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Issue No. 24



April - June, 2013

Issue No. 24

The Vice President Dr. Mohammed Gharib Bilal addressing participants during the opening ceremony of the 1st MUHAS Scientific Conference.


MUHAS CONDUCTS ITS 1st SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE .........................................

he Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences carried out its first Scientific Conference from 2nd to 4th May 2013 in Dar es Salaam for the purpose of sharing, informing,

learning and exchanging research findings among various researchers in Tanzania and around the world. The conference was also intended to inform the Tanzanian community of various scientific findings from the current and past health research that has been conducted by MUHAS members and other collaborating researchers.

MUHAS Vision is to become a centre of excellence for training of health professionals, quality research and public service, located in a spacious area with a state of the art university hospital, conducive learning environment and sustainable resource generation




Issue No. 24

The Vice President further commended MUHAS for significant achievements in health research that has contributed to the improvement of health outcomes in our society. He said that he was proud to note that most of researches conducted at MUHAS have resulted in the formulation of policies, guidelines and procedures for the health sector in the country. Speaking on this event the MUHAS Vice Chancellor Prof. Ephata Kaaya said that this is a very special event for MUHAS since it brought together health researchers across the country and beyond to reflect on the progress made through research in alleviating health challenges in the community. Furthermore the Vice Chancellor stated that this event is also special since this year the University is commemorating 50 years

as a training institution of health sciences in the country and therefore it is an opportune time to reflect on achievements made through research for the betterment of our society. The main theme of the conference was ‘Health Research towards Poverty Alleviation’. This theme was deliberately chosen to emphasise the need of health research to be relevant in solving communities’ health problems resulting into a healthier population.


he conference was officially opened by His Excellency the Vice President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Mohammed Gharib Bilal who stressed that it is of paramount importance that research conducted by MUHAS and other Universities of Health Sciences and health research institutions, should address the health and development needs of the Tanzania communities.

Research leads to better delivery of health care, implementation of evidence based policies and best practices, and supports and facilitates transfer of new skills and technology for better health services. As we all know, a healthy population will inevitably lead into a more productive society that will eventually alleviate poverty. In this conference, various researchers presented a total of 144 scientific papers from Tanzania and around the world. The research findings were categorized into four relevant sub-themes, which were;

Participants of the 1st MUHAS Scientific Conference listening to the Vice President during the opening ceremony.

MUHAS and government officials in a group photo of the Vice President at the opening ceremony.


3 of care, environmental degradation and conservation, nutritional disorders and enhancing professional medical practice. Issue No. 24

translating health research into policy and practice, progress in addressing health related millennium development goals, emerging major health challenges and responding to the crisis on human resources for health. Specific presentations ranged from malaria management and control, health care financing, child and reproductive health, HIV vaccine trials, surveillance, ART therapy and its challenges, cancer screening and management, behavioural change communication and its challenges, disease and surveillance of drug resistance, health systems research including human resources for health challenges and quality

The conference was officially closed by the Minister for Health and Social Welfare who was represented by the Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Donan Mmbando.

The Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Donan Mmbando (4th from left) in a group photo with the organizing and steering committee members of the 1st MUHAS Scientific Conference at the Closing ceremony of the event.



he Korean Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH) delegation visited MUHAS recently to discuss their intention of providing technical assistance programs for the operationalization of the Muhimbili University Teaching Hospital (MUTH) at Mloganzila. The purpose of this support, the leader of KOFIH delegation said is to maximize healthcare capacity of medical institutions that received or is to receive Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) hospital construction loan. Speaking at the meeting with the delegation from KOFIH and MUHAS Medical Center Steering Committee, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Ephata Kaaya explained that the support that KOFIH is proposing is in form of grant for technical assistance in hospital management consulting, healthcare workforce training and bio-medical engineer training programs. Prof. Kaaya further said that KOFIH sent to the University Management the list of proposed areas of support that they are able to offer

to the University. During the meeting the Korean delegation urged MUHAS to provide feedback of our needs based on identified areas of support. During the discussion MUHAS members selected training support in the areas of preparation plan for hospital opening, service delivery management, human resources management, supply management, information management and biomedical engineering. As a way forward the delegation from KOFIH and MUHAS Medical Center Steering Committee through the directorate of Planning and Development for Mloganzila Campus agreed to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for operationalization of this support. KOFIH is a public organization working under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea. The agency promotes international cooperation and humanitarian causes by providing Official Development Assistance (ODA) to healthcare programs in developing countries.



