et al Photography by Marielle Leenders The Floriade is a world horticultural expo organised in the Netherlands every 10 years. The sixth Floriade, from April 5th until October 7th, was held in Venlo. The Floriade Park is 66 hectares in size and consists of 5 unique themed worlds: Relax & Heal, Green Engine, Education & Innovation, Environment, and World Show Stage. This book is a compilation of the original and the most astonishing designs shown on the Floriade. An album jam-packed with great ideas and an indispensable memory of this special event. Text in English & Dutch.

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564375 330 x 245mm. 96 pp. 80 col. April 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564382 330 x 245mm. 96 pp. 80 col. April 2013 £35.00 Hardback

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564207 230 x 230mm. 288 pp. 250 col. February 2013 £35.00 Hardback


Flowers & Imagination Gillian and Alan Wheeler

• A compilation of stunning floral designs by acclaimed British floral designer Gillian Wheeler

‘Flowers are the most amazing and beautiful creations. Nothing on earth can match their colours, textures and fragrances. Flowers, singly or massed, have a vibrant life that along with foliage gives the designer an incomparable paint box of colour and an endless series of sculptural forms.’ These are the exact words of Gillian Wheeler, founder and principal of The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers situated in the heart of London. In this book she proves to be an imaginative artist, a designer who can handle the rich palette flowers offer very well.

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564337 280 x 280mm. 144 pp. 250 col. February 2013 £42.50 Hardback

No matter if Gillian designs bouquets or uses her designs to bring out the best in other arts such as the ballet, or to emphasise textures and shapes in the delicate paper art of husband and artistic sparring partner Alan, her choices in flowers and shapes are tasteful, rich and stylish and exude oldworld class and elegance. This book is testament to the imaginative interaction between different arts - floral art and paper art.

Totally Floral Rita Van Gansbeke. Photography by Isabelle Persyn

• Unique and simple floral projects that anyone can do • Emphasis is placed on using found or garden-grown materials Florist Rita Van Gansbeke has come up with pages of unique, stunning, and simple floral do-it-yourself projects - sometimes grand and elegant, sometimes small and quirky, but always destined to bring a smile to your face. Van Gansbeke enjoys the diversity of the seasons and celebrates every moment of the year by bringing a part of nature into the home decor.

Stichting Kunstboek ISBN: 9789058564405 230 x 230mm. 120 pp. 100 col. February 2013 £25.00 Hardback

The beauty of flowers and plants should not be limited to special occasions, and arrangements don’t have to be overly expensive. That’s the philosophy of florist Rita Van Gansbeke. She’ll hand you ideas for every room in your home. With an emphasis on found or garden-grown materials, simplicity and re-use rather than expensive shop-bought materials or time-consuming, difficult arrangements. Plants and fresh flowers always add a unique touch of natural beauty and colour to the home, but there’s a special satisfaction in creating a lovely arrangement with flowers and plants that you’ve grown yourself. Even if you are not the most handy or craft-minded person, you won’t be able to resist trying your hand at some of these projects; they are simply too beautiful and too clever.

92 GARDENS Gertrude Jekyll Her Art Restored at Upton Grey Rosamund Wallinger Gertrude Jekyll was perhaps the most important British garden designer of the 20th century. This volume examines Jekyll’s work at Manor House, Upton Grey in Hampshire, offering an insight into her eclectic, imaginative, and inspiring art. Gertrude Jekyll: Her Art Restored at Upton Grey presents a visual record of the garden’s plants and layout, with original plans and photographs, as well as beautiful images of the garden taken since its restoration. There is also a fascinating chapter about Miss Jekyll’s discovery, admiration and use of Mediterranean plants.

Garden Art Press ISBN: 9781870673808 234 x 290mm. 192 pp. 319 col., 41 b.&w. March 2013 £29.95 Hardback

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I cannot wait to visit Upton Grey to see the garden for myself.” Garden Design Journal

The Art of Landscape Design Doyle Herman Design Associates Kathryn Hermann and James Doyle Doyle Herman Design Associates is an awardwinning US-based landscape design firm with an extensive portfolio of extraordinary landscapes at home and abroad. The landscapes featured in The Art of Landscape Design vary in style, size and location, but the foundation of each landscape is characterised by a strong geometry, bold structural forms and clean symmetry. Each project begins with a holistic evaluation of the intrinsic qualities of the environment and its human context.

