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VOL 43. ISSUE 05


7th June to 13th June 2014

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PM Modi begins with a bang 



Narendra Modi doesn’t seem to catch a break even after hectic election campaigns. Instantly after taking oath as India’s 15th Prime Minister, he engaged himself in slew of meetings. In the first week as the PM, he chaired two cabinet meetings. In the first Cabinet meeting Modi government constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to dig out black money. He also set agenda of 100 days for his ministers to work on his 10 point vision. He not only created ‘Super Ministries’ by clubbing ministries with similar mandate but also issued orders to abolish all Groups of Ministers and Empowered Group of Ministers set up during the UPA regime. Modi’s efforts to set 10-point vision for his

council of ministers and its implementation by giving them 100-day deadline may prove game changer in coming days to revive Indian economy. His vision offers a glimpse into his policy priorities, which include rejuvenate the

economy, kick-staring infrastructure projects and restore confidence in the bureaucracy. Modi called a second Cabinet meeting and asked his ministers to prepare a list of projects and programmes that could be

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Union minister Munde dies in road accident

tify and concentrate on pending issues and resolve them on an urgent basis. He informed the ministers that he will meet them separately as well as secretaries of various departments. “Progress of India lies in the progress of states and this would strengthen our federal structure,� Modi said during a meeting with PMO officials. Modi focused on the governance mantra, asking ministers to prepare 100-day agenda that zero in on improving delivery and accountability. Outlining his political and economic objectives, Modi has set out reviving growth and checking price rise - areas of weakness that are seen to have cost Congress-led UPA dearly -

Hindu and Muslims could get Eid and Diwali Bank Holiday

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Council Elections Special: Labour dominates as more Asians are elected Page 16-17

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rolled out in the short term. His vision is aimed at containing inflation while swift policy rollouts means pro-people governance as well as bureaucracy with accountability. Modi also asked his cabinet colleagues to iden-


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UK - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Keith Vazwith MP

Keith Vaz MP

Dharmesh Doshi Dharmesh Doshi came to UK in 1994 and completed his education here. He Joined the High Commission of India and closely worked with significant diplomats. He then moved on to the Banking Industry working as a Mortgage underwriter for Halifax Bank of Scotland and taking key management positions in number of branches. Certain apprehensions as well as interests among NRIs/PIO’s in investing in real estate in India lead him to set his foot in the Indian Real Estate Industry. Exclusively working with likes of Hiranandani, Indiabulls etc in UK he was successful in bridging the gap between UK clients & India real estate industry. In addition he is currently the London Ambassador for charity named “Healing Healthy Heart� in UK (For children born in India who need lifesaving heart surgery) 1) Tell me about your current position. I am currently the Managing Director of Asset India Ltd & Director of Asset India (Services) Ltd. Asset India (UK) is one of the only established real estate consulting firm in London (UK) that specialises in the Indian real estate market. Which provides consultation, portfolio management, transaction services and mortgage facilitation to NRI (Non Resident Indian) and PIO (Person of Indian Origin) for real estate investments across India. Besides overall contribution I look after the entire operations, manage our extensive network of HNI clients in the UK, Europe and Africa and

utilise my experience in portfolio management, client relationship management, Financial Analysis, Sales and Business Development 2) What are your proudest achievements? Originally coming from a Business family background, employed by multi-national companies and ending up back in Business definitely give my immense pride. Personally I have initialised set up operations in UK, Kenya & India and am founder of Asset India (Services) Ltd which provide Indian regulatory services to all Indian diaspora in UK 3) What inspires you? My greatest inspiration have

4) What has been the biggest obstacle in your career? I have always considered obstacles are in fact opportunities which help you grow, strengthen and move forward. Start & end are quite easy endeavours but the biggest challenge in life is to maintain & balance particularly between your personal and professional life.

6) What is the best aspect about your current role? I have great pride in creating and sustaining a company which directly links itself in being a service provider to the entire Indian Diaspora and connecting you to your roots in India and bridging the gap between India & UK. 7) And the worst? Again I will not say worst but will take it as the challenging part is to constantly improvise our service and meet the expectation of individual clients to their level of satisfaction

Shivalinga installed at British Army Infantry Training Centre

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The British Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick in England, said to be the largest British Army garrison in the world, is now home to Shivalinga, it has been reported. Brigadier David Maddan was reportedly present during the ceremony to install this Shivalinga, which was designed in India. ITC Catterick has a Pandit and houses a Hindu Temple, where daily puja and weekly Sunday service are held and festivals celebrated. Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, praised the British Army for installing Shivalinga at Infantry Training Centre. It was a step in the right direction, Zed added. Rajan Zed, who is


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 $   $ ,    ' # & $ %  + &  %  $ &  $  $ &  + &  $ +&  ,  & &    )$ & $  !"  . $  $  &  %  are also prepared to offer a Rent Back scheme for this project.

Bharat Raithatha, Publisher of MatchMaker Magazine on 07770 962 520 or e:  $  )%   #) $  %   -    &   + % & $ %    % 

)% %'" +! /() ** ',)" ) / ** , ) " !+ )-" *

been Parents and sisters who have jointly supported me throughout unconditionally by not only devoting their time, energy & effort but also instilling in me that work is worship and this has further inspired me to work diligently towards constantly improvising systems, processes etc that bring.

5) Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? My principle of forgive & forget in life and Ahimsa Parmo Dharma (non-violence by way of your actions, words or thoughts) have been the big influence on my career. On Personal front my wife Shital has been quite a pillar in my life and has not only provided me with support but also has been a big influencer in my keeping me a sane person of head & heart.

President of Universal Society of Hinduism, urged the British Army to fulfil the spiritual needs of Hindu soldiers wherever they were posted around the world, as spirituality was important to Hindus.

ITC Catterick trains all the British Army’s infantrymen and claims of “producing some of the best infantry soldiers in the world�. It has a Brigade of Gurkhas, whose history goes back to 1815.

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8) What are your long term goals? Understanding the market is the key to avoiding common mistakes and to create longterm growth strategies. Knowledge of local demographics is equally important to ensure the best products for the right locations. Personal indepth knowledge of the NRI market to identify the right marketing campaigns and events & develop strong relationship with media networks and channel partners in the UK and India. So not only provide effective entry (Purchase) but also exit (Sale) to the investors in Real Estate in India 9) If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change? I would try and implement policies which will further strengthen the UK – India partnership socially, economically & culturally. 10) If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why? Swami Vivekanand. Besides we share the same date & month of birth. Vivekananda was born into an aristocratic family and inclined towards spirituality. His learnings that all living beings were an embodiment of the divine self; therefore, service to God could be rendered by service to mankind.

Chennai Dosa in Wembley shuts down after cockroach infestation

Well-known restaurant chain Chennai Dosa, which has 12 branches all over the UK, has been forced to shut down, after food inspectors discovered a cockroach infestation. The restaurant in Wembley High Road, which specialises in south Indian food, was issued with a "hygiene emergency prohibition order" last week. Food inspectors issue this order only when the hygiene problems are so bad they pose a risk to public health. A spokesman for Brent council reportedly said: "We closed down these premises because of a cockroach infestation last week and received a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order from the courts on Wednesday. I can confirm we have taken action against them

in the past." The restaurant has said on their website: "Chennai Dosa made an attempt to recreate the magic of South Indian cuisine in London and has been immensely successful since the opening of its first branch." Nobody from the restaurant was immediately available for a comment, and it remains unknown whether Chennai Dosa will reopen in the future.

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"( )% $ ! ( ) "$' '& "+"'&* (($0 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


Modi agenda for first hundred days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set out his agenda for the first hundred days of his government. It will an indication of future intent, an injection of a fresh dynamic into an administration system perceived by the public across the country as increasingly moribund. Bureaucratic sloth, leading to endless departmental procrastination hopefully will be relegated to a discredited past. Savour the following descriptions of Indian government norms before and after independence. “Round and round,” wrote the Viceroy Lord Curzon during the high noon of the Raj, “like the diurnal revolution of the earth went the file – stately, solemn, sure and slow.” Decades later the impish Malcolm Muggeridge, having endured the same experience, wrote: “It was government pure an undefiled, endlessly minuting and circulating files, which like time itself, had neither beginning nor end, but just were.” There is thus a long overdue imperative for change in the administrative work culture to bring it in line with the requirements of 21st century governance. Mr Modi is determined to make a start, to enforce the transformation of words into deeds. He told his Cabinet that good governance meant the desired delivery of public services, of speedy implementation of schemes and programmes. According to Government sources, the Prime Minister’s Office was working on a 10-point charter that includes focus on energizing education development, infrastructure, transparency and reining back inflation. Mr Modi would, he said, delegate authority, in the pursuit of performance. He was keen that ministers interact with the public and the social media on what Government was doing and

what it planned to do; also involve Ministers of State in decision making, these to be dealt with by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Prime Minister issued guidelines to ministers on performance and implementation. Ministers were advised to monitor the pace at which instructions were being fulfilled. In this, inter-ministerial coordination would play a critical role. Beyond such issues, Mr Modi has begun to develop trust between the non-BJP administered States and the Centre. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha visited PM on Tuesday in Delhi for extensive talks with the Prime Minister on the social and economic needs and aspirations of her State; Odisha Chief Minister Navin Patnaik made a similar presentation when he visited the capital on Monday, as will Oomman Chandy, Chief Minister of Kerala, when he comes calling. For their part, the chief ministers may well oblige by helping out Mr Modi with numbers on government legislation in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House), where BJP MPs are in a minority. The stronger the States, the stronger will India be: wisdom that hasn’t as yet dawned on West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Her confrontational attitude towards the BJP government at the Centre shows little sign of abating. Rational discourse has never been her métier, rabid populism is her chosen field of action, whether in Kolkata or in Delhi. West Bengal’s financial difficulties are in large part a legacy of decades of Communist-led Left Front misrule. A sympathetic Centre can help significantly in alleviating the problem. If only Ms Banerjee would see this in the sweet light of elusive reason.

No other words can adequately describe the gang rape and hanging from a tree of two teenage cousins in a obscure hamlet deep in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous and ill-governed State lying on the flat Gangetic plain to the north of the country. Rural society here is riven by caste conflict, born of primordial prejudice and discrimination leavened by a debilitating culture of patriarchy. It so happens that the State government run by the Samajwadi Dal and its godfather Mulayam Singh Yadav (who, heaven help us, has long harboured prime ministerial ambitions) and his inept son, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, whose government’s incompetence was starkly revealed in the mishandling of the recent communal riots in Muzaffarabad. The latest tragedy underlines the abject quality of the State administration. When the two girls disappeared without trace from their home and neighbourhood, their father went to the nearest police post to report the event. He was berated by a policeman of a higher caste for making trouble and told to get lost. It was only after the villagers and their search parties besieged the police post that action was taken. It was 12 hours before a police response took effect, by which time the dead girls were found hanging from a tree. A medical autopsy revealed the gang rape. That such incidents occur frequently across Uttar Pradesh is a devastating exposure of the absence of recognizable governance in the State. The outrage felt throughout India reflects a groundswell of anger over the growing incidence of violence towards women in

the country. In December 2012, there was the awful gang rape and murder of a young woman in Delhi itself. There was a similar incident in Mumbai which, fortunately, did not lead to a death. Despite better police and judicial responses to maltreatment of women, the scourge continues. An inbred patriarchy has spawned this culture of violence. Administrative measures alone cannot root out the murderous societal affliction. Education and social reform will no doubt play their part in the long and medium term in bringing enlightenment to the nation’s dark corners, but remedial measures require immediate enforcement. These were put in place following the national outcry. The policemen responsible for dereliction of duty have been suspended and arrests; some of those believed to have committed the horrendous crime are under also under arrest and more arrests will surely follow. A fast-track court is to be set up to bring the guilty to justice. The beleaguered Chief Minister has appealed for a higher Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) help. The Indian media have played a commendable role in arousing dormant consciences. Activists have taken up their struggle with renewed vigour. This, for the moment, is the only silver lining to a grim tragedy. Amidst the gloom is the welcome reality that four chief ministers in the country are women, an unheard of development a few decades ago. The pains of labour in a land of more than a billion inhabitants in the throes of transformations can cut very deep indeed. Moral complacency is what India needs least.

Two Indian-Americans were joint winners of the prestigious US Spelling Bee Championship. Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe made history last week by becoming co-champions, the first since 1962. The demanding Scripps National Spelling Bee saw a thrilling final in which the the two competitors almost exhausted the 25 designated words. This is the eleventh consecutive year that Indian Americans have won the contest. An eighth grader from the Alternative School for Maths and Science, Sriram, aged 14, is New York-based, while Ansun, aged 13, is a seventh grader from Texas. “It’s a dream come true,” said Sriram after being declared co-champion with Ansun. “The competition was with the dictionary, not against each other,” said Sriram. Ansun agreed. Each won a cash prize of $30,000. Across the seas in the Indian state of West Bengal, not noted for excellence in governance, thirteen scientists, below 35, dominated this year’s Indian National Science Academy awards. Of the 30 award winners this year, 13 are Bengali. Consider the cases of Satyen Chakraborty, Physics graduate from St Xavier’s College, Kolkata, and a PhD in astrophysics from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and now a junior fellow at Harvard University researching

supernova; of Neena Gupta’s celebrated mathematical solution to the Zariski Cancellation Conjecture for affine spaces - a path breaker in Algebraic Geometry - at the Indian Statistical Institute; of Animesh Mukherjee, the computer science engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, who created a new language dynamics in cognition and perception; or of Abhijit Chatterjee and Debabrata Maiti, both from IIT Powai, for their work on material informatics in energy systems and catalytic reactions and metal medicated organic transformation respectively. At a lower rung, an array of Kolkata school leavers from straitened family backgrounds are now hoping to ascend the uplands of tertiary education, in physics, engineering and the life sciences, at the best available places in local institutions, some with financial help from the State government. Reading their stories of struggle and persistence has been an uplifting experience. The community of young scientists and education aspirants, with their search for knowledge, embody the warp and weft of the spirit of enquiry that is the essence of India’s perennial philosophy. These young people are the best guarantors of India’s future.

Shameful, disgraceful, deplorable

Education key to Indian aspirations across the globe


Everything that ever happens in life has an end as well as a beginning - Tonga proverb

Who Should Be Afraid of Hindu Nationalists

What I want the Indian PM of India to say:

Over the past half century we have fought wars with each of our neighbours, but we have not waged war upon our own people who attack the weakest in in our own country. We are a Hindu Nationalist Government. We are a Government of Hindutva. That strikes fear into the hearts and minds of minorities I am told. It should. If those minorities are rapists and murderers of women. If those minorities are village elders who order rape. If those minorities are men who gang rape. If those minorities are men who attack their wives. All these Indian minorities should be afraid. They say my Government will not be liberal. They are right. We will not be liberal with finding rapists, with capturing rapists. We will not be liberal with the police forces and the judges who do not take rape seriously. All those expecting us to be so liberal will be disappointed. They say my government will be hard-line. That I am a simple chai-walla not of the calibre of a PhD from Cambridge University as the previous PM. They are right. I am a simple man and I know the biggest problem facing India is not the interest rate, or the trade deficit or the current account balance, experts far knowledgeable than I can be hired to think on those problems. The biggest problem for a chai-walla like me to solve is how to stop our sisters, daughters and mothers being raped. A PhD from Cambridge will not give you the answer to that. But we common men and women have a few ideas born of harsh common sense. And yes they are hard-line answers. So I pledge to you, in this the land of Ram and Sita, where the most noble of all the revered Gods of this ancient land strove to save his wife from evil, we as Hindu Nationalists are compelled by our believes, by our own values and doctrines to commit to saying here and now: we will rid the country of sex slavery and rape crimes by the end of this decade. For the banner we wrapped ourselves in, the saffron cloth, demands it off us. For a Hindu Nationalist takes utmost pride in his religious beliefs and in his country. And so it is we have to do this. We must. We cannot call ourselves patriots or Hindus unless we do this. It has been said also of me, that I raised and encouraged a mob in Gujarat in 2002, that I did it secretly, tacitly, quietly, conspiratorially, so there was no evidence of it. Well I say to you now, I say publicly, openly, loudly, to all the citizens of India, raise a mob and mobilise against this slur of rape and sex slavery which is destroying the good name of our country. I shout – show me a mob, move now, do everything, every citizen to destroy these crimes.

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AMGR Reunion at Bedford

Andhra Pradesh Medical Graduates’ met at Park Inn Radisson, Bedford on 24th and 25th May for the twenty eighth year. Chaired by Dr Suneel Pooboni, the event had Dr. Bellamkonda Krishna Kishore, Research Professor of Medicine at the University of Utah, USA and Dr Natarajan Manimozhi, Leprologist Epidemiologist from India as guests of honour. Scientific Programme included talks connected to the recent advances in medical field such as evaluation of cardiac murmur in children, prevention of obesity and Insulin resistance, status of Leprosy in India, management of Colorectal Metastasis, growing problem of diabetic patients losing their legs, recent developments on reflux disease and surgery by eminent doctors such as Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist Dr. Sujeev Mathur, Transplant Surgeon Mr. Somaiah Aroori, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr. Venu Kavarthapu,

Ten years since her play Behzti, or dishonour, provoked angry protests in Birmingham, Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti has made a comeback. This time with Khandan, a warm and funny new play about tradition and ambition. I went along to a house-full showing at Birmingham Repertory Theatre last week. Also in the audience were Midland MPs

OCI applicants to take online appointment OCI applicants who wish to submit their application at the India House, will now need to book an appointment prior to submission, according to a new rule coming into effect from 9th June 2014. A note available on the

website says that the High commission will not be able to entertain applicants without prior online appointment. OCI Card is a multiple entry life-long visa which enables the holder to have unlimited travel and stay in India.

Dr Suneel Pooboni, Dr Velagapudu Bapuji, Dr Korlipara and Dr Vyakaranam Achyuta Ramarao during AMGR session

Consultant Surgeon Mr Chandra Cheruvu and by the visiting guests of international repute. Showcasing the socio-cultural side, the Reunion has also hosted Kuchipudi by Laasya Korrapati from the USA and Ankita Somisetti from Bedford, Bharatanatyam by Vinjamuri Ragasudha from London, Bollywood/Tollywood dances by Hrudita Dhannapuneni, Manhita Dhannapuneni, Swapna Pooboni, Jayna Patel and Meghana Kavarthapu. Instrumental violin recital by Swapna Pooboni, songs by

Living the Dream

Dhiren Katwa - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Sajid Javid and Paul Uppal. Khandan (Family) follows the story of the Gill family. Jeeto is a widow dreaming of returning to the Punjab, her son Pal has big plans for daddy’s business and her sharptongued daughter, Cookie, harbours a dark secret. Meanwhile Pal’s wife, Liz, pictured, desperately longs for a child but when Reema, their cousin’s destitute wife arrives, she

Dr Rohini Satish and Mr. Rex Jose, hilarious drama composed and performed by the team of doctors on adaptability to western culture were fresh and entertaining. Charity activities by Dr Ibrahim Khaleel caring for the mental health needs of the under-privileged in India and charity sponsored walk by Dr SYPC Prasad Rao in Britain were pledged support through charity grants. A souvenir magazine brought under the aegis of Dr Velagapud Bapuji Rao was released on the occasion.

adds to the turbulent atmosphere of a family in which no one ever quite fulfils their hopes and

desires. The two-part, 2hour 20 minute play is directed by The REP’s Artistic Director Roxana Silbert and the cast former includes Eastenders actress Sudha Bhuchar, Lauren Crace, Neil D’Souza, Preeya Kalidas, Rez Kempton and Zita Sattar. The play is produced in association with the Royal Court Theatre, London, where it will run from 11-28 June. Culture Secretary Sajid Javid (Cons, Bromsgrove) who was sat directly opposite us, along with MP Uppal and Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti said: “I thoroughly enjoyed Khandan and Birmingham Rep is to be commended for delivering such an entertaining piece of theatre. Cleverly written and skilfully directed, the talented cast brought the characters to life. Coming from an upbringing where my parents were also working long hours in their shop and seeing little of their children, I found myself identifying with their frustrations and struggles.” A must-see play. To find out more

Darlingtons Solicitor LLP celebrated their 15th anniversary at Village Hotel London, Elstree, on Wednesday 14 May, in presence of more than 200 guests. In this photo (L-R): Deepak Jatania – Lohana Community North London, Kishore Parmar, ABPLgroup, Reena Popat, Darlingtons solicitor, Dinesh Shonchhatra – Major Estate Agents, Abhishek Sachdev – Vedanta Hedging and Vindod Thakra – Lohana Community North London.

Takeaway owner fined after mice infestation

A boss of a Birmingham takeaway forced to closed after a mice infestation was found guilty of five offences under the Food (England) Hygiene Regulations 2006 at Birmingham Magistrates Court on (2 June). Salman Obaid, was ordered to close Sajid Shahi Kebab House in Alum Rock Road, Alum Rock, when Birmingham City Council environmental health officers visiting the premises on 24 October 2012, found evidence of a serious mice infestation plus filthy equipment, food preparation and storage areas. The takeaway reopened

on 26 October 2012 after inspectors were satisfied it no longer posed an imminent risk to public health. Obaid, who pleaded not guilty to all five offences – including failures to put in place pest controls, keep food premises and equipment clean, and ensure staff received food hygiene training – was ordered to pay a total of £1,000, consisting of an £800 fine and £200 court costs. He confirmed during an interview on 29 January 2013 that he had permanently closed Sajid Shahi Kebab House. It is now under new management as a Chicken Cottage franchise.

Asha Bhosle to open restaurant in Manchester

Asha Bhosle, the Bollywood legendary singer with an unforgettable voice is set to open the latest branch of her popular eatery 'Asha's' in Manchester this autumn. According to reports the 80 years old will also be attending the launch party. This will be the second branch in the UK,

FURNITURE FROM CHINA China based Gujarati (Indian) trading company with offices in Foshan, Yiwu, Taipei and Mumbai who mainly deal with furniture exportation to India, South and East Africa with a reputation in the furniture trade for the past 10 years, are looking for prospective buyers of furniture in the UK and Europe to develop their furniture business. If you are interested in purchasing Furniture for Business, House, Office, Garden, Hotel or Motel we will give you the best services for procuring Furniture or Furnishing directly from Manufacturers of China.

your then your the

Simply drop an E-mail at and or at or visit our website for further details.

