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183/2018 • 11 AUGUST, 2018 WEEKEND ISSUE


Is your mobile phone damaging your brain? But what do we actually know about the health risks of mobile phones?

Ever since the mobile phone entered our lives in the new millenium, anxieties about its ill effects have abounded.

Gaza feels bite of US cuts to Palestinian aid

Baby squirrel chases man so

A determined Suleiman Abu Oudeh makes his way through the busy UNRWA distribution center in the AlShati refugee camp in Gaza City. With his ID card and coupons in hand, he gets in line where food items are being handed out. "Of course, everyone here is worried and knows that UNRWA is in a difficult situation," says Abu Oudeh, accepting a box of sunflower oil once he reaches the counter. "People are worried that rations might be cut in the long run. It has happened before. The situation in Gaza is so bad. There is no work and many are completely dependent on help."

A man called the Germany police emergency number after being terrorized by a baby squirrel, police in the south western city of Karlsruhe said on Friday. The squirrel was so relentlessly chased the man that he needed police to help deal with the situation. Officers dutifully responded and sent a patrol car to help. The situation eventually resolved itself when the baby squirrel fell asleep. In the official police report officers wrote: "Squirrel will be new mascot, was baptized with the name: KarlFriedrich." Followed by the message, "The squirrel has fallen asleep because of the shock."

relentlessly he calls police

The science on smartphones is far from settled. Brain cancer, nerve damage, and various tumors have all been touted as potential negative consequences of regular mobile phone use. While no solid evidence has been found to prove itʼs dangerous, this doesnʼt mean there is no cause for concern. What about radiation?A lot of the concern around the health and safety risks of mobile phones centres on the radiation emitted. Mobile phones release radiofrequency energy, or radio waves, that can be absorbed by bodily tissues. In the past, studies have linked heavy mobile phone use to certain brain tumors. But according to Martin Röösli, head of the Environmental Exposures and Health Unit at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, the type of radiation emitted by a mobile phone is nothing to be alarmed about. It is a very low energy radio frequency radiation – the same found in TV and radio signals. "Itʼs a non-ionizing radiation, so itʼs not radioactive or x-ray," Röösli told DW. "No direct DNA damage can happen with this type of radiation. Itʼs impossible." As for the link between this kind of radiation and cancer, Röösli says he "does not see such indications." Often these studies are "retrospective” and rely on people remembering their phone use, which people with tumors tend to over-report, Röösli told DW. "We havenʼt seen an increase in cancer rates in the last two decades, which you would certainly expect if there was a

major risk in mobile phone use," he added. Likewise, Frank de Vocht, reader in Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Bristol, told DW itʼs unlikely the dangers of mobile phones have simply gone under the radar. "If the use of mobile phones would increase the risk of something significantly like, say, cancer, this would have been picked up much more clearly with the scientific methods we have now; for example how the risks of tobacco smoking on lung cancer are straightforward to pick up." Wait, thereʼs more But that doesnʼt mean mobile phone radiation has no effect on the brain at all. Previous research has found evidence that it can change our brainwaves. And now,a new study coauthored by Röösli has found a link between mobile phone use and adverse effects on young peopleʼs memory retention. Swiss researchers studied 700 adolescents aged between 12 and 17; tracking their phone habits and getting them to complete memory tests. Over the course of a year participants had to fill out a questionnaire about their mobile phone habits, as well as answer questions about their psychological and physical health. They then completed a series of computerized cognitive tests. Röösli said a unique feature of the study was the use of phone user data from mobile phone operators. That meant for every call made by the participants, the researchers "knew on which network it took place and how long it lasted."

Multiple deaths in New Brunswick shooting incident

Romanian expats return home for major antigovernment protest

At least four people, including two police officers, were killed in a shooting incident in the eastern Canadian city of Fredericton in New Brunswick. The Fredericton police said in a post on Twitter they had taken one suspect in custody. The suspect is currently being treated for serious injuries. Police have asked residents to avoid the area of shooting as investigation is still ongoing. The circumstances of the shooting are unclear at this point.

Hundreds of Romanian expatriates have driven across Europe for what is expected to be one of the biggest anti-government protests since the current administration came to power. The demonstrators, who have gathered outside the government offices in Bucharestʼs Victoriei Square, are calling for the countryʼs leaders to resign over corruption allegations and early elections.

