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Asian Achievers Awards 2010 - the 'People's Awards' n the past ten years the Asian Achievers Awards has gone from strength to strength, from public appreciation reflected in growing attendenses. This year, as ever, it was a great challenge to choose the winners from unusually vibrant and diverse fields. The panel of judges, which was chaired by solicitor Naynesh Desai, and comprised the bestselling author Jeffrey Archer, dynamic barrister Usha Teji, award winning journalist Mihir Bose and former England Test cricketer Mark Ramprakash, were pushed to select the successful winners. Asian Achievers Awards (AAA) has become more and more a people's award. We received a record number of nominations this year. It has added variety and vibrancy to the selection process. There have been people from business, education, culture, art, media, public life and the armed forceswho have been honoured for their inspiring contributions to society. As Naynesh Desai rightly pointed out in his message, we must acknowledge that these winners will not only serve as role models today and tomorrow to the younger generation, but also to Asian society as a whole, especially during these difficult economic times. AAA is an event for the achievers, of the achievers and by the achievers. We have already been receiving enquiries regarding next year's AAA and suggestions are pouring in about categories that could be added to the list. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to share them with us. We must remember that AAA is meant to honour the torch bearers of Asian community progress. This year the Chief Guest was Rt Hon Lord


Tom McNally, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice. He highlighted the massive contribution of the Asian community in the field of law. He said there were about 8,000 practicing solicitors in England and Wales of Asian origin, emphasising that their presence had made an essential contribution to proceedings in the courtroom. Which proves that, whether they are businessmen or professionals, British Asians have made a significant difference to every walk of life in Britain. This special issue is a salute to those unsung heroes who have made us proud with their manifold contributions. I am thankful to the judges, sponsors, nominees, nominators, readers, contributors, guests and last but least my colleagues for making this award a phenomenal success. My most sincere thanks to all of you for participating in the 10th Asian Achievers Awards. Best Wishes CB Patel Publisher/Editor Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar

Chief Guest AAA t Hon Tom McNally is Leader in the House of Lords. A former senior Downing Street adviser, MP and founding member of the SDP, Tom McNally enter the House of Lords in 1995. In 1995, he was appointed a Life Peer and became deputyspokesman on broadcasting. Following the 1997 General Election, he became spokesman on Home Affairs and in 2001 was elected Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the Lords. In October 2004 Lord McNally was elected unopposed to be the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, succeeding Baroness Shirley Williams when she retired from that position. He was appointed a member of the Privy Council in February 2005. He is a spokesman for Constitutional Affairs, with a brief that includes reform of the House of Lords. He is the current Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and the UK Minister of State for Justice.


Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar - Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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Britons celebrate a decade of British Asian contributions at Wembley Stadium â– Kartik. S Raval sian Achiever's Awards for the year 2010 marked an important milestone in its journey as it concluded its first decade of acknowledging the essential contribution made over the years by the Asian community in the UK. From almost fifty years, Asian community has been prevailed on the British soil and since then flourished in its stable socio-economic and political environment and to say the least made a very strong positive contribution to the development of Britain in every known walks of life. The 10th Annual Asian Achievers Awards took place at The Great Hall in the heart of the world famous Wembley Stadium where approximately 1000 people from different walks of life got together to witness a ceremony that was not to be missed. Mr. L George, Business Development Manager of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar inaugurated the evening that soon transformed into a spectacular night which gawked almost everything from intensive speeches by some


leaders of the society to various stunning performances, from audience participation to the award ceremony itself. Once the guests settled in The Great Hall, George invited two charismatic hosts for the night; the beautiful Tasmin Lucia Khan, ITV News presenter and former BBC News reader and also actor Ameet Chana. The duo started to heat up the event after taking control of the dias and then invited the well-known singer and actor Karen David to the stage, who has worked with A.R. Rehman in movies like Bombay Dreams and Provoked and also has been a female lead in the movie The Scorpion King 2:Rise of a warrior. Her heavenly voice surely got the audience in the mood and gave them a gist of the stunning night that lie in front of them. Right before going into the awards ceremony the audience got a chance to briefly understand the journey of Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice, the host of the evening. The focus of attention was then brought to Oxfam, the charity of the year. Oxfam is a global organisation that works against poverty and education.

CB Patel (Left), Lord Archer (Centre) along with Chief Guest Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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The money raised from the auction will be used to educate poor children in India. The stage was then set for the first speaker, a selfmade personality who initially nurtured the idea of recognising the contribution of British-Asians to the society, CB Patel. The Editor and Publisher of Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice is highly cherished within the community as a person who believes in development, not only personal but rather on a societal and a larger level and this was apparent from an intense round of applause when he took the centre stage. “Today we are here to celebrate the success of not only the winners or nominees but success of so many unsung heroes both men and women in our community that have made immense contribution in various walks of life. It is because of them we are getting such an amazing response and a chance to celebrate a successful 10th anniversary of Asian Achievers Award� announced C B Patel in a warm but a naturally commanding voice. Soon the Chief Guest for the evening, Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally, Minister for State of justice was called upon the dias and he took the opportunity to take the focus of the audience to the immense contribution made by the Asian community to the welfare of the British society and also emphasised the importance of these awards to show recognition of deserving people and nurture even more achievers in the coming years. He also mentioned about their incredible ability and adaptability to merge into a new culture without losing the wealth of their own. He agreed to the fact that there has been some major changes in Britain's socio-economic environment in the last decade but the way the Asian community has responded to these changes and challenges has been very impressive. Being the Minister for State of Justice, Lord McNally highlighted the massive contribution of the Asian community in the field of law as about 8,000 practicing solicitors in England and Wales are of Asian origin and their presence have made essential contribution inside the courtroom. This wonderful speech by the chief guest who is indeed one of the most prominent people in the British politics, reflected that contribution by the the Asian community in the UK does not go unseen and accredited them for a lot of development that has happened over the years. He was garlanded soon after his speech. With the Chief guest setting the tone of the ceremony it was about time to take a step towards the awards and the Chairman of the Judging Panel, Naynesh Desai was requested to set the award ceremony in flow. Mr. Desai has been practising as a solicitor for the last 25 years and also a director of Mission Sports Management Ltd in partnership with Sir Ian Botham who represent a number of high profile crick-