Asha Bhosle

with 6000 square feet restaurant and a bar spread over two floors in the city's Peter Street. The menu will include traditional Indian cuisine with a modern twist and of course Ashaji's own variations.

Sad loss

Scores of mourners descended on Canley Crematorium, Coventry last Saturday morning to pay their final respects to Naranbhai Shamji Gohil. He was in his nineties. Mr Gohil, originally from Mombasa, East Africa, hailed from the Limbachia Samaj and was known for his gifted flair for singing traditional Gujarati bhajans with the aid of a ram-sagar, also known as a tabura, a stringed instrument. - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Witchdoctor con woman jailed for 10 years over £1m frauds

A woman, who pretended to be a witchdoctor to con a number of her wealthy victims out of £1million, has finally been jailed for 10 years. Juliette D'Souza conned many of her vulnerable victims out of almost £1 million by posing as a shaman for more than 12 years A judge at her trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, reportedly described her scam as the “worst case of confidence fraud” he had ever heard of. D'Souza convinced 11 of her middle class victims to hand over thousands of pounds to solve issues such as curing terminal illnesses or problems conceiving a baby. The 59-year-old, from Hampstead, an upmarket part of north London, told her victims the money was a "sacrifice" which would be used as a spiritual offering and hung off a sacred tree in the Amazonian rainforest.

Juliette D'Souza

Two other shamans in South America would perform rituals around the money before it was sent back and their problems would be resolved, she reportedly claimed. Instead, she used the proceeds to fund a lavish lifestyle including buying £3,000 designer handbags, holidays and building up a property portfolio. The court heard the wild claims she made including her claim that

Princess Diana was on her clientlist and how she reportedly warned the late Princess of Wales that she “would never see her sons again after she went to Paris”. J a i l i n g D'Souza, Judge Ian Karsten QC said she had cast a "spell" over her victims and persuaded them to hand over the money or they would face "terrifying" consequences. As a watchdog for the community, Asian Voice has ran campaigns in the past against advertisements from faith healers, resulting in a loss of revenue upto £40,000/month, to stand by our strict principles that such 'healers' misguide people and can eventually cause a lot of damage to one's life.

1 in three Britons admit being racist Almost one in three Britons admit to being racially prejudiced, with levels of racism having increased across the country since 2001. Figures from the British Social Attitudes

survey reveal that the percentage of people who describe themselves as prejudiced against another race has risen from 25 per cent to 30 per cent in the past 13 years. After a calm period of

tolerance in the UK, leading up to the multicultural 2012 London Olympics, levels of intolerance have drastically increased as Ukip’s anti-immigrant message becomes a growing political force.



Hindu and Muslims could get Eid and Diwali Bank Holiday Hindu and Muslims could soon be given an official bank holiday on the Hindu festival of Diwali and Muslim celebration of Eid, after an online petition attracted more than 119,000 signatures, making the way for it to be debated in the House of Commons. Under rules set up in 2011, as the epetition has reached 100,000 signatures, it has to be considered in parliament. Though this has been accepted by many Hindus and Muslims, it is set to cause significant controversy by other faiths as it would be the first non-Christian religious holidays in Britain and could lead to calls from other religions for their events to also be recognised. Nationalists have already complained that St George’s Day and St David’s Day are not holidays. However, surprisingly, an e-petition calling for these days to be marked has only received 34 signatures. Diwali is described as the 'Festival of Lights' and is celebrated by Hindus in the Autumn while Eid is

held at the end of Ramadan when Muslims break their fast. The petition, which was set up by Jon Timmis,

has reportedly been passed to the Backbench Business Committee, which will consider its suitability for debate. Jon Timmis writes on the petition: 'I believe that, given the number of Muslims and Hindus in this country it is only fair we allow them to have the most important days in their faiths recognised in law.' The petition has already sparked widespread debate on social

media, with mixed opinion from both sides. Vinod Popat, chairman of The British Hindu Voice, reportedly said: 'I don’t think it is a very good idea. How many festivals are there for other religions. Should they all be marked with a public holiday?' He also emphasised the fact that Diwali is set on a lunar calender, so wthe day would be different every year. Suleman Nagdi, of the Federation of Muslim Organisations in Leicester, backed this opinion and reportedly said: 'Any move to recognise other faiths is a good thing but I do not think there should be a public holiday.' Others on internet forums have taken it more lightheartedly, with one user saying: “I don't really care if it's Christian, Muslim or Hindu, provided I get another paid day off work, I'll take it!”

What is your opinion on this? Send your thoughts in 100 words to



Mayor of London opens state-of-the-art community and sports facility in Kingsbury

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson was ‘amazed’ and ‘impressed’ during his visit to Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kingsbury on Wednesday 28 May as he took part in the opening ceremony of a new state-of-the-art community and sports facility in northwest London. The Mayor was the guest of honour to the Organisation’s spiritual leader, Acharya Swamishree Maharaj, who presided over the opening ceremony of Purushottam Mahal, a multifunction hall within wider £20m Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa Complex that also includes a traditional Hindu Mandir and offices for small businesses. On his arrival, the Mayor was welcomed, saluted and escorted by the Mandir’s very own and world famous Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band. Mr Johnson even tried his hand at playing the bagpipes, and acknowledged the tremendous effort and dedication it must take to play such an unforgiving instrument. Never far from Politics, the Mayor jovially referenced the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence. “No matter

ones side of the courtyard and a modern sports and community centre on the other.” The Mayor was given a tour of the nearc o m p l e t e Mandir and surrounding facilities, and also took time to meet and greet many of the hundreds of members of the M a n d i r ’ s Academies, which include traditional music and dance, sports, and young cadets of the Pipe Band. It also saw the launch of Mayor of London Boris Johnson with the Mandir’s latAcharya Swamishree Maharaj est activity – a cycling academy what is decided north of that aims to encourage the the border, London will community to use the always have its Shree Complex in the most green Muktajeevan Pipe Band!” and sustainable manner He continued, “I am hugepossible. ly impressed at what you Highlight of the day have achieved here. was a traditional dance London is the world’s performed for the Mayor most diverse city and what by the young students of better example of that the Mandir’s Shree diversity than what we see Muktjeevan Arts and here today - a traditional, Culture Academy. magnificent Mandir on

The Assessment and qualifications Alliance (AQA), has dropped some notable American, Australian, New Zealand and Nigerian fictions, to include works by Indianorigin British author and filmmaker Meera Syal and India-born George Orwell in a new English literature syllabus for secondary schools in the UK. Syal's novel 'Anita and Me', Orwell's 'Animal Farm' and Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go' will be part of the 'Post-1914 drama and prose' section. Ishiguro was born in Japan but moved to

those available at the moment. Pupils will get the chance to study some of this country's fantastic literary heritage, including works by Jane Austen, George Orwell, Kazuo Ishiguro and Meera Syal."

Schools to include Meera Syal's novel in GCSE

Meera Syal

Britain at a young age. UK Education Secretary Michael Gove reportedly said, "It will now be broader and more challenging for pupils than

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M F Husain's last set of paintings go on display in V&A Museum, London Rupanjana Dutta

It was a grey and drizzly morning in London. As I walked up to South Kensington's Victoria & Albert museum, the youthful and eager crowd, the colours around and the sheer massiveness of the building brought a smile to my face. Passing by the very attractive and tempting gift shop, I walked through the meandering corridors to a dark room, filled with the essence of India, and its people - as seen and envisioned by the famous painter M.F. Husain. Maqbool Fida Husain, more famously known as M.F. Husain (1915-2011), was one of India’s most eminent artists. Born into a Sulaymani Bohra familyhis roots can be traced back to Gujarat within the last 200 years, and then originally to Yemen. However controversial his name may be, especially because of his approach towards Hindu gods and goddesses, treating them more as a visual stimuli rather than deities, his last 9 paintings have now gone on to public display at the V&A with support of Christie's, creating ripples of interest amongst the British Indian diaspora here. The ambitious set of triptych paintings each measuring about 12 feet by 6 feet, representing

Vision of India through Mohenje Daro to Mahatma Gandhi, was commissioned by the Mittal family in 2008 and have never previously been on public display. Mrs Usha Mittal has lent the paintings to the V&A, where the artist completed a residency in 1990, to showcase the final works of this remarkable artist.” “It was planned M.F. Husain, Ganesha, 2008. that there would be at Courtesy of Usha Mittal, © least 30 works in the Victoria and Albert Museum, series, of which only London nine were completed Husain's vision of the before the artist sadly richness- India's vibrant died. But what we have cities, colourful Hindu in these nine paintings festivals, iconic figures captures the rich culture and historic events, were of Indian life.” (To read made in London, where more on Divia's work see Husain spent his final AV 10 May, Page 9) years on self-imposed Usha Mittal, wife of exile, immersing himself steel tycoon Lakshmi in books about Indian Mittal said, “Spanning history. Interweaving mythology, architecture religious and symbolic and popular culture, the iconography with his'Indian Civilisation toric figures and events, Series' is the final the paintings also incorachievement of M F porate memories from Husain, an artist whose the artist's own life. Each work was continually work comes complete inspired by the traditions with a descriptive comof India. mentary in his own hand"I was privileged to written notes, explaining see this series as it was the themes, scenes and created and am delighted stories for each painting, that it will be shown at that have been included the V&A, a lasting tribin the gallery guide. ute to Husain Sahib and Speaking to the Asian his vision.” Voice, Divia Patel, cura'MF Husain: Master of tor in the Asian Modern Indian Painting', Department of the will be on display at the Victoria and Albert V&A from 28 May until Museum said, “The July 27, 2014. Indian Civilization Entry to this exhibition series, also known as is free.

OFBJP organise victory celebration in Harrow

Overseas Friends of BJP UK celebrated the recent historical victory of BJP in India's Elections with all the pomp and glory it deserved. Over 1000 people gathered at the Harrow's Kadwa Patidar Hall on the 31st May which was festooned with the balloons and decorations in BJPs colours and scarves. The guests were welcomed to the tunes of reverberating Dhol and huge BJP lotus made up of fresh flowers. Guests travelled from far away just to be a part of the celebrations, something they had waited for years. The show started with the tune of Vande Matram and a welcome speech by the President of Overseas Friends of BJP Shri Laalubhai Parekh, who also gave an account of his first hand experiences. Speeches were also given by various MPs such as Shailesh Vara, Parliamentary UnderSecretary of state, as well as Barry Gardiner of Labour Party who

acknowledged a new dawn for India under the able leadership of Shri Narendra Modi. Lord Dolar Popat and

Manoj Ladwa

Baroness Varma stressed on how Indians outside India as well as inside India were today hopeful and optimistic once again. HSS President Shri Dhiraj Shah gave a moving speech and shed light on Shri Narendra Modi's past as a member of the RSS and how it instilled good leadership qualities and vision in him. The keynote speaker was

Barry Gardiner

Manoj Ladwa who was a key member of the Election Campaign of BJP explained how he leaded the campaigns, research and analysis in New Delhi while working closely with the top BJP leadership and spokespeople to co ordinate the national communications strategy. He further explained how the campaign was rolled out nationally and how it cap-

Shailesh Vara

tured the entire country's imagination. BJP election campaign videos were also shown on giant screens to the delight of all present. People applauded to all the speeches and they were also treated to various patriotic songs and dances which ended by a wholesome dinner. It was also widely covered by various sections of the Media.

HUMILIATED - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


They can no longer wear a bindi or bangles Not expected to wear bright or colourful clothes Not invited or welcome to social events as they are seen as bad luck Shunned by their own families

It’s Difficult not Having any Money Let Alone Dealing with the Shame that Comes with Being a Widow! Change a Widow’s Life:

Charity Registered in the UK No: 1064988



Narendra Modi, BJP and India in the British Media As I See It

British Print media is read by a large number of Indians- and other Asians, perhaps proportionately in greater number than average Britons. BBC and other television stations also have proportionately larger number of viewers from the Indian subcontinent. Sadly the BBC has been showing a cavalier or mischievous attitude towards reporting on Narendra Modi, BJP or even on India (see Priti Patel's letter Lord Hall, Director General, BBC, page 8, AV 31 May 2014).

As to the print media, the column centimetres allotted to Indian news items is proportionately lot less to the size of the country and what the largest democracy deserves. It is also lot less than what some of the Middle Eastern countries receive. Even in the quality dailies somehow, either the sub-editors or daily editors seem to have a strange attitude towards India. In Daily Telegraph of Tuesday 3 June, there is a story from their New Delhi reporter, Dean Nelson, “Modi stymies India's golfing civil servants”, though they later changed the headline to "India’s new prime minister calls time on fairway civil servants" online (well done for quick learning). The story by and large is very informative and in a way very complimentary to the work ethics of the PM Narendra Modi. I am not too sure whether the headline represents the sentiments of the story. In the Economist issue of 31 May, the article begins as: 'A Flying Start'- a good story. If the magazine has some constructive criticism, it's perfectly well within their remit. FT has been the most consistent to report on various aspects especially economics and politics of India, and they are worth the price they charge. At the victory celebration of the OFBJP, on Saturday 31

May, several dignitaries raised the subject of the reporting in British media, especially negative publicity, and to a certain extend prejudiced. Lord Popat spoke about his sadness at such a jaundiced view of India in several newspapers. Manoj Ladwa, who recently spent few months helping the BJP campaign, gave details of the paranoia in some British Media. He highlighted and congratulated the consistently courageous and correct coverage in Asian Voice

and Gujarat Samachar. These are the only two publications Mr Ladwa mentioned. This was pleasing to my ears but at the same time it requires some elaboration. My newsweeklies have on occasions criticised the demeaning coverage by some British publications. At the same time we have not hesitated to give credit where it is due. Free speech is at the root of democracy, everywhere and it has played a very important role in India to attain the present state of parliamentary democracy. Though we all profess to inform, entertain, inspire, energise and empower our readers, some do it better than others. My deepest regret and anger arises when they accuse NaMo or the BJP completely without logic or looking at the actual facts behind the communal violence of 2002. At least I am happy that provocative word like 'genocide' and the exaggerated figures of the tragic deaths in riots have ceased to be repeated. British Media should allocate more space to India. The line of their reporting is their own choice. With at least 1.5mn people of Indian origin and thousands of retail newsagents, the quantum and quality of reporting will surely be to the advantage of the publications. - CB


Charutar Health Foundation - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

The UK Charity to support the work of Charutar Arogya Mandala

The need to set up a charity in the UK to create awareness about the activities and needs of Charutar Arogya Mandal was felt both by those managing the Mandal as well as well-wishers and supporters of the Mandal in the UK, who wished to have a mechanism through which a systematic fund-raising effort can be mounted. As a result of the efforts of these well-wishers, Charutar Health Foundation (originally named HM Patel Memorial Foundation, but the name was changed later to bring it in more alignment with its objectives) was registered with the UK Charity Commission in September, 2012. While the Foundation was initially formed with 3 trustees from the UK (Mr.Sanjiv Charles Patel, Dr Dilip Shah and Mr Simon Alexander) and 2 from India (Mr Jagrut Bhatt and Mr Amit Patel), the Foundation would shortly be inducting a number of eminent persons from Gujarat based in the UK as its trustees, including Mr Surendrabhai Patel, Mr CB Patel, Mr Virendrabhai Patel and Mr Barindrabhai Patel. The other details of the Foundation are as follows: Address: Roxburghe House, First Floor, 273-287 Regent Street, London W1B 2HA Registration No.: 1149356 Bank: Bank of Baroda, GCO, 32 City Road, London EC1Y 2BD Account No.: 941001 91006959 Sort Code: 60-93-71 SWIFT Code: BARBGB2 LXXX The objects of the Foundation as contained in its Constitution are: To relieve sickness and preserve the health of needy rural people in the districts of Kheda and Anand in Gujarat, India through the support of the charitable institution Charutar Arogya Mandal (herein after referred as “Mandal”) by providing or assisting in the provision of equipment, facilities, health and medical education and services not normally provided by the statutory authorities and in such ways as the trustees may from time to time think fit. In the first year of the Foundation’s operations, funds were raised for some important requirements of the Mandal. These included: 1. Purchase of equipment required for providing radiation therapy for patients suffering from cancer, which helps in providing the same level of state-of-the-art treatment to patients from rural areas as is available to their counterparts in urban areas and many of whom are not financially well-affording, and 2. Treatment of patients who are indigent and, therefore, not able to pay for treatment at the hospital of Charutar Arogya Mandal, the beneficiary organisation. As can be expected, though, much of the activities in the initial period focused on establishing linkages and developing mechanisms to raise funds to meet the Foundation’s objectives. The visit of the Chairman of the Mandal, scheduled to take

place between June 5thand 9this a result of these efforts. With this visit and the momentum that is expected to be generated through a number of group and individual meetings planned in that period, the Foundation expects fund raising activities to pick up in the years to come. Dr HM Patel: The founder of the Charutar Health Projects Dr HM Patel, HM to those who knew him closely, would be remembered not only for the work that he did for India while he served, first as a bureaucrat and later as a politician, in a number of positions. HM studied in St. Xavier's Mumbai and left Dr Amrita Patel

Dr HM Patel

for England at 14. He joined the St. Catherine College of Oxford University from where he studied BA in Modern Greats. He also received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from London University, as an external candidate. In October 1926, he cleared Indian Civil Service examination and returned to India in 1927. His first posting was as assistant collector at Larkana, Sind, now in Pakistan where he handled emergency situations like communal riots and floods and won plaudits from Mahatma Gandhi for his handling of the riots. However, HM's most challenging responsibility as a civil servant was as partition secretary. The task involved distributing assets and liabilities between India and Pakistan which was appreciated by Lord Mountbatten. As defence secretary in the 1950's, he founded the National Cadet Corps (NCC). After he took voluntary retirement from Civil Service in 1956, he settled in Vallabh Vidyanagar and made it his “karmabhoomi”. He took over as the Chairman of Charutar Vidya Mandal and served in that capacity till he passed away in 1993. During that period, he was responsible for establishing a number of institutions. Charutar Arogya Mandal, the institution that manages a sprawling 100-acre campus that has a 550-bed hospital, a medical college, a physiotherapy college, a nursing school and an institute for medical technology courses, werefounded by him in 1972 to introduce the much needed Faculty of Medicine as a part of Sardar Patel University. Dr. Amrita Patel Dr. Amrita Patel, a daughter of Dr. HM Patel and Savitaben Patel,

studied to become a veterinarian and having first joined Amul, she later joined the National Dairy Development Board, a body set up by the Government of India. She succeeded Dr Kurien as the Chairman of National Dairy Development Board and was responsible for the implementation of the national dairy programme. The programme has helped to promote, finance and deliver a variety of supporting services to a cooperative dairy structure that presently includes more than 15 million members in over 150,000 village dairy cooperative societies across the country. She has played a major role in focusing on the importance of not only enrolling women as members, but of encouraging and training women to play elected leadership roles in dairy cooperatives. Dr Patel has been a Director, Central Board of Directors, Reserve Bank of India and a Director on the Board of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). She has served on various high powered national activities. Dr Patel has played a leading role in environmental advocacy. She was a Trustee, World Wide Fund for Nature, India. She is a member of the Board of Governors, Society for Promotion of Wasteland Development and Foundation for Ecological Security (FES), Chairman of the Board of Management of the Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute. Dr Patel’s strong commitment to delivering health services to rural people in general, and women in particular, finds expression in her chairing the Charutar Arogya Mandal, a trust that manages a 550 bed rural hospital, medical, physiotherapy and nursing colleges. The hospital has a number of outreach programmes and works closely with the largest NGO in Asia which delivers maternal and infant health care and a unique cancer awareness, education and early detection programme through village health workers in over 600 villages of Kheda district in Gujarat. Dr Patel is a Trustee of India’s largest private philanthropic Trust – a Tata Trust – Sir Dorabji Tata Trust. She received several awards at national and international levels. In 2001, Dr Patel was conferred “Padmabhushan” by the Government of India for her contribution to animal husbandry.

UK - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Leading Lights

Rani Singh, Special Assignments Editor

Daughter of Famous Activists Leading a Life of Activism and Music Dia is Political Director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, a position she has held since January 2014. The TaxPayers’ Alliance campaigns for lower taxes and greater government accountability, with the Guardian calling it “arguably the most influential pressure group in the country”. Prior to joining the TPA, Dia worked at The Freedom Association, where she spent 16 months as Deputy Director, making the case for freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press. She has extensive experience of engaging with the media as well as parliamentarians across the politician spectrum. Dia was born in Bangladesh. Having read Law at Oxford University, she started her career in the City as a tax consultant before moving into communications and public affairs. I was given an exclusive interview near to Westminster just by Dia’s

Dia Chakravarty

office; she generously gave me as much time as I wanted to ask her anything in the world!

Dia, an only child, has a remarkable pedigree that has directly led her to where she is today.

Her mother, Sultana Kamal, is a lawyer and a human rights activist who runs a legal aid organisation in Bangladesh. Dia’s father, Supriyo Chakravarty, is also a lawyer. One parent is Muslim, the other is Hindu. Dia told me that her parents raised her to have no inhibitions about being a girl; teaching her that she could achieve whatever she wanted. In Bangladesh, the state curriculum dictates that a specific religion must be chosen at primary school level. But the imposition of a rigid choice and the resulting one-religion system was not something Dia’s liberal parents would allow, so they set they up a school in Sylhet for Dia and other children from their circle of friends, teaching the British Council regulated O Level examination syllabus. The mothers mostly taught the classes. The school went up to age 14, after which Dia's schooling was mostly tutorial-based, learning different subjects with different teachers and involving an amount of self-teaching of some subjects. She achieved seven O Levels, then got a scholarship to a sixthform college in Oxford to board and sit her A Levels, before reading Law at Oxford University.

