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Why stoop so low? decision-making process rather than scrapping the right to appeal. Keith Vaz MP has called on the Government to recognise the impact this highly risky policy will have on the significant South Asian population in Britain and reconsider their plans. He states in his letter to Minister for Immigration, Damien Green MP, “The fact that 36% of the decisions are reversed on appeal, it indicates that decision making needs to be improved rather than the right of appeal removed. This decision is especially worrying in light of the report on the Pakistan visa section published by the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency last year which heavily criticised decision making and highlighted that in the third quarter of 2009–10, only 25% of appeals were dismissed. With the majority of family visitor visas issued to relatives of the UK’s large South Asian community, this decision would effect every Asian family in the UK. The family visit visa is also generally only valid for 6 months and therefore does not impact on net migration figures.” Habib Rahman, Chief Executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has also shared simi-

lar views and said, " an application for someone to attend a wedding, a funeral, to visit a dying relative or to be with their loved ones for short periods is , the right to an appeal is the only fair way to settle such a matter. Thus the idea is discriminatory and mean and should be abandoned before it gets any further." Abolishing rights to appeal for family visit visas have a history in the UK's politics as the rights were scrapped by former Home Secretary, Ken Clarke in 1992. He told MPs that while he recognised that those who were refused were greatly disappointed that they could not come to Britain, it was still "not a matter of life or death". The decision lead to many problems and tensions in the British Asian community causing a drift in the larger society. After evaluating the outcomes, the right was reintroduced by the Labour party in 2000 under Jack Straw. However, with yet another similar proposal, that too in the times of heightened controversies over immigration issues, it is reflected that the government is unable to learn from its own past and is unnecessarily looking to cause discomfort in the society. Continued on page 5

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Government's new plans of scrapping the 'Right to Appeal' for family visit visa has reignited controversy that has surrounded the Coalition's immigration policies aimed to cap the in-flow of migrants into the UK. According to the proposal that was leaked into the national press, more than 80,000 overseas relatives of British families who are refused visas will lose the right to appeal to attend family events like weddings, funerals and alike. However, senior Whitehall officials have warned the Home Office that the plan is 'Highly controversial and legally risky', especially within the UK's British Asian community. The Immigration Minister, Damian Green has also been told to expect protests from “some Commonwealth countries”. In 2010, more than 420,000 visa applications were made by relatives of British families abroad, with 350,000 visas granted at the first instance. From the one's rejected, 63,000 were applied again with the 'Right to Appeal', out of which another 36 percent were then granted the visa. Granting the visa to these 36 percent while rejecting them on the first place has raised a need of looking into Home Office's

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21st May to 27th May 2011

Manubhai is no more Manubhai M Madhvani, well-known for his outstanding contribution towards all walks of life across the globe, passed away on 17th May at 00:20. The sad demise has left his entire family disheartened, but they are optimistic that his presence will still be felt as our society go on to witness the sweet fruits of his extensive welfare work. Leaders of the society has offered condolences. See pg.13 Read more about his life on pg.26

Women power on the rise in India

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi greets Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa after the swearing-in ceremony in Chennai.

With Aunty in Capital, Madam in Centre, Amma in South, Didi in East, Bhenji in North, it looks India is now living on woman power. India for the first time can boast of four women chief ministers. With the capture of power by Mamata Banerjee (Didi) in West

Bengal and J Jayalalithaa (Amma) in Tamil Nadu, the list of women chief ministers has risen to four. The others in the list are Shiela Dikshit (Madam) of Delhi, and BSP supremo Mayawati (Bhenji) in Uttar Pradesh. Continued on page 26



Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

one to one Keith Vaz MP with

Asad Shan, Managing Director, Iconic Productions UK Asad Shan is a British model-turned actor. In 2004 he was crowned Mr. Asia UK. Recently Asad has finished directing and starring in his first feature film, 7 Welcome To London. His most notable experience was as a veejay for B4U Music in India. After graduating from university with a degree in Law, Asad went to New York to train in Method Acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and in Film Performance at the New York Film Academy. Soon, Bollywood beckoned and he moved from the Big Apple to the bright lights and glamour of Mumbai. Now back in the UK Asad concentrates most of his time on Iconic Productions UK, a production company nurturing new and emerging talent. What inspired you to begin your career in film? I always enjoyed watching films, my dad used to bring good old VHS of Bollywood films and I used to watch the old Hollywood films growing up, so once I had finished my studies and worked for a couple of years in the big corporate world, I decided to follow my passion and thereafter it all began.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? My parents have been a great influence. For me, my father is the hardest working individual I know, hence he was a superb role model to follow and my mother’s recovery from a brain tumour gave me the perfect hope and opportunity to achieve my goals and fulfil my dreams. What is the best thing about your current role? I love Acting and Presenting but the best thing about being a filmmaker is to conceive, give birth and then share your baby with the world when it hits the big screen. I am super proud of every work I have done and it helps me connect with my audience whom I love dearly.

What are your proudest achievements?

People ■ London's Club Asia have just returned from a visit to Istanbul for the wedding of Pramod Mittal's daughter. Those who replied to the invitation on time got to stay at an outstanding hotel the others had to make do with just stunning. Off they all went to the next venue, Venice, for the marriage of Pramod Agarwal's daughter. ■ Lord Gulam Noon made his maiden speech in the House of Lords; all those present were very impressed.

And the worst? Proudest achievement is completing my directional film 7- welcome to London, which is my dream project. I have placed all my learning’s and skills in this film. Hence I am really looking forward to sharing this with the world, coming soon in 2011. Another proud moment is every weekend when my parents watch my

show on Zing where I do a show called Brits Bollywood, which has transmission to all the continents. Ps. I was the winner of a pageant, Mr. Asia UK 2004. Please tell us about your current position?

The magic of Bollywood returns to the West End!

Currently I am the director of Iconic Productions UK LTD, Iconic has completed its first feature film and is planning to make more films in UK, utilising the talent we have here. We also run a Bollywood Acting Academy where we teach students and professionals the art of acting and presenting in evening courses. I am also an actor and have two feature films coming out this year, 7 welcome to London and London Life, I am also a VJ and Presenter on SKY789 for Zee Networks musical channel called Zing. I am also the secretary for my local ward for the Labour party. What has been the biggest obstacle in your career? My biggest obstacle came from within to decide on this career and giving up Investment Banking. My parents have been amazing and very supportive. I suppose I have been so busy for the last few years that I have not had time to visit places like LA. I would like to give LA a shot once my two features have been released.


“A huge blast

of fun” “Bouncing with bling and energy to burn”



31 MAY - 3 JULY With shows on Sunday evenings

Erratic hours, never ending work, believing in perfection, lack of sleep and most importantly having no normality in life. What are your long term goals with Iconic Productions UK? Iconic productions UK Ltd is an institution and is ready to venture into more productions and make films. With our academy we will create new talent and build a platform for anyone interested in Acting or Presenting. If you were Prime Minister, what one thing would you change? I will make sure every single person in this country VOTES during the elections. It will be compulsory. If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figures would you like to spend your time with and why? Winston Churchill for his humour, Mahatma Ghandi for his calmness Eva Mendes for reasons I can’t reveal Massimo Bottura, the best chef in the world to toss us some amazing food.

UK is still a home to 181,000 illegal migrants According to a government report, around 181,000 migrants are living in Britain unlawfully after their visas have expired. The total includes students and workers from outside the EU who should have left the country in the last two-and-a-half years. UK Border Agency bosses came under fire from MPs after admitting they have no idea how many have returned home because they do not count people out of the country while a new system to monitor electronically everyone who departs will not be fully in place for at least another two years.The report, by the Commons Public Accounts Committee, warned the agency not to use the lack of exit controls as an ‘excuse’ to ignore thousands who are overstaying illegally.

Lord Gulam Noon

The troika of new ethnic minority peers: Noon, Lord Dolar Popat and Baroness Oona King are a great credit to the community.

■ The PM is to appear before the Commons Liaison Committee this week. This is the body that contains the Chairpersons of all the Commons Committee. Expect him to be asked about how he celebrated his first anniversary with the Deputy to Prime Minister Nick Clegg!

300 immigration abuses reported every day It was revealed that immigration officials receive about 300 complaints a day of suspected illegal migrants and other related abuses. However UK Border Agency (UKBA) has received immense criticism over the handling of these reported complaints as most of the times the officials are not even able to tell the status of a complaint, let alone whether it was concluded. John Vine, the chief inspector of UKBA, said the picture was “unacceptable” and that intelligence is often focused on hitting targets rather than targeting those organising illegal immigration. A separate report also revealed that plans to arrest suspected illegal immigrants had to be delayed because of a lack of detention space.

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


Rethink immigration policy The Coalition Government's plan to scrap the 'Right to Appeal' on family visit visas has reignited the spotlight on immigration and the Tory election pledge to cap the flow of immigrants into the UK. According to leaked media reports, more than 80,000 overseas relatives of British citizens who are refused visas will lose their right of appeal. Such visits usually entail family weddings, funerals and the like. Senior Whitehall officials have warned the Home Office that the plan was “highly controversial and legally risky”. It could be referred to the European Court found wanting as a violation of human rights. The proposed measure is not fit for purpose. Immigration control is a fact of life in today's world and nobody in his/her right senses would argue otherwise. That said, it would be equally untenable to cap the legitimate flow of people across national borders. People travel for a variety of reasons, some for pleasure, others for business, education, science, culture and plain tourism. For the most part they have the required documentation, which

experienced staff at British embassies and consulates subject to close scrutiny. They are well able to weed out deficient applications from those that are genuine. Must we add to the weight of the bureaucracy by adding to its labours at no great financial or social benefit to the country? And we are enjoined in our waking and sleeping hours to accept spending cuts as a prime national interest. Earlier, the Coalition dispensed much time and labour over the right of foreign companies in the UK to bring non-British staff into the country for their specialist skills. The City and British firms expressed their concerns at the Government's initial obduracy, which was linked to the Tory party's election promises at the hustings. Eventually reason and common sense prevailed and a way forward was found. Good sense should prevail over the projected abolition of the 'Right to Appeal' on visa rejections. It is possible to have immigration concerns without surrendering to xenophobia or plain paranoia.

Communists routed in West Bengal; DMK crushed in Tamil Nadu The Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPM, which has ruled West Bengal for the past 34 years has been decimated in the state elections. The party has also been dislodged from power in Kerala, hence faces possible extinction as a political force in India. In Tamil Nadu, the ruling DMK has been wiped out, while in Assam, the ruling Congress party has been returned to office. Free and honest elections in India are the pride of its citizens, and rightly so. It is one of India's many achievements since independence from British colonial rule in August 1947. In West Bengal the CPM and its allies have suffered a defeat from which Indian communism may never recover. But first things first. In (Ms) Mamata Banerjee, the Communist party as immovable object met the irresistible force. Ms Banerjee had left the Congress party and formed her Trinamool Congress as a regional grouping so that she and her colleagues could concentrate on ridding West Bengal of a scourge instead of politicking with them in Delhi and indulging their ambitions in Bengal. It was a long haul and the obstacles were formidable. But Ms Banerjee, a woman of enormous courage and indomitable will, pressed on regardless. Faint hearts in the state had long given up in resignation. She kept on fighting until the tide turned and her efforts bore fruit. Communist rule ended amidst sleaze and intimidation. Bengalis saw the lack of progress in their state compared with progress elsewhere in India. In 1960, West Bengal was the second industrial state in the country. Its slow declines accelerated under Communist rule and ended in prolonged stagnation from which, apparently, there was no escape. Ideological pieties and slogans buttered no parsnips.There was a flight of capital and skills from the state. No reform was possible because of the lack of political space. The people finally understood that their Communist rulers had to be eliminated root and branch if West Bengal was to claim any sort of future. The victory of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress was akin to a tsunami. Fourteen ministers in the state government, including Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, lost their seats. The new dispensation has started at the bottom of the proverbial mountain but there is a fierce determination to climb the heights. Ms Banerjee has capable and honest advisers around her; she will benefit from their

counsel and from the help and encouragement of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's central government in Delhi. So where did the CPM and its Left Front allies go wrong? Their initial success in initiating land reforms did much to reduce rural poverty. Urban and rural destitution has become a thing of the past. Having completed the first rung of progress, the way was open to further ascent, but this did not happen as Communist control freaks feared the party would lose its levers on power into the future. Thereafter the promotion of a self-perpetuating party bureaucracy based on perks and perquisites became an obstacle to aspiration. Education and entrepreneurial endeavour aroused the suspicion of Communist leaders and hacks. Incessant trade union agitation resulted in industrial stagnation and decline and the flight of capital from the state. A parasitic class living off the fat of the land reinforced the nullity of West Bengal's political life. A brain drain of skilled Bengalis to areas of India offering opportunities denied them at home ensued. Many left for the US and UK where they prospered. This was an unmitigated tragedy. The Bengali middle class played a pivotal role in the making of modern India. Its size is significant; and the good news has been the slow return of these exiles to their roots. This movement should now gather momentum, hence big changes can be expected hereon in West Bengal. We end where we began. In Tamil Nadu, the hugely corrupt DMK, led by Chief Minister Karunanidhi, has been thrown out of office and replaced by the rival AIDMK, led by Jayalalitha. An enraged electorate had exerted their authority; in Assam, Congress Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has been returned to power, a sign that his government's work for social uplift and economic development has been appreciated by the Assamese people. In Kerala, the CPM was defeated and a Congress-led coalition has taken over the reins of power. These have been telling results and they conveyed a strong message to those in authority in the states and at the centre. All said and done, Indian democracy has emerged strengthened from the exercise. Critics abroad much given to sneering and stereotyping the country must think again, assuming they have it in them to think at all. India has a continuing capacity to surprise itself.

Terrorist poison filtering back to the UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox has written to Prime Minister David Cameron protesting the scale of British overseas aid, according to a leak in The Times. UK aid is dispensed to a number of countries, some deserving beneficiaries of such generosity, others less so. Precisely where Dr Fox thinks aid cuts should apply is not known. However, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is having to endure cutbacks when Britain's military commitments abroad are expanding: this mismatch may have brought on the minister's fit of the vapours, which goes well with sections of the Tory faithful. Mr Cameron has promised Pakistan an aid package of £650 million as the presence of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan has thrown doubt in Washington and London on Pakistan's commitment to the War on Terror. Democratic Senator John Kerry is in Islamabad

conveying to the Pakistani leadership American disquiet at Pakistan habit of facing both ways in this conflict. Senator Kerry's tone was tactful and emollient but his words warning reflected the growing impatience back home with a difficult and obstreperous ally. No sooner was this done than news broke of a Saudi diplomat's assassination in Pakistani port city of Karachi. The Pakistan Taliban, which is linked to al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility. “Until America stops chasing al-Qaeda and stops drone strikes we will keep carrying out such things,” said a spokesman. Meanwhile, according to a Sunday Times report, a Terror cell called the “London Boys” trained with an “al-Qaeda leader in Somalia and and has returned to Britain in anticipation of attacks demanded by Osama bin Laden before his death.” Is British aid going to a terrorist hub?


Thought for the Week Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. - Mahatma Gandhi

Nursery worker faces jail after attacking a toddler A nursery nurse is facing jail after she attacked a two-year-old boy with a space hopper. Nisha Rani, 22, left the two-year-old boy in tears after knocking him to the floor with the bouncy toy. Just a week later, the Coventry Nursery nurse pushed another boy off a play mat when he was waking up after telling the playgroup, 'shh, this will be funny'. Her bullying was uncovered after a female student on work experience reported what she had seen to her tutor who then called the police. Rani was convicted of two counts of common assault in a one-day trial and faces jail when she is sentenced next month. Coventry Magistrates Court heard how she attacked the two-year-old boy with a space hopper on September 23 last year. Mike Nicklas-Carter, prosecuting, told the court, 'The defendant was employed as a nursery nurse for children up to the age of five years.During that time several work experience students from a college had placements at the nursery. They became alarmed by what they had

Nisha Rani

witnessed and made complaints to the college authorities. The first assault was the defendant hitting the boy over the head with a space hopper. He fell to the floor and it was told that he was in shock by the incident.' According to witnesses, the lad struck his head on 'spongy tarmac' and needed to be comforted by staff. Shockingly, a week later on September 30, Rani launched a brutal attack on another little boy.

Kate's local grocer faces trial Hasmukh Singadia, a shop keeper who went to the wedding as a personal friend of the Middleton family is to appear in court on fraud and theft charges. Shingadia runs a convenience store close to the royal bride's family home and they regularly visit to buy bread and milk. The charges relate to a sub-post office Shingadia, 51, ran from the shop in Upper Bucklebury, Berks, until it closed a year ago. He is accused of stealing £ 16,000 in a prosecution brought by Royal Mail

Hasmukh Singadia

Group, according to a court source. Shingadia also faces a fraud charge regarding cash-in-hand accounting.

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Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Is Tower Hamlets evolving as the UK's hub of Taliban extremism? There are serious concerns raised over the numerous incidents of extremism reported in the Tower Hamlets borough of the capital which has lent it a nickname of the 'Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets'. Women, regardless of their faith have been forced to wear a veil and upon denial have been victims of death threats. Gay men have been abused, verbally as well as physically. Council libraries have been alleged to have been stocked with books and DVDs of banned extreme Islamist preachers. Hostile behaviour towards whites and censorship over western clothes are some of the serious issues that residents of Tower Hamlets are witnessing. Such incidents are 'not new' according to a few residents who strike a resemblance between the behaviour of such extremists with that of Taliban in Afghanistan. The borough has become a home to many extremists like Richard Dart who claimed in an internet

video that ‘Prince William, Prince Harry and the Queen of England are guilty of funding and supporting the terrorist attacks that take place in Muslim lands,’ and was also wanting to turn the Royal wedding into a 'nightmare'. The Briton from Dorset converted to Islam in 2009 and renamed himself Salahuddin Dart. Mayor Lutfur Rahman after his election in October promised to work with 'every member of the community, whether they are Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian or people of no faith'. However there has been speculations right from his election itself. He initially stood as the Labour candidate but was later deselected by the party after allegations were made over his ties with Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), an organisation alleged to believe in jihad and Islamic Sharia law and aiming to turn Britain and other European countries into Islamic republics. Yet, he won the elections standing as independent

I have a girlfriend, I won't be deported says robber An unnamed Sri Lankan who came to London aged 13, in 2001 was jailed for 15 months following a robbery. He was set to be deported after serving his term in jail but after fighting an 11 month trial, he has been granted a leave to remain because he has a girlfriend in this country and his solicitor claimed that his “private and family life” will not be respected if he asked to leave the country. The name of the Sri Lankan who is also a failed asylum seeker has not been released as a spokesman for the Judicial

Communications Office said that it could bear “potential risk” to him. The case has increased concerns over the ease with which foreign criminals use human rights legislation to stay in Britain. A UK Border Agency spokesman said, “We were very disappointed with the courts ruling in this case and it was in the public’s interest that we tried to remove this individual from the UK as any foreign criminal serving more than 12 months in prison is automatically considered for deportation.”

Faulty medical implants jeopardising patient's life stricter regulations to check safety of these medical devices before they are approved for widespread use. In 2009 the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, responsible for monitoring medical equipment, received more than 9,000 reports of "adverse incidents" involving medical devices - 1,885 of which involved serious injury and 202 resulted in death.

Defective metal hip replacements, heart pacemakers and other medical implants have forced thousand of patients to undergo expensive and painful surgeries in order to remove them, while NHS is facing their costly bills. The British Medical Journal has raised serious concerns over implants that are failing years earlier than expected and patients are urging for

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candidate and allegedly with help of IFE. A national newspaper also reported it as ‘one of the nastiest campaigns in recent London political history’. Many are worried that with Black, Asian and Minority (BAME) population of about 49.4 per cent, few Islamist groups have begun to dominate the political platform. In an IFE leaflet it says it wants to change the ‘very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed; from ignorance to Islam’. Councillor Peter Golds, leader of the Tory opposition in Tower Hamlets also said that since Mr Rahman’s election there have been worrying changes in the way the council is run. With complaints of extremism on the rise, there is a major need to evaluate and eradicate any violent jihadi pattern breeding in the capital before it poses any threat to the capital's sovereignty.

Kill the Indian parrots How did parrots native to India and sub-Saharan Africa arrived in Britain is unaccounted for but their exponential growth in population in and around London has caused much concern among residents. Following numerous complaints, Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs (DEFRA) has agreed to a solution that will see them killed. Imperial College London, which is carrying out the first scientific inquiry into the bird's numbers and impact, has established that from an initial nesting in London in 1969, there are now nearly 32,000 birds, most of them crowded within London and South-East. With their ability to reproduce words used by people, many Indians have nested these parrots

as pets in their homes. They have colonised parks and gardens, particularly in London, Surrey and Kent. Their annual growth rate - 25% a year has caused much alarm in official circles and the aviation industry has also been affected with reports of bird-hits. The rose-ringed parrot is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, but from January 2010, it has been made legal to kill them under general license if they are causing damage to crops or other birds. Areas in London that are affected adversely by flocks of parrots are Perivale, Wormwood Scrubs, Stanwell, Heathrow, Sutcliffe, Brockwell park, Hither Green, Redhill, Wast Ewell, Hersham, and Ramsgate in Kent.

Former police commander freed from prison Ali Dizaei, a former Scotland Yard commander was released from prison after the court of appeal ruled that new evidence 'significantly discredits' principal witness in the chief's trial last year. Following the judgement, Dizaei was released from Leyhill open prison but the court said that while it quashed his conviction, “the interest of justice” meant he should face a retrial. Dizaei, 48, was convicted over claims that he framed al-Baghdadi, a business associate, after a dispute over money. It ended his 25 year career with the Scotland Yard, where he had climbed up the ranks. He was jailed for four years in February 2010 but after Mr. AlBaghdadi's credibility as a

In brief

Indian docs to miss UK's Med awards British Medical Journal Awards, famously known as Doctors' Oscars is set to take place at Hilton, Park Lane, London, where the most respected names in the world of medical science will be present and many will be awarded for their contribution. Six doctors from India, working with Doctors For You have been invited to receive the award for their relief work post the 2008 Bihar floods, which killed almost a thousand and affected three lakh others. However, delays in processing their UK visa have left their presence at the event in dark, despite assurances from Minister of External Affairs and an invitation from the British Medical Journal. The six doctors nominated were part of a team of 110 doctors that treated 1,30,000 people over six months via mobile clinics, district hospitals and relief camps.

Life is unfair for the 5 year old victim Thusha Kamaleswaran, 5, has been paralysed from the waist down and is unlikely to walk again after she was randomly shot by gangsters in her uncle's shop in Stockwell, south London on March 29. Even after numerous operations, the young girl could not fully recover from the gunfire. With only slightest of hopes, her parents await any positive news of improvement in the coming weeks. Her mother Sharmila Kamaleswaran, from Ilford, Essex, said, “What has happened to my daughter has left me feeling empty inside. I cannot even eat or sleep properly.” The five-year-old girl was being kept in the intensive care unit for children and was put into a medically induced coma following the shooting. Three men, Kazeem Kolawole, 18, Anthony McCalla, 18, and Nathaniel Grant, 20, all from south London have been charged with two counts of attempted murder as the shop assistant at Stockwell Food and Wine was also shot. They are next due to appear before the Old Bailey on June 10.

Indian student racially abused Three men have been arrested on suspicion of racially assaulting an Indian origin student on a train from London to Derby. Saurabh Srivastava, 24, was travelling from London St Pancras to Derby when he said six men started racially abusing him. The student of Derby University said he was ‘humiliated’ after he was covered in fire extinguisher foam and beer during the attack recently, according to reports in Derby. A British Transport Police spokesperson said that two men from Chaddesden, aged 26 and 32, and a 27year-old man from Belper, were arrested following an appeal for witnesses. They have been released on bail until June.

Six illegal workers arrested in Leicester

Former chief, Ali Dizaei face a retrial

witness was speculated, Mr Justice Treacy and Mr Justice Cranston said, “ We are satisfied that it is in the best interest of justice that there should be a retrial.” Ali Dizaei described his time in prison as 'hell' and said he was abused and attacked but held that his 'integrity is intact'. While he walked out of prison he also vowed to rejoin Scotland Yard.

Six illegal workers were detained in a UK Border Agency raid at Reset Clothing Ltd in St Saviours Road, Spinney Hill, Leicester. Officials sealed all exits at the building, questioned staff and conducted checks on their immigration status to convict three Indian men, one Indian women, a Sri Lankan man and a Pakistani woman. Most of them are either failed asylum seekers who do not have legal right to work or they have overstayed their visit in the UK. The agency is now preparing to deport them back to their respective countries while the company faces £60,000 fine; £10,000 for each illegal worker.

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Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

White teen mother stabbed to death after clash with two muslim families Laura Wilson, 17, went missing from her home in Holmes on October 16, 2010, before she was repeatedly stabbed and her body was found from a canal two days. Miss Wilson had an affair with her married neighbour Ishaq Hussain, 22 and gave birth to their daughter in June last year. It was told to the Sheffield Crown Court that Hussain denied to acknowledge the child as his own and offered no support, which led to rows of argument between Miss Wilson and Hussain. Miss Wilson also had an affair with Hussain's friend Ashtiaq Asghar, 18. Nicholas Campbell, QC, prosecuting said the two, Hussain and Asghar, later mounted a “mission to kill Laura Wilson” and told the jury that “ the two defendants are jointly responsible for her death.” However, both of them from Rotherham have denied the charges. The court was told that Asghar sent a text to Hussain which read, “I'm gonna send that kaffir b**** straight to hell”.

