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Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace | 1051 Budapest, Széchenyi tér 5-6. Tel.: +36 (70) 318 4324 | Open everyday: 10.00-19.00 2


Foreword The Budapest Business Journal, which turns 25-yearsold this year, has always paid special attention to gastronomy. Our annual Fine Restaurants publication, which features a list of Hungary’s top 100 restaurants, is one form of this attention. Each year we intend to give the widest possible picture of the local gastronomy scene, and we are glad to see that there is so much to show every year. There are new openings by the day, the quality is on the rise and “old school” establishments are developing just as much. The best deals are made by the dining table. Therefore, this year we will let you in on the best business dining places. Street food remains one of our favourite subjects, and the trend has exploded here recently. New and exciting outlets are sprouting and proliferating. We have new talent too, young chefs who we are proud to introduce to you. And we would never miss an opportunity to present newly opened venues that should be tried. This time we also take a peek at the market of new gastronomical products. Much as we love Budapest, we believe it is worth leaving the city every now and again for a good meal, and luckily Hungary is well off in this respect. Our Special Offers include information on restaurants we’ve tested and compiled especially for this list. You will find all these paired with some lovely photography. We hope you will enjoy reading this publication just as much as we enjoyed compiling it. We also trust you will find this year’s edition of Fine Restaurants a useful guide on your journey exploring the best restaurants inside Budapest or out. Cheers!




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The Budapest Business Journal's annual restaurant publication, which features a list of Hungary’s

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Bemutatótermeink: Budapest, III., Pünkösdfürdő utca 52 Tel.: (1) 808-9366 | Budapest, XI., Budaörsi út 31/C 5 Tel.: (1) 310-7270 | Dabas, Mánteleki út 0417 hrsz. Tel.: (29) 564-380 / (70) 930-7082


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Special offers A' la Maison Grand Antré Restaurant Arany Kaviár Restaurant Araz Restaurant Bock Bisztró Borssó Bistro Budapest Bisztró Buddha-Bar Budapest Chiyoko Asian FoodBar Columbus Restaurant Boat Doblo Wine & Bar Evidens Bistro Fuji Japanese Restaurant Halászbástya Restaurant Márga Budapest Mátyás Pince Restaurant Meatology MészárSteak Kitchen Múzeum Café and Restaurant Riso Ristorante & Terrace St.Andrea Wine & Gourmet Bar St.Andrea Wine & Skybar Sushi Sei Restaurant Tokio Budapest

Trattoria Toscana Budapest Vendéglő a KisBíróhoz Wang Mester Chinese Restaurant


Additional offers 21 A Magyar Vendéglő Alabárdos Restaurant Babel Budapest Restaurant Baltazár Budapest Baraka restaurant Biarritz Restaurant & Café Bistro fine Borkonyha Restaurant Callas Café & Restaurant Caviar & Bull Café & Restaurant Comme Chez Soi Corso Restaurant Costes Restaurant Costes Downtown Restaurant Curry House Csalogány 26 Restaurant Deák St. Kitchen Restaurant Déryné Bistro Fausto’s Restaurant Gundel Restaurant Icon The Restaurant Jamie's Italian Restaurant KNRDY Steakhouse & Bar La Pampa Steakhouse Laci! Konyha! Restaurant Mák Bistro Nano Bar & Restaurant Olimpia Restaurant Onyx Restaurant Opera Cefé

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Pampas Steakhouse Paris Budapest Restaurant Pavillon de Paris Restaurant Pest-Buda Bistro Petrus Restaurant Pierrot Restaurant Rosenstein Restaurant Salon Restaurant TAMA Restaurant Tanti Restaurant Vár a Speiz Restaurant ZONA Restaurant

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Countryside dining

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Bodri Optimus Restaurant Borbély Family Winery Guesthouse Csetvei Winery Hilltop Winery, Hotel and Restaurant Homoki Lodge Jankovich Kúria Hotel & Restaurant

Rosinante Countyside Hotel and Restaurant


Additional offers

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67 Restaurant Anyukám Mondta Restaurant Bock Óbor Restaurant Brill Restaurant and Belgian pub Château ViszGourmet Restaurant Chianti Restaurant Gusteau La Maréda Restaurant & Bistro Macok Bistro & Winebar Mandula Restaurant & Winebar Pajta Restaurant Ráspi Restaurant & Vinery Rókusfalvy Fogadó Solier Café Tiszavirág Restaurant Végállomás Bistorant Villa Medici Restaurant Walter Vendéglő

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Business Lunch When making a good impression on the visiting regional top-dog at your company is key, a business lunch at one of Budapest’s best restaurants is surely the perfect choice. The places we’re looking at now are a select few that can be trusted to serve the finest food in a chic and outstanding environment with perfect service, although one doesn’t have to be a businessperson to enjoy such an experience, of course. A business lunch at one of these high-end restaurants is also a great way to grab a taste of fine dining at a very affordable price, even if it’s a Michelin-star venue. The atmosphere, the hospitality and the quality will make even a daytime visit a unique experience.