She planned to go home eventually and work with her mother. But she had met her future husband while still at school and decided to settle in England once she completed her University and Bar examinations. Dia is an accom-

“I connect through music. And I also love the idea of engaging with people and getting a message across.” plished singer, performing regularly in London and abroad. She specialises in Bengali music, having just completed recording her first solo album which is to be launched in August. I first met her at a Tagore event in Parliament where she was speaking on the world view of Tagore, sharing a panel with the Bangladeshi High Commissioner (who was fulsome in his praise of her) and the Indian High Commissioner. I asked Dia where her passion for music comes from. “I was fortunate enough to be born into a musical family;” she explained. “Music forms a large part of activism in


Bangladesh, something which my family has been closely engaged in since the British Raj. On a more personal level, my father would play Tagore in the background as he put me to sleep as a child. So subconsciously, I associate music with home, safety and security.” So what Dia does now as a campaigner for greater government accountability and cutting out waste in the public sector is in a sense a logical extension of her upbringing, though she says that she is more libertarian than her leftleaning parents. “I do have an urge to make a difference, whatever way I can” she said. Dia’ album, “A Bloom in Vain and other songs.” will be released on August 22nd in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The album consists of songs of Rabindranath Tagore along with those of three of his contemporaries from the late 1800s/early 1900s. I had to ask Dia which she prefers, singing or her formal work in a busy pressure group. She replied,”There are similarities in both. I connect through music, and I also love the idea of engaging with people and getting a message across. Both are about communicating.”


YOUR VOICE - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

India’s corrupt police


Article 370

Instances of attack by Indian police on innocent citizens and misuse of power by them are reported in the media almost every day. The police have vast powers, but these are supposed to be used for maintaining law and order and rendering assistance to the people and not falsely implicating and arresting them. In April 2014, Agnelo Valdaris, Mumbai resident was brutally tortured and killed and his body thrown on the railway tracks by the Wadala railway police to show that it was a suicide. As of today, no action has been taken against the policemen who tortured and killed him. Perhaps money plays an important role with regard to various law and order operations by the police. There are black sheep in every profession and the police are no exception. They take the law into their own hands just because they are supported by hired thugs and corrupt politicians. What is however a matter for concern is that the number of black sheep in the police force is more than what it is in other professions! The Indian police have earned a very bad name in foreign countries by the way they behave. Shame on them! And the worst thing is that our corrupt judicial system supports them.

A Belgian, a Frenchman, a German and a Luxembourg person are now competing for the post of the job of the President of 28-country EU. Four more countries, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine and one other waiting to join. The UK has a very rich heritage of diverse cultures, languages, and much more. It is a continent that makes up only 7% of the world’s land surface. Its population of 506 million people is also 7% of world population. Yet it has a GDP of $17 trillion: 33% of world GDP. Romania was admitted to the EU in 2007. For years, people from France, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Spain have been buying huge parcels of agricultural land in Romania. This has resulted in a green revolution there. True there is some begging, some organised crime and gangs across Europe. However, most Romanians are hard working. They enjoy good life. There is reverse migration.,15,000 Italians live in Timisoara alone. They have created 3,000 companies in a city of 400,000 inhabitants. The US alone has a GDP of $17 trillion. That is why the UK continues to remain it’s staunch ally at the expense of its own political freedom. USA is in the process forming an economic pact with Europe. The third dimension to the UK EU referendum debate is not just in or out, but rather with joining the Euro also it is in. Esp. If UK does not want to continue as US poodle.

It is now time that we should seriously discuss the Article 370 and make our opinions known to the world and take actions according to the wishes of all Hindustanis. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is a temporary provision which grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir. Sheikh Abdullah was the first Prime Minister appointed by Nehru and Hari Singh in 1947. According to this Article (in short) no Hindustani from any state other than J&K can buy the property or land and you needed permission to enter J&K. Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee founder of the Bhartya Jana Sang together with Hindu Mahasabha and Ram Rajya Parishad launched a massive satyagraha to get Article 370 removed and went to visit Kashmir. Dr Syama Prasad Mookerji was arrested on 11th May 1953 and died on 23rd May 1953. He died in the prison. How he died is a very big question and will remain one. It is matter of great concern for every person that in independent country Hindustan which was headed by our great Prime Minster Nehru practically did nothing to investigate how and why he died. New Government of India should therefore need not to waste any more time. Remove Article 370 and let all Kashmiris become Hindustanis and enjoy their freedom all over India instead of only to be ruled by the Sheikh Family. And let us have a remembrance day for Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee.

Jubel D’Cruz Mumbai, India

MODIfied India to eradicate corruption

The newly elected Lok Sabha in India with BJP governing body and its leader Narendra Modi was sworn in last Monday along with his new ministry in presence of some 4000 guests. Whilst he was Gujarat’s Chief Minister for three successive terms, Modiji was very successful in governing the state. The state has been regarded as Nandanvan of India as if it has been “the California of India”! Well, it has been contributing over 20% of country’s GDP and export with better infrastructure than any parts of India. Now Narendrabhai and his party will have to prove their abilities for good governance for India. The country has commodities/resources and with bit of improvement in infrastructure they could take the nation as super power. The only set back for India is the scale of poverty and degree of corruption in civil servants at all levels. However, Modiji stated that “Hun khato nathi, khava deto nathi” (meaning that he believes in a clean and corrupt free administration). The latter is sometime beyond control and that could well be a litmus test for him in his first term as the PM. Any suspects found along this line, he should be able to weed them out, irrespective of their influence and supports within and without the party. Gujaratis have given a great Mahatma, Sardar, an iron man and now Namo, a low profile but surely a man of principle to put India back on global map!

Having just returned from a long haul holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia, I read with interest the past three weeks’ copies of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar which I had missed out on while being away, and was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming support and publicity which has been afforded by ABPL to Narendra Modi. It is evident that the NRIs and NRGs here are over the moon at a Gujjubhai’s success in his quest to get hold of the reins of India, thereby taking away the power so far being wielded by a foreign lady. Among other things, Narendrabhai has promised to clean up the Ganga river and eradicate the country of corruption, nepotism, violence against women, poverty and many such vices that are at present endemic in India. We sincerely hope that he will now fulfill his promises. AV and GS have in the past campaigned for a direct flight from London to Ahmedabad. We urge the new prime minister to look into this matter and thereby partly reciprocate the support we have given him. He should also consider a revamp of the visa system which has become so cumbersome and expensive that it is putting us off from visiting friends and relatives in our own motherland!

Lallubhai Patel (Gloucester) By Email

Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

Nagindas Khajuria By Email

Modi Mania

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After a year of the political mess in Harrow and the damage caused because of the ILG factor (Independent Labour Group), we are relieved that Harrow council now has a majority administration (Labour) and the residents could expect stability at the council and good quality services once again. Some Tories argue that they got 1 per cent more votes than the Labour and therefore should have more seats. The statistical fact is that the Tory average vote was slightly more than Labour only in nine wards (mostly because of the six strong Tory wards), while Labour average vote was consistently more than the Tory vote in twelve wards. We are very worried about the worth of the Tory group because of its defeat despite the Prime Minister, London Mayor and Home Secretary visiting Harrow and dividing the community in the process. It also reflects badly on the government: the prime minister visits Harrow and praises the minority Tory group for its ‘good work’ but the voters did not believe him. This raises serious question about his political judgement and credibility nationally. Regarding the humiliated ILG we hope they have learnt hard way that the politics of hatred and revenge has no place in the mainstream politics and therefore could not win them any seats. We feel sorry for a number of innocent ILG candidates who were recruited for a political show down and obviously got nowhere. Jaiya Shah Chairman, Harrow Council for Justice

Dharam Sahdev Ilford


USA’s hypocrisy

‘American lectures on human rights have long descended into low farce.’ The above sentence is a direct quote from AV editorial (31st May; Foreign policy: India’s national interest paramount) which partially exposes the USA’s hypocrisy. There are no bounds to their pretences which started from the creation of their nation. They signed hundreds of treaties with the native people whose land they seized but failed to honour a single one. Their score on slavery is unique in the annals of mankind. In modern times, freedom of speech records from McCarthyism to witch hunts for people like Manning, Assange and Snowden are not exceptions. However, let us have a reality check. To use animal analogy, they are the Alpha Male. Their roar is the law. The only option for any nation is co-operation or annihilation. Bharat is blessed with a unique personality in, the Prime Minister and Yuga Purush, Modi who can modify and has modified an adverse situation into a favourable one. We have already witnessed a miracle in the election results. We also saw a diplomatic master stroke in inviting the SAARC leaders to his inauguration. The invitation to Ramgoolam, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, indicates a profound foresight. His co-operation will

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Smriti Irani

I note recently that there is controversy on Narendra Modi’s appointment of Smriti Irani as Human Resource Development Minister, due to her education qualifications. Can we have a censor/poll of all currently elected Honourable Members within all parties who will take part to legislate and decide on the future course that India will now take, to find out how many Honourable Members are “unghootha chaap”. I would love to see a published result. Mohindra Master By Email be indispensable to recoup money, stashed away mainly in Europe, as most of the money were syphoned through his country. We should be rest assured that the Prime Minister will choose the right course of action for the USA. Narsibhai Patel New Malden

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Date - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

RJ agrees Jacintha call should not have been aired

The Australian radio DJ whose prank call led to Indian nurse Jacintha Saldanha's suicide in December 2012 has reportedly admitted that she has been living a stranger's life ever since and believes that the call should not have been aired at all. During an interview that aired on Sunday night, Mel Greig said she felt ashamed. Greig, a former top RJ who has not returned to her job since Jacintha died, said she had received several death threats and the ordeal had taken a massive toll on her family. Saldanha (45) killed herself just days after radio station 2DayFM's Greig and Michael Christian rang the King Edward VII hospital posing as the Queen and Prince Charles. Though the Saldanha family

Jacintha Saldanha

wanted the two RJs punished for "pushing Jacintha her committing suicide", Britain's Crown Prosecution Service recently decided no charges would be brought in the UK. however Jacintha had directly blamed the DJs for her death in a suicide note. London's Metropolitan Police Service said recently they had passed a file to the Australian Federal Police and New South Wales police.


Muslims mark their territory: 'This is an Islamic area now

A worrying sign telling pet owners to stay out of an east London park because “Muslims do not like dogs” is being investigated by Police, after it was seen stuck to a billboard in Bartlett Park, Poplar. The warning said: "Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs. This is an Islamic area now." The shocking sign has reportedly been called "unacceptable" and "provocative" by an MP who alerted the police after being shown the sign by a concerned dog walker. Labour's Jim Fitzpatrick called on police to find out if it was put up by "religious zealots" or a far-right group such as the English

Cambridge University VC warns on sharp dip in overseas students dents to all universities coming to the UK from India fell by 38% between 2011 and 2012, and those from Pakistan by 62%. The number of international students who enrolled on England's universities in 2012/13 decreased by 4,595 in one year - the biggest fall in recent history. It is estimated that the overall value of UK higher education exports to the economy in 2011-12 was

Commander Borough Dave Stringer reportedly said: "Bartlett Park does not have any history of community tension; however we are investigating the posting of these signs and conducting additional patrols to ensure that community reassurance and confidence are maintained in the area. At this time we retain an open mind concerning the motive behind the putting up of these signs." He added: "We will continue to work with our partners to borough ensure that Tower Hamlets remains a safe and secure place to live work and raise families. A Tower Hamlets council spokesman reportedly referred to the poster as "alarming and divisive".

around £10 billion. Whereas income from international (non-EU) students generated through their tuition fees in 2012-13 came to £3 billion, which represented around 30% of all tuition fee. England has recorded a sharp dip in overseas students enrolling in British universities - the first fall in nearly three decades (29 years), thanks to Indians giving it a skip.

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Professor Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University has warned that Britain's stance on migration is increasingly making Indian students feel unwelcome. According to him, setting a target of 100,000 migrants a year hinders reportedly "the true potential benefit that people coming to Britain can actually have". The numbers of stu-

who are trying to polarise and divide us. Whichever side it was ought not to be able to get away with it and whoever's responsible ought to pack it in." Police have removed the signs and increased the presence of officers in the area while it is under investigation. Tower Hamlets

Defence League (EDL). "The question is whether it was put up to be provocative or by religious zealots to be racist," the Poplar and Limehouse MP reportedly said. "It's another facet of intolerance, or, because there's no guarantee it was done by Islamists, it could be those in society




Amidst the “boast of heraldry and the pomp of power,” India’s fifteenth prime minister Narendra Modi and his team of 44 ministers were sworn into office at in the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan by President Pranab Mukherjee on the evening of May 26. There was an impressive array of guests representing every facet of Indian life, from the heads of the country’s corporate sector, cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former batting megastar, Sunil Gavaskar, and a host of other celebrities. Also present were India’s outgoing prime minister Manmohan Singh and wife Gursharan Kaur, ex-Presidents APJ Abdul Kalam and Pratibha Patil, the present Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari, and Congress Party President and Vice President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, senior BJP leaders L.K.Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi and many others. Foreign dignitaries included Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Maldives President Abdul Gayoon, Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz

They were as follows: Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister in temporary charge also of the Defence Ministry (until a permanent appointment is made after the Budget, scheduled for early July, Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs. Jaitley has held had one-to-one talks with the three service chiefs on the readiness of the Army Air Force and Navy, respectively, on the challenges faced on the borders with Pakistan and China. Critical arms acquisitions, budgeted by the previous government, have been held up by ponderous and

Union minister Gopinath Munde dies in road accident - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

to get cracking on these long pending issues (Times of India May 29)

Internal security

Expectations are high of better and more effective management of India’s internal security. The appointment of Ajit Doval, the highly regarded former Intelligence Bureau (IB) chief will be a tonic to the department and lead surely to improved coordination between the differ-

Defence platform

New National Security Adviser Ajit Doval

ent arms of the intelligence services. Terrorism and counterinsurgency are Doval’s forte, it is said. He has considerable experience of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also has a broad understanding of international security issues. “What better hands-on experience could one have,” said Shyamal Dutta, a former IB director himself (Telegraph May 31).

Foreign policy adviser

Senior BJP leader and union minister for rural development Gopinath Munde died on Tuesday morning reportedly of a heart attack after a road accident in Delhi. He was 64. Munde was on his way to the Delhi airport when an Indica car crashed into the minister's SX4 car at the the Prithviraj Road and Aurobindo Chowk cross-section in the heart of the capital, the police said. Doctors quoted the minister's personal staff as saying that the Indica crashed into the car on the side that the minister was seated in the rear seat. Munde, who seemed to have suffered only Sharif, Bhutan Prime Minister Lonchen Tsering Tobgay, Bangladesh Parliament Speaker Shirin Chaudhury and (nonSAARC) Prime Minister Ramgoolam of Mauritius, the Indian Ocean island state with whom India has a close security relationship. Foreign diplomats in New Delhi were invited by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to “to participate in the culmination of the celebration of democracy.” A gala occasion, it received appropriate television and print media coverage (Hindu, Times of India, Telegraph, Mint et al May 27)

Ministerial berths

The four major Cabinet posts grabbed the media headlines.

minor injuries, was in shock, his staff members said. He had asked for water, they said. Munde's driver and personal assistant were in the front and were unhurt. They rushed him to the trauma centre at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. "There was no spontaneous breathing and no cardiac activity when he was brought to the hospital," a doctor said. The doctors tried to revive the minister, but could not and pronounced him dead at 7.20 am. Doctors said Munde was diabetic and suffered from hypertension. For more see page 26 slow decision-making procedures, which made remedial measures the need of the hour (Times of India, Hindu, 28)

Critical shortages

The Indian Air Force (IAF) currently has 34 operational squadrons, when it needs 50 to cope satisfactorily with the contingent two-front war laid out in India’s military doctrine. The IAF’s decision, in September 2010, to purchase 126 French Raphel warplanes still awaits the clinching signatures, as talks between the Government of India and the French manufacturer, Dassault, drag on regardless. India is also desperately short of submarines and the Army lacks modern artillery. The Modi dispensation is keen

Government to pursue the issue of black money, in the light of the Supreme Court’s order.” The SIT will be co-chaired by retired Supreme Court judge Arijit Pasayat. Its members are to include the Director of the Intelligence Bureau, the Enforcement Directorate, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Revenue Intelligence, the Financial Intelligence Unit and the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s external intelligence arm. SIT will prepare a comprehensive action plan including creation of the institutional structure that will enable the country to fight the battle against unaccounted money (Business Line, Hindu May 28)

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is firming up plans to appoint a foreign policy adviser to guide it on critical international and geo-strategic matters. The person in the frame is believed to Dr Subramanyam Jaishankar, India’s present Ambassador to the United States. He has wide experience of the Far East, having served in Beijing and Tokyo. (Hindu May 31). External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is reported to be making greater space for economic diplomacy in the conduct of foreign affairs.

Revving up economy

Finance Minister Jaitley and his team, faced with a disappointing 4.7 per cent growth for 2013-14, will be mulling over ways and means to return India to its previous high growth trajectory, lower the present inflationary pressures and rationalize the tax system. Getting the manufacturing sector moving again will obviously be a major priority.

Black money probe

The Modi government laid down its first markers by setting up a a Special Investigative Team (SIT) to unearth black money within the country and abroad. The Cabinet approved this measure in keeping with the Supreme Court ruling on the subject and the related issue of tax evasion. Law Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said, “This indicated the commitment of the new

Evidence – if such were required – of the strong platform in science, technology and space, is the Defence Research & Development Organization’s (DRDO’s) Rail Track Rocket Sled that is to be used to test aerospace technologies. This new enabling facility in Chandigarh, that will allow missile warheads to be propelled at supersonic speeds, was inaugurated at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL). The Rail Track Rocket Sled (RTRS) Penta Rail Supersonic Track comprises five precision-aligned rails, each four-kilometres long; specially designed rocket motors; aerodynamic sleds; and advanced instrumentation. It enables the simulation of missile interception at supersonic speeds.

Space applications

The system also permits simulation of velocities encountered during the re-entry of crew capsules to be used in India’s manned space missions and the parachutes to be deployed to bring back Indian cosmonauts safely back to earth. Avinash Chander, DRDO Director General and Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister, inaugurating this facility, called it “a unique facility which allows you to test many situations on the ground for which you have to otherwise use missiles, launch vehicles and aircraft.” A Mach 3 (three times the speed of sound) velocity can be achieved on the ground, thanks to this facility. “The tracks will enable aerospace components to be tested at supersonic speeds,” Dr Chander said (Hindu May 24)

Reliance in mega media acquisitions

Mukesh Ambani, head of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) signaled his arrival as a media mogul by acquiring a controlling stake in TV Network18, which owns a range of news, entertainment and e-commerce channels such as CNN-IBN, CNBC TV18, Colors and HomeShopping, online news portal and e-commerce websites such as Yatra-com and, as well as print properties like Forbes India magazine. This media network, created by journalist-

media baron Raghav Bahl, becomes a RIL brand, whose Rs 4000 crore investment, through Independent Media Trust, of which RIL is the sole beneficiary, promises to give the Mukesh Ambani group and its owner an enormous outreach nationally, perhaps, even make it a global player n the field. The acquisition comes even as RIL’s telecom services under Reliance Jio Infocomm gears up for a 4G rollout (Business Line, Hindu, Times of India May 30)

Bajaj strength in motorcycles

Concentration your strength on things you do best, would appear to be the motto of Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of

Bajaj motorcycle Pulsar

Bajaj Auto as he struck 650 dealerships across the country for motorcycles. It is on the terrain of motorcycle manufacturing that the company flag proudly flutters. Bajaj said, “There is nothing profound about the branding. It only reflects our strategy for the Pulsar and Discover [models] and the categories they operate in.”

Special line

K. Srinivas, President (Motorcycle Business) said the Bajaj dealerships showcase its strength in motorcycle manufacturing. “The way to do this is to have a proper layout and choose the right elements in terms of colours and textures. The feel gives a right indication of engineering strength and technology,” he said. (Business Line May 30)

Ambassador expires

India’s oldest car brand, the Ambassador, expired at last from the terminal illness of low demand, falling ever lower, absurdist productivity and rising

Ambassador car

debt. No business model producing five cars per day with a workforce of 1,500 can survive the competitive rigours of the 21st century market. Hindustan Motors pulled the plug from its Uttarpara plant, near Kolkata, leaving West Bengal in something of a fix. The skeletal remains of the Ambassador will endure for awhile in the yellow cabs plying Kolkata’s streets (Business, May 30) Auld Sang Lyne. - Asian Voice 7th June 2014



UK - Asian Voice 7th June 2014 @RupanjanaDutta

A Dharmic government?

Rupanjana Dutta, Associate Editor

In the name of Honour I did not want to start my first column in seven years, with grim thoughts, but as it stands, the world is not such a wonderful place to begin it by saying “Oh I had such a fantastic experience that, I could not resist sharing.” So Kim Kardashian has successfully married for the third time. I have always felt that their reality show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' is a challenge to one's sanity, nevertheless it is beautiful to see a woman married for love, having a dream wedding in Florence, in the presence of many friends and family, especially loving parents and siblings. In another corner of the world, a woman gets stoned to death by her own father, because she dared to love and marry a man without the family's consent. I may not be a Muslim, but I am pretty much sure Islam does not support such monstrosity. The savage act of stoning, in itself, is very repulsive, the more disgusting is the thought of publicly torturing someone you love and who is your family. Falling out, not agreeing with choices our children

make, is completely understandable, but nothing can ever justify wiping out the very relation it is actually meant to protect. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has demanded to know why police stood and watched this pregnant woman being stoned. The subject definitely needs wider international attention. The Times reported that according to a study by the non-partisan Pew Research centre, 83% of the Pakistani public support stoning for adultery. Around 870 women were the target of honour killings last year, though not all were stoned, many were allegedly gunned. Such a horror! I am not in favour of Western scrutiny of the Eastern culture or our traditions, the nuances that the West is often ignorant about. But if 14 Muslim countries allow victims or even perpetrators to be stoned publicly by burying them till the neck or waist, it definitely needs a Big Brother to intervene. The year is 2014. In today's time and era, we cannot compromise on human rights like this. Loving a man of your

choice is not a crime and should not be. Whether a societal approval is necessary or not, can be debated. But killing someone who does not comply with your values, is an unforgivable sin - whatever your religion may be. Such acts of malevolence must raise the following moral questions in a civil society. Isn't the very first instinct of a parent to love and protect their offspring? Isn't it their ultimate dream to see them grow, flourish and prosper, expanding their family through their progeny? Then how can one's honour be greater than the life of their own child? And how can killing that child when she is pregnant with your own bloodline be seen as honourable? As Mathew Syed, a half Pakistani journalist and broadcaster rightly says, “We cannot compromise with fundamentalism...If we want to win the big battle, we have to win the small ones too. “That is the most valuable lesson to take from the tragedy of a 25 year old, stoned to death in broad daylight for loving the wrong man.”