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

eters including Kevin Pietersen and a number of other athletes. He has also represented prominent cricketers across the world like Virendra Sehwag, Wasim Akram Mohammad Azharuddin, Mark Ramprakash, Devon Malcolm and the legendary Sunil Gavaskar. He got the award ceremony on the roll after briefly mentioning that it is necessary to recognise and admire the contribution of our community members to the economy of this country, development of sciences, the British society and all the other important walks of life. The other members in the panel of judges included Jeffrey Archer, Usha Teji, Mihir Bose and Mark Ramprakash. Host Ameet Chana announced the four finalists for the AA Gold Award for Professional of the year and requested Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally and the Sponsor Mr. Narendra Patel, Director of Meera Catering to come on stage and announce the winner. Vijay Goel, Sr. partner in Singhania & Co and also the founder of Indo-European Business Forum bagged this first award. The second category was Gold Award for Women of the year and Tasmin Lucia Khan requested Mr Hiren Baxi, Director of Union College to announce the winner. Pavani Reddy was awarded this prestigious award by Mr. Baxi and Lord Tom McNally. Mr. Jagdish Chander, Director of Incredible India was asked to accompany Lord Tom McNally on stage to announce the winner for Sports Personality of the Year. Ravi Bopara was declared as the winner but as he was on an overseas cricket tour one of the judges Mr. Mark Ramprakash collected the award on his behalf. The next category was the Gold Award for Achievement in Community Service and Mr. Ken Popat, Director of Finance House Ltd came on stage to announce Maneck Dalal as the most deserving winner. It was followed by Gold Award for Young Entrepreneur of the year and Dr. Rami Ranger, Chairman and Managing Director of Sunmark Ltd announced Riz Navsarka as the winner. Riz was awarded jointly by Lord Tom McNally and Dr. Rami Ranger. Ameet Chana next announced the shortlisted candidates for the AA Gold Award for Uniformed & Civil Services and requested Group Captain Mr. Ian Tolfts, Royal Airforce to announce the winner. Chief Executive at Basildon District Council, Bala Mahendran was the receiver of this award. With almost half of the awards given away to deserving candidates by some leading people of the industry, the stage seemed to be on fire and called for some entertainment. Host Tasmin gave way to a dance act by PERIDOT, a group of young male dancers who were awarded the UK Hip Hop Dance Champions of the year 2008. A fabulous dance performance by the group left the audience stunned and full of appreciation.

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It was then the time for the moral event of the evening, and Ms Nisha Agarwal, CEO OXFAM India was called upon to get the auction for the charity underway. A brief presentation about the work of Oxfam and the people they have served was showcased which was followed by the auction itself. Items like a Cricket Bat signed by the English and Pakistan cricket team, book of royal dresses signed by Princess Dianna, receiving cricket coaching at Lords stadium from Mark Ramprakash and Devon Malcolm and many more. The wonderful audience responded amazingly as the evening raised around £ 40,000 and much more pledges for the charity. After people had contributed to an important social cause, it was time to fill them up again with a great dinner treat and live music by The Truth, the first UK Asian artist to perform with a full live band. With enough break away from the core of the event, hosts Ameet and Tasmin brought the awards back in the driver seat by requesting Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally to get the remaining category of awards underway. The first category after the break was Achievement in Media and Culture for which Mr. Vraj Phankhania of West Combe Group announced Anjali Bulley as the winner. Gold Award for Business in Community followed and Mr. Dilesh Mehta, Director of Pick Fords accompanied Lord Tom McNally on stage. Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia was nominated as the winner of this category by the judges. It was time for the Editor’s special award that was nominated by C.B Patel for Vision and Enterprise. The award was given to Dr Bhikhu and Dr Vijay Patel, from Waymade Healthcare Plc. The final act of the show took place by Feeding the Fish, a group that has performed in 33 countries and has left the audience ecstatic by their mesmerising visual juggling expertise. The effect on our audience was no different as they experienced an out of the

world performance. In order to introduce the next set of awards, a member of judging panel, Usha Teji also a well known Barrister was called upon stage. It was time for Asian Voice Special Award for Ingenuity in Business and Sanjiv Mehta was crowned as the winner under this category. Mr. Paul Simkins of ICAEW was requested to announce the winner of the Award for Leadership in the Profession and Bobby Karia bagged this award. The next award was under the category of Asian Achievers Award for Young Business Person demonstrating sustained business growth. Sir Gulam Noon, Director Noon Products came on the dias to announce Amit Patel as the winner. In order to announce the winner of Asian Achievers Award for Achievement in Health Care, Dr Rami Ranger came to the stage and declared that the winner was Dr. Nora Vyas. Gold Award for best overall Enterprise was announced by Mihir Bose, former Sports Correspondent for BBC. Subaskaran Allirajah was named as the winner of this award. Asian Achievers Gold Award for Overall Business Performance and Innovation went to Jason and Dennis Singh of RGB who were the proud joint winners of this award. The last award for the year 2010 was Platinum Award for Business Person of the Year, Rt. Hon Keith Vaz announced Arun Panchariya as the most deserving winner under this category. This platinum awarded concluded the award ceremony and L George, Business Development Manager of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar stepped up on the dias to conclude a spectacular evening that saw the audience being motivated through the winners and nominees, entertained by some extravagant performances and moved by their own splendid response to charity.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010


L to R: Lord McNally, Vijay Goel (Singhania & Co)

L to R: Hiren Baxi (Union College), Pavani Reddy (Zaiwalla Solicitors) Lord McNally

L to R: Jagdish Chander (Incredible India), Mark Ramprakash (Cricketer), Lord McNally

L to R: Ken Popat (Finance House Ltd), Maneck A Dalal OBE, Lord McNally

L to R: Dr Rami Ranger MBE FRSA (Sun Mark ltd), Riz Navsarka (MesmerEyez), Lord McNally

L to R: Vraj Pankania( Westcombe), Anjali Bulley (V&A Publishing), Lord McNally

L to R: Jyotsna Shah, Managing Editor of Gujarat Samachar Collecting award on behalf of Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia (Euro Car parts) from Mr Dilesh Mehta (Pickford) and Lord McNally

L to R: Group Captain I R Tolfts (RAF), Bala Mahendran (Basildon District Council), Lord McNally

Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Arun Panchariya (Euram Bank Asia) receiving an award from Rt Hon Keith Vaz

L to R: CB Patel (Editor/Publisher of ABPL group) Dr Vijay Patel (Waymade Health care), Mrs Manjuben Patel, Dr Bhiku Patel (Waymade Health care)

