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Innovate Koen Van Damme 9789020996951 $65.00 Hardcover

Eric Kuster 14 Eric Kuster 9789089895356 $150.00 Hardcover

Piet Boon Joyce Huisman 9789089894717 $380.00 3 hardcover vols, slipcase

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The Floral Design Manual Materials & Techniques Pim van den Akker 9789089894519 $100.00 Hardcover

Fashion Icons Fashion Trends Throughout the Centuries Leen Demeester 9789020903812 $40.00 Hardcover

Piet Boon Styling Karin Meyn 9789089895455 $80.00 Paperback

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The Beauty Within Geoffroy Van Hulle, Text by Jo De Poorter, Photography by Raf Ketelslagers 9789401403405 $190.00 Hardcover, slipcase, limited, numbered, edition

The Natural Home dwellings at ease with themselves and their surroundings Nathalie Taverne & Anna Lambert 9789089890795 $85.00 Hardcover

Villas Frank Missotten Photography by Cees Roelofs, text by Eva De Geyter 9789020991017 $85.00 Hardcover

The Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pools Jean Vanhoof 9789020929478 $80.00 Hardcover

Lighting Sculptures Brand van Egmond 9789089890801 $105.00 Hardcover

The Art of Living in Brussels Fiametta d’Aremberg Frescobaldi Photography by Jean Pierre Gabriel 9789020926538 $60.00 Hardcover

Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury II Eric Kuster 9789089892447 $85.00 Hardcover

Light up your Home The Most Inspiring Interiors Eva De Geyter Photography by Eugeen and Herman Verne 9789020996579 $50.00 Hardcover

Timeless Wood Outdoor Living with Style Tine Verdickt 9789020997101 $70.00 Hardcover

Vintage Living retro style for today’s homes Nathalie Taverne & Anna Lambert 9789089892065 $25.00 Hardcover

Small Homes short on space, big on style Nathalie Taverne & Anna Lambert 9789089892058 $25.00 Hardcover

Creatives’ Homes Nathalie Taverne & Anna Lambert 9789089892836 $25.00 Hardcover

Colour loving and living with it Nathalie Taverne & Anna Lambert 9789089892812 $25.00 Hardcover

Shades of Grey Remy Meijers and Paul Geerts 9789089894250 $80.00 Hardcover

Quiet Living Unique country interiors Piet Swimberghe and Jan Verlinde 9789020992021 $65.00 Hardcover

Country Chic Beatrix Kleuver 9789089894755 $50.00 Hardcover

Piet Boon III Joyce Huisman 9789089894656 $130.00 Hardcover

Elegance & Decadence The luxurious, baroque interiors of Pieter Porters 9789020984248 $60.00 Hardcover

Bob Manders Architecture Carte Blanche Bob Manders 9789089895523 $75.00 Hardcover

StĂŠphane Beel Architects Mil De Kooning, Christophe Van Gerreway et al. 9789020956382 $95.00 Hardcover

Unravel Knitwear in Fashion Edited by Emmanuelle Dirix, with a foreword by Hilary Alexander 9789020995992 $55.00 Hardcover

Walter Van Beirendonck Dream the World Awake Walter Van Beirendonck Foreword by Christian Lacroix 9789020961126 $90.00 Hardcover

Dream Suits The Wonderful World of Nudie Cohn Mairi MacKenzie 9789020960464 $70.00 Hardcover

Living Fashion Daily Women’s Wear 1750-1950 Leen Demeester 9789401400268 $55.00 Hardcover

Galanthomania Snowdrops Hanneke van Dijk 9789089892430 $50.00 Hardcover

Anthurium Pim van den Akker 9789089894502 $65.00 Hardcover

Invitations II Daniel Ost Robert Dewilde 9789020977707 $150.00 Hardcover

Colour in Time Jan Brand and Anne van der Zwaag 9789089891105 $65.00 Hardcover

Things - Places - People Photographs Cees Roelofs 9789020992014 $50.00 Hardcover

Moments Before the Flood Carl De Keyzer 9789401400251 $80.00 Hardcover

Down’s Upside A Positive View of Down’s Syndrome Eva Snoijink 9789049106836 $65.00 Hardcover