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Prinal Nathwani There is no doubt that the recently-concluded general election in India generated a huge amount of publicity, press coverage and discussion across the world. Even in the UK, the major news channels ran regular features and articles on the progress of the election and were also on hand to publicise the results as soon as they were available. However, although the growing economic importance of the Indian economy, as well as India’s strategic location and partnerships in the region go some way to demonstrating why the Indian election results are so important to news channels and other governments, it isn’t these features that explain why the eventual outcome is so important to the global Hindu diaspora. Given that one of CHN’s aims is to increase political awareness and engagement within the Hindu community (and especially amongst young Hindus), it is arguable that the first reason why the Indian election is so important is because it can be held up an as exam-

The Affordable Indian Property Show Harrow 2014, hosted by Indiabulls Housing finance Ltd. and Asset India will also be taking place. The event is for the benefit of NRIs, PIOs and OCIs and will be open to all the public from 10am to 7pm. The exhibition is the first of its kind to focus on an affordable range of properties by renowned developers from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Anand, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR, Goa, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai. There will also be various contests including free tickets to India for visitor’s registration at the venue.

like Navin Kundra, Honey Kalaria, Meera's Academy, AK Bollywood Dance, Kishan Amin, Hemina Shah, Mehi, Adil Hashmi, Rekha Sawhney and Maz Khan, as well as a number of other talented artists, performers, and comedians. Also attending the Anand Mela on Sunday afternoon, will be TV actress Ms Esha Kansara as Kittu (Kritika) Anand Shergill from “Meri Bhabhi” Starplus.

ple of democracy in action, with a high level of voter engagement and turnout. Indeed, with over 66% of eligible individuals casting a vote, it is safe to say that the Indian public have a level of faith in democracy and recognise that casting a vote is important and that every vote does count. With turnout amongst 25 to 34 year olds standing at just over 57% in the last general election in the UK, there is clearly a need to highlight to young people the importance of participating in politics, with this need even more profound when considering that turnout figures are generally perceived as being lower amongst minority ethnic communities. This reiterates the first reason why the Indian general election is important and is worthy of the coverage it has received. From a more “Hindu” point of view, it is not turnout figures and voter engagement that make the results of the election important but rather the prospect of a government that adheres to Dharmic values and ideals and is not afraid to shy away from the fact that India is, at its heart, a Hindu nation (for any detractors, at the very least a nation based on Hindu values). In CHN’s point of view, and indeed the point of view of many Hindus in the diaspora, it was refreshing to see an elec-

Navin Kundra

S.I.B & Adil Hashmi

Kishan Amin

Rekha Sawhney


tion campaign that championed the rights of the Hindu community and was replete with references to the culture and values that define each and every one of us. Some may consider and argue that the second point is limited to the Hindu community in India and alone does not render the result of the election or indeed the election itself important in this country. However, what those making this argument perhaps seem to forget is that the vast majority (if not all) of Hindus across the world recognise India as the birthplace of the tradition that binds all of us and events affecting the Hindu community there have a ripple effect on Hindus in other countries. Taking all of the above into account, what is clear is that a government rooted in Hindu values in India sets the standard for Hindus across the world and inspires some of us with the confidence that the values we hold to be so eternal and dear are finally being recognised as the most conducive to mutual co-operation and development. To this end, CHN would like not only to congratulate the new Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and wish him well in his endeavours but also to congratulate the Indian electorate, who have voted “yes” in favour of democracy.

Honey Kalaria

Hemina Shah

Maz Khan - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


Labour dominates as more Asians e



Tanveer Mann, Shefali Saxena & Sunetra Senior

Thousands of people exercised their right to vote on Thursday 22 May in the European and Local Elections. After five days of deliberation and waiting for Tower Hamlets Council to finish counting their votes, the results emerged and, as predicted, the Labour Party has successfully swept the local elections in London. Out of a total of 32 London Boroughs, there are 264 successful Asian councillors from 25 Boroughs. In that, 206 are from the Labour Party, 34 from the Conservative Party, 15 from Tower Hamlets First and 9 Liberal Democrats.

The Labour Party, no doubt, has done extremely well, holding on to the councils it has won in previous elections as well as taking new seats from the Tories and Liberal Democrats. In what can be seen as a breath of fresh air, an impressive number of Asian candidates got elected from the Labour Party platform for the first time. Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Muslim candidates celebrated almost equal success with 131 Muslim and 133 Hindu, Sikh and Jain Councillors. In the European Elections, a total of 8 members of the European Parliament for the London Region Statement of parties have been selected, of which there is 1 Muslim MEP selected from the Conservative Party. Overall, while UKIP did not achieve any majorities in the local elections, particularly from Asian voters, they have gained a hefty 128 seats which has torn into the votes of the three traditional parties, undermining their chances of overall control. The Tories lost 11 councils and 168 seats; Labour gained 5 councils and 335 seats; and the Liberal Democrats lost 2 councils and 262 seats. Regardless of the results of the recent elections, the three main parties must not only work twice as hard to regain public conviction, but also do so more solicitously. It will be a true test of political competence.


Abbey Ward Laila Butt - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2252 Giasuddin Mohammed Miah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1996 Eastbury Ward Hardial Singh Rai - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1403 Faraaz Shaukat - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1356 Gascoigne Ward Saima Ashraf - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1977 Abdul Gafoor Aziz - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1896 Goresbrook Ward Moin Ali Quadri - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1290 Longbridge Ward Syed Ahammed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1998 Rocky Gill - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2288 Mayesbrook Ward Kashif Haroon - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1105 River Ward Amardeep Singh Jamu - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1491 Peter Chand - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1668 Valence Ward Syed Feroz Ghani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1243


Burnt Oak Ward Ammar Naqvi - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2177 Coppetts Ward Reema Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2179 East Finchley Ward Arjun Kumar Mittra - Labour Party/ Votes Cast: 2565 Mill Hill Ward Sury Khatri - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1864 Oakleigh Ward Sachin Rajput - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1899 Underhill Ward Amy Treventhan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1950


Alperton Borough Ward Mili Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2309 Bhagwanji Hari Chohan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2305 Barnhill Borough Ward Shafique Choudhary - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2010 Dollis Hill Ward Parvez Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1715 Arshad Mahmood - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1669 Dudden Hill Borough Ward Aslam Choudry - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2051 Krupesh Jadavji Hirani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1851 Fryent Borough Ward Shama Shilesh Tatler - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1708 Kenton Borough Ward

Suresh Laxmidas Kansagra - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1798 Bhiku Mani Patel - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1669 Mapesbury Ward Ahmad Shahzad - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1278 Queensbury Ward Sandra Kabir - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2114 Ramesh Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2022 Kana Naheerathan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1981 Stonebridge Ward Sabina Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2638 Tokyngton Ward Muhammed Asghar Butt -Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2247 Ketan Sheth - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2143 Welsh Harp Ward Amer Agha - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1831 Harbi Farah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1653 Wembley Central Ward Krupa Sheth - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2228


Belsize Ward Leila Roy - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1016 Bloomsbury Ward Rishni Madlani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1226 Regents Park Ward Nash Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1648 Nadia Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1599 St. Pancreas and Somers Town Ward - Turnout 38.60% Samata Khatoon - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2423


Bayswater Road Ward Suhail Rahuja - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 795 Bryanston and Dorset Sqaure Ward Adnan Mohammed - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1049 Churchill Ward Shamim Talukdar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1172 Harrow Road Ward Nilavra Mukerji - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1415 Maida Vale Ward Rita Begum - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1063 Regent's Park Ward Gotz Mohindra - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1042 Westbourne Ward Papya Qureshi - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1563


Bensham Manor Ward Humayun Kabir Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1940 Broad Green Ward Michael Suppiah Pinnavanam Selvanayagam - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2609 Manju Shahul Hameed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2289 Coulsdon West Ward Jitinder Sigh Bains Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2032 Fairfield Ward Vidhyacharan Ram Mohan - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2109 Norbury Ward Sherwan Hussain Chowdhury - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2221 Shafi Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2134 Purley Ward Badsha Quadir - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1878 Shirley Ward Richard Rishi Chatterjee - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2009 West Thorton Bernadette Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2371 Woodside Ward Hamida Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1874


Acton Central Ward Abdullah Gulaid - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1758 Dormers Wells Ward Tej Ram Bagha - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3025 Tejinder Singh Dhami - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3059 Ranjit Dheer - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3034 Ealing Broadway Ward Seema Kumar - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1614 East Acton Ward Hitesh Tailor - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1941 Greenford Broadway Ward Harbhajan Kaur Dheer - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2702 Greenford Green Ward Aysha Raza - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2097 Lady Margaret Ward Mohinder Kaur Midha - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3112 Karam Mohan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3029 Swaran Singh Padda - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2956 North Greenford Ward Shital Ved Parkash Manro - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2393 Northolt Mandeville Ward Natasha Ahmed Shaikh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2277 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Northolt West End Ward Bassam Mahfouz - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2391 Norwood Green Ward Mohammad Aslam - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2598 Gurmit Kaur Mann - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2714 Rajinder Singh Mann - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2680 Perivale Ward Munir Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2524 Tariq Mahmood - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2325 Charan Sharma - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2352 Southall Broadway Ward Sarfaraz Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3236 Sanja Kohli - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3205 Kamaljit Kaur Nagpal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3255 Southall Green Ward Jasbir Kaur Anand - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 4088 Kamaljit Singh Dhindsa - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3970 Swarn Singh Kang - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3903 Walpole Ward Binda Rai - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1845


Bowes Ward Yasemin Brett - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2249 Enfield Highway Ward Ahmet Hasan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1848 Jubilee Ward Rohini Simbodyal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1939 Southbury Ward Jansev Jesmal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1759 Upper Edmonton Ward Ali Bakir - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2589


Glyndon Ward Radha Rabadia - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1995 Plumstead Ward Rajinder Sehmar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1850 Woolwich Common Ward Harry Singh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2208 Ambreen Hisbani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2048


North End Ward Ali Hashem - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1434


Northumberland Park Ward Kaushika Amin - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1796 Seven Sisters Ward Dhiren Basu - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2190 Stroud Green Ward Raj Sahota - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1492


Belmont Ward Manji Kanji Kara - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1708 Minaxi Parmar - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1666 Canons Ward Ameet Jogia - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2082 Amir Moshenson - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2045 Bharat Girdharilal Thakker - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1944 Edgware Ward Nitin Parekh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1551 Greenhill Ward Ghazanfar Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1243 Harrow Weald Ward Pritesh Patel - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1447 Ramji Chauhan - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1396 Headstone South Ward Sasikala Suresh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1458 Kenton East Ward Niraj Dattani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1695 Aneka Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1561 Kenton West Ward Vina Vipin Mithani - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1686 Ajay Maru - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1678 Kantilal Dhanji Rabadia - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1581 Marlborough Ward Varsha Parmar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1611 Pinner South Ward Kamaljit Singh Chana - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1658 Queensbury Ward Sachin Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1630 Kiran Ramchandani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1547 Rayners Lane Ward Krishna Suresh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1448 Roxeth Ward Primesh Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast:1451 Wealdstone Ward Rajeshri Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1383 West Harrow Ward Kairul Marikar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1392

Labour dominates as more Asians e



Tanveer Mann, Shefali Saxena & Sunetra Senior

Thousands of people exercised their right to vote on Thursday 22 May in the European and Local Elections. After five days of deliberation and waiting for Tower Hamlets Council to finish counting their votes, the results emerged and, as predicted, the Labour Party has successfully swept the local elections in London. Out of a total of 32 London Boroughs, there are 264 successful Asian councillors from 25 Boroughs. In that, 206 are from the Labour Party, 34 from the Conservative Party, 15 from Tower Hamlets First and 9 Liberal Democrats.

The Labour Party, no doubt, has done extremely well, holding on to the councils it has won in previous elections as well as taking new seats from the Tories and Liberal Democrats. In what can be seen as a breath of fresh air, an impressive number of Asian candidates got elected from the Labour Party platform for the first time. Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Muslim candidates celebrated almost equal success with 131 Muslim and 133 Hindu, Sikh and Jain Councillors. In the European Elections, a total of 8 members of the European Parliament for the London Region Statement of parties have been selected, of which there is 1 Muslim MEP selected from the Conservative Party. Overall, while UKIP did not achieve any majorities in the local elections, particularly from Asian voters, they have gained a hefty 128 seats which has torn into the votes of the three traditional parties, undermining their chances of overall control. The Tories lost 11 councils and 168 seats; Labour gained 5 councils and 335 seats; and the Liberal Democrats lost 2 councils and 262 seats. Regardless of the results of the recent elections, the three main parties must not only work twice as hard to regain public conviction, but also do so more solicitously. It will be a true test of political competence.


Abbey Ward Laila Butt - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2252 Giasuddin Mohammed Miah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1996 Eastbury Ward Hardial Singh Rai - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1403 Faraaz Shaukat - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1356 Gascoigne Ward Saima Ashraf - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1977 Abdul Gafoor Aziz - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1896 Goresbrook Ward Moin Ali Quadri - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1290 Longbridge Ward Syed Ahammed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1998 Rocky Gill - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2288 Mayesbrook Ward Kashif Haroon - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1105 River Ward Amardeep Singh Jamu - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1491 Peter Chand - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1668 Valence Ward Syed Feroz Ghani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1243


Burnt Oak Ward Ammar Naqvi - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2177 Coppetts Ward Reema Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2179 East Finchley Ward Arjun Kumar Mittra - Labour Party/ Votes Cast: 2565 Mill Hill Ward Sury Khatri - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1864 Oakleigh Ward Sachin Rajput - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1899 Underhill Ward Amy Treventhan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1950


Alperton Borough Ward Mili Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2309 Bhagwanji Hari Chohan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2305 Barnhill Borough Ward Shafique Choudhary - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2010 Dollis Hill Ward Parvez Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1715 Arshad Mahmood - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1669 Dudden Hill Borough Ward Aslam Choudry - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2051 Krupesh Jadavji Hirani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1851 Fryent Borough Ward Shama Shilesh Tatler - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1708 Kenton Borough Ward

Suresh Laxmidas Kansagra - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1798 Bhiku Mani Patel - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1669 Mapesbury Ward Ahmad Shahzad - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1278 Queensbury Ward Sandra Kabir - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2114 Ramesh Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2022 Kana Naheerathan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1981 Stonebridge Ward Sabina Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2638 Tokyngton Ward Muhammed Asghar Butt -Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2247 Ketan Sheth - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2143 Welsh Harp Ward Amer Agha - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1831 Harbi Farah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1653 Wembley Central Ward Krupa Sheth - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2228


Belsize Ward Leila Roy - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1016 Bloomsbury Ward Rishni Madlani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1226 Regents Park Ward Nash Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1648 Nadia Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1599 St. Pancreas and Somers Town Ward - Turnout 38.60% Samata Khatoon - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2423


Bayswater Road Ward Suhail Rahuja - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 795 Bryanston and Dorset Sqaure Ward Adnan Mohammed - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1049 Churchill Ward Shamim Talukdar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1172 Harrow Road Ward Nilavra Mukerji - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1415 Maida Vale Ward Rita Begum - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1063 Regent's Park Ward Gotz Mohindra - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1042 Westbourne Ward Papya Qureshi - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1563


Bensham Manor Ward Humayun Kabir Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1940 Broad Green Ward Michael Suppiah Pinnavanam Selvanayagam - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2609 Manju Shahul Hameed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2289 Coulsdon West Ward Jitinder Sigh Bains Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2032 Fairfield Ward Vidhyacharan Ram Mohan - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2109 Norbury Ward Sherwan Hussain Chowdhury - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2221 Shafi Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2134 Purley Ward Badsha Quadir - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1878 Shirley Ward Richard Rishi Chatterjee - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2009 West Thorton Bernadette Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2371 Woodside Ward Hamida Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1874


Acton Central Ward Abdullah Gulaid - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1758 Dormers Wells Ward Tej Ram Bagha - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3025 Tejinder Singh Dhami - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3059 Ranjit Dheer - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3034 Ealing Broadway Ward Seema Kumar - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1614 East Acton Ward Hitesh Tailor - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1941 Greenford Broadway Ward Harbhajan Kaur Dheer - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2702 Greenford Green Ward Aysha Raza - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2097 Lady Margaret Ward Mohinder Kaur Midha - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3112 Karam Mohan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3029 Swaran Singh Padda - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2956 North Greenford Ward Shital Ved Parkash Manro - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2393 Northolt Mandeville Ward Natasha Ahmed Shaikh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2277 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Northolt West End Ward Bassam Mahfouz - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2391 Norwood Green Ward Mohammad Aslam - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2598 Gurmit Kaur Mann - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2714 Rajinder Singh Mann - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2680 Perivale Ward Munir Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2524 Tariq Mahmood - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2325 Charan Sharma - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2352 Southall Broadway Ward Sarfaraz Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3236 Sanja Kohli - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3205 Kamaljit Kaur Nagpal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3255 Southall Green Ward Jasbir Kaur Anand - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 4088 Kamaljit Singh Dhindsa - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3970 Swarn Singh Kang - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 3903 Walpole Ward Binda Rai - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1845


Bowes Ward Yasemin Brett - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2249 Enfield Highway Ward Ahmet Hasan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1848 Jubilee Ward Rohini Simbodyal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1939 Southbury Ward Jansev Jesmal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1759 Upper Edmonton Ward Ali Bakir - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2589


Glyndon Ward Radha Rabadia - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1995 Plumstead Ward Rajinder Sehmar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1850 Woolwich Common Ward Harry Singh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2208 Ambreen Hisbani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2048


North End Ward Ali Hashem - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1434


Northumberland Park Ward Kaushika Amin - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1796 Seven Sisters Ward Dhiren Basu - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2190 Stroud Green Ward Raj Sahota - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1492


Belmont Ward Manji Kanji Kara - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1708 Minaxi Parmar - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1666 Canons Ward Ameet Jogia - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2082 Amir Moshenson - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2045 Bharat Girdharilal Thakker - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1944 Edgware Ward Nitin Parekh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1551 Greenhill Ward Ghazanfar Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1243 Harrow Weald Ward Pritesh Patel - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1447 Ramji Chauhan - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1396 Headstone South Ward Sasikala Suresh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1458 Kenton East Ward Niraj Dattani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1695 Aneka Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1561 Kenton West Ward Vina Vipin Mithani - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1686 Ajay Maru - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1678 Kantilal Dhanji Rabadia - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1581 Marlborough Ward Varsha Parmar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1611 Pinner South Ward Kamaljit Singh Chana - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1658 Queensbury Ward Sachin Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1630 Kiran Ramchandani - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1547 Rayners Lane Ward Krishna Suresh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1448 Roxeth Ward Primesh Patel - Labour Party/Votes Cast:1451 Wealdstone Ward Rajeshri Shah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1383 West Harrow Ward Kairul Marikar - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1392

elected in Local Elections - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


Brooklands Ward Vidyotama Persaud - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1620 Mawnwys Ward Dilip Patel - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1771


Barnhill Ward Kanwal Dheer - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2106 Jasjot Singh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1951 Botwell Ward Mo Khursheed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2192 Brunel Ward Roy Chamdal - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1124 Pinkwell Ward Jazz Dhillon - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2060 Kuldeep Kaur Lakhmana - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1981 Townfield Ward Robin Sansarpuri - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1971 Yeading Ward Mohinder Singh Birah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2121 Jagjit Singh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2006 Narinder Kumari Garg - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2004


Bedfont Ward Sachin Gupta - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1601 Cranford Ward Daanish Saeed - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1813 Sohan Singh Sangha - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2085 Gurpal Singh Virdi - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1643 Feltham North Ward Khulique Ahmed Malik - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1163 Hina Mir - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1283 Hanworth Ward Samia Chaudhary - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1285 Hanworth Park Ward Bishnu Gurkha Gurung - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1170 Hanif Ahmad Khan - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1124 Heston Central Ward Harleen Atwal Hear - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2095 Manjit Singh Buttar - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2041 Surinder Singh Purewal - Labour Party /Votes cast: 1951 Heston East Ward Kamaljit Kaur - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2151 Gurmail Singh Lal - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2063 Amrit Mann - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2037 Heston West Ward Rajinder Singh Bath - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2491 Shantanu Singh Rajawat - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2323 Hounslow Central Ward Ajmer Grewal - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2224 Pritam Singh Grewal - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2283 Nisar Ahmed Malik - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2088 Hounslow Heath Mukesh Malhotra - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2238 Hounslow South Shaida Mehrban - Labour Party /Votes cast: 1747 Hounslow West Bandna Chopra - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2081 Puneet Grewal - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2160 Jagdish Rai Sharma - Labour Party /Votes cast: 2262 Finsbury Park Ward Asima Shaikh - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2408 Holloway Ward Rakhia Ismail - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2266 St Georges Ward Satnam Gill - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2121


