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Arushi murder: Parents get life term After almost five-and-ahalf years, a CBI court in Ghaziabad sentenced dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar to life term in the sensational double murder case. The couple was convicted of killing their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj in the “rarest of rare” case. Additional Session Judge Shyam Lal though rejected the CBI plea for maximum punishment terming the case in the “rarest of rare” category and spared 49-year-old Rajesh and his wife Nupur (48) the death penalty. CBI counsel RK Saini argued that the killing was a cold blooded.

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Let noble thoughts come to us from every side


Rape charge against Tehelka editor Tejpal

Tahelka founder and editor Tarun Tejpal who was accused in sexually assaulting his junior colleague has been barred from leaving India. The police have issued an “immigration check post alert” against the veteran journalist so that he can’t leave India. The police have also recorded the statement of a woman journalist who has accused Tejpal of sexually assaulting her. The Goa police are probing the case. A team of Goa police went to Mumbai to record victim’s statement. Accusing the Tahelka management of sheltering Tejpal, she quit the job on Monday. Sources said that the victim reiterated the same points she made in her complaint sent by email to Tahelka managing editor Shoma

Tarun Tejpal

Chaudhaury earlier. Meanwhile, in another development in the same case, the Delhi High Court refused to grant interim protection against arrest of Tejpal, who has been accused of sexually assaulting his junior colleague on November 7 and 8 at a hotel in Goa. Justice Sunita Gupta also asked the counsel for the Goa police to file

its reply, if any, and fixed the hearing of Tejpal's anticipatory bail plea for further hearing. The Delhi police also opposed the plea for grant of any transit bail to Tejpal who termed the FIR as politically motivated alleging that the Goa Chief Minister was taking undue interest in the matter. Continued on page 26

30th November to 6th December 2013

Dominic Grieve apologises for controversial comments The attorney general, Dominic Grieve's comments on the corruption in the British Pakistani community has taken the country by storm. Though most Asian commentators described Mr Grieve's remarks as "divisive", the Sikh Media Monitoring Group in a statement has applauded Mr Grieve's courage to 'speaking out about such a Continued on page 13 sensitive political issue'.

Record voter-turnout in Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram People in Madhya Pradesh and Mizoram came out in large numbers to vote in the Assembly elections on Monday with MP recording the highest-ever turnout of over 70.55% while the figure in Mizoram standing at 81%, marginally shy of its highest ever tally of 82.54% recorded in 1987. MP’s Sheopur and Hoshangabad districts polled 83% and were the highest in the state where around 32 million people stepped out to vote to decide the fate of over 2,500 candidates. Continued on page 26

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UK - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Keith Vazwith MP

Keith Vaz MP

Monika Kapil Mohta

Centre in London, I endeavoured to reach out to the Indian Diaspora in UK. The construction of the Embassy of India building in Warsaw is a matter of great pride for us.

Indian Ambassador in Warsaw for Poland and Lithuania Monika Kapil Mohta is a career diplomat since 1985, her career at the Indian Foreign Service, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Government of India has spanned across Bangkok, Kathmandu, London and Paris as well as stints at UNESCO and the United Nations. Monika organised over 1000 events in visual and performing arts, cinema, book launches, lectures and other academic events; built strategic cultural partnerships with British cultural institutions, including the British Museum, V&A, The British Library, academic institutions and universities, festivals and melas. As Director and Joint Secretary for Pakistan and the Gulf region, she was responsible for policy formulation on Indo-Pak bilateral relations. She was involved with the implementation of CBMs, visa regime, composite dialogue process, and political summits; relations with countries in the Persian Gulf region including Iraq, UAE and Saudi Arabia. As Political Director at the United Nations, she oversaw the work relating to UNSC, peacekeeping operations; represented India at UN Peacekeeping Conference in Dublin in 1998; monitored all work relating to UNGA in 1998. As Deputy Director General for the Indian Council for Cultural, Monika served in India’s premier institution engaged in cultural diplomacy; engaged with Indian missions and cultural centres abroad. Since July 2011, Monika Kapil Mohta has been the Indian Ambassador in Warsaw for Poland and Lithuania.

3)What inspires you? The next generation in India. Our youth have tremendous energy and vision and will build a bright future for our nation.

1) Please tell me about your current position? Ambassador of India to Poland and Lithuania.

4) What has been the biggest obstacle in your career? None. Every obstacle is a challenge and every challenge is an opportunity.

2) What are your proudest achievements? As Director of The Nehru

5) Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date?

Gurkha calls off hunger strike

An ex-Gurkha has ended his 14-day hunger strike after a group of MPs announced their plan to hold an inquiry into Gurkha pensions and other grievances. Gyanraj Raj had situated himself on Whitehall since 7 November, threatening to die for his cause and even said there were many who would take up his cause if he did die. Mr Raj reportedly said that his experience was "so hard, so difficult" and emphasised that, "we are yet to win." The actress and advocate of Gurkhas' rights, Joanna Lumley, was present to celebrate the news, giving him a glass of fruit juice in front of a loud audience. She announced that it was "a happy day for all concerned" and told the Gurkhas "everything that you want to say will be heard as a matter of extreme importance and urgency". She also said, "nothing is going to be swept under the carpet".

Gurkhas who took part in a demonstration in London earlier in November in support of Mr Raj, who is a veteran from the Nepalese Brigade. At the moment, Gurkha veterans only receive a third of what their former British comrades receive. If the veterans receive the payments due, it would allow many elderly ex-soldiers to return home to Nepal. Conservative chair of the all-party group, Jackie Doyle-Price, said there were "some outstanding grievances which the Gurkhas are determined to have addressed" and the inquiry would give them the chance to be heard publicly.

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6) What is the best aspect about your current role? To fly the Indian Flag! 7) And the worst? I don’t have a wife back home! 8) What are your long term goals? To see every citizen of India prosper. 9) If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change? Universal education for the girl child. 10) If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why? Robinson Crusoe, as he reinvented life! Emperor Asoka, the most fascinating figure in Indian history who attained the golden mean and an ideal balance between material might and spiritual enlightenment.

Said Business School and Zamir Telecom Announce Scholarship for the Oxford MBA Programme

Gyanraj with Lumley

Evidence is expected to be taken by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gurkha Welfare before March 2014 and have said that it will publish a report "shortly afterwards". The MPs will focus on pensions, but will also explore healthcare, benefits and age-old grievances. The government has announced that all departments will wholly co-operate with the inquiry. A spokesman for the government is reported to have said that the government had been "concerned about the welfare of Mr Raj" and was "glad" that he has ended his action. It is hoped the new plans will help return confidence to around 1,000 ex-

Hon’ble Rashtrapati ji Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

Zamir Telecom, a global telecommunications company, announced a gift to the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford to establish the Zamir Telecom MBA Scholarship. The gift will fund one scholarship annually for a promising professional from the technology sector studying for the Oxford MBA programme. It is open to applicants from an emerging economy (Africa, Asia or Middle East) or to those from other countries who have an interest in technological advancement in these areas. Zamir Telecom views these regions as future hubs for innovation and the scholarship will allow individuals with extraordinary intellectual and pro-

fessional talent to connect with the organisation in the UK and its operations in emerging economies and enable them, through the Oxford MBA, to develop and realise their potential as future leaders and innovators in the sector. In addition to the scholarship funding, Zamir Telecom will also provide each scholar with a paid internship and a 1-year employment contract on graduation.

Naufal Zamir, Managing Director of Zamir Telecom and Peter Tufano, Dean of SaïdBusiness School made the announcement at a ceremony to mark the launch of the scholarships. Naufal Zamir said, "Zamir Telecom is committed to sourcing the best talent and is delighted to partner with Said Business School to provide assistance to extraordinary candidates for this scholarship. I firmly believe it will unleash their intellectual creativity and advance their career development opportunities globally. We are looking forward to this partnership with one of the most prestigious business schools and universities in the world."

Hugo Swire, the Minister of State responsible for India, and Virendra Sharma, Chair of the Indian All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), hosted members of the British Indian diaspora, celebrating their contribution to the UK, on 20 November. The event included

leading figures of the British Indian community and was an opportunity to reinforce the Prime Minister’s message when in India last week of wanting a stronger, deeper partnership with India. It showed the UK’s desire for stronger links with the diaspora and gave a platform for future

engagement. Also in attendance was the recently-appointed UK Indian diaspora Champion, Priti Patel MP, who in her speech reiterated the importance of the role the diaspora plays in making the UK-India relationship both successful and enduring.

FCO Minister of State for India hosts diaspora at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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"( )% $ ! ( ) "$' '& "+"'&* (($0 - Asian Voice 30th November2013


India-UK science research forges ahead

The UK has an international science research base which is among the best in the world. Of the ten best global universities four are situated in the UK. Britain has 78 Nobel laureates, second only to the US. At the other end of the world India is making rapid strides in science and technology, as the present Mars Orbiter Mission amply demonstrates. Scientists such as C.V. Raman, Satyen Bose, Megnad Saha and the living C,N.R Rao, and others, have secured India’s place on the world map. India’s science budget is expanding significantly, accepting that this investment should be enlarged, and the country’s reach in science and technology innovation grows by the year. It is surely conceivable that India is destined to become a science and technology superpower sometime in the 21st century. The platforms are in place for India and Britain to forge a new science and technology alliance. Which is what happened in 2008 when Britain and India pumped 150 million pounds into a collaborative venture that has become one of the most fruitful areas of the Indo-British partnership. A special science and technology unit was established in the British High Commission in New Delhi five years ago. More recently, the UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and India’s Department of Science signed a programme of cooperation of Research and Development (R&D) support. This will aid Indian and British companies to pursue joint R&D in proj-

ects pertaining to affordable health care to energy systems technologies. Earlier this month an agreement was reached to set up 60 new partnerships in research and skills which will further strengthen direct institutional collaboration. The best research is achieved when it transcends national boundaries, when brains and experience come together in critical mass. We should not forget the valuable work in the UK and US of scientists of Indian origin. Science provides a level playing field without barriers, its sole qualifications are talent, dedication and intellectual and moral integrity. Public health, climate change, clean energy and water and related areas make the greatest visible impact on the lives of ordinary people, hence Indo-UK collaboration in these fields are vital for the common good, especially for the broad mass of Indians, many of whom are hobbled by poverty and malnutrition. No modernization can be long lasting unless poverty and poor health care levels are substantially reduced. That said, what gives Indo-British collaboration in science and technology its unique depth is the shared culture of free inquiry that animates scientists in both countries. The essence of science is the readiness and capability to ask the right questions without which the right answers and solutions will prove elusive. India and Britain are wise to put science at the heart of their agenda to improve the lives of their citizens and of all humanity.

Among the most significant changes in India’s political process over the past fifty years has been the substantial increase in women’s participation in the country’s electoral process. According to a recent study published by the Indian School of Business Hyderabad the sex ratio in voter turnout has changed. Whereas in the 1960s, the number of women voting in general elections and State assembly elections were 715 to 1,000 men, in the 2000s the ratio had narrowed to 883 women to 1,000 men. This change had occurred across a broad range of States, from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh to Bihar, Odisha and Kerala. The State most worthy of mention is Himachal Pradesh, which was once second from bottom in women’s voter turnout and in poverty and is now second from the top in women’s voter turnout and in overall prosperity. The linkage is too obvious to stress. The voting pattern in other States has been in uniform mode, with Bihar still near the bottom of the league in the gender gap and Kerala still at the top with the most equitable gender ratio. The Election Commission has done its bit by drawing on government machinery to educate women as

to their rights and improve their literacy levels. But the open political culture has also played its part in the changing gender ratio. “There is much more awareness among women. They are now deciding on their own whom to vote for, while earlier many would vote for those their husbands or fathers asked them to vote for,” said Union Minister Girija Vyas, a former chairperson of the National Commission for Women. This observation was supplemented by the BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman, who pronounced: “Our leaders raise issues that concern women, and this draws large numbers to their rallies, and then on election day.” Husbands and wives are frequently seen to vote for different candidates and for different parties. Women are less conservative than men in switching party allegiances. If a party in power is perceived to have had a poor performance in delivering on promises, women are prone to break their party bond faster than men in voting for credible alternative. These trends spell hope. They may not be dramatic since they have been paced over 50 years, but they are likely to be more long lasting for that.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh set India’s seal to a close strategic partnership with Vietnam as part of a broader Indian alignment in the Asia Pacific area, including Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. India’s unfolding military power is graduating into strategic heft. Dr Singh, who receives little credit at home for what he does, clearly commands considerable respect among his peers abroad. He is the undoubted driver of Indian foreign policy, melding the countrys economic interests with those of its strategic pursuits into a conceptualized whole. It is high-level chess. China’s presence in Pakistan, for example, is more than matched by India’s influence in Vietnam and Japan, two stable powers untouched by jihadi violence, and formidable players of the Great Game. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko will come calling next January. Prime Ministers Abe and Singh, who enjoy a close personal friendship, are expected to draw up an Indo-Japan economic and strategic covenant. Vietnam’sa most influential leader, Nguyen Phu Trong, visited New Delhi for wide-ranging talks on issues of mutual interest. Eight new agreements covering trade, investment and deeper defence cooperation, from which the partners get their true traction, were signed. Dr Singh said: “Both India and Vietnam belong to a region that holds enormous potential but also many challenges. We have strong convergence of inter-

ests in working together and with others in the region for a stable, peaceful and prosperous Asia.” He went on: “We reaffirmed the importance of defence and security cooperation and pledged to strengthen it further. India will continue to assist Vietnam in the modernization and training of its defence and security forces, including through a $100 million line of credit for defence purchases.” “You’ve got to join the dots, look at all these coming visits [in the first quarter of 2014] together, to understand the true strategic implications of what is going on,” said a senior Indian official. India will train 500 Vietnamese naval personnel in submarine warfare and supply four patrol ships to Vietnam. An enabling protection of information agreement will lead to the transfer sensitive of Indian military hardware, including the possible sale to Vietnam of the prized India-Russia supersonic BrahMos missile - whose export to a third party requires the assent of both the partners - and a deeper military dialogue and more training exercises between the two militaries. Among the other documents was a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Vietnam and Indian oil companies under which Indian companies will get new exploration rights following the departure of ONGC’s Videsh Ltd from its present block in the South China Sea, which has yielded no results. Tata Steel has won a contract to set up a plant in Vietnam. India and Vietnam can be well satisfied by their ongoing dialogue.

Rising levels of women turnout at polls

India-Vietnam ties underline broader strategic alignments

3 Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny

- Tyron Edwards (1809-1894)

The Politics of Women’s Rights

I write to you from India where the big political story is how one woman, the managing edior of Tehelka newspaper, has chosen to protect the institution, over protecting her female colleague who alleged rape against the editor-in-chief, Tarun Tejpal. This female managing editor when told of the rape is accused of protecting the paper, for fear that the rape allegation if ‘washing dirty laundry in public’ (not her quote, but my summation) would lead to the collapse of the institution. A plethora of women have been on Indian news channels attacking this female managing editor for protecting the paper and not doing enough to protect the alleged victim of the rape.

Dear Women of the World,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for making it so much easier for us men. You are willing to put institutions above your fellow woman and legal and moral crimes against your gender. You refuse to ‘wash dirty laundry in public’ to de facto protect us men. And we know it. And we use that cover to continue our harassment. Thank you. You are willing not to complain, to defer, not to make a noise, and when you do, your fellow woman can inevitably be relied upon to make sure your bullying, and attacks by men on you are brushed under the carpet. This happens in India and in Britain – it’s global. Thank you women of the world for being so united…well disunited. You are willing to undervalue your work, and so of course we are happy to pay you less than a man for it. What you think we’re stupid? Well, most of us are not….although being elected to public office makes us so. You are willing to work longer for the same pay as a man, research proves it. Thank you. It makes it easier to pick a man to promote – heck I’m hardly about to move someone up who works the longest hours am I to do the same work? And it’s unfortunate because the world needs more women entrepreneurs than ever. It needs more women in business because statistically they are more likely to succeed. It needs more women running top companies FTSE companies, because statistically their share prices do better. It needs more women at heads of Government, because statistically it leads to less wars. It needs more women managing household finances, because statistically it leads to less personal insolvencies. And finally, to all of you who whinge about the fricking glass ceiling, and it all being unfair – I have only four words to say to you – they’re not even in English. Those words are: ‘Ang San Suu Kyi’. Generals, in Burma, she stood up to. So shut up and stop defeating yourself before we men even get the chance to do it for you. A Man

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Chaos at new Indian visa office


Dhiren Katwa

Birmingham: The lives of residents in a usually decent part of Birmingham have been blighted by hell following the opening of a new office of VFS Global, the outsourcing agency which issues visas on behalf of foreign Embassies, in this case for India. Since the office opened in August in Vicarage Road, Edgbaston, it has created chaos and mayhem which has left neighbours feeling frustrated and angry. Attendees voiced their concerns at a public meeting held at Edgbaston Girls High School last week. Their message to late-arriving Nigel Coelho, Deputy General Manager (UK Operations) at VFS Global, who had travelled from London, was this: Move Out! The panel, which comprised of Cllr Fergus Robinson (Cons; Edgbaston) and local MP Gisela Stuart, was chaired by Mary Martin of Waymede Residents Association, which had organised the meeting. Some of problems cited by attendees included: people knocking on doors of neighbouring offices and homes asking to use their toilets as no such facilities were available in the VFS Global office; people urinating behind large dustbins; cars blocking drives, parking on doubleyellow lines; people hurling abuse at neighbours; tissues containing excrement and litter being dropped through neighbours’ letterboxes; drivers going the wrong way up and down the oneway street; inappropriate use of disabled badges. According to Calthorpe Estates, which owns the freehold but not the leasehold interest, and Birmingham City Council, the office use does not fall within the planning consent granted and/or the terms of the head lease. Mr Coelho said he was not in a position to comment on this legal matter. The collective sentiment of attendees was that VFS Global had failed to consider, and take into account the needs of its customers. They also said it had failed to consider the impact the new office would have on neighbours. It - Asian Voice 30th November2013

ness card, or to make further comment and suggested visiting the DTZ website, before walking off. The 6pm – 8pm meeting also heard how a few elderly people visiting the VFS Global office, previously regional HQ of bus company National Express, had tripped over, in one case an ambulance had to be called. Mr Coelho said he too had almost fallen over and was aware of this issue, but said it was one for the landlord to look into. One attendee asked Mr Coelho: Why did you invest in a place where there is inadequate parking? An ask which got no response. Mr Coelho’s suggestion that a barrier be installed in ANGRY: Karen Malte, left, and Gordon Essex a suitable place near their was also clear that residents and others office was quickly welcomed by a few affected by the office want it to move to people, who asked if VFS Global would a place which is more suitable. It was pay, to which Mr Coelho responded by suggested in, or around the city centre, saying he’d look into this. Another sugor where public transport is more accesgestion made by a businessman, who sible. asked not to be named for fear of Residents asked Cllr Robinson to reprisals, was for the visas to be granted look into the possibility of getting douby way of the submission of a postal ble-yellow lines re-painted, as these had application. This was also given the faded or were now covered by leaves. thumbs up. Another suggestion was to Cllr Robinson said he did not believe the hire a private ticketing company. lines had faded and suggested residents Over and above, the summary and clear the leaves themselves. One resiactions from the meeting were these: dent asked if he could get a discount in There is nothing that can be done shorthis council tax for this self responsibiliterm. This is a complex legal situation ty, a suggestion which prompted laughand could take up to 12 months to invester. tigate; It was suggested that people take Active campaigner Karen Malte, photographs, video footage of the chaos, pictured, said she could see the mayhem including those of any trips and falls, as from her window and was keen for this evidence and to email this on a daily matter to be resolved as quickly as posbasis to the Planning Department at sible. “This is totally unacceptable and I Birmingham City Council; to complain can’t go on living like this,” she said. Cllr directly to VFS Global via its website. Robinson said he was limited in what he Have you been to the office of VFS could do with this. MP Stuart offered Global in Vicarage Road, Edgbaston, further support, if needed. Nick Ridley, Birmingham? What has your experience a director at property agency DTZ, who been? Please tell us by was also present, refused to give a busiemailing

Muslim employer raped young boy after first day at work

Birmingham: A muslim car wash owner who gave a young jobseeker a job at his car wash in Alum Roxk and then raped him on his first day at work has been jailed at Birmingham Crown Court. The victim, who is only 20-years-old, thought he was exceptionally lucky when Qadir Miakhil, pictured gave him a job on 19 June. He had only been in the country for two months after moving to live with family here. Yet the following day Miakhil, 24, took him to an address on Foxton Road and raped him. Miakhil thought he would not get caught because his victim

could not speak English and he’d only been in the country for a matter of weeks. But the 20year-old told family members and reported the rape to police officers the next day, who launched a major investigation and arrested Miakhil on 22 June. Miakhil denied committing the offence but was convicted by a jury on 25 October and was today sentenced to eight and a half years in prison. He was also

ordered to sign the sex offenders' register for life. Miakhil's victim's statement was extremely emotional. He said, "I was so scared and I thought I was going to die. He left me feeling like I was not human anymore. I was so terrified. I think it will take a long time to get over what has happened to me. I just want to put it behind me and move on with my life." For further information and support visit Rape Crisis or call their freephone helpline on 0808 802 9999.

Open 7 Days a week Mon-Thur 10am to 8pm Fri-Sat-Sun 10am to 10pm

for family tables do advance bookings

Leicester: Leicester’s streets were filled with music and joy on Sunday 24th November as 10,000 people joined in a procession to mark the birthday of the founder of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanah Dev Ji. The Nagar Kirtan event, which has celebrated in Leicester for over 20 years, began at Guru Tegh Bahadar Gurdwara, in East Park Road and ended at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara at Holy Bones, near St Nicholas Circle. Harjot Kaur, 27, of Evington, said: “It is an important day, it means a lot to us everyone has really been looking forward to it.” The celebration began with prayers and hymns, before worshippers took to the streets for a three-hour long parade. There was an array of food stalls lining the route, offering a selection of treats, including pizza, samosas and onion bhajis, to the passing crowds. It is the second of two religious processions by member of the Sikh community in Leicester every year. The other is Vaisakhi, the Sikh new year, in April.

Citizen Photography Birmingham: A new community project led by people who live and work in Birmingham has been officially launched. The Some Cities initiative aims to equip photographers of all abilities with the skills to capture stories through images and share them via a dedicated online platform. Some Cities, devised and produced by Andrew Jackson and Dan Burwood, is being piloted in South Birmingham before an eventual roll-out across the city. To find out more visit

Charity receives recognition for Religion roadshow

Leicester: A group of volunteers from St Philip's Centre, Leicester working to enhance inter-faith relations has just missed out on winning a national accolade. The Religion and Belief Roadshow team was shortlisted for the Council for Learning outside the Classroom's innovation award. The roadshow educates children about matters of religion and belief in a fun way. Its events include food sampling, music, arts and crafts, henna painting and a large tent where children have the opportunity to wear items of clothing associated with different faiths and cultures. Stalls are available where children observe artifacts, display items and put questions to the faith volunteers. Last year, the team supported

more than 2,500 pupils in the region to develop a better understanding of some of the world's faiths. Riaz Ravat, deputy director of St Philip's Centre, said: "Although they did not win, this national recognition of the team is something Leicester should be extremely proud of. "They are a remarkable group of people who have toured many schools in the East Midlands with the intention of broadening horizons."



Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Thousands take part in Sikh procession Nagar Kirtan

Seating capacity



43, York Road, Near Punjab National Bank , Ilford IG1 3AD Tel: 020 8514 3004

British Council research raises alarm about Britain's language deficit UK - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Rupanjana Dutta

There was a time when Britain promoted monolingualism, perhaps to strengthen integration. The emphasis lay solely on learning English, even at schools in the ethnically diverse areas. But, with changing times and the shifting dynamics of global economy, the government is now growing wary of its

The research highlighted Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Japanese as the top ten languages of the future. Other languages besides the 'top ten' languages or groups of languages which emerged as important include Dutch, Polish, Indian languages and

Carolyn Robson CBE, Executive Head Teacher, Rushey Mead School, Leicester giving a speech at the reception

The report on 'Languages for The Future: Which languages the UK needs most and Why'

country's stubbornly monolingual population, which is not being able to compete in a market that is becoming increasingly interconnected, demanding compulsory foreign language proficiency. Discussing Britain's current insufficiencies and the 'Languages of future' the British Council published a report on 20 November, emphasising on the languages that UK needs to learn now especially for trade, business, diplomatic purposes, tourism, education and strategy priorities. A reception was also held at the British Council to celebrate International Education Week, where the report was widely discussed.

Korean. But a YouGov poll of more than 4,000 adults found that three out of four are unable to speak any of the top 10 languages well enough to hold a conversation. French is the only language spoken by a doubledigit percentage (15%), followed by German (6%), Spanish (4%) and Italian (2%). Arabic, Mandarin, Russian or Japanese are each only spoken by 1% – while Portuguese and Turkish are each spoken by less than 1%. The report suggested that achievement of pupils in England in the European survey of Language competences was poorer than pupils of

Rupanjana Dutta, Associate Editor, Asian Voice and Rovin George, Business Development Manager, Asian Voice discussing the report at the International Education Week Reception in British Council

any other country. In fact 30% of 15 year olds about to take GCSE exams did not achieve any measurable level at all in the languages they were studying. Languages now make up only 3.8% of all subject entries and a further lower number of students are

taking them in degree courses. Interestingly, it also emerged on Wednesday that the Indian languages are gaining increasing importance because of India's position as the second most populous country in the world and a

growing economic power. India is currently UK's 18th largest goods export market worth £4.6billion in 2012. Indian languages are widely spoken in large minority communities in the UK. Currently ten most widely spoken languages in the world by first language speakers also include 260mn Hindi speakers and 193mn Bengali speakers. Department for Education statistics show that most common languages spoken by school children in the UK consist of three from the Indian subcontinent — Panjabi, Urdu and Bengali. Together these account for more than a third of a million children. However Indian languages are currently taught at the margins of mainstream education, supported by families and local communities, though are not widely available at degree level in universities. Evidences also show

that to improve UK's export potential and international education strategy in 25 high growth markets, the associated languages that need immediate attention include Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Panjabi and Urdu. The report argues that while millions of people around the world are learning English, the UK has fallen behind by not devoting sufficient time, resources and effort to language learning. The authors Teresa Tinsley and Kathryn Board have concluded that to prevent the current deficit in linguistic skills, they recommend that governments of the UK should take a more strategic approach to language education policy, government and business should work together to develop educational policies relating to languages and international skills, businesses should be encouraged to invest in developing linguistic skills, policy makers should find effective ways of utilising vital language and cultural skills of the diaspora and minority communities, teaching and learning of languages should be enriched by inclusion of new languages in curriculum and schools should fully exploit the range of free or funded resources available to support language learning which are available locally, online or through international links. (To read the report in details go to photo credit: James Gifford-Mead Photography

Indian Billionaire couple host Prince Charles' birthday dinner

Relatively under-the-radar Indian billionaire couple, Cyrus and Priya Vandrevala, on 21 November hosted a gala event at Buckingham Palace, official residence of the British Queen, Elizabeth II, to mark the 65th birthday of Prince Charles, heir to the United Kingdom's throne. Royal watchers deem the opportunity to organise any occasion by an outsider at Buckingham Palace as extremely rare. The fact that the Vandrevalas were extended this privilege is noteworthy; and thereby, by way of proximity to the British royal family, might have stolen a march over richer Indian businessmen resident in Britain, such as the Lakshmi and Usha Mittal of ArcelorMittal and the Hinduja brothers and their wives of the Hinduja Group, both of whom were conspicuous by their presence at the function.

Cyrus and Priya Vandrevala with Prince Charles

G P Hinduja, whose family were rated to be the wealthiest in the UK's Sunday Times newspaper's "Rich List", described the evening as "a magnificent event". He added: "Prince Charles and the Duchess (his wife Camilla) were very energetic and warm in greeting the guests." He went

on to say it was the kind of gathering that generates "affection" between India and Britain. Also gracing the glittering get-together in their silks and satins were European royals, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister), George Osborne, the Secretary of State for Business,

Innovation & Skills, Vince Cable, and other captains of industry. The evening commenced with a cocktail reception. This was followed by a 90-minute Richard Wagner (whose 200th birth anniversary is being celebrated this year) concert by the Philharmonia Orchestra, of which Charles is a patron. Finally, there was black tie, sit down banquet for 400. Charles' birthday actually falls on 14 November - the same day as Jawahar Lal Nehru's. On that day this year he was, in fact, visiting in India. Speaking at the dinner, he thanked the Vandrevalas for sponsoring the celebration, the proceeds from which will be donated to charities. The Indian entrepreneurs, originally from Mumbai, and their close friends were seated on the same table as Charles and Camilla. Wealth estimators, Spear's,


describe Cyrus Vandrevala, now in his 40s, as a "visionary private equity investor" who started investing in technology businesses in his 20s. According to them, he has "global investments in a multiple of public and private companies ranging from telecom, infrastructure, energy, real estate, food and cement". His wife, Priya, is heiress to the Hiranandani real estate fortune. The pair's wealth is put at $9 billion by Spear's, which makes them the 6th richest in the United Kingdom. However, no rich list has ever featured their names, since they, reportedly, prefer to remain out of the limelight. The Vandrevalas are said to possess invaluable properties in London's upmarket Knightsbridge and Canary Wharf districts. Source: RAYMEDIA


UK - Asian Voice 30th November2013

“Our London”

Spriha Srivastava

Taj Palace – Five years on 26/11 India is a country full of heritage and with time this heritage has been maintained and restored to ensure every generation is able to enjoy and get a feel of what it’s like. I am a big fan of visiting old monuments, historical cathedrals and castles in any country. And whenever I come to India for a holiday I make it a point to visit one or two of its popular monuments. However this time around while in Mumbai I couldn’t help but remember that it’s been five years since the horrific Mumbai attacks and the city has moved on but deep down everyone is still reeling from the unfortunate incident. However, has the city learnt any lessons from this? Maybe lots but during my trip to Mumbai this time I found the security personnel to be extremely casual. Anyway I will come to that later. Let me start by first describing my wonderful experience at Taj and Gateway of India. I have visited the Taj and the Gateway of India as a child but memories became alive when I went back this time. The monuments speak for itself. It’s crowded, full of tourists but it still speaks volumes about architecture, history and so on. I first took a stroll around the Gateway of India which stands tall and strong acting as a shield to the lovely Taj Palace and a window to innumerable boats that make their way to the coast. After spending some time at the beautiful Gateway of India I made my way to Taj Palace to immerse myself in a 100 year old heritage. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel original building was commissioned in IndoSaracenic style by Tata and first opened its doors to guests on 16 December 1903. It is widely believed that Jamsedji Tata decided to build the hotel after he was refused entry to one of the city's grand hotels of the time, Watson's Hotel, as it was restricted to "whites only". However, this story has been challenged by some commentators that suggest that

Tata was unlikely to have been concerned with 'revenge' against his British adversaries. Instead they suggest that the Taj was built at the urging of editor of The Times of India who felt a hotel "worthy of Bombay" was needed. The builder was Khansaheb Sorabji Ruttonji Contractor who also designed and built its famous central floating staircase. The cost of construction was £250,000 (£127 million today). During World War I, the hotel was converted into a 600bed hospital. The dome

of the hotel is made from steel as used in the Eiffel Tower. Jamsedji Tata imported the same steel during that time. The hotel was the first in India to install and operate a steam elevator. The hotel imported American fans, German elevators, Turkish baths and English butlers, for the first time in India. And trust me; all of this is still preserved in the hotel. While one of the staff gave me a show around of the hotel, she mentioned that the hotel’s extremely popular coffee house – Sea Lounge was and is still a place where arranged marriages are fixed – where prospective brides and grooms see and meet each other and marriages are decided. She took me to the famous floating staircase and then to the Ravi Shankar Suite – a suite dedicated to the maestro with absolutely stunning interiors and furnishings. The room costs INR3 lakhs a night and has been occupied by very famous celebrities in the past. I was also taken to the backyard which is a resident only area and was in earlier times used as the main entrance to the hotel. It is believed that Royals would make their way to that entrance on their carriages and then enter the palace from that gate.

