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US Ambassador Richard Grenell threatens German firms over Russian pipeline German companies building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline between Germany and Russia received letters from US Ambassador Richard Grenell warning them of "a significant risk of sanctions" if they did not pull out of the project, Germanyʼs mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag has reported. The large pipeline is set to deliver gas from northwestern Russia to northern Germany under the Baltic Sea and effectively double the amount of gas Germany imports from the country. The US opposes the project over fears that the gas link would tighten Russiaʼs control of Europeʼs energy supply and diminish the importance ofgas transit countriessuch as Ukraine. US companies are also keen to sell gas obtained by fracking to many European countries. ʼClear messageʼ from Washington In the letter cited by Bild am Sonntag, Grenell wrote thatthe pipeline would make Europe dependent on Moscow and increase the threat of Russian interventions.

Saudi woman finds asylum in Canada Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, an 18year-old Saudi woman who said she was abused by her family andfeared deportation back home, arrived in Toronto, Canada, from Thailand on Saturday and was greeted by Canadian officials, including Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. Her arrival at Torontoʼs Pearson International Airport capped off a tumultuous week for Alqunun that involved her barricading herself in a hotel room at a Bangkok airport to avoid deportation back to Saudi Arabia. With Freeland at her side, Alqunun emerged briefly at the airportʼs arrivals hall wearing a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) cap and a hooded sweatshirt with "Canada" on the front. Freeland introduced her to a group of media as "a very brave new Canadian."

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CDU to review Angela Merkelʼs migration policy since 2015 crisis AKK:

Police in western Germany launch massive raids against criminal clans German police launched simultaneous raids in six cities across the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) on Saturday evening, with some 1,300 officers sweeping shisha bars and other venues in Dortmund, Essen, Duisburg, Bochum, Recklinghausen and Gelsenkirchen. Authorities said they were targetingfamily crime clans of Arabic background in the northwestern state. According to the mass-circulation Bild daily, police are focusing on the Arabic crime syndicates, especially those with Lebanese background. Police spokesman Oliver Peiler told reporters that the coordinated raids started at 9 p.m. local time (2000 UTC). "As we do quite often, tonight we are checking numerous shisha-bars (…) because the shisha bars act as sanctuaries for members of these family clans," he said.

Italian ex-militant Cesare Battisti arrested in Bolivia CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wants a "comprehensive review" of Germanyʼs immigration system. Contradicting Angela Merkel, the new party leader said scrutiny of the fateful year of 2015 was necessary. German Chancellor Angela Merkelʼs successor at the helm of the Christian Democrats (CDU) has told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that the party will scrutinize the chancellorʼs migration policy since the beginning of the migration crisis in 2015. "We will look at the entire immigration issue, from the protection of the external border to asylum procedures and integration, from the perspective of effectiveness" Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said. Kramp-Karrenbauer, who replaced Merkel as CDU leader in December, said the party would review the immigration system at a planned workshop in February. The European Unionʼs border protection agency, Frontex, and Germanyʼs Federal Office for Migration and Refugees would take part in the talks to examine "where and what needs to be improved," she added. Kramp-Karrenbauer, who was

Merkelʼs favored candidate to take over the CDU, differed from her predecessor on the topic of the 2015 migration crisis and the governmentʼs subsequent response. Read more: Ai Weiwei: ʼRefugee crisis is a political tool for populistsʼ Merkel said that discussions surrounding what happened in 2015, when more than a million migrants entered Germany, amounted to "wasted time," according to Die Welt am Son‐ ntag. But Kramp-Karrenbauer said she did not fully agree. "It would be a strange state of affairs if we in the CDU were to approach the topic comprehensively and ignore what happened in 2015," she said. Immigration has dominated German politics since the migration crisis. The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has enjoyed repeated electoral successes across the country on the back of an ardent anti-migration platform.

Left-wing Italian terrorist Cesare Battisti, who was on the run from Brazilian authorities, has been captured in Bolivia, an adviser to President Jair Bolsonaro said Friday. Battisti, a founding member of far-left Italian radical group Armed Proletarians for Communism, was convicted in absentia in 1993 of four political killings committed in the 1970s and sentenced to life in prison. The 63-year-old has maintained his innocence. Battisti was detained late Saturday in Bolivia "and will be soon brought to Brazil, from where he will probably be sent to Italy to serve a life sentence," tweeted Filipe Martins.

