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10/2019 • 12 JANUARY, 2019 WEEKEND ISSUE


Counting the cost of the US government shutdown But an extended shutdown could prove a drag

As the partial closure of the US government is set to become the longest ever, its immediate impact on the economy is negligible the American central banks says.

The United States is on track for what will become the countryʼs longestevergovernment shutdownif it continues through the weekend. A partial closure of government services during the Clinton administration ended after 21 days, which the current one will surpass on Saturday. About 800,000 federal workers are affected by the shutdown, and many will miss their first paychecks on Friday. But apart from the personal hardship, the wider impact of the shutdown on the US economy seems limited. Speaking at the Economic Club of Washington on Thursday, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that past government shutdowns didnʼt last long and, hence, hadnʼt left a mark on the economy. "A longer shutdown is something we have not had," Powell, however, also said. "If we have an extended shutdown, I do think that it would show up in the data pretty clearly." Powell noted that for the time being the American central bank would have only limited data available to make predictions on the economy, especially about monetary policy decisions. About one-quarter of the federal government has been shut down since December 22 because of a dispute over $5.7 billion (€4.95 billion) in funding for President Donald Trumpʼs USMexico border wall. Trumpʼs dispute with Democrats is showing no signs of ending afterthe president walked out of a negotiating session with

Democratic leaders, who continue to reject his demand for funding. Meanwhile, data coming out of the White House suggest that the shutdown could reduce the United Statesʼ total economic output by an estimated tenth of a percentage point every two weeks. For context, the US economy is forecast to have grown by about 2.8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018. Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, believes that the US unemployment figures could also rise this month, because federal employees furloughed during the shutdown are considered unemployed. "So when we see the January jobs number, it could be a big negative," Hassett told reporters earlier this month, adding that those workers would, however, ultimately get paid. Some economists also expect to see a big pullback in spending if government employees canʼt receive their paychecks. On balance though, they echo the Fedʼs view that the shutdown so far has had a minor impact on the economy. According to Goldman Sachs analysts, the ongoing shutdown will affect gross domestic product (GDP) by about 0.07 percentage points each week. "We do not expect the partial shutdown to have substantial effects on financial markets. We note that the shutdown is unrelated to the debt limit and has no implications for Treasury financing," the US investment bank said in a note.

Winter storms sweep across southern Germany and Austria

Saudi woman in Thailand flying to Canada, granted asylum

Germany books €11.2 billion budget surplus

Macedonian lawmakers vote to rename country North Macedonia

In Austria, at least eight people have died since the weekend, and a 9-yearold child was killed near Munich on Thursday when a tree collapsed under the weight of the snow. On Friday, a snow plow driver in southern Germany died when after his vehicle after it plunged into an icy river. The heaviest snowfalls in 20 years havecovered southern Germany and Austriaand parts of Czechia over the last week. Transport on road and rail has been affected, mainly by snow-laden trees.

Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, who last weekend barricaded herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room, alleging she had been abused by her Saudi family, boarded a Korean Air flight Friday, bound ultimately for Toronto. Thailand, which initially had threatened to deport her back to Saudi Arabia, said she was seen off by Canadaʼs ambassador. "Canada has been unequivocal that weʼll stand up for human rights and womenʼs rights around the world," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Even though Germany had taken in more in taxes and spent less than expected, resulting in abudget surplus of €11.2 billion ($12.8 billion), German Finance MinisterOlaf Scholzwarned, "The good times in which the state keeps taking in more taxes than expected are coming to an end." The budget surplus was Germanyʼs fifth in a row and the first in Scholzʼs tenure after taking over for Wolfgang Schäuble.

Over two-thirds of the parliament in Skopje voted in favor of renaming their country "North Macedonia" on Friday, passing the threshold required for amending the constitution in the Balkan country. The move aims to settlethe decades-long dispute with Greece over Macedoniaʼs name, with Athens claiming that the name implies territorial claims on the Greek province of Macedonia and accusing the authorities in Skopje of trying to link their Slavic nation with Alexander the Great.