Berrylands Ward Sushila Abraham - Liberal Democrat/Votes Cast: 1279 Beverley Ward Raju Pandya - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1046 Chessington South Ward Shiraz Mirza - Liberal Democrat/Votes Cast: 1005 Coombe Hill Ward Gaj Wallooppillai - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1349 Coombe Vale Ward Roy Arora - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1629 St James Ward Priyen Patel - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 1082 St Marks Ward Yogan Yoganathan - Liberal Democrat/Votes Cast: 1111 Tolworth and Hook Rise Ward Thay Thayalan - Liberal Democrat/Votes Cast: 836


Ferndale Ward Neil Sabharwal - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1499 Streatham Hill Ward Rezina Chowdhury - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1582 Streatham Wells Ward Mohammed Seedat - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1676




St Helier Ward Imran Uddin - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1673 Trinity Ward Abdul Latif - Conservative Party/Votes cast: 1119 Village Ward Najeeb Latif - Conservative Party/Votes cast: 1848


Beckton Ward Ayesha Chowdhury - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1778 Boleyn Ward Obaid Khan - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2658 Harvinder Singh Virdee - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2425 Custom House Ward Rokhsana Fiaz - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1403 East Ham Central Ward Unmesh Desai - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2568 East Ham North Ward Zuber Gulamussen - Labour Party / Votes cast: 2741 Paul Duraisamy Sathianesan - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2684 East Ham South Ward Lakmini Sewwandi Shah - Labour Party / Votes cast: 2100 Forest Gate South Ward Masihullah Patel - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2209 Green Street East Ward Mukesh Patel - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2635 Rohima Rahman - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2723 Green Street West Ward Tahmina Rahman - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2744 Idris Ibrahim - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2756 Little Ilford Ward Farah Nazeer - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2997 Manor Park Ward Salim Patel - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2744 Amarjit Singh - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2414 Plaistow North Ward Forhad Hussain - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2277 Plaistow South Ward Ahmed Noor - Labour Party


Chadwell Ward Aziz Ahmed Choudhury - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2352 Clayhall Ward Gurdial Bhamra - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2110 Clementswood Ward Zulfiqar Hussain - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2233 Muhammed Javed - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2232 Cranbrook Ward Mushtaq Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2018 Varinder Bola - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1812 Mahboob Chaudhary - Conservative Party/Votes cast: 1827 Goodmayes Ward Kam Rai - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2272 Loxford Ward Taifur Rashid - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2278 Mohammad Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2472 Shakil Ahmad - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2453 Mayfield Ward Jas Athwal - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2731 Ayodhiya Parkash - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2597 Newbury Ward Thavathuray Jeyaranjan - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2821 Dev Sharma - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2766 Sevin Kings Ward Baldesh Kaur Nijjar - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2480 Valentines Ward Khayer Chowdhury - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1820 Farah Hussain - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1760 Wanstead Sheila Bain - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1964


Brunswick Park Ward Radha Elizabeth Burgess - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2102 Chaucer Ward Vijay Luthra - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1645 Nunhead Ward Sunil Chopra - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1936 Riverside Ward Anood Al-Samerai - Liberal Democrats/Votes cast: 1589 The Lane Ward Jasmine Ali - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2369 Jamille Mohammed - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1967


Beddington North Ward Pat Ali - Liberal Democrats/Votes Cast: 1299 The Wrythe Ward Naliben Patel - Liberal Democrats/Votes Cast: 1199 Wallington North Ward Sunita Gordan - Liberal Democrats/Votes Cast: 1363 Wallington South Ward Muhammad Izhar Sadiq - Liberal Democrats/Votes Cast: 1221


Bethnal Green Ward Sirajul Islam - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2292 Shafiqual Haque - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2048 Bow East Ward Amina Ali - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2023 Bow West Ward Asma Begum - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1996 Bromley North Ward Khales Uddin Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1534 Mohammed Mufti Miah - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 1247 Lansbury Ward Rajib Ahmed - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 2184 Shria Khatun - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1952 Mile End Ward Shah Alam - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2315 Poplar Ward Gulam Kibria Choudhury - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 910 Shadwell Ward Rabina Khan - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast:2199 Harun Miah - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2192 Spitafields & Banglatown Ward Gulam Robbani - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 1955 Suluk Ahmed - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 1743 St Dunstan's Ward Ayas Miah - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1967 Mahbub Alam - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 1805 St Peter's Ward Muhammed Ansar Mustaquim - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2088 Stepney Green Ward Alibor Choudhury - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2023 Oliur Rahman - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 1965 Weavers Ward Abdul Chuni Mukit - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1237 Whitechapel Ward Shahed Ali - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2139 Abdul Asad - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2117 Aminur Khan - Tower Hamlets First/Votes Cast: 2088


Cathall Ward Naheed Asghar - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1851 Forest Ward Shabana Dhedhi - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1694 Grove Green Ward Khevyn Limbajee - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1686 High Street Ward Raja Anwar - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2191 Liaquat Ali - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2095 Hoe Street Ward Saima Mahmud - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2279 Ahsan Khan - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2209 Lea Bridge Ward Masood Ahmad - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2259 Mohammad Asghar - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2020 Markhouse Ward Johar Khan - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1930 Asim Mahmood - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1952 Valley Ward Akta Beg - Labour Party/Votes cast: 1160 William Morris Ward Nadeem Ali - Labour Party/Votes cast: 2421


Bedford Ward Rosena Chantelle Allin-Khan - Labour Party/Votes Cast: 1843 East Putney Ward Ravindra Pragji Govindia - Conservative Party/Votes Cast: 2134


Election of eight members of the European Parliament for the London Region Statement of parties Syed Kamall - Conservative Party

18 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Dear Financial Voice Reader,

So is it now time to invest in India. My private equity asset management company of course invests in Indian companies. I started the company back in 2004. And our last fund which went through the credit crunch has delivered 17%+ annually after all fees and costs. So what do you need to know about investing in India? These are my key thoughts: (PE means private equity and VC means venture capital – both are funds which invest in private Indian companies to provide profits for their investors). After all India desperately needs capital. Will a change of government make a big difference? • Number of PE/VC firms conducting deals in the Indian market grew by 10% from 2012 to 2013, reaching 314 firms • Largest deal in 2013 in India was the USD 1.26 billion into Bharti Airtel (telecommunication sector) by Qatar Foundation Endowment in the second quarter of the year • About 50% of funds target to invest more than USD 50 million in India on an annual basis in 2014 and even more (~60%) in the next one to three years Negative developments/Threats: • In 2013, funds allocated towards Asia-Pacific on a regional level continued to expand but countryfocussed funds declined for India by 40% • India’s attractiveness as a market has declined as other investment opportunities arise (such as Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America) 1. How has the fundraising outlook for Indian private equity improved as it enters its next phase of growth? • India is seen as the toughest fundraising market by domestic GPs (General Partners run funds and raise funds to invest from places like pension fund managers) • About 60% of GPs (surveyed by Bain & Capital) expect fund-raising to stay tough in 2014 as LPs have intensified their scrutiny of who they trust with their fund commitments • India is benefitting from capital allocations from Asia-Pacific and global funds • GPs will focus on building good investment and exit records to enable easier fund-raising • 60% of Indian GPs state the current fundraising environment as very negative, 40% as negative, nevertheless there is a slight improvement to 2012, where 90% of Indian GPs stated the fundraising environment as very negative and 10% as neutral 2. What should overseas investors be made aware of when embarking into India? • India is lagging behind competitors with regard to • Currency stability • Ease of doing businesses • Corruption • FDI restrictions • Simple taxation system 3. How has India’s private equity industry matured over recent years? What lessons have been learnt from recent years? • 90% of deals in 2013 were minority stake, but GPs are inclined towards majority-stake deals in the future • After a period of deceleration in the Indian PE industry (2011-2012), there are signs of positive changes • In the last few years, PE investments remained one of the major sources for long-term capital (2010: twice as much PE investments as IPOs, 2011: nine times as much PE investments as IPOs, 2012: six times as much PE investments as IPOs (in investment volume)) With a new Government we are hoping more India PE funds and that means more investment into India because Government spending alone will not be enough.

RBI cuts SLR ratio by 50 bps to release Rs 390 bn for banks

In a move that will release over Rs 390 billion of funds locked in government bonds, the Reserve Bank of India has cut the mandatory statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) requirement for banks by 50 basis points to 22.5% in its bimonthly policy on Tuesday. SLR is the portion of bank deposits that banks have to mandatorily invest in government bonds. In keeping with expectations, RBI governor Raghuram Rajan left the repo rate, the rate at which the RBI lends to banks, unchanged at 8%. The governor appears to have taken a pragmatic decision by holding his own on rates but at the same time addressing concerns of the finance ministry of adequate credit to businesses by releasing liquidity. The biggest beneficiaries of this move will be private banks and foreign banks who are close

Raghuram Rajan

to the statutory limit on SLR. In his first policy statement post election, Rajan said, "the decisive election result, together with improved sentiment should create a conducive environment for comprehensive policy actions and a revival in aggregate demand as well as a gradual recovery of growth during the course of the year." He, however, said that the first quarter continued to be sluggish and the outlook for agriculture is clouded by the meteoro-

Finance Banking and Insurance Magazine (FBI) in association with

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In keeping with its profile the FBI magazine will be released at the House of Commons, June 2014 in the presence of distinguished guests.

logical department's forecasts of a delay in the onset of the south-west monsoon with a 60% chance of the occurrence of El Nino. "The ongoing contraction in the production of consumer durables and capital goods, coupled with moderation in corporate sales and non-oil, non-gold imports is indicative of continuing weakness in both consumption and investment demand," Rajan said. On inflation, the governor said that while Elnino and geopolitical situation was a threat to food prices, these risks were balanced by the possibility of stronger government action on food supply and better fiscal consolidation as well as the pass through of recent exchange rate a p p r e c i a t i o n . "Accordingly, at this juncture, it is appropriate to leave the policy rate unchanged, and to allow

the disinflationary effects of rate increases undertaken during September 2013-January 2014 to mitigate inflationary pressures in the economy," Rajan said in a statement. In his statement, Rajan said that since the April policy, global economic activity is evolving at different speed. He also nudged the government to do its bit like easing domestic supply bottlenecks and proceed with reviving stalled projects which should brighten the outlook for both manufacturing and services. The resumption of export growth is a positive, he added. The stock markets, meanwhile, did not take kindly to the apex bank's stance. The key sensitive index (Sensex) of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) even fell 30 points. But it immediately staged a recovery and eventually closed 175 points, or 0.7 per cent higher.

Tony De Nazareth, who has over 30 years’ experience in investment banking, venture capital and lending, has launched Crowd for Angels, a platform to provide funding for companies from the beginning till it is listed. The launch pitches include film company, The Series Ltd, which is looking to raise funds for TV drama, the Mughals, Bet Fast Ltd, a mobile software company and AIM listed company Advanced Oncotherapy, a provider of radiotherapy systems, which has a £22.7 m market cap and recently raised £6 m through traditional channels. Tony Nazareth said that this was the first time that a directly regulated crowd funding platform combines debt and equity pitches in one place. He said that he wanted to bring innovative and appealing products to the crowd, fund companies through all phases of their

growth cycle and also enable companies to find funding outside of traditional circles. He said that the beauty of his platform was that a company could begin with raising seed capital and carry on being funded through to PreIPO and when listed. He said that for the investors there were no fees. Up to 50% tax relief on investments through SEIS and EIS. Short term convertible loans, thereby reducing the probability of default with the option of converting before maturity. You can invest as little as £25 and can potentially make returns of over 10 per cent. For companies, funds are released on the minimum target being reached. It provides funding for the entire growth cycle – from seed to listed. Two funding targets, that allows companies to gain access to funding more quickly.

Crowd for Angels provides funding for companies

B A Finance & Mortgage Co. ESTABLISHED SINCE 1970

from £100K to £30M

Commercial Mortgages, Bridging Finance, Development Finance UPTO 100%.

All types of Business’s Including Retail and Restaurants. I Nursing Homes I Rest Homes I Hotels I Pharmacies I Doctors I Dentists I Opticians.

For further information contact: Kam Patel / Tim Drakes Tel: 020 8682 0800, Fax: 020 8682 0222 Email: - Consumer Credit Licence No: 350996

Buy To Let Mortgages

From 1st time buyer landlords to large portfolios. IT contractors accepted even with umbrella companies.All employment types, residency types and domicile types considered

REAL ESTATE VOICE - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


It ain't over till the fat lady sings

Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap A Property Investment Company

Up until last week we had thought we had resold a flat we purchased in Hampstead. The property was exchanged by us for £850k, it was then resold on for £1m within a few weeks. The incoming buyer had exchanged as well meaning he had put down £100k which equates to 10% of his purchase price. We promptly informed the investors we are out of the deal, as we had exchanged and the deal was done……….or so we thought. The property came with its fair share of problems. The previous owner who had bought the property some years back had developed a very strained relationship with the freeholder who was an 88 year old lady who happened to live in the block. It all started as soon as he had completed; the freeholder decided to put up a fence to separate the garden dividing it from the communal share and his, this was not there during the time of exchange. He went in guns blazing and got his lawyer to write to her stating his right of light had been infringed upon and the fence was not there when he purchased etc., and it’s been downhill from then. Since this time his builders had also managed to cover the communal manhole and of course there was a flood which effected the whole building, and the builders needed to get to the manhole, finding it covered over. Sometime later on the leaseholder decided to do some internal works and employed a structural engineer who basically got the calculations all wrong in regards to knocking down a supporting wall which would affect the whole building. The calculations contradicted the freeholder’s surveyor’s ones and given the history between these two personalities the issue landed up in court where it became apparent the leaseholder’s surveyor had got it wrong! Unfortunately it comes down to whether the lawyers are more interested in covering their own skins rather than getting the deal done. The line between whether they are looking after themselves rather than the client gets blurred. Under the disguise of following regulations and looking after their client they are in actual fact looking after themselves.

Con se quen tly the le asehold er had eno ugh and wante d to get out of this property he nce he sold it to us for a reduc ed price in retu rn for a quick exchan ge. We prompt ly exch ang ed and then stuc k it back in au ction, whilst the viewings were be ing con d ucte d the f ree holde r assumed it was the exist ing le asehold er who had placed it in auct io n, not knowing that it had be en exchang ed and was being re so ld in the auc t io n by the incoming buye r. In order to sabotage the d eal sh e had he r lawyers draw u p a forfeiture o f le ase n otice an d stuc k it to the f ron t do or of the f lat, whic h is a ridiculo us thing to do an d it was obvious what the int ention behind this was, name ly to scarper th e d eal and put off an y in coming purc hasers.

Lawyers are n ot always commercially mind ed, and therefore leavin g th e ult imate decision o f whe ther to l end to them is n ot always the right choice . A l ot of the issues req uire an interpretation this is why one lawyer advise d the deal sho uldn 't be d one and ano ther firm advised to d o it. There fore le aving the ult imate commercial decision to them in th e case o f san ctionin g loan s is no t advisable. Smalle r firms te nd to t ake a more in tuitive approach, where as the larger firms are constraine d by their own proced ure s.

Well the strategy worked - to some degree. Although we managed to sell the property prior to auction, the incoming buyer saw through the fog the freeholder was trying to create and was confident of getting through the apparent issues, however his lender, or more specifically the lender’s lawyer didn’t share the same opinion. The lawyer dealing with it was not comfortable with the situation and therefore recommended the lenders not to lend. When it comes to doing deals with lenders, especially bridging companies, their lawyers often have the last word when it comes to sanctioning a loan. After it has been underwritten the case then goes to their lawyers, and often if they are not happy the deal collapses.

The lawyers for the lender of the buyer we flipped this deal to had decided not to lend. This meant there was a real chance he may not have been able to complete and we would have been left to complete the deal. The difference is we would be up £100k on the deal (as the exchange money would be ours), so instead of purchasing for £850k we would be in effect buying for £750k. None the less we would have to get the funds in a short space of time, even if we did gain £100k, the size of the borrowing is irrelevant as we would still need to follow the same process which will take the same amount of time. It transpired over the weekend our buyer managed to get someone private to fund him in return for a first charge on the property. The property developed is expected to sell for in the region of £1.5m to £1.8m so there is enough margin for both of them to be happy with a return.

Once we were left high and dry wh en a len der’s lawyer d ecided t hey did n’t like t he fact that we were buying the le asehol d and also the free hold of a prope rty. Th ree d ays befo re the en d o f t he notice period t hey stat ed they will not be lend in g to us! Luck ily we had access to anothe r source of fu nds who managed to wo rk o ve r the week end and close the deal for us.

The Real Deal

Wh en a part y doesn’ t co mplet e when the y are supposed to, t he seller has t he rig ht to se rve t hem not ic e, this usually me an s they have 10 working d ays to compl ete the deal. If t hey go past this dat e the y th en lo se the d eposit they put in to the deal.

West Hampstead, London, NW6 Purchase Price: £1.06m l An extremely spacious three bedroom flat on the top floor of a beautiful block l Share of freehold l Can be converted into a four bedroom flat l Two parking spaces, a very rare find in this location 1,450 sq. ft. area l Prices in this location are around £1,000 per sq. ft. while we are getting this for around £731 per sq. ft. l Two month completion period Call us now to secure this deal!

In our contract with our buyer we put slightly less time than the standard 10 days allowed, this would have given us the precious few days required to gather funds in order to meet completion. We have had to ensure our investors are aware we may need to call upon the funds, and we have had to prepare two or three different lenders to call upon the rest of the funds at short notice should we require them. It just goes to show you can never be too relaxed; as the saying goes ‘it ain't over till the fat lady sings’. This means that one should not presume to know the outcome of an event which is still in progress. More specifically, the phrase is used when a situation is (or appears to be) nearing its conclusion. It cautions against assuming that the current state of an event is irreversible and clearly determines how or when the event will end.

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l You can easily understand the expenses and income associated with property investment, the same cannot be said of many financial products.

l It is essential to determine what you want from your property investment if you want to get the best out of it; a quick gain (buy and sell) or a consistent secondary income from a Buy to Let. It is important to define what you want prior to investing.



Investors looking at Modi to revive Indian economy

Foreign investors and corporate titans have blamed bureaucratic gridlock, internal Congress party bickering and renegade ministers for dragging the Indian economy down. Now, they are looking at the government led by Narendra Modi to revive the economy. During the election campaign, Modi vowed to end such administrative chaos, portraying himself as a decisive man of action, capable of bringing vigour and efficiency to the government apparatus, kick-starting growth, creating millions of jobs and spreading prosperity. Now everybody is looking at Modi’s economics team, led by lawyer Arun Jaitley, to fulfil the public expectations. Growth has been languishing below 5 per cent, while retail inflation averaged about 10 per cent for much of 2013. Millions of young, restless voters who have placed their faith in Modi’s highly vaunted administrative skills now expect something akin to quick transposition of these two figures. Investors may slightly be more tempered but are still ebullient about the country’s prospects.

Narendra Modi Yet even as he touts his decisiveness, Modi and his team have yet to articulate any precise strategic plans to tackle India’s three major growth constraints: persistent food price inflation, the deep financial distress of most infrastructure companies, and lack of jobs for young people entering the workforce. “It’s not as if you are going to start making decisions quick you are going to get results,” says Subir Gokarn, former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India. “If you don’t have the right strategy it will not lead you anywhere.” Adding to the challenge, the global economic climate has turned far more adverse since the financial crisis of 2008,

4,000 people, 10 global locations, 1 routine, 1 world record – come and be part of something magical. Venue: Spitalfields Market Date: Sunday, 6th July Time:12pm

In 2012, BollyGood put on the biggest Bollywood party London has seen, hosting a Guinness world record attempt for the largest Bollywood dance. The dance was simultaneously performed by people all around the world from Adelaide to Malaysia to Somerset, and the event raised over £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. The inspiration behind this event was Sophie Parr, a vivacious 24-year-old redhead from Somerset, who tragically died of cancer in 2010. She had 16 days between the day of her diagnosis and her passing but in that time she set up a blog to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Her courage and zest for life remains a source of inspiration, as does her love of Bollywood music! The event was held to celebrate her life, and the lives of thousands of people who struggle with cancer every day. This year, in association with Asian Voice, we

are back to challenge the Guinness world record for the largest Bollywood dance. With a team of volunteers, a catchy tune, a fabulous choreographer, Jay Kumar and generous sponsors, this event is shaping up to bigger and better than ever before. This summer, come and join the biggest Bollywood party in London! This is an opportunity for young and old alike to join in a fun, familyoriented afternoon: to dance, laugh and show your appreciation for the people at Macmillan who look after our friends and family. And you could walk away with a world record to your name. We are always looking for more people to support us so if you would like to get involved and be part of producing a world class event, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you! Please email We look forward to seeing you there!

which JP Morgan’s Aziz says has long-term implications for India that policy makers have not fully recognised. Annual growth in global trade has slowed since the global financial crisis, and may never regain past momentum, as developed countries’ populations age, making it tougher for India to attempt to export its way to prosperity. “In the past, the whole idea of liberalisation was to plug in to globalisation more efficiently,” Aziz says. “Globalisation would get you out of most of your problems. India still needs export growth, but the bang for the buck is much less these days.” The global crisis has also raised the cost of capital, which will make it difficult for India – which still has myriad forms of capital controls – to attract the money it needs for its growth, Aziz says. For his part, Modi has already moved to break through governmental gridlock. On the eve of his swearing in, he announced the rough outlines of a “rationalisation” of the administrative apparatus, which he said would improve co-ordination,

effectiveness and speed of decision-making. Modi said ministries with interrelated areas of responsibility would be clubbed into “clusters” that reporting to a single minister, or a pair of senior and junior ministers. The actual portfolio allocations clubbed together previous separate ministries such as power, coal and renewable energy; finance, corporate affairs and commerce; road transport and highways, and shipping. Modi’s office also signalled longer-term plans for a more formal rationalisation in which “the top layers of government would be downsized, and there would be expansion in the grass roots level”. Revitalising a paralysed bureaucracy, which feared to make decisions for fear of being accused of favouring “special interests” – will be important for unlocking India’s growth potential. But the main question for the markets will be what kind of tough or creative decisions are Modi, and his handpicked economic team, prepared to take.