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Protests as far-right AfD wrangles over Europe candidates Five hundred Alternative for Germany (AfD) delegates wrangled via procedural run-offs Saturday over who should fill its tail-end candidacy slots as more than a 1,000 opponents headed for the conference venue, overseen by police. Protesters, organized by local civic groups, had set out from the railway station of the 30,000population Elbe River city of Riesa — once a key metal industry hub in communist former East Germany — bound for the convention center. Read more:EU in 2019, challenges and crisis Placards and banners carried by AfD detractors included the slogan "Racism is no alternative," playing off the partyʼs name. Police said they intervened when a roadside bystander made a Hitler salute. The anti-migrant, euroskeptic AfD, launched in 2013 and now holding opposition seats in all of Germanyʼs 16 regional assemblies as well as the federal Bundestag, had begun its four-day convention on Friday in Riesa to complete its list of party members who could serve in the European Parliament following this yearʼs European elections.

Paris: Multiple fatalities after explosion at bakery An explosion that caused a fire at a bakery in central Paris on Saturday killed at least three people and injured 47, French authorities said. At least 10 people are believed to be in critical condition after the blast, which blew out windows and overturned cars. Two of those killed were firefighters, according to police. Later, the Spanish Foreign Ministry said a woman from Spain who was on holiday in Paris also died as a result of the explosion. Authorities said the massive explosion, likely caused by a gas leak, gutted the ground floor of the building. The blast happened at around 9 a.m. local time (0800 UTC). "We still need to determine the circumstances and cause of the explosion, but at this stage we can say it is clearly an accident, presumably a gas leak," Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz told reporters, adding that officials did not suspect foul play. The firefighters had been responding to a gas leak alert at the site when the explosion occurred, Heitz said. "First there was a gas leak and the firefighters arrived, then there was an explosion that caused the fire." Police closed off streets as emergency services landed two helicopters in the street, apparently to evacuate victims. 2

US lawmakers to look into reported FBI probe into Trump The FBI allegedly probed if Trump was working on behalf of Russia

A committee in the US Congress will seek more information about the reported FBI investigation into Donald Trump, a Democratic congressman said. A New York Times (NYT) report claiming that the FBI had launched a counterintelligence investigation against President Donald Trump prompted a heated response from the president and his political opponents on Saturday. The NYT article claims that FBI was considering whether or not Trump was working against US interests on behalf of Russia. Trump first drew the attention of agentsduring the 2016 campaign, when he called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clintonʼs emails, and notably praised Russian Presi-

China says Interpol chief Meng Hongwei under investigation for bribery Interpol President Meng Hongwei, who had gone missing in late September, is under investigation for bribery and other crimes, the Chinese Security Ministry announced on Monday. Meng is accused of "accepting bribes and is suspected of violating the law," the ministry said in a statement. It also hinted at a political dimension by stating Meng was being probed because of his own "willfulness and for bringing trouble upon himself." Meng, a senior security official in China as well as the first Chinese head of Interpol, has beenmissing since September 25 while on a trip to his native country. On Sunday, Chinaʼs anti-graft body had said that "Public Security Ministry Vice Minister Meng Hongwei is currently under

dent Vladimir Putin. FBI officials reportedly discussed opening a probe after Trump urged loyalty from FBIʼs then-director James Comey and apparently asked him to end a Russia-linked investigation. However, according to unnamed sources cited by the NYT, the counterintelligence probe was only launchedafter Trump fired Comey. With Special Counsel Robert Mueller starting his collusion inquiry days later, the FBI investigation was soon folded into Muellerʼs probe, which is still ongoing. investigation by the National Supervisory Commission for suspected violations of law," without specifying its allegations. China has been cracking down on corruption under President Xi Jinping. Interpol later said Meng had resigned as president of the international police organization with immediate effect. It named South Korean national Kim Jong Yang, who was Senior Vice-President, as acting president.

