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R/H R/h

Finnish imprint words: elsebeth mouritzen photo: Copenhagen Fashion Week

R/H is short for the collaborative between designer Hanna Riiheläinen and PR-agent Emilie Hernesniemi, who, after stints as assistant for Zac Posen in New York and PR work at Agency V in Berlin respectively, decided to join forces at University of Art & Design in their native Helsinki. Though still young in the business, R/H has already caught the eye of Danish colleague Henrik Vibskov, whose Copenhagen shop carries their design. You could understood why when viewing the A/W collection’s focus on nonconformist silhouettes in graphic and artsy prints. The Finns seem to have a knack for that, just think Marimekko. A series of different garments in dusty purple cotton with swirled brush stroke dots evoked memories of the pioneers, while the b/w prints promised a new direction. A lot of the clothes were paired with leggings and soft jersey dresses bordering on leisurewear, emphasizing the relaxed attitude of Nordic fashion.

Gaia GaIa

russian modernism revisited words: elsebeth mouritzen photo: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Distinctive yet often feminine trompe l’oeil effects have become the trademark of Gaia Brandt’s knits, but designing for autumn and winter, her poetic approach to decoration was replaced by a more abstract expression. Her visual inspiration came from the Russian avant-garde art movement known as Constructivism, combined with references to skiing outfits from the 30s and 40s. Gaia sent out an array of beautiful knits and a few sewn shirts and dresses with geometric lines and figures, echoing the sports uniforms that the Russian Constructivist artist Varvara Stepanova designed in the interwar period. Jumpers, long and short cardigans in classic colors of red, black, white, grey and navy were highlighted with bronze sequins and metallic belts, teamed with skinny jeans, ski-pants and leggings, leather shorts and miniskirt.

Dansk Daily Saturday issue 04 / 02 / 2012

A long V-necked dress with playful designs evoked memories of French knit-guru Sonia Rykiel, herself inspired by modernists of the past.

HS / Nyt-liite 6 / 2012

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Elle Finland 11 / 2011

DANSK DAILY Saturday 06.08.2011 — Feature — COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK


dansk daily COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK SPRING SUMMER 2012 — Saturday 06.08.2011 —




Words — Moussa Mchangama

Words — Iben Albinus Sabroe

Photo — Sacha Maric

Illustrator —R/H Anne Madsen is a Sofie Finnish fashion duo consisting of Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi, who both graduated from the University of Art & Design in Helsinki in 2003.

A TOTAL OF 11 FIRST-TIMERS VITALIZE COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK’S CALENDAR Their universe is feminine, SHOW and the show sent models with THIS green wreaths and scarves around their heads down the runway, behind SEASON. THE BOLD AND THE YOUNG DEFY FINANCIAL RISKS TO FULFILL THEIR DREAMS OF which a psychedelic kaleidoscope video was playing. Walking in low-heeled Swedish Hasbeens, the models SUCCEEDING WITH THEIR OWN LABELS. ALSO, THEY’VE FIGURED OUT THE VALUE OF BRANDING. wore pieces of knitted lace, light pastels and denim. Fringes were abundant — on the knees, on the side of trousers, on jackets in denim and on blouses. A jungle-inspired print on dresses, pants and a cute silk top added some growl to the collection. Transparency was another big tendency here, with both black and blue transparent pants, dresses and tops, revealing just enough skin for young female bloggers to go crazy and dress accordingly.

Trend —

She worked for John Galliano and Dior in Paris. She worked for Alexander McQueen in London. And she was selected by Vauxhall Fashion Scout to do a show with three other newcomers during London Fashion Week. Yet, when asked what is the highlight of her career so far, Anne Sofie Madsen doesn’t hesitate: ”When I was invited to open Copenhagen Fashion Week. First I thought wow. Then I panicked.” As it turned out, she didn’t need to. Her first show in her own label was more than well-received. ”For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to have my own brand, but I didn’t know if I could do it.” 31-year-old Anne Sofie Madsen took a break from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. First working as an illustrator forFeature trend agency Peclers in Paris, she came to John — Galliano’s office as a trainee. Then, a French agency recommended her to Alexander WHY FIRST-TIMERS McQueen, who hired her as a junior designer. INVADE COPENHAGEN



Cover photo — Josephine Skriver in Helje Hamre by Anders von Greffelstejn


”That’s when I found out that I wanted to do my own stuff. I thought that if I had to work this hard I wanted to have my own name on the label. Then they called me from Fashion Scout 2010, and I realized that I might have a chance. So, I made some money working as an illustrator and it gave me time to think and work out what to do. I worked out a business plan and formulated my vision,” says Madsen, who made her collection with five interns in a backyard office, where she couldn’t afford a refrigerator. ”I have seen people put too much money at risk in this business, so I want to keep expenses at a

Dansk Daily Saturday issue 06 / 08 / 2011

important to keep the flame going. If you want seriously you need a show. A show is a financial risk, but it’s what I want.”

— page to30 be—taken

To Emilia Hernesniemi and Hanna Riiheläinen, the risk is actually much bigger if you don’t bet on what you’ve got. They are the women behind the Finnish label R/H, who just gave their first show ever in Copenhagen. ”Many people asked us why we are willing to take such a great risk. Shows cost a lot of money. But we thought we would risk more if we got stuck working for someone else, just earning a living. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, YOU KNOW. IT’S ONLY MONEY; IF YOU LOSE YOUR CREATIVITY, IT’S A LOT WORSE. MAYBE YOU CAN’T GET IT BACK,” SAYS EMILIA HERNESNIEMI, 27. She and Riiheläinen, 31, met at the University of Art in Helsinki in 2003. After graduating, Emilia was a textile deisgner, while Hanna worked for Zac Posen in New York. ”But the only thing we really wanted to do was to have our own collection. When we completed our master’s degrees, Hanna did the silhouettes and I did the prints, and we made a plan.” A year after, in 2009, the two friends launched R/H. They chose Copenhagen after Emilia had worked with Agency V, doing PR for Stine Goya: ”We have been around for a year, so we didn’t feel prepared for a show. But when we asked for a fair booth, we were encouraged to do a show.” ”Copenhagen is perfect us. It’s a small city for a fashion week, but a lot is going on.”

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