The Images Publishing Group ISBN: 9781864705034 254 x 290mm. 240 pp. 400 col. March 2013 £35.00 Hardback

10 Principles of Garden Design Susie White In this book, Susie White sets out the ten principles for designing a garden. Whether you have a tiny plot of land or more than an acre, the areas outlined here give direction and provide inspiration to anyone creating a garden from scratch or redesigning an existing patch. Covering all aspects of garden design from planning its configuration, to the mixtures of heights and colours that will work together, experienced garden designer Susie White guides the way. With clear explanations and useful suggestions plus over 150 photographs of gardens from all over the world, 10 Principles of Garden Design provides an introduction to the field for students planning to study garden design or beginning gardeners.

Vivays Publishing ISBN: 9781908126320 245 x 190mm. 176 pp. 140 col. February 2013 £19.95 Paperback


Polo: Equine Warriors Bob Tabor

• An extraordinary photographic homage to the polo pony, illuminating its unique athletic abilities and highlighting its elegance and beauty

Polo: Equine Warriors is a stunning coffee table photography book that brings to life the inner psyche of the polo pony. Trained and bred for courage, strength, speed and agility, polo ponies also maintain an incredible beauty and elegance. Freeing themselves from the herd mentality, these animals transform into individual, responsive athletes, no longer a part of the pack like their ancestors.

ACC Editions ISBN: 9781851497249 290 x 362mm. 168 pp. 150 col. June 2013 £39.95 Hardback

Understand how they evolve into highly competitive beings willing to crash into other horses, unafraid of a ball speeding along at 110 miles per hour or mallets swinging past their heads. These trained athletes have been captured in photographs stylised in a way never seen before in print. By taking the fine art of watercolour paint and combining it with graphic print techniques the reader is immersed in an exciting, emotional experience. Renowned polo players, trainers, psychologists and handlers, have all written insightful short essays on the equine polo warrior. Also available by Bob Tabor: Horse Whisperings ISBN: 9781851496358

Vertical Life on the Steepest Faces Ines Papert and Johanna Stöckl

• A fascinating book illustrating the life of World Ice Climbing Champion, Ines Papert

Combining high quality images and written text, this illustrated book reflects upon the fascinating life of Ines Papert. The four-time World Champion ice climber is always on the lookout for new challenges and even when minor setbacks appear, she doesn’t allow herself to be thrown off course. In addition to training and preparing for her 2012 Baffin Island expedition, she collaborated with author Johanna Stöckl to produce this exciting illustrated book. Not only is Papert a motivated expedition teammate, she is also the family-oriented mother of her energetic son Manu.

Delius Klasing Verlag ISBN: 9783768835619 290 x 270mm. 160 pp. 140 col. January 2013 £24.99 Hardback

Ines Papert has won the Ice Climbing World Championship four times. Today, it is the world’s steepest walls and most exposed faces that fuel her passion.


Henley On Safari Julie Muszynski ISBN: 9780983270232 £12.50 Hardback

Exhibitionism Christopher Makos, Preface by Glen Albin, Foreword by Calvin Klein ISBN: 9781576872222 £25.00 Hardback

Homage Encounters With the East Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff, Foreword by Donald Kuspit and H.H. Gaj Singh IIMaharaja of Marwar-Jod ISBN: 9780976585176 £49.95 Hardback

Michael Jackson: The Making of Thriller 4 Days/1983 Douglas Kirkland ISBN: 9780983270225 £30.00 Hardback

Stolen Moments The Photographs of Ronny Jacques Ronny Jacques, Pamela Fiori ISBN: 9780980155723 £25.00 Hardback

Wall by Ralph Pucci, Foreword by Wendy Goodman ISBN: 9780982379981 £19.99 Hardback

Carchitecture Frames, Fenders, and Fins/500 Photographs Fred Winkowski and Frank D. Sullivan ISBN: 9780979338489 £16.50 Hardback