Laura Wilson

Hussain also have a baby daughter with Wilson's friend Miss Fay Williams. In an encounter with Miss Wilson, he began to panic and according to a bystander grabbed and shook her violently while shouting, “Don't tell my family.” Hussain later told the police that his family knew about his child with Williams but he was trying to keep the other baby's existence secret. However, Campbell told the jury that Miss Wilson loved Asghar and told his mother that she “wanted to have babies with him”, but his mother became angry and hit her with a shoe. She said he would never have a baby with a white girl and called her a “dirty white b****”. With the need of more evidences, the hearing continues.

Anni Dewani's ashes immersed in Swedish lake The family of Indian-origin woman, Anni Dewani, who was murdered on her honeymoon in South Africa, immersed her ashes in a lake near her hometown in Sweden on Saturday. Around 20 close family members and friends attended the service. There was also a request on Facebook to light-candles in the memory of the 28-year-old woman. They had earlier requested that her widowed husband and his relations stayed away following an angry row prior to Anni’s funeral and cremation. Anni was shot dead in Cape Town, South Africa, in November last year. Her husband, 31-year-old Shrien Dewani, is now in a psychiatric centre near his hometown Bristol, awaiting possible extradition to South Africa where he faces murder charges. Anni's family conducted the ashes immersion ceremony near her family home in Mariestad. Anni's uncle Ashok Hindocha said, 'We took a boat out on Lake Vanern, next to Mariestad where she was born and where she spent her childhood. She loved swimming, cycling, walking and playing there on sunny days. It was a very intimate moment, especially for her mother, Nilam. It is a relief to know that her body is finally where

Higher budget for safer playgrounds In order to give every child in London a high quality, accessible and safe play opportunities, Play Association Network (PAN) has been campaigning for improved play spaces and services and support play work in the capital. Local London councils have long been linked with PAN and have maintained a budget for the organisation, however a High Court ruled that higher degree of work is still required. Following the ruling of the High Court, London borough leaders have voted to increase the budget for a pan-London grants scheme from £ 17.691 million to £20.767 million. Following extensive legal advice as well as

advice from Local G o v e r n m e n t Improvement and Development (LGID) and a number of boroughs, the supplementary consulta-

tion looked at the equalities impacts on each commission, as opposed to only the umbrella headings under which these commissions were funded. Chair of London Councils, Mayor Jules Pipe said, “Overall, London’s boroughs provide more than £1 billion

support to the voluntary sector annually and London Councils’ grants programme is a small but significant part of this. Deciding its future has been just one of the many tough decisions that London’s 33 local authorities are consistently being forced to make in these times of straitened budgets.” Mayor Pipes added, “After careful consideration of the results of the consultation, supplementary consultation and subsequent recategorisation of some commissions, London Councils has agreed a new budget of just over £20 million for the PANLondon programme this year.”

Rugby League secures Commonwealth Games recognition Rugby League’s success as a growing international sport has been recognised by the Commonwealth Games Federation at their meeting in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. The Federation gave its unanimous support to an application for Rugby League to become a Category Three sport, an important step which will enable the sport to continue to expand and develop across the globe. “This is an exciting day for Rugby League and I would like to place on

record my thanks to the Commonwealth Games Federation for their support of our application,” said David Gent, Chairman of the RLIF’s C o m m o n w e a l t h Commission. “Recognition by the Commonwealth Games Federation will also enable Commonwealth countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Caribbean to develop the game and help the RLIF strengthen competition at a Commonwealth and world level.”


Commonwealth Games Federation vicepresident HRH Tunku Imran said, “Category Three sports are those that we recognise as working towards future inclusion and we are very pleased to see the high level of commitment by the Rugby League International Federation to further develop the sport across the Commonwealth. It is a key criteria that any sport on our programme is played widely across as many of our member nations as possible.”

The Hindochas scatter Anni's ashes near her hometown in Sweden

rounding her death are answered. We know awho did it. They are in jail. But the 'why' must still be exposed. We are in a very harsh situation.' Mr Hindocha pleaded with Shrien Dewani to return to South Africa. 'Anni is dead and her husband is a suspect. A wreath floats where Anni used to swim Today the family once again begs him to come to she belongs. But her soul isn't South Africa and help clear things exactly at peace yet. This can only up,' he said. happen when all the questions-sur-

International alert for Mohammed Zubair Police have put out an international alert for a Bradford cab driver wanted in connection with a double murder investigation, after two women appeared in Court. Arab Sultana, 63, and her daughter-in-law Kainat Bibi, 27, both of Heath Terrace, Barkerend, appeared before Bradford magistrates, three days after they were arrested in connection with the murders of two men, Shahbzada Muhammed Imran and Ahmedin Sayed Khyel. The badly-beaten bod-

ies of Mr Imran, 27, of Gloucester Avenue, who was known locally as Imran Khan, and 35-yearold Mr Khyel, of London, were found dumped at the side of a country road, in New Lane, near Tong, a week ago. Sultana and Bibi were both charged with murder and a second charge of assisting an offender by destroying or concealing forensic evidence, when they appeared at Bradford Magistrates’ Court. Shortly after the court hearing, West Yorkshire Police issued a photo-

graph of a man they need to get hold of in connection with the murder inquiry. He was named as Mohammed Zubair, 31, and from Bradford. However neighbours say that he could be in Pakistan.

Immigration: Why stoop so low? Continued from page 1 Nevertheless, one of the silly argument of the government is that abolishing the right to appeal can save UKBA around £ 10m a year and the justice ministry up to £24m in the cost of immigration judges and tribunals. With government focusing on cost-cutting, saving this money can be made a priority over letting relatives visit families in the UK. This new proposal unveils minister's plans to curb number of family members visiting the UK as it is speculated that very soon only immediate family members will be allowed to attend family events and cousins, uncles, aunts and grand

parents will not have the right to do so. Ministers in support of the proposal have justified it by stating that many relatives come to the UK on short family visits and never return and this plan can restrict illegal migrants to settle in the UK. On the proposal, Steve Pound MP told Asian Voice, “I have been amazed to find the Liberal/Conservative government’s proposals actually being welcomed within sections of the community in my part of the world. seems to be a general feeling that the cost and extent of major family weddings has been the subject of an arms race of late and now the numbers and costs are just too high.

The proposed ruling will not affect close relatives, who should still receive visas, but will affect second or third cousins and some Uncles and Aunties who may not be close blood relatives but are valued family members. The easy thing to do will be to cry “racism” but my experience is that we need to look a little more closely at this proposal.” But, people belonging to the Asian community in the UK or anywhere in the world will know that events like weddings are very special and celebrated on a massive scale and putting a restriction over certain family members will clearly hamper the significance of the occasion.



Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Bhavan’s chairman retires after 40 years of service By Spriha Srivastava

Let’s make the common extraordinary

(L to R) Justice Sri B.N Srikrishna, Vice-president Bhavan Worldwide; Mrs Srikrishna; Mr Maneck Dalal, OBE; Mrs Surie and His Excellency Sri Nalin Surie, High Commissioner of India

If ever anyone needed any proof of the respect Mr Maneck Dalal commands for his enormous contribution to the Bhavan and its cause, then the farewell event held on 15th May 2011 was enough for evidence. Apart from supporters of the Bhavan and admirers of Mr Dalal, some of the most successful business people and politicians from the Asian diaspora came to pay tribute to him and his work. Throughout the evening, Mr Dalal was credited as being the person who steered the Bhavan, making it the leading Indian artistic and cultural organisation in Great Britain. A citation was read out by the Vice President of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Worldwide, Justice Sri B.N. Srikrishna. India’s High Commissioner to the UK, His Excellency Nalin Surie unveiled a portrait of Mr Dalal, painted by Anupa Sahdev, student of Bhavan’s flute teacher Clive Bell. Welcoming distinguished guests from the House of Lords and Commons and other leaders within the Indian com-

munity, His Excellency, who, as Bhavan’s patron chaired the event, said, “Mr Dalal has had a distinguished and diverse career; in the midst of it all he has never forgotten his Indian roots and his belief in the vitality and relevance of Indian traditions and culture. We thank him for that commitment and that example he has set through action.” One of Bhavan’s very close associates and patron, Lord Dholakia who has known Mr Dalal for the last forty years thanked him for working tirelessly to unite the people of Asia, saying what he has done for the community is remarkable. Former trustee of the Bhavan Lord Hameed remarked how Mr Dalal has given a lot of energy to the organisation, “gallantly serving the Bhavan, guiding it and being the best ambassador of this noble establishment. “ Someone who has worked closely with Mr Dalal on a daily basis is the Executive Director of the Bhavan, Dr M.N. Nandakumara. In his dedication to Mr Dalal, he commended him for being

a remarkable human being - simple yet profound. Mr Joginder Sanger, who succeeds Mr Dalal as Bhavan’s Chairman, praised his working style calling it unique, saying he is someone who is transparent and sincere in whatever he does. He said there was no doubt that Mr Dalal’s departure would create a vacuum. He went on to say, “I can only hope we will continue the work he started thirty eight years ago and continue to add to his legacy.” Mr Dalal in his response thanked everyone for their kind words saying: “I am not sure I deserve all the praise lavished on me but it was nice to listen to”. He took the audience on a trip down memory lane, talking about some of the challenges he came across during the early days of the Bhavan, when the institute was a little known building in central London. The audience were treated to a special cultural programme by the Bhavan’s dance students, and to dinner afterwards.

Cameron plans to close Ealing Hospital Virendra Sharma, MP for Ealing Southall led a protest outside Ealing Hospital when the Prime Minister David Cameron visited the hospital to give a speech about the government’s plans to reform the NHS. He was joined by Ealing Council leader Julian Bell, Southall Councillors, Trade Unionists and local residents who are campaigning to save Ealing Hospital. Protesters held up placards that said Cameron had plans to

close Ealing Hospital. Virendra Sharma explained to patients and staff entering the hospital that earlier leaked plans by NHS London to close Ealing Hospital’s A&E Department were still on the government’s agenda and that recent briefings by outgoing PCT managers to incoming GP fund-holders spoke of a £1bn budget gap in NW London NHS that could only be closed by reconfiguring acute services. Doctors’ leaders understood this to mean

Hospital closures and Virendra Sharma explained that all the evidence pointed to a government plan to close Ealing Hospital. Speaking at the protest about David Cameron’s speech Virendra Sharma said, “It is a bit of a cheek for David Cameron to come to Ealing Hospital when he is planning to close it. He talks about not taking risks with and protecting the NHS, but by implementing these reforms he will be wasting

He is witty, he is creative and he can make you laugh and dance at the same time. He is India’s latest Youtube sensation – Wilbur Sargunaraj. For all those of you who still haven’t heard of him, it’s high time you familiarise yourself with the growing fever of Wilbur Sargunaraj. And it’s not tough. All you need to do is search for him in Youtube and you will see his unique videos by the name of “Supercall Solutions” and his hit songs like Love Marriage, Chicken 65 and the latest addition to the list is Simple Superstar. His motto is to “Make the common extraordinary” and thus in most of his videos you will find that the people are from one of the destitute centres in Tamil Nadu. This centre has been supported by Wilbur’s family ever since he was a little boy. In a recent conversation he said that he always wanted a platform to do something for the people of this centre. Originally from Tamil Nadu, this multi-talented individual started with his first ever video titled the “Blog Song” urging netizens to visit his website. “Blog Song”, uploaded on YouTube in July 2007, was Sargunaraj’s first music video. It was composed while he was on a field trip in Tokyo in 2005. “At that time, blogs were very popular and the standard statement on the internet was, ‘Please check my blog!’ So I decided to write a song on it,” he says. Recently he was in London for the launch of his CD at the RichMix centre in Shoreditch and performed for a diverse crowd full of not only Indians but English, Scottish, Irish, Italians and Germans. It is miraculous how with

just his sense of humour and creativity he has come such a long way and has become India’s first and biggest Youtube star. An extremely humble and down to earth person, Wilbur’s miracle can touch your lives and you will see yourself humming his songs nonstop. Everything about him is different, starting from his style, his jokes and his songs. The best part is he makes you feel comfortable immediately. When I went for his show in London, I hadn’t

been introduced to the Wilbur fever that much. But from the time he came on the stage till the wee hours of the night when the show ended, he was on fire. His never ending energy is admirable and he takes you along on this amazing journey of cultural diversity. We have all heard the concept of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), but how many of us have heard the concept of Cultural Quotient (CQ)? Well, Wilbur is trying to spread it as he travels across the globe making people laugh and dance at the same time. Wilbur says, its one thing to love others but it’s another thing to move your desire to ability. The ability to love and be loved is the deepest purpose of humanity. Cultural Intelligence helps increase our ability to love others in this world and embrace love ourselves. Dressed in black

pants, white shirt tucked in, slim tie and ‘Gelf’ glares throughout his videos, Wilbur has already carved a niche for himself as a multi-talented comedian. He can do stand up comedy, just as good as he can sing. His songs and his Supercall solution videos have made him extremely popular not just among the South Indian community but across different cultures. During a recent conversation, he said that “when people see only one or two songs about me, they think I am making fun of them. But madam, if you go through the other videos, I am talking about things that are considered taboo, like how to use the eastern latrine. Now people are saying I am disgracing the country. How am I doing this? It is important for Westerners to know this.” Wilbur’s idea in life is to make the common extraordinary and thus all his songs revolve around this idea. His latest song on Simple Superstar is a classic example of that. The song suggests that just because you have a Phd or a MBA or a MSC or any other big degree, doesn’t make you successful. You can be a simple superstar without having any of these degrees. Post his performance in London, he had another rocking performance in Melbourne. The man is slowly taking over the world of creative comedy. His show is such that one can leave behind all their worries and enjoy to the fullest. And it doesn’t matter where you come from, since he believes everyone is a simple superstar. So you don’t need a Phd or a MBA or any other degree. Just be yourself and you will have fun.

Let us know what you think. Email Spriha at vital tax payers’ money that could be used to protect frontline health services and hospitals under threat like Ealing. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with local people and the Doctors and nurses to defend Ealing Hospital from Cameron’s plans for its closure. These govern-

ment reforms of the NHS are dangerous and wrong.” Leader of Ealing Council Councillor Julian Bell said, “We have known for some time that the government has plans to close Ealing hospital so we will stand with the local community to defend our

local hospital. It beggars belief that Cameron can come to Ealing promising to protect the NHS knowing full well that there is a secret plan threatening the hospitals very existence. His reforms are a costly gamble with the NHS that we all love and will fight to protect.”


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Four Indians join Tony Blair Faith Foundation Tony Blair has announced names of four young Indians that are set to join his Faith Foundation Act Fellowship, “Malaria Champion”. For the first time India has been represented in the programme. These young people will be tasked with building understanding between different religious communities by mobilising them around the common cause of eradicating deaths from malaria, which this year alone caused more than 750,000 unnecessary deaths. The four Indian Fellows will work together in interfaith pairs in New Delhi for the next year. Aparajita Bharti, a 21 year old Buddhist from Vikas Puri will be paired with Sarmistha Pattanayak, a 24 year old Hindu from Bhubaneswar. Ayesha Nusrat, a 22 year old Muslim from New Delhi will be paired with Rohit S, a 21 year old Hindu from Bangalore. Tony Blair, Founder and Patron of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation said, “For the first time this generation has the opportunity to do two astonishing things; to work together alongside those of other faiths

From L-R: Aparajita Bharti, Sarmistha Pattanayak, Rohit S and Ayesha Nusrat

from all corners of the world and to meet one of the world’s greatest global health challengesmalaria.” The Foundation received almost 700 applications from around the world and has chosen just 30 of the most outstanding young people of faith to be ambassadors for its Faiths Act . The Fellows represent a diverse cross section of the faith traditions as 10% are Hindu, 30% Muslim, 3.3% Sikh, 6.6% Buddhist, 3.3%, Bahá’í, 26% Christian, 3.3% Quaker and 17% Jewish, including the various denominations. Reacting to the news that he had been selected for the Fellowship Rohit S, a Hindu from Bangalore said, “I come from a family where service to the community was always highlighted & the only way to

lead a fulfilling life was to make a difference & make my life count by giving back. What inspired me was as always to be amidst the precious few people in the world who stood to contribute selflessly.” The Fellows will receive a month of training in London and then embark on a year long journey of interfaith service. The four Indian Fellows will be based at the Kutumb Foundation and Deepalaya in New Delhi. The inaugural Faiths Act Fellows were highly successful last year; inspiring over 14,000 people of different faiths to act together educated 40,000 people about the MDGs, raised over £100,000 for malaria prevention over their year’s work, matched by Tony Blair bringing the total funds raised to £0200,000.

Harsha Sharma, a 24 year old Hindu from Vauxhall, South London has also been selected and will work at Health Poverty Action in South London.

Hindus laud British Catholics for re-establishing “meatless Fridays” Hindus have shown admiration towards Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) for re-establishing the practice of “abstaining from meat” on Fridays, which will come into effect from this year. CBCEW, in its Spring plenary session in Leeds, reportedly resolved to reestablish the practice of Friday penance, which “should be fulfilled by abstaining from meat”. “The law of the Church requires Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays”, it pointed out. In a statement, Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism said “Why to restrict it only to England

and Wales? Being the Church law, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI should issue a worldwide directive of meatless Fridays from the Vatican City to be followed by every Catholic”. CBCEW, headquartered in London, “is the permanent assembly of Catholic bishops in the two countries", whose values include, “Inclusivity, Service, Solidarity, Spirituality, Stewardship". There has also been support for Beatle's Sir Paul McCartney’s call for Meat-Free Monday movement, which aims at persuading public to go vegetarian on Mondays to slow global warming.

BBC search for ‘strict’ Indian parents for unruly UK teens A BBC crew from the television series World's Strictest Parents is traveling all the way to India to look for parents that can teach British teens to behave. The TV show which was broadcasted in the UK in 2009 attracted a massive audience and featured Pune-based M S Unnikrishnan, his wife Madhu and son Siddharth. The Pune couple were a big hit on the show and keeping that in mind, the crew will be enhancing their search in India, especially Pune. They are overwhelmed with the parenting standards in the city and believe it is of

the highest quality. The TV series developed by TwentyTwenty Television is looking for couples who can also instill good work ethics and socially responsible behaviour in teenagers from the UK, who are generally considered to be highly misbehaved. The makers also want to show Pune as an aspirational city where parents believe in instilling discipline, boundaries and respect in their children while embracing progress and development, said Laura Jones, researcher with TwentyTwenty TV.

Business schools missed the opportunity that evolved from economic crisis Business schools failed to grasp opportunities created by the global economic firestorm of 2008-9 to benchmark their theories and create a new behavioural understanding of the way financial markets work, revealed a study at Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy and Policy at the Cambridge Judge Business School, says that in social sciences the belief is that disruptions are the best time to study social life and its constituent parts. He said, “This was a huge disruption. People like Alan Greenspan and others including famous Nobel Prize winning economists were openly admitting they had suddenly discovered they did not really understand how the markets worked. There was much to be learned as

economies and countries went under and a realisation that sentiment and expectation drives the markets rather than national decision making.” Dr Munir said that the crisis was a great opportunity for business schools, through their empirical and behavioural work, to develop a new theoretical understanding of how the markets work. However he believes that the opportunity has not been lost entirely as he said, “The world was crying out for a new theory around how the markets work and business schools just did not step up to the plate. We need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Continuing to help businesses to make even more money is missing the point right now.” Dr Munir says the traditional path created

through conventional economic theory is no longer appropriate. “The onus is now really on business schools. We cannot remain cheerleaders for big business. We must go back to duelling with economists and tell the world this is where we stand; this is what we agree with in conventional theory and this is what we disagree with. We are in danger of losing the forest for the trees. We must go back to the big picture.” He added, “This was a goldmine of events and of behaviour which would easily have informed or led to the generation of new theory. I’m trying to highlight the fact that business schools should be engaging more with contemporary events like this, an event that affected a large majority of the population of this planet.”


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Dee Katwa

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Midland Voice Contact: Dhiren on 07970 911 386 or

Curry pioneer ‘too ill’ to stand in dock An ex-boss of a popular Balti restaurant in Birmingham has been declared unfit to stand a trial on fraud charges because he is depressed, it has been claimed. Mohammed Ajaib, former owner of Al Faisal’s in Sparkbrook, was due to appear at the city’s crown court last week over his alleged involvement in a £2.9 million mortgage fraud. But legal sources claim the proceedings have been put on hold because of Mr Ajaib’s

fragile mental state, reports the Sunday Mercury. Mr Ajaib, 68, originally appeared at B i r m i n g h a m Magistrates’ Court in December 2009, charged with three counts of conspiracy to defraud and two other counts of fraud. It is alleged there was an attempt to defraud Lloyds TSB, Alliance and Leicester and the Yorkshire Bank out of a total of £2.9 million between January 2007 and February 2008.

BACL honours MP Harrington The British Asian Conservative Link, or BACL, hosted a prestigious reception in honour of MP Richard Harrington at London’s exclusive Carlton Club. Among around 80 guests were Lord Dolar Popat and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles MP. Full story next week.

Hindu Goddess celebration Final preparations are underway for a major spiritual festival next month devoted to Maa Hingraj, the Hindu goddess of healing and virtue. The one-day free event at Shri Girnara Soni Samaj Centre in Leicester on June 5 will feature song, folk dance, food, a series of religious ceremonies and is being organised by Leicester’s Wanza Darji ‘tailor’ community. The original temple of Maa Hingraj, pictured, is situated in a remote, desolate area of Pakistan’s Balochistan province, 250km northwest of Karachi. All welcome. For more information contact Harish Mandalia on 0772 3035012.

Mindy to share good practice Mindy Bassi, Head of Medicines Management at NHS Nottingham City, has been accepted onto a special exchange programme to learn about how healthcare systems across Europe operate and share best practice. The programme will run from May 23 to June 17, at the end of which all participants across Europe will come together in Turku, Finland to share their learning. Mindy, pictured, is specifically interested in exploring how medicines can be used more effectively and the developing role of the pharmacist in supporting patients, carers.

Godsiff: Insurers ‘milking drivers’ Insurance firms are “milking the motorist” by charging Birmingham drivers extortionate premiums just because of their postcode, a city MP has warned. Roger Godsiff (Lab, Hall Green) has urged the government to stop insurers taking advanvtage of their “captive audience”. During a House of Commons debate on the insurance industry, MP Godsiff, pictured, highlighted the case of one Sparkhill resident who discovered he was being charged four times as much as somebody with a different postcode.

The case had been investigated by West Midland Police’s Economic Crime Team. Last week, one of Mr Ajaib’s family members told a Sunday Mercury reporter: “We

had to take him to the doctors. He’s not been well at all, it’s not physical. He has been very depressed.” It is unclear whether Mr Ajaib’s trial will now go ahead.

Sarbat da Bhalla – Welfare of all Birmingham-

A based community organisation, Sikh Nari Manch UK, has hosted its annual interfaith conference. Representatives, pictured, from six faiths – Sikh, Christian, Muslim, Baha’I, Quakers and Buddhist – shared tenets from their faith, as well as inspirational stories from their lives. The all-day event featured food, Indian dance, Sikh martial arts, world music and networking. To find out more visit

New role for Sonica Lawyer Sonica Dahri has become the first in Britain to qualify as a solicitor through the live events industry. Sonica, 33, has secured a job with the NEC Group after completing a three-year training contract ‘in house’ with her new employer, which manages a host of venues including the LG Arena and ICC in Birmingham. The private sector employs around 15,000 lawyers across Britain, but 93 per cent of them still learn the trade at law firms with many law graduates finding it tough to attain work.

Woman left disabled by driver on mobile A mum-of-two from Birmingham has been left disabled after being hit by a speeding driver who was on his mobile phone. Victim Jane Stables, 49, was travelling home after a night out when their taxi smashed into another car driven by 21-year-old Shahzad Amar. Mrs Stables, pictured, a carer for her 14-year-old autistic son James, said: “What happened to me is a story of hope. I should have died. I just had a will to live, I really did.” Amar, from Sparkhill, Birmingham, has been jailed for eight months after admitting dangerous driving. He was also banned from the roads for three years.

Shamed dentist disqualified A disgraced dentist who overcharged NHS patients in Worcestershire by thousands of pounds has been banned from the profession. Jaspal Singh Bachada, 37, duped patients into paying inflated charges and then tried to cover up their scam through the “wholesale destruction” of records. Bachada was jailed for 20 months in October with coaccused Ikhlaq Hussain, 38, of Alum Rock, Birmingham. Bachada, pictured right, was given 20 months and Hussain, left, 30 months in jail.

Benefit cheat caught A Birmingham man who funded a mortgage on his own property by making false housing benefit claims totalling £11,117 on behalf of his mother has been sentenced to a 12-week suspended prison sentence. Ukil Miah, 26, of Osborne Road, was also given a 12-month community order and told to pay £250 costs, at Birmingham Crown Court.

News in Brief One in five young on dole An alarming rate of one in five young people in the West Midlands is out of work. Official figures show that 72,000 people aged 18-24 are unemployed in the region, an unemployment rate of 20 per cent – twice the average adult unemployment rate in the region.

CCTV cameras being removed Work has started to remove surveillance cameras in targeted areas in Birmingham. The CCTV cameras were part of a highly controversial counter-terrorism initiative from two predominantly Muslim suburbs, Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath, and were set up as part of the £3 million Project Champion.

PA jailed for 33k scam Angela Tilling, a PA with accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Birmingham has been jailed for nine months for fiddling £33,000 in an expenses scam. Tilling, 44, who lived with her parents in Rednal, and claimed she had a five-year affair with her married boss, was jailed at Isleworth Crown Court in London after admitting six counts of fraud.