Issue No. 24


Seated from right is Dr. Marina Njelekela, Prof. Ephata Kaaya, Prof. Jeong Jae Lee and Ms Regina Kikuli signing a MoU to collaborate in the presence HE. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda and Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi


he Government of the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW), Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) and Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Milal Heart Foundation (MHF) of South Korea. The purpose of the MoU is to extend collaboration between MHF and Tanzania in order to facilitate transfer of Korean open heart surgery technology to MNH and MUHAS and establish a Center of Excellency for paediatrics cardiac surgery. The parties also agreed to cooperate and utilize the Centre as the hub for

treatment, training and research in paediatric cardiac diseases in Africa. The MoU was signed on the 25th June, 2013 by the Acting Permanent Secretary of the MoHSW Ms Regina Kikuli, the Executive Director of MNH Dr. Marina Njelekela, the

Vice Chancellor of MUHAS Prof. Ephata Kaaya and the President of MHF Prof. Jeong Jae Lee. In this collaboration among other things, MUHAS will be responsible for training and providing human resource (graduates) for manning the Cardiac Diseases Center; planning and implementing curriculum for training human resource for heart surgery needs and technological advancement. On the other hand MHF will train MUHAS and MNH paediatrics cardiac surgery

staff in Korea and facilitate and support Korean paediatrics cardiac surgery experts to perform surgery and training of students and local Tanzania experts in paediatrics cardiac surgery. The signing of this MoU took place at Dodoma in the presence of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania HE. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, the Prime Minister Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda and the Minister for Health and Social Welfare Hon. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi.

HE. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda and Hon. Dr. Hussein in a group photo with officials from MHF, MoHSW, MNH and MUHAS at the signing ceremony.

MUHAS Issue No. 24



MUHAS exhibitors speak to prospective students at the MUHAS pavilion in the 8th Higher Education, Science and Technology Exhibitions


he University participated in the 8th Higher Education, Science and Technology Exhibitions organized by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) from the 21st to 24th of May 2013. The theme of this year’s exhibithion was ‘Building a Knowledgeable, Accountable and Progressive Society through Higher Education, Science and Technology’. The exhibitions were officially opened by the His Excellency the Vice President of United Republic

of Tanzania Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal who stressed on the importance of this year’s theme in order for this nation to face the challenges of the 21st century. He further suggested that Higher Education and research institutions should take a lead in this endeavor in order to generate useful knowledge and skills for our society. The Vice President also challenged every participating institution to demonstrate to the people who will be visiting their pavilion that they have the capacity and relevant talents to transform this nation into a middle income country as envisioned by the Tanzania

Development Vision 2015. He further said that higher education should be at the heart if we are to meet our national development goals set by Development Vision 2025 and its subsequent implementation strategies including the Tanzania Long-Term Perspective Plan (LTPP), 2011/12-2025/26, the Tanzania Five Year Development Plan (2011/122015/16), MKUKUTA I & II, among others. The MUHAS pavilion attracted lots of people who were interested with the variety of items displayed.



Issue No. 24

This year the pavilion provided information on dental health, research results such as HIV Vaccine trials, activities done by the research laboratory at the school of pharmacy, display of Herbal products from the Institute of traditional Medicine and the plans for the development of Mloganzila land including the architectural design of the teaching Hospital. Furthermore the pavilion attracted a lot of prospective students who were provided with information of programs offered by the university and admission requirements. Many students who were taking science subjects who came to the booth expressed interest to join MUHAS as their first choice after completion of secondary education. This year MUHAS pavilion in line with the theme of the exhibition geared at promoting training programs and research activities conducted at the University. The Schools and Institute that was represented displayed educational materials on training, research and consultancies which are carried out and available at the University.


MUHAS exhibitors speak to prospective students at the MUHAS pavilion in the 8th Higher Education, Science and Technology Exhibitions


he Chairman of the Board of the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) Prof. Anselm B. Lwoga, the HESLB Executive Director Mr. George Nyatega and the Assistant Director for Information, Education and Communication Mr. Cosmas Mwaisobwa visited MUHAS recently. The delegation had a joint meeting with the University Committee of Deans and Directors and student representatives from each school and discussed various loan issuance related issues and received suggestions to further improve their services and collaboration between these institutions.

During this visit the HESLB Board Chairman spoke about the history of cost sharing for higher learning education in the country and he also spoke

about establishment of HESLB and Board’s mandate. The HESLB Executive Director spoke on loan disbursement, repayment and means testing in general. He also mentioned on the improvements that they have made in loans issuance which were the results of recommendations received when they last visited institutions in 2010/ 2011. The MUHAS DCV-ARC Prof. Eligius Lyamuya presented challenges that the University faces in students’ loans issues in general and specifically especially in timely loan disbursement to students in and to the University. The DVC-ARC also presented MUHAS suggestions to improve the whole exercise of loans issuance and recommended that the HESLB should give reasons to students individually who were refused loans (either field allowance, special faculty requirements etc).

MUHAS Issue No. 24

S Also representatives of MUHAS students from different schools were able to present their grievances on loan issuances and were assured that the Board will look at every issue presented and rectify or make adjustment if needed.