Coco Chanel Three Weeks/1962 Douglas Kirkland ISBN: 9780980155716 £32.50 Hardback

Surf Peter Wise ISBN: 9780979338465 £15.99 Hardback, slipcase

The Way We Wore Black Style Then Michael McCollom, Foreword by Geoffrey Holder, Collaborations with Renee Hunter, Designed by Nancy Leonard ISBN: 9780977753116 £25.00 Hardback

Wife Dressing The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife Anne Fogarty, Introduction: Rosemary Feitelberg ISBN: 9780979338427 £15.99 Hardback

Global Remains Abandoned Architecture and Objects from Seven Continents Michael Clinton ISBN: 9780982379950 £25.00 Hardback

PRESS 95 Hollywood Unseen (ACC, ISBN: 9781851496808, £40.00): “A silky monochrome selection of studio shots ranging from superbly natural (Betty Grable) to incredibly forced (George Bernard Shaw and Clark Gable). Shirley Temple says she stopped believing in Santa when he asked for her autograph; these sun-kissed photographs created that demand” The Independent on Sunday

Artists’ Textiles (ACC, ISBN: 9781851496297, £29.95): “Artists’ Textiles: A Masterpiece in Every Home” The Sunday Telegraph

Celebrating Jewellery (ACC, ISBN: 9781851496167, £75.00): “Repossi, JAR, Cartier and Lemonnier - If they're important names in jewellery, then they’re in this book” Vanity Fair “Readers will be impressed by the incredible beautiful detail of the exquisite pieces of jewellery by famous and iconic designers such as Lalique, Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany” Arlis Masterpieces of Russian Stage Design (ACC, ISBN: 9781851496884, £49.50): “This richly illustrated volume explores the Lobanov-Rostovsky collection…includes a thorough glossary and bibliography” Apollo Pop! Design, Culture, Fashion 1956-1976 (ACC, ISBN: 9781851496907, £35.00): “Celebrates the best in design… the book is a stunning visual guide to the graphics and ephemera that has created the myth and memories of when Pop was born” Design Week Incomparable: Women of Style (ACC, ISBN: 9781851496990, £29.95): “Shimmers with images of the likes of which we may never see again” Time Out Amsterdam

Narco Estado (Lannoo, ISBN: 9789401404075, £25.00): “A highly charged collection of ripped-from-theheadlines images” The Independent on Sunday With Marilyn (Glitterati, ISBN: 9780983270201, £40.00): “For 30 years Douglas Kirkland has made his living by doing what some photographers might gladly do without charge: taking pictures of glamorous celebrities. In creating the kind of poster-perfect images publicity agents dream of - Marilyn Monroe clad only in silk sheets, for example - he has few peers.” Andy Grunberg, The New York Times Discover Paris by Métro (Editions du Chêne, ISBN: 9782812305528, £12.99): “This compact little guide is a wonderful way to discover Paris using the Métro, for each station, there is a short history, details of places to see, including restaurants, places of interest, or boutiques. Whether you are visiting Paris for a weekend, or planning a longer visit, this useful little guide and its address book is a great place to start! Highly Recommended!” Hot Brands Cool Places 21st Century Architecture Designer Houses (The Images Publishing Group, ISBN: 9781864704419, £25.00): “Whether you are looking for inspiration, or just dare to dream, this impressive presentation of more than 45 architect-designed homes from around the world will be of interest to many” The Essential Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom Magazine Le Corbusier: Furniture and Interiors (Scheidegger & Spiess, ISBN: 9783858817280, £140.00) “Sheds the clearest light yet” World of Interiors

ACC and its distributed publishers frequently receives incredible reviews from press and publications all over the world. See above for a taste of what's been said about just some of the titles in our extensive list. Further reviews can be found on our website If you'd like a review copy of one of our books, please contact our Publicist Clara Heard:

96 INDEX 10 Principles of Garden Design 21st Century Architecture: Courtyards 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp

92 22 87

A Abandoned Places 3 2 Aftermath of Art Jewellery 12 Albert Niemeyer (R)evolution 80 Aldeburgh 32 All Aboard with Joanna! 48 All About Appraising 57 Allgemeine Entwurfsanstalt with Trix and Robert Haussmann 69 Amazing Africa 3 AMG 45 28 Andre Thomkins: Lackskins 82 Annelies Strba 50 Antique Furniture: A Guide to Collecting 55 Appassionata 69 Architectural Moments 60 Architecture and Perception 64 Arms à Feu 56 Art Mysteries: Raphael, The School of Athens 71 Art Mysteries: Titian, Sacred and Profane Love 71 Art Mysteries: Van Eyck, The Arnolfini Portrait 71 Art Mysteries: Veronese, The Wedding at Cana 71 Art Nouveau Between Modernism and Romantic Nationalism 13 Art of Fernando Botero, The 81 Art of Landscape Design, The: Doyle Herman Design Associates 92 As Seen in Blitz: Fashioning Eighties Style 7 Aston Martin 28 Atlas de Wit 85 Australian Aboriginal Art: Collecting Paintings 82

B Bald Mermaid, The 70 Banteay Chhmar 89 Barents Lessons 64 Beach House Living 24 Belgium, The Book 88 Bermuda National Gallery 78 Best of Austria 66 Bibliography of Glass 55 Blessed with the World’s Goods 73 Blue Sky Living 60 Bombay Then and Mumbai Now 52 Bramantino: A Renaissance Painter in Milan 37 British Drawings from the Cleveland Museum of Art 75 Bruges City Guide 2013 87 Building and Renovating with Reclaimed Materials 18

C California Homes: William Hefner California Luxury Living Carchitecture Cast Gallery at the Ashmolean Museum Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa, The CCDI Design Group Chicagoisms Closeup Coco Chanel Concept and Design Connoisseur’s World, A Contemporary Living in Russia Costumes and Textiles of Awadh Couture Dogs of New York Couture Graphique

60 60 94 74 75 62 59 83 94 67 46 58 10 5 10

Crafting Architecture Creation CY Lee & Partners

64 83 62

D Dartmouth 32 DDG 62 Design Biennale Interieur 2012 69 Design by Mercedes-Benz 29 Design Forward 67 Design Series: John Piper 33 Designing with Black: Architecture & Interiors 19 Devoted 2 Dog Painting 73

E Eat Live Work – CCS Architecture 63 Edward Lear 48 Encyclopeadia of Curtains 16 Encyclopedia of Russian Stage Design 34 English Posies and Posy Rings 54 Eternal Summer 77 European Paintings Galleries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The 74 Exemplary Buildings 63 Exhibitionism 94 Exploring the Weather 42 Expression 65

F Fabulous Furniture Fashion Textiles Now Female Gaze, The Fine Lines Floral Art by Hiroyuki Oka Florian Lechner Flowers & Imagination Folinsbee Considered For My Daughters For Those About to Power Foundations of a Collection Fox and the Hare, The Francesco Coppola Architect: Eclecticism From Death to Death and Other Small Tales From the Coolest Corner Fruity Pastry Futuro Textiles 3

27 6 77 75 90 81 91 77 53 27 76 49 61 79 12 46 10

G Gallé Lamps 14 Generation Ink 5 George Clausen and the Picture of English Rural Life 38 Gertrude Jekyll: Her Art Restored at Upton Grey 92 Global Hotel Design 61 Global Remains 94 Globetrotter Diaries 89 Goldsmiths’ Art 54 Graft in Architecture 64 Great British Wine Accessories 1550-1900 14 Great Houses of New York Volume 2 66

H Hallstatt 7000 Haute Spaces: Bars & Clubs Haute Spaces: Exhibitions Haute Spaces: Hotels Haute Spaces: Residences Haute Spaces: Restaurants Hedgehog in the Fog Henley on Safari Herman van Nazareth History of Eighteenth Century German Porcelain Homage Houses of Cayetana, Duchess of Alba

85 20 21 20 21 20 47 94 80 55 94 17

I India Partitioned India Then and Now Ineffable Infinite Place Innovative Homes Interior Life: Gert Voorjans Invention of Glory Italian Liberty Style Italian Wines 2013