British telecom giant Vodafone may drop the idea of filing for arbitration against the Indian government as it reopens conciliation talks with the new government to sort its vexed tax disputes. Vodafone had served an arbitration notice on the government in April over the much-disputed Rs 200 billion tax demand raised on its 2007 buyout of Hutchison Whampoa’s stake in Hutchison Essar. It hopes that that the “positive signs” shown by the new government opens a scope to restart talks. The company feels that a new regime at the Centre, led by the BJP, will be mindful of its “concerns” as the tax demand, which includes penalty, was raised through a retrospective legislation even though the Supreme Court had ruled in its favour. Vodafone Group external affairs director and former British Diplomatic Service officer Matthew Kirk had a meeting with finance secretary Arvind Mayaram and revenue secretary Rajiv Takru last week. He is understood to have broached the idea for fresh talks, the proposal coming days after new telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that retrospective legislations should generally be avoided and imposed in very

rare cases. Vodafone - which is yet to file for arbitration - now appears to be open to the idea of reviving talks and this in effect will mean that its proposed arbitration proceedings are delayed and even dropped altogether, sources said. Sources also said that the company wants that its various tax disputes, including the transfer pricing case, be clubbed together when it initiates conciliatory talks with the government. The company feels that a change of guard at the Centre will help push its case more effectively as the BJP has been critical of retrospective amendments to the tax laws and had dubbed it “tax terrorism.” Earlier this week, Prasad, who is also the law minister, had this to say on the retrospective tax issue, “The larger view is that retrospective tax is avoided to the maximum. The fiscal regime, the policy regime, taxation regime must be very evident because India needs investment.” On the specific question of Vodafone and whether the new regime will review the decision of the previous government, he had said, “We will look into it. Our manifesto has been very specific that we want a stable regime where those who invest in India may not have to face uncertainty.”

Vodafone may drop arbitration in tax row - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Maria Fernandes

Access to Justice Denied

The cornerstone of our democratic system has been the access to justice and it now looks that in immigration, the erosion in rights that began during the previous Government is now complete with the introduction of the Immigration Act 2014. Money or the need to cut expenses is behind the blue sky thinking and what better constituency to cut costs than the immigrants. They do not have a vote or a voice and in future their rights will matter very little. The judicial review process, whereby injustices could be brought before the High Court, has already been severely restricted. The circle is now complete with the ending of appeals to all cases other than human rights or asylum. There is a reduction of appeals from 17 to just 4. Instead the process of Administrative Reviews, which apply to all points based bases abroad, will now be extended incountry. In other words, decisions will now be reviewed by the Home Office themselves. Whilst it may seem that the process of review will remain in place but merely the procedure will change, it is far more prohibitive than that. The Home Office are hardly going to reverse their own decisions in large numbers. As for the Independent Monitor whose remit will involve looking at a sample of cases where there is no right of appeal it is a limited role. The current monitor is a very thorough individual who will make his comments and

move on. The next person appointed may not be as be. The UKVI usually acknowledge any defects and promise to do better next time. When judges decide cases they vote with their feet. They make actual decisions. It is particularly important to remember that around 50% of appeals that were brought before Independent judges have been successful against only 18% of Administrative reviews. If this happened in any other jurisdiction it would indicate that there are major flaws in the system that first needed to be addressed. However in this case the Government’s reaction is to level down. The new law has been allowed to ride roughshod through these statistics. We have to ask ourselves whether some of the MPs were asleep when these measures were being introduced. Whilst attention was being levelled at the more controversial aspects such as the removal of citizenship form terrorists (which affects a miniscule number of people) these measures were introduced without much resistance. The new measure introduce a new era where access to justice is less important for some people particularly those at the lower end of the economic scale. We have seen justification for a reduction of rights in many areas and this one is just another nail in that coffin. As Martin Luther King said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Pak promises restriction free trade with India

Pakistan would grant India the status of NonDiscriminatory Market Access (NDMA) to facilitate enhanced bilateral trade, commerce minister Khurram Dastigir Khan said. "It is not MFN (Most Favoured Nation) but we call it NDMA which calls for non-discriminatory and parallel market access," the Dawn quoted Khan as saying. Talking to media after addressing members of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI), Khan described Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's visit to India as positive and said Sharif did not indulge in reactionary diplomacy. Khan said although

Pakistan has certain reservations with India like Kashmir, Siachen, Afghanistan, Sir Creek and water issues, "mere handing over list of reservations is not diplomacy". Bilateral trade between India and Pakistan touched $2.6 billion in 2012-13, an increase of 34.4 per cent over last year's $1.94 billion. Various sections in Pakistan, especially the extreme right wing, had objected to the term "Most Favoured" being given to India because of the history of issues between the two sides. India had already granted MFN status to Pakistan in 1996.

CURRENCY VOICE - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


Foreign Exchange

Paresh Davdra is the Dealing Director of RationalFX, Currency Specialists.

Steady growth from the UK economy After a strong run throughout the year the Pound traded at 6 week lows during Wednesday’s session, with analysts judging that the rally that helped push Sterling to the 4 1/2-year highs was overdone. The pound was overbought, with investors placing bets that there was going to be an interest hike in the UK in response to steady growth from the UK economy. To counter the heightened appetite for GBP the BOE released Dovish comments suggesting that the interest rates won’t rise until January 2015, as previously stated. This was also combined with the new-mortgage approvals falling in the month of May; with house pricing underpinning the UK economy this news was obviously negative for the shortterm UK economy outlook. Despite this slight drop we do not anticipate the weakness to be long-lived with the fundamentals of the UK economy still strong and in positive growth. Last week Germany’s Federal Statistics Office showed Europe's largest economy expanded by 0.8% in the first quarter, in line with estimates. Exports slowed and were hit by

economic weakness in Germany's trading partners and were a drag on growth. These figures do little to encourage the ECB to keep interest rates at these levels and give further reason to cut interest rates in June. The German business sentiment index (IFO) figures from May index fell to 110.4 points from 111.2 points in April, suggesting economic activity could slow in coming months. This figure is an early indicator of current conditions and business expectations for the next six months and could lead to more disappointing numbers in Europe’s largest economy. On Monday morning ECB President Mario Draghi spoke and has reinforced expectations that the European Central Bank will cut interest rates or look to implement a bond-buying program next month after admitting that "pre-emptive action" may be needed to head off deflation. Currently inflation is sitting well below the ECB’s 2% target and action is needed to be taken to try to bring inflation up to more normal levels, it es expect-

ed that action will be taken by th e ECB this Thursday. In the U.S. consumer confidence lifted in May as consumers saw the economy in a more positive light, the index of consumer attitudes rose to 83 in May from a downwardly revised 81.7 in April. Economists had expected a reading of 83.0. The U.S. services sector expanded in May at its fastest rate since March 2012 as employment creation accelerated. PMI Index hit 58.4 in May compared with April's final reading of 55.0. American growth figures show GDP fell by an annualised rate of 1.0% in Q1 as companies cut back on investment and restocking their inventories. For the US it was the first quarterly decline since a 1.3% drop in the first three months of 2011. Although the majority of econo-

mists expected the first quarter to contract, the data suggests that American firms were hit even harder by the awful wintery weather than first thought, however are expecting a bounce back for the second quarter, especially as consumer spending was good even with the economy contracting at the time. South Africa’s Economy has contracted for the first time in five years after on-going strikes in Platinum mines continue to hinder their economy .GDP shrank by 0.6% in the first quarter of 2014. The main reason being a 24.6% decline in mining and quarrying. Workers are still locked in a deadlock with their employers over pay and conditions and currently there appears to be no end in sight. This industrial dispute has been a large reason for Rand weakness over the last 12 months and with the on-going industrial unrest the Rand could remain weak for some time to come.

Weekly Currencies

As of Tuesday 3rd June 2014 @ 6pm

GBP - INR = 99.36

USD - INR = 59.31 EUR - INR = 80.85 GBP - USD = 1.68

GBP - EUR = 1.232 EUR - USD = 1.36

GBP - AED = 6.105 GBP - CAD = 1.83

GBP - NZD = 1.99

GBP - AUD = 1.81

GBP - ZAR = 17.98

GBP - HUF = 375.27

Information provided by RationalFX. None of the information on this page constitutes, nor should be construed as financial advice. The exchange rates used are the commercial foreign exchange rates provided by RationalFX. For a live quote or to find out more about how RationalFX can help you, call us on 0207 220 8181.


WORLD In Brief - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Most Britons need slimming

London: NHS has created a controversy by advising two thirds of Britons to join slimming classes as they are overweight. The official advice from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence says the cost of funding 12 week courses run by commercial providers - at around £50 per head – will be outweighed by the potential savings to the NHS if Britain can contain the obesity epidemic.

Britain’s Iraq, Afghan wars were a 'failure'

London: A think tank has found that Britain’s wars in Iraq and southern Afghanistan were both strategic failures which have cost the UK taxpayer more than £29 billion. An audit of British military campaigns since the end of the Cold War found the 2003 Iraq invasion and occupation had helped spread terrorism and led to the deaths of at least 100,000 Iraqis, while making refugees of at least two million.

Malaysian Muslims call for jihad against Cadbury

Kuala Lumpur: Muslim groups in Malaysia have declared jihad on Cadbury after two of its products sold there were found to contain traces of pork. The discovery was made during a periodic check for nonhalal ingredients in food products by the country’s health ministry, which confirmed the presence of porcine DNA in bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond.

Housing shortage in Britain

London: Millions of Britons are living in overcrowded houses as they cannot afford to buy new houses as the house prices and care costs are soaring. In total the number of people living in households with six or more occupants has surged by 25 per cent in the last 10 years - with more than three million people now live in a home with at least five others.

Eating of white bread increases obesity risk

London: A study has found that people who eat three slices of white bread a day are more likely to be overweight or obese. Researchers in Spain found graduates who ate three slices of white bread per day were 40 per cent more likely to be obese or overweight five years later when compared with people who ate it once a week.

Hate preacher jailed

London: A hate preacher Mizanur Rahman has been jailed in London after he called for 9/11-style attacks across Europe after defending the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram. Rahman in a video has hailed Boko Haram and suggested that it was not a bad thing if they kill non-Muslims.

Breakthrough in blood pressure treatment

London: Remarkable strides made in preventing and treating blood pressure has dramatically cut the number of deaths from heart attacks and strokes in London since mid-1990s. If the treatment trend continues, 80 per cent of sufferers will have their condition under control within eight years.

Sudan backtracks on pledge to free Meriam Ibrahim

Khartoum: Sudan’s foreign ministry said that the government could not order the release of Meriam Ibrahim, the mother sentenced to death for apostasy. The government said that only the country’s courts could order her freedom. Western nations including Britain have expressed outrage that Meriam, who gave birth to her daughter Maya in prison last week, had been convicted of changing her faith from Islam to Christianity. Sudanese officials suggested earlier that the 27-year-old was to be released and her death sentence would be annulled.

Lottery winner donates €50 million to charity

Paris: A Frenchman who won a jackpot of €72 million has donated €50 million (£41 million) to a charity. The unmarried man in his 50s from the Haute-Garonne area of southwestern France, who has opted to remain anonymous, said he would share €50 million of his €72 million between a dozen NGOs working on behalf of the disadvantaged.


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In Brief

Tough competition for university admission

London: Despite an extra 30,000 places are funded this year for British and EU, the students who seek admission in universities will find it tough this year. The number of British applicants has increased by 15,000 year-onyear, at a time when the population of schoolleavers is in decline. Overall, applications have risen by nearly 22,000 compared with this time last year.

Leaving lights on while sleeping increases obesity chances

London: Researchers have found that leaving the lights on when sleeping can increase obesity risk among women. Exposure to light at night raised both Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist size in more than 113,000 women taking part in the British study, scientists found. The study followed women for 40 years in an attempt to identify root causes of breast cancer. Obesity is a known risk factor for the disease.

Jaguar saves Tatas from great financial crisis

London: The spurt in the sale of Jaguar Land Rover has saved Tata Motors from great financial crisis while its Indian automotive business slumps into the red. The sale of Jaguar has achieved a record with a 50 per cent pre-tax profit rise to £2.5 billion and spinning off a £150 million dividend.

Daily walk could enhance quality of life

London: A new study has suggested that by going for a 20-minute walk daily could enhance the lives of older people and delay the risk of developing major disabilities. Mobility is the ability to walk unaided. Reduced mobility becomes more common as we age and is a risk factor for illness, disability, hospitalisation and in some cases, death.

Split in Pakistan Taliban

Islamabad: The Pakistan Taliban are passing through great turmoil with the influential Mehsud tribe splitting away from Tehreek-eTaliban Pakistan (TTP after weeks of bloody clashes, accusing rivals of robberies and extortion, and raising fresh questions about the prospects for peace talks. Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the breakaway group said that they have chosen Khalid Mehsud as the new leader for South Waziristan.

Album on unheard vocals of Freddie Mercury

London: Rock band Queen will release a new album that will include unheard vocals by late front man Freddie Mercury, the band's guitarist Brian May said. The record, under the title Queen Forever will be released at the end of the year. Freddie Mercury is a Gujarati and his real name Farrokh Bulsara. He was born in Sultanate of Zanzibar and his parents - Bomi and Jer Bulsara were Parsis from Gujarat region and later migrated to Zanzibar.

Young generation fails to connect with older people

London: Esther Rantzen, the presenter and campaigner said that the younger generation is too busy and they don’t see it necessary to talk to older people. She said The Silver Line helpline which she had set up received more than 100,000 calls from elderly people. She said the helpline was having a “transformational” effect on thousands and had highlighted a “huge and unmet need.”

Virgin killer was hero of ‘male supremacist’

California: Elliot Rodger, who went on a rampage and killed six people in the small university town of Isla Vista, California, was an active member of, an online messaging board that harbours a toxic culture of male entitlement. He became a hero among internet group by promising to craft a world in which women lived in fear. is linked to the so-called Men’s Rights Movement, a nebulous group of male supremacists who frequently lament that they are not noticed by women and who believe that those who spurn them deserve retribution.

4 arrested for killing pregnant Pak woman

Lahore: Pakistani police investigating the murder of a pregnant woman bludgeoned to death outside a court have arrested four men, including her uncle and two cousins, a senior officer said. Farzana Parveen was killed outside the Lahore high court by more than two dozen attackers armed with bricks, including numerous relatives, for marrying against her family's wishes. The brazen, brutal nature of the killing, in broad daylight in the centre of Pakistan's second largest city, has triggered outrage around the world. Police were apparently present at the scene, but did not intervene. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who is his brother, to take immediate action on the case. "Special investigation teams set up by police on the directive of the chief minister arrested four more people including an uncle and two cousins of the slain woman and a driver," senior police official Zulfiqar Hameed said. The new arrests bring the number held over the killing to five, after Parveen's father was detained at the scene of the attack. Shahbaz Sharif has ordered police to round up all those involved within 24 hours. He has also directed that the case should be heard in an anti-terrorism court. This means that it

US Sikhs hire strategist

will move more quickly than in a regular court. Pakistan's regular courts are known to be notoriously slow, with many cases dragging on for years with little progress. The United States branded Parveen's killing as "heinous", with a State Department spokeswoman denouncing "violence that occurs in the name of tradition and honour, such as so-called honour killings". In a macabre twist to the case, Parveen's husband Mohammad Iqbal admitted that he had strangled his first wife - but was spared prison because he was forgiven for the act by his son. "I was in love with Farzana and killed my first wife because of this love," Iqbal said. When she was killed, Parveen was arriving at court to testify in Iqbal's defence after he was accused by her relatives of kidnapping her and forcing her into marriage. Iqbal, a farmer, said Parveen's family initially agreed to their marriage before turning against it because they were unhappy with the dowry he offered. Last year, 869 women died in so-called "honour killings", according to the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Conviction rates are very low due to Pakistan's bloodmoney laws, which allow relatives to forgive perpetrators, who are usually family members in such cases

Washington: The newly formed National Sikh Campaign launched by US Sikhs has hired a former chief strategist of Hillary Clinton to begin the first-ever exploration of creating positive perception about Sikhs among Americans. Geoffrey Garin, who helped direct the strategy team for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign will take an in-depth survey of feelings and misperceptions towards Sikhs in order to develop messaging that will deliver new information and visuals that can positively change attitudes toward Sikhs, a media release said. The National Sikh Campaign said this research would lay the foundation for the largest promotion of Sikhs in the western world. "We have hired Garin due to his exceptional record in American politics and policy research and he is without a doubt one of the most prominent pollsters of our generation," said Gurwin Singh Ahuja, executive director of National Sikh Campaign. "Sikhs have been part of American scene since we first immigrated to North America 100 years ago and there is no one better than Garin to properly conduct a study that can show how Sikhs can dispel the misperceptions about our community and portray us as part and parcel of American society," he said. Dr Rajwant Singh, chairman of Sikh Council on Religion and Education said Garin would head an unprecedented campaign that would examine Sikhism and its current place within the American psyche.



Hindu-American body back select US candidates

Washington: HinduAmerican activists in the United States have for the first time, under the banner of a political action committee, publicly endorsed a number of congressional candidates in the 2014 US primaries. Leading the list of candidates winning support from the Hindu American Political Action Committee (HAPAC) is D e m o c r a t i c Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, an self-declared American Hindu, who, HAPAC said, "has consistently stood by the Hindu-American community on every major domestic and international issue." "She has not shied away from her Hindu faith and identity, has attending many events in the HinduAmerican community, has met Hindu leaders outside the US and India to share

Tulsi Gabbard thoughts about problems worldwide, and has inspired many Hindu Americans to be proud of their identity,” the committee said. Also winning HAPAC endorsement are California Republican Ed Royce, Democrats Brad Sherman, Joe Crowley, Eric Swalwell, and Indian-American lawmaker Ami Bera, Manan Trivedi and Swati Dandekar, fighting primaries in Pennsylvania and Iowa respectively.

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Chinese PM congratulates Modi

New Delhi: Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang last week called his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi and conveyed his government's desire to establish robust partnership with the new government of India for further development of ties. Li, who is the first foreign head of government to call up Modi since he took over as Prime Minister, congratulated him on his victory in the recent general elections. During the 25-minute telephonic conversation, Li conveyed to Modi the Chinese government's desire to establish robust partnership with the new government of India for further development of relations between the two nations. Modi enthralled Li when he referred to the memoirs of 7th century Chinese scholar Hiuen Tsang to underline the importance of ties between the two countries. Modi told Li that Hiuen had even visited his village Vadnagar in Gujarat. Modi is apparently familiar with Hiuen's memoirs which he wrote after travelling all over India during his stay of close to 15 years in the country. Largely forgotten in China, Hiuen is remembered in India for the

Narendra Modi and Li Keqiang

most authoritative and captivating account of social, economic and political conditions in India in the 7th century. Modi mentioned Hiuen's visit to his village to emphasize the importance he attached to ties with China. He told Li that China would be a priority country for him. Any talk about the civilizational links between the two countries is incomplete without a reference to Hiuen. By mentioning Hiuen's visit to his village, Modi has in a way made himself central to India's foreign policy imperatives on China. The government also confirmed after the conversation that foreign minister Sushma Swaraj would meet her counterpart Wang Yi in the second week of June. Wang

will come as a special envoy of President Xi Jinping who is expected to visit India later this year. Li said China wanted to have a robust relationship with India. "Noting that China was always a priority in India's foreign policy, he

(Modi) underlined his government's resolve to utilize the full potential of our strategic and cooperative Partnership with China and his keenness to work closely with the Chinese leadership to deal with any outstanding issues in our bilateral relations by proceeding from the strategic perspective of our developmental goals and longterm benefits to our peoples,'' said a press statement. Modi also welcomed greater economic engagement between the two countries. The two leaders agreed to maintain frequent high-level exchanges and communication. Modi extended an invitation to President Xi Jinping through Premier Li to pay a visit to India later this year.

Don't include my life story in textbooks: Modi

Prime Minister Modi urged state governments not to include chapters on his life in school curriculum. Modi on his official Twitter account said, “the life stories of

living individuals should not be included” in school curriculum. The suggestion was first made by Madhya Pradesh education minister Paras Jain.

Modi has quit his Vadodara Lok Sabha seat and chose to retain Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. The Prime

Minister had won Vadodara with a near record margin of 570,000, which was the biggest in this Lok Sabha polls.

Modi retains Varanasi seat - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Telangana becomes 29th state of India

Chandrasekhar Rao takes oath as first CM

Hyderabad: Telangana came into existence as the 29th state of India and TRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) was sworn in as its first chief minister, capping the decades-old struggle in the region for carving out a separate state from Andhra Pradesh. The 60-year-old KCR took oath as chief minister along with his son K T Rama Rao, nephew T Harish Rao and nine others. Celebrations erupted in the state to mark the historic event that came after a long-drawn-out process of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Nine other cabinet ministers who joined the cabinet were Mohammed Mahmood Ali, T Rajaiah, Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Eatela Rajender, Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy, T Padma Rao, P Mahender Reddy, Jogu Ramanna and G Jagadish Reddy. The swearing-in ceremony was not without controversies, as chief minister-designate of successor state of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu skipped it, in what is seen as first signs of discord between the two "regional satraps". Sources said Telugu Desam Party president was peeved that there was nei-

K Chandrasekhar Rao

ther a personal invitation nor a telephone call; it was said to be a routine invitation from the administration. Naidu, who was swept to power in the successor state of Andhra Pradesh, is slated to be sworn in as Chief Minister on June 8 at a ceremony to be held between Vijayawada and Guntur. Welcoming the formation of Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised complete central support to help take the state to newer heights of progress. He congratulated KCR on becoming the first chief minister of the 29th state and expressed best wishes to its people. President's Rule imposed in united Andhra Pradesh was revoked partially to facilitate swearing in of a government in the state. However, it would continue to be in force in the residuary Andhra Pradesh till Naidu takes over as chief minister.