10/2019 • 12 January, 2019 Weekend issue

Two ships collide in Mediterranean near Corsica The collision between the Tunisian and Cypriot ships spilled a trail of pollution stretching 4 kilometers across the water. Italy and France have sent ships to assist with cleanup efforts. Two cargo ships collided in the Mediterranean Sea near the island of Corsica on Sunday, causing an oil spill, coastal authorities said. The Ulysse, operated by the Tunisian operator CTN, ran into the Cyprus-based CLS Virgina while it was anchored about 30 kilometres (20 miles) off the northern tip of the island at around 7:30 a.m. local time, the regional naval authority said in a statement. Read more: Time to clean up the ocean garbage dump No one was injured but "the collision caused considerable damage, with an opening several meters long in the CLS Virginiaʼs hull," the statement said. The spill created a trail of pollution 4 kilometers long and several hundred meters wide, heading away from Corsica to the northwest, toward the French and Italian mainland, the statement continued.

Vietnamʼs dog meat culture clashes with modern tastes Hoang has been eating dog meat since he was young. He canʼt imagine there will be a time that he wonʼt be eating it at least twice a month. However, Vietnamese officials announced in September that dog and cat meat should no longer be served in the inner districts of the capital city Hanoi because itʼs offensive to tourists and can spread diseases like rabies. Read more: Illegal dog meat trade raises moral questions Dog meat lovers and restaurant owners fear that the government will try to expand the ban and decide to officially forbid eating dog and cat meat entirely. "I donʼt see how they can ban it. The demand is just too high," Hoang said at a restaurant in Vietnamʼs largest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City. In a small alley in Ho Chi Minh City, at least four restaurants serve dog meat, or Thịt chó. People gather around small tables to dine on the canine meat, complementing it with rice wine or beer. Hoang, who declined to give his full name, is sitting at a table with three good friends. "For us itʼs a tradition to eat dog meat. Itʼs just as normal as eating seafood or chicken," he told DW. 2

Extreme-right defectors deal a blow to Germanyʼs far-right AfD Thatʼs bad news for the populists ahead of key elections, says DW political analyst Jefferson Chase

The far-right Alternative for Germany may be unravelling at the edges after a disgruntled member struck off on his own. There is now even more right-wing alternative to theAlternative for Germany (AfD). On Thursday, the former party leader in the eastern German state of SaxonyAnhalt,Andre Poggenburg, resigned his party membership. Only hours later, the far-right hard-liner announced that he is forming a party of his own, the "Aufbruch deutscher Patrioten" (Uprising of German Patriots), to compete with the AfD. Poggenburg was one of the more

China says Interpol chief Meng Hongwei under investigation for bribery Interpol President Meng Hongwei, who had gone missing in late September, is under investigation for bribery and other crimes, the Chinese Security Ministry announced on Monday. Meng is accused of "accepting bribes and is suspected of violating the law," the ministry said in a statement. It also hinted at a political dimension by stating Meng was being probed because of his own "willfulness and for bringing trouble upon himself." Meng, a senior security official in China as well as the first Chinese head of Interpol, has beenmissing since September 25 while on a trip to his native country. On Sunday, Chinaʼs anti-graft body had said that "Public Security Ministry Vice Minister Meng Hongwei is currently under

Asia Bibi: Pakistan top court hears blasphemy appeal amid Islamist threats On Monday, Pakistanʼs Supreme Court began the hearing of Asia Bibiʼsfinal appeal against her 2010 death penalty. The three-judge bench said it has reserved the verdict on the appeal, however the judges did not say when they will announce it. If the top court upholds her death sentence, the only recourse for the 53-year-old would be toappeal to the countryʼs president for clemency. In 2014, her death sentence was upheld by the Lahore High Court. Rights group Amnesty International dubbed the verdict a "grave injustice." Religious extremists in Pakistan, particularly the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) group, have warned the authorities against reversing the blasphemy verdict."If there is any attempt to hand her [Bibi] over to a foreign country, there will be terrible consequences," TLP said in a statement.

extreme nationalist and xenophobic leaders within the AfD, which twice censured him for using language reminiscent of right-wing extremism. He has close ties to the radical Identitarian and Pegida movements. And for much of his career he was also an ally ofThuringian AfD leader Björn Höcke, who is regarded as one of the main motors behind the AfDʼs ethnic-nationalist hard-line wing and who has often beenaccused of anti-Semitism. investigation by the National Supervisory Commission for suspected violations of law," without specifying its allegations. China has been cracking down on corruption under President Xi Jinping. Interpol later said Meng had resigned as president of the international police organization with immediate effect. It named South Korean national Kim Jong Yang, who was Senior Vice-President, as acting president.

