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Partnership aiming to boost trades jobs


HE welding helmet seemed too big for the head and the tools too heavy for the hands yet the students from Parramatta Marist College (PMC) wearing high-vis gear, as shown in the photo, prove they have got what it takes for future technical trades jobs. At a school holiday “welding camp” recently held for PMC’s youngest high school students at Precision Metal Group (PMG) workshop at Wetherill Park, the experience ignited interest from students and their parents. PMG CEO, Jason Elias says industry expertise in training the future workforce on vocational trades they need is crucial to reducing skills shortage as the Gonski-Shergold VET report has highlighted. “This camp is a partnership between schools, parents, students and industry to show them that there is an emerging industry technology that we want to expose our students to get them into trades’ jobs,” he said. Full story: 24.

DODGY DEALERS U SED car purchases have boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, opening a major source of revenue for dodgy dealers in Western Sydney. Second-hand car dealership Narita Imports has been found guilty of seven offences relating to misleading customers by entering

false information on to an approved sales contract. Lansvale dealership directors Azizul Hakim Chowdhury and Nahida Akhter pleaded guilty to the charges brought by NSW Fair Trading at Parramatta Local Court and were ordered to pay $7,725 in fines and costs. Full story: 2

THIS EDITION From career crisis to dream job: 5 Change of guard for Salvos: 8 Sizzling hot property market: 20 Mid-market upeat, post COVID: 22 Taking a sickie is good for you: 34



How to avoid the car contract CON  DALLAS SHERRINGHAM SED car purchases have boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, opening up a major source of revenue for dodgy dealers in Western Sydney. Second-hand car dealership Narita Imports has been found guilty of seven offences relating to misleading customers by entering false information on to an approved sales contract. Lansvale dealership directors Azizul Hakim Chowdhury and Nahida Akhter pleaded guilty to the charges brought by NSW Fair Trading at Parramatta Local Court and were ordered to pay $7,725 in fines and costs. Fair Trading Executive Director of Investigations and Enforcement Valerie Griswold said she was pleased Narita Imports had been convicted and fined given the company’s conduct and intentional nature of the offences. “Narita Imports has previously received education and Penalty Infringement Notices. NSW Fair Trading subsequently made the decision to commence prosecution proceedings,” Ms Griswold said. “The seven offences that were successfully prosecuted took place in 2019.” Ms Griswold said. “Several of the offences concerned dealers notices given to consumers that were false and misleading in that they


Motor M otor dealers must make sure that all of the information in dealers notices is reliable.”

Beware of potential cons when car shopping.

Get what you pay for

include a Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) check number and guaranteed that the motor vehicle being purchased had been checked against the Register and came with clear title, but the PPSR number recorded did not exist on the Register.” “The non-existent PPSR check numbers in particular are worrying as this check relates to the guarantee from the dealership that the vehicle comes with clear title, in that no finance is owing. It also shows whether the vehicle has been stolen or if the vehicle has ever been written off.

“All motor dealers must make sure that all of the information in dealers notices is reliable. Buying a car is a significant and costly event in a person’s life and consumers must be able to be confident that they are getting what they are paying for.” With the boom in second-hand car sales due to COVID-19, Fair Trading is warning consumers to remain vigilant when purchasing a vehicle. It has outlined methods buyers can use to avoid being ripped off: • Make sure the dealer is licensed under the Motor Dealer & Repairers Act 2013. This can be easily done for free at Public Register– Service NSW. • Ask for registration paperwork and proof of ownership. Compare

This can be done free at Check a vehicle registration | Service NSW or via the Service NSW app.

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the VIN number, engine number and registration number to that on the actual car. • Do your own Security Check which can be done for $2.00 online at www.ppsr.gov.au or call 1300 007 777 – you will need the VIN, registration number, engine number or serial number. The PPSR checks for: - Outstanding finance owing, water damage, written off, odometer tampering, stolen vehicle • Do an RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) Vehicle check for: - Registration status and expiry, CTP Policy and expiry.

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More than $52,000 was raised at the business community launch of the Western n Sydney Red Shield Appeal: 8

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Fairer go for SMEs battling the ATO  DALLAS SHERRINGHAM FTEN it can be a case of ‘them versus me’ when taking on the ATO in a dispute over your tax – and it can be overwhelming and downright unfair. Well, new rules are being introduced to ensure small businesses in dispute with ATO get a fairer go. Bruce Billison. The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) Bruce Billson said small businesses in dispute with the ATO would get the fairer go, under new rules proposed by the Australian Government. Mr Billson welcomed the pre-Budget announcement, giving the Administrative


Appeals Tribunal (AAT) greater powers to pause or change debt recovery actions applying to a small business in dispute with the ATO. “Small businesses disputing an ATO debt in the AAT will get a fairer go by stopping the ATO from relentlessly pushing on with debt recovery actions against a small business, while the case is being heard,” Mr Billson says. “I commend the government which has acted quickly to implement a key recommendation in our recently released report. “It is a tax system that works for small business which will allow them to pause ATO debt recovery actions until their case is resolved by the AAT.

Debt recovery action “Currently, small businesses are only able to pause or modify ATO debt recovery actions through the court system. This can be prohibitively expensive and time consuming for a small business. “Under the proposed changes, small businesses can save thousands of dollars in legal fees, not to mention up to two months waiting for a ruling. “In line with the recommendations in our report, the AAT will be able to pause or modify any ATO debt recovery actions, such as garnishee notices, interest charges and other penalties until the dispute is resolved by the AAT. “It means that rather than spending time and money fighting in court, small business owners can get on with what they do best – running and growing their business. “These proposed changes follow the ATO’s decision to turn its small business

independent review service into a permanent offering,” Mr Billson said. “ASBFEO’s tax concierge service and ongoing advocacy work has led to substantial tax administration improvements for SMEs, with leadership from ATO Deputy Commissioner Small Business Deborah Jenkins and government support. “Collectively, these changes align with ASBFEO’s vision of a tax system that works for the small business sector, so businesses can achieve greater productivity, return to profitability and grow employment.” The new powers for the AAT will be available following introduction of the legislation. Small businesses engaged in a tax dispute are encouraged to contact ASBFEO for assistance on 1300 650 460 or email info@asbfeo.gov.au .

First ride on inner-city train fleet REMIER Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance has tested the next-generation fleet of intercity trains. Premier Berejiklian says the New Intercity Fleet will offer unprecedented levels of comfort, convenience and reliability for passengers. “These trains of the future are now one step closer with testing continuing and the first trains expected to enter service in the coming months,” Ms Berejiklian said. “An important part of this new fleet was making sure we listen to what longer distance customers want.


“We’re also pleased to announce today that the State’s New Intercity Fleet is being named “Mariyung”, the Darug word for Emu, in acknowledgment of local Aboriginal culture, with the artwork for the train’s exterior designed by Darug woman and Hawkesbury resident, Leanne Mulgo Watson.” Mr Constance said 12 trains in the Mariyung fleet are now in the final stages of testing all the mechanical, electrical and technology systems, and the interfaces with the rail network like overhead wiring, signalling and track infrastructure. “The new fleet has advanced technology not available on existing intercity trains,

Darug woman and Hawkesbury resident, Leanne Mulgo Watson and her artwork.

including eight internal and four external CCTV cameras in every carriage. It also has on-board help points and significantly improved accessibility for commuters using wheelchairs, prams or with other

mobility constraints,” Mr Constance said. A date for the train to enter service will be determined once staff training and operational readiness activities have been completed in the coming months.

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Career crisis to dream job Now Joal is living his animation dream  DALLAS SHERRINGHAM OVIE devotee Joal Taylor is the perfect example of how you can turn a career crisis into your dream job by following your passion. Joal, from Baulkham Hills, has rebooted his career at an award-winning Sydney film studio and couldn’t be happier. The former software engineer spent 14 years at Canon in Sydney, before taking a voluntary redundancy. He always had a passion for movies and animation and this sparked his transition into the film industry. Now Joal is living his dream as a technical director at Australia’s award-winning animation studio, Animal Logic. Following the voluntary redundancy, Joal took a step back to find out what he wanted to do with his life. “For a while I’d wanted to pursue more creative options with my career and I figured if I didn’t take the opportunity at that moment, I probably wouldn’t ever,” Joal said. “I met with a careers advisor and she asked me what my dream job was? That is what sparked me to study film at SAE Creative Media Institute.” At SAE Sydney, Joal studied a Bachelor of Film degree. “My education at SAE was so diverse–it allowed me to explore the different elements of filmmaking,” he said. After graduating, Joal pursued a career at Animal Logic–one of the world’s leading independent creative digital studios that has been producing design, visual effects and animation for 30 years.


With animation studios in Sydney and Vancouver, Animal Logic has worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as Peter Rabbit 1 and 2, The LEGO Movie franchise and Happy Feet.

Everyone brings something different “I had always wanted to work at Animal Logic, given their reputation in the film industry,” Joal said. “It’s been a great experience so far. Everyone comes from a different background and brings something different to all the projects we work on. “It’s been exciting to use my previous skillset as a software engineer in my new role as a Technical Director. “My team and I are essentially the bridge between the creative and technical departments, so I get a full 360 degree understanding of everything that’s happening on a feature film,” Joal said. “I love working at Animal Logic and I

hope to stay here for some time. At SAE, I enjoyed having the chance to work in postproduction–I hope to utilise some of those skills again in the future.” Animal Logic’s Sydney and Vancouver studios are currently working on a slate of animated features with a number of studios internationally. Film Program Committee Chair at SAE Dr Magali McDuffie said this was an excellent period for newcomers to the sector. “With the Federal Government investing more than $400m in the film industry, studios are requesting professionals with the necessary industry skills, so they’re ready from the first day on set.,” he said. “Our experienced faculty and the knowledge gained from placements in the film sector give our graduates the head start they need to be real world ready.” So the next time you watch an animation blockbuster, keep an eye out for Joal’s name in the credits.


Joal Taylor and some of the films he has worked on.


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Parramatta BMW’s new ambassador NE of Western Sydney’s leading premium car dealers, Parramatta BMW, has announced a new partnership with Channel 7 television personality, Kylie Gillies. Gillies, one of the most trusted and recognised faces and names in Australian television will work closely with the team at Parramatta BMW with their events and help promote the company’s community projects that Parramatta BMW is involved in. She will be the company’s Official Ambassador from May 2021. Gillies said: “I am thrilled to be working Joel and the dynamic team at Parramatta BMW, I’m looking forward to getting


involved with the dealership events and community engagements, together we can do good things.” Joel Shashoua, Dealer Principal at Parramatta BMW said: “Kylie aligns perfectly with our company vision going forward. With the change of ownership and management, Parramatta BMW has a bright future and we’re delighted to have Kylie on board.’ Gillies has a strong history with the BMW brand: “I bought my first ‘Beemer’ as an 25-year-old in Tamworth. Second-hand, of course. I only sold that to buy another 3 series when I moved to Sydney. And that was off this same Parramatta showroom floor,” she said.

