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FALL 2020

GIOVANNA RICHARD, REALTOR & MARJORIE CORBIN, REALTOR Find Giovanna on Instagram @Giovanna.Lowcountryliving Or email &

Find Marjorie on Instagram @marjoriecorbin_realtor Or email Marjorie (Left), Giovanna (Right)

Buying and/or selling real estate in the Lowcountry has become much more attractive with the teaming up of two of Charleston’s most ambitious and dedicated Realtors. With more than fifteen years of sales experience combined here in Charleston, Giovanna and Marjorie have joined forces to become the standard in turning real estate dreams into reality. Giovanna, with her eye for design, attention to detail, and commitment to service, compliments Marjorie’s grit, comprehensive knowledge and approach to the industry. They aspire to design a seamless experience for their clients while also serving the Charleston community as leaders in preserving the charm and hospitality of the South.





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Ethically sourced Certified quality Sustainably made



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Publisher: Richard Kalisher

8 Fashion by Alicia Perrillo 26 The Less Effect by Samatha Joy 22 Jahde Leather Atelier 40 Wire & Brenstone

16 Fifties Style

43 Festival Fashion: Plaid for Fall

28 Fall Fashion by Gwynn’s

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Anne Abrueva Art by 13 Mary Sams Keri Massey Madelyn Wood

34 Interior Design by Logan Miller

on the cover Cover models: Gina Richard Nicholas Overstreet of Boysterous By Georgia Grace Photography

Side by Side A Collection by Alicia Perrillo

Photographer: Ed Sochacki (AGENCY M&P); Models: Carmen Christina, Chadon M’Be, Marleigh Petras (1930 Model Management), Sasha Slivinski (AGENCY M&P); MUA: Caroline Olinek (AGENCY M&P); Footwear: Tina Maria Shoes; Fashion Designer: Alicia Perrillo

Photographer: Ed Sochacki (AGENCY M&P) Model: Sasha Slivinski (AGENCY M&P) MUA: Caroline Olinek (AGENCY M&P) Footwear: Tina Maria Shoes Fashion Designer: Alicia Perrillo

Photographer: Ed Sochacki (AGENCY M&P) Model: Chadon M’Be MUA: Caroline Olinek (AGENCY M&P) Footwear: Tina Maria Shoes Fashion Designer: Alicia Perrillo

Photographer: Ed Sochacki (AGENCY M&P) Model: Carmen Christina MUA: Carmen Christina Nail Artist: Carmen Christina Fashion Designer: Alicia Perrillo

Photographer: Ed Sochacki (AGENCY M&P) Model: Marleigh Petras (1930 Model Management) MUA: Caroline Olinek (AGENCY M&P) Footwear: Tina Maria Shoes Fashion Designer: Alicia Perrillo



Photographer: Bryan Santana Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Avi Douglas of MakeupbyAvi Model: Wendy Marie @msswendymarie.ladyboss

Wardrobe provided by Hocus Pocus of West Ashley Cars provided by Elliot Remington Automotive Contributor: FusionRGB

Let go of who you were to become who you are From #1 Bestselling Author & Identity Coach, Samantha Joy

“The Less Effect lifestyle will transform your priorities and cause you to make some much-needed changes to optimize success in your life. In a world that is filled with excess, discontentment and selfishness, this book offers a timely message that is truly needed.”

— Matt & Caleb Maddix, Maddix Publishing

JAHDE LEATHER ATELIER Making a Statement with Leather

This Charleston-based atelier offers beautifully handcrafted leather pieces by artisans in our downtown atelier on Queen Street in the French Quarter. Designed for for everyday life but always with sense play, their signature pieces include molded handbags, soft leather necklaces, and one-of-a-kind statement pieces.