Amit Patel (Auden Mckenzie) receiving an award from 0Sir Ghulam Noon (Bombay Halwa)

Dr Nora Vyas receiving an award from Rami Ranger (Sun Mark Ltd)

Mr Sanjiv Mehta (East India Co) receiving an award from Merul Patel (ABPL Group)

Mr Paul Simkins of ICAEW presenting award to Bobby Karia (Whizz Group)

Gp Captain I R Tolfts (RAF) presenting Award to Subaskaran Allirajah (Lyca Mobile)

L to R: Naynesh Desai(Musa Dudhia & Co) with Jason and Dennis Singh Digwa (RGB)

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Gold Award for Professional of the Year Vijay Goel Vijay Goel is Sr. Partner in Singhania & Co for more than 12 years. He advises clients on matter relating to corporate law, laws related to joint venture and foreign collaborations, and expertises in real estate transactions. He has worked with American and Indian companies for their listing on AIM. He is the founder of Indo-European Business Forum where in which a number of House of Lords, Member of Parliament and Member of European Parliaments are involved. Vijay was awarded National Law Day award from Honarable President of India Smt Pratibha Patil. He was awarded the Asian Leadership award in Europe 2009. He is Special Advisor to the Commonwealth Business Council, He is an advisor to Loomba trust as well.He is also on board of The Rajasthani Foundation.

Gold Award for Woman of the Year Pavani Reddy Pavani Reddy is a Solicitor and is the Managing Partner of the firm Zaiwalla & Co since 2005 and specialises in international arbitration, commercial dispute resolution and litigation. She has acted on various issues for clients including some Fortune 500 companies. Pavani handles high value commercial cases in the London High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of England and Wales. She has recently been acting on behalf of the Consensus Business Group and R20 (Vincent and Robert Tchenguiz) in various Company Litigation matters, including the highly publicised case of Imerman v Tchenguiz, surrounding the use of confidential documents, before the Court of Appeal. Pavani is a member of various associations including IMA (Indian Maritime Association), a supporting member of the LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association) and IBA (International Bar Association).


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Gold Award Sports Personality of the Year Ravi Bopara Ravinder Singh ("Ravi") Bopara (born 4 May 1985, Forest Gate, Newham, London) is an English cricketer who plays for Essex and England. He is the second Sikh to play cricket for England, after Monty Panesar. He was first called up to the England ODI team in 2007, before a difficult Test debut in Sri Lanka saw him dropped in early 2008 after a string of three ducks. He regained his place for a Test against the West Indies in the winter of 2008-09, however, and scored a century batting at number three. Bopara held on to the number three position for the May 2009 home Test Ravi Bopara series against the West Indies, scoring a century in both tests, and was named in the preliminary 2009 Ashes squad- Bopara has also enjoyed success in the Indian Premier League, where he plays for the Kings XI Punjab. The award was collected by Mark Ramprakash on behalf of Ravi Bopara

Mark Ramprakash

Gold Award for Achievement in Community Service Maneck A Dalal OBE Maneck Dalal was educated at Cambridge University and called to the bar in London in 1945. He rapidly progressed in the fields of business and diplomacy. When he was only 29, he started Air India in the UK in 1948 and became the airline’s first Regional Director. In 1973 he became the Indian Government’s Adviser for Tourism and Civil Aviation. He has been Patron and Chairman for many organisations. Mr Maneck Dalal succeeded Lord Menuhin as Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan UK shortly after it was established in the UK in 1972. In recognition of his outstanding achievements, be was made an Officer of the British Empire. This was conferred by Her Majesty The Queen in 1997. On receiving the award he went on to say “Thank you so much for that splendid banquet with over a thousand people in the Wembley stadium I enjoyed the function and was particularly grateful for the kindness in including me. I was quite touched by the award for Community service and do appreciate it being given to me. Whilst im grateful to the selection committee, I must particularly thank ABPL for their part in all this.” Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Gold Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Riz Navsarka Riz Navsarka is the Managing Director of MesmerEyez cosmetics (Navsarka Ltd). It is the UK's leading and the worlds most innovative cosmetic coloured contact lens company. As a teenager Riz grew up in one of the most deprived areas of the U.K, Hillflields in Coventry. Starting at the age of 20 whilst studying he turned the £200 gained from a university loan, into to a multi-million pound business in less than 5 years. The company has grown drastically,175% whilst in a recession. MesmerEyez is available across the UK and around the world with distributors from Beijing to Iceland. It has revolutionised the cosmetics industry by bringing coloured contact lens to the mass cosmetic market with innovative designs, daily disposables and the worlds largest range of colours. Worn in London Fashion Week and seen in Vogue and Grazia, MesmerEyez has become a brand synonymous with eye colour change.

Gold Award for Achievement in Media, Art & Culture Anjali Bulley Anjali Bulley is the Managing Editor of V&A Publishing at the Victoria and Albert Museum, previously Senior Editor at the National Portrait Gallery, London. V&A Publishing is one of the world's leading Museum publishers, with an outstanding reputation among experts and academics and the commercial market, particularly the fashion list, which is one of the market leaders. Her recent key achievements include British Asian Style: Fashion and Textiles and Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts. She said, “May I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr C.B. Patel and the team at Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar for their efforts in hosting a truly professional awards ceremony. I would also like to thank my very supportive family who have encouraged me at every step of my career. I have been immensely fortunate in my publishing career to not only work within my dream role of editorial management of academically respected, beautifully illustrated art and photography books, but also to work in two world renowned institutions, the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum. I sincerely hope that the inclusion of recognition of Media, Art and Culture in the Asian Achievers Awards will encourage more young British


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Asians to pursue careers in book and other media publishing, and to participate more widely in the Culture, Heritage and Arts sectors in our society. This award should therefore serve as an acknowledgment of the wider Asian community's rich and unique contribution to the arts and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom.”

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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Gold Award for Business in Community Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia Wembley-based motor industry entrepreneur, Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia of Euro Car Parts, started as a teenager in a "oneman business". Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia has built Euro Car Parts Ltd into the UK's largest independent distributor of replacement car parts. Early in this career, he identified that the UK's 30,000 car garages needed immediate access to a wide range of car parts for the huge array of vehicles on the road, allowing repairs to be completed the same day, sometimes even while the car owner waited. As a result Euro Car Parts was born and since then Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia has built a formidable international supply chain distribution and 80 plus branches marketing operation which meets all of these needs. ECP is the largest supplier of parts for all makes of car and light commercial vehicles. They now employ over 3000 people, the turn over will exceed 300 million this year and they have also opened a 400,000 sq ft national distribution centre in Tamworth creating over 600 jobs.

