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Couple enjoying a picnic at Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley region.

Tourism industry to REBOOT SW regions and ourism businesses are se o receive a major boos wi h he easing o ravel res ric ions, as he Governmen revealed NSW residen s ook almos wo million in erna ional leisure rips wor h $16.7B las year. o coincide wi h he June 1 res ric ion changes, he NSW Governmen ’s ourism and even s agency Des ina ion NSW kicks of a major ourism marke ing campaign, arge ing NSW, Vic orian and AC residen s wi h world-class experiences o be enjoyed righ here in regional NSW and Sydney. Minis er or Jobs, Inves men , ourism and Wes ern Sydney S uar Ayres said he Now’s Te ime o Love NSW campaign would deliver ‘heads on beds’ and visi or spend or ourism opera ors s a ewide.


“NSW is ready o reboo 2020 – our s a e has so much o ofer holidaymakers, here really is nowhere beter o ake a break righ now,” Minis er Ayres said. “NSW residen s ook almos 2 million inerna ional leisure rips las year wor h $16.7B so here is a huge oppor uni y o en ice our overseas holidaymakers o become NSW's nex op ravellers. “Forge ha overseas escape – we’re showing ravellers here is incredible ood and wine, amazing ou door adven ures and one-o -akind hikes righ here in NSW.” Te nex phase o NSW’s ourism recovery campaign – Now’s Te ime o Love NSW – will run hroughou June and July and includes: • A new elevision commercial and

social media video series highligh ing op NSW ar s, hiking, wine, amily and ou door adven ure experiences • Local S ories video series s arring ourism opera ors invi ing ravellers o visi • A dedica ed webpage showing he op 213 ways o reboo 2020 in NSW, so ravellers can make he mos o he 213 days ha remain his year, and; • in erna ional digi al adver ising o keep overseas visi ors dreaming o NSW. “In eres in NSW road rips has jumped wi h a 125% increase in page views on Visi NSW.com in he pas week – he demand is here, now’s he ime o show our love or regional NSW,” Mr Ayres said.

“Te cumula ive efec o drough , bushres and COVID-19 has been devas a ing or ourism opera ors, so we’re asking everyone who can ake a holiday o hi he road or ge planning as soon as possible.” ourism businesses can ge involved in he campaign by signing up o Ge Connec ed wi h Des ina ion NSW so hey are ea ured on Visi NSW.com, which is he call o ac ion or all marke ing ac ivi y ha will roll ou in he coming mon hs. All ravellers are encouraged o phone ahead o ensure opera ors are open and help wi h capaci y planning, and businesses and visi ors mus ollow heal h advice regarding physical dis ancing and personal hygiene. Visit: https://www.visitnsw.com/love-nsw

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Travel The ever-stunning Rottnest Island

n JOHN NEWTON is more han 40 years since ea ures since I rs s epped ashore on otnes Island when here was litle more o do han have a swim and nish he day wi h an ale or wo a he local pub. How hings have changed - no only on he island bu he way you ge here on a high-speed erry - he rs non-s op service rom Per h. Sealink’s 200-passenger ca amaran - Quokka wo - akes jus 90 minu es rom Per h’s Barrack S ree jety o otnes - combining a scenic 60 minu es on he pic uresque Swan iver wi h 30 minu es on he Indian Ocean be ween he por o Freman le and he island, a mere 18 kilome res away. And, according o Leyces er Cory, Sealink’s Commercial Par nerships and Sales manager - Wes ern Aus ralia, he direc run has been a “ an as ic addi ion” o no only he company’s selec ion o produc s bu also o he Per h marke . “Te advan age o a direc service makes he unique oppor uni y o ravel rom he CBD o enchan ing otnes even more special. I has per ormed above all our expeca ions and visi ors and locals alike have le humbling reviews o he experience. Fewer crowds, more river and lo s o ou side viewing areas have cer ainly been me wi h a posi ive response,” he said. One o Sealink’s prized asse s is jack-o -allrades Jess Fea hers one, a ully- edged capain and he company’s rs emale engineer. And hese are no he only boo s she lls - she is also qui e happy o lend a hand a he ood/ bar, oss ou he mooring ropes - and even give he odd commen ary abou he boa ’s capabili ies. Jess obviously ook o wa er like an Olympic swimmer a er giving up her primary school eaching role. oday, otnes is burgeoning - hanks o cu e marsupials called quokkas ha have become he island’s ouris sel e supers ars - along wi h rising visi or numbers, proposed new developmen s and much-needed modern accommoda ion replacing ha rom a bygone era. Tis includes a revamped Ho el otnes - he major island projec or 2020 wi h an opening da e o around Sep ember. And here are plans o improve he visi or experience on he jety and possibly some new produc s nex season or day rippers and ex ended day ouris s.