Restaurants A lunch offer you must find time for Busy businessmen will often skip lunch, replacing it with exercise or yet another meeting. There are times, however, when you simply must break the routine. The lunch offer at Baalbek, a high-end Lebanese restaurant in Budapes t, available from noon to 4 PM is definitely one reason to do so. For starters, the halal dishes feature everything Lebanese cuisine prides itself on: homemade Arabic bread, vegetables, tasty grilled meat and the typical mezze. The latter consists of “hummus” (chickpea purée), “moutabel” (Arabic eggplant cream with tahini, made from toasted ground sesame seeds), and “tabbouleh” (parsley salad), which all have at least one thing at common: once you start eating them, you will not be able to stop. Executive Chef Osama Kutaini makes sure every tiny detail is in place: the harmony of flavours is simply perfectly. When it comes to the meat, the best bet is probably the mixed grill selection that includes spicy chicken, minced lamb and lamb cubes. With a hearty portion of steak potatoes, even the hungriest stomachs will be satisfied for long hours to come. Costing HUF 3,200 (plus service charge) and in a five-star facility, it is undoubtedly a great deal. Even though it is not part of the lunch menu, you should seriously consider finding room for a baklava with pistachio ice cream to top off your Middle Eastern culinary journey. It is just too good to be missed. Be prepared for variety too: the menu changes twice a year. And in case you still can’t find the time for lunch, book a table for dinner; the á la carte menu is equally irresistible.






Restaurants Why not make Michelin-starred dining a daily habit? It took less than a year from opening for Costes Downtown to earn a Michelin star in 2016, which shows the solid foundations its cuisine was built on from the very start. Thanks to the relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere and a great value three-course business lunch offer, guests can dive deep into a cream-of-the-crop culinary experience on any ordinary working day without the need to comply with super-strict dress codes or the danger of overspending. For HUF 6,900 plus service charge, three items per course await your choice of selection. Once you overcome the embarrassment of riches, expect every tiny detail to be perfectly tended to. Again, this is superior cuisine territory. Ingredients for each dish have been selected with the utmost care, and the extra attention paid to decoration turns them into true pieces of art. Impeccable service lets you focus fully on what you’re here for, that is to have a good time. Take beetroot soup. It is served with goat cheese and fresh fruits, so an unexpected array of colours and flavours stimulate your senses with high intensity. The lamb comes super-mild, and it pretty much melts in the mouth. And the dessert? It simply overwrites everything you have ever known about chocolate cakes; the artistic flair and the gentle combination with raspberry redefines pastry making as you know it. To crown the experience, don’t be tempted to save a little money by forgoing an espresso, because even that is reinterpreted in Michelin-worthy, chic fashion. The only thing you will be sorry about by that point is that dining is over and you need to get back to work.



Hungarian & Austrian, Chic & Tasty Downtown Budapest’s Deák Ferenc utca shopping promenade, which leads strollers from the main square to Vörösmarty Square and the River Danube, features a lovely terrace, restaurant and bar called ÉS (&) Bisztró. It is part of the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest but is open to all, locals and tourists alike. Meals here are meat-focused with traditional Viennese Tafelspitz (cooked rump), breaded veal cutlets or steaks among the favourites. Those meals that are suitable for vegetarians are also really worth a try, however: The breaded white asparagus on the specials menu was both delightfully crispy and soft, when we had a go. Pescaterians should try the char, with its fabulous soft pink fish, with the season’s perfect squash dill stew. There’s no such thing as a business menu here, guests are encouraged to choose from the fortnightly changing specials and signature plates on the season’s main menu. These include a light summer twist to the Tafelspitz, a salad with lovely lamb lettuce, red radish, leek and pumpkin seed oil; and the “Famous Wiener Schnitzel of veal” with potato salad that reminded me of my grandma’s cooking (she lived close to the western Hungarian border). While some types of meat come from Austria, ÉS Bisztró tries to acquire most of its ingredients in Hungary, Ildikó Dudás, PR manager at the Kempinski Corvinus says. The closest the supplies come from is their own herbs garden on the hotel’s rooftop terrace. The chefs also cure the meat at ÉS, sometimes prepare jam, and the bread is made in house. All are worth a try.