Attack on Iranian military parade may harden domestic and regional policies A deadly attack on an Iranian military parade may strengthen hardliners in the country and send al-

ready heightened tensions across the Middle East soaring, asTehran points its finger at the United States and its Gulf Arab allies. The rare attack claimed by Arab separatists killed 12Revolutionary Guard (IRGC)members and 13 others in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, capital of oil-rich Khuzestan province, which is home to Shiite Iranʼs Sunni Arab minority. It was the deadliest attack in the country in nearly a decade. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed "mercenary terrorists" who carried out a crime in "continuation of the conspiracies by the US-backed regimes in the region," while the IRGC under his command vowed "deadly and unforgiving revenge," if need be abroad. Iran did not name a particular Arab country, but the accusations appeared to be aimed at regional rivals Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

10/2019 • 12 January, 2019 Weekend issue

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The Högl autumn/winter 2018/19 collection confidently showcases the new on-trend colours dark plum, violet, rust brown and different shades of grey. The new season’s styles are impressively strong, but still feminine. They come in a range of new colours and materials, in slim, elegant styles with block heels and profiled soles – guaranteed to turn heads. Nightwalker Mysterious and as dark as the night, the styles in this part of the collection won’t fail to impress. The focus is on new interpretations of classics: boots and ankle boots with stylish details such as laces, eyelets and buckles. The colour palette

ranges from black to dark grey to the new addition of dark plum. Swarovski® crystal detailing emphasises the feminine look and adds a hint of opulence. Winter styles are enhanced by a Gore-Tex® membrane, and are available in both casual suede and metallic leather. Sense Maker Delicate greys bring a ray of light in the winter darkness, complemented by clean, simple lines. The urban focus of the collection uses a palette of flattering dark grey, stone, nude and mauve tones. Trendy block heels and new queenie heels feature strongly. From sneakers to heels (in round, V-neck and high-fronted cuts) to

bootees and over-knee boots, the high-quality leather and soft neutral colours of these new designs complement next season’s relaxed, feminine look perfectly. Experiencer The third theme of the collection is expressed in earthy tones, from espresso to rust brown and camel. Sneakers, bootees and heels in burnt colours and retrochic style invite to experiment with all sorts of different combinations. The multi-tone effect of the new materials used for ankle boots – such as crushed Naplak – adds a surprising twist to their look. Singer Adrien Szek‐ eres is now 3rd year brand ambassador of Högl Shoes in Hungary!

Europe’s Nr. 4. most impressive Advent fair awaits its visitors at the Basilica The Advent Fair opens its gates again this year from November 23rd at the St. Stephens’s Basilica eighth time in a row. This event is considered to be the fourth most beautiful Christmas fairs on the old continent according to Europeans. Besides the unique 3D light paint projected on the facade of the Basilica, the spectacular and adventurous seasonal meeting point offers a free skating ring, special hand crafted items, local food and drink specialties until January 1st. The creators of the event are proud of the Advent Feast at the Basilica being listed amongst the top 5 in Europe. The carefully prepared venue and programs are to grant the visitors the cozy ambience they love to return to year by year at this magical social scenery. The joyful crowd of the skating ring, the luxurious lights and the Christmas aromas create the holiday atmosphere where the excitement of getting in the Christmas mood can settle in. Several special programs for children and adults, like arts and crafts, flash mobs, dance and music performances and other surprises will await the visitors. The Fair is an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to donate, help those in need. On the public poll of the European Best Destination the Advent Fair at the Basilica was again listed amongst the top 20 nominees of best destinations as the only Hungarian event and might even win a trophy this year.