Attack on Iranian military parade may harden domestic and regional policies A deadly attack on an Iranian military parade may strengthen hardliners in the country and send al-

Germany: Man stabs pregnant woman An altercation between a pregnant woman and man in the western German town of Bad Kreuznach near Mainz ended with the man stabbing the woman and killing her unborn child. The incident took place on Friday at a hospital, where the 25-yearold Polish woman was staying. Police said the man was a 25-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker, who had come to the hospital to visit the woman. The man stabbed the woman repeatedly after they got into what police described as a "violent argument." The woman suffered life threatening injuries and had to undergo emergency surgery. Although she survived the attack and her condition is stable, the unborn baby died from its injuries. The attacker surrendered to police at a train station shortly after fleeing the scene. He was arrested and taken into custody. Bad Kreuznachʼs public prosecutors office has sought the cooperation of the criminal police of Mainz to carry out an investigation. For now, the manʼs motive is unknown. The assailant appeared in front of a judge on Saturday, who ordered him to remain in custody. He has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

ready heightened tensions across the Middle East soaring, asTehran points its finger at the United States and its Gulf Arab allies. The rare attack claimed by Arab separatists killed 12Revolutionary Guard (IRGC)members and 13 others in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, capital of oil-rich Khuzestan province, which is home to Shiite Iranʼs Sunni Arab minority. It was the deadliest attack in the country in nearly a decade. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed "mercenary terrorists" who carried out a crime in "continuation of the conspiracies by the US-backed regimes in the region," while the IRGC under his command vowed "deadly and unforgiving revenge," if need be abroad. Iran did not name a particular Arab country, but the accusations appeared to be aimed at regional rivals Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

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Serbia: Protesters gather for sixth weekend of antiVucic demonstrations

Thousands of people marched against the rule of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for the sixth week in a row, rallying in Belgrade and other major cities. Protesters accuse him of corruption and stifling the media. Some 40,000 people took part in the protests in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, and several smaller cities, organizers said on Saturday. The authorities did not immediately confirm the count. In Belgrade, protesters carried a banner showing a bloodied shirt, an allusion to the unsolved assault on leftist leader Borko Stefanovic in November. An umbrella of opposition parties, the Alliance for Serbia, suspect-

Holocaust survivor George Brady dies at 90 Czech-Canadian Holocaust survivor and entrepreneur George Brady died on Saturday, the Czech news agency CTK has reported. The 90year-old passed away from heart failure, according to a relative, former Czech Minister of Culture Daniel Herman. Born as Jiri Brady on February 9, 1928 in Nove Mesto in Czechoslovakia, he and his Jewish family faced increasing persecution during Nazi Germanyʼs occupation of the country during World War II. The family was eventually separated and sent to prisons and concentration camps. Brady went first to the Theresienstadt camp and ghetto in northern Czechoslovakia, then to the Auschwitz extermination camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. Read more: Auschwitz sees record visitors in 2018 Bradyʼs parents and sister, Hana, were murdered in the camps, but Brady escaped in January 1945 during a death march toward Germany. He moved to Canada in 1951 and later became a successful businessman.

President Aleksandar Vucicʼs Serbian Progressive Party (SNS)of involvement in the assault. The ruling party rejects the claims. Demonstrators called for protecting media freedoms, ending the countryʼs hostile environment for journalists and opposition figures, and transparency from the government as it seeks to settle outstanding disputes with neighboring Kosovo.

Huawei fires employee arrested in Poland on spying charges

Chinese telecommunications conglomerate Huawei on Saturday said it had dismissed a Chinese worker arrested in Poland on allegations of spying for Beijing. Wang Weijing wasdetained along with a former Polish security official. Polandʼs Special Ser-

vices agency accused both men of working for "Chinese services and to the detriment of Poland." The Chinese tech giant said Wang had been arrested for "personal reasons," and his alleged actions "have no relation to the company."

Detroit auto show the last of its kind That new car smell. Flashing lights. Car doors that close seamlessly and silently. Models. Brochures. Horsepower. Crowds. Giveaways. This is what a car show is supposed to be like. And for decades this has meant shoveling through the January snow in Detroit to make it to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Now as the auto show is about to open, it is once again Detroitʼs turn in the spotlight. The past year wasnʼt kind to the American car business. Loud trade disputes hurt sales and caused automakers to rethink how and where they operate.


