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Ditch game played by Lakshmi Mittal and ex-friend

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VOL 40. ISSUE 10

`1,000 billion treasure found in Kerala temple The seven-member panel, which is drawing up a list of assets at the famed Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, had a feel of the lost city of gold as they set foot in one of the two secret vaults located inside the sprawling granite structure which gives the Kerala capital its name. The team assisted by personnel from the fire services and archeology department opened the locks of vault A to find a narrow flight of stairs leading down to an underground granite cellar. Oxygen was pumped frequently into the chamber and artificial lighting provided to enable the observers to work inside. Continued on page 26


Let noble thoughts come to us from every side


Telangana issue haunts Manmohan govt again

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9th July to 15th July 2011

Adopting children: The Golden Option

78 MLAs, 10 MPs and 12 Andhra ministers resign

The Telangana spectre returned to haunt the Centre with 78 MLAs from across the political spectrum and 10 Congress MPs quitting to demand the formation of a separate Telangana state. The movement gathered further steam with TRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao and party MP Vijay Shanthi resigning from their Lok Sabha membership in support of the demand for a separate state. Chadrasekhar Rao and Shanthi faxed their resignation letter to the Lok Sabha Speaker. Rao would

TRS chief K.Chandrasekhar Rao and Medak MP Vijay Shanti who resigned their Lok Sabha seats on Tuesday

meet the Speaker personally soon. Andhra Pradesh textiles minister Shankar

Rao, who is in the US, has also faxed his resignation to the Deputy Speaker, taking the total number of state ministers who have quit to 12 to mount pressure on the Centre for an early announcement in favour of separate statehood demand. Two-day Telangana shutdown which began on Tuesday paralysed the transport service. The coal production in stateowned Singareni Collieries Company Limited came to a halt as the employees joined the strike. Continued on page 26


Win a Mercedes-Benz C-Class worth ÂŁ20,000 . Visit your local site and guess the registration plate.


Valerie Vaz MP with children at a 'save our library'campaign

Adoption is no longer uncommon in the Asian community. But adoption is still stigmatised in the community. Asian Voice has spoken to a number of people in the community, who have also voiced their fear in adoption. Some have also shown concern in unknowingly adopting children with criminal tendencies. Continued on page 4

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

one to one

empower and educate. In the manor house development, restoring beautiful buildings back to their former glory.

Keith Vaz MP with

7) And the worst?

Aneeta Prem, Author of ‘But It’s Not Fair’ Magistrate, Stratford in Newham Aneeta Prem is a magistrate working in Stratford in Newham. She has extensive experience in supporting child victims of forced marriage and dishonour based crimes of violence through her work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, government ministers, the MPA and the police. She has a black belt in karate and ran several karate clubs in London teaching adults and children. She is the Founder and President of Freedom Charity set up to fight Forced Marriage and dishonour based violence. She is an author and has just written a fictional book, ‘But It’s Not Fair’ aimed at teenagers to help friends and victims of forced marriage identify the key warning signs and actions to take. Aneeta is a property developer and project manager, her portfolio encompassing multi million pound properties in London and renovating a manor house development in Norwich. 1) Please tell us about the book you have just had published? ‘But It’s Not Fair’ is aimed at teenagers to help friends and victims of forced marriage identify the key warning signs and actions to take if they suspect they or their best friend may be the victim of a forced marriage.

I knew there was a huge gap which meant young people didn’t know what to do if they or a friend was being forced into marriage of dishonour violence. 3) Please tell us about Freedom Charity?

2) What prompted you to write the book?

It was set up to deal with prevention of violence and forced marriage against young people. Freedom set up the first 24/7 ever helpline.

As a magistrate and former member of the MPA

4) What has been the biggest obstacle in your

The heartbreaking level of violence some victims face. Constantly battling cultural sensitivity around forced marriage and dealing with the issues of abuse, violence, abduction, kidnap, rape and even murder that victims face. 8) What are your long term goals? To ensure we see the end of forced marriage. In the short term to ensure every teenager in the country has the chance to read But It’s Not Fair and to raise awareness on the issues. To turn the book into a film.

career? Time! Only having 24 hours in a day. 5) Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? Chandra Shekhar Prem, my Dad. He inspired so many and fought for freedom in India and injustices. He set up the Republic College of India to provide education for girls who would not be

allowed to attend a mixed institution. He gave me the confidence to believe I could achieve anything I ever wanted in life. 6) What is the best thing about your current role? As a magistrate chairing the youth, adult and family court, I believe I can make a difference to rehabilitation. As president of Freedom, being able to

To end poverty, have the best health care in the world and best opportunities for a free university education, and more bank holidays for all. 10) If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figures would you like to spend your time with and why? Nehru to discuss the pros and cons of dividing India. My grandfather, as I never got a chance to meet him.



l Tested over 15,500 people for diabetes. l Since January 2009 has held 96 Diabetes Camps in Goa, India. l Established a base in Yemen promoting culturally sensitive healthcare & sponsoring diabetes insulin. l Has tested Bollywood stars Juhi Chawla, Amitabh Bachchan and cricketer Kapil Dev for diabetes! l The Charity is also in exploratory discussions in placing a Mobile Diabetes Unit in Kenya. If you think you might be at risk from diabetes or would like to know more about diabetes, or would like the Silver Star Mobile Diabetes Unit to visit your organisation or place of work please contact Silver Star on 0845 094 9933 or by email on

Adam Afriyie

Committee. The reason? He claims no allowances! ■ Watching the Men's Singles Final at Wimbledon this Sunday was Anita Goyal, the co-owner of Jet. Also present with her was Javed Akthar the Bollywood Lyricist.

Doctor costs NHS £1million for sixyear suspension A heart doctor has allegedly cost a cashstrapped trust more than £1million after being suspended six years ago, as reported by Daily Mirror. Consultant cardiologist Sisiresh Chakrabarty has stayed on the payroll since November 2005 as hospital bosses investigate claims of his incompetency. It is understood he has been paid up to £560,823 and legal fees could double the cost to Ipswich Hospital – which is already £5million in the red. Furious MP Ben Gummer said: “The hospital were not happy with the performance of this doctor. They should be able to sack him without an outrageous bill...” The doctor or his Solicitors could not be contacted.


0800 118899 Email: Website: Ashley House, 235-239 High Road, Wood Green, London N22 8HF



heart disease; as you can see it’s important to reduce these risks before we have a nation of blind amputees on our hands. Silver Star Appeal is a registered charity, which was launched in January 2007 and has a base in London, Leicester and Manchester - which runs a Mobile Diabetes Unit. The main role of the MDU is to carry out impor-

tant diabetes testing and to promote culturally sensitive healthcare in the major towns and cities of Britain. There are currently over 2.5 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and another 1 million people who have type 2 diabetes but do not yet know it, so the priorities of Silver Star are to identify people with type 2 diabetes and to raise awareness of diabetes. Silver Star is also involved in several international projects; so far Silver Star has: l Had its Mobile Diabetes Unit visit over 100 companies or community events in London, Leicester, Manchester Cardiff and Birmingham.

Contact Mr. Mitesh Patel, Solicitor No Win No Fee

■ Gridlock on the M25 not because of the road surface but the sheer volume of traffic on the way to the party to celebrate the marriage of Sonia Arora and Inderneel Singh. The son of Jasminder Singh and Amrit Kaur is marrying the daughter of Surinder Sunita Arora. Let the celebrations begin! ■ Tory MP for Windsor Adam Afriyie has been elected Chairman of the Members Allowance

9) If you were Prime Minister, what one thing would you change?

Diabetes in your local community As many of 1 in 10 of us could have diabetes and not know it, but what exactly is it? Diabetes is caused by elevated blood sugar level and there are two types. Type 1 is caused by a lack of insulin (a hormone which controls your blood sugar) production in your body, and is usually found in children. Type 2 is caused by the insulin not working properly, is found in adults and is preventable. You may have heard the recent news that the NHS is likely to suffer a “diabetes bombshell”; people who have diabetes now are at risk of suffering complications due to poor control of their blood sugar. The complications of poorly controlled diabetes include amputations, blindness, kidney failure and elevated risk of stroke and


Personal Injury


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


Chaos of UK's immigration laws Is chaos theory about to find a new home from physics in Britain's public administration? The question is well taken, what with the Ministry of Defence clueless on the whereabouts of £6 billion worth of equipment. You would be forgiven for thinking that Bertie Wooster was in charge of this venerable department of state without the admirable Jeeves at his side as guide, counsellor and friend. The Home Office, likewise, has long been at sea over its immigration statistics as ministers hop from one misguided policy to another with no clear vision to navigate the troubled waters. Common sense, leavened with imagination and humanity would surely stand the country in better stead than winning the popularity stakes with alarmist soundbites on the media. Playing to the gallery may bring short-term electoral gains, but facts on the ground will surely determine their durability. Britain is today a multicultural society with strengths and weaknesses.The strengths can be located in communities that share time-tested British values based on a work ethic and respect for diversity that includes an acceptance of free speech and thought within the rule of law. Communities with these broad characteristics have contributed (and continue to contribute) a great deal to British prosperity and well-being down the ages. Their roles have been well chronicled and hardly require fresh elucidation. In the present context people of Indian, Chinese and South East Asian descent fall into the best category of achievers and law abiding citizens. Their concerns, in keeping with their overall

record, should be treated with the appropriate consideration. They should be spared niggling harassment on matters such as the grant of visas for relatives to visit the UK for social or cultural reasons. It makes little sense to put them through a ringer or exclude skilled people from these parts when companies here are desirous of making use of their special talents, something that gels with the national interest. While such people cannot negotiate the bureaucratic needle, there are others from conflict-ridden zones who waltz into the UK as asylum seekers, thence to a life of crime and the inebriating politics of religious extremism. The European Union, increasingly dysfunctional by the day, has legislated into law the European Convention on Human Rights whose Article 8 guarantees “the right to a family life,” which is being increasingly used by foreign criminals and fake immigrants to dodge deportation. The euro and the Eurozone, it would appear, are not the only disasters awaiting Europe! Grooming young white girls for sex is now something of a sport among some people of Pakistani origin. Police and social services in certain north English towns were reluctant to accept complaints of such activities for fear of being branded anti-Muslim by an informal liberal inquisition.Such developments can no longer be swept under the carpet. They have to be taken into account when immigration legislation is framed. It is wrong to tar the worthy and unworthy with same brush because it would spell trouble to do otherwise.

Sangakkara bares his soul to the world Kumar Sangakkara, the former Sri Lankan captain, is a prince among batsmen and a prince among men. Delivering the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture 2011 in the Nursery Pavilion at Lord's, Mr Sangakkara chose movingly to relive some of his experiences on the cricket field, and beyond the boundary to the world outside. He shared with his audience the pains of labour and of joy during his childhood and youth in Colombo at a time when Sri Lanka was being rend asunder by inter-communal violence involving the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils. He had Tamil friends with whom he mixed freely and with whom he played cricket. He recalled those days in the early 1980s when bloody anti-Tamil riots in the city imperilled the lives of innocent Tamils. His father, too, had numerous Tamil friends, many of whom sought refuge against the maelstrom in one of the family properties. “I recollect 1983 now with horror, but for the simple imagination of a child not yet six it was a time of extended play and fun,” he said. “I do not say this lightly as about 35 of our closest friends, all Tamils, took shelter in our home. They needed the sanctuary from vicious politi-

cally motivated goon squads. My father, like many other brave Sri Lankans from different ethnic backgrounds, opened his houses at great personal risk.....I did not realise the terrible consequences of my friends being discovered.” Cricket was doing its share of healing in Sri Lanka's time of trouble in the post-civil war era, he opined. Long may this continue, but it is a timely reminder that things are from normal in that country, that the peace dividend has still to be fully realised. Mr Sangakkara's retelling of the March 2009 terrorist attack on the newly arrived Sri Lankan cricket team as it made its way on a bus to the Lahore stadium for a Test match against Pakistan was doubly dramatic. He earned to appreciate life while a whisker from death. None of his colleagues were killed, although one or two suffered minor injuries from which they have mercifully made a full recovery. The sum and substance of the Sangakkara lecture encapsulated the need for a culture of tolerance and accommodation in the political and social spheres as an antidote to the inner demons of violence that pose an existential threat to civilised humanity.

Phone hacking scandal shocks nation Reports that a private investigator, Glen Mulccaire, was employed by Rupert Murdoch's News of the World as he went on a phone-hacking spree, which included hacking the phone of the murdered teenager Milly Dowler, has sent shock waves through the land. The News of the World chose to sit tight as first reports of such wrongdoing started to filter in. But as the story refused to go away, heads began to roll. Mr Mulcaire and the paper's former royal editor Clive Goodwin were given jail terms in January 2007. Andy Coulson, the former deputy editor of the News of the World at the time, moved to become Prime Minister David Cameron's media adviser resigned, as the scandal began to bite. News International (owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation) chief executive Rebekah Brooks, who was editor of the News of the World when these developments were taking place, said she was “appalled and shocked” by the current allegations, saying: “I am determined to lead the company to ensure we do the right thing

and resolve these serious issues.” Easier said than done, as the facts so far show. As the scandal grew, the Press Complaints Commission, a keystone in the system of press self-regulation in the UK, accused the News of the World of lying during an inquiry into the hacking allegations. PCC chairperson Baroness Buscombe told the BBC Daily Politics show: “We didn't have the evidence. I am the regulator but there is only so much we can do when people are lying to us.” Media barons and their giant corporations have the wealth and power to manipulate news and much else for individual and corporate gain.They constitute the most corrosive threat to public liberty and the citizen's right to know. Rupert Murdoch was once a supporter of Margaret Thatcher, then Tony Blair, and now he has nailed his colours to the Cameron mast. It is what usually happens when an unaccountable and over mighty Citizen Kane rules. See Orson Welles's cinematic masterpiece of that name to understand this truth.

Thought for the Week If we don't do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable. - Petra Kelly (1947-1992)

Valerie Vaz MP Walsall South

Equalising Leave, Pay and Allowances for Adoptive Parents On Wednesday 22nd June I introduced Adoption (Leave, Pay and Allowances Arrangements) Bill to Parliament which would equalise the statutory entitlements for adoptive parents with those available to parents whose children are born to them. I have identified three areas in which minimum entitlements for adoptive parents are unequal. Firstly, pregnant women are entitled to 52 weeks’ maternity leave irrespective of their length of service with their employer. Adoptive parents must have 26 weeks of continuous service before they are eligible for adoption leave. Second, the first six weeks of statutory adoption pay are paid at a lower rate than the first six weeks of statutory maternity pay. Adopters should be paid at the same rate. Third, self-employed adopters do not have access to the equivalent of maternity allowance – available to selfemployed mothers. Some employers have their own contractual policies which make the entitlements more equal; however in many cases maternity packages are enhanced while adoption packages are not. The inequalities send the wrong message to potential adopters. I have heard from people who have spent incredible amounts of time, energy and emotion into the adoption process, only to feel they are being treated as second-class parents when they discover they are not entitled to equal leave, pay and allowances. Adoption agencies expect parents

to take time off work for up to a year in order to bond with their new child. Those who adopt should be able to do this and not be financially p e n a l i s e d . Organisations including USDAW and Adoption UK have been campaigning hard on this issue and in my view it is time for the Government to listen. The Government should send a clear message that they value what adopters do to help children to find a new home. I am pleased that the Government already has a Ministerial Advisory Group under the aegis of the Minister for Children and Families. The Group will look at how adoption can be encouraged and supported. I hope they will consider the provisions of my Bill, which have been overlooked in the past. Changing the law would be simple, and costs would be minimal and far outweighed by future social and financial benefits. Encouraging people to adopt children into a stable environment is likely to have far-reaching positive impacts for society. It costs over £37,000 to keep a child in care for a year: encouraging adopters by treating them fairly would enable more children to leave local authority care. More importantly, equalising these entitlements is likely to improve the quality and success of adoptions. This is an emotive issue and I hope the Bill will encourage debate about how we can more effectively acknowledge and support the valuable contribution that adopters make, including those who look after some of the most vulnerable children in our society.

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Bail appeal by Shrien rejected An appeal to ease the conditions under which Bristol businessman Shrien Dewani has been granted bail, has been now rejected. Dewani was arrested by UK police at the request of authorities in South Africa, where he is accused of arranging his wife Anni's murder. Anni Dewani was found dead in the back of a taxi in Cape Town on November 13, last year. The driver, Zola Robert Tongo, was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for her murder and two alleged accomplices are waiting to stand trial. Tongo admitted his crime, but claimed that Anni's husband had paid him to carry out the killing, which took place as the couple honeymooned in Cape Town. Since December last year, Shrien Dewani has been resisting extradition from the UK to face charges in a South African court. Sectioned under the Mental Health

Shrien & Anni Dewani

act earlier this year, he is currently being held on bail in a medium secure unit in Bristol. Clare Montgomery QC, for Mr Dewani, urged the chief magistrate Howard Riddell to ease his bail conditions allowing him to visit his family unescorted, something she said doctors hoped would help his improvement. She insisted he was “profoundly” ill and had no intention of

absconding because he was determined to clear his name. But Hugo Keith QC, for the South African government, said that the proposal would allow Mr Dewani, who is no longer electronically tagged, to go anywhere he wanted without an escort. Refusing the application, the district judge said: "There is bound to be a real fear of extradition to South Africa and that may provide, perhaps in moments of weakness, a real incentive to abscond.” Channel 4 Dispatches on Monday 11th July, 8pm: What happened to Anni Dewani while on honeymoon in South Africa in November 2010? With exclusive access to Anni's family and to the prosecution case, Dispatches investigates the events surrounding her death.

Goa O Meu Amor By Maria E. Fernandes East is East and West is West And the Twain met to form a perfect bond Proving Rudyard Kipling wrong We may have spent long years in various parts of the world but we have a very special, deep filial affection to our birthplace. So here I am writing about my beloved Goa, the land of my ancestors. I always like to call my motherland, Goa Dourada, Golden Goa. Goa, situated on the West Coast of India, is blessed with a most attractive landscape. I can never forget the idyllic days of my youth growing

up in Goa. The swaying coconut trees lining the countryside seemed to be forever praying with their arms outstretched. The incomparable pristine beaches of golden sand were a pure delight. The emerald green paddy fields turning to gold with the ripening of paddy, the hundreds of butterflies fleeting from flower to flower, the murmur of the sea in the stillness of the night and glow-worms twinkling in the darkness was the magical panorama of Goa. Charming towns and enchanting villages crisscrossed the countryside, sprinkled with tall majestic baroque facades of brilliant white-washed

Adopting children Continued from page 1 While the Asian community is slowly trying to get over their usual reservations about adoption,

they are still seen to give up the whole thought, as the process takes longer than they can wait and are often more expensive than they any can afford.

churches dotted with some beautiful Hindu temples and Muslim mosques - combination of Western and Eastern architecture. The unique character of Goan way of life is the result of coexistence of two cultures, the Oriental and the Portuguese. As the cashew, the pineapple and the papaya brought by the Portuguese from South America and the Phillipines have taken firm roots in the Indian soil to blend in its surroundings, so is the Iberian culture assimilated by the natives to make it their very own and totally Indian. For Goans of all creeds, with their peaceful coexistence

over the centuries, life is indeed a celebration. Tourists flock to Goa and appreciate its unique beauty, we might say, a part of Iberian Peninsula right in the middle of India. Among thousands of visitors, there are hundreds of Goans descending from all parts of the world for a brief visit to their homeland to enjoy the peace and serenity of Goa. For all natives, Goa is Goa, there is no other place like Goa. Viva Goa!

Last year according to the Adoption UK report, out of 3200 looked after children who were adopted, 83 per cent were of White British origin, 11 per cent of mixed ethnic origin but only 2 per cent Asian or Asian British. The Asian community not only needs encouragement, they also must realise that they need to gift some worthwhile children a bright future. The Adoption (Leave, Pay and Allowance Arrangements) Bill, which was introduced by Valerie Vaz, Labour Member of Parliament for Walsall South, received its first reading last week and is now scheduled to return for its second reading on 20 January next year (see

her column on page 3). Valerie said, "It all started in April this year when I attended the Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) of Usdaw and heard the impassioned speeches from delegates who asked for adoptive parents to be given the same statutory rights as parents who have children born to them." "We should recognise and reward adopters, and show them that they are valued as parents, by equalising their entitlements to support. The measures in my Bill would show society does value people who adopt and would also help support the Government's aim of increasing the number of adopters."

(Maria E. Fernandes is the author of the book titled "My God of Surprises", her memoirs of Goa, Kenya and other places she lived in.)

Cllr Sachin Rajput Conservative Greater London Assembly Candidate For Brent & Harrow

Equal opportunities Media sources this week have referred to alleged commercial genitoplasty on young girls in Indore. Reports suggested that girls as young as one to five years old had been booked in for the medical procedure which seeks to produce a phallic structure or organ to replace female genitalia. This raises several concerns and is an issue I think many people across the globe would have an opinion on. It is fair to say that many societies have historically had a preference for boys in favour of girls, all for varying reasons. Some might have considered boys would carry the family name forward for example. Others might have had a presupposition that boys were more likely to look after their parents in old age so were considered the preferred gender. Others might have believed boys were favourable as no dowry payments would have been sought in relation to them upon marriage as may have been the case for girls. But leaving aside some of the cited examples, do we as a global society still have preferences for which gender we would like our child or children to be? I do not doubt that some people fit a historical stereotypical example as above and each sovereign state will have its own laws on the right of prospective parents to know the gender of a child pre-birth with that in mind: This is not something I seek to consider any further here. Conversely, I also believe some people who already have a boy may "There is also a financial and social cost benefit of getting children out of care. The legislative changes proposed are minor and the financial costs are minimal, and are far outweighed by the benefits, in both the short and long terms." This all started with

want a girl and vice versa. Others may not have a preference for a gender whilst I am sure all would hope that their child was born and remained as healthy as possible. So arguably once a child is born why is such genitoplasty on a young female of such concern? Well, the primary concern would be the lack of capacity of the child to make such a decision. Modern society has both awareness and an increasing tolerance for transgendered people whether pre-operation or post-operation and whether rightly or wrongly so. But as adults this is likely to be an informed choice. But what choice or awareness does a young female have of such surgical procedure with potentially irreversible consequences, of bearing an impotent phallic structure, or of potentially living with an aesthetic disfigurement. The ‘British Asian Women Upwardly Mobile’ supplement by Asian Voice which was distributed last week is most fitting in that it highlights the vast achievements women have made in all areas of society from the arts, to sciences, from politics to law and from the military to medicine. Is it not time that all societies let boys and girls develop to their full potential and make a valued contribution to that society and to leave any life-changing decisions if at all until adulthood when any individual person can make an informed choice for themselves? Martin Narey, Britain’s first “adoption czar”, producing a landmark report of conclusions on how the “hopelessly slow” adoption system can be overhauled. The radical reforms in a blueprint document by Martin Narey are: Continued on page 26


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

International Extras

The long distance call just got even longer Get 200 minutes to call mobiles in Pakistan for just £5 Limited offer or visit any ø shop Usually it’s 100 minutes for £5. There’s only a limited number of double minutes offers. When they’re gone they’re gone. Terms apply, see



Discrimination towards upper caste Hindus It has been reported in Indian TV channels that six students from Hindu upper caste were arrested for producing false caste certificates claiming to be from Backward Communities (BC/OBC) by paying five lakhs rupees for getting admission in popular colleges in Delhi university and it appears that Indian government is going to take criminal action against the families. The statistics on educationally and economically backward communities in Hindu castes were drawn during the British rule in 1930’s and the same system is still prevailing today even after more than 60 years of India’s independence. More than 70 per cent of the seats in top colleges and universities are reserved for Scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes and Backward Communities. In addition additional places are reserved for Muslim and Christian OBCs and Dalit's. On the other hand in the name of pseudo secularism minority institutions run by Muslims and Christians are allowed to reserve 50 per cent of the seats and jobs for their communities. Poor upper caste Hindus mainly Brahmins become Christians in order to secure place in Christian institutions in the South. In India and the Sonia led government encourages non-Christians to become Christians to get admission in good institutions. It is not surprising that Hindu population in India is decreasing. In Europe in 1930’s Jews were given only a certain percentage of seats in educational institutions during the time during Nazis and Fascists parties were in power. The same thing is happening in India. It seems that UPA government is turning to be a Fascist state and this is has been shown in suppressing the freedom of speech of Swami Ramdev. Arun Vaidyanathan Via Email

Fruit juice and health It is wrong to draw sweeping conclusions from an experiment that involved only 12 subjects with no control group, consuming an artificially unbalanced diet. (“Fruit juice can put your health at risk”, 2 July, AV page 29). The experience of millions of people every day, that soft drinks can be consumed as part of a balanced diet, still stands. Fruit juice is a natural product and contains only the sugar that was in the original fruit. A glass of fruit juice can count as one of five a day and there is no reason to change this recommendation. Taxes on soft drinks do not achieve the intended objectives - they are ineffective and unfair. It is much better to provide the appropriate information and educate the public how to make the right choices. More regulation and higher taxes will not help. Empowering consumers and citizens will. Richard Laming Media Director British Soft Drinks Association

Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Day of judgement Dr Saha rationally questions concept of Day of Judgement and resurrection. But Islam mentions resurrection during “kayamat”. Hindu scriptures mention cyclic creation and destruction. Hindu sage Shukracharya revivified dead. Manu and Noah used arks during flood. Trishanku travelled to heaven in physical body, then Day of Judgenent and resurrection can also be possible. Rationally it is unwise to accept statement in English- at face value, instead of Eastern language with multiple meaning words. Essence is lost, distorted in translation, making it incredible. Hindu scriptures written in Sanskrit language with multiple meaning words-have fallen prey to distortion, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, exploitation by sceptic, vested interests. Ancient people believed that human body was imperishable. Egyptians expected some force could revivify dead, kept mummified bodies in Pyramids. Chinese and protohistoric north Europeans buried servants, boat and useful items for post mortem journey - across Valhalla and river Vaiterney. If loving God created the world to beat his loneliness, it would be absurd for God to destroy it and be lonely again. Total destruction would also be against God’s laws of preservation and propagation and evolution of manifestation. Cyclic destruction may be taken analogous to catharsis to human body, or death like period during winter.