I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction, however, there’s a vital component that seems to be missing, which is why many claim that it doesn’t work. We all have the ability to attract the life we want, but we’re not all communicating it to the Universe properly. Talking to yourself in the mirror or writing down fifty affirmations in your journal isn’t going to cut it. Visualizing what we want and asking for it is only one piece of the puzzle. So many of us have cluttered our lives with things that don’t align with our true wants and desires. This is where the signals get crossed. We ask for more to come in, yet we haven’t done the work of clearing out space for it to live. The clutter we’ve accumulated sends the message that we’re willing to settle for everything we’ve created up to this point. Not only are we sending the Universe mixed messages, but this clutter is taking up valuable real estate in our life, which is basically the cue to halt the flow of abundance. After all, where would it even go? Enter: The Less Effect Method. Simply put, it’s a way of life. More specifically, it’s a three-step solution to becoming the person you truly are to create the life you’ve always wanted. This is this sweet spot where we are deeply in our flow and joy without feeling like we need to do anything or be

anyone. It feels as though anything we want or need comes to us with incredible ease. Unfortunately, many of us have not yet fully experienced this. Instead, we’ve experienced discontent, waking up each day and going to sleep each night completely unfulfilled. We’re living on autopilot waiting for each day to improve instead of being intentional and taking control. Many of us live in the Western world that capitalizes on our unhappiness in a society that has convinced us we are not good enough. It tells us having more is better, being alone makes you a failure, and overworking ourselves in exchange for our well-being is an essential component of success. The result: continuously adding more as an attempt to solve our problems. Eventually, we lose sight of who we are underneath it all. Everything we’ve piled on top of ourselves throughout our life, hiding who we are has been the result of a limited belief system. This quickly becomes reflected in the environment we’ve created around us as a result of who we believe ourselves to be, i.e. our identity. So how do we shift into our true identity for good? Easy! We simply shift the environment around us.

Samantha Joy is an Identity Coach to aspiring entrepreneurs and influencers and a #1 bestselling author of The Less Effect: Design Your Life for Happiness and Purpose. Her coaching focuses on the concept of minimalism, enabling others to shift their identity to their most authentic self by clearing out aspects of their life rooted in an old story. The result is enhanced mental clarity, an improved sense of self, and the ability to design an environment that attracts abundance and fulfillment.

of energy that was previously being drained from us, oftentimes without us even realizing it. The simple act of discarding material items enhances our ability to let go of other things outside this realm.

Samantha Joy’s best-selling book

Step 1: Uncover The process begins with digging up everything we’ve created around us (and as a result, within us), laying it all out in front of us to see. It puts us face to face with who we have agreed to be, mapping out how we got to this moment and to this person we call “me”. It exposes the story that we’ve been telling ourselves since childhood when we were trying to be accepted and fit in, trying to please others, or simply trying to survive. This step often reveals that this story we’ve created is no longer true and as a result, no longer needed. This is where the shift begins.

Step 2: Declutter Uncovering our true selves and our limiting beliefs allows us to loosen our grip on the pieces of our life that no longer align with really who we are. This is the point we are able to begin the letting go process, separating from an identity that no longer serves us. By bringing our limiting beliefs from the subconscious to the conscious mind, we are able to more clearly see our authentic selves and what no longer belongs in our life. A new level of awareness is achieved to more consciously and more willingly discard items in our home that no longer belong. This opens up an immense amount

This includes the relationships we’ve held onto so tightly throughout our lives. It allows us to better identify toxic people and unhealthy dynamics, as well as more confidently disengage from them. At this point, we’ve become more capable of speaking our truth and less afraid of upsetting others as we are more firmly rooted in our true identity. This work flows into additional areas of our life, like our habits and routines. We start to clearly see where we’ve been engaging in behaviors that support a false narrative which is no longer supportive of our highest self. Letting go of unhealthy behaviors happens with ease as the payoffs we once received from them no longer exist. This further grounds us into a more rooted sense of self.