Restaurants Turning weekday lunch into an experience If you are ready to take your daily lunch to the next level, St. Andrea Restaurant & Wine Bar offers a deluxe option. The Michelin Guide-recommended establishment attracts a highly demanding clientele to its weekday lunch hours with a killer business menu. There is plenty of choice from amongst the starters, main courses and desserts, from which you can pick one each, and a glass of wine from the award-winning St. Andrea winery in the Eger wine region or a lemonade crowns the experience. The price of HUF 3,200 plus service charge is an immediate indication of the excellent value offered. In charge of dazzling guests is executive chef Ádám Barna. “This business menu structure lets me experiment with flair, as some of the dishes served at lunch time land on the á la carte menu in the evening,” he says. “The idea is to make simple, yet characteristic creations,” Barna continues. “Traditional dishes often pop up too, that appeal to both those into conventional flavours and fans of innovative cooking. But there is always a gentle twist that turns eating into experience.” Accordingly, shrimp or rabbit finds its way on to the business menu as often as stew, goulash soup or cottage cheese-filled pancakes. When tasting the latter, you can’t help wondering why you haven’t had it this way all your life. “Dishes change every Wednesday. It ensures variety and allows Ádám to use ingredients with an extremely short period of seasonality,” explains Klára Holló, PR and marketing manager. “Ádám is constantly on the hunt to incorporate the latest trends into his creations,” she adds. He seems to be on the right track: lunch hours draw crowds, and yes, even testers from rival high-end restaurants who come to learn a thing or two about this special genre of dining.




Restaurants A Friendly Chat Italian Style Getting lunch at a restaurant is about filling that belly and getting back to work, one might assume. Not here, though. Italian chef-owner Fausto Di Vora thinks taking time relating to guests is just as important as good pasta. (And the pasta is good.) A daytime visit to one of Budapest’s first fine dining restaurants near the Dohány utca Synagogue will give you a choice of a truly high-class if costly degustation menu at the elegant Ristorante, or a cheaper but just as good business lunch at the more laid-back Osteria. Since it opened in 1994, Fausto’s has moved away from an all-Italian acquisition policy toward more local suppliers, but there are still a lot of ingredients that are simply unavailable in Hungary if you want them fresh, the owner says. “Fish arrives almost every day from Italy. Chicken and duck are from here,” Di Vora explains. Fresh, quality ingredients are key to great cooking, just as is innovation. Di Vora tries a new recipe each day, but many of his regulars don’t even look at the menu. They will ask “What are we having today?” instead. That is why he considers educating his waiters in food and wine is essential: They have to be able to talk about the meals and the alcoholic assortment like a pro. Dropping in to eat a three-course menu between noon and 3 P.M. will cost you HUF 3,200 at the Osteria, with a different menu each day. Choosing from the assortment of Italian and Hungarian wines (from a variety of 600 bottles) will cost extra. But who wouldn’t want to add a glass if the price includes a friendly chat? “Interacting with the guest is essential,” says Di Vora. “This is a house, not a restaurant, and I’m at home here. I’ll even invite my guests to see the kitchen any time, no secrets are kept there.” No secrets, only great food.




Restaurants Lunch with a View There’s no better choice for a business lunch on a terrace in Budapest on a beautiful sunny day than Spoon. The classy restaurant boat and event venue is accessed via a pontoon on the Danube, right next to Lánchíd and with a perfect view of the Buda Castle. What’s new about the place is not the flabbergasting view or the gourmet menu, but that it now offers business lunches too, and not only for businesspeople, or so their motto goes. Anyone strolling down the embankment area can pop in to taste the fine food Spoon has to offer at a very generous price compared to the á la carte menu, and quickly. “We now select plates from the main menu for the business lunch, and without cutting the portions,” says Gábor Jenei, sales executive at Spoon. Indeed, the three-course meal that comes with spring water and coffee could fill even the most seasoned business stomach. Three types of starters (two cold and one soup), three mains and two desserts to choose from make a prompt choice easy, and allow a quick return to the office, if needed. We especially loved the light and fresh beetroot salad, a touch piquant thanks to the pomegranate vinaigrette, and the trout that was very crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The greatest hit of our lunch were the desserts: at first sight we were dismissive of the tea espuma and candied hibiscus, but soon voted this lovely creamy course the find of the day, while the highlight of the chocolate selection with homemade blueberry ice cream was Spoon’s signature Italian crumble cake with Piedmont hazelnuts, also a trip to heaven. The business lunch menu costs HUF 5,500, service included; it is also available on weekends for families.