Island tours If you are not up to cycling or walking around the Rottnest sights, Sealink has a number of island tours that include same day ferry transfers. These include: * A four-hour Grand Island Tour, which explores the island’s iconic spots by coach and finishes with a historic train ride. * A Segway Fortress Adventure Tour, starting with an in-depth training session before heading to spectacular beaches and gaining an insight into Rottnest’s military history and its role in WW11. * A Bayseeker Island Tour over oneand-a-half hours during which you’ll see the island’s flora and wildlife, as well as its colonial and maritime history.


Free pick-up Ferries direct daily Sealink o ers daily direct ferries from both Perth and Fremantle. For bookings, fares and times, go to SealinkRottnest. com.au (Perth or Fremantle o ce) or Tel: +61 (8) 93259352.

Key initiatives Te otnes Island Managemen Plan ( IMP) ocuses on areas suppor ed by 18 proposed key ini ia ives designed o promo e new developmen s and business oppor uniies on he island, while re aining he island’s charac er and accessibili y. ennis ace, oger Federer, probably can’ believe wha he’s done or iny otnes on he o her side o his homeland. Jus a day in he sun and Federer – along wi h a cu e marsupial – have pu he island well and ruly in he limeligh on he world map. Bu while ouris s ock o otnes and scramble of he erries in a mad rush o ge o he bes sel e quokka spo s, here’s much, more o his his orical and ever-growing ouris haven. Jus or s ar ers, he island has 20 bays and more han 60 brea h aking beaches, diving, snorkelling, swimming coves, can’ -wai - ohrow- he-line-in shing spo s and ren ing a bike o pedal up o mus -see loca ions, such as Ca hedral ocks, Wadjemup Ligh house, Geordie Bay, Te Basin and Litle Salmon bay. And wha beter way o ge o otnes han along he majes ic Swan iver rom he Wes Aus ralian capi al o he por o Freman le be ore heading o he island across he Indian Ocean. A Chidley Poin in Mosman Park (jus be ore you ge o Eas Freman le), look ou or Per h’s smalles yach club which has jus wo members. Te s and-ou blue shed on he oreshore is owned by he people living in he house above. A er hey’d buil he shed, he local council in ormed hem ha only yach clubs could build on he river. Tis led he owners o open Per h’s mos exclusive yach club. Back on otnes don’ orge o grab a bi e o he island’s second avouri e atrac ion - he mou h-wa ering pies rom he island’s renowned bakery. According o Jess, he s eak, bacon and cheese pie is wor h he cos o geting over o he island.

To save the hassle of getting to the ferry terminal in Perth, Sealink provides a free hotel pick-up and drop o shuttle bus, leaving in plenty of time to catch the 8.30am city-Rottnest service and meet the 4.15pm return ferry from the island.




Outback Australia full of surprises n WORDS AND IMAGES BY DALLAS SHERRINGHAM OU ING Ou back Aus ralia is one o he grea adven ures o he world wi h surprises o be had in vir ually every own and ci y along he way. I is simply a mater o aking he ime o nd hose surprises and o seek he advice o locals who are only oo willing o give you advice on wha o see and how o ge here. Ou back Aus ralia can be daun ing o he inexperienced, bu i is also a riendly place i you wan i o be. Having spen many years ravelling he leng h and bread h o our grea na ion, I never cease o be amazed by wha I discover along he way.


WELLINGTON NSW Welling on’s grea claim o ame is he ac ha i is he second oldes inland cen re in Aus ralia. John Oxley discovered he beau iul seting a he junc ion o he Macquarie and Bell ivers in 1817 and nex year “Wello”, as i is known o he locals, will celebra e i s bicen enary. Te own is an ou s anding place o explore because o i s grea old buildings which are s rung ou along Namina Crescen adjacen o he equally s unning Cameron Park. However jus ou o Welling on along he Mi chell Hwy is ano her amazing surprise: Welling on Caves. Te caves have been drawing visi ors or over a cen ury wi h he enchan ing Ca hedral Cave always he jewel in he crown. ecen explora ions have ound more han 20 caves in he area, some o hem ofering excellen cave diving oppor uni ies.