Step 3: Design Now is the fun part! We’ve created the space to now bring in everything that we desire that supports our true identity. The Less Effect Method guides you in not how only to strategically let go of items, people, and habits, but it also supports you in how to avoid future clutter and curate your newfound space with intention. The urge to impulse buy has faded because you no longer rely on material items to define you. You only surround yourself with what you love. Boundary setting and disengaging with toxic people comes with ease because you no longer tolerate unsupportive energy. You attract those that encourage and support your highest self. Unhealthy patterns fade because you no longer connect with self-destructive behaviors or pacifying activities. You feel your worth and set yourself up for success each day. The combination of letting go and being intentional makes powerful transformation possible. When everything around us reflects our true identity, everything we do reflects this too.





BLANCHE by Boysterous Couture

Carte Blanche leather bands & Polyamorous Purses define the Charlestonbased brand’s recent collection

TELLING A STORY THROUGH DESIGN Charleston’s up and coming interior designer Logan Miller always dreamt of creating a charming world around her. She explains how she turned these dreams into reality with Logan Elizabeth Designs.

Photos by Aleece Sophia

I found myself living in the city of my dreams, fresh out of college, chasing after a fancy new job in the corporate world. I just knew in my heart that this was the life for me. Flashy cars, designer outfits, and a label that would satisfy any young girl's ego was really what I hoped to gain from landing a corporate job. Fast forward to six months later, I was still searching and still being turned down, time and time again. Falling into the trap of the comparison game, I began to compare myself to others who in my mind had it all together. I thought if I could just make enough money, or buy myself a nicer car, or be able to afford lavish clothes then maybe I could be happy like them. Boy, was I wrong. After some serious soul searching and several reality checks, I realized that I couldn’t control everything, but there were two things that I could, my effort and my attitude. That’s when I started putting my time and energy into the right things. The “right things” being the path I was most passionate about- design. I spent months ignoring my passion and the endless encouragement from my friends and family to realize that quite frankly, I was unhappy chasing a dream that wasn’t meant for me. Interior design has always intrigued me. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were alongside my mother collecting countless fabric samples to redecorate my barbie house with. My mind was always racing with new

“I’m a firm believer in the notion that every house has a story, and no two stories are the same.”

ideas and ways to rearrange things as it continues to do today. The idea of becoming a designer was always in the back of my mind, but my fear always squashed it. The fear of failure, what others may think, and that I didn’t have what it took held me back. That is until one day I realized that I owed it to myself to give my dreams a shot. Once I decided to go for it, the logistics came into play. I needed a logo, website, portfolio, and everything else in between. I found out quickly that starting a business from scratch was no joke. As a natural artist, I immediately began sketching and combining color schemes to fit the mold in my head to best represent my taste. I stay inspired and my style and mood is forever changing, so I decided to curate a classic scheme with modern flare. I simply adore the classic southern style I grew up around combined with modern pieces and touches of items I’ve collected through travel. Blending old with the new is truly the best way to bring character into a space making you feel as though you're home. I’ve seen incredible bright, white, and crisp spaces with walls covered in shiny abstract art, but

“I’ve seen incredible bright, white, and crisp spaces with walls covered in shiny abstract art, but at the end of the day I’ve learned that these spaces simply aren’t functional, and they lack personality.”

at the end of the day I’ve learned that these spaces simply aren’t functional, and they lack personality. This is why my purpose as a designer has been to refrain from creating one signature look and bringing it into every home I design. Instead, my goal has been to create homes reflective of those living in them. I’m a firm believer in the notion that every house has a story, and no two stories are the same. Starting this business was not at all what I planned for, but sometimes good things come when you least expect them. I’ve seen for myself how beautiful surroundings affect people’’s lives which is one of the many reasons that I’m determined to make Charleston even more charming one home at a time. I am incredibly grateful for the people who have stuck by my side and those who have pushed me into following my dreams and I can't wait to share my journey with you all along the way.

Logan Elizabeth Designs was founded in January 2020 as an up-scale traditional coastal interior design business serving individuals throughout the lowcountry. Seeking to create beautiful and functional homes, the designer offers a variety of services including interior design, styling, and home organization packages.