Gillies is pictured with the BMW 330i Sedan in mineral grey, boasting M Sport Package.

Liverpool’s economy defies COVID-19 IVERPOOL City Council recorded impressive economic growth across the Liverpool Local Government Area in 2020, despite the negative effects of COVID-19. Figures from national economic modeling tool, economy.id reveal an increase in Gross Regional Product from $11B in 2019 to $13.03B in 2020. The Council’s resilience packages for local businesses helped many stay afloat and nearly 500 new businesses opened. The number of local businesses increased from 17,508 in 2019 to 17,962 in 2020. Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller (pictured) said Council’s strategies to support local businesses will continue. “We recognise that small business is the backbone of our local economy and we’re currently de-



veloping a five-year, small business development strategy in which Council will work with more than 17,000 local businesses, providing advice and assistance to grow and maintain operations well into the future,” Mayor Waller said. There was good news on the job front in the same period. Local jobs increased from 91,295 to 98,419, according to the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research. Mayor Waller said Council grants contributed to jobs being available, backed by its Local Jobs for Local People program to fill vacancies. For further information on Council’s initiatives to help support local businesses, go to: https://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/business/local-business/support-for-local-business

Universities unite in one place, at one time ARRAMATTA is set to become a global destination for educational excellence thanks to a new Australian-first alliance of government and top universities. Parramatta Council has launched the ground-breaking EducateAT Parramatta Alliance, uniting universities which have a presence in Parramatta to advocate for, and attract talent to, the centre of global Sydney. “This powerful alliance has one key goal: to help Parramatta become the best city in Australia for students to study and succeed,” City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer said. At a historic ceremony at Western Sydney University’s Parramatta City campus, Cr Dwyer signed the EducateAT Parramatta Charter along with Western Sydney University, University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of New England, Swinburne University of Technology, and the Western Sydney Local Health District.



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The Western Sydney Salvation Army Appeal launch at the Parramatta Parkroyal.

Change of guard for local Appeal As Rosemary inspires business community to help the Salvos  DI BARTOK HEN business and community leaders were urged to “dig deep” into their pockets at a Parramatta lunch on April 30, that’s exactly what they


did. More than $52,000 was raised at the business community launch of the Western Sydney Red Shield Appeal held with a smaller crowd than usual at ParkRoyal Parramatta. Outgoing Chair of Western Sydney Business Appeal Committee Stephanie Dale said money was still rolling in so “who knows?” what the final figure will be. Ms Dale will step down from her position after six years, with former Parramatta Chamber of Commerce Schon Condon taking on the role. In her six years at the helm, about $1M has been raised for the Salvation Army. “I am very proud of that, and for the support of the business community,” Ms Dale told the Times. “I am sure that Schon will shine in the role.” At the lunch, the message from the Salvos was that “for every person you see homeless, there are 13 more that you don’t see”. Guest speaker was the inspirational Rosemary Kariuki, the Kenyan refugee turned saviour to women from diverse backgrounds. Rosemary was named Local Hero in the 2021 Australia Day awards for her work with migrant and refugee women. Her message of “get to know your neighbours” and check if they need help fits in with the Salvation Army ethos. “Happiness comes from helping other people”, Rosemary said. “Reach out to people who you feel might need help–in the workplace and in your neighbourhood.” Rosemary, who arrived in Australia in 1999 not knowing anyone, overcame her own loneliness by reaching out to other marginalised women. Along the way, she formed the African Women Group, which advocates to break down the social isolation many African women face. WSBA is a long-standing media partner of the Western Sydney Red Shield Appeal. Editor Michael Walls is a member of the Western Sydney Red Shield Appeal committee.



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Westmead to Sydney CBD to 20 minutes WO new metro stations have been confirmed at Pyrmont and Hunter Street for the Sydney Metro West project, which will connect Western Sydney to the CBD in around 20 minutes. Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the Hunter Street station will have one entrance on the corner of Hunter and George Streets, and another on the corner of Bligh and O’Connell Streets, connecting customers to suburban rail lines as well as light rail. “The city-shaping Sydney Metro West project will revitalise the western gateway to the Sydney CBD, while creating 10,000 direct and 70,000 indirect jobs,” Ms Berejiklian said. “The new Hunter Street station is strategically located in the heart of Sydney, allowing commuters to easily connect to Sydney Trains at Wynyard and Martin Place, and Sydney Metro at Martin Place. “Commuters at Martin Place will be able to connect to the new Hunter Street station via proposed underground walkways, making it easier and quicker for people to change lines and travel right across our city.” Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said the future Pyrmont Station will be located between Pyrmont Bridge Road and Union Street, providing easy access to Pyrmont Bridge. “From Pyrmont, commuters will be able to travel to Hunter Street in just two minutes – giving them back valuable time with their families and doing things they enjoy, while also encouraging investment in the Pyrmont area,” Mr Constance said. Hunter Street will become the fourth metro station in the Sydney CBD, with the Transport Minister today inspecting the progress at the new Martin Place station


VIDEO www.netwerx.tv

on the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project. “Construction is moving quickly at Martin Place station with work underway to install the platforms, the new pedestrian tunnel 60 per cent excavated and the final design of the station recently approved,” Mr Constance said. Sydney Metro Chief Executive Peter Regan said Sydney Metro West will double rail capacity between Greater Parramatta and the Sydney CBD. “There will be massive and game-changing travel time savings across Sydney. For example, sports fans will be able to get from Bondi Junction to the new metro station

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at Sydney Olympic Park in just 27 minutes (interchanging at Martin Place) compared to 56 minutes now,” Mr Regan said. Other faster journeys include: • 12 minutes faster from Burwood North to North Sydney (Victoria Cross metro station) return–about 20 minutes (with interchange) using Sydney Metro, compared to about 32 minutes now (with interchange); • Save 32 minutes a day from Castle Hill to Pyrmont–about 42 minutes (with interchange) using Sydney Metro compared to about 58 minutes now (with interchange);

• 14 minutes faster from Blacktown to Sydney Olympic Park–about 20 minutes (with interchange) using Sydney Trains and Sydney Metro compared to about 34 minutes now (with interchange). Sydney Metro is liaising with the impacted owners and tenants of 11 commercial buildings in the CBD and another two commercial buildings in Pyrmont. Sydney Metro expects to award the first major tunnelling contract for the Sydney Metro West project in the middle of this year, ensuring that tunnel boring machines can be in the ground by the end of next year.

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Nepean Health Hub special purpose building

New Metro construction commenced


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Wenty rises with a new jewel Residential towers and new mall for town centre  LAWRENCE MACHADO ENTWORTHVILLE’S main drag had been left behind in the high rise stakes springing up around the suburb, with tired store fronts and small buildings the rule, rather than the exception.


Not anymore. The mall has been razed and in its place, there will be four residential towers - maximum height of 21 storeys - with more than 523 apartments and retail and commercial spaces, an outdoor dining area and public domain plazas. The new mall is a part of ambitious plans to transform Wentworthville town centre and bring in more businesses and visitors. The new mall could generate more than 200 jobs during construction and 260 ongoing positions within the commercial and retail part of the development, according to Cumberland Council. Developers Poly Global are building 97 one-bedroom, 354 two-bedroom and 72 three-bedroom apartments with a four-storey basement car park for nearly 800 spaces. There will be a 4000 sq m full line supermarket at street level. The previous mall was anchored by an IGA supermarket and had a variety of local stores. The council said updated planning controls and a Public Domain Plan will support an additional 1800 dwellings and support the revitalisation of the town centre. Cumberland Mayor Steve Christou calls the new Wentworthville Mall, “the jewel in the crown of the area”.

Artist impression of the new development.

He said they finalised detail planning on revitalising the Wentworthville town centre in 2019, with the Department of Planning and Environment signing them off in 2020.

Springboard to more progress “The state government fast tracked the completion of the strategic planning process for Wentworthville, and we’re now well poised to take advantage of those new planning controls in the town centre,” Mayor Christou said. “One of the first major development applications approved under those new controls is the Wentworthville Mall site, which will be the jewel in the crown of the area. “I see that as being a springboard that will attract more residents and commer-

Workers prepare the site.

cial activity to the area, “There’s also opportunities identified for land acquisition to facilitate a road bypass around the town centre so that transport and traffic will run smoothly. “It also has wider benefits for Cumberland and Sydney with economic development and prosperity.” The Development Application for the mall, approved by Sydney Central City Planning Panel in December 2020, includes a new leafy pedestrian link and cycleways to connect Pritchard Street East to Dunmore Street. The plaza along the southern side of Dunmore Street will include outdoor dining, shaded seating, children’s playground and water play area and areas with public art. The complex, designed by PTW archi-

tects, will have a village feel and sustainability systems. The developers said revitalising the mall, “will be a catalyst for urban renewal and growth in the local area and Poly Global are excited to be involved in this proposal”. Mayor Christou invited businesses to take a closer look at the opportunities in Wentworthville, saying it is perfectly placed geographically, being close to Parramatta and Westmead. Regarding the time frame for the completion of the mall and town centre redevelopments, he said it’s long term and will be progressively implemented by the council and property owners. NB: Poly Australia were contacted for their comments and had not responded despite many attempts.

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Journey of more than one destination  PRESCELLA MABOR 021 has seen the incremental ripples that follow a year of humans responding to crisis. Not a soul has been left untouched by the tentacles of a virus that pressed pause on civil society, as masks and social distance became our lingua franca for the foreseeable future. Virus suppression and containment have also pulled the shutters down on one of the most defining features of civilization–our human impulse to migrate. People have always moved across countries and continents, with dreams, aspirations and curiosities in tow. So with the mass movement of people migrating slowed to a trickle, it is our responsibility as a community to look within, and chronicle the stories of migrants pre and post COVID. India has the second largest population on the planet – 1.63 billion people–and counting. Pre-pandemic, one in 20 migrants globally have originated from India. Melissa Monteiro was one of those migrants, pulled by a yearning to follow her calling abroad. “I believe everything has a purpose and a plan. I don’t believe in luck, destiny, chance or coincidence. I believe in seizing opportunity,” Melissa said. In September 2000 Melissa was timely for her job interview at Hunter Street, Parramatta, after arriving from Mumbai, India 6 months earlier. She was being interviewed for a leadership role at the helm of a small NGO with 6x staff (now known as the Community Migrant Resource Centre), while her husband Prakash waited in the car with her infant son. Today Melissa is a recognized leader in the NGO and social justice sector; as CEO of CMRC, Chairperson of the Settlement Council of Australia, and helping steer policy settings at a national level for example with the humanitarian crisis that resulted in 12, 000 refugees displaced by the Syrian-led Conflict arriving to Australia. Melissa has championed women, mentored women, and become a thought leader in the womens’ economic security space. COVID provided space now for leaders such as Melissa to respond in a different way, by putting pen to paper and chart their human journey across the globe, from the hustle and bustle of India’s busiest metropolis Mumbai ( home to Bollywood ) to the rising tiger of Sydney–Parramatta. “My husband Prakash always encouraged me to write a book after I retired. But I had thought why wait, there is a lot more to achieve between now and when I retire.