Plight of the Gurkha soldiers I heartily thank Rupanjana Dutta and Kamal Rao for such a detailed article on retired Gurkhas carried in Asian Voice/Gujarat Samachar eof 2nd July. It was highly appreciable on your part to visit the Gurkha centre, Aldershot on Armed Force Day, and to connect with the sorrow of the Gurkhas and their family. It is really tragic to find that such devoted Gurkhas who have served the British army for the last 200 years are now getting such a bad treatment. They are facing torture, racism, vandalism, poverty, debt, helplessness and what not. I am deeply moved by their condition and this situation needs to be changed. And we are the one who can help bring that change. We should demand for what they deserve, even if the British law needs amendments. Asian politicians must also join hands to bring justice to the Gurkhas. I congratulate Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice to bring such facts to knowledge of readers. Bharat Sachania Via Email

Our out of touch politicians

As a retired Civil Servant, I have every sympathy with the civil and public servants who staged a one day strike last Thursday against the proposals to make brutal changes in their pensions. They have a valid grievance as the expectations of their entire life are to be taken away. Every time the country faces financial crisis and austerity measures have to be introduced, it is the civil servants who are being made scapegoats. The huge amount of civil servants’ pensions quoted in the press are enjoyed by only the echelons of the service. The majority get only a pittance. The image of civil servants wearing a bowler hat and carrying a briefcase and brolly has long gone. They are now perceived as good for nothing pen pushers. On the one hand, the government wants to pick the pockets of its long suffering employees, on the other hand it dishes out billions of pounds in grant aid to foreign countries who actually carry a chip on their shoulders against us. The changes which are being introduced are also being applied retrospectively. Ministers had already announced a switch in the rate at which pension payments increase from the more favourable retail price index (RPI) to the less generous consumer price index (CPI). This is fundamentally unfair.

It seems the generosity of our PM and members of his coalition government know no bounds, playing Robin Hood overseas and Shylock at home. So I was not surprised to read Sarah Tether’s piece in AV dated 4th June, “A groundbreaking commitment to the world’s poorest.” What about commitment to our own people, the elderly, sick, disable and students lumbered with sky high tuition fees your party promised to abolish in your preelection manifesto or promises only matter at the election time? During the last three months, PM has committed some £2 billion in overseas aid, including his latest promise to fork out £850 million for a vaccination programme in the developing world, the highest amount committed by any nation, including super rich Germany, while cutting down our front line, community police force to save a meagre £10 million, a drop in the ocean, an economy of the mad Roman Emperor Nero. No wonder millions of people, who would like to make Britain their home, think that London streets are paved with gold, that our government will provide them giltedge benefits as a right. The soup queues and demand for food parcels from charity organisations are the longest since the 1930s depression. Every decent British should feel ashamed that poverty, hunger, homelessness and diseases like TB is returning to this once mighty industrialised nation. God help us from these bleeding heart politicians from all three major political parties who believe they have the God given right to help others but not their own. Then after all, it is not their money they are giving away.

Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

Bhupendra M Gandhi Via Email

Ramesh Jhalla Via Email

Briefcase and Brolly Brigade

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Corruption in India I came to know from Asstha T.V. about the demonstrations against the corruption in India which was held on Ist of July Friday between 12 to 1.30p.m. right in front of Indian High Commissioner `s office in London. The demonstrations were well organised, peace ful and non obstructive to any one passing by. There were 150 to 200 people.Therefore once again the organisers deserve our praise for it. British police was all around the area but it did not have the obstructive attitude and they were quite positive in maintaining the discipline. There was also the security officers from Indian high commissioners office and they were also very disciplined and respectful towards the the demonstrators. Five people wanted to give the petition signed by more than 10,000 people to Indian High Commissioner at about 1.30 pm , So people were anxiously waiting to see High Commissioner accepting this petition but to my surprise neither the Indian High Commissioner nor any of his assistants or even any senior or junior staff member of the high commissioner came out to receive this petition and then this petition was handed over to one of the chief security officer of the Indian high commissioners office. Many people were disappointed and a thought came to my mind- is this the right way for the Indian Government Representative to behave with his people when every ordinary citizen of India is crying out for this cause? According to me this attitude is not acceptable particularly after 65 years of independence.They all must understand that they are public servants and not the masters any more. I hope such a action will not be repeated by the Indian High Commissioner or by his staff. Dharam Sahdev Ilford

Stop the summer of hate The Government may be cautious about direct attacks on the trade unions but as I write this I sense of the coming confrontation between the powerful public sector unions and the people who depend upon public services. 'Stop the Summer of Hate' gives prominent attention to new research from The TaxPayers' Alliance which finds that 37 of the working class heroes who lead trade unions take home more than £100,000 in pay and some like RMT boss Bob Crow still live in a taxpayers subsidised council house. And now we hear that union leaders are holding secret talks with the "thug" protest movement at the TUC headquarters. Conservative MP Priti Patel rightly condemned the talks which also faced resistance. And as strikes are the last option, instead unions are using it as manoeuvring tactics during on going negotiation. No wonder even Labour leader Ed Miliband and the shadow cabinet ministers are distancing from this strike. Ravi Shah Harrow

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‘Smile Pinky’ too gets the Oscar Boyle says Mumbai dwarfed the statuette


Cricket crazy Indians for the first time was seen so euphoric on Monday morning, as they expected a couple of Oscars. British Indians in the UK, Dharavi slums, the shanty township of Mumbai, a village in Uttar Pradesh and almost the entire Bollywood waited in expectation, glued to their TV sets. They burst into celebrations as one by one, their heroes, the actors of the British Indian film and the music maestro, A R Rahman bagged the top awards in the world of entertainment. British actress Kate Winslett also won the Oscar after having missed it almost five times earlier. ‘Smile Pinki’, a short documentary on a cleft-lipped Indian girl in Uttar Pradesh directed by American director Megan Mylan, won the Oscar for the Best Documentary (Short). -/1% /. 0!'%


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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


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Dee Katwa

Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Midland Voice Contact: Dhiren on 07970 911 386 or

New Committee for West Midlands’ Hindus

Benefits cheat is jailed

Two longstanding volunteers have returned to the helm of an Indian community organisation in the West Midlands – by public demand. Jyotsnaben, aka Jo Thanki and Ramanbhai Bulsara were elected President and General Secretary, respectively, of Hindu Council Birmingham (HCB) at its AGM last Thursday. Mum-of-two Mrs Thanki, a healthcare professional, replaces Mahendrabhai Dabhi, a man of principle and integrity, who, despite critics frequently having challenged his leadership, often for the sake of it, had always maintained a strong focus on the vision and mission of HCB. The beginning for a new Committee of any faith-based forum is a proud and exciting moment. Plaudits are bestowed, often prematurely, on members, and handshakes, greetings and garlands are

exchanged. But the true test comes afterwards. To commit as a member demands time, energy, effort, patience, awareness, skill and above all the ability to listen to the electorate. But, sadly, people often oversee these values and introduce their own, those that suit them. Ultimately, this, and secret intentions and agendas of agreeing to membership, can inflate members’ ego, status and profile, both personal and professional, but at the detriment of the electorate. Basically, there’s far more taking and talking, less giving and action. And for any such group to prosper, it needs to be the other way round, which in the longer term usually benefits everyone. Agree?

Pickled Politics Birmingham City Council has been urged by Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, to think again over plans to send 55 IT jobs to India. Mr Pickles, pictured, said the posts should stay in the UK, claiming the work could be outsourced to other local councils, such as those in the North of England, instead. Service Birmingham, a joint venture between Birmingham City Council and management firm Capita, has already begun recruiting staff in the Indian city of Pune. Mr Pickles, who has fallen out, allegedly, with MP Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, was in Birmingham this week speaking at the threeday annual CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy) conference.

Hospital excludes breast medic A top Midland breast cancer surgeon, Ian Paterson, has been banned from working at Solihull Hospital after a dozen of his patients were recalled. An internal probe found Paterson, pictured, was leaving a small amount of breast tissue around the cleavage, for cosmetic reasons, on some of his patients. Most surgeons follow national guidelines to not leave excess breast tissue as it could increase a risk of cancer returning.

Plea to ethnic minorities to visit national parks The Big Lottery Fund has awarded £296,308 to the Campaign for National Parks to find 1,260 people, by 2014, from ethnic minority, or BME communities to take part in activities in national parks. What about the non-BMEs? The cash boost aims to add value to CNP’s popular community engagement project, Mosaic, now in its tenth year. Only 1% of visitors to national parks are from BME communities, although this cohort makes up about 10% of the total UK population.

News in Brief A dad-of-five from Birmingham has been jailed for 32 weeks after he fiddled more than £23,500 in housing and council tax benefits so he could invest the money in property. Mohammed Akhlaq, 37, of Grove Road, Sparkhill, admitted 11 charges of benefit fraud at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

This general observation bears no reflection on HCB’s good work to date. However, it must continue to stand up and root out those who are in it for self gain and personal promotion as opposed to that of HCB, thus its members. Best of luck HCB! Other members of the new Committee include: Vice President, Dr Krishna Kumar; Assistant Secretary, Partab Hirani;

Joint Treasurers, Dilip Parmar and Paras Shah; Youth Chair, Ravi Ladwa; and joint PR officers Dinesh Chauhan and Subrata Dey. HCB, which is part of the Hindu Forum of Britain, the largest representative body for British Hindus, represents over 25,000 Hindus in the West Midlands. Photo: From left: Jo Thanki, Mahendrabhai Dabhi, Ramanbhai Bulsara.

Bogus visa, man acquitted A businessman who made a false visa application to help a woman come to Birmingham to look after his family has been given a suspended sentence. Shafiq Shariff, 48, of, Sparkhill, had previously been found guilty of assisting unlawful immigration following a trial. It was also alleged that Shariff, pictured, had exploited Zubeda Ali once she arrived at her home and that she was forced to “work like a donkey”. But the jury acquitted him of a charge of trafficking a person for exploitation. Judge Sybil Thomas gave Shariff 12 months imprisonment suspended for two years. “I’ve voiced my innocence right from the start, and will continue to do so, always,” said Mr Shariff.

Rahul to Rob A telesales firm has been found guilty of race discrimination for forcing an Indian employee to alter his name. An employment tribunal ruled that Rahul Jain, 28, from Leicester, had been unfairly made to change his name to Rob Matthews when talking to clients. His employers, Teachers 2 Parents Limited, claimed English names were easier for customers to spell in emails. They said customers had struggled with Asian names in the past.

Politician death Talib Hussain, a former film villain and a Birmingham politician, has died from cancer. He was 56. Trained in drama, he had appeared in Octopussy, The Temple of Doom and Gandhi. Born in Kashmir, father-of-four Mr Hussain, pictured, emigrated to Birmingham in his teens. He joined the Labour Party, but defected to the Liberal Democrats in 2003 over the invasion of Iraq. He was elected as councillor for Sparkbrook and was appointed to the first Tory-Lib Dem cabinet in charge of Local Services and Community Safety in 2004. His funeral was held last Sunday.

City debt rise Birmingham City Council’s debt level will reach a staggering £2.5 billion next year, it has emerged. The council’s borrowing stood at £1 billion in April 2004. By March this year the figure had increased by 100 per cent. By 2013-14, the city will be repaying debt at the rate of almost £270 million a year.

New role for Katwala British political activist Sunder Katwala is leaving his post as general secretary of the Fabian Society – which he had held since October 2003 - to set up the Social Justice Communications Agency. Katwala, pictured, was born in Doncaster, Yorkshire and is of mixed parentage. His mother is Irish and his father Indian. He was educated at Oxford University where he attained a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in 1995.

Forgiveness Debate A seminar entitled ‘Sharing stories of true Forgiveness and Reconciliation in the lives of People’, is to take place this Saturday (Jul 9) following lunch from 1pm onwards at the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha in Handsworth (B21 9BH). Key speakers will be Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh of the GNNSJ and Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, a retired Anglican clergyman. To find out more visit the organiser’s website –

Splashing out on DIY People in the West Midlands spend an average of £556 a year on DIY. The annual Lloyds TSB home maintenance survey found Wales are the biggest spenders, followed by those in the North East.

Spot the brown face Birmingham Press Club repeatedly trumpets the fact that it’s the “oldest organisation of its kind in the world”. Sadly, it remains a network of almost all the same people, as displayed, again, in the latest edition of the Birmingham Post – 19 faces, all white, middleaged. Proof enough that it’s failing, still, in its ‘commitment’ to becoming a more diverse network.

Midlands Business Awards The 2012 Midlands Business Awards have formally been launched, with nine categories, along with an award for a lifetime achiever. The awards event, now entering its sixth year, is the brainchild of Leamington Spa-based Harj Sandher. Would-be winners have until August 31 to enter the contest and can do so via

Invitation to Garden Party Asian Voice readers are being invited to a Garden Party next Sunday (Jul 10) in Birmingham. The 2pm5pm party which is being hosted by Ruth and Richard Tetlow, of Birmingham Jubilee Debt Campaign, at their home, 26 Sovereign Way, Moseley, B13 8AT. The event will feature a raffle, bargains stalls, games, food and much more. Volunteers required. If you can help, or wish to attend, contact Ruth on 0121 449 4892 or email

New casino for Brum A new £120 million casino complex is being developed in Birmingham. The 55,000 sq m facility will include a 180-bedroom hotel and spa, a banqueting and conference centre, retail units, bars and restaurants. The Resorts World leisure and entertainment complex, which is set to create more than 1,100 jobs, is due to open in early 2014.

Pakistan unravelled A new book, Pakistan – A Hard Country, has been launched. Authored by Anatol Lieven, the book draws on his extensive experience of Pakistan and the wider region, attempting to unravel its awesome complexity. Lieven analyses the institutional pillars of the country – justice, religion, politics and the military and Pakistan’s distinct and different communities.


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Migrants to be valued and not disregarded The daily newspapers have reported that Mass immigration poses the biggest threat to the Coalition’s attempts to get millions of people off benefits as foreign workers low-paid jobs, take warned by Iain Duncan Smith. It is a welcome initiative for many to finally get up from the couch and work, while this would also encourage many Britons to take up jobs that they would not like to take up otherwise. However this facility would nonetheless create discrimination- while people will only look out for white faces especially employers who will look for the most suitable employee depending on race and colour. While Mr Smith says only immigrants with “something to offer” should be allowed into the country his comments represent the strongest criticism of immigration since Downing Street strategists advised that the Government should be tougher on the issue. On asking for his comment, Lord Dholakia told Asian Voice, "This country is in deep recession and immigration is ever more necessary in the face of

Cllr Rabi Martins Watford Borough Council

Equality Laws

Lord Dholakia

Iain Duncan Smith MP

changes resulting from the growth of a global economy. Increasingly the globalising economy relies on the skills of people wherever they are available, and international migration is a key feature of ensuring that Britain benefits from this phenomenon. However, despite these reasons for welcoming immigration, and its resulting pluralism, few other political issues raise the same tensions and emotions as immigration and its implications for ‘Britishness’. There are at least four reasons for this. l First, there are the unending discussions about numbers – now focussed on the “others” coming from Eastern

Europe and the media panics about “bogus asylum seekers”. l Second, we worry about our national borders and our borders within what has been called “Fortress Europe”. l Third, there are questions around our role in the international community – do we face towards Europe, or the United States or both? l And last, we worry about what is our national identity, which a focus on immigration leads us to believe is insecure and therefore must be better defined – what it is, and who can be members within this single identity. The contribution of migrant workers is to be welcomed, valued and promoted, not regarded as a source of fear."

The new Bill introduced by Baroness Cox in the House of Lords this week to outlaw the use of Sharia law where it conflicts with English law raises some interesting questions The noble lady argues that Equality under the law is a core value of British justice and that the bill is designed to preserve that standard. She expresses concern that allowing Sharia law to be used in this country could lead to parallel legal, or ‘quasi-legal’, systems taking root in our nation. Such a case is difficult to argue against The proposals do nonetheless give some serious cause for concern for entirely different reasons. Baroness Cox says her prime objective in bringing the Bill forward is a desire to “make it perfectly clear in the law that discrimination against women shall not be allowed within arbitration” But she does not mean all women – just Muslim women because they are the only ones affected by Sharia law And there in lies the problem The Bill seeks to introduce laws to right what she regards as discrimination by one section of our community against their own people. Surely that is a dangerous precedent to establish in a country that is inhabited by a so many religious groups. Each of these groups have their own cherished rules and customs which work well within the context of their own communities. And as far as pos-

sible they should be allowed to operate them without external challenges. That is of course not the same as saying any sect can use its rules as a way to justify actions which would be considered discriminatory or unacceptable by the general public. What it does mean is that there is an onus on all communities to recognise that when they decide to make their home in a place that is not their ancestral home the rules that they have to live by are the rules of their adopted country. Thus child marriages and having more than one wife may be perfectly acceptable in some parts of the Indian continent but are a definite no no in the UK Consequently those of of us who have chosen the UK as our home country have to accept that. It did not require government to introduce legislation aimed at putting a stop to a practice by a section of the community. Parliament set the standards and the boundaries and everyone who chooses to live in the UK have to abide by the rules. And there is a responsibility on our legislators to examine whether our Equality Laws are robust enough to protect all her majesty’s citizens equally. Framing laws just to end unacceptable practice in one section of the community is neither prudent nor fair. It can only serve to confuse some and anger others.



Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Akshayapatra: Charity begins at home Rupanjana Dutta

It is often said that future of a country is in the hands of its children. Though India has progressed immensely in the past few years, there are many issues that still need to be addressed. That includes education, child labour, gender equality and so much more. While we enjoy the fruit of a good education and small pleasures of life and boast of a ascending GDP growth in India, the future remains in jeopardyas we still have children who do not even get two square meals a day. They ultimately give up

hotel was glistening and glimmering with kindness. Almost 120 people from all over the UK gathered to contribute to a wonderful cause. Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, UK's number one weekly newspaper, have always believed that 'charity begins at home'. So ABPL organised a gala dinner in central London and raised about £55,000 for the benefit of Akshayapatra Foundation, the charity that feeds 1.3 million children in 8260 schools across 8 states in India including Ahmedabad and Baroda. With £2500 only one can sponsor a school for an entire year. The charity provides one child with a mid day meal for an entire year for just £10 .

Lord Popat

Lord N Dholakia

education and join their poor family, trying to offer help in making ends meet. People in the West often don't realise that such a parallel world actually exists in a country, which is showing off its newly earned economic stature! Akshayapatra can be called as a dream seller charity and they ensure they transform those dreams into reality.

Dipika Khaitan with Alpesh Patel

This charity has taken the 'future' in their hands. They not only organise nutritious food to feed poor children in school every day but also give these children a means to fulfil an ambition- to at least get out of the vicious circle of poverty. On Thursday 30th June the atmosphere in the Crown Plaza

Harin Thaker

Their mission is to feed 5 million children everyday by 2020. Prominent leaders of the industry, Lords and MPs, merchant bankers, business men, lawyers and bankers attended this successful function to help them reach their mission.

The Fundraiser Evening The networking evening started with a champagne reception sponsored by Mr Prashant Jhawar and his wife Mrs Anupama Jhawar followed by the dinner. The fundraiser was conducted by Alpesh Patel, who posed a very important question about why does it take a dozen of westerners to feed children in India, when India currently has such a brilliant economic growth and has thousands of billionaires, who could help the same cause. Answers to this question followed as speeches were given by CB Patel, Lord Dholakia and Lord Popat. The fundraiser ended with a thanking note from Harin Thaker. A short and

Testimonials Eana Vagjiani: This was an event which clearly had quality as opposed to quantity. It was a great first foundation stone, being the first event in UK. The event clearly demonstrated Akshaya Patra is a successful marriage of corporate efficiency with charity at the street level - all done with a transparency which is unfortunately lacking in many organisations. C J Rabheru: I have attended many functions organised by Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice over last few years which have been extremely well organised and to the targeted agendas be it Social side or Campaign Side or for Humanitarian Causes. Event on Thursday was one of the best and held at prestigious venue. This event was special as it was purely to raise donations for needy children in India for Akshayapatra. What GS & AV achieved on the day is praise worthy, bearing in mind that such a huge amount was raised within 45 minutes. Event was well structured and compared admirably. No words are enough to praise the hard work being done by Chairman Shree CB Patel ably assisted by the AS & GV Team.

touching film was also shown to the audience to explain how special this mid-day meal is to those children. CB Patel commenting on this massive, worlds largest mid day meal provisioning NGO, moved his closed friends when he talked about the historic day that it was. He said, "Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice are the unpaid and official beggars for worthwhile causes. There is no stance of shame or embarrassment that Indian children need money. India is a country of contrast. Indians contribute in philanthropy if they really wish to. Like Mr Meghji Pethraj gave £42,000 to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in 1972 and also gave the largest amount to Hammersmith hospital in those days.