A new exhibition celebrates 100 years of Budapest’s Gellért Hotel A recreated Baroque-style guest room, photos of the building taken during World War II and Communist-era posters reflect the history of Budapest’s most legendary hotel, the Gellért. A new exhibition at the Museum of Commerce & Catering celebrates the centenary of this institution which opened on 24 September 1918. Attached to the hotel is Budapest’s Art Nouveau Gellért Baths, whose outdoor wave pool, also illustrated at the museum, was the first of its kind in the world.


10/2019 • 12 January, 2019 Weekend issue

International Thank You Day: How to say ʼdankeʼ in song January 11 marks International Thank You Day

German food industry to cut sugar, salt and fat content The German Food and Agriculture Ministry has struck a deal with the food industry to make processed foods healthier. The German food industry has agreed to voluntarily reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat in processed foods by 2025, Food and Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner said on Wednesday. "The food industry has for the first time committed to and will let itself be subject to checks on the steps it is

taking to reduce sugar, salt and fat in processed food," she told Bild newspaper. "That has never happened before." Speaking in Berlin, Klöckner defended the programʼs focus on voluntary commitments from the food industry. "Everyone must deliver and everyone will deliver," the Christian Democrat said after the German Cabinet signed off on the plan. Klöckner said it would not only lead to healthier food, but to "positive competition" among the industry.

From ABBA to ZZ Top, we look at the best songs expressing gratitude and revisit the most common ways to say "danke schön" in German. "Thank you" is something most people say every day. But the simple words of gratitude are celebrated around the world every year on January 11. The day was created in 1994 by American "eventologist" Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, who claims to have created more than 1,900 "holidates" over the past 30 years. Music to say danke To inspire you on this special day, we have looked into songs that say thanks, whether sin-

cerely or ironically, and often with a touch of nostalgia. The gallery above highlights some of them while our Spotify list below offers more titles, from Ariana Grande to Led Zeppelin. A classic among them thatʼll get you swinging on a happy note for the rest of the day was performed by American singer Brenda Lee, Leeʼs cute American pronunciation of the words "danke schön" is bound to make any German smile.

Hungary’s Recirquel to stage

Diplomático - Rum you never experienced before!

Budapest premiere of hit Edinburgh show “My Land” The show runs at Müpa Budapest every day from 16 to 19 October and on 21 October. From tonight, Budapest audiences can expect gravity-defying acts performed in their purest form, through physical feats of the body. Presented on the stage of the prestigious Müpa Palace of Arts are stunts by globally renowned company Recirquel, whose new balletlike production “My Land” was toprated by critics at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We talk to Recirquel founder and choreographer Bence Vági, who has taken acrobatics to new heights. Performers in skin-tight unitards rise up from a dirt-covered set to share personal stories, their bodies contorted and biceps straining. What unfolds in front of the viewers appear as illusionary images combining light, shadow and reflection – nature’s elements. Tradition, freedom and love all form part of My Land, a real physical feat enacted by a team of Ukrainian artists to traditional Tatar and Moldavian music. 4

WhiskyNet covers the entire vertical range of distribution and sales of quality spirits (rum, cognac, calvados, armagnac, gin, vodka, etc.) and other premium drinks (vermouth, tonic, etc.) on the Hungarian market. The company’s more than 11-year-old history has inextricably linked with spreading and promoting Hungarian quality spirits and the demand for a civilised and informed way of drinking. Visit GoodSpirit Shop Address: 1053 Budapest Veress Pálné utca 7. Opening hours: Mondy-Friday: 11:00 – 19:00 Saturday: 11:00 – 16:00 Website:, also GoodSpirit Whisky & Cocktail Bar Opening hours: Mondy-Friday: 11:00 – 24:00 Address: 1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 7. (Nyáry Pál utca angle) Website:

ʼYou are a woman, a mother, a sister and a daughter; dare to be yourself with Celeniʼ

A line born in Budapest embracing the female body through precised tailoring to achieve effortless sophistication together with timeless classics. Look inside the pieces to discover our story hidden in the details! Celeni is a lifestyle brand designed

for educated and powerful, yet feminine women, who love art and culture. It focuses on everyday luxury, creating classic, but modern pieces season after season highlighting womenʼs natural beauty. Celeni’s pieces are wearable and versatile transitioning from daywear to eveningwear with just the change of accessories. All of Celeniʼs products are proudly crafted in Hungary. End of season sale has kicked off in our showroom. Grab your favorite unique pieces at unbelievable prices until stock lasts. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we design it for you. Our showroom is situated in the very heart of Budapest. Book an appointment today. Contact us at: +36-70/670-0116 Metropolitan Store 1054 Budapest, Aulich utca 4. Visit our showroom in Metropolitan Store - we also ship abroad!