BROOME WA Siting a Cable Beach wa ching he sun go down over he Indian Ocean is one o he grea atrac ions o visi ing Broome. Camels parade by carrying happy ravellers and ou o sea radi ional sailing ships ull o ouris s pass across he seting sun. However i is a er dark ha Broome’s grea es surprise comes o li e. Te ou door Sun Pic ures cinema is he oldes “pic ure gardens” in he world, having opened in 1916. When i opened locals would ca ch a horse ram rom he own jety along Carnarvon S ree o ge here or a nigh ou . I is believed o be he only cinema in he world subjec o idal uc ua ions wi h pa rons having o li heir ee above he wa er o avoid geting we . While ou door cinemas disappeared quickly around he world, Broome survived mainly because i was ideal or he ropical clima e.

DARWIN NT Te nor hern capi al o Darwin holds many surprises or he visi or. However wo WESTERN SYDNEY BUSINESS ACCESS JUNE 2020

major even s are almos inescapable when visi ing. Te rs is Cyclone racy which ripped he ci y apar in 1974 and he bombing o he ci y by Japanese aircra in 1942. Few ci ies in he world have aced he devas a ion which be ell he ci y in hose wo even s. Darwin Museum, si ua ed in he Gardens jus ou o own, has a moving display ea uring Cyclone racy. Te highligh is a chilling sigh and sound experience ea uring a ape cap uring he ull ury o he s orm. Inside he display, you are o ally blocked of rom he world in darkness and he sound o he cyclone atacks all your senses. Museum s af old me ha some locals who lived hrough racy s ill canno en er he display; i is oo haun ing or hem.

Darwin Aviation Museum Te collec ion includes a B52 Bomber, an F111, a Mirage Figh er and a Sabre Je . Te aircra are in pris ine condi ion and i you are visi ing he op End, do yoursel a avour and spend hal a day a he museum.

BIGGE ISLAND WA Te grea atrac ions o he Kimberley region o WA include Mi chell Falls, Mon gomery ee and he Horizon al Wa er alls. However a litle known place well wor h a visi by boa is Bigge Island si ua ed in he Bonapar e Archipelago. Bigge Island has colour ul rock orma ions ha ake your brea h away. Se agains he sparkling imor Sea under a blue sky, Bigge Island is a pho ographer’s deligh .

We beached ou explorer boa on an unspoil beach and explored nearby caves which con ained haun ing Wandjina Man s aring back a you rom he walls. Tey were pain ed by indigenous locals cen uries ago and are reshened up occasionally by presen day cus odians. Wha makes Bigge Island really unique is he ac ha you can also nd he mys erious Bradshaw rock pain ings here. Tese pain ings da e rom up o 40,000 years ago nobody knows who pain ed hem. Lying on my back looking up a hose ancien drawings, pain ed by someone be ore he dawn o ime, made me realise jus how ull o surprises Aus ralia really is and how much here is o see and do. So surprise yoursel and go see Aus ralia.



Travel Majestic global dining palette Ellen Hill and Roderick Eime visit the Grand Lady of the Blue Mountains NSW aucy ales, exo ic opulence and he odd celebri y demise. Te Hydro Majes ic Ho el in he Blue Moun ains si s alongside he Ho el i z Paris, a es Singapore and Claridge’s London as legendary havens o mischie and luxury Wi h s af rom around he world welcoming waves o in erna ional ouris s in a dis inc ly Aus ralian loca ion, he Hydro Majes ic also represen s he modern ace and cuisine o Aus ralia – as i has or more han a cen ury. Te s a us o he original Blue Moun ains par y palace as he grandes o he grand ho el in he region was res ored when curren owner Escarpmen Group unveiled i s $35 million re urbishmen in Oc ober 2014. Te spec acular Casino Lobby was s ripped back o show of ha s upendous dome pre abrica ed in Chicago and impor ed by original Hydro Majes ic owner, depar men s ore doyenne Mark Foy. Te Win ergarden es auran where one akes high ea ( radi ional or Eas ern) is bedecked in unders a ed gold and whi e elegance wi h enormous windows giving a brea h aking view over he Megalong Valley. Tere’s he Majes ic Ballroom wi h i s beau i ul vaul ed ceiling, he revamped Boiler House Ca é in he old pump house and he sophis ica ion o black and chrome in he Belgravia accommoda ion lounge. Bu he bes way o apprecia e he ull


The Casino Dome (Supplied)

NYE 1936 (Supplied)

magni cence o he Hydro Majes ic, he building, he his ory and he gob-smackingly gorgeous loca ion on he edge o he escarpmen , is o s roll along he (in) amous Ca ’s Alley hallway, cock ail in hand, and wa ch he sunse over he Megalong Valley. Te golden endrils seep down he blood red walls, ligh ing up he peacock ea hers and richly

urbished lounges, and bring he original ar works o blood spor s o li e. Foy, was a visionary, an ambi ious and remarkable one, crea ing he ho el on a moun ain op agains all odds. Soon he or una e, he amous, he abulous, even he in amous, ocked o he Hydro Majes ic rom around he globe.