CB Patel

I have known Sushmaben & Ravinderbhai Chamaria. I have also known Harin Bhai Thaker and his wife Jasuben for very long. Monday 11th July Morari Bapu is addressing people in Excel to talk about Akshayapatra. Lord Dholakia is present here. Lord Popat has done so much for the foreign

Lord and Lady Loomba

policies, given the Hindus prominence in this country. Lord Loomba has also done so much for the widows. Last week was International widows's day. I believe there are causes and more causes to serve. Similarly Akshayapatra has given us a unique cause. In 1968 my first shop was a sub post office. At that time there was a draught in Bihar (India). Old frail white pensioners also gave £2.50 from their £20 pension to help the people of Bihar. One old lady did the same but she did not know where Bihar was and asked me. An average British person definitely has a streak of humanity and philanthropy in her or him. If you have money, give it for a cause. I know people have come here not just for champagne, but of course for the cause Akshayapatra is." Lord Popat who had altered his travel plans to attend this function commented that he has 2 charities which tops his list of favourites. One is the St Luke's Hospice which cares for the older generation and the other

The guest present at the fundraiser

one is Akshayapatra which gives a future to the new generation. He admired the works being done at Akshayapatra towards breaking the poverty cycle. He welcomed everybody to hear Morari Bapu talk on 11th July in Excel ICC auditorium. Lord Dholakia to the answer of the question posed by Alpesh in the beginning of the event stated that it takes a poor to recognise a poverty. He said, "Those people who built the economy here, mostly came from the poorest background. They know what poverty means. We give away money to religious charities in order to go to heaven. But the real heaven is in supporting charity like Akshayapatra. Many have supported people back at home. It is not about what you do for yourself and it's always about what you have done for others. Some made great success in this country. Some at least tried to. Don't be jealous of each other because all Indians are very clever." He ended his speech with a anecdote. Listening quietly Lord Loomba nodded as he later privately shared his thoughts on the almost a miraculous progress of this charity and how it had grown from just 1500 children in five school in year 2000 to become such a leader. A short video film was shown in the functioning of the works being undertaken; from call centres collecting donations to saag bhaji (vegetables) being cut by dedicated workers to automated machines making 40,000 chapatis per hour, now famous blue vans delivering and teachers serving piping hot meals to eagerly awaiting children. The film showed children who dream of becoming scientists, astronauts and teachers when they grow up and how Akshayapatra is one of the reason they can possibly live that dream. The charity's vision is 'No child in India should be deprived of an education because of Hunger Alpesh Patel seized the moment to ask the guests to dig deep into their pockets who had been moved by what they had just seen. £56,000 was pledged immediately and more pledges are on the way. Harin Thaker the trustee thanked the UK team of Akshayapatra headed by Dipika Khaitan for their wonderful effort to showcase the charity in such a professional manner and

thanked CB Patel for hosting the event and his team especially Mrs Jyotsnaben Shah and Mr L George for their tireless efforts. At the end of the evening some 20 schools were adopted, eventually catering for 5,000 more children for a whole one year to be served with one hot meal so that they could concentrate on their studies. Some of the donors names are as below: Mr Sunil Mehta Mr Arjan Vekaria Dr Merul Patel Mr Anant bhai Shah Mr Anil Tanna Mr Paresh Kiri Mr Suresh Vagjiani Mr John Lenz & Ian Lawlor Mr Prashant & Mrs Anupama Jhawar Mr Peter Marano Mr Ntin & Mrs Malini Singhal Mrs Pratibha Khaitan Lord & Lady Loomba Ms Sabine Paradis Mrs Nina Ami Mr Bhart & Mrs Rashmi Oza Mr Alpesh Patel Mr Bipin Desai Mr Ian Warboys

About Akshayapatra and forthcoming events The mid day meal programme has helped in promoting education in India.The drop out rates are reducing, attendance levels are rising with more and more girl children are coming to school. One of the global mission of Akshayapatra is also to reduce gender gap and only £10 is enough to feed one child for one year. The evening was one of the first fundraiser for the charity in uk. In a recent event in Kolkata India, Mr Narayan Murthy spoke on about the wonderful work by Akshayapatra. On that evening, trustee Mr Chamaria collected almost 11 crores of rupees of donation in just 20 minutes. Morari Bapu is now addressing audience on 11th July at Excel London ICC Auditorium from 7pm to raise fund for Akshayapatra. It is free entry for all and over 5000 visitors are expected. Excel is very well located and with good connections on tube (2 mins from Prince Regent DLR), bus and by car even from North London, this event should also be another feather in the the Akshayapatra cap. For more details visit their or call freephone 0300 365 9935, email: Dipika Khaitan at Photo Courtesy: Raj Bakrania

Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011




Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Scrutator’s One can always bet that China's lurking presence along India's security perimeter will set British media pundits alight about Beijing's “string of pearls” - Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – set to throttle India. Such is the paradigm of current psychological warfare. James Lamont and Farharn Bokhari produced a full-page analysis (Financial Times July 1) of the Sino-Pakistan alliance in the making. They set the scene with a reference to Kipling's romantic Great Game or the “Tournament of Shadows” (the favoured Russian description) between the British Empire in India and Tsarist Russia in Central Asia in the 19th century. Messrs Lamont and Bokari dwelt on America's ebbing influence on Pakistan in the face of a Chinese surge. US gurus said their piece. Meanwhile, India presumably is a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights. Curiously, the FT punditry made much of Lt-General K.T.Patnaik's statement (he heads the Northen Comand), way back in April, pointing to a significant Chinese troop presence in Pakistan. The Indian media carried the story at the time; three months down the line a British paper has chosen to sensationalise it. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Even as the FT was conjuring up fears of a Chinese encirclement of India, it devoted not a word to the high-profile visit to India of Vietnam's Navy chief and deputy defence minister Vice Admiral Nguyen Van Hien. Better to rely on Indian takes on Indian security. Incidentally, the BBC's Urdu service ran an interview with Pakistan Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar, in which he stated that a Pakistani arms race with India was unfeasible in light of his country's smaller economic base. The FT analysis chose not to allude to the interview. So much for its analysis.

India defence plan outlined According to an NDTV report (June 28), Pakistan had ceased to be a primary Indian concern; Indian eyes were now focused on China, with the New Delhi's upcoming 15-year tri-services integrated defence plan commencing in 2012 and ending 2027. During this period India will move from a dissuasive military posture vis-a-vis China to one of fully fledged deterrence. By 2020, India expects to raise and have in place a Mountain Strike Corps of 90,000 men and more, specifically designed for operations in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh and equipped for offensive operations.. The military believes that India's high-altitude road building will be completed by then. India is also activating, revamping and upgrading its air bases along the Tibetan border with Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. This includes at least eight advanced landing strips. Nyoma air base, for example, barely 25 kilometres from the Line of Actual Control, will have SU-30MKI aircraft. The Army is set to improve living conditions for personnel in high altitude conditions by constructing over 5,000 specially-designated, self-contained, thermally-insulated shelters for troops so that they can withstand temperatures of minus 40 degrees. The Indian Army also plans to acquire ultra-light howitzers and light tanks to bolster security in Ladakh. The Indian Navy, meanwhile, is in preparation to operate two-carrier battle groups, several stealth battleships, submarines and long-range reconnaissance aircraft. Also, the tri-services Andaman and Nicobar command, to be beefed up, will keep close watch on South East Asia, particularly the strategic Malacca Straits. Ongoing plans to test and manufacture an 8000 kilometre intercontinental ballistic missile are steaming ahead.

told of the full induction of India's indigenous Tejas warplanes within two years and to aircraft's further development. There were to be significant upgrades of many of India's top squadrons of Russian MiG 29s and French Mirage 2000s; also to the induction of new missiles and radar systems, all adding teeth to IAF capability. P.V.Naik spoke highly of the work of the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO).

India, Vietnam draw closer Vietnam gave China a licking in February-March 1979, when Beijing invaded its territory to “teach it a lesson” just as ill-prepared India was taught one in October 1962. The Herrenvolk never tire of reminding India of this humiliation. They are unsurprisingly shy of referring to China's setback in its Vietnamese adventure.

Chidambaram in Moscow

Optimistic Naik Complementing the above report, Air Chief Marshal P.V.Naik, in a lengthy interview with NDTV's Strategic and Security Affairs Editor Nitin Gokhale (June 25 Online), spoke of the modernizationon of the Indian Air Force, a process that was now reaching fruition. He said that in the next three years or so, India's air arm “would become one of the most modern air forces in the world.” First, is the list of acquisitions: 126 medium-role combat aircraft following the vigorous testing and evaluation of six different products

Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik

of the highest quality. The one best suited to India's specific needs would be the final choice from the two aircraft left in the frame. The contract is to be signed sometime in September, the Air Chief Marshal said. He referred also to the acquisitionn and joint production of 214 fifth generation warplanes with Russia, and the induction of a further 42 Sukho 30MKIs to the fleet already on order from its Russian manufacturer. He spoke of two more AWACS with an IL-76 platform, to the US C-17 heav liftt aircraft, 80 plus medium lift helicopters, and 22 attack helicopters. He

Entrepreneurs of Textiles and Light Industry. The MoU also stipulates the promotion of textile trade, participation in fairs and exhibitions, transfer of technology and exchange of know-how in textile manufacturing and processing. India's Ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra said the Indian apparel industry was famous globally for quality and competitiveness and its annual exports were worth $11 billion, of which $120 million worth of garments were sold in Russia, a mere 2 per cent of its imports of such products. There is considerable room for further expansion of trade in this commodity between India and Russia. A subsequent Hindu report (June 25) tells of India's unilateral decision to ease its visa regime for Russian businessmen and tourists in a bid to promote the exchange of people between the countries. Business visas will now be issued for a year instead of the present six-months, while tourist visas will be valid for six months instead of the current three months.

Vietnam's Navy chief and deputy minister Vice Admiral Nguyen Van Hien

As stated at the start of this column, Vietnam's Navy chief and deputy minister Vice Admiral Nguyen Van Hien, on a four-day visit to India, called on Admiral Verma, Chief of India's Navy Staff, Air Chief Marshal P.V.Naik and the Chief of the Army Staff General Vijay Kumar Singh. He also called on Defense Minister A.K.Antony and visited Indian shipyards and other naval facilities to gauge the country's ship-building capabilities with a view to learning from the Indian experience. This is part of an overall desire by both sides to forge a close defence relationship. Hence, the Vietamese guest discussed strategic and security issues pertaining to the South China Sea with his hosts. Vietnam has invited Indian warships to call at its Nha Trang port in southern Vietnam, the only foreign country to be granted the privilege of berthing at a port other than Halong Bay, near Hanoi. The use of Nha Trang port will give India a sustainable presence in the South China Sea and enable it too watch its shipping lines. Indo-Vietnam links are set to deepen. Watch this space.

India-Russia textile pact The Hindu newspaper report from Moscow (June 23) states that India and Russia had signed a pact to boost investment and trade in textiles. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Apparel Export Promotion Council of India and the Russian Union of

Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram was in Moscow on a three-day visit at the invitation of Russia's Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu. Vladimir Radyuhin, the Hindu's Russia Correspondent (June 30), quoted Mr Chidambaram as saying, “Russia is very anxious that our two countries step up cooperation in high-tech areas such as civilian aircraft and submarines”, following a meeting with Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, whose responsibilities cover industry, defence and space. He is also Russia's point man on relations with India. Messrs Ivanov and Chidambaram appeared to read from the same page in their respective views on Afghanistan. This bodes well for continuing Indian-Russian cooperation on the subject. Mr Shoigu, for his part, drew Mr Chidambaram's attention to Russia's experience in disaster management. After visiting its Russian centre, the Indian Minister said it was a “very impressive facility” that used sophisticated technology for the evaluation and coordination of diverse information for the best possible response on the ground. Rediff. Com (July 1) reported the ongoing sea trials of the new generation Nerpa Akula-II class nuclear submarine, with an Indian crew on board honing its skills, before the vessel is handed over (sometime toward the end of the year) to the Indian Navy as per a leasing agreement for the next decade.

Unsung hero Swaminathan Aiyer's tribute to the late PV Narasimha Rao, India's prime minister from June 1991 to mid-1996, in The Times of India (June 27) was richly deserved. The country had arrived at a fork on the road, and it was to Mr Rao's credit that under his stewardship India took the correct turn. The national economy, which had been uncoupled from its colonial moorings, had developed into a considerable platform but it needed radical reform to

PV Narasimha Rao

take it to the higher trajectories of growth and development. Mr Aiyer writes: “His master stroke was to appoint Manmohan Singh as finance minister, [as a] non-political reformer at the centre of decision-making,” while the scholar and multi-lingual Mr Rao remained in the background massaging the politics. Manmohan Singh has repeatedly said that without Mr Rao's support he could have achieved nothing. Mr Rao was subtle. He rejected the World BankIMF prescription of root and branch change with all its pain and enforced austerity (witness the present crisis in Greece and the economic meltdown in Yeltsin's Russia in the 1990s).Instead, Narasimha Rao decided to concentrate on the delicensing of industry and leave labour reforms for a more propitious time. The stagnant Indian economy made a jump start with GDP rising to an 7.5 per cent per annum. Other reforms were introduced over time as the populace grew accustomed to economic change and savoured its benefits. Twenty years on India is unrecognizable from the country she once was. There was also an excellent summary of events leading to the decisive decision to introduce the reforms in the Business Standard by A.K.Bhattacharya (July 2). To this may be added the fraught politics of India, with Khalistani terrorists wreaking havoc in Punjab, Islamists on the rampage in Kashmir and in Mumbai, where co-ordinated bomb blasts claime 300 lives and injured 3,000. P.V.Narasimha Rao handled the situation with customary aplomb. In the gutter in 1991, India0 reaches for the stars today. So two resounding cheers to Narasimha Rao's memory.

Promising era for Presidency College Kolkata's Presidency College, once India's premier higher educational institution, has been guaranteed a new lease of life by Mamata Banerjee's new government in West Bengal. She has appointed Nobel laureate economist Harvard-based Amartya Sen to be the adviser to the Mentor Group which has been set up to cleanse the Augean Stables bequeathed by the previous Communist regime. Cronyism and a decline in intellectual standards had crippled the College where Professor Sen was a student before his departure for Trinity College Cambridge in October 1953 and the illustrious career that was to follow. Ms Banerjee is to be congratulated on her decision.


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Political Sketchbook Alpesh Patel’s

The Big Society and Character They say you can judge a person’s character from how they behave when no one is looking. And it is this test which at first this past week shook my faith in the possibility of ever realising the Big Society. You see I sent out emails inviting people to a charity event I am organising. The details are below and indeed if you, my readers, would like to attend – you are welcome. But here is one of the responses I got: “From: Bruce Rodney [] Sent: 03 July 2011 14:34 To: A Patel Subject: UNSUBSCRIBE I don’t know who you are or how you got my email address onto your SPAM list – but get me off it. Now.” This troubled me, because I am not used to being spoken to in this way and my delicate disposition is easily unbalanced. But it troubled me more because when you consider that it was in response to a simple innocuous email from me which mentions it’s for charity. “Dear Bruce, I trust you are well. I would be honoured if you would be my personal guest for the attached launch. I am really excited about this project and do hope you can make it. The British Asian Trust and Alpesh Patel request the pleasure of your company at the launch of A completely different, non-fundraising way of raising funds for charity through a unique spreadtrading platform that will enable you to make a charitable contribution just by trading the markets as usual. (This event is not a fund-raiser! It simply showcases an innnovation in charitable giving without asking people for money at all.) Join me as I demonstrate how every trade you make on can transform lives in the poorest communities in South Asia. The British Asian Trust whose President is HRH the Prince of Wales is one of the Prince’s Charities.

“The great thing about this site is we don’t charge you, the trader, anything extra. The broker pays from their own top line! We’re not asking for money from anyone. We’re just asking you to do what you do anyway. I think it is a genuine advance in charitable giving.” Alpesh Patel, co-founder. We do hope you are able to attend – do feel free to bring along any of your friends who you feel would be interested in exploring how they could make a social impact across South Asia through their trading activities. For every person that registers with at the event, £300 will be donated to The British Asian Trust – so you will make a difference simply by attending the event and signing up. I hope you are able to make it and support me in this endevour. I would truly appreciate it. Thursday, 21st July 2011 6.30 p.m. At the Oxford & Cambridge Club, 71 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HD. Drinks and canapés T: 0207 024 5568 Email: <>” So imagine my horror at getting this email. Now you recall there was another email this past week which became famous – the one from a future motherin-law to her future daughter-in-law discussing how rude the daughter-in-law was. Well like that poor daughter-in-law I expect the person I emailed did not expect his email to be published. I hope it goes viral. I can only imagine it reflects on his company – they’re in oil – and given the price of oil I guess they’re more arrogant than bankers and have no need for charity. Either way, character is how you behave when you think no one is watching and in my view this chap lacks character. But more importantly, we can’t have a big society if people are precious about their little bit of precious inbox space being violated.

Youth Seminar 2011 Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar is organising a Youth seminar (for 16 to 25 years only) on Saturday 6th August in the City. Our invited speakers will discuss the problems of today's youth and offer solutions on how to choose an appropriate career, how to cope with generation gaps and family expectations etc followed by a workshop at the end of the seminar. If you are interested to take part in our ‘Youth Seminar 2011’, please email your details (with 50 words on yourself- including age) to Rupanjana at Please note entry only on prior registration. Closing date: 31st July.

Fokas organises Annual Summer Fete FOKAS (Friends of Krishna Avanti School) are holding their Annual Summer Fete this Saturday 9th July at 115pm at the Edgware School. This promises to be yet another fun day out for the whole family with many stalls and activities to keep the most active mind busy. There will be a bouncy castle, games, arts & crafts as well as performances from the children. In addition

there will be the mouth watering food court with an amazing array of foods. The day will culminate with a special aarti ceremony to the beautiful deities of Krishna and Balaram who reside in their purpose built marble temple, the first of its kind in any state school. Once again this will be led by the children. The Krishna Avanti School only opened its

doors 2 years ago as the first purpose built state funded Hindu school and has since gone on to win many plaudits and awards including a glowing interim Ofsted report as well as permission to open 2 further schools in Leicester and Redbridge. The fete will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11am before all the activities begin.

Clickety-clack Choo-choo, Switzerland we are off to There are different beliefs about enjoying the true spirit of a certain country. Some say by walking around you can cherish the real essence of a country. Some say driving around can do the trick. But if you are in Switzerland- travelling by train is the path to your 'Nirvana'- the ultimate ecstasy. From our article on Switzerland last week, you are now aware of the nittygritty of the surrounding and how easy and comfortable a family visit could bemay whatever be your age! Suppose you are taking your grand parents with you. They can get on to the train, relax and enjoy every bit of those Alpine beauty, the valleys, the lakes, the people and of course the cheese and the chocolates!! Switzerland – Scenic Rail Journeys Until you have travelled around Switzerland by the Swiss Travel System – the name given to its brilliantly integrated public transport network – it is hard to imagine just how good it can be, getting from A to B. For every traveller to Switzerland, the journey becomes part of the pleasure of the holiday rather than an ordeal, which makes it much easier travelling with children. It helps of course that the country is so beautiful that it is almost impossible to find a journey that does not keep you looking out of the window. Many scenic journeys are simply made because of the spectacular scenery – and here are some of the best: Glacier Express- Spectacular Alpine Scenery The Glacier Express is probably Europe’s best-known daily service designed for tourist, linking the famous resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz via an endless succession of varied mountain landscapes, viewed through special panoramic windows. The journey is narrated throughout explaining the amazing engineering feat in overcoming extreme altitude differences not to speak about the 291 bridges and 90 tunnels (children love these!) the train has to cross along the way.

The Bernina Express – UNESCO Wold Heritage The Albula and Bernina line served by the Rhaetian Railways is one of the most spectacular routes across the Alps. It zigzags up and down to link Northern and Southern Europe. A panoramic ride on the Bernina Express is a real treat travelling past mighty glaciers, climbing over the spectacular Bernina Pass to more than 2,253m and passing over circular viaducts. The last stretch of the line has even been appointed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wilhelm Tell Express – Through the heart of Switzerland The Wilhelm Tell Express links two of Switzerland’s most attractive regions: Central Switzerland and Italian speaking Ticino. It starts with an unforgettable 3 hours cruise across Lake Lucerne aboard one of several paddle steamers operating on Lake Lucerne. You than continue your journey by train in panoramic carriages through to the palm trees of Ticino. GoldenPass Line – Discover three worlds in one journey An ideal scenic journey to base your holiday in Switzerland along, as it joins three of Switzerland’s most famous resort – Lucerne, Interlaken and Montreux. The journey itself offers views of the vineyards on Lake Geneva, the picturesque wooden alpine chalets of the Bernese Oberland and the blue lakes of Central Switzelrand. Choose from travelling ‘vintage style’ or maybe in the special VIP seats which give the engine-driver’s view! Chocolate Train – A Sweet Surprise This day trip from Montreux lets you see, smell and taste the typical landscapes and traditions of Switzerland. Start the day with a croissant and a cup of coffee in the ‘Belle Epoque’ carriage of the Chocolate train. Visit a cheese making demonstration and dairy in Gruyère while in the afternoon you will visit the Nestlé-Cailler chocolate factory ‘World of Chocolate’ for a demonstration and tasting.

Special Promotion 5 Days Best of Switzerland



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fZXOTZ g]TQ oNHKOXC From £579* 2nd person from £479 save £100 Enjoy this popular rail holiday at a fantastic discounted price with free souvenirs included.The ideal travel programme to explore the best Switzerland has to offer!

Inclusions: Flights in economy class | 3-star accommodation with breakfast in Lucerne and Interlaken | 2nd class travel throughout | Excursion to Mt Pilatus | Excursion to Jungfraujoch | Detailed itinerary *Subject to availability

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Vikas Kumar Jha: "A writer is just a waiter in the Coffee House of the Soul" The Indian High Commissioner in the United Kingdom H/E Mr. Nalin Surie handed over the coveted International 17th Indu Sharma Katha Samman 2011 to journalist writer Vikas Kumar Jha of Patna in the House of Commons, of the British Parliament for his novel MaCluskieganj. In the same event he bestowed Padmanand Sahitya Samman on Neena Paul of Leicestershire for her novel Talaash. Mr. Virendra Sharma, Labour Party MP was the host for the evening. The High Commissioner Mr. Nalin Surie congratulated Vikas Kumar Jha and Neena Paul and said, “Hindi is slowly emerging as a global language. The Market economy has understood that if any multinational wishes to be successful in India, they must have a working knowledge of

High Commissioner), Mr. Asif Ibrahim (Minister – Coordination), Rakesh Sharma (Dy. Secy. Hindi), Anand Kumar (Hindi Officer), Ms Padmaja (Press Information First Secretary), Gauri Shankar (Dy. Director, The Nehru Centre), Ludmila Khokholova and Borris Zakharin (from Moscow), From left Tejendra Sharma, Asif Ibrahim, Lord King, Cllr. Zakia Zubairi, Vikas Kumar Jha, H/E Nalin Surie, Virendra Sharma MP, Neena Paul, Madhu Arora

Hindi language. I have been informed that in the United Kingdom Hindi teaching being done on individual as well as organisational levels. Even foreigners have been trying to learn Hindi. Hindi is being taught in the universities of the United Kingdom. It would be the earnest endeavour of the Indian High Commission to bring back Hindi in the curriculum at the school level. " He congratulated

Katha UK for its 17th award function and said, “Katha UK started this award some 17 years ago. Continuity and transparency are the litmus test for the respect an award enjoys in the literary world. Katha UK awards stand tall on this acid test. I would like to congratulate Tejendra Sharma and his entire team on this occasion...”Among those present in the event were Mrs. Surie (wife of the

Parmanand Panchal, Krishna Dutt Paliwal, Keshri Nath Tripathi, Dauji Gupta, Onkareshwar Pandey, Rakesh Pandey, Kailash Budhwar (Chairman, Katha UK), Gagan Sharma, Ruhi Singh, Dr. Farida, Dr. Bhardwaj (all from India), Usha Raje Saxena, Divya Mathur,

Mohan Rana (all past Padmanand Sahitya Samman winners), Cllr. K.C. Mohan, Shyam Narain Pandey, Aruna Ajitsaria, Prof. Amin Mughal, Saroj Srivastava, Rakesh Dubey, Padmesh Gupta, Kailash Budhwar (Katha UK Chairman), Inder Syal and Sohan Rahi and many more.