Nomad Jelle Brandt Corstius Photographs by Jeroen Toirkens 9789020995985 $75.00 Hardcover

Ou Menya Bieke Depoorter 9789020992137 $55.00 Paperback

Food Photography Since 1985 Tony Le Duc 9789020996265 $75.00 Paperback

Abandoned Places 2 Henk van Rensbergen 9789020990836 $50.00 Hardcover

The Image of Nature How to Catch Light & Life Wouter Pattyn 9789020997972 $50.00 Hardcover

Here Lives my Home Eddo Hartmann, With an essay by Douwe Draaisma 9789401402248 $50.00 Hardcover

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Disambiguation Jan De Cock 9789401400541 $195.00 6 paperbacks, boxed

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh La Ruine Fructueuse; Atlas d idéations Natacha Pugnet 9789401400534 $90.00 Hardcover

Sympathy for the Devil Pierre-Oliver Rollin, Walter Vanhaerents, Valerie Verhack and Els Fiers 9789401401500 $55.00 Hardcover

Axelleration Evelyne Axell 1964-1972 Liesbeth Decan 9789020999471 $40.00 Paperback with flaps

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven Hamzah Walker 9789020999372 $95.00 Hardcover

BBQ A Party Peter De Clercq 9789401402552 $38.00 Hardcover

Happy Cake Days Every moment is a cake moment! Wendy Schlagwein 9789089895479 $35.00 Hardcover

Juliette’s Speculoos Recipes from Bruges’ most charming biscuit bakery Brenda Keirsebilck 9789401400114 $30.00 Hardcover

Masala Much More Than Just an Indian Cookery Book Alain van den Abeele 9789020998245 $55.00 Hardcover

Le Domaine de la RomanĂŠe-Conti Gert Crum Photography by Jan Bartelsman 9789020996067 $170.00 Hardcover

The Plant-Based Plan Reference Guide for Plant-Based Nutrition Lynne Garton and Janice Harland 9789020998986 $30.00 Paperback

Beer and Cheese 50 delicious combinations Ben Vinken and Michel Van Tricht 9789401401739 $45.00 Hardcover

Geuze & Kriek The Secret of Lambic Beer Jef Van den Steen 9789020998764 $55.00 Hardcover

Single Malt Flavours Cooking with Whisky-Marinated Herbs Bob Minnekeer 9789020996074 $50.00 Hardcover

Bangkok Street Food Cooking & Traveling in Thailand Tom Vandenberghe & Els Goethals, Photography by Luk Thys 9789020987836 $37.50 Paperback with flaps

Hanoi Street Food Cooking & Travelling in Vietnam Tom Vandenberghe Photography by Luc Thys 9789020997842 $37.50 Paperback

Chocolate Decorations Jean-Pierre Wybauw 9789020968293 $105.00 Hardcover

The Nieuport Gathering Ivan Petrus 9789020943627 $35.00 Hardcover

Dangerously Young Child in Danger, Child as Danger Peter Adriaenssens, et al. 9789020946376 $50.00 Paperback

In the Margin Belgian Documentary Photography Kaat Dejonghe 9789020996272 $50.00 Hardcover

Go with Your Talent Luk Dewulf 9789401402965 $50.00 Paperback

Negotiations Essentials Katia Tieleman & Professor Marc Buelens 9789401402958 $30.00 Paperback

The New Normal Explore the limits of the digital world Peter Hinssen 9789081324250 $55.00 Paperback

Career Management via LinkedIn Aaltje Vincent and Jacco Valkenburg 9789049104399 $29.95 Paperback

Philippe Gilbert My Dream Year Philippe Gilbert and StĂŠphane Thirion 9789020916249 $30.00 Paperback

The World’s Finest Railway Journeys Martin Kers, with text by Hans Bouman and Henk Bouwman 9789058977595 $65.00 Hardcover

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