Restaurants Budapest’s coolest night bar The buddha-bar budapest: The city’s best night Bar and Lounge BUDDHA-BAR BUDAPEST ON THE GLOBAL MAP The management’s goal has always been to make it to the global top 50 or 100 bars. The Paris unit has done so before, back in the early 2000s, but from Budapest there has been only one bar thus far to have reached such heights, and that was six years ago. Ever since, the region has been off that map, with the exception of one place in Prague. To have an idea about how ambitious the objective is, it must be noted that there are hundreds of thousands of bars out there, from which some 350 bar managers pick their favourites. In order to jump up in the ranks, an ultra-strong team is a must, as is a rich selection of drinks. Buddha-Bar Budapest fares well on both accounts. The selection is subject to finances, and knowledge needs to be polished to perfection, meaning everybody must be able to perform at the same level at all times. It is great if a creation is served by its mastermind magnificently; however, anybody else on the team should deliver an identical quality with the same enthusiasm; as long as it is not perfect match, you will lag behind competition. And this is what determines whether you get into the top 50 or 100 in the world or not.



MUSIC TO YOUR EARS AND FEET If you don’t already know, Buddha-Bar music is a highly successful genre in its own right. So far 18 double-CDs have been released by the brand, but thanks to other related albums such as Little Buddha or Buddha Spa the choice has widened to 45 compilations. Tracks intended for the restaurant are more of a chill-out nature, whereas bar tunes trigger an unrivalled party atmosphere that has made a solid reputation for Buddha-Bar Budapest in town. Guests are particularly attracted because they can have fun in a luxurious and spacious environment. The three DJs taking turns were selected after an eight-round selection procedure, and they entertain crowds either on their own or in a joint effort with musicians performing live on the spot. The latter method is also something that makes the Buddha-Bar musical experience truly extraordinary.





Street food For the first-time visitor, Budapest must be a dream destination for street food, although this hasn’t always been the case. Long-time expats and locals remember the time when street food equalled low-quality kebab, thick-dough pizza with a thin layer of tomato ketchup, and the local version of hamburgers was a mom-and-pop meatloaf in a two-day old bun with pickled cucumber and sauerkraut. Times have changed, thank God, with a colourful variety of high-quality street food available from pastrami through breaded cheese sandwiches, bagels, soup-in-boxes and the inevitable pizza and hamburger, only now made from fresh ingredients and with care for the customer. Eating on the go in Budapest has never been so tasty or inventive.


Restaurants Market on the Moon After London’s Borough Market, Vienna’s Naschmarkt and Lisbon’s Time Out Market, Budapest decided to join the bandwagon and set up its very own downtown market-eatery for foodies and gourmets. In the capital’s fifth district, renowned as a financial and administration centre, the former Hold Street Market Hall, newly renamed the Belvárosi Piac (Downtown Market), now hosts a gallery of fine restaurant outlets ready to feed the appreciative palates. The lofty 1891 building was originally designed as a market but gradually lost its traditional shoppers around the turn of the millennium as the district turned into a financial centre. After a 2014 refurbishment and what proved a futile effort to make the place a trendy small producer’s market, the idea emerged to develop the upper floor into a street-food gastro-walkway. Amid the ongoing gastro-revolution in Budapest, the move proved to be a big hit and an increasing number of Budapest’s fine dining pioneers have opened their own outlets here. Séf Utcája was one of the first, shoulder to shoulder with gourmet fish restaurant Vörös Homár. The latest additions include Hungary’s Bocuse D’Or contestant and Michelin-star winning chef Tamás Széll’s Stand 25, and the popular local actor Győző Szabó’s Asian fusion bar Steamboo. Since the spaces are relatively small, they tend to fill up quickly at lunchtime but good timing allows a small taste of more than one place. Be it Vietnamese pho or Russian solyanka, Hungarian sausage or Italian pasta, those who are eager to taste good food at affordable prices will certainly strike it lucky here.