Gold Award for Uniformed & Civil Service Bala Mahendran Bala Mahendran has been the Chief Executive at Basildon District Council since January 2005. Having graduated in mechanical engineering, Bala has held various senior positions in a number of Local authorities. Under his leadership, Basildon has embarked on an ambitious regeneration programme which includes the development of a multi-million pound heritage centre near Pitsea and the construction of a £38 million sporting complex with ambitions to be the best leisure facility in the Eastern region. As Chairman of the Basildon Community Safety Partnership, Bala has helped oversee a 37% reduction in local crime over 5 years. Bala has created Business partnership agreement with China and is currently initiating an equivalent venture in India. Bala was appointed to advise the Treasury’s ‘Financial Inclusion Taskforce’, and has previously worked on the Bertelsmann Foundation’s "Cities of Tomorrow" project - an international initiative tackling issues affecting young people. He said, “Britain is the land of opportunity, and I’m delighted that the vibrant British Asian contribution is celebrated in this way. The panel made a bold decision to recognise


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

someone in Local Government, and particularly someone in my position. I feel privileged to receive an award among so many worthy candidates.”

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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Platinum Award for Business Person of the Year Arun Panchariya Arun Panchariya is President and Board Member at Euram Bank Asia Ltd. – a company registered with DIFC and regulated by DFSA, Dubai (UAE). He is also a director and Fund Manager of India Focus Cardinal Fund, a broad based fund registered with FSC, Mauritius and is actively managing the fund. Mr. Panchariya has also worked as Managing Director of Pan Asia Advisors Ltd. U.K., the FSA regulated investment banking firm and Vintage FZE, Dubai (UAE) – a multi product trading company. Mr. Panchariya now has over fifteen years of experience including ten years of experience in financial services that includes private equity and retail banking across different geographic locations and deal sizes. He is also experienced in trading of direct equities, commodities, futures, derivatives and other financial and money market instruments.

Editors Award for Vision and Enterprise Dr Vijay Patel & Dr Bhikhu Patel In 1975 after graduating in Pharmacy Dr Vijay Patel opened his first retail pharmacy in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Business boomed and spurred the growth of a chain of outlets. Then in the early 1980’s his brother, Dr Bhikhu Patel, joined forces with him and together they founded Waymade Healthcare in 1984, a company whose core business remains the supply of prescription medicines to retail pharmacies, hospitals and doctors across the UK. In 2003 they founded Amdipharm and has acquired products from a number of multi-national pharmaceutical companies, and now owns branded products in more than 100 countries. Outside of work the brothers pursue their philanthropic interests primarily through the Shanta Foundation, established in honour of their mother Shantaben.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Young Business Person Demonstrating Sustained Business Growth Amit Patel Amit Patel is the Managing Director of the Auden Mckenzie Group of companies. Whilst the Group’s primary focus is Pharmaceutical licensing, manufacturing and distribution, it also holds a portfolio of properties in the UK. Having established the company in 2001 with only one injectable product, the company now holds in excess of 40 UK Pharmaceutical Product Licenses, 14 European and 1 US Licenses. Supplying pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers in the UK and Internationally, Auden Mckenzie has recently moved into a new state of the art manufacturing, quality control and distribution facilities. Amit runs the company with his sister Meeta, who overseas day-to-day operations. The Group’s success was recognized this year by the Sunday Times with a prominent position in the Profit Track 100 League table. He said, “I am honoured to receive the business growth award and would like to thank the ABPL group and in particular Mr.C.B Patel. Commercial success is never a one man show, but is the efforts and sacrifices of so many behind the scenes. I would therefore like to thank my family for their

unconditional support , we are also appreciative to all our staff and industry partners for their ongoing support . In particular I am very grateful to my sister Meeta who so skillfully runs the company’s day to day affairs, which allows me the time to develop our new product pipeline to ensure continued future growth for our group.”

Achievement in Health Care Dr Nora Vyas Dr Nora Vyas is a visiting lecturer and post-doctoral researcher. She achieved her PhD in Psychiatry and Cognitive Neuroscience from University of London. Her research focused on investigating the influence of genes on cognitive functioning in children and adolescents with schizophrenia and their biological relatives. She has received international recognition for her work in schizophrenia. She has published her work widely in journals such as the British Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Biological Psychiatry and Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics. She said, “I am truly honoured to receive the AAA Gold Award for Achievement in Healthcare. I am grateful to the international distinguished panel members who recognised my efforts and achievements. This Award is very encouraging and I intend to continue my research into schizophrenia using cognition, genetics and neuroimaging techniques to identify putative biomarkers to improve treatment and psychosocial outcome in this major psychiatric disorder. I wish to thank my parents, Mr Shaileshkumar and Mrs Neelamben Vyas, who have been a pillar of encouragement, love and support throughout my life, without whom I could not have reached as far as I have


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

today. I am grateful to my brother, Shemin Vyas, and my sister, Dr Neva Patel, who have been very supportive and encouraging. I also thank my grandmother, Mrs Shardaben Vyas, for her words of wisdom, unflinching love and support. I congratulate all the award finalists who have done exceptionally well in their chosen fields.”

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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Asian Voice Special Award for Ingenuity in Business Sanjiv Mehta Sanjiv Mehta, is the proud owner of the 400 year old brand, The East India Company. Sanjiv upon graduating from Sydenham College, Mumbai University in finance and completing a diploma course in Gemmology in the United States; he joined the family diamond trading business upon his return. Sanjiv’s ambition extended beyond just the jewellery business, and over the years he built an international trading business across a range of products, including metals, petrochemicals, FMCG, coffee and tea – which ultimately led him to a professional introduction to The East India Company. Over the last 6 years Sanjiv has worked to position The East India Company as a global luxury brand, building a brand identity and a core team to launch the company’s strategies, the first of which is a Fine Foods company, with its flagship store in Conduit Street, Mayfair.