The kind lady showing me around the hotel also mentioned that some of the floors of the hotel were damaged during the 26/11 attacks and the staff were praised for their efforts in helping the hostages. The hotel stands at a very iconic location with pride. However, five years post Mumbai attacks; has the city learnt many lessons? One of the things that totally shocked me was easy entry to Gateway of India. Despite there being security forces to carry out checks, there were people breaking barriers and easily making their way to the monument. Meanwhile, according to the co-author of a new book which offers a devastating view of the handling of the tragedy, India remains wide open to another terrorist attack five years after 26/11. Speaking before the fifth anniversary of the three-day attack which began on November 26, 2008, Adrian Levy said India had failed to learn lessons from either its failure to prepare properly for the attack or handle it once it began. “I think it could happen all over again,” said Levy, who wrote The Siege with Cathy ScottClark. “The police are still woefully underequipped and there has been no proper assessment of failure. Coastal protection is still totally under-prepared.” A fleet of seven coastal security speedboats purchased by Mumbai police in 2009 to bolster security is lying unused, without enough fuel or trained personnel. It is true that the security forces and the government need to carry out proper assessment and ensure that they don’t relax on security measures even for a single moment. But keeping that in the background for now, let’s take a moment to remember all those who lost their lives in this unfortunate incident. The hotel staff, the police officers, innocent people and everyone who was part of it. We might say we have moved on from that incident but tremors of past will always be there.

Let us know what you think. Email Spriha at

GLA Member for Brent and Harrow

Navin Shah

Sky-high energy bills The big debate catching the headlines and controversy is how do we meet our energy demands (gas and electricity) and the cost to consumers? In this context it was interesting to visit the Battersea Power Station a couple of weeks ago. This iconic heritage building dominating the frontage of river Thames was built in 1933 and decommissioned in 1983 - supplying at some stage half of London’s electricity. But it has become redundant and due to be transformed into a complex for mixed use development comprising commercial and residential uses. The controversy in London and the rest of the Country has been about double-digit rocketing gas and electricity bills by the private monopoly of six companies and the resultant dire impact on the cost of living of Londoners. The inflation busting raise from 15th November will see price rise on average across country by 8.2% three times the rate of inflation. The official figures indicate that London has the highest gas bills in the country. Not only that the ‘Big Six’ utility companies are acting as monopolies they are also calling the shots and making unacceptable

demands on the government. They have recently warned that unless the government delivers cuts to “green levies” they would consider a second price hike. What are these green levies and how much do we pay from our gas and electricity bills towards the green levies? In brief green levies are used for renewable energy schemes, climate change and schemes like home insulation etc. Average household dual fuel (gas & electricity) bill in 2013 is £1,247 of which the wholesale energy cost is 47%, other supplier cost and margins are19% and cost of the energy and climate change policies are only 9%. Mayor Johnson was quizzed on this issue at the Question Time last week because he needs to exert leadership and tackle fuel poverty in London. My worry is that Londoners are facing a cost of living crisis but the Mayor who pledged to ‘campaign against fuel companies who are ripping off the consumer’ has done nothing. I asked the Mayor whether the big six utility companies were right to blame green levies’ for the latest round of price rises imposed on Londoners? Unfortunately I did not get much of an answer. The Tory coalition

too have no real answer to curb the excesses of the private monopoly. The answer lies in various alternatives to protect Londoners such as: 1 . As Labour has proposed, freeze prices until January 2017 which would save typical household £120 and the average business £1,800 per annum. 2. Introduce a simple new tariff structure so people can compare prices. 3. A programme of a high level of retrofit (insulation of properties) across Britain’s 26 million domestic properties. 4. The other initiatives / areas to address would include a root and branch review of government’s ‘Green Deal’ which has failed and requiring all energy companies to trade their energy in an open market etc. David Cameron in his election campaign pledged ‘vote blue go green’ but like the Mayor the government has talked the talk but failed to walk the walk and allowed the private monopolies to allow them to hold consumers as hostages unless they get what they want. We know whose side they are on. Surely not on the side of the consumers!

Elderly Millionaire Father gives evidence against son in Luxury Hotel

Multi-millionaire Bal Mohinder Singh, who is suing his son Jasminder Singh, (pictured) head of the £800million Radisson Blu Edwardian hotels empire, said he has been left 'deeply ashamed' that his son had forsaken his Sikh upbringing and excluded him from his share of the family wealth, a court heard on Tuesday 26th November. The son is said to be worth around £415million, but his father is allegedly suing him over £50million. Mr Singh Senior claims his son forced him to retire as director of the group, and excluded him from the family business. He also said that he trusted his son 'implicitly and until recently had no reason to doubt that my trust was justified.' The hearing was held, unusually, in a conference room at the May Fair Hotel in London on Tuesday because of the illhealth of Mr Singh Snr. In his statement, Mr Singh said, 'the most important

point which has to be made at the outset is that both I and his mother are deeply ashamed that Jasminder should publicly renounce his cultural heritage.' He continued, 'My life had been devoted to winning respect for myself and family in those communities, and the respect which we have earned as a family has been the basis for the success of our business in this country.' 'For Jasminder to deny that and claim all the credit and ownership for himself will be shocking to

wide sections of those communities, particularly our family and friends. That is why his mother and I are so ashamed.' He also said that Jasminder was not telling the truth when he said he did not recall being told by his parents that because they were living as a joint family, it was understood and agreed that all of the property which any of them bought in their lifetime was to be held as Joint Family Property. In the conference room, Mr Singh Snr wore a Sikh handkerchief or “ramaal” to cover his head, whilst his wife, Amrit, was transported from their room in a wheelchair and seated next to their doctor. He says he is entitled to a third share but insists that the case is not about the money but about tradition and his son's failure to abide by the ancient Hindu 'Mitakshara' system, which implies a sharing of family wealth. The hearing is still ongoing.

Dr Vince Cable demands changes to help SMEs with funds - Asian Voice 30th November2013


Arjan Karsandas Vekaria

The Business Secretary is concerned that lending to SMEs has not picked up yet and said that credit is actually finding its way mainly to the housing market Rt Hon Vince Cable has warned the Treasury that it must make changes to its Funding for Lending Scheme unless Britain's small and medium sized enterprises shows considerable improvement. The Asian Community which mostly owns many small to medium sized enterprises have found a voice in Mr Cable's comment, especially after Bank of England and the HM Treasury have released a report on the new data regarding the 2nd Quarter of the FLS scheme. It is estimated that ethnic minority businesses represent around 7% of the total small business stock. The Business Secretary is concerned that lending to SMEs has

their lending to the UK real economy. It does this by providing funding to banks and building societies for an extended period, with both the price and quantity of funding provided linked to their lending performances. However, the Bank and HM Treasury announced an extension to the FLS on 24 April 2013. This extends the scheme by one year to allow participants to borrow Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director from the FLS until at January 2015, with incentives to boost lendnot picked up yet and said ing skewed towards small that credit is actually findand medium sized entering its way mainly to the prises (SMEs). housing market, where Despite of a large proexperts fear that it could portion of the FLS particilead to a worrying 'properpants indicated their ty bubble'. intention to participate in Sources from the the extended Scheme, in Department for Business stark contrast, net lending Innovation and Skills in to SMEs — the new loans the start of 2013 said, advanced compared with there were an estimated the amount paid off by 4.9 million small businesscustomers — tumbled by es in the UK which £400 million in employed 24.3 million September, according to people, and had a comthe latest figures from the bined turnover of £3,300 Bank of England. billion. SMEs accounted Dr Cable told a daily, for 99.9% of of all private “I’ve been concerned sector businesses in the about it from the outset UK, 59.3% of private secand I’ve raised the issue tor employment and with my colleagues in 48.1% of private sector Government and with the turnover. SMEs employed Governor of the Bank of 14.4 million people and England. It was revamped had a combined turnover a few months ago to make of £1,600 billion. Small it more available to busibusinesses alone accountness, but we haven’t seen ed for 47 per cent of pria sign yet that it’s supportvate sector employment ing SMEs. and 33.1 per cent of “So far, it is predomiturnover. 45,000 of SMEs nantly a mortgage-supplyin London are owned by ing institution and we Asians, according to a need to be really careful report in 2007. because we don’t want to The Bank and HM have a disaster of a housTreasury launched the ing market.” Funding for Lending According to a report Scheme (FLS) on 13 July in The Times, gross mort2012. The FLS is designed gage lending continued to to incentivise banks and power ahead last month, building societies to boost surging by 36.6% to £17.6

billion compared with October last year, the Council for Mortgage Lenders said. It was the highest monthly figure since the financial crisis struck in October 2008. Low rates, combined with the Government’s cheap credit schemes Help to Buy and Funding for Lending, have helped to buoy the housing market, but economists now fear that the market may be about to overheat. Paul Fisher, Executive Director for Markets at the Bank of England, reportedly said: “The FLS is continuing to support lending to the UK economy with a range of indicators suggesting that credit conditions are steadily improving for households and firms, and FLS participants collectively expect net lending volumes to pick up over the remainder of this year.” Commenting Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director at said: “We are fully behind Vince Cable in calling for more effective capital distribution to UK SMEs. Mainstream Banks are driven by risk and view lending to individuals against residential mortgages as lower risk than the vitally important role of helping UK businesses to grow. The Government should look beyond mainstream lending to support more alternative SME lenders, like peer-to-business lending which not only allows successful business people to invest at highly attractive rates but also to become a valued stakeholder in that business.“We urge the Government to review its policy for distribution of finance for business lending and to expand outside its traditional lending channels to other more specialist providers.”

On Saturday 23 November, Arjanbhai Vekaria, President of the Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), the largest umbrella body for British Hindus, Editor-in-Chief of Hindu Today magazine and Demystifying India, and a successful business man, philanthropist and community leader, passed away, while he was travelling in India on business. He would have turned 60 in December. Born on 6 December 1954, in Kampala, Uganda, he studied in India and arrived in the UK in June 1974. He started work on a construction site as a building labourer, then progressed to Carpenter Supervisor, later to Site Manager in 1976. He co-founded Vascroft Construction, which now has over 200 staff and a turnover of £35m. He was elected President of the HBF in 2009, appointed Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) in April 2004, was actively involved in setting up a series of training courses and workshops for young offenders in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Hindu Association and became Governor of Copland Community School in Wembley in 2007. Arjanji was Trustee of the Vascroft Foundation (a charity that aims to assist in humanitarian causes across the globe) and was appointed Chairman of the Samakti Mission UK in 2005, organ-


ising discourses and seminars in English with learned Scholars and Saints from India. He has also been a past President and an active member of SKLPC and a founding member of the Indian Jewish Association. On 26th November the last rites (antim sanskaar) were held at Madhapur, Kutch, Gujarat. A sea of people (1500) from all walks of life who he touched were present on Tuesday, 10am. Tributes poured in from many people around the world including British politicians Rt Hon Ed Miliband, Shailesh Vara MP, Priti Patel MP and several heads of organisations worldwide. Representatives including that of Brahma Kumaris from Mt Abu, SKLPC President Maujibhai Vekaria, Govindbhai of Imagine Tile, Premji Vasani of KK Builders, Vishram Vekaria of Rubicon, Hindu Today Editor Pradip Sharma, Hindu Forum General Secretary Swaminarthan Vaidyanathan, MLS Chase Partner Manoj Ladwa, renowned Bollywood musician Anandnji, Indian entrepreneurs Damjibhai Anchorwala, Amarson Premson and Keshubhai Bhudiya from East Africa attended the cremation. He is survived by wife Jayaben, mother Binduben, elder brother Shashibhai, daughters Panna and Khyati, nephew Mitesh, niece Chandni and other family members.

Prayer meetings to honour Arjanbhai will be held on:

Wednesday 27 Nov 7-8pm: Arjanbhai's residence, 14 Crawford Avenue, Wembley Friday 29 Nov 8-10pm: SKLPC, West End Road, Northolt (Shok sabha) Saturday 30 Nov 4:30-5:30pm: SKSS Kenton Temple, Westfield Lane, Kenton Sunday 1 Dec 3-4pm: SSTW Willesden Temple, 220-222 Willesden Lane

AUCTION Thursday, 12th December 2013 Time: 12.00 Noon (unless sold prior) Venue: Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, Portman Square, London W1


9/9A/9B Court Parade, East Lane, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 3HU Shop & 2 Flats prod. £27,620 p.a.

105/105A Ballards Lane, Finchley, London N3 1XY Let to Superdrug Stores PLC prod. £69,725 p.a.

43 The Broadway,West Ealing, London W13 9BP Let to Ladbrokes prod. £40,000 p.a.

64/64A Connaught Avenue, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex CO13 9PT Retail & Office investment let to Superdrug Stores plc and Solicitors prod. £27,000 p.a.

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UK - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Round one to Narendra Modi

Five states elections, in the light of the forthcoming general election in May 2014 have generated enormous interest in the British Media. Financial Times (FT) has been devoting huge space on the subject and the allied issues. On Monday (18th November) in the edit page of FT Prof. Ramchandra Guha wrote a big piece – ‘A Strong Man is not the solution to India’s troubles’ – Prof. Guha referred to the reporting in the British Press during the time of the elections in India in the year 1967. Prof. Guha conceded – ‘Congress misrule has led to stalling growth, but reversing this will require a collective efforts rather than fiats from Modi.’ Lord Meghnad Desai in a short crispy letter in the FT has replied very aptly. Lord Desai also referred to the 1975 emergency declared by Indira Gandhi. In the FT (November 22), a full page analysis had a blaring headline – “Modi muscles in” describing the slick campaign of Narendra Modi to become Prime Minister. Victor Mallet and Lionel Barber, the FT reporters in India also quoted some unnamed business leaders who admire him (Narendra Modi) but admit that he could be a risky choice. In the financial times of Monday (November 25) there is an excellent book review by James Craberee. The book ‘Reimagining India’ appears to be a bumper volume edited by Mckinsey & Company. The byline quote “unlocking the potential of Asia’s next super power – Where India has advantage over China” is interesting indeed. Another quote from James Craberee is of important significance – “The democracy has its flaws but unlike regional rival, it is at least able to discuss its future in full public eye”. So, dear reader, the Indian elections, especially the role and responsibility of Narendra Modi have already acquired the central stage. The first phase is almost over. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Delhi and Mizoram are in the final stages of the voting. The result will be out by 8th December and, if not earlier, the stage is set for the big battle of 2014. Delhi has remained in Congress hands for over 15 years. Previously BJP ruled Rajasthan, is now in Congress hands. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are facing third state elections under BJP rule. Mizoram in the far North Eastern India has 95 per cent Christian voters. It has always remained in Congress fold. It is also claimed that the voters in Mizoram generally follow ‘the guidance from the CHURCH’. Yes, it seems the selection of the Narendra Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has completely changed the tempo unrecognizably. That a BJP leader can draw huge crowds of over quarter million and some times more than half a million is a new phenomenon. That Narendra Modi is the first Chief Minister of any state who can travel over 1500 miles or more to Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata as well as Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, is both surprising and also very heartwarming to all those concerned about the hegemony of regional parties. Of course, such huge crowds, especially of younger generations in full adoration of Modi is discomforting to the Congress policy makers as well as to those concerned about the rise of an authoritarian leader. Perhaps a man who is aptly described as an “astute person” has yet not been properly studied to come to

As I See It

some serious opinions. Narendra Modi wrote some short stories when he was barely 25 in the aftermath of the emergency when he went underground avoiding the police of Indira Gandhi. Some eight stories written by Narendra Modi during emergency are focused on ordinary lives of people in a very humane way. The stories are on the virtues of devotion to mother,

motherland and values in Indian scriptures. These stories are completely devoid of any hatred. Interestingly another book of poems by Narendra Modi cannot hide his personality or inner feelings in spite of being “very astute”. He also published a series of biographies in Gujarati of his idols, who have played pivotal role in his upbringing. Out of 15 inspiring individuals, 10 are of Maharashtrian origin. Most of them have played an active role in the Rashtriaya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). However, such story telling or poetry or describing once inspirers several decades ago has nothing to do with his current role. Even in his wildest dreams Narendra Modi would not have ever expected to bear the burden of such a heavy responsibility in the Indian political scene in 2013-14. When people talk about Narendra Modi, some signals come very clearly, especially in last three months. Some say he is going too fast, making too many speeches and some detect an aggression in his oratory. Some also believe that he has made several mistakes, in his speeches. Miner goofs which can be explained in the light of hectic electioneering. It is also his responsibility to highlight the weaknesses as well as strengths of the main challenger Rahul Gandhi. Corruption, mismanagement and other characteristics of the Congress rule is part of the debate. If Opposition party at the election cannot highlight mistakes, errors, blunders and misrule of the ruling coalition, its main proponents are not indeed doing the proper job. Astute person as he is, Mr. Modi is fully aware that when you are working in a kitchen, you are bound to feel warm or sometimes too hot as well. This is just a beginning. When the campaign for the general election begins in full swing, there would be more and more slanging matches. But certain facts need to be considered. One of the issues is can a Chief Minister of a relatively small state like Gujarat rule India, with its diversity and contradiction? Then who can rule India? Who can lead the main party? Rahul Gandhi? Obviously several commentators are concerned about his lack of experience. Merely being scion of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is not going to

be enough for the younger generations of voters who need and demand a change. It is inevitable to highlight omissions –commissions of the Congress rulers. Perhaps the commentators should be well advised to study or investigate what Narendra Modi was doing in the eighties and nineties in Gujarat, in Delhi and some other states

Narendra Modi is well advised; l To slow down a bit

l To avoid even a minor goof

l To remain steady as he goes

l Assertive ‘YES’. Aggressive ‘NO’

in India. When experienced journalists describe Mr. Modi that he was selling tea or serving tea at Ahmedabad Railway station, politely they should go more deeply to find out the truth of various backgrounds of Narendra Modi. Inevitably BJP, though it is aiming for clear majority in the Lok Sabha, the cutoff point is 272 seats and is the very tall order indeed. The best BJP has achieved in the past is the tally of under 200 seats. But 272 seats itself is not enough to give strength to Narendra Modi to govern India. He needs comfortably more elbow room in the Lok Sabha itself. One should never be too sure that such a development can’t happen. Only once in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Congress party’s tally of MPs was just short of 500. But that is for voters whether to support BJP and Narendra Modi and how much. Some regional parties appear to be willing to support the BJP led government under the helm of Narendra Modi. It also depends how regional parties themselves fair at the ballet box. In the last three months, Narendra Modi and BJP have brought in a sea change. Several individuals and factions within the BJP are now united, energize and showing more and more confidence. The election strategy of the BJP and Narendra Modi has galvanized the electorates beyond anyone’s imaginations. The huge crowds at the election rallies are not the end in itself, the results of these five states election will provide a litmus test for BJP. Perhaps the lessons learnt will be utilized for the next stage of the campaign. Here I would like to mention about the scenario in Gujarat prior to Narendra Modi being sent from Delhi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Keshubhai Patel was the Chief Minister of the state then.

On 26th January 2001 a horrendous earthquake struck Kutch and other parts of Gujarat. Thousands of people died and the damage was of mammoth amount. Post earthquake, rehabilitation was becoming a big opportunity for the Congress party and its leaders in Gujarat as well as some discontent element within the BJP, especially in view of upcoming assembly election. During that time BJP had also done badly in some by-elections as well. Finally, BJP high command decided to replace Keshubhai and Mr. Modi arrived to Gandhinagar in October, 2001 as Chief Minister. The road for Modi was not paved with rose petals. Resistance from within the party was significant. His priority was to curtail budgetary excesses of the government exchequer, to bring as much restrain as possible on the rising corruption, make the administration more proactive and efficient. He started taking steps to put the house in order. All of a sudden at Godhara railway station 59 Hindu pilgrims in the train were allegedly burnt by Muslim attackers. In several reports and even in Supreme Court, it was told that the attackers were from the local Muslim community. Well that was very shocking and tragic. The aftermath of Godhara incident, Hindu-Muslim riots took some 800 lives, of them 2/3 were Muslims and 1/3 Hindus. In such a nasty and unwarranted bloodshed, what is most noteworthy was, most of the Hindus were killed by bullets from police and security forces. I need not spend much time about the gory details, but most important for everybody to remember is that since March 2002 Gujarat state has not seen any communal violence. Look at previous periods, sadly every now and then somewhere in Gujarat the religious bigotry used to show its ugly face. Lives were lost and ordinary life used to get disturbed. However, over the past 11-1/2 years, unfortunately and very sadly the riots have occurred in other parts of India, several under the Congress rule. Another important point is to look at speeches of Narendra Modi in the State Assembly of Gujarat and outside. He has not pampered his community with any preferential statement or treatment. Few months ago I visited Kutch and Bharuch – the two districts with large Muslim populations. I can say without any hesitation that the development activities are not targeted to the advantage of Hindu population in both the districts. In the rising economic development of Gujarat, all the residents – from all the faiths and millions from other states are able to share the fruits of development. Narendra Modi has given Gujarat a strong government but I also believe that he has always been focused on the entire population of Gujarat to share the benefits. The campaigns for state elections have ended. Campaigning for general elections is set to begin. Lots of hot air will be released in the atmosphere but to describe even in the slightest that the Prime Ministerial Candidate is a demagogue without any foundation. Let us judge the individual, Narendra Modi, particularly on his thoughts, his writings and his actions. Like many people, I believe that India deserves a strong, efficient and clean administrator and Narendra Modi has all these qualites. Ends…

- CB

UK - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Leading Lights

Rani Singh, Special Assignments Editor

Indian Entrepreneur brings Vintage Bollywood Memorabilia to London Sharan Seth was born in New Delhi and completed a Masters in Finance and Management at the University of Essex, after graduating with a Bachelors of Commerce from Delhi University. Seth is an art consultant specialising in acquisitions and the development of art banks, which includes purchasing Indian heritage works. This year, Seth continued his passion for Indian art and collectables, by starting a new enterprise – Conferro Auctions. In his spare time, Seth collects Indian artefacts. One of his most treasured collections is old coins from the time of Akbar the Great, the third emperor of the Mughal Dynasty in India. For Seth, coins signify the ultimate representation of heritage being passed from hand-to-hand between generations. He built up this collection from the age of 14, after visiting antique shops and markets with his father. A third generation collector, Seth was inspired by both his father’s and

Sharan Seth

grandfather’s collections, capturing the history and heritage of India, one of the world’s oldest civilisa-

tions. Seth is also an avid supporter of charity, contributing to the work of

the Blind Relief Association - a school for the blind in New Delhi, India. Seth spoke to me ahead of their inaugural sale of vintage Bollywood memorabilia and began with his view on the preservation of Indian heritage. “History has shown that India does not protect its heritage as well as other nations. Its cultural heritage, as well, has been neglected and there is a lack of knowledge among the Indian public about their rich history. It is our passion at Conferro Auctions to preserve India's history for years to come,” he said. The hitherto unseen art lots include rare Bollywood memorabilia pieces such as hand painted posters and vintage LP records. These vinyl collections are from the greatest soundtracks to emerge from Hindi cinema. The late MF Hussain, one of India’s most celebrated artists, began his work with Bollywood posters, but very few have survived. “Conferro Auctions are leaders in the Indian art and collectables market and have undertaken research including documenting, archiving and authenticating historical artefacts, as well as other items of Indian heritage”, Seth explained. He continued, "This

year we are celebrating the Centenary of Indian cinema. Bollywood has become such a fundamental part of our cultural identity, and interest in Hindi cinema is increasing. Our first auction reflects this growing interest in our nation’s vibrant history and artistic practices. The colours of many of the film posters are not only eye catching, but also essential to their popularity.” Seth revealed that Lot 32 - posters, LPs, banners and synopses from Trishul - are expected to reach over £30,000 at auction. He explained that advertising billboards across the world have been an integral part of the publicity of Indian cinema. In the case of Bollywood, the meticulous hand painted posters began with the Marathi film Kalyan Khajina in 1924. “This makes this auction special, as these are collectors’ items like no other.” Sharan said that the vinyl too, has wonderful art. “As time has passed, the posters now have more digital design, though still keeping the vibrancy. Manna Dey, who passed away at the age of 94 this year, is featured in this collection of timeless musical LPs. The classic photography in black and white is coveted by collectors." I was keen to find out who is buying these


unique items of vintage Bollywood memorabilia. Seth told me that he has found that younger collectors want Bollywood memorabilia from the 1970s onwards, while older collectors are collecting from the 1930s onwards. Indians, NRIs, Russians, Chinese and also British nationals are buying these rare lots. “The Russian lots are Bollywood films that were popular in Russia as Russians were banned from watching Hollywood during the USSR era. Four Bollywood films including the most popular in the USSR, Awaara, made it into the list of the top grossing films of all time in the Soviet Union. Sharan is setting set the bar high for his ambitions. He wants his next auction to centre on vintage Indian jewellery that’s around 100 years old, and the one after that on clothes belonging to royalty - including from the Mughal period.

The auction Viewings on Thursday November 28 2013 (11am6pm) and Friday 29 (11am-2pm). Auction on 29th November at 3pm. The Westbury, New Bond Street, London W1 m. Indians, NRIs, Russians, Chinese and also British nationals are buying these rare lots.

Pro-Communist couple keep 3 innocent women enslaved for 3 decades

member of the It emerged on Friday Communist party 22nd November that of England, also three women, who known as comrade were kept as slaves in Bala, was expelled “horrific” living confrom the party in ditions for a shocking 1974 because his 30 years by a couple faction “attempted in Brixton, had been to put themselves rescued. Then new Aneeta Prem above the discirevelations surfaced pline of the Party”. The couple, that the captors were of Indian origin and that they are believed reportedly, began recruiting to be former communist women from other far-left activists who once ran an groups and held lectures and extreme left-wing sect. Most film evenings. recently, questions have been The three women, a 57-yearraised to Lambeth Council over old Irish woman, 69-year old their past contact with the pair Malaysian woman and 30 year old Briton were found in the and the victims, after it was house last month in a flat in revealed that the couple had Brixton after suffering years of been previously arrested for "physical and mental abuse" their communist activity in allegedly at the hands of the 1978. The investigation undercouple. They are said to have way has rapidly surfaced more been kept in “invisible handsides to the story and, it seems, there is yet to be more progrescuffs” by the couple and only sion. allowed to leave the flat under The couple, Aravindan their control. Balakrishnan, 73, and his wife Lambeth Council have faced Chanda Pattani, 67 were named increasing questions on on Monday 25th November as Tuesday on the role of the the suspects detained last week. Council in monitoring the welfare of the youngest alleged vicThey came to police attention tim, now revealed to be Rosie, after setting up a Communist and how they had managed to Group called the Mao Zedong miss numerous opportunities to Memorial Centre, in Brixton, in rescue her. She had allegedly 1976 where the Workers’ been assessed by Lambeth Institute of Marxism-Leninismsocial services in 2010 and Mao Tsetung Thought operated 2011, after visiting the hospital from. Balakrishnan, a former twice.

women remained hidden for such along time. "They have absolutely nothing now and as a charity we're trying to support them. It was a very emotional time. When we got the message they were outside the front door, the whole call centre erupted in cheers and there were tears, and everyone was incredibly emotional to know we had Aravindan Balakrishnan & Chanda (in wheelchair) seen outside a 1997 inquest into helped to rescue three the death of commune member Sian Davies ladies who had been held in such horrific Police have also been closeconditions. ly analysing over 500 letters Police believe the 30-yearwhich Rosie had written to her old Briton had spent her whole neighbour, 26-year-old Marius life in captivity but are still tryFeneck, whom she had become ing to determine whether she infatuated with, to find further was born in the house. The couclues in the investigation. One ple also have been linked to a letter apparently relays how she number of properties which suffered "unspeakable torment" suggests they were moving behind locked doors and winaround to avoid attention of the dows, and of how she was terriauthorities. One particular fied that her captors - "these evil property that has been linked to criminals... who dare to call them in Herne Hill, a neighbour themselves 'my relatives"' has recounted an incident might do something to him. where a woman died after Aneeta Prem, the founder of falling from a window. This raisFreedom Charity, the charity es the suspicion that this whom the Irish woman manwoman may or may not have aged to get in touch with, said been Rosie's mother, who also to the BBC that it was investicould have had the same fate as gating how and why the three her daughter and was simply


trying to escape out the window. The other victim, according to the Telegraph, the 67-yearold Malaysian woman, had come to the UK with her fiance in 1968 and dreamed of having an exciting career and a family, but soon became involved in extremist politics, giving up everything to follow MaoZedong thought. Det Insp Kevin Hyland, from the Metropolitan Police's human trafficking unit, reportedly said: "These women are highly traumatised, having been held in servitude for at least 30 years with no real exposure to the outside world, and, trying to find out exactly what has happened over three decades will understandably take some time." All three women are now in the care of a specialist non-governmental organisation.