Inspired Jewelry Adds a Finishing Touch Brennan Phillips is a local Charleston jewelry artist. She uses a self taught type of bead and wire weaving technique to make her unique hair accessories and jewelry. Though, she was born in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, she was raised by the sea in Charleston, South Carolina. She uses colors from her hometown, the blues and purple of the mountains, the warm colors of the autumn leaves and the historic colors, like Haint blue from the city where she was raised. Her art training began when she was old enough to know not to eat the crayons. She also was given a camera at a young age, learning how to use manual film cameras of several types, from pinhole to a large format camera. She is formally trained as a graphic designer and photographer. Once the team photographer for Charleston’s local roller derby team she has been published several times in Five on Five magazine, an international roller derby magazine, including a cover featuring one of her photographs. All other artwork, including her current project, Wire & Brenstone are self taught, with inspiration from several people and other artists. The uncommon process used for Wire & Brenstone was created somewhat by accident, combining techniques she learned from her aunt, a bead artist herself and from whom she learned about beads and wire. Experimenting with different techniques of wire wrapping with beads, she kept making and remaking the pieces she created for practice, trying to figure out how to make with the unusual, yet beautiful artwork. She took the idea of weaving the wire with the beads, creating a way to bundle and tighten the wires around the beads until they are a tightly woven and stable piece of art. Her sources and inspiration come from both her mother and her aunt, both of which are fabric and jewelry artists. Other influences include Mark Rothko and his vivid use of color blocks and the swirling paint strokes of Van Gogh. A significant part of her work is brightly colored with odd color choices, such as fuchsia with lime green or blue with a mix of red and orange. She prefers working with her mother’s bright lamp work beads, unusually shaped beads, sparkles of crystals, pearls, and other oddly shaped filler beads. She works from her home studio in Charleston. Instagram: @wire_and_brenstone wire and

Photos by Aleece Sophia





“I create for one purpose and one purpose only: to show people their true power. Everyone holds a power - or several. It just depends on how you yield it that will determine your success. Identity yourself.� - Moriah of Mofiya Designs

MOFIVA DESIGNS Insta: @Mofiya @Mofiyadesigns Models: Kristin @zzodiackiller Deanna @thedazzlingdee Blakely @hannataylorblakely

ANNE ABUEVA The Human Experience

My studio practice stems from a need to express myself visually where words often fail me. A therapist once told me to "let it out on a cellular level" and that instruction still guides me in the studio. I edit, experiment, play and work until the end result expresses a raw, authentic truth. Each piece hopefully touches on some strand of human experience that sparks emotion and connection.


Paying Tribute to Infinity

Artby13 is a visual exploratory project that is ever evolving, branching out and revisiting new territories as the happening unfolds. Although we are each unique individuals, we are all tied to the collective, and as such share a collective understanding. The visual images are meant to be a fluid and uncontrolled channeling of consciousness converted to a tangible art form. Each piece reflects a dynamic human artist with a mental, physical, and emotional perspective located in non-static space time. Despite our undeniable individuality, we are one. There is no target audience or specific style. I myself am however, drawn to

illustration, word play, and both free ranging substrates and mediums. Currently, I am primarily working in acrylic paint concentrated on small scale canvas, metal, recycled trash, and wood panels. I find delight in play/experimentation, and ongoing studies of my favorite visual artists. This project inspired by divinity and necessity, was birthed on Friday the 13th, 1987, my birthday. My interests include music, philosophy, iconography, history, literature, science, religion, mythology, art, culture, sociology, Jungian psychology, and the great unknown. These works exist between tragedy and humor, truth and fiction, boundaries and full absorption,

insecurity and self-validation, love and hatred; all driven by non-censored free thinking. The artistic endeavor seeks to both verbally and non-verbally question the audience and myself simultaneously. Do we speak the same language? I utilize artwork to allow empty space within myself to practice control in a chaotic reality. A blend of intentional and subconscious desires is released in a therapeutic display of concepts, emotions, and statements imperative to the heart and soul. Each piece pays tribute to evolution with a basis in the mathematical concept of infinity.