Leadership in the Professions Bobby Karia Bobby Karia is the Director for Whizzgroup of Companies. Whizzworkers was established in April 2003 with the key business in international recruitment from India, Dubai, China and Thailand for the recruitment of Hospitality personnel to the United Kingdom. Whizzpermits is the immigration work permit specialist company that deals with all applications for the UK immigration ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 5 and sponsor license applications and are recognised by the UKBA for assistance with the sponsorship license. Bobby's business activates are property portfolio and a fine dining Indian restaurant. He also launched the Evissia brand which is an online beauty lounge selling beauty products and fashion jeweller. He said, “It was an excellent achievement for WGC Group of winning the Asian Achievers Awards in Leader in Profession, it is an honour to receive this award from Asian Voice for my group and myself, it was an electrifying event with a very well organised venue and a great platform for young Asians to enhance their careers and be widely recognised in UK. A very big thank you to my family, CB Patel and

Alka Shah for the recognition for giving me the opportunity to be a winner at a prestige event.”

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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10th Asian Achievers Awards Winners 2010

Best Overall Enterprise Subaskaran Allirajah Subas is a high profile industry thought leader, a visionary and entrepreneur and has over 15 years experience leading the prepaid telecommunications market where as a keen entrepreneur he has a proven track record of realising key opportunities to grow the Lycatel and Lycamobile brands. Lycatel now enjoys operations in 15 global markets, has over 9 million customers and originates over 19 billion minutes of telecoms traffic per year. Lycamobile launched in 2006 is now present in nine European markets, has over 6 million customers and is recognised as the leading international mobile provider for those that need to call family, friends and colleagues in international markets. Lycamobile under Subas’s leadership is on target to achieve its mission of acquiring 7 million customers in 2011 and has now set its sights on acquiring 20 million global subscribers by 2012. He said, “I am delighted to accept this award on behalf of the Lycamobile and Lycatel group of companies. I am proud to serve the community and delighted that the hard work and effort that the Lycamobile and Lycatel team have made in growing the business has

been recognised by the Asian Achievers Awards. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of the Asian Achievers Awards, our fantastic customers, my colleagues and also my family, without their support we would not have achieved this success.”

Overall Business Performance & Innovation Jason & Dennis Singh Digwa Jason and Dennis Singh are Directors of RGB, Hifi & Video Ltd. Since taking over RGB from CEO Mr Peter Digwa, the brothers Kirpan (Dennis) and Satpal (Jason) have taken the business to a greater height. Their new flagship showroom was opened by the Mayor of Redbridge and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. With a turnover of over £20 million, they have major plans to grow the business organically. Winner of many Industry Awards and are now amongst the largest retailers of Audio visual Equipment in UK. They deal with all the major brands including Sony, Panasonic and Philips.


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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Lycamobile wins Best Overall Enterprise 2010 at the Prestigious Asian Achievers Awards ubaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of International mobile telecoms provider Lycamobile, picked up the award on behalf of Lycamobile for the Best Overall Enterprise 2010 at the prestigious Asian Achievers Awards, held at Wembley Stadium on Thursday the 30th of September. The Asian Achievers Awards is the most respected award ceremony in the Asian community and celebrates the best in Asian sport, business, and community achievements. The event held at Wembley Stadium attracted a host of dignitaries and celebrities including Lord Tom McNally the Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice, Sir Gulam Noon MBE, The Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP, novelist Jeffery Archer, as well as England Cricketer and Strictly Come Dancing Winner Mark Ramprakash. has over fifteen years experience leading the prepaid telecommunications market where as a keen entrepreneur he has a proven track record of realising key opportunities to grow the Lycatel and Lycamobile brands. Subaskaran’s knowledge, drive and determination have been instrumental in the success of the Lycatel and Lycamobile brands, driving Lycatel into the global market leadership position for the calling card industry and Lycamobile into the European market leading international prepaid mobile business. Lycamobile under Subaskaran’s leadership is on target to achieve its mission of acquiring 7 million mobile subscribers in 2011 and has now set its sights on acquiring 20 million global subscribers by 2012. For the month of October, Lycamobile customers are able to make calls to India mobiles and landlines for only 1p per minute anytime, everyday, making calls to friends and family in India even more affordable.A new evening offer allows Lycamobile customers to call Pakistan for 4p per minute and Bangladesh for 2p per minute between 6pm and 6am every day of the week until the 31st of October 2010. The Lycamobile brand present in nine markets, including Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and the UK, is already Europe’s largest pre-pay MVNO with over 6 million customers across Europe. Lycamobile is a prepaid SIM card product that provides low-cost, high-quality International calls direct from mobile phones. Lycamobile is already distributed through a European network of more than 300,000 retail outlets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons. Lycamobile continues to grow rapidly with further market launches planned throughout the remainder of 2010 and 2011. Lycamobile is now poised to expand


Subaskaran Allirajah, Chairman of International mobile telecoms provider Lycamobile

their global footprint thanks to the over £200 million investment made in people, process, brand and state of the art technology that has led to the launch of unique innovative product features such as international conference calling, call waiting, missed call notification and multilingual voice capabilities. Lycamobile’s vision is to create world-class telecommunications organisation where their talented people team up with business partners to continually drive down costs and deliver superior value propositions to their customers.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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Oxfam at the 10th Asian Achievers Awards s the official associated charity of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, the international charity Oxfam participated at the 10th Asian Achievers Awards to raise much-needed funds for its work in India. Oxfam, the international charity that works in the UK and over 70 countries around the world to overcome poverty and suffering, presented its work with a special focus on India. Over £36,000 was raised thanks to the generosity of guests at the event and to the support of companies and individuals such as Mark Ramprakash and Devon Malcolm, Pankhania Foundation, Harish Patel, Raghav, Cinnamon Kitchen and Lycamobile. The money raised will help to fund Ms Sheeba Harma, UK South Asian Oxfam’s Education Project in Uttar Mrs Nisha Agarwal, CEO, Oxfam India Manager/Oxfam GB Pradesh, one of the most deprived regions Cinnamon Kitchen with award-winning Executive Chef in India, where almost half the population are illiterate. Vivek Singhdo. Oxfam believes that education is the key to get out of Oxfam would like to thank the organizers and all poverty and with its education project is aiming at prothe sponsors for their generosity: viding children, in particular girls from marginalised Lords Cricket Grounds, Globe Theatre, City Point communities, with a quality basic education. Club, London Golf Club, Alexandra Palace, Absolute Ice Oxfam runs five schools in the most deprived disBar, UK Bungee Jump, OXO Tower, Kuch Kuch tricts of Uttar Pradesh and covers all the schools costs Bollywood Club, TARA Theatre, Elemis, Singapore plus library, books, play materials, uniforms, textbooks, Symphony Orchestra, Bhevan Centre, Shymala materials, school meals. Oxfam also works closely with Ayurveda Spa, Tate Modern, Soho Theatre, Arsenal 60 government primary schools to improve the access Football Club, Mark Ramprakash and Devon Malcolm, to and quality of education and to raise awareness Raghav and Cinnamon Kitchen. about the importance of education.