Melissa Monteiro with Alex Hawke at her book launch.

It was April last year, my father had just passed and he had been a true champion to me. COVID was everywhere. It was also 20 years since I joined CMRC,” she said. “At first I was thinking how to celebrate a 20 year milestone in my career; of my work and my journey. COVID gave me time to reflect and put my thoughts together. Here is an opportunity that I wanted to seize. So I started to write. I had never been a writer before. I started enjoying the process. Early hours of the morning I would be at the computer. I loved it. It became part of my routine in the early hours of the morning, very much a reflective process. I was now

more motivated to tell my story than ever before.” So a first time writer was finding her own “engine room” in a granny flat in her backyard. Away from executive reports and policy papers, this was a chance to mark a turning point in a life driven by purpose and recalibrate for a renewed purpose, for a woman who had migrated from a city where her university studies and work supported communities afflicted by HIV. While in Australia, her calling was drawn to women; particularly fellow migrant women and women arriving from conflict zones.

“People have always asked me – why do you do what you do. What motivates you. And who has impacted you. I started with my childhood. I was thinking it was so beautiful and I was so happy. More and more I appreciate it now. “Then I thought who and what were important to me. Who gave me the drive and where did my compassion come from. I started reliving those moments from years ago. The impact all those people had on creating who I am today. “It truly was my parents and grandparents who played a huge role in my upbringing. My own settlement journey brought me to Australia which is really the land of milk and honey. “ Now the land of milk and honey has welcomed wave after wave of migrants from the Second World War onwards. Back in September 2007, a young Alex Hawke collected his thoughts, took a deep breathe and delivered his maiden speech in Federal Parliament where he paid tribute to his grandparents who migrated here from Greece. Back in 2007, he was the Local Member for Mitchell, situated north of Parramatta, covering a large swathe of the Hills District where enterprise was borne from a large migrant population. When the time came for Melissa to pick up the phone and invite someone special to launch her first book, The Girl From Mumbai, the new Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Alex Hawke, was the person chosen. “We had met twenty years ago and stayed close ever since. We always trying to remember where exactly we met. “ Their journeys have connected since 2000, with their shared commitment to the spirit of migration, multiculturalism and inclusion. Melissa has been overwhelmed by the response to her first book. With COVID, and in light of the recent Scanlon Foundation report which found a significant rise in “negative sentiment” towards some migrant groups, the powerful message of resilience, purpose and cohesion found in these pages, can only help bridge some divides that still exist. Yesterday, I was visiting Ashfield and ran into two former staff members of Melissas’. One lady was from Afghanistan, one from China; both have moved onto successful careers. I was holding a bag with the book inside. They dove right in, fished out the book and immediately started poring over the first chapter and then precious family photos from India. Both looking perhaps for an insight, a clue, into a woman who literally changed their lives.

Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation established in 1996. CMRC is a leader in the provision of specialised support services to newly arrived migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants. CMRC works within a community capacity building framework to encourage individuals and multicultural communities to identify and address their own issues. It works in collaborative partnerships with a great number of agencies to provide services which have both an immediate and long term benefit for the community. CMRC employs over 60 full time, part-time and casual multi-lingual staff. Paramatta office Level 4, 1 Horwood Place Parramatta, NSW 2150 Ph: (02) 9687 9901 Monday – Friday: 9AM – 5PM

The Hills office 12

Community Hub Castle Towers Level 3, 6-14 Castle Street, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Northern Region office

Shop 3030 Top Ryde City CNR Devlin And Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 2112





2021 2 021


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ParkPenrith app simplifies CBD parking ENRITH City Council is reminding residents that finding a parking space in and around the CBD is easy thanks to Council’s real-time, high-tech parking management system available via a mobile phone app. The ParkPenrith app monitors vehicle movement in Council-operated carparks as well as CBD streets by collecting data from in-ground parking sensors to deliver real-time updates for users. Through the implementation of these state-of-the-art motion sensors, which were installed in 2019, Penrith shoppers can easily see on a map where there are vacant parking spots before venturing into the City. Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown


OAM said the time-saving feature for the community doubles as a benefit to local businesses ensuring regular turnover and availability of parking. “The ParkPenrith app is a fantastic, free tool that gives residents the chance to plan ahead and it also encourages greater activity in the City Centre by ensuring customer turnover in short-term parking spaces,” Cr McKeown said. “We are all aware of the impacts COVID-19 had on the economy as businesses were hit hard; that’s why Council rolled out its Penrith Proud campaign, to encourage residents to show ongoing support for small businesses by shopping locally. “Increased use of the ParkPenrith app

is a great extension of this, as it makes CBD trips easier and faster for shoppers and visitors alike knowing where parking is available as they frequent the City Centre to shop, dine and access services,” Cr McKeown said. Data obtained from the below-ground electronic devices helps Council better understand and manage our parking resources, which is important for the economy of the City. The ParkPenrith app can be downloaded on Apple and Android mobile devices. Visit penrith.city/ parking to find out more. **Council does not promote use of a mobile phone when driving, please check the app before getting behind the wheel. Drivers must comply with NSW traffic rules and regulations.

Regatta Park Kiosk one step closer HE transformation of Regatta Park at the Nepean River is one step closer with the Development Application (DA) for a new kiosk formally submitted for assessment. The 88sqm kiosk will be a café style space delivering dine in and takeaway food and drink options, to improve the amenity at Regatta Park. Funded and delivered by Penrith City Council, the kiosk will increase the appeal and functionality of the new area and further unlock the potential of our greatest natural asset, the Nepean River. Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown OAM said the kiosk is an exciting addition to the Regatta Park upgrade and responds to the community’s request to celebrate, activate and enhance the Nepean River.

and drink options for the community to enjoy in this spectacular location along the Nepean River.” “The new kiosk is just one of the many projects Council is undertaking to revitalise Penrith and enhance our position as the most liveable city in Western Sydney,” Cr McKeown added. The kiosk will be located within the new 112m long pavilion being created as part of the larger upgrade of Regatta Park as part of the Western Sydney City Deal, Western Parkland City Liveability program. The kiosk is due to be complete in late 2022.


Artist impression of the development.

“Regatta Park is a much-loved and highly valued part of the Nepean River precinct, and we’ve worked closely with our community to develop a plan for this space

that we can all be proud of,” Cr McKeown said. “The kiosk will complement the upgrade of Regatta Park by providing food

The kiosk will be on Public Exhibition for community feedback from May 7 to June 7 June 2021. You can view the DA proposal via Council’s online DA tracker by searching DA21/0262 at penrith.city/datracker Find out more at: www.yoursaypenrith.com.au/regatta-park







We’ll be Australia’s best…. Incoming Parramata Chamber President’s bold vision  MICHAEL WALLS ARRAMATTA Chamber of Commerce has appointed IT executive, Luke McGee as its incoming President. Outgoing President Schon G Condon RFD completed his three-year term as President and thanked the members of the Chamber for their support. Condon played an integral role in lifting the profile of the Chamber through his leadership and consultation with the city business community. Magee’s executive team includes Vice Presidents: Roy Halabi and Rosa Bellissimo, Treasurer Eric Tjoeng and immediate past president Schon Condon. “Parramatta Chamber will continue its great work in the community and represent our members in protecting their interests as best we can. We are excited to return to face-to-face networking events and continue to provide platforms for business growth opportunities,” said McGee. WSBA asked McGee for his thoughts about his new role. • Tell us a bit about your business -n professional background in terms of the Parramatta city context, given the city is fast moving and influential commercial centre. I grew up in the Western suburbs and currently live in the Parramatta LGA. I started an IT consulting business, with a lot of help from a lot of great people and now employ 20 IT professionals in the major East Coast capital cities. Our main office is in Olympic


Luke McGee.

Park, but in todays world and especially in IT our reach is extensive and we provide support to organisations throughout the Sydney basin and interstate. We have a lot of clients based in Parramatta and are witnessing a lot of activity within these businesses, which we see directly as they grow their staff numbers and require additional licences and hardware. • What attracts you to the chamber of commerce–chambers in general? I have always seen Chambers as fundamental to building local communities. Whilst the Parramatta Chamber has been around since 1912 it is more relevant than ever in its ability

to connect business people together. The Parramatta Chamber continued to connect people during the covid lockdowns and now we see a real desire from the members to get back to face to face activities. Remembering business people are community people as well, they work hard to be successful, but they also want to put back into the community and we see that constantly with the actions of our members. • What interested you most about taking on the role of President? As a member of the Chamber, I watched some great people step up contribute their time and energy into what is a volunteer role. They demonstrated a desire to help people with their businesses. I wanted to continue this work. I want the Parramatta Chamber to be seen as really helping those businesses of Western Sydney and to achieve that people need to step up. • What skills, values and beliefs do you think you bring to the role? I have operated a small business since 1991, so I am very aware of the challenges, opportunities and benefits of running a small business. As I have consulted to NFP’s, SME’s, National, multinational corporations and government. I have a thorough understanding of the workings of these organisations. Bringing diverse entities together is a skill I can share with members, which benefits all parties. Ensuring everyone recognises the opportunity to work together and the synergies this creates is my aim. • Can you describe your chamber priorities in terms of strategic undertakings? The Parramatta Chamber must continue to extend it’s reach, support and influence within the greater Parramatta area. There are a

lot of highly skilled individuals in the Chamber with a commitment to work within the community. Strengthening the relationship with other Chambers, business organisations and government will continue to be a high priority. Representing the members in this phenomenal growth and building period in Parramatta juggling the transport and access demands and the amenity of the workers and visitors in the next few years will also be high on the agenda. Making the Parramatta Chamber Australia’s best Chamber, looked to for leadership, advice, the model all Chambers aspire too. • What are the chamber’s biggest assets? The office staff do a phenomenal amount of work. They live for the members and cannot do enough. The Board diversity and skillset has ensured it functions as a terrific place for debate, evaluation of issues and effective decision making. The size of the Board provides an extensive network within the Parramatta and greater Western Sydney community. The fact the Chamber was established in 1912 shows the commitment of the custodians. • Western Sydney–where’s it heading and how can Parramatta fit in? A lot of hard work and persistence now see Western Sydney at the beginnings of a fantastic journey. Parramatta will be at the heart of this journey with new commercial space, light rail, the Parramatta Powerhouse, the Metro. The new airport a game changer for Western Sydney. There will be a lot of pain, inconvenience, and disruption, but if we put our heads down, push through it, be conscious and considerate to others needs we will come out with a city and region the envy of any in the world.