Muslim prayer clock The company behind the world’s most expensive clock to celebrate the royal wedding has unveiled its latest creation – the world’s first luxury Muslim prayer clock. Smith of Derby launched the prayer clock, which comes with a gold-leaf finish and sells for £20,000.

Favourite radio stations With 822,000 listeners, Heart FM remains the most popular Midlands radio station, new figures show. BRMB reaches 404,000 people every week, while Galaxy has 459,000 listeners and BBC WM has 210,000 listeners, according to industry monitor Rajar.

New book: Doing Business in India A fascinating new book, entitled Doing Business in India, has been launched. The book, authored by Pawan Budhwar of Aston Business School and Arup Varma, both professors, was officially unveiled last week by Mr C Gururaj Rao, Midlands’ highest-ranking Indian diplomat. The book launch was part of a fifth seminar, in a series, themed India and China: Outward FDI from Emerging Powerhouses, hosted by the Aston-India Foundation, founded by Professor Budhwar, one of Britain’s leading, ultra-modest and down-to-earth academics. Photo: Professor Budhwar, left, with Mr Rao.

SAS soldier in sex offences An SAS hero from the Midlands who served in Iraq and Afghanistan has been charged with 52 child sex offences, including 12 rapes. Walsall-born Ian Tuckley, 31, is also charged with 21 counts of making indecent photographs of children. The veteran soldier is to stand trial on June 6 at Worcester Crown Court with his paramedic brother-in-law Martin Finney, aged 40. Finney faces 24 sex offences, including the rape of a female under 17 and administering an anaesthetic gas.

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011




Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Minority parties gaining strength in India

Not putting two and two together

Is Cameron becoming another Blair?

Rethink immigration policies

The results of the state elections in India has shown that regional and communal minority religious parties gained support at the expense of two main national parties namely the Congress and the BJP. The BJP dream of forming the next government with its former ally AGP was shattered in Assam and in four states Tamilnadu, west Bengal , Kerala and Puducherry they did not win a single seat and the party has been clearly rejected by voters in these states. The congress party only in Assam did well in the Assembly elections. This was due to the fact that opposition political parties were divided and the Congress won very easily. The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) led by perfume baron Badrudin Ajmal which is basically a Muslim party supported by Bengali Muslims came second. The Muslim population in Assam is more than 35 per cent and they are concentrated in border areas with Bangladesh. In Tamilnadu and Puducherry the Congress party was completely wiped out. In Tamilnadu the Congress party got only a handful of seats and In Puducherry the Congress party lost the control of the state Assembly to splinter Congress party (NR Congress) led by Rangaswamy. In West Bengal the regional party Bangla Congress won most of the Assembly seats with the help of the Congress party which acted as a junior partner since the Congress knew that they would have got only a handful of seats if it contested all alone. Muslims who constitute more than 35 per cent of the West Bengal population supported Bangla Congress this time and they were rewarded with important positions in the state cabinet. The national party CPM was completely wiped out in West Bengal. In Kerala the United Democratic Party ( UDF) led by the Congress party came to power with a slender majority with the help of Muslim and Christian backed parties Muslim League (MUL) and Kerala Congress. Even though Hindus are in majority, the Chief Minister’s post and other important portfolios are cornered by Muslims and Christians. In Kerala Hindus are reduced as Minorities. In short the recent election results show Muslims and Christian communities in Kerala and Muslims in West Bengal and Assam dictated which party should come to power and without their support the Congress party would not have come to power. In Tamilnadu and Puducherry the regional parties won the elections at the expense of Congress and another regional party DMK.

The saying goes ‘once bitten twice shy’. What about deception; would it be ‘once bitten always shy’ as is the case with the US and Pakistan. Deception is as old as history. From time immemorial statecraft and deception have gone hand in hand. Such prolonged deception, however, relates to enemy countries. In the case of Pakistan, the US bestowed upon it the status of ‘major non NATO ally’ at par with Turkey and Australia. Since 9/11 the common enemy was supposed to be Al–Qaeda and the terror outfits targeting US interests in the world. That in the bargain Pakistan was also hurting badly from terror attacks on its own soil should have, if anything, further cemented the relationship. The Navy Seals daring raid on Abbottabad in the first week of May 2011 has paid to the last vestiges of trust, if any remained, that is. The bigger question that needs answer should be ‘why did the US not learn from what happened in stateside USA on September 11 2001? A week later on September 16th 2001 President George W. Bush named Bin Laden the Prime suspect. Bin Laden issued a statement ‘I stress that I have not carried out this act’. (TIMES reported) According to news items appearing in and around the subcontinent Osama kept on denying that he had ordered the 9/11 attacks. Later, possibly a month after the attack, Osama took responsibility for it. The question must again arise ‘was it an afterthought’. Had he been the architect of 9/11 why would he have denied it in the first instance. Just as the Pakistan Army chief and the ISI chief in May 2011 disclaimed all knowledge that Bin Laden was living in Abottabad since 2005, is it reasonable to believe that neither the Pakistan Army nor the ISI had knowledge that elements trained in Pakistan under ‘their’ tutelage and that of their ally Osama Bin Laden were unaware of what was afoot. It is interesting to note than when the 9/11 Commission set up by President George W. Bush published its report many sensitive portions were not released. What did those sensitive portions contain? Were there indications of the Pakistan military and ISI involvement? Notwithstanding the construction that has been put on the harrowing events of September 11, 2001, practically every major ally of the US would have concluded that it would have been well nigh impossible for any terrorist organization in the world to have orchestrated an attack of such amazing depth, extent and complexity without the facilitation of a major government agency. Still difficult to put two and two together! Vinod Saighal Via-Email

When in opposition, David Cameron was critical of Blair and Brown, especially in their involvement in various conflicts that stretched the ability of our armed forces to the limit. Now he is following into their footsteps, so eager and ready to intervene in Libya, advocating a regime change. Cameron was elected to sort out the economic mess left behind by the previous government; instead he is creating more economic mess with his bizarre and unpopular policy of starving industry of capital, reducing our once mighty armed forces to a ragtag outfit and burdening students with insurmountable debt that may rival a small mortgage. Yet unwilling to reform our banks, our contribution to EU coffers and to stop the permanent decline of our manufacturing industry. What is wrong with our politicians? Why do they live in the past thinking that we have an empire to run? Germany and Japan lost the war but certainly they won on the prosperity front. Germany is the best industrialized nation with unsurpassed monthly balance of payment surplus of some 40 billion Euros. We are paupers, now even losing our self respect, a banana republic all but in name, thanks to our politicians of every persuasion. Germany and Japan, although mighty nations, concentrate on economic front, creating wealth and improving living standard of their people and leaving the international scene to the gullible US and Britain who are on the verge of bankruptcy. LibDem and in particular Nick Clegg is committing political hara-kiri, suicide by associating with the Conservatives. This was a golden opportunity for Nick Clegg to play a responsible part, curb excessive enthusiasm by supporting the government from outside, issue by issue and show his maturity and intellectual ability. Instead the lure and the trimmings of power are too strong for him to resist. God save us from self propelling politicians.

Although I am not a great commentator on political issues, I feel that I need to write to Gujarat Samanchar/Asian Voice for the need to make some waves on the proposed changes being considered by the Conservative government in respect of a plan to curb immigrant family visits for weddings. I think it would be a huge shame if the Conservatives were to tighten up issuing visitor visas for guests who were coming to the UK to attend a wedding. As you know, in the Indian community whenever there is a wedding, large numbers of relatives both from India and elsewhere come to the UK because they see this as an opportunity to meet the rest of the family and the UK friends who they have heard of. In fact, a lot of UK Gujaratis send tickets to their relatives in India when their son or daughter is getting married as they believe that this would be a good way to get relatives to come to the UK, particularly those who have been unable to visit the UK primarily because they cannot afford the air ticket. Generally, all guests who come for weddings return back to their homes -if they do over stay their visit in the UK, then this is up to the British government to ensure that they have satisfactory measures in place to catch the guests who overstay as opposed to making a blanket change to the issuing of visas in respect of guests attending weddings. I believe that the immigration policy of this country under the Labour government has been very lapse and they have allowed a large number of immigrant population from the Indian subcontinent to come and settle here one way or the other and if there are any measures to be taken, it is this they have to change( including student visas) rather than having a clamp down on guests who are coming to the UK to attend a wedding and also deny an appeal against a visa application that is rejected. Kaushik Desai Via-Email

Arun Vaidyanathan Via-Email

Disclaimer Asian Business Publications Ltd (ABPL) is not in any way responsible for the goods and services rendered by its advertisers. The ABPL management accepts all advertisements in good faith and it is entirely up to readers to verify advertisers’ products and services, should they feel the need to do so.

Bhupendra M. Gandhi Via-Email

Dancing on the streets is justified Mr Dinesh Sheth's unjust opposition to dancing on the streets of America to mark assassination of Osama bin Laden is disappointing. His sympathiy for cold blooded killing is invalid in view of cold blooded massacre of victims, at the behest of Osama, leaving trail of cripples, corpses, blood and skulls. Gandhigiri has not helped to curb terrorism, therefore America's ruthless killing of Osama bin Laden is justified. Dancing is expression of joy at assassination of a terrorist costing trillions of dollars and jeopardising 150,000 lives.Thus the dancing was an expression of joy at global peace that will follow death of the icon of terror-

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ism. Americans undertook desperate expedition due to inaction by the pampered ally - Pakistan. The successful expedition was as daring as the Raid on Entebbe by Israel in 1975. The whole world heaved sigh of relief when a chapter of terrorism ended. Frequency, viciousness and effectiveness of terrorism will not be the same when its head is gone. Even though Hindus have not seen asura or Gods, they dance to mark their killings which occurred 10,000 years ago, so why not dance at recent news of death of Osama. Ramesh Jhalla Via-Email

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‘Smile Pinky’ too gets the Oscar Boyle says Mumbai dwarfed the statuette



Cricket crazy Indians for the first time was seen so euphoric on Monday morning, as they expected a couple of Oscars. British Indians in the UK, Dharavi slums, the shanty township of Mumbai, a village in Uttar Pradesh and almost the entire Bollywood waited in expectation, glued to their TV sets. They burst into celebrations as one by one, their heroes, the actors of the British Indian film and the music maestro, A R Rahman bagged the top awards in the world of entertainment. British actress Kate Winslett also won the Oscar after having missed it almost five times earlier. ‘Smile Pinki’, a short documentary on a cleft-lipped Indian girl in Uttar Pradesh directed by American director Megan Mylan, won the Oscar for the Best Documentary (Short). -/1% /. 0!'%


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Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011



Like mother's touch and Hindu Primary School mother's milk, mother to open in Redbridge tongue has no substitute Asian voice and Gujarat Samachar with Sangat Community Centre organized a seminar on “Advantages of mothertongue teaching”on 7th May at their Harrow premises. Mother tongue, as the term suggests, is closest to a person's heart. Like mother's touch and mother's milk, it can never find a substitute. Psychiatric research shows that a hearty conversation in one's mother tongue gives a high to a person in distress. Modern psychology also lays tremendous stress on a child's connection with the mother tongue. Speaking in our native language proves an important link to our family,culture,community and our country; "That's the deepest layer of our identity." The immense fulfillment you get while talking your tongue stays uncommented, it is for you to feel. While interacting, it was found out that most of the people participating were of Gujarati origin, quite a few were reasonably fluent in Gujarati while some had to express themselves in Gujlish (Gujarati +English). This is a new language formed with result of Gujarati people adopting English, and in wide usage of English, forgetting their own language or mixing both to make a bad cocktail. The very scene suggested that we are becoming handicapped, we are losing our tongue. When we lose our tongue, whatever we try to talk would not have that impact, now read between lines, that explains that when we lose our mother tongue over other language, we are losing part of ourselves, our origin and our real identity. Discussion on “mothertongue teachings and its advantages” went on for 3 hours, where everyone discussed about the decreasing level of mother-tongue usage and its impact on family life and the consequent disadvantage in the sustenance of the heritage. Perhaps the better word is “Asmita” (heritage). I am unable to express the real resonance behind the word Asmita. But in brief, Asmita means pride-esteem, that refers to

our origin and history. Our mother tongue synonymous to Asmita reflect one’s ethnic backgrounds which is characteristic of what we actually are. While connecting with others, we cannot forget what we are. Be local and act global. The advocacy here is not to just use our own language. Adopt as many language as you can but in adoption of global, you do not need to forget local. Learning mother tongue is a means of increasing appreciation of the multi-cultural nature of the present society, and maintains its linguistic and cultural diversity. The objective of learning mother tongue should be to promote, foster and propagate the cultural heritage, within the framework of multiculturalism with a view to achieve the goal – ‘unity in diversity’ in a more cohesive, equitable and harmonious way . Another medium of speech may bring with it a current of new ideas. But the mother tongue is one in which a man or a woman is born. A person’s native speech is almost like her/his shadow, inseparable from her/his personality. Britain was described as a nation of traders by Napolean. In today’s interdependent world Britain like other countries strive on international trade and investments. Among the new Britons whether our mother tongue is Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi,Tamil, Urdu or any other, most of us wish to acquire more success through professions and business where it is necessary to use other languages. Today in India, Gujaratis are marching with confidence and speed on the road to progress. Success in diversity, but with roots as the foundation. The new generation with absence of Sanskar (culture) is a serious matter of concern?. A child's brain has tremendous scope for absorption in the initial years. Teach them as many laguages as you can , but with start of its mothertongue.Children who come to school with a solid foundation in their mother tongue develop stronger literacy abilities in the school

language. The two languages are interdependent. Both languages nurture each other when the educational and home environment permits children access to both languages. Balanced bilingualism or even multi-lingualism brings many positive cognitive benefits Modern research has revealed that monolingual people only use 20% of their brain! When another language is learned, a different area of the brain is activated and engaged, utilizing a greater percentage of the brain. And that’s why the people suffering from Alzheimeir or Dementia can get lot of brain-exercise by learning languages, even in later years and thus can minimize the effects of the disease. Speaking mother tongue will also preserve family bonds and lessening of cultural conflicts between generations.” Children can easily communicate with their grandparents and homeland fraternity. “The great and the most powerful gift a parent can give to their child is to pass their language and their culture”. Mr Arjun Sharma, a former teacher in Brent produces regularly analysis of the inmates in Her Majesty's prisons. Mr Sharma has established that compared to the population in the country and in the prisons the lowest percentage comes from India communities especially Gujaratis, Hindus and Jains. What is the reason for less crime in this community? Is it because that they are God-fearing and law-abiding only. Oh! its just that we don’t get caught. Well this is a joke. But the very fact suggest that we are not very much involved in crime. It is matter of pride and itself manifest in importance of our ethics, culture and community. Let us all get together and share our views in preserving our heritage and culture, with saving our language and thus our asmita. Response to this effort would be appreciated on


European leaders urge to ban mobile phones in schools A council of Europe committee examined the severe harms that mobile phones and computers with wireless networks poses and said it is essential to ban its use in schools in order to pro-

tect children. In its report, the committee stated that it was crucial to avoid repeating the mistakes made when public health officials were slow to recognise the dangers of asbestos,

tobacco smoking and lead in petrol. The report highlighted the potential risks of mobile phones, cordless telephones, baby monitors and other devices on a developing brain.

A proposed new primary school in the Barkingside area of Redbridge is to be established in September next year, following a school competition decided upon by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (the OSA). Chairman of the IFoundation, the organisation behind the proposal, Mr Nitesh Gor said, “We are delighted that the Schools Adjudicator has invited us to take forward our proposal. We will now begin working very hard to deliver a school that offers academic excellence, an open ethos and truly serves the whole community.” There are currently only 30 places per year at Hindu schools in the UK serving a community of one million, nevertheless three-quarters of the places will be open to pupils of any faith and none, with the other quarter allocated on faith criteria, reflecting the representation of Hindus in the local community. This is because we are determined to ensure

want my son Krish to attend the Hindu school. He will be exposed to the welcoming Hindu ethos and way of life, while being encouraged to play a full role in the wider community. I am sure the whole Hindu community Kids at London's first Krishna will welcome this wonAvanti School in Harrow derful news.” Local Hindu resithat the intake is mixed dent, scientific editor, and reflects local demoand ex-Councillor Mrs graphics. Vinaya Sharma said, “I Project Director am absolutely delighted Sheila Dave said, “This is that parents of the Hindu an important day for the and other communities local community. We look now have the choice of a forward to working closevalue-added education ly with other faith and encouraging well-roundnon-faith schools to ed citizens. The Hindu ensure that our school is community has an excelfully integrated within lent track record of the Redbridge family of proactively working with schools. We shall also other faith and communiensure that the school is ty groups, such as our meeting the needs of the celebrating raksha-bandlocal community. We han with non-Hindu already have parents councillors, the Red clamouring for places but Cross and Police; but also we will need to manage reactively working with expectations.” the wider community in Prospective parent, times of need for example local dentist and magisto oppose the closure of trate Dr Atul Gandecha the King George Hospital J.P. said, “I am delighted A&E.” with the news because I

UK provide least academic hours as compared to its European counterparts Speaking at a Higher Education Policy Institute conference in central London, Minister for Universities and Science, Rt Hon David Willetts said that British universities are failing to provide its students with enough lecture and tutorial time. He also stated that students in UK receive less contact time with academics as compared to other European countries, leaving university students “frustrated”. This revelation by Universities Minister is most likely to reignite the debate over the tripling of tuition fees from 2012 as students may fail to get the right value for the large sum of money they spend on university education. According to a government research, British universities provide an average of 30 hours of tutorials every week to

Rt Hon David Willetts

undergraduates as compared to 36 hours in Germany and 42 hours in France. This means that in France, undergraduates have eight to 12 more classes every week as compared to the UK, considering an average class is for 60 to 90 minutes each. Mr Willetts said, "You

put together contact hours and times of private study, and you do appear to find that hours of study for students in the UK appear to be below the average as in other European countries." While universities are set to charge up to £9,000 in tuition fees from 2012 as compared to the current cap of £3,290, evidence suggests that British students still are expected to put in extra effort through self study. The issue of guaranteed contact hours is expected to be addressed in a higher education White Paper due to be published this summer. The proposed legislation will also outline further detail about the Government’s new fees regime.

Red alert over Queen's security Dublin was on high alert ahead of the Queen's visit after a bomb was discovered near the Irish capital and a second suspect package was found. A 'viable improvised explosive device' found in the luggage compartment of a bus in Maynooth, just outside the city, was

blown up in a controlled blast in the early hours of this morning, an army spokesman said. After Ireland's biggestever security operation was carried out, a second package was found at a tram station in Inchicore, Dublin, which later turned out to be a hoax.



Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Scrutator’s Those naïve enough to believe that the death of Osama bin Laden in a fortified mansion Abbottabad, the Pakistan garrison town some 80 miles from the capital Islamabad, would lead to a fundamental rethink of US policy towards the country are in for a shock. It is business as usual, with senior Democrat Senator John Kerry in Pakistan on a damage-limitation exercise to restore a frayed relationship. Pakistan has long been Washington's key regional ally, from the cold war era to the present day. It was, after all, from a US air base in Peshawar that Gary Powers took off on his spying mission over Soviet air space; it was a Pakistani military contingent that helped protect the Jordanian monarch (an American client) in the late 1960s from the threat posed by the militant Palestinian diaspora; and it is in Bahrain today that 3,500 Pakistan troops are engaged in putting down a popular revolt against the USfavoured royal house. The Financial Times (May 11) produced a substantial report by Daniel Dombey and James Lamont with the following title, “US defends support for Pakistan”. The opening lines presented the unvarnished truth: “The Obama administration has made it clear it plans to keep providing billions of dollars of aid, despite calls on Capitol Hill and elsewhere for Washington to rein in such assistance. The killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani territory has thrown a spotlight on the approximately $20 billion Washington has given Islamabad over the past decade, with some legislators calling for assistance to the military to be halted, curtailed or given much greater scrutiny.....the administration depicts such aid as vital to relations with Pakistan.....US officials emphasise that, despite the events of the past few days, the administration has given no indication it is reviewing its policy.”

Challenging period A senior administration official explained: “This obviously is a very challenging period but we would like to be able to work this through in a way that that the relationship becomes stronger again and we are not going to prematurely curtail it. We want this to be a positive inducement for them to reflect on what has just happened and see if we can find ways to work better together.” The Obama administration has made no bones that it will use critical voices on Capitol Hill and the media to pressure Islamabad change old habits and cease indulging terror groups in Pakistan. The Times of India's Washington Correspondentt Chidanand Rajghatta (May 12) also reported that the no-changers on the Obama administration's Pakistan policy had prevailed.

Words of wisdom The Economist (May 7) weighed in with words of warning to Pakistan, something it rarely does. The paper referred to its penchant for using insurgents on its territory in Kashmir against India. “The links built up between the ISI , the army and the militants go deep. It seems highly unlikely that the Pakistani terrorists who attacked Mumbai in November 2008, for example, did so without some official connivance. ....Denying in the Washington Post this week any Pakistani knowledge of Mr bin Laden's whereabouts these past years, Pakistan's President, Asif Ali Zardari, resorted to a familiar defence. Pakistan is 'perhaps the world's greatest victim of terrorism.,' which has taken the lives of 30,000 Pakistani civilians. Mr Zardari is right: it is a policy of lunatic recklessness. It assumes America is too dependent on

Pakistan's help to ditch it again. It assumes India will withstand almost any provocation.....The fear of its lurching into fundamentalist hands is in turn what restrains America and India.....” Pakistani-born Michael Nazir Ali, the former Anglican bishop of Rochester, wrote an illinformed piece on Pakistan's woes, ascribing them to a sense of insecurity brought on by the country's dispute with India over Kashmir. He suggested India be forced to negotiate the issue, but who is to do the forcing? India is not a banana republic, hence it does not take orders from Washington or London. Far from once being a liberal polity, as the bishop claimed, Pakistan was founded on sectarian hatred. Mohammed Ali Jinnah's Direct Action Day call led to the holocaust of the “Great Calcutta Killings” by his Muslim League goons in August 1946. Jinnah's role in the Pathan tribal invasion of Kashmir in October 1947 was lucidly explained by (Ms) Simran Kaur on the letters page of The Times (May 11). Pakistan today is Jinnah's truest monument.

tional and transformational effectiveness of the Ambalabased Kharga Corps and also validate new concepts which have remerged during the transformational studies undertaken by the Army,” said an official. The most significant aspect of the exercise was to bring the three strike corps - 1Corps (Mathura), 2 Corps (Ambala) which are under separate regional commands – under a single strategic command. Apart from organisational changes to produce “an agile, lethal, versatile and networked force” ready for the operational challenges of the 21st century, the exercise was also designed to train the force in the use of the latest technological weapons systems to their maximum potential. Meanwhile, Josy Joseph, reporting for The Times of India (May 13), told how Indian intelligence agencies got wind of Osama bin Laden's presence in Pakistan way back in 2002.-03. “In hindsight, I think we were on a very credible trail, but we didn't work on it,” said a senor officiall, who claimed he was aware of intercepts obtained by Signal Intelligence, a tri-service intelligence organisation known for its technical capabilities.

PM in Kabul Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's two-day visit to Kabul for talks with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai was a signal of Indian intent to remain a force in the country. The West's facilitation of Pakistan's primary role in Afghanistan is tantamount to Islamabad's effective control of the place. Dr Singh demanded a thorough investigation into how bin Laden could live in Pakistan without apparent detection for so long during a joint press conference with Mr Karzai. He appealed for joint action by Afghanistan, Pakistan and India for regional peace and stability calling it a “unique moment” following bin Laden's death. Asked whether India would adopt the type of operation carried out by the US against bin Laden, Dr Singh replied: “These are sensitive issues and we don't discuss strategies on terror at press conferences.” In his opening remarks, Dr Singh pledged an Indian aid

Military exercise A week-long inter-services military exercise - “Vijaya Bhava' – involving the Indian Air Force and Army took place in the northern Rajasthan desert to fine-tune the country's military preparedness. An Army official said it had conducted 10 major exercises near the Pakistan border in the past six years. The present exercise focused on battlefield tactics and refine India's Cold Start doctrine and synergize the offensive power of its air and ground forces. The Indian Army had made 12 transformational changes to give its offensive capability leaner and meaner (Frontier India Online, Times of India May 10). “The manoeuvres are being conducted to test the opera-

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi, who won the Assam state election

Prime minister manmohan Singh with Afghan President Hamid karzai

package of $500 million to Afghanistan in the next few years. “This will consist of specific projects and schemes and other initiatives that will be developed in consultation with the Government of Afghanistan,” he said. India would increase its focus on the social sector, agriculture, capacity-building and access to the Indian market, the Prime Minister said. “Our development assistance to Afghanistan stands at approximately $1.5 billion spread over several years, but there are still gaps. We now have a better understanding of where we can and should do more,” he said. He added that India's strategic partnership with Afghanistan would be implemented under the framework of a Partnership Council, to be headed by the two foreign ministers.

Spreading their wings James Fontenella-Khan's report in the FinancialTimes (May 4) on Mukesh Ambani's entry into India's financial services sector via a joint venture with D.E.Shaw, the US hedge fund, was a possible signal of intent that the boss of Reliance Industries wanted to found a bank. “The man likes to think big when it comes to investing in a new business,” said a person close to him. Reaching for the skies appears to be his motto. Another FT report of the same date by Peter Smith and James Fontenella-Khan said:

mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress swept the polls in West Bengal

See comment page 3

“India has underlined its desire to play a bigger role in the development of Australia's coal sector with the agreed acquisition of by Adani Enterprises, the country's largest coal importer, of Queensland's Abbot Point Coal Terminal for A$1,83 billion (US2 billion).