In Uttar Pradesh, one of the poorest regions in India: l Nearly 6m people live in poverty l Only 57 per cent of the population are able to read and write, of which only 43 per cent are women l Only 27 per cent of girls complete primary school Funds were raised during the evening through a raffle ticket sale, pledges and an auction presented by Lord Jeffrey Archer who also donated some items for the auction. Oxfam would like to thank Naynesh Desai for helping to get amazing prizes such as a cricket bat signed by the England and Pakistan team, a cricket master class coaching lesson for 10 children at Lords, an England cricket shirt signed by Andrew Flintoff, an Arsenal football shirt signed by the team, a day for two people in a private box at Lords, a tasting menu at


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

All the money raised will go towards Oxfam’s India Education Project to provide education to marginalised communities in Uttar Pradesh: Facts and figures: l It costs approximately £22,000 to run a school for a year. Over 800 girls will get quality education at five Oxfam-run schools l 12,000 marginalised children studying in 60 government primary schools will receive quality education l Building and supporting a classroom for a year costs £5,000 Oxfam is a global movement of people working with others to overcome poverty and suffering. For more information about Oxfam’s work please contact Sheeba Harma on 07909 872 420

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Helping the less privileged generously, saving lives and uplifting many rare breed of Asian entrepreneur Vraj Pankhania has been acquiring and developing challenging listed buildings and competing against large corporates and PLC’s for over forty years. As one of the most passionate entrepreneurs within the construction industry, Vraj Pankhania’s sheer brilliance in the conversion of landmark buildings has brought him much praise, with his vibrant outlook on trends, and his in-depth understanding of different social landscapes along, with his innate insight into the needs of clients, Vraj has achieved substantial success winning The Evening standard and New Home best new conversion awards several times each and most recently winning The Gold Award for business in community service at the Asian achievers dinner. The rapid growth of Vraj’s Westcombe Group is down to Vraj’s passion for success across a plethora of different schemes, all-amalgamating into him not only reaching the very top of the construction food chain but also now leading the way forward. Since setting up his Westcombe Group in 1970 Vraj has built up a an incredible capital database of commercial and residential property, and plans are afoot to push the ever successful Westcombe Group into different areas of real estate including hotels. Realizing a passion and gap in the Market Vraj has been converting listed building in and around London for the whole of his successful career, and his notable projects have won him the backing of English Heritage for his outstanding work. Over the past 40 years The Westcombe Group has gone from strength to strength and Vraj is well noted as being one of the most successful residential developers in the UK. Vraj’s multi million pound empire has also given him the means to indulge in his other passion of humanitarianism and his numerous donations to orphanages, and cancer hospitals, have saved and changed the lives of thousands of individuals. It is perhaps this aspect of Vraj that pushes him, whatever his drive, the juggernaut that is the Westcome Group shows no signs of faltering, no sings of slowing, and with the help of his two sons Kamal and Sunil holding the realms with him, its no wonder many people have praise his success, and hold him within the very highest regard.


Vraj Pankhania

About Westcombe Group Westcombe Homes is one of London’s leading developers creating mixed-use schemes throughout the capital, including residential and commercial developments. Westcombe Homes has been established for over 35 years, ever since our first acquisition of property on Westcombe Hill back in the 1970’s when we beautifully restored a row of elegant mewshouses. From then until the present day, we have continued to expend rapidly, gaining a truly outstanding reputation for creating highly contemporary, 21st century living spaces. This reputation has made us one of London’s foremost developers of luxury residential properties.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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How to help Oxfam’s Education Project in India n the last few months Oxfam has been collaborating with Asian Voice as the official charity partner for the 10th Asian Achievers Awards that took place in London last 30th September. Oxfam is an international charity working in more than 70 countries all over the world helping the most vulnerable to overcome poverty and injustice. It has been working in India since 1951. Teaming up with partner organisations, Oxfam’s work in India has focused on providing water and sanitation, better access to education, improving livelihoods and addressing gender inequality. All the funds raised from the Asian Achievers Awards partnership will go to Oxfam’s India Education Project, which supports education in three of the most vulnerable districts in Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is one of the poorest regions in India, where most people live in deep poverty and have no access to health and education, and are mostly unemployed. Poverty is too often linked to lack of basic education: nearly six million people in Uttar Pradesh live in poverty and 43 per cent are unable to read and write. The districts of Ghazipur, Mirzapur and Bundelkhand, where the most marginalized communities are concentrated, are particularly isolated regions with no proper roads, electricity or infrastructure. The children that live in these areas are often denied the opportunity to receive an education. The girls suffer the most as they are highly vulnerable to discrimination and have very little access to basic education facilities: only 27 per cent of girls complete primary school in Uttar Pradesh. In these areas, Oxfam’s India Education Project is supporting five schools and also working for the improvement of 60 government primary schools. By working closely with the teachers, Oxfam helps to improve the quality of the lessons provided Improving


the schools also means that there are drinking and toilet facilities so the children are guaranteed an accessible and safe environment. Sheeba Harma, South Asian Community Engagement Manager, said: “Most schools in Uttar Pradesh have no basic equipment such as blackboards, textbooks and play materials. Oxfam also ensures that the children receive school meals so they are not missing school due to lack of food”. The overall impact of this project is to provide a good education without discrimination to over 800 marginalised girls in the Oxfam-run schools and to improve the quality of education in government primary schools in which over 12,000 marginalised children are currently studying. Sheeba Harma said: “Running a school costs around £22,000 per year. The India Education Project’s ultimate goal is to raise £425,000: this would help cover the cost of funding for the next four years and provide a good quality education to over 12,000 children, improving their chances to get out of poverty and build a better life for them and their families.” The Asian Achievers Awards raised a total of over £36,000. There is still time to donate: all donations go towards funding the India Education Project. For more information about Oxfam and its India project or to donate please call 0300 200 1242


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

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The AAA Celebrations

Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice

Naynesh Desai Solicitor

Karen David

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP Chair, Home Affairs Select Committee

Usha Teji Barrister

CB Patel Publisher/Editor of Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally being garland by Miss Dhara Kishore Parmar

