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BRAINS & BEAUTY: Hannah Pobar

Founder & Designer of Pretty Technie

Pretty Techie opened online in early 2016 to help creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs make life a little prettier - with an offering of mockups, styled stock photography, type posters and home decor. All dreamed up and designed in San Francisco, CA. Founder Hannah Pobar talks about the business she built. I started Pretty Techie as an exploration of how to make the word “pretty” a little more twenty-first century. Living in San Francisco, CA in the midst of the tech era, I am surrounded by the most incredible, hard-working, successful women. In being here, I’ve really realized there is this duality among what young women aspire to be: pretty - and how that actually can be such a hollow compliment. I don’t think “pretty” has to be superficial. I always feel the prettiest after being super productive: staying late at the office, or leaning something new

and feeling overwhelmed with inspiration. In the process of starting this company, I thought long and hard about the kind of girl that would like products like these. I imagined her like she was a friend of mine; inspired by good-design, a total go-getter, the kind of girl who inspires others and innovation in everything she does, equal parts analytical and creative, approachable, soft but also takes no shit. And the crazy thing was, as all these pieces came together, I realized I actually knew so many amazing young women exactly like that!! This whole idea that you can be the things that actually make you pretty are all inside. Pretty looks like rolled up sleeves and hard-work, glasses and squinty eyes because you are probably sitting too close to the computer. It feels like success and the feeling of motivating other people.

I’ve been a designer for, like, ever. I started learning HTML when I was 9 and never stopped making things. I don’t think rules and formalities really matter as much as you think. Forget how good design is supposed to look. What you think is cool, probably is. I only make things that I would buy. In an effort to inspire the next generation of makers and creatives, $1 of every purchase from prettytechieshop.com is donated to Girls Who Code, an organization that in a very real way helps close the gender gap in the tech industry. Why girls? It’s not just a matter of statistics (the gender gap in computing and related fields has actually been getting worse since the 1980’s). It comes from a firm belief that women who pursue interest and careers in tech become change agents in their communities, and a desire to inspire girls to see a future in tech.

Photography: (above & b&w) Jamie Thrower / (opposite page color) Emily-Jean Rosengarth

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