183/2018 • 11 August, 2018 Weekend issue

European Court of Justice rules Polish arrest warrants can be halted The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled against extraditing suspects to Poland on Wednesday if there are "serious and fact-based grounds" to believe the suspect would not receive a fair trial. The ruling concernsa Polish man in Irelandwho claims recent justice reforms in Poland harmed his chances of being treated fairly. The man is suspected of drug trade. In recent years, Polandʼs ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has been working to place courts under a tighter control of the executive branch. Among other steps, the parliament now has power to choose members of the National Council of the Judiciary whose job is to oversee judicial impartiality. More recently, the lawmakers changed retirement age for the Supreme Court judges, which critics believe was aimed at ousting the most experienced judges and stacking the body with government supporters. The Supreme Court and its chief Malgorzata Gersdorf are opposing the move. Five charged over acid attack on young boy in Worcester, UK

A group of men aged between 22 and 41 were due to appear before a UK court on Wednesday to face charges of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, West Mercia Police said. The authorities believe the men were involved in a suspected acid attack on a 3-year-old child in a shopping mall in Worcester on Saturday. The boy suffered "serious burns to his arm and face" and was hospitalized, police said after the attack. The child has since been released "but the long-term implications of his injuries are unknown at this time" according to the authorities. Read more:German energy executive severely injured in acid attack Three suspects from LondonA 39-year-old from Wolverhampton, some 48 kilometers (30 miles) north of Worcester was arrested immediately after the attack. Another man from Wolverhampton and three others from London were detained during the week. In an unusual move for the UK, police said they would not release their names "for legal reasons." They also gave no details on the motive. However, chief superintendent Mark Travis said they were treating the incident as a "deliberate attack." The UK has seen a rise in acid attacks in recent years, although it is highly unusual for the victim to be so young.Hundreds of acid attacks were reportedlast year in London alone. 2

Ryanair pilots strike in Germany and elsewhere in Europe The cross-border stoppage is the most severe industrial action in the airlineʼs history

The 24-hour co-ordinated strike by pilots with Irish budget carrier Ryanair is underway. The biggest strike in Ryanairʼs 33year history began at 3 a.m. (0100 UTC) in Germany aspilots took action in support of their claimsfor better pay and conditions. The trade union Cockpit said 480 Germanybased pilots were not expected to return to work until 2.59 a.m. Saturday. "Ryanair alone is responsible for the escalation we are now seeing," Cockpit president Martin Locher said, adding that the carrier had ruled out higher personnel costs which left no room for compromise. Read more:Opinion: Our addiction

Kit Kat loses bid to trademark fourfinger shape The European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Wednesday ordered the blocʼs Intellectual Property Office to "reconsider" Kit Katʼs EU-wide trademark of the chocolate barʼs distinctive four-finger shape. The court wouldnʼt give Nestle a break in its decade-long legal battle with US rival Mondelez, maker of Cadbury chocolate, over the four-fingered wafer biscuit which was first sold in 1935. Read more: Poison candy: Are chocolates, sweets and sugary snacks ever healthy? The ECJ did not cancel the trademark, as suggested by the courtʼs top advisor in April, but said the EUʼs

to cheap flights is leaving us penniless Germany will be the country most affected by the strike with 250 flight cancellations across ten airports. Pilots in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Ireland also joined in the action. Hundreds of European flights have been cancelled, affecting about 55,000 passengers, 42,000 of them in Germany. Refunds or rerouted journeys have been offered to the people concerned. Ryanair claimed more than 2,000 flights would operate as normal on Friday. Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) must go back to the drawing board and revisit its 2006 decision to grant Kit Kat an EU trademark based on its shape. In 2006, the EUIPO allowed Nestle to trademark what the court calls the "three-dimensional shape of the ʼKit Kat 4 fingersʼ product."

Ex-Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne dies aged 66 Sergio Marchionne, the former head of Italo-American carmaking giant Fiat Chrysler has died aged 66, his former company has said. "Unfortunately,

Suicide bombings and attacks kill more than 100 in southern Syria, IS blamed More than 100 Syrian regime members, allies and civilians were killed Wednesday following a series of attacks in southwestern Syria, a war monitor said, with at least 38 killed by suicide bombings in the proregime city of Sweida. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said three bombers with suicide belts, who were believed to be members of the "Islamic State" (IS), targeted a number of areas inside the city. Read more: The rise of the ʼIslamic Stateʼ What we know so far: More than 100 people are dead after suicing bombings and other attacks and many more are wounded.One suicide bomb went off in a market area.Two other attackers were chased by security before blowing themselves up.State media also reported more casualties in the fighting in several villages to the northeast of Sweida.IS claimed responsiblity for the attacks.

what we feared has come to pass. Sergio Marchionne, man and friend, is gone," Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Chairman John Elkann said in a statement. Read more: Shark in a sweater: Sergio Marchionneʼs legacy at Fiat Chrysler Marchionne hadstepped down from his position on Saturdaydue to ill health following what the holding company of Fiatʼs founders, the Agnelli family, described as "unexpected complications" from shoulder surgery in a Zurich hospital. He wasreplaced by Briton Mike Manley, bringing his 14-year tenure at FCA to an end. "The best way to honour his memory is to build on the legacy he left us, continuing to develop the human values of responsibility and openness of which he was the most ardent champion," Elkann said.