Brightsun travel flying high in the sky after 25 years Brightsun Travel commemorated its twenty-fifth year in business on Friday by announcing a new loyalty programme designed to reward customers. The programme called Brightsun Points (btpoints) will enable customers to earn points based on the amount of spend on any type of flight and holiday

Yogesh Mundhwa Regional Manager Air India, Kiran Patel, Meenakshi Joshi, Milind Vijay Joshi from Air India

bookings. Therefore the more you spend, the more you earn. “We needed to reward our customers for being loyal to us” said Mr Deepak Nangla, Managing Director of Brightsun Travel, “we are one of the first travel agencies in the UK to launch such an offer.” Despite tough challenges for the airline indus-

try, from ash clouds to the global economic recession Brightsun Travel has rocketed skywards. Figures r e l e a s e d revealed that B r i g h t s u n Alka Shah, Mr CB Patel, Mr R S Nangla, Travel has Chairman, Mrs Veena Nangla, co-founder achieved a and Mr Deepak Nangla, Managing Director record turnover of Brightsun Travel of £46 million, dance event attended by making it a large force in 250 guests featured perthe UK travel industry. formances from internaFrom humble beginnings of tional illusionist Bharat a small Soho office of 3 Patel, award winning comestaff, it now employs over dian and columnist Shazia 120 people in four offices Mirza and acclaimed spanning the UK and India. Bhangra dance troupe 4x4 “It’s fantastic to have dancers. almost achieved 50 million in “The evening is to turnover” said Brightsun thank our suppliers and Travel’s Chairman, Mr R. S. customers alike for supportNangla. “We are going from ing us over the years,” said strength to strength although Mrs Veena Nangla, Finance we have faced 2 major recesDirector and co-founder of sions since we were estabBrightsun Travel, “without lished. I put our success them or our dedicated team down to the best possible of staff, we would not be customer service we can where we are today.” offer - resulting in repeat UK travellers are conbusiness, and a lot of word of tinuing to embrace booking mouth recommendations, their flights, accommodafaith and luck.” tion, tours, transfers and To mark reaching a insurance with Brightsun quarter of a century in busiTravel, which is showing no ness, Brightsun Travel hostdownturn on bookings ed a Bollywood despite the tough economExtravaganza Evening on ic times. Friday 1st July. The dinner

The members of the Moga Milap society live all over the country. They organised an event for all the members with the sole purpose of getting everybody to catch up.

L-R: Mr Rashmi Maru, Mr Pinder Singh Soor, Mr Jaswant S. Dhillon, Mr Iqbal Indersingh Sidhu

,0IO C(( L>D;># "&' '**= 0AH?$NO 5?N)58!9N?!@<9@3!

JFI6J -G64J /FF2- I,2 *># A *=> 0N1):)M .9?:B E?7! .9K?NB I9M:9MB G+=> %-,

Committee members of Moga Milap: Jagraj Singh Saran, Balbinder Singh Kokri, Gurmeet Singh Gill, Randhir Singh Gill, Surinder (Billu) Singh Khehra, Manmohan Singh Sambi, Dalip Singh Jasal, Manpreet Singh Badhni, Iqbal Indersingh Sidhu, Surjit Singh Matwani

&+*$#*-#( ',!" -!)%


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

by Shree For more stories visit

Short Story by Neha Garg

Mr. Pixie Get In Trouble 'He's turned himself invisible,' said Mrs. Pixie. Dr. Elf eyed the ice cream cone hanging in mid-air. 'How did this happen?' he said. 'He walked through our glass front door.' You see, the Pixies that lived in FairyRealm had a most useful magical power. They could change their appearance by walking through things. When being chased by a wolf, a Pixie would simply walk through and turn himself into a tree. The wolf would walk past, never suspecting it to be the yummy Pixie he had been chasing. But Mr. Pixie was scatter-brained. He kept forgetting about his magical powers. Usually, when he walked through things, Mrs. Pixie used her spells to turn him back into a Pixie again. This time however, since Mr. Pixie was invisible, any spells that Mrs. Pixie cast shot right through him. So she had been forced to bring him to the hospital. 'Maybe we can wash the magic off him,' said Dr. Elf, filling a bucket of water and pouring it over Mr. Pixie. It didn't work. Except to make Mr. Pixie's ice cream melt. He handed Mr. Pixie a blue ribbon instead. 'Hold this ribbon tight, so we know where you are.' He sat down and racked his brain for ideas. A few minutes later Dr. Elf looked up. The blue ribbon was nowhere to be found!

'Where did he go?' said Dr. Elf, looking around. He opened the door to his clinic and smashed headlong into some-

thing solid. A door, exactly like his clinic door, stood in the middle of the hallway. The blue ribbon hung on the door knob. 'He's gone and walked through my clinic door,' said Dr. Elf happily. 'Why didn't I think of that? Now that he is solid again, we can use our spells to turn him into a Pixie.' He waved his wand and the door disappeared. In it's place stood Mr. Pixie. 'I will never let you out of my sight,' said Mrs. Pixie, hugging him. True to her word, to this day, she ties a blue ribbon to his collar whenever he leaves the house. So if you ever see a blue ribbon fluttering in the wind, be sure that it is forgetful Mr. Pixie that has gone and walked through something, again.


Radha Abw

This is a 9x9 grid, 3x3 (boxes) Sudoku puzzle. Make sure that each and every row, column and region/box contains the number 1 to 9 once. Clue: Start with the boxes with just one missing number!

Disclaimer: This puzzle is created solely by Radha abw with the help of a pen and paper, understanding the basics of the subject at hand, and any resemblance to a similar puzzle is purely unintended and coincidental. (Radha is a philosophical being who loves to stay involved in sports/games. That makes her an avid Sudoku player as it is a game that involves logic. ‘Sudoku’ means single number – in other words, each box can have only one number as its solution. However, it is not a daunting task. You just need to start slow, play easy puzzles as a beginner and probably involve a friend so you can have fun and stay motivated to finish it! Hope you enjoy. If you want to get in touch with Radha, email at

Midnight Walk’s 9-mile Pink Splash! Over 1400 ladies completed a 9-mile walk at midnight to raise vital funds for St Luke’s on Friday 17 June. The ladies collectively pledged a fantastic total of £201,000. The participants enjoyed a fun warm up which included great performances from Lisa Lee and Kuntals School of Bollywood Dancers. There was a great atmosphere on the night and walkers were delighted to be able to support a cause they feel is vital for the people of Harrow and Brent. Has and Laxmi Kastur did the walk in memory of their mother along with daughter in-law Tejal, granddaughters Niki and

Sumayna, sister Pushpa, sister in-law Tara and nieces Henna, Deepa and Priya. Team Kastur (picture: MDW Team Kastur) said, ‘Mum benefitted from the hospice commu-

nity services which made her last weeks at home so much more comfortable.’ The event was supported by Spectrum 100 Ambulance Service and Harrow Police.


f ashionista

Be a Fashionista, Be You! If you have any questions or a story or a new style to share with us, please write to Shree at

The Couch-Potato’s Road to Retail I am the laziest person I know. Definitely. I only hold a job because I have rent to pay and stuff to buy. I’m not one of those who actually like getting up at ungodly hours to jostle themselves to work. Shopping on the other hand is worth all sorts of trouble and miles of walking. But those of us who don’t treasure the thought of Oxford Street on Saturday afternoon or for those of us who simply like the comfort of a couch, there’s the Internet! The wondrous world of www has been doing all sorts of useful things for almost two decades, but shopping on the ether has come into its own very recently. And boy, is it wonderful! Let’s have a look, shall we? Where can a girl go to buy a dress without stepping out of the house (or office…sshhh)? Plenty of places as it happens, whatever your budget and taste. There are the online versions of High Street favourites like Gap, Topshop, Zara and Banana Republic who

have all set up shop in your computer and are temptingly beautiful. Fantastic for spotting that great top that you missed at a branch store. Big departmental stores like Debenhams and Selfridges also have fully functioning shopping websites…no mean feat considering the sheer scale of their wares. I particularly like John Lewis’s homeware section and Harrods’ food section...legends for a reason. Then, vying for your money are the online-only stores and the array of options they offer., the biggest player in the mass-market section, retails brands like Kookai and Reiss as well

their own-brand which is a huge hit among teens and twenty-somethings. Sharing the same space are and, navigating the treacherous waters of celebrity-led fashion. Higher on the sophistication scale perches pretty fantastic the, with a glorious selection of mostly European mid-market or ‘gap’ brands like Sandro, Tibi and Moschino. My personal favourite for lack of money, which sells the biggest names at discounted prices. And then there is the mecca of online shopping,, which is the world’s biggest high-fashion store for those worshiping at the altar of luxury. These aren’t the only ones as new websites come up every month and famous American stores begin to ship to the UK, but I haven’t time to chat all day. Have to go check the status of my bid on a vintage Hermès scarf on Ebay!



Asian Voice Saturday 9th July 2011

Chiranjeevi will act no more

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi has called it quits as an actor. The announcement came from the actor-turned-politician recently at a time when millions of his fans have been awaiting his 150th movie venture, supposed

to be produced by his actor-son Ram Charan Teja. "Since I am busy with politics, it would not be appropriate for me to don the grease paint again. My son Charan is there to fill the gap," Chiranjeevi replied when a spectator wanted to know about the proposed 150th film, at the launch of a Telugu movie channel. To a query on whether he would don the role of a politician or chief minister in his future film, he claimed that people of Andhra Pradesh were longing to see him as chief minister in real life rather than in reel life. "Why in cinema? People feel I can become the chief minister in real life itself," he retorted.

Shankar lucky to get call from Rajnikanth

It's well-known that Rajinikanth's last film with Shankar, Endhiran, was one of the biggest hits in his career. So, it comes as no surprise when the actor called up Shankar from Singapore a few days ago. Talking about the call, the director , who's currently working on Nanban, blogged, When we were shooting at a college last

week, I got a call from Singapore. I thought it must be some relatives or fans. Then I thought, may be Rajini sir. Yes, it was him only. I was surprised and happy to hear from him. Ubhayakusalobhari !!! He was sounding like before brisk and energetic . He told he will be back in 45 days, after taking a complete rest.

Telugu filmmaker to make movie on Sathya Sai Baba

Kodi Ramakrishna said that he would make a movie on spiritual guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Ramakrishna, film producer and former Congress MP Harirama Jogaiah and lyricist Jonnavithula Ramalingeswara Rao visited Puttaparthy, where the ashram of Sai Baba is located.

He said that the film will be made as per international standards and that it would portray the life of Sathya Sai Baba. The film will be made in all major languages, he added. Ramakrishna has made about 100 films and worked with top Telugu actors like Chiranjeevi and Venkatesh.

Will pregnant Aishwarya be the “Heroine”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was to play the lead role in film "Heroine." The film shooting has just started and she was found pregnant. So the shooting of Madhur Bhandarkar's "Heroine" was put off. Madhur was confused and shocked at the news of heroine’s pregnancy and he was in two minds whether to continue with Ash or to drop her. Rather than congratulating Ash on the most awaited good news of her life, Madhur just seemed worried about his film. Ash told them that she would complete the shoot by July end. But they felt she would look overweight and unglamorous,” the source said. According to sources, Aishwarya was shocked at Madhur’s attitude. She believed that she could finish all the shooting by July as was decided previously. But to her shock Madhur came up with demands of item songs and waterfall scene where she was to get drenched and look wet and appealing. Now how can a pregnant Ash do this? She was not asked for this before, so how can she agree to this? Well, at this point of time everything is hunky-dowry and time will tell whether Ash is heroine of “Heroine” or not? Meanwhile, Priyanka has rubbished reports that she might replace Aishwarya in "Heroine".

Bolly-Flex performs at Royal Opera House June 22nd was a big day for Naz Choudhury’s Bolly-Flex as it was invited to perform at the Royal Opera House alongside the likes of the Royal Ballet, Swan Lake, Diana Ross and many others. It was a night filled with world class entertainment. A team of 20 dancers led by Leena Patel and Naz Choudhury took the stage and entertained the audience with colours, variety and spectacular energy. Naz Choudhury said: “Performing at the Royal Opera House was a dream come true for me, I have been trying to get to that stage for years and also it was the first time in my life I was really nervous, but we danced our heart out because it wasn’t just about us, it was about making history and taking our legacy forward. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support and we thank everyone.” Now Boll-Flex is preparing for a 90 minute programme, with the Premier taking place at London’s prestigious Hackney Empire on 30th July. They also will perform for two nights at Birmingham’s Drum Theatre on the 20th and 21st August, then make their debut in Kings Theatre Portsmouth.

Salman bares his torso Item number shot in record six hours to promote ‘Chillar Party’ For the first time in Bollywood, an item number was shot in six

Previously Salman was off shirt! But now he will also show his chiseled torso in film “Chillar Party”. Salman Khan has been trying to make sure that ‘Chillar Party’ does well at theatres and is watched by many people because it’s a story with a heart. Salman has already made an appeal for the film to be made tax-free and he has also got Ranbir Kapoor do to a special item song.”‘Chillar Party’, set to release on July 8, is a children’s film with characters named like Encyclopedia, Jhangia, Akram, Secondhand, Panauti, Silencer, Aflatoon, Shaolin and Fatka.

hours. Choreographed by Shabina Khan, the track Chandigarh ki star… belongs to Amitabh Bachchan’s film “Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap.” Composed by musical duo Vishal-Shekhar, the item number stars Raveena Tandon, who was seen making a comeback to the big screen after a long time. Initially, the item number wasn’t supposed to be part of the film, but was added at the last moment. “The film’s director Puri Jagannadh had given me just one day to complete it,” says Shabina. “But I choreographed it in a record six hours, which was next to impossible.” There are 25 backup dancers, two sets of costume and make-up changes. Then the lighting had to be taken care of. After completing the shoot, it took the production team another six hours to edit it.”

Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan think high of each other Interestingly, both Aamir and Big B share similar opinion about the fate of their films. Recently, Big B had said on his blog that, “We make films in this very homogenous industry not to compete or destroy or wage war with our compatriots...Aamir and his production company are much bigger than me and my AB Corp in commercial standing.” To which Aamir had said, “He (Amitabh) is being generous to say so. But I must say I am a huge fan of him. I feel he is much bigger as an actor. He is a bigger brand. I wish ‘Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap’, to do ten times better than ‘Delhi Belly.’ In Delhi Belly Aamir will be seen in a retro look of the 1980s disco era in an item song —— ‘I Hate You...Like I Love You..’ While in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap actress Raveena will be seen doing an item song — Main Chandigarh Di Star.

Two big films - Aamir Khan’s home production “Delhi Belly” and megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s “Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap”- have been released but the actor-producer says he does not consider Big B as competition. “I think every film has its share of space in the audience. I am a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and I don’t think I am even on the same platform as him. I don’t sense any competition with him. In fact, I feel I am not capable enough to compete with him,” said Aamir. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions, “Delhi Belly,” an adult comedy, stars nephew Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kapur, Poorna Jagannathan and Shenaz Treasuryvala. “Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap,” produced by AB Corp, stars Amitabh, Prakash Raj, Hema Malini, Raveena Tandon, Charmy Kaur, Minissha Lamba and Sonal Chauhan in the lead roles.

Film viewing is okay, but not the posters Jacqueline Fernandez has to cover her cleavage and Emraan Hashmi has to get his chest painted for their posters to be exhibited in Bengal. So says the West Bengal Board of Censorship. After the poster designs of "Murder 2" were outrightly rejected by the West Bengal Board of Censorship, the distributor of the movie submitted fresh designs of the poster to the Board .They were told that only two of the designs would be allowed to be circulated in Bengal while others would require drastic amendments. Says Pritam Jalan, the distributor of the movie, "I had submitted 11 designs to the Board for approval. Only two very tame posters of the movie have got the nod. While some of them have been rejected, I have been asked to paint Emraan's chest in one design where he is standing in front of Jacqueline." Jalan is pretty upset with the way the things have been handled. "I had not submitted any bikini photos or frontal exposure of my cast. My designs are not obscene but are sensual and artistic. In all the designs, the girl is wearing a regular outfit. This is usually worn nowadays by girls in colleges too. This Act also prohibits the media to publish any cinema that is not passed by them! This means the stills can't be circulated in the media either for publicity. What's funny is that the movie can be viewed in Bengal but not the posters! I fail to understand if commercial hoardings of skincare and lingerie can be in circulation, why have such archaic laws in place for cinema posters? We have sent out papers to the advocates and are thinking of moving court," Jalan said. Debananda Sengupta, Censor Officer, says, "We have disapproved three posters and amendments have been suggested for the rest. It is up to the West Bengal government to decide whether they should reconsider the relevance of this Act in today's day and age. We are only carrying out our responsibility and following the Act."

Saifeena to marry in February 2012 The four-year-old Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor relationship that has been up for discussion because of ``alleged trouble'' is actually stronger than ever say sources close to the actress. Kareena is currently in Paris with Saif on a romantic getaway and is expected back in Mumbai soon. On being asked whether she was tying the knot early next year, the actress categorically denied it. However a trade source says, ``What really doesn't add up is the fact that Bebo has refused to do a couple of films in February/March 2012 because she has reportedly reserved these months for her wedding and honeymoon.'' While one would certainly give Saifeena the benefit of the doubt and believe them when they say that they don't have a marriage date in mind yet; it seems like February 2012 could just be the month when Bebo officially becomes the chotti begum of Pataudi.

Sonakshi Sinha ditches Kamal Hassan Filmmakers seem to be sharing very similar casting priority lists. And Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone seem to be classic examples. Sonakshi was the first choice for K S Ravikumar's Rana and Kamal Hassan's Vishwaroobham, but with the actress having to opt out of both films, Deepika has been the second-best option. Recently, Sonakshi opted out of Hassan's bilingual film, in which she was to play his wife, due to her prior commitment to Sanjay Leela Bhansali's project, Rowdy Rathod.

Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


A girl in the gym made Farhan panic! Farhan Akhtar met a girl at his gym, who came up to him and confessed that she loved “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.” And she would like to show the film to her friends. Initially, he thought, she was talking about the promos. But when she started talking about the scenes, he panicked and immediately called Ritesh and broke the news of how the film has been leaked. FA was fuming and told the girl that he would complain to police that she had seen the movie. It took the girl some time to explain that she had seen the film as a part of focus group screening which was organised by Excel Entertainment itself. Farhan heaved a sigh of relief only after that.

Aamir pokes fun of Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is upset with Aamir Khan for poking fun at him in his item song in “Delhi Belly.’ When Aamir had launched his disco item number, he said that for the track he had taken inspiration from various yesteryear actors, including Anil Kapoor for his look. An industry insider said that initially Anil wasn't aware of being poked fun at as he wasn't in the city when Aamir unveiled the song I hate you like I love you last week. However, his family and friends haven't taken the Delhi Belly producer's banter too well. Mr Perfectionist had said, "The hairstyle is borrowed from Amitji, (Amitabh Bachchan), the dancing moves are inspired from Rishiji (Rishi Kapoor), Mithunda (Mithun Chakraborty) and Govinda, and the chest hair is inspired by Anil Kapoor.

Is Vidya suffering from earring mania? Whenever Balan goes shopping, she ends up stacking earrings in all shapes and sizes. "Her friends are always teasing Vidya about her ever growing collection. They say that she should open a jhumka fashion store soon. That's all that catches her attention when she goes shopping with her pals and even when she goes on a holiday, she looks for jhumkas to take back from different destinations," says the source. She has nearly 575 pairs of jhumkas and she's probably shopping for more at this very moment.

Aditya Narayan denies being slapped by mystery woman Looks like singer and anchor Aditya Narayan has been attracting attention for all the wrong reasons. Recently, he was slapped at a restobar in Mumbai by a mystery woman. According to reports, Aditya was trying to get too close to the woman. According to those present at the time of the incident, Aditya was drunk and was accompanied by girlfriend Shweta. Apparently, the actor passed a snide remark about this particular woman and was served with a resounding slap in return. The actor however denies ever being involved in such an incident and says the mystery woman was only seeking cheap publicity.

Shahid crowned Asia's sexiest vegetarian Shahid Kapoor has been voted Asia's sexiest vegetarian in a poll conducted by "I have always supported the cause of being a vegetarian, and it's nice to be felicitated for something so close to my heart. Being voted as sexy is a matter of perception, but being vegetarian is a lifestyle change and something that comes from a sense of responsibility," Kapoor said in a statement. Singer Faye Wong was crowned Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Woman.


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Ditch game played by Lakshmi Mittal and ex-friend Dear Financial Voice Reader, The problem with the markets is knowing whether what is going on is temporary or a longer term change in direction. As they say, everything in life is about timing. But it is also about planning and here is part of my plan based on what has been happening in the markets recently: 1. The Dollar has been rising as people worry the rest of the world may not grow. This is short-term. The Dollar is no safe haven - not with all it's deficits and the rest of the world is growing a lot faster than the US. 2. The Euro has strengthened in relief to the Greece crisis. This too is short term. Greece is an irrelevant micro-economy. Sure perception is important, but the Euro is overvalued against the Pound and will fall based on the test of purchasing power parity - ie how much the same things cost in each country. 3. The Dow is up nearly 9% this year. This will continue. I said on CNBC in January it will be up 15% for the year. Given we are halfway through the year - I am halfway to being totally right. The reason is simple earnings make the shares look cheap - companies are producing good profits - go by money in the bank. 4. Brazil has fallen this year nearly 9%. This is an opportunity to get into Brazil. It fell because it had risen too much too quickly. Now it is back to more sensible levels. Exchange Traded Funds are the best way to track the Bovespa (their main index). 5. In Europe the German index is up the most - It is up 8% this year. This won't continue - we've peaked for the Germans - they've got Greek debt problems. Probably another 2% more rise and that's it - flat for the rest of the year. 6. Nikkei - Japan's index is down 2.5% - of course. Well it is cheap. The Japanese will turn around their short term problems and in any event their companies are earning it's just that the short term worries and uncertainties pushed down their index. 7. The FTSE is only up 2%. And it is cheap. It will be up 15% is my prediction for the year end. 8. If I had to pick a stock for all persons and all weathers without knowing much about your profile and knowing you wouldn't shoot me: Apple. Why? Because Steve Jobs when at University after being fed at the Hare Krishna mandir would sit in on calligraphy classes. He is not an IT geek who likes ugly things, but an aesthetic who likes style. So his products always look better than everyone elses. But also because US government agencies have been buying IPADS in the millions. I mean Nasa and the US Justice Department. Oh, and also because when the end of the world comes - Apple have a few billion in the bank! Twitter on @alpeshbp. My blog is at and you can see my latest TV commentary.