Calling on old friends Recent events have brought home the importance of keeping trusted friendships in good working order. Two Indian warships visited Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) following Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee's talks in Hanoi with the Vietnamese leadership (See Asian Voice, May 14, Media Watch, page 12). The naval crew were warmly received by the Vietnam authorities and people. The Hindu newspaper (May 6) reported the visit to Russia by an Indian parliamentary delegation led by Minister of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs Ashwani Kumar, who told reporters after meeting Russian parliamentarians that the Indo-Russian relationship was “unique”. He said the purpose of the visit was to “reinforce and reiterate the special relationship” in the face of new global challenges. Parliamentarians from Russia and India had agreed to set up groups in their respective legislatures closer bilateral ties between the two countries, he said.

Jayalalitha’s Aidmk won resoundingly in Tamil Nadu


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


On the departure of Manubhai M Madhvani Keith Vaz MP Maunbhai Madvani was a giant. He was one of the founder members of the Asian communtity in Britain. A hugely successfull buisnessman who loved this country and was also devoted to Africa and India. Above all he was gentle and kind. He will be greatly missed. Shailesh Vara MP "My prayers and thoughts are with the Madhvani family at this difficult time. Manubhai's loss will be felt by many throughout the world. He was an extraordinary man who touched the lives of so many people in a variety of ways. He will be greatly missed." Kapil Dudakia One can write a book on Shri Manubhai and his family, but suffice to say - today we all feel the loss that his family must be feeling at this sad time. The Dudakia family salutes Shri Manubhai. A man of destiny who came to us all, and left a lasting legacy that will inspire countless thousands in years to come. GITA: 'Na jaayate' mriyate' vaa kadaachin naayam bhuthva bhavithaa na bhooyah: ajo nithyah saasvato'yam puraano na hanyate' hanyamaane' sareere'

Lord Dolar Popat Manubhai Madhvani was a determined, generous and hard-working man. His resolve to rebuild his life in Britain and to overcome his brutal imprisonment at the hands of Idi Amin is testament to his character. He loved his work and unwaveringly dismissed the notions of retirement, yet for those of us who knew him it is his generosity, his kindness and his humour that we will remember him most for. Like many of you I am greatly saddened at Manubhai’s passing; he was one in a million. For the generation of Ugandan Asians who were forced to find a new home; Manubhai was an inspiration and a shining light of success; without him today the world feels a little darker. I am personally deeply grateful to Manubhai for introducing the teachings and wisdom of Morari Bapu into my life as well as thousands of others in the UK. It was at his invitation that Morari Bapu first came to the UK in 1992. I am also indebted to Manubhai for his encouragement in enabling me to pursue a career in politics. He will be greatly missed by all of us in the UK as well as East Africa.

Inflation hits 4.5% According to the official figures, inflation has hit 4.5%, increasing the pressure for a UK bank rate rise in 2011. The City consensus had been for the consumer prices index (CPI) to have registered a rise of 4.2% for the year to April. The cost of living was forced higher, in part, by Budget tax increases, such as increased alcohol and tobacco duty but also fastrising household gas prices. Hopes that price pressure might abate later in the year, especially after

Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England forecasts a further rise

the surprise drop to 4% in March from 4.4% in February, are now looking less certain.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) said it was the highest level registered since September

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2008, when inflation was 5.2%. Market expectations shifted marginally, bringing forward their forecast of the first rise by one month, from January 2012 to December 2011. Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, last week warned that CPI was on its way to 5%, due to the global rise in energy prices.

BAE set to pay £29.5m to Tanzania Britain's biggest defence company, BAE Systems has finally set up an internal panel that will allocate the agreed £29.5m to Tanzania in form of charity rather than paying it out to its government. The money is to be paid in order to settle a bribery and corruption investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), in which the investigators dropped their prosecution and agreed a £30m settlement with BAE for failure to keep proper accounting records over the sale of a radar to Tanzania. BAE had failed to account properly for $12m (£7.4m) of payments made to a former marketing adviser. At the same time, BAE also admitted to "defrauding the US" over the sale of fighter planes to Saudi Arabia and Eastern Europe.

Families were £500 worse off than the previous year According to the latest study by Institute of Fiscal Studies, households have suffered the most significant drop in their income in 2010 since 1981. It also stated that an average family is likely to witness another three percent drop in income in 2011 than the last year. It has linked this reduction in income to the stagnant wage and a higher inflation.

Widely acknowledged as being one of the UK’s leading law firms specialising in national and regional residential and commercial property development, Harold Benjamin Solicitors has grown steadily over recent years to incorporate additional specialist departments in dispute resolution and litigation, corporate and commercial, private client, family and employment. Noted for applying progressive, innovative and dynamic thinking to meet the needs of our clients, we take an active interest in the development of our clients’ businesses. We pride ourselves on the provision of the very highest levels of legal service as well as our approachability which has become our hallmark. Today, we offer a full range of specialist skills to both individuals as well as businesses in areas including Commercial and Residential Property Development, Planning, Commercial Leasing, Corporate, Commercial, Information Technology, Commercial and Property Litigation, Landlord and Tenant, Employment, Private Client, Family, Wills and Probate. If you would like to speak to us about any of the services we offer, please call us on 020 8422 5678. Spotlight on EMPLOYMENT Each month we will be taking an in-depth look at one of the services offered by the team of lawyers at Harold Benjamin. This month we turn the spotlight on the Employment team. Harold Benjamin’s Employment lawyers are highly experienced in all areas of employment law and act for both employers and employees. Working with you to help resolve any employment issues you may be facing, Cyril Dennemont and Marina Vincent will analyse your personal or business situation before making recommendations which best meet the needs of your specific circumstances. Depending on the situation, the options given to you may involve legal processes or negotiations to avoid legal conflict to the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Cyril and Marina regularly appear before Employment Tribunals as well as Courts at all levels and can advise you on a wide range of employment matters including: redundancy, unfair dismissal, contracts of employment, compromise agreements, discrimination in the workplace, maternity and paternity rights, equal pay, directors’ disputes, restrictive covenants, wrongful dismissal, breach of contract, part time working and retirement.

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Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Lord Noon makes his maiden speech Lord Gulam Noon made his maiden speech in the House of Lords on Tuesday, 10 May. It was heard attentively by other peers and the points highlighted by Lord Noon were rightly acknowledged. In his speech, Lord Noon said, “My Lords, I am very honoured to be making my maiden speech today. I thank the noble Baroness, Lady Newlove for introducing this very important debate. Barones Newlove’s contribution to this area is significant and her maiden speech greatly moved this House. I am sorry that it was born out of such a great personal tragedy. May I also commend the noble Baroness on her most excellent report ‘Our vision for safe and active communities’. I hope that I can do justice to the wisdom of this report as I talk to my Lords about my experiences and understanding about how we can make safer, stronger and more active communities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my noble friend the Baroness Jay of Paddington and my noble friend Lord Sainsbury of Turville for having introduced me to the floor of the House in January this year. Since my arrival here I have been most graciously and respectfully received by everyone. I have been made to feel most welcome. I wish to acknowledge and thank you my Lords all the officials of the House for their courtesy and their time. It was only few years ago that I was made to think that I might not be here today to make this speech. Of course, I am referring to the night in November 2008 when I was trapped in the Taj Hotel in Mumbai while it was attacked by a group of terrorists. So, I have had my own close encounters with terrorists which made me realize how quickly life can be snuffed out by them. Baroness Newlove suffered the ultimate tragedy. I was luckier. On that November morning in 2008, I woke up in my hotel bed as a businessman. By nightfall I was a hostage of a terrorist cell. I had taken a small Trade Delegation from my parent company Kerry Foods. The terrorists were hunting down British and American nationals, which we all were. We sat in the dark room listening to the sounds of grenades and bombs exploding in the building. Smoke soon poured in from under our door and we panicked. Had I known then what I was to learn later, that the terrorists were in room no.360, then, we would have really panicked. For, you see, my Lords we were in 361, right next door! It was the longest night of my life. Next morning, in the light of dawn, we saw a fire brigade on the street below. My suite was on the

people many benefits. Britain provides its citizens great freedom to worship, to educate and to work and, let’s not forget our compassionate National Health Service. There is also the benefit to retire with a state pension. The citizen is given all these things by the nation. In return we owe the community, society and the country our allegiance. We all have a moral obligation to fulfil our duties as citizens. We must live with honour. The freedoms we enjoy in the UK, including the freedom of religious belief and practice are given freely. However, with freedom comes responsibility. It is our responsibility to be active, to take part and do what we can to make all our lives better. It is inevitable there will be friction at times, difficulties of adjustments but we are all the same under the skin. On a personal level, I have Lord Gulam Noon worked hard to create an 3rd floor. We frantically waved to industry and provide employment the fire brigade. They sent their long in Britain. At the same time, I have ladder up to our balcony broke the not forgotten that I am a member of glass and hoisted us on to the plata greater society and have tried to form. The TV images of our rescue pay back through my Noon went round the world as it was hapFoundation, a charity personally pening. The handlers of the terrorendowed by me. Through our projists were also watching the TV and ects I have come into contact with directing their foot soldiers by everyday heroes who work in hosmobile phones. pices, community mentoring projAs we were coming down, they ects, the brave soldiers of our army shot at us from inside the hotel. We and the many selfless people who were lucky that we all escaped with make life worthwhile. our lives. But a hundred and sevIn our democracy we have the enty six others who died in the freedom to speak up, to comment Mumbai attack were not so lucky. and to criticize. There is room for The terrorists attacked two hotels, a every shade of expression. No matrailway station and a tourist café, ter what our origins, our faith, our as well as targeting a Jewish Centre. culture and our opinions, we are They were all ordinary people mindultimately stronger and safer in a ing their own business. They were community with each other. We are killed randomly. better off when we watch out for These matters go to the very each other. heart of our debate today. If we are I thank my Lords for listening to to have safer communities we must me and I look forward to taking part deal with all of the forces that seek in many more of our debates.” to harm us and threaten the very Significance of Lord Noon's fabric of our society. maiden speech was reflected when Just a few days ago we got the there was an uproar amongst the news of the death of the terrorist peer as they warmly greeted him. mastermind who had dedicated his Lord Bishop of Norwich in the follife to murder and mayhem. Let me lowing speech said, “Lot of us have say here what I believe Islam stands taken advantage of the ready meals for. produced by Noon Products Ltd, My beloved mother, Bilquis instilled in me the Islamic values of especially after late sittings.” He peace and tolerance. I grew up in a adds, “Lord Noon's contribution to household in India where we were enhance Jewish-Muslim relations on very friendly terms with people through Maimonides Foundation of other faiths. Our neighbours has been significant.” were non Muslim. The community Simultaneously, Lord Brooke of was fully integrated and that Sutton Mandeville and Lord Rosser seemed to us the natural way to also applauded the massive contrilive. It was a cosmopolitan society. bution made by Lord Gulam Noon London too is a cosmopolitan in the entire spectrum of the British city and this great country gives its society.

Thieves raid O2 network Phone network of millions of O2 customers across the South East were cut off for almost 18 hours on Tuesday after thieves raided a network building in East London. The gang, described as “well organised” by O2, struck just after midnight, shutting down phone, text and broadband services in Kent and Sussex as well as parts of North and East London. The raid also affected Tesco Mobile and giffgaff customers, whose services are based on the O2 network. On-call engineers who attended the unmanned building called police and worked throughout the day

to restore the network, alongside forensics officers. "This was a well organised theft which targeted this operations site,” an O2 spokesman said.He added, “once we discovered that there had been a theft, we made the site secure and informed the police.” The firm added that vandalism by the thieves made repair work more difficult. It follows a similar raid on a Vodafone building in Basingtoke in February, which crippled services for millions of its customers in the South.


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


Top chefs prepare botanical banquets as Patel jailed for five and a half years London sets eyes on Chelsea Flower Show The capital is set to see the annual spectacle of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show from 24th to 28th May, presenting a real opportunity for some of London’s best restaurants to showcase the colour, splendour and taste of the natural world. With National Vegetarian Week, 23rd to 29th May, running concurrently with the show, it is also a means for some of London’s best chefs to demonstrate that the absence of meat is no barrier to flavour. The Chelsea Flower Show is held each year for five days by Royal Horticulture Society in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, London. It is indeed the most famous gardening event in the UK and perhaps in the world. The fact that the show is sold out before weeks, reflects its popularity amongst the Londoners. Flower power at Pearl Over at Pearl Restaurant on High Holborn, contemporary French cooking gets a floral makeover as acclaimed chef Jun Tanaka has created a triumphant vegetarian tasting menu that incorporates flowers and blossom along with some quintessential English garden classics. The Botanist in Bloom Tom and Ed Martin’s flagship bar and restaurant, The Botanist on Sloane Square, will be in full bloom with a range of floral-inspired cocktails. To accompany is a range of complementary quintessential English dishes from the bar menu including a British cheese board selection served with chutney and oatcakes. Bursting colours at the

Cinnamon Club and Cinnamon Kitchen The Cinnamon Club in Westminster and Cinnamon Kitchen in the City are introducing two celebratory vegetarian menus, both bursting with colour and making innovative use of edible flowers, rose petals, wild strawberries and many more to add distinctive and unique flavours. A deal with tickets of the flower show is also available here. East meets Veg at Ora Ora, which opened near Oxford Circus earlier this year, have created a special vegetarian menu packed with traditional Thai flavours. Covent Garden's secret garden

Covent Garden’s hidden culinary gem, French restaurant Clos Maggiore, is offering a special sixcourse vegetarian tasting menu. Clos Maggiore, which is one of London’s best-kept secrets, combines the finest in French cooking with one of London’s biggest wine cellars and a reputation as one of the capital’s most romantic dining rooms. A blooming great banquet at The Landseer The Landseer brings a bouquet of flavours to Bloomsbury, with a magnificent menu of floral inspired dishes available to celebrate The Chelsea Flower Show.

National Vegetarian Week reignites diet debate Albert Einstein once said, “Nothing will benefit human health, and increase the chances for survival of life on earth, as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet”. And with National Vegetarian Week starting from 23rd May, the debate over the benefits of maintaining a vegetarian diet has been reignited by many pro-vegetarian and pro-environment organisations around the world. A research done by International Corporate Vegetarian Association (ICVA) states the following benefits that vegetarians avail. l 20% lower rate of mor-

tality from all causes ie. they live longer l 40% reduced level of cancer l 24% reduced risk of getting heart disease while it remains the biggest killer in the UK accounting for 50% of deaths l two and a half times less likely to get bowel cancer l The World Health Organisation recommends a diet low in saturated fat, sugar, salt & with plenty of fibre - vegetarian diets are favourable to this l Many life insurers offer discount life cover for vegetarians because medical evidence suggested that they are less likely to suf-

fer from major illnesses People's vegetarian diet also benefits the environment because scientifically eating lower in the food chain means lower CO2 emission. If a nonvegetarian person swaps to vegetarian diet, he would individually reduce CO2 emission by 442 kg per year. About 5000 gallons of water is consumed to raise one pound of beef. Moreover, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that animal raising r consumption is responsible for 18 percent of global warming and 80 percent of anthropogenic land use.

Daughter inspired by mother's presidential role Law Society president Linda Lee became the first female president to admit her daughter to the roll of solicitors at an admissions ceremony at Chancery Lane. Gabrielle Maria Lee, who studied at the University of Sheffield and University of London, was a trainee at legal aid firm Joe Egan Solicitors in Bolton. Speaking before the ceremony, Gabrielle said, “Throughout my mother's

training, I saw all the work she put in to becoming a solicitor. I’ve always been very interested in law, and this interest was definitely sparked through seeing my mum work and hearing her talk about it.” About the field she has chosen, she adds, “I’m very grateful to be given the opportunity to work as a solicitor. Legal aid is a very important area of law as you are helping the people who

are in most need of representation.” Linda Lee said, "I see so many proud parents, family members and friends at each and every admissions ceremony at the Law Society and today I am definitely a proud mother. I am delighted Gabrielle has chosen to work in the legal aid sector and I hope she finds it as rewarding as I have done."

Jyoti Patel, 53, a bank cashier was declared guilty at Wood Green Crown Court and jailed for five-and-a-half years for stealing almost £300,000 from the accounts of a vulnerable pensioner who was suffering from Parkinson's and partial blindness. Mrs Patel, from Kenton, blew £15,000 of Peter Lewis’ savings on fees for her daughter’s private school and another £62,000 on her son’s house deposit. Patel, who worked at Barclays in Kingsbury Road, produced documents that granted her the power of attorney before transferring his life savings to her and changing his will to leave all his assets to her husband and son. She also changed his account details so that bank statements were sent to her personally. Mr Lewis, who lived in Harrow, was unable to care for himself due to partial blindness and the degenerative brain disorder Parkinson’s disease. He died aged 85 in September 2009. However, the scam was uncovered after Mr Lewis’ solicitor became suspicious that he was not receiving bank statements.

Jyoti Patel

During her trial, Patel claimed she had ‘good friends’ with Mr Lewis and that he had asked her to take charge of his affairs and act as his carer. But before he died Mr Lewis told police he had never met her. The bank has since refunded the cash in full and police are expected to apply for an order to confiscate Patels’ ill-gotten gains. Patel was found guilty on eight charges including theft, transferring of criminal property and forgery. Detective Constable Darren Norton said, “This is a particularly distressing case as Jyoti Patel targeted an elderly man suffering from Parkinson’s Disease who could not see or hear properly. I am pleased that justice has finally been served, and I just wish he had lived long enough to witness it himself.”



Asian Voice Saturday 21st May 2011

Cannes attracts many Bollywood glitterati

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


Don't link me with Saif: Priyanka Chopra Bollywood star Chopra has denied reports that she has become "over-friendly" with actor Saif Ali Khan of late. Recent reports claimed that the 'Saat Khoon Maaf' star hit it off with Khan during a visit to the sets of his next movie 'Agent Vinod' and the new bonhomie has angered his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. "It was a casual meeting, nothing else. Now please don't link me up with him at least," Chopra told reporters. Asked if Kareena has any problems with it, she retorted, "No one has any problem with it." The former Miss World is very excited about her two upcoming films, 'Don 2' and 'Agneepath' which will see her alongside her favorites, Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.

Wedding bells for actress Aparna

Amitabh, Aamir films to clash

Aparna, who acted in films like ‘Pudukotailirundhu Saravanan’ pairing opposite Dhanush and in ‘ABCD,’ a mulitstarrer which also had Sneha and Shaam in the lead roles is getting married on June 29th. She will marry Bharani, a doctor and a

specialist in bone surgery. The wedding will be held at Srivari Wedding Hall, Vanagaram. Mr. Bharani is the son of Mr. Kannappan, the owner of Sundar Theatre located in Poonamallee. The engagement ceremony will be held on June 8th.

Now Shilpa’s yoga DVD in Tamil

After the success of Shilpa Shetty's yoga DVD in Hindi, English and Malayalam, it will now be released in Tamil. She wanted the DVDs to reach out to the masses so that people can actually understand the value of yoga in their life and lead a healthier life. Fitness freak Shilpa had taken intensive

training from yoga trainers Shiv Kumar Mishra and Vinayak Dixit. "Yoga is a management system for our body, mind and soul. It is the most holistic approach to life that I have ever come across. It strengthens, tones and cures your body. Yoga has had a spectacular impact on my life," she said.

Rajinikanth hospitalized again

The 64th Cannes Film Festival that opened last week with Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' was graced by many Bollywood glitterati. Aishwarya, whose continued presence at festivals has established the global spotlight on Bollywood, has joined by Sonam Kapoor and Freida Pinto as they walk the Red Carpet for L'Oreal Paris. L'Oreal, for the first time, have three spokespersons representing India at Cannes. Minissha Lamba will also be present this year at the gala. Pinto will attend the amfAR - American Foundation for AIDS Research dinner and after-party on May 19. Karan Johar, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan are attending as guests of Chivas Regal. Director Shekhar Kapoor will showcase a documentary where he along with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and American director Jeff Zimbalist will paint a poignant and swirling montage of Bollywood, which has in recent times become

Mallika Sherawat turns down Barack Obama’s invitation!

Actor Rajinikath is back in hospital for pneumonia, renal and gastro-intestinal problems. Doctors at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Porur in Chennai, where the 61-year-old film icon was admitted on Saturday, said he was being treated for recurrent respiratory infection and a stomach ailment. His stressful schedules coupled with lifestyle habits,

including smoking, could have worsened his health condition. Rajinikanth, who had returned home after two rounds of hospitalization, was rushed back to hospital on Saturday when his respiratory problems worsened. A series of investigations including a CT scan was done by a team of doctors, who concluded that he suffered from pneumonia.

Nana Patekar to don director’s hat again After a span of almost two decades, veteran Nana Patekar will be soon donning the director's hat again for his second film, an unconventional love story where a 50-year-old man would romance a woman half his age. "I have written a script. I may direct it any moment. I don't know exactly when. I don't think its an issue-based film. In my film, the actress would be of 24-25 years of age and the actor would be almost of 50," Nana said. The senior Bollywood actor said the movie will be a simple love story, probably on the lines of Hollywood filmmaker David Lean's Ryan's Daughter or anything of the Roman Holiday sort. But it would not be inspired or adapted from

Mallika Sherawat who was present at two events in White House with US president Barack Obama, has turned down another invitation from the president. She missed out on making strike three with an exclusive poetry reading session at the Presidential residence in Washington. Reason? She will host a party to promote her film at Cannes on the same date. And so, despite her professed love for poetry (the actress admits to being familiar with the verse of 13th century poet Amir Khusro, 19th century poet Mirza Ghalib and America's TS Eliot), work won this round. A source close to the “Hisss actress insists that for Madame M, her "professional commitments come first". Hosting a sunset cocktail party for her Hollywood release, “Politics of Love on Nikki Beach in Cannes was something she had committed to, months before. So it was out with Obama and in with the French Riviera for the actress. She flew to the famed French town later. She notes, "It's always a pleasure to meet the most powerful man in the world and it's very special that I was invited amongst the 100 invitees. But since the Cannes commitment was a prior one and the White House invite only came recently, I had to regretfully decline. I sent my apologies. I am looking forward to more invitations from him in the future."

Tusshar inspires Amrita Tusshar Kapoor will be seen sharing screen space with Amrita Rao in the upcoming film “Love U…Mr Kalakaar!” Amrita who is a very professional actress says that she is motivated working with Tushar as he is methodical, meticulous and a detail oriented person. “Working with such an actor keeps you on your toes all the time because someone who is a perfectionist can only make you want to do better.”

synonymous with Indian cinema. As far as fashionista are concerned, best is Sonam Kapoor who was dolled up in Jean Paul Gaultier couture, Chopard earrings, Amrapali ring and Ferragamo shoes on the red carpet. Looking pretty in a geometrical patterned white dress, the actress was surely a paparazzis' dream come true. It was thumbs up from designers for Aishwarya Rai who walked the red carpet in a beige one-shoulder Elie Sahab outfit on the opening day, the actress completed her look with her hair tied up, simple earrings and Jimmy Choo clutch bag in her hand. Apart from Aishwarya and Sonam, actresses like Minissha and Mallika Sherawat, Frieda Pinto, and actor Saif Ali Khan will be walking the red carpet at various events. The festival will end on May 22.

Anushka to don bikini in her next Model turned actress Anushka Sharma, who is best known for her performance in “Band Baaja Baaraatis” is all set to flaunt a bikini in her next film, The actress will be seen in a two piece in “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl' co-starring 'good friend' Ranveer Singh. This is the first time that Anushka will don a bikini and so preparations are going on in full swing. Buzz also has it that Yash Raj Films, the producer of the film, has already told her to tone up to get the perfect bikini.

them, he clarified. Ryan's Daughter is a 1970 film directed by David Lean. The film, set in 1916, tells the story of a married Irish woman who has an affair with a British officer during World War I, despite opposition from her nationalist neighbours. Nana said, "I would be acting in the film. If I get a 'buddha khushad' person like him (for the 50-yearold character) then good...or else I will only act. About the actress it’s not decided.. lets see who wants to work with me. I may start the film this year or hopefully next year." On whether he will follow the recent trend of item songs in his directorial venture, he said, "I may have item songs..I don't know...”

Upset Kangna Ranaut blocks shooting Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut recently locked inside her vanity van and refused to come out and shoot with Sanjay Dutt. Her tempers were flying high on the sets of Inder Kumar's “Double Dhamaal” following reports insinuating that she was trying to get back into Sanjay Dutt's clan. According to sources, she was blaming the unit members of the film for spreading false stories about her. The cast was shooting at Mehboob Studios when the incident happened. It took over two hours to pacify Kangna. "She thinks someone from the unit was talking ill of her. She's maintaining distance from Sanju and trying not to entertain any loose talk.”

Amitabh Bachchan's home production “BbuddahHoga Terra Baap” and Aamir Khan’s “Dekhi Belly” are set to hit the screens on the same day – July 1. Bbuddah is about an old man who feels young, and will see Amitabh, 68, riding a Harley Davidson, while Delhi Belly is about three friends living together in a bachelor pad in Delhi. More than being nervous about the clash, Amitabh is excited that Bbuddah... is releasing before his other film “Aarakshan.” "It now seems probable that Bbuddah even though started its shot after the shoot for Aarakshan was over, has finished first. it is set to be released before Aarakshan too. Bbuddah on July 1st," Amitabh posted on his blog.