PM shows his maturity

In politics, U turn is regarded as defeat and Lady Thatcher’s favourite phrase “This Lady is not for turning” has attain universal fame. So PM’s pre-election promise on green energy at any cost was a huge commitment that was costly for British industry and making it uncompetitive. PM’s admission, willingness to change course, being a chameleon is a sign of maturity acquired through the learning curve of being PM. Perhaps he would reconsider, especially now that he is no longer a huckster, ring fencing of overseas aid that most people, especially Conservative supporters consider it unaffordable, squandering tax payers’ money, being charitable beyond call of duty, especially when super-rich countries like Germany and Japan have no qualm about not meeting UN target of 0:7% as the bench-mark. It is time to adopt Hobbesian cultural when country is going through austere times, living standard falling faster than ever and energy prices going through the roof that may kill many OAPs if we get a harsh winter. He could go even one step further and stop the influx of Rumanians and Bulgarians from next January, 86% supporting such a policy in recent poll that may win the next election for the Conservative party. Bhupendra M Gandhi Via Email

The North Wind Doth Blow

There is a nursery rhyme which says that when the north wind blows, we shall have the snow. It has been forecast that the winter of 2013/2014 will be “exceptionally severe” with above-average snowfall and plunging temperatures. Long-range weather forecasters warn of bitter Arctic gales leading to feet-deep snow drifts right up until February.Snow forecasts for winter 2013/14 suggest much of the country will be hit by heavy wintry downpours with no let up well into next year.The forecasters say that Britain faces “an incomparable scenario to anything we have experienced in modern times”. They warn that this winter could bring chaos similar to the big freeze of 2010/11 which saw airports closed, the Euro-tunnel shut, roads ground to a standstill for months and all other transport disrupted. So will history repeat itself? Or will Britain have learnt a lesson and be prepared for the worst to come this time round? What is needed is a vast stock of grit to clear not only the main roads but also the side roads so that we will be able to venture out of our houses to go to the shops or to attend to our daily business. One wonders how the people coped in olden times when there was no central heating or double glazing or wall to wall carpeting. One coal fire in the main room provided warmth for the whole family and not every body could afford a car.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s legacy

On Thursday, 22 November 1963, I was on the third floor of the seven storey American Embassy building in Khartoum, Sudan. I was an employee there from 1960 to 1967. I was told of the assassination of the 35th President within minutes. He graduated from Harvard in 1940 and same year he published “Why England Slept”, a best selling analysis of Great Britain’s unpreparedness for war. He then served as a torpedo boat commander in the Pacific and was decorated for his courageous conduct when the boat was hit and sunk. In 1946 he was elected as a Democrat in the House of Representatives. In 1952 he won a Senate seat. He married in 1953. In 1960, he defeated Richard Nixon by a narrow margin in the popular vote, and became the first Catholic, and at 43 the youngest person to be elected president. His aim was to introduce civil rights, medical care for the elderly and space program by legislation. He supported desegregation in schools and universities. He faced a series of foreign policy crisis: unsuccessful invasion of Cuba, building of Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile crisis and Vietnam War. In the Vietnam war, ground troops increased to 16,000; but he was skeptical about that and wanted to find an alternative to ground troops. That may have been contrary to what the military wanted. Lyndon Baines Johnson who took over increased ground troops to 400,000. Of the many conspiracy theories, the Vietnam War stands out as history tells us that some Generals regularly exceeded their powers during those dreadful 12 years of warfare in Vietnam. Kevin Khajuria Via Email

Starbucks Indian coffee

Your article quoting Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s remarks on the opening of their first Indian coffee, reads more like a sad joke than corporate propaganda. “In India we’d had the chance to do something extraordinary, something world class. And I am excited that we have a chance to grow and give back in a land where so much opportunity lies ahead and contribute to making it a little better place than the one we found” Starbucks global track record is one of extracting maximum overseas royalties and paying as little as possible local taxes. Replacing a freshly made street masala tea with an overpriced frothy coffee, is not my idea of changing India for the better.

Subscribe Today Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Asian Voice in UK for only £27.50 for one year

Angus Moncur Crawley


Racist undertones

Modi- people’s leader

I support Jayesh Patel’s view regarding racist undertones by western press while commenting about Mars mission by India. They fail to note rapid progress of India from one horse buggy to space flight within 66 years of independence. This has been possible by only handful countries globally. Racist western press hides the historic fact, that 600 years ago, poverty stricken western nations survived via trade links with India. Today history is repeating itself via western nations eager to trade with India. The same media fails to mention that economy of whole world staggered to depression within mere 5 years after subprime lending in 2008 in America. It also hid facts about failed space missions by both Russian and American, costing millions of dollars. India must raise its dignity threshold to generate pro-India atmosphere in the west. Hard hitting, pragmatic / zero-tolerance diplomacy may sting India-bashers, but will win them over later. On the other hand, we must also acknowledge that India has surrendered its back bone to the west. Indians have capacity to generate tremendous amount of profits, but shamefully hide it in foreign banks. Cash is useless to family, Indians or India. Plus there is tons of gold in temples and families. Yet we cannot individually or nationally get out of poverty trap. Thus India needs to take drastic steps to eradicate poverty. Insanitary conditions are internationally known / indelible blot on India’s image. Till India gets tough in international arena, no one will appreciate its achievements.

I feel very sad and angry when a politically ‘naive’ M.P from Samjwadi party to say that a tea boy cannot become the prime Minister of India and his statement is insult to millions of Indians who come from poor families and achieved higher positions due to sheer hard work. Though Mr Modi came from a poor family, he went to the university and became the Chief Minister of Gujarat three times. There is an attempt to prevent Mr Modi to become Prime Minster since he comes from central India and from the backward classes, since most of the Indian Prime Ministers came from UP or from the north. The sustained anti-Modi campaign comes from regional parties from the North who do not want BJP to become popular party in these states. Politicians from the North support Rahul Gandhi who comes from Nehru family and also from the UP even though he is politically ‘naive’. He does not know what poverty means for majority Indians and never lived in villages where people have to go without proper sanitation. He spent most of the time in Europe and Latin America. When he came to USA from Latin America he carried more than $100,000 which is well above the limit allowed and he was stopped at the Boston Airport in 2001 and he was rescued because of Vajpayee government’s intervention. People should decide whether Indians want to elect a true Indian politician who represents the mass and has a national leader due to his sincerity and honesty or Rahul Gandhi who has no knowledge of Indian culture and values. Arun Vaidyanathan Via Email

Ramesh Jhalla Via Email

Marginalized Indians

I would like to thank you for publishing esteemed and informative papers like Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar. You have rightly highlighted the preferential treatment offered to China over India. There is nothing new about Great Britain ever since losing its biggest crown – it undermines India. What a hypocrisy – there is allegedly a rise in racism against British Doctors of Asian Origin. And yet to save money British patients are sent to countries like India and Mexico. It is a shame that no matter how much you contribute to Gt. Britain – just because of your colour, you will be considered as foreigners. Ffrom time to time your loyalty is questioned. Politicians who are law onto themselves conveniently implement the old Divide and Rule Policy. Which indirectly fuels racism against non-white British Citizens by the host community. Great Britain is supposed to be a fair and Just society but how can it be fair for non-white British Citizens when day in day out you have to encounter ingrained racism. Over the years they tried to bring in so-called Virginity tests Cricket Test stop and search and app. 3 months ago, they had banners on vans targeting areas where non-white people live to go back to their country of origin. India like Great Britain is a

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Down with this “feinoab” show!

I am glad to see that no Asian celebrity has become involved in that awful Australian jungle reality show on ITV1 where participants have to put up with rats and snakes crawling over their bodies. They are also urged to eat kangaroo testicles and other off-putting faren in the name of entertainment. It is surprising that the RSPCA has not stepped in and put a stop to this flagrant cruelty to animals.As for the show’s title, “I’m a celebrity - get me out of here!” I retort: “As a celebrity, what the hell are you doing in there?” Rudy Otter By Email Democracy and yet Great Britain would try to curry favour from a Communist state like China just because it is a rising Economic and Nuclear Power. It is humiliating to find restriction and barriers in places against visitors from the sub-continent while Rt. Hon. George Osborne relaxed Visa rules against China. China has financed and funded Manchester Airport – if Britain is not careful – in years to come, China which likes to take over sovereign countries (ex. Tibet and Mongolia) – would take over GB. Harish Shah Haringay

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Date - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Forthcoming local council elections stir up controversies amongst Asians

The local council elections, though often under estimated, have a great significance in shaping a country's future. It is equally important that every community including the ethnic minority has its representatives elected, so that they are given a fair share in decision or policy making at the grass root levels. But the forthcoming local government elections in London have stirred up controversies amongst Asians. While the full list of candidates standing for the May 2014 local elections is yet to be available for public knowledge, critics have observed a trend of marginalising Asians, particularly Indians. Our readers may know there are 32 boroughs in Greater London and the total number of seats up for election is 1861. Out of that the total number, the number of South Asian councillors is around 286, which is no more than 15.3%. Some of the councils such as Bromley, Hammersmith and Fulham, Havering, Kensington & Chelsea and Lewisham do not have a single Asian councillor, whereas boroughs like Bexley has 1, Hackney, Islington, Lambeth, Merton and Richmond Upon Thames have 2 each and Westminster has 3 Asian councillors out of average 60 councillors per borough. Asians in this country comprise of 7.5% of the total population, whereas in London & Greater London it is about 18.4%, out of which 6.6% are Indians, 2.7% are Pakistanis and 2.7 % are Bangladeshis. Yet the percentage of Asians participating in local election is relatively small. Inspite of around 43% of Indians or British Indians in the UK being professionals, it is a common practice amongst

them to shy away from local politics. However critics are also of the opinion that despite of trying to inculcate the spirit of diversity in Britain's local politics, it remains predominately white, partly because of the bias against anyone with a non native background. For example, in the borough of Brent, only 18% of the total population (312,000) is White British. 18.6% are Indian, 4.6% are Pakistani, 0.6% are Bangladeshi (23.8%). Yet out of 63 councillors, only 23 are of Asian origin, which is much less than 50% of the total number. In the borough of Newham, 16.7% are White British, whereas, 13.8% are Indians, 9.8% are Pakistani and 12.1% are Bangladeshi (a total of 35.7%). Yet out of 60 councillors, only 16 are of Asian background, which is roughly 26.7% of the total number. Similarly, in the borough of Hounslow, which has 19% of Indian, 5.4% are Pakistani and 0.9% Bangladeshi, yet out of 60 councillors only 18 are of Asian origin. The trend is apparent and so is the problem. Participation in local politics has many advantages, including a stake in good governance, or a say against the bad one. However if a community is not given the right of equal representation, alienation of its basic needs in a government remains high. Asian Voice hopes the forthcoming election will have many more Asians participating. If you are an Asian, especially Hindu and think you are suitable for a councillor's role in your local council, yet have not managed to secure a seat or feel your application has been overlooked on grounds of ethnicity, write to us and we will help your voice reach the Leader of your council.

Graduates have a few days left to apply to join HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as tax trainees next year. The department is seeking to recruit at least 120 people. The last day they can apply is 29 November. The graduates will join a specially-designed fouryear Tax Professional Development Programme, gaining skills across all of HMRC’s activities. This could include working with specialist teams investigating tax fraud,

unravelling complex tax avoidance schemes, looking at the tax affairs of big businesses, and also gaining general business skills. HMRC has visited more than 30 university careers fairs across the country during the past few months. Graduates can find out about the Tax Professional Development Programme at uates and

Graduates have one week to apply for tax trainee jobs in HMRC



Chairman of Zee & Essel Group receives Honorary Doctorate at University of East London Mr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Zee & Essel Group, received the Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of East London (UEL). Mr. Chandra received the Doctorate from Lord Gulam Noon, the Chancellor of the University of East London at the ceremony for their Royal Dock Business School graduates. Accepting the award, Mr. Chandra thanked the entire senior management team at the Royal Dock Business School, saying, “It is indeed a privilege to be recognized outside one’s country, and in the presence of such highly acclaimed and respected individuals. I thank you all for bestowing this prestigious award that I feel

Dr Chandra receiving the doctorate from Lord Noon

honoured to receive.” Addressing the graduates present during this event, Mr. Chandra advised, “You all should never consider yourselves to be “developed” at any point in time, but should always consider as “developing” in order to never stop learning and enhancing yourself. The key to happiness is to live in the present, rather than regretting about the past, or worrying about the future.” Mr. Chandra’s felicitation at this prestigious event adds a feather to the crown of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. and the entire Essel Group. In its presence for over two decades, Zee has been a cultural ambassador for India to the entire world. Launched in 1992, brand Zee has earned a global recognition in its reign over the M & E industry for the past 20 years. Being a global brand, Zee entertains over 700 million viewers

across the world. Mr. Chandra’s visit also marks the establishment of the broadcaster in the UK/Europe, and follows a recent launch of DittoTV, an online, tablet and mobile platform providing live streams and TV on demand from 17 ZEE channels. ZEE TV is now in the process of commissioning new programming produced specifically for the UK and European audience. On Thursday 21 November, Mr Chandra delivered a keynote speech at AsPIRE, the annual event hosted by JP Morgan at Lord’s to promote Asian-Pacific global leadership. Mr. Chandra took the audience through his life journey from humble beginnings in India to becoming a global billionaire. He spoke about his role models and advised on implementing ideas into successful business operations.

Final few days left to apply for John Lewis’ 2014 graduate scheme Mr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Zee & Essel Group

John Lewis is urging final year students and graduates not to miss the deadline for its 2014 graduate scheme. The scheme, which closes to applications on 1st December 2013, is part of the retailer’s commitment to investing in talent for the future. The graduate scheme offers jobs in one of five diverse specialities; Retail Management, Buying, Merchandising, Corporate Finance and a brand new Technology Scheme. The graduate programmes will set graduates on a fast-track career development programme to give them the skills required to progress to John Lewis’ most senior roles. Successful applicants will be constantly challenged by working in a variety of positions and

given significant responsibility early on. Hamzah Malik, having set-up and managed three businesses whilst studying English at Leicester University successfully applied for the John Lewis 2013 Technology Graduate Scheme and is currently an IT Analyst in Partnership Services. 24 year-old Law graduate, Firoz Bhatty, won a place on the highly competitive Retail Management Graduate Scheme and is currently working as a Section Manager and Stock Management at John Lewis Cambridge and already managing a team of 20 people! Hamzah Malik said: “My time at John Lewis so far has been amazing. It’s fast-paced and I’m developing new skills and learn-

Photo credit: David Harrison

Hamzah Malik

ing new things about the business every day. I was attracted to John Lewis because of the training and support it gives graduates, and being able to do this in such a fun and varied environment has been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed my time as a graduate so far. My goal is to move into an IT management position within John Lewis, but I would also like to try out a few differ-

Firoz Bhatty

ent roles to broaden my experience as much as possible.” To apply for the 2014 John Lewis Partnership graduate scheme, please visit The scheme is now open for applications and will close on 1st December 2013.



The occasional bitchiness of the Indian media never ceases to amaze. A Telegraph editorial (November 19) questioned the timing of Sachin Tendulkar’s Bharat Ratna award. It proclaimed pompously that it should have been properly bestowed on Republic Day (or Independence Day) as has generally been the custom. On one of the rare occasions, the government showed imagination, it brought day forward to chime with the emotion and choreography of the “Little Master” exit from the game of cricket which he has adorned for a memorable quarter century. The pontificator even wondered whether any sportsman a la Tendulkar deserved the nation’s highest honour. A suitably educated person would have known that the ancient Greeks, who defined the contours of the European civilization with matchless works of philosophy, literature, history and mathematics, also initiated the Olympic Games, where the successful athlete was awarded a crown of olive leaves to wear on his head. The Greek motto of a healthy mind belonging rightfully to a healthy body is best mulled over by loquacious philistines to add a cubit to their deficient stock of wisdom. The same Bharat Ratna was also conferred on Professor C.N.R.Rao for his seminal contributions to Indian science and science education. Sachin Tendulkar, displaying, once again, his admirable sense of proportion acknowledged that in the nature of things successful sportsmen like himself received instant public acclaim, for their deeds were accessible to the public gaze as and when they occurred. The scientist, he said, referring to the work of Professor Rao, had to cast his lonely in a secluded laboratory furrow far from the madding crowd’s uncomprehending eyes. To be perversely contrarian, as the Telegraph’s leader writer assuredly was, has been symptomatic of an infantile disorder down the ages.

Extraordinary Rao

Bangalore-born Professor Rao, 79, has had an extraordinary career as a chemist – he has published 1,400 research papers and 45 books – and been a legendary institution builder in India and India’s foremost driver of science policy. Having earned his Ph.D in the US under two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, he returned to India in 1959, when lucrative opportunities were open to him in America, and started teaching at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. He then taught at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. After retiring from IISc, Professor Rao founded the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute for Advanced Science Research in Bangalore.

Researches, acclaim

Professor Rao’s work in materials chemistry and nano-science, both key drivers of global economic transformation, has won him worldwide fame. He has taught at all the major universities in the West, including Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Socoety

(FRS). A report by Thompson Reuters in 2011named India among the top ten nations for impact of its research output in materials science. It is among the top three in nano-science. Professor Rao has been head of the Prime Minister Science Advisory Council for the past decade, and is the country’s most powerful voice for an exponential increase in India’s expenditure on science through greater funding by the government, supplemented by financial bequests by private sector companies such as Tata and Ambani, as is the case in the West. (Hindu, Mint Times of India November 17-19, 23)

Pitroda censures cynicism, gossip

Sam Pitroda, adviser to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Public Information, Infrastructure and Innovations, speaking on the foundation day of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kolkata, deplored media cynicism and malicious rumour-mongering. People, he said, who weren’t particularly good at their own jobs “know how to do the job of the Prime Minister.” He went on: “When I hear people saying on television that nothing got done, I feel sorry for them…..their views are so narrow, so parochial, so selfish.” He said one needed to “have the intellectual framework to understand what is being done and how it is done, especially in a country of 1.3 billion,” he said (Hindu November 16)

Tata lauded - Asian Voice 30th November2013

IndiGo posts profit surge At a time when India’s aviation sector is in the red, the country’s largest low-cost carrier, IndiGo has announced a net profit of Rs787 crore for 2012-13, on the back of a 65 per cent increase in revenue. The Gurgaon-based airline, launched in 2006, has a market share of 30 per cent. Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal whose investment companies, InterGlobe Enterprises and Caelum Investment, own 99 per cent of IndiGo’s equity capital. (Business Standard November 16)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with Vietnamese leader Ngyuen Phu Trong. See comment page 3

INS Vikramaditya, translates as “strong as the sun,” is a 44,500tonne aircraft carrier, that gives the Indian Navy a formidable Mahila Bank inaugurated reach. Rebuilt from an old Soviet cruiser by Russia at its Baltic Sevmash Shipyard, the Finance Minister warship, described as an P.Chidambaram, inaugurating “engineering marvel” by India’s first women’s bank in Indian Defence Minister Mumbai, said the Bharatiya A.K.Antony, was formally Mahila Bank (BMB), designed handed over to the Indian Navy on November 16 with impressive pomp and circumstance. Mr Antony, accompanied by the Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral D.K.Joshi and senior naval personnel, accepted the handover of the vessel to India. Also present at the Finance Minister P Chidambaram addressing ceremony were the post inaugural press Conference. He said Russia’s top politithe Bharatiya Mahila Bank will offer special cal and naval brass products catering to women’s needs including Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry as a universal bank, would evenRogozin and Defence Minister tually establish 25 branches Sergei Shogu and the senioracross India. Usha most officers of the Russian Ananthasubramanian, its first Navy. Mr Antony called it a Chairperson and Managing red letter day for India and Director, said the bank planned Russia, referred to a project to lend to women or to businesscompleted after surmounting es which were either managed daunting technological chalby women or which make prodlenges that were insufficiently ucts for women. Seven branches of the bank went live after the inauguration.

handle this complex project.

Time-tested friendship

Mr Antony described INS Vikramaditya as a symbol of a “time-tested special relationship” India enjoyed with Russia. With Russian help, India had successfully withstood many challenges in the past, he said. India’s Defence Minister said the carrier was one of the many important military projects India had with Russia. Admiral Joshi viewed the induction of INS Vikramaditya as “catalyzing the India-Russia strategic partnership” and taking it to greater heights. The warship with its advanced MiG 29 aircraft, Kamov helicopters etc plus a formidable array of missiles and sensors will significantly augment Indian power on the high seas. INS Vikramaditya is expected to arrive at its Karwar base in Karnataka in January 2014 (Hindu, Business Standard, Times of India November 17).

Mauritius-India ties ancestral

Speaking at the convocation of the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, where he was conferred with an honorary

Women’s enterprises prioritized

This unique bank, scripted in the public sector space, comes with a working capital of Rs 1,000 crore. The bank is headquartered in Delhi. The Managing Director told reporters that, while the bank was meant predominantly for women, all were welcome across the gender line. Nursing colleges or teaching colleges, where women predominate, would receive priority, she said (Mint, Hindu, November1920)

Finance Minister P.Chidambaram gave away the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) award to Tata Group Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata for his outstanding Mauritian President Puryag at University Convocation in Odisha contribution to Indian industry and nation building. Mr appreciated initially, but were D.Litt, Mauritian President Chidambaram said: “I admire overcome thanks to close Rajkeswur Puryag said: “Bharat him for his frugality, for being a cooperation between both remains, indeed, deeply rooted in man of few words, for creating sides at every operating level. our collective psyche in wealth for millions of Indians The greatest credit, however, Mauritius. Moments of joy and and for many thousands of peobelonged to the teams from the distress in India are instinctively ple across the world. I admire Sevmash Shipyard, which took Vikramaditya joins shared by and felt in Mauritius his passion to make a small car over the job following the failIndian Navy with the same intensity and and his passion to make a new ure of the previous company to depth as fellow Indians. India is airline.” Replying, Ratan Tata the land of our ancestors,” he said: “It’s been an said. He recalled his own forexciting time for India bears who went to the island in and it’s privilege to be the last quarter of the 19th cenpart of that excitetury as indentured labourers ment….I remain optifrom Bihar. He spoke of his visit mistic about India’s to the village in Bihar, from economy.” CII where his great grandfather President Adi Godrej migrated, describing the welcome lauded Mr Tata for he was given there as an “exis“setting and convergtential” experience. As ing the highest stanMauritius falls within India’s dards of business promaritime security perimeter, bity….and innovating INS Vikramaditya is a guarantor constantly.” (Hindu Defence minister Antony with his Russian counterpart Serdyukov, with Indian and Russian dignitaries of the island’s safety. INS Vikramaditya November 16) - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Dominic Grieve apologises for controversial comments

Continued from page 1 0 In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Grieve first praised the integration of minorities into British life, and pointed out that corruption can also be found in the “white Anglo-Saxon” community. But he reportedly said that the growth of corruption was “because we have minority communities in this country which come from backgrounds where corruption is endemic. It is something we as politicians have to wake to up to”. Mr Grieve emphasised that he was referring to “mainly the Pakistani community” but added that other minority communities also had similar problems. Later, Mr Grieve said he was wrong to give the impression that there was a problem in the Pakistani community. In a statement, he elaborated: "It is not my view. I believe the Pakistani community has enriched this country a great deal as I know full well from my extensive contact with the community over a number of years. I'm sorry if I have caused any offence." Mr Grieve, the MP for Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire, has a sizeable South Asian community in his constituency. During the interview with The Daily Telegraph he told the interviewer, that electoral corruption in particular had increased

Hamlets, east London, in an effort to stamp out electoral fraud in areas with large South Asian communities. When asked if he was referring to the Pakistani community, Mr Grieve reportedly said: “Yes, it’s mainly the Pakistani community, not the Indian community. I wouldn’t draw it down to one. I’d be wary of saying it’s just a Pakistani problem.” He added: “I happen to be very optimistic about the future of the UK. We have managed integration of minority communities better than most countries in Europe.” His comments have been condemned by members of all three main political parties, including the Conservative party Chairman, Grant Shapps. Sajjad Karim, a Conservative MEP, also said Grieve's comments were offensive. Karim told the BBC: "As a member of the British Pakistani community myself, I found these comments to be offensive, divisive. "I do think they were ill-advised and I'm afraid the very general way in which Dominic is trying to make the points that he is making will have the net effect of being seen as purely populist in nature." Khalid Mahmood, a Pakistan-born Labour MP, said Grieve's comments were designed to "divide

Pakistan group, pointed to what he called Grieve's "loose language". Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said that the single incident that the attorney general had mentioned was dealt with by the courts and was not evidence of endemic corruption."I think the attorney general should consider his comments again and either withdraw them or apologise for them," he said. However, The Sikh Media Monitoring Group (UK) applauded the comments by Dominic Grieve and said that they were encouraged to hear a politician speak out about such a sensitive political issue with courage. In a statement they told Asian Voice, "We feel that it is important to investigate where such corruption occurs and why - so that steps can be taken to tackle this issue. If a 'politically-correct smokescreen' is used when dealing with crimes considered too sensitive to highlight then we fear that this will continue unabated. In a similar vein the Sikh Media Monitoring Group (UK) in recent years has campaigned against the use of the blanket term 'Asian' when reporting on several high profile court cases recently involving sex grooming gangs of mainly Pakistani origin - which we

Murder accused councillor invited to Eid Reception

Abdul Aziz (centre, dark tie, floral shirt) at the Eid celebration in Downing Street

PM David Cameron will investigate the case of a Tory councillor whom he welcomed to Downing Street on Eid reception despite being wanted for murder in Pakistan. Abdul Aziz, a Conservative councillor from Nelson, Lancashire, is one of four men named

on an arrest warrant issued by a Pakistani court for the alleged “revenge killing” of his cousin in Gujrat district last year. Muhammed Ilyas was shot and killed by a gang of armed men last year “on the hook” of Mr Aziz, the document

alleges. Mr Aziz strongly denies the allegation, and has insisted he was in Lancashire at the time of the alleged killing. He says the accusation has been made to stop him from travelling to Pakistan and he will clear his name.

over the years. He identified Slough, Berks, as an example of where abuses had occurred. In 2008 a Tory councillor, Eshaq Khan, was found guilty of fraud involving postal ballots. Earlier this year the Electoral Commission announced it was considering introducing ballot box identity checks in Tower

and conquer". The MP for Birmingham Perry Barr said: "This is the law officer who's made this statement and I think the prime minister now needs to make clear whether this is his understanding of what's going on." Liberal Democrat Qassim Afzal, chairman of the party's Friends of

felt unfairly smeared Britain's Sikhs and Hindus: s/uk-18092605. It will be in nobody's interest if the Government panders to political correctness by being vague on the perpetrators of certain crimes and the Attorney General needs to be congratulated on taking such a bold stand on this issue."


A conversation with Dr. P. N. Rachhoya

Tanveer Mann

Dr. P. N. Rachhoya, is a retired senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officer who is currently an advocate of the Rajasthan High Court. He joined the police service in 1972 and retired in 2005 serving as the Additional Director General of Police of the Rajasthan State. During his 33 years of distinguished service he held various positions in the district police and was awarded the 'Indian

only 3000 men controlling it. We 3000 men control the whole country and keep law and order. We police officers have been given such powers that we can arrest even an army officer or politician. The Police is the only organization that has kept this country as a stronghold. Do you know any other army in the world who sacrifices 3 persons every day for the nation?” Recounting a poignant true-story about a Hindu girl who


in India, not all but most are having this problem. Why? Because the policymakers of India have not realised the importance of Police. For example, those working in an Income tax or customs department get more salary than our police fighting on the borders. He gets all the benefits. Yet there is corruption there too?” “Unfortunately, Police are part of the criminal justice system and it is the criminal justice system that requires

Publisher/Editer CB Patel in conversation with Dr P. N. Rachhoya

Police Medal for Meritorious Services' by the Honourable President of India in 2002. On Wednesday 20th November, Asian Voice had the pleasure to host a lunch for Mr P. N. Rachhoya, at Karma Yoga House, London. Hosted in Shakti Hall, guests were greeted by Mr Rachhoya and listened to the inspirational conversation with editor CB Patel. Mr Rachhoya began talking about how he became involved with the Police. He said, “Just like the fate of a person is decided by chance, so is the case of the nation too. It is just a matter of chance that I took my fate to join the police. I certainly had a desire to serve my community. I preferred to have a uniformed service which shows an emblem as a symbol of those who give their lives to the cause of the nation.” Wearing an impressive three medals attached to his breast pocket, he proudly informed us that the police is “the only organization/force that at the very first does justice to the common man” and praised the fact that though “India is a very big country with the second highest population in the world, there are

developed an affection with a Muslim boy and became pregnant, Mr Rachhoya emphasised the role of the Police and the humanity involved in such a situation. He said, “at the time, I particularly felt law is meant for men, a man is not meant for law. I took a decision and prayed to god. The life of the girl was the most sacred, so I allowed the doctor, who killed the baby, to get the girl married to the poorest of the poor first and then we would deal with him after. The point of this is how the police force and the important decisions that we make directly affects the outcome of peoples' lives.” Whilst serving as the Director of the Rajasthan Police Academy, Mr Rachhoya has also been a role model and mentor for many young police officers. He said, “I would advise everybody, if they have a religious sense to lead a life properly, then they must join the police. I invite even the police force of the UK to come and visit us to see how we work. It is easy to work in Scotland Yard but not in Kolkata. I'm sure the UK police force would learn many good things from us.” Posing the question on corruption, and how he proposes to tackle it, he said, “the police force

a change. Why are these european countries surviving? Because of accountability. The accountability is present there within their systems. In India, accountability is not there on the part of the government. Those who collect money in the name of it are corrupt.” “Mental corruption in the form of religion is also a factor that has been seen when politicians take the vote on basis of caste. This mental corruption exists not only in police but in all systems. India has to get out of the mental corruption of caste before anything else, which discriminates two human beings. Our constitution thinks in the same way.” Finally, when asked what has been the most satisfying and least satisfying about being in the police force, he said, “the most satisfying part is that as a police man I have done social justice, justice for the people, justice which comes from the common state of society. What is most dissatisfying is that there is still many things I wanted to do, that haven't been done so far. Like taking the cause of these people to parliament on a certain field. As a representative of the public, the discipline has to be within the soul itself.”