We wish Mr Narendra Modi all the success as Prime Minister of India and look forward to seeing the growth and prosperity in the country as well as peace with our neighbouring countries.

NOON GROUP 25 Queen Anne’s Gate St James’s Park London SW1H 9BU - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


Twitter: @kdudakia

by Kapil Dudakia - email:

Is the BBC Anti-Modi?

We are with you Priti Patel MP

In last week’s Asian Voice readers will no doubt have noticed that a whole page was dedicated to the campaign that Conservative MP Priti Patel has started to seek justice and redress from what appears to be blatant anti-modi bashing by the BBC. Events came to a head when on the BBC flagship programme, ‘Newsnight’; a very slanted narrative was underpinned with an interview from Anish Kapoor. Anish who you might ask? Well this is Anish Kapoor who charged millions to build a piece of scaffolding during the 2012 Olympics. Anyway, Anish is of course meant to be an artist therefore what a surprise that the BBC made him out to be an expert on Indian affairs. Anish went on to make some wild unsubstantiated allegations against PM Narendra Modi. For many Indians in the UK that was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. Community leaders in Birmingham informed Priti Patel about their horror of how the BBC was behaving and the total disregard for balance and just reporting. I must therefore commend Priti Patel who immediately took the task of reviewing the whole programme and wrote a letter of complaint to the Director General of the BBC, Mr Andrew Hall. If you have not read the letter then I would recommend that you find last week’s Asian Voice and steer straight for page 8. My own investigations have horrified me even more. Since 2002 it seems the underlying narrative of anything and everything related to Shri Narendrabhai Modi has been put into a negative context. Therefore the question arising is, has this been by design or was it unwitting negligence on part of the BBC editorial team? It is not so surprising that they allowed Anish Kapoor, a long standing

No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


supporter and money donor to the Labour Party, to come on ‘Newsnight’ and vent his vile to the public. After all Anish Kapoor attended the antiModi event that was hosted by Labour MPs in the House of Commons on 1/5/2014. It is now time that a full investigation took place dating back to 2002 to see how news and information related to Shri Narendrabhai Modi has been reported on the BBC. I would go further and would want to ensure that the investigation considers not just domestic TV, but all international services, radio services as well as web based services. The BBC has rightly earned a reputation of providing factual news to the world. However it seems over the past decade there have been some changes to the editorial line, especially when it relates to India and Shri Narendrabhai Modi. It is therefore important that as a nation we ensure that this public service paid from licence fee payers is not abused by individuals or groups who might be linked to extremist organisations. It is equally important that we as a community register our protest. Many national, regional and local organisations have already done this. Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice are opening the opportunity for each of you to register your protest by signing our petition. You can also write to Lord Tony Hall the Director General of the BBC at: BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA. Email: When you write please indicate that you have read the letter of complaint from Priti Patel MP and that you are supporting her in getting a full investigation to ascertain if there is such bias against the Prime Minister of India – Shri Narendrabhai Modi.



Shishukunj: A Parent’s perspective





Sunita Dhanani

My entry into Shishukunj was different to most parents in that it was through marriage; parenthood would come later! I married a Shishukunj Karyakar (an active volunteer) – and given my lack of knowledge about Shishukunj I was caught unaware that in addition to my husband’s family I also had to contend with the enormous Shishukunj parivaar as well. My initial reaction was that it all seemed too regimented. This world was alien to me as I had never come across an institute devoted to children run by Indians. One of the many things I admired was how the respectful elements of our culture had been adopted - for example every person is referred to as bhai or ben, but to use that term for someone younger than me was another questionable concept! I decided that I would give Shishukunj a chance – after all, I had married a man who was brought up in Shishukunj and he hadn’t turned out that bad. I was pleasantly surprised that we had many things in common. Family values, striving to make things better, more enjoyable, meaningful and memorable. When I finally became a parent it was a no brainer, of course my children would go to Shishukunj. My children had a place where they were comfortable, safe, felt at home and enjoyed the experiences they were exposed to. As a

Parents hard at work preparing food for the children at a Family Day

parent we all have aspirations for our children and we sometimes fall into the trap of making them live a life we wished we had. But at Shishukunj they live the life every child should. The surprising thing is that whilst the children are forging ahead, so are the relationships between the parents in Shishukunj. There is a sudden realisation that you are with likeminded people who are there because they are benefitting along with the children. As with the children’s friendships, parents become lifelong friends. Adults have opportunities to participate in events through SHIPA (Shishukunj Parents Association). Anything from manning the front desk on Sundays, car parking, cooking for the children, organising picnics, organising talks. Parents with aspirations can rise through the ranks and take a seat on the Executive Committee. Some have become presidents and gone onto become governors, custodians of all that is

Shishukunj. Whatever the occasion, the parents are the backbone. Without parents there would be no children and without children there would be no Shishukunj. Without Shishukunj I would not have had the myriad of experiences from participating in stage shows, charity walks, fund raising events and seeing my children grow up to be responsible young adults with the confidence to grab the opportunities that come their way. For me Shishukunj has delivered far more than it says on the tin. It has given a new meaning to family and community. Shishukunj is in my blood and when you witness a 23 year old, a 30 year old and 50 something, from different communities, have a frank and open discussion without losing respect for each other, you know that the human spirit has been captured here. I can honestly say that belonging to this family has opened my eyes to possibilities that I did not know even existed. For more information about Shishukunj please visit

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Union minister Munde dies in road accident

Senior BJP leader and union minister for rural development Gopinath Munde died on Tuesday morning reportedly of a heart attack after his car met with an accident in Delhi. He was 64. Munde was on his way to the Delhi airport when an Indica car crashed into the minister's car at the the Prithviraj Road and Aurobindo Chowk crosssection in the heart of the capital, the police said. Doctors quoted the minister's personal staff as saying that the Indica crashed into the car on the side that the minister was seated in the rear seat. Munde, who seemed to have suffered only minor injuries, was in

shock, his staff members said. He had asked for water, they said. Munde's driver and personal assistant were in the front and were unhurt. They rushed him to the trauma centre at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. "There was no spontaneous breathing and no cardiac activity when he was brought to the hospital," a doctor said. The doctors tried to revive the minister, but could not and pronounced him dead at 7.20 am. Doctors said Munde was diabetic and suffered from hypertension. The driver of the Indica, an employee of the Imperial Hotel, has been arrested, the police said, and

charged with causing death due to negligence and rash driving. After the post mortem, Munde's body was taken to the BJP office at 11 Ashoka Road, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others paid their respects. Later his body was taken to his home in Mumbai where people will pay their respects to the late leader. On Wednesday morning, his body will be flown to Latur and then taken to Parli in Beed district, Munde's hometown, where the last rites will be performed. Munde was on his way to the airport to go to Beed, which was his Lok Sabha constituency, for a victory rally.

Munde Was a true mass leader: Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was extremely saddened by the demise of his "friend" and cabinet colleague Munde whom he hailed as a "true mass leader". "My tributes to a dynamic leader whose premature demise leaves a void hard to fill," Modi tweeted soon after Munde's death. The party and government, he said, stands by the bereaved family members of Munde. Meanwhile, the death of Munde shocked Maharashtra's political circles. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari made the announcement of Munde's death before the media outside the hospital in New Delhi.

Continued from page 1 as most urgent. After the meeting, parliamentary affairs minister M Venkaiah Naidu said to media personnel that after listening ministers about work in their respective ministries, the PM asked ministers to concentrate on the most important issue – governance. At the meeting Modi told ministers he would appreciate it if they did not pay too much attention to their constituencies at the cost of other claimants, indicating that he feels nurturing VIP constituencies causes more harm than good. It was the list of 10 "dos and don'ts" circulated among ministers after the cabinet meeting that really

hold the key to Modi's priorities and clearly indicate the criteria by which he is likely to evaluate his team. The ready reckoner given to ministers makes it clear that Modi intends to set a cracking pace and is likely to take a dim view of ministers who slack on the job and lose sight of their responsibilities. In order to avoid policy paralysis the way it happened during UPA’s government’s tenure, Modi stressed on project implementation with time-lines. He also indicated three important areas – education, manufacturing and energy on priority mode. Modi clearly told his ministers, “Mere good governance is not enough. It has to be pro-people and pro-

active. Good governance is putting people at the centre of the development process.” Infrastructure reforms, consistent policy, e-auctions for transparency, inter-ministerial cooperation, a focus on education, power and water supply, rallying investor confidence and manufacturing are key areas. During the cabinet meeting, Modi urged ministers to focus on addressing issues

raised by states and demands from the general public as well as lawmakers. He also underscored the importance of addressing concerns raised by people's representatives personally or through parliamentary procedures. Prime Minister emphasized on team work to bring in good governance and encouraged officials to freely interact with him with their ideas.

PM Modi begins with a bang


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Modi's 10-point agenda to boost up economy

• Focus on economy and infrastructure ministries. • Focus on education, health, water and roads. • Restore confidence of bureaucrats. • Better inter-ministerial coordination. • Use technology and social media to maximise public interaction. • Gear up government machinery to project new leadership mandate. • Must have stable sustainable government. •There shall be transparency in government. • E-auction will be promoted in tendering and other government work. • People-oriented system will be in place.

Spat over Smriti Irani’s educational qualification

India’s new HRD minister Smriti Irani found herself at the centre of an ugly row over inconsistencies relating to her educational qualifications in affidavits she filed in 2004, 2011 and 2014, with the later ones indicating she did not complete graduation. While the affidavit filed by Irani when she contested the 2004 Lok Sabha polls said she had completed a BA from Delhi University's school of correspondence in 1996, the 2011 submission for her Rajya Sabha elections under the head “highest qualification“ stated that she did B Com part I, again from DU's school of correspondence, in 1994. Smriti Irani, meanwhile, broke her silence over the controversy saying she should be judged solely on her work. She was quoted as saying, "Extraneous

circumstances have been created to ensure that my attention is deviated from the body of work I have been entrusted with. I have been judged by my organisation on the capacity to deliver on assignments." She added, "Humbly request all to do that. Judge me by my work, I would only say this." The controversy took a new turn when it came to light that there were discrepancies in two affidavits filed by her ahead of Lok Sabha elections in 2004 and 2014. Interestingly Smriti maintained her silence on the discrepancy in the affidavits. Smriti's educational qualifications led to a fullblown war of words between the Congress and the BJP, as the former intensified protest against an "undergraduate" being appointed human resource development minister. - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Happy 10th Birthday

Amber Alexandra Patel

DOB.: 28/05/2004 Mother: Dr. Sarah Patel Father: Dr. Merul Patel Brother: Louis Place: Brighton We all wish you a very Happy 10th Birthday and many more to come! You are a wonderful and very sweet daughter, granddaughter and sister Lots of love & hugs from Mummy, Daddy, Louis, Grandma, Grandpa, Baas, Dada, Foi, Fua and all your cousins. May God Bless You.

New Arrival

We welcome with love, Maeya Patel, born at 8.27pm on Sunday 18th May 2014. Congratulations to the proud parents Chirag and Dipali Patel on the blessing of your newborn baby girl. May she continue to fill your arms with love and hearts with joy. Best Wishes Grandparents: Rohitbhai and Smitaben Patel, Janardanbhai and Induben Patel, Kaka: Biraj Patel Masa and Masi: Rob and Swati Kreamer Sisters: Isha and Mahi Kreamer. May God Bless You.

In Brief

Circumcised Blacks have lower risk of prostate cancer

London: A new study has suggested that black men and men who undergo circumcision later at life might have less chance of afflicted with prostrate cancer. The findings are preliminary and experts are not recommending the procedure as a cancer-preventive strategy. Still, "it may be that circumcision should be considered as an option for men at higher risk,” said study co-author Marie-Elise Parent.

Eating high fat yogurt lowers risk of obesity

London: A new research has found that eating high fat yogurt daily could help you lose weight faster than eating low fat yogurt. People who ate at least one small 125gm pot of full fat yogurt a day were 19 per cent less likely to be obese compared to those who ate less than two pots a week.

Making your children to eat vegetables

London: A study has suggested that parents should encourage their children to eat as many different vegetables as possible before they are two years old. Once they are grown up, they will touch the new varieties of vegetables which they have not eaten before. The University of Leeds found that small children were amenable to new vegetables until two and became increasingly fond of foods.

To avoid obesity children should eat with parents

London: Children should eat breakfast and dinner with parents so that the parents can monitor what the children eat and prevent them from becoming overweight. While those who ate breakfast or dinner with their parents between five to seven days a week were less likely to be overweight compared to those who did less often, eating lunch with their parents appeared to leave children more at risk of putting on weight.

Young breast cancer patients can have babies

Chicago: Researchers have found that a commonly used drug can help young women with breast cancer retain the ability to have babies. They said that the drug goserelin, which temporarily shuts down the ovaries, appears to protect fertility. In a clinical trial, women who were given goserelin injections along with chemotherapy had less ovarian failure and gave birth to more babies than women receiving only the chemotherapy. - Asian Voice 7th June 2014


Health & Wellness

Indian spices that can fight cancer

There are some Indian spices with cancer-fighting properties and its inclusion in our diet from an early stage strengthens our bodies against invasion of toxins, bacteria and virus. Turmeric/Curcumin: Turmeric contains polyphenol Curcumin that has been clinically proven to retard the growth of cancer cells. Curcumin promotes 'Apoptosis' that safely eliminates cancer breeding cells without posing a threat to the development of other healthy cells. Fennel: 'Anethole', a major constituent of fennel resists and restricts the adhesive and invasive activities of cancer cells. It suppresses the enzymatic regulated activities behind cancer cell multiplication. Saffron: A natural carotenoid dicarboxylic acid called 'Crocetin' is the primary cancer-fighting element that saffron contains. It not only inhibits the progression of the disease but also decreases the size of the tumour by half. Cumin: Cumin seeds contain a compound called 'Thymoquinone'

Dry, Dull Skin? Not any more

Sushma Bhanot Pharmacist, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Consultant, Lecturer and Author. Heads Research and Development at Coolherbals

that checks proliferation of cells responsible for prostate cancer. Cinnamon: It takes not more than a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder every day to keep cancer risk away. Cinnamon is a source of iron and calcium. Useful in reducing tumour growth, it blocks the formation of new vessels in the human body. Oregano: Phyto-chemical 'Quercetin' present in

oregano restricts growth of malignant cells in the body and acts like a drug against cancer-centric diseases. Cayenne Pepper / Capsaicin (Chilli peppers): A promising spice with anti-cancer properties. Capsaicin induces the process of apoptosis that destroys potential cancer cells and reduces the size of leukemia tumour cells considerably. Ginger: This spice con-

tains qualities that help lower cholesterol, boost metabolism and kill cancer cells. Easily added to vegetable dishes, ginger enhances the flavour in cooking. Others: Cloves, anise, basil, garlic, caraway, fenugreek, mustard, mint leaves, rosemary, Limonin (fresh lemon), virgin olive, vinegar and avocado are other cancer-fighting diet components.

and risk factor control when patients at high risk of heart attack or stroke receive a polypill, compared to usual care. A polypill is a fixed dose combination of commonly used blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications, along with aspirin, which helps prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD). The Single Pill to Avert Cardiovascular Events (SPACE) project, led by researchers from The George Institute for Global Health, analysed data from 3,140 patients with established CVD or at high risk of CVD in

Europe, India and Australasia. The results showed a 43 per cent increase in patient adherence to medication at 12 months with the polypill, in addition to corres p o n d i n g improvements in systolic blood pressure and LDLcholesterol that were highly statistically significant. The largest benefits were seen among patients not receiving all recommended medications at baseline, which corresponds to most cardiovascular disease patients globally. "These results are an important step forward in the polypill journey and management of cardiovascular disease," said Ruth Webster of the George Institute for Global Health. "An important finding from our analyses is that the greatest benefits from

a polypill were for currently untreated individuals," said Webster. CVD is the number one cause of death globally, killing 17.3 million people each year and it is expected to remain the world's leading cause of death in the near future, researchers said. "These results emphasise the importance of the polypill as a foundation for a global strategy on cardiovascular disease prevention," Professor Salim Yusuf, President-elect of the World Heart Federation said. "It will improve patient access to essential medications at an affordable cost and wide use of the polypill can avoid several millions of premature CVD events. "The polypill is, however, not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and should be combined with tobacco avoidance, a healthy diet and enhanced physical activity," said Yusuf.

“Beauty is skin deep�, is an old saying but is it? It protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and infection, keeps us hydrated, regulates our body temperature and helps us remove waste products from our body. It is said that a healthy skin is a symaptom of a healthy individual. But what does healthy skin mean in men and women.

Daily 'super pill' to prevent heart attacks & strokes

A daily intake of 'super pill' could save millions of lives by preventing heart attacks and strokes, suggests a new study which used data from several countries including India. The largest ever analysis on the use of a polypill in cardiovascular disease shows potential for improvements in patient care, researchers said. Almost 1 in 4 patients adhered better to treatment; significant improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol, they said. New data presented for the first time at the World Heart Federation's World Congress of Cardiology 2014 shows a significant improvement in both patient adherence

To Our Readers

We are publishing these items in good faith, kindly consult your Doctor before you try to implement it. We do not hold any responsibility for its efficacy... Are you looking for a % * % ' $ , % * ' $ + *    









You can measure the health of the skin by having a Skin Analysis Test from some Beauty Salons and from us. The scanner takes two photographs-one magnified and one as a UV picture. The pictures identify the age of the skin compared to “normal� skin of the same age as well as hydration, acne ,pigmentation, enlarged pores. The uv picture gives an idea of problems under the skin. Contact us for your local salon for this test. Also check for skin flexibility, dryness, any noticeable disease, discolouration or marks. This is a free test. What can you do for dry skin? The skin has a tendency to lose oil, one of its main nutrients, causing the skin to lose its vigour. Use soft oils to help hydra-

tion to massage with daily. I recommend a facial massage using oils such as Sesame oil, Almond oil or Skinelle oil, a rich mild citrus scented six blend oil. Heat from the sun or from central heating, dust and environmental pollution can have a drying effect on the skin. If this is the case use a moisturiser with a sun screen factor in it. Some of the latest creams are complexes of skin brightening botanicals and sun protection factors such as Alpine herbs, Liquorice extracts and Zinc oxide with SPF 25. These Alpine botanicals naturally inhibit Tyrosinase, an enzyme which is responsible for the production of melanin, to help give a brighter and even skin tone. Peptides give protection from sun, wind and heat and help stimulate collagen production. For body dryness you could use a Body wrap. Use one with mineral rich Gopichand clay blend in it.. The minerals in this help the skin to become more moisturized, softened and conditioned. In Ayurveda we say there are three energies in the body – vata, pitta and kapha. The body like the universe is made from 5 elementsair, ether, water, earth and fire. The vata energy has more of the drying elements – air and ether. With age or in dry skin there is an imbalance in the vata energy. Drinking water and eating water rich foods would help reduce vata energy in the skin. For a healthy glowing skin eat foods such as beans, lentils, peas, blueberries, carrots, apricots, yellow and orange coloured vegetables and fruits, nuts, salmon, mackerel and similar fatty fish, spinach and other green leafy vegetables and tomatoes. Try reducing or cutting out smoking cigarettes, which causes the skin to dry and age, reduce drinking Alcohol and increase exercise to improve blood supply to the skin.

Dry Skin solution: Radiant Crème Pigmentation, age spots, uneven skin tone

Coolherbals Ltd. 386 Green Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG3 9JU

Tel: 020 8597 9039 Email:

28 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

British actress in Lingaa!


S Ravikumar is extremely busy directing “Lingaa” which has Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty in the lead roles. The shooting of the film is going in jet speed and is expected to be completed soon. It is learnt that British actress Lauren J Irwin has been roped in by the team to play an important role in the film. Lauren has completed her portion and is hoping that her performance in “Lingaa” would fetch her more opportunities in India. The “Lingaa” team is currently shooting in the famous Mysore Palace for the last two weeks.


Nargis Fakhri to foray into Tamil cinema


ockstar’ fame actress Nargis Fakhri is all set to make her foray into Tamil cinema in a song in a film. Fakhri, 34, who has starred in films like ‘Madras Cafe’, ‘Main Tera Hero’, will be seen along side well-known Tamil actor Prashanth in his upcoming movie ‘Saahasam.’ “Nargis Fakhri is now roped in to do a special appearance in a song with Prashanth in ‘Saahasam’,” a release from the film unit here said today. The song would be choreographed by one of India’s ‘leading choreographer’ it said, without identifying the same. Nargis Fakhri is presently involved in a Hollywood film, titled ‘Spy.’



‘Laara’ set to create Guinness record!

irector J M Issack, who had made a Guinness record with his first film “Agadam,” is all set to create another record with his second venture “Laara.” The makers have planned to shoot most number of kisses within a minute in a song, as the new Guinness record. This special song is likely to filmed in Chennai soon. The film has several newcomers like Hari, Sri Lakshmi Kiran, Priyanka, Ganesh, Chandru, Vignesh , Sethan, Sibi and Katpadi Shanmugam in lead roles. The film revolves around a director,

who comes to a lonely place to pen a story for his next film with his wife, but the couple comes across some strange events.

Amala Paul and Vijay's noble act!

ctress Amala Paul and director Vijay are all set to enter the wedlock on June 12 in Chennai. The couple has taken inspiration from singer Chinmayee and actor Rahul Ravindran’s wedding and has asked the guests not to bring any gifts. Amala stated that the invitees have been told in a clear manner not to bring any gifts or flower bouquets. Instead, they have asked the guests to make a donation which will help an organization called Ability Foundation. Both Amala and

Vijay wanted to make their wedding a remarkable event in their lives which made them come up with an arrangement like this.