85 52 65 57 23 17 56 13 44

J Jacky Ickx Japanese Floral Art by Hideyuki Niwa Jeep

30 90 30

K Kite’s Eye View Knapikiewicz & Fickert: Housing Kunsthammer, Vienna Kunsthistoriches Museum Vienna: Director’s Choice

4 63 74 74

L’Aturoe che credeva di esistere: The Author Who Thought He Existed80 Landscape Landscript: Xu Bing 40 Le Louvre: Nude Paintings 36 Le Louvre: Nude Sculptures 36 Leonard Rickhard 81 LHC: Large Hadron Collider 41 Living Artfully 76 Living Rooms 15 Logos and Marks in Japan 68 Long Ago (and Far Away) 84 Louis I. Kahn: Silence and Light 24 Luca Zanier: Power Book 50 Lucienne Day 9 Luis! 51

M 8 56 78 46 38 37 34 29 42 66 94 65 49 26 50 68 54 76 73

N Naga Architects Nam June Paik Narcissus Quagliata Narco Estado Nash, Nevinson, Spencer, Gertler, Carrington, Bomberg Natural Home Nature Transformed Nervous Women New Living Kitchen, The New Street Art

P Paper Art Peñìn Guide to Spanish Wine 2013 Penphopedia Picasso and the Mysteries of Life Piet Boon Polo: Equine Warriors Pompeii: The Ages of Pompeii Pompeii: The Art of Loving Positions 5 Pure and Special: Gourmet Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Pure Indulgence: The World’s Most Luxurious Hotels Purpose Built Homes

39 44 79 38 21 93 72 72 65 43 24 59

Q Queen Elizabeth




Madame Grès Manju Mao’s Golden Mangoes and the Cultural Revolution Mas in More Master Drawings: Michelangelo to Moore Masterpieces of Orientalist Art Masterpieces of Russian Stage Design Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Meteorites Metropolis Central Switzerland Michael Jackson Middle East, The Mishmash Modern Lux Housing Moments More Mall Munsteiner - The Young Generation Murillo Musée du Louvre: Painted Shoes

Out of Home, Cranford Collection 78 Out There 19

62 79 81 51 31 58 54 84 18 40

O Office Building of the Future, The 63 On Show 58 Otto Künzli: The Book 12 Out of Focus: Pinhole Cameras and their Pictures 3

Radical Renovations Rare Rajasthan Reine Sammut Mediterranean Cuisine Remote Luxury: Top Resorts Down Under Renaissance Globetrotter’s Toolbox, A René Gauch - Poster Book Restless Ribeiro: An Indian Artist in Britain Rolls Royce & Bentley Rural Modern Russian Decorative Arts

26 4 45 61 84 67 82 28 26 55

S Sasha Dolls Schuco Saga, The Searching the Seventies Secondhand & Vintage New York Secondhand & Vintage Paris Segeln Exklusiv Select Booth Design Selfmade Land Sketching Basic Smoking Kids Soviet Modernism 1955-1991 Springtime of the Renaissance, The Stolen Moments Stradivarius Surf Swiss Housing Projects Swiss Wilderness

57 57 39 11 11 70 68 88 39 51 25 37 94 56 94 66 89

T Tall Buildings of China Terry O’Neill Thai Magic Tattoos Thailand Small Hotels: Bangkok Thailand Small Hotels: Hua Hin Thailand Small Hotels: Phuket and Phang Nga Thailand Small Hotels: Samui The Eye of the Photographer Through Irish Eyes Top Space & Art II Topkapi Totally Floral

59 1 40 86 86 86 86 53 53 68 88 91

V Venus Vertical Villa Flora

72 93 90

W Wall Way We Wore, The Wife Dressing William Bouguereau Wine Visionairies Witness to Life and Freedom

94 94 94 35 44 52

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Please send all orders to NBN International Airport Business Centre 10 Thornbury Road Estover Plymouth PL6 7PP T: +44 (0) 1752 202300 F: +44 (0) 1752 202333 E: Orders can also be placed at

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ACC New Titles Spring 2013


UK Spring Catalogue 2013  
UK Spring Catalogue 2013  

ACC Spring Catalogue 2013