Don’t put the FREEZE on your business meetings.

Wi h regular es ivals and even s including he oaring 20s Fes ival in February, Escarpmen Group has re urned he ounce o he old girl’s skir so he Hydro Majes ic is once again he mos amboyan showgirl o Aus ralia’s rs ouris des ina ion. Continued on page 21

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Wintergarden Restaurant (Supplied)

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Te la es even was a seven-course degus a ion ea uring radi ional dishes rom global loca ions in used wi h local avours served by s af rom around he world, heralds a modern era o hea rical dining or Mark Foy’s “Palace in he wilderness’’ Dishes such as Creole-s yle braised shor rib, sou hern gri s, collard greens and corn amarillo salsa obviously origina ed rom dis an shores. However, he ingredien s were sourced rom a 100-mile radius around he ho el. ounding of he gas ronomic even wi h laming ons was he shared ood link o Aus ralia. I could be said ha he Hydro Majes ic represen s he modern ace and cuisine o Aus ralia – as i has or more han a cen ury. Escarpmen Group general manager al Bruegger said: “Te Hydro Majes ic has always embraced cul ural diversi y, no because

Views to the Megalong Valley (Supplied)

i s rs owner Mark Foy was poli ically correc bu because he genuinely loved people o all races, heir cul ure, ar and ood – jus as we do oday. “In ac , wha is seen as progressive, even ou rageous oday, has always been normal a he Hydro Majes ic. I mean, wha was normal or a man who liked o dress in his wi e’s clo hing and held cross-dressing par ies or his riends?’’ Wi h he means o sa is y his every whim, he well- ravelled Foy had he amous ho el dome pre- abrica ed in Chicago and shipped o Aus ralia. Dr George Baur o he Shoeneck heal h spa in Swi zerland was hired o devise and supervise a program o die s and weird and wonder ul rea men s. urkish cofee a he Hydro Majes ic was served by urkish wai ers, Chinese ea by Chinese wai ers. Louie (“Charlie’’) Goh Mong was jus one o many Chinese migran s who rever ed o heir radi ional skills pos -Ba hurs gold rush era around


he urn o he 20 h cen ury and worked as bu lers, cooks, nannies, maids and produce suppliers o inns, gues houses and manor houses across he Blue Moun ains during ha ime. Charlie worked as a cook a Foy’s Sydney home and managed he mayhem a he Hydro Majes ic or 35 years. oday, s af rom 16 language groups work a he Hydro Majes ic including English, French, Canadian, ussian, Chinese (all dialec s), Poruguese, Vie namese, Spanish, I alian, The Megalong Room (Roderick Eime) Indonesian, Tai and more. Mr Bruegger is German and head che Ma e Herceg has by our gues s in all o her ma ure ourism a Croa ian background. regions o he world.’’ “People visi he Hydro Majes ic rom all over he world and we mus unders and Go to www.hydromajestic.com.au or phone (02) and accommoda e heir cul ural needs,’’ Mr 4782 6885 for bookings and more information Bruegger said. “In an in erna ionally reabout the Hydro Majestic Hotel. nowned des ina ion such as he Blue MounWords: Ellen Hill ains i is expec ed o us and cer ainly received Images: Roderick Eime and supplies




Lazy days cruising the Murray n MICHAEL OSBORNE

as queen and king size bedrooms, ully iled ba hrooms wi h ensui e acili ies, spacious lounge and dining areas comple e wi h cock ail bars and ully equipped gourme ki chens, sunken spa ba hs and hea ed jacuzzis. You don’ even have o bring your own ood and liquid re reshmen s, hey will organise i or you, i required. My apprehension o skippering a $1,000,000 houseboa was soon dismissed as Mark ook us on an in roduc ory cruise. All you need is a Driver’s License and some common sense. As evening was approaching, we pulled in o he river bank and ied up or he nigh . Each o our group ofered o do various asks o organise sunse drinks and a BBQ o ollow. Siting on he a upper deck, lis ening o he sounds o he ocks o birds and wa ching a splendid sunse – does i ge any beter? Te provided river maps are easy o read and ofer grea in orma ion as o where o moor and he his ory and atrac ions o he villages along he river. Do as much or as litle as you please. As our media group only had hree nigh s, we chose o cruise along and see as much as possible.