10/2019 • 12 January, 2019 Weekend issue

Wild miang tea could help save Thailandʼs forests Miang tea trees, the forerunner of plantation tea, grow wild in Thailandʼs forests

Now, eco-friendly businesses are using the treeʼs leaves to strive for the perfect cup of tea and foster biodiversity at the same time. At Monsoon Tea House, tea caddies bearing names such as "Dhara Green," "Jungle Black" and "Lanna Silver Needle" line the shelves like exotic candy jars. Customers sip their tea chilled from carafes as if it were fine wine. A local knitting group chats over specialty brews, and Mon Chaya, a 31-year-old tea grower, drops by to discuss her handpicked wild crop with Kenneth Rimdahl, Monsoonʼs Swedish owner. Rimdahl was visiting Thailand looking for teapots when he discovered a secret hidden in the Thai forest: ancient miang trees.

There was a time when locals used them to make both medicine and a snack food called miang kham, which was made with pickled tea leaves. Some older people still do. What they might not know is that miang is actually a member of the genus Camellia — which Rimdahl describes as the "grandfather" of the most common tea variety in the world. Intrigued by this ancestor of modern tea, he foundedMonsoon Tea Company in 2013 and started paying forest dwellers to pick the wild leaves, which he now sells under his own "forest friendly" brand.

Client Earth: Changing environmental law, the world over James Thornton, head of public interest law firm Client Earth, holds governments around the world accountable for environmental damage. He tells DW how the law can be harnessed for the good of people and the planet. James Thornton: The thing that allows a really small group of people to change the world is using the enormous power of the law. Legal systems encapsulate, really, what a society thinks about itself and the rules that people in the particular society have mutually agreed to be governed by. It always includes enforcement mechanisms. If, for example, a government has passed a law about air pollution or water pollution and then it doesnʼt do the right thing and protect the people like the law says, we — using the power of the law — can go to the courts and force the government to do the right thing.

Alma Abonyi designer bag under every Christmas tree!

and draws on her own experiences of coming out as gay. "Her work explores issues surrounding queer identity, landscape, language technology and time," judges said. The 44-year-old artist said she felt "quite overwhelmed" about winning the award. "The stories that I am telling, although they are mine and are personal, are stories that a lot of people — well, I guess queer people — have experienced," the Glasgow-based artist told British broadcaster the BBC, upon recieving the prize.

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Charlotte Prodger wins Turner Prize for smartphone video British artist Charlotte Prodger has won the prestigious Turner Prize for art with a video shot on an iPhone. The film snippets center on her experiences of coming out as gay. Charlotte Prodger has won the 2018 Turner Prize, Britainʼs most prestigious award for art. The 44-year-old received the award for an autobiographical video entitled "BRIDGIT," shot over the course of a year on her iPhone. Judges praised "the painterly quality" of the work, which questions gender and identity



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Thanks to the largest-scale and most comprehensive reconstruction project in the museum’s history, the museum building has been renewed, and, returning to the collection’s first concept, the museum’s permanent exhibitions will also be rearranged. Besides the new permanent exhibitions, the revamped museum will welcome visitors with a chamber exhibition titled Leonardo & the Budapest Horse and Rider. The museum reconstruction, implemented within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project, included the restoration of the Romanesque Hall, which sustained severe damage in World War II and since then had been only partially renovated and used as a storage area, along with the modernisation of the building’s obsolete heating system, the installation of air conditioning in some of the exhibition halls, the renewal of a large part of the roof structure, as well as the addition of new exhibition spaces, visitor areas and modern storage facilities.


