Accessia Health 2021 Impact Report

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Here for good. 2021 Impact Report

We will forever remember 2021 as our year of transition, or better yet, our evolution

Patient Services, Inc. began in 1989 from the vision of one man who was determined to change the healthcare journey for those unable to afford their insurance or prescription copays. His determination started a movement that has now become a $2 billion nonprofit industry. Today, we’ve evolved into a national nonprofit committed to providing access to healthcare, regardless of a person’s zip code or diagnosis. Just as healthcare has changed dramatically in three decades, so have we. Access to healthcare remains our top priority, but we’ve expanded from copays and premiums to providing financial assistance for travel, medical treatments and supportive care, legal services, case management, and health care education. And now, our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals are blazing new trails in patient assistance under our new name, ACCESSIA HEALTH.



Mitch Mula Board Chair

What a Year

Gwen PresidentCooper&CEO

Our goal is that no less than 30% of new patient applications will be from people living in treatment deserts or medically underserved communities. Meeting people where they are means we come to you, in your community, to provide access to the care you need, from screening & diagnostics to supportive care, so those living with a chronic disease can live their best Inlives.this report, you’ll see stats about patients served, where they live, how much of their income they spend on healthcare and the financial impact we’ve had on their lives. You’ll read real success stories from our patients; these testaments to our impact are what drives us to raise more money and move the needle on access - all to serve more patients. We’re telling the Accessia Health story and showcasing our unique value proposition to a wide variety of supporters who share our vision of affordability and accessibility for critical healthcare that gives people a chance to, well, live. Accessia Health operates pursuant to an opinion from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General issued in 2002 and modified in 2017. We believe it’s a privilege to provide financial assistance through this unique nonprofit model and pledge to uphold the highest standards in compliance to operate within this framework in all our service lines. Take a few minutes to review our report from the past and then visit our new website because you are invited to participate in our future. We remain Here For Good


Gwen Cooper, MPA, CFRE President & CEO Deanna Callahan, JD Compliance Officer Tiara Green, MSEd VP, Operations Mike Holdren VP, Information Technology Lamont Brown VP, Administration Dave Griffiths VP, PatientDevelopmentAssistance Funds Anna Brown, PCM VP, Marketing & Communications Mitch Mula BrianChair Landry Vice Chair & Secretary Russell E. Phillips Jr., CPA, CVA, MAFF BrianTreasurerLFink, JD Foundation Board Liaison Terrie L Glass, LCSW Denise Gloede, MSN, RN, CHPN Member-at-Large, Medical Advisory Chair Lud Kimbrough, MBA Lee JessikaSmithAcosta, Accessia Health Foundation Board Member Mark Harris, Accessia Health Foundation Board Member Leadership Team Board of Directors Michael Brown, CFRE Executive Director, Accessia Health Foundation Daniel Wise, MBA Director, Finance Heather Reinecke Director, Human Resources Jennifer Noonan, MSN, RN Director, Clinical Programs Ashlea Christiansen, JD Director, Government Affairs Ashley Lee Executive Project Manager

Donations to any of our 66 established disease funds allow us to change the lives of our patients. Patients eligible to enroll in an open disease fund may utilize their assistance to pay for one or more of the following: medication and provider copays, coinsurance, health insurance premiums, medical expenses, and travel. To view programs that are open for application and to check your eligibility, visit

We speak health and human.

At Accessia Health, our number one goal is to improve access and affordability to healthcare regardless of zip code or diagnosis. Our team members are subjectmatter experts on patient-centered care who have proven their ability to move the needle in improving health outcomes. Each one of us understands the patient experience and is committed to meeting anyone where they are throughout their health journey.