Vodafone, Essar ink deal

The troubled four-year-old joint venture partnership between British telecom giant Vodafone Group Plc and the Indian conglomerate Essar group ended amicably last week. Vodafone said it had struck a full and final settlement with its Indian partner, marking the exit of the billionaire brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia from Vodafone Essar, the country’s second largest telecom operator by revenue. Vodafone said it has

restructured the deal it had struck with Essar earlier this year when it bought out its JV partner’s 33% for $5 billion. The revised deal now amounts to $5.46 billion factoring in the potential $880 million tax liabilities. The transfer of shares from Essar to Vodafone for the 22% stake was completed in two tranches on June 1 and July 1. The payment of $1.26 billion for the remaining 11% stake held by Essar’s Indian entity will be made by 15 February 2012.

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There is turmoil within the super-rich Indians in London as the circle's big shots, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and rice baron Moni Varma, who were once thick friends are turning into foes as one is ditching the another, as reported by Guardian and Business Standard on 23rd and 26th June respectively. Mittal and Varma have known each other socially since 1997 and regularly discussed business opportunities at social events in London. They were seen socializing together but now their bonding turned sour with Mittal being sued for allegedly reneging on a multi-million dollar agreement to pay fees to Varma for helping to secure an oil deal with a former Nigerian president. Mittal, one of Labour's most generous donors, has received a high court writing from Moni Varma. Varma claims to have facilitated a deal in 2006 for Mittal to gain access to two unexplored oil fields in the Niger Delta after arranging a meeting with Olusegun Obasanjo, who was

Moni Varma

Nigeria's president. Mittal has dismissed the claim, saying the case will be defended vigorously. Varma, 62, from Northwood, Middlesex, UK, whose company Veetee Rice is one of Britain's biggest rice traders, said he had been let down by Mittal. "I am saddened but I have been left with no choice but to issue court proceedings against Lakshmi to recover sums that are due to me," he told Asian Voice. Mittal, 61, whose wealth is estimated to be £17.5 billion in this year's Rich List, has offered to pay $5 million (£3.1m) but this has been rejected by Varma. Varma, who was born in India and educated in Malawi, has longstanding connections with Nigeria and had known Obasanjo since 2001 because he had

Lakshmi Mittal

exported rice to Nigeria, the documents claim. Mittal and Varma met for dinner at Amaya, an Indian restaurant in Knightsbridge, and discussed possible deals in Nigeria. In September 2005, Varma claimed, they held a meeting that was at the heart of the case. They discussed how much Varma would be paid if the deal came through. Varma claimed Mittal said he could expect between five per cent and 15 per cent of the defendant's investment. According to the writ, Mittal responded, "I will cover you" or "you will be covered ... The reward could be even bigger than 15%, depending on the size of the deal." Varma claims that over the following six months, he was cut out of the deal and could only watch as it was completed. Varma claimed he tried

to contact Mittal about the deal and when he could expect his commission. In March, he managed to speak to Mittal, who offered $5 million, but the offer was rejected. According to the writ, this offer was then denied in a subsequent letter from Mittal's solicitors Schillings, but Mittal has since said that he did discuss a possible payment of $5 million, depending on the success of the projects. Mittal's lawyers are expected to argue that Varma was a social acquaintance of their client, and that Varma offered to arrange a meeting with Obasanjo. They also point out that neither block has yet produced any oil and that the costs have so far been $325 million. The lawyers have also dismissed as fanciful Varma's claims of introducing Mittal to former Nigerian president. A spokesman for Mittal's legal team said: "We are aware of the case, in relation to which we believe there are no grounds and which we intend to defend vigorously."

Proposed changes to taxation of non-domiciled individuals HMRC issues further consultation documents

Following their promise after the budget, HMRC has recently issued two consultation documents that are likely to affect an individual who is currently claiming a foreign domicile status or spends significant time in and out of the UK. Reform of the taxation of non-domiciled individuals: a consultation and Statutory definition of tax residence: a consultation, were both issued on 17th June 2011 with simultaneous 12 week consultation periods. Thereafter it is anticipated that draft legislation will be issued in time to take effect from 6th April, 2012. To a certain extent both documents go hand in hand, albeit are aimed at different areas of the current tax legislation. This article focuses on the proposed changes to the taxation of foreign domicillaries The remittance basis annual charge of £30,000 payable by non-doms who claim to be taxed on the “remittance basis” currently applies to those who are resident in the UK seven out of last 12 tax years. The document introduces two main proposals – an increase in the current annual charge from £30,000 to £50,000 for those individuals who have been UK tax resident for 12 out of last 14 tax years prior to the year of claim and, a proposed reform of the remittance rules to allow non-doms to remit their foreign

Vasanti Patel

income/gains into the UK without a tax charge provided those funds are used to invest in certain types of UK business. On the face of it a mix of both good and bad news. With the Treasury short of funds, an increase in the annual charge was always on the cards. However, only time will tell whether this will lead to further non-doms emigrating the UK. With only 5,400 individuals actually paying the charge following its first introduction in 2008/9 it does seem odd for HMRC to propose an increase in the charge at such an early stage. The income that this proposal is likely to bring in could again be significantly outweighed by the loss to the Treasury in terms of non-dom contribution to the UK economy. Existing exceptions will continue to remain and those individuals aged under 18 or with annual income/gains of less than £2,000 will continue to enjoy the remittance basis without the additional cost. However, for many it

will be vital to consider the structure through which their wealth is held and where possible remedial action may be necessary to reduce the impact of these proposals. With careful planning it may be possible to mitigate the annual charge altogether. On a more positive note, the government appears to accept that inward investment from non-doms does indeed form a vital part of our economy. This is also borne out by a number of acquisitions by non-doms in the UK in recent years. Previous changes to the remittance rules that were rushed in as part of the 2008 major reform of non doms were simply draconian in nature, badly thought out and had a negative impact on the economy. The document proposes that a tax-free unlimited investment can be made in a “qualifying business” – this being essentially a trading business or one that consists of the “development or letting of commercial property”. The trading or property business must “constitute a substantial proportion of the overall activities of the company in which the individuals invests” It is proposed that the investment must be into a limited company and can be made by individuals or if appropriate their offshore family trust. It can be flexible in terms of the nature of the investment i.e. ordinary shares, prefer-

ence shares or loans, but cannot be made into unincorporated entities. The rules are likely to contain certain exceptions such as acquiring family homes, investment into certain “lifestyle” assets such as art, yachts etc. and as expected there will be various “anti-avoidance” provisions, the details of which will ultimately be published once the consultation period is over. On the sale of UK investments, the funds raised must either be taken out of UK or reinvested in another qualifying business within two weeks of sale. Relief will need to be claimed on the self-assessment tax return giving details of investment that has been made. The individual will be required to pay the remittance basis charge even if all the offshore income and gains are reinvested. In summary, the investment proposals are most welcome on the face of it, but as ever we will need to wait until the draft legislation is issued to see the final proposals. If the rules turns out to be a complex maze of provisions, this is unlikely to bring in inward investment and the proposals will no doubt be self defeating. Vasanti Patel is a director at John Cumming Ross Limited, Chartered Certified Accountants and can be contacted on 0208 864 6689 or email


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


The Bishop On Bishops Ave

Suresh Vagjiani Managing Director Sow & Reap A Property Investment & Financing company.

Thought I had seen every kind of client from those whose investments run as high yielding brothels in central London to Russians politicians who most banks wouldn’t touch with a barge pole due to fear of money laundering. This week was a surprise, it was a new one for me. I met the chaperones from a Christian ministry whose origins are in South East Asia. The head of the ministry is a pastor. The pastor’s life style is like a jet set superstar. The charity owns homes all around the world such as in Beverly Hills in the US. Clearly this pastor was doing something right. The lord is unlimitedly wealthy and surely any rich father wouldn't want his son to travel and live in poverty. There’s nothing spiritual regarding a poverty stricken mind, it is not conducive to living in this life and the next. If you are living in poverty here you will not be able to get used to the riches in Heaven, and so it is better to get used to this standard here on earth - So that the transition will not be too much of a shock to the system. What I mean by living in poverty, is not actual poverty but mental - a poverty stricken mind. If you eat and want only two chapattis but you get three everyday you’re wealthy. Whereas there exist others who have everything and still live in “poverty”. So private jets, homes, a private group of staff to travel with him wherever he goes….Normally before he goes somewhere his congregational members would go there a month before to ensure everything was up to standard. In central London you get to meet a variety of characters, it is one of the hubs the commercial world spins on. So naturally from all ends of the globe one of the spokes of the wheel will generally end up in London. Trying to get a mandate to search for property was not easy as we were having to deal with the people who know people who knew the pastor. The criterion given was confusing and contradictory as is often the case. When buying a property it is perceived as being a very emotional issue and there's no point trying to tackle this from a common sense and logical perspective, it simply doesn't work.

In t his situation it was compoun ded by t he nu mbe r o f pe ople involved . So afte r a on e and a half hour me eting we were cl ear as mud about what they wanted . One of the most important parts of our role is to define what exactly the client wants or what they think they want. Finding the property for us is not difficult once the criterion is set, as long as it is within reason. This didn't happen in this case and try as we might we couldn’t get a clear mandate. The first constraint was one of budget, initially we were given a budget of £3-5m. But the language and the standard the pastor was used to clearly was way above this budget given it had to be in a central location. So simply we ig nored the budg et as mon ey also d id n't seem to be an obje ct as th e wealth seemed to be coming dire ctly in showers from the he aven ly father. And th e most impo rtant aim was to satisfy the pastor by an y mean s ne cessary. So t his became o ur un st ate d mand ate . One of the properties we shortlisted was priced at £8.95m, another was £13m reduced from £17m a year ago- clearly a bargain. And sure enough when we showed the properties worth £13m they didn't even mention the constraint they gave me earlier! And instead

got carried away with the amazing finish and layout of the property. We started off with six properties which dwindled to two by Sunday night. We initially met the congregation members on the Thursday before. We arranged initial viewings for ourselves on Friday and by Saturday we had arranged viewings for the inner circle. The Pastor had a worship ceremony in Portman Square, London on Sunday and was flying out on Monday so we had a third round of viewings which had to be on Sunday night at 830pm after a rock concert like worship ceremony in central London given by the pastor. The event was attended by many people who where all dressed in a white uniform. The location had to be central and have a wow factor so it seemed obvious that Bishops Ave would be the right choice, not least because of the name. As the name suggest this road was actually owned by a bishop. Here's some history about the location: The road was constructed c.1887 through Bishops Wood between East Finchley and Hampstead Lane. Both The Bishops Avenue and Winnington Road lie entirely within (East) Finchley, although nowadays they are normally referred to in the press as part of Hampstead. Originally known as Bishops Avenue, or the Bishops Avenue, it is only since the Second World War that the road name has acquired its permanent The with a capital T. The Bishop was the Bishop of London, who was lord of the contiguous manors of Finchley and Hornsey, and the wood was originally part of his great hunting park, known as Hornsey Great Park, which stretched across a larger area. There were toll houses across the public roads at its entries at Spaniards, Highgate (commemorated in the pub name) and by the White Lion just below East Finchley station. Much of the park was gradually cleared into fields, but the sizable stretch of Bishops Wood remained. All episcopal land was transferred to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1868, and it was they who, in order to increase income, began to develop this area. The houses were always intended to be expensive. Although the area around East Finchley station was receiving ordinary suburban development by the 1890s, the open spaces towards Hampstead (now Hampstead Heath extension, Hampstead Golf Course and Hampstead Garden Suburb) provided an exceptionally rural setting which was and has remained highly prized. Plots were mostly originally let on 99-year leases and to single individuals. The earliest lessees were usually rich businessmen, and included George Sainsbury and William Lyle of Tate and Lyle. This is to be the first base for the movement in the UK for its push into the UK market to save souls. So if you want salvation and a rich life after you die please call the ministry, however if you want to start living wealthy whilst you’re alive call Sow & Reap!

We provide a turnkey solution. Contact us now: Specialists in: l Property Sourcing l Mortgages l Commercial Finance l India Properties

UK Sales 0207 313 4595 India Sales 0203 384 5323

Tips of the Week l If buying a property especially a high value one consider buying it in a company l Most people do not utilise there 10k capital gains allowance per annum. This is great for buying and selling a property

Westbourne House, 14-16 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5RH


fInAnCIAL voice

Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Amit Patel has over 15 years experience in the field of Leadership and Human Resource Management

Open Minds and Closed Eyes

Maria Fernandes

The Complaints System within the UKBA

Last week I said that I would outline the conclusions of Chief Inspectors report into the UKBA complaints system last year. It appears that there is a special unit that investigates serious complaints called the Professional Standards Unit. The other complaints are dealt with by 12 Complaints Services Units which are arranged geographically. The issue that appeared to come up time and time again was the fact that customers had no information about whom to contact and accordingly contacted the Complaints Service Units. He concluded that there was an absence of a clear customer strategy. He also found that the 2 areas which generated the largest volume of complaints were lost or missing documents and

service delays. Interestingly 84% of MPs contacted advised that they felt that the UKBA failed to respond to them within 20 days. The main conclusions reached were that there was no systematic analysis of reasons behind complaints and accordingly no evidence of learning from their mistakes. What was required was a dynamic approach addressing the root cause of complaints. Recent cases: Two cases have recently expanded on the meaning of the availability of funds in Tier 4 cases. As a result an overdraft facility can be used to prove that the requisite funds are available. The requirement in the regulations are whether the funds are “available”. Another case decided that funds can also take the form of a

credit card limit. Deportation of foreign prisoners: Those who are convicted of serious offences which result in automatic deportation are liable to deportation because it is deemed to be conducive to the public good. The courts have ruled that accordingly there is no basis for considering Article 8 ( ie right to a family life) in such cases. Therefore any Tribunal considering such cases cannot look at other issues but must take account of the public interest only. Maria Fernandes has been in practice exclusively in immigration for the past 25 years. Fernandes Vaz is based at 87 Wembley Hill Road Wembley in Wembley and can be contacted by telephone on 02087330123, by email on

A few weeks ago Digvijay Singh (if you don’t know who he is by now then you obviously don’t follow the Indian media) made another of his ‘forthright’ remarks that India was in need of a ‘younger’ leader. While claiming that this was in no way a criticism of PM Manmohan Singh, it was clear that he was manoeuvring himself to be in the right camp when the time for a change did come. Of course he didn’t name any possible candidates but then did he really have to? The sad fact is that while we are witnessing the unrest in the Middle East where people are fed up of being ruled by governing dynasties, in India we seem to embrace it and then claim to be a ‘healthy democracy’. How else can we explain a situation wherein we have a person who very limited experience of politics, no experience of interna-

tional affairs and no significant achievements to their name being openly touted as a future prime minister of India? I do not wish to slight Rahul Gandhi’s credentials or his intentions, perhaps he really does want to see a progressive India. But rather I want to challenge this mindset where people openly prophesise someone’s leadership abilities just because of their name? This is not unique to India - millions thronged to see Prince William get married just because of his royal lineage. I have no problem with that. But when it comes to the very real matter of running a country, surely there can be no room for any ‘blind’ allegiances? In 1948 India became a free country. She was free from colonial rule but it seems that she was not free from the ‘subservient’ mindset wherein the people felt that it was there duty to bow to others and accept their fate.

By Amit Patel

We claim to be free thinking yet we still fail to question age old political allegiances. We claim to be hard working yet we still struggle to work for children suffering in poverty. We claim to be determined yet we cannot even bring in a law to hold our politicians to account. Digvijay Singh is a veteran politician, a man who has seen it all and understands the country. He knows that he can arrogantly proclaim the future PM of India because he understands that despite becoming more aware of their rights and more open minded about how they want to be ruled, the people have still not opened their eyes to see what is in front of them. We do not like to think that we are subservient to a ruling dynasty, yet we refuse to see the one we have lived under for over 60 years.

Lord Green: UK-India strategy partners not transactional partners “UK-India partnership is about strategic partnership and not just about buying and selling transaction,” said Lord Stephen Green, Minister for Trade and Investment, UK at the ‘UK India: Next steps towards greater partnerships’, a conference jointly organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the University College London (UCL) in London. He further noted that UK is now very focused on its needs to be engaged in India and naturally seeking their place in the very exciting, rapidly developing Indian market. Lord Green added that while India faces challenges, especially in infrastructure, it also presents huge opportunities to businesses especially in the entire urbanization process and the digitalization of the economy. As new technology sweeps through the world, both UK and India need and can do a lot together. Lord Green later released a joint report done by CII and UCL on “Partnerships in Manufacturing: Roadmap Ahead”.

Both countries could jointly explore emerging areas in manufacturing and also cooperate in new technologies in the small and medium enterprises. Also speaking at the session were professor Michael Worton, Vice provost UCL, Mr Anil Shrikhande, President Rolls Royce, India and Prof David Begg, Principal, Imperial college business school. The conference also covered a session on Partnerships in Innovations and Design and Skills Development. Speaking at the session on innovation and design, Mr Adi Godrej, President designate CII, identified education, health and IT as the key areas for partnerships in services sector. During the conference, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) signed two MoUs in the field of higher education and research with University College London (UCL) and with Imperial College. Director-General of CII, Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, signed the MoUs with Vice-Provost (Academic and International) of UCL, Professor Michael Worton,

Mr B Muthuraman with Lord Green

Speaking at the conference, Mr Nalin Surie, High Commissioner of India to UK said that the released paper contains ten recommendations and he was happy that, these were the areas that the two governments have been focusing upon. Mr Surie further said that there was a need for both our economies in the near and medium term to refocus on manufacturing, especially in the SME and advanced manufacturing sector. This shift is necessary not only for providing additional employment but also sustainability. Mr B Muthuraman, President, CII & Vice President, Tata Steel, speaking on the occasion said that manufacturing sector in India was under rapid transformation and innovation in manufacturing was the way forward. This would be the prominent area of cooperation between India and UK.

*& ) %



State for Business, Innovations and Skills. The 16-member CII delegation includes Mr Adi Godrej of Godrej Group; Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII; CII past presidents, Mr Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, Hero Corporate Services, Mr Rajive Kaul, Chairman, Nicco Corporation, Mr Subodh Bhargava, Chairman, Tata Communications, Mr Dhruv M Sawhney, Chairman & MD, Triveni Engineering and Industries together with Mr. Phiroz Vandrevala, MD & Vice Chairman Diligenta Ltd.; Dr. Naushad Forbes, Director Forbes Marshall; Mr Deepak Premnarayen, Chairman ICS Group; Mr Atul Punj, Chairman Punj Lloyd Ltd.; Mr Mukesh Aghi, CEO(Asia Pacific), Steria; Mr Prashant Jhawar, Chairman Usha Martin; Mr Sanjay Nayar, CEO KKR India Advisors and Mr Suhel Seth, Managing Partner Counselage India Pvt Ltd. The delegation also met Lord Mc Nally, Minister of State and Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, Ministry of Justice.

Front Row (L-R): Mr Naushad Forbes, Dr B Muthuraman, Dr Vince Cable, Mr Adi B Godrej, Mr Dhruv M Sawhney Back Row (L-R): Dr Mukesh Aghi, Mr Phiroz Vandrevala, Mr Edward Oakden, Mr Prashant Jhawar, Mr Deepak Premnarayan, Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Mr Rajive Kaul, Mr Subodh Bhargava and Barry Lowen

and Head of Imperial College’s business school, Professor David Begg. The MoUs were signed in the presence of UK’s minister for trade and investment Lord Stephen Green. The objective of the MoUs, is to promote cooperation between the two institutes of higher learning and CII in the field of research, education and training. The understanding with UCL is that it will contribute to social engagement, community building, regeneration and social mobility through collaborative projects. With Imperial College the identified areas of cooperation are aeronautics,

& +$ %* &(

automotive, water, bioinspired technology, climate change, earth science and engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship, nanoscience, nanotechnology, energy, materials and health. Besides conducting joint seminars and workshops, the MoUs will see promotion of technology offers and requests from both the countries through a common portal. Joint studies will also be undertaken on models of success. Mr Muthuraman led the annual CEOs’ Mission to UK organized by the CII on 29-30 June in London. The CII delegation had a fruitful interaction with Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of


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"()* #" !* &+(" () )%.


*/)-'*1 /-%)!--


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+(&' */)-'*1

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( %' - '!- "%,-."'%#$.!/ )!.

"*, + , !'-




Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


Foreign Exchange Rajesh Agrawal is the Chairman & CEO of RationalFX, Currency Specialists. For any further information call 020 7220 8181 or e-mail

Eurozone strength continues The Euro has been strengthening since ECB president Trichet mentioned the famous words of being vigilant with regards to the interest rate decision, which from past statements, when said, means Eurozone are very likely that they will increase the interest rates at their next meeting. This has shown total disregard to the problems in Greece, Portugal and other countries struggling to keep their head above water. There are still no firm solutions how Greece are

going to get out of this deep financial hole and it seems as if the Eurozone are digging the hole deeper and deeper by pumping more and more funds into the country. The Euros however continues to strengthen, which seems to be through

the major economies in the Eurozone showing signs of recovery from the recession and also by increasing their interest rates before US and UK. The Euro looks at the moment to be riding a crest of a wave with both the Greek aid package now looking to be put through and ECB rate talk giving the single currency some real strength against all its counterparts. If Greece gets their second bailout confirmed could other countries now look at the recent situation in Greece and start to question the EU and IMF assistance of the fragile Greek country? It has been a poor time for the Pound with significant weakness across the board. As well as weak figures recently, GBP seems to be struggling to keep up with the Euro due to the interest rate differential, which is likely to grow even further very soon. With UK not looking to put interest rates up anytime soon, seems to be diverting prospective investors toward the Eurozone and other economies. Other news, UK GDP came in line with expecta-

Weekly Currencies As of Tuesday 5th July 2011 @ 10:30am GBP - INR = 71.56 USD - INR = 44.44 EUR - INR = 64.37 GBP - USD = 1.61 GBP - EUR = 1.11 EUR - USD = 1.45 GBP - AED = 5.91

tions but with the main year on year figure showing a lower figure, continues to put pressure on the pound. Sterling was hit further against the Euro and USD when the poor manufacturing figure was released. Sterling recovery still seems to be very slow if not slowing down further with further negative spiral expected in the horizon. The USD has had a number of negative figures in the form of consumer confidence and personal income, which saw the greenback sell off against its major counterparts. These figure gave the market a good insight with it showing that the consumer as not as confident as in previous months about the US

job market and the major decline in the US housing market. Apart from the weak economy, we will probably see a weak dollar due to the personnel change rumour in US Treasury. Adding into the bad performance in job market, Reuters/Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, ISM Manufacturing, ISM Prices Paid, and Construction Spending (MoM) all came out worse than the expectations. These will probably increase the economy growth concerns, hence the investors might move the assets either back into the dollar account or alternatively, into the Euro due to the Eurozoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s expected interest rate hike this month.

GBP - CAD = 1.55 GBP - NZD = 1.94 GBP - AUD = 1.51 GBP - ZAR = 10.87 GBP - HUF = 294.56 Information provided by RationalFX. None of the information on this page constitutes, nor should be construed as financial advice. The exchange rates used are the commercial foreign exchange rates provided by RationalFX. For a live quote or to find out more about how RationalFX can help you, call us on 0207 220 8181.


Pakistan-Bagladesh-sri lanka

Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Pak has 14,000 Kashmiris in reserve for war against India In focus

Washington: Pakistan is continuing the use of terrorist groups to protect its interests, a former militant commander has divulged, contradicting Islamabad's claims to the contrary and hopeful testimonials from Washington and New Delhi about Pakistan changing its policy and behavior. The unnamed militant said Pakistani generals have not given up the policy of nurturing terrorists. "That system was still functioning," he told the New York Times referring to the Pakistan military's training and protection of terrorists in an interview published on Monday.