Shruti Haasan dating cricketer Suresh Raina


amal Haasan's elder daughter Shruti's and cricketer Suresh Raina are now in a steady relationship. A source close to the couple said: "Raina used to consider her his lucky mascot. This year, she has kept away from the cricket grounds. Yet Raina is playing extremely well. So the superstition has obviously ended. It is a mature relationship now and they are in love. But they are trying to keep it private and not speak about it in public." Added the source, "Shruti and Raina try to meet as much as they could and are very serious about each other." Before meeting the batsman, Shruti was

in a relationship with “Rang De Basanti” actor Siddharth. The two broke off in October 2011 when she walked out of his life and the home they shared, ending a one-and-half year old relationship. Shruti was introduced to Raina by common friends at a party early last year and clearly, things have been smooth for the two since then. Prior to Shruti, Raina was rumoured to be dating former Union minister Praful Patel's daughter Poorna. But Poorna has vehemently denied the connection.

Aamir Khan joins Instagram

‘Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’

It is an action thriller written and directed by A R Murugadoss and pro-


The film shows how cinema can be the universal panacea for co-existence. The film is directed by Nitin Kakkar and produced by Shyam Shroff, Balkrishna Shroff, Subhash Chaudary, Shaila Tanna and Siddharth Roy Kapur. The main actors are Sharib Hashmi, Inaamulhaq, Kumud Mishra and Gopal Dutt.

Cinematography is by E J Naushad, and K Baskar has composed music. The film is likely to hit screens soon.

duced by Vipul Shah. It features Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles, along with Govinda in a supporting role. It is said to be a remake of a 2012 Tamil film “Thuppakki” starring Vijay and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles which was also directed by Murugadoss.

ollywood superstar Aamir Khan has joined photo-sharing website Instagram. The 49-year-old actor, who has accounts in other social networking sites, including twitter and Facebook, so far posted two pictures on the website. In one picture, Aamir is seen with his director wife Kiran Rao, and while in other he is seen with a group of children. “No time for tweeting, just time for posting my pictures in small boxes which represent my daily days. Good morning!,” wrote Aamir. The other Bollywood celebrities who use the photo-sharing medium are Sonam Kapoor, ipasha Basu among others.

Lara Dutta to return to films


ctress Lara Dutta, who was not in circulation post the birth of her baby, is gearing up for a comeback in films. “Right now I am focusing only on doing films. I am definitely going to be back in films, you will see me soon. I am shooting this year, the release is not in my hands. I can’t talk about which films I am doing,” Lara said in a media interaction. “Everyone knows that we are doing a sequel to ‘Chalo Delhi’, that is in pre-production stage. I am quite excited about it. Besides this, there are films that I am doing outside my production house,” she said. ‘Chalo Dilli’ (2011), directed by Shashant Shah, had Lara and Vinay Pathak in the lead and Akshay Kumar in a guest appearance. Now, Lara is getting ready to roll a sequel, reportedly titled ‘Chalo China’.

29 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’- a hilarious movie

In the hilarious movie “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania” which will be released on 11th July, Bollywood’s new boy Varun Dhawan has released a heartfelt plea to find a bride (‘Dulhania’). The 51 second rib-tickling ‘lonely heart’ YouTube advert is a promotion video for Varun and Alia Bhatt’s forthcoming film, which is produced by Karan Johar’s production banner Dharma Productions and directed by Shashank Khaitan.

In the clip, a despondent ‘Humpty’ (Varun Dhawan) appeals for ‘Miss Right’ to enter into his life soon. He begins by telling all the ladies watching not to laugh at his name, as it is not

his fault that he bears the same moniker as a rotund nursery rhyme character. In a further bungled attempt to woo his soul mate, ‘Humpty’ says that his ideal match would be Bollywood beauties Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif, but that in life things aren’t often perfect, and so he’s willing to settle for second best if she comes along! The hilarious monologue concludes with ‘Humpty’ desperately asking women to ‘What’s App’ him to show their interest in becoming his wife. Turning up an Indian masala feature, the film portrays Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in young and vibrant avatars. Varun plays the titular middle class Delhi guy, Humpty Sharma, and Alia is the small town girl, Kavya Pratap Singh creating a deliciously romantic film, set in north India.

No politics for Sonakshi Sinha

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha will not follow the footsteps of her father Shatrughan Sinha and join politics. “No, I don’t feel the need to venture into that field," said the 26-year-old “Dabangg” girl. Indeed, Sona is quite a sport, even when it comes to facing tricky questions. So when asked about her linkup rumours, earlier with actor Ranveer Singh and more recently with her “R... Rajkumar” costar Shahid Kapoor, she simply giggled and inquisitively asked, "Really? There are

Amitabh, Aamir to launch Dilip Kumar's biography


m i t a b h Bachchan and Aamir Khan will launch the biography of Bollywood thespian Dilip Kumar 'Substance and Shadow'- on June 9th in Mumbay. The biography was written by author Uday Tara Nayar, who is also a close family friend of the Bollywood thespian. The biography was earlier scheduled to be released on his 91st birthday. Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu Khan, Lata Mangeshkar and Uday Tara Nayar will be present during the book launch. The launch event is arranged, managed and executed by Samara Productions, Astrus Talent and Event Management and MOH Entertainment. is the Exclusive Digital Partner, Oye 104.8 FM is the Radio Partner while Zoom is the Channel Partner for Red Carpet coverage.

such rumours?" Well, clearly, she’s not one to be caught off-guard, thanks to her inherent sense of humour that kept a team of well wishers rolling with laughter, especially when she mimicked director Prabhu Deva. "I don’t understand Tamil but having worked with him (Prabhu) in a few films now, I have mastered that basic tone," she said. So, when asked how she was finding Delhi, in a typical South Indian accent, she said, "Verrrry hot! Superrr hot!" And finally, she suprised everyone with her fitness mantra. "I took a bit of boxing training for my upcoming film, and I found it so useful that I’ve taken it up as a workout now... so I’ve hired a trainer and practice everyday for 2-2.5 hours."

Rani Mukerji is back to work


ollywood actress who recently married filmmaker Aditya Chopra is back to work. She will be next seen in Pradeep Sarkar’s “Mardaani.” Rani will be seen playing a policewoman Shivani Shivaji Roy, an astute police personnel working in a Mumbai Crime Branch unit. The raw and gritty film, a distinct departure from Pradeep Sarkar's style of filmmaking, will hit the screens on Aug 22. In the newly launched poster, Rani sports a black kurta and has her hair tied loosely, and she holds up a revolver with the confidence of any action hero that tinsel town has ever seen.

Prachi Desai turns item girl

Priyanka Chopra to move to Hollywood?

Bollywood actress-singer Priyanka Chopra, during her recent trip to Florida has managed to charm Hollywood heavyweights Kevin Spacey, John Travolta and Milo Ventimiglia, who will be seen in Priyanka's third single “I Can't Make You Love Me.” Priyanka, who is the international face of Guess, had recently teamed up with Bryan Adams for a brand photo-shoot and Adams, who seemed to be bowled over by the ‘Desi Girl’, gushed, “Priyanka is down to earth and funny and really made me laugh. We had a great time working together on the GUESS campaign. Collaborating with Priyanka would be interesting. I'd be happy to try and write a song for her. Maybe for a Bollywood film…who knows. In an interview, the actress said, "I was just supposed to go there and launch the single, but then people asked me to sing. When I reached the club, I didn't know whether I was up for it. Just a few days prior to the launch, I was at a concert in America and my act required me to be in a harness. I was shouting instructions to the technical crew below and by the end of the act, I realised that I had lost my voice. A doctor came and my manager explained how I had to get my voice back. For a couple of hours, I was like - God, I'm never going to be able to sing. I really wanted to be able to sing and I am glad it happened." Milo, who just couldn’t stop gushing about PeeCee, said, “I’ve always admired the vibrancy and depth of Bollywood films, so working with Priyanka was an amazing and enriching experience. She had such a clear and unique vision for the video, so it was really cool to see each of those moments come to life in the form of a mini movie. Her passion, talent, and beauty are inspiring, how could I not fall in love with her."


nown to give a makeover to his leading ladies, director Mohit Suri turns his eyes on P r a c h i Desai now, who makes a guest appearance in the upcoming 'Awari' song from “Ek Villain.” For the first time ever Prachi, shedding her inhibitions, goes out-n-out glam! The Buddha Bar-style number was recreated from an original composition by the Pakistani rock band, Soch, top-lined by Adnan Dhuul and Rabbi Ahmed. It was shot last weekend in Mumbai.

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Coming Events

l Sunday 8 June – Mataki Chonki at 3pm by Shree Budhevbhai, Shree Manubhai Kotak, Sharmaji and Rituji plus visiting artists finishing with Arti at 5.15pm at Adhya Shakti Mataji Temple, 55 High Street, Cowley, Middlesex UB8 2DZ. Contact: 07882253540 l Monday 9 June – Exhibition: Alabhyam by Ruju Parikh Jotani from 6.15pm at The Nehru Centre, 8, South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 020 7491 3567 l Thursday 12 June 2014 – Music: Remembering Begum Akhtar by Dr. Radhika Chopra from 6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, 8, South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 020 7491 3567 l Friday 13 June – Dance: Nrithyaanjali by Upahaar School of Dance from 6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, 8, South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 020 7491 3567 l Saturday 14th June – Bhavan Centre hosting a Kathak Dance by Padma Shri Guru Pratap Pawar from 7pm at the Bhavan Centre, 4a Castletown Road, London W14 9HE. Contact: 020 8568 0423. Tickets £12 £10 l Monday 16 June – Exhibition: Insight by Adriana Galabova from 6.15pm at The Nehru Centre, 8, South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 020 7491 3567 l Saturday 21st June – Vani Fine Arts present Vishwam from 6pm at he Bhavan Centre, 4a Castletown Road, London W14 9HE. Contact: 020 7386 0924. Tickets £10, £15

Mastermind of money laundering operation jailed The mastermind of a £100mn money laundering operation has been jailed for 9 years. Thillianathan Kumarathas mixed cash from drug smugglers with money from innocent tourists who used his bureaux de change in Victoria, Central London. He used the money to buy property in Britain, France and India and to pay his chil-

dren’s private school fees. Kumarathas, 58, of Harrow, north west London, was jailed for nine years at Southwark Crown Court on Friday. Ramanathan Thayaparan, 42, the bureau’s money laundering reporting officer, was jailed for five years, and Dinesh Anandan, 34, the shop’s manager, was jailed for two years.

Government were aware of Trojan Horse plot four years ago

A Birmingham head teacher has said that the Department for Education was warned about the Islamist "Trojan Horse" plot to take over state schools in Birmingham as early as 2010. Department for Education in 2010 The Department for Education was told in 2010 that Muslim governors were attempting to dictate the direction of secular state schools, said Tim Boyes reportedly, head of Queensbridge School. The warnings were made long before before details of the “Trojan Horse” plot were passed to Birmingham City Council, it was claimed. Mr Boyes described a "bloodless coup" at one school and "an alliance to destabilise the head" at another, it has been reported. Over the last two decades tensions “have exploded and as a result

head teachers have had nervous breakdowns, they've lost their jobs, schools have been really torn apart”, he said. He claimed the warnings had been passed onto the DfE around four years ago. These comments have prompted claims from the Labour Party that the Coalition “refused to listen” to warnings. Tristram Hunt, the Shadow Education Secretary, reportedly said: “This is gross negligence on the part of ministers.” In their defence, the DfE has reportedly said the meeting with Mr Boyes was a "general policy discussion. There is absolutely no place for extremism in schools and this government has taken a number of significant steps to combat it,” a spokesman said. Ofsted is expected to publish reports into 21 Birmingham schools in coming weeks.

the working title Queen Forever, is due to be released in stores at the end of the year and will feature songs from the 1980s. Mercury’s distinctive vocals will be merged with recently recorded instrumental tracks.

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ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20 If lately you have had all sorts of demands being placed on you from all sides, don't despair. Try and work out where you want to make changes in your busy life. Once you know, don't hesitate to implement it. The planetary activity in your chart signals a time of mixed emotions as well as personal issues to be dealt with.

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and be cautious about other people's enthusiasm which is likely to be misplaced.There will be increased scope for varying your activities, widening your network of contacts. It is an excellent time for exercising your mental energies, clarifying your and other people's ideas.

You have everything to gain by following creative inclinations. If you have new ideas, now is the time to put them into practice. Whatever your present interests you are likely to find that new doors open and the way ahead offers increased scope for expressing your real self. A great time to meet and interact with people.

GEMINI May 22 - June 22

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22 It's time when experience will enable you to enrich your inner mind and personality. You are moving into a new phase of life which will bring wider scope for developing your unique qualities and talents. You are likely to move around more than usual. Life will become very lively and there will be a lot of social interactions. LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

Your thinking is inspired, so listen to your thoughts. This may be a time of expansion and improved opportunity and it would be unwise to let yourself become complacent. A good time for restructuring and rethinking your aims and interests. Affairs of the heart are likely to flourish.

Much enthusiasm goes into professional ambitions right now, but you need to be your own boss in many ways. You will be determined to place your lifestyle on a foundation of greater security. Taking a broad perspective on the prevailing cosmic pattern, far-reaching change begins to gather momentum.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

You will be pleased to see that your social life livens up during this week. Its influence will help you to maintain a high energy level and achieve positive results in anything that requires drive and initiative. If you are involved in a fairly competitive field of activity, you will come out on top.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

Queen to release new album Queen are to release their first new album in almost 20 years that will include unheard vocals by late frontman Freddie Mercury. Freddie, born as Farrokh Balsara, in a Parsi family from Gujarat at Zanzibar. The record, which has - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

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The Sun is transiting your financial axis of solar 8th and 2nd houses, highlighting wills, legacies, taxes and joint resources. You need to re-assess your future with this in mind. Do not get over-anxious if everything seems to be in slow motion - it is time to pull a few strings.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

The transit of sun focuses on your solar 7th and 1st houses. This can affect your standing in the community and any partnerships you may have. Focus on essentials and establish a solid foundation, so that you feel secure in every sense. Wait before going full steam ahead with grand actions and gestures.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

Your urge towards greater freedom and independence is very strongly accentuated. In intimate affairs, the prospect appears entirely favourable. In work matters you can expect a progressive phase. Efforts to bring about desirable changes in your working life are more likely to be positive.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 As social life is likely to gather a pleasant momentum throughout this week, this is bound to present a better prospect, not only for striking up new friendships but also romantic encounters. This is going to be one of those times when insignificant events give rise to unexpected developments especially regarding work and health. PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20

Don't be afraid to act forcefully if your instinct tells you it's time for change. This week the focus is your house of family and home. Besides spending more time tending to domestic affairs, the focus can be on cultivating and nourishing your inner foundations, so to speak. - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Gautam Gambhir returns to Team India for tour to England

India brought back opening batsman Gautam Gambhir and axed fragile pace spearhead Zaheer Khan for their first fiveTest tour of England in 55 years starting in July. The selectors, who picked a 18-man squad for the back-to-back Tests, included seven seamers and Wriddhiman Saha as reserve wicket-keeper for skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Left-handed Gambhir returns to the Test arena for the first time since December 2012, having been ignored for the home series against Australia and the West Indies last year and the tour of New Zealand this January. Gambhir, with 4,021 runs and nine centuries from 54 Tests, is one of the

Pakistan women judokas may have missed the Commonwealth Games 2014 bus, but they are ready to help their Indian counterparts prepare for the event in Glasgow starting July 23. Pakistan’s 10woman judo squad, including South Asian Judo Championship gold medallist Humera Ashique, will travel to Patiala in June to train Indian athletes.

Gautam Gambhir three openers in the squad alongside Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay. Khan, India's most experienced new ball bowler with 311 wickets in 92 Tests, was not considered after missing a major part of the ongoing Indian Premier League due to a hamstring injury. He broke down with a

leg injury on the opening day of the Test series in England in 2011, in which Dhoni's men suffered a 4-0 whitewash. The squad includes three players, seamers Pankaj Singh, Ishwar Pandey and Stuart Binny, who have no Test match experience. India last played five Tests on an England tour in 1959 which the hosts swept 5-0. They have not played a five-Test series since losing 1-0 in the Caribbean in 1997. The Indians, who arrive in England in the third week of June, will play two warm-up matches against Leicestershire and Derbyshire before the first Test in Nottingham from July 9. The remaining Tests in London (Lord's and The

Oval), Southampton and Manchester, will be followed by five one-day matches and a lone Twenty20 international. The teams for the limited-overs matches to be played between August 25 and September 7, will be named later. India's Test squad: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (capt), Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan, Gautam Gambhir, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Shami, Ishwar Pandey, Ishant Sharma, Stuart Binny, Varun Aaron, Wriddhiman Saha, Pankaj Singh. Coach: Duncan Fletcher.

Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) secretary Masood Ahmed said that since Pakistan was not fielding a team at CWG due to the conflict between the Pakistan Olympics Association and the government, the athletes would now help the neighbours prepare for the Glasgow event. “Since we can’t go, we’ll help them as we are

South Asian nations anyway, it’s a great deal for both parties,” Ahmed said. Ahmed said that the Indian official Mukesh Kumar invited Pakistani athletes to Patiala for the training sessions for 20 days. “It’s going to happen next month, we’ve been invited to Patiala where the Indian squad is preparing,” said Ahmed. According to Ahmed,

the female squad received rave reviews at the South Asian Championship in Nepal in April and will certainly help the Indian Judokas. “Kumar invited our female athletes because they are impressive, they’ve given a tough competition to the Indian, Nepalese and Sri Lankan judokas in the championship,” he said.

Pakistan women judokas to help India



Samit Patel knocks on England test door with unbeaten century

England hopeful Samit Patel continued his rich form with an unbeaten century as Nottinghamshire took control against Sussex on day one at Hove. The 29year-old, reminded the England selectors of his usefulness in the national team. Patel, Division One's leading run-scorer with 509 runs prior to the match, finished on 142. Patel's second century of the season helped Nottinghamshire reach a commanding 408-5. Meanwhile, Matt Prior returned behind the stumps for Sussex, keeping wicket for the first time in first-class cricket since the third Ashes Test in Perth. With England set to name the squad for the first Test against Sri Lanka

this week, both players will be hoping to use this match to push their claims for a place in the side. Patel has left the national team for fitness rather than cricketing reasons since he played the last of his five Tests in India in December, 2012. His knock for Nottinghamshire could now persuade the selectors to pick him as a batsman who can supply a bit of spin. Patel arrived for batting when five of the top six Nottinghamshire batsmen, four of them internationals, had got in and got out. Patel looking a class above them all, stroked a magnificent, unbeaten 142 off 164 balls including 23 fours, most of them timed to perfection.


32 - Asian Voice 7th June 2014

Manish Pandey guides Kolkata to second IPL victory

Manish Pandey played a stellar role in the victory of Kolkata Knight over Kings XI Punjab at the IPL final at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Sunday. His hurricane 94 powered Kolkata Knight Riders to what until the last moment had seemed an improbable win. The three-wicket win with just three balls to spare was a veritable edge of-the-seat affair and KKR who kept their nerve at crucial stages deservedly took home their second IPL title. Piyush Chawla was at the finish when the victory came. Man of the match Pandey stole the show and the match from a crestfallen KXIP, much to the delight of a legion of KKR and Shah Rukh Khan fans. Earlier, KXIP who were gasping at 82 for 2 in 12 overs managed to score 116 runs in the last eight overs thanks to Wridhiman Saha’s brilliant unbeaten 115. It was only the first century in an IPL final. Their final total 199 for 4 not an easy task for KKR. Manish Pandey, skipper Gautam Gambhir and Yusuf Pathan got cracking in the reply. They pieced together 128 for two at the end of the 13th over and from there Kolkatta pressed home for the win. Pandey, playing on his home soil, was in his elements, swatting, lofting and pulling the bowlers in the arc between square leg and straight boundaries. His aggressive batting kept KKR in the hunt as did Pathan’s towering sixes on a pitch tailormade for batting. Earlier it looked like Kings XI Punjab skipper George Bailey had missed a trick or two when he changed the batting order and kept two of his most accomplished strikers Glen Maxwell and David Miller cooling their heels in the dugout. The Punjab team was struggling to push the score along on an outfield margin ally soft and slowed down by heavy overnight rains. But Saha and Manan Vohra realised the need to step on the gas, threw caution to the winds and went hell for leather to completely change the complexion of the game. Their 129-run third wicket stand off 73 deliveries gave KXIP an excellent total to defend. This was a far cry from the 12th over pedestrian score of 67 for two. But when the

need was for quick runs, not even the mystery spinner Sunil Narine was spared, particularly by a


rampaging Saha. The wicket-keeper –batsman celebrated his selection to the Indian


team with some superb batting and his unbeaten century almost floored KKR. Saha was on fire,

particularly in the latter part of the innings. He took 29 deliveries to reach his first 50 and then

smashed the smithereens during the second 50 to reach his century in just 50 balls. KKR looked shell shocked when Saha went after their bowlers. Narine was blasted to all parts of the field while Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav and Piyush Chawla suffered horrendously at his hands. Only Shakib Al Hasan who bowled during the first part of the innings escaped heavy punishment. Earlier, put in to bat, Kings XI lost their star opener Sehwag cheaply. Bailey too fell without making a mark. However Vohra, although batting rather sedately for a T20 match kept his end going. That is till he and Saha decided to take the attack by the scuff of the neck.


The prestigious Asian Achievers Awards is hosted every year by UK’s leading news weeklies Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar to honour British Asians par excellence. If there is someone you know who has broken boundaries and deserves recognition for their unique contribution to the community and the nation then please nominate them for one of the awards listed below. Make sure that you fill in this application form and send it on or before 14th July, 2014 by post, fax or email to Mr. L George, Tel: 020 7749 4013, Fax 020 7749 4081, Email: If you are sending it by post the address is Mr. L George, ABPL Group, Karma Yoga House, 12 Hoxton Market, London N1 6HW.

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In recognition for an individuals service to community.

Awarded to those who have acclaimed popularity internationally for his/her contribution in any particular sector and is recognised for their timeless philanthropic activities.

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AV 7th June 2014  

Asian Voice weekly newspaper (Issue 5)

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