IMPACT REPORT 2021 / 5 Emily Thompson fought hard in her battle with Alpha-1. Her daughter, Tammi Queen shares how assistance through Accessia Health made a difference in Emily's life: "I just wanted to let you know how thankful my family is that there are organizations like yours. My mom, Emily, lost her battle on December 31, 2021, but fought hard. She would have never been able to afford her infusions if it weren’t for Accessia Health. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping her for so many years. We feel like it definitely made a difference in her quality of life." Emily’s Story Didn’t33%VisitaDoctor Didn’tPrescriptionFill/RationDuetoCost13M Owed in Medical $140BDebt Do Not PreventativeReceiveScreenings92% 33%Doctor Didn’tPrescriptionFill/RationDuetoCost13M Owed in Medical $140BDebt Do Not PreventativeReceiveScreenings92%PrescriptionFill/RationCost Owed in Medical $140BDebt Do Not PreventativeReceiveScreenings92% 33%Doctor Didn’tPrescriptionFill/RationDuetoCost13M Owed in Medical $140BDebt Do Not PreventativeReceiveScreenings92% HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA


IMPACT REPORT 2021 / 7 Impact 2 Individuals AVG HOUSEHOLD SIZE 9,699 UNIQUE PATIENTS SERVED AVERAGE PATIENT AGE = 66 $35,800 AVG HOUSEHOLD INCOME $5,100 AVG SPEND PER PATIENT TOP STATES SERVED PennsylvaniaOhioCaliforniaTexasFlorida North Carolina New York GeorgiaIllinoisMichigan

"A chronic illness doesn’t have to take away the values in your life that make you who you want to be."


"It's been such a relief and weight off our plates to know that our son has decent insurance with Accessia Health's help, allowing us to focus on providing him with a childhood where he can grow socially, emotionally, and physically healthy. With the assistance, we have been able to add another son to our family without fear of how we can afford another. I can't thank them enough for the support and help along the way."

After a complicated birthing process, it took four months before the Long family found out their son, Liam, had Hemophilia A.

While the road hasn't been easy, Matthew continues to encourage others living with chronic medical conditions.

Liam’s Story

When medical expenses became too much, someone close to them recommended Accessia Health. They weren't sure if they would qualify, but filled out an application anyway. In just a few days, they were notified that one of Accessia Health's programs would cover Liam's monthly premium. They were overjoyed!

"If you're in a situation where a diagnosis of Hemophilia or other chronic illness makes you view your future as glasshalf-empty, I’m here to say it does get better and I strongly encourage you to reach out to Accessia Health to see if you qualify for assistance." Matthew tells us Liam is currently strong and well, making the people around him laugh with his jokes and building things with any material he gets his hands on. Liam inspires us with his resilience, and Matthew reminds us that we are more than the challenges we have to overcome.

IMPACT REPORT 2021 / 9 Financials&ManagementGeneral Fundraising Program Assistance *Unaudited as of 07-01-2022. Full IRS 990 and Financial Statements can be viewed by visiting 2021 CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION* ASSETS Total Current Assets 67,544,953 Total Property and Equipment 1,809,500 Total Other Assets 9,526,485 Total Assets 78,880,939 Total Liabilities 1,172,678 NET ASSETS Without Donor Restrictions 14,549,925 With Donor Restrictions 63,158,336 Total Net Assets 77,708,261 Total Liabilities and Net Assets 78,880,939 FUNCTIONAL ALLOCATION

The Foundation We Build On Accessia Health and the Accessia Health Foundation are 501(c)(3) organizations that raise funds to support Accessia Health’s mission of creating a world where medical expenses don’t break the same people who are trying to heal. The Foundation allows us to secure state and federal grants along with corporate, foundation, and individual donations, expanding our reach and collaborations across a wide variety of stakeholders interested in improving health Ouroutcomes.Boards of Directors are committed to incorporating population health strategies into everything we do. We offer services to people of all ages and backgrounds and intentionally provide outreach to underserved populations and people living in treatment deserts.