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Regions–Inner West


Canada Bay receives $1M for town centre ITY of Canada Bay has been successful in securing grant funding from the NSW Government for the delivery of our Drummoyne Shared Spaces project. The funding from the NSW Government’s Your High Street program will allow the community’s vision for Drummoyne to come to life and bring new life to the town centre. The new grant funding will contribute an additional $1M to deliver outcomes from the Victoria Road Urban Design Review alongside a $2M commitment from the City of Canada Bay. “This landmark $3M project will be a shining example of local government working in collaboration with residents,


business and the NSW government to deliver much needed local public space for our community,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said. “The local community in Drummoyne has long been calling for more public space, better local amenity and a revitalised business district — and with this support from the NSW Government we will now be able to build and deliver a vision for these sites.” Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said it was great to see the local community being able to enjoy their Streets as Shared Spaces project in Drummoyne. “The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the demand for more

New interim GM for Canada Bay ITY of Canada Bay is pleased to announce the appointment of Kelly Loveridge (pictured) as interim General Manager. Ms Loveridge has over 18 years’ experience in both local government and the private sector, having worked in civil engineering and operations, project management, contract and commercial management, both locally and overseas. She comes to the role following her successful tenure as Director of City Services and Assets at the City of Canada Bay. “We believe this interim appointment will provide the consistency and stability re-


quired as we begin to review our Community Strategic Plan, YOUR Future2036,” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas said. “I look forward to working with Kelly over the coming months. I know she will ensure that our residents continue to have access to great local services and maintain our successful capital works program whilst our Council plans for a bright future for our community.” Ms Loveridge’s appointment comes as the City of Canada Bay commences recruitment for a permanent General Manager.

public spaces — and easy, safe access to them,” Mr Stokes said. “Whether it’s new cycle lanes, pedestrian-only streets or wider footpaths, we’re committed to working with councils and communities right across the state to fund projects that can make life better for everyone.” After extensive community consultation and a Summer series of pop-up events and community markets, the pilot of two shared public spaces in Drummoyne was made permanent by the City of Canada Bay at the Council’s March meeting. For more information visit: www.collaborate.canadabay.nsw.gov.au/sharedspacesdrummoyne

Shop front improvement program


TRATHFIELD Council has launched a pilot Shop Front Improvement Program which seeks to improve the visual appearance of local business shop fronts located in Homebush West. Shopfronts play a key role in the overall appearance of commercial areas, with aesthetically pleasing of shopfronts directly linked with customer sensory enjoyment. The program aims to assist local shop owners and businesses by providing a subsidy towards the redesign costs of their shopfronts to improve their quality of design consistent with Council’s planning controls and published design guidelines. Outcomes of the program include, but not limited to:

• Removal of security shutter doors and replacement with metal screens, • Removal of graffiti, • Replace missing tiles, • Repainting, • Removal of old adhesives – glue/ tape, and the • Removal of excessive advertisement. Retail businesses located within the Homebush West shopping district are invited to register their interest by contacting Council’s Environmental Health Officers via email on council@strathfield. nsw.gov.au or calling 02 9748 9999. For more information, please email council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au


SMALL BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP $200 + GST INCLUDES: ‡$0,187(%86,1(66675$7(*<6(66,21 ‡9,578$/6($7672$//:6%&:(%,1$56 ‡$21(+285',*,7$/0$5.(7,1* &2168/7$7,21 ‡$&&(66727+(0(0%(5621/<%86,1(66 DIRECTORY ‡$/,67,1*217+(:6%&:(%6,7( ‡$&&(6672/(*$/.12:/('*( 6833257 ‡0(0%(55$7(672:6%&¦6%86,1(66(9(176

WSBC.ORG.AU The small business membership is available for businesses with 20 employees or less.



Regions–Sydney Hills


Funds to fast-track key upgrades HE upgrade of Annangrove Road, near the Windsor Road intersection, and Terry Road, at the proposed new Box Hill shopping centre, are a step closer. Council has secured special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) funding from the NSW Government for the design component for both road upgrades. The road upgrades may receive further funding for construction, subject to the completion of designs, their cost and the availability of SIC funding in future years. SICs are paid by developers to share the cost of delivering essential infrastructure required to support growing communities. Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne thanked the NSW Government for their contribution. “I want to extend my thanks to the NSW Government for supporting these essential projects,” Mayor Byrne said. “Rouse Hill and Box Hill are growing and the need for these roads is very apparent. “The upgrades will improve our road network, enhance public transport options and help connect Rouse Hill Town Centre to Box Hill Town Centre,” Mayor Byrne added. NSW Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said SIC funding was important to support infrastructure for growing communities with the funding used for upgrades and developments across the state. “It’s important our communities have safe, reliable roads and we’re delighted to see The Hills Shire Council secure funding towards the upgrade of Annangrove Road,” said Mr Stokes.


Ariel view of Box Hill.

Better connections “This will enable better connections in The Hills as the area prepares for future growth – it’s exactly the critical infrastructure this funding aims to achieve.” Council has proposed to carry out the following works on Annangrove Road, between Windsor Road and The Water Lane/ Withers Road intersection at Rouse Hill, with the support of the SIC fund: • Upgrade of the signalised intersection with Windsor Road, plus adjustment to signal timing and phasing; • Construction of a new signalised intersection at The Water Lane and Withers Road, with provision for

Bus Head Start at the signals; • Relocation of utilities and provision of street lighting; and • Widening the existing road reserve to accommodate the cross section for a four lane sub-arterial road. These works form part of Council’s plan to widen Annangrove Road, between Windsor Road and Edwards Road at Rouse Hill, to four lanes. Council has also proposed to carry out the following works on Terry Road, fronting the Box Hill Town Centre, with the support of the SIC fund: • Raising low lying sections of the roadway up to two metres; • Widen the existing road reserve to

accommodate the cross section for a four lane sub-arterial standard road together with major drainage works; • Relocation of utilities and provision of street lighting; • Construction of a signalised intersection at Terry Road and Mason Road North; and • Construction of a pedestrian signalised intersection at Terry Road and Mason Road South (High Street). The upgrade of Terry Road, also forms part of a larger project to reconstruct and widen the road to four lanes, between Windsor Road and Mason Road North.

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BREED Australia


Finding purpose through COVID BREED Australia supporting local small businesses ANY tenants at Quakers Hill based BREED Business Centre, run by BREED Australia, have credited the organisation by enabling them to survive the harsh economic and social climate due to global pandemic. COVID-19 has been a tough time in the business world and for many Western Sydney small businesses, it was a sink-swim period which saw them struggling to keep themselves afloat. The BREED Business Centre which is about to launch a new incubator model in Western Sydney provides office rentals for small businesses with shared facilities, administration support and networking events for its tenants and the local community. BREED tenant Sanjeev Mehra, who owns Garage Film Studios (https://www. garagefilmstudio.com/) felt the impact of the pandemic. Many small businesses had to resort to working from home, and Mr. Mehra spoke about the difficulties. “There was a real lack of networking. It was a different environment—I turned one of my rooms into my studio. There wasn’t the sort of communication that I had with people while I worked from home.” Mr. Mehra started up his business when he was only 16 because of his passion for entertainment and social enterprises and based his business at BREED Business Centre in 2018. He initially chose BREED because, as an incubator, the business Centre could get him the help and support he needed. “It’s also an excellent location, it’s close to where I live. It’s good for filming, as I can film around the precinct.” Mr. Mehra says he viewed COVID-19 as an opportunity to start again and to


BREED Tenants: L-R Devesh Kumar, Lisa Duong, Sanjeev Mehra.

find positives in every negative, seeing the changes in the way he runs his business as the opportunity for a fresh start. “In my profession, things are always changing. The client’s vision is always changing.” During the pandemic, BREED offered two months’ rent free through April and May, and a third month with 50% rent to help ease the financial burden for its tenants. Mr. Mehra says that the support he received from BREED during this challenging time was a significant factor in keeping his business running. “BREED helped with the rent relief. We also worked as a team to get through it. The communication was always good, and BREED considered our situation. We were really fighting together as a unit against the effects of COVID-19.”

Flexibility a key feature BREED continues to listen to the needs of their tenants to work out solutions for those still struggling to recover from the impact of the pandemic. Despite the trying circumstances of many small businesses, the situation has also led to past tenants coming back to the business Centre. Lisa Duong from Success At School Tutoring Centre (www.successatschool.com. au) has returned to BREED following the pandemic. She left the business Centre in 2019 as she was more involved in childcare. However, the company returned to BREED Business Centre in April 2021, and Ms. Duong said that the location and space were very appropriate for her business. “We like the flexibility that BREED offers and there’s so much support.” During COVID-19, her childcare busi-

ness lost three-quarters of its client, which Ms. Duong describes as a ‘significant drop’. However, she says things are beginning to return to normal. The return to BREED Business Centre felt like a natural move for Ms. Duong, who found that the atmosphere of the business Centre, the tenants and the staff was a better fit for her than a larger commercial building. “With commercial, you’re on your own, but at BREED there’s that level of community.” Devesh Kumar, a leadership coaching and business mentor who offers training in emotional intelligence, believes that BREED feels like what the community should be about and represents the interests of small business. “I think more people should do what they love, and I think BREED has the potential to get more people doing what they love and aligning how they live with how they earn.” Mr. Kumar chose BREED because it was close to home, but also because of its potential to branch out and support the community through its network of start-ups and service-based businesses. “BREED is what the community should be about. It’s about supporting businesses and helping them grow and enjoy what they do.” BREED Australia’s General Manager Emmanuel Martin said that BREED is now focused on helping its Business Tenant Community building Resilient mindsets to be able to survive the “new business world.” For information on BREED Australia and its services, please visit. www.breedaustralia.com.au or contact via phone on 02-98533200

Attention Small Businesses Owners! Our Virtual Office Solutions can help save time and reduce stress so you can focus on your customers. Our virtual tenant solutions will: • Save you time. Having a virtual office can relieve the stress of administrative duties, giving you more time to focus on your customers. • Save you money. Our virtual office solutions are lowcost, meaning increased profitability for your business. • Add a new level of professionalism. This way, you’ll be leaving a great impression on new and existing customers. As a BREED virtual tenant, you will benefit through: • Discounted office room and equipment hire • Invitations to free business seminars and networking events

Virtual reception packages:

Virtual reception basic package ($100/month) Virtual reception premium package ($180/month)

Cancellation with 30 days written notice.

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Virtual address & office packages: Your business listed on our tenant directory.

Telephone answering service.

0-50 calls

50+ calls

Cancellation with 30 days written notice.

Invitations to business networking & training events

50% discount on meeting and training room use.