Siddharth, Shruti Haasan living together Siddharth and Shruti Hassan's love is slowly budding towards a serious relationship. They have taken their relation to the next level as they are rumoured to be living together. A Source said, Siddharth and Shruti have sought blessings of Kamal Hassan, Shruti's dad, and have started living together. Moreover, Papa Hassan is a happy man with his daughter Shruti having chosen a right man, according to him. Both the lovebirds are to be truly, madly and deeply in love.


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

TCS ranked among UK's top five employers Dear Financial Voice Reader, My God is nothing sacred? Another week, another scandal. I sometimes wonder if there are more crooks in finance than in prison. It makes you feel sorry for the little guy shoplifter who gets caught and the financial thief who takes a few million and walk free. Rajaratnam, Strauss-Kahn, Gupta – the last two not convicted but accused. And as if financial crimes were not enough – in the case of the Head of the IMF it is sexual crimes he is accused of. You used to call these money people ‘Masters of the Universe’ but it seems they really believe that of themselves. Like Emperors and demi-gods, they take as they see fit. But this is not new. The concept of the Superman is well trodden in philosophy, the person who considers himself bound by a higher law because of his breeding. The Nazis swore by it. As the web states, ‘ancient Greece, hubris (ancient Greek) referred to actions that shamed and humiliated the victim for the pleasure or gratification of the abuser. The term had a strong sexual connotation, and the shame reflected on the perpetrator as well. It was most evident in the public and private actions of the powerful and rich. The word was also used to describe actions of those who challenged the gods or their laws. In ancient Greece Hubris was a legal term and meant a crime – the crimes included rape and theft. Ironically, it is then Hubris with which Rajaratnam (insider dealing) and Strauss-Kahn (rape) and Gupta (insider dealing) are accused. But Hubris also in the moral sense – behaviour over confident in one’s own beliefs – no regard for society. Rajat Gupta, former head of McKinsey, was revered within an entrepreneur network I am part of, TiE, by the fellow Charter Members who knew him. I was too lowly to ever meet the great man. The others would fawn around him, elevating and feeding his god-like status. Perhaps they should have spent more time with the waiters serving the drinks – for apparently that is an antidote for hubris – talking to regular, normal people. So I say to all of you who read this column because you are in finance. As Bloomberg puts it, ‘During the past decade, Gupta, who was already a millionaire, began to veer off track. He spent more time with Wall Street money managers. He told colleagues that he wanted to be a dealmaker, not just a consultant.’ Well Mr Gupta, I am a Dealmaker (officially designated) for the UK Government, and yes it is a heady mix of power and glamour and influence. But let me give you some advice, and all those who read this column to move up in finance: First, no amount of charity work will excuse moral corruption. Second, temptation is an evil seductress. Black and white rules are best. If you’re unsure, get it authorised by a higher authority. And there is always a higher authority. I have two priests on speed dial! Third, try to speak to one Big Issue vendor a week. Fourth, look at pictures of your grandmothers. Their hard work does not legitimise bad conduct, it prohibits it. Finally, remember the phrase, ‘fear of god.’ All of the above will cure hubris. So again, I ask, my god, is nothing sacred? You can tweet me your thoughts on @alpeshbp. My blog is at and you can see my latest TV commentary.

Wipro buys Brazilian hydraulic cylinder co Wipro is acquiring a Brazilian hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, RKM Equipamentos Hidraulicos. Wipro's cylinder division started in 1976 and has grown into a global business with a revenue of about $300 million (Rs 1,350 crore). The company, known primarily for its IT business, is amongst the world's biggest manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, a component of excavators, loaders, dozers, dumpers, motor graders and farm equipment.

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The study recognised that the company has outstanding policies, a "make it happen" culture, is dedicated to the long-term development of its staff in Britain and offers excellent working conditions. Reshuffle in top management TCS has, meanwhile, has reshuffled the top management deck of its UK arm Diligenta, as it seeks to grow the BPO business. It has named Phiroz Vandrevala, execu-

tive director of TCS, as the managing director and vice chairman of Diligenta. Vandrevala, 53, was the chairman of the six-year-old unit that started operations by acquiring the life and pension businesses of the Pearl Group. According to the Tata Group policy, a person cannot hold the chairman and managing director's post and so TCS's MD N Chandrasekaran will now don the chairman's role at Diligenta.

ArcelorMittal posts $1,069 mn net income for first quarter of 2011

Mittal anxious to start work on India projects

India's largest software company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said that it has been ranked among Britain's top five employers by the CRF institute. The CRF Institute identifies the front runners in excellent human resource (HR) management, leadership and strategy, using international standards. "The certification based on independent research done by the insti-

Steel major Arcelor Mittal posted a net income of $1,069 million for the first quarter of 2011, against a $780 million net loss in the previous quarter, driven by an increase in both shipments and selling prices. For the quarter ended March 31, 2010, the company had a net income of $640 million. Sales of the company for the quarter ended March 31, 2011, rose to $22,184 million from $17,428 million in the corresponding quarter a year ago. Commenting on the results, ArcelorMittal chairman and CEO Lakshmi N Mittal said, "As anticipated, we have seen a stronger start to the

India’s exports rise 34% in April to $24 bn

The government of India has warned of tough months ahead, though the exports in the new financial grew 34.4 per cent in April to $ 23.9 billion. What may be another worrying signal is a 14.1% rise in imports to $32.8 billion although prices of several commodities led by oil, metals and bullion have shot up in recent months. This left India with a trade deficit of $8.9 billion in April. For the last few months, exports have been growing at a scorching pace and helped push India's export during 2010-11 to a record $246 billion with a growth rate of 37.55%, another record. The momentum seems to have continued into the new financial year as engineering goods remained the star performer. The segment clocked a growth of 109% and shipments during April were estimated to have touched $6.8 billion. Export of petroleum products grew 53% to $4.3 billion and gems and jewellery exports rose 39% to $2.9 billion. Readymade garments clocked a 12.7% growth. On the flip side, a few sectors such as iron ore and marine products showed a decline.

tute and audited by Grant Thornton demonstrated that TCS performed extremely well across all 11 key areas of HR practice," the company said in a regulatory filing.

year, with an increase in both shipments and selling prices. This is expected to further improve in the second quarter as the underlying demand recovery continues." For the first quarter of 2011, the company reported a 4% rise in steel shipments to 22 million tonnes and a 7% jump in the average steel selling price as compared to the fourth

quarter of 2010, ArcelorMittal said in a statement. Going forward, the company has a bullish outlook and said steel shipments are expected to increase further in the second quarter in line with higher capacity utilisation due to continued improvement in underlying demand and seasonal factors. Besides, increases in average steel selling prices are expected to more than offset cost increases in the second quarter, while mining production and profitability are also expected to improve, ArcelorMittal said, adding that second quarter EBITDA is expected to be between $3.0-3.5 billion.

FDI limit in defence production likely to go up

More liberation is coming in the foreign direct investment (FDI) regime in India soon. The government is set to revive discussions on increasing the FDI limit in defence production from 26% to 49%. And this time, the proposal - which was on the backburner for nearly a year in the face of intense opposition from the defence ministry - seems to be getting some support from South Block. Last week, the Union Cabinet permitted FDI in limited liability partnership firms, which is a hybrid structure between a partnership firm and a company. The proposal on FDI in defence, if approved, would only leave the government with allowing foreign investment in multi-brand retail, something that is being keenly watched by international chains like Wal-Mart and Carrefour.

Sources said a fresh note on defence production is expected to be taken up for discussion by a ministerial panel headed by finance minister Pranab Mukherjee. Defence minister A K Antony, who had put his foot down on the proposal floated by the department of industrial policy and promotion for hiking the ceiling to 74%, is expected to back a move to increase the cap to 49%, something which is seen as finding middle ground. Antony had earlier argued that 26% was "enough at the moment". Senior members of the Cabinet are supporting the proposal to raise the FDI ceiling for defence. Among the arguments in favour of hiking FDI is that the 26% limit has not enthused foreign investors, who have only put in around $30 million in the defence sector in all these years.

ArcelorMittal pins hopes to start work on its bigticket India projects but exuded confidence that the government is doing its best to ensure its Rs 1, billion projects take off. "It is very important to us and we are as anxious as anyone to make substantial progress in India," ArcelorMittal Chief L N Mittal said after the world's largest steel producer declared its first quarter results. Mittal said though there was some progress in its Karnataka and Jharkhand projects but this was not enough to begin construction of steel mills. "There is some progress in Karnataka .We have started seeing some progress in Jharkhand. So, there is some progress but not enough yet to start construction on any particular date when they will begin the project work," Mittal said. The company had entered into a pact with Jharkhand government way back in 2005 to set up a 12 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) steel plant. It had unveiled similar plans for Orissa in 2006. However, none of the projects could take off due to regulatory and other hurdles like problems in land acquisition, raw material security etc. It had to shift the site of the proposed project at Bokaro in Jharkhand from Khunti-Gumla, faced with land acquisition problems. Faced with delays, it entered into a pact with Karnataka government for Rs. 300 billion plant with a capacity of 6 MTPA in June 2010. However, the company is still in need of regulatory approvals to take off projects. "We are still in need of so many approvals," Mittal said. Asked whether he intended to take up the matter with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said the government was aware of the entire issue and he was hopeful that it (government) was making efforts to ensure progress.


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


Score a home goal by investing in Wembley

Suresh Vagjiani Managing Director Sow & Reap A Property Investment & Financing company.

This week we are looking at a property which may have gone for auction by the time you read this article, or maybe you will have just enough time to boldly rush to the auction house and place a bid. The property in question is a two bedroom property in Wembley. The property according to the guide price is a very good purchase, of course in an auction environment it only takes two people to drive the price up. Normally the guide price is set below the reserve and it is typically 10% below what the auctioneer expects the property to go for. This property comes with a long lease of 120 years low service charge and full legal information to look at . It requires refurbishment to bring it to a rentable condition. According to the local estate agents and land registry figures, the flat in a good condition would be worth around £190,000. Below we have given the scenario at various sale prices Cash flo w st ate me nts based on various purchase prices

Comparables (from Land Registry): 36, 43, 49, 35, 43,

Poplar Poplar Poplar Poplar Poplar

Grove, Grove, Grove, Grove, Grove,

Wembley, Wembley, Wembley, Wembley, Wembley,

Middlesex, Middlesex, Middlesex, Middlesex, Middlesex,



-29/06/2007 - 02/03/2007 - 24/01/2005 - 15/09/2004 - 11/04/2003

£174,000 £174,000 £150,000 £162,000 £149,950

The reason we bring this property in particular to the attention of our readers is because the property is local to many of our readers, so despite previous articles demonstrating that this is not the basis on which to purchase property people still do! We are run not by logic and reason but by emotion, so despite the common sense of what is correct they will inevitably investors mostly act according to habit. The basis on which to purchase property is it must increase the fastest in the amount of time you hold it. And the mantra of property investment is Location. The reason why Wembley and the surrounding area property T h e r e as o n w h y W e m b l eprices y a n dwill t h always e su r robe u npropped d i n g arup e aispr o p e rt yofp the ri c ebrown s w i l lpound. a l wa yIns because b e pr o p p e d u p i s b e c a u sBrighton e o f t h e this b r o is w nknown po u nas d . the In pink B r i gpound h t o n tto h i identify s i s k n othe w ngay a scomthe p i n k po u n d t o i d e n t i f y t munity’s h e g ay cwealth. o m m u nTo i t compound y’ s w e a l t hthis . T olocal com po u nin d Wembley t h i s l o c al f acisfactor there t o r i n W e m b l e y t h e r e i s much m u c hregeneration r e g e n e r a t igoing o n g oon i nwhich g on w h i ccertainly h wi l l cserve e r t a ito n l yincrease s e rv e will t o i n c r e as e p r o p e r t y p ri cproperty e s i n t hprices e ar ein a . the area. Wembley has traditionally been a good area to invest in, not least due to its proximity to Central London. Wembley Park is situ-

ated only 11 minutes from Baker St., and Wembley Stadium only 10 mins from Marylebone by train. Wembley has had over £1.5Bn spent to date with more plans in the pipeline. With the Supermarket giant ASDA only down the road, this area even without any potential regeneration already has good rental fundamentals. The most important being the proximity of a station to the flat we have. So imagine how regeneration plans and new initiatives will boost the market. The Asian population has always served to maintain property prices within the area. Rental yields in Wembley are still sufficient to maintain the mortgage payments and provide an income. Currently we have a stunning product which has just been released this week, it’s a two year fixed BTL rate at 4.69% with 0.5% arrangement fee. This would wrap around this investment very well. Development in Wembley can in a way be likened to the West End. Wembley Park Station is equipped to cope with 37,000 passengers passing through per hour, as is currently Oxford Circus in Central London. The 58.5 acres of site being developed is equal to an area stretching from Trafalgar Square to Soho Square north-south, and from Covent Garden to Leicester Square east-west. The LDA (London Development Agency) has also spent £20 million on a new square the size of Leicester Square. The new project will include a new park, hotel and affordable workspace in the latest stage of the Wembley City regeneration, covering a 14-acre swathe of north London being developed by Quintain Estates & Developement. A blueprint will be followed by a planning application later this year. Quintain say its “new neighbourhood”, will come with a shopping street and student digs. More than 520 homes have already been completed at Wembley City, and by 2013 a Hilton hotel, cinema and designer shopping centre will be up and running. It is believed that future homes will be released in 2014. Sow & Reap have another investment flat going in the Kings Drive development, in Wembley. It is priced at £185,000 and comes with a tenant in place paying £950pm. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

We provide a turnkey solution. Contact us now: Specialists in: l Property Sourcing l Mortgages l Commercial Finance l India Properties

UK Sales 0207 313 4595 India Sales 0203 384 5323

Tips of the Week l Prior to going to Auction get a solicitor to check the legal pack l Always get a decision in principle at least before going to auction

Westbourne House, 14-16 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5RH

l Try and find out why the property is on auction, it may be because it's not sellable ordinarily


financial voice

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Amit Patel has over 15 years experience in the field of Leadership and Human Resource Management

Maria Fernandes

An attack on families: restricting rights of appeal The Prime Minister, supported by comments from the Home Secretary Theresa May last week announced that appeals for visitors for families are next on target for restriction change on the basis that around two thirds of those granted visas do not return at the end of the visit. The article I read also suggested that visitors were migrants. These statements are extraordinary. Families, which are defined, get a right of appeal if they are refused entry. Asian families do not (yet) regard the nuclear family as their only family. Cousins are known as brothers for one reason alone, that they are regarded as close family members. When refused entry, families are prepared to take steps (often at great cost and inconvenience) to challenge decisions. The removal of rights of appeal to these categories sends a strong

IHQ status for Tata Communications in Singapore The Singapore government has awarded the status of “International Headquarters” to Tata Communications following the commitment of a fresh investment of 440 million Singapore dollars over the next four years in the country. “The official accreditation of international headquarter status by the Singapore government has come on the back of our long-term commitment and continued investment in the region,” Tata Communications MD and CEO Vinod Kumar said. The incentive-based IHQ status, awarded by Singapore’s state investment agency Economic Development Board, would also see Tata Communication increasing its Singapore workforce by 60 per cent to 200 over the next four years. “One of the many benefits of placing our international headquarters in Singapore is the access to its world-class technical and business expertise,” Mr. Kumar said. “We want to play a continued role in encouraging local innovation by employing the best local talent available, at all levels of the business,” Mr. Kumar said, referring to developing Singapore-based resources and manpower.

message, like all the other messages that have been coming across for the past year, that the days of celebrating the differences of the minority ethnic communities are numbered. There is no right to respect for the differences in the cultures. Communities must shed their identity and subsume it with the cultural norms of the indigenous community. What concerns me is the reasons used to justify this course of action. There is no mass scale of visitors. In fact in all the years I have been practising immigration this has never been a concern of any Government. So this has left me wondering what the Government are up to. Well the first thing to remember is that 90% of such appeals from Pakistan succeed, that a vast majority (I do not have the exact percentages as I write this) succeed where the applicants are from India. This is a

great inconvenience undoubtedly to the authorities and it questions their decision making qualities. The Independent Monitor in one of his reports has castigated the UKBA for blatant discrimination in dealing with different nationalities. Until now the refusals can be challenged in a Tribunal for the whole world to see and the statistics speak for themselves. Ending a right of appeal for this category of people when there are real concerns about whether the system is fit for purpose seems to me to be sweeping the problem under the carpet. Maria Fernandes has been in practice exclusively in immigration for the past 25 years. Fernandes Vaz is based at 87 Wembley Hill Road Wembley in Wembley and can be contacted by telephone on 02087330123, by email on

JLR raises over Rs 73bn to refinance debt

Tata Motors last week said its UK-based subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover has completed raising of 1 billion (over Rs 73 billion) to refinance its existing debt and other purposes. "This is a milestone in significantly strengthening the capital structure of Jaguar Land Rover and we are very pleased with the outcome," Tata Motors chief financial officer C Ramakrishnan said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange. Recently, the company had announced its plans to raise the amount through issue of sterling and US dollar denominated senior notes, which are debt instruments that takes priority over other unsecured or otherwise more "junior" debt owed by the issuer. "Jaguar Land Rover PLC, the parent company of Jaguar Cars and Land

Rover, itself wholly owned by Tata Motors, is pleased to announce the pricing of 1,000 million equivalent senior notes following a significant over-subscription by investors," the company said. JLR has issued 500 million worth senior notes due 2018, at an interest of 8.125% per annum. It has also issued two sets of $410 million senior notes each, with one set due in 2018 at 7.75% per annum while the other set is due in 2021 at an interest of 8.125% a year. "The proceeds from the issuance and the sale of the notes will be used to refinance existing debt and for general corporate purposes," the filing said. The British firm's total debt as on December 31, 2010, stands at 2.65 billion, while parent Tata Motors' gross debt stood at about Rs 340 billion.

The Age of Brooklands Last weekend I took my sons to see Concorde (the plane which has inspired him to want to be a pilot) at the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge ( It was a great experience and my sons loved it - they bought a ticket, boarded the aircraft and even sat in the seats as the pilot (a video recording) took us through takeoff until we reached the optimum speed of Mach 2. When we got home he said to me, ‘Daddy, I’m sad’. I asked him why he was sad on a day when he got to see his favourite aircraft. He replied, ‘I’m sad because they don’t fly Concorde anymore.’ I was taken aback. Not least because a four year old child had so poignantly summarised the state of British invention. The museum is wonderful, set in the grounds of Brooklands – a once famous racing track whose name has been somewhat forgotten over time, it has captured

some of the finest inventions created by British pioneers and provides a stark reminder of the days when Britain was at the forefront of invention and innovation. There are exhibits of the work of pioneers such as Malcolm Campbell and Barnes Wallis – ever heard of them? Yet the fact that these exhibits are situated in some dilapidated buildings in the middle of the Kent countryside are an indictment of sorts, that the country and its leaders have shifted their focus to other things. Why is it that today people talk about the engineering of the Germans, the efficiency of the Japanese and the industry of the Chinese? What has happened to the pioneering genius of the British? David Cameron alluded to this in his big society speech but the fact remains that somewhere along the line Britain has fallen back from the cutting edge of technological innovation and invention. Concorde

By Amit Patel

is actually the perfect example. First conceptualised in the 1950’s – first flown in the 1960’s and retired in 2003; to this day it still ignites the imagination and inspires a feeling of awe. This gives rise to the question of why have there been so few inventions of similar ingenuity and beauty since Concorde’s first flight. During these 50 years time other countries have got ahead not because they are better, but because they work harder – they only wanted to emulate the British. Their leaders challenged people to work and to create. While our leaders allowed this country to become something which it could never afford to be – ‘comfortable’. Now theirs’ is the task to inspire this nation to rise again and restore the glory of the ‘age of Brooklands’. ‘Footprints in the sands of time are not made by sitting down’.

Rajaratnam found guilty of insider trading Sri Lankan - American hedge fund tycoon Raja Rajaratnam has been found guilty of making tens of millions of dollars from insider trading with tips from corporate spies, including two Indian Americans. Rajaratnam, who was convicted on all 14 counts by a federal grand jury last week, could face as much as 19-and-a-half-years in prison under federal sentencing guidelines. He will be sentenced on July 29. The unanimous verdict brings to an end a nineweek trial which is part of what has been described as the largest hedge fund insider trading case in US history. Central to the prosecution's evidence were

Raja Rajaratnam

tapped phone calls between Rajaratnam and corporate insiders, including two Indian Americans, Intel treasury official Rajiv Goel and former McKinsey & Co partner Anil Kumar, both of whom testified against him. Prosecutors argued Rajratnam made as much as $63.8 million in illegal profits from 2003 to

March 2009 by trading on tips from a network of highly-placed corporate insiders. The companies traded included Google, Intel and Hilton Hotels, the prosecution said. The wiretaps were particularly damning for the defence as Rajaratnam is heard discussing inside information he received from Goldman Sachs Indian American director, Rajat Gupta, about a potential acquisition the firm was expected to make. Gupta was not charged in the case. Gupta's alleged involvement in the case brought Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein to the courtroom as witness for the prosecution.

Eco-friendly fabric from waste banana stems With growing demand for eco-friendly clothing, especially in overseas markets, led researchers in Gujarat to manufacture fabric from the banana plant’s stem. Surat-based Manmade Textile Research Association (MANTRA), Navsari Agricultural University (NAV) and Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology (ICAR), Mumbai have initiated a project to produce commercially-viable textile from the banana plant. Scientists working on the World Bank-funded project have already got partial success in manufacturing thick fabric suit-

ed for cold weather. They are also working on commercial viability of technical textile applications such as artificial leather, acrylic fabric for vertical blind and other types of curtains, bedsheets and tapestry. “Scientists have developed a modified spinning and weaving unit from traditional ones used for cotton value chain. Initial success has inspired them to work harder to produce lean fabric suitable for tropical weather,” said Arun Jariwala, president of MANTRA. M G Parikh, a scientist at MANTRA said the project envisages to utilize waste banana pseu-

dostems, which pose the problem of disposal and are available almost free in central and south Gujarat. The project includes creating facility for banana fibre extraction from the stem of the banana plant, cleaning, grading and converting it into a finished product, he said. “Banana plant fibre is more eco-friendly than other natural and manmade fibres. We are working on blending it with cotton as well as synthetic fibres. These fibres can also be used for packing cloth for agriculture produce, ships towing ropes, wet drilling cables,” said R G Patil, NAU scientist.


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


Foreign Exchange Rajesh Agrawal is the Chairman & CEO of RationalFX, Currency Specialists. For any further information call 020 7220 8181 or e-mail

Greek concerns trigger Euro sell off The week began in the UK with sterling on the back foot with risk aversion entering the market on the back of Greece’s current debt issue dragging down the euro which in turn pulled sterling lower. In terms of data it was a very quiet week with the main focus turning to the Bank of England’s inflationary report. Governor King’s comments regarding inflation sent sterling higher across the board gaining over half a cent after giving his speech. King’s comments regarding inflation possibly heading towards 5% this year before lowering in 2011 had an impact on the markets being that sterling is so sensitive to any inflationary measures positive or negative. Midweek saw UK manufacturing and Industrial production figures which came in a lot lower than expected as came as surprise to the market where we saw sterling fell more half a cent against the euro and US dollar. This going a long way to show that not all is well into manufacturing industry and will serve a reminder that UK interest rates will remain possible well into 2012. The week ended with sterling trading towards the low of the week at 1.6227 on the back of a stronger euro/dollar with

better than expected GDP giving the euro a push above 1.4305 in early morning London trade. We began last week in the Euro zone with more problems for Greece as there were comments from a German report that they may need to leave the Euro. From this speculation we saw the Euro weaken against the pound to levels as high as 1.1450. Following on from this Greece scheduled to auction €125bn of 6 month bills as S&P lowered the country’s credit rating from B to BB- basically becoming junk status. Moodys and Fitch are also looking to review downgrading Greece’s rating saying that further reduction was possible. Another cut would make Greece the lowest-rated nation in the euro zone. Will the euro trade lower? The Euro re-bounded from the lows of 1.1056 from the previous week looking as if it could head towards the 1.16 levels. Following on the main piece of data from the euro zone early last week came in the form of a possible deal regarding

Greece that could come as early as June in terms of its debt restructuring , this saw the euro gain over half a cent against the US dollar in mid morning trade. As Officials said the deal could total €27bn in 2012 and €32 in 2013. Europe is expected to have a higher inflationary figure – this will lead to speculation of another rate hike in the Euro. There are only a few ways in which you can control inflation – In the UK we have introduced various austerity measures which have had an effect on consumer spending. In Europe however, the ECB are struggling to control inflation via austerity measures, the moment it is mentioned the Greeks riot! The only way they can control inflation is

by raising interest rates, this will surely not work for a lot of the economies within the Euro Zone, like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, etc... Will the ECB be digging a bigger hole, which they will struggle to climb out of? The week started quietly in the US with the first piece of data coming on Tuesday with a positive Import Prices Index although this failed to have any real effect on the market. A quiet week continued as US Trade balance came out negatively on Wednesday but yet again failed to impact the markets heavily. The Dollar showed some positive movement on Thursday as speculation that interest rates in the UK would remain the same, yet still we saw fundamental data for the US fail to have an impact as PPI and retail sales came out positively but caused little movement. On Friday the USD strengthened heavily due to a case of risk aversion through commodity prices falling, causing people to take money out of these riskier assets and put back into the USD.