OU H Aus ralia has so much o ofer. Te capi al ci y o Adelaide ea ures in Lonely Plane ’s op en mus visi ci ies and is described as “efor lessly chic and like a perec ly cellared red is ready o be uncorked and sampled”. Sou h Aus ralia is synonymous wi h wine coun ry where he regions ofer a drop o sui all pala es. Experience he s a e’s nes wines, eas on resh produce cooked by acclaimed che s, and savour he avours o Sou h Aus ralia. Beyond he pla e explore he s a e’s diverse na ural landscapes and experience na ive wildli e in heir habi a . Te pris ine coas line and rugged beau y o Kangaroo Island is he per ec con ras o he un ouched bush o he Flinders anges and Ou back. Lazy days can be spen cruising on he Murray iver or adven ure-seekers can ge he adrenaline pumping wi h shark cage diving in Por Lincoln. No mater wha kind o raveller you are, Sou h Aus ralia is sure o surprise and inspire you. Bu or his adven ure, we re urned o he Murray iver a Mannum or a luxury houseboa experience. Having sailed he Murray on he riverboa s Murray Princess and Proud Mary, he chance o cap ain your own houseboa has been on ‘my lis ’ or some ime. From Adelaide we used he services o he brillian ly named ‘Li e is a Caberne ours’ (www.li eisacaberne .com.au ). Tis allowed a relaxed and in orma ive way o pass he ew hours’ drive o Mannum, passing hrough he Adelaide Hills and beau i ul owns and villages. For lunch we called in o he magni cen Pike & Joyce Cellar Door a Lenswood (www.pikeandjoyce.com.au ). Te wine as ing was enligh ening, as I had never ried heir wines be ore, which led us o a delicious lunch overlooking he vine covered valleys o heir vineyard. Nex call was he o ce o Un orgetable Houseboa s or our in roduc ion and brie ng on heir luxury oa ing mansions. www.un orge ablehouseboa s.com.au o say ha all has been hough o in he ting ou and se -up o hese boa s is almos an unders a emen . Tese boa s ofer such acili ies

Images by Michael Osborne. Michael Osborne was a guest of South Australian Tourism www.southaustralia. com, Unforgettable Houseboats and Life is a Cabernet.




Living heritage and pioneering history wo diferen Aboriginal groups lived along he Murray iver and oday you can s ill nd "canoe rees" ha were used o make eucalyp us bark shing boa s. Visi Ngau Ngau Aboriginal si e, where local guides ake visi ors o he bir hplace o he Black Duck dreaming and Aus ralia’s rs archaeological dig. A Camp Coorong, jus ou o Meningie, learn he ar o baske weaving or join a na ure walk wi h Aboriginal elders. A ribu e o he early pioneering days can be seen a he Mannum Dock Museum: home o he PS Marion, which was buil in 1897. I 's one o he las opera ional wood- red, s eam-driven, overnigh passenger carrying, side paddle s eamers in he world. Back on dry land, Old ailem own Pioneer Village boas s 12 s ree s o memories and more han 90 buildings ha will ake you back “ o he old days”.


Travel Rich, famous, bountiful and beautiful Oak Valley Truffle Farm

Kytren Goats Cheese and Cullen

n ARTICLE AND IMAGES BY HELEN FLANAGAN US RLIA’S hotes ood and wine des ina ion when WA nally opens i s borders is arguably he Margare iver egion. Forge he blink-and-miss- our, ake he slow indulgen rou e and le he as e buds dance on he ongue all he way. Seriously. From Per h, urn of he Forres Highway and meander he wild ower- ringed road o he Margare iver region rom Bussel on o Albany, he 300km leng h o Wes ern Aus ralia’s sou hwes coas , which is bookmarked by he ligh houses o Cape Na uralis e o he nor h, and Cape Leeuwin in he sou h. In-be ween are 40-plus beaches wi h sur lashed sands and huge swells, na ional parks, karri ores s and o spooky caves, and a region which has successively prospered on imber, catle and more recen ly world class wine. Add bes sur breaks, hiking racks, gol , wa er spor s and seasonal whale wa ching. Litle wonder locals are adaman here is no comparable region in Aus ralia. O hers say i ’s wo aced. Cheeky perhaps? Well, here is he glossy magazine pro le o ancy pan s cellar doors, mul i-course lunches, being seduced by he par icular ‘nose’ o a chardonnay or caberne sauvignon or a cra beer plus elegan re rea s where ne dining and sump uous sui es are de rigueur. urn he o her cheek and head up a dus y bumpy rack o lurk amongs season-worshipping small ba ch armers, biodynamic bakers, sheep’s cheese makers, snou - o-ground-pig producers plus small wineries where he pick, crush and pour is done by hand, by he amily. And le ’s no orge reshly oraged ru es even he French are clamouring or. Where o s ar ? Go In S yle wi h Pe er Norris a he wheel o his Jaguar Sovereign,