11/2019 • 14 January, 2019

Aircraft makers are optimistic about Farnborough despite Brexit The Farnborough Airshow is a major trade venue for the aeronautical industry. As manufactures set up their displays their thoughts hover between anticipation of the next big order and fears of Brexit says Andreas Spaeth. The global aviation industry will come together on Monday at the Farnborough airfield southwest of London for its biennial industry fair — the second largest in the world after the Paris Air Show. The UK has traditionally been one of the worldʼs leading aviation countries and the Farnborough trade fairʼs roots date all the way back to 1920. It moved to its current location in 1948. Read more: Air India sale grounded after privatization flops However, this year is likely to be full of uncertainty as to the future role of the British aviation industry is called into question due to the UKʼs impending departure from the EU in 2019. Airlines and manufacturers have both recently denounced the prevailing uncertainties and demanded clear post-Brexit rules.Read more: Air India sale grounded after privatization flops However, this year is likely to be full of uncertainty as to the future role of the British aviation industry is called into question due to the UKʼs impending departure from the EU in 2019. Airlines and manufacturers have both recently denounced the prevailing uncertainties and demanded clear post-Brexit rules.

Surge in German arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Turkey Germanyʼs Economic Affairs Ministry disclosed Thursday that German firms sent €160 million ($184 million) worth of arms to Saudi Arabia between January and October last year. That was up €50 million on the whole of 2017. Berlin only decided on afull stop in November, prompted by the Saudi murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, amid restrictions already applying over Riyadhʼs role in wartorn Yemen. Read more:Amnesty slams Western arms sales to Saudi Arabia Riyadh leads a nine-country coalition backing a Yemeni government opposed by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who last month reached a fragile ceasefire arrangementunder UN mediation. German weapons exports to Turkey — mostly naval items — more than tripled to €202 million in the same timeframe, up on €62 million in 2017, the ministry said in its reply to parliament. Erdogan isunder international scrutinyover his intention to dislodge Kurdish rebel groups in neighboring war-torn Syria. 4

US-China economic dispute is ʼnot about tradeʼ DW spoke with economist Yukon Huang about common misconceptions over the US-China economic rivalry, and how both sides are only trying to save face while not addressing core problems that will take many years to solve.

Nissan files complaint against ex-boss Carlos Ghosn for ʼmisuse of fundsʼ Japanese automaker Nissan on Friday said it filed its own criminal complaint against its former chairman Carlos Ghosn for the "misuse of a significant amount of the companyʼs funds." Ghosn has beenarrested and charged by Japanese prosecutors with financial misconduct. On Friday, Tokyo prosecutors added a new indictment to the growing list of charges brought against the oncelauded executive. Until the recent charges against him,Ghosn served as a top executive for Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi. He was considered a key figure in establishing and then maintaining the alliance. Prosecutors filed two new charges against Ghosn: one for aggravated breach of trust for temporarily transferring personal investment losses to Nissan in 2008 and the other for understating compensation for three years through to 2018.Nissan called for "strict penalties" when filing its complaint, which was "based on the same violation" of aggravated breach of trust.

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Thelatest round of trade talks between China and the US concluded in Beijing on Wednesday. Although negotiators expressed optimism and global markets breathed a temporary sigh of relief, there was no concrete sign of an agreement to end the ongoing trade dispute between the worldʼs two largest economies. The US continues to demand that China open markets to US investment, goods and services, along with preventing intellectual property theft. Chinaʼs state-owned newspaper China Daily published an editorial on

Wednesday stating China would not make any "unreasonable concessions." The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued a statement on Wednesday saying the US was committed to "resolving structural issues" in order to improve trade between the two countries. For the US, these would include transparent changes in Chinaʼs legal system and government policy that would guarantee protection against forced technology transfer or heavy government subsidization of major industries.

China: Multiple deaths in chemical plant blast

Romaniaʼs EU presidency overshadowed by corruption cases

Authorities in southwestern Sichuan province have opened an investigation into a blast at an industrial complex that left 19 people dead, state news agency Xinhua reported Friday. The explosion ripped through the Yibin Hengda Technology complex in the city of Yibin at 6:30 p.m. (1030 UTC) Thursday, sparking a fire that burned late into the night, Xinhua said. County officials said that 12 people wounded in the blast had been taken to hospital and were in a stable condition.Read more: China convicts dozens for last yearʼs giant explosions in Tianjin Reports in the Sichuan Dailysaid the force of the explosion reduced three buildings to their steel frames and shattered the windows of nearby properties. China, the worldʼs largest producer of chemicals, has sought to improve industrial safety standards following aseries of highprofile accidentsin recent years.