Bone marrow match required for a Keralite man from Ilford Ilford resident Jeson Chelleth of Malaylee origin has been diagnosed with Leukamia (blood cancer) and has gone through two sets of chemotherapy. Now the doctors advised that a bone marrow transplant is inevitable for successful treatment. Doctors are trying to find a match for him across various internationally connected blood marrow registries. Unfortunately, only 6% of the registered donors in the UK are Asians. For Jeson, the likeliest match would be mainly amongst the Keralites/Malyalee community due to ethnic match. You could be a match for Jeson (if not, someone like Jeson anywhere in the world.) How to donate? The most frequently used, is to donate stem cells from circulating blood. For the four days preceding the donation a nurse will inject you with a drug which vastly increases the number of stem cells in your circulating blood. On the fifth day you will have a blood test to check that you have enough circulating stem cells. You will then be connected to a cellseparator machine, without the need for a general anaesthetic. The machine collects the stem cells from your blood via a vein in one arm, returning the blood to your body through a vein in your other arm. If you are already a platelet donor you will be familiar with this type of machine. Occasionally you may be

UK Telugu Association celebrated Diwali at Swaminarayan School, Neasden, London with great gusto-scintillating cultural entertainment and professional fireworks. The cultural entertainment had a judicious mixture of both classical and modern dances and songs. The programme commenced with a prayer song by students of Mrs. Deepa Vishwamohan, Baby Twisha Sai Ravuri and Baby Twarita Santoshi Ravuri. Mrs Prashanti Srinivasan, a talented Bharatanatyam Dancer and her students (Miss Deepthi, Miss Deepali, Miss Akshaya, Miss Jyothika, Miss Harini,Miss Keertana and Miss Harshita) regaled the audience with their Bharatanatyam Dances on devotional shlokams. Miss Shriya Sistla rendered the song Mukanda Mukunda from the movie Dashavataram with ease and perfection. Master

Jeson with wife

asked back on the sixth day for a further donation, if the dose of cells obtained is not sufficient. The second method is donation of bone marrow itself, which involves the removal of stem cells from your hip bones. This is done using a needle and syringe under a general anaesthetic in a hospital. Although this is not a surgical operation, there will be marks on the skin made by the needle. As there may be some discomfort where the needle has been inserted, you will need to stay in hospital for up to 48 hours and have a peri-

od of recovery at home of up to five days. Resister now Registering to be a donor is very simple. Its either a saliva sample or a simple swab test should be done and then you are tissue typed and your details are securely stored. If your (HLA) tissue type turns out to be a match for a patient any time in the future, then the registry contacts you. At that point, you have the choice of whether to donate or not. Please note that even if Jeson finds a suitable donor, you will still stay on the registry until you turn 60.

Donation procedure outlined here: cess.htm Check out this awareness video: ANs TO JOIN THE REGISTER: For ages 16-30 If above 30yrs:

UKTA celebrates Diwali

Rishi thrilled the audience with the song Vandemataram. The child prodigy Baby Ankita performed the Kuchipudi dance—Ramayana Shabdam. To add modernity to the show, the young ones, Master Saketh and Master Sunit swung the audience to “You Cant Take Me” of Bryan Adams (from the movie “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”). Ms Mounica was at her usual mesmerising best with Tollywood and Bollywood songs. Students of a famous classical singer, Mrs Padmini Karamcheti (Baby Aishwarya, Baby Niharika, Baby Baby Sanjana, Baby Sriani, Baby Avni) demonstrated their singing talent to the delight of the audience. Miss Anisha Madadi and Miss Shivani Madadi took

the audience to a different platform by performing Bollywood Dances. The audience were charmed by Mrs Deepa Vishawmohan‘s Kuchipudi dance on Song ‘’Koluvaithiva Rangasai.’’ Mrs Padmini Karamcheti thrilled the audience with a masterly rendition of an Annamacharya Kriti and a song composed by Dr. Emani Shankara Sastry ,a renowned musician. Mrs Sarvani Shashidhar, disciple of Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu, a gifted artiste, captivated the audience with Kuchipudi dance on ‘’Krishnam Kalayasakhi Sundaram.’’ The songs from old Telugu movies by Mrs. Sashikala, transported the audience to a different era and made the 60+ nostalgic! The cultural programme ended with a jubilant dance performance by Mr Cherry Naidu and a group of youthful dancers - Miss Mythili Boina, Continued on page 30 - Asian Voice 30th November2013

National Hindu Students Forum (UK)

Dharma Fest 2013

Making Hindu Dharma Come Alive or to the epic poems of the Bhagavat Gita. NHSF (UK) president, Pranav Bhanot, stated that, “NHSF (UK) prides itself in continually evolving and is one of the main reasons why we, as a Hindu organisation, have continued to flourish and attract thousands of members each year. This year is no different and we are thrilled at the prospect of playing host to the diversity of talent from our affiliated societies. Nanda Kumar ji, Director of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan said, “Our heritage, culture and spiri-

National Hindu Students’ Forum (NHSF) (UK) proudly presents ‘Dharma Fest 2013’; NHSF (UK)’s first ever university wide competition where we have challenged our 45 affiliated NHSF (UK) university societies to unleash their creative souls and express their spirituality on the stage. NHSF (UK) is aware of the spectacular talent that lies within each and every one of its affiliated university societies and this year we are offering 12 show stopper acts the opportunity to bring their talent to the prestigious Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, West Kensington, on 07 December 2013. The ability to convey diverse theological tails through the medium of the arts has been the bedrock of Hindu Dharma and is one of the most effective ways to explain its complex scriptural teaching for it transcends languages and cultures. Hindu Dharma is unique in the sense that it is enshrined in epic tails throughout many scriptures, whether it is the Leela’s from the Ramayan

tual philosophy are very unique and lend themselves to be expressed very well through various mediums like music, dance and other art forms. As an arts based organisation whose purpose is to preserve for posterity and tradition of Indian art and

culture, we look forward to this spectacular event.” In the past, NHSF (UK)’s national events have only been open to student however this year, we are welcoming parents, uncle, aunties and members of the local community to experience this highly entertaining but enlightening evening. For more information on Dharma Fest 2013, please email or visit . For further information on this event and for updates on all other activities NHSF (UK) is involved in, please visit our webs i t e About NHSF (UK) NHSF (UK) is the largest organisation in the UK and mainland Europe that represents the views of young British Hindus. We represent over 10,000 students from over 45 universities and Colleges/Sixth Forms in the USK. Please visit for more information or contact

The esteemed Law Society held its first ever Diwali event on Thursday (14th November), in association with the Hindu Lawyers Association, Society Asian Lawyers, and Association Asian Women Lawyers was titled "Inspiration, prosperity and faith: Light up your career." The reception at its impressive home on Chancery Lane featured several prominent guest speakers from the law professions, including Judge Sujata Sharma, Prashant Popat QC, Deepak Nambisan, and Asian Business Woman of the

Year 2008 Ritu Sethi, as well as a Keynote address from Conservative Peer and Government Whip Lord Dolar Popat. Lord Popat spoke about his background in Uganda and in business before highlighting the parallels Diwali and Britain have in his life. “For me, Diwali and Britain go hand in hand. Diwali is the festival of eternal hope and light overcoming the dark; and Britain is a beacon of light and opportunity that shines out across the globe. Britain was a lighthouse to those of us in danger in East Africa; a

tall and proud nation that selflessly guided us safely to our new home.” He went onto discuss the importance of exports and foreign trade to the British economy and how the global business world is ‘shrinking’; stressing that those with the skills and links to growing foreign markets like India should help to further trade activity. He said “Britain’s economy needs to be trading with the growing economies; we need our construction firms, our finance businesses and our law firms to be opening branches in India and elsewhere.

Law Society’s First Diwali Reception

Joy of Diwali shared by senior citizens The Senior Citizen Club, an initiative of Maharashtra Mandal London floated by Mr Shriram Kale, celebrated Diwali at the Dollis Hill premises on 30 October 2013. The entire event was managed and performed by the senior citizens themselves. The celebration began with Faral, a custom of Maharashtrians for Diwali which includes distribution of sweets and savouries. The audience was treated

to a vibrant and lively cultural program compered by Kunda Karkhanis. The organising committee comprising of Charu Patki, Ujwal Prabhudesai, Asha Nawathe, Meena Dighe, Jaishri Karlekar, Jyotsna Kalbande, Sujatha Dandekar and Neela Kibe have lined up alluring renditions including songs, poetry recitation and dances. Impressive entertaining dances by Anant Patki, Kirti Patel, Ujwal Prabhudesai and Charu Patki led audience asking for more. Traditional Lavni dance by Dr Ulka Gupte was amusing while Meena Navapurkar, Jizam Thackerey, Sulbha Abhyankar, Neela Kibe and Athale family engaged the audience with their performances. Traditional vegetarian meal followed. - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Life and


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Tanveer Mann



Jaz Dhami set to unveil another hit – Zulfa!

After the huge success of Meh Punjabi Boli Ah, Jaz Dhami showcases another side to his immense vocal talent in Zulfa. Jaz's beautiful tones are complimented by one of the finest Punjabi music producers Dr. Zeus and his signature sound. It's urban flare and catchy lyrics will most definitely have you hitting the repeat button. Featuring the ever energetic Shortie, female rapper Yasmine and one of Toronto, Canada's finest young talents Fateh, you'll find the song seamlessly flows with a uber cool video to match. Jaz continues to build on the success of the past year, becoming the only British artist to feature in India's most watched videos list, he then went on to pick up PTC's Best

DID YOU KNOW..? Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors WORD OF THE WEEK Casuistry - Specious or excessively subtle reasoning intended to rationalize or mislead.

Song of the Year award for High Heels. Last month he continued that success with two awards for Best Male and Best Lyrics at the Brit Asia Awards. Zulfa is Jaz Dhami's third single to come from the yet untitled forthcoming album. There's many more big collaborations to come. The single releases on November 28th.

Ytá{|ÉÇ AMAs


Jenifer Lopez dazzling in a beaded bronze gown by Zuhair Murad

Nicole Richie also wowed in a beautiful white cut-out dress

Taylor Swift dazzled in a short metallic number

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson glowed in a bright orange cut out dress.

The annual Winter Wonderland is back and has returned with even more sparkly Christmassy additions, that will have you feeling like your on cloud nine – literally! The central London park will be submerged with numerous fun rides and attractions for all ages, including a Giant Observation Wheel and two circuses – 'Christmas Circus' and 'Cirque Berserk' – from the family-friendly Zippos Circus. The Wonderland also has its very own ice rink, the biggest outdoor rink in the UK, which is surrounding the Victorian bandstand and is illuminated with more than 100,000 glowing lights. The Magical Ice Kingdom this year is doubling in size, with even more snow and ice sculptures. Visitors can explore the ice village, ride an ice swan, or join in fairytale adventures with trolls, an ogre, knights and, of course, a castle with a scary dungeon - and very popular ice slide. The new

Ice Bar will provide a nice hangout spot with friends in true Christmas style! Entry to the site, including the Santa Land and the Christmas Market, is free, with only rides and attractions, ice rink and circus being ticketed. With winter-cold temperatures already setting the perfect stage for the Wonderland, there's several 'hot' spots around open fires, with hot cider, mulled wine and food for sale.

Magical Ice Kingdom: peak £9 adults, £7 children, £28 family Skating: peak £14.50, children (12 and under) £9.50, family £38; Zippos Circus: peak £11.50, £8 children, £32 family Winter Wonderland will be open until 5th January

The American Music Awards (AMAs) 2013 took place on Sunday 24th November and was everybit the star-studded and glamorous affair. For fashionistas however, it was a runway heaven. From monochrome outfits to bold statements, no style was discriminated! 5 of my favourite looks from the spectacular evening


Ciara took the plunge in a daring sheer black dress.


Cocoface brings you a raw coconut experience!

Cocoface is a delicious coconut drink which is raw and completely unpasteurized. The coconuts come directly from their trees in Thailand to you. Cocoface specialise in sourcing and importing the best tasting coconuts from Thailand. Each Cocoface coconut contains on average 350ml of pure untouched coconut water, and is also packed with tender coconut meat. The healthy and versatile product is driving coconut water fans crazy and is praised by the likes of Simon Cowell and Rihanna, whose been

caught sipping them on the go! Not only are they delicious-tasting, they have numerous health benefits too. Coconuts can reduce high blood pressure, aid weight loss, keep the body hydrated, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, increase energy levels, promote healthy skin amongst many

more. Cocoface coconuts have a RRP of £3.50 and are available to buy in London from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Ocado and Selfridges Oxford Street.

16 - Asian Voice 30th November 2013 - Asian Voice 30th November 2013

Dhanush ecstatic to work with Big B

Amjad Khan’s daughter to make her film debut


mjad Khan enjoyed popularity for his villainous roles for many years, the most famous being the iconic Gabbar Singh. His daughter Ahlam, however, chose to stay away from mainstream Bollywood and instead carved a niche for herself in theatre. Now, when Ahlam is all set to make her film debut early next year, she calls it just a natural extension of the play she did with Makrand Deshpande. "I have no aspirations or desire to make a foray into movies. My first and last love is theatre. Bollywood has not really appealed to me, so I don't look at it as my debut," says the actress.

I deserve a little luck: Shahid Kapoor

hahid Kapoor starrer " R...Rajkumar" is ready and the S actor hopes that lady luck smiles on

him this time. The 32-year-old, who has hits like "Jab We Met" and "Kaminey" hasn't been so lucky at the box office with "Chance Pe Dance," "Mausam," "Teri Meri Kahaani," and "Phata Poster Nikla Hero." "I have been unlucky that my films did not work, but I have been lucky as my fan following has been intact. I am lucky that the audience has been very nice," said Shahid. "I have tried to give 200 per cent to all my films and I am thankful that the audiences have faith in me. I deserve a little luck," he added.

Amala Paul's self budding act!

‘Krrish 3’ collections have crossed Rs 5 bn

hile some media reports allege that Hrithik W Roshan-starrer “Krrish 3”

box-office collections have been inflated, director Rakesh Roshan begs to differ. He rubbishes these reports and questions the intentions of trade analysts who are saying that the box-office numbers quoted by the director are gross and not net. He further explained that he has been getting updates from all his distributors, exhibitors and from places where the film is running.

No Salman in Arbaaz’s next home production


rbaaz Khan turned producer with 'Dabangg' in 2010 and went on to not just produce but also direct the sequel. Now, before he starts working on 'Dabangg 3', which won't happen before two-three years owing to Salman Khan's shoot diary chocka-block, Arbaaz has decided to invest in a woman-centric film. However, this time, he will not be directing the film. A source said, "Yes, Arbaaz has locked a script two days ago and will now start casting. He needs an established heroine and a relatively less popular hero. The film will not feature Salman. He wouldn't even have a cameo this time."

After working with Amitabh Bachchan in “Cheeni Kum” and “Paa,” director R. Balki is all set to work with Big B in yet another film that also stars “Kolaveri D” and “Raanjhanaa” fame Dhanush and Kamal Haasan's younger daughter Akshara Haasan. While there was a lot of speculation going on about this film, Dhanush confirmed the development on a social networking site. "Yes guys, my next Hindi film is with Balki sir. Very excited and eagerly looking forward to it:) thanks for all your wishes.. Privileged to share screen space with Big B himself. Ecstatic 2 be part of Raja Sir's musical again. Finally, a chance to work with P.C sir," posted Dhanush. Big B too posted about the film on his blog.


he doe eyed beauty Amala Paul seems to be very much busy on her upcoming film in Malayalam, in which she will be romancing Fahadh Faasil. The film, “Oru Indian Pranayakatha,” is being directed by Sathyan Anthikad and expected to be released on December 20. Sources say post-production works for the film is going in full swing and Amala had reportedly dubbed in her own voice for the first time her character in the film. The director had also reportedly asked Amala to try for dubbing and the actress took it up eagerly.

Social activist gifts Big B a Quran Sharif


mitabh Bachchan has always pursued his spiritual interests and in a secular spirit, reflected over different religions. He already possesses three copies of the holy Quran among other religious books. He was pleasantly surprised recently when entrepreneur and social activist Haji Arfat Shaikh gifted him a unique interactive Quran Sharif. It allows readers to read through audio in Arabic and Persian, and immediately in the translated version of the language of their choice. This Quran Sharif offers a choice of over 22 languages. Says Shaikh, "I was aware of Amitji's interest in different religions. He is a deeply spiritual man and reads a lot about God. He really liked the gift."


Kareena Kapoor wants to work in Bengali films

een to follow the footsteps of her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore, actress Kareena Kapoor wants to work in Bengali film industry. K"Satyajit Ray was one such director with whom my mother-in-law

Nayanthara hikes her fees

Is this what they call getting back with a bang? One of Kollywood’s gorgeous actresses Nayanthara made her comeback into K-Town with films like “Raja Rani” and “Arrambam.” Both of these films set the box office on fire, so now looks like this charming lady has hiked her remuneration. When she was approached by Pandiraj to star in his next film opposite Simbu, Nayanthara agreed but we hear she charged more than a 10 million to act in the film. Her high demand in the industry and her hiked remuneration definitely puts her as one of the highest paid actress in K-Town.

had the opportunity to work in so many films. I also hope to be able to work with some of the great directors of Bengal," the young Kapoor scion married to Sharmila's son and actor Saif Ali Khan told reporters. Describing Bengali film directors as very artistic and those with a deep sense of good scripts, Kareena said, "I have never been offered a Bengali film. But I want to work. Language comes as a problem but that can be managed with dubbing." When asked, the 33-year-old actress said she never had the opportunity to spend enough time in Kolkata. "But I love the food over here. The city is culturally very rich. If I do a Bengali film it will also give me the chance to understand the city better," she said. Kareena was in town to promote Punit Malhotra's romantic comedy 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' where she is cast opposite Imran Khan. The film releases this Friday. She said the film, where she plays a social activist, is a complete family entertainer. "I love doing different roles. In my last film 'Satyagraha', it was an intense role and here it is very fun," Kareena said.

‘Love Yoou Soniye’ brings a touch of Bollywood magic to Punjabi cinema

Priyanka brings New York Shruti Haasan attacked by traffic to a halt a stalker A

ctress Priyanka Chopra looks sizzling as she walks with oomph in a video that has gone viral. The video shows the stunner walking with an attitude and bringing the busy traffic of New York to a screeching halt. The video shows former Miss World trotting confidently in a sexy black outfit and stiletto heels. She also drops jaws with a dance move that she does and looks absolutely awesome. Piggy Chops is not only an extremely succ e s s f u l Bollywood actress but has also taken the m u s i c industry by storm b y launching two singles.

hruti Haasan is one traumatised girl. A stranger tried to barge into the 27-year-old S Shruti Haasan's apartment. When the doorbell

rang, Shruti answered the door but she was confronted by a man who grabbed her. But the actress managed to push him back and close the door on him. Though unharmed, Shruti, the elder daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, is shaken after the incident. "The man in question had earlier shown up at Mehboob Studio and Film City where she was shooting. He had once tried to enter her van but her hair-dresser and make-up man had pushed him away. Later he banged on her car door smirking, 'Pehchana?' But no one imagined that the stalker would turn up at her residence," said the source.

unjabi film “Love Yoou Soniye” which draws Bollywood sensibilities and cinematic techniques will be released in P UK on 6th December. The film directed by Sahil Kohli marks

B4U’s foray into Punjabi cinema. It is film for the young at heart, featuring a cast and crew from B-town and a musical score by international music composers like Rishi Rich, Juggy D, Ishq Bector, Shree D and Harry Anand. The film with Karanvir Bohra, Teejay Sidhu and Raghu Ram in leading roles is being supported by Vindu Dara Singh, Upasna Singh, Shivendra Mahal, Hiten Paintal, Harry Anand, Tanya Abrol and Manrina Rekhi among others, with a special appearance by Manav Gohil. The film tells the story of ‘Karanvir’ and ‘Loveleen’. Loveleen is the daughter of business tycoon ‘Kewal Sidhu’

from Chandigarh. Karanvir, on the other hand is a modest young man who has been brought up by his elder brother ‘Mahendar Gill’ since their parents’ demise. From entering college, Loveleen has shared a love-hate relationship with Karanvir. They did everything in outdoing each other, but their long-term battle of the sexes inevitably takes them through a series of twists and turns until they finally fall for each other. Loveleen soon asks Karanvir to meet her family, but the very next day his brother Mahendar unknowingly gets into a heated argument with Loveleen’s father. On reaching Loveleen’s house on the day of meeting, a showdown takes place between Kewal, Mahendar and Karanvir. How Karanvir wins Loveleen's family is the major twist in the film.

16 - Asian Voice 30th November 2013 - Asian Voice 30th November 2013

Dhanush ecstatic to work with Big B

Amjad Khan’s daughter to make her film debut


mjad Khan enjoyed popularity for his villainous roles for many years, the most famous being the iconic Gabbar Singh. His daughter Ahlam, however, chose to stay away from mainstream Bollywood and instead carved a niche for herself in theatre. Now, when Ahlam is all set to make her film debut early next year, she calls it just a natural extension of the play she did with Makrand Deshpande. "I have no aspirations or desire to make a foray into movies. My first and last love is theatre. Bollywood has not really appealed to me, so I don't look at it as my debut," says the actress.

I deserve a little luck: Shahid Kapoor

hahid Kapoor starrer " R...Rajkumar" is ready and the S actor hopes that lady luck smiles on

him this time. The 32-year-old, who has hits like "Jab We Met" and "Kaminey" hasn't been so lucky at the box office with "Chance Pe Dance," "Mausam," "Teri Meri Kahaani," and "Phata Poster Nikla Hero." "I have been unlucky that my films did not work, but I have been lucky as my fan following has been intact. I am lucky that the audience has been very nice," said Shahid. "I have tried to give 200 per cent to all my films and I am thankful that the audiences have faith in me. I deserve a little luck," he added.

Amala Paul's self budding act!

‘Krrish 3’ collections have crossed Rs 5 bn

hile some media reports allege that Hrithik W Roshan-starrer “Krrish 3”

box-office collections have been inflated, director Rakesh Roshan begs to differ. He rubbishes these reports and questions the intentions of trade analysts who are saying that the box-office numbers quoted by the director are gross and not net. He further explained that he has been getting updates from all his distributors, exhibitors and from places where the film is running.

No Salman in Arbaaz’s next home production


rbaaz Khan turned producer with 'Dabangg' in 2010 and went on to not just produce but also direct the sequel. Now, before he starts working on 'Dabangg 3', which won't happen before two-three years owing to Salman Khan's shoot diary chocka-block, Arbaaz has decided to invest in a woman-centric film. However, this time, he will not be directing the film. A source said, "Yes, Arbaaz has locked a script two days ago and will now start casting. He needs an established heroine and a relatively less popular hero. The film will not feature Salman. He wouldn't even have a cameo this time."

After working with Amitabh Bachchan in “Cheeni Kum” and “Paa,” director R. Balki is all set to work with Big B in yet another film that also stars “Kolaveri D” and “Raanjhanaa” fame Dhanush and Kamal Haasan's younger daughter Akshara Haasan. While there was a lot of speculation going on about this film, Dhanush confirmed the development on a social networking site. "Yes guys, my next Hindi film is with Balki sir. Very excited and eagerly looking forward to it:) thanks for all your wishes.. Privileged to share screen space with Big B himself. Ecstatic 2 be part of Raja Sir's musical again. Finally, a chance to work with P.C sir," posted Dhanush. Big B too posted about the film on his blog.


he doe eyed beauty Amala Paul seems to be very much busy on her upcoming film in Malayalam, in which she will be romancing Fahadh Faasil. The film, “Oru Indian Pranayakatha,” is being directed by Sathyan Anthikad and expected to be released on December 20. Sources say post-production works for the film is going in full swing and Amala had reportedly dubbed in her own voice for the first time her character in the film. The director had also reportedly asked Amala to try for dubbing and the actress took it up eagerly.

Social activist gifts Big B a Quran Sharif


mitabh Bachchan has always pursued his spiritual interests and in a secular spirit, reflected over different religions. He already possesses three copies of the holy Quran among other religious books. He was pleasantly surprised recently when entrepreneur and social activist Haji Arfat Shaikh gifted him a unique interactive Quran Sharif. It allows readers to read through audio in Arabic and Persian, and immediately in the translated version of the language of their choice. This Quran Sharif offers a choice of over 22 languages. Says Shaikh, "I was aware of Amitji's interest in different religions. He is a deeply spiritual man and reads a lot about God. He really liked the gift."


Kareena Kapoor wants to work in Bengali films

een to follow the footsteps of her mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore, actress Kareena Kapoor wants to work in Bengali film industry. K"Satyajit Ray was one such director with whom my mother-in-law

Nayanthara hikes her fees

Is this what they call getting back with a bang? One of Kollywood’s gorgeous actresses Nayanthara made her comeback into K-Town with films like “Raja Rani” and “Arrambam.” Both of these films set the box office on fire, so now looks like this charming lady has hiked her remuneration. When she was approached by Pandiraj to star in his next film opposite Simbu, Nayanthara agreed but we hear she charged more than a 10 million to act in the film. Her high demand in the industry and her hiked remuneration definitely puts her as one of the highest paid actress in K-Town.

had the opportunity to work in so many films. I also hope to be able to work with some of the great directors of Bengal," the young Kapoor scion married to Sharmila's son and actor Saif Ali Khan told reporters. Describing Bengali film directors as very artistic and those with a deep sense of good scripts, Kareena said, "I have never been offered a Bengali film. But I want to work. Language comes as a problem but that can be managed with dubbing." When asked, the 33-year-old actress said she never had the opportunity to spend enough time in Kolkata. "But I love the food over here. The city is culturally very rich. If I do a Bengali film it will also give me the chance to understand the city better," she said. Kareena was in town to promote Punit Malhotra's romantic comedy 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' where she is cast opposite Imran Khan. The film releases this Friday. She said the film, where she plays a social activist, is a complete family entertainer. "I love doing different roles. In my last film 'Satyagraha', it was an intense role and here it is very fun," Kareena said.

‘Love Yoou Soniye’ brings a touch of Bollywood magic to Punjabi cinema

Priyanka brings New York Shruti Haasan attacked by traffic to a halt a stalker A

ctress Priyanka Chopra looks sizzling as she walks with oomph in a video that has gone viral. The video shows the stunner walking with an attitude and bringing the busy traffic of New York to a screeching halt. The video shows former Miss World trotting confidently in a sexy black outfit and stiletto heels. She also drops jaws with a dance move that she does and looks absolutely awesome. Piggy Chops is not only an extremely succ e s s f u l Bollywood actress but has also taken the m u s i c industry by storm b y launching two singles.

hruti Haasan is one traumatised girl. A stranger tried to barge into the 27-year-old S Shruti Haasan's apartment. When the doorbell

rang, Shruti answered the door but she was confronted by a man who grabbed her. But the actress managed to push him back and close the door on him. Though unharmed, Shruti, the elder daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, is shaken after the incident. "The man in question had earlier shown up at Mehboob Studio and Film City where she was shooting. He had once tried to enter her van but her hair-dresser and make-up man had pushed him away. Later he banged on her car door smirking, 'Pehchana?' But no one imagined that the stalker would turn up at her residence," said the source.

unjabi film “Love Yoou Soniye” which draws Bollywood sensibilities and cinematic techniques will be released in P UK on 6th December. The film directed by Sahil Kohli marks

B4U’s foray into Punjabi cinema. It is film for the young at heart, featuring a cast and crew from B-town and a musical score by international music composers like Rishi Rich, Juggy D, Ishq Bector, Shree D and Harry Anand. The film with Karanvir Bohra, Teejay Sidhu and Raghu Ram in leading roles is being supported by Vindu Dara Singh, Upasna Singh, Shivendra Mahal, Hiten Paintal, Harry Anand, Tanya Abrol and Manrina Rekhi among others, with a special appearance by Manav Gohil. The film tells the story of ‘Karanvir’ and ‘Loveleen’. Loveleen is the daughter of business tycoon ‘Kewal Sidhu’

from Chandigarh. Karanvir, on the other hand is a modest young man who has been brought up by his elder brother ‘Mahendar Gill’ since their parents’ demise. From entering college, Loveleen has shared a love-hate relationship with Karanvir. They did everything in outdoing each other, but their long-term battle of the sexes inevitably takes them through a series of twists and turns until they finally fall for each other. Loveleen soon asks Karanvir to meet her family, but the very next day his brother Mahendar unknowingly gets into a heated argument with Loveleen’s father. On reaching Loveleen’s house on the day of meeting, a showdown takes place between Kewal, Mahendar and Karanvir. How Karanvir wins Loveleen's family is the major twist in the film.


FINANCIAL VOICE Financial Voice - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Dear Financial Voice Reader,

Will the Dollar rally last? I write to you from India where the Ruppee’s record falls makes everything 50% cheaper than just a couple of years ago and the Indian Government is keen to encourage other Governments, like the British to buy Indian! Currency markets worldwide had a rollercoaster ride last week with high volatility and changes in direction. Both the Euro and the Cable demonstrated wild swings as Dollar investors got excited on Wednesday after the last FOMC meeting minutes' release only to understand the next day that nothing new came out of the report. Both currencies closed the week higher versus the Dollar gaining back the ground they lost on Wednesday as the weakness in Dollar-long appetite becomes more obvious. In my view, it's the Fed's hesitation over earlier tapering that is causing this uncertainty on the Dollar and as long as nothing spectacular comes out from US economic reports to justify stronger growth this uncertainty, also fueled by Janet Yellen's dovish views, will continue. On Monday, Euro and Cable fell against the US Dollar as investors increased their holdings in the US currency excited over the developments on the Iran's nuclear arsenal front. Analysts worldwide call this deal a "major victory" for the Obama administration and this step takes out an important risk factor of a global scale. Moreover, the latest CFTC report shows that the amount of long positions on the EUR/USD pair has hit the lowest level since August and this could mean that the Euro could extends its losses over coming sessions. However, the recent influx of US data doesn't help too much in that direction as the housing market showed signs of weakness with Monday's Pending Home Sales but Dollar gained influenced by the general euphoria caused by the Iran deal. From a technical point of view, Euro needs to clear below the 1.3500 level and should this happen then we could see the pair falling as low as 1.3400. The Pound showed similar weakness on Monday as it failed to move higher above 1.6250 for a third time and now the levels that come into play are the 1.6100 and a downwards break of that could send the pair as low as 1.6000. This week there are no major announcements expected from the US economy apart from a Consumer Confidence report on Tuesday and the Durable Goods Orders on Wednesday so we expect a smoother ride for the buck. The first couple of days of the week also hold no significant news for the Euro and the Pound as both pairs are nearing shortterm resistances. Further down the week, the UK GDP figures and Euro-zone's Unemployment data and CPI reports could provide some friction and spur short-term rallies in either direction so the theme of the week is "get as much as you can and get out as fast as you can". To receive my free daily newsletter or to subscribe to my premium NewsletterPro service please visit

India ready to back WTO deal

Negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for a deal in Bali next month have entered the final leg with India on board to sign a four-year "peace clause" that will help it roll out the Food Security Act without any glitches and sign an agreement on trade facilitation, which will allow quicker flow of import consignments at ports and airports. The "peace clause" will restrict the ability of other WTO members from seeking penalties against countries such as India and allow the government to procure grains at the minimum support price and sell it at subsi-

dized rates through the public distribution system. Under the Agreement on Agriculture, such support cannot exceed 10% of the value of goods, while the government is inching close to the ceiling, raising the prospects of a penalty in the absence of the "peace clause". The clause will apply to all staples, which was also India's demand. To push its interests further, the government wants the multilateral body to ensure that the "peace clause" is extended beyond four years in case the agreement on agriculture is not amended to address its concerns.