Feeding the Fish

L George Business Development Manager, ABPL Group

Tasmin Lucia Khan and Ameet Chana, comperes of the evening

Lord Jeffrey Archer

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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The Celebrations

Mr Rajesh Agarwal (Left)and Mr Paresh Davedra (Right) of Rational FX along with Mr Mayak Patel (center) of Currency Direct

L to R: Dr Harbhajan Plaha, Mr A C Patel, Mrs Madhuben Patel, Dr Ramnik Mehta, Dr Bhaunben Mehta, Mr Bipin Chotai, Mrs Shashiben Bhikhubhai Patel, Mrs Pratibhaben Chotai & Mr Pilu Amin

L to R: Flight Sergeant Tony McCabe, Flight Lieutenant Neil Poulton,Warrant Officer Aswin Rana, Squadron Leader Michelle Randall From the Royal Air FOrce

L to R: Beryl Cooper (City of London Police) with Liz Ridgwa and Cdr Mike Blowers from Royal Navy

L to R: Sonoo Malkani (HPCCG), Prem Malkani and Chief Superintendent Dal Babu (Borough Commander Harrow)

Wellknown singer Maya Deepak, Mr Vinubhai Vadgama


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Group Captain Ian Tolfts from Royal Air Force

Dr Sandeep Mane with Rt Hon Lord Tom McNally

Mr. Vibhaker Patel, Daksha Patel, Dr. Rajan Mane, Mrs Rajan Mane, Dr. Sandeep Mane and Guest

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The Celebrations

(right most) The Chairman of Lyca Mobile Subaskaran Allirajah and family

(clockwise) Dilesh Mehta from Pickford and Team Group with his family and friends

(clockwise) Jimal Solanki from Taj Foods, Vishal Popat and Mr. Mukesh Mamtora from Forum Insurance, Anil Bhagi from Skylink Travel & Tours Limited, Pankaj Sodha from Galaxy Superstars Ltd, Dinesh Sanchhatra of Major Estate & Letting Agents and Vijay Patel from Shiv Travels

(clockwise) Vinit Mathur Assistant General Manager , Siddharth Banerjee Senior Relationships Manager of Private Banking, Gurjeet Singh Oberoi Cluster Manager of ICICI Bank UK PLC and friends

(clockwise) Raman Reikhy of PMS, Abhijit Sen and Bala Iyer from DI5 Global limited with Mrs Alka Shah Advertising Manager of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar and Mr. Rajni Shah

Bobby Karia (in the middle) Whizz Group of Company with family and friends

Narendra patel of Meera Catering and his team

(clockwise) Amit Patel and his sister Meeta Patel from Auden Mckenzie (Pharma Division Ltd) and friends

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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The Celebrations

LtoR: Mr. & Mrs. Peter Digwa of RGB Electricals and Dr. Chopra

Harshad Kothari (third from left) from SAS Consultancy along with Dak Patel Principal of London School of Accountancy & Management (third from right) and his team

Subaskaran Allirajah the Chairman of Lyca Mobile with trophy, C B Patel Publisher of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, Alka Shah Advertising Manager of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar along with Lyca Mobile team

Sheilendra Tomar Marketing Manager Air India(left) with Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat from MA TV

Priyen Patel, Jesal Patel, Bhavesh Kapadia and Vishal Patel of Prideview Properties Ltd

(left) John Taylor Business Public Relations Manager and Jim Golding Regional manager of Co-operative Funeral Care

Mr & Mrs Bobby Bhogal and Miss Ashpal Bhogal


Mr. S R Sharma Mr Vijay Vaidyanathan Head of Marketing Managing Director of Priyesh Patel from Cofresh & World Foods Frozen (left), Amit Savjani from Quantum Air & Sea Ltd and Nimal Shah Punjab National Bank Tilda Ltd

Patricia Hodgkinson, Friday Eboreime, Caroline Wood, Tracey York, Alpha Care Homes

Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Rajan & Kartick Sehgal, Directors, Skylord Travel Plc

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The Celebrations

Meena and Sudhir Hathi of Express World Travel Ltd

Ashokbhai Lakhani of Kolak Snacks foods Ltd and Dilipbhai Undakat of John Cumming Ross

Kishore Parmar, Advertising Manager, ABPL and Vinod Nakarja, Anoopam Mission

Mahendra and Alpesh Gohil, Directors, Hari Aum Holidays

Mr & Mrs Harish IK Patel, Rajesh Patel & Mr & Mrs Vinu Bhatesha

Clockwise: Reena Ahuja, Harmeet Ahuja, Ray Perkins, Ann Perkins, Ella Vasilescu, Man Mohan Khurana and Hardeep Singh

John Kalia and P S kang, Directors, Crystal Tavela and Sam Travel

Sarabjit Sing Gupta and Shany Gupta, the largest Asian law firm Dunan Lewis & Co Solicitors with Mark Ramprakash

Clockwise: Robin Webb, Dushant Pandit, Prataprai Santilal & Urmil Soni from Union College London, J S Sachar of Asian Who is Who, Kishore Parmar Advertising Manager, ABPL, Ansuya Parmar, Miss Dhara Parmar & Dhaval Parmar

Clockwise: Heermi Bhatt, Rajesh Patel (R J Insurance), Nick & Nyla Parmar (Premier House Banqueting Hall) Suman, Manu Ram (Bhagwanji Ram Jewellers), Shalini Bhargva and guest (Anderson Ross Solicitors) Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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The Celebrations

Peridot at the awards ceremonys

The Truth performing at the awards ceremony

Elaine Robson, Zsara Thomas, Hazel Orr, Lynette Gravesande Alpha Care Homes

Volunteers of Oxfam at the Awards ceremony

Left: Mrs. Vidhi Vekaria Mrs. Shukria Zalmay

Left: Ms. Bhama Pudaruth Mr. Kenneth Chan

L to R: Mr J S Sachar, Asian Who's Who, Surendra Patel, ABPL Group, Arun Pancharia, Euram Bank Asia Ltd, Anil Mehta, Pan Asia Advisors Ltd, Bharat Hindocha, Price Mann & Co Accountant, Vijay Goel, Singhania & Co Solicitors, Poonam Goel


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Mark Tomalin & Sue David, Alpha Care Homes

Vijay Patel, Waymade Healthcare Plc, Kiran Patel, Weston Kay Chartered Accountants Manish Joshi, Joshi & Welch Ltd

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11th ASIAN ACHIEVERS AWARDS (AAA) Date: September 2011



The prestigious Asian Achievers Awards is hosted every year by UK’s leading news weeklies Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar to honour British Asians par excellence. If there is someone you know who has broken boundaries and deserves recognition for their unique contribution to the community and the nation then please nominate them for one of the awards listed below. Make sure that you fill in this application form and send it before 5th August 2011 by post, fax or email to Mr. L George, Tel: 020 7749 4013, Fax 020 7749 4081, Email: If you are sending it by post the address is Mr. L George, ABPL Group, Karma Yoga House, 12 Hoxton Market, London N1 6HW.