Basildene Manor

wi h a ea and scones s op a quain Nannup be ore heading o Manjimup or a our o he 75ha Oak Valley ru e Farm, a large con ribu or o he 85% o Aus ralian ru e produc ion. English oak and hazelnu rees, inocula ed wi h he melanosporum ungus are plan ed al erna ively in rows. “We’ve seen an amazing eleva ion in ru e quali y his season,” says an ela ed Fabio Deios, he Oak Valley ru e manager who uses rained ru e dogs ranging rom labradors and kelpies o German shor haired poin ers o de ec he ripe Perigord beau ies. “Plus here’s been a 130% increase in produc ion”. ime o whe he appe i e and be spoil or choice. An unders a emen . Vasse Felix was es ablished in 1967 by Dr om Culli y. oday i ’s one o he region’s larges producers and is owned by he powerul Holmes a Cour amily. Large sculp ures grace he manicured gardens, here’s a chiclooking cellar door and a gallery o pain ings houses Jane Holmes a Cour ’s priva e collec ion. Siting on he deck enjoying a splendid Spring day i ’s easy o be placa ed by che ’s charcu erie pla e and a glass o caberne sauvignon. Since 1971 when Cullen Es a e was plan ed, chemical in erven ion is minimal and he amily’s concern or he environmen paramoun . All ood prepared in he res auran uses only resh, biodynamic and organic produce which is sourced mainly rom i s own garden, such as he chardonnay honey used on he Ky ren goa s cheese dish. And how abou a glass o Kevin John chardonnay be ore a s roll amongs he vines. Degus a ions don’ ge much beter han a ligh - lled, breezy and view- i ul Wills Domain, where he quie unassuming che Se h James crea es an impressive six or eigh course mara hon, using only he bes ingredien s. Ma ching wines are op ional.

Marron at Cape Lodge

For es ival a cionados, diarise his November’s hree day Margare iver Gourme Escape ex ravaganza wi h over 45 ood and wine even s including indulgen beach BBQs, sump uous ores eas s under he s ars, ex ra-long lunches in award-winning wineries plus culinary super-s ars such as Marco Pierre Whi e and ick S ein. Where o s ay? Te Grand Mercure Basildene Manor, classi ed by he Na ional rus o Aus ralia, has sump uous rooms, deligh ul break as s, and delicious a ernoon eas ea uring home-made jams plus beau i ul gardens o admire. Cape Lodge has he eel o a grand coun ry-house es a e. wen y- wo lavish gues sui es plus a ve-bedroom priva e residence are arranged across 16ha o parkland, lakes and garden. Fores Sui es, wi h lake and woodland views, priva e balcony and under oor hea ing in he ba hroom have an I-could-easily-live-here quali y. S roll o he Cape Du ch-s yle main lodge or aperi i s in he Drawing oom be ore a decaden dinner in he award-winning lakeside res auran . Savour Margare iver wineries’ back vin ages and ne are rom execu ive che Michael El wing, who champions local produce such as Pember on marron and Arkady lamb and also leads armga e ours and cooking classes. Who doesn’ love sleeping under he s ars? Five s ars o course! I you go: www.basildenemanor.com.au www.vasse elix.com.au www.goins yle.com.au www.oakvalley ru es.com.au www.cullenwines.co.au www.capelodge.com.au www.willsdomain.com.au www.margare river.com www.gourme escape.com.au Vineyard table



Travel Rediscovering our own backyard MICHAEL OSBORNE looks at rediscovering his own backyard. While we never tire of exploring the world, we sometimes need to refresh our easily reached local experiences. he Legendary Paci c Coas - Covering he coas be ween Sydney and he Gold Coas , i is divided in o easy sec ions. How o en have we driven he highway and no looked a he surrounding areas? So i doesn’ ake oo long o orm a ravel plan. ravelling rom Sydney, we decide o head o Por Macquarie via Glouces er, Nabiac and Wingham. An easy drive along he Paci c Highway and hen along he scenic Buckets Way, has us in Glouces er or a la e lunch.