Access to business address (physical & PO box)

Mail and deliveries

Virtual address $45/month

Virtual reception basic package ($100/month) Virtual reception premium package ($180/month)

Contact us on (02) 9853 3200 or email us at reception@breedaustralia.com.au WESTERN SYDNEY BUSINESS ACCESS MAY 2021



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Homes selling in 16 days

The Largest Property Growth:

Western Sydney property sizzling hot which went up by an average 26.5% and Riverview and Denham Court took third and fourth. Denham Court is the best buy on the list with a Media Price of just $810,000. Many of the properties in these areas are traditional stock, either semi detached or free standing and investors and families are purchasing them for renovating and to escape the cramped inner city. Outer suburbs such as Penrith, Hornsby and The Shire remain attractive opportunities for buyers seeking the traditional home on a good size block. Natalie Knight of Wiseberry Berowra said families were looking to get out of the inner city and apartment living because of the pandemic.

 DALLAS SHERRINGHAM ESTERN Sydney is the ‘hottest’ property market in Greater Sydney with 19 of the 20 fastest selling suburbs and six of the highest annual price increases.


The property surge continues with six of the top 20 “boom” suburbs featured in the latest sales figures comparing annual growth for each suburb and many homes selling within two weeks of coming on the market. Property site Domain published the list recently and top place was taken by Northbridge with an outstanding annual growth of 28.5%. A close second was Drummoyne

“They want their own home and land and areas like Hornsby, The Hills and the Far West provide that sort of opportunity.” That makes Western Sydney’s property market particularly hot in area likes Old Toongabbie, Glenbrook and Dean Park where they are selling in an average 16 days according to realestate.com.au. In fact, 19 of the 20 fastest selling properties were in Western Sydney. Ms Knight said this was because many buyers wanted a house and land following the worry of the pandemic and these suburbs were ideal. McGrath Blacktown agent Joel Hollings said in a fast moving market, buyers had to be ready to buy before they even went house hunting or they would run the risk of being disappointed.


Median Price

Annual Change










Denham Court $810,000


Russell Lea



Rouse Hill



North Epping



“You can’t be shopping without pre-approval as homes are selling in days, not weeks.” Property Buyer CEO Rich Harvey said it was crucial buyers set a maximum price and stick to it. He said when making an offer on a home it was key to put forward an attractive rice and perhaps a ”sweetener “ as some vendors were becoming “greedy” on price in the current climate. Sources: Domain, realestate.com.au

APRIL 2021 Edition 120




ParramattA Voice of Australia’s most progressive city


ISSUE 9 | April 2021


Minister pushing for more women on Parramatta Council: 3

%ඔඉඋඓග඗ඟ1 Issue 1 | April 2021

Blacktown'ss LOCAL media voice Blacktown

EXCLUSIVE: Bob Turner on his new role at Blacktown FC.

BEST GIFT SINCE THE OPERA HOUSE POWERHOUSE Parramatta CEO Lisa Havilah is more interested in the flood of excitement over the controversial $920M project than any flood-waters that may lap at its riverside approach. After the recent devastating rains that saw Parramatta River break its banks between the ferry wharf and the site of the museum, Ms Havilah is adamant that the building and its exhibits will not be affected.





Фf^ÌÓ杓âîî±Ëæ®†þ’ÌîÓ󩮝æîÓÌ EÓÿâî†±Åâ殆þâþ†Å™æÓÅóî±ÓÌæ†Ì™ ❓Ó♨ÓâwæîâÌ^ą™ÌąФæУ’â±“Âæ†Ì™ËÓâî†âФ æóßßÓâæóâæ̝™™¨Óâ±Ì™óæîâą’Óó̓ âî†±Å±Ì™óæîâąϻ’óîî®±æ杓îÓ⮆æ†ßâÓó™ ’†“Âî®±æą†â†Ì™’ąÓ̙Ϻ ®±æîÓâąÓ¨’Óó̓±Ì©’†“¨âÓË®†â™æîÓ¨î±ËæϺ FULL STORY PAGE 5



AUTO: SsangYong's mid-life update: 30 BUSINESS: Retailers reveal solutions: 34 TRENDS: Is love passing you by?: 36


World class health care

Westmead Hospital’s new clinical tower oepns: 2

New suburb named BradÀeld

Govy ofÀcially names high tech city at Aerotropolis: 6

Family business in COVID

How many leveraged patience capital during COVID: 12


How hope really works

Feature on the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal: 15

SALOVS: How hope really happens: 19

FTER a few hot summers for swimmers who loved Parramatta and wÌîÿÓâî®þ±ÅŝßÓÓÅæ†Ì™æóđâ™ during their closures, relief is on the way. Just a day apart, the refurbished Wentworthville pool opened and Ĝâæîæәÿ†æîóâ̝™ÓÌ spectacular Parramatta Aquatic Centre. Both communities have been without a pool since 2017, the Parramatta Memorial Pool demolished to make way for Bankwest Stadium and the previous Holroyd Council wanting to close the tired Wenty pool

rather than refurbish it. After a bit of †æ“óĖ’îÿÌW†ââ†Ë†îî†Óó̓±Å and the NSW Government on who would pay for its replacement, an agreement was reached on funding for the state-of-the-art aquatic centre. And in Wentworthville, a concerted community campaign and the Cumberland Council, saved the beloved pool with an upgrade. While Parramatta residents wait two years for their pool, they are welcome to dive to Wenty.


Young people turning their lives around at BYSA.

Youth Needs Our Support


VITAL youth service in Blacktown is set to close after missing out on important State Government funding. The Blacktown Youth Support Association’s Youth HQ program helps young people at risk - those who have

been in trouble with the law or those who may be headed that way. But the service was told at the end of last year by the Department of Communities and Justice that they had missed out on funding, in favour of more “targeted” youth

WELCOME to the Blacktown NEWS


ELCOME to Blacktown's NEW LOCAL media voice, The Blacktown News (BN). The Blacktown News is the much-anticipated new newspaper and digital media brand that covers Blacktown LGA with local news written by experienced journalists. The Blacktown News is Blacktown's ONLY printed newspaper and is independently owned and managed locally by a management team that has been working in Blacktown for almost 20 years.

The News will be distributed across 110 strategic distribution points in the LGA. Published in digital and print editions the Blacktown News ođers maximum impact for targeted advertising opportunities and reach to Blacktown's diverse population. With a mission of championing community and business issues, the BN is a proud media partner of the Greater Blacktown Chamber of Commerce, the Blacktown Local Business Awards and Blacktown FC.

l l l l

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programs. A letter from the Minister for Families and Communities Gareth Ward suggested that the BYSA seeks funding from other government departments such as education and sport. FULL STORY 10

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Why you aren’t losing weight and what you can do about it  ADAM SIMPSON HEN it comes to getting results with your health and fitness being consistent is the key.


Regardless of what your health and fitness goal may be, I can guarantee you won’t get there if you are inconsistent with your exercise and daily eating habits. Over the last 12 years I have trained well over a thousand local people so I have seen what works and what doesn’t. If you are someone who has a goal of losing weight, below are some of my best tips to help you drop those unwanted kilograms and get you in the best shape of your life. Exercise more days than you don’t – Over the years I have found that most people will generally eat better and have a better all-round routine on the days where they are exercising. So, try to make it your number one habit, to be someone who exercises very regularly. Find Exercise that you actually enjoy – The best exercise programs are the ones that you can actually stick to, so go do something that you enjoy. That way you will be much more likely to stick to something long term. Think outside the box and make it fun, exercise shouldn’t be a chore. Play a sport, take a dance class, join a group training session or go for a bush walk. Anything will work, just do it consistently! Short workouts work – In 2021 we are all getting busier and busier, so take the

Fitness expert, Adam SImpson.

pressure off yourself. If you can only spare 10-20 mins for a workout, that is plenty. Just do something and keep the habit going. Focus on better nutritional habits – Please don’t get caught up in jumping from diet to diet, the reason you have gained weight in the past or haven’t managed to drop that excess body fat, is not because you haven’t found the miracle diet you are looking for. It is because somewhere along the line, life got in the way and your daily habits got out of whack. Focus on building a healthy routine that fits in with your busy lifestyle.


Get the basics right more often than not – When it comes to nutrition, I am a big believer of getting the basics right. Eating a well-balanced diet does not need to be complicated, try and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink more water, eat foods high in protein and minimise the “treat” type foods. Above all you are consuming too many calories – At the end of the day you won’t be able to lose body fat if you are eating too many calories. This is why it is important to reduce (not cut out) the “treat” type foods that you may be eating

too much of. Instead aim to eat more filling lower calorie options eg. Vegetables, quality sources of carbohydrates for energy and lean cuts of meat. To sum it all up, try not to overcomplicate things. The best plans are often the simplest, create yourself a workable plan of action so that you can stick to it long term. I guarantee you the results will come, you just need to be patient. Adam Simpson is lead trainer and founder at Repetitions Group fitness and Personal Training. www.repititionspt.com.au



Family Business Welcome Mid-market businesses upbeat and confidently emerging from COVID-19 Welcome to KPMG Family Business feature articles. If you would like to discuss these articles or how KPMG can help with your business please feel free to contact me on 8865 6117 or pwakim@kpmg.com.au

 CLIVE BIRD USTRALIA’S mid-market businesses are upbeat, and markedly less worried about the ending of the JobKeeper program than they were six months


ago. KPMG Enterprise’s pre-budget survey paints a significantly different picture from our last survey, carried out just ahead of the October 2020 Budget. The survey of 100 mid-tier business leaders and directors found two-thirds (68 percent) had either used government support through COVID and were ‘emerging with confidence’ or said that new opportunities had emerged as a direct result of the past year’s experience. Less than half responded that COVID-19 or other factors had negatively impacted their business. Notably, only one-third of respondents expected the ending of JobKeeper to lead to a significant decline in economic activity and higher unemployment – this compared to two-thirds in our last survey. Almost one-half had used JobKeeper. In encouraging signs for future growth and innovation, one third took advantage of the Instant Asset Write-off and plan to follow suit with the R&D Tax Incentive. It was positive to see strong support for innovation measures like the early stage investor incentive; innovation tax incentive; software-specific development and collaboration premiums. The government’s e-invoicing program was also largely welcomed, increasing both productivity and efficiency. Of course, there are still challenges. The biggest, once again, was cost and margin pressures, followed by supply chain problems and recruiting skilled staff. Reduced revenue and demand, and changes to consumer spending were also prominent issues. At some point the debate will turn to paying back Australia’s COVID-related debts. Our clients favoured moves to raise productivity as the best way to do this with major tax reform also playing a role. No-one wants tax rises, but if there must be one, then GST was the preferred


Of course, there are still challenges. The biggest, once again, was cost and margin pressures, followed by supply chain problems and recruiting skilled staff.” – Clive Bird. option. No doubt, this is difficult territory, but it reinforces the view that Australia already has an over-reliance on direct taxes. The mid-tier sector also favoured the two-tiered company tax-rate system remaining, under which smaller companies pay a lower 25 percent rate – until public finances allowed the higher rate for larger companies to come down. The debts and the emergence from COVID-19 have seen a significant ramp-up

in ATO compliance activity. ATO programs directed at the top 500 and ‘next 5000’ privately-owned groups, as part of its wider Justified Trust tax assurance program aimed at Australian businesses and wealthy family groups, are now in full swing; understandably the survey found 50 percent concerned about this. I was concerned that nearly half the respondents stated they are well prepared for the additional compliance activity – despite nearly two-thirds saying they do not currently have documented tax risk management frameworks. These systems are a key part of proper tax governance in the eyes of the ATO and in my view some businesses have a degree of unfounded optimism about their state of readiness. Finally, there was significant support for ownership succession to take place in family businesses without tax implications.