Weekly Currencies As of Tuesday 17th May 2011 @ 1pm GBP - INR = 73.06 USD - INR = 45.07 EUR - INR = 63.87 GBP - USD = 1.63 GBP - EUR = 1.14 EUR - USD = 1.41 GBP - AED = 5.97 GBP - CAD = 1.58 GBP - NZD = 2.08 GBP - AUD = 1.54 GBP - ZAR = 11.316 GBP - HUF = 307.24 Information provided by RationalFX. None of the information on this page constitutes, nor should be construed as financial advice. The exchange rates used are the commercial foreign exchange rates provided by RationalFX. For a live quote or to find out more about how RationalFX can help you, call us on 0207 220 8181.


PAkIstAn-BAglAdesh-srI lAnkA

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Stop political activities, Pak court tells Zardari In focuS Lahore: In a setback to Asif Ali Zardari, a Pakistani court ruled that the president, who is also the chief of the ruling PPP, should suspend political activities and must be impartial. A four-judge bench of the Lahore high court headed by chief justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry issued the order in response to petitions that had challenged the holding of the dual posts of president and PPP chief by Zardari. The court, which had reserved its judgment in the case in March, said the presidency should not be used for political activities. The president is not

Asif Ali Zardari

supposed to engage in political activities and is bound to be impartial, the bench said in its 35-page ruling. The bench noted that the supreme court had already ruled that the pres-

ident should discharge his duties and functions with complete neutrality, impartiality and aloofness from any partisan political interest. The high court hoped that the president would abide by the law and disassociate himself from the political office. Lawyer A K Dogar, who is also the counsel for Jamaat-udDawah chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, was among those who filed petitions that challenged the holding of the two posts by Zardari. The government's legal panel had initially contested the petitions but later boycotted proceedings after expressing their dis-

Bangladesh rejects rights group's criticism Dhaka: Bangladesh has rejected an international human rights group's claim that the government's special anti-crime force is involved in torture of suspects and extrajudicial killings. "The allegations are baseless. The special force acts only in selfdefense. It does not kill anyone," Home Minister Sahara Khatun told reporters while responding to a report by New York-based Human Rights Watch.

Pak parliament warns US against another raid

Islamabad: Pakistani parliament unanimously passed a resolution condemning the American unilateral action to take out terror mastermind Osama bin Laden and threatened to block the US and allied troops' supply route to Afghanistan in the event of more such attacks. The resolution denounced the operation as a "violation of the country's sovereignty' ' and came a day after Pakistan's military leadership held an in-camera briefing for the lawmakers on the operation. ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha, director general military operations Ashfaq Nadeem and deputy chief of air staff operations Air Marshal Hasan's briefing to the parliament was unprecedented in the country's history . The military that has ruled the country for decades admitted its failure before the parliament and offered itself for accountability for the first time. The resolution said, "The unilateral actions, such as those conducted by the US forces in Abbottabad, as well as the continued drone attacks on the territory of Pakistan are not unacceptable.

In its report released in Dhaka last week, the rights group called for reform within six months of the Rapid Action Battalion, which it alleged has killed about 200 suspects since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took power 2009. It said the force should be disbanded within six months if not reformed. The Rapid Action Battalion itself denounced the report as "baseless and one-sided." "The force has been

working under the laws of the land, and we are not above law," spokesman Wing Commander M. Sohail said. Human Rights Watch said a total 732 suspects have been killed since the battalion was formed in 2004 under a previous government. The special force usually describes such killings as the result of shootouts triggered by Islamist militant suspects who opened fire on battalion members.

India will stand by Afghanistan: Manmohan

Afghan president Hamid Karzai greets Manmohan Singh

Kabul: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who was on a twoday visit to Afghanistan last week said India would stand by Afghanistan 'through thick and thin'. The prime minister was welcomed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai in the main courtyard of the presidential palace complex. “This is a tremendous honour for the Afghan people to welcome his excellency Manmohan Singh to his second home,” Karzai told the Indian prime minister. Manmohan Singh responded: 'It is always a great honour and privilege to visit you. It is an honour for the entire people of India. India and Afghanistan are partners in progress. We will stand by you through thick and thin and reaffirm our soli-

darity with the people and govt of Afghanistan.' The ceremonial guard of honour was given by the uniformed members of the Afghan National Army, Afghan Air Force and the police. After the guard of honour, Karzai introduced the senior members of his government to the visiting leader. Manmohan Singh also introduced members of his delegation to the Afghan president. During the ceremonial welcome, the band played the national anthems of India and Afghanistan. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is accompanied by National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon, Special Envoy on Afghanistan S.K. Lamba and Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao.

satisfaction with the court. Following this, the high court started ex-parte proceedings. Zardari regularly chairs meetings of the PPP's top leadership at the presidency. His son Bilawal is the chairman of the PPP but he has not yet started political activities as he is studying in Britain. A spokeswoman for Zardari says she had not seen the ruling and declined comment. It's unclear what impact the ruling will have, but it will likely to put Zardari on the defensive. PPP is seen as very unpopular and has struggled to keep its ruling coalition intact.

Stop treating India as 'biggest enemy': Sharif tells Pakistan

Gunmen kill Saudi diplomat in Karachi Karachi: Gunmen on motorcycles attacked a car belonging to the Saudi Arabian consulate in the Pakistani city of Karachi on Monday killing a Saudi diplomat, police and the Saudi ambassador said. The shooting occurred days after unidentified attackers threw two hand grenades at the Saudi consulate in the city, Pakistan's commercial hub. No one was hurt in that attack. "We condemn this attack. No one who carries out this kind of attack can be a Muslim," the ambassador, Abdul Aziz al-Ghadeer, said. He did not give details on the rank of the diplomat who was killed.

80 killed in Pak suicide attacks Shabqadar (Pakistan): Pakistan's Taliban claimed their first major strike in revenge for Osama bin Laden's death as at least 80 people were killed in a double suicide bombing on paramilitary police. More than 100 people were wounded in the deadliest attack this year. The explosions detonated in northwest Pakistan as newly trained paramilitary cadets were getting into buses and coaches for a 10-day leave after a training course, and they were wearing civilian clothes, police said. "This was the first revenge for Osama's martyrdom. Wait for bigger attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan," Pakistani Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said.

29 Bangladeshis held in UAE Abu Dhabi: At least 29 Bangladeshis have been detained in Abu Dhabi for entering the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and working without proper authentication. Their employer, a Bangladeshi who sheltered them, has been arrested. Maj Gen Nasser bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, assistant under secretary of the ministry of interior, said 220 people were detained for violating labour and residency laws. Of these, 29 were Bangladeshis.

Afghan intelligence foils bid on Indian diplomat's life

Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad: As Pakistan's powerful military held out threats to India, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for reappraisal of ties with its neighbour to move forward and progress, saying Islamabad must stop treating New Delhi as its "biggest enemy". Sharif, who was earlier involved in talks with India when the Kargil crisis erupted, also sought a probe into the 1999 conflict with India. The former Prime Minister, who is the chief of main opposition PMLN party, is currently on a three-day visit to southern Sindh province where he made the remarks during an interaction with the media in Karachi. He called on the government to also conduct an inquiry into the 2006 killing of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti in a military operation and the carnage in Karachi on May 12, 2007 that killed over 40 people who tried to rally in support of thendeposed Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. Sharif, whose government was deposed in a military coup led by former President Pervez Musharraf in 1999, reiterated his demand for the budgets of the military and the ISI to be placed before Parliament for scrutiny in line with the practice in other democracies. He said one of his biggest regrets was not taming the powerful military when he was Prime Minister in the 1990s.

Kabul: The Afghan intelligence has arrested two suspected attackers who were allegedly planning to assassinate the Indian Council General in Jalalabad. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) spokesperson Luftullah Mashal said the men were paid by a foreign intelligence service to attack the councilate in the eastern province of Nangarhar. Mashal said the agency had given the assassins, a car and weapons apart from the money to carry out the attack. The arrests come on the day when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has arrived here on a two-day visit to Kabul.

Fazlur’s party prays for Osama Islamabad: Pakistan's main right-wing party, Jamiat Ulema Islam-Fazl, a Deobandi organization that had so far desisted from joining public rallies and protests against the killing of Osama bin Laden by US, broke its silence in the National Assembly last week and condoled the death of the al- Qaida chief. Maulvi Asmatullah of the JUI-F, which is led by Maulana Fazlur Rehman, stood from his seat and offered prayers for bin Laden. He was joined by other legislators from his party as well as from the opposition benches.

US questions Laden's wives as ISI watches

Washington: US intelligence officials have reportedly questioned the three "hostile" widows of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan but under the watchful eyes of the ISI. The women — who were all interviewed together this week — were "hostile" towards the Americans, according to a senior Pakistani government official and two senior US officials , CNN reported. The eldest of the three widows spoke for the group. Members of Pakistan's military-run ISI were in the room along with the US intelligence officers. The officials said that the questioning didn't yield much new information, while adding that it was early in the investigative process.

Ilyas Kashmiri may succeed Osama Washington: Former Pakistani commando Ilyas Kashmiri, cited as one of the masterminds of a plot for a series of "Mumbai-style" attacks in European cities in 2010, could replace Osama bin Laden as the new terrorist head of Al Qaeda, according to US officials. The bearded Kashmiri, who is also named in the terrorism case against Pakistani Canadian accused Tahawwur Hussain Rana, has been described by one senior US official as a rising star in al Qaeda terror group, NBC News reported. Rana, who is accused of providing material support to Pakistan based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and providing a cover to Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley for scouting targets for the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, has already on trial in Chicago.


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

In focUS Aussie teen crowned Miss India Worldwide Dubai: Miss India Australia Ankita Cheryl has clinched the title of Miss India Worldwide 2011 beating 25 Indian women competing for the title in Abu Dhabi. Cheryl received a cash prize of 100,000 dirhams (USD 27,224) in addition to modelling contracts and sponsor prizes. Miss India USA was the first runner-up while Anuradha Devika from Trinidad was crowned the second runner-up. The pageant consisted of a gown segment, talent show and question-and-answer session. Participants were judged on personality, talent, stage presence, confidence and self belief.

Hindus top in education in US Washington: Hindus top in education in America as compared to any other religious group, according to “US Religious Landscape Survey� of American adults by the prestigious Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life posted on its website. Forty eight per cent Hindus have post-graduate degrees, followed by Jews at the second place at 35%. This Survey also points out that Hindus have second highest income levels in the country, second only to Jews. While national total is only 18%, 43% of Hindus come in $100,000+ income category as compared to 46% of Jews and 28% of others. The Survey further indicates that Hindus top in marriage also with 79% married, followed by Mormons at 71%, while the national total is 54%.

India to hire 10,000 teachers from Taiwan Taipei: India plans to recruit up to 10,000 teachers from Taiwan to meet growing demand for Chinese language classes, Taiwan's education ministry said last week. Kapil Sibal, India's minister of human resources, made the proposal during a meeting with Taiwan's education minister Wu Ching-ji in India last week, an education official said. Sibal said there was a strong demand for Chinese teachers as about 10,000 Indian high schools currently offer Chinese classes, or plan to do so, the official added. Taipei will set up a taskforce to train India-bound teachers and hold more talks with New Delhi by the end of this year on the teaching programme, she said.

Jayant Patel likely to face new trials in Australia

Melbourne: Indian-origin surgeon Jayant Patel could face another trial relating to the alleged removal of a healthy gland from a patient's neck, an Australian court was informed. Prosecutor Ross Martin SC confirmed in the Brisbane Supreme Court that the crown still intended to proceed with a charge of grievous bodily harm relating to patient Darcy Russell Blight. The 61year-old Patel is now facing seven charges of fraud, and one of attempted fraud, relating to his application to work at Bundaberg Base Hospital. It is also alleged Patel hid the fact that he had been found guilty of gross negligence in the US and was banned from performing oesophagectomies and some abdominal procedures. Last year, Patel, dubbed as "Dr death" in Australian media.

Indian jumps off Dubai's Burj Khalifa Dubai: The man who committed suicide by jumping off the world's tallest tower Burj Khalifa has been identified as an Indian, the Consulate General of India here confirmed. The 38-year-old, who jumped off the highrise last week was identified as Athiraman Kannan from Tamil Nadu and Dubai police is investigating the circumstances around his death. A statement from the Consulate General of India said: "An Indian national, Athiraman Kannan, fell from Burj Khalifa and died on May 10, 2011. Thirty-eight-year-old Kannan was from the state of Tamil Nadu and was an employee of Arabtec, working as a cleaner in the building". Dubai Police said that the man jumped from an air vent on 147th floor and landed on a terrace at the tower's 108th floor.

Indian kids beat global science geeks Los Angeles: A 16-year-old boy from Chennai bagged the first prize in chemistry at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the world's largest international pre-college science competition. Raghavendra Ramachandran, from Chennai's St. John's International School, won over $9,000 in prize money for his research in the field of drug synthesis. Some other winners from India included brother-sister duo of Hetal and Ankur Vaishnav from Rajkot, who received the second prize in the environmental-science category for developing a novel and economic way of recycling rexine waste material. Manosij Ghosh from South Point School in Kolkata also got a second prize (mathematical sciences) for his work on integer partitions and sequences.


Decks cleared for biggest ever Indo-US defence deal

New Delhi: India may have ejected American fighters out of the $10.4 billion race to supply 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) but US really has no reason to crib. Decks have now been cleared for the biggest-ever Indo-US defence deal: the $4.1 billion contract for 10 C-17 Globemaster-III giant strategic airlift aircraft. Indian defence ministry sources aid the Globemaster deal, a direct government-to-government contract under the American FMS (foreign military sales) programme, should get the "final nod" from the Cabinet

Committee on Security "within this month". "All issues connected to costing and offsets (under which Globemaster-manufacturer Boeing will plough back 30% of the contract value into India) have been resolved," said a source. IAF certainly needs to augment its strategic airlift capability to swiftly move combat systems and

troops over large national and international distances, given that it has just over a dozen Russianorigin IL-76 `Gajraj' aircraft. Capable of carrying a payload of almost 170,000 pounds and landing even at small forward airbases with semi-prepared runways, the four-engine rugged C-17s can transport tanks and troops over 2,400 nautical miles.

That's not all on the US arms deals front. India is already conducting commercial negotiations for the around $1 billion "follow-on contract" for four more P-8I Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, eight of which were earlier ordered for $2.1 billion in 2009. Similarly, negotiations for six more C-130J `Super Hercules' heavylift aircraft will begin soon. "IAF has already inducted two of the earlier six C130Js ordered for $1.2 billion in 2008. Two more will come around July, with the last two in September-October," said the MoD source.

IMF chief denied bail in sex assault case New York: International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique StraussKahn was on Monday denied bail as he appeared in court here to answer charges of trying to sexually assault a maid in his New York hotel suite. Criminal court judge Melissa Jackson agreed with prosecutors' assertions that he is a flight risk, saying: 'The fact that he was about to board a flight, that raises some concerns.' Strauss-Kahn, 62, is next set to appear in court May 20. He was widely expected to become a French

presidential candidate before the case sent shock waves in French politics and threw the international financial institution into turmoil. Prosecutors argued against bail, saying they believe Strauss-Kahn has engaged in 'similar acts' at least once and that there would be nothing to prevent him from returning to France and living 'open and notoriously' like film director Roman Polanski. Prosecutors presented a long list of charges against him, including two counts of first-degree criminal sexual act, one count of first-degree

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

attempted rape, one count of first-degree sexual abuse, one count of second-degree unlawful imprisonment, one count of forcible touching and one count of third-degree sexual abuse. Defence attorneys

noted Strauss-Kahn's lack of a criminal record and said he would be prepared to stay with his daughter in New York if released on bail. They suggested a bail amount of $1 million. But the judge told Strauss-Kahn's defence attorney Benjamin Brafman: 'The same rules apply to your defendant as all defendants, and I am a fair judge.' Police allege StraussKahn sexually assaulted a 32-year-old woman on Saturday at the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan, then quickly headed off to New York's JFK airport to board a Paris-bound flight.

International court prosecutor Deadline for Nepal's new seeks arrest of Gaddafi constitution extended by a year Kathmandu: Nepal's nearly six-decade-old struggle to get a constitution took another blow last week as power-hungry politicians failed to keep their pledge to the nation and finally admitted they would not be able to complete the new constitution by May 28. "We have agreed it is impossible," said Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda after emergency consultations with communist Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal. "We have also agreed that the term of the constituent assembly (that is drafting the new constitution) should be extended." Khanal's astuteness in handing over plum ministries to the Maoists this month and ensure their backing, despite the disapproval of his own party, the opposition and the public, paid off with the Maoists agreeing, in return, to support his proposal to extend the constituent assembly's tenure by a year. After the cabinet endorsed the proposal, Maoist law and justice minister Prabhu Shah asked the constituent assembly secretariat to start the ball rolling for

amending the constitution. Now two-thirds of the 601-seat assembly will have to approve for the interim constitution to be amended and the May 28, 2011 deadline for the new constitution to be extended to May 28, 2012. This is the second extension sought. The parties were given two years after the constituent assembly election in 2008 to draft the new constitution. Now the task has been spread over double that time but still there is no certainty that it would be completed by 2012. The fresh turmoil in Nepal has left India concerned. The Indian ambassador to Nepal, Rakesh Sood, met opposition leader Sushil Koirala during the day to ask him about his party's decision. Though Koirala's Nepali Congress is the second largest party after the Maoists, the PM says he has the support of twothird of the assembly members and can have the amendment pushed through without the approval of the Nepali Congress, his old ally whom he deserted to join hands with the Maoists for power.

Tripoli: The UN war crimes court's chief prosecutor applied on Monday for a warrant for Muammer Gaddafi's arrest for crimes against humanity, a day after his regime offered truce in return for a halt in Nato air strikes. Nato, meanwhile, conducted fresh air raids on an outlying suburb of

Tripoli, destroying a radar base, the state news agency JANA and residents said. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the International Criminal Court prosecutor, said warrants were also sought against three Gaddafi sons, his intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi and other officials.

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Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Any quest ions wri te to m amta@a By Mamta Saha Psychologist

Everyone can change if they want to If you have ever failed at something in your life and you use this as a reason and excuse to not progress then you are creating hurdles and barriers that are unnecessarily hindering your personal growth and progression. Remember there is no ‘reason’ why any failure has to become your terminal illness unless you give it permission and allow it to be. Nothing or no one is perfect, that is an absolute fact. This shouldn’t give you an excuse to operate as mediocre, but should encourage you to stop giving yourself a hard time and start promising that you will be the best you can be regardless of what life throws at you. Life is very short – ask someone who is over the age of 85. So make the most of every second and step out of your comfort zone. I heard a great quote: ‘Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future’ Denise Waitley. Although it is strongly believed that the past influences our future and can have a profound effect on how we are today – it is important to be very mindful that the past does not equal the future unless we allow it to. We often use the past as a map and blueprint for our future. These parameters are completely fictitious and often restrict our potential and growth.

Our mind is not intelligent enough decipher between negative and positive thoughts. Therefore it takes on whatever we give most of our energy to. Question: are you typically feeling negative or positive? Your world will reflect wherever you are in your thoughts. Understand and be very aware of this now. It is essential for your own emotional and mental well being that you encourage seeing the ‘good’ and the ‘positive’ as opposed to the negative. Discourage and eliminate negative emotions, as they do not serve you well. Let what you are grateful for overwhelm what is ‘wrong’. Be thankful for the basics, that is a good place to start (the five senses, ability to read, roof over your head etc). Remember, life could be a lot worse. If you have people around you that constantly talk about your issues and encourage you to ‘live in the past’ be aware that that this is hugely unhelpful to your betterment and freedom from issues that make you feel ‘bad’. Choose to be around people who inspire you and who are positive. This will encourage you to have a better, more positive energy about you, which is infectious. Make a decision to better your life and stick to it. Diplomatically distance yourself from people who

don’t let you - let go of your past. Stop blaming external sources for your misery and proactively determine what it is going to take for you to move into a better future. I am running a one day Impact Boot Camp in June and July that will focus on how you can get attuned to yourself, being the best – regardless of what life throws at you. This session will absolutely work on elements of this and previous articles. The intimate one-day event will definitely help you get closer to the happiness and fulfilment you deserve. An early bird discount applies to those who book before the end of May and places are filling up fast; so do get in touch by emailing mamta@thinkspalndon.c om. Alternatively you may prefer one to one coaching which is a greatbespoke alternative, again do email me for further information. Lastly, I also provide training and development for small, medium and large sized businesses, email: If you like my articles and want to stay connected join my facebook page: think spa London and follow my on twitter (under the same name). My priority is to help you. So if you have any particular subject’s you would like me to write about please feel free to get in touch. Sending you all positive energy, always.

Nasa invites 5 Mumbai kids

Three months ago a 'lunabot' was born at a Goregaon lab. Now, it's an

expert at extracting oxygen from sand particles found on the lunar surface.

Cartoon: Jami

N w ow ru om M lin en Ja am g el ya ta ec w & tio in n

………………with women ruling, I resign from domestic do’s…… onwards it is you who will be dusting, sweeping floors, doing dishes, laundry and whatever!!!

The indigenously-built robot will now fly to the US with its creators, a team of five Indian students, to participate in Nasa's second annual lunabotics competition. The competition will be held at Kennedy Space Center in Florida from May 23 to 28. The team of six consists of Ronak Gandhi (20), Chirag Chauhan (20), Viditi Parikh (19), Vaibhav Gandhi (19), Suparna Rao (19) from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) along with team leader Ravi Teja Nallapu (23) of the University of Houston. The challenge for the students was to design and build a remotecontrolled or autonomous excavator, called a lunabot, which could collect and deposit a minimum of 10 kg of lunar simulant within 15 minutes. The complexities of the challenge include the abrasive characteristics of the lunar simulant, the weight and size limitations of the lunabot.

In divine light By Rajen Vakil

Introduction and meaning of Nala and Damayanti

Brihadasva, a rishi, came to the Pandavas during their exile. ‘Brihad’ means large or whole, where everything is one and ‘asva’ literally means a horse, the deeper meaning being the senses or emotions. ‘Asva’ also means time. At the time of the rishi’s coming, Yudhisthira was going through deep anguish and suffering. He explained to the rishi that he could not recollect any other person being in such pain. The rishi then narrated to him the story of the ancient king Nala, who went through even greater suffering than Yudhisthira. Here, we see how Brihadasva represents the higher emotional centre within us where everything is one whole or large, with no duality. On the contrary, Yudhisthira is identified in his lower emotions. In times of deep pain and torment, if we can connect with this higher centre within us, then a communication of understanding could come from that centre. This elevates us to a higher level of consciousness from where we see our suffering in a different light. Here, the higher communicates with the lower in the form of a story, as described herein. Virasen, the king of a country called Nishada, had a handsome son Nala. He was full of lustre, like a sun and very brave. He was deft in the handling of horses (asva) and knew their deeper secrets. An expert archer, his attention was one-pointed and was always generous and truthful. At about the same time, Vidharbha was ruled by Bhimasen, who had no children. A rishi called Daman came to his kingdom and the king, along with his queen, went to pay respect and ask the saint to favour them with a child. The rishi granted the king’s wish and a beautiful daughter, together with three sons, was born to the queen. The daughter was named Damayanti in honour of the rishi through whose grace she was born. She grew up to be the most beautiful princess in the land. She was wise, generous, and her actions pleased everyone, including the gods. Many kings longed for her hand in marriage but there was only one other person who matched and complemented her and that was Nala. Even though they did not know of each other, they were made for each other. In Nala’s court, everyone praised the qual-

ities of Damayanti, and in Vidharbha Damayanti’s maids always talked of Nala. Hence, even before they had met, an invisible attraction grew between them. Nala could not understand this fire that was growing within him and went to sit alone in the garden to meditate. Here, he saw a pair of beautiful white swans whose wings were lined with gold. He caught hold of one of them. The swan cried out, “O king, please let me go. I will do some good for you. I will go to Damayanti and speak about you in such a way that she will think about you and none else.” Nala released the swan that immediately flew to Vidharbha and sat in the garden of the king’s palace, along with a group of swans. Damayanti was playing with her maids when she saw the swans. She wanted to catch them and each of her maids ran behind one. The one that Damayanti ran behind was the same swan that had met Nala. The swan addressed Damayanti, “In the country of Nishada there lives a king called Nala, he is handsomer then all the other kings put together. If you marry him, this life of yours will be fulfilled. I have seen gods, demigods, and other forms but there is none like him. You are a jewel among women and him a lion among men.” Damayanti told the swan “Please go and tell the same words to Nala.” The swan flew back to Nishada and recounted to Nala all that had happened. After her meeting with the swan, Damayanti thought of Nala all the time. She hardly ate or slept and her face became pale and her body weak. She always looked up to the sky and was lost in dreams all the time. Her maids read the signs and went to her father (the king) and told him of it. Bhimasen realised that his

daughter had come of age and that it was time to seek a suitor for her. He sent his messengers throughout the land inviting all the kings to participate in her ‘swayamvara’. When the kings heard that the beautiful Damayanti was to choose a husband, all of them started coming in large numbers to the kingdom of Vidharbha with the desire to wed Damayanti. While this was happening, Narada and Parvan, two great rishis, went to Indra’s court in the heavens. Indra welcomed them with respect and asked what was happening on earth. They told him of the swayamvara of Damayanti. After hearing the rishis description of the beauty and virtues of Damayanti, the gods Indra, Agni, Varuna, and Yama, decided to go to earth and vie for Damayanti’s hand. They were sure that she would choose one of them above mere mortals. Now let us understand the story thus far. ‘Nala’ means to bind, that within us that holds together our being – the controller or the soul, the seer within us. He is the king of Nishada; ‘Shada’ means to fall and ‘Ni’ + ‘shada’ means not to fall, one that is rock solid or that which is not fallen – the structure of the soul is always high, eternal, and solid. But it is asleep, immersed in the hypnosis of life, and identified. It has to wake up from this identification. To wake up, it has to use the mind and develop the capacity to wake up – the capacity to hold and control. This power to resist and control is called ‘dam’, which is the root of the word Damayanti. So Nala is the soul who now desires freedom and Damayanti is his power to walk towards that moksha or freedom. The soul must marry its power and work to increase its intensity, which we call as will. This work is sadhna or austerity and requires years of practice. This practice leads the seeker through many of life’s tribulations, deep pain, and suffering, the secrets of which are hidden in this wonderful story, which we shall continue in the next article. The author can be reached by emailing (Edited by Chintu Gandhi)

All past articles on the Mahabharata can be accessed from or from


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

In focus Kisan Union chief Mahendra Singh Tikait passes away Farmer leader Mahendra Singh Tikait, who spearheaded several movements for peasants' rights in northern India, died due to bone cancer. Tikait (76), who was president of Bharatiya Kisan Union, had been suffering from bone cancer since last year and breathed his last at the residence of his son and BKU General Secretary Rakesh Tikait here, family sources said. He is survived by four sons and two daughters. His wife had died earlier. A large number of people gathered to pay tributes to the farmer leader. The cremation would be held on Monday at BKU headquarters in Sisauli. A popular leader among farmers, Tikait had led a number of mass kisan movements against the state and central governments to support the rights of the farmers.