"The government is not interested in eliminating them permanently," he said. "The Pakistani military establishment has become habituated to using proxies... There are two bodies running these affairs: mullahs and retired generals. These people have a very big role still." He also revealed that Pakistan has 12,000 to 14,000 fully trained Kashmiri fighters, scattered throughout various camps in Pakistan, and is "holding them in reserve to use if needed in a war against India". He said ISI continues to support even terrorist

groups that have turned against the government because the military still wants to keep them as tools for use against India. For instance, Pakistan could easily kill a militant leader like Hakimullah Mehsud but it chose not, he said, adding illustratively that he could do the job for Rs 20,000. "The account belies years of assurances by Pakistan to American officials... that it has ceased supporting militant groups in its territory," the paper said, pointing that US has given Pakistan more than $20 billion in aid over the past decade for its help with

Manmohan’s remarks create storm in Bangladesh New Delhi: Clearly stung by the fallout over his recent remarks on Bangladesh, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke to his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina late on Monday saying how much he looked forward to meeting her in September. This was soon after the government announced that Singh will pay an official visit to Bangladesh on September 6-7 this year. While it was always known that Singh would visit the neighbouring country this year, the timing of the announcement

Manmohan Singh

suggests that the government is still in damage control mode over Singh’s recent remark that 25% of the Bangladeshi population is anti-India because of its affiliation to the Jamaat-eIslami political party. Singh made the remark while interacting with editors in New Delhi. Singh’s

remarks on Bangladesh have created a storm in the neighbouring country. India’s high commissioner to Bangladesh, has been earlier summoned by the government in Dhaka to explain Singh’s remarks against Bangladeshis. In his conversation with Hasina, Singh conveyed how much he was looking forward to the visit and to renewing contact with his old friends there. “He said India attached the highest importance to relations with Bangladesh and a strong and productive partnership between the two countries.

counter-terrorism operations. The militant's account comes as an embarrassment to some officials in Islamabad, Washington, and New Delhi who are ginning up a narrative of Pakistan giving up its policy of using terrorist groups for its so-called strategic depth despite there being no evidence to back this. Over the weekend, India's foreign secretary Nirupama Rao, who is now the ambassador-designate to the US, told a TV channel that there is a change in Pakistan's attitude to tackling terrorism, and described it as a "concrete development".

30 killed in Taliban attack on Kabul hotel

Kabul: Nine Taliban suicide bombers penetrated several rings of security to lay siege to one of the capital's premier hotels for six hours overnight last week in one of the largest and most complex attacks in the capital. At least 30 people were killed, including all the attackers; one foreigner, a Spaniard; and two policemen. One witness said that the police failed to stop a man who obviously presented a threat: a man carrying weapons, dressed in a police uniform but with a white hat of the kind often favoured by religious Afghans and instead urged the witness to move away from the man, calling him a "bomber."

Pak abolishes religious minorities ministry

Islamabad: Pakistan has abolished the Federal Ministry for Religious Minorities. Akram Gill, Minister of State for Religious Minorities, confirmed this to Catholic Fides in what was the last day of his term. The Federal Ministry for religious minorities was created in 2008 by the newly elected government led by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), and the department had been entrusted to the Catholic Shabhaz Bhatti, killed in an attack on March 2, 2011.

Arrest warrant against Khaleda Zia's eldest son

Dhaka: A Bangladeshi court on Sunday issued arrest warrant against the fugitive eldest son of former premier Khaleda Zia and 17 others over a 2004 grenade attack on an Awami League rally that killed 24 people and injured some 300 people, including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The 46-year old Tarique Rahman, who is now in London on a government parole for treatment since 2008, has been indicted for abetting one of the worst political violence in the country in decades that led to severe injury to one of Hasina's ears.

Afghanistan militants attack checkpost in Pak Khar: At least 300 militants crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan and attacked a Pakistani checkpost, government and intelligence officials had said, it was the sixth cross-border attack in a month that has raised tensions between the neighbours. One Pakistani soldier was killed and another wounded in the late Sunday attack in the Pakistani tribal region of Bajaur, intelligence officials said. At least four militants were also killed in the fighting, they said. Pakistan says 56 members of the security forces have been killed and 81 wounded in a series of militant attacks from Afghanistan over the past month. d Afghan civilians.

Swiss couple abducted in Pak Quetta: Gunmen who kidnapped two Swiss tourists in a volatile southwestern Pakistani province have taken them to a neighbouring tribal area that was once a Taliban stronghold.The Swiss tourists, a man and a woman who were travelling through Baluchistan by car, were kidnapped by gunmen as they dined at a hotel in Lorali city. Officials in South Waziristan tribal area have been asked to keep an eye out for "suspicious elements". Tribesmen in both areas have also been asked for help.

Jihadis threaten to attack 9 key Pak installations


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Islamabad: A top Taliban commander has threatened to carry out attacks on nine more key installations in Pakistan similar to the strike on Mehran Naval Base in Karachi to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. "The revenge game has already been started from Pakistan. The attack on Mehran Naval Base in Karachi was the first in the line of 10 that Taliban has planned to avenge the death of bin Laden," Waliur Rehman, head of Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) in South Waziristan, said.

Pak funds school building in Sri Lanka Islamabad: The Pakistan government has sponsored the construction of a three-storied state-of-theart school building in Sri Lanka’s Gampaha district to support the education sector developmental drive of the Sri Lankan government. Pakistan High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Seema Ilahi Baloch handed over a cheque for the construction of building in Pasyala, Gampaha to the Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapakasa at the Sri Lankan Presidential Secretariat.


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


Divorce ceremonies pick up in Japan after disaster

In focus China opens world's longest sea bridge

Beijing: China has opened the world's longest cross-sea bridge. The Jiaozhou Bay bridge is 26 miles (42 km) long and links China's eastern port city of Qingdao to an offshore island, Huangdao. State-run CCTV says the 110foot (35-meter)-wide bridge is the longest of its kind and cost more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion). It has taken four years to build the bridge, which is supported by more than 5,000 pillars. According to Guinness World Records, the previous record holder for a bridge over water is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana. The Chinese bridge is more than 2.5 miles (4 km) longer.

1,000 hurt in Egypt clashes Cairo: A senior official says more than 1,000 people have been hurt in two days of clashes between police and protesters over demands that the country's military rulers speed up the prosecution of police officers accused of killing protesters early this year. The official Middle East News Agency quoted assistant health minister Abdul-Hameed Abazah as saying that of the injured, some 900 were treated on the spot and more than 120 admitted to hospital. The violence began in night at Cairo and was continuing with riot police firing in the air and using tear gas to disperse the protesters, who pelted them with rocks and firebombs.

US woman sprays police with breast milk Chicago: A lactating US woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she sprayed sheriff's deputies with breast milk as they tried to remove her from a vehicle, police said . Ohio-resident Stephanie Robinette, 30, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault linked to a domestic dispute, as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. It said Robinette's husband told authorities the pair had been attending a wedding when his wife got drunk and started a dispute.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train makes debut Beijing: High-speed trains linking China's two main cities Beijing and Shanghai make their commercial debut, a step seen as vital to ease pressures on the country's overloaded transport system. The $33 billion rail line, which has been operating on a trial basis since midMay, will halve the journey time to under five hours and could hurt airlines operating on the busy route plagued by delays and cancellations.

Tokyo: Ceremonies to celebrate divorces have gained momentum in Japan after the massive March earthquake and tsunami, followed by an ongoing nuclear crisis, caused unhappy couples to reassess their lives. The ceremony to mark a couple's transition to being single again costs 55,000 yen ($690), includes a buffet meal and culminates with the ritual smashing of their wedding rings with a gavel. Tomoharu Saito, who took

part in Tokyo with his wife Miki days before they were set to file for divorce, said crushing the rings felt cathartic. Designer Akiue Go said he created the dress with emphasis on the back for a specific reason. Hiroki Terai, a 31-yearold former salesman, spotted a gap in the market and pioneered the divorce ceremony two years ago. Since then, he's celebrated more than 80 breakups. Requests for the ceremony have tripled since the March 11 9.0 magni-

tude quake set off a massive tsunami. "The March 11 disaster made many couples rethink their priorities. Some found that work was a higher priority to them than family, and this helped people gain the confidence to decide on a divorce," Terai said. "Those who want an amicable divorce are doing these ceremonies." Miki Saito said the earthquake made her realize she wanted to be closer to her parents, who live in northeastern Japan in one

Brazil judge grants country's first gay marriage Sao Paulo: The first gay marriage was celebrated in Brazil after a court gave its blessing to the couple living together for eight years, local media said. Sergio Kauffman Sousa and Luiz Andre Moresi were wed at a family court in Jacarei, in the Sao Paulo state in southeast Brazil. On June 6, they had asked the court to convert their civil union, which was granted last May, into a marriage. With the marriage certificate in hand, Sousa and Moresi announced that they will ask for new identity documents with the same family name: Sousa Moresi. "Its an immense happiness. I keep trying to com-

prehend that this a historic moment. We have fought for years, and now that it has arrived, we are in ecstasy," Moresi said. The wedding is the first official same-sex marriage in Brazil. Since a Supreme Court decision on May 5, only same-sex civil unions had been recognized. The judge who awarded the marriage certificate, Fernando Henrique Pinto, based his decision on the Supreme Court's May ruling, as well as a UN Resolution passed

on June 17 designed to promote equal rights among all, regardless of sexual orientation. Pinto said the marriage certificate is a "guarantee" for the preservation of rights in the event of death of a spouse. He recommends that "all couples in stable relationships, gay or heterosexual, marry." "If there is an application for annulment of our marriage, we will take the case to the Supreme Court," said Kauffman Sergio Sousa. Elsewhere in Latina America, Argentina's first gay marriage was celebrated last July and Mexico's top court ruled last year that same-sex marriages were constitutional.

of the areas badly affected by the quake. "After the quake, my desire to go back and live with my parents grew stronger," she said. Guest Hiroko Tada was present for both the beginning and the end of the Saitos' marriage. "I'd say congratulations to the amicable divorce," she said. "I could have never imagined this day would come because I was at their wedding, but since they did break up, this is one of the best ways to do it."

Indian is Ozâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Young Victorian of the year Melbourne: A 24-yearold Indian student was awarded the Young Victorian of the year 2011 for his outstanding work to raise awareness on the issue of violence against the community members in Australia. Amit Menghani, who once led a rally of over 2,000 international students expressing their concern about spate of violent attacks against Indians, was given this award recently, according to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Ageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; report. Menghani is the president of federation of Indian students of Australia (FISA). He is an aerospace engineering graduate and migrated to Australia when he was 18.



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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

In divine light

Any quest ions writ e to m amta @thinkspalon By Mamta Saha


Self confidence is all you need!

This week we are focusing on how you can continue to feel great about yourself by being your own best friend. Firstly, you must stop relying on the approval of others to justify who you are, what you are and how you choose to live your life. When you use other peoples judgements of you as a barometer of your own self worth you are at their mercy. Humans have millions of opinions which mean they are prone to being fickle. No one knows you better then you. Know that it is impossible to make everyone happy and in your authentic pursuits to do this ultimately you become tired as energy is given to others rather then yourself. Revise your strengths and stand up tall. We all have faults, no one is perfect, and we know this. Build on sharpening you strengths and feel god about them. List 50 reasons why you are excellent, read this morning, day and night. See it and believe it, be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy. Read the truth about you and have the courage to believe, draw and trust

that it is true. If you struggle to do this, ask people you trust to help you. Ask them to tell you 5 things you are good at, and then list them down! Be clear on what and who you are. One creative way of defining you is by writing a commercial about yourself as if you were a brand. Make the choice to have confidence to discover your strengths. This helps you identify and capture your plus points in a fun way. Email us your commercial; the strongest most positive wins a prize! Make a note to yourself that when you change or try a new way of thinking about you, the vacuum created by your consciousness as it separates from the old to adapt to the new can be disorientating. The chaos that ensues cannot be prevented or ignored; it simply has to be lived through if you want to see and feel a positive change. It is up to you to analyse whether you are 100% happy with the way you are, or not. However, it is so important to trust, really trust that any upheavals we encounter happen for a good reason and come to

us to make us stronger. Crises are opportunities in disguise, don’t let them dent you confidence and erode your sense of self because you are all you have. The best way to deal with self doubt is through activity. What actions can you take to manoeuvre yourself out of this state of negativity and progress positively into a place of calm? Think about what is in your gift now, try to keep your thoughts and energy focused on the present. Looking far too forward or too far back will loose the structure needed to be confident. Develop your resilience and notice what you say to yourself and what you choose to take in from others, ensure you have the right energy around you. Watch the company you keep and be selective about whom you take advice from. Surround yourself with triggers of inspiration and strength. Draw from these sources to add to your pot of confidence and esteem. Interested in the next Think Spa Event in September? Contact me on Good Luck!

Bombay Brasserie pays tribute Adi Modi The management and the staff members paid rich tributes to late Adi Modi, former director of the Taj Hotels and driving force behind Bombay Brasserie restaurant. Brought to London in 1982 by the Taj Group, Adi foresaw the successful opening of Bombay Brasserie. Admired by many for his forward thinking, he brought quality Indian food into the realm of fine dining. Adi’s success can

Adi Modi

clearly be seen through the fact that his restaurant has remained fully booked for just under 30 years.

Daring to challenge the British way of thinking, many Indian restaurateurs credit his influence for making Indian cuisine what it is in Britain today. Arun Harnal, Director of Operations said, “Adi will be badly missed. He was an incredible and humble man with a true passion for Indian food. His contribution to Indian restaurants and hotels will always be widely acknowledged and appreciated.”

Another treasure trove at Sathya Sai Baba abode

Cartoon: Jami

ger Astrolo

……..I have come here …….of course to know the future of Lokpal Bill !!!!!!!!

Skeletons continued to tumble out of Prashanti Nilayam with the Anantapur district authorities on Saturday seizing gold, silver, diamond ornaments worth Rs 76,89,000 from Yajur Mandir, the abode of Satya Sai Baba who passed away on April 24 this year. Anantapur joint collector Anita Ramachandran said that the precious metals and other items were seized during an inspection. “I inspected four rooms in Yajur Mandir and found large number of silverware, gold ornaments, a diamond ring, costly watches, silk robes of the Baba, silk saris and pens,” Ramachandran said.

By Rajen Vakil

The Transformation of Nala

(Countinued from last week)

The three of them then continued their journey and just before sunrise, they entered the city of Kundinpur, the capital of Vidharbha. As the horses entered they made a roaring sound and Bahuka sounded his conch shell. Damayanti who was sitting in her palace heard the sounds and recognised that they could only be Nala’s. She saw the chariot being driven by Bahuka who had the appearance of a dwarf. Damayanti then sent her maid, Keshini, to the stables to inquire who the dwarf was. This sending of the maid Keshini is very significant. The word ‘kesh’ also has the root ‘klesha’ or that which is the seed of suffering. The sending of Keshini means the time has come for Nala to be free of suffering. Patanjali says that by removing the seeds of suffering called ‘klesha’, the soul is freed from bondage. Keshini came and asked many questions of Bahuka, but he still wanted to learn the truth behind why Damayanti was marrying again, and so he did not reveal himself as Nala. Then she went back and reported everything to Damayanti. She also told her that the dwarf had cooked a meal. Damayanti told her to go back and when Bahuka was not looking, to bring some of

the food. Keshini did this and the minute Damayanti tasted the food, she knew that this Bahuka was definitely Nala. She then sent her two children to the stables and when Bahuka saw his children, he broke down and started caressing them. He then, with the two children, went to Damayanti’s palace and asked her why she was marrying again. When she told him that it was just a trick to make him reveal himself, Nala put on the cloth which the snake Karkotaka had given him and assumed his original form. He then recounted to Damayanti all that had happened and how Kali had entered his body and controlled him. They then went to meet Damayanti’s father, the king. He gave Nala a lot of wealth. Nala went to

his kingdom and challenged his brother Pushkar to a game of dice. Seeing his newly acquired wealth Pushkar agreed. This time Nala won back his kingdom and all his wealth. He gave a part of the kingdom to his brother and told him to live in peace and rule justly. Nala and Damayanti then lived happily in their kingdom for more than a thousand years. In this story we see how a student can rise in consciousness and acquire the power called Damayanti. This is called ‘Dharna Shakti’. After hearing the story from the rishi, Yudhisthira’s pain and suffering was lessened. He tells the rishi that the story has elevated him from the suffering he was going through. In this story, we learn how the soul can use suffering to create the fires of austerity and tapas. This fire then burns the impurities that go to form our lower psychic nature. This allows the student to open both his higher faculties and his perception changes, allowing him to see and live the supreme truth. The author can be reached by emailing (Edited by Chintu Gandhi)

All past articles on the Mahabharata can be accessed from or from

Pushing boundaries By Amo Kalar

Sour milk in fridges Take a young Indian child, add a strict upbringing, pepper with long nights of revision, TV-free evenings, a focus on a scientific education and bake for three years at a university within walking distance of home. You have the perfect recipe for a professional member of our emerging south asian middle class in the UK. The figures are revealing and show how much progress we, or more specifically our parents, have made. The 22% of south asian 21-30 year olds paying the 50 per cent rate of income tax is no small feat.And these things matter, because they haven't been without struggles. In my case, the long hours in a burning foundry, the racist abuse from paki-bashers in the aforementioned corner shop. In my wife's, the punches from disgruntled patients aimed at her turbanned father GP who couldn't possibly be as good his neighbouring English counterpart. I have often been told, confirmed in the book 'Starter for Ten', that the real measure of middle class aspiration is not how much you earn, but the extent to which you tolerate in turn, sourness in your fridge contents, the UK as a holiday destination and your childrens' gap years and careers. I ask you, especially young readers,

to go out and test this hypothesis. The final two strands of the theory are in all seriousness of the most interest;many of you will be making decisions at this time about the kinds of education and future careers you wish to pursue. I would submit that there is still, although to a lesser extent than was previously the case , an inclination for our young adults to be steered away from arts and literature and towards safer careers such as medicine, law and the sciences. As my mother in law often tells me, the smart parent has a doctor, accountant and lawyer in their family at ready disposal. This had lead, save for the brightest stars such as Satnam Sanghera, Riz Ahmed, and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a relative dearth of interest at the second generation level in pursuing arts, literature and journalism as career paths. From the cultural offspring of luminaries such as Tagore, Khushwant Singh and Gulzar to name but very few, this to me is a real missed opportunity. The real test of a community's progress, therefore, is having the confidence to enjoy its own success. To move away from the focus on 'safe' educations and careers, and pursue dangerous literary and artistic choices. We may be able to pass on the sour milk!


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

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8T 8EBED9 &;E@*I .SR-:O #9 >*Y#&$7*> 7= #W3#7* T=5 EYY =W 7$#9 E59<#@#=59 =@@E99#=WG A[+C<X H 6$E;#=7 K;=@*99#=W ?[+C<X H 8$E"EW9 BT ;*W=1W*> E;7#979 )[CC<X H 4E$# SEW># F U=<EY PEYE (/4 ,7@A#!4 $%@ 2%4@7?4?4C 7 6?8@>!# %" 6?9;. 1!' "!>?@. CA## ?B A>4C 7!!%>41 )*-3* "##@ A?CA ?4 @A# 7?! :?@A A#9$ %" 7 !%$#+ <?9=#! 2%?4B 7!# A>4C 79%4C @A# !%$#. :A?2A 7!# 97@#! 1?B@!?5>@#1 7B $?!&# @% @A# :?44#!B+0

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Telangana issue haunts Manmohan govt again Continued from page 1 All the employees of the mines, spread over four districts, held protests. All educational institutions remained closed in Hyderabad and nine other districts. Osmania University, Kakatiya University and Acharya N.G. Ranga Agriculture University cancelled the examinations scheduled for two days. The gathering storm prompted the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs - after urgent discus-

sions on Monday - to recommend repeal of a clause in a 1975 presidential order, a move that will provide preferential employment in police for Telangana residents in Hyderabad zone. The Centre’s move could be intended to indicate the government does not have a closed mind on Telangana, but Congress MPs saw it as a result of pressure exerted by the resignations and the bandh call. It is a “welcome” step, but full statehood is nonnegotiable, summed up

their mood. The Telangana momentum, driven by ground level sentiment, prodded Congress Rajya Sabha MP Keshav Rao and nine Lok Sabha members to quit their seats. As many as 39 Congress MLAs, including 11 ministers, and 34 TDP MLAs resigned from the Andhra Pradesh assembly, delivering a hard blow to the Kiran Reddy government. Although the resignations of the MLAs and MPs have not been accepted, the emotive issue is on the boil again.

Continued from page 1 What they saw inside was startling, sources said. Gold coins dating back thousands of years, gold necklaces as long as nine feet and weighing about 2.5 kg, about one tonne of the yellow metal in the shape of rice trinkets, sticks made of the yellow metal, sack full of diamonds, gold ropes, thousands of pieces of antique jewellery studded with diamonds and emeralds, crowns and other precious stones lay scattered in the chamber marked 'A'. More surprises were thrown when treasure in

the form of 17 kg of gold coins dating back to the East India Company period, 18 coins from Napolean's era, precious stones wrapped in silk bundles besides over 1,000 kg of gold in the form of coins and trinkets and a small elephant made of the yellow metal were found. There were also sovereigns bearing the 1772 seal indicating they were from the reign of the then native king Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma. There are a total of six vaults marked A to F in the shrine. The A and B cellars have never

opened since 1872. Reports said the value of the recoveries so far may exceed over Rs 1,000 billion. This doesn't take into account their antique value. With chamber B, yet to be opened, speculation was rife that the shrine would pip Tirupati Balaji, who too has been assessed at a little more. Retired Kerala high court judges - Justice M N Krishnan and Justice C S Rajan - appointed observers by the Supreme Court said, ''It's difficult to give an exact date about when the stock-taking would be completed.''

`1,000 bn treasure found in Kerala temple

Adopting children Continued from page 4 • abused children taken out of their homes should live with prospective adoptive parents right away, rather than wait for years in care for their fate to be decided; • pregnant women or girls who are unlikely to be able to raise a child because of drug addiction or chaotic lives should be offered adoption as a “third option” to abortion or bringing the child up themselves; • members of the extended family should no longer be exhaustively assessed or automatically considered the best possible option for an abused or neglected child;

• local authorities, who run adoption services, should be ranked each year on their performance to highlight the worst performers. Although Mr Narey found pockets of imaginative and innovative practice during his research, where local authorities acted swiftly and with determination to maximise the number of children being adopted, he also found major obstacles. Among them were: • social workers and judges in a “hopelessly slow” system who failed to understand that under the law the rights of children always outweigh those of their parents; • a system where misunder-

standings about decades of academic research on “attachment” between children and their mothers have turned professionals against adoption; • an ideological antipathy towards adoption among social workers, often based on misguided optimism that neglectful parents can change their ways if only they are given enough help. Few famous people who were adopted Apple chief Steve Jobs, TV host Lorraine Pascale, actress Lynda Bellingham, athlete Fatima Whitbread, actor John Nettles and singer Debbie Harry, city chief Lord Myners, journalist Kate Adie and actor George Cole.

Right to Appeal Petition We, the undersigned believe that the government's plan to scrap the Right to Appeal is absolutely unfair and cannot be justified on any ground. Our relatives residing in different corners of the world visit us for important family events like weddings, funerals etc. Due to the incompetency reflected in the Home Office's decision-making process, the Right to Appeal is a necessity. The right helps ensure that no one is wrongly rejected from visiting their family in the UK. This measure would simply lead to unnecessary tension, discontent and drift in the Asian community. Hence we request you to take into account the significant importance of retaining the Right to Appeal whilst considering the damaging outcomes if the proposed government plan is passed. Readers of Asian Voice are asked to add their names to this petition by emailing with their details. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Address with postal code & phone number


By Spriha Srivastava

Seen the Rumours?