In this meeting the HESLB promised to release all pending payments to students as well as fees to the University for 2011/2012 and 2012/2013. They also promised to continue to improve on the loans disbursement taking into consideration suggestions they received from stakeholders.

A group photo of participants to the symposium of female staff at MUHAS


symposium for female MUHAS staff under the umbrella of the Gender Programme Unit and MUHASTHTU Women’s Committee was held on Wednesday 26/06/2013 in the Lecture Hall 3 at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences.

Students repres entatives listeni ng following the of MUHAS mem meeting bers with HESLB delegates

Mr. George Nya tega (left) clarify ing some issue visit to MUHAS. during their On his left is Mr. Cosmas Mwaiso bwa

The aim of the symposium was to bring female MUHAS staff together and discuss issues of common interest among them with emphasis on bringing together female academic, technical and support staff at the University. Four topics were presented at the symposium. The first was on responsibilities of a chairperson of the chairperson for the female’s committee of THTU at higher institutions which was presented by the chairperson of the women’s committee Mrs Rose Mtui. The second topic was the importance of continuing education and professional development for female academic, technical and support staff. This was presented by the Assistant Director, Continuing Education and Professional Development; Dr Doreen Mloka. Prof. Febronia Kahabuka, Coordinator of the Gender programme Unit presented gender issues at the University. Finally; Ms Ruth Kitundu on behalf of Dr. Avemaria Semakafu, presented on female’s rights at work places.



Issue No. 24


he symposium was attended by 56 female academic, technical and support staff. It was opened by Prof Veronica Mgoyela, Dean School of Pharmacy and was closed by the chairperson of THTU Women’s Committee, Mrs Rose Mtui.


The symposium succeeded to bring MUHAS female staff together to share their experiences and motivate each other. Participants at this meeting were motivated to plan for continuing education and explore their rights in respect to gender relations. They requested MUHAS authorities to disseminate important polices to all staff and translate cross cutting policies (e.g. Policy against sexual harassment and discrimination, Gender policy, Staff development policy) into Kiswahili to facilitate all staff understand their contents. It was noted that the time for the symposium was to short to exhaustively discuss the presented topics. It was recommended that in future, such a symposium be organized to run for two days and be advertised to attract more participants especially the academic staff. The organizers acknowledge the support from MUHAS authorities, THTU leadership and all participants for sparing their time to attend the workshop.

Prof. Ephata Kaaya (2nd right) and Dr. Marina Njelekela (left) signing MoU at the signing ceremony. Seated on the right is MUHAS Legal Officer Mr. Donatus Nungu


he Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) and the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) signed a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for smooth operation of these two institutions.

The signing of the revised MoU took place on the 20th May, 2013 between the MUHAS Vice Chancellor Prof. Ephata Kaaya and the Executive Director of MNH Dr. Marina Njelekela being witnessed by Deans and Directors of clinical departments from MUHAS and MNH. Speaking at the signing ceremony Prof. Kaaya said that MUHAS is very pleased to reach this stage of signing the revised MoU since the original MoU was time barred and needed to be revised extensively.. Additionally, Dr. Njelekela said the process of amending the MoU took almost one year to be finalized therefore MNH is satisfied to finally see the beginning of the implementation of this revised MoU. The MUHAS-MNH MoU was voluntarily revised by both parties (MUHAS and MNH) in order to incorporate interest of each institution. The Joint MUHAS MNH Committee merged the comments and drafted the MoU that was eventually signed by the chief executive officers of the two institutions. . Concurrently meetings took place in the clinical departments

MUHAS Issue No. 24

H THE SIGNING OF H MoU between MUHAS and MNH Clinical staff whose goal was to identify key issues which caused misunderstandings between the two parties and these issues were discussed in the Joint MUHAS MNH Committee and addressed in the revised MoU. Before getting signed, the MoU was first discussed and approved the Joint Meeting of MUHAS Council and MNH Board of Trustee, the highest governing organs of the two respective institutions. The first MoU between MUHAS (then MUCHS) and MNH was signed on the 20th April, 2005 by the then Principal of MUCHS Prof. Kisali Pallangyo and former Executive Director of MNH Dr. David Tregoning.




he Appointment and Human Resources Management Committee in its 26th Meeting held on 10th of June 2013 approved the promotions of seven Academic Staff from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer/Research Fellow subject to approval by UTUMISHI with effect from 1st July, 2013 as follows;

LECTURER TO SENIOR LECTURER Department of Haematology & Blood Transfusion 1. Dr. Abel Makubi

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2. Dr. Jeremiah Moshy

Department of Orthodontics, Paedontics and Community Dentistry 3. Dr. Joyce Masalu

Department of Community Health Nursing 4. Dr. Anne Outwater

Department of Behavioral Science MUHAS DVC-ARC Prof. E. Lyamuya putting a seal on the MoU during the signing ceremony. Smiling on his left is MUHAS DVCPFA Prof. M. Bakari

5. Dr. Switbert Kamazima

Department of Environmental Health Sciences 6. Dr. Simon Mamuya

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics 7. Dr. Elia Mbaga

MUHAS and MNH officials who attended the signing ceremony at the MNH Board Room.