183/2018 • 11 August, 2018 Weekend issue

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Turkey ends state of emergency, but eyes tough terror bill The Turkish government allowed for the state of emergency to expire early on Tuesday, two years after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan introduced a measure in response to a failed military coup that claimed over 200 lives. Following the attempt on 15th of July 2016, the government launched an unprecedented crackdown on its participants and their allies, with the imposition of emergency rule declared five days later. The purge was quickly expanded to includesupporters of the exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, whom the government blames for organizing the coup. Turkish authorities also went after Kurdish sympathizers, journalists, and leftist activists. Over 77,000 people were arrested, and 110,000 civil servants, including police, military officers, academics, prosecutors and judges were fired from their jobs. The government had asked the parliament to prolong the state of emergency seven times, each time adding another three months for its security forces to use sweeping emergency powers. Earlier this month, the government fired 18,632 people, mostly police and military, for suspected links to terror organizations and "groups that "act against national security."

Best ice-cream spots in Budapest A good ice cream is worth going the distance for. We prefer natural, traditionally made, quality types and we have created a selection of the best Budapest has to offer. Enjoy rose-petal shaped inventions at Gelarto Rosa, superfood variations at popular Fragola, lactose- and sugar-free options, or taste extravagant dill-cucumber yoghurt, salty caramel or matcha. Fans of classic flavours will also find the perfect summer companions, such as vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and lemon. Erdős és fiai Damniczki Budapest Cioccolatte Gelarto Rosa Artigiana Gelati Fragola Nándori I love Gelato Dolce Intervallo Hisztéria Cremeria MAMO Gelato Gelateria Pomo Dʼoro Sütizz Málna the pastry shop


183/2018 • 11 August, 2018 Weekend issue

Whatʼs the right intimate hygiene? DWʼs Health News:

Cat cults and cult cats Aloof, independent, hedonistic: The cat is a fascinating creature, from its purrs to its claws. On International Cat Day, DW looks at artists, filmmakers and fashion designers who think felines are the catʼs meow. Fat, lazy and with a philosophical bent Garfieldʼs comic strip dates back to the late 1970s. A bored and cynical creature, he shares the house with Odie, an intellectually disadvantaged dog, and Jon, a human being with a lonely streak. Itʼs the perfect situa-

tion: Should Garfield disapprove of something, he can take it out on Jon and Odie. In 2004 the lasagna addict made the silver screen; two films followed. Resistance is futile He performs the most difficult tasks and nabs the vilest culprits. Of noble Spanish lineage, heʼs swift, and his claws are as sharp as glass cutters. Heʼs the Puss In Boots, unstoppable — unless he has to stop to spit out a fur ball. After brilliant performances in the Shrek films, he was even given his own flick to star in.

Do you know the right intimate hygiene practices? Did you know that dads can suffer from postnatal depression too? Or that turmeric can treat glaucoma? DW brings you this weekʼs health news, all in one handy guide! The personal care aisles in drugstores offer a variety of intimate hygiene products, especially for women. They include soaps, wet wipes for on-thego, gels and many other products - the sort of things that promise cleanliness and hygiene for those particularly sensitive, intimate parts of our bodies. But a recentstudyof more than 1,400 women, conducted by researchers in Canada, showed that using intimate hygiene products may increase the risk of vaginal and urinary tract infections. So whatʼs the best way to tend to your intimate parts? The answer is

less is more. When washing intimate areas, you should always use water, irrespective of your biological sex. In women, shower gels and intimidate hygiene products can disturb the natural vaginal flora, which can cause bacterial or fungal infections. When it comes to cleaning the penis, men should also stick to water and make sure to clean the area around and under the foreskin carefully under running water. People who experience a burning or itching sensation in their intimate areas should seek medical advice.