AKS Performing Arts, a group of London-based amateur artists who miraculously find time and energy despite their heavy duty day jobs as bankers, consultants and so on, launched their summer production last weekend and left everyone spellbound. Based on Neil Simon’s ‘Rumours’, the two performances over the weekend was a farce on high society glamour, pretentious politics and the inevitable philanderers of the upper crust who expertly craft, exchange and spread rumours. Set in London, the play is centered on a party to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of a prominent government official Charlie and his wife Vivian. However, as guests arrive one by one, they discover that Charlie has been shot; Vivian and the

domestic helps are missing. It is now upon the guests to cover up the situation since none of the high profile guests present wish to be involved in a

scandal. The play keeps you hooked on till the end when you it leaves the audience wondering as to what exactly happened. Directed by Ali Khan, the cast of the play included Nidhi Kumra, Heteash Chowdhury, Neha Jain, Ankur Chopra, Darshini Shah, Herschel Pant, Charan Singh & Dina Rana. One could see that

immense efforts had been made by the artists to put up this performance and the packed hall at Rudolph Steiner was an example of how much people enjoyed the performance. There were great performances from everyone, especially Ankur Chopra who played Leonard and later acted as Charlie, giving the explanation to the police, towards the end of the second act. His lengthy speech won a round of applause continuously from the audience and he finished the task brilliantly. Overall the play was a hit among the audiences who left the hall discussing and reasoning the ending with each other. What a wonderful way to end the play, leaving the audiences bewildered and speechless. Guess one can say - mission accomplished.

With two new releases last weekend, Bollywood once again proved its changing trend in cinemas today. Both the movies belong to totally different genres and it is not right to compare their success. While one is a mainstream cinema with action, romance, thriller and emotions; the other is an off-beat kind of cinema with a new kind of humour, suitable only for certain audiences. While many have criticised Delhi Belly for being offensive due to the use of slangs and a couple of

scenes not suitable for Indian audiences, the overall structure of the film is like any other bollywood masala film. What hooks you till the end is plain and simple humour and in many places, a sense of familiarity with the modern day youth. Imran Khan has done a brilliant job, along with Vir Das and Kunaal Roy Kapoor. A surprise to my eyes was Aamir Khan’s item number in the end which left me amazed at the versatility of the actor. M e a n w h i l e ,

Bbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap celebrates Big B’s 42 years of contribution to the Indian cinema. While the movie has his famous dialogues like “Hum jahan khade hote hai line wahin se shuru hoti hai” it also has a mixed rap of his famous numbers like “pag ghungroo” and “rang barse.” The movie shows that while Amitabh Bachchan is a legend to whom the younger generation of actors look up to, but at the same time he very well qualifies as their contemporary too.

The DSC Jaipur Literature Festival is all set to enthrall literary enthusiasts from January 20-24, 2012. As always, the annual festival will be held at the heritage property Diggi Palace in Jaipur, and promises to live up to its claim of being a celebration of national and international writing, encompassing a wide range of activities including debates, discus-

sions, readings, music, theatre workshops and film screenings. The festival will play host to over 130 authors from across the globe. Some of the prominent authors who have confirmed their participation are Ben Okri, David Hare, David Remnick, David Shulman, Deepak Chopra, Diana Eck, Fatima Bhutto, Hari Kunzru, Jamaica

Kincaid, James Schapiro, Jason Burke, Jatin Nayak, Mahesh Dattani, Mohamed Hanif, Pankaj Mishra, Purshotam Agarwal, Rabi Thapa, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Tahmima Anam, Thant Mynt-U and Zoe Heller. The Directors of the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival are William Dalrymple and Namita Gokhale.

Bbuddah and Delhi Belly

Jaipur Literature Festival in 2012

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

Telangana issue haunts Manmohan govt again Continued from page 1 All the employees of the mines, spread over four districts, held protests. All educational institutions remained closed in Hyderabad and nine other districts. Osmania University, Kakatiya University and Acharya N.G. Ranga Agriculture University cancelled the examinations scheduled for two days. The gathering storm prompted the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs - after urgent discus-

sions on Monday - to recommend repeal of a clause in a 1975 presidential order, a move that will provide preferential employment in police for Telangana residents in Hyderabad zone. The Centre’s move could be intended to indicate the government does not have a closed mind on Telangana, but Congress MPs saw it as a result of pressure exerted by the resignations and the bandh call. It is a “welcome” step, but full statehood is nonnegotiable, summed up

their mood. The Telangana momentum, driven by ground level sentiment, prodded Congress Rajya Sabha MP Keshav Rao and nine Lok Sabha members to quit their seats. As many as 39 Congress MLAs, including 11 ministers, and 34 TDP MLAs resigned from the Andhra Pradesh assembly, delivering a hard blow to the Kiran Reddy government. Although the resignations of the MLAs and MPs have not been accepted, the emotive issue is on the boil again.

`1,000 bn treasure found in Kerala temple Continued from page 1 What they saw inside was startling, sources said. Gold coins dating back thousands of years, gold necklaces as long as nine feet and weighing about 2.5 kg, about one tonne of the yellow metal in the shape of rice trinkets, sticks made of the yellow metal, sack full of diamonds, gold ropes, thousands of pieces of antique jewellery studded with diamonds and emeralds, crowns and other precious stones lay scattered in the chamber marked 'A'. More surprises were thrown when treasure in

the form of 17 kg of gold coins dating back to the East India Company period, 18 coins from Napolean's era, precious stones wrapped in silk bundles besides over 1,000 kg of gold in the form of coins and trinkets and a small elephant made of the yellow metal were found. There were also sovereigns bearing the 1772 seal indicating they were from the reign of the then native king Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma. There are a total of six vaults marked A to F in the shrine. The A and B cellars have never

opened since 1872. Reports said the value of the recoveries so far may exceed over Rs 1,000 billion. This doesn't take into account their antique value. With chamber B, yet to be opened, speculation was rife that the shrine would pip Tirupati Balaji, who too has been assessed at a little more. Retired Kerala high court judges - Justice M N Krishnan and Justice C S Rajan - appointed observers by the Supreme Court said, ''It's difficult to give an exact date about when the stock-taking would be completed.''

Adopting children Continued from page 4 • abused children taken out of their homes should live with prospective adoptive parents right away, rather than wait for years in care for their fate to be decided; • pregnant women or girls who are unlikely to be able to raise a child because of drug addiction or chaotic lives should be offered adoption as a “third option” to abortion or bringing the child up themselves; • members of the extended family should no longer be exhaustively assessed or automatically considered the best possible option for an abused or neglected child;

• local authorities, who run adoption services, should be ranked each year on their performance to highlight the worst performers. Although Mr Narey found pockets of imaginative and innovative practice during his research, where local authorities acted swiftly and with determination to maximise the number of children being adopted, he also found major obstacles. Among them were: • social workers and judges in a “hopelessly slow” system who failed to understand that under the law the rights of children always outweigh those of their parents; • a system where misunder-

standings about decades of academic research on “attachment” between children and their mothers have turned professionals against adoption; • an ideological antipathy towards adoption among social workers, often based on misguided optimism that neglectful parents can change their ways if only they are given enough help. Few famous people who were adopted Apple chief Steve Jobs, TV host Lorraine Pascale, actress Lynda Bellingham, athlete Fatima Whitbread, actor John Nettles and singer Debbie Harry, city chief Lord Myners, journalist Kate Adie and actor George Cole.

Right to Appeal Petition We, the undersigned believe that the government's plan to scrap the Right to Appeal is absolutely unfair and cannot be justified on any ground. Our relatives residing in different corners of the world visit us for important family events like weddings, funerals etc. Due to the incompetency reflected in the Home Office's decision-making process, the Right to Appeal is a necessity. The right helps ensure that no one is wrongly rejected from visiting their family in the UK. This measure would simply lead to unnecessary tension, discontent and drift in the Asian community. Hence we request you to take into account the significant importance of retaining the Right to Appeal whilst considering the damaging outcomes if the proposed government plan is passed. Readers of Asian Voice are asked to add their names to this petition by emailing with their details. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Address with postal code & phone number


By Spriha Srivastava

Seen the Rumours? AKS Performing Arts, a group of London-based amateur artists who miraculously find time and energy despite their heavy duty day jobs as bankers, consultants and so on, launched their summer production last weekend and left everyone spellbound. Based on Neil Simon’s ‘Rumours’, the two performances over the weekend was a farce on high society glamour, pretentious politics and the inevitable philanderers of the upper crust who expertly craft, exchange and spread rumours. Set in London, the play is centered on a party to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of a prominent government official Charlie and his wife Vivian. However, as guests arrive one by one, they discover that Charlie has been shot; Vivian and

scandal. The play keeps you hooked on till the end when you it leaves the audience wondering as to what exactly happened. Directed by Ali Khan, the cast of the play included Nidhi Kumra, Heteash Chowdhury, Neha Jain, Ankur Chopra, Darshini Shah, Herschel Pant, Charan Singh & Dina Rana. One could see that

immense efforts had been made by the artists to put up this performance and the packed hall at Rudolph Steiner was an example of how much people enjoyed the performance. There were great performances from everyone, especially Ankur Chopra who played Leonard and later acted as Charlie, giving the explanation to the police, towards the end of the second act. His lengthy speech won a round of applause continuously from the audience and he finished the task brilliantly. Overall the play was a hit among the audiences who left the hall discussing and reasoning the ending with each other. What a wonderful way to end the play, leaving the audiences bewildered and speechless. Guess one can say - mission accomplished.

With two new releases last weekend, Bollywood once again proved its changing trend in cinemas today. Both the movies belong to totally different genres and it is not right to compare their success. While one is a mainstream cinema with action, romance, thriller and emotions; the other is an off-beat kind of cinema with a new kind of humour, suitable only for certain audiences. While many have criticised Delhi Belly for being offensive due to the use of slangs and a couple of

scenes not suitable for Indian audiences, the overall structure of the film is like any other bollywood masala film. What hooks you till the end is plain and simple humour and in many places, a sense of familiarity with the modern day youth. Imran Khan has done a brilliant job, along with Vir Das and Kunaal Roy Kapoor. A surprise to my eyes was Aamir Khan’s item number in the end which left me amazed at the versatility of the actor. M e a n w h i l e ,

Bbuddah...Hoga Tera Baap celebrates Big B’s 42 years of contribution to the Indian cinema. While the movie has his famous dialogues like “Hum jahan khade hote hai line wahin se shuru hoti hai” it also has a mixed rap of his famous numbers like “pag ghungroo” and “rang barse.” The movie shows that while Amitabh Bachchan is a legend to whom the younger generation of actors look up to, but at the same time he very well qualifies as their contemporary too.

The DSC Jaipur Literature Festival is all set to enthrall literary enthusiasts from January 20-24, 2012. As always, the annual festival will be held at the heritage property Diggi Palace in Jaipur, and promises to live up to its claim of being a celebration of national and international writing, encompassing a wide range of activities including

debates, discussions, readings, music, theatre workshops and film screenings. The festival will play host to over 130 authors from across the globe. Some of the prominent authors who have confirmed their participation are Ben Okri, David Hare, David Remnick, David Shulman, Deepak Chopra, Diana Eck, Fatima Bhutto, Hari Kunzru, Jamaica

Kincaid, James Schapiro, Jason Burke, Jatin Nayak, Mahesh Dattani, Mohamed Hanif, Pankaj Mishra, Purshotam Agarwal, Rabi Thapa, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Tahmima Anam, Thant Mynt-U and Zoe Heller. The Directors of the DSC Jaipur Literature Festival are William Dalrymple and Namita Gokhale.

the domestic helps are missing. It is now upon the guests to cover up the situation since none of the high profile guests present wish to be involved in a

Bbuddah and Delhi Belly

Jaipur Literature Festival in 2012

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


Testimonial: MR. DILIP PATEL (VICE PRESIDENT) (RICHMOND NAGRIK MANDAL- LONDON) I Can say Mr. Nitin Upadhyay (Astrologer) (Shashtri Nitin Jyotish) is very good world famous Astrologer and He comes to give the Astrology Program on TV and to give nice guidance to every one people. I know he has a god gift to see Astrology and his father is an Astrologer too. and his grad father was an Astrologer too. ARIES – THEY HAVE TO WEAR (MANGAL STONE) The people of Aries zodiac sign are characterized by warmth of feeling and passionate but still they act with haste or in a hurry during love making or sexual relationships. Arians get quickly aroused and are always forceful in their approach for they pursue their quarry in severity or strictness. They exhibit their full energy and soul in chasing for they find it very exciting than surrender. The people belonging to this Aries zodiac sign cannot take the partners being too dependent on them though they are supposed to be possessive and protective towards loved one. Though they are successful in making love they are known to loose their interest quickly and are poor in handling relationships and for the same partnerships are often short lived. TAURUS – THEY HAVE TO WEAR (DIMOND STONE) Taureans are very slow and deliberate in forming attachments but once established they make successful pairs with a dedicated loyalty & endearment. Taurus are not the flirty kind in nature and don't jump onto from one partner to another. Though they are very satisfied in a happy family bonding and they become more habitual and rigid.They are considered to be unadventurous by the other partners for they love to get back from work, eat supper and relax watching TV all night rather than exploring in love. The opposite mate eventually find this behaviour unacceptable and try to nudge the Taurean out of their chair.Taureans are not the people who look for variety.Taureans of both sex need a great deal of good and earthy sexual bonding to get them through life inspite of them being very sensual. GEMINI – THEY HAVE TO WEAR (BUDH STONE) The people who belong to Gemini usually express their love through speech and mental activity because it is ruled by the planet Mercury. They mainly get attracted by the communicative skills of the other sex and that is the point where they fall in love.Geminians get excited by sexy languages like love poems and erotic tales. Though the Geminians are not very much concerned with love matters, they look very attractive and can be pursued constantly by admirers. Initially they turn their back to the lovers but later the more bestowed the he or she becomes. The people of this particular zodiac sign gets easily catalyzed by change and variety within a relationship and often blamed for being flirty and unfaithfull. CANCERIAN – THEY HAVE TO WEAR (CHANDRA STONE) Cancerians are very faithful people and if they fall in love it is pure & wholehearted in nature.Cancer at times are reserved, moody and difficult to study them.They get turned to caring and loving words, big hugs and also by praising, as how good they are. Though occasionally they become dependent on the other partner, most of the time their love of nurturing may lead them to act like a parent.The Cancerians seems very good when there is a mutual exchange of love between both the partners but when it turns to be from only one side and if loyality is lost in the Cancerian partner then they become impenetrable, vindictive and callous. LEO – THEY HAVE TO WEAR (SURYA STONE) The heart is the centre of love and is ruled by the sign Leo. Leos love is exhibited in the most purest and giving form. They are committed very much towards the love and don't reserve it but instead love wholeheartedly. The people belonging to this sign feel very bad when their partners let them down in any way. Leos consider their partners not to be faithful or loyal when the other partner fails to adore or respect them, even if the fault is on the Leos. They never understand that the partners will not be able to show unconditional love constantly and that's when their egocentric nature of them pops out and spoil the relationship and it is a sorry sight indeed. VIRGOANS – THEY HAVE TO WEAR (BUDH STONE) Astrologically the nature of this earth sign is said to be cold, unaffectionate, and lacking in sexual desire. For Virgo though at times it is said to be true, it is often a hidden cover for inherent sensuality. The earth signs are supposed to have strong magnetic contact with their partners. Unfortunately many Virgoans are secretly ashamed of their desires and brush them to one side. But as they become old they realize that there is no need to be ashamed of sex as a demonstration of love.


Demand to restore direct flights to US, UK Restoration of direct international flights from Ahmedabad to US, UK and other countries have always been in demand. On Monday, in the half-yearly meeting of the Airport Advisory committee, its members including Member of Parliament Harin Pathak asked for the same, he asked for restoration of direct International

Harin Pathak & Maya Kodnani

flights from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport , Ahmedabad. Pathak said passengers are forced to take their flights either via

Delhi or Mumbai. He said the construction of international terminal and some other facilities have already cost over Rs400 crore. However, he added that the money would be a waste if the facilities are not used. The committee has been constituted to advise airport management over the issues pertaining to passenger's facilitation and

airport development among others. Apart from Pathak, the meeting was also attended by the former Woman and Child Welfare minister Maya Kodnani. During the meeting, airport officials revealed some developments that are on the anvil like the installation of Common User Terminal Equipment system at domestic terminals.

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Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011

This week in CB Live renowned entrepreneur, well known philanthropist and upright British national Muslim Lord G K Noon will speak to CB Patel, Publisher/Editor of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar. Comedy Trio Nirav Mehta, Gopal Barot, Vijay Raval will entertain the viewers with their jokes. They will be accompanied by organiser Pankaj Sodha.

Sneh Joshi - 020 8518 5500

If you do not have a SKY, go to and watch CB Live on TVU Player Channel 75203

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Only on CB Live - MATV Sky 793 - Thursday 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Coming Events l Rabindranath Tagore and Dartington: a Documentary Exhibition July 2-10, 2011, 11am – 7pm weekdays, 11am-6pm weekends. M.P. Birla Millennium Art Gallery, The Bhavan Centre, London W14 9HE,, Nearest Station: West Kensington, Barons Court

l Mare Kone Kahevu? at At Patidar Samaj Hall, Tooting, London SW17 0RG A Show of this Gujarati Drama which is produced by Bhartiya Bhavan, 6.30PM, Saturday 16 July 2011. Patodar samaj Hall, Tooting Tickets: £15, £10 and £8. Contact: 020 8977 8223.

l Hanuman Chalisa, Saturday 9th July, 6pm-11pm, Byron Hall, Harrow Leisure Centre, HA3 5BD, 6pm to 7:30pm. Contact Sharad: 079676 738 671.

l Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP. Contact: Tel. +44(0)20 7307 5454 - Asia House Asian Tea Tasting Workshop with the East India Company

l Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Association of London(Shital) celebrates Guru Poornima Festival, on Friday 15th July 2011, Barham Park, Sudbury Town, HA0 2HD.Time: 1.30-4.30pm.

- Thursday 14 Jul, 2011 11:00 AM Asia House Markets & Economics Briefing on recent macro-economic environment for investment in Indonesia with Mr Budi Mulya, Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia

l Pickfords which is being broadcasted on Channel 5 on Wednesday 6th July at 8 pm. This is the first of six programmes. l Guru Purnima 15th July, Children's Bhajan program: Sunday 24th July, Jalaram mandir, Greenford

- Friday 15 Jul, 2011 3:00 PM Indian Bridal Makeup Workshop with Leylah Friday 15 Jul, 2011 6:00 PM

l Ekta project (Newham)- Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness 11 July 11-4pm. Contact: 020 8514 522, Forest Gate E7 9AB

If you are organising any Guru Purnima event or any event for your community, email us at to list in Asian Voice.

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Although all kinds of opportunities are coming your way, there are many obstacles between you and the fulfilment of any of these. As you clear your path you will get closer to achieving your dreams. Relationships and romance are both under scrutiny by the presence of Saturn in your 7th house.

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20

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TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 It’s an exciting, expansive time, when you should find it easier to be who you are and do what you want. This is a tremendously exciting time for you, in which you can embrace changes you might not even consider at other times. You’re likely to find yourself weighing practical considerations with long–term goals. GEMINI May 22 - June 22 Saturn continues its journey through the sign Libra, lending its support for you to redefine your sense of self-worth. You’re likely to find yourself doing a lot of thinking about both new and existing partnerships, and maybe toing and froing in one relationship in particular.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22 Don't be afraid to act forcefully if your instinct tells you it's time for change. If you know your ground and are not afraid to stick your neck out, you can create your own opportunities. Besides spending more time tending to domestic affairs, the focus can be on cultivating and nourishing your inner foundations, so to speak. LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23 There is an element of disruption or stress which may be hard to avoid, but it appears that there is a strong sense of purpose in the background. A certain amount of sheer hard graft will be necessary for a short while, but the final result will be extremely pleasing. An exchange of opinions ought to prove very enlivening at this time. The prevailing cosmic pattern packs a powerful punch early this week. Having such potent energies, make you feel positive and confident in whatever you do. This is not the time to hold back or underestimate your potential if you wish to further an important aim. Some of you will try to get away from the routine chores.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is transiting your partnership sector. You have plenty of romantic options. Financially you are still not out of the woods as Saturn is transiting your sign. At work you will experience a relaxed atmosphere and this will help you to get on with everyone around you.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22 Don't get over- anxious if you feel that you're being kept in the dark. You will probably find that worries have been unfounded. Although you may be faced with a difficult decision concerning your career or employment, this is not the time to hide. Don't waste time if you can improve matters. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

A tremendous amount of planetary activity in your chart signals a time of mixed emotions as well as personal issues to be dealt with. Take time out to sort out emotional differences. The decisions you make now will be important for the path you take. You should adopt a new health regime too.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

Not only will the general pace of everyday life gather a speedier momentum but there are liable to b a few unforeseen problems along the way. It is only if you try to cram too much into the day that you will come a cropper or damage your health, so be warned. Be prepared to shoulder certain responsibilities.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 Give yourself plenty of physical outlets to drain off some of the excess mental stimulation. This will have a beneficial effect on your physical and psychological well-being. Try to srike a balance between material and emotional affairs !This is a good time to get away from usual routines and seek a retreat for a few days. PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 There’s a sparkle to your social life and much enjoyment is to be had simply from being in touch with other people. You’re likely to receive insights into where everything is going in your life. Venus, the planet of love and romance throws a pleasing light on affairs of the heart. Existing emotional differences can be easily sorted out now.


Asian Voice - Saturday 9th July 2011


Fashion Show and felicitation function by Senior Ladies of North London Lohana Samaj Setting an example of “retired but not tired,” senior ladies in the age group of 60 to 80 had organised a unique event at VIP Banquet Hall of Edgware. The function was meant for seniors but do not mistake it as one another Bhajan-Satsang get-together. Infact it was a Fashion show of old and young, where 22 senior mothers walked the ramp with their young daughters in style of professional catwalk, thus setting a good example of ageing gracefully. The best part was that they all had decked up in original Rajwadi jewellery of Jaipur. The event was to celebrate the completion of 15 years of North London Lohana Social Centre for Senior Ladies, where conveyor and organiser Kokiben Vasani with support from other ladies of the organisation made the event a huge success. Secretary Vinodbhai Thakrar began the show with a warm welcome followed by encouraging speech by President Janubhai Kotecha. It was graced by two daughters of Lohana community who are making India proud Baroness Shriti Vadera and Ugandan High Commissioner for IndiaSouth Asia - Nimisha Madhwani who had been

was honoured with an MBE by the Queen. She added that this celebration on the day of diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth was a privilege. Janubhai Kotecha, Nimisha Madhwani, Baroness Shriti Vadera, Kokiben vasani And reminded what Prince and other members of Lohana Senior Ladies, North London Charles had s a i d , the chief guest. Getting "Ugandan Asians have nostalgic, Baroness Shriti strengthened the economy Vadera said, “At this of Britain”. moment, I feel very proud Kokiben Vasani, of my roots, and am still Taraben Radia and remembering my childPushpaben Raja honoured hood that was spend in Janubhai Kotecha with Jinja-Uganda. It was a surmomentos. Others like prise when I met Shukesi Kumudben Dhamecha, Thakkar, my old school Vijayaben Suchak, friend here. High Bhadraben Ghelani, Commissioner Nimisha Manjuben Sodha, Madhwani was delighted Induben Nathwani, at seeing mothers and Champaben Rajani, daughters walking the Manjuben Kesani, ramp together. She said, Hansaben Tanna, “Though I serve as Sudhaben Chandarana, Ugandan High Kamlaben Kotak, Taraben Commissioner I have not C h a n d a r a n a , forgotten my origin and Maheshwariben Kotecha, culture. I have not forgotDamyantiben Ghelani, ten Gujarati language and Nirmalaben Jobanputra am strictly vegetarian even honoured Dhanjibhai now. She expressed happiTanna with momentos by ness to see Kokiben Vasani ex-President of LCNL who was an activist in Pratimaben Lakhani and Uganda as well as now in Amitbhai Khodidas the UK. She also appreciDhamecha. Kokiben ated lady President Vasani thanked all the lady Pannaben Raja as UK members of the organisaLohana community and tion for making this event Urmilaben Thakkar who a huge success.