This is a curious anomaly of the Australian tax system which effectively penalises organised succession planning in family companies while the owner is alive yet there is no tax impact on transfer when they die. KPMG research has shown that Australia is an outlier and we need to change our approach to give a boost to family-owned enterprises. Our survey shows Australia’s mid-tier businesses are up for the challenge, but we need to change our approach to give a boost to family-owned enterprises – which comprise around two-thirds of all businesses – as they emerge from COVID-19. It is important that the tax system doesn’t make that harder. To read the full report visit KPMG.com.au First published by Clive Bird, Partner, Head of Tax, Enterprise, KPMG Australia on KPMG Newsroom on 21 April 2021.


Family Business


A paid parental leave system based on gender equity principles  GRANT WARDELL-JOHNSON  ALISON KITCHEN OVING away from the old ‘primary carer/secondary carer’ model of Paid Parental Leave (PPL) and to a system based on gender equity principles should be an aim of policymakers, moving forward. In a report developed by KPMG in association with the Business Council of Australia’s Women’s Participation Taskforce, we propose important changes which will help with a wider move towards equal parental responsibility for child-raising. Under KPMG’s proposed scheme, the available 20 weeks of paid leave would be


split according to what best suits the parents’ lifestyle, effectively ending the status quo where the birth Mother is eligible for 18 of these weeks while the other parent having to make do with just two. The total number of weeks would also increase to 26 weeks over six years, rising by two weeks every two years. Our proposal also outlines an ‘equality supplement’, where bonus weeks are awarded to the extent that responsibility for care is shared more equally.

Carer weeks allocated evenly If the nominated carer weeks were allocated evenly, within a 55/45 per cent range, then each parent would receive two additional weeks of leave. If the split was within, for example, 65/35 per cent, then

each parent would receive one additional week. Our estimates indicate that by the time this proposal reaches year six, it would cost the government approximately $1.1B. Despite this, the measure would contribute to decreasing the workforce participation gap between men and women. The report’s principles underpinning a revamped scheme of government-funded parental leave include: • The system should have a component which is based on a non-transferrable individual right rather than only a family right. • The scheme should not be gender-based in legal form and should cater for same-sex relationships • Individual rights should operate on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis to promote take-up

of the leave and should not be available to be realised in the form of a different benefit. • Benefits of the government scheme should be additional to any benefits provided by an employer scheme and not be reduced because of this. • The scheme should incentivise parental care arrangements that are more equal. This could take the form of additional paid leave or greater flexibility. •The ‘use it or lose it’ period should be two years from the birth of the child. To read the full report, please visit KPMG.com.au First published by Alison Kitchen, National Chairman KPMG Australia and Grant Wardell-Johnson, Lead Tax Partner, KPMG Economics & Tax Centre, KPMG Australia on KPMG Newsroom on 8 April 2021

Sharpening the focus on risk for FBs  BERNADEENE CANGELOSI OR nearly all family offices, the events of 2020 certainly didn’t kickstart the decade in the way they may have envisaged. In a year where the nation suffered both environmental and economic shocks, resilience was certainly put to the test. While the depth of financial resources, combined with the maturity of the family’s social capital significantly contributed to overcoming the calamities of the year, importantly, the benefit of having in place an effective risk management framework emerged. Whilst effective risk management has been a cornerstone of operations of the family business for generations, last year saw the importance of having a plan for risks that sit outside this scope.


Now in a time of unparalleled change, enterprises need to double-down on these systems. There are several reasons for this.

Wealth transfer planning Recognising the importance of planning for inter-generational wealth transitions has highlighted the ‘risks’ to succession. Unless appropriate forethought and planning has been undertaken, wealth transition amongst generations isn’t transparent.

Failure to innovate and change Secondly, failure to ‘change’ and innovate carries with it the ‘risk’ of dissipated energy. Often this leads to the ‘risk’ of inter-generational conflict as misunderstandings emerge as to how an individual and their


family think their energy should be applied. This has become increasingly relevant not just in relation to how financial capital is managed, but also the way that individual family members discuss their own education and development as part of the family enterprise.

Privacy Thirdly, even though the internet in many ways has liberated the transfer of information and knowledge which has in-turn encouraged innovation – it has also further jeopardised privacy. As a person or families’ success begins to become public knowledge, their level of cyber risk grows. It’s key there is a robust plan for security and social engagement. A family’s privacy can be protected in these from both

third-party scrutiny and from its own failings and subsequent inadvertent publicity. Family offices also need to develop their own risk management frameworks. The framework should include risks to achievement of purpose and mission, implementation of strategy, transition of ownership and wealth, capacity for change in leadership and control and allocation of ‘risk’ in portfolio management. You can begin the process by understanding the risks your family faces and establishing a forum that allows discussion of what needs to be included. It’s important, in doing so, to consult with family members about their own personal liabilities and identify where those risks may have an impact on wider family relationships. A prime example being discussions around

the role of ‘binding financial agreements. By prioritising risks, by likelihood and impact, family offices can begin to develop relevant mitigating strategies. It is not the case that all risks can or indeed should be eliminated – the CIO will need to take a certain level of investment risk to maintain the capacity of the family’s financial capital to generate sufficient returns to meet the family’s needs. By creating an awareness of the nature of the risks facing the family and discussing what the impact of that risk is on a family’s future, collectively – the family office has fulfilled one its most important functions. First published by Bernadeene Cangelosi, Partner, Private Wealth and Family Office Services, KPMG Australia on KPMG Newsroom on 12 March 2021.




Roadshow of mobile tradie workshops  ELIZABETH FRIAS HE welding helmet seemed too big for the head and the tools too heavy for the hands yet the students from Parramatta Marist College wearing high-vis gear, as shown in the photo, prove they have got what it takes for future technical trades jobs. At a school holiday “welding camp” recently held for PMC’s youngest high school students at Precision Metal Group (PMG) workshop at Wetherill Park, the experience ignited interest from students and their parents. The idea of a camp kickstarted last October and will be replicated at high schools across Western Sydney as part of a massive industry-led recruitment program for young people across NSW to try an engineering trade as skills shortage is decried by industries. “Running a school holiday program for everyone in high school from Year 7 onwards to give them an understanding of a career path they can start working towards gives our young people hands-on experience in industries similar to ours,” says PMG chief executive, Jason Elias. “It’s engaging schools, parents and students but more about giving exposure to students to understand there is a broad industry waiting for them to skill up and employ them soon as they are ready to be on the job.” Mr Elias says PMG is working alongside the NSW Department of Education and the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector to conduct schools-based training and attract youths to go into engineering trades apprenticeships. Last March, the NSW government embarked on a wide-ranging reform of the VET sector to improve the quality and


The first batch of high school students from Parramatta Marist College take hands-on experience at an actual engineering manufacturing at Precision Metal Group workshop in Wetherill Park, with PMG chief executive, Jason Elias.

effectiveness of vocational education in high schools. The reforms, recommended by professors David Gonski and Peter Shergold who both conducted the review of the VET sector, included the participation of industry experts in formulating VET courses curriculums. The Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education, Geoff Lee, State Member for Parramatta says the recommendations “elevated the NSW VET system to an enviable standard.” “Our VET sector has already led the way in training frontline workers who have safeguarded our economy from the effects of a global pandemic and today’s announcement will further bolster the sector to a worldclass standard,” says Dr Lee.

Reducing the skills shortage Mr Elias says industry expertise in training the future workforce on vocational trades they need is crucial to reducing skills shortage as the Gonski-Shergold VET report has highlighted. “This camp is a partnership between schools, parents, students and industry to show them that there is an emerging industry technology that we want to expose our students to get them into trades’ jobs,” he says. “Engineering, fabrication and welding are all vocational training courses and pathways to apprenticeships that are ready to take on roles to be filled. “We want to reassure parents of students that their children are learning new technologies in engineering and those who have attended our holiday camps have understood

the concept and the urgent need for skilling our young ones for jobs in industries.” Mobile engineering workshops will soon roll out in high schools without available facilities. Mr Elias says PMG is “retro-fitting” a shipping container with welding and fabricating equipment that will be dropped off at participating high schools for a maximum of two weeks. The mobile workshop will be moving school to school across Sydney and as far as Lithgow. “We will be on a roadshow towards the end of this year to expose our students to hands-on experience with the virtual reality of welding and fabricating to give them a taste what is an engineering and manufacturing concept is,” Mr Elias said.







National Parks offer many options for the weekend getaway,

Making mid-week your own weekend  TRAVEL EDITOR DALLAS SHERRINGHAM F you are looking for a quiet relaxing getaway far from the maddening crowds, why not take a weekday snort stay in a National. The good thing is, you don’t to drive for hours, there a National Park stays available in and around Sydney in surprising places. And the National Park service has switched to digital passes, which makes it even easier. It is a good way to save up to 50% off stays in NSW national parks. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has launched a special offer to make mid-week trips the new go-to for travellers seeking some quality time in the great outdoors. Visitors can save 50% off selected full-priced campgrounds and 25% off selected full-priced cabins and cottages when booking to stay mid-week Monday – Thursday. With NSW national park stays in high demand on weekends, mid-week is


the ideal time to experience the unique, secluded feeling of waking up surrounded by nature, without the crowds. Escape for an affordable short break or embark on a longer road trip and discover the lush rainforests, pristine coast and vibrant country heritage that NSW has to offer. Pitch a tent at Gambells Rest campground in the bushland of the Southern Highlands, Sheepstation Creek camp-


ground among World-Heritage listed rainforest on the far north coast, or beside a flowing river at Gloucester River campground at Barrington Tops. Sleep perched on one of NSW’s most sought-after headlands at Cape Byron’s Assistant Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages, soak up the history of the gold rush at Hill End, near Mudgee, staying in revamped heritage building Hosies, or

book one of the cozy Wombeyan Caves cabins to explore underground wonders. Discover the full list of participating campgrounds and accommodation at nswparks.info/specialoffers To take advantage of this special offer, book now using the promo code MIDWEEK via the NPWS website. Just do it, I guarantee you’ll have a great time.