The Bee Motel.

The Bucketts Ranges.

Glouces er is also he ga eway o he World Heri age Barring on ops Na ional Park and he Na ional Parks and Wildli e o ce is also in Church S ree , where we collec all he maps and in orma ion we need, o allow us o gain he maximum bene rom our shor visi . Guided ours are also available. Glouces er and surrounds - World Heri age Barring on ops Na ional Park is 60km wes o Glouces er is accessible via he Glouces er ops oad and he Barring on ops Fores Drive. Panoramic Scenery, wa eralls, walking racks picnic and camping areas. An abundance o wildli e and birdli e. Copeland S a e Conserva ion Area is18 km rom Glouces er. Incorpora es he Moun ain Maid Goldmine, boardwalk, rain ores walks, in erpre ive boards, BBQ and picnic areas. Te own is bounded o he wes by a range o monoli hic hills called Te Buckets - rom he aboriginal word Buchan Buchan meaning Big ocks, and o he eas by he Mograni ange. o he nor h o he own lies he junc ion o he Avon, Glouces er and Barring on rivers and beyond is a backdrop o hills and valleys s re ching in o he dis ance. Te Gondwana ain ores s o his Aus ralian World Heri age Area are s unning. Mos o he park is declared wilderness, wi h wild and scenic rivers and win er snowcaps. A range o in eres ing and inspiring walks ea ure An arc ic beech ores s, snow gum woodlands, all eucalyp ores s, high-al i ude swamp and beau i ul wa er alls. Wheelchair access is provided a Devils Hole lookou and he Williams iver picnic area. Car-based camping is available a numerous camping spo s. www.na ionalparks.nsw.gov.au

Copeland State Conservation Area.


Wollumbin Lyrebird Walk (Sharyn Cairns DNSW).

Accommoda ion – No shor age o choices in he area, bu we chose a name, ‘A oom wi h a View’ Bed and Break as , and wha a deligh ! “A oom wi h a View” Bed and Break as provides com or able accommoda ion or discerning ravellers on he eas ern side o glorious Glouces er ownship. Gourme break as s are served on he verandah or in your room or sui e. Delicious evening meals showcase our wonder ul local

Room With A View.

produce and he mou h-wa ering cuisine o Jim’s Sri Lankan bir hplace. Jim and Sue had owned one o he mos success ul res auran s and ca ering businesses in Glouces er, so we ook he op ion o sharing a home cooked dinner wi h hem. A genuine gourme deligh . Duc ed air condi ioning, wireless in erne service and riendly service op of he experience. www.aroomwi haview-bb.com.au

Back on he road, heading or Nabiac and more exci ing surprises. Te village o Nabiac is si ua ed on he Wallamba iver, 24 kilome res sou h o aree and 25 kilome res wes o Fors er/ uncurry. Nabiac services he surrounding communi ies o Wooton, Fail ord, ainbow Fla , Dyers Crossing, Krambach and Coolongolook. Nabiac means ‘place o he wild g’ and lies be ween lands once inhabi ed by he Biripi and Worimi Aboriginal ribes. Honeycomb Valley Farm is a place where you can s re ch your legs and your mind! Tis sus ainable arm’s moto is “litle arm, big picure”. Visi he unique arm-ga e shop where you can buy resh produce, raw honey, sun-baked rea s, arm-made balms and goa ’s milk soaps. Mee gorgeous arm animals, wander he ascina ing e hnobo anical (use ul plan ) garden and see he bigges solar oven in Aus ralia. We jus loved he ‘Bee Mo el’ and he newly born animals. www.honeycombvalley.com.au Driving in o he Manning Valley, we reach he his oric ownship o Wingham in ime or lunch. A Ben on Food – ‘No jus a ca e bu a des ina ion’. Ben on Food is a mul i-awardwinning ca e specialising in local produce wi h a grea selec ion o condimen s lining he walls. www.ben on ood.com.au Por Macquarie - Con inuing on he Paci c Highway or an easy hour and we reach our nex des ina ion. Grea er Por Macquarie ex ends rom he mou h o he Has ings and Camden Haven ivers wes o he Grea Dividing ange, wi h a coas line o 84kms. Te o al area o he region is 3693 sqkms. Te opography o he area is diverse including sand dunes, coas al we lands, ood plains, ores s and moun ain regions. Te area enjoys he bes clima e in Aus ralia, wi h he average empera ure ranging rom 7°C o 27°C. htp://paci ccoas .com.au We alloca ed wo nigh s and wo and a hal days o experience Por and a er our rs look around we realise ha we could easily spend more han a week. Wow! We can’ believe how grea he holiday and ourism scene is. htp://www.por macquariein o.com.au/ Feature supplied by: www.wtfmedia.com.au

Wingham Historic Post Office. WESTERN SYDNEY BUSINESS ACCESS JUNE 2020



Bart Sobies and his new booking service.