Gujarati boy in Poland astronomy Olympiad Ahmedabad student Sharad Mirani will represent India at the 5th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA) to be held in Poland during August 25 to September 3 this year. Mirani is member of the five-member team representing India. Other students are Jeevan Priya ( Hyderabad), R. S. B. Bhardwaj (Hyderabad), Akhil Kedia (Kolkata) and Akshay Krishna ( Bangalore). IOAA is a prestigious world forum for scientific activities held for continuous 10 days in which high school students from around the world compete against each other, solving theoretical, analytical and observational problems in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics.

Gujarat card not UID: Govt tells Nilekani The state’s decision to create a data base of every citizen “does not propose to duplicate” government of India’s Unique Identity (UID), Gujarat government has clarified. On the basis of media reports that two state government departments - revenue and food and civil supplies - were involved in working out state’s own UID project, UID project chief Nandan Nilekani had sought explanation on why Gujarat was going ahead with its own UID project when the Centre’s project was in its advanced stages of implementation. Nilekani asked Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey, deputy director, UID, to seek clarification from the Gujarat government. Pandey, in turn, mailed to additional chief secretary, planning, Varun Maira, to find out the truth. Sources said, Maira has “replied back”, saying Gujarat’s project has a twofold aim – creating a bar-coded ration card and identifying beneficiaries of government schemes and subsidies.

School's health certificate to guide parents Clean water, appropriate school bag load, hygiene, junk-free canteen, outdoor activities and making parents aware of what nutrient is required at a particular age- All this will be covered in a Quality Council of India accreditation. And Chandigarh will become a model for replication across the country. Executed under collaboration with WHO, UT administration and the Quality Council of India, the pilot project, which has been recently concluded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and PGI, has submitted its findings in all CBSE-affiliated schools. The project has now been taken up by WHO and Quality Council of India to start health manuals in all CBSE schools, which will give schools ratings based on health and diet promotions, said Dr Bharti from department of paediatric medicine in PGI, who is the principal investigator. Fasting glucose cholesterol and triglycerides' levels were higher in private vis-a-vis government schools.

Attempt on Dawood's brother's life Fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar was shot at by four gunmen in South Mumbai on Tuesday night but he escaped unhurt while his driver was killed. Two persons, suspected to be among the assailants, were caught by the locals while trying to flee from the spot near J J Hospital and handed over to the police, deputy commissioner of police (operations) Rajkumar Vatkar said. He said two other assailants managed to escape. "The assailants targeted Kaskar in the firing but he was left unharmed," police said adding his 40-year-old driver Arif Syed Abu Bukha succumbed to bullet wounds.

A cool diet for animals at Vandalur zoo In Chennai if humans are sweltering in the heat so are the animals and birds at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Vandalur. With the temperatures hovering around 40-43 degrees Celsius over the past few days, officials at the zoo, some 31 km south of Chennai, are doing everything to ensure that the animals and birds remain cool and healthy. Primates, elephants, bears and chimps are given tender coconut juice and fed watermelons, oranges and other fresh fruit twice or thrice a day depending on their requirements. The four chimps in the park are also given buttermilk.


Ramp walk for expecting mothers By Swati Bhan Walking on the ramp was probably the last thing that they had in mind but they did it and did so for a cause. As many as 25 pregnant women walked the ramps in Vadodara at a function recently to generate awareness about the need for healthy baby and healthy mothers. The ramp walk organised by a Vadodara - based NGO Shubhang, was with the intention to tell the would be mothers about how one can think of raising a healthy baby even if there is no help at home. “The purpose was to tell the mothers in a lighter way on how they could raise a healthy baby without a traditional help,’’ said Kunju Shah of the

NGO. She said that these days most of them stay in nuclear set ups, where there are no elders available at home for guidance. In such instances the would be mothers have to depend on outside help. For the participants too it was an exciting experience. “It is indeed difficult to walk on the ramps while you are expecting a child,

but we realised that it was with a purpose and there were many would mothers who had a lot of queries and were not aware of several unexpected situations during this period,’’ said Pinkal Patel one of the participants. She said that participating on the ramp was fun and getting your doubts cleared from experts present there was a

learning experience indeed. Another participant Sudha Shah said, “Walking on the ramps in front of doctors and experts was indeed fun and a learning experience, the doctors gave us useful tips on the kind of diet one has to take during this period and what steps one should take during the time of the birth of the child.’’ The members of the NGO said that the ramp walk was essentially for traditional wear. “But we had told the participants that they could wear any sort of clothes in which they were comfortable,’’ said the members. So while most of the participants were in the traditional saris few of them were in western wear.

Sadhu learns music from Muslim Guru

It is not often that you see a Swaminarayan sadhu, draped in saffron, visit a home in Juhapura, Gujarat’s largest Muslim ghetto. Equally uncommon is to see a Muslim, his head covered with a skullcap, sitting in a Swaminarayan temple. But then music can bring down the tallest of barriers. For the past four years, Narayan Charandas, 30, a sadhu of the Swaminarayan Chharodi sect, has been learning the sarangi from Ashraf Khan,

Women top Civil Services exam Chennai-based law graduate S Divyadharshini has topped the prestigious Civil Services Examination 2010 for which the results were announced earlier. The second position was also secured by a woman, Sweta Mohanty, a computer engineer, while R V Varun Kumar, a dentist from Chennai, got the third rank.A total of 920 candidates, including 203 women, have been selected for the Civil Services, which attracts the largest number of candidates from the entire length and breadth of India. Divyadharshini, who has done BA, BL (Hons) from Dr Ambedkar Law University in Chennai, cleared the exam in her second attempt. Mohanty cleared the exam in her third attempt. She was surprised to find herself topping the exam as she was not expecting it. "I was expecting some result but not as a topper," she said. The top 25 candidates consist of 20 men and five women - 15 of whom are engineers, five belonging to Commerce, M a n a g e m e n t , Humanities, Science and Social Sciences; and five belonging to medical science background.

one of the last exponents of this difficult instrument in Ahmedabad. It is routine for Khan, a teacher with Kadamb school of music and dance, to go to the gurukul, sit in the temple and supervise Narayan Swami’s riyaz. “The expression on people’s faces would often change when I would tell them I was learning sarangi from a Muslim guru,” says the sadhu, who is also studying for a degree in Vedanta. “But the heads of my sect — Shastri

Madhavpriyadas and Purani Balkrishnadas — encouraged my aptitude for music.” The initial suggestion was to pick up the violin. “When I met guruji, however, he said that as a sadhu I was used to a difficult life, Sarangi was the way to go.” It was a natural fit. There are only five people playing the sarangi in Ahmedabad today, three of whom belong to the Khan family. This includes Khan’s 80-year-old father and his son.

“I have many Hindu students but Narayan Swami is my first sadhu student and that too for the sarangi,” Khan says. “Just the groundwork takes five years on this instrument. Playing soothing music takes another 10. This is not an instrument you can learn instantly to impress the judges of a television talent show.” The main strings of a sarangi are made from goat intestine, but that does not bother Narayan Swami.



Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Ahmedabad one step closer to World Heritage City status Ahmedabad has been officially included in Unesco’s World Heritage City tentative list. Ahmedabad is the only city from India vying for the coveted status. There are over 250 World Heritage Cities across the globe, but none in India. Ahmedabad’s proposal was sent by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to Unesco in March this year. This is the first step towards realizing the dream of getting the status. Unesco will now start analysing the various documents to find out if the city meets the different criteria. The city has been campaigning for the World Heritage City status for Ahmedabad for the last three years. The process started in January last year when the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) set up a special team for preparing the dossier to be given to Unesco. The technical team which was headed by professor RJ Vasavda and AMC’s advisory team led by the mayor Asit Vora and municipal commissioner IP Gautam finally

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

sent the proposal ‘Historic City of Ahmedabad’ to ASI’s director-general Gautam Sengupta in

Jama Masjid

November last year. Out of the 10 criteria drawn by Unesco, Ahmedabad has applied for three, including unique architecture and town-planning, unique cultural traditions and beliefs, living tradi-

tions and literary works of outstanding universal value. “More than the proposal, it is Amdavadis who have helped the city take its first step towards getting the World Heritage City status. Unesco has officially notified that citizens’ participation is more vital towards achieving the status and it is this cooperation which has led us to this stage,” said municipal commissioner Gautam. “Our proposal has drawn similarities with Melaka and Georgetown in Malaysia and Lyon in France which are already World Heritage Cities.”

Women power on the rise in India Continued from page 1 And of course, the most powerful woman - Sonia Gandhi, (Aunty) is the chairperson of UPA. India's President, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the leader of the opposition are also women. The phenomenon is noteworthy. Meanwhile, AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa was swear in as chief minister on Monday. She and her allies had inflicted a crushing defeat to DMK and its allies by capturing 203 seats leaving only 31 seats for DMK and its allies. Affectionately called ''Amma'', the 63-year-old Chief Minister was very particular this time in not letting the anti-DMK votes get split and went out of her way to make room for allies. Mamta banishes Red

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee will become the country’s 14th woman chief minister and the first in West Bengal when she will be sworn in on Friday. Mamta’s party along with its allies Congress and SUCI gave a severe thrashing to the Left Front by

capturing 225 seats leaving just 63 seats for the Leftists. This for the first time that the Left Front suffered a defeat in its 34year -old rule. Rangasamy sworn in Puducherry CM N Rangasamy, who ended the reign of his former party Congress in a stunning electoral debut for his outfit, was on Monday sworn in as Chief Minister of Puducherry for a third term. The 61-year-old Rangasamy, chief of All India NR Congress, was administered oath of office by Lt .Governor Iqbal Singh at the Raj Nivas, making him the 18th Chief Minister of the Union Territory. No other minister was sworn in along with Mr. Rangasamy who had had earlier headed Congress Governments from 200106 and 2006-08 when he was unceremoniously removed by the party High Command following a revolt by his cabinet colleagues. Taking a sweet revenge on Congress, Mr Rangasamy, who broke ranks with the party a few months before the polls and floated his own party, which on its own bagged 15 seats. Its ally AIADMK won five seats to give a two-thirds majority to the combine in the 30-member Assembly. Congress could win only seven seats and its ally DMK two. Oommen Chandy is Kerala CM Senior Congress leader Oommen Chandy will be

sworn in as Kerala chief minister on Wednesday, bringing an end to the tight race for the key post in the faction-ridden party in the state. The 67-yearold Chandy was on Sunday unanimously elected by the Congress Legislature Party as its leader, paving the way for his second stint as Chief Minister heading the UDF, which wrested power from LDF by a wafer-thin majority in the Assembly polls. The UDF has won 72 seats and LDF managed to win 68 seats. In Assam Arun Gogoi will be sworn in as chief minister on Wednesday with Congress capturing 74 seats, leaving 18 sets for opposition AWDF. Cong got a drubbing in AP by-poll The Congress got a drubbing in the Lok Sabha by-election in Kadapa where Jaganmohan Reddy trounced his Congress and TDP opponents by record margins. Riding a wave of ill-treatment of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy's family by the party high command, his widow Vijayamma, too, crushed the Congress in Pulivendula assembly byelection. BJP sweeps Karnataka by-polls Ruling BJP in Karnataka won all the three by-polls. Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa termed BJP's victory as a befitting reply to the "reckless charges" hurled against his government by opposition Congress and JD(S).

Beautifully lived life of Manubhai M. Madhvani Some people, even after touching the pinnacle of success, prosperity and popularity, feel they still have an obligation towards society, particularly with members of their own community, for sharing their good fortune, knowledge and influence in the corridors of power. Manubhai M. Madhvani, one of the elders of the Indian community in the United Kingdom was a noble soul who had the community’s interest at heart. He was always available to help and guide. His mellowed wisdom was reflected in his sound advice to those who seek his assistance. Manubhai M Madhvani was born in Jinja, Uganda on 15th March 1930. The second son of Muljibhai Prabhudas Madhvani, he was sent to India for his education at the age of ten. As a teenager, he was very much influenced by the teaching and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. In 1949, a few years after the war ended, Manubhai, now a young man of 19, returned to Uganda to join his father’s business. His first assignment was to work in the plantation and that was followed by a period of training. From the early 1950’s Manubhai and his elder brother Jayantbhai worked at the side of their father, who was a pioneer of the development of Uganda. They also started industries in other East African countries and in India. In 1950, Manubhai, on a business trip to Bombay, met and married Jyotiben Pajwani who had just graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Their first son, Kamlesh was born in 1954 and their second son, Shrai was born later in London. In spite of the increasing demands of managing the Madhvani Group, Manubhai also served society directly. He gave his time to Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce and Educational bodies. A long standing member of Lions International, he also served as the President of one of their clubs and of the local Indian Association. In July 1971, Jayantbhai Madhvani died suddenly and the following year, Idi Amin came to power. A few months later, Manubhai was arrested and imprisoned for several weeks in a military prison outside Kampala, the capital of Uganda. This latter experience was to have a profoundly spiritual influence on Manubhai, on his attitude to life and his relationship with God. On his release from prison, Manubhai left for the United Kingdom. Manubhai was disheartened by the sad demise of his wife Jyotiben, who passed away at a young age of 48 in 1982. In 1985, the Uganda Government invited the Madhvani brothers back to Uganda to assist in rebuilding the country by rehabilitating all the interests of the Madhvani Group of Companies that had ground to a halt in1972. It was the first time that The World Bank has been directly associated with family entrepreneurs from the private sector and the triangular partnership with the Government of Uganda has become a developmental show piece.

Manubhai M. Madhvani

Manubhai was very interested in the next generation. He felt that children born in the United Kingdom and exposed to western culture, are neither Indian nor British. Unless positive efforts are made there is a danger that they may end up with a bland “pub culture” and lose their identity and their unique blend of eastern and western experiences. He felt that concerted efforts by dedicated members of the community are urgently needed to create a suitable environment for our youngsters so that they can understand and appreciate our traditions, culture and religion. He then married Shardaben in 1994 and they were indeed a very happy couple. In the same year, Manubhai organised “Sambhav Festival of Spiritual Unity” which was sponsored by the Madhvani family. Religious leaders representing all the major religions were invited to share the same platform. For ten days, an average gathering of 15,000 people per day witnessed an unique event: all the spiritual leaders expressing the same message of humility, brotherly love, and charity in deeds. In 1997 members of the British Asian community from Uganda, under the guidance of Manubhai, organized a series of events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the expulsion of the British Asians from Uganda and their arrival in the United Kingdom. A thanksgiving ceremony took place at Westminister Abbey to thank the British people; another event took place at the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden where 5,000 Asians from Uganda expressed their gratitude to President Museveni of Uganda for inviting the British Asians back to Uganda and making it possible for them to reclaim their properties. In 2009, Manubhai published Tide of Fortune – A Family Tale about the origins of the Madhvani business conglomerate, his imprisonment under the dictator Idi Amin and his own business ventures and challenges. His life, principals and contributions will live immortally amongst us and may god bless his soul with peace and harmony.

Women & history

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011


Indian Wedding

A Kannada wedding

A Kannada wedding is a simple affair and one of the most attractive forms of weddings of India. As such there are various communities in Karnataka and the wedding rituals followed by each of these communities are typically different. One vital feature of the Kannada wedding is the numerous rituals performed pre and post wedding. Pre wedding rituals: •Nandi: This is a ritual performed to ensure that the marriage takes place without any hindrances and goes on peacefully even if there is a death or birth on either side. The first wedding card is placed before the Lord along with coconut, aarti and a kalash. • Kaashi Yatre: This is a traditional playful ritual in existence since yore. The groom pretends to be

angry as nobody is bothered to search a bride for him. He announces Brahmachara and leaves for Kasi on a pilgrimage like a true sanyasin. He carries a walking stick, an umbrella, a fan and a coconut, a small packet of rice and dal and also a dhoti. At this juncture his maternal uncle intercepts and convinces him and puts forth the bride he has chosen. • Dev Karya: This ritual is normally performed on the day of arrival of the groom's family to the village or the place the marriage is being conducted. The goods used for the wedding are placed before the Lord Ganesha and blessings sought. The bride and the groom are applied with 'haldi', a paste of turmeric on their bodies and this is considered auspicious. The 'uddin murth' grain which is considered sacred is ground. Wedding rituals: • Mandap Puja: This is in fact the first ritual that is performed on the day of the marriage. This Puja is for the Mandap or the marriage hall to be rendered appropriate for the wedding. The Var Puja is a ceremony per-

formed when the bride's father brings the groom to the Mandap. The ceremonial washing of the groom's feet by the parents of the bride takes place and a silk dhoti and pitambar is offered to the groom to adorn him for the wedding. It is the usual practice that none should see the face of the bride when she is brought to the Mandap. So the bride's face is shielded by peacock feathers. • Garlanding ceremony: The bride is escorted by her uncle to the Mandap according the Kannada wedding traditions. The bride and the groom stand facing each other with a white cloth in-between them. The bride and the groom take standing positions and the 'Mangalashtam' which is the wedding mantra is recited. The white cloth is now removed and the

bride and the groom now garland each other amidst the chanting of mantras. Now the groom's sister holds a kalash of holy water that contains coconut water, betel leaves and Kombu Gindi. • Giving away of the bride: 'Dhare Herdu' symbolizes handing over their daughter to the groom. The bride's father takes the groom's hand and places it on the hand of the bride. The groom then holds the bride's hand along with coconut and betel leaves while her father ceremonially pours water into the groom's hands signifying 'dhara' that now she belongs to the groom. Puffed rice is then poured into the haven five times before the seven pheras or the saptapadi begins. • Saptapadi is the actual wedding ceremony of the bride taking the groom's footsteps seven times around the holy fire 'sapta padi'. The groom's angavastram and the bride's pallav are tied with a nuptial knot. • In the Kannada wedding, five women tie the Mangalsutra or the holy thread while the bridegroom holds it around the neck of the

bride. The couple bows before the elders and seek their blessings. • In some Kannada weddings, a game called Okhli is generally played with the groom's wedding ring dipped in a vessel containing colored water. The bride and her brother search for the ring thrice. Post wedding rituals • Vidaai ceremony symbolically refers to the tearful farewell of the bride from her maternal home to her in-laws house. The bride's parents shower her with numerous gifts including an umbrella, vessels, cot and other items to enable her set up her new home. • Graha Pravesh is the ritual of the bride entering her new home. She kicks a kalash full of rice with her right foot kept at the entrance of the groom's house. This ritual signifies that her arrival is bound to bring prosperity and she enters a new phase of her life. The name changing ceremony follows. The groom decides on a name for his bride which he inscribed with a ring on a plate containing rice. Kannada wedding clothes In traditional Kannada weddings, the bride wears a navari (nine yard) sari and green glass bangles. She is adorned with fine gold jewellery. The groom wears a silk dhoti and pitambar and a pheta, a turban. In the right hand he holds a stick which has been sanctified in a holy place. Among the various communities in Kannada, in the Baliga community wedding the wedding attire is distinctly different as the bride dresses in white silk sari with contrasting border. The groom is draped in white silk dhoti edged with zari border and a Valli which is a stole of the same material draped over the shoulders. He also wears a white shirt and sports ornamental turban of gold brocade called pheta. A large tilak marks his forehead. The Kannada Coorg bride wears a traditional brocade sari draped in typical Coorg style. A veil covers the bride's head. In Kannada weddings the bride is presented five sarees by the groom's family. Each saree is meant for respective occasions during the wedding. During Dare Puja, a grand Kancheevaram silk saree is worn whereas a simple saree is worn for haldi ritual. An elegant saree is selected for Puja and when the bride sits near the groom after Graha Pravesh.

By Dr Anil Mehta

James 1 : The first British monarch

James (1566-1625), the only son of Mary, Queen of Scots was king of Scotland as James VI (1567-1625) and first Stuart king (Stuart dynasty) of England as James I (1603-25). When Mary, Queen of Scots was forced to abdicate in his favour in 1567, he was proclaimed King of Scotland at the age of 1. His childhood was turbulent as Scotland at the time was torn by civil war. He was privately educated by tutors and a succession of regents ruled the kingdom on his behalf during his minority. He finally assumed real power in 1581 and established himself as a political leader in his own right. In 1603 James also inherited the English throne at the age of 37 as James I on the death of his distant cousin Elizabeth I (Tudor dynasty) who died without heir thus uniting the crown of England and Scotland. Both countries now shared one king but their parliament and church remained separated and distinct. James styled himself as king of Great Britain and approved the design of a Union Jack that combined the crosses of St. Andrews (Scotland) and St. George (England). Thus after Elizabeth I all the kings and queens of England could call themselves monarch of Great Britain. After 1603, James stayed in London returning to Scotland only once. On the Houses of Parliament were a target for Gunpowder Plot

Scottish throne, he proved himself an effective ruler, but in England he was generally regarded as an alien. He was soon in conflict with his parliament on the question of his sovereignty and its refusal to grant him what he considered adequate revenue. Parliament also disliked his extravagance (he was in constant need for money), his belief in the divine right of kings to rule, his blatant selling of peerages to raise quick cash, and his liking for attractive young men who were rewarded with titles and estates. Unable to reach a settlement, James dissolved parliament frequently and ruled without it. His troubled relationship with parliament weakened his effectiveness as a ruler. Although James was Protestant (Scottish Presbyterian), at first he was ready to be more tolerant of Catholics but his council (advisors) and parliament were not happy. Catholics who anticipated more lenient treatment were disappointed. The harsh anti-Catholic laws remained. A small group of

James I

Catholic conspirators decided to get rid of the king and parliament by blowing up the Houses of Parliament during State Opening of Parliament on the 5th November 1605 (Gunpowder Plot). However, the plot was foiled, and conspirators – Guy (Guido) Fawkes and his companions – were executed. After this, English hatred of Catholics increased. James did have some success under his reign. He kept his kingdom in peace and preserved the power of the crown. He managed to keep England clear of costly foreign wars. Under his reign British Empire began with the colonisation of North America, West Indies, and India. He encouraged colonisation of Ulster (Northern Ireland) by Protestant settlers from Scotland and England but it caused conflict with the Irish Catholics that has continued to this day. James is best known for overseeing new improved English translation of the Bible in 1611. Known as Authorised or King James’s Version, it was a great success. It became a widely read book and lasted without challenge for over 250 years. James also hoped to bring about the political union of England and Scotland (i.e. both countries under one parliament) but the English strongly opposed the idea. (This was finally achieved hundred years later in 1707 under the reign of Queen Anne). The golden age of Elizabethan literature and drama continued under him. The theatre flourished and Shakespeare wrote his many plays during his reign. James was small, awkward, and ungainly with a speech impediment. Proud, stubborn, unkindly, and shorttempered, he caused offence without knowing it. He was authoritarian and had strong views on a wide range of matters. His reign was marred by unpopular policy decisions and uneasy relations with parliament. He was among the most paradoxical kings. Although well-educated and scholarly (he wrote many books), he appeared foolish at times and was known as the ‘wisest fool in Christendom’. James’s elder son Henry died of Typhoid in 1612, his wife Anne in 1619, and he himself in 1625 aged 58. He was buried in Westminster Abbey and succeeded by his second son Charles as Charles I. Guy Fawkes gang



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Regardless of the limits, you have the capacity to turn the course of your life. Saturn in Libra, the sign of scales, will help you to balance your priorities and systematically put them into practice. It is about time you checked your hastiness and considered all the pros and cons of any investment.