Bradford & Bingley Plc ‘nationalisation’ debated in Parliament

A debate over the Bradford & Bingley (‘B&B’) nationalisation in late September 2008 was heard this week in Westminster Hall, the oldest building on the Parliamentary estate and the scene of the trial of King Charles I, five years after the UK bank and building society was taken under Government control. The 90-minute debate, which took place on Wednesday, 27 November, was entitled “The Nationalisation of Bradford and Bingley plc,” and requested by Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, West Yorkshire, whose constituency lies within the metropolitan borough of Bradford city. It comes after years of campaigning by the Bradford & Bingley Action Group (‘BBAG’), an organisation representing almost one million dispossessed B&B shareholders, that has lodged numerous Freedom of Information (‘FoI’) requests with various bodies - including the Cabinet Office, the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly FSA) and the

British fair trade watchdog Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said Diageo’s acquisition of United Spirits is against competition and may lead to higher whisky prices in the UK. The British regulator will have a fresh look at the deal in the wake of a new proposal made by the companies to sell bulk of Whyte & Mackay business of Indian liquor major to address the competition issues in the British whisky market. Diageo Plc and United Spirits Ltd are both major suppliers of spirits worldwide. In the UK, United Spirits’ subsidiary, Whyte & Mackay, is primarily

Treasury - as well as the BBC. Davies suggested in his speech in Westminster Hall that all the evidence to date pointed to the expropriation of B&B being a “flawed decision, made in haste and not consistent with the treatment of other [UK] banks” and called for an independent inquiry to be opened into the nationalisation. Information sought by BBAG in an effort to get to the truth as to why the bank was nationalised and effectively “expropriated” according to BBAG chairman David Blundell, has been declined on the grounds that it cannot be found or was deemed ‘not in the public interest’. In terms of the nationalisation timeline, B&B’s

audited accounts for 2007 were passed as a ‘going concern’ and a dividend paid in 2008. A rights issue was subsequently completed in August 2008 at a price of 55p - less than eight weeks before a decision by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown to nationalise B&B on 26 September 2008 - when the net asset value per B&B share was in the order of £1.00 and the bank had a Tier-1 capital ratio of 9.1%. In the same month at the time of the completion of the rights issue the interim accounts were passed by auditors KPMG as a going concern. “Shareholders were entitled to believe it was a going concern when the reality was ‘goinggoing-gone’ just one month later,” according to the Shipley MP. Davies said: “An independent inquiry into the nationalisation is long overdue. The Bradford & Bingley shareholders are entitled to the truth now. The Prime Minister has claimed, many times, his commitment to open and transparent Government

and has opened an inquiry into the Co-Op Bank failure.” He added: “I believe it is not too late for the Government do the same, that is open an independent inquiry in respect of the B&B nationalisation as this was, arguably, the best example of what went wrong in the banking crisis, particularly in respect of the flawed accounting standards, which are still in place. Justice and the British sense of fair play demands such action.” Blundell said: “Within days of the expropriation of B&B, the UK Government provided over £60 billion of covert support to Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Nevertheless B&B had a far stronger balance sheet than these two banks, as shown in the Banking Crisis ‘post mortem’ published by the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum.” BBAG ( ) has also recently written to Gordon Brown seeking answers but has yet to receive a reply. by Roger Aitken

active in the supply of whisky, besides being a player in other spirits, including vodka. The regulator said the merger may lead to a substantial lessening of competition in the supply of blended whisky to retailers. OFT came to the conclusion after analysing evidence including data on consumer switching between brands, economic modelling and internal documents. Chris Walters, OFT’s Chief Economist and Decision Maker in this case, said the two companies are leading suppliers of blended bottled whisky in the UK, especially to

supermarkets and other large retailers. “Our investigation considered a wide range of evidence and we concluded that the likely loss of competition could give rise to higher prices for retailers, and ultimately consumers,” he said in a statement. Diageo has offered to sell most of its Whyte & Mackay business to address competition concerns regarding bottled blended Scotch whisky. Walters said the watchdog is now considering Diageo’s offer to sell the bulk of the Whyte & Mackay business with the exception of two malt distilleries.

The government of India said it has cleared 20 proposals of foreign direct investment (FDI) worth Rs 9.16 billion, including Singapore Airlines plan to start a full service airline in partnership with Tata Sons. Singapore Airlines has formed a joint venture with Tata Sons to run full service airline. In the joint venture, Singapore Airlines will control 49 per cent while Tata Sons will have the majority stake of 51 per cent. This will result in FDI inflow of Rs 3.03 billion ($49 million), the finance ministry said. Other major FDI inflow of Rs 2.25 billion is related to Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

of a face value of Rs. 10 each at a price of Rs. 754.7361607 per equity share on a preferential basis to Etihad Airways.” Following the allotment of equity shares on preferential basis to Etihad Airways, Etihad

Airways holds 24 per cent of the post-issue paid up share capital of Jet Airways “on a fully diluted basis”. As per legal requirements, 51 per cent stake would be held by Jet and its chairman and promoter Naresh Goyal. In a statement, the two carriers also announced that Etihad president and CEO James Hogan and its chief financial officer have been appointed as additional directors on the

board of directors of Jet. The announcement came shortly after a Jet Board meeting in Mumbai. Goyal and Hogan said, “the collaboration between the airlines would commence immediately with a view to delivering network and service benefits to customers as soon as possible. Specific details will be released progressively.” The Jet stake sale deal is the first of its kind in an Indian airline.

Philip Davies

UK regulator finds Diageo-United Spirits deal anti-competitive

India clears 20 FDI proposals worth Rs 9.16 bn

Jet sells 24 per cent equity to Etihad

Jet Airways and Etihad announced closure of a Rs 20.69 billion deal for the Abu Dhabi-based carrier to pick up 24 per cent equity in the Indian airline, marking the first FDI infusion by an airline in the Indian aviation sector. Maintaining that all requisite regulatory approvals from Indian authorities have been obtained on November 12, the two airlines said Jet has “issued and allotted 27,263,372 equity shares


The Right Advice Is Golden - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap A Property Investment Company


We have today secured a block in Earls Court, it’s a freehold property containing 5 flats. It comes under the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The property comes with the most important criteria box ticked, namely location. So important they said it three times. It also has some rare and beautiful features; most of the flats in the block have high if not exceptionally high ceilings. In addition they have access to a communal garden. We have secured this block at a price of just over £1,000 per sq ft. This is due to the relationship and credibility we have built with the introducer who gave this to us. A flat next door to this property has just been agreed at £1,400 per sq ft, so this is a very good deal. The flats require practically no work and are ready to be resold straight away. This property has 'trade' written all over it, however one has to almost restrain himself from doing this too quickly.

P ri c e s w il l b e l i f t i n g u p c o m e J an u ary , an d i f f u n d s a re r e t u r n e d t o o q u i c k l y w h at w i l l t h e y d o in t h e b an k ? T h e a n s we r i s d e t e ri o r at e in va l u e . T h is i s w h y i t i s i m po rt a n t t h e y ar e k e p t f l o wi n g . S t il l w at e r b e g i n s t o g e t st a g n a n t a n d s m e l l y, i t n e e d s t o f l o w . T h e s a me c an b e s a id f o r f u n d s ; t h e y n e e d t o b e i n p ro p e rt y c o n t i n u al l y r o t a t e d wi t h as l i t t l e t i m e a s p o ss i b l e i n t h e ba n k . This is why much of the money floating around the world is trying to penetrate into London property, though I believe there are two purposes to this. The first reason is NOT to make money but to keep it safe; much of the money finding its way to the London property market is coming from unstable or less stable countries than the UK, such as Indonesia, China and India. The fact this is leading to prices rising is in fact a secondary consideration for these investors. Typically they are the business people who are making a serious percentage return on their funds in their main business so a return of 20-30% doesn’t really excite them. But the fact that a bulk of their money is kept safely in another country altogether does interest them. Consequently the property we are purchasing has a straight resale option even at £1,200 per sq ft, very easily. We will probably exercise a combination by reselling part of the flats for a quick sale and keeping the others perhaps past completion. We have completely ignored the possibility of adding value through extensions and we do feel these exist, as the property has been in the same ownership for decades, and we feel the property has not been fully utilised. This is one of the best value trades we have come across this year; not just in terms of margin, but also the location and the characteristics of the property. We have designed this as a low value investment, if you’re interested. This means you can invest with the security of a strong location and a solid discount in an otherwise unattainable opportunity.

Without appearing to lose face they both agreed with me, once I presented them with the facts. Unfortunately they both were Gujaratis and both based in North London. The lawyers we tend to use are Jewish and in Central London, for their speed and knowledge; although they are not the cheapest. But then you pay peanuts and you get monkeys. One of the clients involved in one of the transactions has been working with properties long before I. But they have trusted their lawyers to know what they are doing, and would never dream of questioning them. What they missed was the SDLT relief for multiple dwellings which refers to the purchase of multiple dwellings. Relief is available where a transaction or a number of linked transactions include freehold or leasehold interests in more than one dwelling. Where relief is claimed, the rate of tax charged on the amount paid for the dwellings is set by dividing the amount paid by the number of dwellings. Subject to a minimum rate of tax under the relief is 1 per cent. For example, I buy five houses for £1 million. £1 million divided by five is £200,000. The rate of tax on £200,000 is 1 per cent. The amount of tax due is therefore 1 per cent of £1 million, which is £10,000. This would be a very serious mistake in this situation as such a mistake would cost in the region of nearly £150,000; and I am doubtful the HMRC will return the excess stamp duty in a hurry.

P ri c e s w il l b e l i f t i n g u p c o m e J an u ar y, an d i f f u n d s ar e r e t u r n e d t o o q u i c k l y w h at w i l l t h e y d o i n t h e b an k ? T h e an s we r i s d e t e ri o r at e in va l u e . T h is i s w h y i t i s i m p o rt a n t t h e y ar e k e p t f l o w in g . S t i l l wat e r b e g i n s t o g e t st a g n a n t a n d s m e l l y, i t n e e d s t o f l o w. T h e s a me c an b e s a id f o r f u n d s ; t h e y n e e d t o b e i n p ro p e rt y c o n t in u al l y r o t a t e d wi t h as l i t t l e t i m e a s p o ss i b l e i n t h e b an k .

The Real Deal

C o n t ra ry t o po p u l a r o pi n i o n ab o u t t h i s t i m e o f ye a r b e i n g q u i e t , i t i s a c t u a l l y p ro v i n g t o be a v e ry bu sy t i me f o r u s , d e al s s e e m t o b e k n o c k in g o u r d o o r d o wn . T h is i s su pp o s e d t o b e t h e t im e w h e n t h e pr o pe rt y m a rk e t s l o w s d o wn i n t h e l e a d u p t o C h ri s t m as . I t s e e m s t h e re ar e s t i l l s e l l e r s wh o w an t t o se l l b u t t h e n o rm a l l e v e l o f bu ye rs h a v e d e c re a s e d in t h e a n t i c i pa t i o n o f a s l o wd o wn i n t h e m a rk e t .

Earls Court, London, SW5 Purchase Price: £1m

There are opportunities to come in as an investor into this deal and/or if you prefer the back end too, meaning purchasing the individual properties. It is important to note this price is the current price, I believe the price will rise in the follow up to completion, which will occur probably in February of next year. There will be two forces pushing this current: one is the natural seasonal uplift of the property market which starts in the second week of January, the other I believe is another push in part created by the government help to buy scheme which will have a ripple effect on the property market. Furthermore when the mainstream press starts speaking about the uplift in the property market this leads to the population, like sheep, filling into the pen of property ownership like a self fulfilling prophesy.

l A beautiful two bedroom ground floor flat l Located on a prime garden square in Earls Court l This property will benefit greatly from the Earls Court regeneration scheme l Comparable properties on the market are priced at £1,400 per sq ft and above l This property is coming at around 20 per cent discount at around £1,200 per sq ft Call us now to reserve!

0207 993 0103

We provide a turnkey solution. Contact us now:

Specialists in

Central London Property Sourcing

55 Bryanston Street, Marble Arch Tower, London, W1H 7AA

Follow us online:



Tips of the Week

l When you are redeveloping a property to resell to an end user, make sure the property is finished to a very high standard. This will make the buyer emotionally attached to the property, to the point where money is a secondary consideration. l Time is also an important factor while selling a property, so don’t wait for the best price. Take a profit and exit the deal and you will be in a position to reinvest again.



Tied Workers: Invisible Modern Day Slavery?

Maria Fernandes

As David Cameron has said, modern day slavery comes in many forms. Recent cases of slave labour highlighted in the press, whilst tragic, are only the tip of an evergrowing iceberg; there are legal and illegal categories of slave labour. A major area where slave labour is alive and well is in the arena of the domestic worker. Until 1998 domestic workers were not allowed to change employers. However, in response to widespread abuse that was proven to exist, restrictions on change of employer were relaxed. This gave essential rights to these employees by giving them a measure of bargaining power and some redress where there was abuse. Then came the changes in April 2012, which again introduced restrictions preventing change of employers and reducing their period of stay to 6 months. In other words they are tied to employers. The profile of domestic workers is a particularly important indicator of their status within our society. Domestic workers are a highly vulnerable group consisting of mostly women who are low paid, performing and menial tasks required to live in close proximity to their employer. They are often illiterate or have very little education. They rely on their employment to support families abroad such as children, parents and grandparents. Most of them have no family in the UK and, therefore, no support structure. Many do not speak English and are almost invisible; perfect environment for exploitation by the unscrupulous. The extensive restrictions on the ability of workers to integrate into the community have had a cumulative effect. In 2006, the policy of introducing penalties against employers began to have unintended consequences as it pushed migrants further into the margins where they could be abused by exploitative workers. This trend has substantially worsened as the

law has been tightened progressively. Reductions in legal aid have reduced the ability to seek help and increased the vulnerability of these migrant workers as there is no ability to seek recourse to the law. Those whose visas run out or who are refused leave to remain are driven and kept underground and, in doing so, are coerced into an abusive situation, living from hand to mouth, unable to find a solution. Where applications are not made in time there is no provision and no sympathy towards them as and if illegal have pariah status. Even those who are legal are unable to obtain settlement as the English tests are too difficult to pass and so they are tied to their employer; unable to change their situation from year to year. Locked in this situation they are enslaved. The UK’s answer to trafficking is referral to the Government’s National Referral Mechanism. This does not provide a solution to the personal difficulties of the individual other than a short period of respite. And so the abuse goes on and on, within the Dark economy where there are no rules and no human rights. The Government have introduced a number of measures to combat slavery but these policies are extenuating it. The van that told migrants to go home would have instilled fear in this vulnerable group. On the international stage, the UK has not ratified the International Labour Organisation’s Conventions on equality of opportunity and treatment and respecting the rights of workers or the UN International Convention on the Protection of rights of workers. These Conventions would enhance and protect the rights of workers. David Cameron is right. Slavery does come in many forms – through poor immigration policies. Modern day slavery is alive and kicking and set to get worse as the law tightens its grip.

RBS and Lloyds accused of ruining small firms - Asian Voice 30th November2013

A probe ordered by Business Secretary Vince Cable has accused Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds, Britain’s two State-backed banks, of ruining thousands of small firms by using ‘unscrupulous’ business practices. Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds “harmed their customers through their decisions and caused their financial downfall,’ according to the report. RBS is said to have acted like a ‘hit squad’ by deliberately causing

healthy businesses to go bust for its personal gain. In the worst cases, the bank withdrew lines of credit for previously solvent firms by charging exorbitant fees and charges so it could then seize their assets – typically property – at knockdown prices. Lloyds Banking Group is also singled out in the extraordinary allegations

in an independent report commissioned by the Government. E n t re p re n e u r Lawrence Tomlinson was asked by Vince Cable to look into small business lending. He accuses many of Britain’s banks of ‘heavy-handed profiteering and abhorrent behaviour’. Tomlinson said if it was proved there was ‘systematic and institutional

fraud’ at the banks, ‘you should see people going to jail’. His report reserved its most damning criticism for RBS and Lloyds. He said: ‘It is undeniable that some of the banks, RBS and Lloyds in particular, are harming their customers through their decisions and causing their financial downfall.’ The allegation will be a major embarrassment for both lenders and the Government, which owns an 82 per cent stake in RBS and 43 per cent in Lloyds.

After months of debate, India’s finance ministry and the British telecom giant Vodafone have agreed to sit across the table for talks on a possible settlement of the Rs 200 billion tax dispute after the government formally communicated that any conciliation will not be legally binding on the telecom company. The government's reconciliation gestures with the telecom company had failed after the Centre insisted that talks have to be under Indian laws. Vodafone, however, was seeking to settle the dispute under UN arbitration laws. Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao will be visiting India and is scheduled to meet finance ministry officials in the first week of December, sources said. Colao is also scheduled to meet finance minister P Chidambaram. The government has made tax claims of over Rs 200 billion from Vodafone

on account of tax, interest and penalty on gains made by Hutchinson when it sold its India assets to the company in 2007. Only the tax liability of the company was pegged at Rs 112 billion. Although the Supreme Court had trashed the tax claims, the government amended the law retrospectively to make a fresh demand, resulting in an uproar in the investor community. Subsequently, the Union cabinet cleared the proposal to enter into conciliatory talks. On the one hand, the government tried to initiate conciliation talks with Vodafone, on the other it referred the matter to the Law Commission for suggestions to amend the Arbitration and Reconciliation Act where cases like Vodafone, which is arising out of retrospective amendment in Income Tax (I-T ) Act, can be settled while avoiding international arbitration.

India has emerged at the top of a list of the world's most attractive investment destinations by beating China, according to a new survey, in a sign of growing investor confidence in a country that is struggling to recover from its slowest growth rate in a decade. According to Ernst & Young's ninth bi-annual Capital Confidence Barometer, released on Sunday, India is closely followed by Brazil at second position on the list, and China is relegated to the third slot. Canada and the US, at numbers four and five respectively, round out the top five countries on the list. The report's findings, based on a survey of 1,600 senior executives from more than 70 countries, showed that 90 per cent of respondents are confident about the stability of the world economy, pushing the economic confidence barometer to a two-year-

high. The survey also found that 65 per cent of investors expect the global economy to “improve at an accelerating rate” and deal volumes to improve. “The fundamentals are in place to foster M&A (mergers and acquisitions): confidence in the global economy is at its highest for two years; cash is in abundance, and credit is readily available,” Pip McCrostie, a senior executive at the Big Four firm's transaction advisory services, said in a statement. Almost 70 per cent of all respondents said they expect deal volumes to improve globally over the next 12 months while 35 per cent of the executives surveyed plan to pursue acquisitions compared to only 25 per cent a year ago. In India, about 38 per cent of the respondents believed the M&A business to improve in the next 12 months, the survey reported.

Salt-to-software conglomerate Tata group’s combined turnover has slipped below $100- billion mark due to a fall in rupee, despite an over 10 per cent growth in total revenue when measured in Indian currency. Tatas have, however, emerged as the country’s first business house to record an annual turnover of more than 5,000 billion in rupee terms, while its headcount rose by nearly 88,000 persons to over 540,000 employees in 2012-13. The group, with over 100 operating companies, saw its total revenue rise by 10.8 per cent to Rs 5,270.47 billion in last fiscal, from Rs 4757.21 billion in previous year. However, a fall of over 14 per cent in rupee value against the US dollar during the fiscal 2012-13

resulted into Tata group recording a fall of over three per cent in its USD dollar revenue during the year. In US dollar terms,

ed and net of excise duty, wherever applicable. While the group has not disclosed its total profits for the latest fiscal (2012-13) so far, its profit after tax had slipped by 9.4 per cent to $5.23 billion in 2011-12. The revenue in the fiscal 2011-12 had risen by about 20 per cent from $ 83.3 billion in the year 2010-11. In rupee terms, the revenue growth was higher at 25.3 percent in 2011-12 and fall in profit was lower at 4.5 per cent. The group’s international revenue continues to account for more than half of total worldwide turnover and rose by 2.7 per cent to $ 60.7 billion in 2012-13. Besides, its net forex earnings almost doubled to $3.05 billion in 201213, from $ 1.59 billion in the preceding fiscal.

High streets populated with thriving independent business have added an average of £40,000 to nearby house prices over the past decade, according to a report. The rise in property values was 17 per cent higher than the growth in comparable areas with proportionally fewer independent traders, the study said. It suggested that home owners living close to a flourishing high street could see the value of their property outperform similar homes elsewhere by as much as £70,000 over the next 10 years. It also found that residents of areas with a higher proportion of small, independent businesses spent an average of 21 per cent of their annual retail budget shopping locally, whereas those living near fewer independent traders spent only 6 per cent locally.

India becomes most Vodafone, India to hold attractive investment destination tax settlement talks

Rupee fall pushes Tata out of $100-bn club

Tatas’ total revenue stood at $96.79 billion in 201213, down 3.3 per cent from $100.09 billion in the previous year, according to latest financial information published by the group. The group has used an exchange rate of Rs 54.45 for one US dollar for 201213, and that of Rs 47.53 for previous year. The revenue figures for group companies are consolidat-

Small shops have a big effect on house prices

FINANCIAL VOICE - Asian Voice 30th November2013


Foreign Exchange

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Interest Rate Remains Unchanged The Bank of England in the release of its latest minutes unanimously voted to keep the benchmark interest rate at 0.5% and the quantitative easing programme at £375bn. Policy makers did however comment that even if the unemployment rate falls to the 7% threshold, the BoE may still need to keep the benchmark rate at 0.5%, in order to ensure the recovery was sustainable. The pound dropped immediately following the announcement but soon recovered as investors realised that the comments weren’t too dissimilar from previous ones with regards to an interest rate hike. Positive sentiment in Europe was underpinned by solid German GDP figures. The economy grew by 0.3% in the third quarter, bringing growth for the year to 1.1%. Business confidence in Germany also rose in November; the survey also showed business owners are more optimistic about future developments and plans to recruit more staff. This data eased speculation the central bank will cut interest rates fur-

ther. On a more negative note for the EU, Italy’s retail sales fell 0.3% for the month of September and are now down 2.8% over the last 12 months. European car sales were up 4.7% in October largely driven by a 34% increase year on year in Spain due to a €1,000 government subsidy per new cars purchased. Producer price index from Germany has put the euro under pressure with

the euro down by 0.2% against the pound and the US dollar. Figures from US were quite good. The number of initial jobless claims fell from 344k to 323k, which came in well above market expectations. Manufacturing data for the month of November increased from 51.8 to 54.3. Janet Yellen also moved closer to becoming approved as Fed Chairman by gaining 14 votes to 8. The nom-

ination now goes to the Senate this caused some dollar selling during NY trading hours. The rate of inflation fell in line with forecasts to 1% but retail sales beat forecasts rising to 0.4% in October from 0% in September. The main event however was the release of the minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest monetary policy meeting. The outcome was a bit of a surprise with policy makers announcing that tapering of its US$85bn monthly bond buying programme may occur in the coming months – as long as the economy continues to improve as anticipated. This would mean that tapering could occur earlier that recent forecast of March 2014. In the US there were 3.9 million job openings in September, a slight increase on August and 310,000 more than in September 2012, according to the Jolts employment survey. It is understood that Janet Yellen, incoming head of America's Federal Reserve, reportedly pays close attention to the data, produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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In Focus

Pakistan hands over Sarabjit's belongings

Islamabad: On November 25, Pakistan handed over to Indian officials, 36 items belonging to Sarabjit Singh who died after a brutal attack inside a jail in April, and asked India to reciprocate by releasing fishermen and other prisoners. "We received the items today. We are making arrangements for them to be sent back to India," a senior official of the Indian high commission said. In August, Indian officials formally requested Pakistan's foreign office to facilitate the return of Sarabjit's clothes and other belongings, which were retained by prison authorities in Lahore, to his family.

Lanka arrests Tamil poet Jeyapalan

Colombo: Norwegian Tamil poet and actor V I S Jeyapalan has been arrested in Sri Lanka for violating visa regulations. Jaffna-born Jeyapalan,79, was arrested at Mankulam in the country's north, police spokesman Ajith Rohana said. Rohana said Oslo-based Jeyapalan, who was in the country on a tourist visa, has been arrested for holding seminars in Jaffna. "He was reported to have taken part in gatherings aimed at causing communal unrest," Rohana said.

Kayani has no plans to work or write book

Islamabad: Pakistan Army chief Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has no plans to take up a job or pen his memoirs after he hangs up his boots this week, his brother has said. "A COAS (Chief of Army Staff) never does a job," Brig (retired) Amjad Kayani, the army chief's brother, said while speaking about his plans after he retires on November 29. He said the family was happy that Kayani would join them after retirement as he was not in good health due to chain smoking. "He needs rest; he will not be doing any job," he said.

Musharraf could get death for treason

Islamabad: Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf could either get the death penalty or life imprisonment since there is strong evidence against him in the treason case, Pakistan’s attorney general Munir A Malik said. The treason trial, the first of its kind in Pakistan, relates to the imposition of emergency rule by Musharraf in 2007. Malik told reporters the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) could arrest Musharraf with the registration of a complaint against him in the special court formed for his trial.

Murder charge against Osama’s Pak doctor

Islamabad: The jailed Pakistani doctor, who helped the US track down al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden, has been slapped with murder charge after a woman complained that he caused her son's death during a surgery. Naseeba Gul, mother of Salman Afridi, a resident of Sipah area in Bara in Khyber Agency, lodged a complaint with the political agent some five months ago, accusing Shakeel Afridi of conducting a surgery on her son when he was not qualified to do so.

Pak army targets militants in North Waziristan

Islamabad: The Pakistan army launched an offensive against terrorists in the North Waziristan tribal region near the Pak-Afghan border. Army's helicopter gunships shelled position of terrorists in Mir Ali, media reports said. The attack by the army came two days after the terrorists killed two security persons and injured five others in a remote control bomb explosion in the area. The North Waziristan is a haven for Pakistani Taliban, linked to the alQaida.

US pressures Karzai to sign security agreement - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Kabul: US President Obama's national security adviser, Susan E Rice, told President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan to stop his delay in signing a security agreement or potentially face the complete and final pullout of American troops by the end of 2014, according to American and Afghan officials. But while Karzai was said to have assured her he would sign the deal at some point, he gave no time frame for it. And over dinner at the presidential palace in Kabul, he later insisted on difficult new conditions as well, including the release of all inmates at the American prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, adding to the perception of crisis between the two nations, officials from both

countries said. "Ambassador Rice reiterated that, without a prompt signature, the US would have no choice but to initiate planning for a post-2014 future in which there would be no US or NATO troop presence in Afghanistan," according to a summary of the meeting released by the

White House. The meeting came a day after Karzai rejected a recommendation from his own handpicked assembly of Afghan leadership figures, a loya jirga, that by year's end he should sign the bilateral security agreement, which would allow for an extended American military presence in Afghanistan after 2014. Karzai told the loya jirga that he wanted to wait to sign it until after the Afghan presidential elections next April, while continuing to negotiate with the Americans. In response, the White House summary said, "Ambassador Rice stressed that we have concluded negotiations and that deferring the signature of the agreement until after next year's elections is not viable,

Peshawar: Thousands of people protesting US drone strikes blocked a road in northwest Pakistan used to truck Nato troop supplies and equipment in and out of Afghanistan, the latest sign of rising tension caused by the attacks. The protest, led by Pakistani politician and cricket star Imran Khan, had more symbolic value than practical impact as there is normally little Nato supply traffic on the road on Saturdays. The blocked route in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province leads to one of two border crossings used to send supplies overland from Pakistan to neighbouring Afghanistan. Khan, whose Tehreek-eInsaf party runs the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, called on federal officials to take a firmer stance to force the US to end drone attacks and block Nato supplies across the country. “We will put pressure on America, and our protest will continue if drone attacks are not stopped,” Khan told the protesters. The demonstrators

dispersed after Khan’s speech, but his party put out a statement saying they will begin stopping trucks from carrying Nato supplies through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa indefinitely. That could spark a clash with the federal government. The US embassy in Islamabad declined to comment. The US leads the coalition of Nato troops battling the Taliban in Afghanistan. Drone strikes have been a growing source of friction between Islamabad and Washington. Khan and other officials regularly denounce the attacks as a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. The tension has further complicated ties that Washington views as vital to fight al-Qaida and the Taliban, as well as negotiate peace in Afghanistan. The protest comes only two days after a US drone strike outside of Pakistan’s tribal region killed five people, including at least three Afghan militants, at an Islamic seminary in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Colombo: Sri Lankan military on Monday banned attempts to commemorate the LTTE rebels, saying any move to glorify terrorists that belonged to a proscribed organisation would be illegal. M i l i t a r y spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya was reacting to reports that some elements may try to observe the LTTE's heroes day which they celebrated annually on November 26. "Promoting and propagating separatist ideology within Sri Lanka directly or indirectly even by using media freedom and attempting to commemorate or glorify terrorists that belonged to a proscribed organisation would be illegal," Wanigasooriya said in a statement. November 26 coincided with the slain LTTE leader Velupillai Prabakaran's birthday and the death of the group's first fighting cadre in 1982.