Stay Local Australia takes on giants NEW Aussie booking app is se o become a major player in he bounce back o our na ion’s devas a ed ouris indus ry. And he app called S ay Local Aus ralia aims o become he “go o” booking si e or millions o ravellers as he coun ry re urns o normal and akes a well-earned holiday. In doing so, i will be aking on he mul ina ional booking companies ha scoop huge pro s ou o Aus ralia and dump hem s raigh in o overseas accoun s. S ay Local Aus ralia is he brainchild o Bar Sobies who has been a leading ligh in our ouris indus ry or more han 20 years. I is es ima ed 441,000 jobs have been los in Aus ralia in he accommoda ion and res auran indus ries in a hear breaking hree mon hs since he COVID-19 pandemic s ruck home. A revolu ionary ech s ar up company, S ay Local Aus ralia, will launch he innovaive app a he end o May o suppor local accommoda ion businesses impac ed by bushres and he pandemic. Wi h isola ion se o ease in diferen s a es, S ay Local Aus ralia wan s o encourage local ravellers o suppor local accommodaion providers ha have had i ough over he pas six mon hs. Mr Sobies said he app was crea ed in response o he 441,000 jobs los across he

A We expect travel to pick up but it will be slow and gradual, so we want to make sure that every dollar that goes into local travel goes to local business and supports them in scaling back up to full capacity. Accommodation providers have told us that they are willing to give back by offering deals and promotions for locals.”

“ - Bart Sobies.

res auran and accommoda ion space. “Te ABS repor ed las week ha 84% o accommoda ion and ood services businesses repor ed reduced demand or goods and services,” Mr Sobies said. “Te accommoda ion indus ry has been hi incredibly hard, rs by bush res and hen by COVID-19 closures” he said.

Direct Bookings Te s ar up also wan s o see accommoda ion businesses receiving direc bookings, ra her han losing ees and much-needed revenue o major booking si es, par icularly a er he ravaging o COVID-19. “Te mission driving #S ayLocalAus ralia, is o suppor hese local businesses by giving hem direc bookings and exposure o local ravelers a er a ime o major down urn.” Mr Sobies said many accommoda ion bookings had decreased drama ically or disappeared and wi h in erna ional ravel unlikely, businesses would be relying on he suppor o locals o ge back on heir ee . S ay Local Aus ralia will link hese wo groups, passing on savings o hos s o up o 60% o he ees associa ed wi h a radi ional online booking service,” he said. “Te accommoda ion marke is domina ed by a ew big Online ravel Agen ’s (O A’s) who ake a clip o up o 15% o he ransac-

ion. Tis pu s a lo o pressure on an indus ry ha is already s ruggling. “Te indus ry has been crying ou or a big Aus ralian owned, Online ravel Agen , o compe e wi h he in erna ionals, his is why we are doing i .” Mr Sobies said many ravellers were no aware ha many O As were owned in erna ionally, wi h headquar ers ou side o Aus ralia. "Un or una ely, his means ha Aus ralians canno be sure ha he ees hey pay s ay in he coun ry or suppor local business," he said. “ ourism Aus ralia has been on he ron oo suppor ing he indus ry wi h ‘Live rom Aus’ showcasing he bes Aus ralia has o ofer. Wi h Aus ralia home o some o he bes ourism spo s in he world, here has never been a beter ime o visi your own backyard. “We expec ravel o pick up bu i will be slow and gradual, so we wan o make sure ha every dollar ha goes in o local ravel goes o local business and suppor s hem in scaling back up o ull capaci y. Accommoda ion providers have old us ha hey are willing o give back by ofering deals and promo ions or locals.”

Guests and hosts can support local at www.staylocalaustralia.com.

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ACCESS TRAVEL - June 2020  

ACCESS TRAVEL is published by the ACCESS NEWS group across multiple platforms. See media kit www.accessnews.com.au

ACCESS TRAVEL - June 2020  

ACCESS TRAVEL is published by the ACCESS NEWS group across multiple platforms. See media kit www.accessnews.com.au

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