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 The prevailing cosmic pattern packs a powerful punch early this week. Having such potent energies, make you feel positive and confident in whatever you do. This is not the time to hold back or underestimate your potential if you wish to further an important aim. Some of you will try to get away from the routine chores. GEMINI May 22 - June 22 Don't get over- anxious if you feel that you're being kept in the dark. You will probably find that worries have been unfounded. Although you may be faced with a difficult decision concerning your career or employment, this is not the time to hide. Don't waste time if you can improve matters.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22 As social life is likely to gather a pleasant momentum throughout this week, this is bound to present a better prospect, not only for striking up new friendships but also romantic encounters. This is going to be one of those times when insignificant events give rise to unexpected developments especially regarding work and health. LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

The focus is on finances this week, but that doesn’t mean you should worry yourself sick. Rather, it is about finding new and improved ways to boost your earnings potential. It’s fine to consider several options but don’t get caught up in indecision. Schedule networking opportunities later this week.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23 Much enthusiasm goes into professional ambitions right now, but you need to be your own boss in many ways. You will be determined to place your lifestyle on a foundation of greater security. Taking a broad perspective on the prevailing cosmic pattern, far-reaching change begins to gather momentum. LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

Don't take short-cuts in legal or official matters. It will be only too easy to feel exasperated by bureaucracy but you won't be doing yourself any favours if you lose your cool. This is a fine time for you to get away from the mundane realities of life and relax. Some of you will probably go abroad.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22 Strengthen close ties of affection, sort out emotional differences and proffer the olive branch to your loved one. You often sabotage your emotional interests by keeping too much inside. However, your inner pressure builds up and manifests as irrational moods that others find hard to understand.

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SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21 Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is transiting your love sector. You have plenty of romantic options. Financially you are still not out of the woods as Saturn is transiting your financial sign. At work you will experience a relaxed atmosphere and this will help you to get on with everyone around you. CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20 The accent’s very much on relationships. The opening up of a more diverse social life is a point in favour of romantic attachments, if this is what you want. You will achieve a lot more, especially when you're motivated by your own desires. The general pattern of things continues on a progressive and buoyant theme. At home, be at your diplomatic best and try not to tread on anyone's toes. Passions will run from hot to cold, and relationships may suffer. Even the most strong-willed Librans will be more open to compromise to keep the peace. Plan your spending and set sensible budgets.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

An inspiring boost to PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 matters of communication but make sure your curiosity on a range of topics does not lead to a scattering of mental energy. With a surge of enery and enthusiasm, this is a favourable time to make fresh starts. Personal relationships may be more intense.

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Shed weight by doing just anything By Radhika Madlani

An eye for an eye or a simple goodbye? I recently wrote about toddlers looking to their parents for guidance on how they shape their behavior as they grow older and face new situations. Do you encourage your child to push if they are pushed or to simply walk away? How tough do you want your child to be? If you had to choose, would you rather your child was the bully or the one being bullied? Tough question, I know. Perhaps the answer is not binary and I may be looking at this the wrong way. To clarify my thinking, I started to think about how our cultural beliefs may play a part in the way we condition our children to behave when faced with confrontation. Christian beliefs support that if someone ‘slaps you’, you should take the higher ground and rather than ‘slap them back’, you should ‘turn the other cheek’ so that you embarrass the person into withdrawing from violence. However, this relies on the other person having a conscience and an understanding of what is right and wrong. As you often hear in schools, children can be quite cruel and it is our jobs as parents to raise children that aren’t cruel to others and also know how to defend themselves from cruelty from others. It is of course the role of the school to ensure that they have adequate anti-bullying policies in place and zero

sure you would too. Whilst many parents like me don’t want to raise a bully, we also don’t want our kids to be passive enough to make themselves a prime target for bullying. Is the balance then to be assertive enough to push back when ‘pushed’ but never to start the ‘pushing’ yourself? What about what Mahatma Gandhi used to say? He truly believed in ‘ahinsa’ or ‘non-violence’. His belief was that violence was never the answer and that one should ‘fight’ the cause without the need for violence. His belief was that your inner strength would eventually be the victor. That is a noble theory but I have to ask myself this, would I rather be a mother to the 12 year old who died at the hands of a child or be a mother to the child who took a life? Even the hypothetical question churns my heart. I am sure the punishment to both mums is equal. I am not sure I have reached a conclusion. I am sure that secretly, we all hope that our children know better than to get involved in bullying. But God forbid, they end up in a dangerous confrontation with a bully, I would rather the one that started it is not the one that ended it. Quote: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” – Mahatma Gandhi

tolerance to violence in order to protect children. Why then do many parents, like me, consider enrolling their children in some sort of ‘selfdefense’ classes from an early age? I do empathise with schools that are often under the limelight for not doing enough to protect children in their care. I have it on good authority from a school headmistress that in her experience, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Every time she urged parents of ‘aggressive’ children to work with her to improve the behavior of their children, the parents defended their children despite evidence to the contrary. They say that love is blind and when it comes to our children, it certainly is! We don’t see (or don’t want to see) what is clear to others. As I stepped off the train earlier, I read an article in the ‘Metro’ about a 12 year old that is on trial for the murder of another 12 year old. Suddenly, it dawned on me. It can’t have been a mistake, an unfortunate incident, a one off. Any child who takes someone else’s life must have started with a push and got away with it, had a ‘rush’ from bullying someone, felt empowered from the fear they can cause. Unfortunately, these are the sort of children I want to protect my daughter from and I am

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Aspirin decreases cancer deaths Researchers have found that aspirin reduces overall death rates due to cancer by a third after just five years' use. It was 50 per cent for some cancers and the longer people took the drug, the better the protection. Experts said healthy middle-aged people who start taking low-dose aspirin around the age of 45 or 50 years could expect to reap the most benefit, because cancer rates rise with age. Aspirin also helps prevent heart attacks and strokes even in people who have not been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems. Peter Rothwell of the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, who headed the latest study, is convinced the ground rules have changed. These findings provide the first proof that aspirin reduces deaths due to several common cancers.

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Want to burn calories, but don’t have time to exercise or hit the gym! No worries, here’s your solution. A dietician has offered some surprising ways to burn more calories throughout your day, including at the office, at home, outside, with your mate, and even while you're asleep. Sitting at your desk by fidgeting, like tapping toes, moving around, or fussing with hands can burn off up to 800 extra calories per day, the equivalent of an hour-long spin class. A full night's sleep can burn around 200 calories. Spending an hour typing on computer might cut 100 calories equivalent to jumping rope for 10 minutes.

Cooking your dinner yourself can help digest half of what you eat for dinner. After dinner, loading the dishwasher for 30 minutes burns 105 calories, and washing them by hand eats up 160 calories. She suggested that doing laundry might burn 72 calories while ironing for 30 minutes drops about 70 calories and tones the muscles of the upper body. An hour-long massage can burn more calories than you might think - 230 calories - the same as an hour of lightweight training, the dietician added.


Health cannot be bought, it has to be nurtured

Health is something which you cannot buy from the market but has to be nurtured everyday. Health is defined as the condition of a person's body or mind and it has to be maintained in a continuous process that affects all aspects of your life. Modern lifestyle brings with it its own baggage Stress, tension, work environment generated problems - posture, carpal tunnel syndrome, noise, pollution, etc. Each of these, minor irritants in their own right, contribute their bit until the aggregate is greater than the parts and unfortunately we tend to realise this only when it is past the point of no return. There are a range of possibilities to keep you healthy. Food First Food affects our health in the most primary way. Eating healthy is the easiest step to health. It does not mean starving yourself or denying yourself. It simply requires switching to healthier options. Opt for whole grains to refined ones. Use cooking oils that are naturally fat and cholesterol free. And remember the basic equation: what you eat should not be

more than what you burn as body fuel. Fighting Fit If lifestyles have changed so have the fitness options. Some are your everyday, basic variety. Where possible, opt for the stairs rather the elevators. If it is short distance and there is a proper walking path, use two feet instead of four wheels. Your health and the environment, both will benefit. Gymnasium The gymnasium is the place to develop the mental faculties alongside the physical prowess of young men. The other route to holistic health is the more luxurious spa route. Massages that use aromas to address health concerns, skin treatments that seek to undo the damage of pollution and urban living, and a holistic assessment of body are some of the hallmarks of spa treatments. Ultimately, health is in the hands of the self. Not all the trainers of the world or massagers or chefs of the world can give you good health unless you want it yourself and are willing to burn for it.. Remember, the healthier you are the more you will enjoy your life.



IPL Results from 55 to 63 matches played till Monday, 17th May Match 55 Date 11 May Match 56 Date 12 May Match 57 Date 13 May Match 58 Date 14 May Match 59 Date 14 May Match 60 Date 15 May Match 61 Date 15 May Match 62 Date 16 May Match 63 Date 17 May

RR v/s RCB at Jaipur RCB won by 9 wickets Brief scores: RR 146/6 (20 overs) RCB 151/1(17 overs) CSK v/s DD at Chennai CSK won by 18 runs Brief scores: CSK 176/4 (20 overs) DD 158/6 (20 overs) KTK v/s KXIP at Indore KXIP won by 6 wickets Brief scores: KTK 178/7 (20 overs) KXIP 181/4 (18.5 overs) RCB v/s KKR at Bangalore RCB won by 4 wickets (D/L method) Brief scores: KKR 89/4 (13 overs) RCB 105/6 (12.3 overs) MI v/s DC at Mumbai DC won by 10 runs Brief scores: DC 135/6 (20 overs) MI 125/8 (20 overs) KXIP v/s DD at Dharamsala KXIP won by 29 runs Brief scores: KXIP 170/6 (20 overs) DD 141/8 (20 overs) KTK v/s RR at Indore KTK won by 8 wickets Brief scores: RR 97 (18.3 overs) KTK 98/2 (7.2 overs) PW v/s DC at Mumbai DC won by 6 wickets Brief scores: PW 136/9 (20 overs) DC 138/4 (19.2 overs) KXIP v/s RCB at Dharamsala KXIP won by 111 runs Brief scores: KXIP 232/2 (20 overs) RCB 121 (17 overs)

EPL Matches this week Sunday, 22 May 2011 Aston Villa v Liverpool, Villa Park, 16:00 Bolton v Man City, Reebok Stadium, 16:00 Everton v Chelsea, Goodison Park, 16:00 Fulham v Arsenal, Craven Cottage, 16:00 Man Utd v Blackpool, Old Trafford, 16:00 Newcastle v West Brom, Albion, 16:00 Stoke v Wigan, Britannia Stadium, 16:00 Tottenham v Birmingham, White Hart Lane, 16:00 West Ham v Sunderland, Boleyn Ground, 16:00 Wolverhampton v Blackburn, Molineux, 16:00

12 Indians for Lankan Premier League

Dinesh Karthik

Irfan Pathan

Munaf Patel

Paul Valthaty

Ravindra Jadeja

Twelve Indian cricketers, including the likes of Munaf Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin, are expected to feature in the first edition of the Sri Lankan Premier League (SLPL) scheduled to commence from July 19. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has secured the services of several prominent overseas cricketers, including Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard, who are currently engaged in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Apart from Gayle, SLPL is also expected to feature Daniel Vettori, whose IPL journey was cut short after a recurring knee injury. Besides Munaf and Ashwin other Indian players on the SLPL radar are Dinesh Karthik, Irfan Pathan, Manish Pandey, Manoj Tiwary, Paul Valthaty, Ravindra Jadeja, Saurabh Tiwary, Umesh Yadav and Vinay Kumar. The list, which in all features 33 overseas players so far, also include the names of David Warner, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Akmal, Albie Morkel, Herschelle Gibbs, Kevin O'Brien and Tamim Iqbal among others.

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Gilchrist conquers Bangalore Adrenalin, violence and a lot of skill. The Dharamsala sky cracked with lightning and thunder but the real storm was witnessed from the bats of Adam Gilchrist and Shaun Marsh. Gilchrist rolled back the years to produce a delightfully aggressive century and Marsh unfurled a gem of his own as the pair constructed the highest partnership in a Twenty20 game, 206 runs, to help Kings XI Punjab terminate Royal Challengers Bangalore's winning streak. With this massive 111-run victory, Punjab are level on points with Kolkata Knight Riders and also, racked up their net run rate. There are many big-hitting batsmen but most of them tend to club, bludgeon, tonk, heave and thump. Gilchrist, though, rarely plays an "ugly" shot. He makes eye-pleasing classical arcs with the bat and on Tuesday night was no different. Marsh captured the mood best: "It was a privilege to watch it from the other end," Marsh said. Gilchrist made his presence felt in the chase too, diving to his left to take a stunner to dismiss Chris Gayle and derail the chase. Ryan Harris removed both Gayle and Virat Kohli, Praveen Kumar bowled his fifth maiden of the tournament, and Piyush Chawla bamboozled the lower-middle order with his googlies and legbreaks to grab four wickets but the night will be, as it should be, remembered for the carnage unleashed by Gilchrist the batsman. He didn't start flowing until the seventh over, preferring to let Paul Valthaty play the role of aggressor. Gilchrist was on 2 off 9 deliveries, and Punjab on 30 for 1, when a short ball from Abhimanyu Mithun helped him kickstart his flashback. He swivelled to pull the white ball over the midwicket boundary to signal the beginning of the carnage. He then turned his attention to S Aravind, who had given only a solitary run from seven deliveries. He charged down the track to lift one over long-off and crashed another to the straight boundary. With Marsh collect-

Adam Gilchrist's explosive century powered Punjab to a 111-run win against Bangalore

ing a six and a four, S Aravind leaked 21 runs in that eight over. The floodgates were well and truly open. Kohli tried to the check the Gilchrist flood with the spin of Gayle. No luck, though, as he was swung for two huge sixes. It was in the 10th over, bowled by Charl Langeveldt, that Gilchrist really stepped up the violence in some style. He played the conventional and the short-arm pull to collect two sixes before he produced the longest six (122 meters) to complete the hat-trick. It was a knuckle -ball from Langeveldt but Gilchrist read it early and swung it way beyond the midwicket boundary. Langeveldt winced, Kohli stared into distance and the Punjab camp was agog with utter delight. Bangalore's woes, though, were only

to escalate from that moment as Marsh decided to weigh in with his own brand of aggression. He stamped his presence in the 15th over, looting 30 runs off Johan van der Wath. It went for 6 6 4 4 4 6, as Marsh launched a stunning assault. Three fours sped to the extracover boundary, one six flew over midwicket, another sailed over long-off and the final six disappeared over the straight boundary. By the end it was difficult to keep count of the sixes as the scorecard kept racing ahead as though it was on steroids. It was a violent violent night at the hilltown inhabited by peaceful monks. Brief Score: Kings XI Punjab 232 for 2 (Gilchrist 106, Marsh 79*) beat Royal Challengers Bangalore 121 (Chawla 4-17) by 111 runs

Indian Premier League IV Points Table (as on 17 / 5 / 2011) Teams Match Won Lost Tied Royal Challengers Bangalore 13 8 4 0 Chennai Super Kings 12 8 4 0 Mumbai Indians 12 8 4 0 Kolkata Knight Riders 12 7 5 0 Kings XI Punjab 13 7 6 0 Kochi Tuskers Kerala 13 6 7 0 Rajasthan Royals 13 5 7 0 Deccan Chargers 13 5 8 0 Pune Warriors 12 4 8 0 Delhi Daredevils 13 4 9 0

N/R 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0

Points 17 16 16 14 14 12 11 10 8 8

Net RR +0.283 +0.544 +0.245 +0.403 +0.271 -0.186 -0.969 -0.080 -0.033 -0.448

Gautam Gambhir to lead India, Dhoni rested India has named Gautam Gambhir as the captain of a 16-member squad to play a one-off Twenty20 international and five one-dayers in the West Indies next month. The Board of Control for Cricket in India said that Gambhir was named captain after selectors decided to rest World Cup-winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, batting star Sachin Tendulkar and pacer Zaheer Khan in the midst of a hectic season. All three will be available for a test series that will follow the one-dayers. Opener Virender Sehwag has been ruled out because of a shoulder injury. Apart from the four sen-

Gautam Gambhir

ior players who will be missing the limited overs internationals, those from the World Cup squad not making the cut are leg-spinner Piyush

Chawla and pacer Shantakumaran Sreesanth. Batsmen Rohit Sharma and Subramaniam Badrinath have been recalled along

with seam bowlers Ishant Sharma, Vinay Kumar and Praveen Kumar. Praveen Kumar was part of the original squad for the World Cup but was replaced with Sreesanth after injuring an elbow. Parthiv Patel and Wriddhiman Saha are the two wicketkeepers in the team. India squad: Gautam Gambhir (captain), Suresh Raina, Parthiv Patel, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Subramaniam Badrinath, Rohit Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin, Praveen Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Munaf Patel, Vinay Kumar, Yusuf Pathan, Amit Mishra and Wriddhiman Saha.

Few surprises in India's squad to West Indies By Premen Addy Are West Indies emerging from the international eclipse as a Test-playing nation? Once the foremost cricketing force on planet earth, West Indies are a mere shadow of their glorious past. But there is a faint sign of better times with their 40run victory over Pakistan in the first Test in Guyana at the weekend. The 16-member Indian

touring party to the Caribbean includes two wicketkeepers in Parthiv Patel and Wriddiman Saha, a wise decision by the selectors since the hectic itinerary is confined to 5 ODIs and a single Twenty20 fixture; and possible injuries to players may not have the time to heal. Replacements must be on call. The tour will begin on June 4 with a Twenty20 game. India's more arduous

series in England, to commence in mi-July, will hinge on four Tests and five ODIs. As such key players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar and Zaheer Khan have been rested, while Virender Sehwag will be recovering from an operation to a troublesome shoulder. Gautam Gambhir will captain the team to the West Indies, but the performances of Virat Kohli

and Rohit Sharma with the bat and Amit Mishra and Pravin Kumar with the ball will be watched with particular interest for possible inclusion to England later in the summer. A tour to Australia will follow at the end of the year. However, the selection of Irfan Pathan to the West Indies is something of a surprise as he is neither a force with ball or bat these days. He should enjoy the cruise.

SPOrT world

Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

Unbeatable Djokovic stuns Nadal in Rome Novak Djokovic took his unbeaten run in 2011 to 37 matches as he stunned world number one Rafael Nadal 6-4, 64 to win the Rome Masters. It was the fourth time in a row the Serbian has beaten Nadal in a Masters final this season and the second successive week he has done so on clay after winning in Madrid. Djokovic has won all seven tournaments he's played this year, including the Australian Open, and must surely now be considered the favourite going into the French Open which starts next Sunday. The world number two, who lost all of his eight previous matches on clay against the Spaniard before his Madrid triumph, is also homing in on Nadal's top ranking. He played some wonderful tennis, at 3-3, 30-15, Djokovic found an impossible angle to hit a forehand winner and secured that game after running Nadal all over the back of the court, the Spaniard netting a backhand on the stretch. That seemed to galvanise the Serbian and a wild Nadal forehand gave up a double break point in the next game. Incredibly he then took his eye off a routine backhand and clipped the ball off the rim and into the skies to hand Djokovic a 5-3 lead. But it is not for nothing that Nadal had already won here a record five times. After a long crosscourt exchange between Djokovic's forehand and

Novak Djokovic celebrates his win

Nadal's backhand, the Serbian netted when trying to go down the line and Nadal broke back. However, a netted backhand from the Spaniard brought up set point in the next game and Djokovic stepped up into the court to swipe away a crosscourt backhand winner. Djokovic held serve easily at the start of the second before Nadal raced into a 40-0 lead on his serve. However, that game would go on to last more than 10 minutes and see Nadal broken when he sliced a backhand into the tramlines. And yet Nadal broke straight back as his fighting qualities came to the fore. He also fended off a 15-40 deficit in the next game and avoided being broken for the fourth time in a row. Perhaps more importantly, though, was the fact that Djokovic made four

unforced errors in a row. He also made three straight unforced errors when leading 40-0 in the next game as tiredness seemed to creep up on him, his three-hour epic semifinal against Andy Murray on Saturday starting to show in his legs. And yet he dug deep to hold serve. The breaks eased up until Nadal had to serve to stay in the match. And the last game was a fitting finale to a wonderful encounter. Nadal twice went long on the backhand to drop to 0-40 but a Djokovic error and some big hitting from the Spaniard brought it back to deuce. However, Djokovic forced another championship point and this time, after a thrilling rally, he kept his nerve to pounce on a net-cord and fire away the winning shot. It was only Nadal's second ever defeat here.

Australia beat Pakistan, lift Azlan Shah hockey cup Chris Ciriello scored a golden goal in extra-time to see Australia beat Pakistan 3-2 in the Azlan Shah Cup hockey final and claim the trophy for the sixth time. Asian Games champions Pakistan twice came from behind to equalise. The teams were deadlocked 2-2 at the end of the regulation time. Ciriello struck the winner in the second half of extra time (83rd minute). Australia, who last won the trophy in 2007, were fielding a second string team in the tournament with many top players missing from the line-up. It was Ciriello who slammed the first goal for Australia in the 11th minute before Pakistan's penalty corner specialist Sohail Abbas equalised in the 30th minute. The two teams were levelled 1-1 in the first half. Australia again moved into the lead through Glenn Turner in the 44th minute,

Australian team poses with Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Cup

but Pakistan's Rehan Butt drew parity in the 62nd minute. Britain in third spot Great Britain bounced back from a lethargic start to beat New Zealand 4-2 and finish third in the 20th edition of game. Last year's joint champions South Korea and India battled it out for fifth spot in a repeat of 2010's washed-out final with the Koreans prevailing in a 2-1 victory.

New Zealand were the early aggressors against Great Britain, forcing a penalty corner in the fourth minute. Andrew Hayward had the ball in the net but Pakistani umpire Waqas Ahmad Butt ordered a retake, with the shot this time saved by British keeper Nicholas Brothers. In the 20th minute New Zealand struck off their second penalty corner as Hayward played the ball

towards the goal and pusher Stephen Jenness rushed in for a neat deflection that sailed over the outstretched Brothers to put the Kiwis 10 up. Richard Mantell finally got the better of Kyle Pontifex in the 34th minute, off Great Britain's fifth penalty corner to level the score at half time. In the 51st minute, Daniel Richard Fox cut through the centre of the Kiwi defence and laid up a pass for Robert Moore on the left whose shot sailed past Pontifex to put the Brits 2-1 up. And in the 59th minute, Richard Smith sent in a low flick from a penalty corner that put his team 3-1 ahead while Matthew Daly added the fourth in the 65th minute. Blair Hilton netted New Zealand's second in the 69th minute but it was clearly Great Britain's game.

Third venue on Olympic Park ready Construction has been completed on the London 2012 Handball Arena – the third venue on the Olympic Park to achieve this milestone. The occasion was marked by a visit to the venue by Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, as they announced new measures to support youth employment. They also met apprentices working on the Olympic Park. Prime Minister Cameron said: “that this great venue has been completed on time and within budget is testament to the hard work,

expertise and skills of the Olympic Park workforce. We are on track to stage a fan-

tastic Olympic and Para Olympic Games in London next summer.’

Construction started on the arena in July 2009. The venue includes unique copper cladding, natural lighting shafts and multi-coloured seating, of which the lower tier is retractable. Olympic Delivery Authority Chairman John Armitt said: ‘The Handball Arena milestone is another example of just how far we have come since construction started on the Olympic Park three years ago. The arena is compact, sustainably built and will provide an excellent sports and community venue for London long after the Games are over.’


Diego Maradona to coach UAE club Diego Maradona has been hired to coach United Arab Emirates soccer club Al Wasl on a two-year contract. He has been out of coaching since leading Argentina to the World Cup quarterfinals last year, visited the club's training facility and had been in talks for several days. Al Wasl officials would not disclose details of the contract announced on Monday, saying only that it was for two seasons and that Maradona would be responsible for leading the club "to new heights." Al Wasl is fourth in the domestic league and has been looking for a coach since firing Sergio Farias in March. Al Wasl says that Maradona was on his way back to Argentina and could not be reached for comment. He is expected back next month.

Bopanna, Somdev improve ATP rankings Indian tennis players Rohan Bopanna and Somdev Devvarman have achieved career best ATP rankings. While Bopanna achieved his career-best rank of 11 in the ATP doubles chart, Somdev rose to number 66, his career best singles rank. Somdev had crashed out of Zagreb Open in the first round last week but still managed to go two places up and improve his career-best ranking. Veteran doubles stars Mahesh Bhupathi (5) and Leander Paes (7) were changed but Bopanna gained two positions to be on the threshold of top-10. In the doubles team ranking, Paes and Bhupathi continue to be number two but Bopanna and his Pakistani partner Aisam-ulHaq Qureshi slipped to number seven from six. Meanwhile, in the WTA charts, Sania Mirza was unchanged in singles (74) but improved the doubles ranking by gaining a place to 26.

Muttiah Muralitharan to play in NZ T20 league Spin legend Muttiah Muralitharan will play for Wellington Firebirds in the New Zealand domestic Twenty20 cricket competition next season. Wellington Firebirds chief executive Gavin Larsen recently confirmed the deal to bring the highest wicket taker in test and one-day international cricket to the province. "It is a tremendous boost for Wellington to secure the services of one of the greatest international cricketers of all time," Gavin Larsen was quoted as saying. "He is a superb cricketer and a great ambassador for the game. As well as being a huge asset for us he is also very keen to assist us in promoting the game around Wellington."

Surat boy Bhargav best under 19 cricketer Surat boy Bhargav Merai has been crowned with the MA Chidambaram trophy for the best under 19 cricketer of 2009-10. The only son of Hemant and Usha Merai, Bhargav is a first year student of Navyug Commerce College in Surat and his dream is to play Test matches for India one day. Bhragav, who has already featured in the Gujarat ODI team in 2009-10 and had to sit out with a fractured right thumb in the next season, knows that he has a long way to go to realise that dream. Meanwhile, the BCCI has decided to bestow the Poly Umrigar award for India’s best cricketer of 2009-10 to veteran Sachin Tendulkar. Tendulkar would be presented the award during the fourth annual BCCI awards ceremony on May 31.


Asian Voice - Saturday 21st May 2011

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