Meet the New York Stock Exchangeʼs only female trader

Samsung looking for fresh growth opportunities

On the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, men in expensive suits are staring hard at computer screens. Men call out the numbers. Men run frantically from one stock trading booth to the next, headsets in ear. Even the cleaner here is a man. Almost inconspicuous amid the commotion, Lauren Simmons sits at the trading stand of the investment house Rosenblatt Securities. At just under 1.60 meters tall, dressed in a short skirt and high heels, sheʼs the only female trader on the floor. "I think my story is so unique, because Iʼm not only the youngest on the floor, but also a woman and a minority," says the 23-year-old. Lauren moved from a small town in the state of Georgia to the Big Apple. 4

South Koreaʼs Samsung Group has announced its investment plans for the next three years. As the company has hit a wall in the market for its smartphones, itʼs focusing on areas more likely to create future growth. South Koreaʼs Samsung Group said Wednesday it would invest $22 billion (€18.9 billion) over the next three years in cutting-edge technology including artificial intelligence, selfdriving cars and biopharmaceuticals as it searches for ways to drive future growth.

German Ryanair pilots to strike on Friday

They are to join industrial action already announced by their colleagues in Ireland, Sweden and Belgium. Ryanair pilots in Germany are planning a 24-hour strike action this

week, their union announced Wednesday. The strike is to begin shortly after midnight on Friday andis expected to affect all flights of the Irish airline from and to Germany, the Vereiniging Cockpit (VC) union said in a statement. The German pilotsʼ industrial action is adding to strikes already planned for the same day in Ireland, Sweden and Belgium. Together, it would be the biggest pilotsʼ strike in the history of Ryanair. So far, the carrier has already canceled 146 flights of a total of 2,400 scheduled European flights for Friday. Not budging an inch VC union chief Martin Locher accused Ryanairʼs executives of blocking a mutually beneficial solution at the negotiating table, with the German pilots eager to see an improvement in their working conditions and wages.

183/2018 • 11 August, 2018 Weekend issue

Child abuse can cause mental disorders Psychiatrist:

A mother and her partner pimped out her young son to pedophiles for years. Can a child ever overcome such abuse? Possibly, says child psychiatrist Michael Kölch. Dr. Michael Kölch: In such a case, empathy is clearly lacking as well as a feeling of motherly concern for the child. Dependence on the pedophile partner could also play a role. All this is connected with a lack of empathy for the child. While pedophiles are concerned with sexual lust, the mother was probably more interested in stabilizing her relationship with her partner. These cases of extreme pedophilia are shocking time and again — especially that children must experience such things over a longer period of

time. This boyʼs experiences are shocking in any case. In general, such experiences can lead to a variety of psychological symptoms and disorders. Depression and violence can occur. He seems to have drawn attention at school through violence and aggression. Of course, such children can develop post-traumatic stress disorders, but it is usually a very complex psychopathology that accompanies these children and adolescents into adulthood if there is no corresponding therapeutic reaction.

James Bond fans converge on Austrian mountain for new Spectre show In Spectre, the most recent James Bond film, agent 007 — played by Daniel Craig — follows the daughter of a former syndicate member, thinking she will lead him to the movieʼs chief villain. Bond visits the fantastic mountainous landscape of the Ötztal, a glacier region in Tyrol, in Austria. High up on a mountain there stands a futuristic building of glass and steel

where the two are supposed to meet. But when Bond realizes the woman is being kidnapped, a high-speed car chase quickly ensues along the icy roads, the secret agent pursuing the hostage takers in a small plane. The scenes taken from the sky and through the snowy forest made the Austrian ski resort of Sölden world famous.

Spanish NATO jet accidentally fires missile in Estonia A Spanish fighter jet accidentally fired an air-to-air missile overEstoniaon Tuesday during a routineNATO training mission, Spainʼs defense ministry said. The SpanishEurofighter jet, which is part of NATOʼs Baltic air-policing mission, fired the missile while carrying out an exercise with another Spanish Eurofighter and two French Mirage 2000 jets. The air-toair missile was fired "without causing any harm" and did not hit any aircraft, the Spanish defense ministry said in a statement. Following the accidental fire, the jets returned to an air base in northern Lithuania where they are based. Searching for the missile Estoniaʼs military is now scouring the area around where it was fired, as it is potentially still armed. The AMRAAM-type missile is supposed to self-destruct during such accidents, but the device may have landed on the ground instead. The missile was carrying up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of explosives and was last located around 40 kilometers (24 miles) north of the Estonian city of Tartu. Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas wrote on Facebook that there were "thank God no human casualties" and called the incident "extremely regrettable."

Germans ʼdonʼt trust the welfare state anymoreʼ

German welfare organization Paritätische Gesamtverband warned in a report released Tuesday that a large section of the population no longer had faith in the welfare state, posing "a threat to social cohesion in Germany." It said turning the situation around would require several key reforms and an investment of some €50 billion ($58 billion). Association chairman Rolf Rosenstock told reporters in Berlin that the government "lacked political measures aimed specifically at supporting groups of people most at risk," such as the unemployed, those in rural areas, and the increasing number ofelderly living in poverty."