Kabul: Death by stoning for convicted adulterers is being written into Afghan law, a senior official said, the latest sign that human rights won at great cost since the Taliban were ousted in 2001 are rolling back as foreign troops withdraw. "We are working on the draft of a sharia penal code where the punishment for adultery, if there are four eyewitnesses, is stoning," said Rohullah Qarizada, who is part of the sharia Islamic law committee working on the draft and head of the Afghan Independent Bar Association. Billions have been invested on promoting human rights in Afghanistan over more than 12 years of war and donors fear that hard

won progress, particularly for women, may be eroding. During the Taliban's 1996-2001 time in power, convicted adulterers were routinely shot or stoned in executions held mostly on Fridays. Women were not permitted to go out on their own, girls were barred from schools and men were obliged to grow long beards. Providing fresh evidence popular support for the brutal punishment has endured, two lovers narrowly escaped being stoned in Baghlan province north of Kabul, but were publicly shot over the weekend instead, officials said. "While they were fleeing, suddenly their car crashed and locals arrested them.

People wanted to stone them on the spot but some elders disagreed," the provincial head of women's affairs, Khadija Yaqeen, said. "The next day they decided and shot both of them dead in public. Our findings show that the woman's father had ordered to shoot both man and woman." The public execution was confirmed by the provincial police chief's spokesman, who said the killings were unlawful. "It is absolutely shocking that 12 years after the fall of the Taliban government, the Karzai administration might bring back stoning as a punishment," said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. The US-based rights

Anti-drone protesters block Nato supply route in Pak

as it would not provide the United States and NATO allies the clarity necessary to plan for a potential post2014 military presence." Rice arrived in Afghanistan under a cloak of secrecy on Saturday, and the White House did not confirm she was here until after she was already meeting with Karzai on Monday evening, along with other top officials from both Washington and Kabul, and Karzai's senior aides. A senior administration official said, however, that the primary purpose of her visit had been to meet American officials and troops before the Thanksgiving holiday, not to speak to Karzai, and that the apparent secrecy was only related to security concerns.

Sri Lanka bans LTTE commemoration

Velupillai Prabakaran

During the LTTE's time when they ran a parallel administration in the north and east, November 26 was marked widely in heroe's day celebrations. The highlight was Prabakaran's annual policy speech for the organisation. However, since the military defeat of the LTTE in 2009 no such celebrations have taken place. Last year military arrested several Jaffna University students for allegedly attempting to organise November 26 celebrations. They were later released on President Mahinda Rajapaksa's orders following representations made by their parents.

Adulterers may be stoned to death in Afghanistan

group has urged funding to be tied to commitments and last month, Norway took the rare step of cutting aid on the grounds that Afghanistan had failed to meet commitments to protect women's rights and fight corruption. Most donors, however, have stopped short of using money to pressure President Hamid Karzai's administration and US and United Nations officials were aware of the plan to reintroduce stoning, Qarizada said. The new law was unlikely to make stoning a common practice. "The judge asks each witness many questions and if one answer differs from other witnesses then the court will reject the claim," Qarizada said. - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Diplomat’s plight ends in victory

A domestic worker, Daphine Wokuri, of the Uganda High Commission who was assigned to the then Deputy High C o m m i s s i o n e r Ambassador Dr Mumtaz Kassam in 2006, commenced proceedings in the Chancery Division of the High Court against her personally, for alleged unpaid wages for the past 13 years. Ms Wokuri was initially employed by Mumtaz Kassam in Uganda in 1998 where they are both domiciled. The proceedings brought about in the UK in early 2011 were completely baseless and without foundation and Ambassador Mumtaz Kassam opposed the proceedings on the grounds that the Courts of England and Wales have no jurisdiction on the grounds of Diplomatic and State Immunity. To circumvent this, the employee alleged that she had a personal contract with Ambassador Mumtaz Kassam and that she did not sign the contract with the Uganda High Commission in 2006 and claimed it was a forgery. A few weeks before trial date to determine the issues of immunity, Ms Wokuri’s solicitors conceded that they were prepared to accept that the 2006 contract existed! However, on the first day of trial 13th November before Judge Peter Smith, they insisted that their client did not sign the contract. The protracted satellite litigation between the parties culminated in Judge Peter Smith on Wednesday 13th November 2013 declaring that the claim was against the wrong party, and in case the old 1998 private Contract between the parties was still valid, the courts in England and Wales would not have jurisdiction. He further mentioned that any alternative claim that the employee sought to bring against the Uganda High Commission, would fail on the grounds of State Immunity. Therefore, rather than proceed any further in the trial, Daphine Wokuri was given the opportunity to withdraw her contradictory claim which she did unreservedly, apologising to Mumtaz Kassam and admitted that all her allegations against Mumtaz Kassam were unfounded.

It appears that the primary reason as to why the parties fell out two and a half years ago, was Daphine Wokuri’s concern that her employment with the Uganda High Commission would be terminated and she would have to return to Uganda. With this predicament facing her, she became difficult and cantankerous with Mumtaz Kassam, whose tour of duty was ending in the UK and she was being posted to another mission. Various unjust demands, including that Mumtaz Kassam write a letter for her in order to get indefinite leave were made by Ms Wokuri. Mumtaz Kassam’s refusal to write such a letter as Ms Wokuri was now employed by the Uganda High Commission sparked the vicious proceedings. Supported by four different limited liability law firms, all claiming to act for Ms Wokuri on a no win no fee basis (conditional fee Agreement), Ms Wokuri proceeded to make wild and false allegations against Mumtaz Kassam in an attempt to circumvent the immunity provisions under the Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges Act 1964; the State Immunity Act and the Vienna Convention which offer diplomats protection from certain civil prosecutions. Over the course of the 2 and half year period, there were 7 court appearances. At every turn, Ms Wokuri and her lawyers moved the goal post to such an extent that the claim had no resemblance to the allegations now being presented. She also changed the year in which she claims to have commenced employment with Mumtaz Kassam originally. She alleged that any contract she had with Uganda High Commission was a forgery, in spite of having received a generous gratuity payment and salary from the High Commission. She falsified her monthly salary. She also stated that she was kept in captivity and was threatened with deportation. The truth was in fact the converse. She travelled to Uganda annually, and was treated like a family member. In order to rebut Ms Wokuri’s allegations, Mumtaz Kassam needed to establish that the 2006 contract with the Uganda

Washington: IndianAmerican Nisha Desai Biswal was sworn in as the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia. United States Secretary of State John K Kerry administered the oath to Nisha as she was sworn in as the US Assistant

Secretary of State at the George Marshall East Auditorium of the White House. Nisha took over charge from Robert Blake, who moved recently to Indonesia as ambassador. Before her appointment to this position, Nisha was assistant administrator for

High Commission was not a forgery, that Ms Wokuri was not a private staff and that the majority of the work that she did was associated with Mumtaz Kassam’s diplomatic functions. Mumtaz Kassam had 7 credible witnesses averring that not only was Ms.Wokuri employed by the Uganda High Commission but she undertook official tasks on a regular basis. Another important aspect of this case was its timing. The proceedings were commenced weeks after Ambassador Dr Kassam was transferred to the Uganda Embassy in Rome. Thus a further issue arose as to whether Mumtaz Kassam was entitled to residual diplomatic immunity under Article 39(2) of Schedule 1 of the Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964. Judge Paul Smith on the first day of trial mentioned that if the 1998 private employment contract was valid then the UK courts would not have any jurisdiction as the contract was made in Uganda. As regards the 2006 contract which Daphine Wokuri signed with the Uganda High Commission, Judge Paul Smith indicated that there was overwhelming evidence that it was not a forgery and that her claim against Mumtaz Kassam was misplaced. Ms Wokuri was then advised about the futility of her claim and she withdrew her claim on the following basis: “The claimant unreservedly apologises and withdraws all allegations made against the defendant which she conceded were unfounded.” After the hearing on 13th and 14th November, Mumtaz Kassam commented, “I am so relieved that the ordeal is over for me. For two and a half years I had to endure malicious allegations and constant court appearances which were designed to increase the costs. Lawyers should be prohibited from acting on a no win-no fee basis in such cases involving diplomats.” Mumtaz Kassam was represented by Mr Atul Amin and Mrs Salma Amin of Hugh Cartwright and Amin Solicitors, who were supported by two leading Counsels, Prof Dan Sarooshi and Mr Phillip Aliker.



Nepal election: NC emerges largest party, Prachanda scrapes through

Kathmandu: The Nepali Congress emerged as the largest party with 102 seats followed by Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist with 92 as results of 232 out of 240 seats under the first-past-thepost system were declared. The United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists (UCPN-M) finished a poor third, with just 25 seats, but the biggest saving grace was the victory of its Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda with a margin of 923 votes from Sirahafive. In another significant poll trend, the Rastriya Prajatantra Party - that has pledged restoration of constitutional monarchy and Nepal's lost Hindu status - has emerged as the biggest gainer in the capital when poll officials began counting votes under the Proportional Representation system with 335 seats earmarked. But as the available results and trends clearly indicated a hung CA scenario, the UCPN-M was making all efforts to bring the losing parties - mainly from Madhes region together as a formidable force to challenge the CA that will be dominated by what the Maoists have been calling 'forces of status quoism'. So far, the UCPN-M has defied pres-

sure from external players, including India, to honour the people's mandate. Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae had a meeting with Prachanda but with little success in securing the party's commitment to be part of the CA. Highly-placed UCPNM sources said they would ask their elected members not to take oath in the House, nor will they submit the list of their nominees under the PR system after votes are counted something, if implemented, may jeopardise the due formation of the House and conduct of business. Meanwhile, Chief Election Commissioner Neelkantha Uprety dared the Maoists to prove any irregularity committed during the polling. "It is time for the parties to accept the results, and introspect," he said. Election in shambles as Maoists claim fraud Prachanda had earlier

said that he did not accept the results of an election throwing the Himalayan nation into a fresh political crisis. Nepal has languished in political deadlock since the Maoists laid down arms seven years ago, with six governments failing to forge a constitution for the new republic that emerged after a decade-long civil war. Nepal's giant neighbours, India and China, as well as western donors, have grown increasingly concerned about the prolonged struggle to build a stable nation to replace a centuries-old monarchy. They fear that without effective government, the poor country of nearly 27 million people, which is dependent on tourism, remittances and aid, is becoming a haven for militants and criminal gangs. Alleging ballot-box fraud, the Maoist leader Prachanda said authorities must immediately stop counting the votes. He told reporters ballot boxes were taken away and hidden for several hours, and ballot papers were stuffed or swapped. "We want a review of the whole process of the election," Prachanda said. He did not say what action he would take if he was not heeded and it was not clear if his party would launch street protests.

New Jersey: A New Jersey car dealership will pay monetary compensation to a Sikh man to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit brought by him which alleged that he was not hired by the dealership because he maintains a beard. Gurpreet Kherha had filed a discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and a lawsuit in 2009 against Tri-County Lexus, where he had applied for a position as a sales associate and was qualified for the job. EEOC said after the car dealership requested Kherha to shave his beard, he refused to comply due to his religious beliefs. The dealership denied him the job, the agency

charged. According to the lawsuit, Tri-County Lexus had a "no-beard" policy for sales and administrative personnel and it strictly enforced its dress code policy without granting reasonable religious accommodations. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Kherha by rights group Sikh Coalition and the EEOC. Under the settlement reached in the case, the car dealership would pay $50,000 to Kherha and has been urged to not discriminate on the basis of religion in future. Tri-County has also entered into a two-year consent decree with the federal government under which it is required to undertake a series of "remedial" measures including revising its written policies and pro-

cedures prohibiting employment discrimination and providing antidiscrimination training to employees and management. It is also required to post a notice regarding the resolution of the lawsuit. Kherha said he had stood up for himself as well as for the Sikh community. "Educating the public about our religion is invaluable, as is standing up for our rights, and serves not only this generation but future generations as well," he said. EEOC Regional Attorney Elizabeth Grossman said the settlement would protect employees and future applicants from religious discrimination, besides serving as a "vehicle to educate other employers about the Sikh faith.

Asia at the US Agency for International Development. Nisha will oversee the US Foreign Policy and relations at the State Department for India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This is the

first time an IndianAmerican is heading the South Asia Bureau, a new milestone for the Indian community. Nisha worked at the American Red Cross from 1993 to 1995 in the Washington headquarters, and as an overseas delegate in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. From 1999 to

2002, she worked as a Hill staffer with the US House of Representatives International Relations Committee. Nisha held the post of assistant administrator for Asia at the US Agency for International Development (USAID), since September 2010.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda

Sikh man in US wins discrimination case

Nisha Desai sworn in as US Assistant Secretary of State

Nisha Desai Biswal




EC notice to TN minister for model code violation

The Election Commission of India has issued a show-cause notice to Tamil Nadu highways minister Edappadi K Palanisamy for allegedly violating the model code of conduct, in force in Salem district ahead of the December 4 by-poll to the Yercaud assembly constituency. Palanisamy is the second minister, after school education minister K C Veeramani, to receive such a notice. The move follows suspension of Yercaud panchayat union block development officer M Jayaraman recently.

Karnataka minister quits over mining charges Karnataka minister Santosh Lad resigned from the Siddaramaiah-led Congress ministry in face of charges that his firm was involved in illegal mining. "I have tendered my resignation to the chief minister (Siddaramaiah) in view of the allegations of illegal mining against me and my company and to avoid any embarrassment to the government," Lad said. Holding independent charge, the 34year-old Lad was minister for infrastructure development, information & broadcasting and Kannada and culture.

New name for Bangalore international airport

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), promoters of Bengaluru International Airport, said its name would be changed to Kempegowda International Airport with the opening of a new terminal on December 14. The terminal will be inaugurated by chief minister Siddaramaiah and civil aviation minister Ajit Singh. "The new name honours Kempegowda, the founding father of Bangalore, and the renaming is being timed with the opening of terminal T1A where facilities, interiors and exteriors mirror Karnataka's rich culture and vibrant colours of the Garden City," said GV Sanjay Reddy, MD, BIAL.


Dhyan Chand, Milkha statues to stand tall

At a time when hockey fans and players around the country are demanding Bharat Ratna being given to Dhyan Chand, a 28feet-high statue of the hockey sensation and Flying Sikh Milkha Singh is being constructed at a stadium in Ludhiana. Jagroop Jarkhar, who is involved in the construction of the statues, said they would be ready by December. The statues will be constructed at a cost of Rs 750,000 at Jarkhar Hockey stadium in Jarkhar village, 12 km from Ludhiana. Milkha Singh and son of the late legend Dhyan Chand, Ashok Kumar, have agreed to attend the unveiling ceremony, said Jagroop

Badal backs demand for Bharat Ratna for Vajpayee

A day after former NDA allies supported BJP's demand for Bharat Ratna for former Prime Minister A B Vajpayee, Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal joined the chorus and said the former PM was "perfectly fit politician" of present times to be awarded the honour. "I worked with him (Vajpayee) very closely...he had taken all the parties together in NDA and was having a secular image. Members of every religious community had reposed faith in him. He was a real statesman. If any politician deserves to be awarded Bharat Ratna today, Vajpayee is the best candidate for that," said Badal.

3 bank managers booked for forgery

Nine people, including three bank managers, have been booked for using forged property documents to take a loan of Rs 6000,000. The accused have been identified as Gurpreet Singh, relationship manager at Standard Charted Bank, Ankush Gupta, credit manager at Standard Charted Bank and Sunil Jain, credit manager at Centurion Bank, Manjit Singh, Kamaljit Kaur, Satpal Singh, Harvinder Singh Boparai, Navneet Singh and Gurpreet Singh alias Lucky.

Cameron has won Tamils’ hearts, says Karunanidhi - Asian Voice 30th November2013

the sentiments of the Tamils, he could have explained the real reason behind his boycott in a letter to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“He should have raised the issue of atrocities against the Tamils and demanded a fair inquiry so that the world will know the truth. But he belied the expectations of Tamils and deputed external affairs minister Salman Khurshid to take part in the meeting,” he said. “The Indian Prime Minister also could have won the Tamils’ appreciation if Khurshid had announced that India would completely boycott to highlight the atrocities against

the Tamils, the human rights violations and war crimes,” he said. Recalling China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Qin Gang’s remarks that the international community should offer constructive help to countries to improve their human rights through their efforts, Karunanidhi said when even a country like China, which had been helping Sri Lanka in a big way, expressed his concern over human rights, the Indian foreign minister preferred to remain silent.

A 38-year-old woman was brutally attacked with a machete in an ATM in Bangalore leaving her severely injured, police said. The woman, manager at Corporation Bank, entered the ATM in which no security guard was present, to withdraw cash when the assailant followed her inside and brought down the shutter before threatening her with the weapon, police said. When the woman resisted, the assailant pushed her down and attacked her with the machete before escaping. The victim has been admitted to hospital with severe injuries, police said, adding that they have obtained the CCTV footage from the ATM and are investigating the matter. Meanwhile, police launched a hunt to nab the man. "We have formed special

teams to crack the case and alerted districts across the state to look out for the accused. We have shared closedcircuit television (CCTV) camera footage with district police," Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradakar said. The city police also rushed teams to neighbouring states of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu for help from its counterparts in tracing the accused, who appears to be between 25-35 years. "We are confident of nabbing the assailant soon from clues obtained from the footage and a statement recorded from the victim (Jyothi Udaykumar), with great difficulty, as she is weak due to heavy loss of blood, and in a state shock," Auradkar said.

Four Carnatic musicians from the state have bagged the Sangeet Natak Akademi Puraskar for 2013 and senior Carnatic musicologist R Sathyanarayanan has been awarded the Akademi Ratna fellowship. Singer Aruna Sairam, vocalists D Seshachari and D Raghavachari (Hyderabad Brothers), mridangam exponent Trichy Sankaran and nadaswaram player Thiruvizha Jayashankar received the award. Five Hindustani musicians also received the award for music. "It is an honour. The award is a fruit of our efforts for the past 35 years," said D Seshachari of Hyderabad Brothers. In dance, Jamuna Krishnan and B Herambhanathan were awarded for Bharatanatyam, while seven others received

the award for other forms of dance. Other winners from Tamil Nadu include T A R Nadi Rao and N Jeeva Rao for Tamil folk music and Meenakshi for ghatam-making. Nadi and Jeeva Rao from Thanjavur are folk artists who specialise in Poikkal Kuthirai (dummy horse dance). "We are happy that the Akademi has recognised our art," said Nadi. The Akademi fellowship has been conferred since 1954. "The awards not only symbolise the highest standard of excellence and achievement on a national basis, but also recognise individual work and contribution to the practice of the arts," said an Akademi release. The award carries a cash prize of 100,000 and a certificate, while the fellowship carries a prize of 300,000.

The 65th Republic Day of India will for the first time see participation of Chandigarh in the form of Rock Garden as a tableau. After shortlisting the open hand, the theme of Jawaharlal Nehru's modern city, Rock Garden has been approved by the ministry of defence. "The old part of the Rock Garden has been selected. It has been a tough competition as we had to rework many times. One of the themes was slum rehabilitation. But the Rock Garden with its murals has been approved," said Anil Kumar, home secretary, UT. The tableau will be made colourful with reused waste, including sanitary wares, bangles and fused bulbs. "This will be the first time that the city's landmark area will be brought on the national stage," said the home secre-

tary. The Rock Garden has been placed on the global map as it has been an attractive tourist spot. "The tableau will have waterfall and standing and sitting postured murals. We want to convey the message of utilization of waste in the best way," said the home secretary. According to UT officials, the tableau will have five men and women who will be participating as onlookers. "The tableau will be assembled in Delhi. We have been asked to work on a musical composition which will be played for 45 seconds while it pass through the presidential dais," said an official. Presently, the ministry of defence has asked the UT officials to add more to the tableau. "A bird's mural will be placed at the front and the other murals will be displayed in the background. The waterfall will add life to the inanimate tableau," said an official. Nek Chand, the creator of the garden was elated. "I am feeling proud that my garden has been selected for the national day celebrations."

British Prime Minister David Cameron has secured a permanent place in the heart of Tamils living in Sri Lanka, in other parts of the world and in Tamil Nadu by demanding a fair inquiry into the human rights violations and war crimes in Sri Lanka, DMK president M Karunanidhi said. In a statement here, he said while Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had stayed away from the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in deference to

David Cameron

Woman attacked with machete inside Bangalore ATM

Rock Garden to star in R-Day parade

5 Carnatic musicians honoured with Akademi awards

Two Punjabis get Sangeet Natak Akademi award

Gurdial Singh

Eminent author and novelist Gurdial Singh and theatre personality Kewal Dhaliwal have been chosen for the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi award for the year 2013. It is for the first time in the 61 year history of the akademi that two Punjabis have been chosen in a single year. Kewal Dhaliwal has been chosen for the award in the category of Theatre direction whereas Gurdial Singh in the category of Music instrument making. Gurdial Singh had also bagged the prestigious Jnanpith award in year 2000 and Sahitya Akademi award in year 1975. His novel “Marhi da diva” written in 1964 had got big laurels. Only recently a Punjabi film was made on Gurdial Singh's

Kewal Dhaliwal

novel 'Anhey Ghode da daan' in the same name and had won the national award apart from winning awards at many international film festivals. Gurdial Singh (80) has written 10 novels in his writing career spanning over 55 years. "I am happy to be chosen for the award. Basically my novels especially ‘Marhi da diva’ got much appreciation but I have been given the award for instrument making music". Kewal Dhaliwal is in the field of theatre direction for the past 36 years. Kewal Dhaliwal, a disciple of eminent theatre personality Gursharan Singh aka Bhai Manna Singh has dedicated the award to the memory of Gursharan Singh, who had passed away two years ago.


26/11 terror attack: Tributes paid to martyrs, victims - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan and home minister RR Patil paid tributes to martyrs at a Police Memorial on the fifth anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks on Tuesday. Chavan and Patil paid homage to the heroes at the Police Gymkhana in Marine Lines, where a 26/11 memorial has been erected in remembrance of the policemen, who lost their lives fighting terrorists. Mumbai Police commissioner Satyapal Singh and family members of victims and bravehearts, also paid floral tributes to those killed in the November 26, 2008, siege. Lone surviving Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab, who was nabbed after the carnage, was hanged in Pune's

Yerawada Jail on November 21 last year. Five years ago, 10 LeT terrorists launched coordinated attacks across key locations in the country's financial capital killing 166

people, including policeman, NSG commandos and some foreigners. India has been demanding that the perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage should be brought to jus-

tice and Pakistan should swiftly conclude the 26/11 trial of the accused. Modi pays tributes BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi paid tributes to the victims

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has turned to its old confidant Dawood Ibrahim seeking his aid to attack the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, if the central intelligence agencies are to be believed. This has been revealed in a secret note of the intelligence agencies on Modi’s threat perception. The Gujarat chief minister is facing threats from various terror outfits also. The fresh intelligence gathered by central intelligence agencies reveals that the ISI is taking the underworld don’s assistance to target Modi. The intelligence note prepared on the threat to Modi has also mentioned about the ISIDawood nexus. “As per an input, Dawood Ibrahim during a meeting with senior ISI functionaries was tasked to restart activities in India and also target Shri Narendra Modi,” the note says. Sources say the note was prepared after the attack on Modi’s rally in Patna on October 27. As

many as eight people were killed in the eight explosions occurred in Patna during Modi rally. It is suspected that terror outfit Indian Mujahideen was responsible for the attack. The intelligence note also reveals that Modi faces a risk not just within India but also from other countries. Other than Pakistan’s ISI, terror operatives in Saudi Arabia are also targeting Modi. “Islamic fundamentalists based in Saudi Arabia are planning attack Modi,” the note says. According to the inputs gathered by intelligence agencies, a terror operative - Shahid alias Bilal - has informed an unidentified associate in Saudi Arabia that a suicide attack would be a better option as against a remote-controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to attack Modi, says the note. Another revelation made by in the note is about the possibility of some Indian security officials turning rouge and helping terror groups to

attack Modi. The note states that Lashkar-eTayyeba (LeT) operatives have recruited some security officials to allow free access to them. According to intelligence inputs that have been put together by central intelligence agencies, banned outfit Student Islamic Students of India (SIMI) is collaborating with other terror outfits and seeking their help to attack Modi. “SIMI members have been networking with LeT, Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HUJI) and Jaish-e-Mohammed ( JeM),” the note says. According to the note, SIMI activists who were arrested recently reveal that the outfit is organising training camps and a suicide wing called Shaheen Force is being organised to target senior political leaders, including Modi who tops the hit list. The note also mentions that Modi faces a threat from Maoists. The intelligence note also mentions the various modus operandi that the terror outfits would resort to.

BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is among Time magazine's shortlisted candidates for its 'Person of the Year' title and has emerged as an early favourite among the readers in an online poll. Time has shortlisted 42 global leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities for its 'Person of the Year 2013' and will announce the winner next month. Other candidates in fray are Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, US President Barack Obama, Pakistani teenage education activist Malala Yousafzai, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and even the new heir to the British throne Prince George. On Modi, Time said, "the controversial Hindu nationalist and CM of the Indian state of Gujarat is the most likely candidate to unseat India's ruling Congress party in the world's largest democracy." Modi is the only Indian in the shortlist. While Time's editors will choose the winner, it has asked

India may not have directly played errand boy or secret channel in the USIran nuclear deal, but almost every interlocutor who worked on the USIran agreement has an India connection - from William Burns, the deputy secretary of state who initiated and led the secret talks (he also wrapped up the US-India nuclear deal) to Puneet Talwar, the White House national security council staffer who did the grunt work for the agreement, to Thomas Pickering and Frank Wisner, both former US ambassadors to New Delhi, who opened

the back channel with Teheran. More important than the personnel involved, however, the reconciliation carries multiple benefits for India, which has the second largest Shia Muslim population in the world after Iran. In fact, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Indian officials has often pointed this out during discussions with US officials whenever the subject of Washington’s difficult relationship with Teheran came up, suggesting that a reconciliation would redound to the benefit of all sides – from making

US draw down from Afghanistan smoother to relieving India, which has close civilizational ties with the Persian power, from suffocating pressure on the energy front. The US-Iran deal, which is currently of an interim nature with much more groundwork to be done before it is set in stone, has other profound consequences for India and the region. For one, its extricates Washington from the Sunni stranglehold that had cast the US as an unremitting ally of Sunnidominated countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,

and Egypt against mostly Shia-dominated Iran, Iraq, and Syria. India, which has about a 70:30 Sunni-Shia mix, has an exemplary record of intra-communal harmony, and there were lurking fears that this might be disrupted if the Sunni-Shia conflict in the Muslim world expanded eastward. On the nuclear front too, US exceptionalism is being applied to two countries with civilizational underpinnings (India and Iran) vis-à-vis their artificially created rivals (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan).

Dawood gets ISI contract to target Modi


of terror attacks in Mumbai on Tuesday. “I join my fellow countrymen in remembering all those who lost their lives in the cowardly terror attacks in Mumbai on 26th November 2008,” Modi said. He said that the Centre’s failure to bring the real perpetrators of 26/11 to justice is disappointing. It is high time the Central government acts decisively, he added. Urging the people to work towards stronger and safer India, Modi said that let us assure families of the victims that sacrifice of their near ones would not go in vain. “Time to work towards a stronger & safer India,” he asserted. Bring 26/11 perpetrators to justice: UN official As India marks the fifth anniversary of the Mumbai terror attacks on

November 26, it is "important" that the perpetrators of the "terrible crime" should be brought to justice, UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon's spokesman said. The 26/11 terror attacks, in which 166 people were killed was a "terrible crime, an awful terrorist attack," Ban's spokesman Martin Nesirky said in United Nations. "Certainly, it is important that those who were responsible are brought to justice. There has already been some action in that regard," he said. A commemorative event marking the fifth anniversary of the Mumbai attacks has been organized in New York by the American India Public Affairs Committee along with the American Jewish Committee Asia Pacific Region.

Narendra Modi readers to cast their votes for the person they think 'most influenced the news this year for better or worse'. So far Modi has got over 2650 votes and with about 25%, is leading the online readers' poll. Modi is way ahead with Snowden, who garnered the second highest number of votes at about 7% as on November 20. Obama, who has twice been named 'Person of the Year', is in the shortlist with the US magazine saying the President's "second term started with a slew of self-inflicted wounds and

unfulfilled promise(s), from an IRS scandal and stalled immigration reform to the bungled Obamacare launch". Syrian President Bashar Assad is also among the contenders. Among the other candidates are New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, J P Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Pope Francis, Oscar winner Angelina Jolie. International Monetary Fund head Christine Lagarde, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Germany's re-elected Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin are other contenders. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Chinese President Xi Jinping are also among those shortlisted. Chechen brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the suspects in the Boston Marathon terror bombings, are in the shortlist too.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued notice to Enforcement Directorate seeking its response on what action it has taken against various accused involved in coal block allocation scam. A three-judge bench headed by Justice R M Lodha passed the order on a plea seeking direction to ED to probe and take action against accused under Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). Advocate Prashant Bhushan, appearing for one of the petitioners on whose plea the apex court is monitoring the probe, submitted that the ED and the CBI

should act simultaneously like they did in 2G scam and urged the bench to monitor ED probe also. "As per the scheme of the PMLA, which deals with the proceeds of a crime, the coal blocks/mining leases in question are liable to be attached under Section 5 of the PMLA in view of the fact that the allocation of the blocks allegedly involved the commission of offences scheduled under the PMLA," he submitted. He contended that the ED must be asked to explain the status of its investigations in the coal block allocation cases.