Award Categories ●

● ●

AAA Platinum Award for Business Person of the Year A Business Person who is a success in every sense of the word and can demonstrate a genuine passion for social issues. AAA Gold Award for Professional of the Year Professionals in any field who have scaled the heights of their chosen profession. AAA Gold Women of the Year In recognition and honour of a woman who has made a significant mark in any chosen field. AAA Gold Award for Sports Personality of the Year Awarded for excellence in sports. AAA Gold Award for Achievement in Community Service In recognition of any individual’s service to community

AAA Gold Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Young entrepreneur with a proven track record of operating a successful business. Must be aged below 35 yrs. AAA Gold Award for Achievement in Media, Arts and Culture Someone who has made a mark in print and broadcast media, cinema, art and culture. AAA Gold Award for Business in Community A business house that has made a demonstrable contribution to community. AAA Gold Award for Uniformed and Civil Services Outstanding achievement in uniformed or civil services or contribution to the community through any of the above services.

Application Form Name of nominee Award category nominated under Present occupation/profession Contact details (address/tel/email/fax) Your name and contact details Please explain briefly why you wish to nominate this person. (Use a separate sheet)

NOMINATION AND SELECTION PROCESS a This is a unique event where readers nominate and an independent panel of judges comprising of eminent personalities selects the winner. a Judges’ decision is final. ABPL Group will not entertain any dialogue with members of the public regarding the judging process. a In order to ensure a high degree of transparency and fairness, the management and members of the staff of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar will play no role in the nomination or judging process. a You can nominate yourself if you wish to. a Nominations and entries must follow the prescribed format and

bear the signature of the applicant. a You may use an additional sheet if the space provided is insufficient. a The winners will be announced at the AAA Awards ceremony in September 2011. a Asian Voice, Gujarat Samachar will publish the names of the short listed candidates and winners after the event. They will also appear in our e-edition a All nomination forms must reach our offices on or before the 5th August 2011.

Note: Any changes to the above including changes to the categories will be published giving sufficient notice to respondents.

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Thank you abplgro r fo


It has been an honour to be recognised by such an elite panel and a group of people who have all been there and done that. Obviously, big thanks to Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar for putting on such a lovely show. It is a great privilege and honour to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the very best in the Asian community; in fact I would say the very best in Britain. I am very thankful to my Family and my staff for being supportive and buying into the belief that we can offer the kind of excellence we have Mr Frank Khalid been known for in the Cash and Carry Director of Chak89 business for over 25 Years. It is therefore very refreshing to be recognised by the community for CHAK89 which in comparison to the cash and carry business is new. But we have gone a long way in creating that difference so we can stand out from the competition. Whether it is our venue or a venue of your choice, we strive to offer the very best in food and service. I am confident that this award will drive us forward and remind us constantly of people’s expectations from CHAK89. When you are claiming to offer the best service and package in a competitive market, it is easy to lose focus but I am confident that CHAK89 will be at the forefront of this business in years to come. Thanks once again to the whole Asian Voice family and hope this is the beginning of a very fruitful and long relationship.


UK's favourite newsweeklies delivered to your door Are you a subscriber of Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice? UK G.S. A.V. 1 Year £25 £25 2 Years £45 £45 *5 Years £110 £110 *10 Years £200 £200

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EUROPE A.V. Both £55 £80 £100 £150 £225 £325 £450 £650

WORLD G.S. A.V. £70 £70 £125 £125 £300 £300 £550 £550

*Subscription paid will not be refunded

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E-mail: Please charge my VISA / ACCESS / MASTERCARD for £

Card Expiry date

Card No: Signature


Please detach this form and send it with your payment or credit card instructions or by cheque to the address below


12 Hoxton Market, (Off Coronet Street) London N1 6HW

Tel: 020 7749 4080 Fax: 020 7749 4081 E-mail:

Step into the 3D World Gold Award for Overall Business Performance & Innovation

Ilford Showroom: 543-549 High Road, Ilford , Essex IG1 1TZ Call 020 8924 7744 Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 6pm & Sunday 10.30am - 5pm. Open All Bank Holidays 10am - 5pm

Loughton Showroom: 121 Roding Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 3BS Call 020 8508 3399 Open Monday to Saturday 9am - 5.30pm except Thursday (closed). Closed Bank Holiday Monday.


Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar

Both £100 £180 £400 £800


electrical superstore

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Amit Patel The Award winner of Asian Achievers' Awards 2010 as Congratulations and best wishes to Amit Patel form Family, Friends and team of Auden Mckenzie.

The personal approach to your building requirements Stone Black provides a unique combination of services for the design, construction, interiors and the refurbishment of an existing building, a positively rewarding experience for our clients. We help you in designing and execution of interior design and building construction projects. We also provide quality furniture for your homes and offices. Established with an objective to be one stop solution for all your construction needs Stone Black is a interior design firm that meticulously cover all aspects of a design project to enhance the attractiveness of your home or office space and simultaneously increase the value of your property.

specialists in • New build and renovations • Extensions - bathrooms, living rooms, etc. • Refurbishments - residential and commercial • Conversions - loft & garage • Office fit out - interiors & furniture • Property maintenance

Call: 020 8954 0099 Contact:

46A Church Road, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4AH

F: 020 8954 1177 E: Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar Asian Achievers Awards 2010


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We’ll put You first... Alpha Care Homes have always invested in their greatest asset, the staff team.

Alpha Care Homes provide a range of person centred care including:

A comprehensive training team ensure that staff fulfil personal

• Nursing care

development aims and objectives whilst sharing their skills and

• Residential care

knowledge in their specialist areas. Alpha Care Homes has a unique

• Dementia care

culture which gives staff at every level a voice.

• Respite care • Palliative care

Come and join us and find out more about working with us today.


T: +44 (0)1527 599020

Providing you with professional, committed care.

Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Post Evens  

Asian Achievers Awards 2010 Post Evens

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