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The east European stateʼs six-month presidency starts as its most powerful politician Liviu Dragnea sues the European Commission over fraud accusations. EU auditors say more needs to be done to fight fraud. Romania took control of the Council of the EUʼs rotating presidency on January 1 and will be responsible for ensuring the continuity of the EUʼs work until June. The former Communist country only joined the EU in January 2007 andhas been at odds with Brusselsregarding the rule of law, separation of powers and corruption. This week, the countryʼs most powerful politician, Liviu Dragnea, brought a case to the European Court of Justice in relation to the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) claim that €21 million ($24.15 million) was fraudulently paid to Romanian officials from 2001-2012.

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The most beautiful African National Parks No other continent has such an immense number of natural assets as Africa

These make Africaʼs national parks and nature reserves highlights on any trip to the continent. Savannas, rainforests, deserts, volcanic landscapes, mountains and coasts; added to that is its incredible wealth of fauna. That always attracts tourists. People are ready to pay a lot of money to see exotic animals in the wild. Countries such as Namibia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania are classic safari destinations. Here tourists can see the "big five:" elephants, African buffalo, rhinos, lions and leopards. In many African countries, tourism is one of

the largest and most important sources of income. The national parks play an important role. Local inhabitants earn money as guides, generate revenue by renting lodges or run restaurants – just to mention a few possibilities. Most tourists would like to go on safari without forgoing the comforts of home. The national parks, more than 300 in number, make that possible: safe ways to get close to nature and animals.

Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: world citizen, crisis manager and chain smoker Many expected the chain smoker to live for an entire century, yet former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt died a few years too early, at the age of 96 on November 10, 2015, at his home in Hamburg. He would have turned 100 the day before Christmas eve, 2018. Schmidt was and remains the "savior of the city" for Hamburgʼs citizens. During the North Sea flood of February 1962, the then police senator of Hamburg demonstrated his skills as a crisis manager by getting soldiers involved in the rescue operations — which meant overstepping his legal authority as the German con-

stitution prohibited the use of the army for internal affairs (a clause excluding disasters was added in 1968). That established his reputation as a willing decision maker. "You need a strong will. And cigarettes," he later said of his approach. People in Hamburg still visit his grave in the district of Ohlsdorf. A sign was added in the cemetery because so many people were looking for the modest tombstone, which features his name and that of his wife Hannelore, nicknamed "Loki." Visitors leave flowers and candles, along with cigarettes or snuff tobacco.

Plastic pollution: Do beach clean-ups really make a difference? It could be paradise. On the Honduran island of Roatan in the Caribbean, sandy beaches lined with palm trees stretch as far as the eye can see. But the view is ruined by mounds of trash: Plastic bags and single-use water bottles, old clothes, unloved toys and even plastic chairs. Marine biologist Laura Leiva of the Alfred Wegener Institute grew up here in Honduras and has witnessed the rising tide of plastic pollutionfirst-hand. "The last 10 years have seen more plastic [wash up] on the shores here," she told DW. "The only clean places are the tourist resorts because people actively clean them," she says. "Around them, [the beaches are] full of trash. Itʼs so sad." The trash originates from Roatan itself, neighboring islands and the Central American mainland.

Record traffic and new terminal at Budapest Airport



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Budapest Airport has just announced a double-digit rise in passenger numbers for 2018. Hungary’s major international transport hub registered 14.8 million travellers last year, a 13% jump when compared to the numbers logged in 2017. This record increase has prompted further investment plans for the near future, including the construction of a new terminal building by 2024. Budapest Airport has been given the go-ahead for a €700 million extension and modernisation project, the news following a recent official report showing a considerable growth in passenger numbers. For 2018, the airport handled close to 14.9 million travellers flying in and flying out, a 13.5% increase in comparison with 2017. This makes Budapest the fastest-growing air-travel hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the largest-scale and most comprehensive reconstruction project in the museum’s history, the museum building has been renewed, and, returning to the collection’s first concept, the museum’s permanent exhibitions will also be rearranged. Besides the new permanent exhibitions, the revamped museum will welcome visitors with a chamber exhibition titled Leonardo & the Budapest Horse and Rider. The museum reconstruction, implemented within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, included the restoration of the Romanesque Hall, which sustained severe damage in World War II and since then had been only partially renovated and used as a storage area, along with the modernisation of the building’s obsolete heating system, the installation of air conditioning in some of the exhibition halls, the renewal of a large part of the roof structure, as well as the addition of new exhibition spaces, visitor areas and modern storage facilities.


