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Holiday/Winter 2016

Silver Heels


Marie-Antoinette Marilyn

Marilyn Paris Gaga

St. Tropez Milano

Sterling Silver, Rhodium or 18k Gold plated, Enamel, and Gemstones



Tips for Natural Skin Care & Makeup The holiday season can take a toll on your skin. From the non stop eating to the late night partying on new years, our skin does a little freaking out. We are overwhelmed with stress, party planning, shopping for that perfect outfit, and lots more. Here are some tips on how to keep your skin healthy and glowing during the holiday season. FAST MAKEUP FOR GLOWING SKIN

With the pace of the holiday season, you’ll want your makeup to look natural and not over done so that you can move from day looks to evening without a lot of time or effort. Your summer tan has faded and stress is causing a loss of natural color in your cheeks, so the right makeup can be a quick fix.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FACIAL DETOX Activated charcoal powder is carbon. Carbon is the 15th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and it is the common element of all known life in the universe. A human body is mainly made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and a few others, but around 18% of our body is carbon. Activated charcoal is similar to common charcoal, but it is made especially for use as a medicine. It works wonders for the skin when applied topically and keeps skin clear by acting as a magnet to draw dirt out of pores.

EASY Charcoal Detox Mask

Simple Natural Glow Makeup

Ingredients: 1/2 capsule, activated charcoal, 1 tsp water

Ingredients: eyeliner, mascara, tinted lip gloss, and bronzer

1. Available in most health food stores, Activated Charcoal comes in gel capsule form. To open gelatin capsules, simply twist the two halves and gently pull them apart. 2. Add powder to small mixing bowl to 1 tsp of Water. Mix to make a thin paste. Apply the mixture evenly over your face, avoiding your eyes. Allow it to absorb into your skin for approximately 10 minutes. With some water, wet the dried mask and Remove using circular motions. Rinse thoroughly. 3. After a detox mask, your skin will need to be remineralized to lock in moisture. We suggest CALM Blueberry Aloe Facial Moisturizer to replenish your skin or Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Notes: Be sure to stir this mixture with a plastic or wooden spoon, since charcoal pulls toxins from metals.

1. Apply Eyeliner using a pencil or an angle brush with black eye shadow. Avoid dramatic cat eyes and simply outline your upper and lower lids. You can even skip the lower lids and then apply CALM 85% Organic Mascara to upper and lower lashes. Take your cues from Audrey Hepburn, who preferred eyeliner and a voluminous mascara on the top, with just mascara on the bottom. 2. Lightly dust a mineral boosting bronzer like CALM’s on your cheekbones with a wide, fluffy powder brush and apply a natural sheer or tinted lip gloss like CALM Shea Lip Gloss. Your face will look refreshed and glowing. For additional natural skin care and makeup products, tips and tricks visit

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All Natural Eco Friendly Refills Sustainable 1-2

Good for You & for Nature


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BRAINS & BEAUTY: Hannah Pobar

Founder & Designer of Pretty Technie

Pretty Techie opened online in early 2016 to help creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs make life a little prettier - with an offering of mockups, styled stock photography, type posters and home decor. All dreamed up and designed in San Francisco, CA. Founder Hannah Pobar talks about the business she built. I started Pretty Techie as an exploration of how to make the word “pretty” a little more twenty-first century. Living in San Francisco, CA in the midst of the tech era, I am surrounded by the most incredible, hard-working, successful women. In being here, I’ve really realized there is this duality among what young women aspire to be: pretty - and how that actually can be such a hollow compliment. I don’t think “pretty” has to be superficial. I always feel the prettiest after being super productive: staying late at the office, or leaning something new

and feeling overwhelmed with inspiration. In the process of starting this company, I thought long and hard about the kind of girl that would like products like these. I imagined her like she was a friend of mine; inspired by good-design, a total go-getter, the kind of girl who inspires others and innovation in everything she does, equal parts analytical and creative, approachable, soft but also takes no shit. And the crazy thing was, as all these pieces came together, I realized I actually knew so many amazing young women exactly like that!! This whole idea that you can be the things that actually make you pretty are all inside. Pretty looks like rolled up sleeves and hard-work, glasses and squinty eyes because you are probably sitting too close to the computer. It feels like success and the feeling of motivating other people.

I’ve been a designer for, like, ever. I started learning HTML when I was 9 and never stopped making things. I don’t think rules and formalities really matter as much as you think. Forget how good design is supposed to look. What you think is cool, probably is. I only make things that I would buy. In an effort to inspire the next generation of makers and creatives, $1 of every purchase from is donated to Girls Who Code, an organization that in a very real way helps close the gender gap in the tech industry. Why girls? It’s not just a matter of statistics (the gender gap in computing and related fields has actually been getting worse since the 1980’s). It comes from a firm belief that women who pursue interest and careers in tech become change agents in their communities, and a desire to inspire girls to see a future in tech.

Photography: (above & b&w) Jamie Thrower / (opposite page color) Emily-Jean Rosengarth

Photo: Emily-Jean Rosengarth

Learn more about Hannah:

Quick Questions for Hannah: One thing you’ll never do: Use handwriting fonts. Eeek! Life motto: You can be grateful and want more (in that order). I love that. On dealing with creative blocks: Pray for divine creative intervention. And then change the music. What does creativity mean to you: I think creativity is just making interesting connections between things Your secret to success: A cute workspace! Best advice you’ve ever received: Do what you can with what you have where you are. Best compliment you've ever received: Your heart is in your mind.


ALL COLORS Photographer: David Cutrano Models: Clarissa Jorgensen & Danielle Maddox

Wardrobe Stylist: Rose Mae Turner (+featuring designer vintage looks from GILDA boutique) Location: MegaMall (Logan Square, Chicago)



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