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Swimmers warned against Baltic Sea as German heat wave approaches German health officials have warned members of certain ʼat riskʼ groups to avoid swimming in the Baltic Sea as increased water temperature poses a danger from vibrio bacteria. The health ministry in Germanyʼs northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania warned that people living with HIV, the elderly, liver patients and alcohol addicts are particularly prone to bacterial infection. Germanyʼs weather service (DWD) issued a heat warning for large parts of Germany on Monday and advised the elderly and sick people to sit in the shade, drink plenty of water and avoid the heat. What are vibrio bacteria? Vibrio bacteria live in certain coastal waters and are present in higher concentrations between May and October when water temperatures are warmer, according to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). How does infection occur? If open wounds come into contact with infected sea water, vibrio bacteria can infect the wounds. People may also become infected by eating raw or undercooked shellfish, particularly oysters. Elderly and immunosuppressed people are at particular risk of infection.


183/2018 • 11 August, 2018 Weekend issue

DFB president Grindel: German football needs ʼa new startʼ

In the most recent edition of the DFB Journal, the official magazine of the German national team, president Reinhard Grindel penned a letter saying he was hoping for a "new start," in theaftermath of a disastrous World Cup result and the controversy of Mezut Özilʼsretirement from the national team. Stopping short of an apology, Grindel spoke again about his fallout with the Arsenal player, expressing regret that Özil didnʼt feel protected by him and his organization.

Robert Lewandowski staying at Bayern Munich

A chat with Niko Kovac has persuaded striker Robert Lewandowski that his future is with Bayern Munich. Kovac has also dismissed rumors of a move for Ante Rebic, while Jerome Boateng is unlikely to join Manchester United. As the dust settled on the 2017-18 season, Robert Lewandowskiʼs prolific,trophy-ladenfour year spell with the German champions seemed to be coming to an end. "Robert feels that he needs a change and a new challenge in his career,"his agent, Pini Zahavi said at the end of May."Bayern management have been informed of this." 6

Aleksandar Kolarovʼs free kick stunner secures Serbia win over Costa Rica

A brilliant second half free kick from captain Aleksandar Kolarov led Serbia to a deserved win over Costa Rica. Serbia were wasteful in front of goal but did enough to secure three vital points in Group E. Another World Cup day, another sublime freekick. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s ice-cold effort tosnatch a point against arch-rivals Spain on day two was the current goal of the tournament front-runner, the Portuguese may have just met his match. Aleksandar Kolarov, take a bow. A combination of poor finishing and sublime goalkeeping had kept the scores level until Serbia’s no.11 produced his moment of magic. Kolarov’s powerful left foot is no secret, but few inside the stadium would have expected such a thunderous strike when the Roma defender stood over a free kick midway through the second half. His shot was unstoppable; a side-footed missile which screamed into the top corner of the Costa Rica net. Kaylor Navas, who kept his team in the game with several crucial saves either side of half time, was nowhere near it.

German cyclist Jan Ullrich arrested on assault charges He was assaulting an escort in the German city of Frankfurt

The 44-year-old former Tour de France winner was arrested on charges of assaulting an escort in the German city of Frankfurt. Prosecutors told DW Ullrich was under the influence of "massive amounts of alcohol and drugs." Former German cyclist and Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich was taken into custody on assault charges in Frankfurt, authorities said. Frankfurtʼs prosecutors office confirmed to DW that Ullrich had allegedly assaulted an escort at a luxury hotel. He had spent Thursday night with the woman, when the two got into an argument and things escalated. "He got a visit from a call girl, a dispute took place and the lady was allegedly choked," prosecutorʼs office spokeswoman Nadja

Niesen confirmed to DW. Niesen told DW that Ullrich was under the influence of "massive amounts of alcohol and other drugs." "He was very impaired," Niesen said. Authorities added that Ullrich did not pose immediate danger, so he had been released while the investigation is ongoing. German newspaper Bild reported that following the alleged attack, the woman sought help from hotel staff and the police was called. The woman required medical attention, Bild said.

NFL players renew anthem protest, draw ire from Donald Trump The national anthem protest by American football players has once again taken center stage as NFL preseason began. US President Donald Trump condemned the continued protests. Several American football players in Thursdayʼs preseason games ignored warnings from the National Football League (NFL) and protested during

the pregame national anthem ceremony. Miami Dolphins players Kenny Stills (pictured above) and Albert Wilson were seen taking a knee during a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Philadelphia Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins and DeʼVante Bausby opted for raising their fists during the playing of the song before their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.