10/2019 • 12 January, 2019 Weekend issue

Adam Peaty criticism leads to Fina promising to ʼmoderniseʼ By Nick Hope

Swimmingʼs international governing body says it will look to "improve and modernise" following criticism from Olympic champion Adam Peaty. Briton Peaty is among a host of leading swimmers to have criticised Finaʼs governance over the past year. "It feels like weʼre still in 1970," Peaty, 23, told BBC Sport. But Fina responded on Wednesday to say it is planning to launch an "innovative" new competition in 2019 in order to attract "the best athletes". "Fina will continue to make every effort to protect and improve the competition calendar and promote its harmonious development," the statement added. Peaty, along with other athletes, has been particularly frustrated by the bodyʼs lack of dialogue in key decision-making.

New Bayern signing Alphonso

Aleksandar Kolarovʼs free kick stunner secures Serbia win over Costa Rica A brilliant second half free kick from captain Aleksandar Kolarov led Serbia to a deserved win over Costa Rica. Serbia were wasteful in front of goal but did enough to secure three vital points in Group E. Another World Cup day, another sublime freekick. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s ice-cold effort tosnatch a point against arch-rivals Spain on day two was the current goal of the tournament front-runner, the Portuguese may have just met his match. Aleksandar Kolarov, take a bow. A combination of poor finishing and sublime goalkeeping had kept the scores level until Serbia’s no.11 produced his moment of magic. Kolarov’s powerful left foot is no secret, but few inside the stadium would have expected such a thunderous strike when the Roma defender stood over a free kick midway through the second half. His shot was unstoppable; a side-footed missile which screamed into the top corner of the Costa Rica net. Kaylor Navas, who kept his team in the game with several crucial saves either side of half time, was nowhere near it.

Pain could force retirement after Australian Open Andy Murray:

Injury-plagued former world No. 1 Andy Murray has said heʼll retire from professional tennis this year. The Scottish star said this monthʼs Australian Open could be his last tournament. In a tearful press conference on Friday, Andy Murray confirmed he would play in the first round of the Australian Open next week, but said he wasnʼt sure how much longer he could continue. The former world No. 1 had hip surgery in 2018 afterprolonged problems with the joint. Despite his efforts to return to the highest level, Murray has played only 12 matches in the past year. The three-time Grand Slam winner broke down during his announce-

ment and at one point had to leave the room. "I can play with limitations. But having the limitations and the pain is not allowing me to enjoy competing or training," Murray told journalists in Melbourne, ahead of the Australian Open. The 31-yearold said he had trained with the goal of making a final run at Wimbledon, the tournament in which heended a 77-year drought for British men. However, Murray said he now wasnʼt sure he would make it that far.

Davies arrives in Munich

After a start to the season that has had some Bayern Munich fans clamoring for a big signing in the January transfer window, one that could eventually turn out to be a big one has already arrived in the Bavarian capital. After flying into Munich on Tuesday,Alphonso Davies,who just turned 18 earlier this month, underwent medical checks and took part in his first training session with his new club this Wednesday. "My first impressions of the training ground were great," Davies said in a video posted on Bayern Munichʼs website. "As a kid I dreamed of being part of such a big club. Now I am and itʼs unbelievable. .. I just want to work as hard as I can in training and hopefully get some games." 6

Police ask for Cristiano Ronaldo DNA sample in rape case Las Vegas police have asked Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo to submit a DNA sample as part of their investigation into rape allegations made against him. The request relates to an alleged rape nearly a decade ago. The Portuguese forward has consistently denied the allegations and his lawyer Peter Christiansen told press agency AFP that the DNA request was standard practice. "Mr Ronaldo has always maintained, as he does today, that what occurred in Las Vegas in 2009 was consensual in nature, so

it is not surprising that DNA would be present, nor that the police would make this very standard request as part of their investigation," he said in a statement. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it had made an official request to Italian authorities and confirmed that the request for DNA was a case of taking "the same steps in this case as in any other sexual assault." Former model Kathryn Mayorga, 34, of Las Vegas,made the accusationagainst the 33-year-old footballer last year in the state of Nevada.