Issue No. 24


His Royal Majesty King Mswati and Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda listening to MUHAS exhibitor when visited MUHAS pavilion.


he MUHAS pavilion in the 37th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) attracted many visitors including the His Royal Majesty King Mswati of Swaziland who visited the pavilion accompanied by the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon. Mizengo Peter Pinda. King Mswati visited MUHAS pavilion after officially opened the 37th DITF commonly known saba saba exhibitions on the 1st July, 2013. In his opening speech King Mswati challenged Tanzanian to ensure their products are of high quality to compete in the global standards. The theme for this year’s trade fair was “Expanding Your Business Horizon”, in which the King commented that it was very relevant and it challenges people to promote their

products. He further said that trade fair is an important component for driving economies to greater heights and it mirrors the country’s growth economically. In this exhibitions MUHAS emerged a third winner in the Skills Development, Training, Research & Consultancy Services category which comprises of all universities, vocational training institutions, colleges, schools, capacity building consultants, research institutions and all other consultancy services in different sectors. In line with this year’s theme MUHAS pavilion displayed variety of educational materials, products and services from the Schools, Institutes and Directorates.

MUHAS Issue No. 24



His Royal Majesty King Mswati listening to Dr. E. Suluba from the department of anatomy at the MUHAS pavilion.


he School of Medicine was represented by the department of anatomy who displayed gross anatomical and embryological models and the department of physiology who offered education on physical health and services on physical fitness (cardiopulmonary test) and occupation health test. In addition, the department of psychiatry offered HIV testing and counseling and psychosocial education on Intravenous Drug User (IDU), the department of haematology provided information on sickle cell disease and department of clinical oncology provided breast and cervical cancer education and also offered services on screening of breast cancer. The School of Dentistry displayed different training tools such as hand pieceS and other instruments, Dental restorative materials, Phantom head and different research works done at the school including PhD theses, Dissertations etc. They also offered services on screening for oral diseases and advertise the newly renovated and equipped dental laboratory. The School of Pharmacy provided public education on rational use of medicines and visual inspection of medicines as part of quality assurance program, live mixing of formulation materials and the criticality of mixing in attaining homogeneous distribution of active pharmaceutical substance in unit dosage forms and the use of NIR technologies in screening for counterfeited medicines. The case study of counterfeited cialis on our local market was demonstrated.

The School of Nursing offered health check up services for Blood Pressure (BP), Body Mass Index (BMI) and life style counseling after BP or BMI results. The School of Public Health and Social Sciences through its department of environmental and occupational health department showcased environmental health related interventions including testing of water quality and the department of Parasitology showed a number of parasites of public interest using a microscope such as Plasmodium Microfilaria, Ascaris and Hookworm. The department also offered plasmodium testing using RDT for (Malaria diseases) and examination of blood glucose RBC.


he Institute of Traditional M e d i c i n e displayed and sold herbal medicine products which were Morizella juice, Aloe vera cream, Ravo cream, Prucan capsules, Pumu mixture, Tumbo mixture, Mangifera cream, Mangifera capsules, Rozella calyces, Artemisia annua powder and Mlonge powder (moringa oleifera). The Institute of Allied Health Sciences provided



Issue No. 24

Dr. F. Mashili from the department of physiology explaining about physical health and services on physical fitness to visitors who visited MUHAS pavilion.

education on how to prepare extemporaneous products such as ultrasound jelly containing Carbapol 940 + glyceline + water for preparation using ; beaker and striling rod, mawese cream using mortar and pestles containing

mawese oil + emulsifying wax_ water for prepration and castor oil emulsion using mortar and pestles, contacting casto oil + Acasia + Cinnamon water The Directorate of Planning and Development - Muhimbili Campus promoted various

potential areas of investment particularly lands and other infrastructure like buildings. On the other hand the Directorate of Planning and Development Mloganzila Campus advertised areas of investment at Mloganzila and displayed Muhimbili University Teaching Hospital (MUTH) design model. Other Directorates that were present during this years’ saba saba exhibitions were as follows; the Directorate of Research and Publications, the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, the Directorate of Undergraduate Education, the Directorate of Information Communication and Technology and the Directorate of Continuing Education and Professional Development.

Editorial Team Prof.F. Kahabuka, Dr. M. Mwangu, Hellen Mtui

Dr. Lulu Sakafu and Happiness Mahimbo from department of clinical oncology providing information on cancer to a visitor who visited the pavilion.

Newsletter issue 24 2013  
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