The Migration Museum Project is an exciting new venture which aims to create Britain’s first major Museum of Migration. A group of volunteers has been formed under the leadership of Barbara Roche, former Minister for Immigration, and scoping research has been completed, published by IPPR. The Project has a new website at and is calling for entries to a groundbreaking “100 Images of Migration” competition in conjunction with the Guardian newspaper. Immigration is an old story, yet still one waiting to be told. Without migration we would lose Ritz, Schweppes, Brunel and Selfridge. We could lay no claim to Eliot, Conrad, Naipaul or Brendel; and would not

have Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Dollond and Aitcheson, Triumph, ICI, Warburg or Rothschild. We would not have pizzas and pastas, curries and spring rolls, kebabs and oxtail soup. And who would we cheer without our thousands of migrant sports stars?

Tell them what migrants did




100 Images of Migration Competition Everyone is invited to participate in this competition. Upload an image that says something about migration with a short explanation of what the image means to you. Images might feature something very personal like an object, item of clothing, even a recipe that your or your family members brought to the UK, or something that that was left behind. The


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competition runs until 15th July 2011 and images can be uploaded via the Guardian article at k/society/2011/may/04/m igration-museum-photography-competition or the Migration Museum Project website.

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Summer fun

Are you looking forward to the end of school term? Like many parents if you are dreading the weeks of mayhem ahead, you may want to start planning some summer fun now. I was talking to some parents recently about ideas for the summer and the list below may help you plan some fun time with your children whilst holding on to your sanity. Hopefully the weather will allow you to spend some time with your toddler outdoors. Expanding your toddlers vocabulary by pointing out items in the garden or at a park is a great way to spend time outdoors. Introducing a ‘what’s that?’ game will teach your toddler new words. For older children, the old ‘I spy’ game can serve hours of fun. On a nice summers day, ask your toddler to pack a picnic hamper with your help to turn lunchtime into a fun activity. It would be good to start saving empty cereal boxes and kitchen roll tubes to serve as a great subject for an arts and crafts project. If you don’t have much in the way of crafts, try putting some pulses and rice grains with some children’s glue on the table to spark your toddler’s creativity. An old magazine or even a newspaper can be a great resource – ask your children to find pictures that they recognise,

for example an apple, a house, a bird, a flower and glue them down to a sheet of paper. Holidays are a good time to get away and recharge your batteries. If you are travelling, remember to take simple and light things on to the plane or train to help you occupy young children. Whilst a pack of stickers will keep a toddler occupied for some time, an older child may find a video on a laptop fun to watch. Healthy snacks will help as a distraction so keep small packs of yoghurt coated raisins, fruits and seeds or a small tub of cheerios to avoid spoiling their appetite. Toddlers are inquisitive and often very determined. Try taking your toddlers shoes off and let them practice tying their shoelaces into a tidy knot. A pack of cards is always a good way to keep young children happy – whether your child knows how to play snap or simply recognising the numbers or colours on the cards, it can be quite a handy game. A rubik cube can often capture childrens attention for hours (and often adults too!) Once on holiday, buy a spare postcard for your toddler to write (draw on) on your way back. Take a pair of childrens safe scissors and some post it notes to help your toddler make their own confetti.

It may be messy but will help you eat your lunch in peace. A pair of socks can make good finger puppets to make the most serious toddler chuckle. Children love interactions that involve them and will enjoy singing nursery rhymes or reading their favourite books. If you are not lucky enough to get away on holiday, modern technology means you can entertain your children by asking their grandparents or relatives that live abroad to join you on skype. It is never too early to introduce your children to new forms of communication and it may entertain them long enough to allow you the time to get some chores done whilst they catch up with their cousins or friends. Whatever takes your fancy, remember these years pass by too quickly and if you try to recall your own childhood, nice memories from your summer holidays will come flooding back. So, help your children create their own happy memories with you by indulging in some summer fun! Quote: “You are worried about seeing him spend his time doing nothing? What?! Is it nothing to be happy? To skip, play and run all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, 1762

Should you have any comments or want to get in touch with me you can email on

Protest Outside the High Commission of India- a great success Action Against Corruption (AAC) together with the NRI Community of the UK held a peaceful protest outside The High Commission of India in London on Friday, 1 July 2011 from 12pm-1:30pm and over 8,000 signatures were handed over to Ambassador of India at The Indian Embassy. The protest was deemed a great success and seen more than 300 in attendance of which many

Indian organisations from the UK were represented including local people and tourists. Sunita Poddar, member of AAC and Trustee of The Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust said: “We would like to thank everyone who participated in the protest and we will continue to show our solidarity with the citizens of India, Baba Ramdev and all other leaders who are fighting against Corruption in India”.



 Competitive prices  No hidden extras  Unlimited mileage 3 days & over  Special weekend rates  Minibuses 8, 12, 15 & 17 seaters  Vans & estate cars


By Radhika Madlani

Mini Bus (8-17 Seater) 8 Seater from £60 12 Seater from £65 15 Seater from £70 17 Seater from £80 Small Cars from £25 Medium Cars from £30 Large Cars from £35 Large Vans from £40

Tel: 020 8205 1200 / 7898 Fax: 020 8200 7426 19 Varley Parade, Edgware Road, London NW9 6RR

anupm keqrs#

 lGnæsùg, sgA¤, sAesIyl fùKˆn ivgere ˆuæsùgAeae ‘anupm keqrs#’nA SvAiw¿q veÃqerIyn jmovArnAe aAgñh rAŠAe.  wrek aA¤qm sA¤q ¦pr weˆrmAù ame 50¸I vŒu tAà bnAvvAmAù aAve e. aAk¿A#k hAeqel ane ved©g  fuLlI ¤NSyAed# hAelmAù keqr©gnI sÈvs  ve¤qòes sÈvs ¦plBŒ aApIae Iae.  ¤ùGleNdnA kAe¤po S¸e idlIvrI

Contact: Ashvwin Gosai

129 Bowes Road, Palmers Green, London N13 4SB.

Tel: 020 8889 9112 Mobile: 07985 404 942 E-mail:



Australian Nobbs lands India hockey coach's job Australian Michael Nobbs landed a fiveyear deal as India's hockey coach, emerging as the winner of a three-horse race against a pair of Dutchmen. Nobbs saw off competition from Roelant Oltmans and Jacques Brinkman to seal a contract that runs until the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. "I am very excited and privileged to get this job," Nobbs told reporters. "What weighed in his favour is the fact that the Australian style of hockey is similar to ours and we have decided to continue with that," said Dipak Kumar, who heads the government-run Sports Authority of India. Nobbs' immediate goal will be to help India, a shadow of the force that won eight Olympic golds from 1928-1980, qualify for next year's London Games, a feat that will also entitle him to a 10 percent pay rise. Harendra Singh coached the team during this year's Azlan Shah Cup but India have been on the lookout for a foreign coach since Spaniard Jose Brasa's contract expired following last year's Asian Games.

England to play Pakistan in UAE England will play Pakistan in Test, one-day international and Twenty20 fixtures in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as part of their 2011/12 tour programme, the England and Wales Cricket Board ( ECB) just announced. England and Pakistan are due to play four Tests, four one-day internationals and three Twenty20s in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The tour adds to a busy programme that will also see England travelling to India for five ODIs and a Twenty20 in October, before a twoTest series away to Sri Lanka in March-April. Pakistan have not played a major international match in their own country since Sri Lanka's team bus was attacked by armed militants in Lahore in March 2009.

Hyderabad to host first India vs England ODI on October 14 Hyderabad will host the first ODI of the fivematch series between India and England at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Uppal on October 14. All the five ODIs will be day-night affairs. The second and third ODI of the series will be played in New Delhi and Mohali on October 17 and 20 respectively. The fourth ODI will be held at the renovated Wankhede Stadium while Eden Gardens which was denied hosting rights for the England one-dayer during World Cup will get a chance to compensate on October 26. The Eden will also host the lone Twenty20 International on October 29. The England squad will be arriving in Hyderabad on October 4 and will subsequently host two 50-over matches at the Hyderabad Gymkhana on October 8 and 11. Itinerary: October 4: Arrival in Hyderabad October 8: Warm-up match at Gymkhana ground (50 overs) October 11: Warm-up match at Gymkhana ground (50 overs) October 14: 1st ODI (RGI Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad(D/N)) October 17: 2nd ODI (Ferozeshah Kotla, New Delhi (D/N)) October 20: 3rd ODI (PCA Stadium, Mohali (D/N)) October 23: 4th ODI (Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, (D/N)) October 26: 5th ODI (Eden Gardens, Kolkata, (D/N)) October 29: T20I (Eden Gardens, Kolkata, (D/N)).

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Sri Lanka strike twice at England

By Premen Addy

England started the five-match ODI series at the Oval in fine fettle. Having reached a comfortable 229 for 8 at a wet and wind swept Oval, they dismissed their opponents for 121. At 77 for 8, the game was effectively lost and won. The tourists corralled ageing veteran Sanath Jayasuriya, hoping that he would blow away the years and play as he did in his prime. Small wonder that the Colombo government has sacked the Sri Lankan cricket board. Jayasuriya saved himself further embarrassment by announcing his immediate retirement from all forms of international cricket, having struggled to scratch out two inconsequential runs. He should have done so before instead of becoming a catspaw in cricket politics back home. Better late than never, he appeared to argue. Sri Lanka spanked England by 69 runs at Headingly, Leeds with Mahela Jayawardene lighting up the ground with an exquisite 144 in a 309 total, to which the home side replied with an unexciting 240 all out; at a sun-kissed Lord's, Sri Lanka repeated the dose, this time by an emphatic six wickets in a contest that provoked controversy as the victory target loomed. England began the proceedings with a modest 246, of which captain Alastair Cook scored a yeoman-like 119. The cavalier Sri Lankan response was led by another brilliant display from Mahela Jayawardene, whose 79 was studded with strokes of the highest pedigree. The pace slackened somewhat after his dismissal with Kumar Sangakkara's at the wicket for a struggling 25. But the innings truly got bogged down as Angelo Mathews, normally a hard hitting batsman, refused runs for the asking in a bid to give Dinesh Chandimal the strike and a beckoning hundred. Mathews appeared to carry the tactic too far – cricket being a team sport – and tempers flared, until Chandimal smote a six, which he followed with a boundary to take his score

Dinesh Chandimal played some enterprising strokes during his century in England v Sri Lanka 3rd ODI at Lord's on July 3.

to 105 not out. Victory was achieved with 10 balls in hand, but it could have come with five overs to spare if Mathews had pressed the accelerator instead of applying the hand break. His captain Tillakaratne Dilshan was none too happy with this performance and went public with his displeasure. Sri Lanka lead the series 2-1, with two matches to go. They could wrap up the rubber with a victory at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. England must hit the ground running if they are to reverse the present order of things. At the other end of the world, India, having beaten a woeful West Indies side by 63 runs at Kingston's Sabina Park in the First Test, were held to a draw in the Second Test at Bridgetown, Barbados, thank to the inclement weather. The only cause for Indian celebration has been the superlative fast

bowling of Ishant Sharna (match analysis 10 for 108) and the medium fast swing of Praveen Kumar. Harbhajan Singh is effective on good days and anonymous on others. Yet he continues to hold his place as an off-spinner. His partner Amit Mishra's legbreaks and googlies haven't caused undue bother to the West Indies batsmen and he is unlikely to trouble England's top players any more than Harbhajan. India's selectors in their wisdom have chosen only two spinners in their 17-man party to tour England in July and have packed the side with five seam bowlers, all medium pacers, with the exception of Ishant Sharma. The inclusion of S Srisanth is truly baffling. His performances have been wayward, his temperament brittle and unpredictable. It doesn't look good for India.

Rain, bad light rob India of victory

Bravo & Baugh defy inspired Ishant as West Indies hang on to a draw Talk about weather playing a match-saving innings in most difficult of conditions. That is precisely what saved West Indies the second Test at the Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados last week. With the sun still glimmering over the field of play, five wickets gone and another 20-odd overs left for India to pursue a win, rain began pouring from almost nowhere -- with no sign of clouds looming over the Oval -- that brought the final session of the last day's play to a 25-minute halt. That in turn helped West Indies secure a draw, but a close one at that, thanks to the sixth-wicket partnership between Darren Bravo and Carlton Baugh and some inspiring medium pace from young Indian bowlers that kept the game tantalisingly poised towards the end. MS Dhoni had planned it right from the word go. He had decided that 80 overs on the final day would be enough to

Ishant Sharma and Harbhajan Singh talk to MS Dhoni during West Indies vs India 2nd Test at Bridgetown on July 2.

bowl out the West Indies and a target of 280 would be difficult enough for the hosts on a fifth-day wicket. The skipper turned out to be correct in his prediction and if not for the rain interruption allowing India just 71 overs and the sunlight fading fast, a victory was always in sight. Bravo and Baugh kept the game alive indeed for West Indies with 69 runs in 16 overs for the sixth wicket giving the hosts a ray of hope. A little too far-fetched it

may have been to expect the West Indies to score 80 runs in the remaining 90 deliveries, especially with the weather playing truant. However, that was the closest they came to challenging India in this Test series so far and will take away a few positives. Back to Dhoni, he thought the declaration came at the right time and if not for things happening beyond the control of his team --rain and bad light -the victory was in sight.

“We are not disappointed because a draw happened due to things that are beyond our control, like rain and light. We wanted to bowl around 80 overs but unfortunately we couldn't do that. So, there's no reason to be frustrated,” the skipper said. Had Dhoni perhaps not declared early on Saturday morning, after India resumed from their overnight score of 229 for 3 and finished playing just 13 overs, a duller draw would've been the eventual result. Given his past record for setting fourth innings targets, the Indian captain has hardly given opposition a choice of chasing anything less than 400 when an opportunity has come his way. On Saturday, he took a risk. Led by Man-of-theMatch Ishant Sharma -- who came in high praise from his skipper --India's pace attack hit right into the pit of the West Indies stomach and almost caused the disorder.

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Djokovic wins his first Wimbledon title

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic won his first Wimbledon title on Sunday, dethroning champion Rafael Nadal with a 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3 triumph to celebrate his coronation as new world number one in style. It was the 24-year-old Serb's third Grand Slam title, to add to his 2008 and 2011 Australian Open victories, and 50th win his last 51 matches. Djokovic, who will succeed Nadal as world number one on Monday, also denied the Spaniard, the champion here in 2008 and 2010, an 11th Grand Slam title. "It's hard to describe how I feel, it's the best day of my life. This is the most special tournament that I always dreamed about winning when I was young," said Djokovic. "I think I am still sleeping and

Novak Djokovic

dreaming. "Rafa has always beaten me in the big matches in the Grand Slams so I had to be on top of my game and I think

I played my best match on a grass court." "And with being world number one, it's been a couple of good days in the office." Nadal, who was appearing in his 13th Grand Slam final, admitted Djokovic was the better player on the day. "He has had an amazing season and I congratulate Novak," said Nadal. "I can imagine how he feels. It was a dream for me to play here, it always feels like home. "Today I tried my best but today he was better than me." Djokovic went into the final with a 11-16 losing record against Nadal over their five-year rivalry but having won all four of their clashes in 2011 and all in finals.

Kvitova stuns Sharapova, wins womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s crown Third Czech after Navratilova and Novotna to win Wimbledon

Petra Kvitova stunned favourite Maria Sharapova to win her first Grand Slam title with a 6-3, 6-4 victory in the women's singles final at Wimbledon here Saturday. The 21-year-old eighth seed became only the third Czech woman to triumph at Wimbledon after nine-time champion Martina Navratilova and Jana Novotna, who were both in Centre Court's royal box to witness the victory. Kvitova, who had never appeared in a Grand Slam final before, collapsed to the turf in delight after clinching the title in the 10th game of the second set with her first ace of the match. "It's hard to find some words, to see the great players in the royal box," said Kvitova, the first lefthander since Navratilova in 1990 to win the title. "It's very nice when they're watching me all the time and supporting me, it's great." But it was a desperately disappointing outcome for Russian fifth seed

Petra Kvitova

Sharapova, the 2004 champion who had been heavily favoured to win her fourth Grand Slam crown. "It's great to be back at this stage and holding the runner-up plate --but I wanted the big one today," said Sharapova. "But it's something I want to be back for and holding again one

day." Sharapova ultimately paid the price for a faltering service game which Kvitova was able to break regularly throughout. A nervous start saw Kvitova and Sharapova both suffer breaks of serve in the opening two games before the match settled into its rhythm. AFP Bryans equal Woodiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 11 Grand Slam mark American twins Bob and Mike Bryan equalled Mark Woodforde and Todd Woodbridge's record of 11 Grand Slam men's doubles titles on Saturday when they captured their second Wimbledon crown. The Bryans clinched a 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (7/2) win over Sweden's Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau of Romania to add to their victory in 2006. They had also lost three previous finals at the All England Club. Their Grand Slam haul also includes five Australian Opens, three US Open and one at Roland Garros.

London 2012 still has 1.5 million soccer seats to fill Some 1.5 million Olympic soccer tickets remained unsold on Sunday after the end of the first phase of London 2012's 'second-chance' offering in Britain. Organisers said the only tickets still available were for men's and women's soccer matches, volleyball and freestyle wrestling. The soccer tickets were always going to be the hardest to shift, with 1.7 million of them available before the second round of sales kicked off on June 24. Fans wanting to sample the London 2012 atmosphere have snapped up tickets to anything in the Olympic Park itself but many of the

soccer matches are being held in stadiums hundreds of kilometres from the capital. While Britain intends to enter a united team for the first time since 1960, the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish associations have opposed their players taking part. Organisers said tickets remained for matches in Coventry, Cardiff, Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester as well as London's Wembley Stadium. The second-chance offering allowed more than a million fans who failed to land tickets in an initial ballot in March and April to try again on a first-come, first-served basis.

More than 750,000 tickets had been sold to nearly 150,000 successful applicants in that second phase, organisers said. More than 3.5 million tickets have been sold in total in Britain. The next phase starting on July 8 and ending on July 17 will give a second chance to the 700,000 applicants who managed to buy at least some tickets in the ballot. Apart from the soccer, there will be some 40,000 tickets still up for grabs for sessions of the men's and women's volleyball at the cavernous Earls Court arena and 8,000 seats for the wrestling.

Sania-Vesnina becomes new No.2 pairing The so called spice girls India's Sania Mirza and Russia's Elena Vesnina -have now become the new No. 2 pairing in the WTA Champions Standing, have set their sights on the elite season-ending event to be played in Istanbul in October. Sania and Vesnina, who were seeded fourth at this year's Wimbledon, where they made the last four, have enjoyed an incredible run this season, winning titles in Indian Wells and Charleston, besides making the French Open final after coming together in late February. Sania, 24, who is vacationing in Dubai with cricketer husband Shoaib Malik, said: "When we started playing together earlier this year,

if anyone told us that we'd be the No. 2 doubles team in the world after Wimbledon, we'd have laughed at them. We are one Slam behind everybody else, still we've already done exceptionally well. Elena always says, 'Wish we played together from the Australian Open.' The goal is to make the season-ending championships and we're going to do whatever it takes to be there." Vesnina, 24, from the

Black Sea coast of Sochi, said: "I'd be lying if I told you we're not thinking about the season-ending championships. It's a prestigious event, only the top four teams make the cut and we want to be there. "Of course we are both singles players first and that remains the priority, but we're also doing great in doubles and we're not going to let an opportunity like this slip." Somdev Devvarman

climbed to a career-best No. 63 in singles in the latest ATP rankings list, released on Monday. The Indian, who won a round in the Wimbledon main draw for the first time in his career, moved up five places. In doubles, it was a slip-sliding affair for Indian men. Pairing of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi dropped to No. 4 in team rankings, Paes slipped to eighth position in the individual rankings while Bhupathi stayed at No. 5. The pairing of Rohan Bopanna and Pakistan's Aisam Ul-Haq Qureshi fell to No. 6 position in team rankings while the two went down a place to 10th and ninth slots respectively in the individual rankings.


India forces Daryl Harper into premature retirement Criticised by the Indian cricket team for his poor decisions in the first cricket Test against the West Indies, controversial Australian umpire Daryl Harper withdrew from the third match starting July 6 at Roseau. He will be replaced by Englishman Richard Kettleborough of the Emirates Elite Panel of ICC Umpires. The third Test was to be Harper's final match as umpire of the elite panel. "Emirates Elite Panel umpire Daryl Harper has withdrawn from the third Test between India and the West Indies, which is due to start in Dominica on 6 July. His decision was made despite the fact that the ICC had full confidence in him to officiate the remainder of the series," ICC said in a statement. Expressing regret over over Harper's decision to withdraw, ICC General Manager (Cricket) David Richardson said the criticism from the Indian cricket team was "unfair". "In the wake of some unfair criticism, Daryl has informed us that he does not wish to stand in what would have been his final Test," said Richardson. "The reality of the situation is that Daryl's statistics show his correct decision percentage in Tests involving India is 96 per cent, which is considerably higher than the international average for top-level umpires. "We have every faith in Daryl to finish the series and while we regret his decision we do respect it. The real shame is it deprives him of the opportunity to sign off as a Test match umpire in a manner befitting someone who has served the game so well since making his international debut back in 1994," Richardson said.

ICC bans politicians in national cricket boards Cricket's governing body last week banned countries from appointing politicians to national cricket boards, vowing to free the sport from undue government influence. The International Cricket Council told a media conference in Hong Kong that it had made the decision to uphold "the important principle of free elections and the independence" of the sport. "It was agreed that all member boards must implement the provisions before annual conference June 2012 and a further 12 months -- to June 2013 -- would be allowed before any sanctions be considered," the ICC said in a statement. The reform, which allows the ICC to suspend a member country in the event of government interference in the running of a national cricket board, will be hugely controversial in Pakistan, where the president is the cricket board's patron. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will also be hit by the change. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) could not immediately be reached for comment. Chairman Ijaz Butt has been criticised by former players, politicians and media for being a political appointee of the ruling Pakistan People's Party. The PCB has already sent a legal notice to the ICC on the amendment and has threatened legal action if the constitution is changed. The decision was taken at a meeting of the ICC's full council after four days of talks between the chief executives' committee and executive board at Hong Kong hotels. ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat said the reform was needed to bring cricket into line with standards practised in other global sports. Football's governing body FIFA can suspend national associations if they are tainted by government interference. Iraq is only just emerging from two years in the footballing wilderness after running afoul of the FIFA rules. "This is a significant step towards achieving best practice and together with the independent governance review, I am excited by the commitment of the ICC to introduce best possible corporate governance," Lorgat said. The South African said the ICC had "sensed over a while" that government agencies were interfering in the affairs of some cricket boards, but did not name those nations.


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