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Millie Knight withdraws through injury

British visually impaired skier Millie Knight will not defend her World Championship downhill title because of an "ongoing injury". The 19-yearold won world downhill gold in Tarvisio, Italy, in 2017 as well as silver medals in the slalom, giant slalom and combined disciplines. In 2018, she and guide Brett Wild won three medals at the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang. Knight wrote onTwitterthat she is "unable to give 100%". "It is with a heavy heart that Brett and I wonʼt be competing at the World Championships this year," she said.

Andy Murray: Britonʼs retirement will be ʼdevastatingʼ, says Sue Barker

Aleksandar Kolarovʼs free kick stunner secures Serbia win over Costa Rica A brilliant second half free kick from captain Aleksandar Kolarov led Serbia to a deserved win over Costa Rica. Serbia were wasteful in front of goal but did enough to secure three vital points in Group E. Another World Cup day, another sublime freekick. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s ice-cold effort tosnatch a point against arch-rivals Spain on day two was the current goal of the tournament front-runner, the Portuguese may have just met his match. Aleksandar Kolarov, take a bow. A combination of poor finishing and sublime goalkeeping had kept the scores level until Serbia’s no.11 produced his moment of magic. Kolarov’s powerful left foot is no secret, but few inside the stadium would have expected such a thunderous strike when the Roma defender stood over a free kick midway through the second half. His shot was unstoppable; a side-footed missile which screamed into the top corner of the Costa Rica net. Kaylor Navas, who kept his team in the game with several crucial saves either side of half time, was nowhere near it.

Alexander Zverev looking to finally leap past big three Australian Open:

After a strong end to 2018 Alexander Zverev has another chance to improve a mediocre Grand Slam record, but there are doubts about his fitness. Angelique Kerber will be looking to win her second Australian Open. The changing of the guard in menʼs tennis is taking a lot longer than expected. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer still occupy the top-three ranking spots despite a combined age of 100. The trio have also won all but one of the last 13 Australian Open titles, and Djokovic is the favorite to claim a seventh Melbourne crown when the tournament begins in earnest on Monday. But withAndy Murrayʼs retirement imminentand Stan Wawrinka also battling a series of injuries, Germanyʼs Alexander Zverev has emerged as the man most likely to challenge the primacy

of the three men at the top. ZverevʼsATP Finals win at the end of 2018proved he could cut it against the big beasts of the sport but the 21-year-old Germanʼs failure to go past the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam remains a question mark – as does his current fitness, having rolled over on his ankle during training in Melbourne this week. This came just days after he pulled out of the World Tennis Challenge in Adelaide, saying he had suffered a strained hamstring in training. However, there is no talk of him pulling out of the first Grand Slam of the season.

Unai Emery: Mesut Ozilʼs Arsenal omission defended by manager Andy Murray is the "greatest we have ever had" says "devastated" BBC tennis presenter Sue Barker after the Briton revealed he plans to retire this year. Two-time Wimbledon champion Murray, 31,is being forced to quitbecause of a hip injury. The Scot will play at next weekʼs Australian Open but admitted it could be the final tournament of his career. "To watch him this morning in tears in that media room, it just shows what it means to him," Barker told the BBC. "It is the realisation that he is facing the fact that his career is coming to an end sooner rather than later." 6

Arsenal manager Unai Emery has defended his decision to leave Mesut Ozil out of the Gunnersʼ squad for Saturdayʼs 1-0 Premier League defeat at West Ham. The German midfielder has not started Arsenalʼs last four games, albeit two while recovering from a knee injury. When pushed over why he left Ozil out, Emery said: "I decided the players I think are the best for this match. "We win with him, we lose with him. I think it is not one player (which means) we canʼt win or lose." Ozilʼs last full game was the 3-1 win over Burnley on 12 December but he

has been left out of the starting XI on nine occasions in the league this season. Emery said the German midfielder was "left out for tactical reasons" at Bournemouth in November but has explained injuries are behind his other absences. "The players who were here are the players who deserved to be in this match," added Emery after watching an Arsenal defeat that sees them remain fifth in the Premier League. "We couldʼve won or lost. We continue working with every player because they are all important, but the decision was to come with these players."