Narendra Modi shortlisted by Time for 'Person of the Year' title

India at the centre in US-Iran nuke deal

SC issues notice to ED in coal allocation scam



Nagaland asserts right to frame own energy rules, alarm in Delhi

The Centre and Nagaland government have landed in a constitutional row over the state's right to independently exploit its natural resources, resulting in the Centre sending out a strong missive last week asking it to fall in line. This, incidentally, is the second such letter, issued after a detailed legal review, the Governor's report and elaborate discussions at the highest levels, involving the Prime Minister's Office, Home Ministry, Law Ministry and Petroleum Ministry. The issue at hand is the interpretation of Article 371A of the Constitution relating to Nagaland. The provocation was the state government's move to issue the Nagaland Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulations last year. The Centre immediately objected saying that the state, under the Constitution, could not regulate mining of natural Continued from page 1 Defence counsel Tanvir Mir said that evidences against his clients were weak and sought leniency for the Talwar couple. The arguments lasted just five minutes before the judge adjourned proceedings and pronounced the quantum of sentence on Tuesday. The Talwars were also sentenced for five years for destruction of evidence. In the case of Rajesh, he was sentenced for another one year for filing wrong FIR with police. All the sentences pronounced by the judge, who relied heavily on the circumstantial evidence provided by the CBI, will run concurrently. In a case that had gripped the nation as one of the most puzzling crimes ever awash with allegations of sleaze and sex, police-goof-ups, CBI - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Congratulations on the birth of Yash Makwana on 5th November 2013 to parents Ketan & Vinal Makwana from Grandparents Manubhai & Jayaben Makwana, Motabapa Pravinbhai Makwana, Motaba Pritiben sister Uma Nanabapa Pradeepbhai and Nanima Nandaben Waghela, Masi Devika and from all Makwana & Waghela family.

wealth under the ground as this was a Central subject. It argued that Article 371A only gives the state the right against implementing Central Acts in certain areas, and not to make new laws or regulations on these subjects. The Naga People's Front government led by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, however, dug in its heels, insisting that Article 371A makes it clear that "no Act of Parliament in respect of Naga customary laws, administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to customary

law, ownership and transfer of land and its resources shall apply to the state of Nagaland unless the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland by a resolution so decides". The controversial notification, quoting a 2010 Assembly resolution, reaffirmed this in the preambulary paragraph: "No Act of Parliament governing Petroleum and Natural Gas shall be applicable to the state of Nagaland and all such Acts shall be deemed to have become inapplicable to the state from the date of enactment of Article 371A (1) (a) of the Constitution of India regardless of previous acts of commissions and omissions." To buttress its claims, the state government produced a Petroleum Ministry response to a Parliament question in March 2011 conceding that the Constitutional provision applied to the

exploitation of natural resources. However, admitting that this was a mistake, the ministry had pulled back the reply from Parliament last year and corrected its position. The ministry had then followed it up with a letter from Petroleum Minister Veerappa Moily in June to Rio, putting it on record that the notification on petroleum and natural gas regulations was "unconstitutional" and should be annulled. The Nagaland CM, in turn, took the matter to the Assembly, held consultations, including with noted legal luminaries, and wrote back a strong rejection of this stand, accompanied by the Assembly resolution on the subject. The Rio government then went ahead and invited expressions of interest from companies, telling them that they would be "special guests" of the state.

flip-flops and too much media exposure, the dentist couple were convicted in the murder of their 14year-old daughter Aarushi and 45-year-old Hemraj, who hailed from Nepal on Monday. The accused were convicted under IPC sections 302 (murder), 201 (destruction of evidence) and 34 (common intention to commit the crime). Rajesh was also convicted separately for "furnishing false information to the police regarding the murder of his daughter by Hemraj (Section 203). ”Rajesh killed Aarushi and Hemraj at their Noida home on May 15-16 night, 2008, in a fit of rage after finding them in an objectionable position. Nupur helped in the crime,” revealed the CBI investigation suggesting the double-murder could be a case of honour killing.

Meanwhile Talwar’s brother Dinesh said that they would appeal against the conviction in the Allahabad High Court. According to him a lot of evidence has been ignored. Aarushi, a student of class nine was found on her bed with her throat slit on the morning of November 1, at their residence in Noida, a Delhi suburb. Police initially blamed the missing domestic servant Hemraj. Later on they found his decomposing body on the roof 24 hours later with a similar cut and head wounds. In the 204 page verdict the CBI court said that the parents are the best protectors of their own children. That is the order of the human nature but there have been freaks in the history of mankind where

the father and the mother became the killer of their own progeny, said the court adding that Talwars have killed their own daughter who hardly had seen 14 summers of her life and the servant without the compunction of terrestrial terrain. The CBI initially gave Talwars a clean chit and pinned the blame on three domestic helps – Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay, who also were arrested. The then CBI Director A P Singh was of the opinion that no case was made against the three domestic helps and constituted a new team to probe the case afresh. The CBI later filed a closure report saying though there was enough suspicion about the role of the parents in the murder, they had no direct evidence to prove it.

Continued from page 1 The overall women voter turnout too was impressive at 68.91%, with males predictably higher at 72.5%. Although voting was overall peaceful, Bhind, Morena and Khargone witnessed some violence in which two people were killed. The nephew of a Congress candidate, Bhura Kansana, was shot by BSF jawans in Sumaoli constituency of Morena after which the administration clamped prohibitory orders as a precautionary step. BSF jawans fired after Kansana, 27, nephew of Aidal Singh Kansana, Congress candidate from Sumaoli, threatened voters at a polling booth. In Kasrawad, Khargone, a Congress worker was killed in a clash with BJP supporters. Kalu Yadav, 38, was killed when Congress and BJP supporters hurled stones at each other over a dispute outside a polling booth in Sadari village. Besides, voters boycotted polls in 26 booths in 13 districts but officials said polling in these places had taken place late in the evening. Chief electoral officer Jaideep Govind said, “Villagers boycotted polls in protest against lack of roads and basic civic facilities.” Elections to the 40-member House in Mizoram in comparison were peaceful with Mizoram People’s Forum (MPF), the church-sponsored election watchdog, keeping vigil.

tion. Let them file the reply.” Tulsi submitted, "This has become a political battle. I am entitled to interim protection as has been the practice of this court. At best, the case is of section 354 (outraging the modesty of a woman) of the IPC and it is the figment of imagination that it has become a case of section 376 (rape) of the IPC. Even the girl has not made any statement to the police." At the start of the hearing, the counsel of the Goa police sought one week's time to respond to the petition of Tejpal and

opposed the submission seeking grant of any interim protection against his arrest. Tejpal has moved the high court seeking either anticipatory bail or transit bail "to enable him to approach the appropriate court for seeking relief in accordance with the law". Terming one of the two incidents as "only light hearted bantering", the petition said, "The nature of the said meeting can be easily established by perusal of CCTV footage of Hotel Hyatt, Goa, which is within the knowledge and reach of the Goa police but the same has been blatantly

ignored by the investigating agency. According to Tejpal his woman colleague "continued to party and was completely normal and friendly all throughout her stay in Goa". She was at every party and social event through the conference and stayed out late in the night, he added. Terming the complaint of the victim as "motivated, false and an afterthought", the petition said it was filed after a delay of 10 days. It also refuted the allegations. "The Managing Editor (of the magazine), however, refused to even listen to the applicant's version

and overrode him, telling him that she was making the decision in Tehelka's interest," it said. On November 22, the Goa Police lodged an FIR against Tejpal under sections 376 (rape), 376 (2) (k) (rape by a person of a woman in his custody taking advantage of his official position) and 354 (outraging modesty) of IPC in connection with the incident. Conviction under section 376 of IPC entails a maximum of life term in jail. The issue came into the limelight when an email by the magazine's woman journalist, who resigned on Monday,

Neiphiu Rio

Arushi murder: Parents gets life term

Continued from page 1 "I am opposing the matter due to the seriousness of the allegations against the accused," the counsel for the Goa police said, adding that he has not been supplied with the copy of the petition by the accused journalist. Senior advocate K T S Tulsi and Geeta Luthra, appearing for Tejpal, said that the Tehelka Editor be protected against any possible arrest till the court starts hearing his bail application. Refusing to grant interim protection, Justice Gupta said, "I don't have even the copy of the FIR with the peti-

New Arrival

SP sidelines ‘poster boy’ Akhilesh for LS march

Eighteen months after he made his son the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, hoping for a generational change in the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav is back at the front controlling both his party and state government. With his son, Akhilesh Yadav, failing to read into the situations — recent riots in western parts of the state being an example — and with trouble brewing within the SP — at least two sitting MPs have refused to contest Lok Sabha elections on party ticket — Mulayam has now firmly taken charge of the party's preparations for the 2014 elections. Akhilesh has been

sidelined — his say being limited to getting the party rallies filmed by advertisement experts from Mumbai, getting the rally webcast on party website and selecting publicity material for gatherings. It has been a tumultuous 18 months since Akhilesh took charge as the CM. Mulayam who had then said, "Ab hamari party jawan ho gayi hai (Our party is getting young)" is now urging the electorate not to punish him for the wrongs committed by the party's ministers, MLA or MPs. The politician in Mulayam, party leaders say, has read the writing on the wall.

Record voter- turnout in Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram

Rape charge against Tehelka editor Tejpal

alleging sexual assault was made public and Tejpal announced on November 19 that he was stepping down from his job for six months. On November 24, a threemember Goa police team, which had come to Delhi, quizzed Tehelka Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhury and three employees who had been contacted by the alleged victim to corroborate her version. The police also took possession of a hard disk from the Tehelka office, transcripts of emails exchanged among Tejpal, Choudhury and the woman and other documents.

INDIA - Asian Voice 30th November2013


Parimal Nathwani –man behind Gujarat govt forms two-member India’s largest Greenfield oil refinery panel to probe snooping charges

Parimal Nathwani, a multi-faceted personality, strongly believes that nobility, forthrightness, hard work and a little dash of destiny makes a man. His story right from a ‘Mr Nobody’ to a man of many things is a classic example of what determination, sincerity and conviction can achieve.

By Mayuri Dave

“There is no failure in life; ‘Not Trying’ is indeed the biggest failure.” This is the philosophy of Parimal Nathwani, a face of Reliance Industries in Gujarat and Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). Nathwani was handpicked by Dhirubhai

setting up the refinery. “That was the turning point of my life,” affirms Nathwani adding that the task was Herculean, but he did everything to help Reliance acquire nearly 20,000 acres of land that too with farmers’ consent. The investment and the scale of the project were

Remembering fond memories with his role model, Nathwani says, “Dhirubhai’s philosophy was ‘Impossible can be made possible.’ I was completely convinced with it and have great faith in RIL leadership in general and Mukesh Ambani in particular.”

Ambani when he decided to build Asia’s largest crude oil refinery in Jamnagar. Popularly known as PN in his close circles, he is playing a crucial role right from acquiring land for the refinery till today. “I consider Dhirubhai as my role model. He taught me the traits of determination, decision making, hard-work and self-confidence. I had failed in my business earlier. He taught me to learn from mistakes in life,” says a nostalgic Nathwani while talking to Asian Voice. Hailing from a small town - Jam Khambhalia in Gujarat, he studied in Mumbai and got his doctorate in management from National Institute of Management. After completing studies, he joined the bleaching department of New Era Mills. After a short stint there, he became an entrepreneur and started a soap agency in Mumbai and later on initiated a partnership firm for manufacturing and marketing bath soap. However, the soap business turned out to be all frothy and he decided to plunge into the stock markets. Hoping to ride the bulls, Nathwani was done in by the bears during the infamous Harshad Mehta scam in early 1990s. Despite series of failure in businesses, his faith in God didn’t diminish, he says adding that a meeting with Dhirubhai Ambani – the father of India’s capital markets – and his illustrious son Mukesh Ambani in 1995 changed his life. “Dhirubhai took me under his wings at a time when Reliance was planning the country’s largest Greenfield refinery at Moti Khavdi village in Jamnagar district”, he asserts. Since then, Nathwani didn’t look back. He literally fulfilled Dhirubhai’s dream and played a pivotal role in land acquisition by removing hurdles in the process of

enormous. Again gutsy Nathwani was key player for Reliance to finalize deals for 400 properties on ownership basis and 1,200 properties on lease in Jamnagar city and surrounding areas – all this before market rates could escalate sensing that it was for a corporate giant like Reliance. Top management of Reliance, that includes current chairman Mukesh Ambani, saw huge potential in Nathwani and decided to give him bigger platform and relocate him to Ahmedabad from Jamnagar in 1997. He too reciprocated aptly and in no time Nathwani became the face of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) in Gujarat and elsewhere. PN spearheaded several prestigious projects for the group. Right from mammoth task of acquiring land from refinery to setting up of petroleum retail outlets and even establishing Jamnagar Special Economic Zone, Nathwani was always at the centre of all important activities of RIL. He also contributed to cross country gas transportation pipeline network and also in executing telecom network for erstwhile Reliance Infocomm in a record time and helped setting up consumer retail chain for the group. Now since the RIL is poised to roll out 4-G broadband network in 22 circles of the country, he is once again on the steering wheel to lead the project on the fast track. He has been positioned as in charge of RIL’s corporate affairs, human resources and industrial relations in Gujarat, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. He is also in the core leadership and top management of RIL. His ability to develop relationship transformed into nationwide network and Nathwani emerged as trouble shooter for RIL anywhere in the country.

In March 2008 another ‘Turning Point’ came in his life. “It was Mukeshbhai, who inspired me when I proposed to enter the fray for Rajya Sabha. I mince no words when I say what I could achieve was due to support and confidence he reposed in me.” In March 2008 Nathwani won Rajya Sabha election as an independent candidate from Jharkhand. Although, an alien to the region, he perhaps is the first and only Rajya Sabha MP to keep his promise and open an office in the region. Besides, government funds, he also contributes in his own way for various charitable and public welfare activities. Nathwani has created drinking water and sanitation facilities for Islamnagar, a poor slum in the heart of Ranchi town and made the area worth living. He also promised to rebuild a hospital run by Ranchi Municipal Corporation from his own funds. With tribal and minorities being the focus of the welfare work, Nathwani spent his personal fund. He raised more than 600 questions and issues in the Rajya Sabha, of which half were pertaining to Jharkhand. A mad cricket lover who used to bunk classes and even examination for the sport, Nathwani injured his eye while playing the gentlemen’s game. Apart from MP and RIL’s Group President (Corporate Affairs and Projects), he is also the vice president of Gujarat Cricket Association in which Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is the president. He also holds key positions in many organizations that include Reliance Rural Development Trust (Chairman), Dwarka and Nathdwara temple boards, Shree Bruhad Guajrat Sanskrit Prarishad and many others.

AV Correspondent The Gujarat government has formed a two- member commission on Monday to probe in snooping row in which allegations are being made against Guajrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for having relation with an architect woman. Gujarat government spokesman and cabinet minister Nitin Patel confirmed the development and said that the two member commission comprising retired high court judge Sugnaben Bhatt and retired IAS officer KC Kapoor. The commission will submit report on the matter in next three months, said Patel. Suspended Gujarat cadre IAS Officer Pradeep Sharma alleged that he was targeted by the Narendra Modi-led Government for having knowledge of Modi’s alleged close relationship with a woman architect, whose phone was illegally tapped by the State Government and police. He also filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court and demanded the court to consider his request for an independent CBI probe into the circumstances that led to the filing of a criminal

case against him in 2008. He also sought explanation from the State Government for illegally tapping his phone as that of the woman. The Gujarat government was under tremendous pressure as serious allegations were also made by opposition parties that too against Modi. It was difficult for the state government to explain the snooping controversy as Sharma annexed the entire record of transcript containing conversations between the then State Home Minister Amit Shah with then ATS Superintendent of Police GL Singhal, where orders were made to specifically put Sharma and the woman in question on 24x7 surveillance. As per Sharma’s claim he introduced the woman architect to Modi when he was district magistrate of Kutch in 2004. Meanwhile, the father of the girl whose name came up in the snooping row has written to the National Commission for Women (NCW) and Gujarat State Commission for Women stating that there is no need for further investigation in the case.

He maintained that his daughter’s privacy was not intruded by the BJP leaders and added that his daughter was aware of the help rendered by the Gujarat government. He also claimed that unnecessarily his daughter’s name is being maligned by certain groups for political reasons. "In 2009, due to personal and family reasons, I requested the chief minister to take steps in my daughter's interest," the father has said in the letter. "Considering the fact that the issues bothering me and my family were personal in nature, I deemed it fit to make an oral request to the chief minister as the political head of the state of Gujarat and with whom I have long-standing relations for more than two decades." He goes on to say that his daughter, an architect and educated woman is married and deeply perturbed by the intrusion upon her personal life and privacy. He says his daughter asked him to write to the commission "on her behalf to maintain her anonymity and keep her whereabouts from public gaze".

Gujarat is one of the preferred destinations for dental tourism

India, especially Gujarat, is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for dental tourism in the world. Thousands of people from USA, Europe and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking dental treatment. Though tourists cite a variety of reasons for their travel, the major reason is the cost for dental implants and dental surgery, which is generally cheap in India. Gujarat’s medical expertise and modern facilities are better than those of some of the South-East Asian nations. Another reason for the medical tourism is due to the fact that there are waiting lists in various specialties, which is between three weeks to one year in hospitals in UK and USA. Apart from the low medical and dental insurance coverage, cost of the dental treat-

ments is also extremely high in the western countries. Madhav Dental is the first and only ISO 9001:2008 certified dental centre in Saurashtra and Kutch region and is located in Jamnagar. Madhav Dental has 1,000 sq. feet hi tech dental centre with 3 fully computerized dental units with all modern and state of the art equipment. Dr Swati Khakharia and Dr Mehul Khakharia,

who are running the clinic, have done their graduation from GDC, Jamnagar. Dr Swati has done many certified courses on cosmetic dentistry and root canal treatment. After graduating from GDC, Jamnagar, Dr Mehul Khakharia took his postgraduation from world famous Tver state medical academy, Germany. He is an orthodontist and impantologist. Both Dr Swati and Dr Mehul have been running the clinic for the last seven years. The clinic offers dental implant treatment, orthodontic treatment, smile design, laser bleaching (tooth whitening), veneers and bridges, single sitting root canal treatment, dental fashion jewellery, tooth removal and surgery for gum problems. Email:,

Cyclone Lehar is all set to hit the Andhra coast with full force by Thursday. Weather bureau reports said that the severe cyclonic storm has now become a 'very severe cyclonic storm' over southeast Bay of Bengal, and is moving westwards. The system would intensify, move west-northwestwards and cross Andhra Pradesh coast

between Machilipatnam and Kalingapatnam near Kakinada around noon on November 28. People residing in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh are gearing up for the cyclone. Precautionary safety and rehabilitation measures are being taken to avoid loss of life and property. Fishermen have been told not to enter the sea. Cyclone Helen kills 10 in

AP: Cyclone Helen, the second major storm to hit Andhra coast in four weeks since Phailin, made landfall on the coast south of Machilipatnam last week, leaving an aftermath of death and devastation killing 10 people and damaging standing crop over thousands of acres in Krishna, West and East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts.

Dr Mehul Khakharia

‘Cyclone Lehar’ set to hit Andhra coast



Thousands of BJP workers fan out to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Ajanta and Ellora are the pride of Maharashtra

f you want to travel back in time to experience the Iancient legacy of India,

then you should travel to Ajanta Ellora. Designated as a World Heritage Site Ellora preserves cave temples as a historical and artistic legacy. The rockcut caves of both these sites Ajanta-Ellora are world famous and illustrate the degree of skill and artistry that Indian craftsmen had achieved several hundred years ago. Ajanta dates from 100 B.C. while Ellora is younger by some 600 years. The village of Ajanta is in the Sahyadri hills. From Aurangabad; a few miles away in a mammoth horseshoe-formed rock, are 30 caves overlooking a gorge, `each forming a room in the hill and some with inner rooms. All these have been carved out of solid rock with little more than a hammer and chisel and the faith and inspiration of Buddhism. Here, for the Buddhist monks, the artisans excavated Chaityas (chapels) for prayer and Viharas (monasteries) where they lived and taught. Many of the caves have the most exquisite detailed carvings on the walls, pillars and entrances as well as magnificent wall paintings. These caves were discovered early in the 19th century quite by chance by a party of British Officers on manoeuvres. Today the paintings and sculptures on Buddha’s life, belonging to the more mellow and ritualistic Mahayana Buddhism period, are world famous. Copies of them were shown in the Crystal Palace exhibition in London in 1866. These were destroyed in a fire there. Further copies were published soon afterwards

and four volumes of reproductions were brought out in 1933 by Ghulam Yazdani, the Director of Archaeology of the then Hyderabad State. Ajanta has formed an epicentre of interest for those who appreciate and are eager to know more about Indian history and art. It is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India and has been listed in the World Heritage list of monuments. The 30 caves of Ajanta were created over a span of some 600 years. In their range of time and treatments they provide a panorama of life in ancient India and are a source of all kinds of information... hair styles, ornaments, textiles, musical instruments, details of architecture, customs etc. It was from this collection of classical Indian art that a particular style was formed that traveled with Buddhism to many parts of the world. Similar paintings can be seen in Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, Bamiyan in Afghanistan, temples and shrines in Tibet, Nepal, China and Japan. Royal patronage made Ajanta possible. Professional artists carried out much of the work and each contributed his own individual skill and devotion to this monumental work. Visitors often ask how the artist who painted the detailed frescoes and chiseled out the intricate carvings, managed to work in the dark interiors of the caves. It has been noticed that the caves are illuminated by natural light for part of the day and it is presumed that metal mirrors or sheets of white cloth were used to reflect sunlight into the inner recesses. How to Reach Ellora It is easy to reach

Ajanta and Ellora caves by air, road and rail from the major cities of and states of India. Shopping In Ellora Unlike the site of Ajanta, Ellora was never 'rediscovered'. Known as Verul in ancient times, it has continuously attracted pilgrims through the centuries to the present day. Therefore it is no surprise that Ellora has been designated as a World Heritage Site, to be preserved as a historical site and an artistic legacy that will continue to inspire and enrich the lives of generations to come. Shopping in Ellora is restricted to the government shops near the bus stop. However, Aurangabad is famous for shopping where one can alight or stopover to buy Himroo shawls, Paithani sarees or fabric like Mashru and Kimkhab. There are also available a wide display of jewellery made of semiprecious stones and decorative pieces. By Air: The nearest airport (which is a domestic airport) from these caves is situated in Aurangabad (15 km) and can be reached directly from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Udaipur. By Rail: Aurangabad is the nearest railway station on South Central Railway Line, about 30 km from Ellora. By Road: Aurangabad is a major city of Maharashtra, therefore it is well connected by road. To reach Ellora Caves tourists should take a taxi from Aurangabad. There are State buses run from Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, Shirdi, Nasik, Dhule, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Indore and Bijapur to Aurangabad.

AV Correspondent BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is doing everything to ensure his party’s victory in the Assembly elections of four major states. While Gujarat Chief Minister is busy in addressing series of public meetings in the election bound states, thousands of BJP workers have also been deputed in neighboring states – Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Political pundits are looking Assembly elections in Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and MP as ‘Semi-Final’ ahead of the ‘Grand Finale’ – general elections in 2014. Considering the importance of Assembly Polls in these states, Modi almost remains out of Gujarat and campaign in length and breadth of all these states untiringly. Sources in the Gujarat BJP said that, the state

leadership has done exercise to identify BJP workers, who can help their counterparts in election campaign in the nearly 120 assembly constituencies in the neighboring Rajasthan and MP. According to a senior leader, BJP workers from those districts were byelections of Assembly and Panchayat are not due, are either in Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh. “These workers include Members of Parliament, MLAs, office bearers of District and Taluk Panchayats, municipalities and municipal corporations. The idea is to share their campaigning expertise with BJP cadres engaged in campaigning activities in both the states,” said Gujarat BJP president RC Faldu. The focus is on constituencies situated along Gujarat border, said a BJP leader that include Dungarpur, Banswada,

Rajsamant, Udaipur, Chitodgadh, Zalor, Pali, Jodhpur, Badmer, Jesalmer etc. in Rajasthan and Jambua, Alirajpur, Barvani, Burhanpur, Indore, Ujjain, Dewas, Dhar etc. districts of Madhya Pradesh, said the BJP leader. According to him Gujarat BJP cadre would stay in both the election bound state till the voting dates and work in co-ordination with respective in-charge of the respective constituencies. Apart from 75 assembly constituencies in Rajasthan, Gujarat BJP worker are roaming around 45 constituencies in Madhya Pradesh. The teams for targeted constituencies were formed immediately after Gujarati New Year day and workers were mandated to camp at their allotted constituencies for nearly one month to assist local workers.

AV Correspondent BJP’s star campaigner and prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi will give rest to his vocal cords after the elections in five states get over. Sources close to Modi said that, he would not attend major public meeting for at least a fortnight after December 4. Workaholic Modi, however, utilize the period by taking up strategic issue pertaining to upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Modi is expected to attend series of meetings to review gradation of Lok Sabha constituencies from various states. The way Gujarat Assembly constituencies were bifurcated in A, B and C grade in context of winning chances, Modi has given task to all the state unit heads, said a senior BJP leader adding that the reports pertaining to gradation would be submitted to BJP high command. In December, he will also participate in series of saffron party meetings to

work on manifesto, issues to be taken up in campaign of general elections and even review on result of elections in five states that include Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Mizoram. Besides, being party’s prime ministerial candidate, Modi will have to play key role in the allocation tickets for Lok Sabha constituencies across the country as well as seat sharing with NDA alliances. Sources said that effects of constant travelling and speeches in public meetings – on some

days as many as four to five rallies – are having a telling effect on his energy level and throat. “He would require refraining from rallies for 10-15 days to give much needed rest to vocal cords once election campaign completes in election bound states,” said Modi’s close aide. With eye on ‘Magical figure’ of 272 seats in general elections 2014, Modi will again start addressing public meetings in the later part of December. He is due to address public rallies in Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Uttarakhand during the month.

AV Correspondent A high-level business delegation from Italy led by their Ambassador to India Daniele Mancini on a visit to Gujarat paid a courtesy call on Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. The envoy held detailed discussion with the Chief Minister to explore areas of mutual

co-operation in social as well as industrial sectors. Impressed by Narendra Modi’s vision and his initiative of vibrant Gujarat, Mancini evinced keen interest to partner Gujarat’s growth story. Top executives of Italian companies, who accompanied the envoy, were keen to form strate-

gic alliance with companies in Gujarat. They also offered assistance in green technology in construction sector and infrastructure, logistic, ceramic, small city concept in industrial clusters, agro business and technology support in university-knowledge partnership.

Modi to skip public meetings after elections in five states

Italian envoy keen to partner Gujarat’s growth story

10 asthma triggers you should avoid - Asian Voice 30th November2013

The word asthma is derived from a Greek word which means breathlessness or panting. It is a chronic disease of the airways and makes breathing difficult. There is inflammation of the air passages that result in a temporary narrowing of the airways leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. Unfortunately, asthma is a condition for which there is no ‘cure’. The only option is to accept the fact that you have to live with it and live fully! Knowing what triggers the attacks and avoiding those triggers can certainly help in making the condition more bearable. Here are 10 triggers for asthma you should stay away from: Dust Dust, due to its allergyinducing properties, causes havoc for asthmatics. Therefore it’s absolutely essential that very high levels of hygiene are maintained and that rooms are kept dust-free. This can be achieved by thoroughly vacuuming the entire room including every nook and cranny. Flowers Pollen from flowers is a known trigger for asthma attacks and one will do well to avoid them. Growing plants indoors can be dangerous too, since they can be a source of mold – which triggers asthma. To avoid the formation of molds,

make sure not to give excess water to plants, keep them in a sunny place and remove dead parts as soon as they appear. Pets Animal lovers are going to the find the going tough. Research suggests that contact with cats or dogs are extremely dangerous for asthmatics. Not to mention the fact that small pieces of fur, particles of hair, saliva and even skin are all known asthma triggers. Even if the pet is not physically around you, their fur/hair might be in your environment and may pose risks. Smoke and aromas in the kitchen The smoke and aromas given off when cooking can be a major irritant to asthma sufferers so take steps to reduce such problems. If a proper exhaust fan or chimney is not available, then ensure there is an open window in the kitchen to help the cooking smells to escape outside. Smoking Cigarette smoke con-

tains different chemicals and gases that can irritate the lungs. Smoking increases your chance of getting asthma. Symptoms such as coughing and wheezing become worse when you smoke. Babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy have worse lung function and increased risk of wheezing. Anti-inflammatory drugs Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs like aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen and beta blockers) may trigger asthma attacks. Whenever a doctor is prescribing you medicines, make sure you tell him/her that you suffer from asthma. Exercise Exercise-induced asthma is a type of asthma triggered by vigorous or prolonged exercise or physical exertion. Narrowing of airway begins five to 20 minutes after exercise begins, making it difficult to catch your breath. Normally, the air we take in is first

The commercials sold you to the hand sanitiser and the bottled water. But are they really good for you? Experts argue not. Turns out several of the habits we have cultivated over the years, from being wary of germs to brushing teeth after every meal are not only unnecessary but could actually rob us of good health in the long term. Read on to find out how. Brushing after meals Obsessed with your pearly whites, you have taken to brushing your teeth after every meal. But your mommy told you only to brush your teeth twice a day - before breakfast and before bedtime. Turns out she was right. Dental experts say that brushing teeth immediately after a meal is not good for your teeth. The breakdown of food in the mouth leaves an acidic residue which weakens the enamel the protective layer on the teeth. Brushing the teeth when the enamel is weak, can strip the enamel permanently, causing tooth sensitivity. Instead: It's a good idea to wait for at least an hour after the meal before

reaching out for the toothbrush. If you must dislodge food particles that remain after eating, rinse your mouth with water. Using the hand sanitiser Do you have a habit of reaching out for the hand sanitiser each time you touch the handle on the train, especially after the last person to hold it was a noticeably sweaty commuter? You might be doing yourself more harm than good. While hand sanitisers are a convenient method of cleaning hands and getting rid of germs, it's important to use them properly. According to a research most hand sanitisers contain a chemical called triclosan which gets absorbed easily by the skin. As it enters the blood stream, it disrupts cell communication necessary for muscle coordination. Instead: When possible, use the time-tested method of washing your hands with soap and water. Ditching weights for cardio Nothing is as good as a run or swim in the morning. Especially if compared to lifting weights at the

gym. While this could work if your aim is just to stay fit, if you plan on losing weight, you need to stop being exclusive with the cardio. Instead: If you are an outdoors person and don't like to join a gym, it is suggested that you find a bench and a pair of dumbbells. Changing your cosmetics Changing cosmetics once every few weeks can damage your skin leaving it ridden with rash, pimples or acne. And no, reaching for another product won't help. Instead: It is recommended to go only for trusted brands, and always reading the pH value mentioned at the back of the product. Wearing flip flops You are afraid that heels will kill your knees and ankles, and think flats are the way to go. You couldn't be more wrong. Podiatrist and mobility consultant Chaitanya Shah says flip flops are not good as they do not provide any arch or structural support to the feet. "While walking, the toes have to constantly grip the slippers to control and balance

warmed and moistened by the nasal passages. But during exercise people tend to breathe through their mouths thus inhaling colder and drier air. In exerciseinduced asthma, the muscle bands around the airways are sensitive to these changes in temperature and humidity. They react by contracting, which narrows the airway. This results in symptoms of exerciseinduced asthma. Extreme weather Hot and humid weather or extremely cold weather causes asthma symptoms to flare-up. Even though weather is not in our control, asthmatic patients should ensure that they do not expose themselves to varying temperatures in a short time. Extreme emotional arousal Extreme emotions such as anxiety, anger and fear induce stress which in turn changes heart-rate and breathing patterns. There is rapid, shallow breathing causing constriction of airways and this consequently leads to an asthmatic attack. Food allergies Some of the most common foods associated with allergic symptoms are eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, fish, shrimp, etc. Food preservatives like sodium bisulfite, potassium bisulfite, sodium metabisulfite, potassium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite can also trigger asthma.