Experts - Money Management for SMEs


Five tips for better cash management purchases and overseas supplies (usually requiring prepayment or deposits). You should always, however, carefully read the terms and conditions of any Finance contract and have an achievable plan for repaying the debt.

 JOSEPH ESSEY ASH is King! You may have heard this expression referring to the importance of cash flow in successful businesses. While there is no magic solution to remaining cash positive, there are some simple and practical things growing businesses can be doing to better manage this. Here are my top five tips for SME’s looking to better manage their cash flow.


Forecast! Forecast! Forecast!

Working capital finance solutions

It is important to have a cash flow forecast, which lays the land for your cash outflow commitments and projected cash inflows, that you regularly refer to and update once actuals are realised. As a minimum I recommend having an annual forecast to project cash flow and financing requirements and monthly/weekly forecasts, which help you to ensure you are meeting your immediate obligations. The key to good business cash flow comes down to being smarter about how you manage the components of your supply chain. While employing good strategies, like the ones I have provided above, will improve your chances of remaining cash flow positive, it is not a matter of set and forget. Ongoing management and refinement of your tactics are required as conditions change – the best businesses are agile and tactile in all business operations. Disclaimer: This is article provides general advice and is not intended to be tailored accounting and financial advice. Advice may vary depending on your specific business circumstances.

The mistake a lot small businesses make is trying to grow their business without external finance. While debt should never replace free cash generated from profits, it is not the enemy if managed properly and for a purpose. In particular, I encourage using external finance to cashflow business equipment

Joseph Essey is the founder and operator of Your Business Finance Manager, an Outsourced Finance and Accounts solution for growing small businesses and has over 15 years’ experience helping small to medium sized businesses to manage their financial position and achieve sustainable growth. Visit: www.ybfmanager.com

Implement proper credit procedures with your customers Every business that allows customers time to pay their invoices needs to have a system for managing the collection of these debts. While there are many things you can do to improve your chances of getting paid here are some of the easiest and most effective to implement: • Advising customers of their payment terms and when their invoices will be due. This can be done in the form of welcome letter emails when you sign the customer up. • Have a plan to collect starting from when the debt is 1 day overdue. Many accounting systems allow you to send customised automated payment reminders direct from your system. • Make it easy for your customers to pay by offering multiple options including EFT and Credit card and clearly listing payment details on your invoices.

Maximise your free credit from suppliers If you are an established business with a decent credit rating there is usually an opportunity to get interest free credit terms from your suppliers. If you don’t already know, ask around to find the standard credit terms for your industry and as a minimum push your suppliers to provide these to you. It is also important that you know your business and personal credit rating. This can help you negotiate better deals or credit terms or, if you discover there is an issue with your rating, there are steps you can take to repair your credit file and improve your chances of getting credit from your suppliers.

Using a credit card smarter If used wisely, a credit card can be an easy and cheap additional line of credit with suppliers. Using wisely means avoiding paying Vendors that charge a high surcharge, always paying the balance due on time so you don’t incur interest and maximising credit by timing payments to be made at the beginning of the statement cycle.

Experts - Networking


Local purchasing power unleashed  AMANDA BRISOT HE recent disruption of global commerce due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the trade conflict with China has highlighted the importance of creating a diverse supply chain that contains a good mix of local suppliers to avoid production and supply disturbances. Furthermore, purchasing locally and engaging with a local supply chain generates social and economic benefits far beyond the products and services themselves. Research shows that for every dollar spent locally the economic multiplier is four times more than trading with a business from outside the area. According to Australian Made, for every one million dollars spent with an Australian manufacturer $333,900 in tax revenue is generated and 10 full-time jobs are created. It’s not hard to see then, that for a region like Western Sydney, which still has many pockets of disadvantage, local procurement is an incredibly powerful economic development tool. If done effectively it has the power to boost the economy, drive jobs and reinvigorate depressed or marginalised communities. When a large corporation wins a multi-million-dollar government project, it is often easy to continue using the suppliers they have always used. However, if they use a local supplier, they will not only get the job done, they will also generate enormous economic benefit for the local economy. After all, a local business is far more likely to use local workers and service providers such as accountants, lawyers and cleaners for example, who then go back to their local area to spend their money.


A WSBC Meet The Buyer Event.

Local prefers local It’s not all about giving back. There are lots of benefits for big business too. By building a diverse supply chain, big business can maintain competitive tension within their supplier base, ultimately resulting in better quality and price. By using a local supplier, big business will also have better and quicker access to resolve quality issues and suppliers will be faster to respond when something goes wrong. Not to mention the shorter lead times and transport costs and the impact that this has on the final goods carbon footprint. It can often be challenging for big busi-


ness to tap into a database of local suppliers and many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) struggle with that initial step of getting in the door of large corporations. Western Sydney Business Connection has come up with a practical way to bring big business and SMEs together. Often referred to as “speed dating for business”, WSBC’s Meet the Buyer event series connects local SMEs to large corporations responsible for delivering the region’s major projects. Participating SMEs are strategically matched to large procurers and then scheduled to meet one-on-one every 15 minutes

to pitch their products and services and to build relationships. The series has been well received by industry and is seen as an outcomes driven program that has achieved excellent results. To date, over 1000 meetings have been scheduled between large corporations and local SMEs, with 20% of SMEs securing contracts and a further 40% having work in the pipeline. Amanda Brisot is the General Manager of the Western Sydney Business Connection, the longest standing, leading business engagement organisation in the region. To learn more go to wsbc.org.au.


Experts - Partnerships


How sport builds and unites Done well partnerships last after the association is gone  EXCLUSIVE BY BOB TURNER WAS watching my six-year-old Granddaughter play football last Sunday and could not help but reflect on the impact and importance sport plays in our lives. From the activity and camaraderie generated by grass roots sport to the exhilaration and passion expressed in following your favourite team, sport plays an active role in our everyday lives. The daily news always reports both sport and weather which identifies their prominence for the general public. Exercise, whether young or old is vital to health and well-being so seeing the young people on the field, the excited parents on the sideline and even grandparents like me was a reinforcement that all should get out and keep the body moving. Today, my exercise comes from walking the dogs and jumping when Blacktown City FC scores a goal! Sport has been my livelihood for almost 45 years. Whether that was as a player, coach, administrator or marketer, it has opened doors far beyond what I could ever have expected or thought possible. Coaching the Sydney Kings for seven years led to introductions to politicians, corporate heavyweights and key members of the public. It also nurtured opportunities to present on topics such as team building, motivation and teamwork to a number of companies, school groups and sporting teams. These are all traits of any successful business. In sport, particularly in professional coaching the measure of success is on a scoreboard that does not lie. You have either led a successful team or not. In business teamwork might not be so easy to initially recognise but when an Executive coach his team well, the results are loyalty, productivity and a much more congenial work force. A close friend of mine and former NBL coach has earned his living the past 20-plus years travelling the world to coach key executives on how to coach their team/ employees. His comment to me was that what a professional coach learns in handling professional players over a course of a long season are traits not only hard to teach but hard to learn. For most business executives, after they have climbed the corporate ladder and arrived at the management level, in many cases, they have not been prepared for managing a team of people. My mate then comes in and applies the foundation blocks of team building as he had done with his players. It stands to reason that successful business managers, like coaches, follow the same principles of team building and motivation to build loyalty, belief and trust in the company they work for.


Sport crosses many boundaries. Blacktown FC uin action at their home gound.

Loyalty is not only a fundamental building block of success but it is also a result of developing a culture that endears players, employees and even fans to respect a club or organisation. The Head of Football for Blacktown City FC, Mark Crittenden, is a great example of someone who has earned both respect and loyalty. He Coached his 300th game for Blacktown City FC two weeks ago which is testament to the Club that they have the right man for the job. He has developed a culture within the club where players respect the jersey and know they are in the best position to improve and be cared for.

effective marketing opportunity to ride the profile of a successful sporting group. My days with the Sydney Coca Cola Kings or Canberra Mazda Cannons exemplify the power of combining two entities for the benefit of both. If done well the partnership is long lasting even after the association is gone. The Coca Cola Kings were a household name in the 90’s because we both worked on and benefited from the partnership. It was a reciprocal arrangement. Blacktown City FC represents a similar opportunity for a forward-thinking company who wants to capture the resident base of 400,000 that is Blacktown. Media partnerships with local radio, publications like The Blacktown News and Western Sydney Business Access, NPL.TV and others are all part of the ‘Game Plan’ to build Blacktown City FC into a respected and well followed property. Blacktown City is starting to form local relationships to combine general advertising for corporate partners with the activity of home games, school promotions, promotions with players and motivational activity to create an opportunity in Blacktown that has not existed locally before. Playing in the NSW Men’s Premier football competition with former household names like Marconi, Sydney Olympic, Sydney United, Apia, Wollongong Wolves and such we are hungry to take on the best in the state and make Blacktown proud. Blacktown City FC has ‘Pride in our name and our City’! My experience with the Newcastle Falcons, Canberra Cannons, Singapore

When fans win the case That culture is the hardest aspect to build within an organisation but can be quickly eroded if you take your eye off the ball. A further indication of our club loyalty is that his team Manager, Graham Crawhall, has been at his side for all of those 300 + games. Money in sport and in business is testing the boundaries of building a culture. It can quickly erode a team or organisation by the individual pursuit of financial gain. The recent European Super League controversy tested the boundaries but for now proved that money does not always guarantee success. The passionate fan, the foundation of any professional sports team, won in this case. Not only can business managers benefit from the attributes of sport but corporates in general have benefitted by linking their name with sporting brands that exude the principles of the company or simply offer an

Slingers and the Sydney Kings have proven to me the benefit of sport to build a respect for an organisation as well as partnerships to assist in bringing pride and excitement to a city. Blacktown is no different and we are developing and enhancing existing building blocks to benefit all who want to associate. We have recently had a number of potential corporate partners meet with us at our home ground at Lily Homes Stadium. When they entered the venue, most for the first time to see one of the best facilities in Sydney, and listened to our ambitious plans for the future our enthusiasm was contagious. As I have always said: “Enthusiasm is contagious – start an epidemic.” Blacktown City FC is on that path and those with vision and foresight will get in early. Blacktown News has seen the potential and jumped on Board. Blacktown City FC hits the road for most May but our next home game on May 30 will be a great one as Blacktown hosts Manly. The kind of clash Coach Crittenden will have the team pumped, especially as Manly won the first leg at their home. As a bonus, any Blacktown Council employee can attend the next home game against Manly on the May 30 for free if they show their security badge. All home games are played at Lily Homes Stadium, 5 Quinn Avenue, Seven Hills. Game time is 3pm. See you there! Bob Turner is Executive Chairman at Blacktown City FC. He writes exclusively for WSBA and the Blacktown News.