Painting Her Experience Mary Sams Exposes the Raw Truth I received my BFA from the University of Georgia and currently live and work in Athens, Ga. Over the years I’ve dabbled in different mediums, but it wasn’t until I found painting that I felt like I had found what I was meant to do. I feel that I am able to express myself most clearly, and color speaks to me when I paint. Life is about relationships; Relationships both with ourselves as well as with others. My paintings come from my heart, so it seems only natural to paint my experiences. The biggest challenge I face as an artist is to maintain humility. Humility allows me to see the truth. Without that, a painting doesn’t possess heart, and you risk not connecting with your audience.The truth isn’t always

Sacrifice, 2020, mixed media on canvas, 40” x 40”

pretty but it is always the foundation of real relationships. I do my best to be honest with myself first, then apply it to my art. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, but it is what it is. Paintings can be raw admissions of our deepest insecurities as well as areas of our life that need attention. These paintings can be hard to share, but vulnerability is a super power. It’s where I’m able to make connections. Knowing that, momentary fear no longer controls me. Truth is, my art is my voice; My paintings are a peek inside my mind. It’s in these moments, I find my strength and art happens @marysamsfineart

A Mother’s Love, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 36” x 36


Burning Deep, 2019, mixed media on canvas, 24” x 48”

DREAMSCAPES Keri Massey Channels Dreams and Nightmares Everyone dreams, but we tend to forget that our minds create these dreams. Close your eyes and imagine you’re back in the last dream you remember. Remember being in that moment, the atmosphere of where you were. The dream is metaphorical; nothing makes sense when you wake up, but somehow in the dream, it all works together. This is your world, your mind symbolically letting go of repressed emotions. Anger, depression, happiness, lust, fear, all things we are unable to release as we go about our dayto-day lives for various reasons. Some people drink alcohol. Some jump out of airplanes. Others scream into a pillow. I grab a paint brush. My paintings have pieces of my dreamlike style, with symbolism that is only known to me. It can be viewed earnestly or just plain silly, but each represent surreal moments of my life in the most non-literal way. Every brush stroke has meaning, different to how others may view it. Painting with an unlimited imagination, with representational objects and landscapes to feel at peace with myself, that is all I strive for when brush meets canvas. The darkness of your nightmares can mean something beautiful, and the light of your most beautiful dream can have a sinister configuration; my artwork represents that duality through its contrast. To stay centered, I have to pause and create, gathering all of this emotional energy, then pushing it out of my head onto the canvas. It is therapy in a way that no other medium can offer me. When I am so focused on painting, I tend to forget to eat, drink or sleep. But once the creation is finished, it gives me a sense of completion, a euphoria that no medicine on Earth can replicate. That is passion. And that is freedom. @art.kerimassey Journey, oil on canvas, 12” x 24”

Alone with the Moon, oil on canvas, 24” x 20”

Enlightenment, pastel on paper, 14” x 11”

Death Aquatic, oil on canvas, 20” x 16”

MADELYN WOOD Contemporary Surrealism

I consider myself to be a “contemporary surrealist”, a title that fuels creative liberty. As a mixed-media artist, I elucidate my visual expression through symbology, depicting the struggles of man and my walk with God. Some of the most powerful words I have read were those of Leonardo Da Vinci. He wrote “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”. This resonates deeply with the detachment I experience as I lose my focus in the speed of life and my abilities seem to suffer. God has given me the ability to experience my surroundings more vividly, and that is my gift to offer back to the world through art. As written in the New Testament, 1 Peter 4:10, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.” My intent is to share my peace with others with as much radiance and creativity as my time permits.

Madelyn Wood at work

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