6 daily habits we need to quickly change them from slipping out. This alters the natural foot lift-off and landing and could lead to problems such as plantar fasciitis — inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot," he says. Instead: It is a good idea to wear flip flops at home, but ditch them when stepping out. Drinking only bottled water Bottled water is processed water and has been stripped off minerals. In tropical climates it serves the purpose of hydration. But in the long run, it can leave your body lacking in essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica and sulphate. These minerals perform various functions in the body such as energy production and cell and muscle repair. Instead: Fill your glass with water purified by a filtration system or carry a bottle from home.

To Our Readers

We are publishing these items in good faith, kindly consult your Doctor before you try to implement it. We do not hold any responsibility for its efficacy...



Eating nuts can reduce mortality rate

But no previous study had looked in such detail at various levels of nut consumption and their effects on overall mortality in a large population that was followed for over 30 years. For the new research, the scientists

People who eat daily a handful of nuts are 20 per cent less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than those who didn't consume nuts, according to a study. Scientists from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and the Harvard School of Public Health also found that regular nuteaters are more slender than those who didn't eat nuts. The study also looked at the protective effect on specific causes of death. "The most obvious benefit was a reduction of 29 per cent in deaths from heart disease - the major killer of people in America," said Charles S Fuchs, director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center at Dana-Farber, who is the senior author of the report. "But we also saw a significant reduction - 11 per cent - in the risk of dying from cancer," added Fuchs, who is also affiliated with the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women's. Whether any specific type or types of nuts were crucial to the protective effect couldn't be determined. However, the reduction in mortality was similar both for peanuts and for "tree nuts" - walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamias, pecans, pistachios and pine nuts. Several previous studies have found an association between increasing nut consumption and a lower risk of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, gallstones, and diverticulitis.

were able to tap databases from two wellknown ongoing observational studies that collect data on diet and other lifestyle factors and various health outcomes. The Nurses' Health Study provided data on 76,464 women between 1980 and 2010, and the Health Professionals' Follow-up Study yielded data on 42,498 men from 1986 to 2010. Participants in the studies filled out detailed food questionnaires every two to four years. With each food questionnaire, participants were asked to estimate how often they consumed nuts in a serving size of one ounce. "In all these analyses, the more nuts people ate, the less likely they were to die over the 30-year follow-up period," explained Ying Bao of Brigham and Women's Hospital, first author of the report. Those who ate nuts less than once a week had a seven per cent reduction in mortality; once a week, 11 per cent reduction; two to four times per week, 13 per cent reduction; five to six times per week, 15 per cent reduction, and seven or more times a week, a 20 per cent reduction in death rate.

Three new studies have shown that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important for adults to seek treatment for a sleep illness and aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. One study of 2,240 adults is the first to examine the link between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and mortality in Asians. Results showed that

all-cause mortality risk was 2.5 times higher and cardiovascular mortality risk was more than 4 times higher among people with severe OSA. Another study of 2,673 patients in Australia found that untreated OSA is associated with an increased risk of motor vehicle crashes in very sleepy men as well as near-misses in men and women.

Sleep very important to maintain healthy lifestyle


UK - Asian Voice 30th November2013

White Ribbon Campaign

Violence against women happens more than you think. It’s mostly committed by men. Almost half of all women in the UK experience domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. Violence against women causes more deaths and disability among women aged 15-44 than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war. Two women per week are killed as a result of domestic abuse. Whiteribboncampaign. is a charity set up by a group of men who know that there’s never an excuse for violence against women. They pledge never to condone it, or to stand by when they know it’s happening.

They are part of a worldwide movement to get as many pledges and donations so they can tackle this violence. You can get involved, wherever you are. If you can, help them to reach their goals by making a donation. By wearing a white ribbon, you pledge to never commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women. Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline, 0808 2000 247

Coming Events

l Friday 29th November 2013 – Tribute to Manna Day and Bollywood Legends at the Sangam Centre, 210 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 0AP from 7.15pm. Contact: 07552843234. l Tuesday 24th December 2013 – Bhule Bisri Yaade by Anila Gohil at Premier House Banqueting Hall, 1 Canning Road, Harrow HA3 7TS from 7.30pm till late. Contact: 07956810647. l Friday 6th December 2013 – Music: Classical Raag by Jonathan Mayer and Udit Pankhania from 6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 02074913567. l Saturday 7th December 2013 – Written by Jessy by Tasbir Malle, directed by Kate Chapman at 4pm at Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre, 1a Tower Street, London WC2H 9NP. Contact 02072406283. l Monday 9th December 2013 – Polarised by Arvind Thandi, directed by Janet Steel at 7.30pm at Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre, 1a Tower Street, London WC2H 9NP. Contact 02072406283. l Tuesday 10th December 2013 – To Forget and Forget by Neelam Parmar, directed by Suzanne Gorman at 7.30pm at Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre, 1a Tower Street, London WC2H 9NP. Contact 02072406283. l Wednesday 11th December 2013 – Book Launch: The Global Vegetarian by Mridu Thanki from 6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 02074913567. l Thursday 12th December 2013 – Music and Dance: Kaleidoscope – Celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema by Nrityakala The Rhythm from 6.30pm at The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF. Contact: 02074913567. Editor: CB Patel Associate Editor: Rupanjana Dutta Tel: 020 7749 4098 - Email: Editorial Executive: Tanveer Mann Tel: 020 7749 4010 - Email: Senior News Editor: Dhiren Katwa Freelance Correspondent: Rudy Otter Chief Operating Officer: Liji George Tel: 020 7749 4013 Email: Chief Financial Officer: Surendra Patel Tel: 020 7749 4093 Mobile: 07875 229 220 Email: Chief Accountant: Akshay Desai Tel: 020 7749 4087 Business Manager: Alka Shah Tel: 020 7749 4002 - Mobile: 07944 151 893 Email: Advertising Manager: Kishor Parmar Tel: 020 7749 4095 - Mobile: 07875 229 088 Email: Business Development Managers: Rovin J George - Email: Tel: 020 7749 4097 - Mobile: 07875 229 219 Nihir Shah - Email: Tel: 020 7749 4089 - Mobile: 07875 229 111 Urja Patel - Email: Kalpesh Shah Tel: 07539 88 66 44 Email: Graphic Designers: Harish Dahya & Ajay Kumar Tel: 020 7749 4086 Email: Customer Service: Ragini Nayak Tel: 020 7749 4080 - Email: (BPO) AB Publication (India) Pvt. Ltd. 207 Shalibhadra Complex, Opp. Jain Derasar, Nr. Nehru Nagar Circle, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad. Tel / Fax: +91 79 2646 5960

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20 Improved productivity marks the beginning of the week, but your efforts may slacken later. You may be searching for some answers, but take care that introspection doesn't cause you to withdraw from others. With the Sun in your solar ninth house, you will be thinking of far off lands and some of you will travel. TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21

Padmajaji with renowned Indian journalists in Britain Hasan Suroor, H S Rao and Kailash Budhwar

Mr Prashant Pise, the Head of Chancery, Indian High Commission organised a farewell for Padmajaji, Counsellor, Public Diplomacy at the India House on Monday 25 November. Padmajaji, who has been very helpful and kind to the Indian diaspora in Britain flew back to Delhi on 26 November 2013. Abhishek Shukla who has been in Beijing will move to London in her place around mid December.

UKTA celebrates Diwali

Continued from page 14

Miss Monika Rao, Miss Kaustubha, Miss Tiru and Miss Keerthi Gurjada. Mrs. Padma Killy, Trustee, UKTA gave a short talk on the importance of Diwali. Chief guests for the programme were Rt.Hon.Virendra Sharma, Member of Parliament, Mr. Sadanand Nayak (Executive Director, Punjab National Bank

(International) Ltd, Mr.Manish Tewari, MD, Hereandnow365 Ltd), who spoke and gave away the mementos to all the artistes. The highlight of the programme was the 10minute professional Fireworks by 1st Galaxy Fireworks, Nottingham in the neighbouring Council Grounds. The programme ended with an enjoyable Dinner served by Shayona caterers, run by the Swaminarayan Trust.

Charm is your ally in your dealings with others. Others will be impressed by you and your personable ways. Singles are apt to meet with new romantic opportunities. A good time to spend some time researching your investment options. Rely on your own research or your intuition. You need to exercise careful judgment regarding whom you'll confide in.

GEMINI May 22 - June 22

Extra drive and initiative enable you to accomplish more than usual. You should be successful in both your mundane routine and health issues - some of you will start a healthy regime and even join the gym. Loved ones will be feeling especially close. Not a good week for gambling or financial risk-taking.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22 Try not to be drawn into a contest of wills. Cooperation is the key to success in any dealings, be it personal or monetary. Job concerns may get you down a bit, but agreements will be reached with patience and diplomacy. You'll be able to successfully combine business with pleasure as new opportunities come your way.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23 You may be anxious to spend extra time on a work-related project, but here are responsibilities at home that will also demand attention. You may feel a bit hemmed-in or pressured at times. The Sun in your solar fifth house puts emphasis on your social-romantic life and how you go about having a good time. Once you get going there is no stopping you. VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

Projects of personal interests and home and family-centered activities are in focus as the week begins. Creative interests are highlighted. Excellent time for work of a mental nature. Local travel is a delight. Some of you will begin an exciting romance. Charm in self-expression will open doors for you now.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

You will meet with chances now to improve your income and status. Be ready to capitalize on opportunity when it strikes. You will be sowing the seeds today for a future success. However, don't expect immediate results. Be patient and allow sufficient time for your efforts to reap the rewards. Remain positive and the pieces of your puzzle will begin to fit soon.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

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You will need to handle both business and personal relationships gingerly now. A close tie may be quick to take offence or could take something you say in the wrong way. Innovative moves are favoured in business. You'll make decisions about the use of joint assets. Follow through on commitments made to others and don't promise more than you can deliver. Your charisma and self-confidence will be heightened while the Sun transits your solar first house. Three planets in your solar 12th house assist you in obtaining needed aid or enlightenment concerning private problems and limiting conditions,and can also help you to catch up with neglected tasks. All this is made easy as one of the planet is Mercury.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

You'll probably be in the mood for peace and quiet as Sun transits your solar twelfth house. You will be feeling a bit edgy as the week begins. You will need to guard against the possibility of injury due to dashing first and looking later. Everyone is a bit sensitive now. Either you or someone you're dealing with may over-react - be calm !

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

As the Sun transits your solar eleventh house, the focus is on social activities, group ties, and organizational events, which should be as productive as they are pleasurable. You can also find yourself rubbing shoulders with influential types who can help you to achieve your worldly goals, as well as means of meeting someone romantically.

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 Strong emphasis are noticed on your business, professional, or vocation interests, which will come to the fore in a favourable way. If you have been in a rut professionally, then this is the time to move quickly and make a decision. Some of you will take this time out and focus on distant shores as a means to relax whilst making an important decision.

Windies win second ODI, keep series alive - Asian Voice 30th November2013

After being at the receiving end thus far on the tour, the West Indians finally woke up from their slumber to script a remarkable two-wicket win in the second ODI and keep the three-match series alive at the Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy ACAVDCA Stadium in Visakhapatnam on Sunday night. Chasing a not-too-easy 289 for victory, the visitors took advantage of the dew factor as the Indian bowlers and fielders had a tough time on the field. In a thrilling finish, Test captain Darren Sammy held his nerves with a 45-ball unbeaten 63 (4x4, 4x6) to take his side home with three balls to spare. The West Indian chase revolved around the 100run partnership for the third wicket between Kieran Powell (59; 70b, 7x4, 1x6) and Darren Bravo (50; 54b, 8x4) and the 82-run stand for the sixth wicket between Lendl Simmons (62; 74b, 5x4, 1x6) and Sammy. Earlier, in the slyvan settings of Madhurawada, Virat Kohli continued from where he had left in Kochi. The Indian vicecaptain produced yet another masterly knock but failed in his bid to notch up a hat-trick of centuries here. In his previous two outings here, the 25-yearold Kohli had got 118 against the Australians and 117 against the Sri Lankans. From the moment he took guard with the Indian total reading 21 for one, there never seemed to be any doubts about Kohli not getting a third century. The man, who has two centuries and

three half-centuries in his last six innings, took his time to settle down and never seemed to be in a hurry. He curbed his aggressive instincts and bid his time before applying the throttle. Kohli, who survived a caught and bowled chance by West Indian skipper Dwayne Bravo on 63, seemed intent on reaching yet another three-figure mark. After reaching the 90s, he slowed down a bit and eschewed risk. However on 99, his IPL teammate Ravi Rampaul, who finished with a four for 60 haul, played spoilsport when he dug in a short one and Kohli’s eyes lit up at the opportunity to reach the landmark with a boundary. The resultant hook went up in the air and Jason Holder pulled off a stunning catch at fine leg. Holder took it very low and then got up and roared as his joy knew no bounds. A stunned Kohli went back shaking his head in disbelief. There was hardly any brute power on display today

from the Delhi batsman. Iindia overwhelm Windies In the first ODI at Kochi India romped home in style with plenty of time left in the game.. They put in a clinical performance to cruise to victory in just 35.2 overs with six wickets in hand. Though the target for them was just 212, it didn't look that easy given how West Indies batsmen struggled when they batted on a pitch which was keeping low and slow. But two men, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli, who seem to do no wrong of late, turned on the style against the insipid West Indian attack. Kohli stroked his way to a majestic 86 from 84 balls while Rohit hit an equally sublime 72 from 81 balls to inflict yet another demoralising defeat for the visitors. After losing Shikhar Dhawan (5) early, the two didn't put a foot wrong in their 133-run stand for the second wicket to put India on the road to victory. The pitch which looked like

playing all sort of tricks in the first session was treated like a perfect batting strip by the in-form duo as they looked comfortable against both pace and spin. Both of them looked good for a ton but missed out. Rohit was caught in the deep attempting a pull off Jason Holder. Rohit hit eight fours and a six in his knock. Kohli on the other hand, lost his wicket in an attempt to get to a century, holing out to Narine at long-off. Virat found the ropes on nine occasions and hit two sixes too. Though India lost Raina cheaply, Yuvraj Singh (16 not out) and MS Dhoni (13 not out) ensured India reached the target sans any further hiccups. Earlier, West Indies got off to a dreadful start after opting to bat. They lost Gayle off the second ball of the match to a run out. What’s worse, they could lose him for the next two games too. The dashing opener attempted a sharp single off pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar, but the bowler was quick to react and hit the stumps at the non-striker’s end with Gayle short of the mark. He went tumbling down in his attempt to reach the crease and hurt his hamstring and had to be stretchered off. That was just the start of their troubles as barring Darren Bravo (59), none of the other batsmen applied themselves on a wicket that afforded generous turn and indifferent bounce and they were bowled out for 211 in 48.5 overs. Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja grabbed three wickets each.

Magnus Carlsen is the new chess king

Norwegian Magnus Carlsen dethroned Viswanathan Anand as the World Chess Champion with a 65 move draw in the 10th game. Carlsen, 22, becomes the first World Champion from Norway defeating the five-time champion Anand, 43, on his home turf. The final tally stood at 6.5-3.5 in favour of Carlsen in the title match sponsored by the Tamil Nadu government. The winner takes home $1.53 million while Anand will settle for $1.02 million. Giving full credit to Carlsen for his title victory Anand said his mistakes did not happen on their own. He said he lost the plot in the fifth game. "I would first take rest and take stock of what has happened at the match and come to terms. At the end of the day the match was disappointing. I was not able to execute the match strategy," he said. "I haven't achieved any other thing I had aimed for," he added. According to Carlsen the third and fourth games made him feel that

Anand was vulnerable. "During the third and fourth games, I was able to settle down and realised that I don't have to do anything special. I just have to play my natural game," he said. Asked about Anand's mistakes, Carlsen said: "I would take the responsibility of that. The results were decided on the board and there was no role for psychological play." The 10th game was once again a lesson in end game strategy for all chess players with Carlsen and Anand fighting till the end. Carlsen opened the game by moving his king pawn two squares

to which Anand replied pushing his pawn on c file two squares. Subsequent moves signalled the game was progressing to Sicilian defence unorthodox variation. Chess grandmasters had expected Anand to play this variation after his two successive defeats so as to come back into the match putting pressure on Carlsen to play a longer middle game. But that did not happen. Jayalalithaa honours Carlsen Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa awarded the new world chess championship to Carlsen. At a prize distribution ceremony, Jayalalithaa gave away the winner's gold trophy to Carlsen, amid loud cheers from supporters. She also honoured the 22-year-old Norwegian with an olive garland from the Nilgiri hills, while World Chess Federation president Kirsan Illyumzhinov presented him a gold medal. Anand, who lost the crown in his home city, was rewarded with prize money and a silver medal.


After Sachin, another boy wonder rises in Mumbai


Barely few days after a legendary Mumbai cricketer retired, Prithvi Shaw, created a sensation by plundering a world record 546 for Rizvi Springfield against St Francis D'Assissi in the elite division of the Harris Shield tournament for senior schoolboys. Prithvi, a Class 9 student who was appointed captain of the Mumbai Under-16 team, celebrated the occasion with this spePrithvi Shaw cial knock, going past the previous highest score in school cricket (498) recorded by his schoolmate Armaan Jaffer in 2010. Captain of his school team, Prithvi, an opener, had been unbeaten on 257 after his team had bowled out D'Assissi for 92 on Day One of the three-day game. On the next day, he continued his innings and spent almost six hours at the wicket in all, slamming 85 boundaries and five sixes in his 330-ball knock. He was finally out caught-and-bowled. Riding on Prithvi's knock and his 619-run partnership with Satyalakshya Jain (164), Rizvi amassed 991 runs in 116 overs against the opposition's hapless bowling attack. Prithvi and Jain missed going past the 664-run partnership between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli in 1988 when Jain got stumped. Prithvi is a well-known name on the Mumbai schools circuit and has had two playing stints in England. He was in Manchester for three months last year and earlier this year played for Gloucestershire's second team, which is just below the level of first-class cricket.

Paes recommended for Padma Bhushan

Tennis star Leander Paes is the Union sports ministry’s lone choice for Padma Bhushan while veteran footballer Arun Ghosh has been nominated for Padma Shri. Also in the Padma Shri mix is the Kolkata-born table tennis legend Indu Puri, who moved to New Delhi to further her career in the game in the 1970s and 80s and won the national title a Leander Paes record eight times. Former national shooting coach Sunny Thomas and wrestler Late Khashaba Jadhav, who won India’s first individual Olympic medal (bronze) at Helsinki in 1952, too have been shortlisted for the award. Paes, who won the US Open doubles title in August with Radek Stepanek of the Czech Republic, is the only sportsman recommended by the ministry for Padam Bhushan. Last year, the ministry had forwarded the names of Rahul Dravid (cricket) and Sushil Kumar (wrestling) for the same honour and Dravid ended up getting it. Paes, who got the Arjuna award in 1990, the Khel Ratna in 1997 and the Padma Shri in 2001, has won the ministry’s vote for his consistent performance on the ATP circuit. He has 53 titles against his name including the Winston-Salem crown with Daniel Nestor of Canada and the US Open title this year. He would be only the second tennis player from the country to be bestowed the honour after Ramanathan Krishnan in 1967.

India recall Zaheer for South Africa tour

India on Monday picked veteran seamer Zaheer Khan for next month's Test series in South Africa, but again ignored opener Gautam Gambhir for the first tour in the post-Sachin Tendulkar era. Khan, an 88-Test veteran who needs five wickets to reach the 300 mark, had not been considered since the third Test against England in Kolkata a year ago due to form and fitness issues. The 35year-old was not handed a central contract this season, but found favour with the selectors after he claimed 13 wickets in three Ranji Trophy first-class matches for Mumbai, including a five-wicket haul.Khan will spearhead a five-man seam attack in South Africa where he claimed 10 wickets in two Tests on the previous tour in 2010-2011. But the left-arm seamer was not selected for the three-match one-day series against the Proteas which starts on December 5 and precedes the Tests. Gambhir, who was also sidelined after the home series against England, failed to impress the selectors despite making 153 on a green-top on Saturday to fashion Delhi's Ranji Trophy win over Haryana. Test squad: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (capt), Murali Vijay, Shikhar Dhawan, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kolhi, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Ravindra Jadeja, Zaheer Khan, Ambati Rayudu, Wriddhiman Saha, Ishant Sharma, Pragyan Ojha. One-day squad: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane, Yuvraj Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Ambati Rayudu, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra.


32 - Asian Voice 30th November2013

Johnson demolishes England in Ashes opener

Mitchell Johnson took five for 42 as Australia dismissed England for 179 in the Brisbane twilight to comprehensively win the first Ashes Test by 381 runs and take a 10 lead in the series on Sunday. It was a first victory in 10 Tests for Australia after losing a series 4-0 in India and another in England 3-0 this year, and a first win in eight Ashes contests since the Perth test in 2010. Only the weather, which delayed play twice for a total of more than two hours, looked like extending the contest to a fifth day but Johnson put paid to that idea when he dismissed James Anderson caught and bowled in fading light at the Gabba. England’s hopes of a result at Brisbane had been slim at best when they were set 561 to win and lost two second innings wickets for only 24 runs on Saturday evening. They were shattered when the dismissal of captain Alastair Cook for 65 triggered a collapse from 142 for four to 160 for eight in the 45 minutes between the two weather disruptions. Left-arm quick Johnson, who took 4-61 as the tourists were skittled for 136 in their first innings, claimed his eighth test five-wicket haul to walk away with the man of the match award. “A fantastic start, some fantastic individual performances, no more so than Mitchell Johnson,” said Australia captain Michael

Clarke. It was spinner Nathan Lyon (2-46) who made the key breakthrough, though, by dismissing Cook. Cook, who scored 235 not out in his second innings in the last Ashes test at the Gabba, had played a composed and defiant innings with just three boundaries before a dramatic hailstorm forced the players off the field. Six balls after the resumption, Lyon got a little bit of extra bounce out of the surface and Cook caught a top edge with an attempted cut with Brad Haddin taking the catch behind the wickets. England were only able to add only six runs for the next three wickets with Matt Prior (4), Stuart Broad (4) and Graeme Swann, whose miserable match continued when he got a second duck, quickly following their captain back to the pavilion. As in the first innings when England lost six wickets for nine runs in one spell, Lyon was just as involved as Johnson and it was he who

Bopanna-Qureshi to reunite in 2014

Successful tennis pair Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi will join hands once again from the 2014 season. The pair, known as the Indo-Pak Express, last played together in the ATP World Tour Final in 2011 London and has decided to pair up for a second stint with the aim of repeating and furthering their past exploits. The duo split after the Tour finals when Bopanna decided to partner Mahesh Bhupathi for the 2012 London Olympics. “It’s always a delight to partner with an old friend and specially someone with whom I have a great understanding with, on and off the court. I’ve always felt that we have a complementary playing style and the experience that we have playing with each other is an added advantage,” Bopanna said. The Indian has had quite an eventful 2013, reaching a career high of third in the ATP rankings in July post his successful stint at Wimbledon, making a semifinal appearance for the first time. He is also currently ranked fifth in the world.

had Prior caught at leg slip by David Warner after just eight minutes in the middle. It was war on the field, says Alastair Cook England captain Alastair Cook said that the Ashes series has turned into a “war” after his England side suffered a humiliating 381-run defeat. As the Australians chased victory on Sunday, the stump microphone picked up Michael Clarke, the Australia captain, saying to England’s last man James Anderson “get ready for a f------ broken thumb” as he prepared to face Mitchell Johnson, forcing the umpire Aleem Dar to step in to calm the players down. Earlier, in a spell before lunch, Johnson had verbally abused Cook in an attempt to unsettle the England captain as he tried to save the Test. England have faced aggression at every turn from the moment they set foot in Australia. It has come from the players on the field,

taunts in media interviews and taken up by certain sections of the Australian press eager to unsettle the English, even inciting the crowd to abuse the players. David Warner upped the ante when he claimed that England had “scared eyes” facing Johnson and that Jonathan Trott was “poor and weak” during his meltdown in the second innings on Saturday. The kind of behaviour on the field on Sunday has endured for generations between Englishmen and Australians and Cook accepted it was part of the battle but he felt some of the comments had gone over the top. “I think the comment by David Warner was pretty disrespectful to any professional cricketer really,” Cook said. “On the pitch it’s pretty much a war anyway so there’s always going to be a few battles and a few words on the pitch. That’s the way people want to watch cricket being played, tough, hard cricket, which on the pitch is fine.” It is very unusual for Cook to be so outspoken so his comments on Warner are indicative of the anger which is building within the England dressing room over the antics of some of the Australian players. Cook believes the “needle” is a consequence of two teams playing 10 Tests against each other in a short period while Clarke put it down to the nature of Ashes rivalry.

49 Indian athletes to take part in 15th World School Games Olympiad

Forty-nine school athletes, including gold medalist Anjana Thamke, Abdullah Aboobacker and Mohammed Afsal, have been selected to the 60member Indian school athletics team for the 15th World School Olympiad, a quadrennial international event organized by the International School Sport Federation (ISF), to be held at Brasilia in Brazil from November 27th to December 4, 2013. Following an intensive training programme of 90 days, the 60-member squad representing Team India left for Brasilia to participate in the Olympiad hoping to break all records. Interestingly, 49 under 18 Indian participants will be attending this event under the supervision of School Games Federation Of India (SGFI).

Anjana Thamke

Three times gold medal winner athlete Anjana Thamke is a part of this squad. Aboobacker of Kalladi HSS and Afsal of Parli HS both in Palakkad, Kerala, who won gold in triple jump and 800m, respectively at the Asian School Meet held in Malaysia are part of this squad. According to Dr Rajesh Mishra, (General Secretary of SGFI) and N B Mote (Dy Director Sports, Govt. of Maharashtra) the trails to select the team was very important and SGFI has

really worked hard to select the athletes from all over India. Mote is the chief of delegation along with manager of athlete Riyaz Ahmed and swimming manager Sadiq Shaikh. The squad: Boys Abdulla Aboobacker (Kerala, triple), Md Afsal (Kerala, 800m), Shakti Solanki (Delhi, shot put). Girls Meghana Devanga (Maharashtra, shot put), Swapna Burman (W.Bengal, high jump), Anjana Thamke (Maharashtra, 800m), Shilbi AP (Kerala,100m), Lekha Unni (1,500m of Mercy Kuttan’s Athletics Academy, Kerala), Pushpa Jakhar (Haryana, Javelin throw), Anjali Jose (CSH, Kerala, 400m) are part of this team. Overall 52 countries are participating at this sports event.

Afghanistan, Ireland qualify for World T20

Afghanistan reached their third successive World Twenty20 to complete a memorable year, which also saw the war-hit nation break through to a maiden World Cup. Also securing their place at the World T20 tournament were Ireland, who downed Hong Kong by 85 runs in Abu Dhabi for their seventh qualifying win. Afghanistan defeated Kenya by 34 runs in Sharjah to give the Asian side their sixth win in seven matches. Both Ireland and Afghanistan now top their respective groups to earn automatic qualification to the finals in Bangladesh next year. For Ireland this will be a fourth successive appearance after they played in the 2009, 2010 and 2012 tournaments. There are still four places to be decided for the March 16-April 6 event.

Indian weightlifter wins gold

India opened their medal account in the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships at Penang, Malaysia, with Deepak Lather bagging a gold and two silver in the 50kg youth boys section on the opening day. Lather’s effort of 83 kg in snatch fetched him a gold and secured a silver lifting 102 kg in clean and jerk. His total lift of 185 kg gave him another silver. The competitions for the youth, junior and senior are being held simultaneously. India is represented by 15, 15 and 11 weightlifters in the three sections respectively.

Pak square T20 international series by beating Proteas in second game

Pakistan has beaten South Africa by six runs in their second and final Twenty20 clash at Sahara Park Newlands to square the twomatch international series at 1-1. Once again, the Pakistan spinners played a major role with veteran Shahid Afridi taking 3/28 in four overs in spite of going for 15 in his last over, the recalled Saeed Ajmal 1/30 in his four and T20 captain Mohammed Hafeez 0/26 in three. According to Sport24, Pakistan unearthed a new fast bowling talent in the 22-year-old Bilawal Bhatti after tall spinner Mohammad Irfan dropped out of the tour over fitness isssues, and Bhatti bowled two crucial spells to finish with the most economical figures of the match by conceding only 19 runs in his first four overs. Apart from Dale Steyn (2/29 in 4 overs), all the South African bowlers were on the receiving end although Morne Morkel had a good finishing over - the 18th - that only went for three runs and kept the target down to slightly more manageable proportions. Pakistan's total of 176 was the second highest at Sahara Park Newlands, only being beaten by England's 188 against Zimbabwe at the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 in 2007, the report added.

Baskaran returns as India’s hockey coach

Olympic gold medallist V. Baskaran will return as coach of the Indian men’s hockey team and will work under recently-appointed chief coach Terry Walsh. Baskaran last coached the team in 2007 but was sacked after a string of poor performances, especially after India returned without a medal for the first time from the 2006 Asian Games in Doha. Baskaran has joined the training camp of the team at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) Centre in Bhopal for preparations for the FIH World League Finals in New Delhi in January and the 2014 FIH World Cup to be held in the Netherlands. “Baskaran will form an integral part of the coaching staff headed by Terry Walsh. I am sure his valuable experience will help the team in the 2014 World Cup and help take Indian hockey to new heights,” Hockey India (HI) secretary general Narinder Batra said.

AV 30th November 2013  

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