Restaurants Your Friendly Local Tex-Mex About a year ago, a seasoned chef from Budapest’s old favourite Mexican restaurant Iguana and burger bar W35 opened his own small place in the city’s sizzling seventh district. The small but very welcoming tex-mex street food shop soon became popular thanks to the fresh ingredients, the exciting variety, the hospitality and the sauces. The location, although very close to the city centre, is a very favourable one for fresh ingredients too, with the Klauzál tér Market Hall close by. “There’s a fine greengrocer there and the shop selling dairies has fantastic buffalo feta cheese we use for some of our burgers,” the owner Dániel Balogh says. Besides an ever-changing variety of quality burgers, this is your go-to place for freshly assembled burritos, quesadillas and homemade nachos, while Balogh is also proud of temporary specialities that regulars sometimes don’t let him erase from the board. Mostly using Tex-Mex as an inspiration, albeit with a local touch, there are some crazy meals on Revolución’s menu such as the burrdog, the cross of a burrito and a hot dog, starters like breaded pickled cucumber, and desserts such as the breaded milk rice with cinnamon. For those with a more traditional taste, the place also offers hearty meat soups such as Sopa de lima or Pozole, and fried cheese balls. Balogh is now working on a “big thing” at Revolución; he didn’t reveal what, but promised it would be a great summer surprise for his clientele.




Restaurants Urban Getaway Have you ever been to Buda’s fine Tabán hillside park, or the locals’ beloved mini-mountain of Gellérthegy? Perhaps you are planning to visit, and maybe even have a picnic there. Well, lucky you; the range of choices for food and drinks to take with you has just widened thanks to this little place at Döbrentei tér. This new shop, called Picnic, set up in Mandl ház, the narrowest house in Budapest (easy to spot from a ship on the Danube since it’s other side faces the embankment). It targets walkers and cyclists in the area who want to pick up a picnic basket or rent a blanket for a day, discovering this lovely neighbourhood while eating breakfast or a light lunch. Open every day of the week, it offers Italian-style prosciutto and organic

Manetti coffee, Hungarian cheese, olives, vegetable boxes, sandwiches and fresh chocolate croissant. You can also enjoy Hungária Extra Dry champagne and locally brewed beer Budapest Sör. The idea of the place occurred to the owner János Rádics was on a globetrotting trip, when he realised how much he liked to combine discovering new places while eating in a relaxed way. Coming back to Hungary he fell in love with this little shop at Döbrentei utca 22 and created the place that would bring back those memories.Rádics rebuilt the cellar and removed walls to let the place show its history, inviting strollers to stroll in, pick up a hamper and then spend a few hours experiencing “the atmosphere of prosperous Budapest from the millennium to the present day,” he said.





Gastro mall Le Garage to open What is said to be Hungary’s first gastro mall, Le Garage, is scheduled to open in the summer of 2018, set in an industrial environment. The mall in the Óbuda area will offer a restaurant, a deli and a coffee house, amongst other attraction, while five food trucks will be parking inside the building. Weekends will feature a growers’ market and a wide array of themed gastro events. Although the doors of the mall will not open until next year, participants of this year’s Food Truck Rally have been offered the possibility of a peek around in the mall through virtual reality technology. A dozen retail units will be filled with stores offering premium products in the Le Garage gastro mall. In order to keep refreshing the mall’s street food offer, the five food trucks will change periodically. The industrial environment offers huge interior spaces for the mall, making the facility perfect to host gastronomy events and growers’ markets, the owners of the project anticipate. The building will have a capacity of approximately 1,000 people with 525 seats.



„Legyél a grillpartik sztárja!” A Tectona Grandis titkai a kellemesebb kültéri pillanatokért

A megfelelo˝ BBQ kiválasztása az elso˝ lépés azon az úton, aminek az eredményeként mindig kiváló grillételekkel kápráztathatod el vendégeidet. Kezdd ezt az izgalmas kalandot megújult honlapunkon, vagy látogass el idén kibo˝vített áruházunk vadonatúj grill-oázisába. Gázgrillek legszélesebb hazai kínálatával, füstölo˝vel, hagyományos és gourmet faszenes grillekkel és kiegészíto˝k kavalkádjával várnak profi értékesíto˝ink. Már 17 éve.


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Ha a kerted étterem lenne… 5 csillagos lenne… ★★★★★ Miben lehetsz jobb a többieknél? Természetesen a tökéletes grillsüto˝ választásban is. Egy professzionális kerti grill igazi gourmet élményt garantál és igazi grill szakácsot farag belo˝led. A tartós, dupla falú acél konstrukció az egyik oka annak, hogy a Broil King Keg az egyik legjobb megoldást kínálja az eredeti barbecue íz elérésére mindenkinek, aki komolyan veszi a grillezést. A fejlett technológiai rendszernek köszönheto˝en rendkívül hatékony ho˝áramlásos sütési módszer, páratlanul eredményes ho˝visszatartással párosul, így alkalmas a készülék hosszan tartó párolásra, füstölésre de ugyanúgy tökéletes pirításhoz vagy grillezéshez is. Vidd haza a grillezés mu˝vészetét.

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