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Stelvio Sport takes over as entry point to the updated Alfa Romeo SUV line-up  BY CALLUM HUNTER HE first examples of Alfa Romeo’s updated Stelvio SUV line-up have started arriving in Aussie dealerships with just one variant available for the time being, that being the $69,450 (plus on-road costs) Sport. A new variant for the Australian market, the Sport will serve as the entry point to the updated range, marking a price jump of $3550 over the outgoing ‘Stelvio’ base model with the extra outlay netting


customers a more generous standard equipment list including a new-generation 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and an expanded array of active safety features. Leading the charge on the safety front is traffic sign recognition with intelligent speed control, active blind spot assist and driver attention assist, automatic high beam assist and active cruise control, all of which will be featured across the rest of the range when it arrives. Save for the new infotainment system, other standard equipment highlights

include sports leather seats, heated leather sport steering wheel, power bolster, heated front seats, leather gear knob, aluminium pedals, aluminium trim, wireless phone charging and rear privacy glass. Those wanting more fruit without waiting for the higher-grade variants to arrive can opt for the $3455 ‘Lusso Pack’ which adds adaptive damping, a 14-speaker Harman Kardon premium audio system, ambient lighting and a hands-free tailgate.

Driver assistance program A dual-pane panoramic sunroof is also optionally available. Far from the most comprehensive facelift to be seen, exterior changes are limited to a refreshed alloy wheel design and red brake callipers while the cabin has been treated to a slightly more detailed refresh, scoring a reorganised centre console as well as the bigger infotainment screen. Power in the Sport comes from the familiar turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, still good for 147kW/330Nm. Drive is fed to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission with 0-100km/h dealt with in a claimed 7.2 seconds. According to Alfa Romeo marketing communications director Tom Noble, the updates have made the Stelvio “as intuitive

as it is stylish”. “Introducing an interactive new multitouch display and advanced driver assistance system, the Stelvio Sport stands out from the crowd, combining this updated tech with sophistication, performance and iconic Italian heritage, wrapped up into a compelling value proposition,” he said. While the rest of the range is yet to be detailed, Alfa says the Stelvio range’s updates match those of the Giulia, meaning we can more than likely expect the familiar Veloce and flagship Quadrifoglio nameplates to be featured. The Italian brand has shifted just 18 Stelvios so far this year ending March, accounting for just 0.2 per cent of the $60,000-plus medium SUV segment and marking a 78.8 per cent sales hit compared to the same period last year.

0414965556 magicmumscleaning@gmail.com 30




Wrath of Man – 3 Stars MUTED Guy Ritchie creates an intriguing, but at times cheesy, revenge-heist hybrid. H ( Jason Statham) is fresh to the cash truck company. Taken under the wing of Bullet (Holt McCallany), he quickly learns the ropes, but when he, Bullet and Boy Sweat Dave ( Josh Hartnett) get hit by a crew, it seems like it could all be over. That is, until H single handedly dispatches the entire criminal gang, with the cool, effortless precision of a man with a secret. His capability belies his secret identity; that of an underworld mob boss, on the hunt for the gang who killed his son. And he’ll stop at nothing to punish those responsible. Coming out of Wrath of Man, one might be forgiven for being shocked that the picture was directed by the famous Guy Ritchie. The auteur behind Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and even more recently The Gentleman and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, is known for his visual flair. His movies are typical British gangster crime capers, even if occasionally transported to other nationalities or time periods. They have fast talking heroes, heist planning scenes intercut with the actual heist taking place, and a hell of a lot of swearing, killing and blood. They also frequently have fast, visual flair.


Wrath of Man somewhat bucks this trend. Told in an almost Vantage Point-esque multi-view perspective, this triptych covers a lot of the same ground from different perspectives. All the while, we are given more and more backstory about H ( Jason Statham). H is cold and mysterious, but also clearly a man driven by revenge. Whereas one might expect him to be the typical British, fast-talking Guy Ritchie hero, Statham plays him with a distinct sense of purpose. He is cold; calculating. Hellbent on avenging his murdered son. It’s a pacing turn that is mirrored in the

cinematography. The shots on display here have no whip pan, no real motion blur. They are slow and purposeful, pushing in ever so slowly on scenes arranged like paintings. The acting from the supporting cast is, much like the script, pretty rough. All cliches, forced banter and terrible decisions, the actors struggle with the material they are given. That being said, there are a few standouts. Scott Eastwood plays a great villain, truly reprehensible. Jason Statham is a lot of fun to watch, particularly in the confrontational bar scene, or any of the scenes where he is shooting people. But it’s a role we have seen him do

a million times, so that isn’t particularly surprising. In the end, the set design, cinematography and the core serviceable plot (anchored by Statham) make this a serviceable film. It’s just a shame that more of the flair that made Ritchie’s early work, and even the hugely popular recent entry The Gentleman, so good wasn’t on display here–such flair could have elevated a forgettable action drama to a must see. Reviews by Jacob Richardson Creative Director | Film Focus www.filmfocusau.com

The United States Vs Billie Holiday – 4 Stars POWERHOUSE performance in an OK film. Billie Holiday (Andra Day) is a bonafide superstar, with a sea of hits and the accolades, fame and riches to show. But her provocative song, Strange Fruit, which chronicles the lynching of African-Americans in the American south, is a thorn in the side of the US Government, who would much rather she just sing All of Me. FBI agent Harry Anslinger (Garret Hedlund), in his war on drugs and obsession with Billie herself, targets the young singer with a reputation for drug use. In the process, he uses Jimmy Fletcher (Trevante Rhodes), a young, black FBI agent, to help bring her down. As the FBI’s relentless pursuit across the decades of her career wears her down, and follows her right to her deathbed, Billie’s relationship with Jimmy ebbs, flows and changes, and her desire to hold strong to her truth, and her songs, grows. The most impressive part of this film is without a doubt Andra Day’s performance as Billie Holiday. Andra’s Billie is raw, troubled, engaged, strong and wild–all in the same breath. Andra’s work to transform her voice, both speaking and singing, into a match for Holiday’s is tremendous, and there isn’t a second she is on screen that she isn’t utterly compelling and convincing in the title role.


The supporting cast also works in fits and starts, sometimes shunting forward into the foreground for a touch of the spotlight, with Rhodes commanding the most interest outside of Day. But they can never hold the limelight too long before the audience, and indeed the camera, want to shift back to the star of the show. The United States Vs Billie Holiday isn’t a perfect film, and for those familiar


with Holiday’s story, the beats will be all too familiar–it doesn’t really bring anything new to the plotting. The arcs are somewhat similar to stories we’ve seen before, except for the sheer relentlessness and hopelessness of Billie’s plight. One of the clearest quibbles, however, is that without the added context of a broader discussion like the one found in a novel like Chasing The Scream, Anslinger’s obsession with taking down

Billie Holiday comes off as almost cartoonish villainy. In the end, The United States Vs Billie Holiday is a film that does a great job of showing off it’s lead performer’s talents, without ever really breaking the mould of biopic filmmaking. Reviews by Jacob Richardson Creative Director | Film Focus www.filmfocusau.com




IURP6\GQH\6LGH 'LVWULEXWLRQV your local courier and delivery service. Ready to help you in 2021!

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FREE CONSULTATION Our professional staff hold over 25 years in healthcare, mental health, and community spaces. Our staff are happy to come to you or meet in a place of your choice to discuss all services free of charge to you.

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Bosses may disagree but…. Taking a sickie is good for you  DALLAS SHERRINGHAM HEN I was an ordinary staff member some years ago, I went to great lengths to carefully organize a good ‘sickie.’’ This took some careful planning, with preliminary coughing on Tuesday and Wednesday and growing increasingly “hot”. This was followed by the old: “I feel really crook and I’m worried I might give it to the staff ” on Thursday. By 3pm that afternoon people were practically begging me to “go home and get better…and don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine.” And so I was free; the sickie long weekend was on! Flash forward a few years and I was the boss. I despised one day sickies because I knew what they were up to and I was powerless to stop it. Every sniffle, migraine, ache and pain was treated with disdain. Well, it seems sickies are now officially good for you. They provide a real benefit to your health because they allow you to wind down, relax and forget about work for a while. And they allow you to get some much needed sleep. Turns out, we are one of the most sleep deprived countries in the world with 37% of us averaging less than seven hours a night. And sleep deprivation affects your work and your productivity. The truth is, we all need a mental health day once in a while because sleep deprivation could lead to depression, anxiety and emotional instability.


MAY 2021 Edition 121

A trial of four-day weeks in New Zealand showed that workers improved their productivity by 20% working one less day a week. The trial was monitored by the University of Auckland. The trial showed the biggest increases were in commitment and empowerment with staff stress levels down by 7% and

work-life balances increasing from 54% to 78%. If you enjoy the occasional sickie – and 81% of us have – there are some tips to get the boss on side from one who knows. Lead by example and show them that you’re much more contented and less stressed in your work after your sickie.

Become more productive if possible in the week after your sickie to show you tried to make it up. Whatever you do, don’t act too happy before and after. Make out your sickie was a burden, but you feel better. Let the coughing begin! Has anyone seen my thermomenter?



APRIL 2021 Edition 120

Partnership aiming to boost trades jobs


HE welding helmet seemed too big for the head and the tools too heavy IRUWKHKDQGV\HWWKHႋXGHQWVIURP


DODGY DEALERS U SED car purchases have boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, opening a major source of revenue for dodgy dealers in Western Sydney. Second-hand car dealership Narita Imports has been found guilty of seven offences relating to misleading customers by entering

false information on to an approved sales contract. Lansvale dealership directors Azizul Hakim Chowdhury and Nahida Akhter pleaded guilty to the charges brought by NSW Fair Trading at Parramatta Local Court and were ordered to pay $7,725 in fines and costs. Full story: 2

THIS EDITION From career crisis to dream job: 5 Change of guard for Salvos: 8 Sizzling hot property market: 20

Western Sydney’s most sought-after business publication

Mid-market upeat, post COVID: 22

RETAIL BOUNCES BACK I and Now retailers have revealed the solutions on ’TS no secret times have been the toughest for the industry bounce and mortar’ support measures needed record for Western Sydney’s ‘bricks back this year and beyond. a proud retail industry, but this sector has FULL STORY PAGE 5 hardest of times. history of bouncing back from the


Taking a sickie is good for you: 34



World class health care

Westmead Hospital’s new clinical tower oepns: 2

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New suburb named BradÀeld

Govy ofÀcially names high tech city at Aerotropolis: 6

Family business in COVID

How many leveraged patience capital during COVID: 12

How hope really works

Feature on the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal: 15

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