IMPACT REPORT 2021 / 11 Donors Thank you to all our donors for your generous donations made in 2021. Without you, we could not continue providing critical support to families living with chronic medical conditions. AmicusAmazonSmile*PhillipSyedShmuelCarmenAnonymousAdamucciAgamiAliAlstonTherapeutics, Inc. Elizabeth Arroyo Cindy AvanirAustinPharmaceuticals, Inc. Randy Babcock Zach EileenBoehringerGaryKennethVickieJimPatriciaJaniceKennethMargaretBartlamBauerBeckBelonBergBerkoBiellingBlalockBlandIngelheimPharmaceuticalsIncBostwick Tom DawnDeannaBegoatoMelissaJohnAmeliaMichaelLamontElaineLukeBrewsterBrillC.BrownBrownBrownBuenafeBurkhammerButlerCaballeroCallahanCampbell Ron Canniff Richard Carruth Hipolito Castaneda Joey BaneJulieReynaldoEmilyErinMicheleJustinDanielChenChenokChouClarkCollinsCopenhaverCordovaCothronCox Cathy Crites Jan KellyMarshaRobertChuckDominionRussellNicholasWilliamFlorenceDenJamesDecipheraDaveWalterDaveLloydCassandraOferMichaelMaryNancyCrouchCrowleyJoanCullinanDaftDaganDahlDavenportDavisDavisDavisJ.Delaney,Sr.DeMarinisE.DillonDillonDiPietro&CarolDokeEnergyFoundationDushmanM.Ellsworth,MDEndallEssman Wendy Essman Judy Felker Brian & Debra Fink Jerry MarieAurelioDeniseTerrieMauriceVincentJohnGenzymeChaiKathyWilliamFrontStreamNicholasJimmyAmyGaryAnneDonaldFitzFleishmanFosterFournierFowlerFoxFrangiudakisWorkplacePhilanthropyFulmerFunkGaddeCorporationGillonoGiordanoGlassGlass&CarlGloedeGoicocheaGoodier

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HEALTHY PEOPLE. HEALTHY LOUISVILLE. builds on a grassroots effort that meets residents where they are, educating them about resources available. Accessia Health works alongside community leaders to offer financial assistance for healthcare, starting with a series of screening & diagnostics testing to get a baseline of healthcare needs for 40203 residents in Louisville, KY. This multi-year project will document how increased access to care improves lives, lowers healthcare costs, and empowers people to take control of their health.

Our first projects focus on a zip code, diagnosis, and a screening program:

GETTING TO A DIAGNOSIS starts with screening. But many people cannot afford the testing needed to get to a diagnosis. Our Screening & Diagnostics Fund pays for these critical services.

Healthy People. Healthy Communities.

Get Involved and Make a Difference


The Healthy People, Healthy Communities Initiative is funded through state and corporate grants, foundation and individual gifts. Through partnerships, we will scale this initiative across the nation, one zip code or diagnosis at a time. Consider making a recurring gift to Healthy People, Healthy Communities by visiting our website.

Only 8% of Americans get preventative disease screenings. That means 92% of the population could be living with a chronic or life-threatening condition without knowing it. We’ve launched the Healthy People, Healthy Communities Initiative to change this statistic. Through partnerships with stakeholders and disease specialists we provide community education, access to screening and diagnostics, financial assistance, and care coordination.

ASTHMA is more prevalent among people of color, with a disproportionate number of African American women dying from Asthma each year. We have teamed up with MedicoCX to eliminate Asthma & Allergy Treatment Deserts by improving access to treatments and screenings.

Shelly’s Story


Shelly Sweet was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) in February of 2021, and with all the copays for tests and appointments, she didn't know how she would be able to afford everything. After three months of oral chemotherapy, her body retained too much fluid and she became sick with pneumonia. Shelly was taking three antibiotics and had to stop her chemo. Her doctors switched her to a new oral chemotherapy and she was able to get better over time. It was a distressing time for Shelly and she struggled with her insurance and paying for all her medication and treatments needed. "Accessia Health has been a godsend to me and my family. They paid the full amount of my medication that first month, and I'm so thankful because I'm doing so well on it now. I’d like to thank everyone at Accessia Health for your help and compassion on getting me through the process of the application. I don't know how I would be able to stay on my medication without your help.“

Patients living with chronic illness, rare disease, or disability no longer struggle to access the treatment, and assistance they need to lead their best life. To provide the financial safety net, products, services, and assistance to patients and families living with rare and chronic diseases and disabilities. V Missionision TAMPA 5421 Beaumont Center Blvd., Ste 611 Tampa, FL 33634 LOUISVILLE 201 E. Jefferson St., Ste 201 Louisville, KY 40202 RICHMOND 3104 E. Boundary Ct. Midlothian, VA 23112 Accessia Health is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with offices in Tampa & Louisville. (800) 366 - 7741 We operate pursuant to an opinion from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General issued in 2002 and modified in 2017 (OIG Adv. Op. 02-01).